Hope at Christmas (2018) Movie Script

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fa, la, la, la
'Tis the season
To be jolly
Fa, la, la
Don we now
Our gay apparel
Fa, la, la
La-la-la, la-la-la
Troll the ancient
Yuletide carol
Fa, la, la, la
La, la
- Well, your work is good,
it's fresh original.
- Thank you.
- But you haven't worked
in a while.
Why are you interested
in a full-time position
as an art director?
- Um
Timing, I guess.
- "Timing"?
What do you mean by that?
- Oh, thank you.
Um, well, my ex-husband and I
got married right after college
and moved up to the city
and I worked in advertising
for a few years,
but when RayAnne came along,
Oh, that's my daughter
- Oh.
-I stopped working
and became a stay-at-home mom.
- And that's a full-time job
in itself.
- Oh, yes, it is,
and I've loved
every minute of it,
but Ray's growing up,
and I need a job, and here I am.
- Well, working in
a New York ad agency,
the hours here
can be very demanding.
- Oh, yes. I remember,
and I'm ready for that.
- And do you think this is
the place you want to be?
- I do.
- Good.
We'll be in touch.
- Thank you.
Merry Christmas!
- Hey, Ray.
We're back in Hopewell.
Isn't this cute?
- Uh-huh.
- My phone's slow.
Do they even have service here?
- You know what
We are not that far
from New York, honey.
Why don't you
put your phone away
and enjoy where we are?
Look! Look at all these
amazing Christmas decorations.
- Look, Mom!
A cookie-dough bakery!
- You know, my grandma
used to take me there
when I was your age.
- Wow! That's a long time ago!
- Yes. The dinosaurs
were wearing Santa hats.
- Can I go get
a cookie, Mom? Please?
- Uh
- Okay, sure.
- Yes!
- All right. Cookie time!
- How many cookies am I allowed?
- How many do you think?
- Ten?
- How about "ten minus nine"?
- One?
- Yes. I'd say one cookie.
- Oh, Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas.
- These are fresh from the oven.
Would you both like to try one?
- For free?
- Of course! It's our
Christmas Cookie Countdown.
We're featuring
a different Christmas cookie
every day until Christmas.
Today is
"Gingerbread Manchesters."
- Thank you!
- Ooh. Thank you.
- Delicious!
Merry Christmas!
- Merry Christmas!
Thank you.
- All right!
There's somewhere very special
I want to show you.
- Where is it?
- It is right there.
The Book Bea.
- I remember The Book Bea!
Can we go inside?
- Of course!
That's why we're here.
You have a good memory.
- Yep!
- It's so pretty.
- Yes.
- Marvin, I know
you are going to love this book.
- Well, if it's anything
like the last one,
I'm sure I will.
Thank you.
- I don't know how she does it,
but she always seems
to recommend
just the right book.
Thank you, Marvin!
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas to you.
- Sydney? Is that you?
- Hi, Bea. Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas!
I can't believe it.
Let me look at you!
I haven't seen you in forever.
- Well, it has been a few years.
- It seems like forever.
- Mm-hmm.
- I was sorry, dear,
about your grandmother's
- Thank you.
We're staying in her house
for the holiday.
- And this can't be RayAnne!
The last time I saw you,
you were this big,
and now look at you!
- You remember Bea, honey?
- Um, not really.
- Well, Bea is the owner
of "The Book Bea."
- Nice to meet you.
Do you have any Wi-Fi here?
- Uh, I'm afraid not, dear,
I might have something
even better.
- Mm!
- Come with me.
So we're just going
around here, okay?
- "The Christmas Road."
- Uh-huh.
The best part is,
the whole story is right there
in your hands.
You don't have
to download anything.
Shall we read it? Okay.
- Uh, excuse me!
- Hi.
You talking to me?
- Yes, I'm talking to you.
I've been watching you.
- You've been watching me?
- And I saw everything you did!
You didn't pay for those books.
- No. No, I didn't.
- Wha Uh, Bea!
Could you come here
for a minute?
- Yes, Sydney?
- This man here is shoplifting.
Oh. Hey, Mac.
- Hey, Bea.
- Oh, you two know each other.
- Mac is our local
fourth-grade school teacher.
- Ah.
- Oh! I hope you don't mind.
Uh, I grabbed this
to read to the kids today.
- Great. Just take
whatever you need, honey,
and settle up at the end
of the month as usual.
- Well, I was thinking
about The Book Thief
for next semester.
- Hilarious.
- Not from around here, are ya?
New York?
- Why would you say that?
- Mm. You seem a little tense.
- Mm, not tense at all.
- Mm? A little bit.
- Nope.
- Look, I don't know
who you think you are, but
- Well, I am Mac.
Uh, the local fourth-grade
school teacher,
and I have to get back
to school,
so, Sydney,
it was nice to meet you.
Bea, thank you.
- Bye, honey.
- Funny guy.
- He's wonderful.
And so helpful to everybody.
- Well, if you say so.
- And cute.
And single.
- So you heard about my divorce.
- It's a small town.
- Well
I'm not looking for
a relationship right now, Bea.
- Well, don't wait
too long, honey.
- Mom!
I love this book!
I love it so much.
It's about a girl,
and she goes on a trip
at Christmas.
She's exactly like me!
- Imagine that.
- Well, we might just
have to get it.
- Oh, let's consider it
an early Christmas gift.
- Oh, Bea, you do not
need to do that.
- Thank you so much!
Oh! And you should come
to the Christmas tree-lighting
ceremony tonight.
- You know what?
We just drove in,
and I think
we're a little tired.
- Everybody in town
will be there.
- There's a Christmas tree?
- A big one!
- Well, I guess
we will see you tonight.
- All right. Thank you.
Come on, hon'.
- Bye!
- This was
my grandmother's house.
Oh, wow.
- Wow.
Did Great-Grandma really
give you this whole house?
- Yes, she did.
I guess she knew
how much I loved it
and her.
- You made it!
- Hey Diane!
- It's so good to see you.
- You too!
I cannot thank you enough
for keeping an eye on the house.
- What are neighbors for?
Some Christmas cheer.
- Oh, thank you.
- Ray?
Gosh, you are cute.
How old are you now? 18?
- I'm only 8!
- 8?
Well, it just so happens
that I have a daughter, too,
and she is just a little older.
- What's her name?
- Sarah.
Hi, Sydney!
I'll have these up in no time.
- Todd! Hey!
Wait, what what are you doing?
- I always did your Grandma's
Christmas lights, remember?
- Yeah, actually, uh,
the thing is, I, uh
I wasn't going to do lights
this year.
- No Christmas lights?
- You're kidding, right?
- Yeah.
Just kidding.
