Horsehead (2014) Movie Script

Jessica, it's your mother.
your grandmother just passed away.
The funeral is next weekend.
I would appreciate it if you came.
Dear Jessica, I hope this modest endeavour
helps you find peace in your dreams.
In this chapter we will approach
the healing power of dreams.
The idea behind the treatment,
is for sleeping patients to fight
and destroy the subconscious evil,
that gnaws at them, in a
perfectly lucid state of mind.
During the exploration of dreams,
we encounter many symbolic patterns.
You see...
the horse is one of them.
Carl Jung sees it as one of
archetypes of the Mother.
Where as, many
theorists see in it,
the symbol of the ferryman...
a guide to the beyond...
or the messenger of death.
Come here!
Hello you.
Do you recognize me?
Probably not.
He's just pretending.
Hi George.
It's been what, three years?
And you haven't changed a bit.
Can't say the same for you,
Miss Jessica.
- Come on boy. Give me that.
- Thank you.
Come on boy!
Look Jim.
It is her room...
and I want her to spend her
last moments there amongst us.
I understand.
I just don't think that,
Jessica's gonna like it.
She's my daughter, not yours.
I know what she
likes or dislikes.
Warm and cozy as usual.
Jessica, baby!
Welcome home.
- Darling.
- Hello Mother.
So, what is it I wouldn't like?
The wake is taking place in
your grandmother's bedroom.
So you'll be beside her for
her last moments with us.
You should be grateful.
Supper with be
served in one hour.
But, it's the room next to mine.
Sorry, I tried.
I know, it's not your fault.
She's never going to change.
Don't give up.
I'll do what I can.
I'm working on it.
In the meantime, go upstairs,
unpack, chill out.
You're gonna need this.
A lot of lightbulbs
have blow up there.
George will bring
up your luggage.
You're looking great.
You too.
Oh shit.
s l i k s i k k i
Do you know why they're forcing
me to sleep next to the old hag?
I barely knew her!
You should show some respect, young lady.
Your grandmother was a decent
woman and she loved you dearly.
Then why was she so distant with
me if she loved me so much?
It's not my place to
comment on your family.
Fair enough...
Silence is golden, right?
Let's just say...
that your grandfather...
was an Old Testament type
of man to the grave.
Even after his death he threw
quite a big shadow on Rose.
It's all I've ever
heard in this family.
Do not be late for
supper, Miss Jessica.
Your mother wouldn't like that.
Thank you.
What's it like to be
back in the old home?
It's nice.
A bit difficult with part of the
family lying dead upstairs.
Well at least we see each other.
I don't remember forbidding
you to come and see us.
Nor encouraging.
Still studying fantasies with that
quack of a teacher of yours, darling?
Psychophysiology of dreams is
not a con Mother, it is a science.
And Sean is a respected
If you say so, darling.
I've started reading what's considered to
be the leading authority on the subject.
And I find it fascinating...
how the unconscious
can alter the reality...
and that dreams can be used in
therapy just like hypnosis is.
Jim takes an interest
in what I do.
You never believed in anything I've
ever done and you're my mother!
When are you going to
wake up and face reality?
It's not in your dreams you'll find
the answers you're looking for.
Well if I had a mother who
was honest about things like...
who my biological father actually
is, maybe I wouldn't have to.
Ladies, please...
This is the first time we've sat
down at a table for three years...
and all you can do is bicker.
Come on.
- She's the one who started it.
- End of discussion.
Find the key.
Taking control of a dream
requires years of practice.
You can't improvise
yourself a lucid dreamer...
without the proper tools
and instructions.
If you want to meet a
specific person in a dream
you must find a symbolic
element from reality.
For example, a photograph...
that your mind would absorb
when you enter your dream.
"Winston and Rose's wedding."
Most importantly you must keep
your dream under control.
You have to create your
own oneric symbol.
Looking at your hands
can do the trick.
One of the most crucial rules.
