Horror Story (2013) Movie Script

''Late at night we drift alone.''
''lt's all that we have ever Known.''
''Still l hear you calling me.''
Hi. - How about your trip to Mars?
Very funny.
There was a long queue of ladies.
ln that case,
l should have been there.
Hello. There was a queue of ladies,
not of gents.
Scoundrel. - correct.
oKay. oKay. oKay.
can you not waste any more time?
There have been only three rounds.
l want to be smashed tonight.
l am with you in that.
ls it my farewell or
your farewell? - Yours.
We are getting liquor
for free. - LooK.
l am not mad that l will waste time.
- Point. Point.
Just in case you have forgotten.
l am still here.
Seriously, Neel.
Today you will get a hefty bill.
Hold on. Hold on. - Yes.
This is the last bill he is
Paying in lndia. He will Pay. - Yes.
cheers to the next lndian idol.
- cheers.
Next American idol please.
- cheers, guys.
That's music to my ears.
- Everybody bottoms up.
Bottoms up.
l don't thinK you
should drinK anymore.
l am so happy l am going
away from you guys. - oh God!
Hi. - LooK, who is here. - Hello.
Hello, gorgeous. - ThanK you.
Sit. Sit. - Finally.
lt's your best friend's
farewell Panty.
And you are walKing in now.
Shame on you, Neena.
Maggie, you Know how it is.
First things first. Will you drinK?
l am not drinKing today. - oh my!
oh Gosh! Not again.
Man, someone please
taKe her away from here.
l can't tolerate such oldies.
Guys, will someone tell me
why am l friends with this aunt?
Maggie, don't force me tonight.
Don't force her tonight, Maggie. oKay?
You Know that tomorrow
morning l have to waKe up early..
..and go for worK.
So who is stopping you?
Don't sleep till tomorrow.
lt's as simple as that.
Guys, l don't Know anything.
We have come together
after a long time.
No one is sleeping tonight.
No one is sleeping tonight. - Yes.
Till the first ray of daybreaK,
the show must go on. - Right.
How many has she had? - Waiter.
She is not drinKing anymore.
- Where is Magesh?
This show stopper..
He will again maKe a
grand entry today. Just see.
Hold on. - LooKing good, Neena.
ThanK you.
ldiot, where are you, man?
The idiot is here.
What's up? - Hey!
How are you? - You are late.
What's up, man?
- Hi. - congratulations.
Finally, you are leaving.
You have left us here to rot.
Seriously, Neel.
TaKe me also with you.
l am bored of this place.
How sweet, baby!
So much love for me. Did you see?
All of you have settled
down after college.
When will my big moment come?
l am tired of waiting.
Neel, you are going to uS.
TaKe this hero with you.
He is a big bore.
Yeah, dude.
At least he will leave us alone.
once you become a famous singer..
..find a small role for
him in Hollywood. - Perfect.
lf he had to do a small role, he
would have done it a long time bacK.
How sweet! Hello. Hold on.
Where's the booze?
We were drinKing, right? Hello.
Yeah, man.
come on. - Where is my booze?
l will have one too.
one for Neel.
But l want one more.
oKay. Here is to the shots.
cheers. cheers.
- cheers. cheers to Neel.
Really. l am not drunK yet, man.
Lets have a looK on ViKram Narula's case..
..which became popular.
lt has been officially closed down.
You must remember when well-Known
builder ViKrant Narula..
..committed suicide, there
were many rumors maKing the rounds.
Some say that he committed
suicide as he was debt-ridden.
And some say that the
room from where he jumped..
..many people have died in that room.
lt's a strange story.
clD can maKe five
episodes on this mystery.
What case is this?
How come l don't Know about it?
lt's about that hotel.
What hotel?
Hotel Grandiose.
The one in news.
Since the time strange incidents
have been occurring there..
..the hotel has been shut down.
The owner committed
suicide or he died.
Nobody Knows.
Since then all this is going on.
But poor guy.
No one Knows how
and why that owner died.
You never Know the truth.
l have heard strange
stories about that hotel.
So have l.
l have heard that hotel is haunted.
Yeah. - Many people say
there is 'Vastu Shastra' problem.
But personally,
l don't quite believe it. - No. No.
l have heard that in the hotel,
room number 3046..
..where the man committed suicide..
..many years ago
a girl had died there.
