#Horror (2015) Movie Script

That was incredible.
How did you get to be
so extraordinary?
Aah, oh, yeah!
I wanna hear all about..
I can think of better things
to do than to talk..
I'm just excited we get to
go away for our dirty weekend.
What's a dirty weekend?
What is that, a Brit expression?
No, Angelica told me about it.
It's one of those weekends away.
Somewhere you're not
supposed to be with someone
you're not supposed to be with.
Okay, I'm gonna go pack.
Where are you, Harry?
You're thinking of a lie?
I know, sorry.
Look, I have to leave tonight
but I'll be back on Monday,
You know that new artist
I've been watching?
Well, he's about to blow up
and I don't want to miss it.
I'm driving to the airport now.
I don't have a tail number yet
but I'll call you
as soon as I land.
This is bullshit, Harry.
It's our anniversary
for Christ's sake.
Are you with that
20-year-old art advisor?
And what's she advising
you on, really?
Come on, babe, please.
Look, I may not be perfect..
But I'm as perfect
as you're gonna get.
It wasn't real.
It wasn't real, it's not real.
It's not real.
I'm okay.
Everything is okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Are you sure you don't wanna
go to the movies instead?
You know, we could
get a big bucket of popcorn
and I promise I won't ask you
any annoying questions
or say anything embarrassing.
I'll even pretend
I don't know you.
Mom, come on,
I really like these girls.
They're my new friends.
How about that cute girl,
Katie, next door?
I heard she really wants you
to come over, eh..
We can turn around and you can
go hang out with her.
I'm sure she's a lot nicer
than all these new fancy girls.
Katie is 11.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Look, I know Dr. Hutchins
said you're ready
but I just wanna make sure
that you feel ready.
Please don't tell these girls
about your sensitivities.
I know you're still having
nightmares and seeing weird things.
I'm good. Pull over here.
We're still two houses away.
In this neighborhood,
that could be miles.
I'll drive you to the door.
I'm fine. Really.
You're embarrassed of me,
aren't you?
Mom, these girls would die
if they saw me in this car.
You used to love this old turd!
Don't make me feel bad.
Just remember,
money can't buy happiness.
It's usually just more problems.
How would you know?
Alright, come here. Come here.
I love you.
Call me when you're ready
and I'll pick you up.
Mom, I told you,
I'm sleeping over.
This way.
I'll get over and fix it.
Why did you invite her?
We don't even know her.
We don't even like her.
Yeah, and she smells weird.
It's just her breath.
Maybe she's allergic to dairy.
We'll just give her some gum.
Okay, Sophia,
to answer the question.
Why did you invite that
new weird girl to our party?
I didn't, Cat did.
Oh, Cat. What an angel.
Her heart is so pure.
Hi. I'm here.
- Hi, Sam.
- Hi, Sam.
Your house is so cool.
Aww, that's so nice,
I hate it here.
My old house was
so much better and bigger.
My dad says my mom and I
should be so grateful
to be living in an artwork.
- It is pretty cool.
- I guess.
Yeah, my old house
is way bigger than this new one.
I totally hear ya.
Maybe that's because
you get so much more
bang for your buck in Norwalk.
No, we live in Greenwich.
Fake is better.
Yes, Mr. Tao,
but I understand, yes, and, uh
yes, I, uh, thank you so much
for not suspending her.
It means a lot to me.
And I owe you.
Now, listen,
I got to jump off, I'm, uh..
I'm at the hospital
right now actually
and there's
a medical emergency going on
so I have to, uh, I have to go.
I appreciate. Thank you.
You can't just leave, okay?
No matter how bad it gets.
You're 12.
I mean, if it ever gets that
bad, you call me... alright?
That's what you'll do.
Yes, daddy, I agree...
I want you to learn something.
I want you to pay attention,
I want you to focus.
I want you to concentrate.
All this other thing that
you do with your friends
picking on each other,
bullying each..
Whatever it is, I want
you to stop doing that.
That's gonna stop.
You're not gonna remember
any of these people
later in life, alright?
No one's gonna remember
who bullied who.
It's the 7th grade.
Now how bad could just being
there, learning something
and paying attention be?
Do you understand? Yes. Daddy -
The only thing
that matters right now
are getting good grades
and what school you'll get into.
That's it.
It was a huge misunderstanding.
Explain to me how
this is a misunderstanding.
- You just don't get it.
- How... oh, I, okay.
I accept that. I don't get it.
So make me get it.
I wasn't being mean.
It's just how we tag
each other online.
It's.. All the kids do it.
What does that mean?
Tag each other.
It's just..
It's kind of like a nickname.
Like a username.
What - what do you mean?
It doesn't matter, it's fine.
It's just, it's not mean.
That's all you have to know.
It's not mean. Then why
is he telling me it is?
'Cause some people
think it is, but it's not.
I don't want you,
I don't want you to lie to me.
