Hornblower: Duty (2003) Movie Script

Make way.
So much for
the condemned man
Eating a hearty
breakfast, eh?
Pity that.
It's almost edible
for once.
Man: is he ready,
I think he's just
taking a few
Quiet moments
to himself, sir.
His last chance,
so to speak.
Forgive me, mr. Bush.
Just a bad egg
from breakfast.
There's nothing
Thank you for...
For agreeing to stand
there by my side.
I, uh... i...
I couldn't think...
of anyone...
Excuse me.
Man: present!...
I wish you luck,
Man: hello.
i suppose you think
This is a bad time
to get married.
Well, in my opinion, sir,
There's never a good time
to get married.
But we are at war.
You think i'm acting
in haste?
Well, you've acted
in haste before, sir.
It usually turns out
for the best.
So there's no doubting
the depth of her affection.
She'll be a loving wife
and a loyal one,
Though not perhaps what
some might think of as-
The wife
of a captain.
So there is still time
to reconsider.
I've given her
my word.
all right!
With this ring,
i thee wed,
With my body,
i thee worship,
And with all my worldly
goods, i thee endow.
Officiant: i pronounce that
they be man and wife together,
In the name of the father
and of the son
And of the holy ghost.
Well, kiss her then.
Man: present!
Thank you,
Guard of honor,
3 cheers for captain
and mrs. Hornblower.
Hip, hip!
And one for luck!
Hip, hip!
Store your
cutlasses, men.
Take up the traces.
Woman: you take care
in that thing!
Go carefully!
I'll see you
in a minute.
Men: away!
I never thought i
would be so happy.
Oh, horrie!
Brake now, sir! Beggin'
your pardon, brake!
Thank you then, men,
on behalf
Of mrs. Hornblower
and myself.
I hear they serve a decent ale in here.
Thank you, sir.
We'll drink to your
future happiness.
He was right there on
the admiral's bar.
Well, i never heard
of that one before.
I've dreamt of
this day, horatio,
Since i was just
a girl.
I've dreamt it would
be like this.
Yes, it's been...
It's been everything
i hoped for.
Mrs. Mason: so you're not
married, mr. Bush?
And i believe
even your mother
Is enjoying herself.
Our mother, horatio.
Yes, of course.
Do you think
every day
Will be as
wonderful as this?
Now that we're
as one?
Only it could be so.
Whoa there.
Admiral pellew, sir.
At ease, men.
Quite the celebrations,
i see.
Sorry, sir.
Don't be.
Presumably captain hornblower
is still standing?
I'm sure he is, sir.
Well, perhaps you'd like
to interrupt the reverie
And tell him
i wish to see him.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Captain hornblower!
Well, well.
Thank you, sir.
Is she pretty?
Yes, sir.
I believe she is
most handsome, sir.
You've lost weight,
man. Can she cook?
Yes, sir, but i'm afraid
my steward can't.
Forgive me, sir,
but... might i assume
It was not my
wedding celebrations
That brought you here?
Your assumptions are
One of our ships
is missing.
The sloop
Was last seen
10 days ago
Patrolling this part
of the french coast.
"Grasshopper," sir?
That's captain
bracegirdle's ship.
His last dispatch
referred to
Curiously intriguing
enemy activity.
intriguing. "
You haven't changed
since our days together
On the "indy. "
Since that last
dispatch, nothing.
Find him,
And, uh... what if
the "grasshopper" has
Been captured, sir?
Or captain bracegirdle
is... dead?
You're a commander
now, sir.
You must trust
your intuition
As well as observe
and execute
Your orders.
I want to find out
what surprise boney
Is planning
for us.
[Knock on door]
excuse me, sir,
But they're about
to cut the cake.
Captain hornblower's
presence is strongly
Requested by his
Yes, indeed.
You sail on
the morning tide.
Mr. Bush,
you'll prepare
The "hotspur" for
Aye-Aye, sir.
You, you have
my permission
To sleep onshore.
But my duty is to
the "hotspur," sir.
Damn it, man, the "hotspur"
will have you soon enough.
Your wife will only have
you for the night.
You do as i say.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Use his sword, maria.
It's what the naval
brides in london do.
Oh, i just thought.
I trust he's given
that a thorough clean.
Well, he'll have done
his best, mum,
But french blood,
oh, is damnably sticky.
Long life and much
happiness to the wife
Of one of the most
promising officers
In the king's service.
Men: here, here!
Has the health
of the happy couple
Been drunk yet?
No, sir.
Well, then,
may i do so?
Ladies and gentlemen,
may i ask you
To stand and join me
on this happy occasion.
May they never
know sorrow.
May they only enjoy
health and prosperity.
May the wife
be comforted
In the knowledge that
the husband is
Doing his duty
for king and country.
And may the husband be
supported in his duty
By the loyalty
of the wife.
Ladies and gentlemen,
The bride and groom.
The bride and groom!
All: the bride and groom!
When you're on land,
Do you miss your ship?
I, uh... can't
deny it.
And when at sea...
Will you miss
your wife?
How could you ask?
Of course.
Everything ready,
mr. Prowse?
Aye-Aye, sir.
There will be nothing
for the captain
To complain about.
Mr. Orrock, send
the quarter boat
For the captain.
Aye-Aye, sir.
The wind is freshening
from the west.
You're dressed already.
I should have been up
to make your breakfast
And pack your clothes.
Now, my dear.
Your gloves, horrie.
Haven't packed
your gloves.
I know that
you have to go.
Say that you love me.
Say that you'll
always love me.
I do... and i will.
Good-Bye, my love.
Man: starboard ends
to the far sail!
Prowse: sir.
We'll weigh anchor,
mr. Prowse.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Hands to stations
for weigh anchor!
So, mr. Bush,
i trust you weren't up
All night getting
the ship ready.
Not all night,
sir, no.
Anything to report?
No, sir. Nothing.
I trust you weren't up
all night either, sir.
No, mr. Bush.
I slept exceptionally
well, thank you.
You'll take her out,
if you please.
Plot a course
for brest.
Aye-Aye, sir.
My glass, sir?
No, mr. Prowse.