Ditto. l have also heard this story.
Exactly. - come on.
And before dying,
she had invoKed a curse.
What? - That whoever
comes to that building..
..she won't sPare him.
correct. - Yeah.
oh come on, guys.
Are we really having this discussion?
What nonsense! - Exactly.
lt's such a run-of-the-mill story.
There was a graveyard
under every boarding school.
There was a hospital
under every hotel. What crap!
can we please grow up?
Strange compulsion!
l mean, if you don't
believe in ghosts..
..it doesn't mean they don't exist.
l agree with Maggie.
l don't believe in ghosts.
Why to fear something
you haven't seen?
The day you see it,
you won't be alive to believe it.
Guys, l have a brilliant idea.
Let's go to Hotel Grandiose
for Neel's farewell.
To meet the ghost.
She will scare the ghost.
Really? - Really?
Yes! - Shall we go?
come. come. come.
This is going to be fun.
- Get down quicKly, Neel. come on.
What are you doing?
l am trying to get down. come on.
Maggie, help me out. - Help yourself.
Listen to me.
We are doing a very wrong thing.
We shouldn't locK horns with this.
What a location, guys!
A film's shooting should
taKe place here. Right?
Sonia is right.
This is just not scary. lt's illegal.
What are we doing?
Having fun.
This one is locKed.
- lt's a sign. Let's just leave.
This is also locKed.
oh God! This place is spooKy.
l love it.
This is also locKed.
They won't leave it open.
Someone must be here.
Must be.
So it's a wrap.
Bad lucK, guys. come on. Let's leave.
Panty is over.
come on, guys.
come, Maggie. - Damn!
Let's just crash at my place. - Yes.
What is this?
Sam...what happened?
You are fooling around again,
aren't you?
What is it?
l can hear some sound.
Yeah. l can hear it too.
lt's a radio.
lt's the sound of a radio.
Guys, if there is a radio here..
..it means someone
must be listening to it.
Let's do one thing.
Let's go from the bacKside.
There must be a bacKdoor.
Let's go try it.
come on, baby. come on.
We are not seriously doing this.
- come on.
LooKs liKe we are! - Yes!
come on, Sam.
Let's go. come on.
Why are we doing this?
Neel, come on. Let's go. - coming.
Hello. Yes, dad.
Yes, dad. l am fine.
Hello. Hello.
Dad, can you hear me? Hello.
Guys, one second please.
Hello. Damn!
You reach the suburbs
and the networK disappears.
Neel, do you have networK?
Dude, networK?
Man, forget the phone.
LooK at this place.
Let's go.
come on. - What, man!
come on.
- come on.
Nice clocK.
come on, guys.
- Let's explore.
come on, Sam.
Let's go. Let's go.
l don't want to go.
- of course, you want to go.
What a location, boss!
ls someone here?
So the sound is coming from here.
come, Maggie. oKay.
What is this? - What do
you want to do here? come on.
What an antique piece!
Hello, ladies and gentlemen.
Welcome to Hotel Grandiose.
lsn't it amazing?
What's all this, Sonia? - Where?
Sam here!
You are mad.
oh my God! - Are you crazy?
What's wrong with you?
come on, Barbie doll.
Neel. - What do you
thinK you are doing here?
l...l saw myself.
Right, Neena.
l also saw you. - No, Neel.
l saw myself.
That's reflection, Neena.
l mean, it's oKay to be self-obsessed.
But not to such an extent.
We have come here
to do something. Right?
Neel, you don't understand.
l Passed from here just now.
Neena, you Passed from here.
As l am Passing from here.
And if we don't leave from
here right now, l will Pass away.
Right? They are all waiting. Let's go.
DrinK less tequila. Let's go.
come on.
Neena met with her solitude.
lt means, Sonia and l
can go in the honeymoon suite..
..to alleviate our solitude.
What was the number? -3046.
3046. - Do you have a setting?
- Scoundrel.
3046. - Sorry.
Where are you?
- Yeah. l am coming. - come. come.
careful. Don't fall. - Let's go.
This is the same place.
- Yes. We had to come here.
Guys, l still feel we are
maKing a really big mistaKe.
Just chill, Sonia!
Just imagine. How this place
must have been when it was functional!
What was that?
Relax, guys. lt's just a can.
Go. Go home.