I want you to tell me
what's really going on
because he's saying one thing,
you left.
You're not supposed to do that.
And he told me
that you are picking on
some of the other girls.
Girls that I thought
were your friends.
They are my friends.
Then why is he telling me that?
'Cause I don't know.
Okay, look, it doesn't
matter. Here's the thing.
You did something wrong, you're
gonna pay the price, okay?
That's the way it works.
You do something wrong,
you have to
because if you don't pay now
eventually you are gonna
pay later.
Better to do it now. Yes, sir.
Don't worry about it, dad.
It's bad for your health.
Don't manipulate me.
We talked about that, alright?
You're taking your meds?
Now there's another thing
I want to talk to you about.
I don't like him.
You've never met him.
I don't like him, I, I don't want you
hanging around with him anymore.
I mean, he's, he's
worse than Sophia.
I want you to be happy.
I really do. I just want
all of us to be okay.
I'll take you to Sophia's later.
I'm not gonna ground you.
But I think
our takeaway here is
that we need to try harder.
I'm trying as hard as I can.
You try harder.
I hate you.
Hello, boys.
Alex, I think we gotta wrap it up.
We gotta finish on Monday.
Oh, no, that's impossible.
I'm having people tomorrow.
I mean, it's a mess in here..
It's crazy making.
It's chaos, absolute chaos, Ted.
Uh, Alex, we've been here
since 6 a.m.
Can't you just stay
a little later? Come on.
You've stayed late for me
before, haven't you?
Alex, I'll see you on Monday.
- What day is today?
- It's Friday.
Monday is too far away, Ted.
Well, see you then.
See you then.
Funny guy, helped me over
where that track leads.
Jesus, Alex,
you look incredible.
I mean, better than
when you were 25. No.
I gotta get myself
to that Dr. White.
That's all him, right?
So where's the front door?
He's fucking nuts.
Don't know where anyone
is on this property.
So we each have
our own wing of the house.
Great family, huh?
Relationship is defined
as shared time and space.
So now we share no time
and no space.
Nothing like
setting us up to fail Harry.
Is this where
Harry does his laps?
Tired of this bullshit.
Big boys and their big toys.
It's not fucking art.
It's competition and ego.
Way too much money.
Might as well be stocks.
The new stocks.
He used to be
a passionate collector.
Now he's a currency trader.
Is that a Dan Colen?
Can you get my phone?
Actually my two phones.
I think they're in the kitchen.
- Wow.
- You like?
I can't believe you have that.
It doesn't seem
to be there, Mrs. Cox.
Uh, maybe you
left them upstairs.
Oh, Christ.
Molly, please, just call me
Alex. Mrs. Cox sounds so stuffy.
I'm so sorry.
Alex, it's my manners,
my mother's English.
Honestly, you look younger
than my little sister.
Oh, that's very sweet.
Uh, well, maybe
they're in the other room?
Nothing's finished around
here and the decorator
promised to be done last week.
That is so frustrating.
Really winds me up
when people promise to deliver
and then fail.
Why false advertise?
Molly, have you found
my phones yet?
I can't seem to find them
anywhere, Mrs. Cox.
Um, maybe you left
them somewhere.
Maybe they're in the car.
Well, are you,
are you saying it's my fault?
No. No, no, Mrs. Cox.
Honestly, have you
really looked everywhere?
Yes. Honestly.
But I can look again.
Good idea.
Is she retarded?
I think she stole
my Victorian cuff.
- What?
- She did.
And I've never
really trusted her.
Does she look
like a thief to you?
Maybe just a little dishonest
around the eyes.
Can you see it?
I think
you're acting really crazy.
Well, I guess I'm just gonna
have to brave the cold
and go out to the car
and search myself.
That was such a big funny move.
Molly, I found them!
They're building a new wall.
Building a new wall.
I like the, uh..
I like the stone better.
Can you not,
can you not do that?
- Just, just..
- Dad, stop!
Just don't do it.
Don't do it for 5 minutes,
Give me that. 5 minutes!
Thanks for the ride.
Did Harry tell you anything
about the rumors?
The old legend of this place?
Why, was it a brothel
or something?
No. It was designed and built
by this friend of Warhol.
This artist, Ray Jamieson
he made all of his darkest
and most disturbing pieces
when he was living here.
You know this stuff that
goes for a fortune now.
Wait, that's the guy
that Harry is obsessed with.
Yeah, I'm sure that's why
he bought the place.
Ray Jamieson went crazy here.
There was this legendary party
where Ray Jamieson's psychic
gave this reading.
Supposedly she tapped into that
this is the place
where the vortex
of the 4 winds converge.
Do you want me to help you?
Don't worry.
Just tell me.
Much later that same night.
Ray Jamieson ended up
brutally killing
all of these people that
wouldn't leave his party.
Haven't you always
wanted to do that? I mean..
But he actually did.
