Hooking Up (2009) Movie Script

- Would you try your semen?
- Not intentionally.
- But would you?
- Yes, maybe I have.
- Perhaps?
- If, as I was towards the straw.
- You will?
- I do not always wash after...
for me the straw, depending on what
going to do, if I go to...
my grandparents if
but if I'm sitting in the...
dining table,
probably not...
and it depends as
get my hands on.
- You know.
- The 3rd is my turn. You still are on the 1st?
We are in
- Must be very intellectual.
- Fuck.
John, I can ask what
is your darkest fantasy.
- This should be good.
- I've never told this to anyone.
but I think a lot
it would be very hot...
if a girl had a
deformity of two vaginas.
- Shit.
- How does it work?
I'm not sure I'm not a
expert in anatomy, but ..
is a good idea, I have
to give credit for that.
I think so, but not
I imagine in my head.
Any above the other,
from side to side, or horizontal?
Horizontal, as a
china vagina?, horrible.
I did not say vagina china.
're Putting words in my mouth.
I'll put my penis your mouth one soon.
There may be one above the other
it would be a huge vagina.
- That is good but not what we want.
- A side by side.
If we are not going to elaborate.
- The image is what matters...
- Ah, she's unconscious.
- Fuck.
- Very funny.
Very relaxed you are with this girl
you take off your pants, panties.
And "bam!" double action
Double your fun.
Those are rare things
"Total Recall" on TV.
- As the girl with three boobs
- She was hot.
Three tits is hot but
two vaginas is warmer.
Yes, but you will need 2
penises to enjoy it.
- You have the hands and feet.
- She can fuck with two in one.
No, find yours, this is mine.
- And what about the rule, two periods.
- I thought of that, periods
Periods ranging from one
the other vagina vagina.
So when this des-ovulating
the other is ready to "Rock N Roll."
You know what a period
is when the uterus...
Enough with the terms
clinicians this is a fantasy.
- Exactly.
- And in this world, no periods.
A fucking love that.
I like how you think
those on my side.
Melt in my mouth,
not in my hands.
April Winters - Age: 16
(Want this!)
Interests: Shopping, Friends
No problem.
Hey, thanks for inviting this
this good. It's a great party.
It's a great party.
Again, who is this?
I'm John, the System...
Political System, I'm John.
I am your partner in
the Cuban Missile.
Oh. Ah...
Susan, I would like to upload
and discuss the project...
John Johnson - Age: 17
(I love sex)
Interests: Girls, Porno
Michelle Jordan, Age: 15 +
Interests: Study, Tyler
Mr. Kimbal
37 points.
No wait, stay lying down.
I will do it all.
Tyler Smith, Age: 17
Interests: Exercise, girls
Losing it.
Colin Winters - Age: 17
Interests: Girls, Guys?
Nicholas Cage.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Ryan Thompson - Age: 25
(No fatties)
Interests: Young girls, X-Box
- I'm Laura.
- I'm Amanda.
I'm Ryan.
So you know?
Since the fifth grade.
You know you're out of this world.
Been told you have
beautiful feet.
I do not know if you understand but
I'm not for you, for nothing.
Why him?
You see, there are many people
waiting and no offense but...
Do not have a chance.
But you definitely have a chance with me.
My sister talks to men
you think are hot.
Shut up!
Think you away with it!
I want to suck your
fallopian tube.
- Come on dad.
- I'm thinking.
Dr. Jordan - Age: 45
Interests: Words, Junk food
Being a director.
Look, we just
the "Soy crisps
It seems that you are
having to fill it.
A Soybean you love her.
Look for more.
Dad's your turn.
This is our
little secret.
Caroline Roberts - Age: 16
(I love)
Interests: School, Friends
Ryan: -)
Give me a second.
Not important.
I'm Ryan, leave a message.
Hi love me, just wanted to tell you
good night and sweet dreams...
and I love you, hope you're
having fun with your friends today.
So call me tomorrow.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Want to go upstairs?
- Mint?
- No thanks.
Oh, I have no condom.
All right.
I'm sitting on the couch
two girls sit...
One is cute and
other is chubby, but okay.
Then comes the third.
Grab my hand, leads me
mama me up and the penis.
- Where is the invitation?
- Sorry, I was somewhat last minute.
Understand how these things are.
And how will you Caroline?
- What about her?
- Yeah, what about her?
Nothing, she basically
does what I want.
- You must.
- What is?
They are wondering, I have
test them. Check this out.
- Hello.
- Caroline love, I miss you so.
Actually I have to see now.
- What, now?
- I was thinking you know...
If you could come and taste them...
Heavens, how many you need in one night?
Baby, it's 3 am,
I have school tomorrow...
Only fltate.
I can not drink, I have much to do.
At this time there are a good girlfriend.
If you were a good girlfriend
would do anything to come here.
Drinking, you know that I
I love and would do anything for you.
But now I can not.
My friends are gone.
