Hope Lost (2015) Movie Script

No... no!
Did you say...
do it to her?
It's one of the
golden rules of cinema.
Before inevitable doom,
There must always be
a scene of hope.
(Yelling in pain)
And you've been turning
your back on me
When on trial
I'll say your name
Can you hear
While I'm begging
for justice in vain
I'll be near
I'll be here, waiting
I'll be here, waiting
I'll be here, waiting
In the name of God
I'm nobody's son
Call me like you want
I'm my own father
I'm my own father
(Child speaking)
(Woman speaking)
(Dance music playing)
Hi, uh, I'm sorry
for my friends.
Haven't I seen you before?
Oh, yeah, I'm Sofia.
Thank you.
Um, the beauty contest,
two years, ago, remember?
You won, right?
No, I didn't.
I only made the finals.
With your face and smile,
You should have won
the damn contest.
Excuse me, another glass.
So... how come you came back?
Work, as usual.
Are you shooting
a movie in Bacau?
No, it's a TV thing.
Oh, what's it about?
Uh, it's a reality show,
And we're looking for an
Eastern European girl...
Thank you.
Who can speak a bit of Italian.
Oh, well... I do.
I never get a chance to
practice, but... I do.
Well, here's a chance.
You stick with me tonight,
and you can practice.
You can come with me to Rome,
and speak Italian all day long.
What if I take a picture of you,
And show it to the producers?
You never know.
Why not?
Excuse me a second.
In two kilometers, you will
reach your destination.
Thank god for that thing.
Well, Rome is so big.
You can get lost even on foot.
Big enough to make
all my dreams come true.
(Phone beeping)
Check this out.
Who's perfect?
You are.
The producers liked your photo.
If you want to come with me,
I'll organize the audition.
But I can't just
leave everything.
When are you coming back?
I don't know.
In a few months, maybe.
All right, look,
let's do it like this.
Give me your book and
I'll take it to the producers.
You have a book, don't you?
Of course, wait a second.
Never had a book, but I'm sure
you know a photographer in Rome.
All right.
Today, I recall
Some years ago
My hands were too strong
To let them go
The dreams I had
chosen to live
When I was 17
And all that I've seen
through my eyes
I won't let it go
My mother twisted fate
She was the first to
blur away
Her curly hairdo
The rouge upon her mouth
I asked her, smiling,
"Do you love me?"
And father
Twisted fate
I stare in his eyes now
Every day
By day it's a bit cozier.
I'm sorry for
a little discomfort.
No, it's okay.
It's not important.
Are we sharing the same room?
I'm not that kind
of producer.
I'll be sleeping
in another room.
Good night, Sofia.
Good night.
Hey, here you are.
Who are you?
Sorry, where is Gabriel?
Where is Gabriel...
Do you understand me?
Okay. Gabriel!
Gabri... Stop! No, no, no!
Who are you?
Don't worry about him.
He works for me.
You're a very pretty girl.
You look better than your
pictures, actually.
What pictures?
Who are you?
Where is Gabriel?
Gabriel owes me a lot of money.
And you're the one
who's gonna pay me back.
With your job.
No, it's not true...
No, it's...
Get yourself dressed.
No, no, no.
There's a mistake, it...
You shut up!
This is your job.
This is your
fucking job, okay?
I'll tell you what...
I'd give ya...
the count of three...
If you don't get dressed,
he's gonna help you.
All right?
No, no, no...
No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! No, no!
(Fabric ripping)
No! No! No! No!
No! Stop!
How much?
Get in.
Didn't Fabian explain
the rules to you?
30 euros.
Repeat after me. 30 euros.
Okay, okay, 30 euros.
That's good, baby.
No, no. Shh, shh, shh.
No. No, no. No, no.
No, no!
Now... go back to work.
Go on.
Somebody sold you.
For them, we're
just merchandise.
Just shut up.
You don't know anything.
How much?
Get in.
Put this on...
for me.
Please go. Go.
To the police.
Take me to the police.
What the hell?
What are you doing?
Do you understand me?
I said take me to the police.
Come on. Come on,
take me there. Come on.
Sorry, I can't.
No, no, no,
I can't.
No, no, no,
you have to take me there.
I'm married, okay?