I'll wait until
we're looking for
The "grasshopper. "
Good morning, sir.
I hope the men enjoyed
themselves yesterday.
I'm sure they did, sir.
Thank you.
Although most of them
ended the day
As you began it, sir:
a might ill.
Morning, sir.
I'd like some
coffee, please,
If you're up to it.
you may want to wait
Until you see what's
in your cabin, sir.
Only we had the delivery
this morning.
We didn't know
what to do with it,
So we put it in there.
It's a wedding
present, sir,
From admiral pellew.
It came with
this note, sir.
"Thy need is greater
than mine. "
And it makes coffee?
James doughty, sir,
admiral's steward-
Until now that is-
At your service.
Styles, belay that order.
Doughty, i'd like
some coffee.
With pleasure, sir.
I know how to cook
a bit myself.
I was the captain's
last steward.
We're giving him
the beef in crust
With french beans
and spanish fritters.
French and spanish.
Mr. Hornblower
won't like that.
They're vegetable
styles, not navies.
You might want to
put a little bit
Of extra pepper
in that.
Is the beef not
to your liking, sir?
Yes, thank you.
Sir edward always
enjoyed my royal
Beef casserole
in dainty crust.
I have simple tastes.
There's not too much
pepper, is there?
I thought the wedding
most pleasant, sir.
I never thanked you
properly, william,
For the carriage
and the hands.
Mrs. Hornblower said
you made her very happy.
I believe it is you that
made her happy, sir.
No doubt
she considers herself
A very lucky woman.
[Clearing throat]
that may be, mr. Bush, but...
We now have more important
things concerning us,
Like finding out what happened
to the "grasshopper. "
Captain bracegirdle...
What manner
of man is he?
He's wise, amusing...
and was once very kind
To a nervous,
young midshipman.
My apologies, sir.
Mr. Prowse's respects,
But he requests your
presence on deck.
Very well.
Doughty, i do not need
your assistance
Every time i stand up
or sit down.
I'm not an admiral.
No, sir. Of course.
Man, shouting:
oh, to be out
In the open air
again, eh?
Thank you, mr. Orrock.
How does it steer?
Prowse: holding
steady, sir, but...
Always a "but,"
mr. Prowse.
Ship boat!
Where away?
4 points off
the larboard bow!
Couldn't be the "grasshopper's"
people, sir.
Not this far north.
Well, whoever
they are, mr. Bush,
We must go to their aid.
Mr. Orrock!
Launch the quarter boat!
Aye-Aye, sir!
Mr. Prowse!
Take us to windward!
Get her under our lee!
Aye-Aye, sir!
Pull, men! Pull!
Close as you dare,
mr. Prowse!
Aye-Aye, sir!
We're coming!
Hold on!
Thank god, sirs!
We're sinking! Thank god!
They're a long way
from home!
Here, sir!
Take hold!
This way, sir!
Come on, ma'am!
No, maguire!
You go first!
After you, ma'am.
I insist!
Man: quickly now!
Both of you!
Do as i say, maguire!
Come on, ma'am!
Take my hand!
She's gone!
She's gone over!
Where is she?
man, where is she?
Matthews: overboard!
It's all right, ma'am!
I've got you!
It's all right, sir.
Just grab hold of me, sir.
I'm tied to a rope, sir.
Well done, doughty.
You swim, doughty!
You cook,
and you swim!
What a useful man
you are!
Thank you, sir.
I thank you, sir.
My husband and i
will thank you.
Merci, monsieur.
He's a frog.
Man: no!
[Speaking french]
I'm not french!
My name is joseph billen.
I'm from switzerland!
This is my
american wife.
Bound for france,
Yet you claim
to be swiss.
Mr. Bush!
Woman: joseph's father
is dying, captain.
We were on our way
to switzerland,
So he could see me
He wants to meet betsy.
He wants to see us.
It's his final dream.
And you would risk
this dream by leaving
Your ship and attempting
to row ashore
In a quarter boat
in a storm?
Betsy: i am
to blame, sir.
Our captain refused
to put in to brest.
I offered maguire
And you took it?
It was more money
Than i could refuse,
And we'll offer you
the same amount, captain,
If you'll take us
ashore now.
Mr. And mrs. Billen
will occupy
Mr. Bush's quarters.
Aye-Aye, sir.
As for you, we've always
room for another hand.
I'm an american
citizen, sir.
Well, you're an able
seaman in the royal navy
Until you can prove it.
I won't take
your money, sir,
And until this storm
has abated,
You'll be going nowhere.
So we don't trust them
at all, sir?
We don't know enough
yet either way...
But let's be cautious
until we do.
No sign of
the "grasshopper," sir!
Though, i fear,
in this weather,
We'd not see her, even if
she were right before us!
If we can find
the ship's boat
In the middle of
the ocean, mr. Prowse,
We'll find
a sloop of war.
How is our french
friend, sir?
He's swiss,
mr. Orrock,
You'd do well to
remember that.
I've shown our guests
to the quarters,
But some of the men, sir,
they're asking
Who it is who's
come aboard.
What did you
tell them?
I said they were
american, sir,
And i told maguire and
doughty to say the same,
But i fear when
the rest of the men
Hear the gentleman's
accent, sir,
They may jump to
the wrong conclusion.
Indeed they might.
So, maguire, what
are you at heart then?
A paddy or a yank?
Me dad was a paddy
all his life.
But for me,
it's life, liberty,
And the pursuit
of happiness,
Which don't include
In his majesty's
It's his majesty's navy that
saved your life, shipmate.
Don't you forget it.
Here comes the man who
saved the captain's life.
Anyone could have
done that.
He even needed a rope.
I wouldn't have needed
no bloody rope.
Nay, man.
You can't even swim.
Hero, my eye.
Look at him.
the bloody americans.
The americans are
our guests, styles.
I'm sure you would
be equally attentive,
Were you still
the captain's steward.
Ahh! Madam billen.
I trust you are rested.
Yes, thank you,
captain hornblower.
Forgive me, madam,
but i think it might
Be best if both
you and your husband
Confined yourselves
to your cabin.
You mean
we are prisoners.
