Honeytrap (2014) Movie Script

Boy: So what time we meeting your mate?
Layla, you walking very fast, son. What's the hurry?
Where we actually going?
These houses are a bit posh, innit?
-Bruh! Hey, come here! -Bruh, bruh--
[all shouting]
Help, stop! Man: No!
[voices overlapping]
-[thuds] -[men yelling]
[cries out]
[Woman speaking over PA]
[doorbell rings]
Well, look at you.
All grown.
Front room.
-You okay? -Yeah.
That's my room.
You're in here.
Gary's gonna move the boxes. He said he would.
It's nice.
I'll let you get sorted.
Thanks, Mum.
Does anybody want to go first?
-I'll go. -Come on, Phillip.
Show me something. What've you got?
Jesus, how much do you eat?
You're gonna have to pull your weight around here, you know.
Sure. Of course.
I work in a pub. Don't expect me
to cook your meals for you every night.
No, that's fine.
Why did Mammy not buy you new clothes?
She's always asking me for more cash.
I don't know.
Can't afford to buy you any.
Still a grumpy old bitch, is she?
Yeah. [chuckles]
You stay out of Granddad's way?
Lucky you.
We'll get used to each other.
[phone ringing]
-Baby. -Man: Hey, sexy.
-On my way, yeah? -Yeah, okay.
All right, baby, make sure you're ready.
[chuckles] Okay, bye.
You need to clean this up, okay?
Okay, Mum.
[vacuum whirring]
[child crying]
It's gonna be okay, isn't it, B?
[Mom and Gary chattering]
[Mom laughs]
Man: Now I feel like I'm baby soft, yeah.
Thanks to you.
Mom: I try.
-Hey. -All right?
Mom: Layla, this is Gary.
Oh, hi.
You're 15, innit?
And you're still wearing cartoon clothes.
-What? -Leave her, Gary.
You gonna make me feel like I'm royalty.
[Mom laughs]
-Ooh, go on, Queen. -[laughs]
Hello, miss. I'm new.
Oh, what's your name?
-Layla David. -Layla David.
[girls chattering]
Your accent. Where's it from?
-Trinidad. -Is it?
Hmm, that's not--
Sorry, Layla. You're not enrolled.
-What? -Didn't get the forms
back in time.
I'm afraid your place is gone.
Yeah, but I have to go to school, don't I?
Man: So, get this.
We're here today with Sharon and Nicky.
Nicky's biological father might actually be her grandfather.
-Sharon, you've-- -[TV turns off]
Why aren't you at school?
My place got taken by someone.
What you talking about?
They didn't get the form or something.
-So you're saying it's my fault. -No.
They say I can go to some center.
-Orchard secretary. -Why did you send
my daughter home?
What's your daughter's name, please?
Layla David.
Something about you gave her place to another kid?
Did you complete and return the acceptance form?
I filled in the form, obviously, when I came in.
The acceptance form has been sent to you.
What are you talking about, "other forms"?
What's the point in that?
-Mrs. David, I can-- -Why do you keep
repeating yourself?
Why are you talking to me like I'm Pitney? Why?
...Seventh of May, stating that if you don't return the forms,
-there's nothing-- -Oh, so you messed up,
and now I've gotta fix it.
What is it with some people?
So it's saying here this other place is down the road.
It's closer.
Right. Want to take a look?
Come through.
Can I see your bag, please?
Straight down, turn right.
Boy: Oi, Tonisha, show us your tits.
Tonisha: Shut up man. Go suck on your mum's tits.
Teacher: Tonisha. Feet down.
What's your name, hon?
Layla David.
Take a seat.
Tonisha: Anyway, so it was...
Tonisha: ...and I was just like, why is this girl--
Stop that!
Tonisha: ...so close to her eyebrows.
[boys snickering]
Tonisha: ...but why you gonna do it?
Boy: Hey, yo. I just want to say I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--
I didn't want to say that, about your tits.
Why are you turning around and getting involved?
I just want to talk to you.
[Tonisha chattering]
Why does this girl keep staring at me, bruh?
