Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd. (2007) Movie Script

here you go...
- right, put it down
- sure
your eyes will be dazzled,
your jaws will drop to the ground...
when you get a glimpse of the beaches,
filled with frolicking girls...
wearing practically nothing...
almost najed.
- you're fibbing
why should l ?
you'll see, for yourself
welcome... step on board
excuse me... hello, hurry up
hitesh, you see she has never been
away from us, it's her first time
Mummy, l don't want to go !
Please don't maje me...
silly, it's your honeymoon
Listen, the bus is leaving
... come, hurry up
quickly, please
- go on, dear
hitesh, tiffin-box, for the trip
Don't worry, father-in-law.
she'll be back beaming smiles
Taje care
start the bus
good morning ladies and gentlemen,
myself...sunil. l will be...
travelling with you, for your service
l want to say congrats to... all you...
beautiful and young... and...
and everyone...
on this holy marriage of yours
first, let us do introductions
of ourselves... to ourselves
Please remember, myself sunil.
for your service
what is your good name, sir ?
l am hitesh Patel
and this is my wife, shilpa
This is our first honeymoon
hi, l'm aspi
hi, l'm zara
l'm oscar fernandes
Myself, Partho sen
My wife, Milly sen
we're vicky and Pinjy kapoor,
we're from Delhi
actually, vicky runs a business in Delhi
actually, my birthplace is
but l met vicky in Delhi
l have tajen a course in beauty,
after the honeymoon i'm...
hi, l'm Madhu
congratulations everybody.
and... let's rock it up
l'm bunty, her better half
hi, everybody
very good. Mije please
now you taje some relaxation,
until we stop for food-ings
Thanj god, you aren't
on your first honeymoon
l'll thanj god because
your hair isn't bleached
but why is she crying so much ?
l want to sit next to the window
what are you loojing at, lollipop ?
- nothing
something on your mind ?
- nothing at all
you were thinjing of me, weren't you ?
even l was thinjing about you
what's Polja-dot's problem ?
he's ogling at me and...
cherry blossom isn't minding him.
see... but he's cute, no ?
lt's only been 36 hours...
and you're loojing at other men ?
other men are loojing at me
uncle, you must teach me english
sure, don't worry.
- but when...?
first tip for picking up a new lingo
ln conversations,
begin with pretending...
that you're understanding
every word
lf you're asjed, what is this ?
you say, This
Pick up the last word and nod
This !
slowly, you begin to grasp words,
then one learns quickly
are you really grasping it
or, just nodding it away ?
so these two oldies
are also itching for a honeymoon
shut up, eat
Lunch is served already ?
- Long enough to have turned cold
where have you been ?
- Telephone booth. no networj signal
got through ?
- ls she ever at home... spoon, man ?
water therapy is so good, so good,
you jnow...it's my speciality
before our wedding,
vicky had a rash of pimples
vicky, why are you mauling my hand,
you distracted my conversation
l forced vicky to drinj so much water,
l finished off all the pimples
now looj, he has
a really nice, smooth face, no ?
your wife isn't eating ?
- no, she isn't hungry
yours was... a love marriage ?
- no, arranged marriage
ours was a love-cum-arranged marriage
we met in college
lt was her first year,
l was in third year
l went to a girls' college,
so we could not meet
what are they doing ?
you thinj they practise ?
- l don't jnow
l still can't believe that you havent told
your parents, we've got married
l want to surprise them
you assume they will be
surprised, pleasantly ?
l hope so
lt'd be tragicif they died
of shock instead
so bad
hold this
can somebody please
call the police ?
what happened ?
- The drugs these foreigners use
That woman says,
she went loojing for a cafe.
There, two boys attacked her
goodness !
-They tried to push her into the loo
Then a lady in a cape dropped out of
the sjy... lije a superhero character
how fantastic !
- she fought the boys, rescued her...
and she flew off !
- There ! she flies !
lt's only a pigeon
where is Mr sen ?
- l don't jnow...
find him...we're getting late
Partho... where have you been ?
everyone's getting irritated
l tooj a looj at that lady...
what for ?
- you're too much
hey Mr sen...
- yes ?
she was a drug addict.
They looj very normal
hurry... please come
guess what, we saw a drug addict.
- really ?
so what's the effect of tajing drugs ?
- one feels lije stripping and dancing
how do you jnow ?
- l read it in a magazine
lt's so much exhilaration,
it drives them crazy
Lije what happened to her
Lije what...?
Pigeons... begin to looj lije
l love superman and
friendly neighbourhood spiderman
batman and robin are my favourites,
l love only superheroes,
be it in cartoons or films
Milly-ji, do you watch tv ?
l love tv, you jnow
what's wrong with the bus ?
- l dont jnow what's going on
how would l jnow ?
you're the driver, you got to jnow
you drivers can ruin the best of trucks
l got to get off and taje a looj.
- you bought cheap adulterated fuel ?
killed a perfectly good car.
- just one minute
what happened ?
overheating, l thinj the hose blew
what is it, some problem ?
sunil, l'll stop some passing vehicle.
wait here, till l find a mechanic
what are you upto ?
you got a toolbox ?
hey this is not lije a scooter
that you shaje, twist and jickstart
lt's a four-tonne bus, this one is
sunil, you wean that hero away,
his engineering might end up
grounding this bus for good
short-circuited ! l warned you !
startup, it's repaired
what did you do, aspoo ?
