Honey I Blew Up the Kid (1992) Movie Script

Good morning, folks. How you doing?
- Morning, Ozzie.
Morning, Ozzie.
I hear he's some kind of inventor.
Nick, breakfast.
- I'm coming.
Your hands are getting bigger now
Your arms and legs are longer now
You even sense your insides
grow when Mom and Dad...
- Yeah, honey?
Where's the baby?
- He's in the playpen.
He gets out of the playpen.
- No, I fixed it.
Sweetheart, I hate to remind you, but
the last time you fixed the playpen...
...he still got out of it.
Well, he won't get out this time.
Will you, big buddy, huh?
I'm certainly capable of fixing
a playpen, aren't I?
You're just a little baby, after all.
- Your hat?
It's my helmet.
- New one?
Yeah, it's a new one.
See, it shaves me.
See that?
Amy, it's decided.
I'm going with you. Period.
Mom, in the first place, I'm not
the first girl who has ever gone...
...away to college.
And in the second place, we're...
- Mom.
Excuse me.
Amy, I'm gonna help you
get settled in. That's it.
Want a noise? Noise?
- Yeah, yeah, I want to hear a noise.
This one?
- Yeah. Now, this time...
This one.
Hear it?
- Yep, I heard it.
Mom, let's say you were a girl.
- I think I can visualize it.
Would you think I was a nerd?
Just by looking at me, I mean.
It's a rhetorical question, Mom.
It doesn't require an answer.
Am I any girl in particular?
- No.
Just a girl I might, I don't know,
ask to go to the movies or something.
Nicky, you are turning into
a very handsome young man.
You're gonna be just like your dad.
- Honey...
...can you help me adjust
this servo regulator?
Now, if you and Nicky want to get out
by yourselves while I'm gone...
...the baby-sitter's number's in the kitchen.
What's with him?
- I think there's a girl.
Nick? Our Nick?
You know, he's growing up,
in case you haven't noticed.
I'll fix it.
- I'll fix you, you little punk.
Nick, stop.
Adam, no.
- Sorry, Mama.
Yes, I should hope so.
Come on.
Oh, man.
- You're getting to be a big boy.
How do you keep getting
out of there, anyway?
I think maybe we should forget
about the playpen idea.
I said I could fix it.
I'm not stupid.
I never said you were stupid.
Taxi's here.
So what's for breakfast?
Anything good?
Mmm, fantastic.
The taxi's gonna
take Mommy to the airport.
And then Mommy's gonna show Amy
her new room at school.
Hopefully they'll tire him out at day care.
So when I get home,
he'll take a late nap.
No nap.
- Honey...
...we don't say the 'n' word
around two-year-olds.
Coloured car.
- Okay, now, Adam's lunch...
...is in the freezer...
- And I put the baby-sitter's...
...number on the refrigerator.
Is there something I'm forgetting?
I'm sure I'm forgetting some...
Diane, Diane, relax.
Don't you think I can handle
things around here?
Of course you can, honey.
Break it up, guys.
Don't worry, Dad. She'll get there,
realize there's nothing to do...
...turn around,
and come right back.
Bye, Nick.
- Come on, Amy. We gotta get going.
Oh. Don't forget to drop Nick and
Adam off on your way to work.
Gosh, the time. I got to get you
to work. I got a big test today.
- Bye-bye, Mama.
Come on. Come on.
Come on. Come on.
You can do it.
Atta girl.
Szalinski test number 1277.
Crystal Group 5.
Shouldn't we wait for Szalinski?
Maybe this will teach him
to be here on time.
Szalinski isn't running the show.
I am.
This better work this time,
so concentrate.
Ten seconds.
Nine, eight, seven, six, five...
...four, three, two, one, zero.
Sorry, everybody. There were some large
cumulonimbus clouds blocking the sun,
and I-I lost power.
And my son got a job for the summer...
Wet and Wild. I had to drop him off.
What's that stuff on your face?
Oh, excuse me, Dr Hendrickson?
- I'm sick and tired of this.
Now, we have had some success
replicating Szalinski's experiments...
...shrinking matter.
But reversing the process,
enlarging matter...
...has seen us run up
one blind alley after another.
Clifford Sterling demands results.
His board of directors demands results,
the United States government...
...demands results...
...and as project director, I...
- Excuse me, Dr Hendrickson.
I beg your pardon, Wayne.
As project co-director,
I intend to deliver results.
L-I've been doing some work on my own
on the problem, sir.
Yes, Wayne.
I think you'll find
if you look at these calculations...
Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, Wayne.
When you licensed your device
to Sterling Labs, you were promised...
...that the finest minds in the country
would be working on it, and they are.
I know that, sir.
- Good, good.
But I-I think if you look at these
notes, you'll find that although...
- Yeah, Rick?
- Nick.
Hey, Nick, your dad's here
in his spaceship. The Dweezil Wheels.
Hey, Nicky.
Want a ride?
Hey, look. It's the Nerdmobile.
- Hey, look at that.
Oh, man.
- Have a nice flight.
Thanks a lot, Dad.
- For what?
Dad, were you ever popular in school?
- You bet.
I was president of the astronomy club
two years in a row.
We were happenin' guys.
So Mom tells me that there's some girl?
No. No, I was...
I was just wondering.
How was your flight?
Uh-huh. N-No, fine.
No, we just got home.
We're fixing dinner now.
What noise? Uh, it was just
a bad connection, that's all.
The baby?
Well, h-he's fine.
He's in the playpen.
No, I fixed it. He can't get out.
Ice cream.
- How's Amy's dorm?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Hey, stop it.
Nothing. Just the dog. Uh-huh.
No, everything's fine.
Boy, you worry too much.
What? The chicken?
Well, the chicken you left us
really looks fine, honey.
So I was thinking,
with Mom and Amy out of town...
...that this would give us guys
a chance to, uh, talk about, uh...
