Hopeless (2023) Movie Script

-Hong Xa Bin-
-Song Joog Ki-
-Kim Hyeong Seo-
Oh my god!
What happened?
- Sir! Sir! Stop! - Are you crazy?
Dare you hit my son?
Sir, stop that please!
Sir, his mother Yeon Gyu is here.
We just need to tell them
that we live together.
I can solve it by myself.
You should not do that for any reason.
- If your father knew...
- That bastard is not my father.
Ahead of the General Election,
a total of 473 primary candidates
Signed up yesterday.
[How to apply for Dutch citizenship]
With 473 primary candidates
in 253 constituencies...
Hey, answer the phone when it's ringing.
Don't be lazy.
Are you looking at pictures of other countries?
Something Dutch?
[Acquired Dutch citizenship]
Yes, we will deliver immediately.
This man always orders only one bowl at a time.
Rising politician Jeong Ui Seok,
potential candidates announce their candidacy.
What are you waiting for? Go deliver it!
Seems delicious.
Can you stop eating it?
My kid loves the noodles at this restaurant
so, I called.
Son, this year's birthday,
do you like anything?
Next year, I will buy you a gift.
Remember to do your homework.
Dad goes to work.
Hey, aren't you busy?
Is this for me?
These guys are dad's friends.
Dad and uncles are talking,
Can I wait outside?
Go back out!
- Hyun-woo!
- Quickly go out!
- Dad, it's okay.
- Take him out.
- Hyun-woo, don't do that!
- Hurry up and go. - Don't hurt my dad!
- Hyun-woo, don't. let's go out -Ahh.
Let me go!
How much advance do you need?
Three hundred won.
You're young but you need so much.
If that's the case,
you'd better ask your dad.
When you were busy...I helped.
It's difficult for me to
give you such a large amount.
I really need that money.
I promise to work hard.
Why can't you figure out what I mean?
Just go ask your father.
I can't turn to that jerk.
It's OK, It's OK.
It's okay, everyone.
Enjoy your lunch.
Can't let him know.
Please help me.
Sorry, for that.
You cannot go back to your home, right?
- You've been here a few times, right?
- To where?
Delivery to our office.
How long ago did you move here?
Since I was born.
- What do we do?
- Catch him. Catch him.
Come here. Come here.
- Wait - Come here.
Catch him. Catch him.
Don't move fuck.
Don't move.
Wow, isn't that funny?
Do you have any feeling now?
It seems that this son of a bitch
likes this so much he even rolls his eyes.
Want to feel it again?
I'm Yook Seong-hun.
You're doomed.
I'm Myeong-hun's elder brother.
My younger brother.
It must be very painful.
So why did you hit a classmate
with something like that?
Myeong-hun bad mouthed my mom.
He started it.
- Is that true?
- Of course not.
He says no.
have you tried to get the compensation?
It's just three hundred won. Is it hard for you?
We have waited for so long.
Why do you mother and you
both act like this?
You are not beggars.
Do you want me to call somebody
for money? Ask your father.
No. Maybe you should call him uncle?
How dare you
Go to hell.
Dinner is ready.
Dad hasn't come back yet.
[A Primer Guide to the Netherlands]
Kim Yeon-gyu!
Going to work?
Yuk Myeong Hoon saw me, but
he turned and left.
Seems like he grew up after
being beaten up.
When will you go back to school?
I'm sick of it. This is crazy.
These bastards.
They come once a month as if a regular event,
and they take away my delivery motor every time.
Fuck, Why is it?
Is it a monthly motor?
Monthly motor.
Go to deliver this.
[Chinese cuisine
Open now]
Is this funny?
Give me a ride.
Why am I your brother? You crazy woman.
Why are you always disturbing me?
I'm tired of it.
- Don't be rude. Nonsense.
- Stop acting so friendly.
You silly woman.
- Fuck off!
- You should go away. Fuck!
What are you doing?
Thinking about helping you.
Tell me, do you want me to help?
Here are three million won.
Big brother told me to pass
it on to you.
Don't try to look for us.
The problem is solved right?
There's no need to find
the source of the money.
School...I can go to school again.
It is really from a friend
I knew in the neighborhood.
Are you afraid that
I stole the money?
I have to go to work.
What did you do?
A boy called me, and said
he is your friend.
His name is Yook Myeong-hun
A guy who is my son's age
said I didn't educate you well.
I have no face to live on.
How can I rip this open?
Are you pretending to sleep?
Dad's business is not good these days
that's why he is like that.
I won't let dad drink anymore.
are his daughter.
