Honeyglue (2015) Movie Script

[glass breaking]
My head feels like a
gallon of water
stuck in a soda can.
Is it leaking out
of my eyes?
-[Jordan]: Soda or water?
-[Morgan]: Soda.
[Jordan]: Let me see.
Nope. Just water.
We should start before I
explode and drown us both.
[shutter opens]
Hello. My name is Morgan.
And this is my true lover,
Wait, you have to explain
what this is first before
you introduce another person.
Haven't you ever made a
suicide video before?
Uh, this is our digital
love letter to each other
and our farewell video
to our family.
[ IAMX: "Nightlife"]
I want to know
how to survive
in the nightlife
I click my heels
and dance with the heat rise
[exhales smoke]
[orgasmically inhales]
I want to know
how to survive
in the nightlife
I want to know
how to survive
in the nightlife
The truth and dare
of the drug from the baseline
The desire that the voodoo
gives to a weak mind
I want to know
how to survive
in the nightlife
The truth and dare
of the drug
for the first time...
I want to know
how to survive
in the nightlife...
I have to go home.
No you don't.
Tell me something
about yourself.
Maybe next time.
But I'll always remember
this night kissing
that very attractive boy girl.
It's girl boy.
Can I have your number?
How about I get yours?
I don't have a phone.
Why don't you have a phone?
Cause I don't have a phone.
Just... give me your number
But don't call me.
[Jordan chuckles nervously]
[marker cap opens]
Your arms look like my arms.
Your eights looks like a nines.
It is a nine.
My nines look like eights.
[Jordan laughs]
[marker cap closes]
I have to go home.
My name is Jordan.
Goodnight, Jordan.
Don't be sad if I don't call.
I won't be.
Don't be mad if I do call.
You won't.
How do you know?
I gave you the wrong number.
[bee buzzes]
[bee buzzes]
You sting me cause
I stole the girl's money?
[wallet thuds on ground]
Morgan Gandara.
It's her birthday today.
You're late, Morgan.
I stopped for pie.
Enjoy the movie?
It was... interesting.
Hey honey.
Are you hungry?
There's some cake left.
- [Dennis laughs]
- No, I stopped for pie Mom.
Get some rest.
Your appointment's at eight.
I know. Bailey awake?
He's asleep.
Did you enjoy your birthday,
I did. Thanks.
Goodnight. I love you both.
We love you too.
Jordan. What the hell?
You missed
your own birthday party!
Where's my money?
Tomorrow. I promise.
[Misty's foot slams on rail]
You said that yesterday.
Can you stay longer?
Go back to sleep, Misty.
[ sad music]
[Jordan narrating]
The dragonfly boy
couldn't stop thinking of
the princess of bees.
He became obsessed with her.
He was falling in love. Madly.
But he knew the queen bee
would never allow them
to be together.
[Doctor Ahmad]
The metastatic tumor has grown
and is creating pressure
in Morgan's skull.
Her brain tissue
is swelling at an alarming rate.
She's never mentioned any pain.
The only thing she's felt
are these headaches.
I mean it's possible
the tumor is shrinking.
Possible, but it's unlikely.
We need to take the next step.
More chemo? We tried that
and it still came back.
Well chemotherapy
isn't as helpful
when you're dealing
with metastatic tumors.
We would need to take a
more aggressive approach.
Isn't there a way
you can just remove it?
That's what the doctor says.
I heard her speech is different.
And today she dropped her purse.
-She was getting out of the car
and she dropped her...
-Decreased coordination is
a symptom.
We need to get her
to MD Anderson in Houston.
- We're just running out
of options here.
- Why Houston? Why not here?
Well Janet,
this form of cancer
at this stage, is...
I'm afraid it's irreversible.
The swelling in her brain
is only going to get worse.
At least in Houston,
they can monitor
her condition better.
They are the best
in the country.
And if we don't go...
How much longer
are we looking at?
I don't wanna hear this shit!
Oh Bailey! Sweetie!
[slams magazine on floor]
They're just
so sick of hospitals and
Morgan really just wants
to be at home with the family.
I understand.
It's difficult to say how long.
Three months, maybe.
Three months?
Oh, god!
[basketball dribbling]
Alright c'mon. Let's go!
Let's go!
- Oh yeah?
Nope, nope, nope!
Maybe she shouldn't
be exhausting herself like that.
She's just trying
to make Bailey feel better.
Well, Bailey's fine.
If she falls...
Dennis! Don't. Just let her
spend time with her brother.
[door swings open]
Who won?
Half time! I'm up by three!
Yeah right. He cheated.
His foot was on the line.
He's up by two!
-I just need some time!
Well, wait.
Does Morgan Gandara live here?
Do you know her?
I found her wallet.
I'm here to return it.
So she here or no?
I can take it for you.
I'd rather hand it to her myself
if it's all the same.
Where did you find it?
Wherever she lost it
is where I found it.
You Scottish?
I can see where she gets
all the questions from.
So you do know her?
Yeah, uh. Look, just
tell her I called.
You mean came by?
Just say I called,
she'll get it.
[Bailey laughs]
Yo, why are you wearing a skirt?
My jersey was dirty?
You getting signatures
for some gay rights petition?
C'mon Bailey!
That's enough!
Would you sign it if I was?
C'mon, Dad.
Just sign his petition!
Love is love around here!
He's not looking for signatures.
He found Morgan's wallet.
-Morgan! Door!
-No no no!
- You got a visitor.
- You know this character?
What are you doing here?
I would have called, but uh...
I guess I just have
the wrong number.
I found it.
I must have left it
in the theater.
Must have.
[clears throat]
You're just gonna stay
in here and watch them
flirt with each other?
Okay, i'll just...
I'll just go somewhere else.
So, Morgan!
What movie did you two
see again?
-What was it called?
Shut up!
"Bailey, Shut up!"
He's cute.
Thanks for unstealing my wallet.
You're welcome.
So, can I come in?
There's no valuables inside.
I just want to see where
the dragonfly sleeps.
Why do you have
an Asian brother?
Because I have an Asian brother.
Satisfied? It's just a room.
I sleep there.
You happy now?