No, no, no, don't worry.
I won't say anything.
No, please, no!
No, please! No!
Go out!
You are in big trouble!
Stop! Leave her alone.
Shut up!
She was screaming and crying.
She got out of the car
and ran away.
She run away because the guy
didn't want to use a condom.
No, that's bullshit.
I'm sure it is.
Where did that mark
come from, anyway?
Who did that?
I told you, not the face.
Not the face.
Why don't you show her
her back?
Look at the fucking mark
on her back.
Look at that.
What do you think of that?
You know what that is?
That's my mark.
That happens when
people misbehave.
'Cause everybody around here
needs to understand
Who the boss is.
Let's see...
Eeny meeny miny Moe.
You know how she got that?
Pull up her sleeve.
All right, now,
you can cut yourself,
Just like that.
'Cause you're young,
you can learn these things.
Okay? I'll give you a chance.
'Cause it was your
first time.
If you can't do it...
Well, then Fabian here,
He's gonna fuck you up the ass.
Here you go.
No! No, no, no, no!
What you did was very serious,
all right?
It's a disappointment.
You're an investment for me.
You became risky.
I don't need a risky investment.
You understand?
(Screaming in pain)
You can call the police
if you want,
All right, but they're
not gonna believe you.
In fact, even if they did,
By the time they start an
investigation, I'll be gone.
I'll be long gone!
You know where I'll be?
I'll be at the school,
looking for your little brother.
And I'll get him,
and I'll cut his throat,
And I'll drop him
in a fucking dumpster.
All right?
You owe me 30,000 euros!
You understand that?!
You work it off.
And then you can do this.
You can fly away
like a little birdy.
Let's go for a ride?
Why not? Come on.
Let's go for a ride.
Come on, let's go.
Why not?
Not you. Go home.
Come on.
Let me go.
Come on...
What's wrong with you?
Are you crazy or what?
Come on.
You don't wanna come with us?
You look so beautiful.
Stop it.
Let's go, let's go.
Fuck off.
What did you say to me, bitch?
She said fuck off.
What the fuck you want?
I'm worried about the safety
of people around here.
You should step five or six
kilometers back.
Whose safety?
My safety?
You know, man, I can pay.
But see, first you pay,
then you touch.
You touched and didn't pay.
That's not good.
Fabian! Bring the jack.
The fuck is this?
What do you think you're doing
with this fucking jack?
Oh, well, it's for you.
It's for me?
You fell down the stairs.
Say it!
I fell down the... stairs...
The stairs. I fell down the...
(Shouting angrily)
(Car engine starting)
My heart.
Okay, I take 30...
No, let me out.
I can't.
You take 30, right?
I will triple that.
Okay, listen,
we can't go too far.
Find a spot nearby and stop.
That's the rule.
I pay. I say where we go.
Okay. What would you like?
Shut up.
Come closer.
That's enough.
Your shoulder. Higher.
Are you okay?
Shut the fuck up.
(Car horn honking)
Where the fuck did you go?
You know you're supposed
to stay in the area.
Where'd you go?
Hey, look...
Take it.
It's more.
Listen, I... I never thanked you
for the other day.
How old are you? 17?
You can tell you're still a kid.
If you weren't a kid,
You would've kept
the extra 60 euros,
Instead of forking it over
to that shithead.
How do you feel?
All right, I guess.
Listen, I wanted to ask you...
The money you gave me,
what do you do with it?
I mean, we're always here.
Think you can keep an
old goat like me company?
The car?
I have a camper,
here in the lot.
We take a short walk.
Okay, with me.
You have 40 euros?
Are you kidding?
Of course I have 40 euros.
What about you?
Are you coming?
Come on, she's
too expensive for you.
Three is more fun.
How much you gonna cost me?
With three?
Come in. Come in.
My place.
Pay now.
Here. Here.
All right,
just leave it to us.
I'll make myself
comfortable, yes?
All right.
You like it, yes?
Oh, yes.
So sexy.
Oh, yes.
You like it, yes?
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Mmm. So sexy.
Argh! Argh!
(Girls laughing)
How did you
figure him out?
Didn't you how he would never
look you in the face?
His eyes always down,
like a trouble dog.
Men are easy.
They are mostly worried
about their size.