I will go there for me
des I sucked, okay?.
I'm coming.
Talk to you soon bye.
You like that, you like.
Dirty whore, I know you love it.
Call me, April.
Good morning students
For the latest news.
The initiative to abstinence
from 1 October.
Condoms, "dental floss" and
flavored lubricants...
are no longer available
in nursing.
Please remember that this year
the dress code is strict.
And all the girls
"Dental floss" view
shall be punished with
a stop time...
in my office.
In short, words of wisdom today
No more attempts, only what to do.
Thanks, that's all and that
have a glorious day.
And speaking of tours, he
missed a good night.
- I went to a party.
- Monday?
Yes, parents of Jessica
were not, I invite some people.
- Who?
- A friend of mine.
- Oh, the chubby.
- Yes, I believe that April was there.
- From time to time I saw her.
- What does that mean?
I think that is what it means.
- Fuck.
- I have heard talking about it in the classroom.
And the news is what has happened
all day in the room.
I saw her coming and going
with a couple guys.
Were you one of them?
As I thought.
- I do not know how you do it.
- What?
- Living with April, have you seen naked?
- Eg...
Some action last night, did you just
sat there drooling?
Let's say I had doubled.
- Menage Trois?
- No second base.
- With whom?
- This girl.
- Do not know.
- Taste.
Yes, what is your name?
Or you're just lying.
I do not know your fucking name,
had people next to me...
they were kissing and this
girl was unconscious.
You're pathetic.
Boobs touched many last night
great guy. Exactly.
If I did not make love to conjoined twins
before the age of 30 commit suicide.
What the hell are you looking.
- It's research.
- From the Cuban Missile Crisis.
No, it's more interesting than that.
What the hell is that?
Hear of the "Glory Holes."
We are not all perverts like you.
Colin you know what
a glory hole, right?.
- Maybe.
- Again, Colin is also perverted.
- What is it?
- A small hole in the dying and someone sticks his penis.
and across someone masturbates.
- Anyone?
- A hot girl.
Not always.
And this happens where?
- I do not know how common it is.
- This is fiction pornography.
You are so brainwashed with this
shit and have lost touch with reality.
- Where is Caroline?
- Do not know.
I do not think she is lost
- Try this with her boyfriend.
- Do you think that at least is real?
Why a college man
I would like something with it?
Yes, I know she has been
out to 6 months.
And have not seen it even once.
Suspect that if she was
invited to the party last night but did not come.
I heard you spent good
times at this event.
Everyone is talking about it.
Should it?
Attention students
Due to numerous complaints from parents
the upcoming production of "Vagina Monologues"
has been postponed indefinitely.
Remember to vote next week
whether it will be replaced by "Cat's"
or "A girl like you"
- What will you do now?
- Nothing.
- Would you hang around?
- Your sister is very good.
- My house or yours?
- Yours.
Large pepperoni pizza.
Is this your sister?
- Do not know.
- I ordered a cheese...
Okay, the pepperoni is free...
I have to go to the bathroom.
It's really a great pepperoni.
Have you heard of the "Glory Hole"?
It is a small hole in the wall
where the man puts his penis...
... And someone on the other side sucks.
Good girl.
How nice it looked Mr. Kimble
He is so old. Is 32.
- Reminds me of AC Slater.
- What?!
- If it is someone is Screech.
- No way.
I like men who are a bit...
I like...
- I like Tyler.
- Tyler is hot.
- Hello Mr. Kimble.
- Call me John or Jonathan.
- Good to see you again Dr. Jordan.
- Please call me Mike.
Do you?
My wife tells me that the dye
food causes cancer in rats.
Who knows it.
I just came to see if everything
is fine and comfortable...
Yes, good kids.
In fact your daughter Michelle...
- It's in my chemistry class.
- And she does not stop talking about you.
He says you do great things
with the Bunsen burner.
Speaking of lighter, I'll have
a barbecue tomorrow night
I would like you to come and share.
- Yes?
- Yes.
I think it would be a good opportunity
for you to meet other teachers.
As you are new to the area.
- I love barbecue.
- Who does not like?.
I'm buying a box
Tofu Dogs whole.
Some veggie burgers...
And Frank's English department,
the account of the funniest stories.
"I can count on you?
- Of course.
- Good!
I knew you'd want John!
Winters appeal to make, no
We answer the phone now...
but leave a message
and we will contact.
Hello April and Colin, I hope
having a nice day
I will work late tonight
Dad is in town.
be alone for dinner tonight.
To order whatever they want with the credit card.
I hope to be at 9:00.
I love them.
- What happened last night?
- That one I met with some people.
- April.
- Do not know if it sounds strange, but still a virgin.
So what happened?
I just collect.
- What does that mean?
- Not all are prudish Michelle.
Just because all have not done much,
does not mean that everyone is like you.
Well, I feel like
I'm losing.
You have so much attention.
Everyone knows who you are.
