Hoovey (2015) Movie Script

I want you
to help me give a warm Viva Welcome
to your royal ambassador,
Miss Ruth Elliott.
Thank you.
Thank you all.
Sometimes I wonder if my
life really didn't begin
until I had my first child.
And everything
else was just training.
The same miracle plays out
every day all over the world.
Not just a baby being born. It's a family.
Jeff and I were
high school sweethearts,
married young because all
we had was each other,
and we set out to build a life together.
We found an old farmhouse
way out in the country,
tore it down to the studs,
and built our dream.
Which, after all the building and fencing
and clearing and a couple of horses to run,
really came down to the one thing that
A family.
We're big on love
in the Elliott house,
but we're also a competitive lot.
Jeff was a three sport athlete,
played football in college,
and I'm not crazy about losing at anything.
Jen was a born runner and jumper.
Little brother, Eric, who
we nicknamed "Hoovey,"
could play most anything.
But it was pretty obvious pretty quick...
He was born to play this game.
That a boy!
Hoovey wasn't the
biggest or the fastest,
or the highest jumper on the floor.
What my boy had was vision.
He could see the whole court in one look,
and as we would find out,
a long way past it, too.
One thing I know for sure now,
life can change in a heartbeat.
And even with that gift of vision,
you can still get knocked
down and never see it coming.
And there's not a lot
of cushion on that floor.
Then, it comes down to faith.
A little nippy
last night, huh girls?
Don't bounce that ball in the house.
Just one. Oh, and wear a coat, okay?
Big day. You ready?
Am I ready? You
make me laugh, Big Boy.
Big Boy? I'll tell
you what, Little Pinto,
old man's gonna take your little fanny to
hoop school right here and now.
Class is in session.
Need some more coffee, Big Boy?
Elliott breezes
through the much older,
but not necessarily wiser,
Notre Dame back court.
And the crowd goes crazy.
Oh, hey, Sleeping Beauty.
Is it a full marathon today or just a half?
It isn't really 24 outside?
It's a dry 24.
I want to live in Hawaii.
Oh, you do, do ya?
Whoa, Mom,
what's up with the whole can of frosting?
Who cares? Bikini season is over.
After learning
what I can from my wise,
but limited, old man,
I lead our high school to the state finals.
After we win, I sign with Indiana
and I take us to the Final
Four in my first year.
That's my plan.
You know how to
make God laugh, right?
Tell Him your plans.
I know one thing.
If that plan has a chance,
you better learn to go left.
What are you talking about?
You go right every single time.
I'm stronger going right.
Our offense rotates that way.
It's not going to work forever champ.
They're going to figure it out.
If you can take it strong either way,
you're going to own the court.
But you're never
going to own your old man.
Give it up.
Mom, I'm not sure
I want to run anymore.
Oh, honey, it's just a cold morning.
It's not that.
It's just not fun anymore.
My heart's not in it.
It hasn't been for a while.
But you're winning,
and girl you're on track to break records.
I tried out for the fall play...
and I got a callback.
Well, why can't you do both?
Rehearsals are in the afternoon.
It's the same time as track.
Okay, I'll let you have this.
You got it.
I'll let you have it.
Take it back.
Here we go.
Whoa. Ah!
Hey buddy... whoa whoa...
you alright there?
Yeah. This keeps happening.
It's my eyes again.
They just blur on me.
Alright, that's it. We're
getting you checked out today.
I'll be fine.
Stop fighting me on this.
Look, you wouldn't be the first
player to wear glasses, slick.
Oh, I smell bacon!
Better be four pounds of it!
Everything okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
I'll see you guys later.
No, no, no, no. Jen, wait.
Let's talk about this.
Jeff, Jen has had it with running.
When the season's over, you're done.
I meant now.
Well, you got a team that's
counting on you, so...
We don't quit in this family, do we?
I will run the season out
and then maybe after
I'm just gonna run away from home.
That's a lot of running for someone
who doesn't want to run anymore.
Oh, very funny-.
Just hysterical.
I thought it was funny.
Eat your bacon, Elliott.
A... M... E...
Looks like you
have a slight astigmatism
in the right eye, so we're
gonna pick out some frames.
You mean glasses?
Can't I wear contacts?
Sure. Eventually.
But don't you want to
have perfect vision today?
I look like Poindexter, don't I?
Nah. Kurt Rambis.
Who is Kurt Rambis?
Who is Kurt Rambis?!
Mid-eighties. Showtime.
Three-peat Lakers?
I wasn't alive in the mid-eighties, Dad.
Nobody bang on the paint like Rambo.