Find something to help you get back to
sleep, immediately after you wake up.
Any drugs can do the trick
under proper control.
Okay. Let's give it a go.
Find the key.
Find the key, find the key.
Find the key.
Find the key.
I acknowledge I'm dreaming.
I acknowledge I'm dreaming.
You have to help
me find the key.
The Cardinal is coming.
You must run.
Who's the Cardinal?
Follow the wolf...
And run away from the horse.
You knew everything, but
never told me anything.
It's too late to talk now.
So shut up!
Show me some pain if
you want absolution.
You look terrible, darling.
Did you spent the night chasing
monsters in your dreams again?
Do you remember the last
time I saw Grandma?
Yes. You were
about six, I think.
It was a hot summer and
the three of us had this...
wonderful watermelon
ice cream...
at a fancy reception.
Are you talking about
my grandpa's funeral?
Yes, I suppose I am.
What was grandma's
illness already?
What does it matter?
But, you only told
me she was sick.
I'd like to know
what she died of.
It won't bring her back
Can't you just answer
my question for once?
She threw herself out of the
window if you really want to know.
She killed herself?
Look, Rose had been losing
her mind for some time now.
That's why she came back here.
So's I could look after her.
But apparently,
I had somewhat misjudged
the seriousness of her condition.
I saw her in my
nightmare last night.
She was,
drawing pictures of this
horse-headed monster.
And she asked me to
help her find a key.
It sounds as if she'd lost her
mind in your dreams as well.
Do you know which key
she was talking about?
You know...
You really shouldn't...
pay too much attention to anything your
grandmother did in these last few weeks.
She wasn't herself lately.
The illness had taken over.
I'm not feeling too well.
I think you've got a fever.
Go back to bed, darling.
I'll call the doctor.
Are you all right, Miss Jessica?
You look awfully pale.
I'm fine.
Can I ask you something?
By all means.
Can you tell me about
Rose's behavior...
days before she died?
She acted strangely.
She seemed obsessed
with bizarre visions.
What kinds of visions exactly?
I was all very vague.
Bad dreams, I think.
But, would you say
she'd gone mad?
She wasn't always making
sense, I can't deny that.
She used to spend most of her time
in the attic sorting things out...
But no, she wasn't mad.
And what about mother?
How did she behave?
The two of them
argued a lot lately.
I don't know what they
were quarreling about.
Thank you.
The Cardinal.
The doctor's here.
What did I tell you about
your grandmother?
I forbid you to read any of
her delusional nonsense!
- Hello.
- Come in, doctor.
Ooh, dear, dear, dear,
What do we got here?
Very pale and
interesting I'm sure.
Stay with me, stay with me.
She has a bad case of the flu.
Okay, you can lie back.
She going to have to
stay in bed all weekend...
and take plenty of hot baths.
Follow me.
Pain is psychological.
If your mind truly
believes it is real...
your body will respone.
Oh Jim, I'm preparing
this for Jessica.
Can you take it up to her?
I'm sure she'd prefer
you to take it to her
A little too soon for
the mother hen number.
Come in.
Lunch is served.
Courtesy of your mother.
I see you're still her valet.
And I see that gratitude
is still a family trait,
passed on from one
generation to another.
And for the record, it was me...
that asked to come and
bring you this up.
Thank you.
Back to your quarters.
I know your mother can be cold.
But you got to
go easy on her.
Losing Rose has,
hit her very hard.
You're far t...
too kind to her.
You know you are right.
Your mother's a filthy cunt!
What did you just say?
Welcome home, Darling.
Jessica, Baby!
I just don't think
Jessica's gonna like it.
What are you doing?
Have you no shame?
I'm your mother!
But mom, you're the
one who started.
Will you never learn?
Go stand in the corner,
Little Miss Goody Two Shoes.
Go on!
Hands behind your back.
Stay here! Your could wake
her with your footsteps.
She should take her medicine.
Please, give it to her.
