Hope for Love (2013) Movie Script

Do you have to go?
You know I do.
When are you gonna leave her
like you promised?
I can't keep doing this.
My heart is too
far into this.
Do you still love her?
Pretty lady,
don't hurt yourself.
I can handle it.
Nonsense, this is
New Orleans.
Haven't you heard about
infamous Southern hospitality
Thank you.
Where you headed?
I'm just gonna grab a cab.
What do you got in here,
an anchor?
You can say that.
It's my easel
and my brushes.
Painting keeps me anchored.
Yeah, I feel you.
No, ma'am, no, ma'am.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, Maya, I hate
to say this
but that wasn't
your best work.
What the fuck are you
talking about, Ethan?
It felt fine to me...
we got the shot.
That's the point,
it felt fine.
I didn't feel the energy.
It was like you was just
going through the motions
and you didn't wanna
be there.
I don't understand you.
You're like
a slave driver.
Last I checked, I was booking double
the jobs you are.
Yeah, that's because
don't take any job like you do.
I take my craft serious.
I take my life serious.
You go through life
just to get by.
I need passion.
I need to... believe
the work that I'm doing
I was called to do.
Stop the dramatics...
It was just a perfume ad.
We didn't even get
our quota.
It's not about the perfume,
it's not about the money.
It's the same
in our relationship.
You're not sharing
your life with me.
We just tolerate each other because
it's comfortable.
Life is too
short to be unfulfilled.
Unfulfilled... last I checked
I was on everything you wanted
whenever you wanted it.
Where you going with this?
it's time for us
to take a break.
I'm gonna take that
job down in New Orleans,
Hugo Boss job, and, uh...
I'll get with
you when I get back.
You know what?
Fuck you, Ethan.
How's that for a break?
I'll just send Tasha
to get my things.
I can't do this anymore.
You don't think I know what
this is really about?
I just got here.
Come on, Ricky.
I told you that
I was just coming
to clear my head
and paint.
No wild parties.
Well, it's funny
you're so concerned now.
You should've thought about that
before you did what you did.
You don't
have the privilege
to question me anymore,
you got that?
I know I'm still your wife...
for now.
Good-bye Ricky.
What we wanna
capture in this shoot
is the essence of manhood.
We just want
to get that epitome of raw.
Unearth the man.
Sort of like saying,
"If you wear this line you will know
what it's like to look like a man."
I'm familiar
with your work.
I love the emphasis you put
on facial expressions
But pardon me...
look like a real man?
Aren't we selling emotions, Jack?
Shouldn't it be,
feel like a real man?
All right.
Huh, I guess
you're right and...
well, nothing beats the feeling
of a real man.
Yeah, feel
like a real man
in order to attract
a real woman...
which I'm interested in.
All right.
Be here at
6:00 AM sharp
and we'll go over the looks then.
Well, thank you
for your time, Jack.
What is it, Ricky?
No, I'll be home
in a few days.
Just give me a few
days and I'll call you.
You're really sexy...
I like what you're doing.
Why don't you go
ahead and position yourself...
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Just watch where
you put your hands.
All right, let's start
again, okay.
All right, you know what...
You're doing really great.
I'm loving this
right here but you have...
Hey, hold it... I told you
I was all right.
Fuck this job.
Hey... hey, get
back here right now.
Don't you know who I am?
I'm gonna call your
agent in ten minutes.
Go ahead, Maya.
Hey, Ethan, look.
I know you're mad at me
but I was kind of
thinking some things over
and was hoping that maybe
when you get back
we can try
to work things out
'cause we've... it's been
two years
and we shouldn't
throw everything away.
Maya, I'm a
stay in New Orleans
for a few more days
and just chill.
But I don't know.
I mean, it's more
than that.
You're not over Tyrone.
There's just
too many issues, Maya.
I don't wanna talk about
this with you.
This is not
about Tyrone at all
so please don't bring that up
'cause that is not cool.
Let me call you back.
Maya, you know it's
the time I get my run on.
I thought about what you said
Ethan... I thought about
it all night.
