Horizons West (1952) Movie Script

Woh there.
Excuse me a minute, Major.
You know, I've been thinking
about home the past couple hours.
These here hills and all this mud
is beginning to get me.
Didn't seem to notice it so much
when we was a fighting
but this just riding along
through it day after day gets awful.
Hello there little fellow.
I'd sure be glad to get back
home to Texas again.
Tell us about Texas, Tiny.
He must think we're from that place
they call "the rest of the world".
You mean to tell me there's
someplace else besides Texas?
I was sort of hoping we were
just living in a bad dream.
Don't you think it's about time
you two woke up?
Shiloh, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga...
Dirt, muck, blood.
Four years for nothing.
We fought for something we believed.
There's been no disgrace.
- So we pick off where we left off?
- Lf we make up our minds to it.
I wish I were like you, Neil.
You can make the best of anything.
- So can you.
- No.
No. At least I'm smart enough
to know myself.
See little brother,
I just don't like to lose.
I don't know about you fellows,
but I got me a lot of plans.
I figure the future of Texas
lies in its people.
I'm going back to assist
the ever expanding population
- of my beloved state.
- Think your wife still loves you?
You know she does.
I got two kids to prove it
and they'll be more little Texans.
You're a fine shepherd!
That poor little lamb
might have drowned.
Yes, sir.
When Tiny McGilligan
gets back to Texas they'll be
calling me "populating papa".
Well Dan,
we're finally getting close to home.
Got a lot of years to make up.
You said it just right Neil,
a lot of years to make up.
Believe me,
I'm gonna make them.
Are you sure this is Austin?
Maybe we've been away
more than four years.
Why don't you two look around
for a couple of minutes?
I got something to tend to.
I'll take those Miss.
I'd say Miss on first and second
sight you don't need a new hat.
You must be a stranger here.
That's right.
First return in four years.
- Major there have been changes.
- I can see that.
I hope you think they're
for the better.
I'm not in a position to know...
Maybe you'll find out soon.
I wonder what you'd look like with
a shave and some up to date clothes.
Dan, you can look but
even that's wasting your time.
She's taken.
Sam Hunter!
You're the first proof I've had
that I'm back in Austin.
You're not only back but
I'll buy you a welcome home drink.
Let's go.
Now she's known Alexis,
the darling of Texas.
She is just a five foot girl
but she gives 6 footers a whirl.
That's what they say about Alexis,
the darling of Texas.
Looks like you got the wealth
of the world right here in Austin.
A lot of it here alright.
We really do have it though.
Most new money, northern capitol.
I guessed as much.
If a fellow has money,
there are ways of making more.
I hope some of it
has rubbed off on you.
No, still chief country clerk.
Good job.
But I reckon I just lack
the old savvy, that's all.
That girl in the carriage,
who is she?
I told you, she's taken.
- What do you mean taken?
- Married.
- To whom?
- Cord Hardin, from Illinois.
Money, plenty of it.
Ranches, cattle...
How do you stack up against that?
I don't.
I'm one of the vanquished.
Back home and broke kind.
A fellow gets back and looks
at all this wealth
he begins thinking.
- About making money?
- Making big money, fast money.
You got any ideas?
No, but if I could
get a start somewhere...
I better find Neil before he thinks
I'm swallowed up by the new world.
Good luck.
Sally Eaton!
Welcome home.
When did you get back?
Just passing through
on the way to the circle H.
Dan with you?
- Is he around here?
- Somewhere around here.
- Where?
- I don't keep him on a rope.
You've grown up and you're
even prettier if that's possible.
Well thanks.
- What are you doing here in Austin?
- Father died last year so I...
Mother wrote us about it.
Don't tell me your running
the freight company?
Look just because this is
a man's world is no reason a woman...
A woman?
- She's still wet behind the ears!
- Say that again!
Easy gal.
She's still the Texas terror.
Dan, welcome home.
- Don't you remember me?
- Of course I do. Sal Eaton!
You sure grown up!
No wonder I didn't recognize you.
You're forgiven.
We better get started.
The sun's moving.
Good to see you Sally girl.
Come by the ranch sometime Sal
and visit the folks.
- Yeah do that Pigtail.
- As soon as I can.
- Ma!
- Mr. Hammond!
Daddy's coming home!
Hi bud.
- How you been?
- How are you!
Children this is your father,
General McGilligan.
He win the whole war.
Juan, what a big soldier you are.