I don't know. She's a proper freak.
Why do you keep looking at me?
I just love your hair.
I was thinking about dyeing mine pink maybe.
So you want to hang with us, yeah?
That'd be cool, yeah.
Why would we want to hang with you?
Do something about your clothes.
-Mummy? -[knocks]
You can shut up, you know.
Well, it's Layla, man.
Allow--allow it.
Allow it, yeah?
Shut up, man.
Name's Layla.
Wait a sec.
-You got my legs. -Oh.
Bitches gonna hate us, eh?
Let 'em.
Go on.
Hey, new girl. What's your name again?
-Layla. -Just wanted to tell you
you have a sexy voice, that's all.
Everyone says I sound like Rihanna.
Yeah, you do.
Nice t-shirt.
-Thanks. -Let me see the shorts?
Turn round. I'm feeling them.
You're just a perv, Jerome.
You'll feel anything.
Come, Layla.
Tonisha: Eh, we need to look good for this video shoot.
Girl #two: Definitely.
I just--I'm not too sure about this, you know?
Don't try to chicken out, mate.
I ain't trying to chicken out.
For fuck's sake, you're not coming with us otherwise, yeah?
It'll be fine, Layla. I promise.
[music playing]
Yeah, that's right.
Too many scarves around here. Who even wears scarves?
[laughs] What you think about that
Yeah, no, I like that. I think that's nice.
That'll look nice...
I think this is nice. That will look sick.
This one, and the red leggings, size eight, yeah?
Kill it, babe.
Oh, my God, Layla, you got loads.
Oh, my God, I really love this one.
Aw, Tish, this'll look sick on you.
I know, right?
Have it, Jade.
Cheers, Tish.
So just act normal, yeah? Casual.
-Okay. -Don't say nothing dumb,
all right?
-Wagwaan, cuz? -You all right, cuzzy!
-Oi, that top's nice. -Layla got it me.
-Trying to steal, yeah? -She's a proper badman thief,
you know.
Layla, you should get my cousin something, innit?
-Yeah, sure. -No.
I only wear labels these days.
Tonisha: How much did you pay for them?
About 350. Allow it, Jamal.
Jamal: Oh, you know I love your arse.
Cousin: Oh, shut up, man, shut up!
Hey, you want some?
Nah, it's okay.
Go on.
Cousin: What you're talking about is too soft, you know?
Boy: Man, that's something.
God, yeah.
-Bye, Layla. -Boy: Later, Shaun.
-Bye. -Bye, Layla.
Did you see the way he gave her Trey Songz eyes?
[imitating Shaun] "Bye, Layla."
Hey, look how he walks off!
Girl: Ah, you're a badman, Jamal, still.
Cousin: All right, listen. I'm ready for my close-up.
Gonna call my mum, tell her come get Curtis, yeah?
Girl: Oi! I'm gonna be in a video.
Baby, bay-baby
[laughter, chattering]
Girl #one: Wait till you see what she's wearing.
Girl #two: I know! Oh, my gosh.
Yo, yo, hey, madam! What's going on?
Girl: Oh, my God, do you see what she's wearing?
Man: It's in the air as well, yeah?
Oh, no!
If Killa's here, it's gonna be a mad time.
Yo, yo, what's going on behind her?
Okay, can I get playback, please?
[loud rap music]
Focus, focus, man.
All right, can I get the girls in since we've got them.
Where do you want me, Mr. Director?
[audience catcalls]
All right, where's my girls? Come.
Tonisha, come.
Jade, come.
That's enough, that's enough.
You want to come on stage, babes?
-I can't dance. -Girl: You serious?
-Come, come. It's fine. -Come.
-[chattering] -Woman:
Why weren't we on stage?
Play nice, ladies.
I'm Troy.
I'm Layla.
Director: Okay, can I get playback, please?
[loud rap music]
I told you, I can't dance.
Don't have to.
You just stand there and look pretty.
So, Layla.
Am I gonna get your number or what?
-Yeah, okay. -Cool.