Yeah go ahead,
you've already got it started.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Don't fall off
the ladder, honey.
- Thank you, dear.
- Ah. Ooh! It is chilly out here.
Should we get you girls inside?
- Hot chocolate?
- Definitely.
I really like this house, Mommy.
- I'm glad you do!
- Can I go pick out my room?
- Yes.
- Please?
- Yes!
- Thank you!
- She is adorable.
- Yeah. I like her.
- So the furnace has been
acting kinda funny.
If you need to, just reset it.
- Oh, okay. Thank you.
- Yeah.
- This house brings back
so many Christmas memories.
- I bet.
- I really wish
I could've gotten down here
more in the last years,
but you know.
- Life?
- Yeah. Life.
- I was sorry to hear
about you and Jon.
How are things, if I can ask?
- O kay.
He's great with RayAnne.
He's taking her
to Hawaii for Christmas.
- What about you?
- Oh, I'm-I'm staying here
for the holiday.
- That's not what I meant.
- Yeah, I know.
Uh, things have been tough,
but I'm getting through it.
- Good.
You know, if you need anything,
I am right there.
- Thank you, Di.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, actually,
there is one thing.
Could you recommend a realtor?
- Um
Lou Williams is good,
but I don't know,
I was kind of hoping maybe
you guys might be moving in.
- Yeah, no.
I gotta get back to the city
and get a job.
- Who could that be?
- I'll see you later.
- Ray! Have you
picked out a room yet?
Yeah! I did!
Oh, goodie!
- Hey.
- Look what I found!
- Grandma's ornaments.
You know, she collected these
for years.
I wonder if she still has
the one that we gave her
for your first Christmas?
- Is this one it?
- Mm-hmm.
- It's really pretty.
- Mm-hmm.
- Can we hang them up
on the tree?
- Actually, I was thinking
that maybe we don't do
a tree this year.
- Why not?
- Because you're going to be
with your dad in Hawaii
on Christmas Eve
and I'm gonna be here
by myself, so
- So?
- So I was kind of
looking forward
to not having to put up a tree
it is a lot of work
You gotta put it up
and then take it down,
and clean up all those
pine needles
- And what are you going to do
for Christmas instead?
- I don't know.
Maybe I'll go on a trip.
I have never been to Paris.
I've always wanted to go.
This could be my chance.
- Mom, you're not going to Paris!
-Without me.
- Deal.
- Look.
Your dad and I
both love you very much,
and we both agreed
that you would spend
half the holiday with me,
and then half with him.
So you're going to get
to go Hawaii,
and you're going to have
so much fun,
and then you're gonna come back
and you're gonna tell me
all about it, okay?
- Okay.
I love you, Mom.
- I love you, too.
What do you say we go get
the bags out of the car
and then we come back in
and we get ready to go
to the Christmas tree-lighting
ceremony, huh?
- Deal.
- Okay. Come on.
- I never thought 3:00
would get here.
Why does the day
before Christmas break
always seem to last forever?
- I know!
Do you have any plans
for the holidays, Kenny?
- What, me?
Yeah, you know.
A little of this,
a little of that.
- Very mysterious.
- Mm. How 'bout you?
- I am looking forward
to two weeks of peace and quiet,
and finally getting started
on my new novel.
- I thought you were
working on that last summer?
- Oh kinda.
- You mean you still
haven't started?
- Oh, I know, I know.
I get writer's block,
something I'm hoping I get over
this holiday.
- Well, good luck.
- Yeah. Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Hey, Bea.
- Oh, hey, Mac.
- I finished
the holiday reading list
for the kids in my class.
- Great!
- Some of 'em might be
coming in over Christmas.
It'd be great if you could
point 'em to the right books.
- Of course. Happy to help.
Oh! Sydney has a daughter
the same age as the children
in your class.
- Who?
- Sydney?
The lovely young woman
you met earlier
the one who thought
you were shoplifting.
- Oh! Right.
How could I forget?
- She's spending Christmas
here in town.
- And?
- She's single.
- Yeah. Bea
I told you, I'm not
I'm not looking to get
involved with anybody.
- Yet.
- "Yet"?
- You're not trying to get
involved with anybody yet.
You never know.
She might be the one.
- Yeah, she might be.
Bea, I love you. I got to go.
- Yeah. A-Are you going
to the tree-lighting
ceremony tonight?
- I hadn't planned on it.
- Oh.
Oh. Okay, well, n-never mind.
I'm sure I'll be fine.
- What do you mean,
you're sure you'll be fine?
- I want to go, of course,
but it will be
dark and
cold and
I I'll be all alone,
and with the sidewalks
being icy,
a-and, a-at my age,
you just never know
what could happen.
No. I-I will just
miss this year.
- Unless?
-I could find
somebody to go with me?
- Mm.
- What time am I picking you up?
Okay. I'll see you at 6:00.
- Thank you.
- Dashing through the snow
In a one-horse open sleigh
Over the fields we go
Laughin' all the way
Bells on bobtails ring
Making spirits bright
What fun it is
To ride and sing
- Come on, Mom, we can
see better from over here!
- Okay.
- Oh, jingle bells
Jingle bells
Jingle all the
- It's pretty big, huh?
- Mm-hmm.
- Sydney.
Hey, kiddo.
- Hi, Bea.
- So glad you could make it.
Are you looking forward
to the tree-lighting?
- I'm really excited.
- Good!
You remember Mac.
You met earlier, at the store?
- Yeah, hey.
- Hi.
- Are you the book thief
my mom was talking about?
- Not guilty.
I'm Mac.
What's your name?
- RayAnne.
- Well, nice to meet you,
- Nice to meet you too, Mac.
- Isn't this a coincidence?
- Yeah.
- Hello, everybody,
and Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas!
- Welcome to the 66th Annual
Hopewell Christmas
Tree-Lighting Extravaganza!
- Now, as many of you
may have heard,
this will be my final Christmas
as your mayor.
- Aw!
- Boo.
- Now, I have loved
every minute of it,
but it's time for me
to step aside
and welcome some fresh faces.
So, I'm hoping
everybody will join me
in making this Christmas
one to remember.
And now, without further ado,
I would like to invite
one of
my favorite local merchants
to come on up here
and help me light up our tree.
- Bea Beaumont
are you out there?
- Go, Bea!
- Bea, come on up here
and give me a hand,
would you?
- So how do you know Bea?
- Oh, uh, I-I used to go
to her bookstore
when I was a little girl.
- You used to live in Hopewell?
- No.
My grandparents did.
I used to come down
for Christmas,
kind of a family tradition.
- Is that what
you're doing here now?
- We're selling
my great-grandma's house.
And then I'm gonna go
to Hawaii with my dad.