What are you,
a "flasher" on the weekends?
A flasher?
Well you know,
those guys that run
into a crowd,
open their coat,
flash everyone their
cock and then run out.
That's a detective's coat.
My Dad was a detective,
so I kind of grew up
in that fold.
So that's what you wanna be
when you get all grown up?
Take over all your dad's
unsolved cases?
Look, I don't mean
to be mean. But uh...
I'm really tired.
Well I'm not leaving until
I find out something about
you I like.
Right now,
you're pretty perfect.
Close your eyes.
You won't like this...
What are you gonna do?
Flash me?
My eyes need to be
open for that.
I'm pretty sure
I'll like what I see.
Close them!
[clothes rustling]
[clothes rustling]
Okay, open them.
[Jordan laughs]
Who am I?
I don't know.
Inspector Gadget?
Inspector Clouseau!
From the Pink Panther?
The famous French detective?
Are you serious?
I mean I heard of
the Pink Panther,
but I always thought it was a
-kinky sex position.
We're watching one.
Didn't we just see
a movie last night?
My parents worry a lot.
Movie theaters are much safer
than night clubs.
Depends on the movie.
Well, if you're not leaving
How about I show you
the entire movie in five minutes
What do you mean?
[puts pipe down, key jingles]
You have exactly 30 seconds
to hide this key anywhere
in this room
And as a highly experienced
I will find it no more
than three minutes.
Hmm. You wanna bet on that?
What you got?
It's not what I got.
It's what I want.
And what's that?
If you lose,
you have to spend the
entire night with me.
And if I win,
you leave immediately
and you never return.
[Jordan chuckles]
You're on!
I'm going to blindfold you.
Girls cheat.
[Jordan whistles and hums]
Don't peek.
I'm hiding it now.
[rattling and banging]
[Jordan whistles]
[rattling continues]
[door slams]
[book flap thuds]
Solve the case, detective.
[imitating Peter Sellers]
Most cases are solved
not by knowing where
it is hidden,
but by whom it was hidden by.
[magnifying glass
drops on ground]
[Jordan] You give up?
[imitating Peter Sellers]
Never. I gave up giving up
many years ago.
You want a hint?
Oh, but you have already
given me so many.
Bullshit, have not.
I know exactly where
the key is hidden.
You're bluffing.
Am I?
I raise the bet.
If you lose,
You have to feed me
and you have to spend
the night with me!
And when you lose, you leave.
But before you do,
you cook for my entire family.
I don't cook.
Then I better be bluffing.
First thing to know when
you are given a case
is expect the unexpected.
That way you won't
be surprised by anything
In this case,
the unexpected is expected.
I would never expect you
to hide the key somewhere
where I'd expect it to be
so that's exactly where
I should expect to find it.
You scare me.
[pocket rustles]
Just as I expected.
But how?
Same way you got my wallet.
Use the blindfold as a decoy
like your kiss.
[Jordan sighs]
About your wallet, I'm sorry.
Everything's still in there.
tried to steal it at first
but I got punished,
so I put it all back.
Who punished you?
One of your private eyes.
Little fella,
black and yellow suit.
I got stung by a bee!
[imitates Peter Sellers]
It's not my bee.
You're a very strange girl,
No. I'm a hungry girl.
I'm starving.
Where's your girlfriend
Patience, Bails.
He's not my girlfriend.
Wait, "he's"?
I'm confused.
-So, who's this guy? Clearly?
-[Dennis laughs]
He is just different,
that's all.
And you met this different
guy at the theater.
I'd hardly call him a guy, Mom.
-[Dennis laughs]
-Why? Is he...
Oh! Is he one of those
Is he pretty?
You'll see.
He expresses himself,
that's what's important.
Not everyone is brave
enough to do that.
How is it wearing a skirt
makes you brave?
Like a kilt, you mean?
Like a, Irish?
Oh, Scottish!
No. He just likes skirts,
so what?
[door bell rings]
All of you behave.
Dad, be nice.
When am I not nice?
[door slams]
-And there's a man at the door.
-Yes, just...
I can't wait to see this.
I thought he was making dinner.
I was making dinner... happen.
And it's happening.
Don't stare.
-Oh, I'm--
-No, it's okay.
If I'm going to
look this pretty,
I have to get used to the
attention it brings, right?
I didn't catch your name.
I'm Jordan.
That's a strong grip, Dennis.
[Jordan chuckles nervously]
I'm Janet.
I assume you've met Bailey.
I did.
Aw yeah. I shall call
you Air Jordan.
BOOSH! Let's eat!
So, Jordan...
Where are you from?
I don't like to focus on
the past much.
Waste of time if you ask me.
Well, where's your family?
It's just a question, Morgan.
Well I'm assuming...
my Mom is exactly where she was
when I left.
On the couch.
And my Dad, well,
he left before I was me,
so there's that.
Have you lived here long?
I just sorta go
when it's time to go.
Not much for nesting,
I like to travel as well.
What statement are
you trying to make by
wearing that skirt?
It's just a question!
I'm just curious as to
what compels him to dress
like a female.
He shouldn't do it
if he can't answer
why he does it.
Isn't that right, Jordan?
I guess I just find it
a little disturbing
that society says girls wear
skirts and dresses and boys
wear pants and cargo shorts.
It's all the same fabric
cut differently.
We're all the same people,
raised differently.
So, wearing a skirt
is just your way
to rebel against society.
I understand that.
It's not rebelling,
it's just simply acknowledging
the fact that
this stereotype is bullshit.
Why not just wear
what you want to wear?
Be who you want to be?
Yeah, I agree.
You know, makeup was common
with men in the old days.
It's about self liberation.
Free yourself from the
shackles of conformity.
Yeah, sure.
Become unemployed
Get a gun, do drugs
As long as it expresses
your individuality.
Whoa, who said anything
about a gun?
Guns are for pussies
who can't fight.
How about we change the subject?
How do you plan on
supporting a family?
How are you ever going
to finance a house?
I don't need a house.
Jordan, have you
ever been arrested?
That's extremely rude.
Jordan, let's eat
the rest upstairs.
