Hometown Holiday (2018) Movie Script

I think about
the love
she gave to me
And talked me through
the times when it
was hard to breathe
Moments when we
stole a glance
through strangers
in a room
Slow dance, all the bad breaks she got me through
Things have changed
so much since then
who we are,
where we've been
How will I know
it's time
to try again?
How will I know
it's time
to try again?
I think
that it is
time to try again.
Maxwell Gently, are
you filming me again?
(Indistinct Laughing
and Talking)
I can't believe the holidays
are almost over.
I know but look at
this fabulous finish.
Plus tonight we
get a fresh start.
Out with the old,
in with the new.
Speaking of which, weren't you going to bring Zachary tonight?
He was an out with
the old kind of guy.
Sorry. So was Carlos.
Okay, how old was he?
He was actually 31, but
on our second date
we chased kids
off his lawn.
(They Both Laugh)
Well this is going
to be our year,
especially for
Forever Flowers.
Build on the past
and embrace the future.
You're the best sister ever.
No, that's definitely you.
(They Clink Glasses)
(Guests All Together)
Ten, nine,
eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one...
(All) Happy New Year!
(Horns Blaring and Laughing)
(Helicopter Whirring)
(Upbeat Music)
(Wes Singing) Who we
are, where we've been
How will I know
it's time to try again?
Are you sure about this trip? You hate online sensations.
Okay, Wes Gently isn't just another online sensation.
He's not some
sixteen year old kid who
crashed the vehicle his parents got him for his birthday.
Real people
can relate to this.
You mean adults?
Yeah. Okay,
listen to this story.
Man loses his wife, okay,
writes a beautiful song for her.
His 8-year-old son records
him playing that song and
uploads it to the Internet titled "My dad sings for you".
He thought his dad
would be less lonely
playing for a bunch of people instead of just himself.
So what are you offering?
A good looking single dad with not so much as a parking ticket,
is going to get a full
contract. I'm talking music,
live shows, TV deals.
Then later endorsements.
This guy could do
everything, I promise.
And we're going to
make him some good money.
And the agency will
have to make me a partner.
There it is.
I'm sorry, the biggest
Internet sensation ever
just so happens
to live in the same town
as my pregnant sister so...
No reason not to go for a visit.
Thank you.
And then if I just so happen
to run into Mr. Smash Hit
and I just so happen
to have a contract on me,
that seems like fate.
I'm pretty sure that
is the opposite of fate.
Well, it's my fate to be partner in the next twelve months so...
Your bag, tickets, aisle seat, car reservations,
copies of the contract
for Mr. Smash Hit, and
A teddy bear?
It's for your
sister's unborn child.
(Big Sigh)
You lying, good for nothing!
All I wanted was a quick
shower after flying the red-eye.
I have no idea why
you're yelling at me.
You're being outrageous.
I think that
Dalton stares says it all.
Maybe I should
just ask Kimberly.
Maybe she'd have a clue!
Or maybe Tiffany or even...
It seems my boyfriend
has a girl in every town
along his flight route.
And they say that
pigs can't fly.
They're just friends.
Stop being so paranoid.
Wrong answer.
I'd duck.
Get yourself a lift!
Krista, please!
My bags, my uniform!
I'd get out of here.
If she runs out of
clothes to throw,
it's going to
be a pitch fork.
Five dates. Five! For nothing.
You Dalton girls are crazy.
Sorry sis.
Don't apologize.
He's too forward anyway.
I answered his phone
while he was in the shower.
Let's just say Kimberly
from Cincinnati
was just as
confused as I was.
What type of girl
did he think you were?
These city guys
are all the same.
They just tell you exactly
what you want to hear.
You and whoever else
they might be dating.
I don't know. Maybe something
is wrong with me.
Stop it! You're amazing and
don't waste another breath on
someone who doesn't deserve you.
I can't seem to find
any of the good guys.
(Ashley Singing) I think that it is time to try again.
(They Both Laugh)
Who are you, Wes Gently?
I like that song.
Sure it isn't the
guy you like?
It's a beautiful song
and you know it.
Well, I say we got to get ourselves back in the saddle.
(Smacking Lips,
They Both Laugh)
(Upbeat Country Music) I was looking for something
You were looking
for nothing at all
Trying to get a hold on
To something
I hardly recall
And you told me
that you didn't have the time
You were looking
straight through me
I was wondering
what went wrong
No one cares to listen
To the sound of
nothing at all
And you told me
that you didn't
have the time
Now I'm lying my coat
down for you
I'd of been
the love that you crave
Now I lay flowers
on our claim
(Knocking on Door)
Hey sister!
Oh, you look beautiful.
Six months!
It's a nice car.
Don't mind the paint cans. (Laughs)
Your sister can't pick
a color for the baby's room.
But at least we're keeping the paint store in business.
I've narrowed it down.
I just can't
decide between
sunshine yellow
and lemon tart.
Anyway, you're here
for the perfect weekend.
There's a wedding
this afternoon.
You should come.
I can't just go to
somebody's wedding.
Of course you can.
Oh, butter biscuit!
That was a good one too.
Here we go again.
I don't even know
the bride or groom.
They're not going to want a
stranger at their wedding.
Oh, that's not how
things work around here.
You're with us.
Just come along.
Besides, Wes Gently
is going to be there.
It would be the perfect chance for you to get to talk to him.
That Internet scene guy
lives out here? Weird.
(Both Laugh)
You really think that Darryl and
I don't know why you chose now
to come visit our home
for the first time?
You're pregnant with
my first niece or nephew.
I brought a teddy bear.
(Laughs) How are you buddy?
It's okay.
I get it.
You've always been
driven to succeed.
He'd be an amazing
talent to sign.
Okay. I know that
Wes lives out here
but I'm here to see you.
You're my wonderful sister.
And your
perfect husband as well.
(Laughs) Thanks.