- Gonna go to Hawaii?
- You gonna learn how to surf?
- Probably.
- Very cool.
- Mom, I'm getting a bit cold.
- Oh, okay, honey.
Okay, here we go!
Let's all count down.
Four, three,
two, one
- Oh!
- Sorry!
- You okay?
- Yeah. So, um
it was really nice
talking to you.
Come, honey,
we got to go home now.
- What?
- It's getting late.
- They just turned
the lights on, Mom.
Why do we have to leave so soon?
- Well, because, you know,
we haven't unpacked everything,
and it's our first night
in the house,
and I thought we should
get back to the place.
- Oh
And the car's not starting.
- Hmm.
- Oh
- You dropped this.
- Oh! Thank you.
Appreciate it.
- Our car won't start, Mac.
- Oh?
- Uh, it's probably just cold
We're fine.
- Well, pop the hood.
I'll take a look.
- Oh, no, you don't need to.
Thanks, though.
- Please, Mom?
- Really, it's nothing.
- Uh
- Well
looks like it's your
fuel pump.
The garage can fix it,
but they won't be open
till the morning.
- Okay, well, thank you.
I think I'll just call an Uber.
In Hopewell?
Good luck with that.
Let me get my truck.
I'll give you a ride home.
- No, you really don't need to.
You've already done enough.
I don't want you
to drive out of your way.
We're up on Pine,
by the park.
- Is that the red house
with the yellow trim?
- You know it?
- Well, yeah,
my sister lives next door.
- You're Diane's brother?
- Yeah.
Small world, huh?
- Small world.
- Mom, it's getting cold in here.
How about that ride?
- Thank you.
Okay, hon'.
Thanks for the ride.
- Yeah. Any time.
It's freezing in our house!
Can you fix the heater, Mac?
- Yeah, sure.
I'll take a look.
Thermostat's busted.
- Yeah, we've been having
trouble with the furnace.
It doesn't seem to be
keeping the place very warm.
- Well, I can take a look.
- Oh. Uh sure.
If you don't mind.
- Not at all. Didn't drive you
all the way out here
just to have you freeze.
- Thanks. Yeah.
The furnace is just
through the door, down there.
I'm gonna run upstairs
and check on Ray.
- Okay, thanks.
- Yeah. Sure.
- Ray! It's time for bed.
- Uh-uh-uh.
Straight to bed, honey.
- Can I just read?
- It is getting late.
- Ten minutes?
- Five minutes.
- Okay.
Can you say goodnight
to Mac for me?
- Of course.
- Thanks.
I love you, Mom.
- I love you. Goodnight.
- Thanks.
Wait! Maybe kiss me
two more times,
because three times is a charm.
Mwah! Mwa-a-ah.
- There!
- All right.
- Thank you again
for fixing the furnace.
- Yeah, no problem.
It is an old system, though,
so when you get a chance,
you should replace it.
- Oh. Uh-huh.
- Mm. That's really good.
- So, listen, I
- I wanted
- Please. You first.
- I just wanted to apologize
for running away from you
at the tree ceremony
It was kind of rude.
- Ah. Don't worry about it.
- I just haven't been out much
since my divorce,
much less been set up
by anyone, so
I guess I forgot
how to act in public.
- Yeah, well,
Bea's a really sweet lady,
but she doesn't seem
to like the idea
of anybody being single.
- Yeah! What is with that?
I've only been divorced a year
and, already,
everybody want me
to get married again.
- Well, I don't know about you,
but I like being single.
- So do I!
You can do whatever you want.
- Whenever you want.
- And you don't have
to have some big discussion
about what movie to go see.
- Exactly. Or what toppings
you want to put on your pizza.
- And if you want to wake up
in the middle of the night
and dance around
in the living room
to your favorite song, you can.
- Yes, you can.
You can do that.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- It's good to be alone.
- Yeah, it is
it is good to be
- Do you do that?
- What?
- Dance around in the middle of
the night in your living room?
- Sometimes. Yeah.
- Why are you
looking at me like that?
- Nothing, nothing.
So do I.
- No, you don't.
- No, you're right, I don't.
I don't, but I could.
- Yeah, I'd like to see that.
- Cheers.
- Thinking of decorating a tree
for Christmas?
- Oh. Well um
- Better hurry.
Christmas is only
two weeks away.
- Why don't you keep that one?
- Really?
- Yeah.
It's the season of giving
And receiving.
Think of it
as a little "thank you" gift.
- Thank you.
- Thank you
for everything.
- Have a good night.
- Good night.
- Oh, I've got the door.
- That's silly.
-"Single is great.
"You can put whatever you want
on your pizza
"You can dance around
in the middle
"of the night,
like a crazy person"
"Says Mac."
Pretty slick.
- Let's try
- Much better.
- Come on, Bea.
At least think it over.
It's a Hopewell tradition.
- Oh, good morning, Sydney.
Morning RayAnne.
- Hi, Bea!
I love The Christmas Road
and I'm almost finished it!
- You are?
- Yeah! And I love it so much,
I'm gonna go look
for another book!
- Okay.
Oh! Which reminds me, Sydney
I found something
I think you might like, too.
- Bea always knows
how to pick out the right book.
- I am becoming a believer.
- Oh, Curtis, this is
Elizabeth Darton's
granddaughter, Sydney.
And our mayor, Curtis Gray.
- I heard
that you'd come to town.
- It's a pleasure to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- Maybe you can help me
change this lady's mind.
I've told you, Curtis.
I'm just not
interested this year.
- Interested in what?
- In the Christmas Carousel.
- What is "Christmas Carousel"?
- For the last 10 years,
on December 23rd,
the Main Street merchants
have stayed open
and served hot cocoa
and cookies.
- Yeah, people stop by
and admire the Christmas tree
and get some last-minute
shopping done.
At the end,
we judge the windows displays
and we hand out a prize
to the winner.
- Hmm. Well, that sounds lovely.
- It is.
But it is also a lot of work.
Putting up the new display,
arranging snacks
I am just getting too old
to do all of that alone.
- Too old?
- Mm.
- That is just ridiculous, Bea.
As far as I'm concerned,
you are still
the same sweet, young girl
that I took
to the high-school prom.
- Are you flirting with me,
Mr. Mayor?
- Well, duty calls.
- Mm-hmm.
- It was nice
to meet you, Sydney.
- Nice to meet you, too.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Hmm!
- So, the truth is,
I feel badly about
letting everybody down
about the Christmas Carousel,
but running this store
by myself,
it's already too much.
- What if I help you
with the store?
- Oh, no, I couldn't
ask you to do that.
- Why not?
I don't have anything else
going on right now.
