Hostages (2017) Movie Script

They were gifted,
talented people,
But does having talent
mean that the rules don't apply?
Their socialist motherland provided them
with everything they needed.
They studied foreign languages,
How did they repay this?
Instead of selflessly serving
their motherland
and becoming
respectable Soviet citizens,
They used their youth and talent
to commit a heinous crime.
Now they must accept
their deserved punishment.
This is painful
to comprehend.
Zura, come with me.
Let's go.
What're you doing?
I'm going back.
- Hey, got a smoke?
- Yes.
Tell your guys to get out.
Swimming is not allowed after 23:00.
American "Camel"?
Can I have two?
5 more minutes, please.
I can't allow it, I will be punished.
Are you afraid they might
swim to Turkey?
I said it's not allowed.
Get going.
Get moving.
Take your things.
Wait here.
Tired, Batono Shota?
- Sorry for making you wait.
- It's nothing.
I've troubled you.
Here, they brought a folder
from below.
Please, take a look.
They were in Tbilisi a month ago.
They met with your son.
Did they visit your home?
I doubt it,
my wife would have said something.
Just recently, they attempted to enter
the waters of the Baltic.
- The sea?
- Yeah.
- Is it prohibited?
- Of course.
I didn't know.
The waters are a maritime border,
so it's considered a breach
of border control.
They wanted to escape.
No, we keep close track
of Sandro.
Does he go to church?
He does.
But he's an artistic person,
how can you fully understand him?
Yeah, it's hard.
I'm an atheist myself.
I bring knowledge to the people.
I'm a professor.
Batono Shota,
I want to ask you.
If you see anything strange,
be sure to let us know.
We won't miss anything.
Dear comrades!
It's not working.
Come help.
Good day!
- Batono Shota, how are you?
- You know, I feel like an old man.
Guram, forgive me,
I'm tearing you away from work.
They're planning something,
but I'm afraid to ask what.
They're old enough,
I can't constantly watch over them.
What do I do at the KGB?
What do I say?
I understand.
Let's not talk here.
I'll take care of everything.
Come in.
What's with him?
He's been angry since the morning.
Go talk to him.
What happened?
- You don't know?
- No.
Your Sandro's father
came by.
You know
that the KGB summoned him?
I'll tear your tongue out.
What, am I supposed
to not talk to anyone?
You babble too much.
You want to create problems for me?
Who are these Estonians?
What Estonians,
are you crazy?
What're you crazy?
I'll send him off to the army,
that'll straighten him!
Everything is OK,
Hurry up.
I'll stay here,
you go inside.
Sandro, wait.
you can't go here.
You've decided
to become a priest?
You want me
to kill myself?
He can't come here.
Do you know that they're
throwing him out of the academy?!
Let him decide
for himself.
What, are you going to take care of him
after then? Stop clouding his mind!
Don't sin,
you're in a church.
How dare you?
I was 10 years old
when they shot my parents.
- Is Arthur here?
- Yeah, upstairs.
I'll be back
in 5 minutes.
You can't even imagine
what I got!
Hey, Father.
- Do you have anything good?
- Father took everything good already.
Oh, please give this to me,
I've been looking for it for a month.
30 rubles.
Here's the money.
Give it to him,
or he'll start crying.
You won't be able
to listen to it on this anyway.
Do you want any original Marlboros?
We just got a shipment.
Misha, you're a strange fellow!
This is a priest, they don't smoke.
It's just an offer.
Come help me instead.
You were in Batumi?
How do you know?
I had a vision.
I'm tired
of your visions.
There are a lot of rumors,
and you all have been talking too much.
We're not saying anything.
Put the envelope
and record separately.
Do as I told you.
Don't worry.
I'll visit you sometime soon.
- Hello, dear friend! How's your father?
- Thank you.
- Nika, come to the make-up room.
- I will. 2 minutes.
- Did you bring it?
- Here you go, Beatles.
- Do you like it?
- It's great!
Did you bring it?
- It's light.
- Well it's plastic, it's not real.
you have a real one too?
don't blow up.
I have to go,
I came to audition.
Give it back.
You'll get yellow teeth
and wrinkles.
Let's go.
- Otto, when will you be back?
- I don't know.
- But I need to know.
- Stop trying to control me.
Want some?
Hey guys.