I thought about it.
I don't think it works.
There's a lot of work out there,
Try asking other places.
No, I have to save money.
Don't do that.
Your wound...bleeding.
Guests coming to eat feel uncomfortable.
They are scared. I have to do this.
Wipe off the blood before you go.
Tissues are over there.
I need to work.
Wipe off the blood before you leave.
[Private loan]
[No assets needed]
Damn, I'm startled.
Hurry and go.
Are your ears just for decoration?
Come in.
Your are so young. Why are you here.
Didn't Seung Mu tell you not to come here?
Wanna pay interest to me?
That money was given to you.
No need to pay it back.
- I want to make money.
- No.
Go home.
Take off your cap off.
Hurry up.
Such a poor thing.
You need the key to start it. Right?
For old motobikes, they always
have been fixed up for some times.
Just catch it and make it run like this.
Easy right?
[Name: Mugyo restaurant
Vehicle type: City Ace/Red]
The date for the last operation
- 23rd June.
- What day is today?
21st September.
[Mugyo Shop]
What have I told you?
I told you to look for the ones over 5 months.
Yeah, right.
Oh right.
Five strokes.
Hey, something over there.
Let's get back on this.
Damn! That was scary!
The damn dog!
You wanna take this, too?
The truck is filled up.
You go and drive this back.
I saw just now there was
still room for another one.
You should try it by
yourself beside learning.
Don't stare at me, brat!
What's all this about?
What are we here for?
For work.
For theft.
Be careful.
It's gonna be fun if you get caught.
(Foreign language)
Good to go.
Okay, I see.
Yes, boss.
-Unload -Okay, bro.
Hey, thief!
Get yourself busy.
Don't just stand there like a fool. Damn.
Must have enthusiasm. Passion!
Know it?
ssion! You brat.
Go clean up, you devil.
Big brother is here!
Keep working.
I'll be stressed for that.
Don't worry.
You just need to win the election.
But it's not my call.
So, you won't do it?
Just do whatever you like.
Yes, I'll do it.
I've worked everything out this time.
You are gonna make it.
Without that guy, it's cast in stone.
What are you worried about?
You brat.
You're too nervous in
preparations for the election, right?
Hey, be a man! Just stick to it!
- Jeong Ui Seok.
- Yeah!
Jeong Ui Seok.
Go to the car and wait.
Watch your step, brother.
Get a bottle of Bacchus and deliver it to him.
Before the end of the election, we'll
use your office temporarily.
It's a good place here. Very remote.
Okay, please make yourself at home.
You're...done an excellent job here.
Given 3 or 4 more years,
you can catch up with them.
It's still a long way to go.
They're having a hard time recently.
Back to work.
Goodbye, big brother!
Are you okay?
Dad will give you some money to use.
Don't go to work anymore...
Concentrate on your studies.
Uncle, when did you give me money?
I'm working hard now.
Take it.
Take it.
Take it, Yeon-gyu
Take it. No problem.
Dad will stop drinking.
Did you eat.
Get what you want from the fridge.
I don't drink.
That's someone else's.
Drink it.
Why hid it if you're gonna
get a scar anyway?
I can teach you.
My mother woke up the next morning
and my Dad had left.
It was the day before I was born.
I thought everyone didn't have a father.
My mother always said the same thing.
It's the same with or without a dad.
I think also.
But when I was in middle school,
the bastard who owns the supermarket
where my mother works,
Knowing that her mother did not have
a husband, He came to the house.
I couldn't do anything to help her.
I was in the room at that time,
but my whole body was motionless.
And then one day when I came home from school,
the man that my mother still goes back
and forth with, was sitting in our house
together with Kim Ha-yan.
They said they had registered their marriage,
and from now on we will live together.
At first, I really liked it,
having more people in the house.
He treats mom well,
and he likes to accommodate us.
You've lived here since you were little, right?
I have never left this place either.
A hopeless neighborhood.
This place has always been like this.
So that person's daughter...
Kim Ha-yan.
Why do you help that girl?
when not biological?
Because we live together...
With her at home,
I will be less likely to be beaten.
What are you going to do
with the money you make?
I want go go somewhere with my mom.
Is there good?
I hear everyone's
pretty much the same there.
There's no such place.
I'd be there if there was. Fuck.
Why did you give me that money?
You don't know me.
How come I don't know you?
Go home
or sleep over if you want.
Thank you.
- Come back?
- Yeah.
- Don't dawdle. Send it over.
- Yeah.
Don't stand there anymore.
Bring the bike back.
- Remove the tape.
- Yeah.