That's really fucking dark.
Anyway, his body vanished.
They never found him.
Supposedly he committed suicide
on this property, but..
They never found the body.
Wish I could leave tomorrow.
I wonder where Cat is.
She's such a case.
Her mom died last year. Duh.
I heard she OD'd
on painkillers.
Ones that Cat's dad gave her.
You're here.
Hi, Cat.
You really have
a lateness issue.
My mom always said.
It's better to make an entrance.
Your mom and like
a billion other people.
Cat, where'd you go
after lunch?
You weren't in school.
Did you cut class again?
I'm not letting you
borrow my homework.
I don't want
your homework, Francesca.
- No way. No way.
- Ew.
- No way.
- Hey, guys..
We get together.
We get together.
My God, we have so many.. Look,
how many likes we're gonna get.
Are you ready?- Okay, imagine
this with, like, sunglasses.
It's the beach,
with a lot of cute boys around.
That would be, like,
a perfect perfume commercial.
Oh, my God.
Sam, give it to me.
Guys, can someone
zip me up, please?
- Oh, my God.
- Oh..
- Whoa!
- Wow, Sophia.
- It's, like, the best one.
- You look so pretty.
Ready, smile.
Imagine you're on fashion
show. Okay, everybody line up.
Line up, line up, line up.
I'm matching your step.
- Go.
- Yeah, Sophia.
- Look at that outfit.
- Look at you in the mirror.
She's just jealous.
Guys, imagine these
in, like, really high heels.
Someone take a picture of me.
Stop. That's mean.
- Awesome.
- Awesome!
Take a picture
of us, kitty Cat.
I hate when you call me that.
Oh, please, just a quick one.
You all look stupid.
Oh, please,
you're just jealous.
And I really want a picture
of me and my besties.
Don't do it from there. Her mom
says that's for bad girls.
I still can't believe
how cool this place is.
I'm warming up to it. I think.
You know what
happened here, right?
I overheard your mom's friend
telling your mom
about this crazy artist
killer who used to live here.
Supposedly this place
is haunted by this guy.
Ray Jamieson's ghost.
He went crazy because
of an energy vortex
created by the 4 winds
converging on this property.
You're lying again.
The 4 winds?
That sounds like a fart.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait.
Ray Jamieson is still considered
a missing person.
In 1968, Jamieson disappeared
following a nervous breakdown
that lead him to commit
6 murders in his own home.
Jamieson's body was never found.
So? My mom's having a nervous
breakdown like everyday.
You think she's gonna kill us?
Come on, let's stop talking
about this shit
and get back to taking pictures.
I want the coolest picture
ever of me and my besties.
Cat, come on.
Oh, my God, I'm falling,
I'm falling.
Cat, that's so mean.
What's wrong with you?
You, Sophia.
You're such a hypocrite.
I hate girls like you.
It's all an act, Sophia.
That's what you do,
you act nice.
But you aren't really.
Will you stop being such a
freak? This is her house.
It takes a lot more than that
to scare me.
Oh, such a badass.
Anyway,what do you think?
You look like
a sausage in that.
A fat little sausage
from the Stanford Mall.
Cat, you're so mean.
No, I'm not.
It's funny and you laughed.
So nothing is mean if you laugh,
and you laughed.
If you didn't laugh,
then you can say I was mean.
That's the rule.
You should try this on instead.
It's... very sexy.
I'd totally make out
with you on the lot.
What? Who's making out
with who?
I don't know, Tats.
His last collection
was just so sexless.
I'm gonna go to Paris anyways.
Hold on a sec.
Girls, I have to run out
for an hour
so, you know, I wish I could
stay and help you
with your photo shoot.
You seem to be doing a foolish
job without me.
I'll pick up pizza on the way
home, okay? Extra cheese?
Mom, can you just pick up
some Skinny Pop instead?
We're on a diet. No carbs,
no gluten, no dairy.
Dairy makes everyone
have halitosis.
Ew, no way.
Tats, does dairy
give you bad breath?
Only, if you're
lactose intolerant, I think.
Oh, you guys look so beautiful.
Send me some of the photos you're
taking, I want to put it in my album...
Mom, this is just embarrassing.
- Why?
- They're already on here.
Okay, sorry,
I don't know these things.
- Well, you should.
- I miss dressing up.
Old days of all
the excitement of getting ready.
Just remember, girls,
getting ready is the best part.
It's more fun than any party
you'll ever gonna go to.
Enjoy yourselves now
while you're young.
Doesn't last long.
I have a surprise for you.
Oh, my God,
this one looks so good.
Play nice.
Guys, guys, please.
This is huge.
- Oh, my God! This is amazing!
- Guys!
Just a second. I'm married.
How are we gonna get
one of these diamonds?
Almost, guys, almost.
Sam, you are not a princess.
Oh, what are you doing?
Oh, my God! Are you crazy?