...you know, the birds and the bees.
Here, Nicky.
You know what I was thinking,
Big Bunny? What?
I was thinking we got to be nice to
our brother Nick. You know why? No, why?
Well, because he moved away to
a new place now, and he's got to make...
...all new friends, just like me and you.
- Yeah.
Shall we sing a song now?
- Yeah.
What song shall we sing?
- 'ABCs.'
How about 'Twinkle, Twinkle'?
- 'ABC.'
- Yeah.
Twinkle, twinkle...
- 'ABCs'.
Let's sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'
'ABCs'? Okay, first 'ABCs.'
A-B-C-D-E-F-G, H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O-P
Now 'Twinkle, Twinkle,' okay?
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I won...
What you are...
...lt'll be a hell of a thing
for you, Charles, if it works.
It'll work.
I'll make it work.
Over the years, I've seen
Clifford Sterling attach himself...
...to one crazy idea after another.
I have to tell you,
the board of directors is very worried.
If you'll pardon me a moment.
What was that?
- It was a balloon popping,
Dr Hendrickson.
I got the idea while singing my kid to sleep.
You see, if you hit a balloon
with too much force...
...you don't allow the molecules time
to expand, and the balloon pops.
- No, Szalinski.
Oh, him.
Why Clifford insists on keeping
him involved is absolutely beyond me.
If I were running this project
by myself right now,
we'd be neck-deep in apples...
...the size of Buicks.
There are those of us on
the board who would agree with you.
...fundamental integrity
of the atomic substructure...
Clifford Sterling just may have
outlived his usefulness...
...to the corporation,
to its stockholders.
I should think his successor
would be a foregone conclusion...
...especially if you're the one to
actually make this thing work.
...thereby allowing the
molecules time to expand...
...without tearing the atomic fabric.
Szalinsk... Szalinski...
...why don't you write up this, uh,
balloon research of yours?
I can do the math and have it
on your desk tomorrow.
No, that's not necessary.
All right, have a good weekend, Szalinski.
'Have a good weekend, Szalinski'?
- Hi, may I please speak to Mandy?
Mandy, phone.
- Hi, Mandy?
I'll fix it.
- Hey, what are you doing up, little guy?
Hey, Nick, want to do
something with me tomorrow?
Yeah, sure.
Okay. Come on, fella.
One more story.
Then tomorrow, you want
to come with me and Nicky...
...down to the lab and we'll play?
Okay, guys.
See, Adam, this is where Daddy works.
Want me to take that?
- Yeah.
Got to be a little bit discreet about this.
Mr Szalinski.
- Hi, Smitty.
Hello. You working today?
Uh, just gonna tidy up a little bit.
- Wow.
This is some lab.
- Some lab.
Way better than what we had
in the attic, huh?
Way better.
- Way better.
Yes, would you connect me
with Dr Hendrickson, please?
Call up a command directory
labeled 'primary laser drive.'
Tell me what it says under 'intensity.'
It says 'access denied.'
- Access denied?
Got to figure out some way how
to lower the intensity of the laser.
Hey, Dad.
We could diffuse it maybe.
That's a good idea.
Now we'll set final target.
- Target what, Dad?
Hey, can I borrow this, pal?
- No.
Come on. Let me see if I can make
Big Bunny really Big Bunny, huh?
Yes, sir. I thought it was unusual,
him being in here on a Saturday.
No, you did the right thing
letting me know. Thank you.
Well, that's it for me.
Hey, you're gonna have
to wear some glasses.
There you go.
Thirty seconds.
Twenty-five seconds.
Twenty seconds.
...15, 14, 13...
...12, 11, 10...
...9, 8, 7, 6, 5...
Dang. Power surge.
- 3, 2, 1...
Quick, the abort switches.
- Zero.
Unable to abort.
Joe, what's happening up here?
Uh, Mr Szalinski.
Uh, your security clearance...
...denies you access to the equipment...
...without Dr Hendrickson's permission.
You are aware of that, right?
- Yeah, Smitty.
Uh, Mr Szalinski...
I'm sorry I had to, uh, uh...
That baby of yours.
Sure starting to get big.
See you, Smitty.
I'm bigger.
Bigger, bigger, bigger.
Dad, how come you got to ask
somebody's permission to work...
...on your own invention?
Well, Nick, Dad's a member
of a team now, and I'm working...
...with some real talented people.
But, Dad, it's your invention.
They didn't have the idea, you did.
Okay, bud. Looks like Daddy...
...needs to spend a little quality time
with Nick, okay?
So I'm gonna get you a baby-sitter.
You're gonna have yourself a good time.
- Yeah.
You puttin' on a little bit of weight?
I'm big.
You know what? Daddy's gonna
make you a nice quick lunch.
Maybe kind of a low-cal thing.
What do you think, huh?
It's gonna be good.
Okay, you know what?
Sit down and hang onto him.
This guy's gonna keep you company,
and I'm gonna make...
Uh, baby-sitter,
baby-sitter, baby-sitter.
Okay, so lunches.
Whoa. How about that, huh?
- Hi, is this Mandy Park?
Uh, hi, this is, uh, Wayne Szalinski.
Can you come over about 3:30 for us?
Uh, 3:30?
Sounds okay, Mr Schlitzminski.
Uh, Szalinski, dear.
- Szalinski, right. That's what I said.
I, like, charge $2.50 an hour.
Unless, of course,
I actually have to do anything...
...like change diapers
or clean up or something,
in which case, the price goes up.
Oh, no. All you have to do
is just-just watch him, really.
Okay, see yOu at 3:30.
- Okay.
Okay. Are these Quark's or yours?
You just stay here, okay?
She sounded great on the phone.
- I want to go to a restaurant.
You want to go to a restaurant?
But I just made this stuff.
It's gonna be good.
I want to go eat in restaurant.