I could help you with
whatever you need.
- Well but I would
have to pay you.
- Oh, well, that's not necessary.
- Yes, it is.
What's fair is fair,
and those car repair of yours
are not gonna be cheap.
- Mac told me all about it.
- Well, if you insist.
- Deal!
- Deal.
- Good! The first thing
we'll need
is a Christmas tree.
- I know just the place.
Look out!
- Oh!
Oh, I'm so sorry!
Don't try to get up
too fast, okay?
- You all right?
- Uh, yeah, I'm fine, I think.
- You look all right.
Just a little
- Thanks.
- Oh, thanks.
- Yeah.
- Oh
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Uh, what
What are you doing here?
I thought you were a teacher?
- I am.
Diane and Todd
own the tree farm.
I help 'em out
during the busy season.
- Oh!
- What are you doing here?
- Um, I am buying a tree
for The Book Bea.
I'm kind of working there now.
- Yeah?
So maybe Hopewell thing
isn't so temporary after all?
- Oh, no, it's just
a part-time thing,
a little fun for the holidays,
before I head back to the city
after Christmas.
- Right. Hopewell's
probably a little slow
for somebody like you.
- What? Someone like me?
- Yeah, a glamorous city gal.
You got to get back
to the fast lane, huh?
- Oh, yeah, that's me.
Living the high life
Bars. Restaurants.
- Nightclubs?
- Yeah, totally.
- So you two know each other?
- Oh, hey!
- Hi.
- Uh, yeah, he fixed my furnace.
- Hmm! I had no idea you knew
how to do something like that.
- Well, just because
you're my sister,
doesn't mean
you know everything.
So, can I help you find a tree?
- Uh, I think a tree found me.
All right.
Just Just up here.
- Well, thank you!
- Yeah.
- I appreciate it.
- Okay. Whew!
- All right.
- Okay, let's put
Just maybe up a little bit more?
- Okay.
- Perfect!
- Yeah?
- See? That wasn't that hard.
- Well, that's easy
for you to say.
You didn't have to carry
the tree.
- Oh, well,
I'm brains and beauty.
Brawn is your department.
- Well, happy to be of service.
- No, seriously, thank you,
I appreciate it.
- You're very welcome.
- Oh.
Oh, Sydney, I'm sorry.
I got to go.
- What? What's up?
- I'll tell you later.
Uh okay.
- Mr. Howell!
I'm so glad you're here.
- Is everything okay?
- It's an emergency.
This way.
He was walking up
the Candy Cane Stairs
to get to the Christmas Throne
when he slipped
on a gingerbread man
and fell off
the back of Santa's Workshop.
- This This
This is what you meant
when you said you had
"a little of this
and a little of that"
to do over the holidays?
- Well, Santa's pretty busy
this time of year,
so some of us get together
and try to help him out.
You know
talk to the kids,
get their Christmas wishes,
that kind of thing.
- How bad is it?
- Let's just say
I won't be making many trips
to the North Pole any time soon.
- Mac
I need your help.
- Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Kenny, you can't be
asking me to
- Mac, you're the only other
guy I know
who has nothing else
going on at Christmas.
You've got the time!
And you're great with kids.
- Yeah, but I don't know
how to do that!
What am I gonna do?
I don't know what to do!
- Mac. Don't do it for me.
Do it
for Christmas.
- Christmas bells
Are jingling
All through the town tonight
The children
All are singing
Oh, so merrily and bright
Christmas carols
ringing out
- Wow!
- The tree looks beautiful.
- Oh! Hello. Thank you.
It has been a group effort.
- Sarah, you remember RayAnne
and her Ms. Ragsdale?
- Hi, Sarah.
Nice to see you.
- Hello.
She's a little shy.
- Do you want to go look
at some books with me?
- Okay!
- Okay! Bye, honey.
Well, she was a little shy.
- That is the thing
that I just love
about The Book Bea.
There's just something about it
that brings everyone together.
- I still have a few trees
left at the lot.
Should I save one
for you and Ray?
- Oh I'm not doing
a Christmas tree this year.
- You sound
just like my brother.
- He's not doing one either?
- Christmas is a difficult
time of year for him.
- Oh Why is that?
- It's not really
my place to say.
- Oh Gotcha.
- Can I ask you a big favor?
- Sure.
- Would you watch Sarah
while I go do
- Some Christmas shopping?
- Of course.
- Oh. You're a doll.
Thank you.
Bye, honey!
- Those girls are getting on
like a house on fire.
- That reminds me
I have been thinking
that we need to start
a book club here at the store.
- A book club?
- Yes. For the kids
during the holiday.
We clear a bit of space
in the back,
and we put in comfy chairs
and pillows,
and serve hot chocolate.
- Well, Mac gave me
a list of books
he wanted his students
to read over the holidays.
W-We could start there?
- Yes. Perfect.
And then I was thinking
I'd talk to Marnie
over at The Cookie Dough Bakery
and see if she wanted
to sell cookies here.
And then we could put some books
up in a display at her bakery,
and start it all
during the Carousel.
- I have not made up my mind
about the Christmas Carousel,
but I love the way you're trying
to talk me into it.
- I am not trying
to talk you into anything.
I just really want to do
what is best for the store.
- And I appreciate it.
You have such a passion
for he Book Bea.
I'm just sorry you're not going
to be here after Christmas.
- Look, kids!
Santa's here.
Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!
Yay! Santa!
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Thanks again, Sydney.
I owe you.
If you need anyone
to look after Ray,
just let me know.
- Thank you. I appreciate that.
- Bye, Sarah.
- Bye, Ray.
- So cute!
- I know. Right?
- Let's go, you.
- Bye, ladies.
- Mom, can I go
to Santa's Village?
- Of course you can.
I'll be right behind you.
But first, let's get
a jacket on you.
- Okay.
- First-timer?
- Yeah. I just moved here.
- Well, welcome to Hopewell!
- Thank you.
- What's your name?
- RayAnne.
- Pretty name.
I'm Twinkle-Toes.
But my real name's Hannah.
- Good news, RayAnne!
You just so happen to be on
Santa's "nice" list this year.
Just wait a little longer,
and then it'll be
your turn, okay?
- Okay.
- Up you go!
- And who do we have here?
Santa, this is RayAnne.
She's new to town.
- Well, hi, RayAnne.
- I know you're not
the real Santa.
You're one of
his helpers, right?
- Um
- It's okay, I get it.
He's a busy man.
But can you do me a favor
and send him a message, please?
- You, uh,
you want me to ask him
for something special
for Christmas?
- Actually,
it's not really for me.
It's for my mom.
- For your mom?
I suppose
that would be all right.