You look just like him.
No, bad example.
He looked kind of creepy,
like a serial killer.
I want you to have something.
It was your grandfather's.
Oh, you think it'll help?
You'll never miss another three.
It's to remind you of
what's really important.
Thanks, Dad.
Sure thing, Poindexter.
Whoa! Check the rims.
Hey, call me four-eyes, we fight.
You hear about the new kid coming out?
Big man!
He's a point guard just like you,
but he's supposed to be like, all world!
Check it... Hope those glasses help.
Good afternoon gentlemen.
My name is Ed Wilson.
You may call me Coach Wilson.
You may call me Coach W.
You will not however address me as Ed.
And under no circumstances will
anybody ever call me Mr. Ed.
A team is defined as a group
comprised of individuals
united in the pursuit of a singular goal.
And this definition is best summarized
in a two letter pronoun.
And that word serves as the foundation
and the code of this team.
The word is "we"!
Five men represent fifteen and their coach
every second of every game.
Fifteen represent a school of a thousand.
That thousand represent
a thousand families,
their town, their nation.
I've got fifteen uniforms.
Every one of then-rs available.
Let's see who wants them.
Alright... let's go. Baseline!
Hit it, hit it!
Hit it... let's go... let's go.
Annie Linn? Is that you?
You're bigger. Taller I mean.
Well, I am a sophomore.
Why is it just last
year you were a freshman?
Nice glasses.
Hey... can I ask you something?
Umm... sure.
Why does everybody call you Hoovey?
I got my arm stuck in a Hoover
vacuum cleaner when I was three.
You laugh... do you know
how dramatic that was?
And then getting stuck
with a name like this...
I'm damaged good kid.
Eric's better. It has more "gravitas."
See you around Eric.
County Fire Unit 982,
we have a serious injury
collision on Highway 51
at East Gate 50 North.
Trauma Unit for male
teenage driver on route.
To repeat, Trauma on route for
male Caucasian age 16 years old.
Glen... Jimmy!
Door's jammed Jeff!
Get the spreaders!
Everybody else... back!
I've got a pulse!
He's breathing!
It's burnt through.
When I peel that head... don't be late.
Hit that flame the second
it opens or I'm burned.
How about Austin coach?
Whoa whoa whoa!
Now now you boys know I
don't comment on tryouts.
Well how about the new guy?
Any comment on him?
Like... who he is?
Yeah. He's uh... he's my nephew.
He's going to be staying
with me for awhile.
Boy had a little trouble at home.
He goes in for the layup...
and... rejection!
That's not how it looked from my end.
No no no no...
it was the new guy's first
day at Scooter school...
Hey Eric.
Eric! Huh?
Gravitas Scooter... gravitas.
You're welcome.
I owe you an apology.
It's a stupid joke.
It was a REALLY stupid joke...
but a good one! I
laughed the entire run.
Us guys... sometimes I just
wish we weren't so stupid.
Why didn't you tell me you
wanted to be in the play?
I didn't even know you tried out.
I know.
Jen? I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Mmm... that depends on the
make and model of the
aforementioned vehicle.
Well I don't make
enough to get you a Porsche...
and I'm not sure what
"aforementioned" means.
So maybe you can...
explain it to me at Rick's
on Friday over dinner.
I'll bring an Auto Trader
and maybe I'll even shave.
I'd like that a lot Daddy.
Welcome to Wednesday everybody!
Now in the spirit of starting off
our Fall festivities on the right foot,
Coach would you mind sharing with us...
who's made the team?
No comment Brother Dan.
I tried! I tried!
Well let me, uh...
say a blessing over the food
and then we can eat it.
If you'll will just bow your heads.
Lord we just thank you for
another harvest time.
We thank you for another sports season.
We ask you Lord to bless
all these wonderful folks
here gathered today.
Bless our town and this whole world.
We ask for all these things
according to your perfect will.
And in the name of your son Jesus...
and everybody said...
Let's eat! Alright!
Donovan. I'm Hoovey. This is Scooter.
Welcome to Normal.
Where's! You come from anyway?
What do you think of Normal?
Go go go! Move it!
Alright... let's go... go!
Come on... move it. There you go.
Come on now...
Yeah! That's it! That's it. Yeah!
Come on guys... post up post up...
there you go.
Push the ball. Push the ball.
Alright now. Alright, let's go let's go,
Move it... stay low.
He's not that great.
Yeah... there you go.
Yeah right...
Big Mike said he got in
trouble down in Atlanta
and that's why he was sent here.
You okay Hoov?
I've just got a monster headache.
It's these stupid glasses.