No, madam,
but we are at war,
And this is not
a pleasure craft.
I only wanted
to say thank you,
Captain hornblower.
Sir, i don't suppose it
is my place to say,
But you were looking for
a ship, were you not?
An english ship.
We are.
What of it?
Well, we saw a ship
in distress.
Too close to the rocks,
our captain said,
Indeed, he refused
to even consider
Landing us
in such waters.
When? When did
you see this?
Only yesterday.
It was further
north, sir.
They were sailing south.
You're looking
the wrong way.
You tell me this now.
Why now?
Forgive me for asking.
So you might
set us ashore,
Captain hornblower.
In france.
We do not wish to impose
upon you any longer.
Your husband sent you
to me, didn't he?
No, sir.
I do not think my
husband would thank me
For trading in this
fashion with you.
Because he's a frenchman?
You know little
of the seas,
So i'll forgive you.
But let me inform you.
Were you in
the british navy,
The punishment for striking
any superior is death.
I'd hate to think that i
had saved you for nothing.
Northwest, sir?
Yes, mr. Bush,
Bush: sir, i don't
trust the lady.
I think it could
well be a trap.
I know, mr. Bush.
But she's little
to gain
And much to lose
by lying.
I fear, sir, that this
may take us back
Into the eye
of the storm.
Yes, mr. Prowse.
So... we'd be heading
into a trap
And a storm then,
Rest assured that
captain bracegirdle
Would do the same
for us.
Aye-Aye, sir.
No sign of the
"grasshopper," sir.
If my calculations
are correct, mr. Bush,
Our guests sailed
past here yesterday.
I hope, sir, you are
right and i am wrong.
Mr. Prowse.
We'll clear the headland
and look into
The next bay.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Mr. Orrock,
what do you see?
A top mast, sir!
Is it
the "grasshopper"?
Can you make her out?
I can, sir.
What, man?
She's run aground, sir.
No sign of shore
battery, sir?
It's quiet.
Uncomfortably quiet.
Neither your trap
nor mr. Prowse's storm.
Although one
or other such thing
the "grasshopper. "
Mr. Prowse.
How far are we
from brest?
Oh, a day
at the most, sir.
We cannot assume
that bonaparte
Has all his troops
in brest alone.
Mr. Bush, ready
the quarter boat.
Aye-Aye, sir.
We'll search for what
survivors there may be.
mr. Bush.
Matthews, styles,
you come with me.
Mr. Orrock, you stay here with
the crew and keep a lookout.
Aye-Aye, sir.
To me, marines!
Man: you heard
the officer.
You stay there, man.
You stay there.
poor devils.
No wounds.
Seems the sea killed them,
not the french.
I'll wager
the french
Played their
part, sir.
Orrock: i can see
something up there!
Some smoke!
I'm sure you do, sir.
Orrock: sir!
A light along
the beach, sir!
A fire, sir!
No sign of the enemy,
mr. Bush.
I fear he may not be
far away, sir.
Indeed. Mr. Orrock,
matthews, you come with me.
Mr. Bush, keep watch.
Bush: aye-Aye, sir.
I don't think the sea
killed this one.
Take cover!
Quickly, men!
Man: marines, take cover
behind that boat!
Return fire at will!
Return fire, styles.
What are we aiming
at, sir?
The enemy, man.
Matthews: another
dead one, sir?
not quite, matthews.
Damn! Damn!
Man: get down!
You should not have
come for me.
I fear some-
I fear it, too,
captain bracegirdle.
It's no good here, sir.
We're sitting ducks.
Orrock, matthews,
give us supporting fire.
I'll get captain bracegirdle
back to the boat.
good luck, sir.
Stay back, sir!
Captain bracegirdle!
They're moving
forward, styles.
We'll have
to lend a hand.
I'm with you, sir.
Good god!
Hard to starboard!
Roll out
the larboard guns!
We've got to
leave soon, sir,
Or we won't have
a boat to escape in.
You're right, mr. Bush.
Marines! Make ready!
Where's maguire?
I don't know, sir.
Present! Fire!
Now, men! Run!
Man: watch out!
Get below...
Who's firing at us?
The frogs!
Who'd you bloody think?
Now get below! Reload!
They're throwing
their bloody guns
At us now, sir.
Come on, men.
With me!
Man: halt!
Time to leave,
Wolfe: these damn french
have let them all sail away.
And what do i get?
I get you.
I know hornblower.
I used to serve him, too.
I was his coxswain,
And i wish he was stood
here before me now,
But as it is,
you'll have to do.
Have you anything
to say for yourself?
Plenty, sir.
Why would captain bracegirdle
risk it, sir?
Taking his ship in
so close?
As i remember him,
he was such a cautious man.
Hornblower: quite.
Which means
he must have had
A good reason.
The patient
is restored to us,
In body
if not yet in mind.
Bracegirdle: gentlemen...
Just like old times
on the "indy. "
The 3 of us together.
Like old times.
Do you know where you are,
I'm on your ship,
i lost my own.
And why were you
so close to shore?
I saw... boats...
Guns mounted...
Rowing along
the coast.
There's something
about them.
So then i kept watch
for days.
And then they...
into an inlet.
I don't remember.
This will restore his wits
quick enough, sir.
"Doughty's patent remedy"
they call it in the...
I'm still working on
Making the taste
of it better.
Enemy frigate, sir.
Her gunports are closed.
Captain bracegirdle
saw gunboats
Paddling to
an inlet somewhere.
But no frigates.
Captain bracegirdle,
you're with us again.
It seems god had
second thoughts about me.
Gunboats to blast defenders
on the english beaches.
Now they have
a frigate, too. Why?
Mr. Prowse.
Prowse: aye, sir?
No closer
to the shore
Until we have
the weather.
We'll ride it out
from here...
And wait, and watch.
Prowse: aye-Aye, sir.
With all due respect,
mr. Etheridge,
And indeed,
to the diplomatic service,
The royal navy is at war.
No, sir.
England is at war.
The royal navy
has but one weapon
In her armory.
And you would have
this weapon sheathed?
For what?
A wild goose chase
Hunting a couple
lost at sea?
Good god,
I have entire ships
go missing.