Give myself a missed call, yeah?
I'll call you.
-Later. -Bye, Layla.
-[door opens] -[overlapping voices]
Mom: She's sleeping.
Mom: Where you taking it? Ridiculous!
Gary: You'll always be impressed, innit?
Hey, we'll see you later, eh?
[both chattering, muttering]
[vacuum whirring]
[door opens, closes]
[approaching footsteps]
Why is the washing not on?
I'll go and do it now.
You think you're too good for this, don't you?
You probably think you're gonna be
like Beyonc or something, don't you?
-Oh, Layla. -Wake up...
or life is gonna slap you down, I'm telling you.
[phone ringing]
-Layla: Hello? -Shaun: Oh, hey, Layla.
-It's Shaun. -Oh, hi.
I hope you don't mind, I got your number off Jade.
Listen, come meet me at the club, yeah?
There's something you gotta see.
Layla: Shaun.
Hey. Yeah.
-Yeah. -Well, come.
I'll show you something.
[kids chattering]
Ah, that is hot.
[rap music plays]
That's you.
Mate, look at that video ho!
Hey, shut it, Dalton! That's not nice, you know?
No, that's okay.
I've been in lots of other videos back in Trinidad.
My dad owns a recording studio.
-You playing pool? -Yeah?
Handle this.
Hey Troy, your video's sick!
Ha, safe little man. Now come here.
All right, here you go.
Um, do you want to get something to eat?
Change is yours, yeah?
Make it a fruit punch, kid.
All right.
You know, the video looks so good.
Thanks for putting me in it.
That's okay.
If you need me for the next one, I'm available.
You know what? There's something you can do for me right now.
[both chuckling]
Keep score.
-Dre's a bad cheat. -Shut up, man.
Dre, you're bad news, man.
No, you're bad news.
Don't talk to me about that.
Oh, I don't know how to play.
It's all good, man. I'll teach you.
Think it's time for you to leave, bruh.
See you later, Layla, yeah?
Man: Watch him, man,
I think there's a problem with that.
He wants you bad.
Man: Fuck. Fuckin' A.
-You all right, yeah? -Yeah.
[music plays]
Ready for action, mate.
Tracking your moves, just like a satellite
Head still spinning from the shots and the bright light
You're still talking so it's one last try
When the beat right hits the beat tonight
How many words can you say without making a sound?
Don't look down, don't look round
Can't stop, one shot, hit hard, light rock
Hit hard, light rock
It's a bad night in a bad light
But it feels like it's gonna be all right
And I just might make the wrong fight
If it feels right, it's gonna be all right
It's a new sight, with a appetite
But it feels right, it's gonna be all right
'Cause it feels right, it's gonna be all right
So flip a coin to dictate our fate
We high like the Empire State
Anticipate, increase the heart rate
While we pick up the pace... You're all right, yeah?
This video is blowing up YouTube now.
Yeah? I told you it would go, cuzzy man.
-Blowing up the industry, man. -Fuck the industry.
We run the industry, my doggie.
We run the streets, rude boy.
We have to just plan our work and work our fucking plan.
Aw, fam, you know we keep doing this
to the meetings and that, fam.
-Come on. -Give me two seconds--
Yeah, do it.
Now, listen.
I've gotta chat a bit of business
with the boys and things, yeah?
-We can chat later. -Yeah, okay.
-Okay? -Mm.
See you later.
So what have you got to know, cuz.
Ah, so you say.
You're a blessed man.
Girl: Why is she following them?
Is that how you got the girl whipped?
Cuz, you need to allow it. You need to allow it.
Girl: I smoke that as well. This will be my fourth attempt.
Nah, I can't. Ah, talk to you after, yeah?
-Bye. -See ya, little one.
So you waiting for me?
Not really.
Just killing time, innit?
Why don't Troy and the other boys like you?
I don't know.
I guess I don't want to be part of the thing, I suppose.
Does that make you feel nice?
You gonna let me have a go?
Come on.
-[coughs loudly] -[laughs]
Pass it over. You gonna hurt yourself.