You're not a prude...
Just go to the next level.
What, is easy and fun.
And they love it.
I love that kind of control.
- You bitch again.
- No big deal.
It's like shaking hands, but
Instead of using the hand you use your mouth.
- And instead of the hand of another...
- I got it.
You like that, right?
What, do you want to do
singa harder?
I know I can endure,
I do not know if you can.
I'm not interrupting anything?
I was... sleeping.
- Is your box of condoms in the bathroom?
- What?
They are not mine, and I'm pretty sure
Dad had a vasectomy.
- What Mom is not here?
- Do not know.
- With whom you are gathering.
- Do not worry.
- What the hell were you doing at that party last night?
- Jesus, you too?
Everyone talked about today.
Personally I do not
matter what you do.
But if foxes to the point that I can not
continue my day without hearing that shit.
I think things went too far.
Rumors out of proportion.
What I heard is that your
mouth out of proportion.
I'm not a slut.
I'm just popular, you understand.
I'm not the one that leaves a box
open condom in the bathroom.
Honestly, not who you to talk.
- Shit.
- Friend.
What man?
I have to tell you, you had the
right about the "Glory Hole"
It was Colin's house because
wanted to see if it was true in April.
You're not alone.
Yes, but not easily understood what was in
party until I wanted to see for myself.
All right.
I went to the bathroom and were renovating the bathroom.
And there was this hole in the wall
that was the fourth of April.
Dude, tell me you got involved
penis through that hole.
Volume 2 minutes but finally.
By God, you suck the April
penis for the "Glory Hole"
- That was what was missing.
- It was so good.
- I have to go more to Colin's house.
- Honestly.
Caroline was watching me.
- It was not.
- What if.
- Hey, where were you yesterday?
- I was not feeling well.
- What is that?
- Does all what?
Your attitude, you're acting
like a bitch.
- What happened?
- What?
I've heard of the party.
- You must be joking.
- I heard you tie with Tyler yesterday.
- I do not know what you mean.
- I do not care
- I do not know when you became a whore.
- That offends me.
Hi, what happens?
- Nothing.
- Yes.
I think I will invite
Tyler this weekend.
- If he has no plans to April.
- What?
What do you mean?
No Michelle, Caroline thought
hear something that is not true.
- What is it?
- Never mind, I promise not to pass.
I heard this morning saying Tyler
that was with April yesterday.
- I told you no way.
- I know what I heard.
That is a lie.
It is not enough to have the person you want,
have to pursue the only guy I like.
He is not alone.
And what of Mr. Kimble?
Finally you get to work.
That I'm trying.
And him? The Missile Crisis in Cuba.
- I doubt it.
- What got you so interested?
Eh... I'm watching something online fascinating.
Have you heard of "Seagull"
- "Seagulls?"
- No.
- And they call men.
- I never said that.
- What is "Seagull"?
- I knew you were interested.
- What is it?
- Those familiar with the "Bukkake."
What is that?
Let's say it is a
art form of Japanese.
Oh, and you call yourself religious.
Not really.
It's like "Bukkake"
with a small difference.
The recipients do not agree.
- Ok, I think I understand.
- What is it, I'm lost.
Basically you have to know when
and where two people are going to have sex.
Then go ahead to hide
so that they can not see you.
They come in and start doing
and you begin to get a straw.
- Is that all?
- It gets better.
They come in and start the
sex, you're making it a straw.
And just before they are
to end your sales of hiding...
and ejaculate over them.
Flapping your hands and
screaming like a "Seagull."
Would you mind?!
What the fuck, no
So that is real.
It is, accept it!
- That's great.
- Both are sick.
Because we're making
a new and exciting sex.
Me too, but I think if you
given more time to girls
to read that shit, you'd
with more opportunities.
I told you what happened the other
night, second base.
- John, I do not think that counts.
- I think it has to be awake.
Love, love you so much.
You will, I'm so tired
with all of my age.
They are so immature, and I like to have a
relationship without all the drama of high school.
Wait, I just
think of something.
You'll love this.
- Ryan.
- What?
What are you doing?
I want to record you,
going to be hot.
- What if someone sees?
- No one will see.
Trust me.
I love you.
- Really?
- Claro.
If this is done.
You're hot.
I love you too.
- Hello Mr. Kimble.
- Hi Michelle.
What brings you here?
I was a bit confused by...
the book's problems Thermo-Chemistry.
Just do not want to stay behind.
I do not think you're going to stay behind,
scores have a
highest in class.
Better safe, to forgive.
You can wait a few minutes
I will finish correcting.
Sure, you wait all day.
Are you okay?
Ok, this is embarrassing
my stupid thong, sorry.
Who cares...
- Much better.
- No. .. I do not think.
Usually I do not wear tights,
I do not know what he was thinking.
Hey John I was thinking...
Oh, Michelle...
're Here for a class.
- Mr. Kimball was...
- Teaching...
the, the, the... facts...