Hundreds of men.
That letter bears
the authority
Not only of my master, sir,
but also of yours-
Their lordships
at the admiralty.
Or should we send
for more lights?
The better to read it.
What is so important
about this couple
That they must be found?
She is the daughter
Of a wealthy
american merchant
Who has the ear of his
ambassador to london.
The ambassador
has the ear
Of the diplomatic
service and-
Yes, yes, yes.
And the diplomatic service
has the ear of the admiralty.
Everyone's got
each other's ears.
I'm surprised
they're not all deaf by now.
The girl's father
Has grown concerned
for her safety
And he wants her home
for christmas.
Very touching.
And the boy?
He is-
He is her husband.
Is that all he is?
He is also a frenchman.
I regret
that more than that
I am not at liberty
to divulge.
Well, it would make
precious little difference.
The gales this side
of the channel
Are the worst
we've had in 5 years.
I'll send no ship out
if not for battle.
The gales will not last
forever, sir.
No, they won't.
And then i shall wait
for fair weather.
You do that.
This couple,
They're either dead
or in france.
Or if they're lucky,
If they're very,
very lucky,
They've already
been picked up by
One of our ships.
That would
be good for them,
But not so good
for the ship.
Why, sir?
Are they dangerous?
Yes, sir edward.
Yes, they are.
If there's one consolation
of this sorry situation,
Your cooking is superb.
Mon plaisir,
It's nice
to have someone
Who appreciates it.
He's no bloody american.
I'm sure i don't know
what you mean, styles.
I heard his way
of talking.
He's a frog.
Keep it down, styles.
He's not french.
He's swiss.
I knew things weren't right.
A bad luck, bloody frog.
I said
keep it down, man.
Strangers on board,
ill luck doth afford.
I had this feeling
What with the storm
and all that's happened,
But i let it go
On account of them
being americans,
No danger to us.
But a frog's
a different matter.
There's as good
as bloody jonahs,
And they'll be
the death of us.
It was my fault,
There's no denying.
You did what
you thought was right.
And it was wrong.
My ship...
And half the crew
on those rocks.
And what happened
to those who survived?
What happened to you?
They did not blame me
for my actions.
They were loyal to me
to the last.
They managed
to get ashore.
And as those bastard
frogs came at us,
My men stood by me,
And my men died for me.
And in amongst their bodies,
I was left for dead.
I wish i were dead,
I lost my ship
and all my men.
And even if
a court martial
Were to acquit me,
I'd never get
a command again.
You can't be sure of that.
Can i not?
If you'll excuse me.
If it helps you to know...
I believe
that i would have
Done the same.
Whatever the frogs
are up to in that inlet,
It is our duty
to find out.
The gamble you took...
i would've taken it, too.
All well?
Aye, sir. All well.
I wouldn't count on us
making it till morning.
What's got to you, man?
Nothing, sir.
It's just...
Got this feeling,
that's all.
There's nothing out there,
but a long, cold night.
I wish you would keep
to your quarters.
Woman: it is my husband
you fear wandering,
Is it not?
And he is fast asleep.
He has the right idea.
You wish we weren't
aboard your ship, sir?
It certainly doesn't help
my mission, madame.
That is all
you care about?
I fear my husband
would be the same
Were he at war.
Did he give you that?
As a token
of his love, yes.
Do you have a keepsake
from a sweetheart?
No, madam.
When we left, my... wife,
She-She gave me
some gloves.
Are you long married?
Nor me.
Put us ashore, sir,
as soon as you can.
We are not a cargo
you wish to hold.
Please. Trust me.
Bloody hell.
Don't shoot!
It's me!
It's your old friend,
It's maguire!
Over here!
Take this line!
All fast! Pull away!
Pull away, boys!
Men: heave!
We heard
you were dead, man.
I very nearly was, sir,
But it will take more
than a few frogs to hold me.
You were captured, then?
I was sir, yes.
Outnumbered i was, sir.
I tried to fight,
But it was
absolutely useless.
And then
a miraculous escape.
We're boarded!
Man: all aboard!
Do you believe me now, eh?
Come on!
Well done, soldier.
Let's find our man.
He'll be in the first
lieutenant's cabin.
Hornblower: wolfe?
Don't waste time here.
Drop your weapon,
Captain hornblower,
You have something
belonging to france
And i'm here to collect it.
So you're still
risking your life
For bonaparte.
You know how it is.
He scratches my back,
i scratch his.
Styles, with me.
Put the weapon down,
Put the weapon down!
Stop there, maguire,
or i'll shoot.
I wish my guests to stay.
Ignore him, maguire.
He'd never shoot a man
in cold blood.
But i would, and gladly.
I will kill him, wolfe.
I have cause enough.
Mr. Bush, relieve him
of his weapon.
He comes near me
And i shoot you,
So which is it to be,
me or you?
Or us both?
Kill him, mr. Bush,
And let him die
for france.
The decent englishman.
If only you had
the guts to match.
Obey my orders, mr. Bush,
damn you!
All right, mr. Bush,
let us have it your way.
Let us surrender.
wolfe's getting away!
Stop him!
I surrender, captain.
I am not swiss.
I am a frenchman.
I know that you are
french, monsieur.
Madam, might i see
that locket?
I thought i recognized
this crest.
A prominent family,
i believe.
The "b" does not stand
for "betsy" does it?
Does it?
Who do i have the pleasure
of addressing, sir?
This "b" is for...
I'm jerome lucien
alexandre bonaparte.
I'm the brother
of napoleon.
Lock him up.
Man: marines!
Lock them both up.
You have the brother
Of england's
archenemy aboard.
I'd say you have
good reason
To return to england.
Is that what you would do
if you were captain?
Something else
is happening here.
Ships cannons on land.
Gunboats, frigates,
and now wolfe.
Would you leave and let
All these questions
go unanswered?
We've been boarded once
And we'll be
boarded again.
Bonaparte wants
his brother back.
Bonaparte wants the world.
He wouldn't waste
such time and effort on-
On family.
No, we are but a diversion.
I'm sure of it.
Well, if you're right,
Let me be the one
to go ashore.
