Horror House on Highway Five (1985) Movie Script

(rock music)
- What's this card?
- [Gary] "La Justice".
"La Justice".
- Tough one, huh?
- Ah, yeah.
"La Jus"
- [Marbuse] Justice. Justice!
- Oh, justice, yeah.
It was right on the
tip of my tongue.
- Next card.
- Oh, I know this one.
"La Morte", and it means death.
- "La Mort". Love.
- Love?
No, no, it's not lo --
It's a skeleton!
- Look, he's smiling.
(tense music)
(heavy breathing)
(hinges squeaking)
- I'm not a crook!
- Oh, it's you!
- Did you know it was me?
- No, I thought it
was Billy Carter.
- Come on, admit I had you
going for a second, there?
- I'll say, especially that
hiding in the bushes routine.
- Bushes?
- Yeah.
Hey, see that
suitcase over there?
I want you take
it out to the car.
Then I need you to go to
store and pick up some stuff.
I'm not ready to go yet, I
still need to take a shower.
(uneasy music)
(tense music)
(mystery music)
(dramatic tense music)
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Aah! Aah!
(chaotic tense music)
(expectant uneasy music)
(glass breaking)
(expectant uneasy music)
(wind chimes)
(expectant uneasy music)
Ah! Ah! Ah!
Ah! Ah!
- And the final
group will consist of
Louise Kingsley,
Mike Simpson
and Sally Smith.
Where is Sally?
- Probably late, as usual.
- Well, your project
will be the development
of the German V2 rocket
during World War ll,
and the influence of
the German scientist
Frederick Bartholomew.
As you know, Bartholomew
came to the United States
from Germany after the war,
and spent the remainder
of his life here
under somewhat
mysterious circumstances.
Louise, I think I know
of a secluded place
where you can
complete your project.
Right here, off old Highway 5
is the community Little Town,
which strangely was the
place where Bartholomew
completed his post-World
War ll experiments.
There's a small field right here
which would be the
perfect place for you
to complete your research.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
- [Leonard] Please
be on time, Sally.
- I Will.
Oh, excuse me, excuse me.
- I've discussed
your term project.
While Louise tries to
assemble the model rocket
I'd like you to interview
some of Professor
Bartholomew's former associates
- Oh, okay, I will.
- And, Mike, I know
you've been bu --
I know you've been busy
but perhaps you could also
go outwith Louise
and give her some help
when she goes to Little Town.
- Ah
I was supposed to practice.
- Mike, if we complete
this project successfully
you don't have to
take the final exam.
- I guess I can go.
- Okay, Mike and Louise
will go to Little Town
to test the rocket,
while Sally remains here in
town to do her interviews.
(rock and roll music)
(door knocking)
(door knocking)
- Hi.
- [Gary] Hi.
- Leonard sent me.
- [Gary] Leonard?
- [Sally] He said that
you knew something
about Frederick Bartholomew?
- Leonard?
- Come in, come in.
I am Dr. Marbuse, this
is my assistant Gary.
- Hi, I'm Sally Smith.
- Yes, come in.
- I understand that you
have some information
about Frederick Bartholomew.
- Frederick Bartholomew.
I knew Frederick
Bartholomew personally.
- Well, I'm looking for
some information about
the development
of the V2 rocket.
- The V2 rocket.
- [Sally] Yes.
- I have information
on the V2 rocket.
Please, sit down.
- Well, I can't stay long.
- This won't take long.
The things I know
about the V2 rocket
and Frederick Bartholomew,
nobody on this planet
knows what I know.
This is your lucky day.
(food frying)
Hey, Gary!
- [Gary] Yeah.
- You notice anything?
Smoke, the room is
filling with smoke!
- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
It must be steak is overdone!
- Maybe I better
come back later.
- Oh, look what happened.
It was on too high it burned!
- Get that thing out of here!
Please stay, the room
will be clear in a moment.
- Well, I gotta meet
some friends anyhow.
- The V2, Bartholomew.
I have all the information.
- [Marbuse] You'll come back.
- I will.
- Tonight, come back tonight,
I'll tell you everything.
- I will. Goodbye.
- [Marbuse] As soon as you can?
- Yes.
It was nice meeting
you, Gary. Goodbye.
- Oh, yeah, I --
Pleasure is all mine.
- Don't let her get away!
- Why? I though she
was coming right back.
- She might not,
or she might bring
someone with her.
- Oh, no!
- Go down to the alley
and bring her up the back steps.
Grab her!
- Alright.
Where's the sack?
Where's the chloroform?
Oh, here's the sack.
Where's the chloroform?
- Here, here, here.
