Honey Boy (2019) Movie Script

No, no!
No, no!
And cut!
Tail mark.
End marker.
All right, lets wrap up. Reset.
I need another extinguisher over here.
-Need it stat!
Just back it up.
Back it up. Just back it up.
-Get clear, get clear.
Yall dont really know
who I am, Goddamn
Im like grease in the fryin pan
Cause I am
Bacon, eggs, toast, butter
Smooth sexy lover
more fresh than the others
Go ask your brother
if yall dont believe
I control the industry
Cause Missy in the lead
Im talkin to you, man,
with my upper hand
The fans call me Dapper Dan
When I was young my pops, throw rocks
Always shit talk to my moms
and call the cops
Couldnt wait till I was nice
and grown
Sick of daddy mouth
till 6:00 in the morn
On and on and on
till the record scratch
And if I made a few scraps
I would never come back, yes!
Take moms with me
and a few ADATs
And make a song about Dad
Hello? I need some help.
Hold up, hold up
Yall dont really know my life
Get the fuck off of me!
And how much liquor I guzzle
Yall dont really know
And how many years to get here
- But Im ready to rumble
- Come on
Yall dont really know my life
Yall dont really know my struggles
And how much liquor I guzzle Yes!
Yall dont really know my fears
And how many years to get here
- But Im ready to rumble
- Yeah, yeah
I be that throwback cat
- I throwback...
No, were very fucked up.
Dont fuckin touch me!
Dont fuckin say shit!
What am I being arrested for?!
What am I being arrested for?! Huh?
You think youre fuckin... hot shit?
Cause you dont know
how good I am at what I do.
Why am I here?!
Come on! Answer the fucking question!
Answer the damn question, you fuck!
You dumb fuck!
Why am I here?! Why am I here?!
Answer the question!
Answer the fucking question!
Why am I here?! Why am I here?!
Why am I here?!
There are no guards
-on the premises, Otis.
I noticed.
Since this is your third
drunken altercation
with the police, if you leave
we will have to notify the judge,
and you will serve those four years.
So, where do we start?
I dont know, boss. You tell me.
Im obviously not equipped
to make any decisions.
Im an egomaniac
with an inferiority complex.
Lets try again.
How about
Im a professional schizophrenic?
What do you want me to say?
Im a piece of shit.
I want you to write an account
of your memories,
so we can get you started
with some imaginal exposure.
Whats that?
Its a simple way to stop
avoiding trauma reminders
that get you triggered.
I avoid trauma reminders?
My whole work is required,
-motivated by trauma reminders.
-Im talking about triggers
that make your
distress levels unmanageable
-and result in violence.
-Like what?
Well, whatever makes you angry.
Thats a good place to start.
Otis, Ive been doing this a long time.
I saw your tests,
and you have clear signs of PTSD.
No, I dont.
From what?
You all right?
One minute.
Thank you.
I wish I was a little bit taller
I wish I was a baller, I wish I had
a girl who looked good
I would call her,
I wish I had a rabbit
In a hat with a bat
and a six four Impala
I wish I was, like, six foot nine
-Nice pie fight, Otis.
I see her all the time,
everywhere I go
And even in my dreams,
I can scheme of ways
To make her mine,
cause I know shes livin phat
Her boyfriends tall
and he plays ball
So how am I gonna
compete with that?
Cause when it comes to
playing basketball...
You a pet person?
Uh, we have a dog.
Yeah, I had a chicken
named Henrietta Lafowl.
The worlds first daredevil chicken.
-Dad, Can you loosen the back?
-I used to know,
cause all chickens...
What do you need me to do?
-Just loosen the back part.
-Okay. One sec.
So, I used to... I had this chicken,
used to put her on my head
and Id do these cartwheels,
and shed run from my head to my butt,
from my head to my butt
over and over like that.
Cause I spent a lot of time with chickens,
-you know, in the rodeo?
-Dad, loosen it.
Had another trick where I put
the chicken on top of my head--
here, I found it-- and Id run this little
-electrical wire
down my sleeve to her,
put a little KFC bucket out there,
light it on fire for drama,
and Id hit that charge
and Henriettad fly off of my head
and land in that bucket. Hey-o!
Crowd ate it up, Im telling you.
It was a big deal.
-Yeah, it was good.
Once opened for Stevie Nicks.
-She came out to the Forum...
-Ow! Fuck, Dad!
What did we say
about talking like that?
Well, th-that...
That Im not supposed to talk like...
That youre not supposed
to talk like that.
And youre gonna apologize
to Pam, arent you?
-Yes, I am.
-Yeah, you are.
Im very sorry, Pam.
-Its okay. Its all right.
-Now, go hang up your wardrobe
-and thank Donna for the day.
-Yes, Daddy.
-You had a good day otherwise.
-Yes, Daddy.
Spent a lot of time with chickens.
And in all that time
you know what I learned about em?
-You know what the white spot is
in the center of chicken poop?
-Do you know what that is?
-No, what is that?
Thats chicken poop also.
Thats pretty good, isnt it?
-Hey, you got a phone number?
-Can I get it from you?
-Later? Later?
-Maybe tomorrow?
Okay. Have a good day.
-You on?
You good?
Who you been talking to?
-And I told you not to wear that top, didnt I?
Listen, I told you
not to wear that, didnt I?
I didnt have anything else clean.
Go in there, go get dressed,
take a shower,
-clean up.
Im in there!
Hey, give me the call sheet.
Got the per diem in there.
Dont touch em, Rocco!
Those are my socks!
You cant give it ten more minutes?
Chinga tu madre.
Motherfucker. They got to get
another washer and dryer
in this place, man.
Its turning into a nightmare.
Oh, no.
Oh, no. Baby trickle?
You got one of them
little Jew rivulets.
Oh, shit.
You can thank your mother for that.