So are you coming
to the wedding?
If you insist.
So. You're not going dressed
like that though, are you?
Like this?
This is a $5,000 suit.
Women love me in this suit.
(Chuckles) Come with me.
Come on.
This is the one.
There you go.
Seriously? This is what
you wear to weddings?
(Sniffs) It smells like a barn.
Hey! That's, that's
my best shirt.
And my second cleanest.
You don't like it?
It's very...plaid.
Um, I can't tell if I'm going to look like a big city hipster
or a lumberjack
but, thank you.
(Ryan's Phone Rings)
Hey babe.
How's your trip?
Good. I just got to Maggie's...
Oh, that's great babe.
Oh, um, so,
Chris told me that she
doesn't think you emailed
my head shots
to your casting friend.
Sorry, I haven't
got it off today.
I've been really busy trying to sign an important client.
Yeah, I know babe but,
remember when you told me,
you would do anything
to make me happy?
Well you sending my head shot
to your casting friend
that would make me so so happy.
Yeah you're a hundred
percent right,
as always, and I will
get that off today.
I'm sure there's an
Internet connection
out here somewhere.
Ah, thanks babe.
Listen, are you going to
be around later...
Ah, I'm sorry.
You're breaking up.
I'm driving through the canyon.
Yeah, I'll call you later, okay.
Muwh, muwh, kisses.
I told you he didn't send it.
I reminded him four times.
I mean what kind
of a lawyer is he?
I'll tell you!
Not a very good one
if he can't even get this done.
Please be seated.
We are gathered here today to
join Cindy and Charles
in holy matrimony.
We used to have to sneak into the barn to see the weddings.
Best seats in the house.
Do you remember when
Mary Ellen refused to marry
Bobby Nicholson until
he put on a tie?
(They Both Laugh)
And he had to borrow
the limo driver's.
That was the summer
before junior year.
Yeah. You played Suzanne
in the play that year.
Right. It was my first lead. (Chuckles)
I remember how you
made dad laugh.
That song you sang.
He was proud of you, you know.
I was glad to share
that with him.
It was the last time
he saw me on stage.
He would of been proud of everything you did in New York.
But he would of been
proud you came home too.
Flowers aren't as glamorous as acting, but just as beautiful.
Plus dad loved the idea of us running a flower shop together.
You know he really
was a supportive guy.
We probably didn't
have to try so hard.
Charles, do you take
Cindy to be your wife?
I do.
You had a better chance of finding Mister Right
in New York though.
Everyone left here is
technically our cousin.
Wes Gently isn't
our cousin.
(Laughs) I haven't spoken to that man since high school
and I was
kind of a dork by then so.
Maybe I'll ask him out then.
Hey, don't even go there.
He's mine.
I'm kidding.
And you're not a dork, you know.
Wes would be lucky to have you.
You may kiss the bride.
(Clapping and Cheering) I now pronounce them Husband and Wife.
Hey, it's party time.
(Car Lock Beeps)
Nice car.
Are you a celebrity
or something?
Yeah. I'm the king of a sovereign nation.
(Laughs) In my dreams.
(Upbeat Music)
Give me a reason to go
I don't want to run away
with the lights turned low
Is it something we're after
What about him.
He's cute.
(Chuckles) No. I dated him.
He kisses like a dead fish.
So we've dated them
or we're related to them.
Okay. I say the next guy
to walk through that door
who we've never
seen before regardless of what
he looks like, one
of us has to talk to him.
Deal. But who goes first?
I have to stop making scissors.
(Laughs) Let's just wait and see who actually won.
Looks like it's your lucky day.
Who is that?
I have never seen him before.
You know what that means.
(Krista Laughs)
(Squeals) I've never seen
such artistic
flower arrangements ladies.
By the way,
my birthday is next month.
(They Both Laugh)
Good to know Michelle.
Who's ready to party!
(Cheering and Clapping)
Sorry I'm late.
I had to make a couple calls.
It's okay.
Are you getting a little
emotional Darryl?
I'm so happy.
They have ribs?
Is that hickory?
Excuse me.
Maggie! You look beautiful. Thank you for coming.
(Slaps) We don't have to shake hands here.
See. Why can't you settle down with a nice woman like that?
(Indistinct Chattering and Laughing)
There's Wes.
Go get him!
Darryl! Ribs!
(Indistinct Chattering and Laughing)
Excuse me ladies. Excuse me.
Ah, sorry ladies. I think
this guy needs my attention.
Tough crowd.
I'm Ryan Roarke, head the legal team at All Star Talent.
Wow, you guys don't
give up do you.
No we don't.
Look, this contract
is perfect for you.
I wouldn't of flown
halfway across the country
if I didn't think so.
I'm not interested. Thanks.
You like singing, right?
I suppose I do.
And people like
hearing you sing.
Some say they do.
Everyone says they do.
They love your voice,
they love your songs.
Your music is real.
It makes the people
feel less alone.
All I'm talking
about is trying to
get more people to
listen to your music.
Everyone's got the
Internet, don't they?
My song's right there.
Look, I know being a hit singer
wasn't on your to-do list.
You're a single dad, right?
Your son filmed the first video?
Yeah. You know, he's still
a little disappointed
he hasn't got me a wife yet.
We could do reality show.
That will get you a wife.
You'd kill the ratings.
I'm just kidding.
Look, you went viral.
Why not capitalize on that?
Why not just let this
whole thing die
and let me go back
to being a rancher.
Okay you could. What happens if the ranch doesn't work out?
I'm a third generation rancher.
Things have been going fine.
Okay, what if you
get injured or sick?
Doesn't bode very well
for the fourth generation.
Wow, you're a cheery guy, Ryan.
Cheery was not in the
job description.
Before this whole
Internet thing dies down
you should put a nest egg
away for you and your son.
You sound like my mother.
Smart woman. Look you
sign this contract,
you're going to
make a lot of money.
