Hosa Dinachari (2022) Movie Script

Raju, the girl has just left.
Where are you?
Did you reach the destination?
It's been half an hour.
I don't see anybody here.
She'll be there any moment.
Be prepared.
I forgot to mention an
important thing to you.
The girl's family is a bit conservative.
She, especially, hates smokers.
Don't mess this up by
smoking in front of her.
You're in white shirt, right?
Blue jeans?
Wait a minute.
In which century are we living in?
What's all with this white, blue colors?
You didn't even send me a picture of her.
I've come all the way till here,
without even knowing how she looks.
Here we go with this photo thing again.
Every time I send you a picture...
...You've messed it up
some way or the other.
That's why I made sure you
see her in person this time.
Be ready to face the
consequences if I don't like her.
Excuse me?
Can I have one too?
I don't see any shops near by.
So I thought...
Never mind.
Man, I missed this.
Don't you have a problem with smokers?
I actually have a problem...
...with the ones who have
problem with smokers.
I heard your family is very strict...
...and you, especially don't like smokers.
Who told you that?
Who's that now?
I believe you're Nayana, right?
I think there's been a misunderstanding.
You've mistaken me for someone else.
You look like you're
anxious about something?
Do I look like that?
I mean...
...I only smoke when I'm
anxious about anything.
So I assumed even you're the same.
What are you anxious about now?
It's okay, we can talk.
If it's personal, it's fine.
It's nothing that personal.
I've come here to meet a girl.
That's exactly why I'm a bit anxious.
Is it a date?
I'm marrying her.
What do you mean how?
I mean...
...Getting to know her...
...and actually see if
she's compatible to you...
...there are no such things, I suppose?
You're gonna marry her?
Just like that?
This has always fascinated me.
Can we talk more about this?
I mean...
We don't have to if you don't have time.
But if not...?
- Is the position okay, sir?
Can you please place it to
little left, brother? [CRICKETS CHIRPING]
...How about this?
A little more?
Are you sure?
Can you place it at the Center?
You won't be able to see the
vehicles behind if it's centered, sir.
Doesn't matter as long as
people behind can read it clearly.
Ugh, as you wish.
(What if I'm a driver?
I'll take care of you like a diamon)
Adding a 'heart emoji' at the
end would be better, isn't it?
- [TCH]
- Never mind.
She looks cute.
I think I should just leave a text.
Yes! I'll do that.
Hello Sindhu.
I'm Rajesh, cab driver.
I earn up to 30,000 per month.
I'd love to take care of you forever,
if you accept my proposal.
Congratulations on that. But please
make sure your wife's profile is deleted.
- What's the OTP, sir?
So what? Isn't it just
another type of virus? [COUGHS]
...No, definitely not.
This is something serious.
This has got some serious consequences.
- You shouldn't be neglecting this.
All the running around,
Why the hell is he coughing continuously?
Pain, sufferings, who would
want to go through all of that, right?
So, how to we protect ourselves from this?
Raju, get ready this weekend.
We're going to Kolar.
We have to finalize one among
two profiles that are shortlisted.
Why do you mention them as 'profiles'?
Treat them as humans.
I'm used to it.
By the way, why did you reject
the girl we saw the previous week?
Wasn't she good enough to get married?
Can I just take this shorter route, sir?
Please drive according
to how it navigates, sir.
I might be earning less.
But I'm not that desperate yet.
I don't want to be getting
married to such girls.
You could have easily okayed
the one we saw in Mulbagalu.
She was good.
I'm promising you again.
That won't repeat.
Yeah, we'll go this weekend.
I'm free.
Let's go to wonder la.
I'll teach you swimming.
You told me her name is Padma.
And she says it's Pushpa.
Are you playing games with me?
First learn to do your job correctly.
It's Pushpa according to horoscope.
Padma might just be another name of hers.
Is it my mistake if she's dumb
to even say her name properly?
Which's the drop location, sir?
How does that matter?
Just inform us if you can pick us up.
If not, cancel the ride from your end.
I'll book another.
Are you sure that girl eats food properly?
Her eyes and cheeks seem very pale.
You've mistaken.
Those on cheeks are the dimples.
Dimples can only be seen when smiled.
If they're seen all the time, it's disease.
- Babe, this cab driver seems creepy.
Sending you the ride link.
Can you please keep an eye on it?
This girl looks absolutely gorgeous.
Her background also suits you perfectly.
I guess you guys are made for each other.
Don't worry, it's my responsibility
to get you married to a nice girl.
Just don't ask me for more
money until the wedding.
Looks desperate.
This bridal search is not new.
It's been happening from three years.
- Hmm.
- I've become desperate.
Fair enough.
Are you married, madam?
How do I look to you?
You look beautiful.
I'm not married yet.
Do you have a boyfriend?
IT Engineer.
Very caring.
Please, bro?
I know you won't booze.
Can we just go out for dinner?
I just texted I'll be home for dinner.
Next time, maybe.
Can we at least grab some coffee?
Please, bro?
We need to talk something important.
Won't take longer than 10 minutes.
You can leave soon.
Let's get it over with.
Tell me.
What's up?
I'm not able to bear her torture.
Haven't you guys sorted it out yet?
Why did you get me along
if you wanted to smoke?
You could have come
and smoked alone instead.
Would anybody object it?
Forget it.
You were saying something?
We're always fighting nowadays.
She says she wants to break up,
every now and then.
Why we got into a
relationship at the first place?
Why the hell are you so loud?
Talk softly.
I'm just so fed up.
First get to know what's the problem.
Try to live as she wants you to.
Apart from that,
there's nothing much we can do.
I tried all that.
Seems like there's no peace of mind at all.
She even drags all her family members
during our fights. I can't handle them all.
You have to.
There are people who
have waged wars for love.
How trivial are your
actions compared to those?
As if she deserves it.
Bro, don't give up.
Just hold on.
Problems and fights are
very common in relationships.
You don't want to be giving
up on your love for this.
Down the lane...
...both of you might find all these silly.
Situations are to be blamed.
Not love.
Just hang on bro.
Just trying not to hang myself.
Okay. I'm late.
I'll take leave now.
Bye, take care.
- Hi.
...haven't you cooked anything?
I already had my dinner too.
Did you?
Yeah, I just prepared
some maggie and ate it.
What about me, then?
There was only one pack of it left.
But hadn't I texted you
I'll be home for dinner?
Oh. I haven't seen my phone since evening.
You know what? Even I was thinking about it.
She hasn't called me yet. But...
Oh please, common dude.
I don't know,
I haven't heard from her from a long time.
Maybe I should leave her a text.
...that's a nice photo.
It's been there for two years.
Yeah, but I just realized...
I'll come in after finishing this.
You may go.
No, no.
No, I can manage.
Oh, you can?
...that was for your own good.
Doesn't mean I can't bear this.
I'm not a kid Sharan.
Don't be my dad.
Okay, fine.
I'm Sorry.
What's funny?