You got a dick
like a golf pencil, son.
Its enough to get the job done.
Yeah. "The job done."
What fuckin job
are you gonna get done?
-Yeah, girls. Yeah, yeah.
You couldnt fuck yourself
with that thing.
You probably done pissed
on your own balls
just now, didnt you?
You got wet balls right now?
-Im 12.
-Yeah, well, 12-year-old dick.
Like, me, when I was 12 years old,
dick sounded just like this.
Wait for it.
- -You hear that?
You hear it get to that bowl?
Thats roots, buddy.
Thats blood.
Where you come from.
-That shits important. -
I know you dont give a fuck.
Poop butt. Whatd I just say?
You dont listen, thats your problem.
And youre selfish.
I just told you about your family,
and youre over there just staring
at the thing, right?
I see you. Youre concentrating.
Concentrate real hard.
Be a 12-year-old. Pie fight.
-Its not a pie fight.
-Ooh. Its not a pie fight?
What is it? I know what youre doing.
Its clowning, buddy.
-No, its not.
-Its rodeo. Its the same thing
-as clowning with lines.
-No, its not.
Its not? How do you know?
You aint never been
-in a fuckin rodeo.
-Yeah, I have.
Dont lie to me.
-Who took you to rodeo?
Tom took you to rodeo?
Of course he did.
Whered you go?
I dont know. It was a rodeo.
So you dont remember.
They have clowns at your rodeo?
No? You went to Pomona.
That aint even a fuckin ro...
Thats a fair.
You went to a fair.
You come see me in Muskogee, boy,
whew, Im talking about the rodeo.
Im talking about lights.
Shit. Attractions. Animals.
Did my own face paint. Costume.
You know, commedia dellarte.
I made them bulls run
till I broke every bone
in my cultured ass.
Its different, though.
Im not a clown.
It is different.
You bet your little dick its different.
Its also the same, too, motherfucker.
That moth... Hes in there.
Hey! Rocco!
Didnt I just say? Didnt I just say?
Those are my socks! Goddamn it.
Give me... give me the call sheet
and get the bag.
This motherfucker.
Thank you.
Youll get it after.
-Hey, um, Dad?
-6:00 a.m.
You got to go to sleep early tonight.
Yeah, about that.
A.J. has got me tickets
to the Dodgers game,
-which is really cool,
-Oh, shit.
-cause Nomos pitching, and so, uh,
-That is really cool.
you know, hes gonna...
hes gonna take me to the game
-Whos pitching?
-after-after set tomorrow.
-His name is Nomo?
Yeah, Nomo the Tornado.
-No shit. -Im gonna need some
of that per diem, you know,
-Thats a hell of a name, Tornado.
-for the hot dogs...
and stuff.
-Yeah. -Call him Tornado,
must strike em out blindfolded,
-that motherfucker, huh?
-Yeah, probably.
You know what they call
a Japanese blindfold, dont you?
Call that shit a shoelace.
Come on! That shit is funny.
-You know it is. Come on, now.
-Dad, just, just...
Okay. All right. I was getting ready
to lean into another one.
You see me coming with it?
I was gonna hit him
with that "Sum Ting Wong" joke.
You know that one?
You know that shits some funny fuck...
Hey, buddy, hold on, now,
youre gonna break my shit.
-I didnt mean to.
-Load the fuckin bag up.
-I didnt mean to.
-Goddamn it.
Watch where your hands
are going, man.
So, youre going
to this game with A.J.?
Whos driving you?
No, no, no, no.
No. Youre going to the game with A.J.,
but whos driving?
Cause hes 14 years old,
and his parents are in Castaic,
so whos driving you to the game?
Toms driving you?
Thats all you got to say to me?
Im sorry, Dad.
For what?
For lying to you.
I just thought y...
youd get weird, you know?
Pull out five socks.
- Yeah. You get two.
-You drop any, youre doing ten push-ups.
There you go.
-Hey, Dad?
Um, remember how you said
you were gonna build me
a tree house?
Well, we never owned a tree.
Buy me a tree,
Ill get to work.
-What was that?
-I dont know.
-Pick it up.
-You go to your meeting?
Was it good?
-Thats good.
Were even.
Yeah, it was like 45 years in the room.
-Big cakes.
Coming up on four myself.
You know that, right?
-Thats crazy.
All right. Go ahead. Ten.
- -You gonna get me cake?
Yeah, if you want one.
You know what else I want?
-Want to meet your buddy Tom,
make sure hes not a chicken hawk,
-you hear me?
-Hes not.
Yeah, but I dont know hes not.
Yeah, but you need to trust me.
Well, you need to trust me.
I dont know why
I dont get to meet him.
Well, because Mom thinks
you get weird, and I...
Yeah, well, your mother
thinks a lot of things
that arent true.
Your mother lives in fucking space.
Shes always been
there for me, okay?
Yeah, shes been there for you
and shes been at the Renaissance fair.
I been there for you, too.
Im the one that gets you up
4:00 in the morning.
-Whos here now?
-Shes busy. She has a job.
-She has...
-Why is she busy? Why is she busy?
-Why does she have a job?
Think it through. Play the tape out.
Whats your mother got a job for? Huh?
-Just in case.
-In case what?
In case what?
-I dont know.
-In case you fail.
-In case it dont work out. Yes, man.
-No. No.
Shes filling your head full of fear.
I dont ever do that, do I? Huh?
I pump you full of strength.
Cause were on a team,
and I know you got what it takes.
Youre a fucking star, and I know it.
Thats why Im here.
Im your cheerleader, honey boy.
-You trust me?
Okay. Heres a horse trade.
Ill give you this pack of cigarettes...
-The whole pack?
-Whole pack.
You bring him in here.
You got to smoke it
in the bathroom though
cause I dont want people thinking
Im a shit father.