That will be in the next review
and you know what happens is that Michelle...
is ahead of others in class.
The exam is not until next
week, but she is ready.
That's my daughter.
What about Mike?
Do not want to interrupt, wanted to make sure
would come to the barbecue tonight.
I'm going to barbecue, Mike.
Good, good!
See you tonight love
and let them return to their...
Quantum entanglement.
Quantum entanglement,
I loved that show.
Have fun.
"Quantum entanglement?
I do not know what you.
- Not what you know.
- Do you find me beautiful?
Wait a second.
Please wait.
- Did not you going to do?.
- I do not see a ring.
- I'm your teacher.
- And?
And you have 16 years.
- Not until within 2 weeks.
- Oh... my god.
Have any idea of the problem
that I would get if... if...
Stop. I can lose my
work or even go to jail.
You're going to stop this now, okay?.
I want you to go outside
here, see you tomorrow. Now!
I think it will tonight.
Learn something of dignity today.
Good day.
Never want to be away
you, I love you so.
My friends are now.
Please excuse me.
That's it.
I have things to do.
Just want to be me
when we have sex...
when that is finished and want to go.
It's like I want.
And I thought you would not do that to me.
- Caroline.
- I love you Ryan.
I know, but I have social plans.
Do you understand?
And this is all organic, costs
a little more expensive but worth it.
- Nice day is not
- Yes.
Toma, Cauliflower.
Michelle would love
teach her room, listen.
I have to go to the bathroom,
Are you in?
Here, in right.
The house.
I have nothing to
I do better just a. ..
No, my wife would kill me.
Use the toilet boss.
I will wait until
I go home,
I have something funny to use...
are things, things about me...
If it did not tell you, I have to applaud...
're doing a job
phenomenal from what I hear...
your schools are happy.
Your students are...
You know, I have to go, I have
toileting. Truth here.
Oh yeah, for right there on the right.
Dame over the cauliflower.
Food for the brain.
- What are you doing.
- Do not speak so high if I were you.
We do not want
someone finds us.
Michelle, I thought I
clear. I can not do this.
I can not do this,
please forgive me.
- Right now.
- You're in no position to tell me to do.
Please Michelle, not me
take off my shirt and do that.
Only, please.
So. .. only, I will pretend
than ever...
- Pretend that is not happening.
- Do you know your taste?
But as...
- I have to go.
- Why did you do that?
Hello, anybody there.
Jonathan Kimball just me.
Are you okay?
Tofu Dogs
I hit it.
The opener is next
toilet if you need it, okay?.
Thanks, that's great.
You're not going anywhere.
It is not difficult.
See rich.
Now come here.
This is me, I'm drifting
a person 15 years...
take my hands
off their chests.
Now I'll go through that door, I'll go
home to watch Jeopardy and not go to jail.
- Good.
- What was true.
Tofu did not know that outside
so good but we all love.
Never think that organic is going to be good.
- Hey, where you go.
- I have to.
Let's play Parcheis.
I have to correct some
exams, so I must review.
Thanks was very...
See you tomorrow.
A good time, I knew.
- It's her.
- If
Look at this, I'll fuck with it now.
Preparation, preparation.
That was great, a good
now ready
- How are you babe.
- Okay.
- Sorry about earlier.
- Thanks, I love you.
- Let's see this movie.
- Ok.
- Como se llama.
- "The Notebook"
Hello. Did not tell me
your friends were here.
- Hey girl.
- Hello.
This is Caroline,
and these are my friends.
- Hey, want a beer?
- No.
Sit back, relax.
- She's hot, right?
- Yes.
Love you and I thought we
to see "The Notebook".
True, I forgot about that.
- Want to see "The Notebook".
- No thanks.
I was thinking, in a very funny idea.
If you could take your clothes off for them.
I think I
I go home, I have homework.
Caroline No, you have to do this.
You're so hot.
Look at that ass.
She's hot.
What, you have a tremendous
body there is no reason to hide.
Come on, show her skin.
If you do not I have
50 other girls who will.
Ryan you are a pig.
Caroline is well, if not
want to call another girl...
... Show them your body.
What's the drama?
Show them some skin.
Raise your arms.
Surrender or what?
Take off your bra.
Show off your breasts, show me
- Ray.
- You are the man.
Michelle whatever you
"Caroline is a rumor.
- I would never do anything with Tyler.
- Do you swear?
- If I swear.
- Okay.
But listen, I have news.
I decided to do what you said
and try to be more forward.
My father invited some
teachers tonight...
... And I enter the bathroom
with Mr. K.
That's a good start
but I was thinking of someone younger.
I was just practicing.
My goal still is Tyler, you know what
my parents come out this weekend.
so I thought making a small party.
Oh yes, what kind of party?
Nothing great, just
some people.
Have you heard of a
Rainbow party?
- Are you serious?
- Okay.
I think if you want more
experience this is your chance.