- She's been really sad
ever since the divorce,
so all I want
for Christmas this year
is for her to be happy again.
- I see.
- She's trying to pretend
everything's okay,
but I can tell she's not happy.
- You can?
- Uh-huh.
We're not even getting
a Christmas tree this year.
- Ugh! Well, that's awful.
- I know!
So, if there's anything
Santa can do to help,
that's really all I need.
- Well I will make sure
he gets your message.
- Merry Christmas, RayAnne.
- Thanks.
Merry Christmas.
- So? What'd you ask Santa for?
- I can't tell you.
It's a secret.
And I made a new friend.
Her name's Sarah.
She's a couple years
older than me
and we like the same books
and everything.
Oh, and we put up this big tree
in front of the window and
- Ray, I want
to hear all about it,
but I can't talk right now.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll call you again
before I see you,
and you can tell me
all about it then.
- Okay. Sure, Daddy.
- I love you, sweetie.
- See you soon.
- I love you, too. Bye.
- Is everything okay, honey?
- Oh. Uh
Yeah, everything's okay, Mom.
Dad said he's gonna pick me up
Christmas Eve morning.
- Well, that's pretty exciting.
Going to Hawaii?
- Yeah, I guess.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing. It's just
I'm really starting
to like Hopewell.
- Me too!
- Are you sure
you're going to be okay,
being all alone at Christmas?
- I love you so much.
And yes, I will be okay.
Diane's invited me over
for Christmas dinner.
- So you get to spend Christmas
with my new friend, Sarah?
- Yes, I do.
- And you are going to have
so much fun.
- I am pretty excited.
- Hi.
- Hi
- I was, uh, I was just
delivering Christmas trees
in your neighborhood
and I had an extra one,
and was wondering if maybe you
wanted to take it off my hands?
- Oh, wow. Um
- A Christmas tree!
- Mommy, please?
- Yes. I would love
to take that Christmas tree
off your hands.
- All right.
- Come on in.
- Sure.
Comin' in!
- Yup! It is!
- Okay
a little to the left.
Uh, your other left.
- Yep! Knew that.
- You're a school teacher, right?
- Yeah
- Okay. Back
- Okay.
- Perfect!
You're good at this.
- Pretty good.
- Yeah.
- Team effort.
- Mostly you.
- Got the ornaments!
- Oh! Oh, honey
- Okay
- Honey, that is a great idea
- Except for the fact
that I'm not sure
that Mac can stick around
and decorate
a whole Christmas tree
right now.
- Yeah, I should probably
be getting home.
- Can we just make him
hot chocolate?
I'm sure you want
hot chocolate. Please?
- I want hot chocolate.
- All right.
- I told ya!
- Hot chocolate,
coming right up.
All right.
Did you know
that the order that
you put your decorations up
on your Christmas tree
tells a lot
about your character?
- Really?
- Nope. Totally made that up
right now.
- Oh what a lovely
Time of year
Wish away your cares
And make your dreams
Come true
And I want to spend
The night
Chasing down the stars
And all the reindeer, too
And, oh
What a fa-la-lovely Christmas
And, oh
What a fa-la-lovely day
Twinkling lights
And dancing holly
- I found my favorite
Christmas ornament!
Oh, yeah?
- It's a good thing
there's only one.
We're running out of
room on the tree.
Ready? One, two, three, go!
- Got it.
- All right.
- It's so pretty!
- Isn't it?
Hey, you know what
I just remembered?
there's gonna be a big Christmas
gingerbread house competition
- At the church.
- Whoa!
- What's that?
- Well, it's where everybody
gets together
and they make
gingerbread houses,
and the best one wins a prize.
- That sounds pretty fun, honey.
- Are you gonna go?
Uh-huh. Yeah, I'm gonna go.
I think everybody's gonna go.
Maybe I'll even see
you two there.
- It's a date!
- I mean not a date.
- Of course.
- We will be there.
- Yeah.
- More hot chocolate?
- Yes!
And whipped cream!
- Well, thank you
for bringing the tree.
And decorating it.
- Of course.
I had a great time.
- Me too.
- Don't forget about
the gingerbread house
competition tomorrow.
I hear the first prize is
a giant box of cookies.
- Oh, great,
just what she needs
More sugar.
- I know.
Have a good night.
- You too. Yeah.
All right.
Okay, it is someone's bedtime.
- Do you like the tree, Mom?
- It's a beautiful tree, honey.
- Does it make you happy?
- Uh, yeah.
Yeah, it does make me happy.
Thank you, Santa.
- Um, all right, well,
let's go on up, huh?
- Okay.
- Merry Christmas.
- Oh! I could not put this down.
I'm almost finished.
- I'm so glad you're enjoying
the book, dear.
- I-It's like James Howell
wrote it just for me.
He completely understands
human nature
and everything we go through,
and he writes about it
in such an entertaining way.
Did he write anything else
I could read?
- I'm afraid not, dear.
He only wrote the one book,
and that was that.
- How do you do it, Bea?
How do you always
pick the right book?
- I guess
you could call it a gift.
Maybe you'll learn
how to do it one day.
- Oh, would you mind
restocking these for me?
- Oh. Sure. Of course.
- What's this for?
- This is a bribe.
To try to get you
to change your mind
about the Christmas Carousel.
- Curtis.
- Now, I know what you said
But just hear me out, okay?
- Yes, Curtis.
- Now, this is my last Carousel
as Mayor,
and it means a lot to me
- We'll do it.
- But it just wouldn't be
the same without The Book Bea,
or without you.
Wait, what did you say?
- I said yes.
We'll do it.
- You will?
- Sure.
Sydney has some great ideas.
What about it, Syd?
Are you up for the challenge?
- Absolutely.
- We are going to make
this Christmas Carousel
the best Hopewell's ever seen.
- Okay, we will talk
about the details later,
but right now, I have to get
back to the Church.
I'm judging the gingerbread
house-building contest.
But you
you have made my Christmas.
Thank you
Thank you.
- Well, aren't those
some beautiful flowers?
- Yes, they are.
- Um, speaking of the gingerbread
house-building contest,
I was wondering
if I could slip out early?
I was gonna go with Ray
and meet Mac there.
- I think that's a great idea.
- Thank you.
- Ooh, Christmastime
This is Christmastime
Ooh, la, la, la
I don't wanna go-go-go
Under the mistletoe
Unless you're here with me
- Good use of marshmallows.
- Don't wanna hear "ho-ho-ho"
- From no jolly old soul
- Mm.
Nice candy cane walls.
- On Christmas Eve
Christmas cheer
- Some chocolate in there.
- If you're not here
To fill my cup
- Can I have this?
- Sure.
- Here you go.