[Chinese Cuisine]
What are you doing here?
Are you here to pay for this glass?
You get a new job.
Because someone fired me.
In that case, you should pick me a new one.
It's exactly the same as before.
This one is in good condition.
I just need the money for the motorcycle loan.
We need a loan of at least 3 million won.
You can use the extra money for
the restaurant's running.
Which asshole, shit.
Another cost.
Okay, give me then. Three hundred.
Can you make a living like this?
Looks like you're getting better
after a few beatings.
Did you get it?
I don't do it anymore.
I've gotten a lot of texts because of you.
Why did you take the money
but don't give me the goods?
Then go through the trash
and mail it yourself.
Bitch, did I say I'd do it?
You said yu'd pick it up in time
for me to sell it for you.
You said you need money.
[The pervert rummages through
the trash women toilet]
That's your job.
Aren't you going to make money?
[Student card]
I've earned enough.
If you don't want to die, bring
me the stuff anyway.
You've already prepared well for me.
Why do you have to lie.
Got you.
The pervert rummaged through the trash.
Try touching Kim Yeon-gyu again,
I will send these out.
I'm Seong-hun.
Get that woman's cell phone by the end
of the day. If you dont wanna die.
What are you two?
What's the relationship between you two?
What are you doing?
Hey, Kim Ha-yan.
Fuck, who let you do this?
Because I hate those bastards.
You're afraid I'll go behind your back.
Give it to me.
[Standard loan contract]
It's your first time,
but it's a lot of work.
You've been doing well lately,
What is this.
That's mine.
It's expensive.
[Lee Hyun Nam - Running for third term]
Lee Hyun Nam changed his tune.
Old man Kim Kuk Hwan has his back.
- Find a way to deal with that old man.
- Yes.
Luch is from 12:00 to 1:30pm
Otherwise, it's just off hours.
Then it will be easy.
When the shift ends, staff will be gone.
I just asked.
He'll take a cab in order
to be a clean public servant.
When he gets in the car,
I'm gonna kick his ass.
See if he goes as I order.
The problem is, after we call him over.
If we gag him.
He has a son.
His son.
How about using some photos?
Hey, kid the big brothers' talking.
Do you know PS?
What kind of photos?
Some weird photos.
Kind of like smelling women's underwear...
In that case, we don't have to do
anything to him. No one will be hurt.
[Taxi driver certificate]
Why are you like this?
You haven't been discharged yet?
- Do you know what this is about?
- Yes.
What's the status of his debt now?
The original debt is seven million won.
The interest is 66.31 million won.
The total is 73.3 million won.
It's still being paid off,
isn't it?
Shut up, you bastard.
- Shut up - Seung Mu.
But your interest keeps rolling in.
If you do a good job.
I'll waive some of the interest.
So how much is the interest forgiven?
Let's cut you 80%.
You listen in the trunk.
If there's anything wrong.
Call me Okay?
You are Lee Hyun-nam right?
I heard you're running
for office this time.
Yes. Thank you in advance.
Because while you were here,
the subway was opened
A lot of taxi drivers got mad.
But my son also takes that subway.
- He says it's more comfortable than the bus.
- Oh my God.
How old is your son?
The boy is in second grade.
The boy probably takes the train a lot.
But not now.
The kid got hurt a while back.
What's wrong? Is it serious?
It was just a head injury at first.
He can talk when in good spirts.
But now, his eyes can't open anymore.
It's terrible.
- You know the loan sharks
- Is it upstairs at the motorbike shop?
Please arrest them.
What did they do to you?
They did harm to
my only child...
I'm the one who borrowed the money.
Why would they touch a innocent child?
He was trying to stop them
beating his dad...
Uncle, stop there.
The cops are friends with the gang, too.
These guys are a disgrace to the civil service.
Turn around. Go to the police.
- What is he doing?
- Seung Mu!
Just wait and see.
Who are you?
What are you doing?
This bastard!
Let go! What are you planning to do?
Wipe away your tears. Uncle.
Hurry up!
Go check it.
I told you to call, but you didn't.
My phone battery's dead.
Lee Hyun Nam is suspicious
so I took action.
Buy something for your kid
to eat when you leave..
You don't know..
what my kid looks like now.
You said you'd reduce the interest,
and you're going to do it.
Still have to pay the principal this month.
Are you bold enough now?
As planned. Let's go see the old man first.
Tommorrow you will go for it.
Boss asked me to show you this.
He really got it done in a special way.
Looks like my child has a fever.
Come take a look for me.
I'm doing this.
Work hard. You'll be treated well.