Nice shooting' out there.
Eric! You alright?
[HOOVEY Dad? Dad?
Call 911!
Dad help me!
An ambulance will take half an hour.
I'll take him myself.
HOW you doing?
I'm sacred.
Me too, just hang in there.
Come on!
Come on!
God! Help me!
Is chicken okay for dinner again?
We just went off the road.
We're stuck.
I need your help!
We're going to the hospital!
Hoovey hit his head!
We're stuck off Route 12. I
need you to get the tractor.
What happened to Hoovey?
He blacked out at practice... hit his head.
It looks like a severe concussion!
I gotta get him to the hospital!
We can use the tractor...
Jeff! It's ten degrees! The
tractor will never start!
Ruth! We're stuck in a ditch!
I need you to try!
Okay... okay! I'm coming right now!
I need your help... get your coat.
It's okay dad. It's okay.
Hang in there buddy. Hang in there.
Mom's on her way and... we'll
be out of here in a sec.
Please God! PLEASE!
Don't go to sleep! You
gotta hang in there with me son!
You gotta stay awake!
You need help?
Who is it? Who's there?
Just get in and start it up.
Come on boys.
I'm dug into deep! If you
gotta truck I gotta chain!
Just get in.
Start her up.
Come on!
Come on!
The Bible says to be
watchful of who you meet.
You may be entertaining angels unaware.
Thank you!
Normal, Illinois is a small town.
Jeff had never seen those guys before
and he never saw them again.
Double vision.
Can't keep his balance.
Does he got headaches or dizziness?
Yeah... all of that.
Uh... we're looking
for a patient Eric Elliott.
Oh! Jeff!
I'm Keith Kattner. I'm a
neurosurgeon on staff here.
The MRI has detected a tumor
at the base of his skull.
And it's a big one.
It's pressing up against his
medulla and optic nerve,
which explains the double vision.
Is it malignant?
I won't. Know
for sure uni. I biopsy it,
but it's definitely got to come out.
Let's get it out.
But it's important that you
know the facts up front.
There are a lot of risks associated
with operating on the brain.
Can you be specific please?
There is a chance
that it could send Eric into
a severe coma and leave him
neurologically impaired for life.
There is that chance.
What are the chances?
Thirty percent statistically.
What if we don't operate?
The tumor is far
along and it's aggressive.
It will kill him one hundred percent.
It's a brain tumor isn't it?
It's actually kind of a relief.
Now I know why I was playing so bad.
You weren't playing bad.
Don't worry Dad.
If I... you know...
I know where I'm going.
We're going to get through this.
It is the one thing
every parent fears the most.
Something happening to our child.
Something we are powerless to stop.
And there is nothing you can do...
but pray.
How bad is it?
I mean like...
Could he... die?
That's not going to happen.
Is that up to you?
That's the
problem with the medulla...
Vitals are stable.
And that can...
can be a problem.
Alright... very nice.
Sponge. Okay... Good.
Right there.
It was benign and we got it.
He's out of the woods.
Can we see him?
Of course.
He's asleep right now,
but we'll wake him in about an hour.
Uh... there was a slight complication.
I had to remove a fairly
large section of bone
in an area dense with blood vessels...
Umm... we just can't graft
or put a plate there.
Over time soft tissue will
fill the gap, but until then
one well-placed blow to the head
would be catastrophic.
No sports... basketball?
Can the tumor come back?
Well... there's always that possibility
so we'll have to monitor it,
and probably for the rest of his life.
But the good new is... he's going to have
a "rest of his life."
Thank you doctor! Thank you so much!
I thought I was
scary looking before.
Oh I don't know, I think you
gotta Captain Hook thing going.
Yeah... Captain Hook after...
Peter Pan whupped
him with a two by four.
Dad. Am I going to play again?
Let's focus on getting back to
a hundred percent and then...
we'll cross that bridge. Alright?
Hi mom.
Welcome home!
I'm okay Dad.
I'm okay...
- I'm just walking.
- Okay... alright.
Did you tell him?
No. Not yet.
Our dear Lord. Our boy is home.
And our family is full again.
Thank you Father for your grace...
and for your healing.
For all of this we're grateful dear Father.
Bless this food to our use
and us to thy service. Amen.
Great... where's the green jello?
It's a rule at the hospital.
You have to have green jello.
Do I... look like...
a freak or what?
It's too bad it's
not a costume party.
You look like Cyclops maybe?
Hey I... I missed you. I was really scared.
Jen I'm fine. Seriously, I'm okay! Alright?
Yeah... I'm sorry... I just... umm...