Well, um, I'll be the waiter, okay?
And, uh, let me take your order.
What would you like?
- I want the duck.
Duck. The duck...
The duck is not very good tonight.
Uh, can I recommend the special?
- Okay, fine. We have soup du jour.
We have hamburger.
We have French fries today.
Would you like 'em?
- Okay.
All right.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Hey, Nick, want to go to a movie?
Just the two of us.
Yeah, there's a movie at the Desert Six
I wanted to see.
Great. Come on.
It'll take our minds off everything.
I'll check show times.
- Okay, and then maybe afterwards,
we can get a bite to eat or something.
Big, Big Bunny.
What's that?
What's gotten into him?
Dad, how?
- Where were you in the lab this morning?
Were you watching Adam?
He was off to the side.
- But at the moment of discharge,
where was he?
Just before, I know,
he was off to the side. Wasn't he?
Somehow, I don't think so.
Don't worry, Adam.
Daddy's going to make everything okay.
Okay, we got to get him back to the lab,
analyse the data...
...and reverse the process.
One thing, Dad.
- What?
Do you think the security guard might
get suspicious with us walking in...
...with a seven-foot baby?
Good point.
This will cover your head and your hair.
Here, Adam, put this on.
There. He looks like
a badly dressed beekeeper.
All right. Okay.
Now just act natural.
Come on, bud.
Atta boy.
Smitty. Smitty. Um, I forgot the,
um, the keys, uh, to my van,
and I couldn't-couldn't start the van.
It's in the lab.
It's in the lab, but I'm not going...
...to use anything in there...
...because of my security, you know,
access... a-access thing,
which you mentioned earlier.
So I'm just gonna get
the keys in the lab now.
Come on, down.
- Go back up.
Just stopped by to do
some, uh, computations...
...in the... in the database.
The database has been erased.
Our entire experiment, gone.
Get back. Back.
- All 38 gigabytes.
It can't be.
Sure it can, if the main controller was
trying to compensate laser intensity...
...for this, which you jammed
into the filter pack, you idiot...
...causing a power surge
through the entire main drive system.
Who was that?
- Who?
The guy in the hat.
- Uh, a-a friend of mine.
Well, what language was he speaking?
- Yugoslavian.
You let a foreigner into the lab.
- He's not a foreigner. He's my wife's
Uncle Yanosh from Yugoslavia.
He's family, and he just wanted to see
the lab, and I... and I brought him here.
The man's a genius.
Did you see the size of his head?
An extended brainpan.
Extended brainpan?
- No bathroom right now, Adam.
Did he say 'bathroom'?
- Bafoon. Bafoon. Yugoslavian.
It's a term of, uh, of appreciation.
'Bafoon: Thank you for bringing me down
here on a Saturday to the lab...
...to look around,' that's all.
How long before we can restore
the system from the backups?
Well, that doesn't concern you.
You're off the project.
You don't have the authority
to make that decision.
Well, maybe I don't.
So why don't you call Clifford Sterling
personally and plead your case.
However, after this morning's little
escapade, and the time and money...
...it'll cost Sterling Labs...
I don't think the old man
will have a great deal of sympathy.
So I hope you'll spare yourself
the embarrassment of having...
...to be escorted to the gate.
Start working data restoration backwards
from 8:56 this morning...
...to the exact time the system crashed.
I want to know what he was up to.
Why didn't you tell 'em, Dad?
I mean, at least then...
...they'd know that you were able to
make it work when nobody else could.
Look, Nick. Remember we made you kids
promise never, ever to tell anyone...
...you were accidentally shrunk
and lost for two days?
That's because we didn't want
you guys to become specimens,
to undergo countless tests...
...to go through endless observations
and who knows what else.
What about Adam?
What are we going to do?
I don't know.
What I do know is...
...we got to figure some way to fix this
before your mother gets home.
Hi, guys.
I'm home.
Where'd this come from?
What do we do?
- I don't know.
We could drive to Mexico,
Dad, and hide out.
Come back when he's bigger.
I mean, older.
Maybe she wouldn't notice then.
- No.
Honesty's the best policy, Nick.
I'll just explain.
Sure. It's not the first time
something like this has happened...
...to our family.
I'll just tell the truth.
- Then beg for mercy.
Coloured car.
What was that all about?
- Um, I had a little trouble...
...with the van.
L-I-I thought I put it in, uh, in-in
park, and it went into reverse...
'cause the 'P' and the...
and the 'R' look...
You're back early.
- Yeah, I-I took a cab from the airport.
You know, it really was silly.
Amy didn't need me at all.
Who's the man in the loud sport coat?
Stop. No. No, those are Nick's.
Well, Diane, that's what I wanted
to talk to you about. Now, the-the...
Sit down.
- Mom.
Sit down.
You know how sometimes
the-the things that I invent...
...don't always work
the way they're supposed to?
Sweetheart, you can tell me.
How bad can it be?
After all, it's not like you did
something to one of the kids again.
Wayne, where is Adam?
- Well, uh...
Who is that man in the van?
And where did this bunny come from?
All right, I confess. I did it.
- Did what?
I blew up the baby.
Mama fall down.
How'd she take it?
- About like usual.
Mama sleeping?
I'll kill Wayne.
- You don't want to kill Wayne.
I want to kill Wayne.
What's he doing?
- He's playing with his toys.
Well, make him stop.
'Make him stop.'
Why didn't I think of that?
Adam, stop fooling around.
- Adam.
That was a real rocket.
- Let's go for a walk, Adam.
Play ball, Nick.
- Don't throw things at Nick.
Catch it.
- This is your last warning.
Okay, I'll give you one more warning.
Honey, shh, shh.
It's not as bad as it seems.
It almost couldn't be,
could it?
Well, I finally got him in his room.
Tell him to stay inside,
and close the door.
I did close the door.
He just opened his door.
And he decided to share it with us.
