Homestay (2018) Movie Script

Can you hear me?
got a prize.
Time to go.
Right now!
Where are you going?
Where are you running off to?
Don't you remember?
Stay still and listen.
Is this real?
"Is this real?"
Does it hurt?
If it hurts...
then it's real.
why can't I remember anything?
Because all your damn memories have been erased.
Can't help it.
It's a condition of the prize.
This body?
This body...
is the prize for a soul like you...
to use to live again.
are you one of them who sent me here?
You're so darn curious, huh?
I'm your Guardian.
Guarding what?
Lie on your stomach.
I said to lie on your stomach!
Face down!
Hold on tightly!
Hold on tight!
Hold your grip.
If you fall this time,
you'll die for real.
It'll hurt a bit.
Are you used to this body?
Can you be just anyone?
Do you like this Homestay?
Don't you know?
This body is only temporary.
This hourglass counts backwards on your life.
You have 100 days...
to find out who caused Min to kill himself.
And what if I can't?
You'll die.
And your soul won't ever be reborn.
Don't let anyone know...
that you're not Min.
Hey! Hold on.
Enjoy the 98 days you have left.
Can you remember what happened?
Do you feel anything wrong?
No, sir.
Can you remember your name?
Min, sir.
Your first name?
Taradon Chandrasen, sir.
You know you were dead for one full night?
I've been a doctor for 20 years,
I've never seen anything like this.
You survived.
I'll take it as a good sign then.
Next time you do anything, think about it carefully.
May I speak with you outside, please?
Mr Taradon Chandrasen
Min, come sit here.
For now...
I'm asking you...
to sleep in Menn's room.
I don't want you to sleep alone just yet.
As for your clothes...
you'll have to wear Menn's for now.
I'll get you some new ones tomorrow.
Thank you.
Tomorrow, I'll stay at a friend's.
The day I committed suicide,
what happened?
What's done is done, hon.
Forget it.
Let's not talk about it anymore, okay?
Hello professor.
Let me check real quick, sir.
I have about a dozen left.
Yes, sir.
I quit teaching.
I'm doing this full time.
What are you doing?
Is this my room?
Why's it locked?
Mum said to sleep in my room.
Just go!
Mr Taradon Chandrasen : 2001 - 2018
What are you doing?
Are you going to do it again?
I just want to get into my room.
what's happened to all my stuff?
Don't talk like that.
You're the one who got rid of them.
Can you tell me...
why did you do that?
The day...
I saw you lying here...
all I thought was...
that you fainted.
That you would be okay.
the doctor told me
you weren't here anymore.
You were gone.
Don't do it again, hon.
Taradon Chandrasen
Ruedee Chandrasen
1 4 and what?
6 5 8.
6 5 8.
Can't you remember my number?
Dad will pick you up at 5.
I have to go back to the factory in Rayong.
I've taken so many days off.
Oh, Min.
About your absence...
I told your teacher that you had the flu.
If anyone asks...
Tell them I had the flu, right?
Grade 11 Room 1
Yes, ma'am.
Don't go anywhere at noon.
Stay for last term's exams.
Yes, ma'am.
Is this a monk's alms bowl?
Why don't you add dessert too?
I thought you were freakin' dead.
You didn't show up for finals,
and at the start of term either.
What the hell's wrong with you?
You got leukemia?
I had the damn flu.
What's with the swearing!
I'm sorry, Miss.
What the hell now?
I'm better now.
Pi was asking about you.
She said she couldnt reach you.
Yeah. Happy?
we're close, right?
What's with the damn smile?
You're scaring me.
Been taking your dad's vitamins?
The Power Rangers are calling a meeting.
Let's go!
Power Rangers!
Power Rangers?
Yeah, c'mon!
Don't you love this club?
Working like this.
We'll take care of it.
Work harder.
Just 3 months left.
I really wanna know,
did you follow up on your friend's work?
If the drawings aren't finished,
others can't finish their jobs.
They're the Power Rangers?
What damn Power Rangers?!
Are you mocking us?
Min, where have you been?
You didn't come during school break.
Here, take a look.
How emo are you gonna be?
I told you I don't want this crap.
I drew all these?
Ask yourself.
The locker's full of them.
Cheer and Card Stunt Club
I'm begging you.