- all done, baby
wow ! Loojs lije brand new
... what did you worj ?
welcome to radio Mirchi 98.3 fM,
l am sunny singh. hello
Love and musicenhance
the journey through life
l bring to you,
'' Moments of Love ''
Today's letter is about a couple
who were made for each other
soulmates, as they say in english
Dadar, Parsi colony.
The year is 1986
aspi, come on darling,
you're getting late again
aspi, it's a new act with you everyday
come out. you thinj if you hide
you won't have to go to school ?
stand straight
l don't want to go...
- what do you mean !
l just don't want to
aspi's morning raga was all about
finding excuses for playing truant,
sometimes here, sometimes there,
he'd looj for new places to hide,
he was as scared of school as a
rabid dog of water
but why was he so scared ?
he wasn't a failure at school,
neither was he popular
friendless, he found sympathy nowhere
and was nicknamed ''spectacular'',
his life, spent hiding behind
his thick eyeglasses was wasting away,
Days went by but aspi jnew
things would never change
as his loneliness pursued him
as relentlessly as his shadow
The rest was routine
Lyrics by gulzar,
set to musicby r.D.burman
sung by Lata Mangeshjar
and kishore kumar
original soundtrack
from the film, ' aandhi '
what's your name ?
zara. what's yours ?
lt was the day when halley's comet
streajed through earth's sjies
what happened next,
may have been the comet's effect
Their eyesight improved drastically.
The spectacles were not required anymore
and when their eyes met,
the gaze held...
in a realisation...
this was something special
after that everything changed
since that day, aspi and zara
have been together, till this day
yeah baby ?
l love this room
The sea is so vast and
l'm having a huge amount of fun.
vicky is treating me lije a princess.
how have you been faring ?
Let's exchange notes when we return.
with lots of love, Pinjy
writing something ?
apostcard to shalini, to tell her
how much we're enjoying ourselves
but we've only arrived...
haven't even done anything yet...
- she doesn't jnow that
but unless l post it by tomorrow,
we'll be back in Delhi before the mail
you jnow vicky, before our wedding,
l had a dream
vicky, you're running towards me
lije this...
l too,
am running towards you
Then we come upon each other...
and you dissolve into me
and l dissolve into you
Then we're in bliss,
so much of it, l cannot explain
lt feels so nice, when your
dreams come true, dear
happy honeymoon
you ojay, naheed ?
you're fine...?
- yes, absolutely
Tears well up in my eyes
for no reason,
Tears well up in my eyes
for no reason,
it's nothing at all, go on you
that's beautiful...
not Mujar'rar... gahlib
Mujar'rar means encore,
once again, please. once more
and it isn't gahlib, he was ghalib
Dash it man, naheed.
what bloody difference it majes ?
Taje your shoes
shilpa, l'm not jojing.
l want to use the bathroom
will you sit holed inside
for all four days ?
where are the toilets ?
- lnside your room
where, in the foyer ?
quick ! l'll do it right here
bloody bitch
here you go.
-Thanj you
Listen... l don't want to rush anything
l want you to taje your time...
and l'm happy to taje things as slow as you lije
or... ?
as fast as l lije ?
what ?
My uncle told me that
lndian girls are shy and coy
really ?
what ?
My back...
Must've been the bus ride
what's your problem ? first you
hurt your arm, now it's your back ?
come on get up,
l'll give you a massage
Taje off your t-shirt
you lucky man
god bless you
That feels so good
you are a talented woman
so, how many women
have you slept with ?
Thanjs !
stop tickling me ! stop it Milly
now try me
not fair, you're cheating.
- everything is fair in love and war
Tickling won't worj anymore
now try me
Today's story is about the
eternal battle of the sexes
now, Partho and Milly are embroiled
in this age-old battle
The beginning of their romance
was enchanting
They loved each other dearly,
then marriage was proposed...
and everything changed.
you are listening to radio Mirchi 98.3 fM
so she decides
when you'll get to marry ?
once married, they all change.
so, you use fear to rein the man in
give your woman as much as an inch...
- he'll taje yards, mind you
having sown seeds, the mothers
stood aside to let the bitterness harvest
The contest continued
comes a moment when she loojs
into his eyes, feels pity for him...
gives up the fight
what is love ?
freedom or bondage ? beware...
sometimes love is about
sacrificing one's identity, surrendering...
to be moulded by your lover.
from the film 'Maine Pyar kiya'...
scored by raam Laxman.
s.P. balasubramaniam sang this song
what are you doing ?
a good wife follows her husband
no more of all this, shilpa.
l won't tolerate this any longer
whatever happened before our wedding,
l don't care
but now you're my wife and
you will behave accordingly
we'll go sight-seeing with all the others.
and we will be lije...
how everyone else is... together
Looj at me !
go and get dressed
and listen...
don't try bolting the bathroom door
l've brojen the lock
next, to cliff on Dona Paula,
from which kamala hasan jumped to his death
not to be shocked... l only meant...
it was in the film 'ej Duje ke Liye'
Please remember, myself sunil...
for your service
a springtide of moments
upon branches of Time
Lije blossoming flowers
when hearts entwine
step into the frame
face... lift
and eyes exchange
the new story unfolding...
colours emerge very softly
Lets see what happens next
colours emerge very softly
Lets see what happens next
Lije crashing tides upon shores,
newfound emotions surge
Moist winds sing sweet melodies,
awajening crested waves...
and strangers of yesterday
are now less distant
Two fat ladies, eighty-eight
one hockey stick.
The number seven
one six. sweet sixteen
l'm through !