- I break off.
Oh, baby.
Adam, put the door down,
Why don't you give
the door to Daddy, Adam?
Give Daddy the door, Adam.
- I fix it, I fix it.
Wait till the Vista Del Mar
Standards Committee sees this.
Maybe we shouldn't bother with it.
It's just a mailbox.
Little things have a way of
becoming very big things, Patty.
Let go of the door, Adam.
- No, my door.
Stop before someone gets hurt.
- Let go.
I fix it.
Don't fix it, Adam.
Just put down Mommy's coffee table.
Be careful, baby.
- Slow down, Adam. Ad-Ad-Adam.
Not my antique chair.
- Gentle. Gentle.
They remodelling in there?
- Come back. Come back here.
Adam. Adam.
Adam, sit down. Sit down, Adam.
- He's on this side.
He's yours.
- Oh, Adam.
This is not a game.
What do we do when we catch him?
- Adam, Adam, hang on.
Okay, wait. Okay.
You guys go that way. I'll go this way.
Hi, little guy.
Adam, put Daddy down.
Adam, put Daddy down.
- Not my room.
Adam. Adam, put down my guitar.
Put it down.
Get back here.
- Come on.
Get back.
All right, now.
That's enough, fellas. Stop.
Adam, sweetheart.
He's got my guitar.
- Nicky, he's just a baby.
He's not a baby.
He's a monster.
He's gonna break my guitar.
Come back here. Come back here.
- Come back, Adam.
Give me back my guitar.
Give it back, you brat.
Other way.
Guitar all gone.
- Got it. Here, hide it.
He targeted something.
But it's gonna take a lot more enhancing...
...to figure out what.
I can do it.
What do you suppose this is here?
- Condensation on the lens?
No, no, it's much too solid.
- How can you be sure?
I'm sure. It's not amorphous.
It's a mass. I can see.
Play in here with Daddy.
Play what?
- Play anything.
This should distract him.
- Great.
That's what it's all about
You put your right foot in
You put your right foot out
You put your right foot in
and you shake it all about...
You do the Hokey Pokey
and you turn yourself around
Dance, Adam.
- That's what it's all about...
Good. This foot, Adam.
- You do the Hokey Pokey...
Isn't this fun, Wayne?
- That's what it's all about
Clap your hands. Clap your hands.
You put your left foot in
- Put your left foot in. Good boy, Adam.
You put your left foot out...
You put your left foot in
and you shake it all about
Why are you closing the shutters?
So one of the neighbours doesn't
look in, see a seven-foot baby...
...and call the National Inquirer.
That's what it's all about
- Doorbell.
Who's that?
One of the neighbours.
- So far, your plan's working perfectly.
- Hello.
We heard shouting and a lot of noise...
...so we were just wondering
if everything was all right.
Oh, yes, everything's fine.
We were just entertaining.
Uncle Yanosh.
- Uncle Yanersh.
You put your whole self in
You put your whole self out
Not too hard.
You're denting the floor.
- Dad, help me. He's got me.
He's breaking my ribs.
Oh, don't do that, Adam.
My God, it appears to have three eyes.
A new life-form of some sort?
Try scaling up the window.
This could be big.
- This could be very big.
Well, I think you did a great job with
these. This should really distract him.
Well, he likes noise.
- Here you go, honey.
Yeah. You know what, Nicky?
I don't care what you say.
It's still a playpen,
and a playpen's a playpen to Adam.
Yeah, but you have to admit, Mom,
not many guys could come up with...
...something like this in half an hour.
- No. No. Adam.
Sweetheart, no, no, no.
Stay away from that, sweetheart.
Adam, please,
please don't touch that.
Adam, no, don't touch Mommy's cuckoo.
Come on away from there, Adam.
Come over here and play with Nicky.
Play with Nicky, Adam.
When you get a minute,
you might take a look at this.
Well, some of the numbers indicate
that on an atomic...
Please, honey, the truth, okay?
- The truth, Diane, is that...
...without the access to the data
at the plant, I don't know...
...that there's anything I can do.
I know what's happening,
but I don't know why.
I'm sorry, honey.
- Hey, Mom, look.
I finally found a way to keep him quiet.
There were 12 ice cream bars in there.
Well, he's ruined his dinner.
- Not necessarily, Mom.
At his body weight,
he should be able to metabolize...
Maybe I should just shut up about it.
Okay, boys, we're going out.
Diane, what are you doing?
- I'm taking him to the lab.
Maybe there's somebody there who...
Who knows what they're doing?
I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry,
but all I care about right now...
...is getting my baby
to shrink back to normal size.
Come on, Nicky.
Help me get him out to the van.
Diane, wait. I got an idea.
My original machine...
...it's in the lab security warehouse.
This'll have to be a covert operation.
Diane, you come with me.
Nick, you stay with the baby.
Oh, no.
We are not leaving them here alone.
Diane, you can't take him to the lab.
There's no telling what Hendrickson
will do if he gets his hands on him.
Look at him.
He's exhausted.
He can take a nap while we're gone.
No nap.
Look who I got: Really Big Bunny.
Hi, Adam.
Hello, Adam.
You're real tired,
aren't you, Adam?
Yeah, he looks real tired to me.
Should we sing the song?
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
How I won...
- Mine.
Let go.
- Gimme.
Adam Szalinski, you let go
Put Daddy down, Adam.
It's not nice to hurt Daddy.
Sorry, Mama.
Okay, I'm bringing up
the structural overlay.
Dr Hendrickson, we can make out hair,
bone and metal, all sort of intertwined.
I think you should take
a look at this. Yes, sir.
He's on his way.
- We'll show him...
...the keratin analysis first.
Structural overlay first.
- It's not clear enough.
I think it is.
- Why don't we see what he thinks?
Don't worry.
We'll be back in an hour. Come on.
This is our latest image, superimposing
structural and keratin analysis.