And you're right.
We do have...
a lot of issues.
I just wanted to say that I'll always
be there for you.
As friend, you know?
I appreciate that.
Tell your mom, I'm still gonna fix
those cabinets for her.
I don't go back
on my word for nothing.
Promise me something.
Promise me that you won't
give up hope for love.
You're a beautiful girl.
You deserve the best.
I promise.
Maybe now you can
be with the one you really wanted.
I could never compete
with her.
Take care of yourself
Hey, what's happening?
Get your...
Girl, get your butt
over here.
How you doing?
How are you?
What are the odds
of us running into each other...
500 miles away from home,
come on.
What are
you doing here?
I, uh...
Uh, let me guess...
The only thing you
ever cared about in life.
I had a job here
and I decided
to stay a few days.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry...
Enjoy your stay.
Come on, Teresa, stay.
It's only
been two years.
I can't do this.
Come on,
I'm at the Roosevelt.
Have dinner with me tonight.
Do you still love her?
I don't know, I can't lie.
But every waking
moment that I'm with her...
I can't wait till the next moment
so I can be with you.
I love her dearly,
she's a wonderful person,
but I'm in love with you.
I won't wait much longer.
This is too hard for me.
I know.
I know.
Don't do this to yourself.
Enjoying your
New Orleans snoball?
Yes, it's delicious.
But as soon
as I get off the plane
I'm going straight
to the gym.
I think I'm gonna
bring a sleeping bag
and stay for, like, a week.
Hey, why come here if you're
not gonna eat.
That's what I always say.
I'm sorry...
You have something right here.
You know, you always did that.
Groomed me, kept me clean.
It's called nurturing, stupid.
Oh, is that...
Is that what you call it?
I thought it was
more like mama syndrome.
All right.
I'm gonna let
you walk around town
with stuff all over your face, then,
you ungrateful bastard.
You know, she... she never understood
me like this.
You know,
we didn't get along like this.
Even after I told her
about you.
She still
didn't wanna let go.
She really loved you.
You know, I would
fight for my man, too,
if I was on the other
side of this.
She knew she was the ant
fighting the elephant.
We both know,
it was just a matter of time.
That's why I take myself
out of the situation.
I have to put
myself in her shoes.
Even though hers are usually ten times
more expensive than mine.
You know,
I looked everywhere for you.
But you just gone.
You were dealing
with people's hearts.
And people's lives.
You should've been
more careful.
I want another chance.
Ever since you
left me there's been this void.
And nothing can fill it.
You're a piece of my life.
I've tried this, I've tried that.
And nothing can
fill that void.
If you thought
that strongly about me
you would have taken care
of your business
when you had the chance.
I'm married now.
You're married?
I mean, it's not the greatest
but it's what
I had to do to move on.
I had to take myself off
of your roller coaster
and get back to me.
Are you happy?
I am.
That's all that matters.
Well, we better get back.
I gotta take some
time to process this.
Okay, so you're saying
that if I wanna change
my flight to come home early
I have to pay a change fee,
and the flight difference.
And that's $600.
Yeah, I can't
afford that... thanks.
When is the next train
to Charlotte?
Nothing until tomorrow.
My phone is dead
and I lost my charger.
I'll get another one tomorrow.
I'm sorry.
What are you doing now?
You're gonna leave me after
you cheat on me
with that ho-ass
secretary of yours?
You're gonna leave after you stick
a knife in my chest
and now you wanna twist it?
Go to hell, Ricky.
Go to hell.
I hate you.
You know, life is like
Sandy Koufax.
Who the hell
is Sandy Koufax?
See that's the problem
with you young bucks.
You don't take time
out to learn your history.
How do you know where
you're going
if you don't know
where you come from?
How do you answer
a question with a question?
Sandy Koufax had one of the greatest
curve balls of all times.
He could throw
a no-hitter with just his curve balls.
Mm, I'm sorry, I'm not
into sports.
Well, you just threw me one of
the wickedest curve balls I've ever seen.
What are you afraid of?