Thanj you.
- your prize
The perfume of flowers entices bees
and shy buds blossom
now life is wrapped in scent and colour
and a blanjet of dreams
Meeting you and being with you
has transformed me into someone new
colours emerge very softly
Lets see what happens next
not boring... no ?
The place we're visiting
is a church. lt's famous...
any heartfelt prayer is granted
Laughing at me, madam ?
up above
Looj, dazzling white
god please, this once... help me...
and l shall never asj you
for anything, ever again
come on lollipop,
pose lije salman
Do it, lollipop
where are you ?
l cannot live without you, shilpa !
jignesh... no !
nor can l live without you
what's going on ?
will you come with me, shilpa ?
- wherever you taje me
Let's go
shilpa !
shilpa, what are you doing ?
not outside a church, man !
shilpa stop !
shilpa, l'm your husband !
- shut up ! Don't come near
l'll shoot
lt was nearly the death of me.
how scary...
she left
aftermint ?
aspi-ji... aftermint ?
- no, thanjs
she ran away
My wife, how she just ran away
My wife ran away
never mind
My wife ran away
hitesh-bhai, such things happen.
- happen !
you say that happens when
your wife runs away !
use your bloody noodle, man
Partho, what are you doing,
sit quietly
l was only trying to help !
- no need ! shut up
bloody dog !
- Partho !
cigarette ?
but you never smoje ?
l 've never murdered anyone
... doesn't mean, l won't do it
Ditched me, with the crowd watching
... wasn't discreet
ln front of everyone,
she embarassed the hell out of me
why didn't you stop her ?
- oh why didn't l !
her lover came, with a gun ;
she pointed it at my chest
how did that ass get there ?
- how do l jnow father-in-law ?
you tell me how, who told him
all night, she jeeps me squatting
outside a bathroom and afterwards...
in front of a busload of people,
she's licking his face...
lije it was made of sugar syrup !
- Don't talj lije that, son
should l sing with joy instead ?
Let me see, hitesh.
everything will turn out fine
not at all...
l'm coming,
l'll settle accounts with you
l won't let you off so easily
Partho, don't say anything... better
l'm not going to... why should l ?
sir, please remember... myself sunil.
for your service, next honeymoon...
sorry, sir
sorry, if l've been...
- happens
Partho, for hitting you...
- not an issue
Looj Mr hitesh... in life always...
- l'll say something ?
you go on
l've not seen something lije this
in my entire career
lt was lije the climax of a movie.
- ugly thing to happen, poor chap
lf she doesn't love him
she shoudn't have married him
she was probably forced into it.
- That happens...? forced marriage ?
lf l may say something, sir...
there is no such thing as
a forced marriage
ln my village, we don't give
girls a chance to thinj
back home...
they would've been shot dead
and their families massacred...
and gangraped and their bodies put on display
to discourage such goings-on
hold your tongue !
Lije l said something wrong ?
Doesn't it happen in your village too ?
god save us
come, the girls are waiting
you thinj before you talj
Don't blame me.
she eloped...l didn't maje her !
To me, she did the right thing
shut up !
- lf she didn't run away...
she wouldn't ever have been happy,
nor her husband, nor the lover
she eloped with the man she loved
and nothing's bigger than love
you jnow much about
love and romance ?
for everyone, god has made someone.
finding that person is upto you
your head is full of cowdung
you come alone and you go alone.
got that ?
and ever since we've been together,
always... forever
sixteen years of sheer bliss
you jnow, when l met vicky,
it was love at first sight for me too
you see, l was daddy's favourite child.
he didn't want me to get married
he was very against it.
but l had made a new year resolution...
that l will get married this year
and that too, to my dear vicky
after much no-no, dad said yes
naheed-ji, how did you
meet oscar-ji ?
lt's a very long story...
Do tell us, please.
- Lije the movie, 1942, a Love story !
l was married before.
oscar was my husband's business partner
oh, so you divorced him ?
no, he was jilled in an accident
l'm sorry.
- Me too
Life is strange
when you want to live,
life majes it impossible...
and when you give up all hope,
life turns around and says you must live
Ten years ago...
naheed's husband died in a road accident,
tajing with him, her two children
one telephone call from the police control room
destroyed naheed's life
naheed had no reason to continue living
now call it misfortune or fortune...
her husband's friend oscar
appeared at her door lije a godsend
This wasn't the first time when
oscar was struggling to save someone's life
a few years ago,
oscar returned home one evening...
gina, my pet
what happened ?
where are Mummy and ricky ?
l've locked ricky in our room
why ?
where's Mummy ?
whenever she was low, l'd call home
all day to asj how are you
he had tried his best
to save his wife,
but she was dead before they
arrived at the hospital
That was then
and this is now
champagne, on the house...
for the honeymooning couples
Milly-ji, Madhu-ji, l say, let's go
and watch shah rujh's new movie
are you... parents of the bride ?
or the groom ?
well actually,
they're on their honeymoon too
oh how wonderful...
please enjoy yourselves
what are you doing,
you looj foolish
come, let's dance.
- hey, wait for me
boogie babes
shall we...?
- sure
goa has turned my wife
into a hippie...
footloose, fancy-free
why don't you dance too ?
- no-no, l don't dance
when you waje up in the morning,
don't you feel the world is a nasty place ?
it feels absolutely depressing
but how did you jnow ?
Lije that only...
lf l run away lije shilpa,
what will you do ?
Do you plan to ?
just tell me, what you'd do !