What even happened for you to apologize?
What's wrong with you?
It was just to make you feel better.
How's that even wrong?
I have feelings.
Let me feel them for a second.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Why are you getting annoyed so much dear?
Whatever he says is true.
Hey, can you please stop it?
Why are you interfering?
Let me deal this.
Look dear...
...smoking is injurious to health.
If you have decided that you're
going to do it even after knowing it...
...you have no other option other than to
hear all these warnings from your loved ones.
You shouldn't be worried for those things.
You can either take those
advices or just discard them.
I'm sorry sir...
...but we don't need audience.
It's good if you can
mind your own business.
Are you happy now?
Didn't I tell you not to interfere?
You don't listen to me at all.
It's not that, Gowri.
Wouldn't we guide them if they
were our own son and daughter-in-law?
They aren't even married yet.
Why are you even comparing them
with our son and daughter-in-law?
They're already staying together, right?
Marriage will eventually
happen when it has to.
They themselves won't have this confidence.
And you talk such good things about them.
How can an unmarried girl and boy
stay together and pretend like a family?
You still think old school.
I guess it's time for you to catch
up with the happening world.
What if they both
get into some fight and...
...eventually it leads for
their separation?
So what?
They like each other,
that's why they're staying together.
If it doesn't work, they'll move out.
How can you say that so easily?
What about all the things
that's happened between them?
What's done is done.
It's as simple as that.
I was so much irritated.
People always have an opinion
on everyone and everything.
I don't find anything
wrong in what he said either.
I know.
I was just not in right space
to take advices from anyone.
But they are very sweet people.
They are, agreed.
I just feel sad for your boyfriend.
I mean...
...I'm not able to comprehend
what your problems with him were.
He was not able to do it either.
I don't understand.
- Appu...
- Yes?
Can you remove your
headphones for a minute?
I'm not listening to anything.
Go ahead. I can hear you.
I just wanted to talk to you.
If it's regarding me moving out,
I'm not interested to talk.
Anything else?
How do we come to a conclusion
without talking it out, Appu?
How many times do I repeat the same thing?
I still don't understand
what you're trying to tell.
I have finished my dinner
without even thinking about you.
Why didn't you say anything for that?
I thought you were hungry.
Maybe that's why you ate early?
I just vented out my anger on you.
I even did the same for the old man
who was just concerned about us.
Didn't you feel anything back there?
I did.
I felt I shouldn't have
pissed you off like that.
That's where the point is.
All you do is just assume and
come to your own conclusions.
If someone else were in your position,
I would have got some good scolding...
...and that would eventually
lead to an argument.
Why can't you be normal like others?
According to you what is normal?
You tell me?
If I'm not pissed at you and
there are no fights between us...
...it's a good thing, right?
I don't see any problem here.
You just won't get it.
Appu, please.
We've travelled so far
together and suddenly if we're...
Stop it.
You don't have to ask me so much.
I still like you a lot.
But I just don't feel for you like before.
- But the way I see this...
- Sharan!
It's done.
It's over.
Why don't you just accept that?
I'm leaving day after.
I, I just thought I'll let you know.
I still regret doing that to him, that day.
No matter how deeply you love someone...
...They always has the
right to reject that love.
We won't be the one they want.
It's not their fault.
No need to blame yourself, I guess.
You just said you're searching
for your bride from three years.
It's actually surprising that
you're talking about love.
Isn't it wrong to say only people
in love should talk about love?
That's there.
- But I also feel that...
- Wear your masks.
Excuse me?
Yes, you two. Wear you masks.
You should wear your
masks in public places.
Wear your masks.
You guys, there.
Wear masks.
I wonder why nobody listens.
Wear masks people.
I have a question.
Do you think wearing masks helps anyway?
What kind of question is this?
Masks definitely helps.
Are you sure?
Because nobody wears masks anymore.
That includes us too.
Wish we were all more responsible?
What's the point anyways?
The world witnessed so much
pain despite we did everything.
So many deaths.
So many sufferings.
What a phase it was.
It was as if...
...everyone had someone
or something to lose.
It's actually not the same with me.
My story's a little different.
I vividly remember that day.
I was on my work as usual.
I'll get it on the way back.
- Miss you too. Bye.
Was that your wife, sir?
Hmm... Yeah.
For how long you're married, sir?
It's been 2 months.
Done with honeymoon, sir?
Where had you been?
To Maldives.
Do we have to speak english fluently
if we have to visit such places, sir?
I don't think that's necessary.
Was it an expensive trip, sir?
To an extent, yes.
All this would feel so good, right sir?
'All this'?
The things like... marriage life,
calling, missing each other, etc.?
It feels good as of now.
No idea what's in store
for the coming days.
Rajesh sir, how
many times do we have to call you?
You won't respond to any of our calls.
May I know who is this?
How many times do we
have to repeat the same thing?
Should we call from different numbers
each time for you to respond to our calls?
I'm at work.
Can you please call me back later, sir?
Don't you dare hang up now.
What is that you work as?
I'm a cab driver.
Were you planning to felicitate me?
Guys, what the hell is this?
He claims he's a cab driver.
Shouldn't we get him in soon?
Else I'm sure he'll spread it to many out there.
Get me in?
What the hell do you
think of yourself? Idiot.
Forget what I think of myself.
We're on call to talk about you, not us.
Please understand
what I'm trying to convey.
You have come into contact
with a covid positive patient.
I have shared a location with you.
Just go there as soon as possible.
Are you deaf?
Am I not clearly trying to
convey that I'm absolutely fine?
You moron!
You might be infected with coronavirus.
And if we let you roam free,
you will infect others.
The list of contact tracing just becomes
bigger and so does our work load.
Try to get the point, duffer.
Don't annoy me more.
Hey! What the hell is coronavirus?
Can you actually see it?
Can you show me how does it look?
How can I show the virus man?
Are you dumb?
I'm fed up of dealing with
such maniacs since morning.
Sir, why don't you get it?
I'm on work. Please hang up now.
You ask me where is the virus thing.
- Sir, can you drop me here?
- And also ask me to show it to you.
Did you guys send the location to him?
Yeah, here to the side please.
Rajesh sir, you and your customer
both of you, come here ASAP.
Shut up.
Sir, what happened?
There's some emergency. I need to get down here.
Can you please stop the car?
I can drop you to your drop
location only sir. Is there a problem?
Am I not clear?
Please drop me here.
- It's not that sir...
- I don't understand what's the issue?
The payment is already
done through app right?
Please drop me here.
I'll get down.
- Errr... The location?
- No, no. It's okay.
Sir, the location...
- No. I want to get down here.
- Sir... Sir?
- No, no. It's alright. Take care.
Sir, I can drop you.
Can you please come back?
You idiots.
A costumer just walked
off because of this call.
I just lost a five-star rating.
Why won't you guys let me work in peace?
Are you so dumb?
This is not doing any good for us.
- It's only the concern we have for you.
- Oh my god!
