Host (2020) Movie Script

[Computer mouse clicking]
[Clicking continues]
[Indistinct talking in distance]
Can you let me in?
- Hi.
- Hey.
You ready for tonight?
Yeah, it should be fun.
Um. Have you ever done
anything like this before?
- No.
- No?
Yeah, it's...
I've done it a few times,
and it is really cool. Like...
Does anything ever happen?
Uh, yeah. Yeah.
I mean, every time I've done it,
it's been...
Like, something has gone on.
Sounds spooky.
It'll just be a little different.
[Door opens and closes]
- Oh, she's back.
- Yay.
Are we just waiting
for the other guys?
Caroline just messaged me
and said she was running
a little bit late.
Okay. There we go.
Ooh. I think you needed to, uh...
turn off the phone audio.
You got to turn off
the phone audio, I think.
Maybe mute... mute yourself
on one, or...
- Uh...
- Okay.
That's good.
There she is.
Sorry, do you mind if I just
send a really quick e-mail?
Oh. Yeah, no, no.
Go for it.
- Hi, guys.
- Hello. - Hi.
- How are you?
- Good. How are you?
I'm nervous.
What's there to be nervous
It's gonna be fine.
It's gonna be fun.
- Hey, guys.
- Radina!
How are you?
- Radina.
- Oh, my God.
Your hair's so lovely
and curly like that.
- Thank you.
- Hello, girl.
Oh, is it something?
- Oh.
- She's coughing.
I'm fine, guys.
People are not allowed
to cough anymore.
This is ridiculous.
Well, you have to hide a cough
with a fart now
instead of the other way around.
That's true.
Tuck it in.
- Oh, Caroline!
- What?
Caroline, there's something
on your face.
My pores are not doing well
in lockdown, so...
- Oh.
- Hello.
- Hi, Pat!
- Hi, Pat.
Did you ask
if he's staying indoors?
No, he's not staying indoors,
are you?
No, no, no, no, no.
I like the sunshine.
Oh, Pat,
you've got to be careful.
I absolutely love it.
Oh, my God. Put it away.
- You're such a flirt!
- Oh, my God!
Bye, Dad.
I love your dad.
You should invite him tonight.
I don't think his heart
could handle it.
He's so cute.
He's been so naughty, though.
Just keeps going out,
and then I have to...
I have to, like,
chase him down the street,
and I'm like, "Dad, stop it!"
[Loud chopping] Just excuse me
for one second.
[Sound mutes]
Is she okay?
Yeah, she's alright.
Eh, it doesn't look alright.
It's a weird situation, isn't it?
Caroline: Well, they should have never
moved in together for lockdown.
Yeah, you don't know a person
in that short of time.
Well, what do you know?
- Radina.
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Oh, my God, yeah.
Totally fine.
It's like, when we have
an argument,
he just goes to the bedroom.
Now I have all this space.
Hey, guys. Look at this.
This is gonna be us later.
Emma. Not funny.
I don't like that.
It's gonna appear behind you,
Caroline: Oh, shut up.
- Emma.
- Wait.
Wait, look what I did.
Hang on.
It takes a while.
This is what lockdown's
led me to.
Look, look.
It's me.
- Oh, my God!
- Got a twin.
- Oh, no.
- There's two of you.
Yeah, no. I got lonely,
so I made a friend.
Oh, my God, guys,
I heard from Teddy.
He's actually gonna
be there tonight.
- Oh, he is?
- Hang on. Are you serious?
Thought I'd give you
the heads up, Caroline.
Yeah, thanks for that.
A bit late.
Got this shit on my face.
Have you seen his
Instagram posts?
The one with Ginny
or the other one with Ginny?
Or the first one with Ginny?
Her parents' house is, like,
a mansion.
Caroline: He's so different now.
Well, it's her.
She's so fucking painful, guys.
You'd never put them together,
'cause Teddy is the opposite.
Well, you can have, like,
three conversations
with her in rotation
and that's about it.
And I've definitely seen her,
like, fake tan hand marks.
Like... Hi, Teddy!
- Hi, Teddy!
- Hi!
- Hey.
- Hey, buddy.
- Hey.
- Hi, Ginny.
- How you doing, guys?
- Hey, Ginny.
You made it.
How's it going?
Oh. Gin and tonic there.
You're fancy now.
has really done you good.
Teddy: Oh, it's delish.
Hang on.
I'll come inside.
The signal's...
Yes. Just living the life by the pool.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, come on.
- Bye, Ginny!