Hey... if you need anything, I'm...
I'm here.
Jen... you're doing it again.
Okay... sorry!
What I meant was if you need anything,
get it your own fat lazy self punk!
There's no place like home.
Alright, I'm going to go for a run...
so see you later dork.
Dear Eric. You always make me smile.
You've always looked out for me.
And you're always there
when I need a friend.
I want to be that for you now.
Come back soon.
I miss my friend.
Annie Linn.
Now... you're going to
put your knee on this side,
but you're going to look the other side.
Great... World Series here we come!
Yes! We're on our way!
Dad I don't know if I can do this.
Hey we're in no rush here.
If you're done today, we're done today.
Hey Hoov.
Look who finally decided
to come back to school!
Thanks for your letter. It was really nice.
No problem.
Ready for this? It's a little creepy.
Every eight hours I got to train
each eye to see in a straight line again.
If not, they're all over the place
and eventually they'll just shut down.
But... you're okay, right?
Well... I look like a complete freakazoid,
walk with a cane...
Other than that... I'm
the king of the world.
You know you are probably the only person
who could laugh through this.
Not much else I can do.
You know, I'm not much on sports,
but I've kinda got this
whole school thing down.
If you need help getting caught
up, or anything, I'm here.
I would like that.
But... can I ask you a really
embarrassing question first?
Could you please help me get
this stupid locker open?
What's your combination?
There we go!
It's the deductibles and unpaid
expenses that's killing us.
Let's have it.
The city's helping, but it's not enough.
That's... can't be right.
It's a lot of money Elliott.
We're on the hook for it.
Well... we got two foals
coming in a few months...
that's five grand right there.
That? keep our heads above water
until we get to the bottom of this.
At the...
Bat-tle of... G-Gettys...
That's right. We're getting there.
Right. I can't see straight.
I can't read. Or or or walk.
And my left side has a mind of its own.
I don't know what "there"
you're talking about Mom,
but I'm not so sure I'm going to like it.
I heard you arguing on the phone.
Was it... a bill collector?
It was. But she wished she hadn't called
after I got through with her.
I'm sorry mom...
You and Dad... didn't sign up for this.
Don't you ever say that again.
Do you understand?
Look at me.
You didn't do this.
And nothing in the world
could have prevented it.
And no one... is standing in
the way of you getting better.
But what if we lose all our money?
Listen to me. We are working on you.
And if we have to go back to Dr.
Seuss, and training wheels,
and doing it all by ourselves...
that's what we're going to do.
And that's the last
"sorry" I wanna hear on it.
You got that?
Yes ma'am.
Okay. Let's do it again.
Keep it moving!
Stay low now... stay low.
Alright... push it push it push it!
Stay low. Stay low!
Hey Hoov... nice patch!
Hey guys. What's up Scoot?
Alright boys... water up.
I... just came to say...
it may take awhile,
but I want back on this team.
Oh... you were never off the team son.
'Til you get your game back on...
how about doing some coaching?
Well I mean I can't see
everything out there.
Tomorrow at three... Coach Elliott.
See you there.
Yes sir!
Oh... and HOOV...
it's picture day. Your
uniform will be in your locker.
Wait a minute.
Hoovey... Come on over here.
Hey thirty-three,
could you take off your glasses?
Doctor... what's the diagnosis?
We need a new septic tank.
How much does that cost?
More than we have, but
what's new about that?
How's your day look?
I've got some intellectually
stimulating brush and stump
removal over at the Long's farm.
Hundred bucks as long as my back holds out,
and uh... them I'm going
to deliver me some pizzas,
and then uh... I'm going to help
Fred Hollander clean the bank.
And then you're back on shift.
Living the dream baby.
Living the dream.
It's still my dream. And
you're still my Superman.
Can we sell the place?
Not for what we owe them.
Then I have to go back to work.
Where? Half this town is looking for a job.
Well I can deliver pizzas.
I can... mow lawns and...
Don't worry baby, I got this.
Nothings more important than what you're
doing here right now any way, so...
What am I doing?
Holding us together.
I gotta go.
I love you. We're gonna get through this.
Let's go D!
No no!
To the left... the ball has to
go to the center post first.
He wasn't there!
Yet. You gotta let him set up!
Let's do it again!
Can I?
Come on.
It's like a wheel...
that turns to the left.
If you got to one side
like that, it's lopsided.
You'll get trapped by the
double team every single time.
What are you talking about?
You've got a hole at the top of the key.
Wait for the first screen... then go left.
Yeah... yeah sure thing coach.
He's absolutely right.
But that's not how we did it at my school.