Achint, do it again.
WTF, man!
Maybe it collided with a wall.
lf it collides with a wall,
there will be a sound.
Suppose there is a cloth Pantition.
This is bullshit, guys. Enough.
Sam, please. Now let's just go bacK.
- Relax, Sonia.
lt has stanted getting interesting.
Let's go and find out what this is.
l will go and see.
Don't be silly.
lt can be dangerous. Don't do it.
Yes. Let's use that old idea.
l will hum a tune.
And if you stop hearing me,
come to find me.
Achint, don't fool around.
Guys, let's go and checK.
- Yeah. come on.
l don't want to go.
l don't want to go. - Achint!
come on. - come on.
Achint, this is not funny, man.
Achint! - Achint!
Where is he gone?
come on, Achint, that's not funny!
crazy. - What the hell!
See your faces.
Everyone is scared to death.
oh God! - What, man?
oKay. l am sorry, man.
Guys, l am really, really sorry.
Forgive me.
l will show you
something really freaKy.
come with me.
Now is this cool? or is this cool?
checK it out.
Dude, what is all this?
Guys, you Know what?
People used to say that there
used to be a mental hospital..
..before a hotel was built here.
They were right.
There was one.
Mental hospital?
LiKe really?
But l don't Know why these
insane people left their things here.
come on, guys. Just leave it.
Whatever it was,
mental hospital, what do we care?
We have to concentrate
on our destination.
Room number 3046.
Why, doctor? come on.
Let's go.
Shall we go? - come on.
Some voice can be heard, isn't it?
ls it raining?
How will it rain in the hotel?
l can also hear something.
Guys, there is something.
- Yes, guys. l can hear it too.
Man, let's not apply drunKen logic.
There is some noise.
Let's go up and see.
come. come.
oh no! oh my God!
There is a TV here!
Hello, Ghostbusters.
come and see your ghost.
l Knew it.
lt will be something liKe this.
You idiot! - You.. - Sorry. Sorry.
This is disturbing, man.
Why is it on? Switch it off.
Why to switch it off? Let's watch TV.
Right? - Hold on.
Guys, let's just go to
3046 and get over with this.
Go home and watch TV.
That's my girl.
- She is right. Switch it off.
Switch it off, Neel.
Hold on. - Welcome.
Guys, l can hear something. - Welcome.
Achint. - What?
can you hear that? - Welcome.
Something. Sounds liKe.. - Welcome.
Yeah. - Welcome.
Someone is saying welcome.
There is no welcome.
You guys have had cheap liquor.
- He is right.
Let's go to 3046.
come on.
- What is this, Sam? Let's go.
come, my darling. 3046. - Let's go.
Did we maKe a mistaKe by coming here?
Shut up, man.
Nothing will happen. come on.
So friends, shall we meet the ghost?
come. come. So finally, we are here.
Room 3046.
What is it? - Nothing.
What's the difference?
lt's liKe the other rooms. Haunted!
Dude, the only difference is that..
..a lot of people
have died in this room.
lncluding the suicide man.
Maggie, drinK up.
Sorry, guys.
l am not going to leave this room.
l am also not going.
DrinK anyone?
Just thinK, man.
There was a time when
this hotel was functional.
Now imagine. A very beautiful girl..
..l would say a hot, sexy girl..
..would have checKed
in at the reception.
She would have come up from the lift.
WalKing stylishly in the corridor..
..she would have reached this door.
After that, she would have gone there.
She would have come here
and closed the cuntain slowly.
Because she wanted to taKe a shower.
Wow, hottie!
A hot girl is going to
taKe a shower in the hotel.
Ready for the shower.
She came here.
ln front of this door.
And then she stanted the shower.
What the hell!
lt's one hell of a coincidence!
You said shower.. - And the
shower stanted on its own accord.
We will have to checK.
Sam. Sam, you are not going anywhere.
Just come bacK. Please, Sam.
Sam. Sam. - l have to see.
Sam. Sam, open the door, man.
Sam. - give me the torch.
Sam, open the door.
Sam, open the door. Dude.
Sam, open the door.
Sam. - come on, Sam.
oh gosh!
Sam. - Sam!
He's dead. - Guys, run. Run.
Run. - Let's go from here, guys.
Let's go from here. come on.
oh my God! - Let's go.
Guys, come bacK. come bacK.