Did you bring it?
Show us.
Which direction are you going?
Into the mountains,
to hunt.
Be careful, there was fog in the morning,
Don't get lost.
Your hands are cold, you have the jimmies?
- Have you drunk?
- No, I stopped.
Let's go take care of you.
So, Zuriko,
your pops is getting old?
Remember my son?
- Hello!
- Where's the 2nd one?
I remember them
when they were this tall.
Can you tell him,
should a Georgian man wear a ponytail
like that?
Come on, let's go.
Do you know who this is?
You know how every evening
you hurry home to watch TV?
That's his doing.
We're here for a check-up.
Wait please.
What good film
were they showing?
Lady Karate?
No. Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet',
It's fantastic.
I cried.
- They don't want to watch it.
- Dad, we've seen it.
Sure, seen it...
My patient is waiting.
- So it's not a heart attack, right?
- No, don't worry.
- Your beard is tickling me!
- A real man has to have a beard!
Give me a cigarette.
- Tengiz came by.
- And?
You can imagine
how much father was sucking up to him.
- Like usual?
- Yeah, he was fawning over him.
Can you speak Russian?
I want to laugh too.
It's about patients.
I'm going.
Will I see you tonight?
- Are you crazy?
- What's wrong?
- What's that car?
- It's from work.
And the driver?
He'll leave us
at the summer house.
We don't want
any extra eyes.
The whole Soviet Union is proud
of the Georgian soccer team!
Imagine that an older person
enters the room.
They might reach their hand out to you.
Only then can you shake it.
you must be standing.
Women can then can sit.
Only after that, the children can sit.
Never reach out
your hand first.
- Dowe have ammunition?
- Yeah.
After the wedding
Manana will lead us
past the security check.
No one will search us.
We'll say that we're bringing medicine.
We'll invite her
to the wedding.
There's too many guests already,
there's no space.
Just bring a chair
for her.
She'll sit
with Anna's friends.
What if they find it?
- What?
- The gun.
- We'll say that we wanted to go hunting.
- What?!
Or to shoot
after the wedding.
I'm certain,
they won't search us.
There are 10flights a day to Batumi,
who searches them all?
We'll be the only ones on the plane
I thought of something.
I have a lot of days of filming
Maybe I should finish filming
and then after we can execute our plan?
No, not after.
Are there any attendants on the flight?
Does someone accompany the plane?
I think so, yeah.
- What do you mean, I think so?
- There probably are.
He is scared.
Did you say something to him?
On the contrary,
I'm taking care of him.
- Kote asked me to say hi to you.
- Who?
Our cameraman.
He asked about you.
What're you, holed up at home,
you don't go out?
Only at night, when everyone is sleeping.
I don't want to see their faces.
- Have you tried leaving?
- Where?
America, for example.
What do you mean, Nika?
Have you tried?
Yeah, I ran around
for all the documents.
They said: "Sorry,
you're not allowed to leave."
You know
what that means?
They didn't even let me go
to East Germany.
how good it smells!
What if I go,
will you go with me?
If you take me with you.
Just find me a healthy woman
with an Israeli passport.
I'll marry her
and will gladly go.
Just don't tell your mom,
or she'll get worried.
I'm serious.
If we plan it out,
will you go?
What are you talking about,
- From Batumi to Turkey.
- How?
Like that.
You tell the pilots.
It's 15 minutes to the border.
Who will let you enter into Turkey,
You were always talking
about how you don't like living here.
We need to try
to get out somehow.
I'm not serious.
I'm just imagining.
Don't drive each other mad
with these fantasies.
Who set you to this?
But dad, no one
will willingly let us out of here.
If you try it yourself,
you'll end up in Siberia.
You're so afraid.
What does fear
have to do with it?
How do you know,
what I'm afraid of?
You're mistaken, boy.
You and your clever friends.
I sit here behind 4walls,
but I feel free.
Yeah, but you only leave
the house at night.
Should I live like that too?
Stop pretending
to be miserable.
Yeah, it's me,
Nika, hurry up,
we're waiting for you.
Mom, just second,
I'm in my underwear!
What're you embarrassed of?
I took care of you when you were an infant.
Come on.
Take that off.
Put this on.
Doesn't it look
like a police uniform?
- Do I look like an idiot?
- A little bit.