- So you had better
Hurry up
- Oh. Two storeys.
- Do you think
there's enough icing, Mom?
- It's the exact right amount.
- Do you like the heart
on the side?
- I love it!
- Here
I've been waiting
- That's a long list.
He'll be here.
- Hmm?
- My brother.
I mean, isn't that's who
you're looking for?
- Oh. No.
I mean, not-not exactly,
- He told me about
the Christmas tree
and you.
- Well, there's not much
to tell.
We just both said that
we'd see each other here, so
- Sure. I get it.
- We don't really
know each other.
- Well, that's perfect.
There's no better time
to get to know someone
than Christmas.
- That's what my grandmother
always used to say.
- She was right.
- Excuse me.
Oh! Pardon!
Merry Christmas!
- And the winner
of this year's
gingerbread house contest
RayAnne Ragsdale!
- Cookies!
Oh, ho!
- A lot of them!
- I know!
- Good for you, honey!
- You just missed her.
- I don't know what
you're talking about.
- You know exactly
who I'm talking about.
- All right, so, do you want one
of your cookies before bed?
- No, I think I'm going to save
them for the book club.
- Oh, that is
the sweetest thing ever.
- I mean, it's Christmas, Mom.
- Mom? Why didn't
Mac come tonight?
- I don't I don't know, honey.
- He said
he was going to be there.
- Yes, he did,
and I know you were
looking forward to seeing him.
- So were you.
- Yes, I was,
I am sure he had
a very good reason
for not showing up.
- He better!
- Yes, he better!
- Now off to bed with you.
- Okay.
- But, Mom?
Can you come
snuggle me goodnight?
- I would love that.
Snuggle-monster coming!
- Love you, angel.
- Well, as
a real estate professional,
I got to be honest with you.
If you want top dollar, uh,
the place is gonna
need some work.
Those eaves out front
are probably rotted.
- When I was a kid,
I used to lay in bed and watch
the icicles melt off of them.
- Yeah, well, they got to go.
- Could you
recommend a contractor?
- Yeah, yeah.
I can recommend
quite a few guys, actually.
- Creaky step here.
- Oh, yeah, that's how you knew
if someone
was coming downstairs,
so, if you were sneaking
a Christmas cookie,
you could put the lid back on
before you got caught.
That's a great story,
but still needs
to be fixed, though.
- Yes. Well, thank you so much
for coming out here.
I will think about
everything you said
and give you a call later.
- Well, it's my pleasure,
Ms. Ragsdale.
And, uh, remember,
when you're ready to sell,
you can always
count on Williams Real Estate
to get you the best price.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
- Here's my card.
Oh, and, uh,
I will email you the numbers
of those contractors.
- Oh, great.
- Yeah.
- Hi, Helper Santa.
Remember me?
- I sure do, RayAnne.
What brings you back?
- I just wanted to thank you
for getting Mr. Mac
to bring us that Christmas tree.
- Oh, he did?
Did it make your mom
feel better?
- For awhile.
But she was sad again
last night.
- Oh.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
- That's okay,
it wasn't your fault.
- Well, is there something
I can do to make it better?
- Hmm.
Well, she's always
wanted to go to Paris.
- Oh
Paris might be a little
out of my budget range.
- But you work
for Santa Claus, remember?
You could do anything.
- Hmm.
You know you're right.
- Maybe it's the frost
on my window
- Hi. Can I
- Hi
- Hi.
- Listen, I'm really sorry
about last night.
I-I tried to get there on time,
but something came up,
- Don't worry about it.
- I did worry about it, though.
Was kinda hoping maybe you'd
let me make it up to you,
take you out to dinner?
- You know, I'm closing up here,
and I've got to go
pick up Ray, so
- Well, I already spoke
with Diane.
Uh, she and Sarah are gonna
make Christmas decorations
at your house with Ray.
Ray should have texted you.
- Oh
- Oh.
Yeah, let me just text her back.
- So? What do you say?
- Let me go get my jacket.
- C'est fini?
- That was amazing.
- Merci.
- French Christmas dinner.
Special for the lady.
- Thank you.
- Oh, don't thank me.
It's was Mac's idea.
- Thanks.
- Christofe's an old friend.
I teach his son at school.
- Wow. Well, you really
thought of everything.
I mean,
even the accordion player?
- Ahh. But wait,
it gets better.
- Ahh Pre Noel.
- Mm-hmm. Merry Christmas.
- Why are you doing this, Mac?
- Oh, I told you, I wanted
to take you out to dinner.
- Yeah, but why all of this?
I mean, French dinner,
French music
French Santa?
- What? You don't like it?
- I love it.
It's just, it's kinda weird,
'cause I've always wanted
to spend Christmas in Paris, so.
- Well, here's to dinner
in Paris Hopewell-style.
- Now, la bche de Noel.
- Is that a chocolate log?
- Yes.
- Oui.
- Originally from France.
Would you like a piece?
- Yes, please.
- Who knew the chocolate log
was from France?
- Everybody knew that,
right, Christofe?
- Oui, everybody.
- Well, I didn't know.
- You should do your homework
- Bon appetit.
- Thank you.
- How long have you
been teaching?
- About two years.
I started off as a writer.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm. I was gonna write
the Great American Novel.
Or so I thought.
But, uh, when it was
finally published,
everybody else didn't think
it was so great.
- Well, you didn't let
that stop you?
- I had some
life stuff happen.
I've had writer's block
ever since.
- "Life stuff"?
- I was married once.
- Oh?
- Catherine and I dated
all through high school,
and then we got married
right out of college.
And then she got sick.
two Christmases ago,
she was gone.
- Oh, I'm I'm so sorry, Mac.
- Thank you.
When she died
It was like
hitting a brick wall.
I-I couldn't even get out of bed
for months.
- Hence the writer's block?
- Yeah, I quit writing,
moved back here,
took a teaching job,
and here we are.
- Here we are.
- I don't want to live
in the past anymore.
- Neither do I.
- Catherine taught me
that life is short,
and you should be grateful
for every moment that you have,
and right now, I am grateful.
You've inspired me.
- I inspired you?
- To start writing again.
You're my muse.
- Wow. No one has ever called me
their muse before, so
thank you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for today.
I had a really nice time.
- So, you forgive me
for not showing up
to the gingerbread house
- Yes. Although Ray
may take some more work.
- Seriously?
- No.
But really,
I did have a nice time,
and here's my car, so
Uh, it's getting late.
- Yeah.
What did we do?
- Well, uh, that is one way
to kill the moment.
- I guess that's my cue
to go home.
- Yeah.
- Thank you again
for the best French
Christmas meal I've ever had.
- Well, almost like
being in Paris.
- Almost.
