Hostage X (2017) Movie Script

Help me!
Help! Help me!
Someone help me!
Help me!
Somebody please help me!
Hey! Over here!
Thank you.
Look, I-I-I don't know who I
Just, please I wanna...
Y-Y-You locked me up here...
What did I do?
No, no w-w-wait! Wait!
Hey I have money!
You'll be rich! Hey!
I have money, you'll be rich!
Come on you asshole
Come on
Come on you asshole!
Son of a bitch
This is 9-1-1 what is
your emergency?
L-L-Look I don't know who I am.
What is your
I-I-I don't... I don't know.
Is this a joke?
You know this...
I'm being held hostage in some
stable, in some backassward country
Some assholes beat the shit out of me.
I don't remember a thing.
Not even your own
- No.
- I'll give you a number...
...they will handle this.
Do you have something to write on?
- Yeah.
- Okay...
Zero, zero, one.
Okay, yeah.
No! No...
9-1-1 what is your
Yeah, yeah I just spoke to a lady.
Could I please speak with her again?
I'm sorry, I-I'm what
you get.
- This is a line for emer...
- ...yeah, I'm calling from abroad.
She gave me a direct number.
These people locked me up.
I-I-I lost the number...
Okay, I'll give you a
direct number as well.
One, okay... okay thank you
Yeah, yeah 9-1-1 gave me this number.
Some assholes...
You got the wrong
This is George
Anderson, CIA.
You called me half a minute ago.
This is a safe line. We can talk.
Yes, look some assholes locked me
up in a stable. You gotta help me.
Wait, who are you?
I-I don't know. I can't
remember a thing.
I think I have been kidnapped.
I'm not sure.
We traced your call.
You're in Europe.
Bosnia-Herzegovina, to be exact.
- We'll warn them. Sit tight.
- Bosnia-Herze...
The Bosnian police will
be there in a couple of minutes.
Hello! Hello!
You can have it.
Yes it's real. Take it!
Good, yes, good.
Yeah, me too...
Me too...
Where are the cops?
We didn't call them.
We consulted some
There's only a ten
percent chance that they won't...
...warn those
And there is not a single person
you can trust in this shithole?
Well, Muslims, Croats
and Serbs... together but
they still hate each other.
There was a big war
in the nineties. Remember?
So I got a ten percent chance
to get out of here?
No, you have a higher chance
because we know exactly where you are.
You're close to the
city of Mostar... of our best agents
is heading for you as we speak.
- She's good.
- She'll get me out of here?
If you're an
American citizen. Are you?
I guess so.
What's that got to do with it?
The CIA is an
American organization.
We can only help Americans.
We have clear rules of engagement.
I speak English, don't I?
So do Brits,
I have to be American. I called
9-1-1, an American number. Isn't it?
That doesn't prove
H-H-How can I possibly...
Look, just... uhm. Test me with
some typically American words.
Let's see what I know.
You'd avoid typical Australian
or British words to get us to help you.
You don't trust me.
Can you send us a photo of
Look I don't know.
Uh-uh this thing is ancient...
Tell us everything you know.
We'll figure it out somehow.
We're professionals.
Who are the
kidnappers, what do they want?
I don't know.
They don't speak any English.
I don't think you're
being completely honest with us.
They let you use a cell phone.
Why would they do that?
That's a long story. Should I
really explain...
It'll tell us a lot about you You
could be anybody who's missing over there.
You might be a marine or an
undercover agent on a mission gone wrong.
Is there an undercover agent
missing here?
Hello? Hello?!
Sorry, please concentrate.
Do you remember anything else?
Maybe... maybe Muslims.
I-I-I don't know...
Maybe... maybe... Al Quaida or
Islamic state or something.
I don't know, just please
just get me out of here.
You have the cell phone of
one of them kidnappers haven't you?
Check the contacts.
If we know they're Muslim, we'd
know how to get you out of there easily.
Hold on.
Look, he has forty-two
Look for names like
Mohammed, Abdul, Ibrahim.
Sanja Boban...
...Bruno Arapovic...
...Magdalena Basic, Niko
...Marko Basic, Denis Juric,
Dora Knezevic....
What about text
Nothing. I-I-I don't the
asshole can read.
I'll call you back.
What? When?
What am I supposed to do?
If they come, tell them you have a
rich uncle who's willing to pay a ransom.
Say three million
While they're considering your
offer, we'll find out if you're American.