Just tell me where should I come.
I'll come there and you're
definitely a dead man today.
Please come to the location
I just shared to you. ASAP.
Hold on. I'm gonna be there.
Be prepared to face the consequences.
- Gowri?
You've started working, huh?
Veeranna, you're back?
Where's lakshmamma?
She's taking offs very often these days.
She won't be coming for this entire week.
Why's that?
She's in native.
She'll be back next week.
Didn't I tell I'll do all
this once I'm back?
Why the hurry?
You're back now, isn't it?
You can continue from here.
Why are you always
eager to do all these works?
Like somebody will felicitate
you for doing these before I do.
Let that be for now.
Please tell me about what
happened in hospital today?
What did the doctor say?
Nothing much.
Apparently, there's a new rule.
Everybody must get tested for covid first
in order to get tested for other things.
Non sense.
Do we even step out to get
infected by all those viruses?
It's not non sense.
Rules are meant to be followed.
Never mind. We can go back to
hospital after everything calms down.
I've already given covid test.
We'll get the results by this evening.
I can go back to hospital
tomorrow for my regular test.
At this age...
...should we be traveling twice for
hospital to get a single test done?
Rules are meant to do good for us.
We shouldn't be blaming them.
You're the one who prepares tea every day.
But each time you do it,
it'll taste better than the previous time.
How's it even possible?
I'm doing it for past so many years.
But each time you drink it...
...you say the same thing.
How's that possible?
...cooking is an art.
What's that one thing which is
critically important to any artist?
I guess I'm not sure.
Appreciation for his art.
- That's what gives him more happiness.
People, love people who
appreciate their small efforts.
That's why I appreciate you every time.
I just want you to love me more each day.
- [TCH]
Wont you help?
How rude!?
- What the...!
- Oh sht!
Appu two minutes, I'll be back, stay here.
Get lost!
You'll feel better in no time, trust me.
Please let me be alone.
I have work to do.
Let me just apply this off.
Please Appu.
You've already done enough for me.
...I'm not gonna hurt you.
It's bleeding.
You'll feel better if I just apply this...
Why won't you understand anything easily?
I didn't have any
intentions of hurting you.
In fact, who knew that
suitcase would slip off like that?
Why are you getting
so upset about that now?
- I'm not upset about anything.
I'm just doing my work.
The fights are getting intense bro.
...Shut up and hang up now!
Bro, Hello?
- Appu please listen to me.
- [TCH]
Yeah Priya...
...I'm leaving in an hour.
- What?
So what?
We'll stay indoors.
What's the issue?
Don't you get the point?
There's pressure on me to go back home.
They're worried about the virus thing.
What, now?
How are you traveling?
Vivek is dropping me.
Anyways it's on the way for his native too.
What about me then?
Go home or stay wherever you are.
That's the safest thing
to do right now... [TCH]
...Hey, it's for 21 days, no?
We can figure something out.
We'll be fine Priya.
Why are you panicking so much?
We have been given our
office systems to take home.
I don't think this will
be cleared easily... [TCH]
...I have already packed everything Priya.
I have already told him, I'll be leaving.
What do I do now?
What do I do?
I hadn't seen this coming either.
Do something no Priya?
The house owner is also very strict.
Else I would have at
least given you the key.
I don't think you staying all alone
is a good idea at times like these.
Oh God! How do I
even continue staying with him?
Go home, no?
- Home?
- [TCH]
No ways.
He is better than my family.
If that's the case,
stay there until all this gets cleared.
Fine, you take care.
You too.
There's no need to be so much happy.
It just got postponed for 21 days.
I'll anyways be leaving after this.
There won't be any changes.
Am I clear?
Gowri, can you pass me my phone?
Put it on speakers.
I'm in the middle of something.
Hello sir...
...we're calling from BBMP office.
Go ahead.
Am I talking to Veeranna?
You had got yourself tested for
covid this morning if I'm not wrong.
Yes that's right.
You're tested positive sir.
I'll just read out the address,
can you confirm it to me?
Keep an eye on this.
- Hello sir?
- Just a minute.
- Gowri?
- Yeah.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I don't even have any symptoms.
Why are they insisting on
getting admitted to hospital then?
It's not that.
They should monitor the health
especially those who are aged right?
That's why they're
insisting me to get admitted.
You haven't even gone out anywhere.
How can any of this be true?
Why are you worrying so much?
After I get treated there,
they'll do one more checkup.
If I'm tested negative,
they'll send me back here.
I will visit you daily no
matter where you are.
They won't let you see me, Gowri.
Don't strain yourself unnecessarily
by traveling all the way.
I'll make sure I'm back home soon.
I'll at least see you off to hospital now.
...They're sending me an ambulance.
They themselves will take me to hospital.
They won't let you come with me.
And that's for your own good.
can you tell me the floor number?
You don't have to come here,
I'll come down.
No sir, we have to pick the
patient from their door step.
That's what we have been instructed.
It's 4th floor.
- Hey!
What the...
Three wardrobes.
How am I supposed to spend weeks here?
Oh bathroom.
Don't they have Indian style toilets?
Feels nice.
Where are you at present?
Some place called
Yelahanka quarantine Center.
Why did you go there?
For a bridal watch.
no matter from where you get your girl...
...I definitely should get
my percentage of share.
You shouldn't cheat me.
I am dealing with my own situations and
you're just worried about your own money.
They have bought me here forcefully.
You don't worry.
We'll definitely go to Kolar
tomorrow for that bridal watch.
How do we do that?
What if police catch us on the way?
Why do you care?
I'll somehow manage those things.
- I'll escape from this place tonight and...
And what?
- Hello Raju, am I not audible?
- Don't ever call me again.
- What?
What are you even saying?
I don't...
Excuse me?
- Tell madam?
- There's a guy here?
What's he doing here?
Why the hell will I
share a room with a guy?
Madam, application name Kiran.
Yeah, I'm Kiran.
Kiran is guy's name.
That's ridiculous.
Kiran can be both.
No no. My brother's name
is also Kiran and he's a boy.
So, what do you want me to do?
It's a small gender mistake.
If you can adjust for a single day,
we'll try allocating a new room tomorrow.
I need another room tomorrow at any cost.
We'll try our best.
- Oh, she's back.
...if there's a problem, I can leave.
You can stay here.
No, it's okay.
Oh, Okay.
Let me know if you
guys can't handle things here.
I'll do everything myself.
This is not like other jobs alright?
You're not working with machines here.
They're all human
lives you're dealing with!
Sorry sir.
Brief me.
Sir, patient name is Veeranna.
65 years old.
- He's got his result yesterday noon.
- Okay.
He's been admitted here since evening.
Saturation is 96 and
BP is slightly fluctuating.
Other than that, he's stable sir.
Namaste Veeranna.
I'm Bharath...
...and I'm the one who'll be treating you.
You don't have to worry about anything.
We'll keep you on observation
247 and you'll be alright soon.
What's wrong?
Do you have anything to ask us?
