Honour (2014) Movie Script

Oh sorry, I...
Beg your pardon.
No' nice thing you do.
Where are we, but?
Where... are... we?
What'd she fucking say, man, eh?
Speak our English.
You got a fucking problem, man?
Sorry... please...
See, if I was in your country,
for whatever reason,
I'd respect us locals a wee bit better.
Sorry, please... I no understand...
Learn the fucking lingo and get
out the fucking road when I tell ya to!
Your material?
He's not working?
Just leave it here?
I'll be right down.
Don't let it stick.
Call me when it's ready, eh?
Wanna catch up with mum.
Yeah, okay.
At work.
You know how it is.
When did you start?
Option a, Andres iniesta.
- A.
- Option b, David villa.
A, the answer.
Help yourselves.
Going to the toilet.
Adel not know kasim was coming tonight?
Why, what are we doing?
I can't control you any more.
Your father gone...
Life's hard enough for me.
It's hard for all of us, mum.
When a child brings more pain than joy,
what's left?
Is this child me?
I'm sorry.
For what?
You made us do this!
You made us fucking do this!
Fuck you!
She's dead?
Adel, be strong, son.
Upstairs, bring down the trunk.
It's been emptied.
I remember the first words...
I remember the first words
you ever said to me.
Finally got myself some competition.
Got more than you
bargained for, huh?
Got lucky.
Plus, the way you snore is well classy.
I do not.
I'm not gonna marry her.
Wouldn't be fair to anyone.
You're engaged.
Yeah, when we were three.
She's got her life there.
I've got mine here.
She's probably lying in bed with
some guy in lahore right now,
having the same conversation.
I doubt that.
It's crazy...
Families cutting these deals
before their kids can even speak.
What are we going to do?
What we want.
Not what they want.
Two big zaks with cheese,
double portion hot-wings, large fries,
garlic bread,
and a bottle of diet cola.
You didn't come for no burger?
Is it halal?
I just deliver the shit.
What's up?
You gonna do it?
You got money?
- Some.
- Has he?
He's got a car.
It's not like we've got a choice.
You always got a choice.
It's about making the right or wrong one.
Two people love each other,
why can't people be happy for them?
- He's punjabi, Mona.
- He's Muslim, adel.
Yeah, but that ain't how it works.
Somebody show me
where this is written?
Shit ain't scribed in
stone, it's the way it is.
And, you know it.
Well, I don't need to buy it.
Do you?
What I do or don't buy counts for shit.
Always has.
You were dad's favourite, kasim's, mum's.
Who cares what I think?
I care, adel.
I care about you.
And, it don't matter what you think.
Mum and kasim care about you, too.
What you do with your life...
We're your blood. What do you expect?
If dad was around,
things wouldn't be like this.
If dad was around,
you wouldn't be pulling this shit.
We're going tomorrow night.
We've got to.
I just wanna know you're
gonna be all right.
I'll be all right.
I'm gonna get your room!
sorry, babe.
Got caught in traffic.
You got the car, then?
Yeah, got it for tonight.
My dad needs it, okay.
Do we need it?
Where's your suitcase?
Why weren't you answering my calls?
There's word if we go through with this,
people might get hurt.
This isn't about my brother, is it?
Your brother? No. Not about your brother.
I'm talking on my side.
You broke off the engagement?
- Her family... it's them?
- Don't matter who.
We got to take it seriously.
I mean, this could be life or death.
We don't know.
So let's go! Get out of here.
We don't leave. Not tonight.
But, you still want to?
Right now...
Let's just slow things right down.
Do what we need to take
the sting out of this.
We won't see each other any more?
Babes, let's not make
this any more difficult.
- We stand together, yeah?
- Without being together?
Look, if you want to marry your
little virgin, just bloody say so!
Hey, I swear, I ain't marrying no one.
I'm just trying to see the bigger picture.
For our future's sake.
I need to go to the toilet.
Leave your bag here?
Stuff I need inside.
Baby, do you need
help with that?
Salaam, sister.
Checking up. You gone?
He with you? You driving or what?
You gone or what?
He hasn't got a car.
Where are you heading?
It's over.
I'll deal with that punjabi fuck later.
I can't go home, now.
Mona, listen to me.
If you can hear me.
You said you cared about what I think.
If you split now, I'm copping serious shit.
You know that.
So, if this ain't happening, come home.
For me.
I love you, adel.
I like you.
You no like me, my people.