It'll be like a crash course
to become a woman.
Hey Colin, oh shit.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Me?
They are things of yoga.
To the Gym.
Stretching my muscles.
I just came to get the number
Tyler, Michelle wants.
Oh if I have it.
And what is it?
It's in my phone.
Am I you can give?
Not at this time.
Son of your girlfriends, I
I have the same pair.
I do not think I'll never understand
what happens here.
Have you heard of something called
Rainbow party.
- Are you playing?
- Que.
What's that, some fags?
No, I think it has to do with bracelets.
- Colin, tell me you know.
- Who?
- What the fuck you talking about?
- Rainbow Man.
Or if "ROY G. BIV"
- John.
- Who the hell is "ROY G. BIV?
An aid to remember
primary colors in the prism.
- Red, orange, yellow, green
- Yes, blue, indigo...
Want to talk about that
shit memory aid.
Or want to know is
Rainbow party.
What is it?
A rainbow party is when the girl group
come together and put lipstick different.
And take turns leaving
the guys a rainbow.
... Colors in the penises of the boys.
I'm trying to read here!
Do you also discovered that on the internet?
- No, Opra.
- Opra?
She not only gives
free cars, talks about...
important things.
Where did you hear about this party?
April, was on the phone
Michelle and I heard mention.
We'll need more details
because I have to be there.
- What should I do?
- What?!
I have a problem, not you.
Oh man.
All right.
That's why they invented the "Levitra".
I can not go to a party
orally for April will be there.
- Who cares!
- Really?
Others will see
Hence, not just you and her.
She'll be sucking
my penis, not yours.
Going to be embarrassing me
with her and you two.
I do not like giving bad news
but I'll definitely be there.
Consuelo wait!
Hello Mr. Ryan.
Do me a favor.
Return to Ecuador and low vacuum.
I'm from Guatemala and still
I have to clean the bathroom.
- Just go, do me a favor.
- Ok Mr. Ryan, I see him next week.
- Do these parties evolve?
- What?
You know...
How long am the expert?
What are you doing tomorrow.
So when?
- That you care.
- Well...
I do not understand.
Do many things with the kids,
What sex is not one of them?.
I want to stay pure.
I have done some things
different guys, but...
I'm still waiting for something real.
Well I think you're still technically a virgin.
Sucking is not sex.
I thought it was a sign of being pure
only if you have done something specific.
I no longer want to be a virgin.
Then do it with the team
Football whole do what you want.
I do it because it's easy and fun
and I know I'm not pregnant.
Are you waiting until you marry?
Hello love.
Are you awake?
- Love, I came to see.
- Caroline.
It's almost 9:00 and are finished with school.
I had a difficult night.
I have a hangover.
I'm sorry baby, what
I can do to help?
You can start
leave me alone.
All right.
Cary, Cary. Bebe wait, sorry.
Cary, baby hears.
I was sleeping, I just
wake up, you know how I am.
- Ryan This has to stop.
- I know.
I love you but I can
so keep trying.
Last night...
I went home to mourn, I was
like a slut does not like your girlfriend.
Last night?
- What do you mean?
- You know I speak Ryan.
What last night?, Was drunk.
For the shit
Do you remember when I undress?
No, and you took your clothes
Who cares?
It was not just for you.
- Goddamn bitch.
- You wanted.
What the hell.
You're a slut.
Get out of my house now!
Damn Ryan, you're doing
feel like a piece of shit.
I hate it, I'm not a stripper,
especially for his friends.
You begged me.
Get out of my house, get out!
Take your shit!
Help me pick this jerk.
What do you say?
I never talk like that!
What is that?
A note that my friend
I sent her in class.
Am I this cheating?
Love, I spend every
minute I can with you.
I love you, you speak.
You're a liar, you
a whore and a liar.
- Ryan is true.
- You're kidding, here!
- Love, that's not my writing.
- Out!
Get out of my house!
- What?
- I wanted to know what you gonna do this weekend.
What do you care?
I'm not doing anything and I thought...
- You knew a good thing.
- No.
- No color is it?.
- Color?
Do not have plans with this girl?
No. ..
So you're telling me no
There are parties every weekend?
're Putting words in my mouth.
Put my penis in your mouth.
- How long are you going to parties?
- Are you talking about, I love the holidays.
- There is much we do not know about me.
- Yes, that's true.
I have to answer that.
Are you going to give that party?
Tomorrow at 8:00.
'll Call you later, someone
is calling me. Besos.
- Hello.
- April.
How are you doing?, Is Ryan
Party last night.
Or if Ryan, how's it going?
I wanted to know if you were...
free tonight.
Well, better this weekend.
My friend is going to give a
party tomorrow night.
And I think you will enjoy.
Some girls and some boys
- Yes, maybe I come.
- I'm sure it does.
- Okay, I'll give the details tomorrow.
- Well.
Dirty whore.
Ryan, do not do this.
Hi, this is Ryan.