I'm afraid of
waking up one day
and realizing that
I'm a failure
as a man, as a professional
as a human being.
I'm afraid of not living up
to my full potential.
and I'm
just afraid of spiders.
Well, if I see them, I'll stomp
them for you.
You amaze me.
I would like... I would like
to stay up top.
How long
are we gonna run?
Come on, that's just three miles.
You gotta push yourself.
Do you control your brain...
or your emotions?
My emotions
are telling my legs I need to stop.
Take a deep breath.
I need to sit.
All right, all right,
calm down.
Something about running
makes you think.
I make all my life
decisions when I run.
So what did you decide
about me this time?
I decided...
I want to be with you.
Don't play with me,
Ethan, not again.
I can't go
through this again.
Last time, it was just me.
And this time, I'd be
giving up too much.
Calm down, calm down.
Come on, just...
Just lean into the curve ball.
I got you, baby, I got you.
I got you,
I got you, mama.
All right?
It's all good?
I had a great time tonight.
I'll be right back.
I'll be right back.
Is he okay?
That's all I care about.
I'll be with him soon.
You know, I'm sick
of pretending.
You don't judge me.
You let me be myself.
Why would I want you
to be anybody else?
I'm just sick
of pretending.
I've been pretending
for years.
Pretending to be over you.
Pretending to love someone
just to pacify my pain.
I just feel
so free right now.
Sure about this?
I want this
and I don't care about
the consequences.
Okay, I've never fished
before in my life.
I don't get it.
This is a beautiful church,
isn't it?
Yeah, but you can just feel
your blood pressure
drop when you pass it.
Maybe one day you
and I could walk down
the aisles of a church.
All I want to hear
about is Jacob.
Is he eating
and sleeping okay?
He won't sleep.
He keeps crying for you.
It's like, he's depressed.
And your husband, he's called here
like 30 times apologizing.
You gotta ask God's full forgiveness
in your heart.
You need
to stop playing around
and you need to get back
to your family.
This ain't right.
I'm just letting
you know about yourself right now.
Who's Jacob?
My son.
We have a son.
Why didn't you
tell me you had a kid?
We can still make it work.
I can't...
I can't do this.
I have to go home.
Teresa, Teresa!
I have been looking
for you for so long.
And I was overjoyed that
I found you.
But sometimes people
are placed in your life for reasons
other than the ones
that you want.
Sometimes it's
for a much higher purpose.
Ethan, you are a wonderful man
and you'll make any woman
in the world
the happiest
woman in the world.
But you taught me two of
the greatest lessons
that I've ever learned.
Sometimes life is all
about patience.
And life is like
the great Sandy Koufax.
It'll always throw you
a curve ball.
Lean into it.
Love always, Teresa.
I want another chance.
Sure about this?
I want this and I don't care about
the consequences.
I got you,
I got you, mama.
Oh, I'm so happy
you're here.
So how was your flight,
how was everything?
It was okay.
What's wrong with you?
What's going on?
Just a lot on my mind.
Is he still awake?
He's asleep.
Please, SpongeBob couldn't
keep him up this late.
I wanna go see him.
They kind of complicate
things, don't they?
I thought you were
knocked out for the night.
I wish.
You want some tea?
Is there liquor
in there?
I suppose
I can arrange that.
Then yes.
All right, okay.
Thank you.
You know, you should
take him back.
Oh, grow up, Teresa.
I'm sorry to be
the one to tell you this,
but... cheating... that's
what men do.
Not my man.
I don't need him.
Oh, you don't need a man?
I don't believe that.
I think you
always needed a man.
I don't remember a time that you
were ever alone
since you
were like 15 years old.
You've always needed
a man.
And you do need a man.
I also think
you need to learn
how to open up your heart
to forgiveness.
Why are you
taking up for Ricky?
I mean, you warned
me about him.
You told me that he was
a pig before I even married him.
I did, I did.
But you were so
and you
married him anyway.
And out of that you got Jacob.
And that is
the biggest blessing.
I just... I want you
to be happy
And I don't want
you to make the same mistakes
that I made.