I like you.
To me, skin colour, nothing...
No important.
We all have habits, yes,
each culture, but...
We all different.
Each... individual.
Maybe, you don't like something I do.
I no like something you do.
What we can do?
If whole world same,
life become boring, no?
Devil no after your skin.
He want what's inside.
There is the man.
And you... are right man.
I can see.
Doing good job for your people.
Good job for my people.
Keep everyone happy.
They tell me at mosque, you right man.
But, I need to see my own eyes.
You right kind of guy?
Keep cool...
Do job...
Business is business?
So we do business.
You have your own woman?
Gonna need details.
N.I. Number, d.O.B.
She got a passport?
No. Definitely not.
Good, neither have I.
'Bout medical problems?
She's mad.
Is she on medication?
Kasimi no.
She been sectioned?
- Who says she's mad?
- She's crazy girl.
'Bout police?
She no go near police.
She won't have gone far.
Just bring her back.
We worry for her.
She no understand what she doing.
She too young.
Maybe she doesn't wanna come home.
It's possible, yes. Might be.
What kind of person who no even
want to see their own mother?
What use this person for living?
You understand?
If girl no want to come home,
what guarantee you can give me?
I'll find her first.
Deal now.
You right man, yes or no?
I go ask police, they find free.
No cost me 8,000.
What guarantee you give?
Less of you, the better,
as far as I'm concerned.
I like you.
But you bring me proof.
Where'd you get the ink, mate?
Shop job.
I ain't been inside or nothin', no, man.
D'you earn it?
Are you for real?
I ain't killed no coloured or nothin'.
No, man.
Get yourself one of these, put it right.
'Cause if you haven't earned it,
get it fucking removed.
Jameelah was 19 years old,
and she'd lived in this area
of southall her entire life.
Her friends say
she'd been happy and outgoing.
But, within recent months,
she'd begun to keep to herself.
Now, neighbours don't report hearing
any kind of disturbances from the house
until the night of October the 7th.
And this is when several people
reported hearing screams.
Now, this is a very closed community,
so establishing the facts
may take some time.
However, what does seem clear is that
the young, heavily pregnant woman
came home,
and she was subjected to,
what police described
as a "frenzied stabbing
of brutal ferocity."
Neither she, nor her
unborn child, survived.
Her father and two of her own brothers
have been arrested early this morning.
Made the news again.
Becoming a celebrity.
Cult hero.
They wanted her done.
You did your bit. Got paid.
Rather done it yourself?
Wouldn't be all over the
fuckin' news if I did.
Hmm. It was extreme.
This family, I shall have to speak to them.
They could have at least waited
'til the girl had given birth.
The other family?
I met them.
I don't wanna meet any more.
After this, I'm done.
It's a great service you're doing.
The reward's not just in this life.
You met others inside.
Why don't you give them the spotlight?
And the money?
Nice little nest-egg you must have by now.
Or, if you're finding
some moral reason, my friend,
maybe it's time to convert to islam?
This heat don't suit my skin.
And if you're a Muslim,
I must be the fucking pope.
See you in hell.
Working hard?
Nice. New?
What you up to?
Same old, chasin' pakis.
I can't do this any more.
Details are on the back.
You've got my numbers.
She shows up, I wanna know.
Get yourself some petrol.
Have a good look.
You've got my number.
Hey, boss man,
let me know if you see her about.
Seen her about?
What is this?
I said, get out!
You th' guy lookin' for Mona?
Maybe. Who's this?
You a bounty hunter or some shit?
Are you some fucking time-waster?
Nah, I'm her boyfriend. Was.
Then let's hook up.
You tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.
Aright, I'll meet you.
So what, her family hired you?
You dump her or she dump you?
It weren't like that.
So, what happened to the big romance?
What'd her family tell you?
Should they tell me?
Should be tellin' you what
the fuck they know.
Did you meet her brother?
Yeah? Which one?
I don't know.
Y'all look the fucking same to me, man.
Nah, man. Not this paki.
He don't look nothin' like the rest of us.
Yeah, I met him. So what?
They ain't told you.
So, why don't you tell me?
Look, whatever the fuck he's up to,
he ain't nailin' me for it, no way.
An' believe me,
if that guy wanted to find his own sister,
he don't need your help.
Not unless somethin' ain't right.
So what's his fuckin' story?
Allahu akbar!
ahead of us
please hold for...
How is Allah?
Got a new lens.
For shootin' tits.