Please go ahead.
You can ask us anything.
Can you please tell me a joke?
I'm slightly worried
being in hospital premises.
I just said it.
There's nothing to worry.
- We'll keep you on observation 24...
- Yeah, I heard that.
247 I will be under observation.
I'll be cured.
I'll be sent back home
as soon as that happens.
You mentioned one more
thing along with all others.
That I can ask you anything.
Sir, we still have so
many patients to address.
I really have no time for all this.
I guess the maximum time you might need
to tell a joke is just around 30 seconds.
Go on.
Common, just get it over with.
So, teacher asks Kumar...
...what's his date of birth.
Kumar answers it's 24th August.
Teacher asks which year.
Kumar says it's every year.
Poor joke.
...can you please tell me one more?
No sir, I still have to go to rounds and...
...30 seconds?
Dad, Dad, Listen to me,
I need to tell you a joke.
Baby, I'm amidst some work.
Can you tell it to your mom?
She's right there.
Okay... Mummy?
Sir, forget telling jokes.
I don't even have the patience of
listening to any jokes nowadays.
Can you give me a day's time?
I'll definitely tell it tomorrow.
Are you sure you'll tell me tomorrow?
I'm 100% sure.
- Let's leave.
- Wasn't the joke good sir?
Dude, cover me, cover me.
Attack them.
- Come back a little.
- Attack... [INDISTINCT]
That's it.
Should I be teaching all
the basics for you guys?
- Look there, Attack him.
- Yes, exactly. [WHISTLING]
Shoot a head shot bro.
Attack him.
Why do you always go there
like you have hidden something there?
Hi Chinnu.
Hi Dad.
How are you?
I'm fine.
What is my baby doing?
I'm seeing dinosaurs.
Yeah? Where? In TV?
I'm seeing it in a book.
Where's mom?
- Don't say it.
- She is right beside me.
Can you pass the phone to her?
How are you guys doing?
Yeah, pretty much well... I guess?
You guess?
Can you be a little more specific?
We're great.
In fact, never this happy before.
Isn't that right, baby?
Come on, Nidhi?
What do you expect Bharath?
We're managing.
What about you?
I'm managing too.
Have anything more to share?
This is just a casual call.
Nothing specific.
Can I hang up then?
Pass the phone to Chinnu.
Chinnu, here.
Talk to your dad.
Daddy, when are you coming back home?
As soon as possible dear.
Listen, I need your help now.
What is it?
You have to tell me a joke.
Let me see how fast you can say it.
What do you call a dog with no legs?
Handicapped dog?
You can call it whatever you want.
Because no matter what you call...
...it can't come to you.
That's some good
homework you've done there.
Not to lie, sir.
But when I heard the same
joke from my daughter yesterday...
...it really felt it's a good one.
That's the power of kids' innocence.
Your daughter seems cheerful?
You can say that.
Is she more cheerful than Veeranna?
I meant you have a
good heart as that of a kid.
It's a compliment.
Do you think I can't differentiate
between a compliment and a taunt?
Chirag, what did I tell you?
Just rest, okay?
Okay boss, as you say.
Doc, can I say something
to you if you don't mind?
Please go ahead, sir.
Why can't you be happy like this always?
- [TCH]
- You seem totally in peace today.
That's exactly when your
words touch patients' hearts.
Else, it's just going to be mechanical
which doesn't make any difference to them.
No matter what the situation we're in...
...a person's smile always boosts
up our confidence to do better...
...isn't it?
I'll definitely try, sir.
I'll see you soon.
He's always happy.
He makes sure people
around him are happy too.
He mingles with everyone easily.
I really like such people.
I guess you're the same.
I really like that old couple.
They're good people.
But you were the one...
...not treating them,
they way they deserve to be treated.
Excuse me?
That was one time.
I'm not a sadist as you think.
In fact, after uncle's hospitalization...
...I even offered help to aunty.
You there?
Aunty, we heard that uncle is hospitalized.
How's he doing?
He had called me.
They're taking good care of him.
Oh, don't worry aunty...
...uncle will be back home soon.
Do you I look like aunty?
Do you know what's my age?
You don't look so aged to me.
You look very young.
Also, aunty...
...please feel free to ask us anything.
We're always here for you.
I know it's very hard
to manage things alone.
I can't believe this.
You really don't know how to cook?
I'm familiar in preparing
small things like coffee/tea, etc.
But I can't cook anything beyond it.
So, uncle used to cook all these days?
Not only that.
He does all household chores too.
Aunty, where do I find mustard?
It's right below in the cupboard.
Second from right.
Very surprising.
Why do you think so?
To find a couple like this in
this generation itself is so rare.
Back then, it must be a miracle.
When I was very young,
I got burnt in hand when
I was trying to cook
for the very first time.
I had that fear for a very long time.
Which's why I couldn't learn cooking.
Did uncle agree to marry you, even
after he got to know that you can't cook?
I had the same fear too.
Not knowing to cook,
was a huge flaw on girls back then.
When I told that to him...
...he told me he was in search
of a wife and not a maid.
I didn't take those words
seriously back then.
But I realised later that
whatever he said was true.
From the day we got married to this day...
...he has never taught me how to
cook nor did he allow me to learn it.
You insisted me not to call you aunty.
People get offended easily,
if anyone addresses them aunty...
...because it'll make them feel older.
What do you want me to call you then?
I have a granddaughter
who's almost of your age.
Do you have a granddaughter?
I've never seen her around?
I myself haven't seen
her for past 15 years.
She was 5-years old when they left.
She's very active...
...Would be very tough to handle her.
Why aren't you in
touch with her for 15 years?
Is there any problem?
No problem as such.
My daughter-in-law wanted to stay abroad.
She somehow convinced my son.
All three of them flew.
My granddaughter was very cute back then.
What about now?
How does she look now?
I don't have a clue on how would she
look now or even where is she right now.
Your brother had just called.
Bro Param?
No no.
He's not my brother.
He is broker Parandamayya.
It's just a short form.
Oh, alright.
'Just one day madam,
tomorrow new room confirm'
[MURMURING] This guy doesn't
have any other job or what!
what do you mean don't ever call me again'?
Is it so hard to understand?
I understood that.
Yet you're calling me!
It simply means do not call me again.
What about your bridal search then?
I found a girl for myself.
You found her yourself?
That's very surprising.
You know what?
- She looks so gorgeous!
As if you found some abroad girl.
Stop your show off.
You guessed it right.
She can't know Kannada
and you don't know English.
How do you both manage
to have a conversation?
Why do you care?
Forget it.
Just tell me why did you call me.
To enquire about my balance payment.
Okay listen.
I'll inform you, when I'm getting married.
Just meet me on my that day.
I'll clear your balance...
...and you can also have some good food.
Sounds good?
If that's all the concern, please hang up.
[MURMURING] This guy doesn't
let me have some peace of mind.
Is it your marriage you're talking about?
Can she talk Kannada?
Yeah, that's right.