Well that's the way we do it here.
Maybe you should think about that while
you run twenty laps for us!
The equity you have
in your farm doesn't even
come close to what you
owe in medical bills.
They just keep coming.
We're working it out...
It's just temporary.
We just need a bridge loan.
Mike you know us. We're lifers around here.
There's nothing you can do?
Your farm is mortgaged to the hilt.
Your savings is gone.
You've maxed out your consumer credit.
This is an astronomical sum of
money for middle level salary.
Honestly... no.
I guess it's been
a little while right?
It's about time.
Just keep your eyes
focused straight ahead,
Blazer will get you there.
She knows the way.
Hey dad...
What did you want to be
when you were my age?
Married to your mom.
Come on.
I did... I wanted to be
quarterback of the Bears,
and married to your mom and
own a sixty foot bass boat.
You know your mom and me are proud
that you decided to help
the team out by coaching.
Yeah... but I can't
wait to get out there
and start playing again Dad.
The truth is, you can't
play basketball anymore.
One good shot to the head could kill you.
That's official?
And you're just now...
telling me because...
How ya doing', Coach?
I... don't think I can do this anymore.
It's killing me.
Why is this happening, Coach?
What did I do wrong?
So, uh... the
good Lord was having a talk with
the Devil one day.
Bragging on his man Job.
"See how he loves me? Serves me?"
"Well," said the Devil. "Why wouldn't he?
You give him everything.
Money, power... land, children.
Let me take it away from him, and watch him
"curse you to your face."
And God said, "Oh, okay."
So the Devil does. He takes everything.
Leaves old Job with nothing,
sitting in the dirt,
covered with boils.
Finally old Job had had enough.
What do you reckon he said?
"It was... all His to begin with."
He didn't do anything wrong.
Neither did you.
I don't think I'm gonna
eat again until Friday.
Good. That? save us a grocery run.
This is a tough one... isn't it?
What do you mean?
Hello? I'm eighteen...
not eight.
I know what's going on.
Your mother and I are so proud of you, hun.
You're a beautiful...?
You're changing the subject.
All right, that's it...
I'm cutting you out of the will.
You'll get nothing and like it.
The way it's gonna have to be.
You remember when I used to get scared
and you'd always come in
and ask the same question,
"What's the first thing the angel says when
he shows up in the Bible?"
"Don't be afraid."
Well, we were never afraid before.
How did you get so wise?
From Mom. From Mom, yes...
Hurting feelings.
Thanks for the day, honey.
Let's go.
Dad... Dad? The car's way over there.
Mine is. This one's yours.
Wait... but... how would...?
Dad, no WHY!
Old Man Long traded me
for some stump pulling, so...
This is my dad everybody and
I love him!
I love you!
Can we go? Can we go? Oh!
She's old, but she runs.
Get outta town! Let's do this.
Irving Zeldoff, ever heard of him?
Ummm... not ringing a bell.
Tightrope walker, about
a hundred years ago.
He'd do these crazy stunts,
walk between skyscrapers,
So one day old' Irv decides to go big.
Stretches a line across Niagara Falls.
Now, nobody had ever tried that before
so a huge crowd gathers.
Irving brings a wheelbarrow
and he asks the crowd,
"How many of you believe I
can walk across this rope
pushing this wheelbarrow?"
Whole crowd shouts,
"We believe! We believe!"
Then he asks,
"Who will get in that
wheelbarrow and go with me?"
Coulda' heard a pin drop.
Believing he could do it... that was easy.
They'd seen it.
Getting into that wheelbarrow and
letting somebody else do the walking
with no net under...
That's faith.
I have f-f-faith, Dad.
It's not you that needs to
get in that wheelbarrow...
It's me.
Stand up.
Get that eye patch off.
You're a point guard, not a pirate.
Now bad things happen, but, uh...
what makes a man is
what he does with it.
Let's do this like old' Irv...
one step at a time.
Whoa. Oh...
I gotcha.
That's one.
Let's try again.
It's clear.
Thank God.
- drip irrigation...
- Drip irrigation.
Corresponds right here.
Whoa! Whoooa!
I got it!
Here you go, thirty dollars.
Thank you, Ma'am, see you next Friday.
Thank you.
Do you... do gutters?
Yeah! 'Course we do gutters...
I just raked that area.
Four, five...
Come on!
Oh no! Oh no!
Dad! Mom!
I can see!
Come on, I wanna show you!
Elliot steers to the left...
to the right...
Wooh! Lets her fly with
his signature spin...
Nothing but net!
Ha ha!
The kid's a machine! Ha ha!