Delusion, obviously.
I mean, come on, we all know
you don't live in Greenwich.
You're the only scholarship kid
our school has ever had.
Whatever, you guys
have been all wrong.
I don't know what
Cat's been telling you.
What are you
saying about me, bitches?
Stop it, Cat.
Don't point a gun at me.
That's messed up.
If it isn't real,
then what's the problem?
Cat, put it down.
You look stupid.
What? You wanna kiss me,
you lesbo?
Who's getting burned now?
Are you scared?
Take a pic of me with it.
Let me in!
I gotta release the beast.
One second!
It's all yours.
You're free to go barf now.
- What do I look like...
- You always run the faucet.
Now, do you prefer
I don't run the faucet
so everyone can hear me
taking a dump?
Georgie, maybe you should
quit gymnastics
before you start
to look like a tranny.
I haven't been doing
gymnastics for, like, a year.
That's obvious.
Maybe you should try
power Pilates for core fusion.
Ava, you're such a tard!
At this point
Georgie's way past Pilates.
Georgie, I play soccer
and it's really fun.
I bet you'd be good at it.
I would pay money to see that.
You guys have been
really harsh.
I do exercise, okay?
I walk to school every day
and I walk home.
Whoa! You don't wanna
strain yourself.
Yes, seriously, Georgie
you may pull a muscle
or you may twist an ankle.
I'm gonna start taking
dance again this spring.
Jazz and tap. It's too cold
to move in the winter.
Georgie, you're really funny.
Yeah, exactly.
That's what fat people do.
They make us laugh.
I think it's really positive
that you're going
to start dancing again.
What about
also including SoulCycle
in addition to the more gentle
dance classes?
It would be amazing for you!
Georgie is not
doing SoulCycle..
Seriously, maybe it's the time
to start investigating lipo.
My dad could give you
a good deal.
- Your butt looks huge!
- Aah!
That is the first place
you should lipo.
And then you can save it
for when you get older
and then, hopefully,
you can inject it
and improve your ugly face.
I mean, you are
a plastic surgeon's wet dream.
I mean, look at it.
There's so much jiggly fat.
How can you be this fat
at only 12?
I mean, where is this heading?
I'd cry too if I were you.
No, actually,
I would just kill myself...
Cat, that's too far.
Cut it out.
Georgie, you should
just kill...
You stop bullying Georgie.
You're being horrible!
Are you kidding me?
You were just bullying her
and telling her
she had to go to SoulCycle!
Seriously, Sophia,
you are the biggest fool.
You were also mean to me
when my mom died.
You really need
to get over that.
Really? Get over it?
I'd like to see you get over
something like that.
Cat, enough! Get out!
- What are you talking about?
- That's it, I've had it!
You have to go!
I called your car!
Are you showing off
for your new friend?
I'm gonna call my mom
and get us a ride home.
No, I invited you.
Anyway, Georgie,
you're such a poser!
All you do is eat.
That's why Sophia
keeps you around.
Next to you, she'll always look
skinnier and prettier.
- What did you just say?
- Uh.
Cat! Really? Enough! Get out!
You're seriously
kicking me out?
I'm sorry!
We always say this stupid stuff
to each other.
I really didn't mean to hurt
your feelings, Georgie, I swear.
- We'll see you tomorrow, okay?
- Oh, no.
- Listen, Cat!
- No.
If I forgive you right away,
you will never stop!
Sophia, please let Cat stay.
We were all just having fun.
Fine. If Cat goes, I go too.
No, you stay.
Don't you want to?
Cat, you have to go!
Please leave
when your host
asks you politely.
Please don't do this.
I'm, I'm so sorry.
You don't understand.
I don't have anywhere to go!
Are you coming?
Forget it!
Just forget it!
Guys, let's go
touch all the art.
Oh, my God! Oh.
I hate them!
I hate you, I hate you!
I hate you! I hate you!
Oh, pick up.
Hi, this is Dr. White,
if this is an emergency
please hang up and dial..
Mom would never screen my call!
You never ever pick up!
It's not fair!
The girls
were really mean to me.
They kicked me out of the house.
Dad, I'm alone.
I needed you to come get me.
I don't know what to do.
I can't even see right now!
I can't take it anymore!
I swear, I can't!
Dad, I'm scared.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Ultra kill.
We could do it
during the best time ever.
I need to post this.
Oh, my God. Sam, that's,
like, the best picture.
Can you take
a pic of me like that?
Oh, my God. Look at
how many likes for that.
I'm gonna kill her. See, look.
That's so sick.
No matter what now, I'm always
gonna be the fat tranny bitch.
I could look
as skinny as Sophia's mom.
And when anyone looks me up,
they're gonna see this picture.
No matter what I do,
I will always be the fat girl.
Any boy who likes me is gonna
look me up and see this.
Georgie, she might have
used a fat-ass, okay?
My life is over.