They don't speak any English.
We've found an
interpreter. Wait.
Just hurry up.
Tri miljuna dolara...
Tri miljuna dolara.
Tri miljuna dolara. Tri
You speak English?
Please... tell me what my name
Please! Who am I?!
Please who am I, please,
Tri miljuna dolara.
Tri miljuna dolara, my uncle he
is rich...
...very rich.
My uncle he is...
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
No! No! No!
- Hello?
- What happened?
Thank god
Have you figured out if I'm an
American yet?
No. Did anything
happen in the meantime?
They took a picture.
They probably want a
The picture proves they've
got you and that you're alive.
Great. They kidnap a lot of
people in Bosnia?
It's rare. Did they
do anything else?
They spit in my face.
Probably means
that they really hate you.
- What?
- We could be on something here.
No it's too early to
say that.
Listen, please, where's your
We've had a linguist
listening to our conversation.
- You speak accentless English.
- So I'm American?
So you probably moved
a lot as a child or teenager.
Do you think I'm American?
One of them speaks a little
That's your guy.
Talk to him. Any information
he gives, could help you out alot here.
No, no, no, no!
I just wanna ask you...
I just need to ask you a
No! No! Please...
Help me!
- Help!
- Hello are you there?
Help me, help me
No help me
Hello are you there?
Hello are you there?
Thank you
Who am I?
Please, who am I?
Who am I, who?
I don't know what you are
I don't understand...
Mo-mo-mozete sa mnom...
Mo-mozete sa mnom...
Mozete sa mnom ono...
...ono sto zelite.
I'm trying! Im trying!
Okay! Okay! Okay!
Mozete sa mnom
Mozete sa mnom ono sto zelite.
- I couldn't pick up.
- We traced the number you're calling with.
It's not good. The guy once
worked as police officer in Mostar.
So you can't call the police?
I'm sorry.
Can't you just get me out of
Even if I'm not American?
Do you admit you're
not American?
No! I don't who I am or what I
Just please can you come help
We'll have a diplomatic
crisis on our hand if we use...
...violence in a foreign
country and don't have clearance.
You wouldn't risk that to
save an Australian or Brit?
I mean is there not some sort of
law that you have to help people?
There is. But that means
I have to warn the Bosnian police.
I'm here to help you. I'm
a patriot and I truly believe...
...America can't leave
fellow Americans behind.
Do you have any
It will help us
to figure out who you are.
No, I don't have any tattoos
I checked already.
No listen wait.
They made me say something in
their language...
...and one of them filmed it.
It was something like m-m-mozete
sa mnom, something I don't know.
Try harder. It could
help us a lot.
Mozete sa mon something.
- I don't know.
- Mozete sa mon?
Come on we're recording this.
We have people here who speak Bosnian.
I, that's all I can remember.
Hold on. I'll call you back.
Can you help me?
Could you please help me get
out of here?
I won't tell anyone.
I promise.
Do you know where the key is?
Mozeta sa mon rat ucinio.
Rats ucinio, rat, something.
You're sure?
No ofcourse not.
I'll have it checked immediately.
Anything else?
Yeah where is your agent?
You have to give us
something to work with. Think.
Yeah I can think a lot fucking
harder if I knew who your agent was.
Hurry up. Someone called.
It was a local. I thought it was you.
I picked up.
Did you say anything?
Of course not. But they''ll know
somebody has his cell phone.
Someone is coming for me here
Maybe it wasn't important.
Could be his dentist or...
I don't think these people've ever
visited a dentist in their life.
I just had contact with our
agent, she'll be at your location soon.
Did they really made
you say rat?
I don't know.
Rat means war in their language.
War? What could that mean
That could indicate
who you really are.
You mean I'm some kind of
It's too soon to say
that but we've had some...
...operations in
Bosnia in the past.
So now you need
to give us something more.
I call you back okay?
Thank you.
Who am I?
Please, who am I?
Please help me. I won't tell
You run away
Where is your agent?
There is an old car
in front of the stable.
Is she outside?
And I think we found
out who you are.
You are an American.
Richard Smith.
Richard James Smith.
Richard James Smith.
Does that name ring a
I have to call you back.
I think they shot her.
You sure?
Did they kill her?
It's just a wild pig.
Try to remember. If
you're Richard Smith...
- ... we'll get you out of there.
- I really don't know.
You were born in Barberton, Ohio.