Hold it.
Yup. All right.
You sure about this?
Mmm hmm.
You really sure?
I believe in you, Eric.
See? Why do I even need a car?
I got it! It's not too hard.
Ow. Are...
Oh! Annie! Annie, are you okay?
Think it looks better on me, huh?
Come on. Let's try again.
If you miss a layup, that's ten push-ups.
No, no... if you miss a layup
it's fifteen push ups.
Alright come on gentlemen,
keep it going. Right.
If there's any spots
left, I'd like to try for one.
You missed the "We" speech.
I know it by heart, Coach.
Jump in.
How hard can I go?
Go hard, you'll need to.
Ball in.
Watch it!
Whoa! Come on!
Who's that guy in the stands?
Scout from I.U. He's, uh...
He's looking at Donovan.
And not you?
Let's go!
Tell me how it looks.
How what looks?
The back of my head.
This is messed up.
Throwing some charity case
in there with us like that.
It ain't right.
Give 'em a break, Donovan.
Dude's got a brain tumor.
Friend or no friend, we won't get to state
with a weak link like that.
Nah... nah, nah, nah. I'm gonna
be talking to my uncle tonight.
Why don't you talk to me instead?
I've known you for a year
now and gotten about
three words out of you.
Charity case?
It's not personal, man. This is business.
If I can't hang with you then
I don't deserve to be here,
but I can hang with you Donovan Oaks.
How do we know that?
You wanna go again?
Word is... you take one
good lick and you're done.
So take your best shot.
All right, Hoovey!
Knock it off!
He's the best player in this state...
and he might be right.
Hey catch you tomorrow, D.
Good game man.
Later Donovan.
So you're driving, right?
Hey, can I get a ride?
That was stupid.
I shouldn't't done that.
I'm sorry about what happened to you,
and I'm glad you're all right...
that was then, and this is now.
And now is all I've got.
This is my shot.
Every practice, every game, every day
is about getting me there and outta here.
You're a time bomb, man.
We all know it.
I get hurt, it's my business.
It's my business, too.
You get hurt, I gotta play point,
cuz those others can't hack point.
And we're out a shooter.
We can't win like that.
I mean do you even know who
was in the stands today?
I ticket outta this hick town,
and ain't nobody... nobody... gonna
stop me from that.
What are you doing here anyway, man?
You could play anywhere. Why
would you pick this hick town?
I didn't pick it.
So what happened?
Stupid stuff.
Somebody got killed.
Did you do it?
But I didn't stop it, either.
We're all a time bomb, Donovan...
We don't get final say in how it goes.
I hear what you're saying, but
maybe I wanna shot myself.
Maybe I want some guy from a
college looking at me, too.
I'll be here tomorrow, man.
We'll go again, as hard as you want.
Man, somebody's everything
just went up in smoke.
Engine nine-eighty-two,
this is Rich.
It's Ruth. Can I... uh... talk to Jeff?
Elliot, it's your wife.
Here ya go.
Hey hun, what's up?
Can you come home?
It's back.
We've detected
a residual piece of tumor.
It could be a small piece
I missed in surgery,
that's common,
but it could also be new growth.
Are you having any dizziness or headaches?
No, sir. I'm good.
To tell you the truth, Doctor...
Hoove's been playing basketball again.
I see.
Lean forward for me.
Ok. It's, uh, more solid
than I thought it would be
but scar tissue is not bone
so I wouldn't call it a
hundred percent safe.
So are you saying he can't play basketball?
I can't tell you what to
do, I can only recommend.
So recommend.
Honestly, I never thought we'd
be having this conversation
in the first place,
the fact is, we have to
watch this closely...
So what's a mother to do?
Take a chance on something that
might or might not happen?
Father, we thank you for
all that you... um...
Or protect your child?
And watch his spirit truly begin to die.
Ruth, the biopsy
came back negative and
this doctor's never gonna say
it's okay to play basketball...
That's not true, that's not true.
That's not true.
He said that it will eventually harden
so that he could do some physical activity
but it's gonna be a while.
He can't go right back to
a basketball season...
When is that gonna be?
When is that gonna be? When it's all over?
I don't... what?
When he's twenty-eight
years old and he doesn't
have a shot anymore?
He's twenty-eight years
old, wouldn't that be great?
Wouldn't that be great?
We lost both of the foals.
Yeah, both. What are the chances of that?
This whole year, we almost lose Hoovey...
we're gonna lose the
place... we both know it,
it's just a matter of time...
I lose two tractors, a septic tank,
freezer goes out with half a cow in it...
That's a grand right there...