And little Celeste, what a beauty.
How proud I am of you.
Ma, you're wonderful.
Ira, I don't know how to thank you
for taking care of my family.
They've done a lot
to take care of us.
It isn't every ranch that's lucky
enough to have a foreman like you.
- We missed you.
- Thanks Martha.
Major, I'll take care of the horses.
You folks go on in the house.
What are we having for dinner?
- Cornbread?
- We've had it in the over for weeks.
And here are the two of you
as youngsters.
Neil was a little beauty, wasn't he?
Yeah, the two Hammond kids,
"Beauty and the Beast".
It seems like yesterday.
Here's a picture of you we took
right after you came to live with us.
It's nice to have been picked.
I hear he just happened.
Boys, boys...
Pretty wonderful having
you boys home again.
That's something special
I've been saving.
There've been time over the years
when I didn't think...
That's alright Dad.
There've been time over the years
when we didn't think so either.
- Here son.
- Ira!
Thanks, Dad.
Here's to us!
- What is this stuff?
- Whiskey.
Won't be long before
the Circle H is yours.
Maybe mother and I will take
a trip back to Kentucky.
But now tomorrow.
We'll start life as if there'd been no war.
Yeah. That's alright.
What's the matter, boy?
I don't know. It seems
kind of quiet around here.
Well Texas is a big country.
Sound gets lost in it.
Maybe I've been so used to sound
and excitement that
the idea of ranching kind
of slipped away from me.
It'll slip right back again.
Tomorrow you'll get into it.
You never really lose
the love of ranching.
Well we better get some sleep.
Tomorrow's a big day.
Good night, Dan.
Good night, Mother.
You really like this, don't you?
I believe you do.
For Dad's sake,
try to make a go of it.
It'll break his heart if you give up.
Let's just do one more.
It's getting late.
Near supper time.
There's excitement
in this ranching Dan.
A man and his dreams,
the cattle and the future. Yes sir.
We used to talk about this,
what we'd do when we got back.
Well, we're doing it.
The old life again.
Yeah. The old life again.
Who are those men down there?
Just about everything
under the sun I guess.
Ex-army deserters,
renegades of every stripe.
- Is that where they live?
- Yep.
They're a pretty tough lot.
I doubt even the Texas Rangers,
even if they hadn't been disbanded,
would relish tackling them.
Dregs of the war.
What more could a man want?
Fine home, good food,
this year, plenty of cattle.
1600 heads in the extreme
south section
and 950 in the big meadows.
When the Eastern markets open up
and the drives to Kansas begin
with a little luck,
we ought to be in pretty fair shape.
Meanwhile you're short of money.
Yeah. Meanwhile.
And in city's like Austin
men are making money hand over fist.
That kind of money is no good.
- What's wrong with it?
- It doesn't build solid land.
That's false prosperity.
I'd like to have a little of it.
What are you trying to say son?
Maybe I can't be satisfied
with ranching.
Trying to make ends meet year
after year like you been doing.
But we're happy.
We have everything we want.
Part of the joy was
not having to hurry it.
Let's face the facts Dad.
You're 65 years old and the ranch
isn't even paid for yet.
I haven't got that kind of patience.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Excuse me, Mother.
I suppose an ordinary citizen
doesn't have the right to bother
- a public official.
- You can.
After all these years...
Let's have it Dan.
- I want to make money.
- Is that all?
- It's about everything to me.
- I had you figured for ranching.
A chip off the old block.
- No, sir.
- What changed you?
- The war I guess.
- You're not the only one.
I've seen it in others too.
How do you figure I can help you?
- You know people.
- I know a lot of them.
What kind of people
do you want to know?
The rich ones.
Are you still a fervid southerner?
Naturally, but I could
forget that for money.
- No grudges.
- Same answer.
If I introduced you to a Yankee,
I wouldn't want to see you start
trading punches right off.
No. I'll be careful.
I'm serious, Dan.
It's a new world.
The old one ended when
the Confederacy went to war.
The new one started the same day.
Come in Cord.
I'm glad to see you.
- I'm delighted you could drop in.
- Thanks.
I want you to know my old friend,
Major Hammond.
- This is Cord Hardin.
- Major.
- Mr. Hardin.
- May I Frank?
Oh yes. Help yourself.
How about a little poker tonight?
Something special?
In a way, yes.
Some of us are getting a pool
together to buy 50,000 acres
cotton land in the Brazos.