No one thinks youre a shit father.
-No one thinks Im a shit father?
-Your mother thinks Im a shit father.
-Thats in your head.
-Tom thinks Im a shit father.
-Thats also in your head.
How do you think you get
in the Big Brothers program?
Huh? Whats the main reason?
-Theres no main...
-There is a main reason.
-Do you know what it is?
-What is it?
You got to have a shit father.
-Yes, you do.
And your mothers advertising
what a shit father I am
every time you go to these
fucking Dodgers game,
go hang out, paintball,
dirt bike or whatever youre doing.
And, look, I got four years.
Four years is real.
You bring him over here, how about this?
Ill fucking-- Ill barbecue for him.
Its just a start.
Its just planting seeds, you know?
Come on, man.
You got to let me in a little bit.
Just a barbecue?
Okay. Okay.
-Ill ask. Ill ask.
-Thank you, man.
-Thank you.
-That doesnt mean hes gonna come.
Thats all Im asking you to do.
You want a soda?
-Yeah. -
And now, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
performing for you live without a net,
Henrietta Lafowl,
worlds first daredevil chicken.
-Henrietta Lafowl! -
Worlds first daredevil chicken!
Can I get everybodys attention now?
Were gonna do a small
trust exercise, okay?
Youre each gonna grab your partner.
Now you just switch.
Ready, Percy?
What is this?
What are you trying to do?
You cant have me in the fucking room
knitting for two hours!
How are your SUDS right now?
-Okay, lets bring it down.
Want you to name four objects
and let them bring you
-to the present moment.
-Door, face,
uh, light bulb...
Snap the rubber band with each item.
Shoe, shoe, shoe.
One more.
Door. Fuck.
-What are you...?
-Lets try again.
Name four things and let them
bring you back to...
Huh-uh. No.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, thats disgusting.
This one got some shit on it.
You know chickens
outnumber humans three to one?
You dont want them
to take over the world,
we got to do something about this.
Thats a true fact. You can look it up.
I was close.
You dont pray before you eat?
No, after.
Im fucking with you. I dont.
You got me, bitch.
There you go. Like a man!
I guess Im here
because of my old man.
He was a preacher,
a bullshitter, basically.
Liar and a thief.
But mainly he was
never there for, uh, me.
He, uh... he was doing his own thing.
And I thought, "Wow, you know,
thats just good.
Cool for him, man.
But what about me?"
You know, uh...
Man, nobodys there, so I...
I figured Id just
drink it out, you know.
And getting shit-faced worked, you know?
-Worked like a charm, man.
It took away that
cut-and-dried feeling,
you know, for a bit.
So, you know, I ran with that
for a while, because, uh,
what else was I offered?
Church? God? Yes.
But, uh, that didnt quite
work for me, you know.
Its bullshit, really. Its...
Man, I thought if God was real,
he-he built me with a...
a-a question that only I could answer.
And thats what you got to do:
you got to, you got to
answer that question yourself.
You got to do it yourself.
You got to, you got
to ultimately save yourself.
What book are you r...? Sorry.
What book are you reading, boss?
Look, I know what the book says,
-but Im just saying whats honest
with me, you know? -Huh?
It says we came to believe, partner.
Why dont you read
the fucking book again.
Nick, I cant do it no more, man.
You guys are gonna keep
signing up to this shit, you know,
why dont you sign me up
for the fucking Kool-Aid commitment.
All you motherfuckers are drinking it.
Watch out, Jack.
-James. James.
-Oh, fuck this shit, man.
Why dont you write
your own fucking book, huh?
Hey, youre not alone, brother.
Shut the fuck up.
I needed a fucking meeting today.
Hey. You got a ride, Otis?
Uh, yeah, my dads just over there
getting his bike.
You sure? I didnt see him on set today.
Yeah, he was here. Yeah.
Okay. Well, good work today.
Ah, thank you.
-All right, take it easy.
-See ya.
-Ill get chicken, chicken taco.
-Can I get... Yeah.
-Two, please.
-Four chicken tacos.
-Pollo, seor.
-You got horchata up there?
-Just the tacos, then.
Pedro, cuatro de pollo, por favor.
Holy shit.
They recognize you.
Shit. Sometimes I wish
I was you, man.
-You do?
-Oh, God, yeah.
Be famous, have fucking,
you know, flashing lights,
paparazzi, girls chasing me around.
Not like these shit hookers
were living with.
Im talking about
quality women, you know,
girls who look like
they go to school,
one with a strategy, you know?
Dolly Parton-type woman.
-Why is that funny?
-Dolly Partons got her shit together.
-Cuatro de pollo.
You know she got her own theme park?
You aint got a fucking theme park.
Uh-uh, Daddy.
Hey, Ruby.
So, uh, he doesnt really like
the Big Brothers program,
so just dont bring
that up and stuff.
-Oh, okay.
-If thats okay.
Hey, Dad.
-How you doing?
-Im good. Im his father.
-Its good to meet you.
Good to meet you.
Thats a beautiful truck, man.
-Thank you.
-You do the work on it?
-Sure did.
-Yeah, pop it. Go ahead.
292, huh?
This is actually the, uh, the-the 352.
-5.8 liter.
Y-blocks are the-- thats the 292.
Yeah. The Y-blocks are 292,
the 272, some, uh...
That was a-a big engine
in the-the T-Bird.
T-Bird, thats right. Yeah.
And they put it in the-the F-100,
then they upgraded in 65 to this...
just a 352 cubic.
-Shes fucking pretty, man.
-Thank you, brother.
Sitting low for a 4x4 though, isnt it?
You know, its the original, uh,
coil springs on the I-Beam.
Well, all 64 trucks
had leaf springs in them.
-Dont say. Hmm.
-Going swimming, partner?
-Yeah, its hot.
Oh, thats smart.