I just want to know
why he has no regard
for the rules put in place.
No, dammit.
Jordan, take anything
that he says personally.
He's just, he's a...
he's an old fart.
He just, you know
doesn't want his daughter
dating a domestic terrorist,
Domestic terrorists are usually
well educated, white,
ultra religious,
second amendment loving
right wing fanatics!
I'm a poor,
unemployed Atheist mutt.
I'm like a father's
dream come true!
You're worse than he is.
I'm eating alone.
It was lovely meeting you all.
-Oh, come on!
-What the hell?
You were a hippie once too.
That's not a hippie!
I was nothing like that!
Morgan is a gay lesbian.
Oh sweetie, your sister
is not a lesbian.
Lesbians like girls, but
if the lesbian is gay,
she likes boys.
She's a gay lesbian.
I'm so confused,
does that mean that he is
a straight homosexual?
Wait! Wait!
I'm not a domestic terrorist!
I like where this is going,
just not here.
Good idea, your Dad scares me.
That just cause you scare him.
My place. I have the best view
of the entire city.
Let's go.
-Who are they?
-They're nobody.
Look who's back... with company.
Morgan, this is Misty.
Misty, Morgan.
It's nice to meet you, Misty.
Where did you find her? Church?
Why church?
I'm so sorry, how rude of me.
I'm not used to him bringing
girls home. You know?
They're usually anorexic twinks.
Nice to meet you, Morgan.
Let's go.
Hey, Morgan!
Has he taken your wallet yet?
Yeah, that's what
swept me off my feet.
I want my money tonight
or you're out!
[Super 8 shutter opens]
[camera rolls]
[Morgan]: You live up here?
Told you...
Best view of the city.
You impressed, yet?
Where do you pee?
I have four options.
How do you poop?
[laughs nervously]
Why do you owe that girl money?
Here we go again
with the questions.
Sorry, it's a bad habit.
It's the detective in me. Well?
I borrowed some money from her
and haven't paid her back yet.
It's no big deal.
How much?
Was it for drugs?
Wow. No, it was not for drugs.
It was for, believe it or not,
art school.
You go to art school?
I did...
for about seven weeks,
but it was a total scam.
You wanna go inside?
You okay?
I just get dizzy sometimes.
You afraid of heights?
I love heights!
Let's just go in your palace.
Is she your ex-girlfriend?
She is, isn't she?
For the next five minutes,
no more questions.
Just one more?
[Jordan laughs]
OK. Ask your question.
Don't you get lonely up here?
Not really.
That's a lie.
Looking down,
avoiding eye contact,
tone changes.
All signs of a big fat lie.
I'm not lonely right now.
I looked so different back then.
Way back when you were innocent.
[Morgan laughs]
[camera shutter opens]
Which brings us to today.
[imitating intercom]
Paging Doctor Colson at the E.R.
Maybe we should explain
why we have the doctor
tied up in the closet.
We don't want your family
to get the wrong idea.
Good thinking.
Doctor, you should
probably watch this too.
[camera shutter closes]
Told you, it's stupid.
Shut it. I'm reading.
[Morgan narrates]
He was falling in love. Madly.
But he knew, the queen bee would
never allow them to be together.
The dragonfly boy had an idea
an idea so great,
he was sure that
the Queen bee would be fooled
and the princess of bees
would now be allowed
to love him forever.
He flew up to the cupboard,
opened it
and grabbed a jar of honey.
I love it. You made this?
You really like it?
Yes. They're in love.
It's just a story,
not even a very good one.
Love stories
are the only stories
worth telling.
Why'd you quit art school?
You're only good if
you do it their way.
If you play by their rules.
My rebel!
Are you the
little dragonfly boy?
No, you are.
I'm the princess bee.
I have to go.
Thought you were
staying the night.
You lost the bet, remember?
Good night, princess.
You can't runaway from this.
We need to talk about it.
It's not easy for any of us.
We just...
We just want to do
what's best for you.
Then just act normal
to me again?
They're um,
They're sending us to
a specialist.
Your results came in.
Your situation is--
What did they say?
They're going to take you
right away. In Houston.
If they can fix me there,
they can fix me here.
They can't fix you here, baby.
I'm sorry.
But they can't.
[door slams]
What's going on?
Are you okay, Dad?
Yeah, Buddy. It's okay.
It's okay.
Detective Colossus.
Inspector Clouseau!
Dragonfly boy missed
his princess bee already?
I need to tell you something.
You have a boyfriend?
I don't care.
I wasn't born with
a jealous bone.
Everybody was born with
a jealous bone, but no.
I don't have a boyfriend.
I have something else.
-Just listen to me.
-I'm listening, what is it?
I have a brain tumor!
A brain tumor? Like what,
a tumor in your brain?
Yep. A brain tumor,
a tumor in my brain.
Does it hurt?
Is it serious?
Yes. It is serious.
Well can't a doctor
like suck it out
or do whatever it is
that doctors do?
No. It's in my brain.
But, how?
They found a lump here
two years ago.
They got out all the
malignant cells
but last year, we learned that
it spread to my brain.
It's... irreversible.
Nothing's irreversible.
I came to tell you that's why
I gave you the wrong number.
I still found you.
And that I'm leaving tomorrow.
Where are you going?
Texas. They have to take over
my situation.
When are you coming back?
I don't know.
You don't look sick.
It's what's on the
inside that counts.
It can't be like this,
just like that.
Doesn't feel right.
I know it doesn't.
Wait! Just hear me out!
If it is irreversible, they
can't do anything right?
I can do that.
So why go?
For my family.
They need this.
Just, what?
Just, just stop saying wait!
I meant stay.
[ sad music]
See that?
You probably thought it was
a couple of lunatics
that kidnapped you.
In reality, we're just
two birds in love.
Hey, you okay in there?
Uh, just...
Uh, just my...
Morgan? Morgan!
[Boeing jet engine roars]
[Janet sings
"Hush, Little Baby"]
...You're my best friend
[IV beeps]
When you went
I crossed my heart
Promised you
To never be apart
Cause you're my little girl
you're my best friend.
The tumor in Morgan's brain
is spreading very quickly.