Oh, God. Okay.
That is nasty.
It's just a bit strong, that's all.
[laughs] I'm fine. I'm fine, yeah.
[Mom and Gary shouting]
Mom: I want you stay here with me!
Just stay! Stay with me!
Why you leaving?
I've woke up for two hours, I've made breakfast for you...
I've made an effort. Where are you going?
Now you're leaving? Fuck you!
Go on, get the fuck outta my house, get out!
Go on, fuck off!
[door slams]
That's okay.
-Mom? -Hmm?
I met a boy.
He's the singer in this crew, the 28s,
and they put me in their video.
Don't get pregnant, Layla, for God's sake.
What? No.
I'm not having a baby in this house.
I won't.
Do you want me to show you the video?
I can show it to you on your phone.
[club music plays in background]
[rap music plays]
It's, uh... it's like I'm famous.
I don't know. Sort of.
That's him.
Wow, babes, you look good.
Boom boom looked good too that night.
Quality not quantity.
[phone rings]
-What d'you want? -Gary: Yeah, I was
calling to see how you are.
Hold on, let me go upstairs.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I might be going out.
[car honks]
Hi. Sorry, just...
You look amazing.
So, uh...
you like it?
-It's okay. -[scoffs] Okay?
Jump in. Wow.
Knew you'd like it.
You know it's hot, innit?
The car. It's nicked.
You're all right with that, yeah?
Um, yeah.
I mean, I stole these clothes.
Bad girl, is it?
-Nah. -Yeah.
I have plans too, you know.
Well, I mean, I want to be something.
I don't have a plan, but it's more like a plan to have a plan.
A plan to have a plan, yeah?
Yeah, a plan to have a plan.
-All right, then. -[both laugh]
Oh, God. Yeah.
Don't worry.
You can be part of my plans.
My Trini princess.
Okay. Trini princess.
Okay. Um...
-Coming or what? -Okay.
Hold on. Wait.
-Hey! -[laughing]
There you go.
-Sorry. -It's all right.
Come here.
So, uh...
you been with a man before?
So I'm your first, yeah?
Maybe a little bit.
Don't be.
Did that hurt? Getting that done?
-No, nothing. -No?
It's okay.
Hey, sexy.
-Bruh, are you fucking stupid? -Whoa, whoa, wait.
-It ain't like that. -You're a big man, yeah?
You're a big man, yeah?
-You fucking-- -I didn't know...
Electronic voice: Please continue to hold.
Mm, nice.
Not sure of your choice of subject, though.
You don't want to idolize Troy.
-You don't. -I don't idolize him.
He's my boyfriend.
[laughs] He's your boyfriend?
-What? -What?
So have you seen this?
Go on.
Woman: Tonisha? Really?
Tonisha: What? [boy moaning ]
Shit, no.
[both laugh]
Teacher: For God's sake, Tonisha.
She thinks he's her man, so...
[doorbell rings]
Um, hi. Is Troy in?
And who are you?
I'm his... I'm just a friend. Troy? It's one of your friends.
-Troy. -What the fuck?
-Troy, I need to know. -What are you doing here?
Did you go with her?
What, did I say come to my fucking yard?
-Troy, did you go with her? -Shut up, man.
-Oh, my God... -Allow it.
-Come, please... -What the fuck is this?
-Get the fuck off me! -Come with me--
Shut up, man!
Come with me!
Ciara: Shame, boy
[laughing, chattering]
You fucking ho!
You fucking ho!
What is she talking about?
What did you just fucking call me?
[baby cries]
-Eh? -I said you--
[both yelling]
What the fuck you say? [shouting]
I hear you're nuts, you know?
Layla, Layla, look at the camera quickly.
Dumb bitch. [laughs]
Oh so you're too nuts, you know?
[wheezing, sobbing]
Ciara: I think this needs to go on World Star, you know?
What's with these bloods?
[baby crying]
Run home to Brixton!
[voices laughing]
[voices overlapping]
Mom: Oh Layla,
life is gonna slap you down, I'm telling you.