Want to leave that
jacket in the room?
No, Im-Im good. Thanks.
-All right.
You know what that "Ford"
in the back of your truck
stands for, dont you?
Its, uh, the old mans
last name, Henry Ford.
-No, sir, no.
-No? Well, whats it stand for, then?
-Hey, Ruby.
Stands for "Found On the Road Dead."
They got a lot of them, man.
They do?
-Yeah, they do.
So youre working for the, uh--
what are you, FBI or something?
My son says youre in the FBI.
No, its nothing fun like that.
-Thats a little, -
a little bit out of my-my pay grade.
Im a passport specialist.
Oh, okay, whats that? Its, uh...?
-State Department.
-State Department.
What the fuck you doing over there?
-Majored in telecommunications.
Half Mexican,
so I got an invested interest
-in fighting discrimination in the city.
-Thats fantastic.
Hey, go get some soda
and, uh, the ketchup.
So youre saying
youre an idealist. Yeah, man.
-Yeah. Pretty much.
-Thats cool.
I know a little bit about that.
Like, uh, "Dont know where Im going,
-but Im on my way there," aint that right?
Yeah, all right.
Yeah, take a seat, man.
We got a little bit of time.
-The sun in your eyes?
-All right.
Uh, its good having you here.
Yeah. I appreciate it, man.
-Ive heard a lot about you, so...
So, uh, whats your story, Tom?
-Im from Detroit.
I still have both my parents.
Twin sister.
-Graduated from Calvin in Grand Rapids.
...put my hands on you!
You want me to do that
like I did last time?
And get out of my face!
Hey, I like your jellies.
Your shoes.
Im Otis.
I live... I live over there in-in six.
Shy Girl.
Wait here.
So, Calvin is
a big school, I know that.
They got a good, uh,
-basketball program.
-They do.
Thats an expensive school, isnt it?
Ive had a little help.
Got to. How the fuckd
you swing that, man?
Shit, Mexican, come from poverty--
got to be hard as fuck
to get in there.
-Isnt it?
-Lot of hard work.
You had some kind of what,
Spanish grant or something?
-Hey, you good?
-Im good, Otis, thank you.
-Hey, you got the ketchup?
-Hey, can I bum a smoke?
-Hang on to your butts.
-Thank you.
Love that kid.
Hes a... hes a good kid.
Yes, sir.
And I-I think thats why, uh,
the Big Brother program
is so important-- its having
the one voice
thats gonna listen to you.
-Sure, I bet.
-The only person
-thats gonna be there for you.
-I bet.
So, this father figure.
He was a strong voice,
and now I have a chance to...
-to pay it forward,
help out when I can.
-You know.
Yeah, I appreciate you, Tom.
I got to say, man,
I do appreciate you.
I know my son appreciates you also.
-Thats good to hear.
-What youre doing. Yeah.
He likes you, man.
I can see it on his face.
You know, I bet if you went over there
and asked that boy right now
who he wants to be
when he grows up, he wouldnt say me.
Why is that?
I dont know.
Would he say you, Tom?
Nah. Its not about that for me, James.
-Whats it about for you?
-I mean, its giving back.
Letting somebody know
youre there for them.
-Its being of service.
-You know?
Yeah, no, I know about that, yeah.
Cause I do a little bit
of service myself, you know.
-I got about four years sober.
-Thats good.
-Is it good?
-Its great.
-It is great, isnt it?
-Lot... Ive seen a lot of lives get ruined.
Oh, have you?
Oh, boy.
Its tough.
-I can only imagine.
-One day at a time, man.
I dont know what you heard about me, Tom,
but I know what you
havent heard about me.
See, what you havent heard
about me is that, uh,
if I catch you around my son again
in any capacity whatsoever,
Im gonna wind up skull-fucking
your well-adjusted
twin sisters dead corpse
on top of your casket till my dick
runs through the back of her
half-Mexican brain plate.
You hear what the fuck Im saying?
Now, youre gonna take
the fuckin jacket off,
cause its hot as shit out there.
-No, Im not.
-Yes, you fuckin are, motherfucker!
Get your fuckin ass out of here.
Get your own fuckin kid
and your own fuckin sandwich,
Fuckin fucker.
Give me the fucking ketchup.
All right, everyone find
your way into the hug circle.
Come on.
Otis, would you please
join us over here.
We all know what to do
in the hug circle, right?
This is a feeling that you can have
anywhere you are.
You can always come back here.
To this pool.
To this circle.
To this feeling.
Hugging yourself
releases the cuddle hormone.
Can you feel that?
And thats a tool we can use
wherever we are.
You cant do this everywhere.
You can, actually.
You cant do this
in a car on the freeway or in court.
Well, maybe if you used this tool,
you wouldnt end up in court.
Isnt hugging yourself
like tickling yourself?
Like, you cant...
you cant tickle yourself?
Well, my shit feel good.
- -Im releasing all them hormones.
Percy, you might be too good at this.
Its my fourth time in rehab.
And I tried this in court.
-Thats how I ended up here. -
Hey, Otis.
-What do you mean?
-Aw, shit. Holla at you.
-All right, see you.
I have a suggestion.
I think maybe you should
go out into the woods
and scream as loud as you can.
Just go out there alone and do that.
Are you fucking with me?
Let me know how it went.
-They got you doing exposure?
Yeah, I got PTSD.
-Get the fuck out of here. -
I thought only soldiers
and black people got that shit.
I dont know. I guess...
I just know Im stuck here,
and these people...
wasting my fucking time.
I dont have time for this.
The fuck you know about time?
My cousin got eight years
in prison. Eight.
They got a nigga here knitting
a motherfucking scarf
and listening to you bitch about time.
-Look at this place.
My cousin saw me,
he would beat my motherfuckin ass.
Yeah, you should send him a scarf.
- -A what?