Draw nicely for once.
I want to see your drawing used.
88 days left
Hey, Min!
Olympics Class
Honourary Students of Olympics Class
Olympics Class
What are you doing here?
Whose pin is that?
You're not an Olympics student.
See you in the evening at the library.
Tutoring Peer
Physics notes.
It's all highlighted.
Besides Physics,
what else do you have?
Chemistry and Social Studies.
Here are some exercises.
Take a look.
Aren't you really gonna tell me
where you've been?
I was in hospital.
What's wrong?
I had the flu.
Why didn't you call?
I lost my phone.
You're such a bad liar.
I'm not lying.
I'm sorry for not calling you.
I was wrong.
You're smiling,
you aren't mad at me anymore, sis?
Being cheeky?
I told you not to call me sis.
Do you want me to be your sister?
I have a class to get to.
Do the exercises I gave you.
It will help.
Damn it.
Scholarship Ceremony
Prima Wongsuthin
Student Representative for Science Olympics 2018
Hell yeah!
Hey Pi.
Hello Pi.
Lookin' nice.
It's a good source of extra income.
Lots of people are doing it.
Here, my name card.
See you.
Where are we going?
One sec.
It's like this.
Mum wants you to come.
Try talking to him.
I'm gonna visit Menn at the Engineering faculty.
Here, take this.
Give it to him and tell him
that I used to teach here.
A token of appreciation.
give him my name card.
If he's interested, call me.
Who is he?
My dad used to teach here.
He asked me to give these to you.
If you like them, you can contact him.
Asssoc Dr Thodsapon Thipthepnakorn
Head of Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Tell me.
How's school?
There's nothing. It's good.
How about friends? Any problems?
Do you get turned on being with them?
If you dont want to come here often, tell the truth.
Do you?
A bit.
Meaning, when you're with them...
you get an erection, right?
Your dick.
Did it get hard?
It did.
I'm feeling stronger!
You've just got here.
Already horny.
Are you pranking me?
You've invested.
You like it, huh?
This Homestay.
What did you find out?
Everyone seems okay.
Mum is kind.
Min's like a loner.
Maybe the brother?
I think he hates Min.
Wanna answer now?
You can answer once.
That's harsh.
Big prize.
The stakes are high.
Give me a hint.
What am I?
No hints.
I don't know either.
How will I know if I'm right?
If you're right, the hourglass will stop.
That's it.
You're enjoying his life, right?
But your time's running out.
68 days left
67 days left
Why don't you join the party?
What's wrong?
The teacher...
gave me last-years Olympics test to do.
But I couldn't do it.
I think I won't bring back a medal.
I don't want to do it anymore.
If you don't wanna go, then don't.
The teacher's already prepared everything.
I don't want to let anyone down.
So, do you wanna go or not?
Maybe the real reason I can't do it...
is because I'm too stupid.
If you're stupid,
then what am I?
Is this yours?
Oh, yeah.
I've been looking for it.
You found it?
Let me.
We're just tutoring peers?
We're not a couple?
We're not.
How could we be?
You've never asked me out.
And the last contestant...
Aummaraporn from the Card Stunt Club.
A round of applause, please!
Loy Kratong Festival 2018
Whoa, lots of fans out there.
Whoa! So pretty!
Li! / Really pretty!
She's a woman!
Queen Li
Li, be my girlfriend!
Ouch! I'm dead!
Not yet.
Be nice.
Does it hurt?
It'd hurt more if you didn't join.
Let's go make a wish.
What are you wishing for?
Something else.
What about you?
What are you wishing for?
I can't tell you.
It won't come true.
What are you doing?
Give me. / Why?
You can't drink it.
But I want to.
Are you a wandering spirit?
Try it.
It's sacred.
You'll pass the test.
For real.
The fireworks are all gone.
So beautiful.
They're so close.
It's like we can touch them.
You know...
you don't seem like the Min I know.
Usually when you smile,
your eyes look sad.
which Min do you prefer?
Let's wait until...
you pass your exams. I'll tell you then.
What time did you leave this morning?
Did you see my ring?
I remember taking it off in the bathroom.
You sold my stuff again?
But it's my wedding ring.
Oh, Min.
What are you doing?
Want help?
It's okay, hon.