Mistake... you and Roger?
That's different.
That was a car crash.
We fought.
Everyone fights.
We fought...
the night he died.
We fought.
We had an argument.
He got pissed
off and he stormed out.
I just...
want you to find room in your heart
for forgiveness, okay?
Talk to him at least.
I don't want you to wonder
"what if" or wonder...
if you gave up too soon.
Can you
do that for me?
Hm, you look good.
Teresa, can
I at least come in?
I wanna see Jacob.
You left me, Ricky,
and dumped him here.
You don't get to just waltz
in on your terms.
Baby, look...
stop, will you knock it off?
Look, I wanna be with
my girl, all right?
I wanna
give my little man a hug.
I'm not your girl...
and he's not your little man.
You gave that up when
you decided
to sleep
with your secretary.
Teresa, honey...
Look, why you gotta
be so cold, okay?
This isn't even you.
What are
you talking about?
All right, I'm into it.
I know
I made a mistake.
I messed up.
But that's why I'm here...
to say I'm sorry.
Then say it.
I'm... you know.
I'm... I'm sorry.
That's not gonna work.
I wanna hear it all.
What... be, what?
"I'm sorry that I slept with my
skanky ho of a secretary."
That's what I wanna hear.
Okay, all right, uh...
I'm sorry that, that...
you know...
you know,
Gabriella and I we-we-we...
Damn, all right,
I'm sorry.
All right, I slept
with Gabriella, okay?
Yeah, I boned
her, I'm sorry, my bad.
Now can we move
forward now?
Are we cool?
Are we cool?
Are you joking?
What, wh...
I said I was sorry.
Just like
you asked me to do,
I said I was sorry.
You did.
What's the problem?
Now I have to figure
out what happens next.
What happens next?
Oh, you really think
like a man now?
Is that
what you're doing?
When did you decide what
happens next, huh?
You know you want me.
Okay, Ricky.
Come here, come here.
Let me go.
Oh, you just gon...
Baby, it's me.
I know you miss me.
I miss you.
Teresa, open the door.
Miss me?
Think maybe
you should've called?
Why when I have a key?
The one I asked
you to leave at my mom's.
Look, Ethan, I didn't come
here to fight.
I can't keep doing this.
I need you right now.
You're nice and sweaty
just like I like you.
Are you
pleased to see me?
Of course I'm pleased
to see you.
I missed you.
Missed you, too.
Come on, come on.
Do we have a problem?
No, like
I said, I'm just tired.
Then why don't you
just sit down and relax.
Well, good morning
to me.
Hey, sexy.
Girl, you know
you ain't nothing
but a whole bunch of
trouble, don't you?
Yes, I do.
That's why you're still
sniffing around, see?
What you got for me?
Oh, I need you to check
out this Thompson file for me.
Okay, this is gonna take
me a minute.
Oh, take
all the time you need.
I'll be right here.
Oh, wow.
You see something
you like?
Hell, yeah.
Ricky, we need you
on the third fl...
We need you on
the third... you know what?
In my office, right now.
All right, all right...
Hey, thanks Gabriella.
You know what, whatever...
But, but...
Go ahead.
Okay, wait
a minute, now.
I thought you said
you were trying
to work things
out with your wife.
She blew me off.
Of course,
she blew you off.
You pissed her off.
She had
a right to blow you off.
But did you say, sorry?
Bring some flowers,
try to woo her, talk to me.
I said I was sorry...
If you said it like that
I'm not surprised she blew you off.
Come on, man.
You need
to learn how women think.
Now you
hurt her, Ricky.
So she needs to see that
you mean it.
She needs to see
that you want her, it's simple.
By bringing her flowers?
Get out of here,
screw that.
Look, Teresa
is my wife, okay.
She should be happy that I'm
willing to take her back
after her sorry ass
left to go to New Orleans.
Wow, and what's wrong with
her going to New Orleans?
You know what they do
in New Orleans... all they do...
All they do is drink
and screw.
So what she go down
there for?
No-no-no, so
you must be in New Orleans.