I hate this, it's not fair.
Shh. It's okay.
Stop eating. Shh..
I can't stop.
It's the only thing
that makes me feel better.
And it's really horrible,
you guys.
I can't stop eating.
Yes, yes, you can.
- What are you doing?
- Georgie..
Georgie, we are trying
to help you.
I think you just have to go
cold turkey. Just don't eat.
It doesn't make you feel good.
Why don't you
look in the mirror
and say the same thing
to yourself?
Hey, come on, guys,
we all have something we do
to get through the day, okay?
Being 12 sucks.
Let's not make it any worse.
And just be nice,
we don't wanna be like Cat.
I'm going to stitch
her mouth shut
and cut off her fingers
so she can't do this
to anyone else.
Let's just enjoy the fact
that she's not here, okay?
Just enjoy the sounds
like De... Depeche Modes.
Mode, you moron.
Can't you just stop
looking at that?
Maybe turn it off for a while?
Put it down. Can't you do that?
That's impossible!
No one can do that.
Okay. Okay, I have an idea.
I dare us all to lock up
our phone in the safe
until Sophia's mom gets home.
This way I'll stop looking
at my phone
and this horrible picture.
- You know what, Georgie?
- Mm-hmm?
I actually
agree with you for once.
Yeah, then we can hangout
with each other.
And we won't be on our phones
all the time.
Oh, God!
Like, lock up
our phones for real?
I just, I think
that's not safe.
You guys just moved in and you
don't have a landline yet, right?
But, like, no one
has a landline anymore.
But I can't lock my phone in
the safe. My mom might call...
Your mom is not calling you!
She knows you're here.
She knows you're fine,
so come on.
Don't be such a pussy,
and put your phone in the safe
so Georgie doesn't have to be
cyberbullied anymore.
Okay, I have an idea.
I dare us all to lock
our phone in the safe..
I just, I think that's not
safe. You guys just moved in..
But I can't lock my phone in
the safe. My mom might call...
Your mom is not calling you!
She knows you're here.
She knows you're fine,
so come on.
You know where you threw that?
Wow! So weird.
I wanna go home.
You guys want a drink?
- Okay, guys.
- Party time!
Calm yourself, Georgie.
Straight vodka.
- Ready?
- Ready?
Guys, why don't we
just dance instead?
Yeah, that's a good idea.
Let's dance.
- Let's dance with our drinks.
- Guys.
Sam, are you okay?
I'm, I'm good, I'm great.
Sam, Sam, Sam.
Sweetie, sweetie, sweetie.
Sam, you're being weird.
- Sweetie.
- Uh, wait.
Let's just watch her first.
Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, oh!
- Whoa!
You're gonna go fly away, huh?
Fly away, birdie!
Sideways! Whoo!
Oh, chicken.
Chick, chick, chick.
Uh, Francesca, go ahead.
The thing that you just did?
Sure, just... just dance.
Honey, honey.
I do not.
You look like a pirate.
I don't look like that.
You have to express yourself.
Express yourself, Ava.
Express yourself.
Wait a minute, guys,
I speak bird.
- Can you open him?
- Sure. Yeah.
Come here. Rio.
Rio, be good.
Put it back.
Guys, I think that's enough
for now, okay?
We can talk to him later. Okay?
- I'm gonna marry the bird.
- Mommy loves you.
Sophia, this is awesome!
This is so cool.
Is this the movie?
It's one of the, like,
movies my mom just had.
I have no idea what it is.
So what do you want to do?
Well, there's nothing to do
without our phones, so..
I mean, I would say,
we could look it up
but we don't have our phones
to look it up..
- Let's tell secrets.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Like an honesty game.
Let's be honest
about everything.
Okay. How about
when did you get your period?
I got mine last year
at summer camp.
It was so weird.
We were in the courts
and suddenly
there was all of this blood
in my white skirt.
And when I went
to reach down to fix it
it got all over my hand..
And the girls called me
Bloody Mary.
But when I got home,
my mom... got really mad
and she told me that
I got my period too early
and that I need
to stop eating chicken.
But I don't eat chicken.
I'm vegan.
I mean, how does
she not know that?
My mom too,
she keeps trying to help..
But all she does is tell me
everything I'm doing wrong.
All the time.
Wrong for who?
For her?
I hate my mom.
My parents were fighting,
like, all the time.
I was going to run away.
I mean, I can model
in Paris at 13.
Did you know you can even get
married there legally at 15?
I was gonna sell
some of my mom's jewelry.
It's not like
she would even notice.
All she does is shop.
And then she goes
to these lame meetings.
She's not even really sober,
so I don't get it.
So why even go?
It's like she's a bad joke.
Why can't they
just be normal parents?
At least you see them.
My parents don't even know
I exist anymore.
And they work all the time.
I'm always alone.
I hate being alone.
When they are home,
they're on their phones.
So I don't even know
why they bother.