All the best.
You'll be the one marrying me, baby!
What about your marriage?
Not so early.
I've had relationships.
I'm single right now.
Your's is a love marriage?
Yeah, I guess so.
Depends on your decision.
Nice man.
Do you have any siblings?
Brother, Sister?
No no.
No sister. No sister.
...here 'brother' refers
to a double meaning.
What double meaning?
I'll tell you, when we become close.
Chinnu is asleep.
She's not the only
one I want to talk to, right?
I know you Bharath, why are you lying?
Why are you so rude, Nidhi?
Can you please talk to me properly?
Guess I have lost the kind
of mindset required for that.
What do you want me to do?
She waited for your call all this time.
- She wanted to talk to you.
Sorry Nidhi, it just got late.
The cases are increasing day by day.
There are no adequate hospital beds...
...not enough oxygen cylinders.
We don't know whom to
approach at times like this.
Right from hospital entrance to crematorium,
there are people queuing up for everything.
Nidhi, you won't believe it.
The hospitals have
become a bloody graveyard.
You there?
You're just concerned about
the risks patients are facing.
Why don't we talk about the
risks faced by doctors too?
Honestly Bharath...
...We're so well off, all thanks to God.
Are we in a position where you have
to earn your daily wages to feed us?
Can't you just do this one small
thing of staying at home for your family?
You're right.
Whatever you're saying is 100% correct.
By God's grace we're so well off...
...which means, it's our responsibility
to try and keep others also safe.
And you know I'm doing exactly that Nidhi.
You know what?
I don't have answers for your questions...
...and you don't have them for mine.
But this is not just about us.
She wanted you to come
home for her birthday.
But how do I explain her that you
wouldn't even remember her birthday?
It's not possible for
me to come home Nidhi.
I don't know that.
You figure it out.
I'm not coming home because
I need all of us to be safe Nidhi.
Is it so hard to even get this point?
She has expectations Bharath...
...She won't understand any of this.
She's a kid Nidhi.
I know she can't understand any of this.
All I'm asking is you to understand
what I'm trying to convey.
I don't know those things. You just come
home for half an hour at least, it's okay.
You know I can't do that.
I don't know.
I don't know any of that.
You know what?
I think we should not to continue
this conversation at all. Bye!
Nidhi come on.
...is the most powerful drug in the world.
The pain we go through...
...when our loved ones are not around us...
...is equal to the pain...
It's over.
We suffer when we're with the wrong person.
Amidst all the chaos...
...I think you're the only person
who was actually happy.
They say, every sad wave...
...has a happy wave as it's successor.
...Every happy wave...
...has a sad wave as it's successor.
Seems like we have more to talk.
Do you have another cigarette?
Just a couple of days back,
this city was over populated.
And my heart was empty.
But after the lockdown,
though the city seems so empty...
...that tiny room filled my
heart with so much happiness.
What is it?
Why are you looking at her like that?
Haven't you seen a girl before?
You should be very lucky to
share a room with a girl like that.
Go, carry on with your work.
Are you the one who delivers
food in the evening as well?
Can you get me a pack of cigarettes?
I'll pay you man.
You can keep the
left-over money to yourself.
Go on, go on,
you shouldn't be staring at her like that.
Can you look for a
foreign brand preferably?
Why didn't he speak a single word?
Maybe, he's dumb.
You're listening to 99.9FM...
...I'm your 'Love mentor'.
Most asked question to me is...
'How do I impress the
girl whom I'm crushing on?'
Girls aren't that complicated.
It's very easy to make them
happy or to impress them.
You have to talk to the girl...
...give compliments to her,
ask questions about her.
Girls like men who compliment about
them or asks questions about them.
For example...
...if you're on a date with her...
...you should compliment
how good she's looking.
She might thank you for that.
You shouldn't stop there.
Maybe continue giving compliments like...
...this outfit really suits and
ask who bought that for her.
She might say it's her mom or her dad.
You should then compliment her dad/mom
that they have understood her very well.
If you keep complimenting her like this...
You're looking pretty.
You... are looking pretty.
Thank you.
This outfit looks best on you.
Where did you buy it?
I don't remember.
Who gifted this to you?
My ex-boyfriend did.
Do you have any more questions?
The outfit actually looks pathetic.
As soon as I'm back,
I want to have food cooking by you.
I'm learning, Veeranna.
I'm sure I'll cook better than
you by the time you're back.
From where are you learning it?
From youtube?
Hey, no!
The girl who stays right below our flat?
She's teaching me.
Gowri, I'll call you back.
Cover me guys.
Come back.
Come to the side bro.
Attack him, soon.
I said cover me.
Doesn't he have any other work to do?
Answer the call, man.
Why are you disconnecting it?
Can't you see I'm in
the middle of the game, Veeranna?
I'm sure it's nothing important.
You're admitted to hospital.
What's worse is they can't even come,
pay a visit to see how you're doing here.
Least they can do to check on
you is call you time to time, isn't it?
It's nothing related to my health.
What do you think it is, then?
They don't even know that I'm hospitalized.
I haven't told them about it.
I don't understand.
I stay here in PG.
They live happily in native.
They call and bore me
whenever they're bored.
I just can't do all those small talks.
but answer the call now and tell them now.
You shouldn't be hiding such
serious things from your family.
You don't understand.
Either I fall sick or get
involved in an accident...
...it's always me who's
going to get all the scolding.
If they come to know I got
infected from coronavirus...
...it's over for me.
You scold me even if others do mistake...
...and even if I have nothing
to do with it.
This is not acceptable dad.
Why don't you understand?
You don't
like talking to your mom and dad, is it?
Honestly, No!
It's just matter of two years.
I'll go somewhere out of
country and get settled down.
No turning back here.
You won't come back here, for sure?
Hundred percent, no.
Listen to me clearly, dad.
Once I leave, I'm never coming back.
Hey, come on.
Who thought you guys, how to play?
Pathetic you guys are.
Brother, one more game.
You guys carry on, I'll be back soon.
What happened, sir?
You look upset.
Why would I be upset?
Am I your dad or grand dad
to get upset over your words? [CHUCKLES]
...It's not that.
I was just kidding.
If my parents get to
know that I'm hospitalized...
...they'll be worried for no reason.
My mom especially.
She won't even have food.
I'm sure she'll come off here.
I'm already going through a lot here.
I don't want them to suffer as well.
Is this what you're thinking?
Seems like you're acting more
matured compared to you age, huh?
You were also talking about settling down
abroad and not coming back here ever?
Veeranna, can't you tell the difference
between serious talks and jovial talks?
Is there anybody who loves
going away from their family?
Even I want to live with my parents.
If only I had an option, sir.
It's just that, the dreams are bigger.
We're responsible for our own careers,
aren't we?
Whatever it is...
...parent's love towards us is so precious.
But that doesn't mean we have to
stick around them all the time, right?
Yeah, whatever you're saying is correct.
Do what makes you happy.
The thing is...