Troy: You look amazing.
[girls laughing]
Mom: Slap you down, slap you down,
slap you down...
Laetitia: Dumb bitch.
[voices laughing]
Troy: It's okay. Promise.
[muffled heartbeat]
[tires screeching, horns honking]
[loud thud]
[long, steady beep]
[no audio]
[beep continues]
Woman: Layla?
[patients coughing]
You're in hospital.
It's okay.
Take it easy.
-Is it broken? -No, just a fracture.
You were lucky.
-My mum... -Don't worry.
We got her number from your phone.
She'll pick you up tomorrow.
You hungry?
Come on, try a little something, hmm?
Hey, sorry to wake you.
It doesn't matter.
It's good if you can get some rest, though.
Shall I tuck you in?
You get a good night's sleep, okay?
Did you try and fucking kill yourself?
No, it was an accident.
Was it?
I've had Social Services round,
asking me if I've been beating you up, asking Gary.
You have any fucking idea how much shit you brought to my
Oh, no, no. Don't you fucking cry.
Fuck's sake.
You just don't do it, Layla. You understand?
-I'm sorry. -You do not do it.
I said I was sorry, okay?
[music playing]
Ah, who be the best round here
Sergeant round soldiers are stand out, clear
Pardon my boasting but most ain't near to me
I wait after fly flippin' near to me
I'm worth you kicking up a fuss
Shame come from fame, I don't give a fucking toss
I want them notes like I'm catching up in class
Might as well have 'pay me' tattooed on my palms
Shit, we should be cool flames are what would heed me
Betting on other teams but us could eat wages
Waiting for them to bust could take ages
Telescoping, wishing they were in the same spaces
Praying that they could trade places
Cause where we're pacing could assure their early grave
And I ain't worried about life
'Cause where I'm headed, know my bedding is a bunch
of stacks
We be the best 'round here
Far from on par with the rest out there
While we gonna launch the rest out here
The best out there the best round here
Fo' sho', you know
That we are the best out there, the best round here
Fo' sho', you know
That we are the best out there, the best round here
Shaun: Fuck all's been happening.
I missed you, actually.
I phoned you when you was at hospital.
Yeah, I know. So, did you not have credit?
Okay, don't think you can be my boyfriend, Shaun.
Look, I just want to be your friend.
Well, I don't need any friends, okay?
[chuckles] Okay, what?
-What's so funny? -Nothing.
What? What is it?
You're a proper soldier now, innit?
Sir, yes sir.
Hey, um...
Bought you a Blackberry.
It's got credit as well.
Why are you getting me things?
I like you, innit?
Yeah, well, you won't get anything for it.
-I know, I know. -I'm just saying,
I'm just saying.
It's okay.
-You like it? -Yeah.
Well, it's pink, so of course.
[both laugh]
[shutter snaps]
[shutter snaps] [shutter snaps]
Shaun: Layla?
You okay?
Do you want to kiss me?
I thought you wanted to.
Yeah, well...
So you're angry now?
Well, I do actually like you a bit.
I never lived with my dad in Trinidad.
-No? -I lived with my granny
and Granddad.
It was a bit...
Not good?
Yeah, it wasn't that bad, though.
And I don't talk about it, either.
I won't say anything.
I know.
Shaun? Yeah?
I mean it still about not wanting a boyfriend.
I don't mind what we call it.
There isn't an "it."
-You still into Troy? -What?
I fucking hate him.
My mum is coming back soon, so you should go.
Call ya, yeah?
[phone chimes]
[knocks] Hi.
Oh, hi, hi.
-Is Shaun in? -Yeah, he's upstairs.
-Come in. -Thanks.
You're Layla, right?
-Um, yeah. -Ah.
Take a seat.
I'll just be a sec.
-Shaun? -Yeah?
There's someone here to see you.
All right.
-Like your dress. -Oh, thank you.
-It's really nice. -Thanks.
I like your hair as well.
Oh, it's just one of them clip-on ones.
I'll put the kettle on, shall I?
Keisha, come.