We ran numerous tests
and right now
we only have one option.
Do it again with
a wave of radiation and
see if it reactions.
We came here because you
guys are the best.
Tell me you can do
something to help her.
The chances of her recovery
are very low.
We'll continue to do
everything we can.
But this condition
it never ends well.
What we can do is make
her transition as comfortable
as possible.
Eliminate most of the pain.
But it's not going to be easy
for her or her family.
Y-you're tell me my daughter
is going to die?
When we get to a point
where there is nothing more
to be done,
we recommend that you take her.
Where she's home
with her family.
We should start radiation here
as soon as possible.
We'll make an incision,
take some blood
some tissues,
some bone samples
to gauge the affectivity
of it now.
May I begin the prep?
What if I take her home today?
What should we expect to see?
More frequent headaches
will emerge.
Confusion, numbness, maybe
some personality changes.
Difficulty in speech
and possibly seizures.
We recommend
you don't leave yet.
Three months.
You know, it doesn't
really matter where that is.
You start your prep and
then we will just...
If it doesn't work,
we'll take her home.
Of course.
Three... Two... One...
He shoots!
He misses!
But there's still a
half-second on the clock,
Bailey with the rebound
[trashcan falls]
And the crowd goes wild!
[Bailey imitates crowd noises]
We're all set.
[camera shuts off]
You ready to go, my love?
[Jordan narrates]
The dragonfly boy
covered himself in honey.
As he did this,
the dragonflies above
began to leave one by one.
The dragonfly boy was
now all alone.
The dragonfly boy walked
all day and all night,
covered head to toe in honey.
Many bees from the local
village hives began to be
attracted to his coat of honey.
The bees would swarm
to the dragonfly boy,
sticking to the dragonfly boy's
honey-glued body.
Soon, covering the
dragonfly boy entirely
making him look no longer
like a dragonfly,
but now as a giant bee himself.
He arrived at the Queen Bee's
honeycombed castle
and is approached
by the royal bee guard.
"May I help you?"
"Yes, I am a prince bee
from a far away kingdom"
"I am here to offer my heart
to the Princess Bee."
"We will take you to the Queen"
Hey, stranger.
What are you doing?
Just doodling. Why?
It's like an orgy down there,
everybody's so fucked
out of their brains.
Thought you were into that.
Well it depends who's involved.
You wanna go down there?
-Come on.
-I was just leaving.
Don't be such a grouch.
Have a drink.
-Come on!
-What are you on right now?
Wine! God.
Come on.
[speaks Spanish]
[lighter flicks]
How have you been?
You'd know if you
were around, but...
You're always up here.
Coloring or
you know, running around
with that church girl.
I haven't seen her in a while.
Did you rob her blind already?
You don't know
anything about her.
Oh, Jordan. C'mon. Really?
You know she can dress like us,
she can act like us,
but she will never be like us!
I know that type. Yeah?
Her parents bail her out...
Right? Yeah, her life
is so fucking easy.
Like us? There is no "us".
I'm nothing like you!
Leave, Misty!
OK! Chill out, dude!
Did I just, like, insult
your fucking princess?
You know, hey,
have you noticed her?
She has like some, um
[mocks Morgan's voice]
speech impediment, you know?
She talks like this.
Yeah, she sounds like
a fucking retard!
Get out! Why can't you
just ever leave?
No, you get out!
You get the fuck out of my roof!
-It's not your fucking roof.
-No! Yeah!
I don't give a shit! OK?
You've always been
a fucking loser.
You quit, quit, quit!
Quit, quit, quit, quit!
That's what you do!
That's the only thing
you know what to do. OK?
And she knows that.
She pities you.
She loves me.
And I love her.
Where's my money?
I'm getting it.
[speaks Spanish]
[continues to speak Spanish]
[continues to speak Spanish]
You're out, OK?
I don't give a fuck
about your stupid
little shit drawings!
All this fucking shit!
I don't give a shit!
Get the fuck out!
I want my money tonight.
If not...
this whole thing's
gonna go out. OK?
You understand?
Fuck you!
They're taking me apart
piece by piece, Mom.
-When I die--
-No, don't say that.
It's irreversible, mom.
When it happens,
it can't be here.
Promise me it won't be here!
They're doing everything
that they can.
I promise you that.
Promise her it won't be
here, Mom.
Morgan, I promise you
I won't let anyone keep you here
one second longer than you
want to be, alright?
Should we step outside?
No, this is about me!
I want to hear it!
-They can't.
-Take me home!
I hear they can manage
your pain much better than
we can at home, baby.
Take me home! Bailey?
We're going home.
No, Bailey! Just let us
think. OK?
Please, whatever time I
have left. Let me have it.
[banging on door]
Why didn't my key work?
Probably because Misty
changed the locks.
To keep Jordan out.
I'm Jordan.
Not today princess.
What are you talking about?
So I take it that
this is the hive,
and I'm like
one of the guardian bees.
How big is my stinger?
[Jordan narrates]
The dragonfly boy was led
into the Queen's palace.
She looked the dragonfly boy
up and down and said
"What hive are you from?"
"I am a prince from a hive
deep in the northern forest,
so deep you probably
never heard of it".
"I am the queen! I heard of
every hive worth hearing about!
Tell me, young prince. Is your
land rich in honey?"
"Yes, My hive is
full of honey."
The queen's eyes light up
with a greedy golden glow.
"Then I will be twice as rich!
Bring out the princess!"
The bee guards open a
honeycombed door.
There stands the beautiful
princess bee.
Her eyes meet the
dragonfly boy's eyes.
"You are the strangest bee
I have ever seen,
but I can see in your eyes,
that you are a kind prince."
The dragonfly boy, more happy
than he has ever been,
embraces his beloved
princess bee.
And even though it was
quite romantic,
the dragonfly boy knew
he had just fallen into
a very sticky situation.
The princess bee became
stuck to the dragonfly boy
just like all the
other bees before her.
The queen bee was outraged!
[papers crinkling]
[papers crinkling]
What are you doing?
Go back to sleep.
Brings out your eyes.
What the hell
are you doing here?
Morgan, is everything okay?