They're like...
real-life zombies.
I hate them.
Okay, now something
happy, please.
Oh, yeah. I kissed Christopher.
- Oh, my God.
- It was weird.
I mean, the kiss was not weird.
His tongue in my mouth was.
I know.
The first time
is kind of freaky.
Yeah. Didn't know
what he was doing.
- He probably didn't either.
- I know, right?
It felt like
he was cleaning my teeth.
- Eww!
- It was so gross.
What about you, Sam?
I've done more than that.
What do you mean?
I, you know, did it.
I hate my mom.
I kissed Christopher.
I, you know, did it.
A 1 and a 2. And a 1, 2, 3, 4.
Come on, Sam, it's so nice.
I'm just a little cold.
I'm okay.
Come on, come in.
I'm fine.
What happened?
It was really bad
at my last school.
All my friends turned on me.
It was just really bad, okay?
I don't wanna talk about it.
Let's just turn some music on.
It's too quiet. It's creepy.
Who is that?
Who else knows your code?
Where's Cat? Where?
- Where is she?
- She left.
When? How long ago?
- Uh, half an hour ago.
- Cat!
They kicked me
out of the house.
I can't even see right now.
I can't take it anymore!
I swear I can't!
Dad, I'm scared.
Why is my daughter crying?
She's hysterical!
Nothing happened,
Dr. White, okay?
- Cat wanted to leave.
- Where's your mother?
I need to speak to your mother
about the bullying
that my daughter has been
subjected to here tonight.
She's a bully. She made me cry.
She told me to kill myself!
It's good advice.
Cat, come on, where are you?
Cat? Cat?
Cat? Cat?
I don't know who the fuck
to believe right now, okay
until we find Cat.
I can't fucking go
through this again.
Did she leave with Bennet? No.
- We don't know a Bennet!
- No.
I know she's here!
Are you perhaps
covering up for her maybe?
Maybe you did sort of
a... a secret swear?
Uh, uh, pinky... pinky swear
kind of thing?
- No.
- No.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Did she leave with Bennett?
- No, no.
- No? You sure?
- Hmm.
- You sure?
Cat, I won't be angry.
You're not in trouble, Cat.
You been drinking, huh?
Have you been drinking?
- No.
- Uh?
- No.
- Yes, you have been drinking.
- Leave us alone.
- You've been drinking?
Haven't you?
You've been drinking.
Haven't you?
Have you been drinking?
- No.
- You're 12!
You've been drinking,
all of you!
A bunch of 12 year olds
Dr. White, it was my mother.
Fucking believe
anything you say?
You're all drunk!
I mean, something
could have happened to her!
Why would you let her leave?
Why didn't anyone call me?
I could've come
and picked her up!
All you care about
is yourselves, right?
It's... it's easier
that way, right?
It's fucking easier that way!
Do you give a shit
about anybody, do you?
Do you care about anyone?
Really, swear she went home.
Are you an idiot? She didn't go home.
I was just there.
What part of that
do you not understand?
You're smiling.
Why are you smiling?
- I'm not smiling.
- Why are you smiling?
- I'm not...
- Where is she?
Little bitches
are capable of anything.
Do you remember what you did
to her last time?
I should have pressed charges.
We're sorry, okay?
You know, you should all
be institutionalized.
I'll go look for her.
It's so sick.
It's just so sick.
You know, really
when you think about it
it's pretty sick, isn't it?
The only way
to get to you guys..
The only way to get
to your little demented
squirrelled up little heads..
The only way to scare
your selfish
spoiled and corrupt minds
is to scare the shit out of you.
Little stunted brains.
Get back here!
Get back here!
Now it's just us, right?
Why don't we just talk
about things, okay?
Why don't we just talk
about this calmly?
You put that knife down
and leave this instant!
I'm gonna call the police.
This is crazy.
You can't treat us this way!
And if you think
my mother isn't going
to have my back, you're wrong.
You messed her tits up
and she's pissed.
Come back.
Your dad's freaking out.
You're all damaged,
damaged goods.
Listen, listen to me.
Listen to me.
If my daughter doesn't call me
within the hour
I'm gonna call the police.
And you all are gonna
be charged as adults.
Do you understand? Do you?
Do you understand, huh?
He's such a creep.
God, how creepy is Whitey.
I can't believe your mom
really hit that shit.
What kind of father follows
their own daughter online?
One that rapes her.
Did you guys hear
what he just said?
Charged as adults.
Where is Cat?
Is she hurt and..
Why didn't her weird dad
call the police?
He's so rich.
He doesn't have to call
the police.
He owns the police.
If he's so rich,
why does he dress like that?
He looks like Hitler.
Your mom slept with Hitler.
Eww, your mom slept
with Hitler.
Stop it, guys.
It's not funny, okay?
Not funny.
Not the right time, you got it?
Not the right time.
Oh, my God, you guys.