Gotta make a family call, mate.
Salaam, bhai. Yeah, what's the big news?
- Can you talk?
- Yeah.
Just don't freak out
when I tell you what I'm gonna tell you.
What is it?
It's about our sister, man.
She's checking some punjabi launda.
I should' a told you 'bout this
before, mate, but you...
It might be too late. I just saw her. I
don't know if I can stop them. Not alone...
Oh, oh, oh.
She's running away with this dude.
That's the fucking headline!
But, I'm gonna be there on time.
Listen, if anything changes...
- What language was that?
- Urdu.
- Good to learn some.
- Yeah, mate, I'll teach you.
- What we got here?
- What else? Domestic.
- Let's go.
- Yeah.
All right, love?
- Adel.
- He's there?
- Just pulled up outside his work.
- Yeah, okay.
So, how are we gonna play this?
I'm going in.
You goin' incognito or what?
Nah. Let this fuck know who
he's dealing with.
I'm sorry. Your name is...
- Are you Mona's brother?
- Do I look like her?
- Where is she?
- Packing her suitcase.
She's going to Pakistan.
She's gettin' married.
To one of her own.
S'okay, 'cause she don't know
shit 'bout it neither.
Cause I'm telling her later
right after you meet her and you tell her,
that runnin' away together
ain't a smart thing to do.
'Cause at least one of you are
gonna end up dead.
You're meeting her later?
You are.
I'm coming with you. Make sure you do...
Tell her.
Don't fuck with my family!
You okay?
Yeah, but I'm ready to stop fucking about.
Listen to me.
Just go back to your life after this.
Just walk out.
And we'll take her home.
I'll have the keys until you get back.
For fuck's sake!
He knows we're watchin'.
Got your bike?
I don't jump no red lights or shit.
Gonna have to pull some stunts to keep up.
She got a bus.
- Where the fuck is she?
- Don't see her.
Text him now.
What the fuck are you playin' at?
You greasy little fuck!
He got it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Where the fuck's he goin' now?
The key!
Lock it fuckin' down!
Oi! Where the fuck is she?
You mean the girl with a suitcase?
- Yeah, how many ways out?
- She went up ramp!
Find the stairs. Find her. We got your car!
It's my dad's car! It's not mine!
Man, please!
Dad'll kill me.
You don't understand.
If I go home without this car, I'm...
He ain't got her.
Get in the fuckin' back.
How long after I left
'til this fuck came back?
Nah, not that long. Few minutes.
- Phone her.
- We've tried.
She won't pick up.
Phone her. Find out where she's gone.
Speaker phone.
Hi, it's Mona's phone.
Leave a message and I'll call you back.
Don't know what else to do.
- You phone her.
- Me?
Yeah. She trusts you.
I ain't puttin' it on speaker.
Salaam, sister.
Checking up. You gone?
He with you?
You driving or what?
You gone or what?
Where are you heading?
I'll deal with that punjabi fuck later.
Listen to me, you said
you cared about what I think.
If you split now, I'm copping serious shit.
So, if this ain't happenin', come home.
For me.
I love you.
Where's she?
She didn't say.
Doesn't matter, man.
She's headin' home. Trust me.
You check the train station.
We'll do the bus and back to my car.
And we'll decide exactly
what to do with you. - Yeah.
Start worrying about what the fuck
we're gonna do to you.
Oi, get goin'.
You got your bike.
I'll meet you at home.
Assalam, son.
Take your jacket, son?
She's here!
We're making some food for you.
Why didn't you call me?
Where's adel?
I'm going up. Look my material.
Go see your sister.
You don't think. Send her home.
I told you, son.
It's too late.
What she's doing to your father's name.
Your name.
You need to take your children home
one day, inshallah...
I need to go home. One day.
- What's adel been doing?
- He's weak.
Back home, you are a king.
Beautiful girls. Clean.
Girls who know the meaning of honour...
You made us do this!
You made us fucking do this!
She's dead?
Adel, be strong, son.
Upstairs, bring down the trunk.
It's been emptied.
Do it now!
Help me, son.
Quietly! Quiet.
We gotta get on the road, soon as.
Let me out, man!
Could you check my leg?
Something cut me in there.
It's nothing. Come on.
You get the end.
Wait up, wait up.
We're opened at the back.
Keep the engine on for the heating.
- If anybody comes...
- Don't worry about me, son.
One, two, three.
Come on.
That's it. Come on, come on.