'Cause aren't you drinking
and screwing?
Well, they do call me
"French Quarter" Ricky.
They do call me that.
You about to be paying this tab,
Ricky, I'm hungry.
You don't hear me... Let's go.
Don't blame it on me.
That was all right.
I worked up
quite an appetite.
Yeah, tell me about it, me too.
Why don't y'all go
in the kitchen, you know?
Make me something to eat
real quick.
You're so funny.
Listen, I think
there's like some milk in there.
Maybe some leftover
There's something in there.
Hold on... what?
Are you serious?
I'm not the leftover
kind of dude.
I know that there's
a steak or something in there
that you can cook
for your man.
Come on, now.
You're kidding, right?
No, I'm... I'm dead-ass
serious, like...
Is there a problem?
Yeah, that's a problem.
The problem
is, I'm not your wife.
I don't make you steak.
If anything, you make
me steak, are you kidding me?
You know what,
do me a favor.
Make clear where you are.
Be clear.
And get out of my bed,
I need to strip it.
What the hell is going on?
Get up!
All right.
It's okay,
it goes back together.
Oh, man.
Hey, sweetheart.
How are you?
I'm at my sister's.
You're not... you're not back with
your husband?
No, he's not ready for that.
And you?
I didn't think I'd ever hear from
you again, after...
Hey, I'm sorry, Teresa.
That was a mistake.
I was too pushy.
You were scared.
I don't
know what I was.
Or what I am.
Oh, you were beautiful,
you were perfect.
Don't say that.
I have to.
You're all I've thought about since
I've been back.
What about
your girlfriend?
What's her name?
Maya... that's over.
I want
you to come here.
To New York to live
with me.
Ethan, you can't...
No, I mean it.
I make enough money.
I wanna take care
of you.
And my apartment
is big enough for the both of us.
I can't just run away to New York
to live with you.
I have a son
and responsibilities
I know.
I want you to bring your son
with you.
I'll take
care of you both.
I'm still here.
I know, and it's
killing me.
What are you thinking?
That you're still
throwing me curve balls.
And you're still waiting for
the perfect pitch
to come across the plate.
It's time you swing,
Swing and
see what happens.
Ethan, my son has to
be my number one priority.
And I can give you that...
security, love...
Just think about it.
I love you.
I won't play around with that.
- I like it...
- Right, right...
She's real pretty...
uh-huh, uh-huh.
Yeah, all right.
Where... by the way, where
you been, man?
Where you been?
Oh, oh...
I should've known,
you know what?
I need not ask.
I know exactly
where you been.
Come on, man, give me
a break, a'ight.
Now you've seen that girl.
You've seen
that body, man.
Are you serious?
Dude, you mean
to tell me
you have never
cheated on your wife before?
No, I respect my wife.
I will never cheat on her.
That's how it works.
Oh, you
one of those, wow.
So, out of the 20 years
that you all have been together
you have never stepped
out on your old lady.
Not once?
Well, first correction:
We've been together 22 years.
Right, okay.
22, okay.
Secondly, you can think
whatever you want, bro,
but I'm telling you
I've never once
cheated on my wife.
That thing must be shriveled
up down there, man.
Got your balls
intact too or did she cut those off?
See, there you go.
See that's how I know,
you don't get it.
You don't get
none of it, do you?
Well, you know what?
Go ahead
and enlighten me.
Nah, see, I ain't going
for that.
'Cause you know what?
You don't even understand
what I'm saying.
No, no-no-no.
Give it your best shot.
I believe
I can keep up.
You believe?
Okay, well, I want you
to hit that clock
'cause you on my couch.
The clock has started.
Dr. Dan is now in session.
A'ight, my posture's
changing as we speak.
I like that, Dr. Dan,
that has a little ring to it.
Now, I'm keeping it real,
are you ready for this?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Okay, right now...
you ain't nothing
but a little, uh... selfish boy.
Now see, that... no-no-no,
that's my point right there.
The fact that you... this
ain't a compliment.
I'm trying to tell you...