Then you can go back to
ranching whenever you want.
Look around this room.
I can ask anybody
here for anything.
And on a handshake I know
exactly what I'm getting.
Now I sign that big stack of papers you're offering me
and I have no idea what
you're going to do with me.
Come on, you know I can't
go forward on a handshake.
That big stack of papers
makes everything clear.
Sorry. That's not how
it works around here.
Oh, there she is.
Hey Wes.
Who's your friend?
There he is.
I wonder why he's
talking to Wes Gently?
You bringing city folks
around here again?
No. This is Ryan. He's, he's from just west of here.
I'm not a third generation.
I talked to enough ranchers today. I need some barbecue.
A rancher!
From another town?
Maybe New Town?
Go talk to him.
A deals a deal.
This deal is structured for you.
I bring projects
to you and you tell me
what you do and
don't want to do.
And then your firm
just does all the work.
For a ten percent fee.
It's a drop in the bucket for
what you're going to make.
How do I look?
You look like you're
wasting your time with me.
Go. Ask him to dance.
Honestly I don't know
how you turn them away.
-Krista Dalton.
That's my name. You were going to ask me that, weren't you?
Ryan Roarke.
Would you like to dance,
Ryan Roarke?
I would, I'm just in
the middle of something.
When a pretty girl
asks you to dance,
you always say yes.
He's right you know.
It's just polite.
And I only work
with polite people.
Oh. One sec.
(Shoes Bang on the Floor)
That's better.
I'm sorry. I wasn't
trying to be rude.
What were you trying to be?
I'm trying to worry a
little bit more about my job
than a really
beautiful woman.
I failed miserably.
Well I hope you're better at
ranching than you are dancing.
Oh, I'm better at
everything than dancing.
(Krista Laughs)
Well don't look at your feet.
Just look at me. Everything
else will fall into place.
There you go.
I've always wanted to do that.
So how do you know Wes Gently?
Are you guys working together?
No not yet. But I feel like we're going to be very shortly.
What's all this work talk?
I thought we were dancing.
(Krista Laughs)
(Music Ends, Clapping)
Where you going? We don't stop
dancing until the music stops.
(Slow Song)
Is something wrong?
It's my girlfriend.
I'm sorry I should
have said something.
No it's fine.
I just got out of a
relationship very recently so...
You're right. We probably
shouldn't be dancing together.
You're not stopping.
No, it appears that I'm not.
I don't want to mess
with your tradition.
The one about you can't stop
dancing until the music stops.
(Krista Laughs)
It would be rude.
Yeah, it would be.
(Krista Giggles)
I'm starting to like this place.
Are you? Would you
like to see more?
There's more?
Of course there's more. It's a small town but it's not tiny.
Here, I'll show you.
You don't have
anywhere to be, do you?
No, not tonight.
Country Music
First stop on the
tour is Dina's Diner.
She makes the
best chopped salads.
And over there is the school.
It's really small.
It's where I learned to
spell Mississippi.
And it's also where I let
a pig loose in the school
to avoid taking a math test. (LAUGHS)
-I hadn't studied.
Have you been here
your whole life?
Yeah. My sister and I have.
Our dad passed away when
we were in high school
and our mom remarried
a couple years ago
and moved overseas
with our step dad.
You must miss them.
All the time.
But I talked to my
mom once a week
and we see them once a year.
This is the place that lives in
the center of all our hearts.
I did live in
New York for awhile.
What happened?
The city wasn't for me.
The people there they're
always rushing and trying
to get to the top of
somewhere for some reason.
Yeah, sounds familiar.
But I became one
of those people.
The closer I got to the top,
the less happy I was.
I felt like I didn't know
who I was anymore.
And who are you?
Just a regular girl.
I doubt that.
Anyway, it was such
a cliche in the end.
I missed home so much that I bought a one way ticket back.
Yeah my life's a bit
of a cliche too.
We had a military dad so as soon as we started making friends,
we had to move and eventually
I just kind of gave up
making friends and
became super shy.
I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
My parents were great.
And my sister was
my best friend.
That's sweet. My sister
and I are super close too.
Who do you think helped me
let the pig loose?
(They Both Laugh)
There's nothing
quite like family.
For me family is not really something you're born into,
it's more something
you create.
Like when my parents decided to adopt me and my sister,
we all became family.
Wow. That's really deep.
Most guys I know just talk
about cattle or trucks,
not their feelings.
So what about this guy
you've broken off with?
I guess you and him
weren't perfect?
Not even close.
How about you? Are you
dating the perfect girl?
I don't think I want to be
with the perfect person.
I want to be with
someone that's real.
Someone who takes risks
and makes mistakes.
And it should feel right, sitting around and talking
or walking around.
Like this?
Yeah, like this.
I also have a lot of trouble
letting my guard down.
I've met a lot of
people in my life
that wanted to use
me for what I offer them
than really care about me.
So what's your favorite place?
That's over here.
And here we are.
Forever Flowers.
My sister and I are
florists. We own it.
I love getting
to be creative.
I can see that.
No wonder they're
so beautiful.
Okay, oh, and these
are pink flowers
and they only
grow in the spring.
And this is home.
I can't believe we
talked this long.
Honestly, I don't think
I've ever met anybody
who listens to
me like you do.
I'm sorry I took
you away from Wes.
When we started dancing
I didn't even think about it.
I'm just upset that I have
to fly in a few hours.
You got to.
The ranch is calling.
I never heard of it put
that way but, okay, I guess.
You missed your
calling as a tour guide.
Thank you.
So, what do you think?
Could you picture
yourself living here?
I don't know...Maybe.
Give me your phone.
(Camera Click)
Like it?
It's pretty good.
Although I think it'd look
a lot better with you in it.
(Camera Click)
It's a really
nice photo.
-Mind if I send it to myself?
- Yeah, sure.
(Mail Notification Sound)
Sounds like
you got it.