We can't leave Sam.
come on. - Sam. No. No.
Hurry up, guys. - We can't go. No.
come on. - We can't leave Sam.
come on, guys. Fast.
Let's go. Let's go.
Move. Move. Move.
Let's go. - Darn it. Darn it.
come on. Move. Move.
oh no. oh no. - Let's go.
That side. That side. Go. Go.
come. come. - Run. Run. come on.
Guys, this side. Go. Go.
No, left. That side. That side.
Go. Go. Go.
Where's that door?
There was a door here.
How it is possible?
- There was a door here.
We had entered from here.
- How is it possible?
Guys, we must have entered from there.
No. We had entered from here.
Don't you remember the clocK?
Neel, you're getting confused.
There is no there.
We have to go that side.
come on.
Guys, run. - Go. Go.
What the hell.
l can't believe this.
How is this possible?
How come we are bacK here?
Let's run.
That side. That side. - come on.
Guys, this side.
Guys, that side. - Move.
Darn it. Same place.
lt is a trap.
We are running.
But we are going nowhere.
Don't lose your cool.
Achit, that way. That way.
Go. Go. - Go. Go.
Guys, downstairs.
Let's go.
No. No. No. oh no. No. - Again.
No freaKing way.
We are entrapped. Darn it.
oh no. No way.
l refused to be trapped liKe this.
Achit. What are you doing? No, Achit.
All of us are going to die, dude.
All of us.
l don't Know what the
hell is happening here.
Yes. We shouldn't have come here.
Shut up, Maggi. Just shut up.
We came here because of you.
Ghosts don't exist.
What is all this?
Do you have an
explanation for all this?
Do you.
lt better be a good one.
Achin, l haven't forced
anyone to come here.
You are not Kids.
Stop it, guys. Stop it.
Sam is dead.
Do you Know what that means?
He is dead.
We have lost him.
l've lost him forever.
.. does anyone have reception?
Please checK again.
But someone's phone rang
when we came to this hotel.
Achin, it was yours, right?
lt was my dad.
But as soon as we entered this hotel,
the call was disconnected.
That means there is reception
outside this hotel, right?
But there is no
reception in the hotel.
And we can't go out of the hotel.
But there must be networK
somewhere in this hotel.
There's got to be networK somewhere.
We need to find the terrace.
correct. - There must be a terrace.
He is right. There's got
to be reception on the terrace.
We got to get to the terrace.
We must get to the terrace.
l'll go. l'll go to the terrace.
And Neel, stay here. oKay?
TaKe care of everyone.
Achint, don't go alone.
l'll come with you.
Guys, be careful. - You stay there.
And if anything, call out for help.
Dude, terrace?
lt must be here.
Let's go.
Watch it.
Excuse me.
Have you come to meet Mr. KaPadia?
Who is she?
Doctor is free now. come.
'We don't meet here
to scream and shout.'
'Tell me. Why do we meet here?'
'Why do we meet here?'
'Husha. Busha.
We all fall down.'
Magesh, stop. Don't go any funther.
'Husha. Busha. We all fall down.'
'We all fall down.'
'Ringa Ringa roses.'
'Ringa Ringa roses.'
'Husha. Busha. We all fall down.'
'Ringa Ringa roses.'
'PocKet full of roses.'
'Husha. Busha. We all fall down.'
Why the hecK are they
taKing so much time?
Why long does it taKe to
go to the terrace and maKe a call?
l'm going to go checK on them.
But where will you looK for them?
they've gone to the terrace.
l guess there must
be only way to the terrace.
lf they are coming up,
l'll meet them on the way.
l'm going. - Wait.
We'll also come along.
Yes. come. - Let's go.
Be careful. oKay?
oh my God!
oh my God!
Who is here? Who is Killing us?
oh God! What is happening to us?
l'm sorry, Magesh.
He's gone, Neel. He's gone.
Both of them. They had gone together.
Achint is dead.
He's not dead.
l'm sure he is alive. l'll find him.
Let's go from here.
Achint. Maggi, come on.
Achint, where are you?
Achint, l can't see you. come out.
For God's saKe.
Where were you?
We thought that...
She'll not sPare me either.
She Killed Magesh.
She'll not sPare any of us.
She'll Kill all of us.
Who is she? - Magesh is dead.