Look, man, you don't
respect yourself,
your wife, God...
look, it's time for you
to step your game up, Ricky.
And become the man that
God created you to be.
You hear me?
Oh-oh, well, I don't
know that God, okay?
Don't know him.
So you don't
believe in God now?
No, I didn't say
that, look...
Okay, you know what?
I ain't
going there with you
'cause you ain't got enough money
for that clock.
So how 'bout this?
How about we just
agree that there comes a point
in anybody's life where they simply
gotta make a choice?
What kind of choice?
Well, who you are?
Who you are going
to become.
I mean, you have a son, right?
Well, then, are you
gonna be a father to him?
Are you gonna be, you know,
the head of that household?
Are you
gonna be a provider?
Talk to me.
I hear what you're
saying but...
Man, Dan,
it's not that simple.
Like, Teresa can be cold.
A'ight, really cold.
Talking about Dr. Freeze
out this bitch like really bad.
I don't ever say it was gonna
be easy.
I'm just
trying to make you realize
that you took some
vows, Ricky.
And now you
have a child so...
doesn't that mean something
to you, bro?
Yeah, I guess it does.
Look, I love her,
all right.
And Jacob, but...
Man, she's hard work.
Every woman is hard.
Let me
tell you something.
Hanging out, partying, getting
the chicks, come on, man.
Pretty Ricky, he could do
that in his sleep... that's easy.
Making something work with one woman
for the rest of your life?
Oh, that takes
discipline, brother.
And I know a thing or two about
discipline, and I just...
I smell it on you.
I just wanted to... I don't know if it's
in the basement right now
but I gotta get it
up to at least the living room,
you know what I'm saying?
You feel me?
A'ight, so you've been
married 22 years.
Mm-hmm, you're listening,
that's good.
How do you make it work?
Well, that's easy.
I listen.
That... that's it?
Just... just listen?
Women, they have this
incredible need to be heard.
Now, here's the catch.
Once they get to going...
step back,
give 'em a space,
let them jaws get to gabbing
right there
and let them get comfy...
Here's the trick.
Don't be caught up
in really listening to 'em.
'Cause it's gonna
sound like
"Oh, I got a question
that needs your answer."
"Oh, I need you to fix
No, they don't want that.
In fact,
it's the opposite.
What they really want
you to do
is just
shut up and listen.
You feel me?
And, when I say listen,
I really mean listen.
You can't be,
you know, watching the game.
Go Heat, whatever.
You can't be all on the phone
texting your boys.
I mean, really gotta
listen, you understand?
So that's... that's it.
That's it.
You just...
Just listen.
Well, well, that's
a start.
A start?
That's enough.
Well, here's the deal.
You either fulfill
their needs
or they'll find it
in another man's arms.
I mean, which do
you prefer?
Yeah, on that
note, with that little sigh
I'ma be right back, I gotta
pay the water bill.
Okay, so you
think on that, a'right.
What you gonna be?
It's time to
step it up, baby.
That's all I'm saying.
I thought'd you'd
never wake up.
That's like my 500 rock.
I was
starting to get worried
I was gonna run out of rocks before
you woke up.
Are you drunk?
Just a little bit.
What are you
doing here, Ricky?
I'm here to...
to listen.
To listen?
To what?
I don't know.
To you, I guess?
You had your chance
to listen.
The past two years.
No-no-no, no, wait-wait.
Hold on for a second.
Look, Teresa, I'll...
I'm not
looking at the ball game.
I'm not texting nobody.
Nothing like that,
like, I'm here.
What are you talking
about, Ricky?
I'm talking about...
about being a man.
You know, stepping up
and being a man.
You know, taking care
of my responsibilities
and making sure that I'm
the leader of the house.
Being a provider.
Are you saying you
wanna try again?
You wanna
take responsibility?
That's exactly
what I'm saying.
That's... that's what
I said, right?
Kind of.
In your own screwed-up
drunk kind of way.
Oh, wait, hold on
one second.
What now?
I've forgot to woo you.
I got these for you.
L-I can't, um...
can't reach you.
Grab, grab, okay, here.