Can you check on the legal details?
I can't tonight Cord. How about
bringing the papers tomorrow?
I can do that.
Are Osborne and Kenny
going to be in the game tonight?
They're both in the pool.
I'd like to have Maj. Hammond
meet them.
Perhaps you could get him in
on some business venture.
Frank has put it rather bluntly.
- You play poker, Major?
- Fair game.
I'll see you tomorrow Frank.
- That'll be fine.
- I'll expect you then.
- Goodbye Frank.
- Bye.
- I'm very grateful.
- That's alright Dan.
But they play a rough game of poker.
So if you value your money
look out for yourself.
- Thanks for the warning.
- Good luck.
- Hello, Sam.
- Hello, Dan.
- What are you doing in town?
- Thought I'd say hello.
Sit down.
- How are things at the ranch?
- The same.
I'd like to ask you a favor
but I won't blame you if you say no.
I can't tell you when
I'll be able to pay you back.
I can spare 1000.
I wish it could be more
but it's from my own
private kitty.
- No questions?
- Why should there be?
- Jacks and nines.
- Beats me.
- Too much for me.
- I'm out.
Queens and tens.
Up until now the nice part
about this game is no matter
how much you win or lose,
we always kept it in the same crowd.
You looking for an opportunity
to start in a business?
I'd like nothing better.
For 25,000
you can start a cotton mill.
I got a little deal I can fix up
for you for only 50,000.
Col. Grayson was telling me
the fastest way to make money...
The fastest way to make money
is right here in this game.
Who's gonna open?
- 100.
- I'll stay.
- And I.
- See you and up you 5.
Hello, dear.
Please don't get up gentlemen.
- I believe you know everyone but...
- Hello Major?
You've met before?
Yes. As a matter of fact the Major
insulted me in a very nice way.
That's a new kind of technique.
I'll have to try it sometime.
I'll see your raise Major.
Excuse me Mrs. Hardin.
How much have you got there?
2400 even.
You look beautiful tonight darling.
And raise you 5000.
That's too good for me.
- I'm out.
- Me too.
I don't have that much with me.
I'll play these.
I'll take two.
Full house, kings high.
Aces high.
I'll expect the 5000 tomorrow.
I'm afraid that's too fast.
When can I have it?
You'll have to give me
a little more time.
I don't like that answer.
I'll get it as quickly as possible.
That's the best I can do.
I have a couple of ranches.
Paradise can use
an extra cow hand.
You can work it out.
Report to my foreman tomorrow.
If you don't mind I'd like
to work it out in my own way.
You've stepped out
of your class tonight.
You're a farmboy.
You were born a farmboy
and you'll end up as one.
On top of that you're a welcher
and a smart alec.
Now get out of here.
I had that coming
this time.
Fix me a drink.
- Somebody's coming.
- Scatter.
Keep riding Mister,
right into the light.
Get off your horse.
Drop your gunbelt.
Start walking.
- Who are you?
- A friend.
- Where are you from?
- Austin.
What makes you think
you're wanted around here?
Whatever you want, say it fast.
Who's the spokesman for all you men?
We all do the talking here.
Let's see what the gentleman
from Austin looks like.
Look what we found.
A dude from Austin.
You two are awful tough
with all that artillery.
Better not hit him
with your right hand, Sy.
You want to go first?
Go get him Sy!
That a way!
Hit him Sy!
Give it to him!
Come on Sy, let's keep it clean.
Major, I always enjoy
seeing a good man in action.
- How are you?
- Dandy Taylor.
I thought I left you doing
guard duty in Chickamauga.
I want you to meet
the finest major, crackest shot
the toughest soldier
that ever lost a war.
Major Dan Hammond.
What are you doing here?
I heard about you men
being down here.
I came to talk to you
about making a living.
- A living for all of us.
- And he means all of you.
War's over you know.
You wouldn't think so.
I see soldiers here from the North.
And from the South.
But none of us are
soldiers any longer.
Also among you
there are men who are
deserters from the Army
for one personal reason or another.
Others among you may be wanted
by the law on various charges
and are now facing
an uncertain future.
I came here to tell you
that we can all make it
a little more certain.
For you and for me.
I need men who can ride hard,
shoot hard
- and live hard.
- That ought to be easy.
What are the wages
for this kind of work?
You're going to get loyalty from me.
And that's what
I expect to get from you.
That ain't enough.
What about wages?