...I have to talk to my wife.
If I, have your permission, can I go do it?
Yeah, by all means.
Sorry sir.
Call from home sir.
It's my kid.
She wants to talk to me.
Answer it, then.
"Will you say 'Hi" To her, sir?
What's your name?
Say it.
What's your name?
Very nice name.
One second.
Dad, it's mom on call.
Thank you, sir.
I don't know,
how much more time it'll take.
Yeah, might take more.
I said I really don't know.
You manage there.
You're anyways at home right?
Okay, got to go.
I'll call you later.
Hello, Pranav?
Buddy, listen.
I'm so sorry.
I was tensed was some
reason the other day and...
Shut up and hang up now.
She already dumped me.
- [TCH]
What's wrong?
It's Pranav.
He says there are some
problems in his relationship.
He wanted my opinion.
What's funny?
You can tell me.
I don't bite.
He's asking you for relationship advices.
Sorry I couldn't control my laugh.
Not advice, it's just opinion.
He says the relationship
is not working out anymore.
They have decided to give up on it.
It's good to give up if it's not working.
What's so funny?
You can tell me.
I don't bite either.
Giving up on relations has become so easy.
It's just like a normal thing these days.
You can't keep nagging it
if it's not working anymore.
I was just wondering...
...these relationships have
become so risky nowadays.
What's there at this
moment won't last any longer.
Like how we can't know who
or why someone likes you...
...we can't know why or when
our loved ones dump us too.
Nobody has to tell anything.
There's no rule as such, even if one
among the couple has thoughts of giving up.
...I always thought...
...relationships are
meant to be worked out...
...not to be given up.
I'm really clueless how to
make you understand things.
...Appu, listen to me.
Give me one more chance.
I'll be like however you want.
I'll try my level best.
Please don't leave me Appu, please.
You are who you are.
I don't like you anymore.
So what?
There's got to be someone
who'll like you for what you are.
And you're supposed to be with that person.
That's why you were born.
Do you get my point?
But I at least deserve
to know the reason, right?
What will do knowing it?
It's not your fault.
- It's just that I'm not in love with you anymore.
- You don't have to know what I'll do with it.
I just want to know.
- [TCH]
- Okay, what is it you want to know?
You just told,
you're not in love with me anymore.
What's that thing
which's making you say it?
You're too sensitive...
...and too emotional.
It's good to have emotions...
...but it's also important to be practical.
Look at that, tears are ready to roll.
You liked me this way, isn't it?
Weren't you the one who used to say...
...I look cute when I'm
emotional or when I'm crying?
Yeah, I used to.
It was good back then.
But you never changed Sharan.
I thought that's what you wanted.
That me not changing?
We've travelled so far together.
Am I the same what I used to be earlier?
Haven't I changed?
Appu, I've been putting in a lot of efforts,
into saving this relationship...
- ...but in the end...
- Did I ask for any of them?
I don't remember me doing that though?
You know what?
You love me more than I want to be loved.
That's what is suffocating me.
Too much is also sometimes too bad, Sharan.
I wish you hadn't said that.
I wish you hadn't asked.
You... are the voice of this melody.
You... are the dew to my life.
You... are the summary to my poetry.
You... are the reason to my existence.
You taught me love is
the basic need of life.
But left me stranded alone
in the middle of this journey.
You taught me love is
the basic need of life.
But left me stranded alone
in the middle of this journey.
The soul has turned into a
barren land as days passed.
Was it so easy to move on,
after you left me?
Tired of running around
in search of answers.
Where did you disappear without
answering any of my questions?
My eyes seem to have lost the vision,
without seeing you.
Tears are rolling down,
even in the dreams that doesn't have you.
Your smile makes me skip my heart beat.
My heart scrambles, without you around me.
You... are the voice of this melody.
You... are the dew to my life.
You... are the summary to my poetry.
You... are the reason to my existence.
You taught me love is
the basic need of life.
But left me stranded alone
in the middle of this journey.
You taught me love is
the basic need of life.
But left me stranded alone
in the middle of this journey.
In end and my beginning...
...Forever in my heart...
...It's always been you.
Strange, isn't it?
Those who want to stay together...
...aren't able to do it.
Those who want to leave...
...are forced to stay together.
I don't think you'd fall in
either of those categories.
What do you mean?
You were happy with your crush,
locked up at a place, right?
Shouldn't I be happy?
I don't mean that.
I mean...
...It's kinda cute.
How you guys were bonding and all...
I just told you.
- Every happy wave is...
- Followed by a sad wave.
I know.
You said it earlier.
Why don't we talk about that 'sad wave'?
You don't miss us, do you?
Please dad!
Call us once a day at least.
We are worried.
How are all the facilities there?
All good?
You haven't called us from
the time you reached there.
Everything's okay but...
...I'm not able to stay here.
Why? What's wrong?
Did something happen?
I don't know.
I'd be at peace if they at
least knew that I was here.
Why aren't we telling them yet?
By telling them this, what good does it do?
I don't know, lift up their morals?
See Kiran, you've to understand this.
I've not even called them in many years.
If I call them out of nowhere, and say...
'...I'm sending my daughter
to take care of you both... '
...what do you think they'll tell?
I'm sure they'll tell it's not necessary.
Just think about it.
You didn't send me.
I came here on my own.
That's right.
But just go to them.
Tell that directly.
They'll be happier.
What's the hurry?
You'll go to them in few days.
Fine dad, whatever!
Apologize to them, behalf of me.
Yeah, I'll try my best.
Fine. Bye then, take care.
Bye, dad.
She looks tensed.
I think I should offer her a cigarette.
I don't smoke.
You are raised abroad and you won't smoke?
Do you smoke?
Why do you think I have cigarettes?
Are you raised abroad?
No matter what I try to do,
it always backfires me. What the hell?
Is there a problem?
Please let me know if there's any problem.
I'll solve it in a minute.
I was taken to Singapore when I was 6.
After that, we haven't come back here.
I don't know if people remember
such young age memories.
But I clearly remember...
...my grandparents love for me.
The loved me a lot.
That's insane.
It's been 15 years since you
spoke to your grandparents?
How could your parents live so
many years away from their parents?
Just like how my grandparents stayed
away from their son and daughter-in-law.
- [TCH]
- I don't think that's a valid point.
We can't go looking for
people who abandoned us.
They made their choice to stay...
...and, these guys made
their choice to leave.
It is what it is.
I just don't understand why people
want to move out from their place.
It literally suffocates me even
though I'm very near to my place... [TCH]
...For example...
...invite me to get settled
down in Singapore?
[TCH] Even though you do it,
I won't take the offer.
Because this is my place,
and here are my friends.
Most importantly,
this is where I feel home.
Anyways, coming to the point...
...Why have you remembered
your grandparents all of a sudden?
Not all of a sudden...
...they were always on my mind.
I always wondered...
...how are they managing here all alone?
There's nobody to look after them.
After covid especially,
it started bugging me a lot.