We can't do this now.
You wanna go back now?
I didn't know.
She knew.
What did she think was gonna happen?
We'll say she's run away from home.
And the punjabis are witness to that.
Punjabi done us a favour.
And he ain't saying shit.
Fuckin' hell!
- What's she done?
- Just fuckin' wait here.
What's wrong with you?
Oh, shit!
Fuck you.
It wasn't me. Mona!
Kasimi adel!
- Trying to tell me I fucked up!
- Look at my face.
How the fuck did she
get out the fucking trunk?
Look at my face, man! I saw these, okay.
- What the fuck is that?
- She had a knife.
I need to go to a hospital.
Listen to me, listen to me!
No fuckin' hospital, man.
Stop being a fuckin' pussy.
We'll find her and finish this.
What way did she go?
Where did she go?
Fuckin' bitch! You're dead!
What the fuck are you looking at?
Glass of orange juice, please.
The fuck you playin' at?
Not your fuckin' game, boy.
Hunt's over for me.
Got your money, minus a few expenses.
I'm done.
Proud of that shit, aren't you?
Just keep pourin' that shit down.
'Cause it might be a different colour
country by the time you wake up.
Fuckin' nightmare as it is.
What? Great Britain? Those days are gone.
You know it.
You can feel it in your soul.
Ain't never comin' back.
Not the way you want it.
Next time they call this country "great",
you're gonna be the minority.
Was a time we were great, man.
Men were men.
Women were women. Slaves were slaves.
Folk knew their place.
Everythin' was great
then women and slaves got ideas.
It's been fucked ever since.
- I want you to finish this job.
- Uh-uh.
Lost your appetite?
It's not business, it's personal.
Halfa g
I'll get you another half
on top of my mum's deal.
I don't want her coming home.
That's my deal.
And, then we're both done.
You want this paper, mate?
Nah, I've already read it.
Sure you're done with it?
- What've you got for me?
- First claim on the system today.
The name's screened,
but I've got a match on the n.I. Number.
'Bout profile?
Yeah, profile matches. Got an address.
B'n'b, single women, all claiming.
Half-way house type place.
Look, I'm done now, yeah?
You all right?
- You wanna eat something?
- No. I'm not hungry.
- I should be getting back.
- Home?
I'd like to see you get there in one piece.
I was lucky to leave that way.
Look, I appreciate what you did.
But, I gotta go. I'm sorry.
- You're runnin'?
- I haven't stopped.
Ah. Take a breather. While you can.
- Cup of tea.
- Sort you out.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Tell me your story, I'll tell you mine.
I'm not sure that's such a good idea.
- What's your name?
- I'm nobody.
- And, who's rose?
- No one.
It's my mother's name.
Never knew her, never will.
I've only got one photo.
That's my story, end of.
- Never knew your mother?
- Mmm.
Bitch didn't want to know me.
But, you love her enough.
- You got kids?
- No.
- Not interested?
- Nope.
Well, if you don't want
'em, don't have 'em.
You get what you want in life,
but not how you want it.
You either live with that, or you don't.
That's my story.
- You ready to order?
- Uh, just give us a minute.
- Is that your phone?
- Huh?
Hey, you should eat something.
Yeah, uh... I need to go to the toilet.
- The toilet's through here, yeah?
- Downstairs.
Somebody, please!
Stay away! Stay away from me!
Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up
shut your fucking mouth.
Shut up! Don't you be a silly girl.
Shut up!
You don't want the police here
any more than I do, now shut it!
Are you gonna be quiet?
Are you gonna be quiet?
Fucking shut up
or I'll put this in your eye.
Do you hear me?
Who are you?
I find people. That's what I do.
You fucking pig.
But it's your people
that wanted the service.
My mum?
They give you money?
And when you find me, what then?
Take me back to them?
They don't want you comin' home.
I'd rather it was you.
It's the only copy, yeah?
Keep the phone. It's clean.
It's warm.
This morning.
You early bird catch worm?
Where worm hiding?
In town, women's refuge.
Yeah, well, we all have
our minds fucked with.
Don't speak it.
Know your enemy.
She'd rather it was me, than you.
That's your sister.
Deal is a deal.
You bring proof. What else I can ask for?
You no break contract. So, I no break.
People no trust people
who no keep contract.
Without honour, life is nothing.
Where is she?
The body.
I'll send you a map.
We gave that man money,
to kill our sister.
She wasn't our sister, she was possessed.