You're our wonderful boy.
- Can't I go to the wedding without a suit?
- You can't, son.
You can take it off after
and roll up your sleeves.
I'll sew the jacket to the shirt,
So he can't take it off.
Stop it,
don't tease him.
- What did you decide?
- Not here, I'll tell you later.
Raise your arms.
What time is it?
Want me to teach you
how to shoot?
Get up then.
- That was loud.
- Well yeah, come here.
- Will it burn my hand?
- No, you saw I didn't burn mine.
- Like this?
- Wait.
Like this. Hold it.
- Let go.
- Aim like this.
Come on.
Why didn't it shoot?
I forgot to load it.
- Where's the ammo?
- In the bag.
You have so much stuff in here,
I can't find it.
It's there.
I can't find it.
Give it to me.
Why did you bring so
much stuff into the woods?
I wanted to.
- Then you look.
- I will.
Wait, where are you taking the gun?
Give it to me.
Let's drink
to the newlyweds!
Let's wish them good health
and happiness!
And many years!
Don't look so glum,
Let's stand
and drink to the newlyweds.
Stand up.
Nika, for you 2!
Be healthy, children.
Zuriko, don't drink so much,
tone it down a bit.
What, son?
What're you doing?
My dears!
I have a house outside of town.
I'll give you the keys, you can stay there
for as long as you want.
The garden is gorgeous.
And you'll have some rest
from your mother.
Dad didn't come?
- He didn't know that it was your wedding?
- He knew.
He didn't want to see
my relatives.
Look what I have!
Nika, throw one here.
- You'll take Tamuna tomorrow?
- Yeah.
- She's going, right?
- I already said yeah.
Where have you been?
You know
how I found out about your wedding?
From your mom.
I also found out
from my mom.
- Really though, where have you been?
- Oh, come on, stop pulling my leg.
Oh, if only you knew
how much I want to hide.
My legs are so tired,
I'm never wearing heels again.
It was a great wedding.
I had a lot of fun.
I think I'm drunk.
You didn't drink, you should have.
The wine was really good.
Who chose it?
Are you tired?
- That man is eavesdropping.
- Who?
He's wasted.
You're crazy.
I'm telling you,
he's eavesdropping.
Look, he's pretending.
You're losing your mind.
Why are you acting like this?
Forgive us, please.
What, the bride has run away
from her wedding?
Better to cry now
than later.
What, sister,
did someone offend you?
Did someone offend you?
Let's go home.
Forgive me,
Lieutenant, everything is OK.
Just family matters.
Yes, dear.
You're up already?
I'm OK.
How about you?
Great, I'll be waiting.
Don't call on all your friends,
we won't all fit in here.
What did you decide?
- I think I have a fever, no?
- No.
Let me see.
Stop making things up.
But check anyway.
He can't not sleep at night,
he's not allowed.
- When are you flying?
- At8.
Couldn't you have put
off the filming?
Call them and tell them
that it's your wedding.
I can't mom.
I can't just bail on 100 people.
- Isn't a wedding a good reason?
- The wedding was yesterday.
Would you take a look
at him.
Alright, that's enough.
Here, look at it.
- Is there a fever?
- Yeah, you're doing.
Dying, huh?
Pick up the phone.
I talked to Manana,
she'll come out just for us.
She's waiting
at the airport.
What, are you afraid?
What does fear
have to do with it?
I'm waiting for you at home.
- What're you, sick?
- No, not really.
Did you tell the girls?
Are they coming?
Tamuna will come.
I bought the tickets.
We'll be the only ones
in the plane.
Here are yours.
Give me the bag.
It's over there,
show him, Nika.
Koka, let's go, I'll
give you something to eat.
No, thank you.
What's this bag?
What will fit in here?
I know you, you'll hardly bring
any clothes there and you'll get sick.
- Mom, what's the difference.
- What do you mean? We have so many bags.
Let's repack it in this.
I'll do it.
Don't forget warm clothes.
Mom, she knows.
Eat something
and then you can go.
I'll wait for you outside.
Let's avoid lengthy farewells
and tears.
Nika, my boy,
Let's raise a glass
for all of us.
He's been strange like this
since childhood.
You just keep eating,
- Nika, what happened?
- What, mom, what happened??
You'll tear my ear off.