Let me help.
No need. It's smelly to you.
Go, get out of here. It's messy.
Remember when you were a kid?
I pranked you with durian rinds.
Hit me with them?
You were such a handful.
I had to raise you alone.
I didn't know what to do.
So, I surrounded you with the durian rinds.
You were very afraid.
So, you stayed in the circle.
You didn't dare leave.
I remember now.
And when you got a bit older,
I gave you some durian to eat.
My goodness...
you threw up.
You're like this...
because of me.
Hey, Min!
You can eat it?
Of course, I can.
Hold on.
Easy. Not so much.
Why not? It's good.
If you like it, I'll bring some more next time.
The best durian's from Rayong.
It's better than this.
It's like I got a new son.
Let me peel you some more.
I'll help you.
Come on.
So, we can go home early.
So, it won't be late.
28 days left
How's your drawing? Is it done?
Less than a month left.
Why do I have to nag you?
I already know.
Are you free tomorrow?
Let's go for shaved ice.
I've collected al the stamps.
It's free.
I'm meeting Pi.
Let's go some other day.
What's with you and Pi?
She's my tutoring peer.
Stop joking.
I think...
I'll ask her to be my girl.
Will she like you?
She's an Olympics student.
You don't want her to like me?
Are you done?
I'm gonna go upstairs.
Whoever makes the wish is the one who does it?
But I wished for you.
You passed the exams, so you do it.
You're enjoying this.
That's enough suds.
Do I really have to?
Back and forth, 10 laps.
10 laps!
It's too much.
I'm keeping you company.
Take it!
Stop it!
For you.
Happy birthday.
Is it my birthday?
Don't you remember your birthday?
This one's the first I've ever made.
It's a bit messy.
Hope it's okay.
Take a look.
It's pretty.
You can see fireworks every day.
Thank you.
I like it a lot.
As for...
the question you asked during the fireworks...
I prefer this Min.
What are you doing?
I was putting away my stuff.
But I lost my key.
What stuff?
You can use mine.
It's okay.
Why not?
You left your laptop in my locker.
You didn't even need my permission.
What laptop?
Not yours?
I found this in my locker.
Li, 23 Oct. Give my mum the laptop.
Where is it now?
Did you give it to her?
I went to your house,
but I didn't see her.
Menn said she was at the hospital with you.
So, I gave it to him.
Didn't he tell you?
Come get your stuff. I'm leaving.
Let's break up.
Why didn't you show up for the scholarship interview?
I punched Min last night.
He ran away today.
Dad told me to find him.
So damn fed up.
Hey, gotta go. He's back home now.
I don't think I'm going to Germany anymore. Damn it.
Why? Because your parents ordered you not to go?
I'll call you.
You expect me to go study there alone?
I hate your brother. He's ruined everything.
Sometimes, I wish he was dead.
I've found his suicide letter.
Luckily, Mum and Dad didn't see it.
22 Oct 2018
Today is the 22nd of Oct. Age 17.
I've decided to commit suicide.
I've chosen a time and place.
Give it back.
What are you doing?
Why did you hide my suicide letter?
This shitty letter?
I won't let Mum read it.
Afraid Mum will know it's because of you?
You must be furious with me.
For not getting to study abroad.
What the hell?
You must be disappointed that I didn't die.
I wish you were dead!
Without you...
our family would be happier.
Is this what you're looking for?
Damn it!
Are you trying to find shortcuts?
is the 22nd of Oct.
Age 17.
I've decided to commit suicide.
I've chosen a time and place.
The clock's started counting down.
Actually, I wanted to leave the laptop next to my body.
But I was afraid Dad and Menn would find it first.
You wouldn't get to read my message.
You're the only one I trust.
After you've read this letter...
you might understand
why I have to do this.
I want to disappear from this world.
And leave nothing behind.
Like I was never born.
I got rid of all my stuff.
They're useless anyway.
A dead person doesn't need them.
This family is repulsive.
Why must I be born into this family?
I can't tolerate living here for another day.
I'm so ashamed to have such a dad.
Damn selfish.
Quit his job to do something stupid.
Taking advantage of Mum.
I want to stuff him with those vitamins
to see how he'd like it.
Menn probably wants to be an only child.
I freaking hate him
when he looks at me...