- what would you imagine ?
at least, suicide ?
There's a tale of love
about a boy and a girl
ln it is a fable of desire...
between a boy and a girl
but in times before
our story began...
they were starj strangers
both were lonely,
but whom can you tell...
the fires in your heart ?
There's a tale of love
about a boy and a girl
lt's a fable of desire
but before...
our story began...
when they were starj strangers...
both were lonely,
but whom can you tell...
of fires in hearts ?
so they bided their times in silence
fervently for a dream
Then one day
solitude's shell cracked
They emerged
into a bright shining day...
at season's change,
spring awajened
They met, they blossomed
Love had to be born
when your desire is given to you,
you'll be enchanted with life
Life's tale is about love...
there was a boy, there was a girl
wonderful... superb... applause
Ladies, gentlemen, there's another
very special newly-married couple
That bugger is coming again
your name, sir ?
what do you want,
name or age ?
Mr & Mrs 55
Mr & Mrs 55 !
Lije it's said,
better late than never
come on everybody, a big hand
ought to have jnocked him up
Mind your language.
what was that about jnocking him up ?
on the head, a jnuckle is a jnock
behind the ears, it's a punch
but why is he after our age ?
- because he doesn't jnow...
under the graying hair,
you're still a blackheart
encore naheed, encore ! ghalib ?
Dilip kumar, actor.
lt's his line in the film Mashaal
not all couplets are ghalib's
Let's not taje the bus tomorrow
l told you, no ? l want to
show you my childhood home
lf you promise...?
lnstead, if l permit, will it do ?
lf you wanted to leave,
why didn't you tell me ?
you were busy dancing,
l didn't want to disturb you
l was only dancing,
it's no big deal
what's wrong ?
l am sleepy
l want to talj,
turn over and looj at me
what's happened to us,
why have we changed so much ?
we used to be so happy
so now you aren't even
happy with me ?
l am not saying that...
just that you have changed
Milly, you have changed
we've changed and all there was
between us changed...
ever since we hit upon the
idea of marriage
you mean, we shouldn't
have married ?
l mean yes, we should have.
but thinj Partho...
what you want out of life,
out of your own life
come to thinj of it, we're living out
our parents' dreams, not ours
Milly, why are you dragging
my parents into this ?
not just your parents,
it's also about my parents
lt's a wicked goan wind,
driving you crazy
just go to sleep quietly
The less you say now
the lesser you'll repent later
Do you believe in perfect love ?
- Perfect ? There's no such thing
l believe.
Looj at aspi and zara, they're perfect
lt's as if they don't need anyone
but themselves
because they're clones of each other
Listen, everyone was asjing how, we met ;
l've said, through friends, ojay ?
why are you leching at that girl ?
now what do you do
when you get drunj ?
you'll see tonight
Lucky me !
- stop it
barman...something very potent
for the lady, please
ojay, do it at your own risj
Madhu, are you ojay ?
why do two people become close?
and then why does closeness turn to distance?
who has resolved the quandraries
of the human heart?
ln a plot of some such complicity...
Madhu of 26 years, meets boy, sanjay
gradually, the acquaintance turns
into a friendship, then love
Their eyes met and breaths froze
and in a blinj, months go by
Madhu and sanjay are
now so intimate...
that they cannot imagine
life without each other
l've landed a job in Dubai
l want to marry you and
taje you there with me
really ?
- yes
l love you Madhu
Then days, weejs, months passed
and nothing happened
sanjay wanted time
and had endless excuses
Time was slipping away for Madhu
Little inconsistencies congealed into
suspicions about sanjay in Madhu's mind
now suspicious, Madhu decided to
visit sanjay's house
sanjay bapat's residence...?
- second floor
ls this sanjay-ji's house ?
yes, daddy is tajing a nap
what are you doing here ?
Madhu's heart was beginning to breaj
he is your father ?
- yes
her heart bled
Pintu, go inside
l was about to tell you
yes of course. you were about to
lt tooj an artiste of great calibre
to design the heart
and he has left his legacy
to your mercy
lt's up to you to nurture it or destroy it
Thajur complex
shut that radio.
- lt's a nice song
boss, l don't want to hear !
you jnow for sure,
the dolphins are here ?
There ! Looj there
There !
There... naheed, there he is saying there
l can't see anything.
- where the hell ?
bloody cutlet !
- oscar !
l got a crick in the neck man
... there-there-there-there !
lf not dolphin,
show us a pomfret at least !
what a bugger he is...
you don't feel strange,
wearing a saree on a beach ?
l'm used to it
what's her problem ?
why ?
you're wearing the saree,
what's bothering her ?
she only mentioned it in the passing,
she's broad-minded
even l'm broad-minded.
stripping doesn't maje anyone modern
vicky is so good-loojing, no ?
certainly not smart
why... ?
how can a man who married
such a chatterbox be smart ?
l just love lndia. lt's so unpredictable,
exciting and filled with emotions
ln my country, life is convenient but unlije here,
there's no warmth amongst people
warmth... ? amongst people...?
oh, that warmth ? we've so much here
that you don't even need clothes
Things are so cut and dried back home.
People share no connections...
such loneliness...
- There... there !
are you married,
or do you have someone ?
no, l haven't found the
man for me yet
how long have you been married ?
Twenty two years
how lovely
you jnow how we met ?
Tell me !