What am I gonna say?
"Hey, stay warm, nigga."
Im in this pool... hugging myself.
I cant get sober for you, Otis.
Hey, Mom.
Otis. Im so glad you picked up.
-How are you?
-Uh, you doing good?
Yeah, yeah, Im good. Thank you.
I was on set, and Mr. Walsh came.
Gary Walsh.
-Harry Walsh.
-Gary Walsh.
-Gary Walsh.
I dont know his first name.
He asked me if...
-I wanted to be in an M.O.W.
-Whats that?
-A Movie of the Week.
Its shooting in Vancouver,
and, uh, in a couple of months, and...
Can your father leave the country?
-Oh, uh... I think so.
-And you need to get your passport.
-Can he go with you? Because...
-I think... I think hes, uh...
I think he-he can go.
Hang on. Let me ask.
Uh, she wants to know
if you can leave the country.
Honey? Otis? Honey?
-Why did she ask you that?
-Because of his record, honey.
Well, she said because of your record.
I know because of my record.
I know because of my record!
-Im asking why youre asking a 12-year-old, woman.
-He knows...
Fuck me, man. You know,
-Okay, Ill ask.
-you dont fuckin get it.
-Do you want to talk to her?
-No! Fuck no,
I dont want to talk to her!
-No, he doesnt wanna...
-Not available.
-he doesnt wanna talk to you.
-Fuckin drama, man.
Okay, well, thats fine.
Ive asked Tom
to get your passports,
sweetie. Dont even...
-Oh. You did? Oh, yeah. Okay.
-Wheres my lighter?
She said you can ask Tom
to deal with the passports, so...
-Oh, fuckin fantastic! Great. Fantastic.
-so its easy...
Oh, Toms gonna do it?
Yeah, Tomll fuckin do it.
-Tomll do it, Tomll do it.
-No, hes...
- -definitely not gonna come to the phone.
Tell Tom to come to the fuckin phone!
Damn it, wheres my lighter at?
If your father is gonna act
-like a child...
-Oh, wow, man.
You just want to push
my fuckin buttons, girl. Fuck.
-Okay. And, uh, just repeat it?
Okay. I can try.
"I have long ago forgiven you, James.
Who are you talkin to?
-But I am not the one...
"But Im not the one
-"that had to jump out
-Oh. Here we go.
-"of a moving car, so you didnt rape me."
-Here we go.
Here we go with this
fucking victim shit.
"Here we go with this
fucking victim shit."
She goes on and on every time
she fuckin calls up here.
-Say it into the phone.
-"Every fuckin time."
Hey, you were the biggest love
-of my life.
-"You were the biggest love
-of my life."
-Well, then treat me better, bitch!
"Do you know what I went through?"
What who went... Motherfuck!
What-what-what I went...
what who went through?!
They put me in a fuckin box!
I didnt even...
What is the point of calling up here?!
I was always...
-"I was always there for y..."
-God, get outside!
You know what the fuck I do?
I put my fucking ass
on the line every fuckin day!
For this boy! For this boy!
Well, that aint my fault, is it?
Oh, no, you can stop screaming.
I cant to this.
I really cant, woman.
-Hey, fuck off. -
How you doing? Im James.
Im a double winner.
Hi, James.
Uh, my sobriety date is June 4, 1988.
-Carlos Naranjos my sponsor.
-Hey, how you doing?
-Moorparks my home group.
Thank you for bringing me in here.
My mother, Jocelyn Joy Ginger,
she is a writer and a poet.
She wrote songs. She wound up
an alcoholic working,
uh, in Shreveport.
Lucky Lucianos gambling casino.
Met my father there.
They were the only ones
left in the bar.
Sometimes loves like that.
What the fuck is that?
You can walk on water
till someone tells you
that you dont know how to.
You understand?
Are you cold?
Yeah, when I was,
-uh, 11, my mother figured
-Come here.
that was a good time to tell me
she, uh, preferred women.
Specifically this woman...
who was a mean-ass woman
and an outrageous alcoholic.
Shed beat you over the head
until she broke her hand,
just keep laying in on you.
Just... did not give a shit.
Do it again the next day.
Always remember her hand in a cast.
Just drama, you know?
Mother fell out of a window,
landed on a freeway.
Major fucking drama.
Had alcohol and weed,
and I grieved her, and, uh,
then I joined the army.
Cause what else?
And I came home...
uh, spun out.
I did so much fucking cocaine,
cant breathe out my nose no more.
Started shooting it in into my arm.
Just didnt give a shit no more.
Drinking every day straight. Weeks.
Fell into a blackout.
Woke up a sex offender.
Said I didnt rape the girl,
but I did enough
to get her to jump out
of a moving car.
Yeah, thats where my disease took me.
And they took me to Tehachapi,
and I stayed there for three years,
nine months.
Lost a lot.
Found a program in jail.
Found God in the program.
Found page 429. It says:
"Those actions that once
made you feel
"completely... ashamed...
"and totally discouraged
"will allow you to share
with other people
how to be a useful human being."
Found gratitude in God.
Realized I had a son
I had to raise.
- -A boy.
My boy.
Im trying my best...
...for that kid.
But Im in pain
like a motherfucker, man.
You know?
Its not fun if you start
cheating, Otis.
I know youre sandbagging.
I know youre holding
jacks and nines.
Put a nine down.
-If I had something, Id put it down.
-I know what you have.
Youve got a mirror
behind you, smart guy.
And Im looking for one
of those nines, please.
-No can do.
No, you didnt.
-No, you did not.
-And you had the six.
Goddamn. I knew it, too.
I knew you had it.
I knew it. I saw it.
I saw it on your face.
Put it down.
-Im getting better.
-Because youre lying.
-Im learning to lie.
Yeah, well, you lie
for a living, poop butt.
We all do.