Did you get one?
It's beautiful.
Well, there's just...
there's one more thing
I gotta say.
You've said enough.
If you
say anything else,
you'll probably just
screw it up.
Yeah, that's me.
No, you're right, that's...
that's a good point.
Before you go,
do you think...
do you think I might be able
to see Jacob?
He's asleep.
Yeah, I hear that.
That's cool, I just, uh...
I just wanted
to see you two together
so I could dream about you
later on.
I don't wanna
be up with him all night.
But another time.
I understand that.
I'll miss you guys.
I love you, honey.
I love you too, Ricky.
Have somebody come
and pick up these flowers.
I paid like $20 for these
just so you know.
And I got a Luther CD
whenever you decide
to come home or something.
Boy, go home.
# Woo, woo, woo, woo ##
Pick your feet up.
All righty, pick your
feet up.
This is a good idea.
I know, right.
You know,
the beach, the water, the sand...
little bit of sun.
A little bit of fun,
that's all we needed right?
You know, Jacob needs
a daddy.
And daddy needs
to spend time with his boy.
Not chase hoes around
his office.
Well, I heard Ricky
outside my house last night.
Yeah... begging all night.
How did you hear that?
What'd you think
I'm deaf?
I mean,
I think everybody...
the neighbors, everybody
heard it.
All that mess
and noise he was making.
He was...
How could you not?
He was drunk.
Sometimes, that's what it takes
to open a man up.
You know
they ain't that bright, right?
You do know that?
I'm afraid it was just
the Budweiser talking.
It might have been the Budweiser
talking, but...
those emotions
he expressed, those were real.
I'll go in the water, right?
Did you win or did I win?
I won.
Hi, Mommy.
Hey, Sweet Pea.
I missed you.
How's he been?
He's fine.
Had a bit of a cough.
Had a little trouble sleeping
last night, but...
He's had that for
about a week or so.
Okay, time to go.
All right.
Tell Daddy good-bye.
Bye, daddy.
Had fun with you.
Bye, daddy.
I'll see you
in two weeks' time.
I don't want that.
I know you don't.
I don't want
that for Jacob.
I know.
God created that
for a reason.
Now, it takes a mom
and a dad to make a kid, right?
But it takes a mom and a dad
to raise that child.
I'm just not sure
Ricky is the right man.
You better make up
your mind soon.
Okay, 'cause he was ringing
my phone at least 100 times.
I don't know,
maybe he thinks
I can get some sense
into your brain.
That is not your job.
No, it's not my job.
But you're
my sister and I love you.
I, uh...
I ran into
Ethan in New Orleans.
You're just
now telling me this?
I didn't know how
to tell you.
Well, I'm glad you
finally figured it out.
You didn't.
Teresa, tell me you
didn't do it, did you?
I was so
confused, sis.
I mean, Ricky had just
cheated on me.
And out of all the people
in the world to run into...
You're a
damn fool, Teresa.
That is stupid, so...
So what is it now?
How did you guys
leave it?
What are you doing?
I don't know.
I mean, he said,
he's dead serious.
He called me yesterday begging me to
come live with him.
He said he'd take
care of me and Jacob.
So you're seriously
considering this?
I don't know.
You better figure it out
soon, because my nephew...
He needs a father.
I know.
I know.
Is he asleep?
I'm gonna tell
you this
now that he's asleep.
You can't
go on like this.
It's starting to
affect Jacob
and he can tell when
something's bother you.
I can see that
in him.
Okay, so, if you're certain
about things
and you're for sure,
you need to call him.
Come on, Terese, doing nothing
isn't gonna change things.
Call him.
Thank you.
I'll give you some
privacy, okay?
Okay, thanks.
Did you moisturize right
before a shower?
Let me show you.
My God, there you are.
Late as usual.
You seem to be doing
fine without me.
Okay, sweetie, it's
a wrap for you today.
Ethan, Renata,
Renata, Ethan.
Paul's been raving about you
for the last few weeks.
Yep, he tells me
you're bring the heat too.