And as you can see, there appears to...
- All right. Just move over.
It's a baby and a stuffed bunny.
I'm gonna pay him a little visit.
Back to work.
- I knew it was a baby.
I just wasn't sure it was a bunny.
This'll just take a second. They stored
all my stuff in one large crate.
It should be easy to spot.
- Oh, Wayne?
Maybe it's in
alphabetical order or something.
What if it's not?
All I wanted to do was
take Nick to the movies. Uh-oh.
Twinkle, twinkle lit...
- Wait here.
- Rick.
Nick. Nick Szalinski.
- Right.
I'm here to baby-sit.
- We don't need a baby-sitter.
Adam, no.
Very funny. Now can I come in?
I'm already charging you.
We changed our mind, that's all.
We don't need a baby-sitter.
I don't think so. Look, I was promised
three hours at $2.50 an hour.
Plus the extra if I'm grossed out.
- Uh, listen, Mandy.
Take it from me. You don't want
to baby-sit. Not this baby.
I'm really sure I can
handle some stupid baby.
Wayne, we've gotta get back to the kids.
This is just taking too long.
Honey, it's up here.
See if you can find a forklift.
Mandy, believe me,
I have everything under control.
Now, if you promise not to scream,
I'll take the gag out of your mouth.
Help me. Someone help me.
- Mandy. Mandy, no.
Please, somebody help me. Giant baby.
You're scaring him.
Mandy, stop. Calm down.
- Help me.
What's that?
Help. Help. Help. Help.
Giant baby. Help.
The Slitzitskis.
- Giant baby.
Wayne, this is a solar van.
We're inside.
There's a switch, honey, marked
'batteries.'Just be careful...
...not to switch it to...
No. No.
Hold on.
Can we try again?
Now, despite what he looks like...
Adam is just a little kid.
He's-He's in there watching TV,
not hurting anyone.
The active woman.
She knows what it is to have a headache.
Everybody's doin' a
brand new dance now...
Come on, baby, do the locomotion.
- Let's welcome 'em.
I know you'll get to like it
if you give it a chance now
Come on baby Do the locomotion
...learn than your ABCs
So come on, come on and do
the locomotion with me
So, two years ago, he made
you and your sister tiny.
And the guys next door.
- Then he made you regular size again.
And now he's made your baby brother big.
And you don't, like, think that's unusual.
Oh, my God.
He's out and he's bigger.
You got to help me, okay?
- This wasn't in the job description.
We'll pay you overtime.
- Okay.
There's no way I'm changing those diapers.
Come on.
Adam. Adam.
- Adam. Adam.
Adam, where are you?
Come on.
Julia, be quiet and sit down.
Now, for the famous Chinese blocks trick.
Now for my next trick.
Now for the disappearing bunny trick.
Watch carefully.
The hand is quicker than the eye.
Shazam. Can anyone tell me
where the bunny is?
- You think it's still on my head?
Big Bunny.
There he is. Come on.
- I don't care if Clifford's...
...at the Rand Institute this weekend.
I also want the board of directors
in on this. Hey, what the...
Contact the federal marshals.
Get 'em out here. I want something...
...large enough to hold...
...to hold something large.
Big Bunny.
Big, Big, Big bunny.
In big trouble.
Wait. You hold it right there.
- Hey.
I'm just the baby-sitter.
Yeah, an hour tops. Sure.
Wayne, how's it coming?
- Just about got it, honey.
Hold on. I'm taking a short cut.
What do I do?
Okay, let's see if this thing works.
Wayne Szalinski, you unshrink
those policemen right now.
It works.
They're getting away.
- I think they're out...
...of our jurisdiction.
Hold it.
You can't go in.
It's okay, Officer.
That's our house.
Excuse me.
Where are my boys? Where are they?
- Hold on, folks. Hold it.
Hold it just a minute.
Preston Brooks, US Marshals.
Now, we found this guy down the street...
...hiding in a garage.
The children are perfectly safe,
Mrs Szalinski. We just needed...
...to get the baby some more room
Of course, the mutated child
will have to undergo immediate testing.
That's my kid you're talking about.
Let go of me.
Hold on, Mr Szalinski.
- Let go of me.
You can't keep him in that truck.
Don't worry.
It's all fixed up.
As far as your brother's concerned,
it's one big playpen.
That's what I mean.
- I'd listen to him if I were you.
Look, Miss. When I want your opinion,
I'll ask for it.
Mama, help.
Out. Out.
He's got a 40-inch neck.
Adam's going to be fine, Quark.
- The parents are here.
We'll bring them to meet
the child when he's secure.
I can authorize that.
- Marshal Brooks?
I'm afraid I have to insist
that these two be taken into custody.
On what charge?
- Theft. Malicious mischief.
Child endangerment.
If you'll excuse me.
Well, I hardly know what to say.
I tried to warn you about Szalinski
from the very beginning.
Yes. Yes, you did, Charles.
If it's any consolation to you,
the board of directors believed...
...that you were right all along.
Dr Sterling. Dr Sterling, sir.
I can reverse my son's growth.
Just give me a chance, sir.
You can?
- Yeah, with what, Szalinski?
Coca-Cola bottles?
Hmm? Maybe some, what,
chewing gum and twine?
Just who do you think you are,
talking to him like that?
Diane, let me handle this.
Who do you think you are,
talking to me like that?
...the situation demands
that I bring in the people...
...with the expertise and the credentials.
Wait a second. You think I'm just
some guy from Fresno...
...who tinkered with crackpot
ideas in his attic?
Well, let me tell you something.
This whole country is built on
the shoulders of people who tinkered...
...with crackpot ideas in attics
and basements and backyards.
Alexander Graham Bell
working in a two-room flat.
Young man, don't presume...
...to stand there and lecture me
about great minds...
...and great inventors.
Whatever I've been over the years,
I've never been a fool...