Consider this as yeasterday's wage.
Too little? Want more?
Whats that?
Here's pocket money.
You can spend whatever you want.
We left before.
What are you going to say?
No problem.
Thank you, boss.
Yeon-gyu, come here.
Don't call boss anymore, call me brother.
This is your house.
It's where you belong.
What do you want to say?
Can I ask you a favor?
Say it.
You want my help?
I can't ge involved in
your family's business.
He's your father. You'll have to
deal with it yourself.
Not him.
Fuck, what does this guy want?
Fuck, what's wrong with him?
Don't get too much.
Like Americans who only know
how to eat bugers.
Then don't eat it.
What, I'm not waiting for you.
Those guys won't bother you again.
So from tomorrow, you can...
go to school.
What are you wearing? Like some maniac.
I'm what?
Get inside.
I'm not going.
It's going crazy in there again.
Get inside first.
[Candidate No. 2 Jeong Ui Seok]
Remember to do as I tell you!
I heard it.
So much.
Damn it!
Ask me to die?
So, why would you tear the money?
I've helped you reduce the interest.
You'll be able to take a breath next month.
You wanna me to die?
You wanna me to die?
You wanna me to die?
You wanna me to die?
- Bastard!
- Leave him alone.
Let go! Let me go!
Today's meal is not so bad.
Now you don't even say hello to me?
Kim Ha-yan.
I can't make much money.
I just drink every day.
You think I'm funny, don't you?
Tell Me!
Does you dad look like an idiot?
Eat them, quick.
Didn't I say I'd quit drinking?
Answer me, bitch!
Are you crazy?
My daughter actually said I was crazy.
Yeon-gyu, you heard it!
As her brother, you showed off everyday.
She learned this from you.
Get out!
Why don't you bring back a sixth stepmother?
How long do I have to do this?
I'm not done yet! Where are you going?
Calm down!
If you don't want me to
die in front of you.
Who are you guys?
Fuck, who are you?
Why are you standing there?
Sit down.
What are you going to do now?
So why make a fuss over nothing?
Is this the time for you to be
conscientious and endure?
Why didn't you tell me first?
I will from now on.
Don't move.
Don't move, it'll be over soon.
Sorry, brother.
I have to do this.
Sorry, brother.
Brother don't you feel sorry for him?
Come back after it's restored.
If not, then pay the debt for him.
Stand up.
Kim Ha-yan!
- So light! that's all.
- That's my price.
- It's light. I don't care.
Pay another five thousand won!
What's wrong?
What are you doing?
Hey! Hey!
It's so old!
Does this still work?
No one will buy this stuff.
Find a place to put it.
Then why should I bring it back?
There are things we must do.
So why?
Sucks, huh?
If you go back,
that home is your future.
Make your own decision.
Don't chase your dreams anymore.
Pay back the money.
Fuck! Let me go!
I'll give you the money.
The team leader hasn't had a drink yet!
Are you crazy? You nasty guy!
What are you doing?
He is the youngest man of
Chi-geon's team.
Leave him alone.
Just eat.
You also eat.
Everyone, fill up your drinks.
Let's drink.
Eat more.
Uncle, you have a drink too.
I wish you well!
It's been a long time.
I'd like to make a toast to him.
Did I do something wrong?
Eat up, everyone.
Let me have a toast, brother.
You don't drink, he knows.
Leave him alone.
Every family has a skeleton
in the cupboard.
Your mother is old.
I've paid for your education,
taught you how to do things.
Now it's time for you to help me.
We didn't get the redevelopment
project this time, but that's over.
What are you sighing for?
You nasty guy!
Didn't you want to be a congressman?
What kind of hair this?
Lets's get yor hair done first.
Youngest brother!
How old are you?
He's young,
So he doesn't know the rules.
Looks like Big Brother wants
to ask you to do something.
How old are you?
Twenty four years old.
- Here you are.
- Yeah.
When they ask someone themselves,
only then will everything go smoothly.
Why are you doing this?
Have you been here before?
Yes, when I was a kid.
It sucks here.
It's similar to your home.
There was an old man who also
brought his child here.
He threw his son into the river,
then sat on the shore and waited.
The old man sat there drinking
and waiting for
the child to caught a fish
and to return.
One day, the child
sank into the water...
and didn't emerge.
His foot was caught in the net
that he carried
and passed away.
There is a person
who often comes here to fish.
thinking it would take two hours. He baited
his rod and waited for the fish to bite.
About five minutes later,
he caught a big fish, thinking
I'm going to catch the big one today.