Okay, when you two are through
with the introductions
Ethan, I need
you to take your shirt off
Get your stool.
Renata, Mmm...
Oh, you good,
you good to go.
It's all about sizzle.
All about sizzle.
That's it,
perfect, perfect.
You want to get together
and exchange
skin care techniques?
Guess I don't have to worry
about the sizzle.
I gotta get this.
Who the hell do you need
to talk to right now?
Hey, Ethan?
I've been thinking a lot about what
you said last night.
About taking care of us.
And I think you're right.
I think you would
be a great dad for Jacob.
I'm sure you would take
care of us.
But, I'm afraid
I'd always be wondering
if I should have given his father
a second chance.
I'm so sorry.
I really wanted to.
It's okay.
That's why
I don't date models.
All of y'all are gay.
pull yourself together.
You gotta
be strong, okay?
You're a woman now and it's
gonna be okay.
Welcome to the real world.
I love you.
When they told me I had
a visitor.
I thought
they were kidding.
Didn't expect it was
gonna be you.
I wanted somewhere
neutral first to talk.
Oh, neutral, my job.
Yeah, this
sure as hell is neutral.
So what's up?
We need to try again.
Well, honey, I...
I can't tell you
how long I've waited for this moment.
Wait, let me say what
I need to say.
We both
have made mistakes,
and we both have
done things
that weren't
good for this marriage.
Let me finish.
Now wait a minute.
Run that back.
What, what,
what do you mean, both?
What's happened... needs
to stay behind us.
forgiven, done and dusted.
Okay, you know what?
I don't...
I don't even want
to know the details.
You know, what's done
is done.
Fine, let's just try to
start fresh from here, okay?
We need to be there
for Jacob.
We need to be
the best parents we can for him.
Yeah, yeah, I know,
I hurt your both.
You said
you're sorry last night.
You don't need to
say it again.
No, I really
do feel the need to...
But I need to apologize
to you as well.
Okay, well, I understand
that, but it...
There's more.
Did you prepare
a whole speech or something?
No, just a few things.
All right, well...
Go ahead,
get it out then.
Get it out.
I don't know if
we can fix this marriage.
Or if there is even a one
percent chance
but I
think we should try.
We owe it to ourselves, Ricky.
We owe it to Jacob.
Yeah, I can agree
with that.
But the biggest thing for me
is that I can trust you.
Course you can trust me.
Don't even say it.
I need 100 percent.
Okay, I can't be worried about
you coming here,
about you
coming to work.
About you seeing her.
Wait a minute, uh...
I mean,
you know this is my job, so...
What are you trying
to ask me here?
I'm saying
that we can try again,
but not as long as you work here.
Not as long as you have to see
her every damn day.
Damn it,
Teresa, this is my job, okay.
This is where I work.
You know how
much this means to me.
I do.
What are you talking about?
I do.
And I also know that that tramp
shoving her stuff
in your face all day
is too hard for you to resist.
Sure, you may start out with
the best intentions
but sooner or later,
you're gonna go sniffing around
that honey pot,
unable to resist
just one little taste.
You know what, I'm really confused
right now, okay?
Because you say
you want me to come back?
You want me to be the man
of the house?
Well, then
let me put money in the bank.
Let me put food on
the table.
I mean, don't
cut my balls off.
What sense does
that make?
The only way I'll
trust you working here
is if I cut your damn
balls off.
Now let me make
it simple for you, Ricky.
It's a deal breaker.
No trust,
no relationship.
You have to figure out
what's best for you.
And what
means the most to you.
Well, uh...
I don't know if I can
do that.
I... I...
I don't know if I can quit this job.
Ricky, are you saying that...
I don't know if I can quit it.
Wow, so that's it,
we're through?
Listen, uh,
Danny's looking for you.
Oh, my God.
My God.
It's okay, it's all right.
It's okay, it's okay.
It's okay.
Are you serious,
really, in town?
Okay, you know that would
be great, you know.
She could really
use a friend right now.
Your sister told
me I could find you here.
I make all my decisions
when I run now.
Don't say
anything else, just hug me.