- Bye!
Oh, my God.
You coming on your own, Ted?
Uh, yes. Big boy stuff.
I'm all by myself with you lot.
- Aw.
- You got a little man-bun going.
When did you get a man-bun?
I think it's a twat knot
from corona.
Shall I give you
a little tour around?
Yes, please.
Hang on.
Check this guy out.
- Very creepy.
- So creepy.
Yeah, what the fuck?
You literally
have no fucking idea
how close this thing is.
Yeah, let's check out the...
Is that a bar behind you?
Yes. Yeah, it is.
The fucking hardest thing
is not getting cunted
in front of her dad.
There's so much booze here,
and yes, it's not exactly
like I can bring out.
Red Ted from the '99 days.
Oh, Red Ted.
But it's weird being with her
and her parents.
They've got these weird rules,
Like, no Pornhub
in the dining room, and, uh...
- How are you surviving?
- Barely.
I'm a man on the edge.
I'm a man on the edge.
Ted, how are you feeling
about tonight?
- Do you have your item?
- I do.
Yeah, yeah, I've got it.
Bro, this is how seriously
I'm taking this fucking thing.
I went home to...
I broke quarantine
to go and get this, so...
- You?
- I'm telling.
I'll make this as atmospheric
as I can.
[Music plays]
- Ooh.
- Wow. Oh, my God.
Fuckin' creepy.
You hear it?
Yes. So, basically, it was...
It's my nan's, but I fucking...
I literally fucking hate this,
'cause my brother...
He used to be
a right little shit.
He'd go and hide it around
the house,
and it used to scare
the shit out of me.
I genuinely used to cry.
To be honest, when I hear
that music, it's um...
It's fuckin' horrible.
It's horrible.
So, this... this is his.
God bless him.
If it's playing, watch out.
That is so creepy. Sorry.
That is...
Are you not looking forward
to it?
I'm a bit nervous.
I'm absolutely shitting here.
I really don't want to do it.
It'll be fine.
The woman is a friend of mine,
so she's done it
a bunch of times for me.
She'll kind of guide
everybody through it.
You kind of just have to
follow her instructions.
Just, please,
she is a friend of mine.
Not that I don't think
you would,
but please take it seriously,
and be respectful.
Speaking of seriously,
and not to undermine
everything you've just said,
but can we do a, uh...
cheeky little shot
every time
she says "astroplane".
It's my game!
Astral plane.
Astral plane.
Not "astro".
"Astral". Vodka bottle right here.
Just don't let her see.
I don't know if she'll be o...
Like, cool with that.
Oh, while you guys
are killing your livers,
I'm gonna drink water. That's just...
If we're gonna do the shots,
do it slightly...
I mean, I can't really do that
with a beer.
Alright, let's, uh...
let's do a shot guys.
To us.
It's fuckin' nice to see you.
Here, take a picture.
Brought this guy back out.
- Aww.
- What should we toast to?
A, uh...
a happy... happy seance?
Yeah. Happy spookies.
Happy spookies.
Okay, everyone, get in.
Three, two, one.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Cheers, guys.
- Whoa.
- Oh, she just texted me.
What's it called when you,
like, send something... something?
Did she text you with telepathy?
Tele... Telethapy?
So, she actually texted me.
- Oh.
- With the phone. What's she saying?
- She's in the waiting room.
- Ooh.
Why are you making me do this?
Can't we just do, like,
I don't know.
A board game or something?
Nothing's gonna happen.
[Music box plays]
Oh, Teddy!
Teddy, keep that shut, please.
Alright, I'm gonna let her in.
Everybody ready?
- Yes.
- No.
Let's do this.
- Ha!
- I'm joking.
Haley: Please. Remember,
be respectful, everybody.
I'm gonna let her into the room.
Hi, Seylan.
Hi. Can you hear me?
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Hi, Haley.
How are you doing?
- Hi, everybody.
- Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Thanks so much
for inviting me along.
I've got to confess...
I've never done this
before over Zoom.
So, it's gonna be new for all
of us, which should be fun.
Um... now, did Haley mention to
you about trigger objects?
That's something
you might have, um...
that's closely connected
with somebody
that you might want
to speak to this evening.
- You've all got something?
- Yeah.
- Good. - Yep.
- Can I ask... Sorry.
Can I ask a question?
If my pa...
My grandparents
are Chinese and I am English
and I don't speak Chinese,
does that mean
that I will not be able
to communicate with them?
No. Not at all.