You're fifty-eight years old.
Is that your age,
There is no way that
I'm fifty-eight.
I was just testing
Testing me?
I need to know if
you're honest.
You are.
Could you be
I could be. When will you
get me out of here?
We have to be absolutely certain
you're Richard Smith before we...
...can greenlight this
Hold up.
They're coming.
Make sure they don't
find your cell phone.
We can't help you
without it.
No? No, no telephone.
I don't have a phone.
Look, no phone, see.
No phone.
No phone. No, no.
Did you say American? Hold on
did you say American?
I'm American?!
Am I American?
What are you doing?
Stop! What are you doing?!
Ah! God... No!
There's no phone in there!
Ah fuck!
I have no fucking phone!
No, keep that away from me!
Get out!
What's wrong with you people!
What's wrong with you people!
What happened?
When is your agent getting
me out of here?
I understand you're impatient.
But we are doing the best we can.
Nothing. But I'm sure that I'm
One of them said "American" to me. It
sounds the same in their language.
Come on. I'm American.
They may think you're American.
That doesn't necessarily mean you are.
You're gonna get me killed.
What did you say?
You say... three million
Yes. Yes three million dollars
Yes, yes, if you help me get
out of here.
I swear to you, three million dollars.
Just for you.
I promise.
Please. Please.
Down write on paper... and number people pay.
I don't remember any numbers.
Down phone.
Yes... here, yes I remember.
Thank you.
Please, I promise.
Please leave a
message after the beep.
We're still not
So you're just gonna let me rot
Who are you talking
A goat.
Are you alright?
Never better.
I personally decided to
give you the benefit of the doubt.
Thank you. So you'll get me out
of here?
We have managed to track down Elaine
Karaskiewicz. This should be the final test.
If you're Richard
Smith then she's your mother.
We have her on the
line right now.
I'll passing her
Listen, I don't remember
They told me,
they'll get you out of there.
- What did they do to you Richard?
- I'll tell you later...
...just please have him
get me out of here please.
Mrs. Karaskiewicz,
is this your son's voice?
I don't know.
Ask him some
questions to make sure...
What should I
ask him?
Ask him if he remembers
anything about his father.
My father, no I don't remember
He died four years ago.
Long cancer.
He loved you
very much.
I don't remember.
I want you back home,
Richard. Do you remember your son?
Michael. You and your
wife Ann separated four years ago.
Mrs. Karaskiewicz.
Does this sound like your son?
I detect some
hesitation in your voice.
- You're absolutely sure?
- He sounds kind of different.
Yes or no, Mrs.
- Okay. Thank you very much. Richard?
- Yeah?
So you were a marine.
So was I.
A marine?
You served in Bosnia for a while and
you probably pissed off the wrong people.
We'll get you out of
Within six minutes.
Is your agent ready yet?
We're still not
entirely convinced though.
She said I was her son.
We talked to her afterwards.
And she's not sure at all.
I want to ask you to
speak to her again. Convince us.
Just be yourself. You
Richard? Are you
really Richard?
- Listen mother, I want you to tell...
- What did you just say?
- Did you call me mother?
- Yeah I want you to tell them...
Richard never calls
me mother. He always called me mom.
I've lost my memory. Please
help me.
You're not
You're saying strange things
and you don't sound like Richard at all.
Please, they'll kill me.
You're not Richard.
Where's Richard.
Please, listen. I'll die if you
don't tell them I'm your son.
Richard is my son!
Do you know what they've done
to me?
I really
Okay, we're going to
end this conversation.
- No, let me talk to...
- You're not Richard Smith. Period.
- He is! He is.
- But you just said he wasn't.
I'm sixty-five years old.
I'm confused.
Did you hear her? Please?
Okay. We're going to
look into his files.
You're calling on one
of their cell phones, aren't you?
Give me the number and
names of some of his contacts.
What for?
You're not Richard Smith. You've
read the contacts on his cell phone.
They're ethnic
America didn't fight Croatia during...
America didn't fight
Croatia during...
...their civil war.
We bombed the Serbs.
It is the Serbs who hate
us and Richard Smith in particular.
How do you know they're Croats.
If they were Serbs you wouldn't
have been able to read their names.
They use the Cyrillic
I gotta be someone.
You could be
Robert Johnson.
That doesn't ring a bell to me.
- We sorta looked...
- Wait, wait, yes!
Robert Johnson, that's me.