- Maybe we'll get
to go there for real.
- Maybe so.
- Listen, Syd
I-I, look, I haven't done
this sort of thing
in a long time
but, uh
there's a Christmas Carol
at the church on Friday night.
Maybe you and Ray want
to go with me?
- That sounds lovely.
- But?
- Can I count on you to show up?
- Yes. I promise.
- I will hold you to that.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight. Bye.
- Hello?
- Hello, Sydney?
Hi. This is Clare
from AJF Advertising.
I apologize
for calling you so late,
but I wanted to let you know,
that we have discussed it
and, if the Board approves,
we would like to offer you
the position
of Associate Art Director.
- Well, Sydney?
What do you say?
- Bye, Mom!
- Hey. Hey!
Promise me that you'll be good
for Bea, okay?
And I'll be back
as soon as I can.
- Don't worry, Mom.
I got Book Club!
- Okay.
- Ms. Ragsdale,
nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
- Hey, have you had
any further thoughts
on selling your place?
- I am still thinking.
- Okay.
Well, you've got my number.
- Thank you.
Bea, thank you so much
for looking after Ray today.
- Hmm?
- Is something wrong?
- Well, I was trying
to keep it a secret,
but I might as well
let you know.
This is going to be
my last Christmas
at The Book Bea.
- What do you mean?
- Well, I have had a lot of fun
running this store,
but every good book
must come to an end.
It's time for me
to retire, Sydney.
- Wait, you're-you're selling
The Book Bea?
- I told Lou I wanted him
to find someone
who would keep
the bookstore open,
but he says they'll probably
tear it down and build condos.
- No, you can't let them
tear down The Book Bea.
Everybody loves this place.
- But nobody wants to buy it.
Lou says it's progress.
- Hey.
You're right on time.
- For what?
- The inaugural meeting
of the Kids' Book Club.
- Oh.
- I hear they're having
A very special
guest speaker today.
- Oh? Who could that be?
- I think
it's their very favorite
elementary school teacher.
- Right. I heard about him.
I heard that he's quite charming
and loves French food.
- Mm.
- But I am headed to the city
to run some errands.
- The city?
And leave all this behind?
Just a joke.
This'll still be here
when you get back.
So will I.
- Okay, well,
I should get going,
but I will be back in time
tonight for the sing-along.
- That a promise?
- Oh, it's a date.
- I appreciate you
coming in today, Sydney.
Now, this is
strictly a formality.
All you have to do
is just be yourself
and the job is yours.
Here we go.
- Good afternoon, everyone.
May I introduce Sydney Ragsdale?
- There he is.
- Hey. Come on in.
- Hey.
Can I join you?
- Of course, Mr. Mac.
- Thanks.
- Merry Christmas.
- Thank you. You too.
Is Sydney here?
- Not yet.
- Do you two have plans?
- We have a date.
- You made it.
- Hi.
- Hi, Mom!
- Hey, honey.
- Merry Christmas, everybody.
Merry Christmas!
Thank you.
I hope you're ready
to sing your hearts out,
because we have
a full program tonight.
So, without further ado,
I would like you all to stand
and join me in singing
the first hymn of the evening,
which is my personal favorite,
"Hark, the Herald Angels Sing."
- "Hark,"
the herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"
- So, how was New York?
- Oh, you know.
Crowded, noisy
even Santa was stressed.
- Well, you get all
your errands done anyway?
- Actually, I didn't go
to the city to run errands.
I went to interview
for a new job.
- Oh?
- For a big ad agency.
They wanted me to meet
the board of directors.
- And?
- I got the job.
- Wow.
That's, uh, that's good.
- I think so.
I mean, I have this amazing
career opportunity.
it is back in New York.
- So
how soon
would you have to leave?
- Right after Christmas.
- Soon.
Well, I wouldn't, uh
blame you if you took the job.
I mean, Hopewell can't compete
with New York.
- Don't say that.
- Why not?
It's the truth,
- No, it's not.
You know, I came
to Hopewell for the holidays
but this place,
these people
It all makes it
hard to leave.
- So don't.
- I should go.
Ray's probably
wondering where I am.
- Yep.
Merry Christmas!
- Oh! Merry Christmas!
[sighs heavily
- Hi, Bea.
- Morning, dear.
Uh, we have a bit of a problem
at The Book Bea.
- What's wrong?
- It's our Christmas tree.
I'm afraid it's had an accident.
I'll be right over.
- Oh, Bea
I am so sorry.
- Well, it's an old tree stand.
I've had it for years.
I guess it finally
just gave up the ghost.
- Well, maybe we can
make this work.
- Maybe not.
- The Christmas Carousel
is tonight.
We'll never be ready in time.
- Yes, we will.
- What?
- We will come up with something.
- Hey.
- Hey, Mac. I'm in
desperate need of a tree.
The one at The Book Bea
had an accident.
- Oh, Sydney, I wish
I could help you.
I just I sold the last one.
What happened
to the one I gave you?
- Yeah, it's really nice.
It's just I don't think
it's big enough
for The Book Bea window,
and the Christmas Carousel's
We have to come up
with something special,
something unique.
I really wish I could help.
I just don't have anything left.
- Oh wait.
Mac, I've got to go.
I've got to call an emergency
meeting of The Book Club.
- Walkin' along
Singin' a song
Christmas time is here
Out in the snow
Sayin' hello
Spreading love and cheer
Oh, it's so exciting
Santa is on his way
Rockin' around the world
On his magic sleigh
I'm a-waitin'
Can't wait for Christmas
Yeah, I'm a-waitin'
Can't wait for Christmas
Hear the sleigh bells
In the air
Feel the magic everywhere
I'm a-waitin'
Can't wait for Christmas
Yeah, I'm a-waitin'
Can't wait for Christmas
Count the days off
As they go
- Well that's everything.
- I just can't believe
you did it all.
I-It's like a Christmas miracle.
- You know,
I did have just a little bit
of help here. Right?
- Right!
- Where's Ray?
- She got sad.
- Ray?
What's wrong, honey?
- Everything.
- "Everything"?
I don't understand!
I thought
you were having so much fun
with all your friends
in Book Club.
- I am.
I'm having lots of fun.
- Well, then,
why are you so sad?
- I'm not really sad,
it's just
going to Hawaii for Christmas
seems amazing,
and I do really want to surf,
I want to stay in Hopewell
for Christmas.
I want to stay
with all my friends.
- That is totally fine!
Your daddy and I want you
to do what you want to do.
- But I don't want
to hurt Dad's feelings.
- Oh, sweetheart, you're not
gonna hurt his feelings.
Daddy wants you to be happy
and so do I.
- Are you sure I won't
hurt Daddy's feelings?