There's no language
on the astral plane,
so if they want
to communicate with you,
then they will let
you understand.
Okay. This might sound really silly,
but can I potentially
contact a dead pet?
Yeah. Absolutely.
Like I said, on the astral plane,
there's no language.
If you bear in mind
that the laws are different
from what they are here,
so you might be able
to talk to a pet.
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Can we light these now?
Go ahead and light your candles.
- Yep.
- The candle is going to be our guiding focus
and it's going to
encourage the spirit.
It will give them almost
a beacon to come towards.
So, what I want you
to look out for
are the kind of response
that you might get from spirit,
and it might be a name or a face,
an image that comes
into your mind,
but it can also be
physical things,
like you might hear a knock
or you might see
your candle light flicker.
You could feel a touch, feel
pressure on your body somewhere.
That's the kind of thing
that I want you to look out for.
Very quickly, before we start,
what was the name of that plane?
The astral plane.
Oh, right, right.
So, because we're doing this
over Zoom,
what it does mean is that
we're slightly less
protected than we might have been,
so it's very important
that you respect the spirits
and you respect each other.
Is anybody feeling worried?
Does anybody...
anybody feeling a bit vulnerable?
Yeah, Emma and Caroline.
So, let me just quickly talk you
through a process
that you can do any time,
and normally, we would be
in a circle, holding hands,
with one candle in the center.
Because we're all...
not in the same place,
we're going to
visualize the circle.
We're going to visualize
breaking that circle,
and then as an extra precaution,
I'd like you to visualize a cord
or a rope around your waist
that's leading
towards your front door,
and then visualize yourself
cutting with
a knife or scissors,
whatever you like.
Just make a real for yourself,
and that will sever
the connection
with the spirit realm.
Okay. Um, I'm gonna switch on
some isochronic tones,
and they just help our energy
to join the vibrations
of the spirit realm.
Now, close your eyes.
And I'd like you just
to visualize that circle.
[Isochronic tones play]
Holy shit! What are you doing?
Knock it off, you shit.
Sorry, girls.
[Talking indistinctly]
[Indistinct talking]
- Ted.
- Sorry, Ted's got to go.
- Bye.
- Are you serious?
- Wow.
- Did he just leave?
- Such a fucking knobsack.
- She's a bitch.
In the span of like two minutes.
Listen, d-don't worry.
Let's not let this affect us.
Let's just maintain our focus.
Um, obviously, we're not here
physically together,
but there's no reason why spirit
can't communicate with us
over the Internet.
Over the channel
of communication,
we could all be possessed.
- Now...
- Possessed?
Don't be scared by that word.
That just means that the spirit
is communicating through us.
It's called "possessed",
but that doesn't
have to be a negative thing.
Just bear that in mind.
Now, I'd like you, please,
to visualize a circle.
Visualize us all together
in the one room,
sitting in a circle,
and we're just going to gently
join hands with each other.
Spirit, we invite you
to use us to pass
on any communication
you might have.
Is there anyone there?
Please come forward.
And all together.
All: Is there anyone there?
Please come forward.
Now, I want you to tell me if
anything comes into your mind.
Perhaps a name, a face.
If you hear any sounds.
Radina, I don't want to
make you nervous, but...
can anybody something
going on just behind.
Haley: Yeah, looks like a light
moving about.
Yeah. But I'm kind of noticing
something in between.
Probably just a reflection
of something.
There's a light on my fridge.
- It's moving, though.
- No.
This is something different.
It was a light that was static,
and it's now moving.
- It's moving quite a lot.
- Yeah.
- I don't like it.
- Oh, I think...
Oh, hold on.
Hold on.
I can make it a third eye.
Okay, it's on her face now.
What was that?
- Haley, was that you?
- It wasn't.
I didn't do anything.
Did it...
Did everybody hear that?
I heard it.
I heard something.
Okay, let's just listen out.
Um, spirit, if you're trying
to give us a sign,
please knock one more time.
Oh, I'm so sorry.
That must be my delivery.
I'm really sorry.
I'll be back in a second.
- Oh!
- What?!
Caroline: Oh, my God. I'm sorry.
"That's my Ocado."
"Sorry, my food delivery's arrived."
I'm getting a noise.
I'm getting aubergines Um...
a jar of tahini.
Is anybody else
getting something?
No, I just hear my next-door
- Is she coming back?
- Where is she?
Her house is kind of creepy
in the dark.
We paying her, Haley?
- Oh, there she is.
- She's back.
Hey, guys.