If Dan Hammond says
he'll give you loyalty for loyalty
it means you'll get more money
than you ever made before.
Thank you, Dandy.
And to that
let me add one last thing.
If you men decide to go with me
this is the last night you'll ever
spend hiding in a river bottom.
Make up your minds.
Get those strays.
- 5000 dollars for French wine.
- Check.
- 50,000 dollars for diamonds.
- Check.
Of course Monsieur Auriel,
20,000 of French silk
percentage to us 4500 dolares.
4500 dollars?
To buyers here I've sold
champaign, jewelry, perfumes...
and General Escobar's
percentage has always been 20%.
What is this 22.5%?
- General. Please.
- Good afternoon Mr. Auriel.
Good afternoon General.
- Sr. Hammond.
- General.
Please mi General.
What is this 22.5%?
It's like Lt. Salazar says:
4500 dollars.
Fernandez, the Cuban,
Hiller, the German, and Lopez
bring goods to you. They sell.
But always it is 20%.
It's Escobar's new rule.
French silk now
5000 dollars cash.
But you said 4500 dollars.
Yes I know, but you talk and talk.
You waste my time.
5000 dollars cash.
Alright. I pay.
It is a good thing for you
Escobar make a place like Zona Libre?
But for me it is very expensive.
I have to pay my police,
my other helpers, everybody.
And nobody helps me.
It costs very much to make this army
and I have to take care of my people.
And I do!
That is why we make me the General.
- Right Salazar?
- Yes my General.
You see?
Auriel, you and I,
we won't have any trouble.
I hope so.
- Good day and thank you.
- Good day General.
And remember you are
always welcome here.
My friend Hammond!
How are you man?
A long time no see you.
General, you look magnificent.
What? This uniform?
This nothing.
Maybe I make one for Salazar
next week.
Thank you, General.
- You like it?
- Yes General, I do.
- But without the hat.
- Thank you, General.
A chair for the gentleman.
My friend Hammond,
how have you been?
Fine General.
And you?
Business has not been too good
but I think it will pick up.
Let's see
on this trip I only sold
15000 heads.
Commission for you 9000 dollars.
Salazar, how many was it?
He thought I wouldn't check.
- Yes my General.
- What?
No General, no.
Sr. Hammond,
Was it not 15,202 heads.
That would be for me,
my commission
9,121 dollars and 40 cents.
Forgive me. I didn't want to
bother you with little figures.
Dandy! How did you get
such an accurate count?
The cows, they count
each other for me.
Alright. Let's see.
9 thousand...
121 dollars and...
Hold on. Forget the cents.
This one is on me.
Well thank you General.
Now you smoke a fine
General Escobar cigar.
See? My picture.
- Dandy?
- That's pretty.
You don't smoke?
You make almost 50,000 dollars
since we met in the Zona Libre.
A very fine meeting.
You stay with me one week,
I give you fine time.
Salazar, I want the best
for Mr. Hammond.
For the best my friend.
The best beer, the best tequila,
- the best mariachis... Got it?
- Yes sir, General.
And the best girls too.
Very nice General but
I have a date back home.
- You going to kill somebody?
- No, this is with people I love.
Maybe next time.
Come on Dad.
Half of this is yours.
This is wonderful.
Here's to the best parents
anybody ever had.
Here's something special for
sticking it out with him so long.
- Look at that.
- Oh dear.
I'll say on thing Dad, if he'd
stayed on the ranch
he'd never had had enough money
for a bobble like that.
May I see it Mrs. Hammond?
It really is beautiful.
Come on you two.
Let's cut the cake.
You sure make that money making
business sound easy son.
How do you go about doing
that in the big city?
I was lucky Dad.
That may be warmer there in the pan.
A friend of mine staked me
to 1000 dollars.
Sam Hunter.
On a hunch I took
a trip to New Orleans.
- Great town, New Orleans.
- So I've heard.
Everybody's speculating.
I got a tip on cotton futures.
I bought quick, sold quick.
That's all there is to it.
Well that was sure a fine present
you gave Mother.
I don't think she ever expected
to get anything like that.
By the way Dad.
Here's a letter for you.
- What...
- That's right.
The 6000 you owe the bank.
All paid up.
Son, I don't even know
- how to begin to thank you.
- You try it and I'll punch you.
Sure takes the pressure
off all of us.
I confess I've been pretty worried.
See the Circle H has come to mean
just about all the living to me.
It goes way back to when
Texas was pretty young.