I feel belittled.
Like I'm so small.
He must really hate me
that Mum and Dad make him live with me.
I'll die for him.
So, he can finally go study.
I've thought hard on how to die.
Actually, I want to disappear.
Disappear like all my stuff.
But then again...
I'd rather not.
I'll die in my room.
I want everyone to see.
They'll probably go mad.
Too bad, I won't be here to see it.
But actually...
deep down, I'm afraid.
I'm afraid no one will cry.
But I think you will cry, Mum.
You will definitely cry.
You remember...
I told you I wanted to move to Rayong with you?
But I can't anymore.
Mum, I want to tell you...
I love you the most.
today I stood on that bridge for so long.
I thought hard...
if there was anything to stop me.
But there wasn't.
Nothing at all.
I never wanted to go to school.
Until I saw Pi on the bridge that day.
When I started 10th grade,
I found out we were tutoring peers.
I was elated.
When we're together in the library,
sitting next to each other,
getting to see her up close,
everything else lost focus.
I forgot all my sorrow with Pi.
It began with that pin...
Can I kill Pi?
If she doesn't die,
I'll have to die.
1 2 3.
Move back a bit.
All right. That's good.
1 2 3.
Let's talk.
What is it?
I'm studying.
Do you want me to talk about Mr Pat here?
What are you doing?
Don't you see that we're studying?
Stop it!
What's with you and Mr Pat?
Answer me!
You like him?
It's not what you're thinking.
Then what?
He's been so kind to me.
For real.
He's taught me everything.
I'm in the Olympics because of him.
Are you stupid?
Don't you know you're being used?
You're not me, you can't understand!
I'm exhausted.
It took a lot for me to get here.
I'm begging you.
Please apologise to Mr Pat.
Understand me.
I'm taking the Olympics exam soon.
Just let it be for now.
Is it so damn important?!
It's my entire world!
I've tried so hard.
You don't understand me.
You mean you don't need me?
It's not like that.
Min, what are you going to do?
Min, come over here.
What do you want me to do?!
Are you scared?
I won't jump.
The person who should jump...
is you!
How can you live with yourself?
Look at this!
How lucky Mr Pat didn't go to the police.
What's your problem?
Can't you be normal?
I'm talking to you. Aren't you listening?
Don't mess with me.
Look at yourself.
I know you sold Mum's ring.
How could you do that to her?!
You don't know all of it. Stop talking nonsense!
Ruedee Chandrasen
Industrial Residences Room 210
Mum. It's me, Min.
Why are you here again?
Is there something?
Isn't Ms Ruedee here?
I already told you.
She doesn't stay here anymore.
I've been here before?
I don't understand.
She stays at her boyfriend's.
He's from here.
You remember...
I told you I wanted to move to Rayong with you?
Aunty, take me to swim.
Okay. Go ahead.
But I can't anymore.
Mum, I want to tell you...
I love you the most.
You're the only one I trust.
After you've read this letter...
you might understand...
why I have to do this.
today I stood on that bridge for so long.
I thought hard...
if there was anything to stop me.
But there wasn't.
Nothing at all.
Are you going to jump?
It's high.
You said I got a prize.
This isn't a prize!
A damned life like this,
whoever has it would want to die too!
Don't get carried away.
It's just a Homestay.
If I answer correctly,
I can do anything, right?
I can go anywhere, right?
If you answer correctly,
this Homestay will be yours forever.
What you do, is your damn business.
I'll answer now.
Min died because of everyone.
Everyone's the reason.
How can the answer be wrong?
I'm finally done with you.
You have 3 days left.
Do whatever you want.
Gotta go.
Are you in there?
Where the hell have you been?
You never answered my calls.
What's happened to your face?
Why are you here?
Did you finish your drawing?
Yours is the only one left.
It's getting close to the day.
What happened?
You're almost finished.
Finish it.
I'll turn it in for you.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Did you fight with Pi?
It's none of your business.
What's wrong?
You can tell me.
I'm your friend.
But I'm not yours.
And Min's never seen you as his friend either.
Stop caring about him.
Because he's never liked you.
What the hell are you talking about?
You know why Min disappeared?
He committed suicide.
He did it right where you're standing.
You really like him, right?