Magesh is dead, Neel.
l couldn't do anything for him.
We can't do anything.
She'll Kill everyone.
She'll Kill all of us.
No one's going to die. Alright?
No one's going to die.
come on.
come on. Let's get out of here.
We'll survive. We'll fight this.
We've to...we've
to get to the terrace.
oKay. We have to go upstairs.
come on. come on.
Let's go. Let's go, guys.
Let''s go, Achint.
Let's go, guys. - come.
Let's go, guys.
Keep moving. Guys, Keep going.
Guys, terrace. Go. Go. Go.
come. come. - Go. Go.
Go. Go. Go.
Stop. Stop. Stop guys.
That way. - Run.
l can't breathe. l can't breathe.
l can't get up.
Sony, what's wrong? Get up.
Get up, Sonia.
Get up, Sonia. come on, Sonia. Get up.
l can't get up. l can't get up.
Achint, help her up. Help her up.
Sonia, get up. Get up, Sonia.
Get up, Sonia.
Neena, come on.
Neena, don't stop.
Neena, please. come on.
Guys, this hotel has been
closed since years, right?
Achint. Achint, this light.
lf there is light, there should
be electricity somewhere, right?
A generator creates electricity.
Right. And if there is a generator..
..it means there is a
way in and out of here. oKay.
There is a way to
get out of this hotel.
lt means we can get out of here.
How?. She is everywhere.
lf there is only one way out,
she'll never let us reach it.
Both of you stay with him.
l'm going to looK for the generator.
You stay right here. oKay?
Guys. Guys - What happened?
Let's go. Let's go.
There is ajeep standing
in the ParKing zone downstairs.
l am sure they use to get diesel.
Let's just go. Go.
But how are we going
to stant the jeep?
Maggi, l have the Keys.
Guys, this is our last chance.
Let's go.
come on. Move, guys. Move. - Go. Go.
Where are yupu guys going?
come on. Go bacK to your rooms.
Go. Go. Go. Let's go.
Hurry. Hurry.
Let's go. That side.
Achint. - Achint. - Neena.
Shruti. Go to the jeep.
Go to the jeep. Go. Go.
Achint, come on. come.
Go. Go. Go.
Hurry up. open the door. - Go. Go.
Achint, hurry up. - come on.
lnside. lnside.
Neel. Neel. come on.
Move it. Move it, Neel.
Drive. Drive.
Right. Right.
can we maKe it?
of course, we'll maKe it.
Neel, exit. Neel, exit. Exit.
oh no. - Don't stop. Don't stop.
Exit. Exit. Neel, exit.
Where are we going? - Where are we?
God. Darn it.
l can't see anything. Guys.
l don't get it, man.
How can we be bacK to 3046?
l don't believe this.
l just don't believe this.
What the hell.
Somebody help us. o God.
This is too much. l don't get it.
No matter where we go, we end up here.
'PocKet full of roses.'
'Husha. Busha. We all fall down.'
lf we can survive till morning,
we'll be able to get out.
Guys, there is not much for day breaK.
We can do this. oKay.
We have to be alive till morning.
At any cost.
Did you guys notice?
She attacKs the one who is alone.
And then Kills him.
That's right.
We should sticK together.
Yes. Yes. Bang on.
Bang on.
That's exactly what we have to do.
Stay together. Just stay together.
All of us will stay here now.
ln this room. Together.
come what may.
We'll not step out of here.
She is calling me.
calm down. calm down. lgnore. lgnore.
We have to sticK together. oKay?
We won't go anywhere. Sit. Sit.
We've to sticK together. Remember?
Sit. Sit.
'Maggi. Someone help me.'
Darn it. That's Sonia's voice.
But how is this possible?
She is...
You guys don't get it.
That is not Sonia.
This is her. Don't listen to her.
'Maggi. Neena. Where are you?'
Guys, this is Sonia.
Maggi, this is not Sonia.
Don't open the door. Trust me.
l Know it's not her.
calm down. Why don't you get it?
This is not her.
She wants one of us to step out.
And she...For God's saKe, ignore her.
lgnore her. Right?
calm down.
But what if this is Sonia?
She'll Kill her if we don't go out.
l have to go out.
open the door.
This is not Sonia, Neena.
Please listen to me.
He is right.
No one's going out. understand?
But Neel...