It can wait!
Stop challenging
me all the time.
That's it.
Sleep tight, sweetheart.
I beg thee to inflate my will...
to purify my body and
sanctify my soul.
Oh my dear God,
I do believe in thee.
Do thou strengthen my faith.
I beg thee to inflate my will...
to purify my body and
sanctify my soul.
Why aren't your sheets
stained with blood anymore?
I am the Immaculate One.
I promise.
I am the Immaculate One, Father.
Shut up!
And keep praying.
I will keep praying.
I promise.
Give me strength, oh dear lord...
to expiate my offenses...
to overcome my temptations
and to subdue my passions.
Grant me that I may
prepare for death...
And that I may fear
thy last judgments...
And that...
and that...
Would you like to finish saying
your prayer in Saint Winston?
Don't send me to Saint Winston's.
Don't send me to Saint
Winston's, father!
Grant that I may
prepare for death...
that I may fear
thy judgements...
that I may escape hell...
and, in the end,
obtain heaven...
through the merits of
our Lord Jesus Christ.
I'm dreaming and I
want to wake up.
I'm dreaming and I
want to wake up.
I'm dreaming and I
want to wake up.
Keep praying.
Keep praying.
What did you just say?
Do you know what
Saint Winston is?
It's a scarey chapel
your grandfather invented.
He used to tell me
it's where they sent...
naughty children to do
penance for their sins.
He was always threatening
to send me there.
When I didn't behave.
When I was little.
Does the "Immaculate One"
mean something for you?
Who told you about that?
Grandma, I guess.
She's always talking to her dead
grandmother in her dreams!
- This really is going too far.
- Please Catelyn.
- Try at least to...
- Try what?
Well if you think
you're so smart...
why don't you just
deal with it yourself?
I'll try and talk some
sense into her.
I promise you I'll
do the best I can.
And don't forget to take your pills
Try get some sleep.
Can you at least admit there's
something very strange about the way
your daughter and your mother
have exactly the same visions?
For Christ's sake,
don't encourage her!
She's just been nosing around...
Mother's belongings and found some
of her crazy drawings. That's all!
I do not want my only daughter...
to lose her mind like my mother.
We have to protect her,
whether she likes it or not.
Oh, and...
could you ask George to clean
up mother's bedroom...
and burn everything he can find?
I really can't stand these
so called secrets anymore.
Nor can I.
Catelyn wants to get rid of...
all Rose's belongings...
as soon as possible.
First thing tomorrow.
Anything else?
Well, tell you the truth...
There are a couple
of things that...
I can't work out about Rose.
- I'm trying to join up the dots.
- You are huh?.
Do you think she quite
simply went mad?
Miss Jessica asked me
the same question this morning.
Why do people always worry about
their loved ones when it is too late?
You're right.
That's why I want to be
there Catelyn.
It's not your call, Jim.
When it comes to your family your
best will never be good enough.
Trust me, I know.
As for Rose's sanity...
come and see me tomorrow,
when I've cleared out her room.
You'll make up your own mind.
- You said at daybreak.
- Oh!
So here I am.
- Can I have a look?
- I've something better for you.
Everyone is someone else's lunatic,
you know?
Some secrets should rest in peace.
Is anyone at home?
You're looking the wrong way,
Over here son!
Little bastards!
They would scribble on my
buttocks if they could!
I doubt whether soap and
holy water would work.
- Why don't you paint it?
- I suppose so.
Religion still manages
to cover things up.
be a good Christian...
tell me what brings you here.
I'm worried about Catelyn.
I imagine Catelyn is
very discrete...
about her story.
- Poor girl.
- What story?
Nothing to be proud of.
When she was a...
teenage girl...
Catelyn wasn't a Virgin Mary...
if you see what I mean.
But her behavior was
nothing but a reaction...
a form of...
Rebellion against what?
She had to live by
her father's rules.
Drastic rules.
He was a powerful man comming
from an even more powerful family.