Thanks, Mum.
So I came here to ask you if you wanted to go on a date with me.
-Maybe. -On a date?
[scoffs] "Maybe," okay.
Layla: Something on at the Academy?
Oh, that's that showcase thing.
Oh, yeah. I forgot that was happening.
Okay. Looks good.
'Nisha, look who's...
Ugh, someone's fucking desperate.
[girls laugh]
Ignore it. Don't listen.
-Come, let's just-- -No, I'd like to go in.
Come on, it looks like fun. Let's go in.
-But they went in there. -So?
Yeah, I don't think it's a good idea.
Come on.
That's not--Layla.
Hi. How much for the tickets?
It's all prepaid. You can't come in.
So I can't just buy one and queue up around there?
No, you can't.
Just gonna give you a quick search.
-Please? -Layla.
Just gonna search your bag.
Shaun: Leave it, yeah?
-You want to go to the cinema? -Yeah, um.
I just thought it'd be nice, you know?
Girl: Oh, my God!
Girl: Troy!
[cheers, applause]
Okay, now we should definitely go.
Girl: Troy, Oh, my God! Troy!
Shaun, can you wait?
Shaun! Shaun, can you wait?
Wait, wait.
[car alarm blares]
[phone vibrating]
Troy: I'm outside. Come down.
Let me in.
Why would I let you in?
If you're too scared, forget it.
Did he fuck you?
What's it to you, anyway?
I said, did he fuck you?
I'm not some ho like you.
Listen, don't lie to me, all right?
Don't fucking lie to me.
You can believe what you want.
Nobody touches you but me.
-Since when? -Since now.
I'm not your girlfriend.
But you want to be. [chuckles]
-I don't. -Nah?
Nah, I don't.
Come. Take me up.
I can do it here.
[clothes rustling, zipper unzipping]
[both grunt]
Do you fucking like that, do you?
You're gonna fucking like that!
[Troy grunts loudly]
-You can go now. -[chuckles]
You gonna see him again?
I said, are you gonna see him again?
I said I wouldn't.
If you do, I'll slice his pussy face open.
You hear that?
Let me go.
I said I wouldn't.
You belong to me now.
Say it!
I belong to you.
I don't get it.
You fucking lied to me. You're a fucking liar.
All of that date shit!
He treated you like shit.
Why are you still into him?
I can't help it.
You're so fucking stupid, Layla.
-No, I'm not. -Yes, you are.
-I'm not. -So fucking dumb.
[door opens, closes] You been nicking my stuff,
-No. -You're lying, Layla.
-I'm not. -You steal off me.
-That's some kind of sickness. -I didn't.
I've worked my whole life to support you.
This, this is how you pay me back?
Yeah, I never asked to be born.
How'd you get to be such a little bitch, huh?
You should know.
What do you mean by that?
You left me in Trinidad for ten years,
with Mammy never wanting me there.
And with him, trying to do things to me.
You stop now, Layla, 'cause I'm warning you--
It's your fault I am like I am! Nah! You're weak.
Mentally weak.
You didn't get that from me.
I had ten times more than you,
and I'm not broke like you.
[rings doorbell]
Um, hi. I'm here for Troy.
I'm his--I'm his girlfriend, Layla.
Is that right?
You'd better come in, then.
Troy. Layla's here to see you.
Listen, I'm going out now so make sure
you lot clean up after yourselves.
-D'you hear me, Troy? -Yes, Mum.
See you later, Porsche.
What's this, room service, little Bruh?
What, aren't you pleased to see me?
Game character: Satellite laser cannon, ready to fire!
You in my spot?
[music playing]
That's okay.
-Have a look? -That's okay.
Now I see you don't want any.
You still speak to that Shaun, yeah?
He's just--he's just a friend.
A friend?
A fucking friend?
Yeah, just a friend.
He knows you're with me?
So what the fuck are you doing, huh?
Think you can run the two of us?
I don't know.
Just don't lie to me, all right?
Don't fucking--
Don't fucking lie to me all the fucking time!