That's why I didn't want anything
to happen to the Circle H.
Well, so far nothing has.
How do you mean?
Cattle rustling, Dan. They've been
stripping the biggest ranches.
They've come close to us
but so far they've kept clear.
Sheriff Clawson,
what's he doing about it?
He thinks it's a regular
organized gang.
They keep it up,
we go to do some organizing ourself.
What are your plans Dan?
I've got some money, enough
to move in any direction I like.
Your mother and I would sure
like to see you settled down
particularly in Austin.
It'd be a big help to us.
Ira and Dan, our guests are leaving.
Thanks son.
I'm so sorry you all have to go.
I've enjoyed it so much.
- Bye bye.
- See you then.
Awful glad you could come today Sal.
- Thank you.
- When can I see you again?
Whenever you want.
- I didn't know you were interested.
- Interested?
I always thought you paid
more attention to Dan.
Neil, don't you know
I'm in love with Dan?
Have been since I was two.
But I'll give you a chance
to change my mind.
- See you in Austin.
- Goodbye Dan.
So glad you're interested.
Say, what's?
There's a rumor around Austin
that Hardin has your IOU
for 5000 dollars and you welched.
Bad story if it's true.
If it isn't true,
you better nail it right away.
I'll nail it. Tonight.
Two whiskies.
As I was saying, no matter
where you go you always find a man
who reminds you of a welcher.
Here's an IOU for 5000 dollars.
I'd sell it to the highest bidder,
but it isn't worth the paper it's on.
I was gonna see you at your ranch
later tonight.
This saves me the trouble.
See me about what?
Some more poker?
Here's the 5000
I owe you Mr. Hardin.
And here's the rest of it.
Just stay seated folks!
Gentlemen, the Major and me
came in peaceably.
That's the way we'd like to go out.
Tarlton, Butler, Clark.
All friends of Hammond.
My ranches.
What's this? A new game boss?
I'm just trying to figure out
where Hammond got 5000 dollars.
None of these ranches
have been touched.
My land has been raided
three times.
- Well, Major Hammond. Hello.
- Hello, Mrs. Hardin.
Would it be too bold if I were
to say it's good to see you?
- You just said it.
- That's right. I did.
Walk to the carriage with me?
- You've been out of town?
- Yes.
You tagged onto the money
you seem so eager to make?
I think I've just begun.
Mr. Hardon was wondering about you.
I just paid Mr. Hardin off.
Good for you.
- You staying at the hotel?
- As of this morning.
We stay here whenever
it's too late to go back to the ranch.
Look us up sometime.
I don't think he'd approve.
Perhaps I'd have something
to say about that.
I don't think I'd approve.
I see. Convention.
Well, good luck to you, Major.
Alright Edward.
Alright, Hammond,
up with them.
Start riding.
- What are you talking about?
- Jack, check the brand on the cattle.
Ok Hammond, move. Move.
Who's in this with your brother?
Give me the belt.
Take over, Ed.
Let's start over.
You and that brother of yours.
- You're home early.
- You're a brave man Cord.
Maybe you'd like to see
Dan Hammond in there tomorrow.
Perhaps you'd like that better.
Come in!
You're certainly inviting gossip
Mrs. Hardin,
breaking into a man's room'
like this.
Your brother's in trouble, Dan.
They've got him at our ranch.
You've got to believe me.
Why would I come here?
That's what I was wondering.
They're beating him within
an inch of his life to find out about you.
They might kill him.
They may be expecting you.
Be careful, will you.
Get off that horse.
So Mrs. Hardin did pay you a visit.
Where's my brother?
We're not after your brother,
but the man who rustled my cattle.
You saved us the trouble.
Get his gun.
Drop your guns!
Don't any of you move.
- Where's Neil?
- He's not here.
I'll give you five seconds
to produce him.
Al. Get him out.
Alright Hardin.
Now you're gonna take it.
- What's your name?
- Ed Tompkins.
- You his top man?
- I took his orders, Mister.
- Major!
- Major.
- You tell the truth about this.
- He'll tell the truth alright.
- Sy, get these men out of here.
- Let's go.
- How about him?
- Cover him up.
Stick around here until I get back.
- Neil, I'm sorry. Sorry as I can be.
- Thanks for the rescue.
Hardin already had something on you.
You don't have to believe
everything you hear, do you?
No. I'm thinking of the folks is all.
Nothing's gonna happen.
I'm not running away from anything.