How about Manala's dancing
at the wedding?
Alright, universal sadness!
- What, does he really like her?
- I think so.
What's wrong with you,
are you afraid of flying?
No, of course not.
We're here.
Alright guys, off you go,
I have another order.
We will, just 2 minutes.
how are you?
Give that here.
What's that?
I have a headache.
Give me one too.
Pass the water.
It was such a wonderful wedding,
I had so much fun.
Oh and I danced so much!
I didn't scare anyone, did I?
You have a wonderful mother.
Wait, I'll buy some champagne
and I'll come back.
We'll go up then.
I think I'm still hungover.
Today isn't my shift,
but I came out to work because of you.
I looked at my alarm clock and I was afraid
that I was late.
Oh, it's so nice here.
Is that our plane?
Yeah, it's a Tu.
Wasn't it supposed
to be a Yak?
They changed it
in the morning.
When there aren't enough passengers,
we combine 2flights into 1.
- So there's going to be more passengers?
- What, you wanted to fly by yourself?
First you'll go to Batumi,
and then they will continue to Leningrad.
Put your bag up
for screening.
- Here?
- On the table.
If they start searching us,
go back home.
Don't embarrass me.
Where is it customary
to search a groom and bride?!
- Take the next flight.
- Are you crazy?
Come on,
I was at their wedding
They're so nice!
Will you accompany us?
Thanks, guys.
How are you, Ivanich?
Ready for take-off.
Quite full today.
- Hi, Manana! How are you?
- I'm fine.
Please take good care of my friends.
They will get the first-class treatment.
- They were married yesterday.
- Congratulations.
Lucky them.
Give me the bag.
How are you?
Please proceed to your seats.
Oh, we're celebrating a wedding.
Let them through.
Good afternoon!
- Hi, I'm Lasha.
- Tamuna.
May your life be long
and happy.
For you.
You're a good boy
for coming.
Don't drink too much.
- Give me something stronger.
- I bought it for the pilots.
I won't drink it all.
- You're the witness, right?
- Yeah.
- You cannot go there!
- I have a present for the pilot.
He has a present for you.
From the groom.
Thank you, friend.
Once we get to Leningrad
I'll be happy to drink it.
Take the bottle, please.
Please take your seat.
I'll walk you to your seat.
- What're you celebrating, dears?
- A wedding.
- Who's?
- Here.
Oh, my dear.
I wish you
a great many children.
That's enough,
leave some for us.
Please move to your seat.
Wait a minute.
Take a look this way.
Oh, you're that boy,
from the film.
You recognize me?
The little boy from the movies.
And look at him now,
starting his own family.
Let me give you a hug!
What was your dance?
Dance, dance.
Please, get to your seat!
I know that this is a plane and not a bus.
I'm getting tired of you, witch!
Everybody, take your seats now!
Good afternoon, dear passengers.
Pilot Merab Dolidze welcomes you
on board of TU-134...
- Put your head on my shoulder.
- I don't want to.
We'll be arriving in 45 minutes.
Vera, high winds in Batumi.
30 minutes' delay.
Dear passengers, due to the weather
conditions our take-off is delayed.
- For how long?
- It will be announced.
I have business in Batumi,
people are waiting for me!
Sit down, please.
There's a drunk passenger.
I'm sick of you.
Your documents.
Calm down,
I'm sure that everything will be alright.
I'm sure that nothing bad
will happen.
I'll return your passport
as soon as we land.
Take a seat in the
front, please.
He's drunk a lot.
I guess that's the attendant?
Our aircraft is ready for take-off.
Please, fasten your seat belts.
Pull your seats into the upright position.
Ready for take-off.
Course 320 degrees.
Retract the landing gear.
Where are they?
Let's start?
- I think it's him.
- In the leather jacket?
He hasn't taken his eyes off of us.
And he talked to the police officers.
Come here.
- Has it been 10 minutes since take off?
- Yeah.
Maybe we should start?
Let's wait just a little longer.
- Are you afraid?
- No, what does fear have to do with it?
- So what's your groom's name?
- Nika. Have you seen him in the films?
We don't have time for films.
- Are you also an actor?
- No, I am a painter.
Can you draw my portrait?
- Here?
- Why not?
Would you like champagne?
Alcohol is not allowed
on domestic flights.
Even on international flights.