Stop fucking lying to me!
I'm not lying to you, okay? Troy, please!
What's going on?
This bitch has been seeing that fucking homo Shaun
behind my back.
-What the fuck? -I haven't, okay?
Fucking pussy hole.
I told you, I don't--I don't even care about him.
I don't give a shit about him.
I told you not to fucking lie! I swear to God!
I fucking hate him!
I told you enough times, you little slag.
Chill out, now.
You really hate him, yeah?
She might as well line him up for you.
And I'ma fuck him up.
-What-- -You're gonna set him
up for us, yeah?
-No, why-- -All right, listen. Look!
You gotta help yourself, you know,
'cause I ain't helping you again.
Make that fucking phone call, yeah?
[line ringing]
Shaun: Hello?
Layla, you all right?
It's Troy. It's Troy.
What? What happened, Layla?
He is so angry.
-Can I see you? -All right, when?
Are you all right? Are you okay?
-Now. -You want me to meet you now?
I'll come round yours.
Should I come round yours?
In Brixton at 2:00?
All right, cool.
Call when you're leaving, yeah?
-Thanks. -All right, and don't worry,
-Thanks, Shaun. -It's all right.
I'll see you soon, yeah?
What do you say, fam? You good?
I'm good.
[music playing]
[no audio]
-You wanna sit down? -Hmm?
You wanna sit down?
Check the time?
Be careful.
You okay?
[phone chimes]
Just a sec. Hello?
Woman: Hey, Shaun, babes. Hey, Mom.
You couldn't pick your sister up
from her party at 3:00, could you?
No, sorry, Mum.
Layla wanted to pick something up from Croydon.
We're riding on the bus.
Oh, all right. Don't you worry. I'll find someone.
You have a nice time and say hi to Layla for me.
Mum, if you don't find someone, you call me back, okay?
-Aw, thanks darling. -All right. Bye, Mum.
We could do this another day
if you have to do that thing for your mum.
Nah, it's cool, man.
I mean, we can go back to Brixton.
It's fine. We're nearly there, anyway.
Just texting my mum.
[phone ringing]
If that's Troy, you don't pick up.
Yeah, I'm not. Okay?
-You okay? -Yeah, yeah.
-Sure? -Yeah.
Ah, I think this is the one.
-Nah, it's the next one. -Really?
You said the one by the mast, right?
Shaun, don't get off.
Well, come, then.
Shaun: So what time we meeting your mate?
Layla, you walking very fast, man. What's the hurry?
Where we actually going?
[shouting, clamoring]
Shaun: Bruh, bruh, hey, guys, guys!
Stop, stop!
[all shouting, scuffling] [thuds]
[men yelling]
Pick him up--I can't--
[all clamoring]
No, Troy, stop!
Pull him up, man!
Troy, please!
Take everything, bruh.
Hurry up.
-Grab his phone, innit? -I got it, man.
...How we gonna leave it--
Hey, make sure that she dashes all the phones, yeah?
Fuck that, bruh, we did it, now come on, let's get going.
Now get rid of them. And yours.
[phone buzzing]
[doorbell ringing]
-Layla David? -Yes?
We need you to come to the station with us, Layla.
What are you talking about?
-We need to question your daughter.
In connection with a murder inquiry.
-Layla. -Can you get your
daughter's coat,
Mrs. David?
Shaun, I'm sorry.
-I'm sorry! -Layla!
[music playing]
[no audio]
[police radio chatter]
[guitar music playing]
I don't know what it is
Is it your blue eyes
Or the tenderness of your smile?
I don't know what it is
Is it the way you hold my hand
Or the way you, you stand like a man?
The show's all over now
So don't close the curtains, no
Well, say goodbye to the outside
And let, let the world see the light
I don't know what it is
Is it your beautiful skin
Or the way you, you look at me?
I don't know what it is
Is it your sweet face
Or the way you fill up my headspace?
The show's all over now
So don't close the curtains, no
Well, say goodbye to the outside
And let, let the world see the light
I don't know what it is
I don't know what it is.