-I dont.
-Yeah, you do.
No, sir.
-You lie.
-Im telling you, Im a lot of things,
a liars not one of them, buddy.
Why wont you hold my hand?
Because I dont want people
thinking Im a chicken hawk.
Deal the cards.
Im going to get a soda.
Hey, hey. Hows it going? Hey.
-Thank you for that.
That was really amazing.
I-I felt like a demon moved out.
That was powerful.
Are you acting right now?
You know, we all are, all the time.
Are you being sincere right now,
or are you mocking me?
Im not going anywhere.
-Youre not gonna wear me out.
-Im not trying.
This is not me judging you.
What is it, then?
Its just me saying,
"I will see you in class, Otis."
Yeah. Yeah.
-Whats up?
-Do you know how to...
-close a door gently?
-Yes, of course.
-How? -
You pull with one hand
and you push with the other.
No, I dont...
Its okay to be frustrated.
I dont need to talk
about my fucking dad.
It doesnt make any sense that Im...
My dads not the reason I drink.
My dads not the reason I drink.
Hes the reason I work.
He just takes credit for-for
everything in my life that is good.
My dads the kind of guy
that takes credit
for other peoples ideas.
Even his AA shares
are-are an amalgamation
of other AA shares.
-So having your own ideas is key. -
Start writing, Otis.
Buddy, hey.
Hey. Hey.
Hey, you know what the white spot is
in the center of chicken shit?
...so fucking funny.
I cant figure out
who the fuck you are, actor man.
I want you to be here, Dad.
Dont lie to me.
Do it.
Just give me a fucking cigarette, Dad.
Were gonna keep going
till you make me laugh,
and were gonna do it
all fucking night. Ready?
Give me a fucking cigarette.
You want a cigarette?
Do you know Im doing you a favor?
Who else is gonna give a felon a job?
Youre doing me a favor?
Im not stupid...
Here I go.
Youve been fucking your life up.
Yeah, whatd you hear?
Thought they were gonna put you away
-for real this time.
-Yeah, that wasnt me.
Oh, it wasnt you?
Who was that then? -
Its magic. Every single time
I drink, you take over.
Oh, yeah? I take over? Yeah?
-Poof. Yeah.
Does your dick get bigger too, peckerwood?
Oh, whats up now, dawg?
You know, I could probably kick your butt.
You know, Im the funny one around here.
You stand up, Im gonna kick
your butt right now.
Oh, you got to bow?
You got to bow? Ready?
I dont give a fuck.
Well, whos fucking fault is that?
I dont care. Ill be the bad guy.
-I dont give a shit. Its done. -
-Thats it. Thats it. Come here.
-Now coming inward.
Good take, good take.
You did it, you did it.
Good job, everybody. Lets go.
Come here.
-Dad, I-I have things...
-Thats it. No.
Its gonna take another 20 minutes
to get the boy out the costume.
We banked three hours of school today, Kev.
You said it was over ten minutes ago.
Its been 30 minutes.
-Get the man another watch!
-Hey, D-Dad, I was...
Come here.
-I was getting the scene.
-Yeah, I dont care.
-I dont care. Come here.
-I was...
-I was gonna get... -
-Come here.
-Come here.
Child labor laws!
-I heard he stole some diamonds. -
-Oh, yall know what it was?
It was two fucking hours.
Motherfucker was trying
to make it to Mexico!
-He didnt make it though.
-What he trying to do,
-going by?
-He didnt make it.
Says here that
you are the sight gag.
You see all these workout faces?
Thats your opportunity.
Thats where you bring
the funny shit, yeah?
Thats where you flare your nostrils
and give me everything
you got. Show me.
Thats not funny though.
-Whats not funny?
-The-the... the nostrils.
I like it a lot. I think its very funny.
-Okay, fine. Okay.
-Just try it.
-Lets go.
"Jeff, come on, its been over an h..." See?
And youre gonna start
on the floor after I just said
-its a sight gag.
-I... I told you,
-its just for heart rate.
-Yeah, but if its a sight gag
and I cant see you,
how the fuck does that work?
Im just getting into the, into...
I just told...
-You just told me what?
-I just told you, like,
I dont need to do it in the scene.
Its not gonna happen in the scene.
Nobody cares about the fucking heart rate.
I care about the fucking heart rate, okay?
They want to see funny faces.
All right, heart rate man.
-They want to see funny faces, Otis.
But all right, lets go. Ready?
"Jeff, come on, its been over an hour.
"I got a date with Dewey.
"I got to get in there.
I got to do my hair.
What are you doing in there?"
What... if...
-Thats it.
-I... was... doing...
something... stupid...
in... here...
"As opposed to this?"
I know you want to hang out
with your secret buddies,
-but I have to...
-"Buddies." Hold on.
Shut the fuck up!
I cant think in here!
Its 12:00 midnight. Shut the fuck up.
Some of us got jobs.
-You know what Im saying? -
Shut the fuck up!
I dont do this shit to you, Deb,
but youre having a fucking quinceaera!
Its 12:00 midnight!
-What the fuck?
-Keep going with this shit!
Ill call la migra
in a fucking heartbeat!
I dont give a fuck!
Worry about your son over there!
Worry about yourself!
Im gonna fuckin...
Im gonna crack in half, I swear to God.
This place...
- -No, Deb. No!
-No, Deb!
-Come on out here.
-Back off my door!
-All right, Ill do that.
-I will... I will do that.
-Its about respect.
And I understand that.
Well, if you got your respect,
-Hey, hey, hey, hey...
-you got to respect
that me and my girls
are over there chillin
-Go over by the flagpole!
-at our party
-enjoying ourself, okay?
-Im not trying
-to interfere with that!
-You knew it was a spot
-when you moved in here, okay?
-And it is what it is.