You know...
in his suicide letter,
he didnt even mention your name.
Why did you do that?
Because everyone's treated me like trash.
And me?
Have I ever treated you like trash?
Let's go for dinner.
Sounds good.
I just sold a large order.
Do you want to eat anything special?
I'm tired.
Let's go some other day.
Let's go today.
I wanna go.
Let's go where we went to the other day. Okay?
Dad, you know...
where I went yesterday?
I went to Rayong.
Did he visit you in Rayong?
I'm sorry.
You have to get caught before confessing?
I thought you were better than this.
Min, talk with me first.
I know that I am selfish.
But I've already broken it off.
I'm moving back to Bangkok to be with you.
Just like I said.
This damn family...
really is repulsive.
Min, son.
I'm not your son!
Your son died a long time ago.
You really want to know, right?
Why Min killed himself.
He freakin' died because of his damn mum!
The doctor said Mum's in critical condition.
They don't know when she'll wake up.
Dad already told me about Mum.
You knew about it all this time, right?
I understand now...
why you did what you did.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why did you keep it to yourself?
Do whatever you want.
If you want to study abroad, then go.
I won't be around for long.
Why are you saying such things?
You know...
Mum and Dad didn't make me stay.
It's my decision not to go.
I felt really shitty then.
I gave up everything and you still killed yourself.
Stop thinking...
that no one loves you.
Our Olympics students...
will be going to compete in the Academic Olympics.
Please give them a round of applause.
Please say something.
Please tell us a little bit about...
how did you prepare?
We've been preparing for years.
We started by tutoring since we were in 10th grade.
How did Mr Pat help?
Prima, are you proud to represent our country?
I can't go anymore.
I should want to go.
Min, will you help me?
Can you kill me?
I'm disgusted with myself.
I can't stand myself anymore!
Do you remember that day on the rooftop?
I was very angry with you.
I was so angry I wanted to jump.
But I don't feel like that.
I'm not mad anymore.
You don't hate me?
I'm right here.
And you don't have to be afraid.
There's no way I'll let go of you.
You have to go compete.
I already made a wish for you.
1 day left
Pi, bring back a medal. Min
What time will rehearsals end?
In the morning.
I'm sorry for being an ass.
You don't have to apologise.
I knew that you've been having problems.
I was also an ass.
For turning a blind eye.
That's not true.
To me...
you're the kindest.
Don't get sappy.
Beautiful, huh?
It'll be grand tomorrow.
You're not coming?
The next one's yours.
Which one?
I didn't send in one.
I can't stand it if your drawing isn't shown.
So, I took one of your old drawings.
The ones they didn't use.
I had to beg them to use it.
From all of your shitty drawings...
I like this one the most.
How come it's the same as mine?
Did I draw the same one?!
When I saw you tear that one up,
I was confused why you drew the same one.
But I understand.
You've always wanted to show that drawing of her.
You've never changed.
You can't quit loving Pi.
Stop being such a dumbass!
Are you ready to go?
I remember now.
I know who caused Min to kill himself.
Min killed himself because of me.
I killed myself.
I am Min.
You've won.
I still have to die, right?
That's right!
You still have to die.
But not today.
Was this all a prank?
Isn't it good?
You got to try to be someone else.
At least you can eat durian now.
Thank you.
Thank you for this prize.
Does this mean...
we won't see each other again?
We'll meet again.
Don't forget.
It's only a Homestay.
I can't give it up either, right?
Do you?
Did you fall asleep?
What the hell?
Let's get shaved ice later!
My treat!
I've talked to Dad.
From now on...
the four of us...
won't live together as before.
You can live with Dad if you want.
Do you regret...
being my son?
The day you were lying breathless...
I didn't know what to do.
I could only think of one thing.
If you really weren't here anymore...
I wished that you would always be my son.
But I don't want it anymore.
I wish for you to be born as someone elses child.
Someone better than me.
Someone like me...
doesn't deserve to be anyone's mum.
I'm sorry, Min.
I don't want to be anyone elses son.
No matter what, I'm your son.
I will always be your son.
Min : I'm keeping my end of the wish.
Pi : How?
I'm 18 this year.
The clock starts counting forward.
If you ask me, am I embarrassed?
As you can see...
Just think of it as a Homestay.