Yeah, it's just a spider.
I captured it!
Okay, I'll be downstairs
if you need me.
I'm fine, Mom!
I missed you.
We can't do this.
It's not fair.
Life's not fair.
It's not good for you.
And it's not good for me.
I'm not good for anyone.
How does that matter?
I like you.
That's how it matters.
I don't want you
to see me like this.
Are you kidding?
I like this new look.
It's very anarchist. It's sexy.
No. I mean...
I don't want you to
see what happens to me.
I want you to remember me
when I was me.
I'm falling apart.
We're all falling apart, Morgan.
It's the nature of this world.
Please, just go away.
I am going away. I just
came here to see if
you wanted to come with.
You can't just run from
what's coming to me.
You can always run.
It may catch you,
but we can always run.
Make that fucker chase you down,
instead of just rolling over
waiting for it.
You don't get it.
Please, leave.
And don't come back.
We won't recognize
each other if you do.
I'm not leaving you.
I don't want you here!
Do you get that?
I don't want to
know you anymore.
Leave or I'll scream.
[weakly screams]
-You're not dead yet, Morgan.
-I am dead.
Your story ends with
"She dies, the end."
Trust me!
You should use your brain
while you still have it.
I'll be waiting.
[ Cloud Cult: "You're the
Only Thing in Your Way"]
Drive baby drive,
until your trouble's gone
Run, baby, run,
until it all goes numb
You are the wind,
the flood and the flame
Nothing here
can get in your way
You've come too far to
care what they say
Now you're the only
thing in your way
Now you're the only
thing in your way
Fly, baby, fly,
until nothing can
get you down...
Told you. Not sexy.
Jordan, tell them what
you were doing this whole time.
I was waiting for you.
Tell them!
So I was all dressed up
and had nowhere to go.
So, that's exactly where
I went. Nowhere.
And when you're nowhere
in life
that's where bad shit
Well, well, well.
Look who's here.
This him?
[speaking Spanish]
[kissing noises]
[speaking Spanish]
Introduce yourself.
Shame. He was pretty too.
Misty, what is this?
Hey, hey, hey!
Come here! Come here!
Where's my money?
Jordan, just give them
the money!
-Come out and play!
-No! No! Aah!
-No! No, no!
-Listen to me. Listen.
I think you're confused.
I'm not some pinch puto
selling pastelitos on the
street, man.
I'm a business man. Yeah.
And you interfered
with my business.
Now, I have to call my friend.
This one here.
[cocks handgun]
Say you don't have the money.
Say it.
Say "I don't have the money".
-Say it. Say it! Say it!
-Wait, wait! I don't!
-I don't have all of it!
-Say it!
I just only have part of
it. I smoked most of it.
Oh you smoked my money!
No, he's not lying!
But just like that, yes?
Hey no, man! C'mon!
Hit him again!
[speaking Spanish]
I say when it's enough!
Gucho says when it's enough!
Listen to me.
Listen to me, pretty face.
I'm gonna give you two days.
One, two days to give me
my money
All my money.
You can decide to run away.
You can go far to whatever
you want. The Bahamas, surfing!
Whatever the fuck you want!
But I'm gonna find you.
I'm gonna cut your little dickie
right there.
I'm gonna make a burrito.
I'm gonna eat it.
And then, I'm gonna kill you.
You understand?
What the hell is going on here?
None of your business.
This is my business.
Oh, and this is my gun!
Listen man,
We caught this piece of shit
stealing purses from your club.
We were doing your job.
I don't like doing your job.
I got my own job!
That doesn't make me happy!
Not happy about that!
Misty? You have your purse?
Hey! Grab yours? Vamanos!
Keep walking.
[Jordan coughs]
Don't come back here.
Just wondering when
you'd be coming back for those.
You knew these were
under your bed?
Took me less than five minutes
to find them.
What happened to your face?
Someone broke my heart
and it spread to my face.
I missed you.
I missed you too.
I missed you too.
Follow me.
Wait! What are you doing?
I want to be with you.
I want to live with you.
I want to look like you.
You can't, I'm...
I don't care how much
time we have together.
Dragonflies only live
for three months
and look how happy they are.
How do you know they're happy?
Have you ever heard of
a depressed dragonfly?
[ Watson Twins: "Forever me"]
[lighter flicks]
Are you sure about this?
This might be a
very stupid idea.
Let's just be stupid.
Make it so that no one
can tell us apart.
[clipper buzzes]
Forever me and forever you
The promise we made
We hold as the truth
All we ever hear
All that was said
As dreams eclipse feeling
Death, dying or dead
Forever me and forever you
Forever me and forever you
And Heaven don't make
A High...
Bailes! Get out!
[Bailey laughs]
Keep it down, Mom and
Dad will hear you!
But they sent me up
to wake you up.
They know he's here?
Who lit your face up?
Your sister did.
She's a wild animal
in the sack.
Shut up!
Tell them all I'll
be right down.
Mom wants to know if
your guest will be
staying for breakfast.
Tell your Mom and Dad
that I'm starving.
This is gonna be interesting.
-Hey Bailey?
What do you think
of my new look?
You two look like a couple of
badass GI Janes.
[imitates gun fire]
Ooh Rah!
Hey Morgan,
I need to leave town for a bit.
Haven't we been
down this road already?
We stay off the roads.
We have wings. Let's use them.
Come with me.
I'm not a dragonfly, Jordan.
I know it sucks that
your brain is sick.
And fuck God or
life or whatever, whoever it
is that did this to you.
But it doesn't have to
be miserable.
We can do anything we ever
wanted to right now.
Like what? What can I do?
You wanna travel, we can.
You wanna go skydiving, we can.
Steal a car, rob a bank.
Swim with a turtle.
I don't care what the plan is.
We don't have to wait.
We have money and time,
let's spend them both together.
I've always imagined
that one day
I'd be wearing a
white vintage dress,
my hair would be up,
and my family
would all be crying,
off to the side,
with flowers everywhere.
Now my hair is gone
and my family will cry
for a different reason
Morgan Gandara,
my dragonfly boy,
will you marry me?
My brain could just
stop working.