That's my name.
I'm Robert Johnson.
There is one thing
we could use to identify you.
Have you got a large
scar just above your left elbow?
Really? Robert F. Johnson
doesn't have a large scar on his elbow.
- I made it up just to see...
- I'm getting sick of this.
You're just gonna let me die.
No. But we need to know
who you are. Describe yourself.
Telephone! Telephone!
I don't know! I don't have a
Telephone! Telephone!
Telephone! Telephone!
Our agent saw someone
else surveilling near the stable.
Someone to come get me?
Or someone who paid them to hold
you hostage but doesn't entirely trust them.
Try to remember anything.
A person, a name of a place.
I'm sorry. I've got nothing.
Look, we'll help you. No
matter what you've done earlier.
You think I'm a criminal?
Are you?
I really don't know who I am
but... of them called me American
in their language, I'm sure of it.
That's not good enough.
Who are you?
I was in a hotel. A police
officer came into a room.
Did you look away?
You probably did
something shady in Bosnia.
- You're still gonna help me?
- Of course. We have an idea but...
- What?
- Talk to them.
We'll teach you some Bosnian
words leave the cell phone open.
So you hear them answer in
We have people here who speak Bosnian,
so we'll probably find out who you are soon.
They'll kill me if they find
the cell phone.
This could be our
only chance.
What do I say?
- Sto si mi zamjera
- That's 'why do you resent me?' in Bosnian.
How am I suppose to get
them come over?
Just yell 'budale'. Budale
means idiots in their language.
Here we go.
Ono sto si mi zamjera.
Ono sto si mi zamjera.
Ono sto si mi zamjera.
Ono sto si mi zamjera.
Ono sto si mi zamjera.
Are you gonna hit me or not!
Am I American?
Am I?
Am I an American?
Am I American?
Did you hear? They said
Yes. Our interpreter is
listening to it for a second time.
So when will you get me out
of here?
It only proves that
they think that you're American.
- It doesn't necessarily...
- Stop! Please stop that shit!
I'm sorry.
They said nothing
which could tell us something
What are you talking about?
They said a bunch of things.
That they should kill
you, that Croatians don't like you.
So that's it then?
We're letting relatives of missing
Americans hear fragments of our conversation.
If they recognize
your voice we may get a hit.
How many Americans are missing?
A lot.
So seriously, what are my
Don't expect too
Ana Boban!
Ana Boban!
Sex! I have sex with Ana Boban.
I have sex with Ana Boban.
I have sex with Ana Boban.
Get back!
Get back!
I will kill him! Get back.
I will fucking kill him!
Give me car
Where is the car!
Stay back!
Yes, we've been in contact with
Senator Florenzi. You might be his son.
He has psychological issues and
has last been seen in Slovenia, Europe.
We believe you're him.
He has a history of amnesia.
Our agent is close.
She'll give you a smartphone.
Take a picture of
yourself and send it to me.
Why didn't your agent give me
a smartphone earlier.
It would've revealed
our involvement.
So now that you think I'm the son
of some important person you...
This is your only chance. You
understand? This is your only chance.
Please leave a
message after the beep.
Message sent.
So Am I Senator Florenzi's son?
But we know who you
are now.
An American?
We just need confirmation
from the Secretary of State. But...
When will he okay it?
Within minutes,
maybe even seconds.
So who am I?
Do you really want to
Of course.
You're James Huddlestone.
You've done twelve years in prison... the United States
for pedophiliac offences.
You raped little girls. Most
of them aged under the age of ten.
So you not gonna come and help
We will help you.
You're still an American citizen.
Thank you.
Don't. I wouldn't help
someone like you if I didn't have to.
This is how it's gonna be.
Lie down on the floor.
What's going to happen.
First we'll jam every cell phone.
So that they can't call for help.
- Great.
- I'm sorry?
- Our agent is leaving.
- Why? What? No!
No she's here right now.
That's not our agent.
She just drove away.
We found out you fled
to Cambodia five years ago.
You also applied for
Cambodian citizenship.
Did I get it?
The Cambodian government just
approved it. The fax with their approval...
...just came through.
But you still gonna come help
me though, right?
Why would the CIA help
a Cambodian citizen in Bosnia?
Who did I rape?
One of them was the daughter
of the Croation ambassador in the USA.
I believe she's now a
famous violin player, Sara Latinovic.
She set this all up. She'll...