...or been involved with anyone else who is.
I certainly don't intend to start now.
- Yes, Clifford?
You're fired.
- You're fired.
So Szalinski, what have you got in mind,
so we can get that kid of yours...
...back to normal size by bedtime?
Well, sir, the prototype's in the van...
- Hold on, folks. We've got a problem.
Your son's escaped,
and he's over 50 feet tall.
That's impossible.
My son's only 14 feet tall.
I'll drive.
- That's still pretty tall.
Yes, get me Terence Wheeler.
This is an emergency.
He broke out?
- He busted out of the truck...
...and knocked it completely over.
What's he doing now?
- He's just standing there.
But he's smiling.
Now, Adam, sit down.
- Nick, I don't think sitting's...
...such a good idea.
Ooh, toys.
He did what?
- Put your son and the baby-sitter...
...in his pocket and left.
He's always doing that. I find
the strangest things in his pockets.
Wayne, what do you suppose
is causing this growth phenomenon?
I don't know.
They were transporting him
along Copper Mine Road.
That runs alongside high-voltage lines.
- Oh.
And yesterday when I gave him lunch,
he was right near the microwave oven.
And you said the baby grew
while he was watching TV.
Of course.
I don't understand any of this.
- Electromagnetic flux.
Around every operating
electrical device, there's a flux.
Like an electromagnetic force field.
- That's what's causing the baby to grow.
Would this electromagnetic, uh...
Would it surround neon lights too?
Yeah, why?
- Your kid. He's headed toward Las Vegas.
- Uh-oh.
You are not fired,
not by a long shot.
This is the opportunity
I've been waiting for. At last.
Sterling has gone too far this time.
The board is getting together tonight.
Until then, I want you on this.
Whatever it takes, just get
the situation under control.
Yeah, I did have one thought, sir,
but I'll need military cooperation.
Fine. I'll get the clearance. Charles,
Just-Just-Just handle this for us.
We'll... We'll do the right thing by you.
Police reports just in say that
some kind of large creature...
...has just escaped from a government
caravan and is heading toward the city.
Mrs Szalinski, if he heads for
the lights, he has to come this way.
According to my calculations,
he's gotta hold still for 12.2 seconds.
His increased mass requires
a longer period of exposure.
How do you expect
to get a two-year-old to hold...
...still for 12 point anything seconds?
She's right, Doctor,
we tried to have his picture...
...taken a month ago. Total bust.
We're just pulling up now, Dan.
There are a lot of police cars gathered.
We'll find out what's going on.
- Call the paramedics now.
All right, here's a shot.
This is Constance Winters
reporting live from the site...
...of what will certainly become the
most important news story of the decade.
Dan, I'm seeing a giant.
Oh, my God.
Oh, Adam.
Well, honey, he looks okay.
- Let me see.
Do you think this is gonna
affect him for life? I mean,
something like this could ruin a kid.
Honey, it might give him
a different perspective,
help him see the big picture.
There they are.
Let's move into position.
- I'm with you, pal.
- Get us down from here.
Get us down.
We're up here.
- We're up in the pocket.
This is Constance Winters...
...reporting live
on the progress of the giant baby...
...who has just been identified...
...as Adam Szalinski from Vista Del Mar.
Let's go.
- The governor's on the phone...
...for you, sir.
Yes, Governor.
He's a pretty big baby.
I can get rope guns.
We can shoot ropes over him.
Absolutely not. You are not
shooting anything at my baby.
Baby? Look at him.
- Hey, we're his parents, okay?
We'll handle this.
- Yeah, Wayne?
How do we handle this?
- Watch out. Look out. Look out.
Mommy. Mom.
Nicky, are you okay?
- Adam, put your brother down.
Adam, baby, Mommy's here.
- Nicky, I'm gonna get you...
...out of here right away.
Okay, Dad, but hurry.
We can get a fire truck in here
and run a ladder up to 'em.
That ladder wouldn't even
reach beyond his knees.
Adam, now sit down really slowly.
I got it. Big Bunny.
I need Big Bunny.
I need something called Big Dummy?
- No, Bunny.
- It's his favourite toy.
It's the kid's favourite toy.
A helicopter is approaching
with what looks like...
...a giant stuffed animal of
some sort hanging from it.
- Honey, this is dangerous.
Don't worry.
- Pilot's ready for you, Wayne.
It's all primed. Be ready
to activate as soon as he's down.
I'll be fine.
I'm positive my dad will
have a plan to get us...
Tell me I'm not seeing this.
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are...
Up above the world so high
- I told you my Dad would have a plan.
Like a diamond in the sky
- Bunny.
Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are...
Radio it in. Radio...
- Twinkle, twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
Oh, I'm tired.
Are you tired, Big Bunny?
Oh, yeah, I'm really tired.
I can't remember when I was this tired.
Get ready, Dr Sterling.
He's getting blinky.
Yeah, me too.
I don't know what to do.
- He's getting sleepy.
It's working.
Your husband's a genius.
I got an idea.
Why don't we all have a nice...
- Long...
Don't say it.
- Nap?
Brace yourself.
- No nap.
Whoa. Help. Help. Hang on.
Get me away from him. Move me away.
No nap.
I get it. No nap.
- Hold on, Dad.
Take me up or put me down.
Take me away.
Roy, let's move in closer.
I'm gonna jump. I'm gonna jump.
- Release the bunny.
- Dad.
Release it now.
- Run.
Dad, this is Mandy.
- Hi...
Stay right there, kids. There's
absolutely nothing to worry about.
I feel a whole lot better.
That's my dad.
- He seems really nice.
Run, Dad.
Watch out for his foot.
Are you all right?
Nice try, buddy.
He's headed for the strip.
- You little devil.
He's heading toward the city. We'll
follow and bring you a live update.
Adam Szalinski, this is your
Mommy talking. You stop right now.