I'm really sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.
It was supposed to arrive
before our session,
so sorry about that.
Can we get back
to where we were?
So, let's just focus
a little bit more.
Is anybody getting a name,
- Ooh. Ooh. Ooh.
- Did anybody see that?
Okay, what just happened?
I felt, like, a hand
on my... on my shoulder.
Jemma: [Screams]
- Jemma, are you okay?
- What was it?
Oh, my God, oh, my God,
oh, my God, oh, my God.
Something just touched my neck.
Jemma, do you want to come
and talk to us?
Just try asking
some questions, Jemma.
Honestly, the pressure on
my neck is almost unbearable.
Do you want to call out
and ask who it is?
Maybe a name might come
into your head, or...
Is there...
Is there someone there?
[Voice breaking]
The name Jack's come to mind.
That's good.
Do you know anyone called
Jack who's passed?
A kid from school.
[Breathing heavily]
He was really nice
to me one time.
I cracked my head open...
and he, like, picked me up.
He hanged himself.
Listen, Jemma, I want you to...
Where did Seylan go?
Radina: It might just be
a bad connection.
- You, uh... Call her, Haley.
- Yeah.
Jemma... Jemma, you alright?
Haley: You okay, Jemma?
- Caroline: Oh, my God.
- Haley: What?
- You bitch.
- No.
- You didn't.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, my God.
- Jemma.
Did you make that up?
Jemma, you're a psychopath.
Nothing was happening.
Jemma, I believed you.
I'm so... I'm so sorry.
There was just nothing
being said.
I actually thought you were
gonna, like, die.
Have we heard from Seylan?
Yeah, is she okay?
What happened?
I didn't even see what happened.
Her Internet went out.
I'm gonna pee.
Yeah. I might, too, actually.
I'm gonna be smashed
if we carry this on.
Some water.
- Ready, Haley?
- Yep.
Oh, wait.
I'm sensing some...
A name's just come to mind.
Fuck off, Jemma.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Haley just can't have fun.
You're not taking it
seriously like I asked you to.
Oh, shut up.
I'm so bored of this.
Oh, my God.
Why do we have to do this
tonight, guys?
You know what, Jemma?
Nobody... Aah!
H-Haley, what's going on?
Oh, fuck.
Haley: I think there's
something here.
Haley, stop fucking about,
I swear, it wasn't... Look.
I... We have to keep going.
- No.
- Please...
We connected with something.
We got to keep going.
We got to talk to it.
I'm gonna call out.
- No. No.
- Is anybody here?
Does anyone want to talk to me?
Turn your lights off.
Haley, honestly, if I die,
I'm actually gonna
haunt you myself.
Shh. Just listen. Shh!
I heard something.
Turn your microphones up.
Should be under settings.
Is anybody here?
[Static] [Gasps]
I don't like this.
Haley: [Inhales sharply]
[Loud thud] [Gasps]
What was that?
I heard something.
That wasn't in my house.
You got to go check it out.
Emma: Don't do that.
That's a stupid idea.
There's probably nothing there.
It's okay.
[Thud] [Gasps]
Radina: What is it?
It's probably nothing.
Be careful.
Caroline, take us up.
Haley: It's okay.
- Go on, Caroline.
- It's okay.
It'll be fine.
[Breathing heavily]
No. No.
What are you doing, Caroline?
Caroline, what are you doing?
It's gonna be fine.
Go on, Caroline. It's okay.
It's okay. We're here.
Film what you see.
Do you see anything?
- What's that thing?
- Nothing, it's just focusing.
Caroline: Nothing's there.
It's fine.
Look, look.
- Caroline, go back.
- What the fuck was that?
- What the fuck was that?
- I don't see anything.
Caroline, go down.
Haley: Don't freak out.
Don't freak out.
- What was it?
- What the fuck was that?
I definitely just saw something.
You have to call Seylan.
Call Seylan.
Yeah, yeah. Just calm down.
Calm down.
I'm gonna call her.
I'm gonna call her.
I'm calling her.
[Indistinct talking]
Haley? What are you doing?
Haley. Haley.
Do you see that?
No. What?
I can't see anything?
It's not in there.
Haley, what is it?
It looked at me.
[Inhales sharply]
[Camera whirs]
Caroline: [Sniffles]
What is that?
What the fuck?
[All scream]
What the fuck, guys?
This is not funny anymore.
Stop taking the piss.
Call Seylan.
It's ringing, it's ringing.
It's ringing.