I just saw a car in the woods
and the windows are all bloody.
I don't know what to do.
It's a red Ferrari.
That's my dad's car.
You're lying again!
I'm not lying!
You're acting
like you're a liar, okay?
And your stories are pathetic!
You're fucked up, Sam.
You lied about where you live
you lied about being a princess
and you lied about having sex.
You're seriously mental.
Are you, like,
not taking your meds?
That's it. You have to go. Now!
Where the fuck is Ava?
I don't know.
Who knows? Who cares?
Your mom slept with Hitler.
I don't really know..
- Slept with Hitler.
- Hitler!
- For the last time, it's not funny!
- With Hitler.
- Your mom slept with Hitler.
- Your mom slept with Hitler.
- Your mom slept with Hitler.
- Your mom slept with Hitler.
- Where are you going?
- To get away from you guys.
You guys are assholes.
I can't believe you're saying
this stuff about me
and in my own house
about my mother.
I'm gonna go find Cat.
And if she isn't already dead,
I'm gonna kill her.
You can't leave us here
without our phones.
Selfish bitches!
Jesus fucking Christ, Alex!
How did you leave the...
the kids unsupervised like that
after what happened last year?
Come on, really?
What... what are you doing?
Calm down!
Just take it easy.
Michael, relax. Breathe, okay?
They're just 12-year-old girls
having some silly melodrama.
I'm sure they'll get over it in a minute.
Your fucking..
Your... your daughter
and her fucked up friends
have kicked Catherine
out of the house.
That's what's going
on now, okay?
Look... - Now I can't
find her anywhere!
She's not at my house, she's not
at yours and I'm concerned!
Shh! Calm down!
I'm sure Cat is just fine.
Listen to me. I'm taking care
of myself right now.
It's just for an hour
and a half.
The girls are 12.
They're almost teenagers.
They're fine home alone
for an hour.
They're not wild animals.
And you're correct,
they're not animals.
They're fucking beasts, okay?
And they have, you know,
they've humiliated
and bullied Catherine
to such a severe degree
that I'm gonna press
charges against you.
You have to let
this go, Michael.
Remember the light?
Absolute certainty.
- Jesus Christ.
- You can make anything happen.
Just be positive.
Manifest this.
Your spiritual bullshit
is not gonna work now, Alex!
I think that you should come
to the meeting with me.
Surrender, give yourself over...
This is fucking insane!
You... you are much more of a fucking
nightmare than you've ever been.
You've just turned out
to be a fucking... complete
useless, fucking human being!
And if I were you,
I would just kill myself.
You're a fucking control freak.
You can't handle anything
real that happens.
Listen, Michael, I'm gonna
go back inside there
and take care of myself.
When it's over, I will go home
and I will try my best
to help you find
your fucked up daughter!
Don't you fucking talk
about her that way.
Did you ever stop to think
that maybe she's so fucked up
because you are?
If you... if you ever fucking
talk again to me like that
I will fucking kill you.
Hmm. I'm trying to have
compassion for you, okay?
For your confusion.
'Cause your daughter's missing.
Your wife is dead.
You're taking it out on me.
You're a sick, twisted fuck!
It's not real. It's not real.
It wasn't real.
It wasn't... it wasn't real.
I'm... I'm at the sink.
The faucet is silver.
The floor is blue tile.
I am safe and nothing is wrong.
I'm in Connecticut..
At Sophia Cox's house.
I don't know why.
I don't know why.
It wasn't real.
It wasn't real. It's not real.
It's not real.
It's not real.
None of it is real.
I'm really sorry. I didn't mean
to freak everyone out.
I just thought I saw something.
What if that crazy story
is true
and that artist's ghost
is still out there?
Should someone go with Sophia?
No, it's not our fault.
I don't really feel like
I have to go find a freak.
I personally don't care
what happens.
All you care
about is eating cake.
Why don't you eat
once in a while
and stop worrying
about what I do?
And what is that
supposed to mean?
Nothing. Cupcake?
So why did you lie, Sam?
- About what?
- About having sex.
Why would I lie
about something like that?
'Cause you're just doing it
to get attention.
Georgie, chill out.
Eat another cupcake.
What are you talking about?
I wouldn't lie like that.
Well, it's just that
when I look at you
I just don't believe it.
What else are you
lying about, huh?
Cat, you gotta pick up
when you sent me
a text message
saying you were lost!
Well, I'm here now!
We can't do this, right?
You remember, honey?
Remember? We're not gonna do
this again to each other.
You're not gonna put me
through this.
Dr. Hutchins said we can
work this out together.
This is what we're gonna do.
Work it out together, okay?
Honey, I can't do this.
We gotta do this
together, alright?
We gotta do this together, okay?
Okay, just me and you.
We're a team.
Cat, goddamn it, call me!
You have to. You have to.
You have to.
Cat! Cat!