You always tell them,
"My god, it's huge."
What if it's not?
Well, then,
tell them it's big.
And if that's not possible,
You tell them they really
know how to use it well.
This is for Manol,
this is for me,
And this is for you.
Let's go!
Help me, please!
Looks like no sleep today.
How much have you set aside?
A bit.
A lot of clients ask to do it
without a rubber.
They pay more.
Aren't you afraid of
catching something?
But I want to
get out of here, so...
But how?
I've got about 10,000 euros.
I'm looking for a client who
will go and help me escape
In exchange for that money.
What if it takes the money
and just disappears?
Or what if it tells Manol?
He will kill you!
Wouldn't it be better to give
the money directly to Manol
For your freedom?
See what a baby you are?
Why? What did I say?
If I give him the money, he will
know I took it from the client,
And he will kill me
all the same.
I need to find someone who will
go to Manol and buy me.
I can't wait so long.
Sofi, I'm pregnant.
Are you a soldier?
Then how come
in the photos...
I was.
No more questions.
Get undressed.
Put it on the floor.
Look we need to hurry,
Because I have to go back
as quickly as possible.
300 euros. One hour.
Get on the bed.
(Heavy breathing)
Hug me.
Rock me.
Will I see you again?
(Car horn honking)
I told you, I was in a hotel...
with a client.
Which hotel was that?
It was...
it was the Providence.
the Providence.
That's a nice place.
I have something
I want to show you.
Little movie.
Watch that.
Not my brother, please.
No, no, please.
Please, no. Not him.
Gimme that phone.
Come on.
Yeah, everything's okay.
Yeah. You can go home now.
I know. I'm sorry.
I know it.
I just want to pay the 30,000
euros and so I can...
Leave... please.
30,000 euros?
30% interest...
Is, uh...
39. 39. 39,000.
Now, food and clothing
and gasoline,
And all that stuff.
You know...
I have a feeling that you're
gonna be working for me
For a really,
really long time.
(Tires screeching)
I... I...
What the fuck
are you doing here?
You lazy bitch!
What the fuck
are you staring at, huh?
(Grunting in pain)
I'm sorry for all
that crying, before.
Thank you.
They are threatening my brother,
And so I can't...
I can't do anything, I...
Look, I need 30,000 euros
to buy my freedom,
And I thought maybe you could
lend me... I can give you...
And why I should I help you?
Because you're...
Good hearted, and...
Because you can.
Open it, read it,
and then fold it.
This is the deal. You make me
say what's on the paper...
And your boss gets the money.
You have five minutes.
What should I do?
I was no sergeant.
I was a contractor.
Everything in this house,
The money I pay you,
Comes from torturing
a lot of people.
Come on.
Hit me for fuck's sake!
Imagine I'm that son of a bitch
who sold you.
Will you give me the money?
Two minutes.
(Man yelling in pain)
What's written there?
If... If I die, I will not talk.
No, no, please!
What's written there?!
Answer me!
Hey, are you there?
Everything okay?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
What's written there?
What's written
(Speaking in foreign language)
(Man speaking
in foreign language)
(Repeating word
in foreign language)
What does it mean?
It's Somalian.
(Screaming inaudibly)
It means "mercy".
You blew it.
There goes your freedom.
I'm Hector.
Okay, what do you wanna do?
Oh, no, nothing.
I just wanna talk.
Yeah, sure.
No, really...
Listen, do you
wanna fuck or what?
I... I can't.
(Speaking Romanian)
Please, wait, wait, wait.
I'll pay you. I'll give you
the money. I just wanna help.
No, I don't need any help.
Sofia... you don't understand.
I am a priest.
I belong to an association
That's trying to fight the
prostitution rackets.
Do you know what that means?
It means that we know that
someone has been exploiting you,
And they've been holding you
like a slave.
I want you to
tell me their names,
And where I can find them.
And then we will set you free.
I promise you.
We can help.
No, you can't.
But maybe... there is
someone you can help.
Good. But tell me everything.
I'll be in touch
with you very soon.
Thank you.
Come on!
Hey! Ho, ho, ho!
Get over there.
The fuck over there.
Listen, uh... my good friend,
I'd like you to meet him.
All right?
Hector! The man of
a thousand faces.