This is still
my mission, horatio,
And if i am to face
a court martial
For the loss of my ship,
Let it not be in vain.
Man: stand by
to leave ship!
Mr. Bush, a moment
if you please.
When wolfe
held his gun to me,
You should
have shot him.
Damn it, man,
He could have taken
the whole ship.
I couldn't do it.
Don't disobey me,
Never again.
I command the "hotspur,"
And that is all
that matters to me.
Captain bracegirdle
has lost his ship
And he's a carcass
of a man.
I'd rather die
than share his fate.
Man: bonaparte's
brother, damn it,
On one of my ships.
Which one?
Which brother
or which ship?
Mr. Etheridge,
This is not a matter
for jest.
Good god,
boney's brother.
I had a right to know.
And now you do.
The ship is the "hotspur. "
How do you know this?
We have contacts in france.
So tell me,
is the captain
Of the "hotspur"
a naval officer?
Yes. He's one
of my best.
Good, so now
the weather is improved,
I trust he will deliver
his burden back to england
In, say, two days?
I'm sure the captain
will trust his intuition
And exercise
the proper judgement.
That is all.
I'll say good day, sir.
The french know
we're here,
So let's keep
this visit brief.
Matthews you will go
with captain bracegirdle
To the south
of the inlet.
Mr. Bush,
you will come with me
To the north.
Mr. Orrock.
I shall leave you
in command.
If we are gone any longer
than two hours,
You know
what you must do.
Press sail to england, sir,
And deliver our guests
to the authorities.
Good. Let's hope
we all sail with it.
Carry on.
Don't forget, captain,
we only have two hours.
I won't.
I ask you,
Going all that way
to face boney's army
When we've got his own
brother right here...
You watch yourself.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Keep a sharp look out.
Any sign of the french,
And you return
to the ship.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Keep up, matthews.
It's but a stroll.
Begging your pardon, sir,
It's a bloody great cliff.
rather them than me.
Mr. Orrock, sir,
I was just wondering if...
Well, i had been making
our guests breakfast.
They're prisoners now.
No breakfasts.
They can go hungry.
Let the men
see them go hungry.
Do you have a problem,
mr. Prowse?
No, sir.
You're in command.
Another ship's cannon.
Come on.
I think we might be
Come along.
Time's winged chariot.
oh, jackie,
oh, we rescued her
and she don't need
her pony
but with her
on her..
she's got a...
Stop that at once.
It's just a little ditty, sir.
There are nothing
in the articles of war
Saying we can't make up
our own words,
Is there, sir?
I see no ship, sir.
Then they must be
further down
Where it opens out again.
But that must be
another mile, sir.
We might be able
to get there.
We'll never get back
in the time, sir.
I've come this far,
I'm not giving up now,
But neither do i wish
to remain in france.
I think i'll boat across
To captain hornblower's side
at the inlet.
Tell him
i'm right behind you.
Tell him
i need more time.
But, sir-
You wait there
for captain hornblower,
Send our boat
back for me.
If you're sure, sir.
It's an order, matthews.
Pleasant as ever.
I knew he wasn't here
To rescue
a missing frenchman,
However noble
that frenchman's birth.
Wolfe: you lazy dog!
We truly are surrounded.
Bracegirdle: great god,
let this be it.
What are you doing here,
What's happened
to captain bracegirdle?
He said he needed
more time, sir.
He said he won't be long.
I sent the other boat
back to wait for him, sir.
Very well.
You'll have
to come with us.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Have you good news
for me, soldier?
How long have we left?
Dead on, sir.
Thought you might
want these, sir.
Wind's getting up, sir.
Prepare to make sail,
mr. Prowse.
Aye-Aye, sir.
At the cliff top, sir!
Let's close the distance
for them, mr. Prowse.
Aye-Aye, sir.
It's not a ship's cannon
this time, is it, sir?
No, mr. Bush.
I don't
believe it is.
Row, damn you! Row!
Captain hornblower!
I know!
I can't make out
what he's saying.
It's not the cannons!
The ship!
Not a chance.
Tres bien.
Now, let's see
if we can get the real prize.
3 cheers for the captain!
Hip hip!
Resume your duty,
mr. Orrock.
Throw the damn thing
Ah, mr. Bush.
We sail for england.
Tell mr. Prowse
to plot a course.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Should i get doughty
And, say,
look at your hand?
Do you suppose
he has a potion for it?
Do you suppose
he has a potion
For captain bracegirdle?
No, i wish to be
left alone for awhile.
I wish to write my report.
I trust you'll mention
Your part
in the action, sir?
I'm sorry, mr. Bush?
The shells.
Do you mean
the 5-Inch shell
That was fired from shore
Which failed to explode,
mr. Bush?
That shell?
Well, that's hardly
a full account, sir.
Was it not
a 5-Inch shell?
Yes, it was.
Was it not fired
from shore?
Of course.
Did it perhaps explode
Without my noticing,
mr. Bush?
The reason it
didn't explode, sir,
Is because of
your bravery,
Bravery which
should not
Go unacknowledged.
Don't presume to tell me
i was brave, mr. Bush.
I thought i'd be
blown to bloody rags...
Like my dear friend.
Which makes
your heroism, sir,
All the greater.
We are not actresses.
We are
the king's officers,
And we have
a duty to do.
And we've not
a thought to spare
For anything else.
Now, remember that,
mr. Bush.
Yes, sir.
Now... take us home.
My report, sir.
I regret
to inform you that
Captain bracegirdle was
killed in action, sir.
That is
to be regretted.
He died in the line of
duty, sir,
And with honor.
He was endeavoring
to let us know
What he had discovered
when his boat was...
Well, destroyed.
you should have returned
When you discovered
the identity of
Your passengers.
Yes, sir.
Something's happening
along that coast.
An army led by
a tyrant apprentice.
You remember
the renegade wolfe, sir.
God. That damn man
is back to haunt us, is he?
Yes, sir, and i'd like
to return to france
To find out exactly
what he's planning.
Well, i'm afraid,
It's not quite as
simple as that.
The diplomatic service
has taken quite an interest
In your antics.
They knew i had
a bonaparte on board.