(Laughs Softly)
I guess now I
have your number.
And I have yours.
-(Nervous Laugh)
-Good night.
Good night.
Now that was a wedding.
My feet are killing me.
So. Did you talk to Wes?
Seriously? And fawn at his
feet with all his admirers.
No. He doesn't
even know my name.
I mean, what I would give to be
a few inches taller and spicy.
(They Both Giggle)
Well I like you just
the way you are.
Nice and sweet.
Well at least someone
appreciates me.
And what about you and that
guy you were dancing with?
He's completely
charming in every way.
But he has
a girlfriend.
And he's headed back
to wherever he came from.
At least he wasn't a guy
that wanted to cheat
on his girlfriend.
Maybe he's living proof they're still good guys out there.
Too bad he's taken.
I'll probably never
see him again.
If this Ryan guy
has half a brain
he will leave his girlfriend and come running back to you.
You're the best sister ever.
You can thank me by
grabbing me a cookie.
I can't! It's too far.
I'm tired.
(Indistinct Talking)
(Chris) Did you bring me
back a tumbleweed?
No not yet. The rancher
wouldn't sign the contract.
You'll come up with
another approach
when you're back tomorrow.
I am back.
I'm headed to the office.
Ryan! You should
take the day off.
We'll have to take out
some of the big words.
He's an old school guy.
Ryan. I, I had
no idea, I swear.
Ah, ah, Ryan! I thought you weren't back until tomorrow...
Amber, are you serious?
Is this about your head shot?
That was yesterday.
Come on Doug.
Come on.
Do I have to?
You had your
chance, Ryan.
And unlike you, Doug here,
he keeps his promises.
Right! Huh?
She told me you
broke up so I...
Doug, everything about
you is making this worse.
Seven reminders, Ryan.
What does that say? Huh?
You don't support
my life's work.
You asked me twice.
I need to be nurtured
so that I can grow.
Now, why, why did I
fall in love with Doug?
Oh, because he,
he gives me wings.
He lifts me up.
He is my rock!
Doug says my head
shot is brilliant.
And I asked him once.
Look at my Doug.
Look at him.
He's just, he's...amazing and he's just so (Clears Throat)
(Laughs) Successful!
-Oh! Wow!
-Alright, let's go Doug.
It's getting a
little crowded in here.
Let's go. I'm sorry,
man, we're...
Sorry, seriously.
Look. I'm sorry!
Classy lady.
I'm so sorry Ryan.
She just walked in.
And Doug was there.
And I, I didn't...
Another model turned actress. It's such an LA cliche.
See, this is why they say there are no original stories anymore.
My fault for falling for it.
It's not you.
It's this town.
Which is why
I don't date anybody.
Just take the
rest of the day off.
I can read these by myself.
Well, I wouldn't
argue with my boss
because that would be unprofessional.
Yeah. Please.
See you tomorrow Ryan.
Hang up. Hang up.
Hang up!
(Krista) Hello. Hello Ryan? Ryan, is that you?
Hey Krista.
How's it going?
Hey, things are fine. Is everything alright with you?
Yeah. Everything's
all good with me.
Why do you ask?
Well, it sounded like you were yelling or something.
No. But, hey, I am
super busy at the office,
so I'm going to
have to let you go.
Oh, alright. Are you sure everything's alright?
Yeah. Everything's
tip top over here.
Okay. Well it was
nice hearing your voice.
It's nice hearing
your voice too.
Well bye Ryan.
Bye Krista.
Okay. Can you try
this potato salad?
I'm making it
for the potluck.
And if Dina tells me
it's too salty again,
I'm going to stuff
her in the turkey.
It's perfect.
Where did you
find all these?
I was cleaning out
my closet and came across
my old theater reviews.
I had no idea that
you had kept them.
You must miss
being onstage?
All the time.
I loved it.
With each character I played, I
got to experience another life.
Someone else's story.
You don't miss
New York, though?
Not even a little bit.
The fame grew way
too quickly and
it just swallowed me up.
I do miss the work
itself, though.
Well you've come a
long way from playing
Clara in the Nutcracker at the Rust Creek Falls Little Theatre.
(Laughs) I loved
community theater.
I wonder what this
season's production is?
And you were so
good in this one.
Romeo and Juliet.
I guess I just traded their
tragic love story for my own.
(Laughs) Well at least I know you can still be dramatic.
(Krista Laughs)
Are you still talking
about that Ryan guy?
Is it bad that I thought
he would come back?
Maybe things got serious
with his girlfriend.
Probably. She'd have to be crazy to let a guy like that go.
Maybe I'm crazy.
I just thought we had this
great connection, you know?
It's going to sound stupid coming out of my mouth
but I thought that
he might be the one.
Well, love is unpredictable.
You can't control who
you love, who loves you
and sometimes it
happens in an instant.
Sometimes love
takes it's time.
But the one for
you is out there.
Just as long as he's
not an airline pilot.
(Laughs) You know, I think I just want to focus on myself.
No more guys.
Well I am here for you,
whatever you need.
What I need is to get
myself back onstage.
But on my own terms.
Then I think you should.
(Upbeat Music)
(Door Creaks Open and Closed)
Ha ha ha ha ha! Come in
and get to know me better.
For I am the ghost
of Christmas presents.
And you have never seen the likes of me before.
(Snickering from people
in the auditorium)
-Go ahead.
-Go! Go!
(To Herself) Okay,
you can do this.
I feel sorry for Scrooge.
I couldn't be angry
with him if I tried.
For who suffers
by his ill whims
but himself, always.
(Some Snickering in Audience)
I'm sorry. Could I just have a few minutes to prepare?
Thank you.
'Tis but thy name
that is my enemy.
Thou art thyself,
though not a Montague.
What is a Montague?
It is nor hand, nor foot,
nor arm, nor face, nor any
other part belonging to a man.