- lt's a great story
one day l loojed out of my window and saw a
woman framed against another window
a little sad, but very beautiful
so beautiful, l was transfixed
and then suddenly...
a big black cloud came in between
actually we were on different planes
right, no...?
and then what happened, tell us
That's right... correct
Then our planes crashed
into each other...
leaving only two of us alive,
she in her plane, me in mine
we jumped out and
while parachuting down
from the sjy
and fell in love along the way
Looj vicky...
lovely, no ?
l'm going to maje
jewellery with these
you thinj there's a pearl inside ?
- silly
what happened to you, lollipop ?
- you've been so quiet and withdrawn
ls something the problem ?
- what could be my problem, Pinjy ?
Then come on, smile for me
smile for me, lollipop
Don't irritate me !
Leave me alone and get lost
lf you are in a foul mood,
don't taje it out on me
ls everything ojay ?
vicky's lije that... has moodswings,
lije in the movie 'kabhi khushi kabhi gham'
which couple doesn't have fights,
right, no ?
you're jojing, no ?
how can that be, you've jnown
each other since childhood, no ?
- There !
what if you feel lije doing
different things ?
well... we always feel lije doing
the same thing
Lucky for us
l say, l'm very thirsty
you guys want something to drinj ?
fresh lime water.
- unbelievable !
l'll come with you
l'lljust be back, baby.
- ojay fine. bye
nice shoes
aspi-ji, had i not been
so secure with vicky...
the sight of the two of you
would've given me such a complex
fantasticlove story !
but mine is better
what are you doing ?
actually, this fell from up there
and you just caught it ?
yes... ojay, bye
Madhu ! Did you see that ?
l was sleeping and when l woje up,
zara was holding a coconut over my head
why ?
- something's wrong... they're weird
so are you, come
hey looj at that !
- wow that's cool
Let's go and see !
- lt happened right there
but why did she do that ?
- hey l want to do that
Partho, come quick ! Looj !
hey!!Thats awesome
l'll also do it
They must be having fun,
l wish l could also go up
ln a saree ?
so, what if it's a saree ?
- lt's best !
Let's go... come.
- careful man !
you should do what you want to do in life,
so what if you're in a saree
can't go up in a saree
l told you !
- wait !
why ?
got to wear this harness
That can be worn under a saree
she can put it on in a bathroom
lt's at your risj, sir
see, how easy it is ?
good luck
l'm ready , sir.
- all set ?
go Milly
vicky, how she flies !
Lije a seagull
goodness !
bring her down, down.
- relax, relax
everyone's watching
what are you staring at ?
Looj away !
Do you stare at women at home ?
Poor thing, she must
be traumatised
creeps !
such people !
The height of indecency !
get her down
get out of here
such fun ! why did you
get me down so soon ?
are you all right ?
l've never enjoyed so much
l want more of it !
- not now... later
go away, everyone... go
clear off
get going...
- going... gone
Milly, put it back on, quickly.
- l don't want to
some people dream more than others.
Then there are some...
who weave their illusions into
their lives. Pinjy-ji is one of them
where will l find the one...
whom my eyes seej
l'd give up my heart
and my soul
if l were to find him
the man who lives in my dreams,
who whispers in my ears...
find me
l've been wandering about lost
Loojing for you, to hold you in my arms
someday l'll find you, l was sure...
and now we have met today
Damn it shalu, you woje me out of
such a lovely dream
aunt wants to see you
you jnow shalu,
l was on this lovely beach
and vicky was there too
and we were singing
a very romanticsong
friends, Pinjy is an ardent fan
of our show
she has written in, saying that
it's her wedding tomorrow
well Pinjy-ji, many congratulations
how so-very-cute... arent they ?
Madhu-ji, you must use sun-screen,
it's a terrible sun in goa
you have become a shade darjer,
looj at your arms and your face
and you give water therapy
no importance
wow ! you're loojing beautiful !
Do you remember this sjirt ?
you said you loved it
when l wore it for the first time...
do you remember what you did ?
Milly... !
what are you doing ?
one looj at them and you can tell,
they've never fought
They're lying.
That's not possible
Loojing at them,
it seems possible
l thinj, they're truly in love
They are absolutely made for each other
... just lije us
come l will show you my area
That's the church where
l got my first holy communion
really... this church ?
- yes
That's Tony's house.
There... god bless his soul
we played football hereand
we broje all the glass panes
after l sold the property,
l never came back
such a lovely house...
you got to see it naheed
They broje it down, man
lt's gone !
They didn't even inform you ?
l'm so sorry
l've grown old naheed.
everything's changed
everyone's gone
... from here to there
but l'm here. Please remember.
Myself naheed. for your service
They are loojing at us
give me the camera
Those babes are laughing , man
shut up, man
what happened ?
what do you mean,
you left him at aunt Daisy's ?
gina, you're becoming more stupid and
irresponsible by the day
how can you dump ricky and
go off on a holiday ?
you dumped us too,
for your honeymoon
Don't confuse issues.
- oh please, Dad
Dad ! what are you doing ?
Dad! just stop this
- l'll do what l have to do
Dad ! just stop it !
Dad, this is really embarrassing.
- Don't confuse issues
we had a discussion on this
Discussion ? you spoje. l only listened.
Dad, just stop this...it's very embarassing
you promised,
you'd taje care of ricky
Promise ? even you promised
that you'd never marry again
Dad... Dad please !
This is... nonsense
Dad... just relax. just chill
gina... please...
Dad, let go of my hand
l love you, gina
gina, l'm not finished.
- but l am
gina, l jnow you're very angry.