Indeed they did.
And their authority
knows no bounds.
Their authority, in fact,
Has quarantined
your ship.
Lest half of portsmouth
Be privy to
matters of state,
No one is allowed
off the "hotspur,"
And no one is
allowed on.
Sorry. It's not
my decision.
Mr. Bush has already
been informed.
And how long
will this last?
Surely this quarantine
doesn't include me.
What will i do?
I'd make the most of
this sorry situation
And go home
to your wife.
Try and
remind yourself
What you're
fighting for.
You've been here 3 days,
Yet each morning
you seem
Surprised to see me.
Pleasantly surprised,
my dear.
And each morning,
You go to the window
And look out at
the harbor.
You're right,
of course.
Oh, horrie.
Can't you forget about
your ship for one day?
No, maria, i don't
believe i can,
Not while my men are
still aboard her.
Do you think they'll be
let ashore before christmas?
I hope not.
I think the "hotspur"
may set sail
By the week's end.
I know you want me here.
But right now, i...
I wish i was at sea.
It's where i'm needed.
Try to understand.
I found your gloves
whilst you were sleeping.
They're in
a sorry state.
It was nothing.
Perhaps you might
tell me
Some stories of
your life at sea.
They're not stories,
And i do not wish
to talk about it.
Then do not expect me
to understand.
Strangers on board,
you'll look to the ford.
But i was right
all along.
Right about what?
Well, first,
Our guests turned out
to be bonapartes.
captain bracegirdle
Goes and gets himself
Then we're left
out here to rot
As if we've got the
plague. We're cursed.
Oh, do shut up, styles.
It's bad enough
you look like
A gypsy soothsayer
Without babbling on
like one.
What do you care?
You didn't even know
captain bracegirdle.
You're just as much
a stranger on this ship
As-As our frogs.
It's just a bad
turn of events, that's all.
Bad? What, it's all
right for the captain?
Having a grand old
time on shore.
This ship's gone
all to hell.
I didn't catch
that, styles.
I think styles
was just saying
How much he
loves serving in
The "hotspur,"
mr. Bush.
Isn't that
right, styles?
Yes, sir.
That's right, sir.
Bush: matthews.
Be careful what you
let the men mumble.
Wouldn't want them
to be misunderstood.
I don't care much
for reading,
But i'm told there's
mention of you in here.
I'm sure it's about
captain bracegirdle
Rather than myself.
Yes, i hear
he died a hero.
You men in uniform.
Could've been
you, horatio.
"Captain hornblower
reported the 'hotspur'
"Was struck by
a 5-Inch shell,
"Which did considerable
damage aloft
But which, fortunately,
failed to explode. "
Oh, horrie.
It was nothing.
As clear as it is
written in black and white,
It did not even explode.
You could have died.
My friend bracegirdle
did exactly that,
And i wish i were
back aboard my ship
Ensuring he did not
die in vain.
I'm sorry.
Maria, please.
Please don't cry.
You think you're just
the "hotspur"'s captain.
You think only of
your 100 crew.
But you're also
a husband now.
Is it too much
that you might
Think of one wife?
That you might
think of her as
Your duty, too?
The fat arse of
the body politic
Finally stirs,
And this is
what we get.
Etheridge: it was
thought, initially,
That bonaparte's
brother could be
A tool for
But after
much debate,
It has been
agreed that
This callow youth
means little to us
After all,
At least
he could prove
A severe
To his majesty,
if he were to
Set foot on
english soil.
Mmm. From a military
standpoint, he knows nothing.
He's been in america
for the last 3 years.
He's no use to us.
Which is why
we have decided
To take this
course of action.
So, captain hornblower's
to throw his fish
Back into the sea.
Having endangered his ship,
Having him aboard
for nothing.
Etheridge: not for
nothing, sir edward.
Not entirely.
You will
deliver jerome
Back to france,
and then you
Will return
and rendezvous with
The american ship
And reunite
father and daughter.
But why part the couple?
Pellew: it seems jerome
Married somewhat in haste
And against his brother's
express command.
And now boney
won't let him
Set foot in france
unless he's alone
And penitent.
Which is why
we found them
Rowing ashore,
Not because
their captain
Would not land them,
but because
France would not
let him,
Not with her
on board.
Your intelligence
surpasses your occupation,
Captain hornblower.
You should be
in politics.
Thank you, sir,
but i fear
I would not have
the heart for it.
I fear you underestimate
yourself, sir.
Now, good day, gentlemen.
It seems
the diplomatic service
Have made their orders
perfectly clear.
Perfectly, sir.
I hope your admiral's
orders are equally clear.
Yes, sir. I shall
trust my intuition
As well as observe
And execute
my orders.
Captain hornblower.
You were very fortunate
The day captain bracegirdle
was lost
That the shell
did not explode
Aboard the "hotspur,"
were you not?
Yes, sir.
And i say,
it's unbelievable
What a hotbed of gossip
a fleet can be.
The wildest tales
are circulating
Regarding that shell.
You cannot hold me
Responsible for
that, sir.
No, indeed.
May good fortune
Always go with you,
Thank you, sir.
Set a course,
mr. Prowse.
Take us back to
The "grasshopper's"
Aye-Aye, sir.
We've been put off
long enough, mr. Bush.
I hope the men are
ready to fight.
I fear the men wish
only to be rid of
The bonapartes, sir.
May i ask
why we didn't
Unload them while we
had the chance?
No, mr. Bush.
You may not.
My apologies, sir.
Monsieur and madame
Are asking for you.
Tell them that
i do not wish
To speak to them.
As you wish, sir.
But... prepare them
a decent meal.
Yes, mr. Orrock
had kept them on
Rations, sir,
in order that
The men's morale
might improve.
Morale will improve
in due course.
Meanwhile, doughty,
a decent meal,
If you please.
Why, aye, sir.
Rest assured, mr. Bush,
It will be
their last together.
What's this?
And i thought
they were on
Ship's biscuits
and water.
Styles, let me pass.
It is simply
a bowl of stew.
No. It's a bowl of
our stew.
Don't be
an idiot, man.