O, be some other name!
What's in a name?
That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet;
So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call'd,
retain that dear
perfection which he owes
without that title.
Oh, Romeo, doff thy name.
And for that name
which is no part of thee.
Take all myself.
Thank you.
(Quietly) Yes.
(Ryan's Cell Phone Ringing)
Happy Thanksgiving!
Finally caught you.
Where have you been?
Nowhere. Just busy.
Busy avoiding me
is more like it.
(Frantically Unwrapping)
Mmhm. Yeah?
Uh huh.
Seriously, Ryan.
What's up?
I'm fine.
I know you and you are not fine.
Yeah, even I know
you're not fine.
Hello Darryl.
Is it Amber?
No, it's definitely not Amber.
So it is something.
I'm getting warmer.
Maggie. Stop.
Are you frustrated that
you couldn't get Wes
to sign the contract?
You should come
back here and try again.
We would love to see you.
There's no point. He knows the
contract he didn't sign.
Listen, don't worry about me.
You know I can't do that.
Pretend not to worry.
Just like you pretend not
to like my dance moves!
(Laughing) Darryl don't! Stop!
Don't? Don't stop?
Is that what you're saying?
(Singing) Don't stop that's what you're saying.
(Maggie Laughing)
Call me when you're not busy.
We miss you.
(Singing) Miss you!
I miss you too,
and I promise I'll call.
(Indistinct Singing
and Finger Snapping)
-Oh good.
-Uh huh.
Come on baby.
Come on baby!
Feeling it?
(Finger snapping
and Giggling)
(Indistinct Chattering
and Laughing)
You remember when I just
walked right up to Ryan
at the wedding and
asked him to dance?
What does that have
to do with Thanksgiving?
You need to walk right
up to Wes and ask him
to sit down and eat with you.
Okay, the line to
share a meal with Wes
is as long as the line
at the post office.
And I'm not getting in it.
Why do I feel like
you're still angry with him?
Because he ruined
my prom dress.
It's probably the
nicest dress I'll ever own.
You know it wasn't
Wes that pushed
you into the pond that night.
Well, he was fooling
around with my date.
Yeah, and he lost his footing, bumping into you accidentally.
(Laughs) Exactly.
His fault.
You like him.
Of course I do.
It's kind of a problem.
(Indistinct Talking)
Look at Wes Gently over there.
Acting like he knows more about
the entertainment industry
than Ryan.
I ought to give him
a piece of my mind.
No baby. We talked about this.
No more giving anyone
a piece of your mind
until after the baby's born.
(Big Intake of Breath)
Darryl, wait here.
Wait here?
She's rolling up her sleeves.
Oh no. This is happening.
What is your problem
with my brother?
He's a fantastic lawyer
from Los Angeles
who's busting his
butt trying to help you.
Darryl, I'm not finished.
Why do you have to
be so stubborn?
People sign contracts
all the time.
Well, not me.
Are you afraid of
words on paper?
You tell him, Maggie.
(Whispering Aside)
That's my wife!
Thanks, baby.
Now if you knew what was good
for you, you would quit being
ungrateful and
you would sign the contract.
(Whispering Aside)
She's the mother of my child.
Wes! Sign the
contract already!
Okay, look, I...
Just, just stop yelling at me in front of all these people.
I...will read it.
(Krista) I wonder who
Maggie's brother is?
But if he's anything
like she is,
he's a force to
be reckoned with.
You're calling him.
(Phone is Ringing)
Yeah, you heard the lady.
(Phone is Ringing)
(Ryan's Phone Rings)
How's my favorite
baby doing?
Sorry. Who's this?
(Wes) You're a business man
so talk business.
Ah, okay. Mr. Wes Gently.
How are you?
(Ryan) Are you ready to discuss the terms of the contract?
I might be. Yes.
Okay great. I will send it over
and then we will have a call with the legal team.
You know what?
I'd rather see what kind
of man I'm dealing with.
Why don't you
stop by the ranch
next time you're in town.
I can do that.
Great. You know what?
Make it next weekend.
Next weekend sounds great.
(Beep Off)
So happy.
(Beep Off)
Did that just happen?
That just happened.
(Laughs) I'll go book a flight!
(Door Opens)
Hello! Hi.
Thanks for letting
me stay again.
Cut the chit chat.
What's the plan?
Okay so, Wes...
(To Darryl) Thank you.
Okay so Wes wants
me to go over
and help him with two
cord of firewood.
So I'm going to
head over there now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!
Hold on. You can't just
go waltz over there.
Why not?
Wes, asking you
to help on the ranch?
That means he's
testing you.
Okay. And?
And. You have no idea what you're doing, do you?
Okay. Not
really. No.
Alright. Let me
give you some tips
on how to blend in.
First. Take off your hat when you enter someone's house.
It's a sign of respect.
I don't have a hat, but, okay.
Second. Never complain no
matter how hard the work is.
And third. Leave any gate
just the way you found it.
And fourth. Never
criticize a man's horse.
Or dog.
(Maggie Laughs) Sorry.
It's just too cute.
Well this isn't cute. It's
important manly stuff.
Okay, so what you're
saying basically is
I just have to fake
until I make it.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll tell you that I'm particularly good at it.
I bet you are, Darryl.
Okay, that's just insulting.
You ever, you ever
use an axe before?
I didn't think so.
(Door Opens)
(Door Closes)
(Wood Chopping)
Mr. Gently.
Hey, it's the city boy.
Glad you could make it.
Many hands make light work.
I need you to load
this into my truck.
And when you're done
with that I got a
whole other pile out
back that needs chopping.
Don't take forever, okay?
I was hoping we
could talk when I...
I don't think so.
Okay. That's alright.
I got this.
I was not expecting
to see you here.
Yeah. Ashley and I
got here a bit early.
So I guess you left your
ranch to help Wes on his?
My ranch?