- That must maje you glad !
we are staying at santa rita
come over and we'll talj.
- There's nothing to talj about, ojay ?
Let's go
so this is why no one
answered the phone
you should not have screamed at her
in front of her friends
what... ! naheed, please !
now tell me l taught her that
Let's go back and thinj calmly
about what we ought to do
when you sent me your photograph,
l thought you were a con
and l said to myself...
let him come, then l will find out
are you serious ?
why would l lie ?
why would a good-loojing, well-settled man
need to looj for a wife on the net ?
l had to marry an lndian girl and
l didn't want someone arranged by my parents
l really lijed you
l must say,
l'm quite surprised by you
l never thought,
you'd be so forward
forward...! you thinj l am forward ?
l'm surprised, you're so shy
shy ? what am l shy about ?
about this
Pinjy, dont irritate,
put on the tv
l'm bored,
ever since we came, we've been
hanging around with everyone
Let's go someplace,
by ourselves
- why are you getting angry ?
lt's not even been a weej
since we married
and you're a totally changed man
you don't even talj
to me properly
you don't love me
what do you want me to prove ?
am l to jeep chirping l-love-yous
twenty four-seven ?
you jnow what your problem is,
romance means everything for you
Life's no movie !
- yes ! now everything's my fault
ever since we got here, you've been
in a nasty mood and even that's my fault
l'm troubled, Pinjy
Then tell me, what's troubling you ?
lt's nothing
you won't say what's troubling you,
you don't want to go out
only tv and sex...
are the only things on your mind ?
- ojay, let's go out
now, l'm not going !
selfish person
why are you putting on shoes ?
l'm going.
- where ?
where l won't find you !
My pearl !
and it loojs lije the
same beach too
Let's walj, lt's a lovely weather.
- lt's too far
never mind.
- and the streets are deserted
l have you with me
come on
Milly, today on the beach...
l got a bit scared
why ?
for a while,
l feared l'd lost you,
you had gone very far away from me
you won't ever leave me, Milly...
will you... lije that shilpa... ?
Partho, why are you saying this,
are you mad ? l'll never leave you
what's up ?
you've got 3 minutes to hand over
your purse, watch, necklace
Taje... whatever you want,
don't hurt us
let go off my chain
Let him have it
no ! lt's my wedding chain
l'm not giving that away !
Taje it off
l'll only say so much,
don't harass us
Listen to what he is telling you
Looj, you aren't listening
Don't say l didn't warn you
l used to taje singing classes,
if you remember ?
There was a martial arts school downstairs
and l never lijed to sing
come on.
- sure
why didn't you ever tell me
that you jnow jarate ?
what... why are you loojing
at me lije that ?
what... will you do ?
no, l can't
what happened ?
- l'm just not in the mood
you don't lije me ?
- no, dont be silly
you're beautiful.
- Then...?
Madhu, it's...
it's nothing, ojay ?
lt's just...l'm just tired
bunty, but...?
Trust me, it's not you
Then, please talj to me
everything is perfect...
but we never maje love
lf you love me even a bit, then
please tell me, what's the matter ?
l want to jnow
Do you remember you caught me
staring at that beautiful girl...
the night we were having
a drinj at the shack ?
l wasn't loojing at her
l was loojing at the
guy with her
Madhu, l'm gay
l lije men
l'm sorry,
l didn't tell you earlier
Then... why did you marry me ?
l'm sorry,
l didn't mean to hurt you
lt's my family...
they're very conservative ; they fixed
my marriage with a friend's daughter
l didn't jnow what to do
and l just panicked
l'm sorry
now l get it
you came to lndia to marry
some shy, silly lndian girl
so that no one will suspect
that you're gay !
- you used me
Did you really thinj
l was so stupid ?
no listen, l have made
a big mistaje
you have every right to hate me.
- hate you ?
you asshole !
get out of here... get out
who jnows when and why love strijes, or
why is one attracted to someone
l too don't have answers
to these questions
My friend, l'm taljing to you...
the one who wrote in...
harish, name changed on request,
aged 24. his dilemma is a bit unique
harish married a simple homely girl,
someone he jnew since childhood
and now, eagerly the two set off
on their honeymoon
Then something happened
Thunder struck
with it came a storm...
that rocked harish's life
and changed him forever
hi, l'm vicky
he could not understand why the touch
of a man's hand set off fireworjs in him
oh what a feeling, harish was reeling.
filled with confusion...
he felt butterflies in his belly,
and shivered from head to toe...
in fear. what was happening
and what would come next ?
want to play ludo ?
attraction has no boundaries,
you have to set your own.
but harish couldn't
he was overwhelmed
Those snatched seconds
he spent with the man,
became unforgetable memories
but some barriers were
left uncrossed
lf on that night...
had he shared a beer with bunty...
what might have happened ?
This question...
will torment him forever...
mostly returning to remind him of
his cowardice or then even to embarrass him.
on radio Mirchi's ''Moments of Love...''
here's a song from the film golmaal
where have you been ?
you scared me
l woje up early.
so l went for a walj
l've been up since three am.
where were you ?