I can die tomorrow,
we all can.
There's no line to wait in.
It just happens.
You're serious, aren't you?
Try to answer me by
asking another question.
So, Jordan, that looks like it
was a pretty nasty fall.
Thirty-seven steps,
hit every one.
Must've really
pissed off the staircase.
Dennis and I were saying
how much we liked
your new haircut.
No, I never said
anything like that.
Mom, I'm quitting piano.
It's getting too difficult.
I'll call Mrs. Randall today.
Jordan, I didn't hear you
come in last night.
Did you knock or just
creep up the back steps?
-I let him in, Dad.
-What time was that?
I thought you retired
from being a detective?
We're getting married.
Just like that, huh?
Wow, this is awesome.
We're in love.
Under different circumstances,
the way I would approach this
would be to ask
the both of you first
but we're running against
the clock here.
You hardly know this boy.
How long did you know Mom
before you guys got married?
That's a completely
different story.
It is and it isn't.
When'd you plan on having
this wedding? And where?
Right here.
This is insane.
I think it's a great idea.
Morgan? This is what you want?
This is all I have ever wanted.
My sister is ordained.
Yes! Aunt Lisa can marry us!
[chair screeches]
[chews food]
Score! I'm gonna
have two sisters!
Uh, hey Dad...
-Do you think I can borrow--
Unless you have two vintage
wedding dresses hanging in
the closet.
I have one.
And I have the other.
[ Las Cafeteras: "Luna"]
Walk with me, Luna
Walk with me, Luna
So the story goes
that my heart met yours
You touched my soul
it's you I adore
It's your beauty
where I feel most free
It's you and me
and it's plain to see
I do I do
I do I do
I love you
I do I do
I do I do
I love you
Wont you walk with me
Luna, through the dark
Wont you walk with me
Luna, through the park
Wont you take my hand
help me understand
Take my hand
walk me through your land
Luna, Luna
With this ring,
I thee wed
I give you my hand
my heart
And my love forever
The promises you've made
today have lasted minutes
But the love you have for
each other will last forever.
I now pronounce you
man and wife.
No labels.
Excuse me?
Oh. Um...
Um, is married a label to you?
We are now,
and always were
and always will be in love.
You may kiss the bride.
I will!
I do, I do
I do, I do
I love you
I do, I do
I do, I do
I love you
I do, I do
I do, I do
I love you
I do, I do
I do, I do
I love you
Travel safely.
You be safe.
Here you go.
[ MyPet: "Pays to Know"]
Tricky anaconda...
My dream came true.
Did you ever wonder
How it's gonna go
Coming out from under...
My dream came true.
I got you where I want ya
Never know
Never know
I got you where I want ya
Where to go
Well this one
is gonna cost ya
Pays to know
Oh, I got you
where I want ya
Where to go
Well this one
is gonna cost ya
Pays to know
To know
To know
Come on anaconda
Come on let me cover
I'm not gonna bite ya
I'm just gonna love ya
Come on anaconda
Come on let me cover
I'm not gonna bite ya
I'm just gonna love ya
Tricky anaconda
Got to be the know-it-all
The weather beating on ya
Can you walk it off
Giving you a fast one
Hit the wall
I got you where I want you
I got you where I want ya
Where to go
Well this one
is gonna cost ya
Pays to know
I got you where I want ya
Where to go
Well this one
is gonna cost ya
Pays to know
To know
To know
To know
[Morgan vomits]
That's okay.
Am I ruining your honeymoon
by being a
critically conditioned wife?
I think most mornings
after the wedding,
the bride is usually
gripping the toilet.
Usually large amounts of
alcohol are involved
But as long as you end up
in the same place
it doesn't really matter
how you get there.
I guess so.
I just feel so foggy.
[Jordan urinates]
You should shit in the bed
before we leave.
I'm not shitting in the bed.
I'll take care of it, lover.
[ Josh Ritter - "Darlin'"]
How much
do you think?
How many tears
do I have to drink?
How much
do I have left?
How much blood
in one man's chest?
Will you let me
call you Darlin'?
When will you let me
call you Darlin'?
I'm just out here
ringing bells
Am I supposed to
prove myself?
[Jordan narrates]
The Queen bee was outraged.
She ordered her
royal bumblebee guards
to strip the honey-glued
bees off of the dragonfly boy.
One by one,
they were pulled off his body
until standing there,
he was just the
dragonfly boy.
"How dare you try to
fool me!"
The Queen bee shouted.
"Off with his head!"
The guards pulled out
their stingers
and approached
the dragonfly boy.
They don't kill him, do they?
[Jordan narrates]
"He's beautiful!"
"Look how colorful
his wings are!"
The princess bee approaches
the dragonfly boy.
"What are you?"
The princess bee asks.
"What do you mean, what am I?"
"Are you a dragonfly?"
The princess bee
examines his wings,
his body, and his eyes.
"I've never seen anything
so beautiful before."
"A bee,
bee-longs with a bee!"
"Says who?"
"Says me! I am the queen!"
The royal bumble bee guards,
armed with their sharp stingers
begin to march toward
the two lovers.
"Are dragonflies fast?"
"Yes, much faster than bees"
And at that very moment,
the princess bee hops
onto the dragonfly boy,
holds him tightly, and says
"Let's flyaway together"
He flutters his wings rapidly
as they lift off the ground,
and just like that,
the two lovers race
across through the air
and out of the
Queen's Bee's castle.
What happens next?
That's up to us.
I love it.
They should get married.
I love you.
I wish that I can be
your dragonfly boy forever.
I wish we had time more.
We had more time.
The hell with time.
It's not real anyway.
What's real is you and me.
Right here.
You're my fantasy
Which makes you my reality
You're my realistic fantasy.
And you're my fantastic reality.
Fuck time.
-Come here.
-I am...
I am...
You're what?
I am her mother!
And I am so tired!
I'm so tired!
-I am her mother!
-And I am her father.
I just, you know what
I mean, I can't, I can't
I can't, I can't. I can't!
-What can't you do? What?
-I can't stop.
I can't stop fighting.
I can't stop fighting.
-I need you to do something
-I need you to do something.