A thousand joys and sorrows.
He's seen me through
thick and thin.
Most trusted, all right?
Say hello. This is Alina.
Bella, Alina.
(Speaking in
foreign language)
This one, however,
no introduction is necessary.
No... Sofia.
Sofia was quite shy
when I first met her.
And then, suddenly,
as if she was bathed
In the baptismal waters,
she started confessing.
She confessed quite
a bit about...
About everyone,
didn't you, Sofia?
I can only imagine.
These things seem to happen.
Over there.
Are you hungry?
Please. Yes?
Actually, no.
You deserve the most.
Considering your condition,
Come on.
Look what else I found.
See? You don't hide things
from me. It's not right.
You're more expensive
than I thought.
You're getting
more expensive every day.
Did you know that Frank Sinatra
used to roll up his money
Just like that?
I need it.
For the abortion.
(Vacuum whirring)
No, no, no. Stop it!
It's too much!
Stop it, please! Please!
That's okay. Stop it.
I grew up Catholic.
We do not believe in abortion.
I think the life starts as soon
as the sperm enters the egg.
It's growing.
We should honor that life.
It's a gift from god.
Go. Go see your friend.
You'll take care of this baby?
No one's going to hurt
this child, I promise.
But will you take care of it?
Do you have any idea
How much a healthy baby is worth
on the black market?
I mean, we're talking about
a lot of money.
How much is it?
300,000. Maybe even 400.
It's gonna be okay,
believe me.
The last one we shot was skanky
whores, disgusting pigs.
Heroin addicts with
one tooth in their head.
I love them all, trust me.
This time the client,
they want classy.
So let's give them classy.
This is the duke.
He handles all my logistics.
Flash. He takes care of
treatment and disposal.
And this... this is Thomas.
The great professor.
He handles all my affairs
when I'm away.
You going someplace?
I gotta go up north
and handle some business.
Don't worry about it.
You're in good hands,
With professore.
Let's sort your business.
All right, we're all set.
We got the actors.
Everything's nice.
All we need is a director.
How come we don't
have a director.
Ah, we had one, but there was
a little controversy.
Little problem, so...
we had to let him go.
I mean, like, let him go.
I know just the guy.
I'll give him a call.
Listen... maybe they are
keeping us here,
Because they want to
sell us to another boss.
It can happen.
Okay, when?
Tomorrow afternoon.
No. No, no, no.
Now. Let's get it done.
Okay. Let's get it done.
(Speaking in foreign language)
Hey, did you
order the pizza?
All right, well go keep
an eye for it, will ya?
Goddamn thing.
Watch it, you didn't
see it coming over here.
If he has a left-handed
girlfriend, he's fucked.
(Muffled screaming)
Shh! Quiet!
Or they'll kill us all.
Who are you?
They want to kill you,
so I'll get you out of here.
What the fuck is going...
Grab something.
We have to get out of here.
They wanna kill you
in a snuff film, Sofia.
You know what that is?
Manol called me
to film your death.
Tortured and killed, and then
they'll sell on the market.
I was supposed
to be the director.
Why?! Why did you sell me?!
Because I got a rope
around my neck!
I lost 80,000 euros
at poker with Manol,
And I couldn't pay up.
He was blackmailing me.
He said he'd get revenge
on my whole family.
But now it's finished.
I don't want to be
anybody's slave.
Look, I got your passports back.
There is a plane leaving
tomorrow at 7:00.
Tomorrow morning,
we are in Bucharest.
We'll get your brother,
my mother, and my sister
Before those bastards
can arrive.
And we'll go away, Sofia.
We'll go away.
A friend of mine has a house
near that airport.
We'll hide there tonight.
And tomorrow, at dawn,
we'll take off.
I hate you.
Who is this friend?
An Italian movie director...
Who knows about my troubles.
He's out of town now.
And won't be back
until tomorrow evening.
We'll be leaving from here
in seven hours.
So you better rest a little.
100 if you tell me
where Sofia is.
Excuse me?
Where is Sofia?
I don't know.
Who does?
I'm sorry.
That son of a bitch, Hector,
tricked me.
I just wanted to help you.
I didn't want to...
Thank you.
Where is Sofia?
I asked you a question.
Where is Sofia?