There's plenty
enough for everyone
On second thought,
You wouldn't catch
me eating that.
I know what's in it.
I reckon
the frogs deserved
A bit of extra meat.
You bloody simple-Minded
You wouldn't understand
the notion of
Taking some pride in
doing your duty.
Go mollycoddle
your foreign pets.
The only thing that
makes this bloody life
Bearable to me
Is being
a decent steward!
The bonapartes are
jonah, doughty.
You're serving
a bloody jonah!
dumb nonsense.
No good has come of
having them aboard!
dumb nonsense!
Belay there!
Doughty, styles!
I'm sorry to put you
out like this, sir.
You struck
a superior officer.
Once we return
to england,
You will face
a court-Martial.
And i will hang, sir.
They will have
no choice.
Your second shirt
needs a button, sir,
And a darning
of the cuff.
Why did you do it?
I don't know, sir.
Take him below.
Put him in irons.
I don't wish
to look at him.
Mr. Orrock
seems forgiving.
He thinks that
doughty was
Simply trying to
defend himself.
Doughty was defending
My decision to feed
the guests.
But he'll hang
all the same,
No matter what i say.
Our one aim is
To complete
our mission, mr. Bush,
To discover exactly what
Boney's up to
along this coast.
Nothing must be allowed
to distract us from that.
Then we'd be
better off without
Our guests on board,
Man: land ho!
Hop on leg.
You alone.
Where are we?
A little
south of brest.
You are to be
returned to france.
This is wonderful.
My men will
row you ashore.
I'll help my wife.
Perhaps we can have
some assistance
With our possessions.
Thank you.
You travel alone.
I what?
You depart the ship
Alone, or not
at all.
It's your choice.
Rot in an english
prison or...
Or seize the chance
To change your
brother's mind.
So you know.
Why did you not
tell your wife that
Bonaparte does not
Accept this
Because i love her,
And because he will
accept it.
I will persuade him.
This is the only
chance you have.
No. I can't go
without her.
It'll break her heart.
I don't doubt it.
Get the boat ready.
Aye-Aye, sir.
I may be
a bonaparte, captain,
But do not judge me
as my brother.
I'm a man
in my own right,
Whatever my family name.
It's not my place
to judge you,
Merely to follow
my orders.
What would
you do, captain?
Would you
abandon your wife,
Leave her without
any notice?
Tell me.
I'd like to know.
What would you do?
My duty.
My duty, then.
Where is my husband?
Where is he?
My jerome?
And why are we
set free?
He's not here.
He's gone home.
To france.
He was permitted
to return,
But only if alone.
He agreed with
those terms.
You're lying.
What have you done?
If you've hurt him-
I've done nothing.
Damn you.
Jerome! Jerome!
Calm yourself.
He would not
leave me.
He would not.
He loves me.
Are you so naive?
Look, this is war.
Thousands and thousands
of men,
Putting their lives
at risk.
A tyrant
destroying europe.
Do you honestly think
That what you feel
in your heart
Compares with that?
When we return
to england,
In neutral waters,
You will be delivered
to the "liberty,"
Which will return you
to america.
I hope the french
kill you, sir.
The odds are certainly
in their favor.
Perhaps tomorrow
they may succeed.
No bonaparte on board?
My sore head has
all but mended,
And there's a nice
pretty bit of snow.
Things are looking up,
mr. Prowse.
There's no pretty about
snow at sea, mr. Orrock.
We will take
advantage of
The mist,
mr. Prowse,
If not the snow.
Mr. Bush and i are
to go ashore again,
So again,
the ship is yours.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Best make haste, sir.
No telling how long
this mist will hold.
Rest assured,
mr. Prowse,
I have no intention
of leaving you
For any longer
than i need.
Come on! Come on, you lazy
little bastards!
Allez! Allez!
If that ship isn't ready
to sail by noon tomorrow,
I'll make you all swim!
No wonder you're
still in this war...
so that's what
Mr. Bracegirdle
must have seen.
And that's
the reason for
The cannons
in the farmhouse.
The frigates,
mr. Bush.
You see how high
They ride
in the water
They've had their
guns removed.
How many men
Will a 40-Gun
ship hold,
If it's stripped bare?
1,000, maybe?
Packed tight.
3 ships, 3,000 troops.
Well-Trained frenchmen
under orders of
The fervent
united irishmen.
Those frigates will not
be fighting, mr. Bush.
They were
troop transports,
And by the look
of things,
Ready to set sail.
In brest,
200,000 frenchmen
Wait to invade england,
And all our fleet
sit waiting.
Leaving the back door
The invasion of ireland,
mr. Bush.
And enough men to make
the troubles of '98
Look like a tavern brawl.
First they take ireland,
then they take england.
We shall sail
the "hotspur,"
In close enough
to smell them,
Like a terrier
to a rat's hole.
Bloody big rats, sir.
Bloody fierce terrier.
You can hardly see
one end of the ship
From the other, sir.
Shall i take her
out to sea?
No, mr. Prowse.
Quite the opposite.
We will enter the inlet.
Sir, there's rocks as
sharp as razors here,
And it's as shallow
as a puddle.
We'll be beached
like the grasshopper.
Not if we're careful.
And lucky.
We'll need a good man
in the lead line.
Standing by, sir.
Horatio: very good,
mr. Orrock.
Matthews, cast loose
the guns
And keep
the men quiet,
Or they'll answer-
Aye-Aye, sir.
Take us in under
Topsails alone,
mr. Prowse.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Pull up the mainsail!
By the mark 5.
Sorry, sir.
By the mark 5, sir.
Steady as she goes,
mr. Prowse.
Steady it is, sir.
Steady as she goes.
Prowse: there's the first one
attempting to leave.
It'll be like shooting
fish in a barrel, sir.
We'll be the fish if
we don't find that
Channel soon, sir.
Quite right,
mr. Prowse.
Try her 2 points
to starboard.
Aye-Aye, sir.
2 points to starboard.
2 points to starboard.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Mr. Matthews,
stand by with
Those larboard guns.
Aye-Aye, sir.
And a quarter
less four.
A quarter less four.
We're shoaling fast, sir.
Steady as she goes,
mr. Prowse.