Leave it.
Hello love, I am.
I love you.
I feel what happened last night.
And he would not fight sleep.
Let's leave it all behind, ok?
Let's go out tomorrow, just you and me.
I love you Ryan.
- Hello.
- Tyler.
- Hi this is Michelle from school.
- Who?
Michelle Jordan, a friend of April.
My father is the director.
Or if Michelle what accounts?
I will give a party tomorrow, y. ..
- April and I plan to...
- April?
Both my parents are
out of town...
then we will be here
8:00 and would be good if you were here.
I promise you'll have fun.
If that sounds great.
Thanks for having me, tell me...
- Want to bring something?
- Only you.
I'm excited, see you there.
- Good night.
- Bye.
What the hell.
Not bad.
If Paula, I'll finish up your breasts.
Do you like this?
Are you ready for my surprise
white cream.
If Paula.
I can not believe
We are doing this.
- Not too late to cancel.
- Do not want to cancel...
- I'm just a little nervous.
- That's normal.
- Are not you nervous?
- No.
Look, I'm sorry the other day.
- Do not want to fight you.
- Who is fighting?
Whatever you did
was not my case.
Where you been, you never see.
- He has been with Ryan.
- The mystery man.
April and I are going to have a party,...
- Invite some guys y. ..
- Forget Michelle.
You too Michelle,
What happened to everyone.
No thanks, I have
a boyfriend and I love it.
That has to do that.
We are what we
Excellence is not an act...
I have information they wanted.
- Forget that, formally invited Tyler.
- What?
If your sister's friend
Michelle Jordan called me last night.
- I'll call you.
- Yes, I said that April and her...
have a party tonight.
They will not suck the pole tonight.
She will also invite.
- Not exactly, but...
- Arrimarte going to the party.
Fuck yeah, yeah I have to.
Nothing gets in my way and this
party with girls who suck penises.
- True Friend.
- Do not know.
- Sounded intimate.
- Of course it was intimate...
What is more intimate than a puff.
A "Footjob".
Select sounded like by invitation only.
- What happened to our plan?
- The plan changed when I was invited.
While knowing where and when,
I will be in the street...
straw making me
with binoculars.
- Enough.
- Enough?
John, maybe I can
explain the relevance...
that the theme nude teen
the Cuban missile crisis?
Just "advertising"
These presentations are for Monday.
I hope you use your time well.
This is for everyone.
- Thanks.
- Yes please.
Colin shit, no echo
not shit all week.
Fuck, party "Rainbow."
- We have to meet tomorrow to finish this.
- Okay.
- Too bad for you, my partner finish it.
- Who is your partner?
Did you do anything?
She said that I have that
do anything if I let her calm.
Mr. Johnson, sit down.
- I like this art, has potential.
- Thanks.
We have received numerous complaints...
The use of their language
Obscene in the library.
I do not, sure it was me.
Apparently this
upsetting their peers.
And mocks the environment
this school's academic...
much pride.
- I'll be honest with you, Mr. Jordan
- Dr. Jordan.
- It's Doctor.
- Yes.
And the director.
Doctor Director.
You know, I think...
I think a punishment
Saturday would do much for you.
- What do you think?
- No.
That does not make much
my, I have rights.
such as freedom of speech.
Yes, and my father is a lawyer,
He can come here and talk
this, I and my Father lawyer.
- Your father is my plumber.
- Look, well...
Sometimes it is the plumber
is like a Good Samaritan
Look, I have read the "Magna Carta"
I know all the rules to talk.
That was easy.
Let's play, can we?
Do you like games?
- I love games.
- Sure.
You know what this is?
- An 8-ball.
- Right, it's a magic 8 ball.
Do you know what is done with the magic ball?
You ask him something and gives you an answer.
- We ask you something John.
- Ok.
"John deserves a punishment on Saturday?
No, look in your heart, it
it's silly, it does nothing...
is just a ball with a bucket.
"I do not think"
Great, a good method.
I like it.
I'll let go with a warning.
This time.
Thank you, thank you.
- What is it?
- That was easy.
Is that we were, I was painting...
That is exactly what John was talking,
You have to wipe, clean
your actions, clean your mouth.
And out of my office.
- A warning, just this once.
- Thanks for the warning.
- Damn.
- What?
I said I feel sick.
Sorry thanks.
I love my job.
- Should we do this?
- You're the expert.
I do not go to buy pen
labial to prepare.
Caroline has become
a bitch or what?.
So do not let these
meetings from becoming serious.
Once he does.
I do not mind, my
plan tonight is...
Tyler teach what you need...
And then, you might want to date me.
Or you can go on,
but whatever.
Need help.
Are these sores that come from?
No, those are there.
- What are we doing tonight?
- Let's get some girls.
If girls.
In reality, whatever they want,
- I'm going to a party tonight.
- What fucking party man?
Remember that
girl the other night.
What do you do with these
high school girls?