Get going-
(rock and roll music)
Are you fucking blind or what?
(rock and roll music)
("From Here to Eternity"
by The Only Ones)
(playful active music)
(door knocking)
- [Sally] Hi.
- Miss Smith, so
glad you came back.
- Yeah.
- Please, make
yourself comfortable.
You look thirsty.
Why don't you let me make
one of my special beverages?
Be back in a moment.
(playful active music)
Don't screw up.
- How could I screw up?
- You could screw up.
You could drink it yourself.
Don't drink it,
just give it to her.
- Oh, I understand. I get it.
(playful active music)
Dr. Marbuse have prepared
this drink for you.
- You'll have to
excuse him, Miss Smith.
He's sort of an idiot.
- Why do you let him
treat you like that?
- What do you mean?
- I don't know,
he treats you like you're
some sort of inferior,
like you're a domestic
servant or something,
and you shouldn't stand
for it, it's not right.
- Well, he does.
And all the time
making fun of me.
- I don't think you
should stand for it.
- You know, he acts like
I'm a goddamn moron.
And I'm not!
- No, don't let him
push you around.
- You're right!
I've been his whipping
boy for too long.
There's only one thing to
do in a situation like this.
I'll kill him!
I'll find that hammer
and I'll put it right
through his scull!
- No, no, wait a minute!
No, no, wait a
minute, wait a minute!
- Wait, that's
just what you said!
" [Sally] No! No!
- No?
- No. No.
What I meant was that you
should be more assertive,
you just don't let
him push you around.
- Hmmm.
- Could I have my drink?
I'm dying of thirst.
- Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Are you sure? Because Marbuse
doesn't make such good drinks,
kind of sour.
- Nonsense. It's delicious.
Okay, now remember
what I said, okay?
About, you know
- I guess.
(tense music)
(distant kids playing loudly)
- Kids outside, always
making a racket.
Don't they have
anything better to do?
Get ready.
- Ready?
For what?
(slow uneasy music)
- A rare tropical drug.
Sour though, did I
put it in your sugar?
I must go help Gary.
(slow uneasy music)
- What's this? An article.
"Little Town. February, 1956.
"Rocket scientist disappears.
"Federal authorities are
seeking Frederick Bartholomew,
"German rocket scientist,
"in connection with
a series of bizarre
"and so far unsolved murders.
"His house in Little Town,
which served as his laboratory,
"has been mysteriously vacated."
(rock and roll music)
(expectant uneasy music)
- Bring that stuff up here.
Don't go down in that door,
that's where they
kept Bartholomew.
(fast-paced uneasy music)
You stay away from that place.
(fast-paced uneasy music)
She's doing okay,
she'll come around in a moment.
You got that iron ready yet?
- Not yet.
- Well, it looks alright to me.
Come on, let's do it to her!
(speaking German)
What's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
Look at you, you've got a boner!
(speaking German)
- Gary, don't.
Gary, no!
No! No, Gary, don't!
Don't, don't, don't!
Gary, no! No!
(speaking German)
- What's wrong?
Why did you stop?
- The fucking thing is too hot.
- Of course it's hot.
Now, come on!
- She was screaming.
- You never heard a
little yelling before?
Alright, give it to me.
Come on, give me the iron!
(tense music)
(tense music)
Oh, you'll hear
some screaming now!
- I'll use this.
I'll hit you With it!
I Will!
- It's cold.
Heat it up again.
(slow uneasy music)
(Playful music)
(Playful music)
(alternative active music)
- Sure is nice out here.
Not many houses though.
Hey, look, there's a house
over there in the woods.
There's another one.
(fast-paced tense music)
Ahm, from this road here
it should be up
here to the right.
(alternative active music)
(tense music)
What you do? Run over something?
My God, the chemicals, we
could have been exploded!
- Where are my glasses?
Where are my glasses?
Oh, no, they're broken.
(alternative active music)
- Oh, well, you get that ready.
I'm gonna take a look around,
see what I can see
on this hill up here.
(alternative active music)
- What you let her loose for?
- Well, she should be free,
not in shackles.
- [Marbuse] She'll
only run away again.
- It's for your own good.
- The time is right,
we can't delay.
- [Gary] Let her rest.
- Bartholomew is around.
I can feel him!
- I thought he was dead.
- You can't speak of someone
like that being dead.
Now, we've got to
do the ceremony.
- Well, we don't
have to use her.
- It says right
here in the book.
We gotta start
with a live person.
- Let her rest.
(relaxing music)
- [Louise] How you doing?
The hell is this dead cat for?
- [Louise] Dead cat?
- There's a dead cat in here,
it's cut up, disemboweled.
Who put it here?