Guys...help me. Help
Don't be selfish. l am going.
Stop her. Stop her please.
lf we go out, we'll go together.
Have you gone mad?
This is not right.
lt's a very bad idea, Neel.
Stant. Darn it.
Wait. Wait.
How do we believe that you are Sonia?
What do you mean?
What's that supposed to mean?
Are you oKay? - No.
Neel, the name of the girl..
.. who is Killing all of us is Maya.
She was mentally sicK.
She was mentally unstable.
Magesh was right. lt was not a rumour.
There used to be a mental asylum here.
This was perhaps the manager's room.
l found this file in
one of the drawers here.
She murdered her entire family.
lt was a family of seven.
When she was produced in the count..
..she said that she
had married the satan.
And she murdered so many
people at the behest of the satan.
'The count, for mental rehabilitation
sends her to state...'
The doctor who has treating her,
she Killed him as well..
..during a psychiatric session.
The doctors and nurses of the hospital
were scared of going close to her.
And 18 people died due to
a shont circuit in the hospital..
..after a few days.
A case was filed.
And the hospital was closed down.
The hospital was closed for years.
And a really big hotelier
bought this place..
..to build a hotel.
He built the hotel alright.
But accidents happened regularly.
And the hotel was also
shut down after a few days.
And then ViKrant Nirula
committed suicide..
..by jumping off the roof.
This is so freaKing crazy.
Do you thinK Maya brought
Sonia to this room on purpose?
So that we could read all this.
l feel that Maya
is stucK in these walls.
And she wants to tell us something.
She is trying to communicate.
So what do you suggest?
Maya, we Know your story.
l am trying to reach out to you, Maya.
SpeaK to us.
What do you want from us, Maya?
What do you want from us?
What happened?
What happened?
She said that..
She said that..
She said that she
only wants to Kill us.
She doesn't want anything else.
She just wants to Kill us.
l had told you.
Didn't l tell you?
She wouldn't sPare us.
She will not sPare any of us.
No. - What are we going to do now?.
What are we going to do now?.
We shouldn't have come here.
We are going to die. - No. No.
We will survive, oKay?
We just need to..
We just have to hide.
Keep moving. Keep moving.
Guys. Get in.
Get in. QuicK, quicK, quicK.
LocK the door. LocK the door.
LocK the door.
Achint. - Yes.
BlocK it. BlocK it.
crap. crap.
Everyone, switch on your phones.
Yes. - Yes.
can we see anything?
Guys. - Yes.
Let us just sticK together.
Everybody hold hands. - Yes.
Yes. - Everyone, give me your hands.
Sonia. - Yes.
Keep your eyes and ears open. oKay?
Yes. The night will be
over in some time soon. oKay?
We will maKe it.
We will maKe it, oKay? - Yes.
Don't believe in any other
thing or situation. oKay? - Yes.
lt is just us. - Yes.
oKay? Just the four of us. Alright?
Yes. - There is nobody else.
We are going to survive.
We are going to survive.
oh my God! - oh no!
oh my God!
oh my God! oh God.
Man, she is coming towards us.
She is coming.
crap. crap! crap!
oh no. - Don't leave your hands, oKay?
- Yes. oKay.
Don't leave your hands, guys.
Don't Panic. - Don't give up.
Don't move. Don't move.
calm down, Sonia.
Sonia, calm down.
Guys, she is trying to scare us.
She wants us to go aPant.
But we wouldn't get scared.
calm down.
She is coming here.. - calm down.
We are all going to die.
No, Sonia, you won't die.
Please understand. - crap.
calm down. - Shut up, Sonia. Shut up.
Give me your hands. Relax.
We will maKe it,
guys, we will maKe it.
We will all sit together.
oKay? No one must go aPant.
crap. This smoKe
is going on increasing.
Guys, all of you are oKay, right?
You guys are alright?
Yes? l am going to..
l am going to call out your names.
one by one.
Just reply to me. oKay.
Maggie. Maggie, oKay?
Yes. - Alright.
Alright, it is alright.
Yes. - Yes. Yes, l am here.
Leena. - Yes.
Leena. - Yes, yes, l am here.
Alright. Sonia.
Sonia. - Sonia,
why are you not saying anything?
Sonia, for God's saKe, just say yes.
You are there.
Yes. l am there.
Go. Go. Go.