I told my dad about this.
I have online classes now.
I thought I'll stay with them for
few days and look after them.
I anyways have to go back and
lead my life there after few days.
Do you have plans of going back?
Of course I have to.
What about your grandparents?
Well, if they're ready to
move I'll be the happiest.
But if not, it's their choice.
At least during this pandemic
they'll have some company.
I too, will carry a few memories of them.
I have lived there for 15 years now.
What do I do here?
I can't stay back, even if I want to.
That's true.
Everybody has to live
where they're meant to.
Staying back wouldn't suit you anyways.
I've been patient all these years.
But from past few days...
...I've started becoming more restless.
It's easy to stay away from your
loved ones when you're far from them.
Being this close...
...it's very difficult
to digest the fact that.
I'm not able to go meet them.
I'm not even sure if
I'll be welcomed there.
They'll be happy, for sure.
They would have missed
all of you for all these years.
If that's happening, I'm more than happy.
But I'm also worried
about what if they don't.
Why won't they?
They'll just shower you with all
their love as soon as they see you.
It's just that...
...You've come here to take care of them.
But they'll end up taking care of you.
Parents and grandparents...
...can't be taken care off.
It's just how you feel you're
the one taking care of them.
But in real...
...they'll be the one taking good care of
us and guiding us in the right direction.
Your parents are so damn lucky.
To have someone like
you by their side always...
...What do they say for that?
...they must be very fortunate.
That's right.
They are very fortunate.
Which is why...
...they reached God's place very early.
I don't have anyone to call my own.
It's very important...
...for everyone to have a family, isn't it?
I now understand,
why you're so eager to start a family.
...do you believe in miracles?
Yes, I definitely do.
I have seen many miracles in my own eyes.
I'm sure you'll be the one
responsible for many miracles too.
Can you use any of
those tricks to cure me...
...and send me home by day after tomorrow?
...If I had such powers...
...I would have cured everyone by earliest
and sent them all to their respective homes.
...what's so special about day
after though?
Uh, the thing is that...
...Day after tomorrow is my birthday.
Are you serious?
- Yes.
Okay then,
let me know what you love to eat.
We'll both prepare it and
celebrate your birthday.
Me and my husband used to go visit
the temple, every year on my birthday.
We missed it this year.
Sir, don't mind,
but you would've missed it this year...
...even if you were home
due to the lockdown.
If you get cured, you both can visit
temples for more and more years.
You getting cured is
the priority right now.
It's not that.
I was just asking if I
get cured by day after...
...we could still celebrate it together,
The infection has to get cured completely.
Uncle will be back home soon as possible,
like I've told before.
I hope that happens soon.
I have a doubt.
You guys are married for so long...
...and yet you two miss each other so much.
How's it even possible?
We don't even realize it's been
so long until someone brings it up.
This is the first time I'm away
from her for such long duration.
...If 'Adarsha Dampathigalu'
program still aired on TV...
...you both would be
very apt for that show.
Aren't you bored of each other?
Do you both fight at all?
Is this a movie or a novel to get bored?
When you spend so
much of time with someone...
...when you're around one
person for the most of the time...
...there's always a possibility that
you might lose interest on them.
Their positives may start
to turn into their negatives.
This might happen in most of the cases.
My husband loves me a little
more than what anyone wants.
No matter how good it is,
if it exceeds a threshold...
...you always feel suffocated.
I wouldn't have let her to
do things which she like.
She sometimes used to
feel suffocated in my love.
Isn't it normal to get fired up
or to fight during such times?
What would be your next step,
if any such fights break out, sir?
I just think about the purpose.
Even if it's over the threshold...
...it's still love.
Whatever he would have done,
it would definitely be out of love.
Let me tell you something.
People who reject love, are just fools.
Who doesn't lose for love?
Sir, day after is my
daughter's birthday too.
She's insisting very much on
me to be there on her birthday.
What are you planning to do?
Who doesn't lose for love?
I've tested myself for covid.
I'm gonna make sure I'm not infected and...
I think I'll go, at least for a short time.
Please do it.
They'll all be very happy.
Guess I'll surprise them then.
Thank you.
Why isn't he playing PUBG today?
Hey, Chirag?
No games today?
Can you give me some personal space, sir?
I'm talking to my girl.
I'm preparing some coffee for myself.
I'll do it for you too?
No, thanks.
I just ate.
Did you?
Prepared some omelet and ate it.
What about me?
There was only one egg.
Hey, Chirag?
Give your girl some breaks in between, man.
Why aren't you responding?
What are...
Where did he go?
Where's Chirag?
He's not seen anywhere.
Are you talking about the
guy who was in this bed?
Weren't you around?
They had taken me to scanning.
He's not seen from the
time I'm back from there.
We couldn't save him due
to sudden cardiac arrest.
What about his parents?
We have informed them.
But we aren't supposed
to hand them over his body.
Is there anybody who
loves going away from their family?
Even I want to live with my parents.
If only I had an option, sir.
It's just that, the dreams are bigger.
Veeranna, how are you?
Are you feeling any better?
Whatever it is Veeranna...
...Are you
able to sleep at nights?
Parent's love towards us is so precious.
You look sad.
Why sir?
Hello, Veeranna?
Where are you lost, sir?
What's wrong?
Yes, tell me.
Will I get cured at all?
Why are you asking me this out of no where?
You'll be fine.
I don't think so.
I don't think this virus will let me live.
Nothing of that sort will happen, Veeranna.
You'll get cured soon.
A 24-year-old guy
couldn't come out of this.
Do you think I will, at this age?
You go take readings of other patients.
I'll be right there.
Okay, sir.
Chirag had this heart
condition called, ischemic heart disease.
Due to covid complications,
his survival chances were trivial.
he passed away due to cardiac arrest.
He was young and this
shouldn't have happened.
There's nothing wrong in
you being sad about that.
But your condition isn't the same as
his, Veeranna.
It's not like all those
who are infected by this...
...virus, will meet the same fate.
That's not true.
Millions of people have recovered from
this and are living happily, like before.
We're taking all the
necessary precautions...
...and there's no need to panic.
Why are you getting all these
unnecessary thoughts, all of a sudden?
You can't lose hope now.
No doctor...
...I feel I'm living my last few days.
Can you please do me a favor?
What is it?
Can you please let me go home?
We can't let you go home, Veeranna.
You're not making any sense here.
I have lived with my
wife for the past 40 years.
If something bad happens to me...
...I'm really worried that I
won't see my wife again.
I'm not able to sleep at nights peacefully.
I don't think I'll be cured if I'm
forcefully kept here and treated.
I want to live my last
few days with my wife.
No, no.
We really can't...
...I know why I'm not being sent out.
You fear...
...what if I go out and spread
the infection to others as well.
I'll promise you that I
won't leave my house.
That's not the only reason why
you're admitted to hospital, Veeranna.
The primary goal is to
get you cured completely.
If you go home in this state...
...you're just putting your
wife's health at stake.