- Dead cat?
I certainly didn't.
- Geez, it's dark out.
There's no stars out tonight.
Where's the garbage can at?
- Over there, by
the street light.
- You know, Bartholomew
used to do stuff like this.
Cut up animals,
people too.
- Please throw it away.
(expectant music)
(tense music)
- Hey, Louise,
there's a dead guy
in the trash can back there.
- A dead man?
In the trash can?
- Come on, see for yourself!
(tense music)
Look, let's go back to town.
We can finish the test tomorrow.
I don't wanna stay
here another night.
I'll drive.
(engine failing to start)
There's oil leaking
all over the place,
something is busted.
Oh, man.
- So we'll stay here.
(expectant music)
(rock and roll music)
- My dad says that
a college degree
is as important as the
high school diploma was
when he was a kid.
- Hey, Joe, tell your Dad
to eat shit.
(rock and roll music)
Hey, Joe, you're
going kind of fast,
you better slow down.
- I'm full of hot beer
and I'm ready to go.
(tires screeching)
Who does that dope think he is?
Standing on the road like that?
Hey, jerk!
Get out of the way!
He gave me the fingeroo!
I think he is!
- No, he's standing there,
he's not doing anything.
- Get out of the road,
you fucking zombie!
Hey, I'm gonna fuck you, man.
You gotta be the
biggest, dumbest,
ugliest, most fucked
up I've ever seen.
Look at him!
He don't do nothing,
he don't say nothing.
- You better be careful.
He's a big mother.
- What the hell?
Oh, just, just wait
a minute, friend.
Don't get riled, you know?
Just have a little fun.
Whoa, whoa, wait, wait!
Whoa, whoa! No, hey, man!
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh, shit! Oh!
Oh, Oh!Ah!
(rock and roll music)
(slow funny music)
(fast-paced tense music)
(tires screeching)
- What's wrong with you?
You just ran that guy over!
You must have a low IQ!
You can't be dead.
Oh, Jesus.
(tense music)
You can't be alive.
(tense music)
(expectant music)
- You know, I was
at the library today
reading about Bartholomew.
You know what they say?
They say that back in the '60s
when the government
got through with him
that he flipped out, he
became this LSD guru,
he started saying all
kinds of crazy things,
he got into black magic.
And then all the people
he was hanging outwith
started disappearing,
and then he disappeared.
People thought he was
dead but no one knew.
- You think that pot is
helping you to think straight?
- Shit.
You're right,
this stuff is
making me paranoid.
we got some chemicals,
you think we could make a bomb
or something with the rocket?
- I guess we could.
Would that make you
feel any better?
- It certainly would.
Anybody tries to
fuck with us now
they'll get blown sky high.
- Well, it'll scare them anyhow.
- What, it won't kill 'em?
- Well, maybe if they are standing
right on top of the explosives.
Yeah, this will
make you feel safe.
Okay, you pull in the
back of this, ignite it
and then you let it go.
And this functions as a
rocket launcher, okay?
Very careful, don't get it wet.
- Alright, ready
for anything now.
(rock and roll music)
- Gary, look.
More bugs.
I figured out where
they're coming from.
They're coming out of my head.
The brain parasites.
Maggots are infesting my mind!
- Does it hurt?
- Look in my ear.
You see these little fuckers?
- Hmmm.
Nothing there either.
- How about my mouth?
UP top maybe?
- Nah.
- Or in my nose?
- Nothing!
- Gary, the fucking bugs
are eating my brain.
That means I'm
gonna be dead soon.
Bartholomew was here.
His presence is all around.
let me loose on the girl!
- Where is Bartholomew?
- You'll see him when
the time is right.
- With that maggots on
ohe brain stuff, huh?
You ever hear such a thing?
- No, I never did.
- Me neither!
I think you're getting
a little screwy,
but that might be more from
the hammer on the brain
than those bugs.
- The hour is at hand,
everything is ready,
and I have to deal with
impatient mind maggots
and a buffoon like you!
- Are you okay?
- Gary, let's get out
of here, let's get away.
- Just the two of us?
- Right, just the two of us.
- Well, I'd like that.
For sure.
But it's so
complicated out there.
So many people.
I mean, suppose that
you like somebody else.
I'd go nuts!
- I won't like anybody
else! Give me the key!
- I guess you don't
like this place, huh?
- Gary, we can go off together
to some place beautiful.
- I know what's wrong.
This place, it's a mess.
What a dump.
I'll clean it up!
Eh Marbuse.
What a pig!
- Well, can you take
the bracelet off my leg?
- Hmm, not right now.
- Oh, come on.
What's the matter,
you don't trust me?
- Not right now!