First, girls
secondary are very hot.
Second, they love
fuck with older men.
Do you know what, because
types of secondary school age...
do not know how to use their penises.
That's why we put
online for us.
That's what I tell women this
made for man's pleasure.
What the Bible says. I read it.
If, as is.
If you are getting screwed as you say,
They must be very ill.
Maybe even have worms.
I have seen worms in them.
But if there are very, very small.
In addition, these girls are still virgins.
They are clean y. ..
We "deflowered."
- Nothing like exploiting a cherry.
- Well, I scored.
Where is it?
If I do not know. It is in the house
a girl, I'm not sure.
- That you're not a damn.
- Yes, share your wealth.
Only some people are,
and invited me.
I do not think it would be good show
with a couple guys, know what I mean.
- This is fucked.
- If you fuck.
Next time, I promise.
She is.
Hi Mom.
How is Australia?
Well, you know...
doing some homework.
I have another call
and I have to deal with it.
Do me a favor and tell
hi dad
Have a good
trip, see you soon.
Ok, I love you too mama goodbye.
- Ryan, I miss you love.
- Oh Caroline, how's it going?
Ryan, sorry love.
I go through there.
I'm not okay...
- I'm going out tonight.
- Where?
We talk later, bye.
Is that all?.
An hour and a half before
die and go to heaven.
- Come on buddy.
- I can not.
We'll have to
give a spy camera,
Because if this is true
and we have recorded...
We will be set for life.
- Did you remember your Vitamin C?
- Yes.
And your Vitamin E?
- Yes.
- Are you sure?
- Take my "Ginkgo."
- Well
Hello love, and we almost got.
Hi April.
- Hello April.
- Well have fun and not worry.
I do not care about you love.
Let's review the history notes
because we have a big test.
Do not work too hard.
Remember, there are more than just school.
Do not worry, I will
sure have fun.
I love you sweetness.
- Me too.
- Goodbye girls.
Look at them.
- They are so ingenious.
- I'm going to change.
I do not understand.
If you will use different lipsticks,
Is not going to see just a brown stain?
I guess.
- "Then there is the Rainbow?
- I do not know, who cares,
You can paint my penis long Rosado
when you have the attention of a girl.
Let's see if this still goes well.
Who is it?
It's Caroline.
You may answer if you want.
Maybe he decided to come.
- Hello.
- Michelle?
I'm not April, Michelle
not here right now.
- Hi April, this is Tyler.
- I know.
I wanted to know if
party was still going.
Well, you know Michelle
not feeling very well.
So do not think it's going to happen.
Need that bad.
I know.
I was excited to see you.
- Do you want me now?
- Yes, yes, it would be funny
- Do you want to go there?
- No, I will go there.
See you soon.
What the hell, there is no party "Rainbow"?
- April said no.
- God will never leave me happy.
The party was canceled.
- What do you think?
- That's hot.
- Enough for Tyler.
- We'll see.
- Comes Caroline?
- She said to try to come.
That's fine.
- I think I go home and change.
- What?
You look great,
Are you going to be on time?
Of course Michelle, do you think
I'm going to miss on your big night?
I'll be back.
Hi, Michelle.
I'm John.
- Oh yeah, how's it going?
- Well, you know.
Tyler said you were going to have a party.
We were thinking of doing that,
but I think I'm going to study.
What cerium?!
Because these dressed as...
if you went to a party.
Is not that, it's just...
a quiet night.
I'll keep working.
I'm here, if you want...
idle?, maybe you
I can help you study.
I'm fine.
Someone told you
you have beautiful feet.
If you see at school.
Sexy bitch.
Scrotum-On, apply it to your testicles.
Scrotum-On, apply it to your testicles.
Scrotum-On directly from your testicles.
I love those commercials,
but I hate the product.
You know, I always thought you were hot.
What the hell?
Where is everybody?
- Let me look for a condom.
- No.
- Are you taking the pill?
- No.
- What?
- Relax, I'm good at other things.
If I remember.
No, it's a good thing you were
excellent the other day.
What do you mean?
After school the other day.
In the pit wall.
I was.
Great, I adore.
- What the fuck?
- Do not worry, I do not think badly of you.
I really hot.
It's the best I have given suck.
Look, I know with whom I
state and you are not one.
I know you did not know who he was,
but it was me, and it was great.
The "Glory Hole."
Does "Glory Hole"?
- Hello.
- Hello.
There is a party, is o. ..?
Yeah, you are?
I'm Michelle, so...
To start this party.
So tell me?
Where is everybody?
Looks like they're late or something.
Your lip is sensual.
You think?
- So you want to go upstairs?
- Yes.
Ganame now April.
If you suck my dick...
Oh yeah...
We scored.
Where did you learn to fuck like that?
You're amazing.
- No, stay there.
- Tyler...
- I told you.
- I'm just returning the favor.
- No, I'm fine.
- Relax, I just want to test you.