That's Mona, your blood...
Take it to your cousin's shop.
Ask what he thinks.
Your sister couldn't have a heart this big.
Trust me.
- Keep your fast this year?
- Uh, yeah.
Most of them.
Gotta do 'em all, cus, gotta do 'em all.
For the next life, innit?
Started shavin' or summat?
How's me aunty?
She's good.
How 'bout the little property tycoon, Mona.
She sold a house yet?
So, what's this you got for me?
Need you to take a look at this
and tell us what you think.
Aright. Put it on here.
Let's have a little look.
Are you sayin' you don't know what that is?
Both of you, are you sayin' you don't
know what the fuck this is?
That you've brought into here, to my shop?
- That was my call, brother.
- You called it wrong, man.
'Cause someone's havin' a fuckin'
laugh at you. But, it's not funny.
We didn't know who else to ask.
You're some fuckin' detective,
if you can't tell a pig's
heart from a human's.
Is that what you thought it was?
- You sayin' that's swine?
- I'm sayin' get it the fuck out.
An' don't tell nobody
you brought it in here.
You'll fuckin' ruin me.
I can play fuckin' games.
Get out.
Get the fuck out.
You're the big boss.
- I know your mother.
- Yeah.
But, let's talk about your prison buddies.
You think she believes it?
Better get goin',
you need to get out while you can.
We get a bus to campbeltown,
we get off at tarbert.
The bus goes on.
We get a ferry, maybe a boat.
You're going, too?
To this place.
Fresh air.
Needs work but I've made a bit of money.
Nest egg-
you bought this place?
Do you believe it?
Once upon a time.
We must secure the
existence of our people,
and a future for white children.
Who are you?
I'm not what you see.
That fire's been dyin' a long time.
There's no life in it any more.
what works is what gets
you to the next step.
That's all I'm offerin'.
One step. Away from here.
The next one's up to you.
Is that you?
You don't have to turn out like me.
My brother, kas. It's him.
Could you open the door, please?
It's the police.
You're a stupid fuck.
Have you got that bitch in there?
I want her to come out.
I want my money, too.
I smell what you're up
to, you fucking whore.
Take the tickets. The back window.
Get out of here.
- Okay.
- Go.
See, acting on a tip-off,
the officer attended a premises
where it was alleged his sister
was being held hostage.
The informant gave sufficient
reason to believe
that firearms could be involved.
I spoke to your prison buddy, mr holy man.
Get out of here. Meet
you at the station. Go.
I'm gonna be comin' in
on your little operation.
I guess that makes us partners now. Yeah?
I know you're in there.
So, open the door and let's talk.
It's locked. I check all that kinda shit.
It's what I'm trained to do.
That kafir, he can train me,
but he can't programme me.
Not the way they've programmed you.
I swear my oaths, but I keep my loyalties.
That's the difference between us.
You don't put the family first.
no matter what, you're my little sister.
I'm gonna give you one choice,
and if you make the right one,
I swear I'll tell your mother,
and our little brother,
that when the time came,
you put the family first.
You're gonna walk, yes,
or I'm gonna throw you off.
Or, I'm gonna fucking throw you off.
Get the fuck up.
Dad'll be waitin' for you.
Yeah, and when he asks me,
how his son filled his shoes,
I'll tell him.
How he preserved his good honour
and his name
by sacrificing one of his own children.
When not even the God we worship
would allow it in his name.
I'm sorry.
I did. I took it... I took it...
Take it. Take it. Fuckin' take it.
That's nice, that's nice.
Just stay with me, yeah?
Ah, fuck. Mmm.
I don't even know your name.
Have it, love it,
don't leave it, ever... no...
Don't let it be none of what it is.
I'm done.
Are you gonna kill your own brother?
Let God stop me.
That's all I'm offering. One step.
Next one's up to you.
Where... are... we?
What'd she fucking say, man, eh?
Speak our English.
Sorry... please...
See, if I was in your country,
for whatever reason,
I'd respect us locals a wee bit better.
Sorry, please...
I no understand...
Learn the fucking lingo and get
out the fucking road when I tell ya to!
Give 'em a wash.
Hey, I won't miss Scotland.
See if this one speaks English.
Yeah, but you think she can
speak with my big cock...
right in her mouth?
What do you think
she's got in the bag?
Tell her to hand it over.
What's she fucking talking about, man?
Speak our English.
How about you tell me your story
and I'll tell you mine?