And that two baby foals stillborn...
That's five grand gone bye bye.
It's mathematically impossible, Ruth.
Mathematically impossible.
I've played by the rules the whole way.
I've done everything right
and this is what I've got to show for it,
just watch everything slip away?
Where did I screw up, Ruth?
Where did I choke?
Tell me.
Tell me.
You gotta tell me.
Cuz I need to know.
You didn't choke anything, Elliot.
They can take all of this.
I don't care. It's just...
Our family?
That is the only dream we ever had.
It was the only thing you
and I never had that we
cried and we prayed for
every night.
They can't take that.
I will not let them.
I just know that there has to be a reason.
There has to be a reason,
and I just want God to tell me what it is.
Thanks, Mom.
I know, Home. It's her car.
Last one standing, huh?
Thank you, girl.
Thank you.
I've got something to say.
Mr. Brain Tumor might be
the thing that kills me
or, maybe, it just goes away.
But I can't control it either way, can I?
What do you always say, Dad?
It's not what happens to you,
it's what you do with it.
And what do you say, Mom?
If a dream is good... and
true... it came from God.
Maybe... that's what this is all about.
I know you're scared, Mom.
I am, too.
A little bit... but...
I wanna try again.
And I think God wants that, too.
But... I won't go against you.
I've been thinking a lot about this.
It's your life.
It's your dream.
And you have to live both.
All right now, listen.
We play with class, dignity, and respect
to honor our families and our teammates
with our commitment to one another.
To honor our Father
by taking our gifts and hammering them
into a skill.
And then we pour it on.
We pour it on like champions
leaving nothing on that court.
When we are done...
We! We! We! We!
We! We! We! We! We! We! We! We!
All right, all right now. Let us pray.
In the name of the Father,
who gives us life,
and the Son, who gives us eternal life,
and the Holy Spirit from
which all life flows...
We surrender all.
And we give all.
All right.
All right.
Let's take it to 'em.
All right!
Gave proof thru the night
that our flag was still there
oh say does that star-spangled
banner yet wave
o'er the land of the free
and the home of the brave
It's a big night in Normal
as the Olympia High Spartans
get ready to take on
long-time rival Morgan High,
but the real story here
is the amazing comeback
of point guard Eric "Hoovey" Elliot,
overcoming huge odds just to
be on this floor tonight.
Anytime I'm afraid I
will trust in the Lord.
We are
underway, basketball fans.
It goes to Olympia's Eric "Hoovey" Elliot
who joins the Olmpia Spartans
tonight for their most crucial
game of the season.
Top of the key, he
spots Donovan Oaks on the break.
And booyah! The Spartans are on the board!
Great pass, man. Keep it coming!
The Cobra's number
three fakes a pass and in for an
easy dunk against the Olympian defense.
Defense, come on now!
Cobra's number
twelve Derek Jones with
a good cover on Elliot, now.
Who misses the two-pointer!
Good rebound by Jared
White, number thirty four!
Cobra's Jones to Wilson...
Stay low, now. Stay low!
Who makes it look easy
against the Spartan's defense.
Elliot to number twenty
five Michael Vasquez...
score Spartans!
With the Cobra's coming into
tonight's game undefeated,
a lot of people thought this
was gonna be a blow out,
but so far these Olympia
Spartans look competitive.
Whoa! Derek Jones turns
up the heat on Elliot.
Come on, ref, way to watch it!
Fasten your seatbelts,
Ladies and Gentlemen.
But Elliot's having none of that.
Number thirty-three... Eric
"Hoovey" Elliot... scores again!
Jones hits back with an easy three.
Hoovey! Hoovey!
Hoovey! Hoovey! Hoovey!
And Hoovey hits a three-pointer!
The game is tied! Ladies and Gentlemen,
we have the makings of a
championship game here.
Oh! And Scooter Nealand's
pass goes right into
the Cobra's hands
and Jones is in for an easy dunk.
And Elliot for three.
Wilson over Wright for two.
This game is neck and neck.
Pass from Elliot...
nice teamwork, Spartans!
That's what I'm talking about!
Wilson goes head
to head with Scooter Nealand
who gets dominated again!
Scooter! Wake up out there!
You have to stop him.
I can't!
I believe you can.
Olympia's Scooter Nealand is
struggling mightily against
this powerful front line.
Oh! Until now!
What a block!
I knew you could!
So at half-time here
tonight our long-shot Spartans
trail the undefeated
Cobras by just two points.
Hold onto your hats, Olympia high school.
That was the longest
thirty minutes of my life.
You Okay?
I'm a little nervous.
Join the club.