How do you know?
I'm getting ready to take a test
for international flights.
I will be flying around the world.
Yes. I'm listening.
Turning back to Tbilisi.
Dear passengers, due to bad
weather conditions in Batumi
we are turning back to Tbilisi.
Please take your seats.
Why are we turning back?
They've realized
something, we need to start.
Wait, don't panic.
- I haven't shot from this one before.
- Give it to Sandro.
If we had taken the bus,
we would have been there by now.
Koka says for me to
take care of that guy.
Alright, do it.
- I don't have a gun. How?
- I don't know, try something, a bottle.
Don't panic,
wait for us here.
Hey! What are you doing?
Get off!
What have you done?
Don't yell.
Get on the damn ground!
Hold his head!
Hold him!
- Are you with the authorities?
- No.
Then why did you sit here, damn it!
What're you doing?
Don't shoot, don't shoot!
Who shot?
The door, Merab,
the door!
Move him out! Lock up the cockpit!
Come on!
Faster, faster!
Get up,
don't look that way.
Flight809. We are under attack!
Heading for Tbilisi.
I think they've killed me.
The bullet hit my lung.
Oh Lord, it's Tbilisi.
Koka, don't do it.
We shouldn't have done this.
Landed, commander.
There are soldiers on the runway!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Get up.
Stay here.
- Stay here.
- Don't kill me.
There are two of them
in the back of the plane.
Both have grenades.
Which one of you
is Nino?
You need to accompany me to the airport.
Get dressed.
- What happened?
- I'll tell you on the way.
Get dressed.
I'll come with you.
only the lady.
Forgive me, but...
- What's going on here?
- Follow me.
- What happened, Tengiz?
- Calm down, don't panic.
They don't have anything on Nika
They're saying that he fell
under the influence of those guys.
Give us some time to work.
Nino, dear.
Sit down,
don't talk.
Wait here, please.
someone needs to go out.
I don't know.
We need to talk to them.
Can I go out?
Let Tamuna go.
Tell them
that we need a new plane.
This one
won't be able to take off.
And let the wounded out.
I'll decide for myself
who to let out.
- My brother is wounded.
- Stop, Lasha.
- Did you understand?
- Yeah, a new plane.
Jump, jump.
No, it's not me! I'm now with them!
It's not me!
Calm down, quiet,
don't be afraid.
Thank you.
Our young ones,
our children,
I address you as a parent,
as your elder comrade,
for your safety.
I'm begging you,
putdown your weapons, let the hostages go,
and leave the airplane.
We must do everything
to prevent bloodshed.
The Soviet leadership
that if you surrender,
your life
will be spared.
Someone needs
to read the Bible.
Read it.
The letters are small,
I can't see.
Thank you.
- I told you to read.
- I can't see.
Who can read?
I'll read.
Shoot me, I'm tired.
Nika, I'm begging you.
Take care of her.
Come in.
- Do I need to take this off?
- The officer will tell you.
Take that off.
Get dressed.
This is what you'll say to your son.
Read it.
I can't say this.
Can I use my own words?
It's clear how well you've raised him
using your own words.
That's enough.
What happened?
- I'll talk to my son.
- There's no need.
We're starting the assault.
Comrade General, ready for take over.
Beryoza 1, Beryoza 2, Beryoza 3,
Report. We are inside the plane.
Sandro, my son.
Getaway from the window,
that's forbidden.
I told you,
I warned you.
You should have told your son.
You damn conman.
A few scoundrels
who didn't want to live in their country,
killed 3 innocent people,
true patriots.
Today, we must return their bodies
to the earth.
This tragic event
has disturbed all of Georgia.
And this is at a time when our republic
is rapidly developing
and the name of the Georgian people
rings with pride.
A time when our achievements
have been multiplied
and we have tasted the
fruits of our labor,
it is at this moment
that we received a traitor's blow.
What did they want?
They had everything.
What did they have?
Did they lack something?
Don't talk to me like the announcer on TV
who is reading a script.
Stop the car.
Get out.
What is this drivel?!
That's it's hell here
and heaven there.
How do you know
how life is everywhere?
Here, everything is beautiful,
and there, everything is different.
It's a shame
that they didn't get out.
In exactly 2 months
they would be begging their parents
to bring them back.
How do you know
how life is over there?