And Catelyn was forced...
to respect...
his legacy.
It was harsh...
and sad.
And you can't tell me
what happened I suppose?
Unholy evils...
I'm not proud of...
took place in this church.
You have to help
me find the key.
Find the key, find the key.
Find the key, find the key.
Find the key.
I've done nothing wrong, Father.
Think about the
salvation of your soul.
I'm not lying.
the Immaculate One.
What does it mean you're
the Immaculate One?
His faith and all his rules
forced me to it.
Father was mad,
and I wanted to live!
But my belly
continued to grow...
although he had
already killed you.
Why aren't you in bed, darling?
Do you need anything?
I need to talk.
I'm listening.
I've just seen you with giant
needles in your pregnant belly.
Needles that your father
was playing with.
I know it means something.
- My poor little girl.
- I really...really know.
What do you want me to tell you?
You're begining to scare me,
with this other life of yours.
All these so called secrets!
You're taking your dreams
too seriously, stop it!
You're just feverish and delirious.
That's all!
Do not be too hard on her.
Mind your own business please.
Look, you're sick, darling.
You need to go back to bed.
I'm going to make you
something warm and comforting
I have to go back.
We need to talk.
try not to open your eyes.
Just listen to me.
You were right about...
I think...
Catelyn hiding something.
I do not know much about...
lucid dreams...
but if you can go where ever you want...
you should try the chapel.
Hello, doctor.
It's Catelyn Blake here.
Look I'm really sorry
to bother you...
but I'm getting more and more
worried about Jessica's health.
Catelyn, go ahead.
Well, it's getting worse.
I think my daughter is
in a great deal of pain.
I mean, physically from
her recurring nightmares.
It's like she gets
these bruises, even...
scars, and it happens again and
again, dream after dream...
meanwhile she stays stuck
in her bed all day long.
Okay, I...
I know I should not
ask you this...
and you'll probably question
my behavior as a mother but...
I really need something
to inhibit her nightmares.
I can't bear the fact that my daughter
is being so affected by her sleep.
You want her to stop dreaming?
Yes I do.
One magic word...
It'll completely prevent
her from dreaming.
I received an email this
afternoon from the lab.
You do know Jessica is pregnant?
Jess, darling.
Jess, darling.
Wake up darling.
Wake up Jess.
I've got something for you.
It'll do you good.
Wake up Jess!
Wake up Jessica.
Jess, darling.
Wake up Jessica!
Come on Jessica.
Take this.
Stop all this nonsense.
Sit up!
Go on take it.
Take it!
Jessica, stop this.
It'll calm you down.
You must take it.
It's for your own good.
I told you take it!
Now drink this.
That's a good girl.
Now, show me.
Good girl.
Now, you have a good rest.
It was not enough to bring
disgrace to our family name?
felt the need to lie
to us on top of that.
You used...
our faith in the God...
to conceal your act of infamy from us.
Shame on you.
You're as immaculate
as this dirty...
bloody sheet!
Llisten to me carefully,
Catelyn Blake.
I don't want this child
or her mother...
to enter my home ever again.
Do you hear me?
Both children should
have been dead today.
But we can't bury this poor
baby girl without a name.
Find a lovey name
for her, Catelyn.
I had chosen Lucy.
Please, get rid of her for me.
I simply can't do it.
My poor little girl.
You have no name yet.
I had only chosen one...
For one child.
I will call you...
You've been the burden
of my entire life.
are the daughter...
... that I didn't want.
I'll just pretend...
that you were never...
What's up?
Get up Jim.
You've always...
blamed me for your mistakes.
Don't worry...
I'll get rid of me for you.
Goodbye mother.
- Oh God! Jessica!
- What is it?
- Go get the doctor!
- Jessica!
- Go and get the doctor!
- Oh God!
It's Jessica.
She has fainted and...
and she's been seized by
terrible convulsions.
my little girl!
Please doctor,
Please, come now... please.