No doctor...
...I won't let my wife anywhere near me.
She'll oblige my words.
That's impossible Veeranna.
She's aged too.
...you had two options.
One is to sacrifice your
personal life completely...
...and be of service here.
The other...
...is to not care about all these...
...just go home and live
happily with your family.
You choose first option.
I'm requesting you give
me the second one to me.
Uncle saw his own son, Chirag.
In other words...
...Chirag had helped uncle
to understand his son better.
Chirag's demise had a
very big impact on him.
That's actually understandable.
No matter how strong you are mentally...
...these are the kind of situations
which will shatter anyone.
Aunty used to tell...
...that later he started
missing his son and all.
It's like...
...everything started to come back to him.
He felt he could have handled his
son and the whole scenario better.
He wanted his son and his family
to stay together with him and aunty.
What purpose does it serve?
If someone has decided to leave...
...there's no way you can hold them back.
I'm sorry that was not for you.
It's true, I had decided to leave.
It's also true that,
I decided to give it one more shot.
But I guess I was too late.
If there's someone to hold you back
when you have decided on leaving...
...our ego will be at it's peak.
But if that person gives
up on holding us back...
...and let's us go,
that's when we actually realise...
...that leaving is not an easy thing.
Maybe we weren't compatible.
Or maybe I didn't deserve his love.
It's true.
By the time we realise...
...what is our worth and who
is the right person to be with...
...it'll be too late.
Again, that wasn't for you.
I was talking about myself.
It's alright.
You weren't wrong anyway.
Situations like these...
...are very hard for doctors.
What is the right decision to be made?
What would you have decided,
if you were in his place?
Why are you crying?
What happened?
Listen to me, just tell me what happened?
Dear heart, don't panic.
A fresh day awaits you.
Hard times are passing clouds.
A new life awaits you.
Crave for victory,
though you're about to lose.
There's no human ever,
who has been happy throughout his life.
Every tear of yours will be remembered
as stepping stones of your success.
Every story has it's own vigor.
Sir, here is your report.
(Result: Tested negative)
Deepak sir also had gotten tested.
He's been tested positive, sir.
You've been asked to replace him in ICU.
Dear heart, don't panic.
A fresh day awaits you.
Hard times are passing clouds.
A new life awaits you.
I just wish I could get out from here.
I could have gone to my
grandparents immediately.
Stupid quarantine doesn't let me go there.
That's not a big deal.
I'll take you.
You can't leave from this place.
Why are you worried about all those things?
You want to go, don't you?
- We'll leave tomorrow early morning.
- Okay? [LAUGHS]
For real?
Mother swear.
So cute!
Nobody has the power to predict
what future has in store for us.
You are the lone driver of the
vehicle carrying your emotions.
Is there any road, that doesn't have turns?
Dawn can't be enjoyed without
going through the darkness.
Just march forward,
smiling through all the pain.
Write your own history without fear,
in this constantly changing world.
Throw away all the sadness
overcoming obstacles, you own this minute.
Write your own history without fear,
in this constantly changing world.
Throw away all the sadness
overcoming obstacles, you own this minute.
Write your own history without fear,
in this constantly changing world.
Throw away all the sadness
overcoming obstacles, you own this minute.
Dear heart!
I had a different perception about you.
It took me some time to
understand what you are.
I'm so sorry I underestimated you.
Why are you apologizing for no reason?
Maybe you thought so because of my looks.
I wouldn't say your judgment
was entirely not true either.
...there's lockdown. You may not
get any other taxis to go around.
In any such case, please feel free to call.
How will you call me?
You don't have my number.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Tell me.
Okay, got it.
Thanks for everything.
When is your marriage exactly?
Next month.
Wish you a very happy married life.
I'm sorry you had to part that way.
They say world is small.
I guess they're right.
Why do you think so?
We're both from Bangalore
and are so far from it.
We met as strangers.
What are the odds that we're
talking about the same person?
I saw her that day.
The same home which she lived in,
15 years ago.
She was at her grandparents' door step.
She looked nervous.
She had come all hopes pinned on.
When did this happen?
It's been a month.
They were the best couple I've ever known.
The problem is...
...at any point of life...
...we think we have too much time left.
But in reality...
...Nobody knows how much time
we have before parting ways.
At times,
we become so distant from our loved ones.
And the worst part is...
...Sometimes, there's no way,
it can be undone.
No matter how big the loss is...
...there's always some hope...
...to look forward to.
To live without your our ones...
...is the hardest thing to do.
Goodbyes are always hard.
But not even getting a
chance to say goodbye?
Where are you?
Where are you?
I'm just...
Are you smoking?
Come on, Appu.
Appu, were you smoking?
Sharan, meet my new friend Rajesh.
Oh. Is he Sharan?
Haven't you dumped him yet?
- Uh...
- What?
Who is he?
Were you smoking Appu?
I think you said that
you quit smoking right?
I can explain.
Expla... I just saw you smoking.
Let's leave.
And why's he talking
about our relationship?
I said I'll tell you.
Don't act like a kid.
Why you dragging me away?
Tell here...
Mr. Rajesh! This girl will
definitely be a match. All the best!
- What match?
- Didn't I say I'll tell you everything?
- What's happening here?
- Where will we go next?
Am I talking to Rajesh?
Can you turn back?
Not there.
The other side.
Stories end.
People leave.
...The memories they leave behind...
...Live forever!
Not sure if this is a dream or reality...
...A story has come to an end.
With the never ending
distance between us...
...Even a minute takes forever to pass.
Why don't you come back, it's already late?
I'm in the middle of no-where,
not knowing where to go.
The darkness has encroached upon light.
Apology letter has already been written.
Your memories haunt me,
no matter what I'm upto.
Your scars on me cannot be erased.
No matter where you are,
doesn't matter if you've forgotten me...
You'll always be my love forever.
I'm sick of our seperation.
Craving for nothing but your love.
Oh beloved!
Oh my beloved!
My dream world has
just turned into a secret.
Visionless even with the eyes.
All my desires seem to be stolen, or...
Permanently lost.
The first page of the book
itself has turned to a lie.
All hopes turned into thorns.
The calm wind has turned
into a deadly tornado.
Why don't you come back
and take a closer look?
Just like Chirag's death
impacted Veeranna...
...Veeranna's death impacted me.
Though I wanted to go home...
...I decided not to,
until all of this was over.
After many months,
I'm heading home this evening.
I wonder if Nidhi and
Chinnu are waiting for me.
I will wait for you unconditionally,
forgetting every other thought.
Holding onto your vigor is the
only thing that makes sense to me.
You're the endless poetry in my life.
There's nobody who can
match your vibe in my life.
Your memories haunt me,
no matter what I'm upto.
Your scars on me cannot be erased.
No matter where you are,
doesn't matter if you've forgotten me...
...You'll always be my love forever.
I'm sick of our seperation.
Craving for nothing but your love.
Oh beloved!
Oh my beloved!