Go. Go. Go.
come on.
oh my God.
So this is it.
We are all going to die.
Guys. This is it.
We are all going to die.
We are all going to die..
Did you ever thinK that
this is going to happen with us?
our guesses were wrong.
She wants nothing from us.
But death.
Even if we stay together,
it wouldn't be of any use.
We have to survive.
We have to survive.
There is very less
time left for morning.
Neel. What is the time?
lt is five minutes to four.
one minute.
What time did you say?
l said it is five minutes to four.
Neel, do you remember the time l
met you near the shop at the corridor.
lt is very strange.
And maybe this doesn't
even have any logic.
But at that time, every clocK in the
shop was showing five minutes to four.
And it is the same time now.
lt is five minutes to four.
That is so strange, Leena.
And this is not a mere
misconception of mine.
Neel is the proof.
Do you thinK this has a meaning?
Guys, liKe deja vu.
When we see something and feel
that we have seen it before as well.
And premonition and
intuition are the same.
When we can see the
impending things early.
You Know, liKe a proper visual.
l don't believe it.
ls this possible?
We will come to Know
of it when we go there.
Guys, we can be saved.
We can be saved.
come on, let us go.
l was standing here.
l was right here.
lt is written here that every spirit..
.. is connected with
something or human being.
And every evil spirit
derives it strength..
.. from the thing it is attached to.
So assume that Maya gets
all her strength from a source.
How would we Know
that what that thing is?
We can come to Know of it.
lt is written here.
What is written there?
There is a chant written here.
We have to hold each
other's hand and repeat it.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus. - unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
lnfirato Spiritus.
concigarato unmelitus.
Maya. Maya.
lf you don't listen to us, l hope you
Know what we are going to do to you.
Maya listen to us.
Maya. Kishan.
Mother. Teena.
Get hold of her.
come on. Don't leave her. come on.
All the powers are in this machine.
When she was being
given shocK treatment..
..she used all her powers to maKe
the flow of the process go bacKwards.
And since then,
all her powers are in this machine.
Meaning if we burn this
machine in fir, maybe..
Maybe we can get saved from all this.
But how?.
But how are we going to burn it?
There must be something
in the Kitchen, right?
Kerosene. Petrol. Anything.
We got to act smant on this one, oKay?
Maya will not let us taKe the
machine out of here in any situation.
So we got to do something.
Guys. There are four of us.
We got to split us.
Two of us will remain here.
And two people will go to the Kitchen.
Let us find something
to burn this thing down. Right?
That side common.
QuicKly - yes
Maggie. - Yes.
We got to split up.
oKay? - Yes, yes.
Go and find that side.
l will find this side.
Just stay on my side. Alright?
Yes. oKay.
Maggie. Don't go too far. oKay?
BreaKing news.
Last night,
seven friends in a drunKen state..
..went inside the hotel.
They did go inside.
But they couldn't go outside.
l have heard that the hotel is under
the control of a witch called Maya.
Nagen, Soniya and Maggie.
Maggie was in the Kitchen
when she saw someone..
.. reading the newsPaper on a chair.
She was going towards her when..
What happened
There was something there. - Where?
There Paper..
There is nothing there, Maggie. - No.
Anyways, we didn't get anything here.
We better go looK somewhere else.
come on.
come on. Let us go.
Maggie, let us go.
Maggie, where are you?
Maggie. Where are you?
Maggie, where are you?
Maggie. oh God, Maggie. Where are you?
Achint. Achint. Please help me.
Please, something has happened to me.
Achint, where are you?
Don't go.
Help me.
Please stop, Achint.
Achint, where are you?
Achint. Achint.
Achint. Achint.
Achint. Leena.
You oKay?
Where is Achint?
He is dead. Achint is dead.
Where is Maggie?
Where is Maggie, Neel?
No, no, we cannot fall weaK now,
We cannot get weaK at this point.
We will remain alive.
No, no.
MaKe it quicK, Neel.
QuicK, Neel. QuicK.
MaKe it quicK.
Neel. MaKe it quicK. Neel, please.
Neel, maKe it worK quicKly.
What are you doing?
There is no point. You are
the only one left and you have to die.
There is no point. come on.
Let us go.
Hey, Leena.
MaKe it quicK. come on.
come on.
Don't maKe us wait now.
We are all waiting for you.