-What do you need me to do?
-I need you to do something!
-What, what do you
want me to do?
Take me!
Go! Take me! Don't take
my little girl!
-Is that what you want me to--
-Yes! Yes, yes, yes!
Oh my god!
I can't stop fighting.
Do you remember her
fifth birthday?
She just wanted a brother.
Hm, you remember that?
Didn't want a pony, no bike.
No, no dolls. Just a brother.
She was such a
smart little five year old.
She wanted a brother because
As she grew up
She didn't want us to be lonely.
Oh, Dennis...
I can't live without
my little girl.
-I can't live without--
-You have to.
You have to.
I just wanna put her
back inside me.
- I know, I know.
I can start all over again.
Put her back inside me.
You're almost done fighting.
[waves breaking]
Beautiful, isn't it?
The most beautiful thing
I've ever seen.
Let's do something
I've never done before.
Something bad.
I'm always good.
What's bad but not cruel?
Can you run?
I can't. I can woddle.
Woddle. What's woddle?
You know, limp away at
a medium pace.
Like a penguin.
Okay, here's the plan.
You're going to be my
lookout, got it?
Crap that! We go in together
or not at all.
Crap that?
But just stick close to me
and yell whatever Spanish words
you know, okay?
What's this for?
That is your gun.
Don't worry, it's not loaded.
[door chime]
Hello, welcome.
Gimme all the money
in the register, cabron!
We're outlaw bandits with
nothing to lose, grandpa!
-Oh. Hola, amigo. Seor bandits!
Don't try anything stupid,
old man.
Yeah because where we are from,
we don't take prisoners.
And we leave no witnesses!
Except for this time, with you.
Oh, I messed that up didn't I?
No, you were great.
He probably pissed his pants.
Yeah. He hit the silent alarm,
let's go.
Damn coppers!
Gracias, mi amigo!
Come here!
Much faster!
Stay down!
That was so bad. We're like
wanted fugitives now!
You called us outlaw bandits?
Who says that?
Outlaw bandits do.
We hit the jackpot!
There's like
450 bucks here.
Yay. What's next?
You've got to me kidding me.
[Lion roars]
[ Stefan Colson:
"Zombie Apocalypse"]
How you holding up?
Doesn't that hurt?
[needle buzzes]
Of course it hurts.
But I like pain now.
How does it look?
It looks just like you.
How does it look?
It looks just like you.
I like your smile.
Zombie Apocalypse,
You know, you really
shouldn't be driving.
I do things I shouldn't do now.
What's wrong?
I can't, um.
Put it in D.
-I can't.
-You sure you are okay
to drive?
-I don't, can't promise I...
-Morgan, your hands.
-I promise I...
-Morgan, are you alright?
Morgan! Morgan!
It's okay! Morgan!
Come on! It's okay!
Morgan. Morgan!
Is this seriously the
first time you've seen
a horror movie?
Shut up!
He's about to get slaughtered!
How are you not scared?
I'm a rebel.
I'm not scared
of anything anymore.
[woman screams, chainsaw roars]
[blood splatters]
I know what I want
to do tomorrow.
What's that?
See Mom.
Want to go home tomorrow?
Not my home, not my Mom.
I haven't been here in 13 years.
That's my favorite number.
It's me.
Who's me?
Your son.
I, I just didn't hear.
That's all.
I know you're my son.
-Hi Mom.
Uh, this is Morgan.
My wife.
You got a wife.
It's, it's nice to meet you.
What should I call you?
Alice. No, call me uh, Momma.
He, he used to
always call me Mom.
Uh, Morgan and I
were on our honeymoon
And she, she wanted to meet you.
Hey, who's Fred?
Oh never mind Fred.
I just want to look at you.
You look so much
like your father.
How would you know that?
I hope you're nothing like him.
His Daddy was a thief.
Mom, my Dad was a Chief.
Yeah he was a Chief, alright.
Chief talking bull.
Who drew those?
He did them all.
Jordy was artistic.
They're wonderful.
Oh, never mind the pictures.
Hey you all must be starving.
I swear,
the moment I saw you walk in
I thought the both of you
were a couple of strays
begging for scraps.
We get a lot of
strays around here.
Mostly cats and dogs,
but I defeated a coyote
not too long back.
Must've been hit by a car.
Up on the highway.
Well, we're not a
couple of strays.
But we're a couple of
hungry rebels.
[nailing cross]
There you go, Ted the Turtle.
I got some chicken in the foot.
Chicken in the foot?
Don't ask.
I call the fridge the foot.
Remember why, Jordy?
You sassy, boy.
When you,
when he was a little kid,
he'd point to the
fridge and say foot.
M-meaning food.
"Mama, foot!"
[Alice laughs]
Doctors thought he had a speech
impediment, but he showed them!
-Didn't you, Jordy?
That's cute.
It's cold,
but I like it cold.
Jordy always ate it cold.
You want me to heat it up?
Oh, no. Cold feet is fine.
I'm just so happy.
I can't tell you.
Knowing that he's finally
doing something.
-He's getting married.
-Mom, please.
Oh don't be such a girl.
Had to make sure that,
you were a girl.
Oh come on, Jordy!
We had quite the scare
when he was a child.
Playing all by himself
with dolls like a little girl.
Drawing these pretty pictures
and all, and the other boys
are playing sports,
and fighting
but Jordy, no
He was inside, hiding
In my clothes sometimes.
Then in school getting kicked
out for messing around with, Oh!
With another boy.
And I knew it was just
kids and their wonderin's
after they beat him
half to death and back,
I told him to take off,
and he did.
Now look at him, he's all
grown up like a man.
I still play with dolls.
I still wear women's clothing
when I want to.
Jordan. It's okay.
I just wanted to see
where the princess bee
came from. We can go.
Jordy, you can't be a pansy
and have a wife.
I mean, God ain't fooled.
She maybe, but
God isn't.
It was nice to meet you, Alice.
The queen bee.
Queen bee?
[Alice laughs]
I like that.
Mom, here.
Here's a...
I'll get you something.
After all it was y'all
that got married, not me.
Woo hoo!