[Line ringing]
- Seylan: Hello?
- Seylan?
- Haley, is that you?
- Yeah.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
My Internet...
It's a bit of a...
Sorry, I've not been able
to get it going.
- How's it going?
- We've had some...
We've had some interesting
We've just...
Caroline's just a bit scared,
so we're just hoping
you can talk us through.
Okay. Yeah.
No... No problem.
I mean, it's... it's...
It's good
that you've had an experience.
That's what we're here for.
I'm really sorry
that I've not been there
to go through it with you,
- but can the others hear me?
- Yeah, they can hear you.
They can hear you. Oh, they can hear me.
Listen, guys, don't worry.
So, just...
Let's just keep calm.
It's probably just...
Just somebody trying
to pass on a message.
Jemma, you were telling us
about your friend, Jack.
So, it sounds pretty likely
that it's him.
Have you tried asking
if it's Jack?
I don't know. Jemma, have we
tried asking if it's Jack?
Caroline: Jemma!
Jemma: Sorry.
Jack's not real.
- What's going on?
- Wait. Jack's not real.
Jemma made him up.
Jack doesn't...
Jack doesn't e-exist or...
Or Jack does exist.
She just didn't hear him?
No, Jack doesn't exist at all.
Look, guys, I...
I told you not to disrespect
the spirits.
This... This isn't good.
This is not good.
I mean, basically, if...
By inventing a-a person
that doesn't exist,
we've basically
summoned a false spirit.
If you made this person up,
you... you basically created...
Imagine, like,
you created a mask,
so now anything can come
through and wear that mask.
We... We don't know
what it might be.
So... I mean, if we're lucky,
it's just...
It's just another spirit.
But what if...
What if we're not lucky, though?
H-Haley, ask her what if
we're not lucky.
What if we're not lucky, Seylan?
I-It could be something...
Look, I mean, basically,
Jemma has sent out
an invitation, an open invitation.
We need to shut this down.
We need to...
Like I said to you.
We need to thank the spirits
and close it down,
and don't forget that...
Visualizing that rope.
Okay? So, um...
spirit, please give us
one knock for "yes"
and two knocks for "no".
Let's ask, "Do you have
a message for us?"
after three.
So, one, two, three.
Do you have a message for us?
My light just turned on.
Okay, Haley, that's great.
Let's... Okay.
let's try another question.
all together, let's ask,
"Are you a friend?"
One, two, three.
All: Are you a friend?
Are you there?
What the fuck is going on?!
Call her back.
Call her back now.
Fuck, she's not picking up.
Okay. Okay.
What do we do? What do we do?
What do we do? What do we do?
- What do we do?
- Just a second. I know what to do.
Okay, we just have to do the...
The rope thing and...
And we have to be polite
to the spirit...
- You don't know what you're doing!
- Just shut up, Jemma!
Just shut the fuck up
for one second!
Imagine a rope. Imagine the rope
around your waist,
rope around your waist.
I'm sorry, spirit.
I'm sorry if we confused you.
Just repeat after me.
I'm sorry if we confused you.
Sorry if we confused you.
Um, imagine the rope
to your door,
and then we're just
gonna cut the rope.
- Okay?
- Okay, imagine we're cutting the rope.
I'm gonna call out again.
Is there anyone here?
And then, um, open your eyes
and blow out the candles
and that'll break the circle.
I blew my candle already out.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just remember, she said it was
just to guide them there,
so it's okay.
Bless you.
Caroline: [Laughs]
What the fuck?
That was...
It was exciting.
Oh, my God.
I'm so hot.
I-I smell so bad.
I'm really sweaty.
Oh, my God. Whew.
Guys, what the fuck was that?
- Oh, God.
- Never again.
Radina, are you on the toilet?
Panic wee.
Guys, I'm not going anywhere
alone after what just happened.
Shut up.
You okay, Caroline?
[Toilet flushes]
Fuckin' hell.
That gave me a shock.
Guys, I'm literally not going
to sleep tonight now.
Crazy, guys.
Fuckin' hell.
Emma, your glass.
I swear to God.
I didn't do anything.
That was an expensive one.
Wait until Teddy hears
about this.
[Cellphone rings] He's just sitting there
eating his Chinese
and we've nearly died.
Jemma: Oh, my God.
I can't wait to tell Teddy.
He's gonna be, like,
all flustered.
He'll come back and we're just
gonna be like,
"Mate, you've just missed a storm."
Radina: Guys, did anybody see
Allen leaving?
He left his phone.