Just not right now.
(rock and roll music)
Like that? A little music.
- Great.
- Me too.
It kind of cheers the place up.
(rock and roll music)
- Help me.
(rock and roll music)
No, what's he doing?
Help! Let me go!
- Don't let him take
her! Do something!
- I can't save the world!
- He's gonna kill her!
- I don't think he Will.
Well, he might.
Just don't think about it, okay?
Why aren't we having any fun?
(rock and roll music)
- Don't go down there.
It's your funeral.
(expectant music)
(expectant uneasy music)
Ah! Ah!
Don't! Don't!
Hey, relax, just put your
fucking mind at ease, huh?
Hey, what are you, nuts?
Stop it!
Ah! Ah!
- Let's go to those
houses down the road,
the ones I pointed out earlier?
Maybe we can get someone
to give us a lift.
- In the middle of the night?
We'll do it tomorrow.
- Come on, it's not that far.
- I don't wanna go
marching all around
in the dark with these glasses.
If you're so concerned you go.
- What? You'll stay here alone?
- Yeah, maybe that person
in the car will come back
and I'll be able to get it back.
- Look, I don't think we
should be splitting up.
- Stay here, then.
- Okay, I'll go.
Can I take the rocket with me?
- [Louise] Sure,
I should be safe
with all these little
bombs set up around here.
(expectant music)
- Hello.
Hello, anybody home?
I need to use your telephone.
I'm just gonna turn
on the lights here.
(expectant uneasy music)
Never mind, I'll use the
phone down the street.
(expectant music)
(crow cawing)
(expectant music)
Anybody home?
(expectant music)
Is there anybody home?
I need to use the telephone!
(expectant music)
(tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(tense music)
(wood thumping)
(wood thumping)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(bushes cracking)
(tense music)
(bushes cracking)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(tense music)
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
- Gary?
Hey, Gary-
You wanna dance?
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
Gary, no.
Gary, no, I meant you
wanna dance with me.
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
I can't dance very well
with this thing on.
Why don't you get the key?
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
What was the dance
you were doing before?
Like this, like this.
- Oh, you mean like this.
- [Sally] Yes, yes.
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
Stop! No! No! Don't!
Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!
Please, please don't!
Gary, no!
Look, Gary, stop!
Please, please!
Facist pig!
("Psychotic Reaction"
by The Count Five)
- [Louise] Sally?
- Oh, get me out of here, quick,
before he gets
back! Hurry! Hurry!
- Where's the key?
- It's over there,
it's over there!
Hurry! Get it!
Come on, come on!
(expectant uneasy music)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(rock music)
(dramatic music)
- Oh
Don't pull the rake.
No, no!
Oh, geez!
(rock music)
(slow uneasy music)
- "Dear Gary.
"Before I go I must
tell you a few things.
"We are brothers.
"Bartholomew is our father.
"He is around here someplace.
"The last I saw him
"he was dressed up like
a former president.
"I know he was very
proud of Richard Nixon.
"You can waste your time
playing around with that girl,
"but I must be about
my father's business.
"Your reluctant brother,
"Marbuse M.D."
(expectant uneasy music)
(dramatic tense music)
(tense music)
(rock and roll music)
(slow uneasy music)
(tense music)
(rock music)
- Oh
(uneasy music)
(bushes cracking)
(uneasy music)
(bushes cracking)
(uneasy music)
(dramatic tense music)
(tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
("Hey Boys" by The Dictators)
(hopeful music)
(slow disorienting music)
- How far are you going?
Geez, you don't look too good.
Something happened to you?
- These people over the
hill, they killed my friends.
- They killed your friends?
Jesus, they look like
they tried to kill you.
You're the only
one that got away?
- I think so.
- Hey, I got an idea.
I'll pull over and
I'll call the cops
in one of those call boxes.
They'll know what to do.
- Oh, please do that, please.
(rock music)
- There's some really crazy
stuff on the radio, isn't it?
- My friends, the crazy just...
The crazy.
- Look, you don't look too good.
I've got some blankets,
I've got some hot
chocolate in the back.
While I'm making the call,
why don't you go
help yourself, okay?
- They killed all of my
friends, all of them.
- I got some blankets.
Oh, boy, I got some hot
chocolate back there,
it really burn the roof
off your mouth, man,
it really makes you go crazy.
(desolating rock music)
(tense music)
- No, don't, they're crazy.
Don't you understand?
(desolating rock music)
- [Driver] Hey, don't
forget the hot chocolate!
There's blankets back there too!
(desolating rock music)
(tense music)
(desolating rock music)
Pull her in and let's go!
(car engine revving)
(desolating rock music)