-Okay, well,
it is what it is, and it aint
-what it fucking aint, isnt it?
-It is, yes...
So why dont you get your silly ass
back the fuck over there?
Oh, so you acting like you run
something now in here?
-Ill stop...
-Run what?
You dont run shit here.
You better miss me with that.
-You dont run a damn thing over here!
Thats strike one! Thats strike one!
-Ill wait.
-Now its fucking war!
-You ready?
-Lets take a break.
I dont want to take a break.
You got this scene.
-Lets go again.
-I-I have the scene.
-You dont have the scene yet.
-I think... I think its okay.
Lets just, lets just end it.
Yeah, but I dont think
its okay, so were
gonna keep going
till you make me laugh,
or were gonna do it
all fucking night. Ready?
Give me a fucking cigarette.
-You want a cigarette?
There you go. You happy now?
There you go, Fauntleroy.
You got a fucking cigarette.
Go ahead, smoke it.
Oh, look at that.
Youre gonna let it burn
a hole in the carpet?
I dont give a shit.
Youre paying for it.
Do what you want.
Do you know Im doing you
a favor by paying you
-to be my chaperone?
-Youre doing me a favor?
-Who else is gonna give
-a felon a job?
-Youre doing me a favor?
-Im not stupid.
-I dont like when you talk to me like that.
I dont like you talking to me
like I work for you,
-like Im your mother.
-You do work for me. Im your boss.
You know what?
Dont say another fuckin word.
Im about to lose my shit, right now.
Youre pushing me
over the fuckin edge.
You understand what Im saying?
I dont have to be here.
I can be gone in a second.
I can be gone in a second.
I can be pulling eight,
ten grand a week.
-I want you to be here.
-Shut your fuckin mouth.
Didnt I say dont say
another fuckin word?
-I want you...
-Shut the fuck up.
Shut the fuck up! Didnt I say
dont say a fuckin word?
-Say one more word. Say one more word.
-I want...
You want to be a fucking
smart-ass with me?
Shut the fuck up. Didnt I say that?
Huh? Didnt I say that to you?
I want you to be here, Dad.
-Now you want me to be here?
I cant figure out
who the fuck you are, actor man.
What the fuck do you want
me to be here for?
-Give me one reason.
-You have good instincts.
I have good instincts?
I got rodeo clown instincts.
Why I could never make it in Hollywood.
I like pussy too much.
You could if you started when I did.
And then I could have been
a big fucking, uh, uh,
a champion pie fighter?
Huh? Doing fucking push-ups.
Wipe your face, Otis.
Dont cry in front of me.
Im not gonna ask you again, Otis.
You keep pushing me.
Thank you.
-And the other one.
-Mmm, mmm, mmm!
Well, this culinary spread
is beautisimiss, Jeff.
Well, its all thanks to Royston.
Thank you, Royston. This is splendid.
This is splendid.
-What has gotten into you, son?
-You know what?
Heres the keys
to the new house. Take that.
Is that what you think
this is all about?
That... Im leaving
because Mommy and I
got a second house?
Well, yeah.
Royston, do you mind?
You heard him, Royston.
So youre staying?
Of course.
Do you really think I would leave you
and Royston behind?
I just... I just...
Well, I just thought
you didnt love us anymore.
I love you, Jeff.
I love you more than words can say.
And cut. We have it.
- -Yeah, that was great.
You feeling all right?
Yeah, we need a wide shot...
Well, this culinary spread
is beautisimiss, Jeff.
Well, its all thanks to Royston.
Thank you, Royston.
-This is splendid.
-"This is splendid."
What has gotten into you, son?
I need you to hear me.
Im gonna say some things
that I got to say,
and I need you
to not interrupt me or run off.
I was thinking.
The other day when we were
talking about...
Tom and the rodeo,
and I was thinking
what other happy memories
I had of you and me, and...
and I-I swear to God...
Ive always been waiting for you
to act like a real dad.
You havent done that one time.
Ive missed you for a long time, Dad.
I love you, Jeff.
I love you more
than words can say.
-What? -
hey, whats wrong with you?
Go pick that up.
Ill kick your butt.
No, Im the funny one around here.
You stand up, Im gonna
kick your butt right now.
-What are you crying about?
-Im not crying.
-Aw, fuck.
-He still fixed our passports
after you threatened
to face-fuck his dead family.
-Yeah, well...
-Youre a sex offender.
-You know, he kept pushing.
-Hes a federal employee.
-Hes a grown man, hes gonna figure...
Shut the fuck up!
Dont talk to me like that, Otis.
Listen to me and let me talk!
Lower your voice, Otis.
I want you to be a better dad to me.
-All right.
-So I want you to promise me--
put your pinky out right now--
and I want you to promise me
that youre gonna be better to me...
Yeah, Ill be better to you.
This is not a joke.
This is not one of your
fucking stupid little jokes.
Yeah, what is this, man?
End of our agreement.
Its the end of our agreement?
Ill tell you what, I get it, man.
I hear you. You want a better father.
A father who teaches you
lessons and stuff.
And you deserve one.
You do.
Im gonna try harder.
Were gonna start fresh
right here, right now.
Lesson number one.
All smart guys know...
if you can hit your boss once...
- -...then you can hit him twice.
-Dont talk to me like that.
-Go away!
Gladly, pal.
Give me a cigarette, Dad.
Not until you get this scene.
Youre gonna make me laugh,
or were gonna do this
all fuckin night.
Im doing you a favor
by paying you to be my chaperone.
Give me a fuckin cigarette, Dad.
Whoa, youre doing who a favor?
- -You. Who else
is gonna give a felon a job?
Im not stupid. I have you
to do that.
What are your SUDS now?
I dont fucking know!
Im not a fucking number.
Whats the fucking point of doing this?
Whats the fucking point
of putting a number to it if...
So we can track progress.