- I promise you'll like it.
- No, I...
- I do not shave today.
- Do not worry...
The inside is what counts.
- Happens.
- Hello.
- I like your skirt.
- Thanks.
- Sure.
- I miss much today.
Miss you too.
- Yes?
- Very.
I'm sorry for everything.
All right.
And also...
I'm leaving the cocaine.
Although it is tempting...
- But I work on that.
- Oh dear.
- You are terrible.
- No, I think it's over.
- No, not the command, like stink
- Ryan.
- Did you come to give us another show?
- Yes.
How many times you tell me
you left the cocaine.
I left the cocaine
when I'm with you.
You were up and I was down.
Love, hate when you do.
You mean to me.
It's just that you were last night
so loving and special.
Forget that shit y. ..
Oh, that shit is my life.
That is who I am. If
want to be by my side...
and be part of my life, you
have to understand, okay?
Please do not show me that face.
This is the time to men.
- It is time for Pimp and Whore.
- Oh yeah, tell man.
I have to take drugs and people
I do not want to see, like you.
Dame line, goodbye.
Tyler: What happens amazing
last night, will you come?
Ok... at a time for more!
What happens?
- Hello.
- Hello.
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Nothing, that's good.
Because I was thinking it's a
good time for me suck.
Ryan for.
What's wrong?
Why these games?
You have this fantastic nice clothes
and do not want to suck my penis.
What the hell!
- Sorry.
- What the fuck you?
- Sorry, I did not.
- You would not...
You know what, you're a whore.
Sometimes I hate you.
Did you know?
- Sorry.
- I know.
All right.
- Hello.
- What the hell happened?
I have a story for you.
Let me go to the bathroom.
April, what happens?
What happened?
The party was not worth anything to be honest.
What happened to your hand?
I'll tell you, I went to
Michelle's home y. ..
We have the entire site for us.
Come up.
Eventually I lost my balance y. ..
If it was brutal, but thank
God it was my left arm.
Thank God.
- Today?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because I am a virgin.
- Me too.
- Never mind, I'll check.
- Why?
- Look, do you want a suck or what?
I have to go to Tyler's house
and finish this damn project.
Come on.
If you want.
I think I love you.
I know they want.
I can not Tyler.
And if...
- What do you think?
- I guess.
Where is it?
No way.
- This is our chance.
- What?
- "Seagull"
- Do you believe?
Why not.
"When these opportunities?
Exactly what
we do is get y. ..
... I'm going to go near her bed.
You stay here.
And when the magic moment arrives...
- We left, what do you think?
- Who is?
- It does not matter.
- Get in the game.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
- Shit.
- Run.
Fuck friends.
Are you okay?
Want to go?
This is nice.
How was the weekend?
How is school?
- All right.
- Okay.
The contractor's Coming
week to fix the upstairs bathroom.
That hole in the wall
finally going to be closed.
It will not disturb this April.
I want you inside me.
I can not live without you.
You are very sweet.
- What are you doing here?
- He is my boyfriend.
Do you know?
What the hell, Ryan.
Okay, okay.
Come here...
Not what you think.
So what is it?
I'll show you.
Right now.
Come, come.
Just come.
- Trust me.
- No Ryan.
No, no, come here.
All right.
Come on.
Come on, kiss her.
That was one of the worst
flights I've had in my life.
Honey are you home?
Must be in the library.
She fucks better than you.
But I love you Ryan.
I do not I love you and will never love you.
Please just go.
Like it?
I did my part, we have an A.
Now it's up to you.
Why not... we took this.
- "This is between us?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Slowly, I enjoy the moment.
Oh my god, yeah.
Give it!
Hell yeah!
No hands!
I record it.
It will be hot!
What if someone sees?
Be deprived, I promise.
I love you.
How are you?
- Any problem with the lab?
- It's all good in the Lab
But I was wondering if...
could happen to
home after school.
Why review a little
female anatomy?
- Caroline, I am a professor of chemistry.
- I know.
Because you care,
you catch your my boyfriend.
Do not put words in my mouth.
- I'll put my vagina in your mouth.
- I prefer Ryan.
- Fuck fuck.
- Have 4 times in a row?
Sorry boy was distracted.
- Excuse me.
- Cool.
Hello dear.
Take Ginkgo like you asked.
Well. And the extra green, green...
That green thing, what
was. This vegetarian.
The Vibrance, that is.
To take and tastes great.
Just then, yes.
I seem to seek care,
I will go to the office.
See you at dinner time.
Ok, thanks dear.
Vegetarian this.
What happens? this is Ryan.
This message is for Ryan Thompson.
In the clinic, I have the results.
He was diagnosed
Lumpacema Pallidum.
Its common name is...
Your feet are amazing.
I would stay,
but I have to go.
And what about me?
You are not the only one
who likes feet.
You know you're going to do
next project right?
I do not want to scare you,
or anything like that but...
I have this rare condition.
No way...
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