What do you think?
He looks strong, that's what I think.
don't stand in the paint.
They're gonna hit you with
three seconds all night long.
All right now, Donovan.
Now look,
they're gonna double up on ya.
You won't get the baseline anymore,
if I know Coach Carl well,
and I do.
All right, come on. Circle up.
Now listen guys,
they don't like us and we don't like them
but we're not here for a fist fight.
We're here to play ball.
All right Hoovey, break us out.
I want Donovan to do it.
I, uh...
Can't say I've been the model of "we"
since I got here,
I see things different now.
This is the first time I've ever
felt like it wasn't just me.
I'm a part. Of a team...
a family.
Come on boys!
Win it on three!
Win it!
Hey, Dad.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
How you doing', bud?
You're not gonna ask me to cough, are ya?
I gotta get in better shape.
You gotta watch out for number twelve.
That guys likes to hack.
He's got tone lock on you.
Tell me about it.
Just watch your back.
All right.
Thanks, Doc.
He'll be fine.
Be careful.
I've got gravitas.
Get out there.
Hey, Mike...
And Derek Jones
with the ball as we begin
the third quarter.
Easy two points. The Cobras are up by four.
Elliot pressing back with the Spartans.
But Jones is all over him!
You've got to give it up for
these undefeated Cobras
and their defense.
But Elliot finds an opening...
and it's up for three!
And the Spartans trail by one.
Jones to number twenty...
Derek Jones for the three!
As we begin the fourth quarter
the undefeated Cobras are
really beginning to dominate
here tonight.
Our Olympia Spartans trail by ten
with less than four minutes to play.
Donovan Oaks picks up the rebound...
To Jared White...
Score Spartans!
A great steal by the Spartans!
Jared White scores again!
Oh yes!
Elliot to Oakes...
Score Spartans!
Ladies and Gentlemen it looks
like our whole team has
some last minute surprises in store.
Hoovey Elliot... to Oakes.
Score Spartans!
Technical foul, you twelve.
Oh Jeff.
This game has clearly
reached a boiling point
for the Cobras' Derek Jones.
But Hoovey's okay, ladies and gentlemen.
He's okay.
You hit him again,
I'm gonna break your jaw.
You understand me?
The Spartans'
Eric Hoovey Elliot
is up for the technical free
throws that could tie this game.
The Spartans trail by just one point.
- Yes!
- And it's good!
We have a tied game here, with
just over a minute to play.
And Coach Wilson puts
number five, Aaron Taylor,
in for Elliot.
We made it.
Good job young man.
Now you're done for tonight.
If only he had a little
more gas in his tank.
Yeah, don't push your luck.
This whole thing's a miracle.
You know that?
Give me a minute. I just need a breather.
No sir.
You did your job and
Donovan's got the hot hand.
We can handle it.
Lord, please.
Just one more minute.
I know I can do this.
Personal foul
with number forty-one.
He... He's not very nice.
Time out Spartans.
You sure you're done?
No way, dude.
All right.
Coach?... Yeah?
I can go.
I can go.
Your call.
Oh no you don't.
You're not putting this on me.
Yeah. I am.
Coach, I'm in.
All right, go check yourself in.
Now look...
You won't remember the
score like you remember
what happens in the next
forty-five seconds of your life.
Give everybody here
something to believe in.
Do your job.
All right, we on three.
One, two, three...
Let's go!
That's the best pass I
ever saw, Hoovey-man.
Let's take it.
Go Spartans!
That's it.
Let's shoot it, son.
That's enough with all that, man.
Hoovey! Hoovey!
"Hoovey! Hoovey!"
You with me, son?
Are you with me, boy?
Hoove, come on.
Did you see that left move, big boy?
Yeah I saw it, Pinto.
I'm okay, Mom.
Did go in, didn't it?
Nothing but net.
That was my shot, too.
If you think they can't
shoot, you can use a player
from the bench, Coach. Not from the floor.
This is my shot.
Okay then...
drain it.
Were you really gonna hit that guy?
I still might.
Don't bother.
I'm finishing this right now.
You all shoulda' been
there when I brought him home
some helmets to try out.
You see, the thing is...
we all just have to let go
and get in that wheelbarrow.
Or we'll never get to the other side.
Because believing...
makes it possible.
makes it real.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
the entire Elliot family.
I was having headaches all the time
and, uh, getting sick,
and we thought it was
just a sinus infection.
But we found out that it
was, uh, a brain tumor
the size of an orange.
Surgery was performed to remove the tumor
from Eric's brain.
But a new challenge would arise for Eric
after the surgery.