Afraid that won't do any good,
Mrs Szalinski. I'm sure he expects...
...his mommy to be bigger than he is.
To him you're just...
Well, you're nothing more...
...than a little talking doll.
Nothing can stop him now.
I don't know what
these guys are gonna want, but...
...we'll have to cooperate with 'em.
All right, go brief the men.
- Yes, sir.
Dr Hendrickson. Captain Ed Myerson,
Nevada State Militia.
Captain, let's hope
we can wrap this up quickly.
Just so you're aware, sir.
My orders state we do nothing
without final authorization.
Frankly, Captain, I'm not under
the jurisdiction of the state militia.
Your orders mean nothing to me.
A giant infant is heading toward the city.
The baby is over 50 feet tall and
appears to be growing even bigger...
...at an alarming rate.
All right, let's move it, Captain, now.
- Lf it's okay with you,
I'll just sit tight.
More on this story as it develops.
There's something down by my foot.
Look at this.
- Wow.
Let's see what else is down here.
Cereal. Hey cool, want some?
No, thanks. I'm on a diet.
Have a raisin.
Please clear the streets for your own safety.
Please stay indoors.
This is an emergency.
All pedestrians are in grave danger.
Please clear the streets.
This is the Emergency Broadcast System.
This is not a test.
A human baby of abnormal proportions
is approaching the city.
The giant appears
to be growing at a tremendous rate...
...and has now reached 100 feet.
What's happening here?
Is Wayne Newton in town?
No, they don't do this for Wayne Newton.
It must be somebody bigger.
Listen, babe, there's nobody bigger
than Wayne Newton in this town.
Of course, I could be wrong.
- Peekaboo.
Is he growing or are we shrinking?
It's amazing. He's doubled in size
in just a few minutes.
Adam. Put us down.
You put us down now.
Howdy, partners.
Welcome to downtown Las Vegas.
Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
He's toddling down the centre
of Fremont Street.
He knows not to go in the street by himself.
There's no telling how huge he might get.
Especially if he touches any of those lights.
We've got to get him away from them.
But how? There's nothing
that's gonna make him leave.
Unless he sees something
that he wants more.
Tell your men to pull over.
I think Wayne's got an idea.
Follow that ice-cream truck.
We'll need a really big loudspeaker.
Who can drive an ice-cream truck...
...real fast?
I can burn rubber.
- Well, start burning it.
We'll be with you on the walkie-talkie.
Preston Brooks, US Marshals. We're
commandeering this vehicle. Come on.
Hey, wait a minute.
What's that?
- It's a tranquillizer cannon.
It's used on large mammals.
Cartridges can incapacitate
a target in seconds.
It's like a normal injection, but
on a slightly larger scale, of course.
Frankly, sir, I have kids myself
and that just doesn't seem...
...like the type of...
Well, naturally, Captain.
This is just a... a last resort.
Reporting live from the famous Glitter
Gulch where certainly the biggest story...
...of the year is unfolding.
Casino owners are understandably upset.
They've been ordered...
...to evacuate the area.
The answers to many of our questions lie
with two key players in this drama...
Dr Clifford Sterling
of Sterling Laboratories...
What we do know is that a baby...
...by the name of Adam Szalinski
has somehow measured over 100 feet tall.
Stop the clapping.
I got a plan.
- Great.'Cause I'm...
...starting to get airsick.
We'll pull the thread out
of the bottom of the pocket and...
...use it as a rope to slide down.
The scene here is one
of total confusion and chaos.
But so far all the casinos are still standing.
Watch out.
- Hey. Hey, don't. What are you doin'?
Stop. Stop. Stop.
We'll have to jump.
Hold on.
Don't look down. Watch out
for the gearshift. Jump.
- I'm trying.
Truly, I'm trying.
- Stayin'alive...
Hurry. Hurry, do something.
- Stayin'alive
I'm used to an automatic.
- We've gotta get out of here.
Toy car.
Buckle up.
Adam, get him away from me.
- Adam.
Adam. Adam. Don't eat us.
We're here live in Glitter Gulch,
standing just below Adam Szalinski...
...who has lifted a small yellow
sports car into the air...
...with three unidentified persons in it.
From what I can make out,
it looks like two young teenagers,
a boy and a girl...
...and a man dressed in an Indian costume.
What's he doing?
- He's taking something out...
...of his pocket. A peppermint.
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.
Howdy, partners.
That car is like a toy to him.
I hope this thing has air bags.
Do something, Nick. Tell him to stop.
- I can't. He's too big.
We gotta get him away from those lights
before he touches any of them.
Brooks, what's happening
with that ice-cream truck?
We're almost set.
- Roger.
- Watch the tree.
Oh, no.
Just a big baby with his toy.
Coming through.
Get out of the way.
Come on, Adam, put it down.
Put it down.
Come on, sweetheart. Put it down.
What's he doing now?
Put us down.
Put us down.
He put it down.
Pick us up.
Pick us up.
Oh, my God. We're gonna die. We're gonna
die. We're gonna die in a convertible.
What about that truck?
- Brooks? What's happening there?
Okay. We're set.
No. Wait.
- Hold it. Hold it.
We need him to get the kids down.
Cut it off.
I can't stand it.
- Oh, my God.
Whatever you do,
don't look down.
Nick, don't let go. Please.
- I won't.
I'm gonna pull you back up, okay?
Nick. Mandy.
- Hold on.
But you gotta help.
- Okay.
Get the car, Adam.
Adam. Pick up the car.
Adam, get the car.
- Come on, Adam. Come on.
Come on, sweetheart.
Come on. I got you.
Car fall down.
Lock your door.
Thank you, Adam.
He put 'em in the pocket.
- Honey, we can't wait any longer.
Let's do it.
Everyone stand by now.
Attention, all casinos, wait...
...for my signal to turn off your lights.