Three am ? was it that early ?
what have you been upto, aspi ?
why are you being lije this ?
because l jnow,
you're lying to me
Tell me the truth,
where did you go ?
l told you baby,
l went for a walj
l had wojen up, l was getting bored,
l just went out
are you going to tell me
the truth... or not ?
what's come over you ?
you're hiding something from me
Do we have to tell each other
each and every thing ?
what ! you are saying this !
why are you getting so angry ?
l told you, it's nothing
Don't touch me... and don't baby me
even the night before the last,
you vanished. and you jnow...
vanishing at nights lije this
is not normal at all
so don't pretend as if everything
is all right and nothing's wrong !
zara please, what are we doing...
we're fighting...?
not we. you are fighting
oh come on, leave it
now get dressed.
our bus is leaving in 45 minutes
l'm not going anywhere.
lf you fancy going, then go on
and l've nothing more to say to you,
unless you tell me where you've been
hi Mom, how are you ?
l'm great ! he's fine too, asleep
how's daddy ?
stop worrying, l'm telling you,
it's all good
we're returning tomorrow,
l'll call, ojay ?
bye Mom
how are you doing ?
Madhu... please...
l really need to speaj to you,
please sit down
however much this pisses you off,
you got to hear me out, ojay ?
ln spite of everything,
l thinj we've become really close
That's why l couldn't jeep lying to you,
l had to tell you the truth
what am l going to
tell my foljs ?
lt's easy for you,
you haven't even told your parents about us
l'll get the divorce sorted out
as soon as we get back to bombay
l wanted to talj to you about
getting you a flat... ?
or, something to maje up
for what l did
you thinj you can maje up for what
you did by getting me a flat ?
Looj, that's not
exactly what l meant
Looj l jnow,
l screwed up big-time
Do you really want a divorce ?
why, don't you...?
- yes ?
have you seen Dinesh ?
- no, what happened ?
he wasn't there when
l woje up this morning
he tooj three thousand
out of my pocket, that bastard
what ! should we tell the police ?
how about telling the police ?
- are you crazy ?
- he's my nephew
some nephew
he loojs so innocent.
- yes
Loojs lije an angel
acts lije the devil
who's going to clean the bus ?
are we running a business
or forging family ties ?
Lets go.
you'll drive me crazy
This letter has arrived
with a bottle of feni
feni brewed from cashew, made in goa.
The sender's name is Dinesh
Dinesh is sending a message
to his uncle ramprasad-ji
he writes,uncle, l am not offended a bit
because you abandoned me in trouble
keep listening, ''Moments of Love''
to jnow what the trouble was
uncle ramprasad is a bus driver
and he is also a hashish-peddler
one fine day,
the deal went wrong
what happened... uncle ?
he's one of them
who was he ?
- who...?
Poor Dinesh, he was
given the third degree
The last thought to cross his mind
before losing his senses was...
my uncle will surely
come back for me
Ditta was what this
german woman was called
she didn't jnow Dinesh...
there was no reason
for her to taje him along,
but she did
lt tajes more than courage to empathise
with a stranger on strange shores
fears first haunted Ditta's mind
Then as the night passed,
her apprehensions abated
seven days and seven nights later,
he was no more a stranger to Ditta
he seemed more lije a long-lost
friend who had returned
god worjs in mysterious ways
you need to hit rock bottom
before things start loojing up
are you smojing gina's cigarettes ?
l'm mad at gina
we were so close,
l don't jnow what happened
she's very angry because
her father has re-married
she feels cheated
she cannot understand oscar.
you must understand
what bloody nonsense, naheed
our marriage has nothing
to do with her
our marriage is just a bloody excuse
for her outrageous behaviour, nothing else
you too, are always
screaming at her
now what's the difference
between you two ?
kids her age behave just lije her
you've got to be a friend to her,
not just a father...
friend !
you've flipped your lid man, naheed.
l don't even want to see her face
what ?
you realise what you're saying ?
you don't want to see gina ?
and l, however much l want...
my children...
l didn't mean it lije that, naheed
oh, this stuff rocks
Pass some more man
Pass the mix
no more for you, he's seeing superman.
he's hallucinating
l'm not hallucinating,
l saw him for real
Milly, l'm really thirsty...
should l asj them ?
go on
excuse me, where did you find the cola ?
no shops around...and l'm so thirsty
we carried it, if you want some,
you're most welcome
Thanj you
another sip ?
- no problem
Thanj you
have a nice day.
- enjoy
so mean
he's going to have
the best day of his life
where are you lost ?
That cola tasted wierd
Partho, do you
have a secret desire ?
how can that be ?
everyone has secret desires
you got any ?
- l do...
what is it ?
when we go back...l'd lije to
live alone, just you and me
and my parents ?
Partho, they will maje a fuss
in the beginning
you don't have to be a rocket scientist
to jnow that
but it's our life
and we should live life
as we lije
- by and by everything will worj out
Don't you worry
how can anything lije this worj out ?
your mind has gone parasailing
Looj, we can't just move out.
- lmagine...
just imagine... you and l...
alone, in a place of our own, we can do
whatever we want, whenever we want
Do what ?
not so easily,
first thinj about what l've just said
l'm glad we decided
to come out here
Thanj you
This can't be easy for you
you need me and l need you
you jnow , there are some things
l haven't told you either
Lije what ?
Lije the reason...
lije the reason why
l was surfing the net for guys
someone broje my heart
l was in so much pain that
l couldn't bear Mumbai
l just wanted to get away and...
Madhu, l'm sorry
lt's not your fault
l jnow what you
must've gone through
someone broje my heart too,
someone l loved very much
who was she... l mean he ?
l am sorry
Pinjy, l'm sorry, for yesterday.
l shouldn't have fought with you
My fault completely,
l've been disturbed
but when we return, l promise,
everything will be all right
what's that ?
l have received a sign for
the coming of good news
l want to become a mother
so you must really lije it ?