Yeah, you said you two
would be working together.
(To Himself) You think
I'm a rancher.
Yeah! Of course.
Why else would I be here?
Perfect timing
for the party too.
-Here. Let me help.
-Oh, it's dangerous.
I'll see you inside?
-Hey Krista.
-Hi Wes.
Go on in.
The door's unlocked.
That's not a bad job.
You're starting to grow on me.
You know what? Why don't you join us inside for the party?
After you're done
cutting the wood, though.
(Indistinct Conversations, Laughing)
(Dinner Piano Music)
Thanks for giving me a heads up
about the party Darryl.
(Darryl Clears His Throat)
You know, personally I don't
miss your $2,000 outfit.
Five. $5,000 outfit.
Listen. The Gently family's
been hosting this holiday
tree trimming party since
they began ranching here.
Because they're
nice people. Right?
Exactly three weeks before
Christmas, every year.
And everybody knows that.
Everybody that lives
here knows that.
I hear you.
I think I went a bit too far with the decorations.
It's Christmas.
It's not possible.
Besides everyone
says they love it.
You know Wes thinks
you look great.
You have no way
of knowing that.
Except his jaw dropped
when he saw you walk in.
I'm just glad you
came this year.
It's time for you
to stop avoiding Wes.
Did you ask about
the girlfriend?
No not yet. I'm just
so happy he came back.
You're glowing.
I can't help it.
You know, maybe he
really is my perfect guy.
Do you think
he likes me?
Well, he can't take
his eyes off of you.
How you feeling?
Ah, pretty good.
But I'm, I'm ready.
-I can imagine.
So you know Ryan?
Not very well.
(Chuckles) He's only
my brother.
You must have
two brothers?
Not the last
time I checked.
At Thanksgiving you said
your brother was a lawyer.
He is. That's him.
Ryan Roarke.
Los Angeles lawyer
to the stars.
He's lead counsel at
the biggest talent agency
in the country.
You mean he's
not a rancher?
(Darryl Laughing)
A rancher. That's a really good joke. Ladies.
No. He's not a
rancher like Wes.
He's representing
him on a contract.
So he's not
from around here.
(Laughs) Definitely not.
He's probably just
letting you think that
so he can impress you.
He's not super
confident with women.
It's a childhood thing.
Did you hear that?
He lied to me.
I mean did he or
were you just looking
for what you
wanted to see.
He told me that
him and Wes
were going to be
working together.
On a contract
just like Maggie said.
Honestly, Krista, you have to start asking hard questions.
After one date I
know a guy's friends,
family and his
dog's middle name.
A lawyer?
A lawyer is not the worst
career choice to make.
I suppose I would have
found out eventually.
Well are you going to tell him
that you figured him out?
Actually, I have
a better idea.
Well, good luck.
Ryan. Hi.
So how'd you like to go
for coffee tomorrow?
Sure, I'd love to.
Great. I'll
take you for
the best cup of
coffee you've ever had.
My place, around eleven?
Yeah. Can't wait.
Hi! I'm Ashley.
You must be Max.
Maxwell Gently.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You look like you like punch?
It's fruity and fizzy.
The perfect combination.
I like it too.
And do you know
what else I like?
Yes, but I was actually
talking about your movies.
Nice setting, good sound.
You're a real good director.
Thanks! I tried hard.
Want to help me
with the next one?
You could do the microphone and I could do the camera.
Yeah I'd like that.
You like my dad too?
Yeah I like him too.
I see that Max has
introduced himself to you.
She knows a lot
about making videos.
I'm sure she does.
She's a smart lady.
She's pretty too,
don't you think?
I think she's very pretty.
And that holiday dress.
Just like the prom dress
in high school, right?
Umm. Sorry. Umm.
Max, it's past your bed time.
You should...I'm going
to get him to bed.
Have fun, Ashley.
Wes Gently just
said my name. Twice.
Merry Christmas to me.
(Knocks on Door)
(Door Opens)
-Hey you!
(Door Closes)
So. How do you feel about Christmas decorations?
I feel good about
Christmas decorations.
Good, because I love Christmas and I was thinking you
could help me get
mine out of storage.
Since you do a lot of
heavy lifting as a rancher
it shouldn't be
much work for you.
Of course. I lift
heavy stuff all the time.
Great. Come this way.
(Christmas Music)
(Christmas Music)
(Christmas Music)
My favorite.
Feeling exhausted yet?
I got to tell
you something.
I'm not a rancher.
I know you're
not a rancher.
I was just trying to have
a little fun with you.
Maggie told
me everything.
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay. Don't worry.
Do you want to see
something cool?
My Mrs. Claus.
Where's Santa?
I couldn't find
the matching Santa.
She's vintage.
You can't have
Mrs. Claus without Santa.
That's a crime
against Christmas.
(Laughs) Well there's a Santa out there for her somewhere.
I'll find him.
Don't worry.
Good. Nobody should be
alone on Christmas.
Should we go for
that cup of coffee?
Thank you.
Oh, that is good.
You deserve it.
What would your
girlfriend think of all
the work you did for me?
Ah, we're actually
not together anymore.
Listen, I'm really sorry I let you think I was a rancher.
I should've been
honest from the start.
I was wondering
why you weren't.
When we met you said
you hated big cities like
New York and Los
Angeles so I was okay
with letting you think
I was from somewhere else.
It's just nice feeling like
a normal person for once.
I was the one being
dishonest when normally
it's the other way around.
So, who's the
real Ryan Roarke?
Um, I do live
in Los Angeles.
I'm ambitious.
That's actually why I'm
here in the first place.
I'm going to sign
Wes Gently to a contract.
Nobody's been able
to do it yet.
And you think you can.
And what else?
I'm a baseball fan.
I hate spinach.
No matter what you put
it in, I will find it.
(Krista Laughs)
And, uh, I like you.
Honestly, since we met
I haven't been able
to stop thinking
about you.