[stabbing noises]
[Alice laughs]
A knife?
Yes, It's a letter opener.
I won it at Hoolie Hoop stop
last week.
Probably cheap,
but I got no use for it.
Nobody writes me any mail.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
I love you,
you know that.
This life bit
and stuck on me,
but it didn't get you.
You were too quick.
My boy was born with wings.
You're the exact hybrid
of your mom and dad.
I can see them both in your face
My parents are knockouts.
I can see your Mom in your face,
in a certain kind of light.
My Mom and I both have
exotic birds faces.
-She's more of the Cuckoo bird
and I'm more of a--
Stay here.
Right here, with me.
Forever should be
much longer, Morgan.
Today is all that counts.
Tomorrow doesn't matter.
No one wakes up and says
"hey, it's tomorrow".
In fact...
Where are you going?
[ Grass Roots:
"Let's Live for Today"]
When I think of
all the worries
People seem to find
And how they're in a hurry
To complicate their minds
By chasing after money
And dreams that
can't come true
I'm glad that
we are different
We've better things to do
May others plan their future
I'm busy loving you
One, two, three, four!
Sha la la la la la
live for today
Sha la la la la la
live for today
And don't worry
'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la
live for today
Live for today
We were never meant to worry
The way that people do
And I don't mean to hurry
As long as I'm with you
We'll take it nice and easy
And use my simple plan
You'll be my lovin' woman
I'll be your lovin' man
We'll take the most
from living
Have pleasure while we can
Two, Three, Four
Sha la la la la la
live for today
Sha la la la la la
live for today
And don't worry
'bout tomorrow, hey
Sha la la la la la
live for today
Live for today
Baby, I need to feel
you inside of me
I got to feel you
deep inside of me
Baby, please
come close to me
Gotta gimme some a-lovin'
Baby, gimme some a-lovin'
Gimme some a-lovin'
Got to have all your lovin'
Gimme some a-lovin'
I need all your lovin'
Sha la la la la la live for
today Live for today
Sha la la la la la
live for today...
If I untie you,
will you help her?
Will you help her?!
-This girl needs a hospital.
-No hospitals!
She's going to die.
I know. Why do you think
we kidnapped you?
We need to do it now.
Do what, exactly?
I want you to open us up,
put her heart in my chest
and mine in hers.
Are you insane?
That would kill you both!
Do it or I kill you!
It's all we want.
Yes, is this the front desk?
I need an ambulance.
No! No!
[Jordan gasps]
Just call an ambulance,
I got two people here
with injuries,
One's a possible stroke,
the other has a puncture
wound to the abdomen. Hurry!
This is a letter opener!
You knew I couldn't open you up.
It's all we want.
Stop talking.
[desk phone rings]
When we were littler
She used to dress me up
in her clothes.
Word is you got straight shanked
by a doctor, bro.
I did?
Yeah, yeah.
Where's Morgan?
Um, she's here.
But, um she can't uh...
What do you mean?
She can't even talk anymore,
She can hardly move.
She doesn't even remember
who I am.
[IV beeps wildly]
Morgan, Morgan?
Excuse me, sir, are you okay?
Morgan? Morgan!
Sir! Security.
Call security!
Jordan, Jordan!
It's okay!
I'm getting you out of
here, Morgan. I'm sorry.
I'm her wife! I'm her wife!
It's okay, I'm gonna
get you out of here.
Get off of me!
Morgan, it's gonna be okay.
-Jordan, it's okay. Stop.
-Fuck! Morgan!
[bow string draws]
[Dragonfly boy gasps]
[heart beats]
How was she?
Was she?
She was happy.
She recorded most of it
for you.
She was happy.
I, I need to get her
out of here.
No, she can't move.
Her brain is shutting down.
Morgan's going to heaven,
She can't die in here.
I promised her.
-There's nothing more we can do.
-[Janet]: Yes, there is.
You know what she'd want.
We have to do this for her.
She needs to be outside
so she can fly.
[ sad music]
When I quit school,
I figured I'd just fall back
into using again,
but something inside
me told me to stay clean.
I felt like something important
was coming and I wanted
to be awake to see it.
Then I saw you.
It's irreversible.
So is this.
[Jordan breaths heavily]
Tell me what to do!
Please tell me what to do.
What do you want to do next?
You want to rob a bank?
Go out in a hail of bullets?
[Bee buzzes]
You need to know how it ends,
don't you?
So, the dragonfly boy and
his princess bee
flew as fast as they could
away from the kingdom.
"Where are we going?"
asked the Princess bee.
"Wherever we want"
said the dragonfly boy.
So they went anywhere
and everywhere together.
Through lush fields, deep
valleys, thick jungle,
deserts, waterfalls
and even cities,
they went everywhere together.
But soon enough,
word spread
that the queen
and her army of bees
were searching for them
all over the world
and if caught, they would
surely be killed.
"Where can we hide? We've been
everywhere together" said the
dragonfly boy sadly.
The princess bee replied
"I have an idea.
We can get married."
-It was your idea, remember?
-[Morgan gasps for breath]
So they got married,
in the backyard of
a beautiful home.
"Now, the queen will never
find us!" said the princess bee.
"Even though we are married,
the Queen and her army will
search for us all over the world
and one day she will find us"
said the dragonfly boy.
The princess bee smiled
and happily said
"But now we're married,
and after the wedding
comes a "honey moon".
She can search everywhere
on earth for us,
but she'll never find us.
So the dragonfly boy and
her princess bee began to fly
high into the sky
toward the honey moon.
They flew so far up
that they left this world
and could be seen no more.
[Jordan cries]
[ Portugal.The Man - "Colors"]
[Dragonfly and bee buzz by]
Fly, Morgan.
All the needy still need
And all the losers
still lose
And all the preachers
still preach
But they ain't bringin'
no change
I'm not afraid to die
'Cause all these
colors will change
I'm not afraid to die
'Cause all these
colors will change
All the low is still low
And all the high
still get high
How I wish we could dance
But all these rhythms
don't seem to match up
Seem to match up
I'm not afraid to die
'Cause all these
colors will change
I'm not afraid to die
'Cause all these
colors will change