You're right,
I don't know.
Because I haven't seen anything
and I don't want you to tell me about it.
I don't want to have
one of these dissident conversations.
What's wrong with you?
Is your conscience gnawing at you?
They're all my children.
My body and blood.
But they'll answer
for their actions.
We're done here.
In the name of the students and the Young
Communist League of the Academy of Arts,
we denounce the heinous act
of our ex-classmates.
Our youth student organization
fully supports the opinion
of the university board.
The hijackers must be punished
as severely as possible.
They're not worthy of being citizens
of our great Soviet motherland.
Shame on them.
what did they lack?
Their families had everything.
Their parents should be jailed
together with them.
- Did something happen?
- Nothing, continue on.
- Does Daniil live here?
- Yes.
What's going on?
The suspects
directed us to you.
They claim
that you were their spiritual leader.
Did they gather
at your place?
I don't know.
Did you take them to church?
That's how I live.
Yeah, your profession
is quite unusual.
Do you recognize this?
We confiscated it
from one of the hijackers,
he claims
that you gave it to him.
Yes, it's mine.
So you used this
to cloud the minds of children?
With what?
Music and the Gospel?
According to the laws of our country, this
is propaganda of the bourgeois life-style.
You should have known that.
Are you trying
to play stupid?
We'll jail you
with the rest of your friends.
I wasn't
on the plane.
Sit down.
How can you atone for your actions?
What can you say to the families
of the murdered?
You had everything!
What were you missing?
Do you still want to go to the West?
Still think the West is superior
to our Soviet system?
How could you betray such values
as friendship and humanity?!
This is Gospel that you read,
Doesn't it include the 10 commandments?
Doesn't it say 'Thou shalt not kill'?
In your closing words say
that you are guilty.
I already said that.
Yes, but clearer.
But you told me that
if I take the blame on myself,
that they would
get a reduced sentence?
Yes, of course, that makes sense.
You weren't on the plane at all.
They won't punish you.
Alright, thank you.
Your honor, I have provided
evidence of guilt
of the defendants:
Chheidze, Lasha and Irakli Barbakadze,
Koberidze and Maisuradze.
Now, I urge you to consider
the severity of their crime.
Their actions led to deaths
of innocent passengers
and members of the flight crew.
The last word is given
to Daniil Cheidze.
They had nothing to do
with it.
It was all me,
I set them to it.
Cheidze, don't take so much on yourself,
you don't need to say that much.
but I spoke to them.
The investigation has already determined
what you said to them.
Do you understand?
Sit down.
Anna Maisuradze.
You may speak.
No amount of freedom
is worth the life of another.
I'm sorry,
I don't know what to say.
Nikoloz Koberidze.
It's really hard for me
to speak.
I don't know,
I won't be able to apologize.
What would that look like?
It would be insulting
to the victims.
The court rules to sentence.
Anna Maisuradze to
15 years of incarceration.
Daniil Chheidze
is sentenced to death.
But you promised,
you lied to me.
Irakli and Lasha Barbakadze,
sentenced to death.
Nikolas Koberidze: Sentenced to death.
They must have been buried
I think this is
where they buried the executed.
- Aren't you cold, don't you have a hat?
- No.
So many years have passed.
Can we even identify the bodies?
It's terrible.
They could have at least shown the parents
their graves.
- Wait in the car.
- What?
Wait in the car.
- And you?
- I'll come.
don't go there.
- Is it Nika?
- No, it's not Nika.
Who is it then,
where is my son?
I saved your things, you know.
Here they're.
Your jacket.
You know
what I always think about?
The day before, at the wedding,
you were so happy.
What happened, Anna?
Did he tell you?
Was he resentful at me
about something?
Not at all!
He said that if we had left,
we would have brought you with us.
How stupid.
Who would have let you out of the country?
Why did you drag your girlfriend
into it?
And who did he leave me with?
He was my only son.
Stupid boy.
I know how scared he must have been
in the plane.
And those poor passengers?
Where were you going?
How could you have decided on that?
We always heard stories about
how horrible the country
was that you lived in; about
how unhappy you were.
I don't know what you heard,
but nobody wanted to leave like that.
We didn't want to leave like that
Please make your way.
Please take your seat.
Dear passengers, please buckle up.
- Are you afraid of flying?