I really like you too.
No matter what you
do for a living.
Krista. Are there Christmas lights in the barn?
Can you come down
from the clouds please.
Seriously, you haven't come
up for air in like a week.
I'm sorry. I just can't stop thinking about Ryan.
I've never felt
this way before.
I'm in love.
Love? Isn't that a bit fast?
I know. But I can't explain it.
It just feels right.
I'm happy for you sis.
See! Sunshine yellow. It's amazing. Am I right?
It is the best colour
I've ever seen.
Right Ryan?
What about butter biscuit?
(Chuckles) I'm kidding. The kid's going to love it.
What's Krista doing tonight?
She's gone with
her sister tonight
and then I'm going to take
her out tomorrow night.
Are you taking her
to Steve's Steaks?
Is it good?
They got steak.
Well I guess now that
you've sold me on it,
I have to take
her there, right?
- (Maggie Laughs)
Ah! Look who I found!
Buddy the Bunny!
I knew he was
around somewhere.
Mom and dad gave me
this box a few years ago.
I wanted our baby to have something from the family.
This guy takes me back.
Yeah, and, uh,
she also gave me this.
Grandma Roarke's ring!
Mom gave it to me but
I want you to have it.
Me? I don't think
it will fit me.
For Krista! Look,
I've never seen you happier.
I know you love Krista.
If you're trying to hide it,
you're not doing
a very good job.
Is it that obvious?
Yeah. (Chuckles) Listen,
I'm not saying now but...
Here. She's the girl
you've been waiting for Ryan.
Krista is real.
So is this place and
the way that you feel.
You know I'm right.
When the time is right
for you, give her this.
I just, I created such
a life back home.
There's so much there. It's everything I've ever wanted.
Sometimes you spend your
life working toward a goal.
When you finally reach it you
realize the goal needs to shift.
It's time you start
working towards
what really makes
you happy, Ryan.
Okay. What has gotten into you?
I know Steve Steak's
wasn't that good.
I have a big
surprise for you tonight.
I kind of have a surprise
for you too, actually.
Look, Krista, I think me and you should start talking about...
Wait here.
What is up with you?
What is this place?
Okay, wait here for ten minutes and then come inside.
You'll like it. I swear.
(Door Squeaks Open)
Krista, what are we doing here?
I don't get it.
(Giggles) I got a lead
part in A Christmas Carol!
I'm so excited.
-You did?
I know you think that I'm
just some farm girl but...
This is the real me.
I've always loved acting and I decided I want to start again.
So that's why you were in
New York. You were an actor.
Yeah. And I was good.
You're an actor.
Yeah. (Laughs)
And I would love for
you to be sitting
in the front row
on opening night.
I thought you didn't
care about fame and attention.
Look, I've dated actors.
I'm not just your golden
ticket to get out of here
and go to Hollywood.
I thought you were different.
I thought you cared about
me and not just what I do.
Ryan, this is about me not giving up on myself.
This is about something that I
need to have back in my life
which, believe it or
not, includes you.
I'm in love with you.
I open up and you're really
just going to stand there
and pretend you don't
feel the same way?
I don't even know
what to say to you.
(Door Squeaks Open)
(Door Closes)
(Lovely Sad Music)
(Ashley's Phone Rings)
Who's calling you?
It's not who
you think it is.
Hi Max.
Hi Ashley. Are
you having punch?
(Laughs) No, but I miss its fizzy fruitiness.
You're funny!
You're funny too.
My dad wrote a
new song.
I know he'd like
to sing it for someone.
Well, I'm a good
Want to come over
and do the microphone?
Sure. Anytime.
Okay, I'll ask my
dad for permission.
Wait, he's smiling so I
think that's permission.
I'll call you back.
Yeah, we're buddies.
-(Krista Laughs)
-Here, let me help.
(Sigh) Thank you. It always looks better when you do it.
Are you sure you want
to go through with this?
I mean you've just
been so upset lately.
I want to see
it through. For me.
You're right. I had given up
on myself for far too long.
I'm happy that
I'm doing this. I'm fine.
Are you sure?
Of course.
Okay. I'll go get
you your costume.
(Dialing On Phone, Ringing)
Hi again Ashley.
Hi Max. Could I talk to
your dad for a second?
Wes. This is totally
random but have you sent
that contract off to Ryan yet?
Um, no, actually.
But I'm going to the
post office tomorrow morning.
Great. Can I ask you for your help? It's for my sister.
Yeah. It would make my day.
Hey what's up?
Now I've noticed you've
been a little mopey lately.
So you thought you would
come in to interrupt me?
Yeah. I can read auras,
and yours is sort of a
red green kind of swirly thing.
This sounds like
it's worth my time.
Like Christmas
colors, but sadder.
So I have something
that will cheer you up.
We just got the
amendments from Wes Gently
and they all look very doable.
Looks like he's going to sign.
Good. Let's get those off to the
partners by the end of the day.
Will do. This was addressed
to you personally.
Why don't you come out
with us after work tonight?
I'm okay, thanks.
But you don't have to go to
Rust Creek Falls anymore,
I mean that's a reason to celebrate, isn't it?
We can handle
Wes' affairs from here.
Yeah, I just got a couple
things I got to finish up.
Okay. But the next time we
sign a grumpy online star,
the drinks are on you.
(Amber:) So I have a callback.
And I want to be my best.
Well, let's hear it then.
I'm ready.
That was it. What?
That was...
I'm scared.
Oh yes! Wow, that was convincing! You are amazing!
You, you are going
to get it, for sure.
-Oh thanks.
-No doubt whatsoever.
You have given me sunshine.
Ah, you're such a gift.
That's why I'm going
to give you a gift.
-Uh huh.
Just one for now.
Urgent. Attention Ryan Roarke.
Rising star rejects fame, fortune, footlights.
Krista Dalton announces retirement.