Kitty kitty Cat!
Come on, I got some soup
and a sandwich for ya.
We'll go to Peterson's, come on!
Hey, I'm right here!
Come on, bitches!
Come on down here!
We're gonna build a trap.
We're gonna build a trap.
I'm gonna trap you
like a fucking animal.
You're a fucking bitch.
I'm just gonna get you
right in here.
You act like an animal
I should treat you
like a fucking animal.
Cat honey, over here!
Come here, kitty kitty kitty.
You can't fucking do this to me.
You invite your little
fucking friends over.
You have... have
a nice reunion.
No! No!
- Great.
- What is it now?
- It's Harry.
- Answer it.
- No.
- Alex, answer it.
Take control, okay?
It's your life.
It's not his life.
- Pick it up.
- Okay.
Listen, Harry, I don't care that
you're fucking your art advisor.
I do care that
you're calling me right after.
I don't wanna hear from you ever
again, do you understand me?
I'm through with you! Goodbye!
I mean, don't you feel strong?
Turn it off now.
- Let's go.
- Amen.
Hi, this is Alex.
Leave a message.
Mom, dad's dead.
Dr. White.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, daddy.
I wish you weren't here.
None of this would be happening
if you weren't here.
We would just be having fun.
Have you ever had real fun?
I'm out of here.
She's tripping out
for no reason.
You know what my gut is saying?
It's saying another cupcake.
Isn't that your third one?
Wow, you can count.
Did you just hear that?
Hear what?
It sounded like
somebody screamed.
Is it coming from the basement?
Oh, this is all
tripping me out now.
- I'm sorry.
- What?
I just farted.
Cream cheese frosting does that.
Not only are you mean,
you're truly disgusting.
This is Dr. White's phone.
What? Oh, my God.
- This... this is sick.
- Oh.
Oh, no.
Please, please stop.
Please, please stop!
Oh, please!
Please, please stop!
Please, please stop!
Please, stop, please!
Please, stop, please!
Help me! Please stop. Please!
Please stop! Please..
It's dead. It's dead!
Shh, shh, it's me.
We have to be really quiet.
- My dad is dead.
- Ava is dead.
We have to get help right now
and call the police.
- Wait. What happened to you?
- I got attacked.
I don't know who it was.
I couldn't see it.
We need a phone, Sophia.
You have to run to
the neighbor's and get help.
You can run faster than me.
I have to go inside
and call the police.
The the key.
The key to the safe,
we threw it in the pool.
Go get help!
I'm gonna get the police.
I'm sorry if I don't find
comfort in eating 5 cupcakes.
You should
and there's only 4 by the way.
You're such a fat, mean pig!
What did you just say?
Nothing you haven't
heard before.
- Then say it to my face!
- Say what?
Come on, say it!
You're a fat, mean pig!
I knew it, skinny, dyke bitch.
Get off of me!
- Stop!
- I've had it with you!
I'm out of here!
Where are you going?
Please don't leave.
Whatever's out there,
it is a lot better
than staying in here and watch
you stuff your fat face!
Please don't leave me
here alone.
I'm a fat, mean pig.
I'm a fat, mean pig
and that's all I am.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
I can do this.
Stop! Help, please. Stop!
- Please. Please.
- Forget it!
Don't! Stop. Stop!
This is bullshit.
I'm never sleeping
over here again.
Come on. Come on!
Come on!
No! No!
Help me! Help me!
Somebody, please help me!
Help me, please!
Somebody, help me!
Help me, please!
Please, somebody, help!
Help! Help! Help! Help!
Help me, please!
Please. Help!
Help me. Help me!
Help me!
Please, please, please!
Somebody, help me!
Oh, no.
Hey! What's going on?
- What happened?
- Let me go.
Just calm down.
Tell me what happened.
Call an ambulance.
There are some kids down here.
It's Cat.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I was watching the whole time.
She's very, very sick
but I didn't think
she'd hurt anyone.
It wasn't him. It was Cat.
Mega kill.
It's never gonna be okay
ever again.
Oh, God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things
that I cannot change
the courage
to change things I can
and the wisdom
to know the difference.
Serenity to accept the things
that I cannot change
courage to change
the things I can..
Put the gun down
or I'm gonna shoot you.
Do it.
I want it to be over.
- No.
- No.
- No!
- No!
The tragedy is now online
for the world to see.
The horrific images were
splashed across social media.
The images were followed
and liked by millions of people
who stood by and did nothing.
Mommy, you said
you'll play with me.
- Honey, honey...
- Please...
Honey, honey,
mommy needs adult time, okay?
Can you go play with..
Were trying to prove
their allegiance
to a fictional
online character.
How dangerous
the social media..
It's a tragedy
that has shocked this town.
This life is over.
Our pain is over..
And I'll have the best avatar
with the most likes.
And I'll have the top score
and I'll be the top player.
And I'll be remembered forever.