Marshal Brooks,
bring on the truck.
Nick, come on.
Ready, set, go, Union Plaza.
Go, Golden Gate.
Las Vegas Club.
Now, hit the searchlights.
Go, Brooks.
Lucky Lady. Jackpot.
Come on, Adam.
- Come on, baby.
Come on, baby. Go for it.
Glitter Gulch. Golden Goose.
Ice cream.
- Coin Castle.
Binion's Horseshoe. Vegas World.
This must be another
one of my dad's plans.
Star Palace.
- Great.
It's working, Wayne.
- Go, Adam.
He really likes ice cream.
- It's working.
Ice cream.
- Where are you guys?
This kid's gaining on me.
We have clearance, Captain.
Move it.
Brooks said he caught the ice-cream
truck just outside of town.
Next thing I know, he grabbed
it right off the truck.
What'd he do with it?
- What do you think he did with it?
You got another idea?
- I will. Come on. Let's go.
Dr Sterling?
- Wayne.
Do you remember how we got Adam to
hold still to have his picture taken?
I put him in my lap and I held him.
- Honey, he needs me.
The problem is, to Adam, his mommy
is somebody much bigger than he is.
No, Diane. It's a crazy idea...
- Wayne.
For almost 20 years I've watched
you have one crazy idea after another.
It's my turn to have just one.
My guitar.
- Uh-oh.
What now?
- Adam, don't touch that guitar.
I am pre-heating the lasers now,
Diane, I should be doing this, not you.
There's one thing every little kid knows.
Daddies mean fun.
Mommies mean business.
But-But-But this was never meant
to do anything like this.
Too little power and you'll
grow too slowly like Adam.
And too much power...
- I trust you, Wayne Szalinski.
Wayne, time to get large.
Here's your soda, sir.
What do you need a Coke bottle for?
- I don't.
Just the bottom.
- Oh.
Tom, I'm here just outside the Hard Rock
Cafe. The giant baby is approaching.
Hello? I can't hear you.
Turn off the lights?
A giant what? Baby?
Oh, my God.
- Let's get out of here.
For your own safety,
please stay indoors.
Adam. Don't touch the guitar.
I'll save ya.
No, Adam.
Adam, put down the guitar.
Can't this thing go any faster?
The kid might be growing again.
This is as fast as we can go safely, Doctor.
Constance Winters live across
the street from the Hard Rock Cafe.
He thinks the guitar
is a real musical instrument.
He's trying to play a tune.
Bring me into range and hold it steady.
- Doctor, wait a minute.
Now, if we hit him and he stumbles,
he could fall into the crowd.
Well, we'll just have to hope
that doesn't happen.
Adam, put down the guitar
and get the aeroplane.
Aeroplane. Hi.
Hold it. Steady.
They're shooting at Adam.
- I assume that little manoeuvre...
...was an error, Captain.
Now steady, or I'll make sure this
is the last mission you ever fly.
Hey. Pick on somebody your own size.
All right, let's go again.
Dan, the...
Hold it stead...
Back off.
Yes, ma'am.
You tell 'em.
That's my mom.
I need a vacation.
- Whoa. Look at that mother.
Come here, baby.
- Mama.
Come to Mommy.
Come here, baby.
Come to Mommy.
Mom. Easy, Mom.
Everything's gonna be okay,
Mommy's here.
- Everything it's got, Doctor.
You crying?
- Yeah. It's okay to cry...
...when you're so happy.
The bearings in the generator are
about to burn out. We better do it.
Okay, now, look at Daddy.
Smile for Daddy.
There he is.
- Daddy.
Wayne, 1450.
It's all she can take.
Say cheese, Adam.
- Cheese, Adam.
Come on, Wayne.
Look, Adam, there's Daddy.
- Daddy.
Honey, you did it.
You gave us quite a scare, little man.
- I knew you could do it, honey.
There he is.
Let me through.
Well, Szalinski, you pulled it off.
Who would have thought?
Dr Hendrickson,
that looked like some sort of rifle...
...that you were shooting at my baby.
They were tranquillizer cartridges. They
wouldn't have hurt him, I assure you.
Oh. Tranquillizer cartridges.
Never cross Mommy.
- We got an emergency here.
Dr Hendrickson needs help.
He's overcome with the prospect...
...of having to find a new career.
Hey, big fella, is this
what you were lookin' for?
Wayne. Nick and Mandy.
Weren't they in Adam's pocket?
- In Adam's pocket.
Don't tell me.
- Oh, my God.
Honey, I shrunk the kids.
Nobody move.
Don't worry. I have highly specialized
equipment to deal with this.
I'll need the helmet and I'll need the dog.
Good morning, Las Vegas.
All vehicles are asked...
...to stay clear of the Hard Rock Cafe
where inventor Wayne Szalinski...
...is conducting a one-man search
to find some missing children.
It was Szalinski's matter-expanding
machine that was responsible...
...for last night's amazing events.
Dr Clifford Sterling has just announced...
I guess your father's about
the most famous guy in the world today.
And I guess you're about the bravest.
That's for saving my life.
It wasn't much.
I don't mean your life wasn't much.
What I did wasn't so much.
Ours if we want it
Tonight has our initials on it
How long do you think
it'll take before they find us?
I think it may be a while before they find us.
You're kind of different, Nick.
Like your dad.
We're not all that different.
Yeah, you are.
But when you think about it...
I guess the world needs people
who are different.
People who see things a little
differently, I guess you could say.
We'll appear sometime
Maybe tonight is yours and mine...
Are they okay?
- Yep. I think we better give 'em...
...a couple of minutes though.
What are we gonna do about that?
- Adam, look.
Big, Big, Big Bunny.
What are we gonna do with this?
Don't worry. I'll think of something.
Don't I always?
Don't you trust me?
- I don't know. I don't know.
I don't know.
Oh, come on. When have I ever...