I'll report this to the authorities.
Let's go.
I'm truly sorry, madam.
But before I can take this case
to the grand jury
I thought we ought
to meet here informally
to determine whether it was murder.
Mr. Tarleton, excuse me.
As Major Hammond's attorney
I can assure you he'll answer
frankly any question you put to him.
Thank you.
That's very kind of the Major.
But it's fair to inform you
that my office is aware that
Mr. Hardin strongly believed
your client had rustled his cattle.
How could that be possible?
A man in my position has enemies.
Mr. Hardin was a man
on horseback around here.
I was fair game for any
accusation he wanted to make.
May I be allowed to say something
Mr. Tarleton?
Yes Mrs. Hardin.
Major Hammond
is innocent of everything
and he would not be here now
except that I went to him and
told him my husband and his men
were torturing his brother.
Did you kill Hardin?
- Was it premeditated murder?
- It was not.
My brother killed Hardin
in self defense.
- There was no way to avoid it.
- I'll swear to that too.
In any court. Yes sir.
I'll swear that.
As Prosecuting Attorney
I don't see any case
against Dan Hammond.
Major Hammond, madam.
I was rather expecting you.
So I see.
- Thank you for this afternoon.
- Was there ever any doubt?
Sit down.
Major, what are your plans?
- That's very simple
- Money?
A few years ago I had an idea money
could buy everything in the world
that's why I married Cord Hardin.
Didn't buy me anything worthwhile
except hate.
He was the meanest,
cruelest man I've ever known.
Anything else you might want Dan?
- You're very beautiful Mrs. Hardin.
- Thank you.
I want very much to be beautiful.
I've always wondered
what it would be like.
If I were a free woman again.
- Now you know.
- No. I don't.
I thought there would be
nothing that would keep me here.
I'd be free to go wherever I cared.
Now I know I can't go anyplace...
without you.
Did it ever occur to you
that you never kissed me?
It's something I've tried
not to think about too much.
Until now.
The Conventional Major Hammon.
You have rather
a strange code of honor.
You break every rule in the book
but one.
Perhaps I've even admired you for it.
I'm pretty much of a fatalist.
But I knew from the first moment
I saw you that someday...
And you look like such an angel.
I'm gonna have land
and the land will be covered
with cattle and cotton.
I'll have lumber mills,
grist mills.
And when the railway comes in,
I'll have a piece of that too.
- How do you aim to do that?
- You're gonna help me get started.
- You're gonna dig into files and...
- Discover loop holes in land titles.
- And errors in official surveys.
- There's dozens of them.
You'll get info on everywhere
staggering under accrued taxes.
I'll see that you can
grab them for practically nothing.
- You can make everything legal.
- Legal and above board.
But you might have to back up
some of the grabs with force.
- We've got that.
- We've got everything.
This reconstruction period
is made to order for you.
No Texas Rangers,
very little law.
Sam, you old thief, you told me
once you didn't have the savvy.
I been waiting for someone I trust,
someone strong like you.
The Major will make
a rich man out of you.
I'm gonna have me clothes,
rich cigars, best liquor
tastiest vittles...
I'll pick money off bushes like
I used to pick beans as a kid.
You don't have to reach high,
just soft and easy.
You said it just right Dandy.
I'll have judges, lawyers,
peace officers.
They'll jump traces, cut circles,
follow the word.
They'll see nothing happens
to what I'm building,
'cause I'm building an empire.
And when I'm on the top Sam
People will swear
that I've done nothing wrong.
Nothing wrong at all.
You know, Dan,
I'm not one for tossing compliments
but I'd say you were on the way.
Thanks Sam.
So far it's been slow but sure.
But from now on I don't want
it to go that slow.
Come here.
Here's the spread
Snyderman Ranch, 6500 acres, here.
Dorf Holdings here, Cooper X-B
about 4000 acres here.
- And that's just the start.
- A word of warning, Dan.
I can't go in for
too much skullduggery.
You can't back out now.
You're in too deep.
I got enough on you to hang you.
Get out here!
I got a mandate for you.
The Hammond Land Company has bought
your property for delinquent taxes.
Unless you vacate
within three days
you'll be faced with proceedings
and forcibly removed.
As Marshall of Austin,
I advise you to obey this order.
Marshall Clawson,
if you try it they'll be shooting.
We can make trouble for you...
A lot of trouble.
What do you mean no?
Dan Hammond offers you
a third interest in cattle profits
for the next five years.