Steady as she goes.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Deep 6.
Deep 6.
It's better, sir.
where would you say
Their lights were?
Lined up above the
mizzen tops, sir.
Match them.
Hoist 3 the same,
But keep them
covered until
I give a signal.
Horatio: i wish
to deceive them.
If we have
the same lights,
They'll think we're
part of their fleet.
Very clever, sir.
Thank you,
mr. Prowse.
A compliment
at last.
Get those lights
ready, mr. Bush.
No bottom with this line.
No bottom, mr. Bush.
It's not our only
concern, mr. Orrock.
I want you aloft.
I want you
on those lights.
No bottom, sir.
I heard. Full and by,
mr. Prowse.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Full and by.
Man: aye-Aye, sir.
Full and by it is.
How close shall i
take her, sir?
How close can you
get her, mr. Prowse?
As close as you
like, sir.
Then make it so i can't
See the water
between us.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Stand by the guns.
Man: run out.
Lights on
the larboard bow.
2 sets, sir.
Mr. Bush.
Let's confuse them.
Man: what the hell
is happening-
God damn it-
Fire on that bloody ship,
or i'll fire on you!
Get a line on this.
Move yourself.
They're still
coming, sir.
The grating's smashed
through, sir.
Get below, and
secure that cannon.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Mr. Prowse.
Aye, sir.
As close as we can
to the other ships.
Aye-Aye, sir.
Come to port.
Man: aye-Aye, sir.
Man: hold tight, man.
We'll have you out of there.
The other 2 frigates
are going about.
They've guessed
who we are.
Come on, man.
We'll have to close
with them, sir.
If they reach
open sea,
We'll have no hope.
No need, mr. Prowse.
Man: 2, 3... heave!
Come out, quick!
I can't!
Prowse: listen.
They've hit bottom, sir.
And each other.
Ow! Uhh! Uhh...
I've had my share of
Prisoners aboard
this ship,
So if you wish
to die a martyr...
I would.
And joyfully, hornblower,
But not by your
sorry hand.
That'd break my heart.
Your heart, wolfe?
And where might
that be found?
I admire you, hornblower.
I really do.
But i loathe and despise
Every bloody thing
that you represent.
Merry christmas, sir.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
And the same to you,
mr. Bush.
Matthews asked me
Why he and styles
Troubled to save doughty
from a 12-Pounder
Dropping on his head,
When he'd have had
a cleaner, quicker death
Than hanging on
the end of the rope?
And what did you
tell him, william?
Honor, fellowship, duty.
And did he
Do you?
Man: "liberty!" Ahoy there!
You marines, wait outside.
A good name
for a ship.
"Liberty. "
Sailing for america.
She can't be more than
100 yards away.
I, uh, i can't remember
Why i asked you
here, doughty.
It'll come to me,
i'm sure.
Her boat's ready
to take the lady, sir.
You asked
to be informed?
Oh, yes.
I'd forgotten.
Thank you.
You're a good
steward, doughty.
You cook
And you swim.
Good day to you.
Thank you, sir.
You were damn heartless,
mr. Hornblower.
When i met you,
i thought of you
As a hero.
I was wrong to.
Madam, if your husband
loves you,
He will follow you.
Eventually, he will.
Don't talk to me of love.
You know nothing of it.
I pity your
poor wife, sir.
Come, come.
Man in water, sir.
Second man: put a bold
course for it.
I pity her, too.
But i am
the man she married.
It's doughty.
Damn it, he must have
gone through the window.
Hold your fire, man.
Hold your fire.
That's a neutral ship.
I am a fool, mr. Bush.
He's a fine man,
And a good cook.
Please accept him as
my apology for...
For being
so damned heartless.
I will, mr. Hornblower.
Etheridge: the husband will not
see the wife again.
Bonaparte's envoy is
heading to the vatican,
Demanding that
their marriage
Be annulled.
Those brutal french.
The girl's well rid
of him, hmm?
Just as we are
well rid of
That criminal,
Pellew: seems to have
concluded for the best.
Etheridge: the diplomatic
service is thankful,
Captain hornblower.
Your work for us
has been exemplary.
Now, i'm sure you gentlemen
have much to discuss.
It's been a pleasure.
And both of you, sir edward,
captain hornblower,
Good day to you.
Mr. Etheridge
seems to think
We have something
to discuss, sir.
I'm leaving.
I'm hauling down
my flag.
Retiring, sir?
No, no,
not retirement.
Promotion. Yes.
But it means
leaving behind
and all the men
Who've served me
so well.
Now, that is good
news, sir,
But i regret it
all the same.
I'm beginning to
regret it myself.
Anyway, come on.
Let's be cheerful.
Does this not mean
anything to you?
No, sir.
Only what i've said,
And that it has
been an honor
To serve under you.
Nothing else?
No, sir.
Do you not remember
the last privilege
Granted a promoted
No, sir.
Oh, yes,
It's beginning to
dawn on you. Good.
I'm allowed
3 promotions.
Midshipman to
Lieutenant to
Commander to
post captain.
My men have served me
most notably, sir.
Might i suggest-
No, no, hornblower.
No, no.
I mean you, damn it.
i'm promoting you,
To post captain.
Well, i have
the good of
The service in mind.
You were the best choice
i could make.
I know it's the damnedest
time to be a captain
In this sorry war,
But you see things, sir,
that other men do not.
But one thing
you do not question
Is your duty
to your king.
I only hope that
one day, hornblower,
You'll fight for
more than england.
What is there
more than england?
To a happy and most
prosperous new year.
You must toast, horrie.
Yes, of course.
To, ah...
to our family.
I am aware that
i haven't been...
Well... this year,
i shall
Try to be
a better husband...
And a better son.
You have been a hero.
And rewarded for it.
And it is i
who should apologize,
For always asking you
about your life at sea.
I know why you
do not tell me.
You know it would
upset me.
At any rate, i keep
things from you, too.
You do?
When i fear
for your life,
I'm not being
wholly selfish.
I'm not the only one
you would leave behind.
Well, she doesn't mean me.
What would i care?
Oh, horrie.
You're going to be
a father.