Where is...
Radina, has he gone
to the shop to do...
Maybe he's at his brother's.
Here, give him a call.
Crap. I've actually finished
the whole bottle of wine.
Um... guys,
I think I'm gonna head...
[Clicks tongue]
This has been, um...
Emma, my darling.
Goodbye, my dear. I love you.
Goodbye. Farewell.
So long.
See you later. Bye, Haley.
Bye, girls.
See you next time.
Can you say goodbye
to Radina for me, please?
Um... yeah, I mean,
maybe we should wait
until she gets back.
Oh, no, I think I'm gonna head.
I think I'm gonna head.
Oh, there she is.
Caroline. Hey, dude.
Has she got her audio on?
I think so. Yeah.
Hello, friend.
Oh, wait. Isn't this
her background?
Oh, yeah. You're right.
I'm gonna give her a call.
What was that?
Caroline, can you hear us, babe?
I think her laptop just fell.
I'm... I'm gonna call her.
Emma: What...
[Line ringing]
Emma, turn the filters off.
Come on.
[Line ringing]
Hi, it's Caroline.
Don't leave me a message.
Send me a text
like a normal person.
Emma: Aah!
What are you doing?
Jemma: Don't.
Haley: It's fine. It's fine.
Emma, it's gone.
Come on.
Emma: [Gasps]
Emma, get out.
Emma, get out
of that there right now!
Emma, you need to get out
of there right now!
Emma, get out!
Emma! What was that?
Fuck. Fuck, fuck.
You okay?
Emma? Emma, you need to get
out of there.
No, no, don't go back in there.
Get out!
Emma! Emma!
Emma, Emma, Emma!
Emma, talk to us.
Emma, talk to us.
Emma, talk to us.
Emma, what was that?
Emma, Emma, Emma.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're here, we're here.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Just get out.
You're gonna get out
of the house, okay?
We're gonna go.
Yeah, we're going.
We're all doing it.
Radina. Radina, we got to get
out of the house.
Radina, Radina, Radina.
- Radina!
- What?
Allen! Allen!
Oh, my God!
Run! Run!
[All screaming]
I don't understand
what she said.
[All screaming]
[All screaming]
Oh, my God!
Help me!
No! No!
I'm gonna call Seylan.
Haley! No!
Stop it, Haley!
- Haley, this is all your fault!
- It's not my fault!
This is your fucking...
Shut up!
Stop! I told you to be...
Haley. Haley.
- Haley.
- Shut up!
Oh, my God.
What are you doing, Jemma?
Jemma, where are you going?
- Emma, I'll be right back.
- No!
- Listen to me. You'll be fine.
- Jemma, what are you doing?
Don't go, please.
Jemma, please don't go.
- Emma, you'll be fine.
- Jemma!
Emma, you'll be fine!
Please don't go!
Did I get ya?
Sorry I took so long, man.
It was longer than we thought.
Fuckin' hell.
You get a tattoo?
Teddy, get out.
Get out of your house.
Okay, now, where is everybody?
Oh, come on, you lot.
Stop hiding, you fat bitches.
- Come out.
- Teddy, please.
Oh, fuck off.
You lot are taking the piss.
What's happened.
Come on. Tell me.
- Teddy, get out.
- Hang on a sec.
It's just a power cut.
It happens literally
all the time in the country.
Right, here we go.
You ready?
- We're gonna die.
- Voil. We're be back in action.
Teddy, Teddy.
Oh, my...
Hang on.
I've got to go find
the old, um...
What you call it?
The box.
Uh, Seylan
was a interesting character.
Get out.
Teddy, get out!
Don't stop! Don't stop!
- Ginny!
- Fuckin' hell.
- Ginny!
- Aah!
- Ginny!
- Aah!
No! Aah!
Get out, please.
There's someone there!
No! No!
Teddy, get out!
You're gonna die
if you don't listen to me.
Teddy, run.
I think it's here.
[Music box plays]
[Music box playing]
[Metal clinks]
Can you hear that?
Teddy, get out.
[Music continues playing]
What the fuck?
Teddy, wake up.
Teddy, get up!
Can you hear me?
Teddy, answer me!
Teddy, wake up!
No! No.
Jemma: [Panting]
Fuck you!
Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Fuck! Haley.
[Both laugh]
We need to get out, Haley.
We need to leave.
Shh, shh.
[Camera whirs]
Did you see anything?
[Camera whirs]
[Camera whirs]
[Camera whirs]
[Camera shutter clicks]