He was happy
and used all his strength to pull it up.
the fish he caught was tiny.
So speechless,
he decided to come closer and take a look,
and was extremely surprised.
He didn't catch a fish.
It was half of a child's ear.
When the man pulled the boy up,
obviously he's dead.
He thought so,
but the boy spit out the water and stood up.
The fisherman looked around to find
out if there's anything for him to eat,
but the boy had disappeared somewhere.
Actually, that boy
ran to where the old man was waiting.
The boy asked the old man,
Why didn't dad save me?
Do you know what he said to the boy?
Did something happen to you?
When he was pulled out, the boy was already dead.
Still breathing does not mean alive.
You asked me why I did what I did.
Only people that are alive
would ask a question like that.
Where's all that money from?
Take me with you.
What have you been up to lately?
I'm just doing what I can.
What are the things you can do?
What's that?
What can you do?
News just came in that,
the day before the election,
candidate Jeong Ui Seok of Myeongan
announced his withdrawal and leaving the party.
Information the ruling party has encouraged
Opposition candidate leaves party...
That bastard Jeong Ui Seok!
...is raising suspicions
about a tacit agreement
or the promise of another position
in the ruling Party.
As controversy grows...
He wants to keep me by his side and train me.
I had to say yes.
No other options.
[No. 2 candidate Jeong Ui Seok]
Is that the youngest brother?
Youngest brother...
I'm about to come talk to him.
One phone call!
Just give me one call!
I will return everything
I received it all this time!
Elder brother won't send you here
if you know that.
Just give me one call.
Sir, it's me.
It's absolutely not that.
I just don't want to do it anymore.
I want to leave this town.
I will rest for a while.
After resting,
I will explain everything
and go fishing with him.
Thank you, brother.
Yes, big brother.
I just received the money.
The eldest brother wants to tell you
what you did was like breaking his leg.
It's only fair if the same
thing happens to you.
This is your retribution.
I'm sorry.
Please sympathize with me.
If I don't do it,
they will cut off my hand.
STill didn't hear from him?
Get it done tonight.
Yeah, got it.
bring one of his hands.
Oldest brother.
What is it?
He wants to see you.
Fucking shit.
Let's drink up!
Give me another portion of chicken!
Wait a moment. Coming!
[Lim's Chicken Shop]
Come in!
What happened?
Where are you now?
Go home, Yeon-gyu.
Come talk to me face to face.
About that.
If I go, you will cut my hand.
There's nothing I can do about it.
You did it, right?
The motorbike.
What do you mean?
It was you who let them tamper
with my motorcycle.
What should I do now?
[Big Brother Chi-geon]
Order number two!
[Kim Yeon-gyu]
- What?
- Kim Ha-yan.
Help me.
How many more are there?
The last one!
What are you doing?
Why are you selling them?
What did that kid say?
When did you come to this neighborhood?
When I was about 20 years old.
What are you trying to say anyway?
You pushed the child into the water,
there has to be someone who pulls him up.
It wasn't me.
I really did not do that.
Errand boy.
[Oldest brother]
Yes, Elder.
Yes, the youngest brother is back.
What are you doing standing there?
Come in.
Didn't you say that if I came,
you would agree to his request.
I will get the money. But before
that, please take care of Ha-yan.
Until then, Ha-yan will stay here.
It has to be solved with money.
What are you going to do?
Please give me some time,
I will definitely...
Kim Yeon-gyu.
Please give me some time,
I will definitely find a way.
I asked for this because you would
only agree if I did it this way.
This is the only thing I can do.
This is what I need to do.
I will find a solution.
He said he will bring the money.
The number you have dialed is busy.
Don't you feel bad for Kim Yeon-gyu?
Why is everyone torturing him?
Will you stop torturing him
if I stay here and behave well?
Power off.
I want to live like before.
I quit.
Is everything done?
I'm sorry.
What are you apologizing for?
Let's go.
I'm begging you.
Everything wil be fine.
Don't worry.
You're crazy.
Take your hands off.
Let me go!
Kim Yeon-gyu!
Either way, that child is dead.
When it sank into the water.
Bring that guy to me in the afternoon.
Feed him with some yukgaejang.
Tidy it up.
I'm sorry. Yeon-gyu
My Ha-yan, What happened.
Dad looked everywhere but couldn't
find her anywhere.
Dad tried his best...
I'm sorry, Yeon-gyu.
Dad didn't mean to...
I thought something happened to Hayan...
Dad couldn't find Hayan, so...
I don't remember... why...
I said we shall go.
[Goodbye Myeongan City]