You want to tell him
something for me?
You better not say it Layton.
Get off my land.
You'll pay for this!
Thank you, Major.
I've been thinking about that
Bronson case against me judge.
How did you plan to handle it?
That's funny, I was just
going to ask you.
Dismiss it.
- Throw it out.
- Very good recommendation sir.
I'll never forgive him, Ira.
Legal trickery, that's what it is.
Through legal trickery
I lose my ranch, everything.
My cattle rustled, house burned,
and I can't prove anything.
What is it the power of the law
can't touch?
I can't understand it.
Our son...
The soldier we were
so proud of...
We've got to do something about this.
Hello Neil.
You look like a man
with something on his mind.
That's right Dan.
Spill it.
I have come on my own account.
- Ma and Dad don't know anything.
- Make it short.
Dan, you're running away
with yourself.
I know when we came back you
had no idea of doing all this
- turning all of these people out.
- I said make it short.
Alright Dan.
I just can't believe you alone
are responsible for all these things.
I think there's someone else.
I think it's that Hardin woman.
Look. That's enough from you.
A woman like that, with all
that gossip going on about...
Get back to the Circle H.
And keep away from me.
I'm gonna stop you Dan.
That's a man sized job Neil.
I wouldn't want to see you get hurt.
That's the only way you figure things.
Gun against gun.
I'll tell you one thing
little brother.
Don't expect any quarter from me.
Don't worry.
I'm not asking for any.
Well, they're making a fight of it.
My brother.
My own brother.
Alright. I'll make it tough on them.
I can't back away now.
Why not?
Because when is started out
I had two ideas.
To build a Western empire
and to make you
the greatest lady in Texas.
For the first time in my life
I know what it is to love a man.
That's why I'm afraid of
what might happen to you.
Let's get away from here.
New Orleans, anywhere.
I want the empire, honey.
More than you want me?
One doesn't go without the other.
Dan you haven't told me everything.
I want you to go to Zona Libre.
Wait for me there.
I'd rather stay here with you.
Take the stage to Brownsville
cross the river to Matamoros.
- You're expecting trouble?
- I didn't say that.
Will you do as I ask?
Haven't I always Dan?
So, I've got to know that
every man here will back me up.
If you'll testify in court against
Dan Hammond when the time comes.
Each of you may be risking your life.
Hammond and his riders
aren't going to take this lying down.
If we can't get action legally
we'll take the gun too.
I'm sorry Ira, but
if we have to we will.
I understand Frank.
You have your job to do.
Now that I know each of you
will stand with me
I can leave for Washington
tomorrow morning.
We've got to have action.
Federal troops.
Troops who'll ride the border,
have police authority.
As soon as I get back,
I'll campaign
for the reestablishment
of the Texas Rangers.
That's it gentlemen.
Ira, you and Neil stay.
Legal authority for me
to ask for your resignation.
Read it.
- What's in back of this?
- I don't trust you.
I didn't ask you to come here.
I don't know why you came.
As soon as I come back, I'll give you
a hearing if you still want it.
- Meanwhile...
- Suppose I don't stand for this.
Let's have your badge please.
Pick it up.
You heard what the man said?
Now get out.
I'm going to ask Neil to take
this job until I get back.
I'll take it.
Come on Dad.
You think it's bad, eh?
- Even worse than you figured.
- How much worse?
Tarleton is leaving for
Washington in the morning.
He's got people behind him.
He could stir up agitation.
He's even asking for
Special Federal troops.
He wants the Texas Rangers back.
Thanks Jim.
Incidentally, I'll take care of you.
You won't lose.
Thanks Dan.
Get the light Dandy.
I'll take that rig Mr. Tarleton.
Good evening Frank.
I want to talk to you.
- Hello Dan. Let's go in the house.
- Let's take a walk. It's better.
Borden, drive the rig around back.
Frank, what is it?
Who is that with you?
Just some friends.
Everything's alright dear.
- What do you want?
- Let's take a walk.
- Frank?
- Dad!
- Dad!
- I'm alright Jane, Dick.
Just some friends.
Nothing to worry about.
You're not going to Washington.
Not tomorrow or any other day.
Dan, you've lost all sense of reason.
I'll tell you another thing.
- You'll resign your office.
- No, I'm not.
I've had you dead to rights
a couple of time and let you off.
I'll not make
that same mistake again.
I haven't the time
to stand here and argue.