Theater fans upset at
losing the most talented
stage actor of her generation.
(Computer Notification)
Hey Maggie.
What's up?
Not much. Just hanging out
with our new baby boy.
You have a nephew.
You weren't due for two weeks!
I know. He was really
excited to meet his uncle.
He came really quickly so I didn't have anytime to call.
Plus, I was a tad
bit busy giving birth.
Maggie! He's beautiful!
What did you name him?
Ryan. Just like his uncle.
Thank you so much.
He's clearly the
best Ryan out of all of us.
Look at that little face.
He's got my nose. He's got my biceps, right buddy?
No, he doesn't Darryl.
He's just a baby.
(They Both Laugh)
He's great Darryl.
You must be proud.
I am. But I'm more proud of my beautiful wife. (Kisses)
So. Have you talked to Krista?
No I haven't.
Ah, you know what?
I'm going to send you a gift basket. What do you need?
-No no no no.
I might have just given
birth but you're not
getting away that easily.
You listen up, okay? She
is the mother of my child.
Look who. Grrrr! Grrrr! Grrrr!
(Laughs) Thanks honey.
Could you get me a
glass of water, please?
Sure. Of course, sweetheart. (Kiss)
So why haven't you
talked to Krista?
Look, my last three relationships
have gone the exact same way.
Hey I like you. Guess what? I'm
an actress, make me famous.
Then I end up getting dumped and
I binge-watch reality shows while eating cheesecake.
You liked her when
she was just a country girl.
And she liked you when
you were just a rancher.
So somewhere in
that mess of emotions
are just two people
who are scared
that they won't be loved
for who they are.
You need to work this
through with her.
Talk to her.
I know it's just...
It's nothing. You're a hotshot Hollywood lawyer.
Pretty girls are throwing
themselves at you
because of your
money and your job.
I wanted Krista to be different.
She is different. So she's an actor. She's also real.
She's not interested
in your money or fame,
not from Broadway
and not from you. Trust me.
she's the type of woman that
you want to settle down and
start a family with.
You make it sound so easy.
Well, love is complicated.
Yeah but when you stop
thinking about it
and start listening to
your heart, it's simple.
Hey Chris!
I need you to book
one more flight.
(Chuckles) Uh huh.
See. Your mom is a smart lady.
(Baby Cooing)
Yes she is. You're going to meet your uncle. Yes you are.
-Here sweetie.
-Thank you.
(Baby Cooing)
Will you stop! You're
making me nervous.
Okay. Sorry.
What do I do?
Well you say will you marry me. That's what I did.
It's not that easy, honey.
Why not?
Well, because Ryan has
to prove to Krista that,
one, he's genuinely sorry for accusing her of using him,
and two, that she should spend the rest of her life
with someone who just
broke her heart.
Oh, well. Do that then.
I can't just show
up at her house!
I acted like such an idiot.
She probably wouldn't
even let me in.
Look, she's not even home.
She's performing in the Christmas play tonight.
I got to do
something big.
Something that's going
to win her back.
Is that a Santa suit?
Yeah. Darryl borrows
it from St. Nick
every year for the school play.
Yeah, I like to do
my part in the community.
And, candy canes are free.
Can I borrow it?
Sure. Yeah. The big guy
needs it back by Christmas Eve.
The shadow of the things
that would have been,
May be dispelled.
I know they will.
I was light as a feather.
I was happy as an angel.
I was merry as a schoolboy. (Laughing)
(Audience Laughing)
Why can't every story
have a happy ending?
I wish.
(Audience Applauding)
Shouldn't you be at
a mall or something?
Ready to change the ending?
You better believe it.
Come with me.
(Knocking at Door Onstage)
(Door Opens)
Why it's Scrooge come
knocking on our door.
Merry Christmas to you
and to your family.
(Knocking at Door Onstage)
It appears another
has come knocking
on our door this
Christmas Day.
(Door Opens)
Ho ho ho!
(Audience Clapping and Cheering)
Santa, what are you doing here?
I came to tell you
what I want for Christmas.
But Santa, don't you
give presents to the children?
Nonsense! What about
Santa's wishes?
(Audience Clapping and Cheering)
(Audience) Oh!!
I'm so sorry.
I was so blinded
by my own fear
that I couldn't see
the real you.
I love you Krista.
(Audience) Aww!
-Will you marry me?
-Are you crazy?
I'm crazy about you.
And I was crazy for
ever leaving here.
But my eyes and my heart
are more open now
than they've ever been.
This is all I want.
Me and you.
You want to move here, with me.
There's enough
ranchers here, right.
So how about
a lawyer for a change?
(Krista Laughs)
So, Krista Dalton...
Will you marry me?
(Audience Oooing and Awwing)
Well, I wouldn't want Santa to be without his Mrs. Claus.
Yes Ryan Roarke.
I will marry you.
(Audience Clapping and Cheering)
(Audience Clapping and Cheering)
(Indistinct Talking)
(Max Whispering)
Ask her. Now.
Hey! Ashley.
Um. Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Umm. No. Ah...I have something I've got to say to you.
I'm sorry about the prom
dress back in high school.
I, ah, I didn't mean it.
And, ah, I was wondering
if you would like
to have dinner with me, sometime.
I would love to.
That's great.
Um, I don't know if
you knew this
but back in high school I was,
I was kind of sweet on you.
-Really, me?
-(Laughs) Really, you.
I like you too, Wes.
And Max is quite the matchmaker.
I'm the best.
(Laughs) Yeah, you're
the best buddy.
Hi Guys.
Max. Nice to see you again.
Why don't we get
together sometime
and we can sign that contract.
Let's worry about that
big stack of papers later.
-Merry Christmas.
-You too.
-Merry Christmas.
-Merry Christmas.
Well, you might not be a rancher, but for a lawyer,
you fit right in.
Oh, so you like lawyers now?
I love this lawyer.