She's not here.
Then where is she?
You will never see Sofia again.
(Groaning in pain)
You bitch!
Shit. Damn you. Damn!
Ali, wake up, Ali.
We have to go.
What's the matter?
The door was blocked.
You locked us in.
I didn't lock you in.
It's the door. Look.
You should pull it harder.
You see?
And what's that light?
There in the mirror.
You see?
Oh, yes.
What the hell have you done?
You evil bastard.
I didn't make you
come with me, Sofia.
Give him the money.
(Speaking foreign language)
Hey, whoa!
Finish the job.
That job to finish, right there.
For the last time, talk.
You have no idea what I've been
through in my life.
You think a woman
can make me talk?
(Electric buzzing)
(Yelling in pain)
Where is she?
Where is she?!
Where is she?!
Why... did you free us?
To make the film more realistic.
It's one of the
golden rules of cinema.
Before inevitable doom,
There must always be
a scene of hope.
In this game, the rule is:
"do it to her".
Simply pronounce
these magic words,
And the other has no choice
but to sacrifice herself
Instead of the one
who was chosen.
And the big prize
is really simple.
She who makes it till dawn,
will go back home.
Twenty lashes.
Will you take them, or do we
start on our little mom's back?
Everyone talks in the end.
In honor of our financier,
A respectable Turkish
Our next tool is a typical
affliction of that country.
The falaka.
This hurts more
than on the back.
20 stripes.
Do we give them to you,
or your friend?
Please! Aah!
Come on! Go on, say it.
No, no, I did not
understand you.
No... No...
Did you say "do it to her"?
No! Do it to her...
(Moaning in pain)
I need to change
the battery.
I'm gonna go outside
for a while.
I'm gonna go get a drink.
All the time with
those stupid masks.
What the fuck are they doing?
Almost done.
What do you expect?
For them to show their faces...?
Since you are so fond
of each other,
For your last admission,
we will allow you...
A sweet kiss.
A special kiss.
With this.
One of you will go back home...
And forget this ever happened.
The other... will die.
That's a good girl.
Kiss your friend.
Put the gun on the floor.
Kick it away.
Please, I need help.
Take me... to a hospital.
You can't go to a hospital,
you asshole.
They'll call the cops.
Later, I'll take you
to a vet friend of mine.
Now just shut the fuck up.
I said shut up!
I'll be finished here
in ten minutes.
Now you're gonna pay, huh?
I'm sorry.
I would've done anything
to save you.
Smoking kills, huh?
I'm getting sick of this shit.
I gotta get out of this
business, basically.
It's no fun anymore.
I need my money.
Give me my jacket!
Go on, kiss your friend.
You have a minute.
If no one swallows,
both of you will die.
I said that the survivor would
be allowed to go back home,
But I'm afraid I was lying.
Can you imagine?
Just give me...
My jacket... my money...
Now we...
First, an old score
has to be settled.
My jacket...
Today... you're gonna die.
So are you.
You gonna kill me?
Is that it?
Go ahead. Okay.
I don't give a shit,
all right?
Thank you.
Today, I recall
Some years ago
My hands were too strong
To let them go
The dreams I had
chosen to live
When I was 17
And all that I've seen
through my eyes
I won't let it go
My mother twisted fate
She was the first to
blur away
Her curly hairdo
The rouge upon her mouth
I asked her, smiling,
"Do you love me?"
And father
Twisted fate
I stare in his eyes now
Every day
He's dark and grave
But he speaks a lot
right now
He tells the words
I've always wanted
All the crowds,
all the lights
All the joy,
all the fights
And all the times
we waved goodbye
All the love,
all the hate
All the miles that we ate
The Earth looked like
a big balloon
The time we played
on the moon
The woman that I love
She whispered in my ear
The blackest eyes
And that Mona Lisa smile
The scariest dream
was to survive her
All the crowds,
all the lights
All the joy,
all the fights
And all the times
we waved goodbye
All the love,
all the hate
All the miles that we ate
The Earth looked like
a big balloon
The time we played
on the moon
Now I'm old enough
To leave this town
And half of my memories
Are shaking me right now
I close my eyes, breathe out
And feel my Charger '69
I close my eyes, breathe out
And kiss my life goodbye