I suggest you be sensible.
I'm not like these men you've
been terrorizing.
I'll use all my influence
to destroy you.
- I'll never give up on you.
- You do as I say...
Dandy, you fool!
Judge. I don't even know why
we're having a meeting. It's obvious.
Mrs. Tarleton, so far there's
not a shred of concrete proof.
I'll go on declaring again and again
it was Dan Hammond's voice I recognized.
With all our respect for you,
that's not sufficient.
Sure it's sufficient!
If you weren't prejudice in favor
of Hammond, you'd do something.
Yes. This will be like
every other time.
We'll stay here all day
and nothing will happen.
I'll throw you both out if you
make another out of order comment.
I'm sorry. These things
are so unpleasant...
It's a dirty, rotten disgrace.
The best public official
Austin ever had murdered.
What are you gonna do about it!
Mrs. Tarleton swears
it was Dan Hammond.
Sure it was Dan Hammond.
You can't arrest a man
just because somebody says...
Mrs. Tarleton ain't just somebody.
Judge Smythers won't issue a warrant.
- He says there's not enough evidence.
- We're not waiting for evidence.
Mrs. Tarleton's word
is good enough for me.
What are we waiting for?
They want me for a killing
I didn't commit.
I can't figure out what
Dandy was thinking about.
One trigger happy kid ruins
all my plans.
This is something new for Austin.
Alright Hammond! Up with them!
- You're coming with us.
- Gentlemen...
Stay out of this. You're lucky
we're not after you.
Hold it!
Put those guns away.
Come over here Dan.
This isn't the way
we're gonna do it.
If my brother is guilty,
he's gonna get a trial.
There's a question of his guilt?
There ain't no question.
Is this town gonna be run
by you Hammonds?
I am acting Marshall
and I'll make my orders stick.
- We'll take the law away from you.
- You just try it.
You just try it.
Let's go Dan.
Neil! That mob means business.
We got to get Dan out of here.
Let me have a gun.
- What if they break down the door?
- They'll not break down anything.
- You gotta give me a gun.
- No gun.
Tell them they'll be no lynching
even if we have to shoot them.
Take Dan to the basement
of St. David's church.
When things quiet down we'll
take you to Houston. Get going!
We got to pile everything
we got against that door.
Hold it Major.
Sit down Major.
You'll be a lot safer down here.
It sure seems odd
you're being my prisoner.
I can't get used to it.
Tiny, don't give it a thought.
- No hard feelings?
- None.
I sure wish we'd stuck together.
Over at the Circle H, I mean.
It wasn't in the cards.
Mind if I ask you something?
Go ahead.
Something happened to you.
Major, I...
Go ahead and say it.
Somewhere you lost ideas
like pity and mercy
and understanding.
It was like you was trying
to fill the whole world around you.
What's it all about?
I'm not just certain.
Something deep inside me.
Maybe it's cruelty and ambition
together, a driving force.
Maybe it's because I want
to be the biggest man in the state
but I don't know how to do it
any other way.
Alright Tiny.
Get away from those stairs.
This ain't the war Dan.
You better give me that gun back.
Take my horse.
Major please.
Ira, somehow it doesn't seem right.
Father against his own son.
Would it be better
brother against brother?
No Mother. This time it's not
Neil's job. It's mine.
I'll bring him back for trial.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know what to ask for
in my prayers anymore.
Neil. I want you to know,
I'll be waiting.
- You speak English?
- Yeah.
Can you tell me where
Dan Hammond's office is?
- What do you want to know for?
- I'm his father.
That two story adobe over there.
Thank you.
Hello Dad.
Hello son.
This is kind of unexpected.
Dan, you're going back with me.
You know that's impossible Dad.
You'll back with me and
return everything you've taken.
I'll go back
but in my own sweet time.
I got titles to everything I own.
I'll not give up anything.
You'll give everything back
and stand trial for murder.
Give me your gun Dan.
Look around for Mrs. Hardin.
You've done your last killing Dan.
So you say?
I'm not Tiny trusting you,
or Tarleton without a gun.
Drop your gun Neil.
Just step back here Mrs. Hardin.
Don't make any noise.
Where'd you tie your horses?
I guess we'll have to wait a while
to build our empire.
Dad, I...
- Looks good, huh?
- Looks wonderful!
It'll be the first Texas herd
into the railroad at Abilene.
Ought to make some kind of history.
- I'm proud of all of you.
- Be seeing you.