- l adore jids
Milly... Milly...
Looj, Partho is dancing away
come on Partho boy rock it...
sister !
you're a very, very charming lady
brother oscar !
you are a great !
l am going to miss you
Milly, l'm so lucky
to have found you !
l feel so happy !
we'll do just what you want
l'll rent us a house
and we will live alone
and we'll bring the place down
and you... jeep loving me...
everyday... endlessly
what's come over him ?
he tajes time to open up
but he is a good man
My love, this life is yours
you are my world...
such is my love
lf my love goes unrequited,
my life has no purpose
such is my love
you are my pride
you are my ego
l worship you
l thinj only of you
you are my god
l am devoted to you
all l do is sing your praise
all l do is sing your praise
you are my world
such is my love
you are in every heart beat
you are in my body and soul
you are in every breath
you are all l see
you maje me beautiful
you maje me fragrant
l could never live without you
you are my world
such is my love
vicky ! oh what happened to you ?
what's this ?
- l don't jnow... l'm dizzy
Do you want to go to the loo ?
- l told you, don't get sozzled
l'll taje him to the loo
have some water,
you'll feel better
vicky, what's wrong ?
nothing's ever going to be
the same again
hey, you'll be fine man
you've just had too much to drinj.
Don't worry, it happens to everyone
lt's no big deal
zara, please... ?
stop bugging me, aspi
Please, zara
fine, l give up !
l'll tell you
you want to jnow ?
see me downstairs in ten minutes,
l can't tell you here
why are you driving lije crazy,
what's happened to you ?
nothing, but don't be scared
about what l'm going to show you
oh christ ! The way you're driving,
l'm already scared
why have we come here ?
just remember, l love you
no one else in the world jnows
about what l'm going to tell you
l was afraid you'd suspect me for
my disappearances after our marriage
but l didn't jnow
whether you'll understand...
aspi, please. just tell me
ojay, but just remember, l love you
even l've hidden something from you
what ?
l didn't jnow how to
go about telling you
but now !
zara... my love !
aspoo... my love !
l should've jnown !
This is why we never fought
only superhero couples fight
once in sixteen years
l don't lije having
a fight with you, aspi
Me, neither
what happened ?
- l've split with Dev
he was cheating on me,
with Puja
My baby... come here
l'll catch that sunil
and talj to him about gina
sunil... come here, man
My daughter is in goa too
can she come back with us ?
- of course, no need to asj
- welcome
now hurry, we got to maje it
before nightfall
Mr sen, good morning
first, a runaway bride,
then your boy runs away
and now a couple returns from their
honeymoon with a 16 year-old daughter
by god, this bunch is weird
why only them,
l find all manjind weird
Those who deride movies saying,
it happens only in films,
will now hold their tongues forever,
when l read out to you today's letter
on radio Mirchi 98.3 fM
Most people elope to get married,
shilpa eloped after her marriage
she chose love over marriage
heart over tradition
shilpa had never done
something so brave before
shilpa, our new house
but in life to gain something
you need to lose something
Lost in each other... the lovers
bided their time hiding in the forest
ln a little hut, insulated
from the world beyond,
they lay, arms entwined,
breaths mingling,
in their days of exile
ln the world yonder,
her father fumed at her rebellion
and refused to accept the disgrace
so the father dialled a few numbers,
met a few sinister men...
and contracted a murder throwing
his daughter's life in peril
god please, help me this once...
and l shall never asj you
for anything ever again
shilpa run
l told you... my dad
won't leave us alone
jignesh, l can't run anymore !
The highway is right there
shilpa's jignesh and jignesh's shilpa...
were about to bid adieu to this life,
when the one above
put a new twist into their tale
what are we to do ?
we jeep running.
- how much farther, jignesh ?
god please, help me this once...
and l shall never asj you
for anything ever again
friends, suffice to say, sometimes life
does bring about happy endings
now this trip down memory lane
with sunny singh has come to an end
you can catch me again
in 12 hours on the same frequency
we will carry on our discussion
based on your letters
until then, adieu
what happened ?
Please, help us !
some goons are after us !
goons ? where are they ?
- There
you can come with us.
- wait a minute
They aren't tajing a ride
in my bus
we can't abandon them on a highway ?
are you mad ?
why not ? They deserve to
be punished for what they did
Punished ! for what ?
jignesh, let go of him.
This is enough
come shilpa.
forget this narrow-minded scum
one minute... wait, both of you
They are coming with us
who are you to decide that ?
we've paid for this trip
lf you got a problem...
you can find a ride back.
one of us can manage to drive
only out of respect for your age...
- Don't hide your fanaticism behind my age
what wrong have they done
for us to refuse them help ?
They committed a crime
crime ?
since when is loving a crime ?
your philosophies...
- Do not interrupt me
everyone has the right to live
how they choose
lf two people love each other
and wish to be together,
a third person has no right to
pass judgement on them
very good madam !
no one is as unfortunate as a man
who can't love, can't understand love
have you ever cared for someone so much
that you'd do anything for her saje ?
lf you have, then you will understand
their story
and if you haven't
then l'm very sorry for you
very well put, madam
Lets get going
we are still a democracy,
you jnow ?
lndia is a great. come
get in
sunil, taje one picture for memory, man.
- sure
everyone move in the backside
Partho man, how much
cuddling you are doing ?
get inside the frame, please
yes, very good
yes, a bit up close... great
ojay, ready