Well, for fucking who?
For fucking who?
If it... if it works,
Im gonna know, wont I?
For court.
Lets bring it down.
Oh, my God.
Cactus, window,
-carpet, pen.
-One more.
Youre a ridiculous person.
You know that, right?
You think youre fucking smart,
cause you got me to act for you?
Ive been doing this shit
my whole fuckin life.
For a living.
I would know if it works.
This is all bullshit.
How am I supposed to have therapy
with my probation officer?
Name one more thing.
The only thing my father gave me
that was of any value is pain.
And you want to take that away?
Can I?
I found peace
In my way
But it didnt last
Beyond the day
Ive had glimpses
Around the bend
But in the morning
I start again
I feel the sun
Hot on my face
And I hear my blood...
Giving way
Ive had some glimpses
Around the bend
You know if I didnt
Id have killed myself
Now, Mama
Im so tired...
From the bullshit
Mama, yeah
Yeah, and my soul cried...
From the bullshit
Mama, yeah
And Im so tired...
But I know Ill make it
With you by my side
Im crazy
Still Im thinking
There is change
In the air
We were trying...
Now were trying
Just to care
And Im so tired...
But I know Ill make it
With you by my side
Yes, yes
What are you doing here?
Im looking after your son.
You fucked my son.
You fuck your son.
Get out of the fucking room, bitch.
Goddamn it.
Get my glasses.
Did you fuck that woman?
-Shes just friendly.
-Shes just friendly?
She dont give
a friendly fuck about you.
She dont give a... You think she gives
a friendly fuck about a victim?
-Im not a victim.
-No? You are a victim.
Youre 12 fucking years old, man.
What do you think the fuck it is?
I love her.
Fuck you, you love her.
I do.
Love sells diapers, pal.
She holds my hand.
You slap me in the face.
Well, Im your father.
You cant buy that shit.
-Yes, you can. I do.
Dont fucking push me now.
Im not scared of you.
Dont I know it.
Fuck this shit.
I dont want to be here no more.
You cant leave.
I can do what the fuck I want.
Im an adult.
You cant leave.
Fine. Take me with you.
Fuck off.
Call Tom. Get him to fucking
pick up some applesauce.
-Go fuckin camping, man.
-Let me in, Dad.
Fuck off. Youre in.
Youre so fuckin in.
You made it.
I never could. Fuckin congratulations.
Good on you, honey boy.
-None of its real, though.
-Yeah, well...
there it is there, isnt it?
None of its real.
Its more valuable that way.
Thats my fucking advice.
Thats my advice to you.
Thats my fatherly advice.
You picking up on that?
You chase the bullshit forever, man.
-Mom says that you...
- Your mother says
a whole fuckin lot of shit, your mother.
Its naive.
The real world...
truth is: wood fuckin rots, man.
You know, stone crumbles.
People fucking die.
Thats the real world.
The only thing
thats gonna live on
is stories and fables and dreams.
I dont understand.
Youre 12 fuckin years old.
I want to understand.
-I want stories.
-I know.
Well, you get stories every week.
Pull em out the fucking envelope.
You dont need me for stories.
You make your own stories.
How do you think it feels...
for me to have my son talk to me
the way that you talk to me,
have my son paying me?
How do you think that feels?
You wouldnt be here
if I didnt pay you.
Horse trade.
You stop putting me down.
You stop...
you know, shitting on me,
and bringing up the past--
I cant get out from under it--
and Ill...
teach you what I know,
Ill give you what I have.
Theres no quick fix.
But you can start from here.
You need to get rid of
what doesnt work, Otis.
Im growing, son.
I know. I see it.
No, fuck you, you see it.
Im growing marijuana
on the side of the freeway.
Sinsemilla on the 101.
-What if they catch you again?
-Whos "they"?
The police. The city.
The city, theyre watering it for me.
Theres no tail.
This crop works, Im gonna plant
the whole fucking freeway,
and you and me
are gonna build a tree house
on the fucking moon, buddy.
Trust me, honey boy.
Im your father.
You know, the older you get,
you learn a couple things about life.
You get to know what you come from.
Now, what you come from is,
you come from a line of alcoholics, son.
Look behind me.
-Didnt I promise you a tree house?
Im a man of my word is what I am.
Dont be shy. There you go.
Get in there. Its yours.
A long line...
of good people who were hurting
and didnt know what the fuck to do.
So they drank a lot.
Here, touch it.
Come on, bring it up.
-Yes, sir.
Yeah, thats magical stuff there.
Thats God right there, peckerwood.
Every single one of us got a grudge.
-Hey, Dad!
-Every single one of us
got somebody that fucked us over.
And I know you got one...
and you got to lay the grudge down,
or its gonna fuckin kill you.
Hey, Ruby.
-Okay, put your hands up. -
Put your hands up. Oh, no.
You know, a seed
has to totally destroy itself
to become a flower.
Thats a violent act, honey boy.
Nobodys mad at me anymore.
-Thats all I ever wanted.
Youll get there, too.
Im gonna make a movie about you.
Youre making a movie about me?
Well, make me look good, honey boy.
I aint lookin
To compete with you
Beat or cheat
Or mistreat you
Simplify you
Classify you
Deny, defy
Or crucify you
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you
No, and I aint lookin
To fight with you
Frighten you
Or uptighten you
Drag you down
Or drain you down
Chain you down
Or bring you down
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you
I aint lookin
To block you up
Shock or knock
Or lock you up
Analyze you
Categorize you
Finalize you
Or advertise you
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you
I dont want
To meet your kin
Make you spin
Or do you in
Or select you
Or dissect you
Or inspect you
Or reject you
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you
I dont want
To fake you out
Take or shake
Or forsake you out
I aint lookin
For you to feel like me
See like me
Or be like me
All I
Want to do
Is, baby, be friends with you.