- I am positive.
- I just want to stay here
with you.
- Well, then that is what
we are gonna do.
- Do you wanna go back
to The Book Bea with me?
- Yeah.
- Do you wanna race me?
- Yeah!
I'm gonna win!
- Merry Christmas, Mr. Mayor,
- Ah, Merry Christmas, Marnie.
It's a lovely display.
- Oh, thank you.
Could I offer you any cookies?
- No, we can't accept gifts
during the competition.
- Ah, well
afterwards, then.
- We'll be back.
- Evening, Bea.
- Mayor.
- I thought you said
you were participating
in this year's Christmas
Carousel competition.
- Well, we had
a little accident, Mayor.
Our display was ruined
and we had to improvise.
- We came up with something
rather unique.
- It's wonderful!
- Merry Christmas, Bea.
- Merry Christmas, Curtis.
- The book tree's
a pretty clever idea.
- Well, thank you.
- Did you make up your mind
about the new job in New York?
- I don't know,
Christmas in Hopewell
is making it pretty tough
to choose.
- Listen, Sydney
Hey, Santa!
Hey, hi.
Uh, Sydney, I don't know
if two have met.
Kenny works with me
at the school.
- Oh! Nice to meet you.
- You too.
He's quite a guy, this Mac.
Anybody else would've
just said no,
but this guy just jumped in
and took over for me.
- Took over what?
Oh, you didn't tell her?
He's doing Santa duty for me
over at Santa's Village.
He's doing a great job, too.
All the kids love him.
I think he's one of
the best Helper Santas
we've ever had.
Anyways, nice to meet you.
Merry Christmas! Oh! Uh
- Okay, look,
before you say anything
- Are you the Santa
Ray talked to?
- Yeah.
- So you're the Santa she asked
to "help make Mom happy"
for Christmas?
- Sydney
- That's what
this has all been about?
The Christmas tree,
dinner in Paris
All because
you felt sorry for me?
- Hey, it's not like that.
- I am such a fool.
I can't believe I trusted you.
- But you can trust me.
- No, I can't,
because you didn't
tell me the truth.
- I'm sorry. Okay?
I just wanted to make you happy.
- I've already had
my heart broken once, Mac,
and it took every last bit
of strength I have
to recover from it.
And I'm not gonna risk
having my heart broken again.
- Sydney, wait.
- Goodbye, Mac.
- Merry Christmas!
- Thank you so much.
Merry Christmas.
- Are you sure
the buyers can't guarantee
to keep the store open?
- No, as I mentioned,
they're gonna
tear down the store
to build condos.
Bea, it's gonna be fantastic.
- I appreciate
your enthusiasm Lou.
You know, we haven't
signed the agreement yet.
- Bea, with the money
they're offering you,
you'd be a fool not to.
I'll look over
some things for you
- Sydney!
- Susan! Hi.
- That book you recommended?
The one you said you thought
was just right for me?
I loved it.
I read the whole thing through,
cover to cover.
I couldn't sleep
until I finished it.
- Oh! I'm so pleased
to hear that.
How did you do that?
How did you know
to choose the right book for me?
- I guess you could
call it a gift.
What else can you recommend?
- Have you read Christmas Joy
by Nancy Naigle?
- Thank you so much.
- Okay, Bea, I just need you
to sign here and here
and we can put this deal to bed.
My client wants to, uh,
deposit funds into escrow
before the end of the day.
It's a pretty good
Christmas present, huh?
- Well, if you're sure
there are no other buyers
- Wait!
- I'm the buyer.
- You what?
- You know how much
I've always loved The Book Bea.
It's the best place
I've ever worked in my life.
And Ray adores it here.
- Bea
the bank is offering full price
and paying cash.
- I I can't offer you that.
But I do have
a little nest egg saved up,
and I could pay you
a down payment,
and the rest
I could pay over time,
with interest, of course.
And it'll be like
we're a partnership,
and it'll still be a bookstore
with your name on it.
- Oh, wait, w-wait,
wait a minute.
What What's going on?
- I think it'll be great.
I can just feel it.
I mean, look around!
We can do this, Bea.
- Bea
I mean, you're not seriously
considering this, are you?
- Just a moment.
are you sure
you want to do this?
- Yeah, I've never been more sure
about anything in my life.
- Bea
The choice is clear.
- I agree.
- Okay.
- Deal.
- Ah, I'm sorry, Lou.
- That's okay.
Congratulations, Bea.
- Thank you.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas, Sydney.
- You know, it feels like,
for the first time in awhile,
it actually will be one.
- So? What are you
gonna do now, Bea?
- Hmm, well, I think I've seen
enough of Hopewell for now.
I used to be quite the traveler.
You never really get that
out of your system.
- I think maybe it's time to take
another trip around the world.
- Ooh.
- Especially as I've found
a new traveling companion.
- Our boarding passes
have arrived.
We take off for our group tour
of Europe New Year's Eve.
- Will you lock up for me, dear?
- Of course.
- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.
"James MacLaren Howell."
- Hi.
- Hi
- I brought your ornament back.
I-I don't have a tree
and you do have a tree,
and I thought maybe
you might want it back
so you could
hang it on your tree.
- You, uh, came
all the way out here
through the snow
to bring me an ornament?
- Uh, well, it's Christmas Eve.
I don't really have
much else to do.
- Well, come on in.
It's cold.
- Thanks.
- Oh. I got that.
- Oh, thank you.
- Hmm.
So, uh
- This is you?
- Yeah!
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah, it was.
Once upon a time.
Where'd you find that?
- Bea.
She didn't tell me
you were the author.
They say she always knows
how to pick the right book.
- And?
- This wasn't just
the right book.
It was the perfect book.
- Listen, I'm, uh
I'm really sorry
that I didn't tell you the truth
about the whole
Santa Claus thing.
I wanted to.
Okay? I just
I couldn't find the right time,
and then so much time had passed
that it felt like
it was too late,
and I didn't want to lose you.
- Thank you.
For saying that.
- Okay.
- I have something to tell you.
- Yeah?
- I'm not selling this house.
- You're gonna stay in Hopewell?
- I am.
- Well, that might be the best
Christmas present I've ever had.
- I could think of
something better.
Hey, Mac! Merry Christmas!
- Hey! Hi!
I brought you something.
- What is it?
For your Christmas tree.
- Can we hang it up now?
- Yes, we can.
- There you go.
- Let the season
- Now it really feels like
Christmas. Right, Mom?
- Christmas gold
Christmas gold
- Now it feels like Christmas.
- Shinin' bright
Oh, oh, oh
- Christmas gold
Christmas gold
Oh, Christmas gold
Oh, Christmas gold