Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddare (2023) Movie Script

Hey! Ma'am is here.
Good morning, class.
Good morning, maam.
Hence proved.
Any doubts?
Divya ma'am...
You look just like Ramya [actress]
Isn't this a fantasy?
Anything can happen.
Shall we begin?
This is how cool our college is.
Ramya comes down
to teach us Maths.
~ Hostel Boys, Hostel Hostel Boys ~
We won't stop protesting until they stop
providing non-vegetarian food at our college!
Meat should be banned.
Everybody should go vegan.
Disgusting! Why do they
get drunk and act like this?
Dude, let them have their fun!
Anyhow, one or the other day,
everyone has to die of drinking.
Dude, new video from XX$F# is out.
Signal's weak over here.
- Dang! It had to buffer now!
Bro, he is hiding behind the car!
Come on, block him!
Ay, you're a snake now.
You don't sound 'Buuss Buuss'
say 'Piss Piss'.
If you cross that tape,
I'll peck you like a hawk
This trailer's trending
even after 100 million views.
Appu sir! An all-time legend
released it, therefore.
I swear he was studying
and slept just now, aunty.
We will definitely
score 8.5 GPA, aunty.
Manja, did you find it?
- Wait, I'm still looking.
Go ve...
There begins his factory siren.
Ask everybody to assemble.
Where are you going?
If I don't reach my room before the
second siren, the warden will go mad!
That Kardi [Grizzly Bear] moron!
Found it!
- Really?
- Yep.
- Got it.
- Ready.
Kardi! [Grizzly Bear]
'I hope everybody in the room'
Maintain the dik... Decorum!
Will it work?
99.9% chances of death!
- Bravo!
Careful, Manja!
Don't let it explode in your hands.
This ain't your wee-wee.
Plug your ears and wait.
You'll hear it go kaboom!
Today's your D-day, you bumpkin!
It won't go wrong today!
This won't flop, right?
- Close the door!
It took 7 hrs to make the bomb.
Still how much time? - Wait.
Another dud, eh?
- No. It can't be a...
Who was that?
- Warden!
- Was it a nuclear bomb. Bro!
That was not at all a sound.
Here it comes!
Oh, my!
Holy mother of God!
I think it's the warden!
Did a Russian bomber
just fly above the building?
I told you that the end
of the world is here.
Did the moron die?
Wait will dressup and come.
- Hey! come as it is!
Let's check it out!
- Come fast, dude!
Looks like he's dead.
I want everybody to assemble
in the quadrangle right now.
He's not dying anytime soon!
- Come on, boys.
Time to listen to his
Independence Day speech.
This plague won't
even let me study.
With your uniforms!
Even the bomb blast sounded
better than this man yelling.
Kardi [Grizzly Bear] has gone crazy!
Stand at one-arm's distance!
Make no noise!
I want pin drop silence!
Is this a hostel or a fish market?
Stand at one-arm's distance!
Maintain an arm's distance!
How to stand at a distance
when you're first in the line?
Bloody idiots of India!
'I never seen a
such worst batch'
Who planted the bomb?
Which rascal did it?
If not us,
who else could've done it?
Must be Ajith's gang.
Is this how studious boys behave?
Aren't you ashamed?!
What if I'd burned down to death?
If not as a warden! can't you at least
respect me as a retired military officer?
- Yo, shut it!
Do as you desire
outside the hostel walls.
It's none of my business.
But inside the hostel,
you are enforced to obey me!
I have eyes behind my forehead as well.
All I need is your
voice to identify you.
I'm as old as your father,
yet you think you can harass me?
Sir, it really wasn't him who...
Don't interrupt
when I am speaking!
What have I not
done for you guys?
Even though I have no kids,
I've treated you like my own.
When in Ooty, I realised that you boys must feel
cold and bought you monkey caps and sweaters.
Did you all wear it even once?
You ungrateful rascals!
Why the hell are you wasting my time
just because some idiots messed up?
We've exams from next month.
End this!
I've got to sudy!
You've got no clue about the 'owner'
who wrote this textbook!
Heard him? 'Owner' of the book, it seems!
- Screw your exams!
Hey watchman!
Lock the gate from
outside and go home today.
Moron's out tonight. Coming?
- Warden assigned the night shift. Video call?
Quit playing with me. Get here.
- On my way!
The guilty better confess!
Otherwise, I'll suspend
the entire hostel for a month!
Sir, if you do this,
we'll complain to the Principal.
Pacchi, warden babe's pissed.
- Shush!
Ay! Shut your trap all of you!
I've fought at the border!
Three bullets were
shot in my bum!
Don't just stop
at the principal.
Get the education
minister involved!
If you were born
to a single father...
Come forward and confess!
'One father, one son, come front!'
Manja, had he told me this,
I would've hung myself.
Move aside!
Abhi, Pacchi, Kashi, Ajith, Rana!
Let's go to the room!
What's with him?
- Rana, take out the packet!
Let us all eat this...
And spit on his door!
Not 'this' packet, dude.
The 'other' packet.
- Great.
Manja has finally bloomed!
Naughty boy.
- Chocolate.
- Jaljeera.
You wanted us to wear
that monkey cap, right?
Now brace for us faceless men!
- Storm the front, Manja!
Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
It's us!
Worms and germs!
You've crossed your limit, rascals!
He's heading here. Move!
- Come on.
The big fat bear is approaching.
Target in sight.
- Roger that!
Take your shot!
Come to us, darling!
Dumbos! You think I won't
know if you cover your faces?
All I need is your
voice to identify you.
- Who the hell are you?
Who am I? The scion of Kashyapa Brahma.
Born in the womb of a demon.
I've conquered...
- Father!
Rowdyism is not your cup of tea.
I'll take care.
- Round him up!
What the hell's that in your hand?
- Your death!
I'll knock your teeth out!
A stone-cold heart will never gets affected by anything.
What are you blabbering?!
If I raise my hand, you'll be battered by my 1.5 ton fist!
You want to try me?
I'll only suspend the six of you
and spare the rest of the hostel.
Is that so?
- Just a minute, sir.
If you try to meddle with the hostel and our boys.
No matter where it is and who it is,
I'll storm in and destroy everything.
To hell with you!
Wait a minute!
It's the marathon for your life!
Join us guys!
Stop right there!
Where do you think you're going?
You're getting it from me today.
- We're chasing too! Stop!
Dude, hurry up!
We'll finally get to use them.
Bro, I don't have a monkey cap.
Just wear whatever you find!
I'll whip the warden, Subbi!
I wonder what the warden
has stashed in his new fridge.
Where's the freezer?
It's at the bottom?
A cool new system.
Bigg Boss has a task for all of you.
Who's that moron in my room?
Shoot the warden on sight.
Let me go!
There's no hair on my
head to cushion the blow!
Time for 'Protest Krishna' to lend
his support to this wildcat protest!
We request you... no!
It's Big boss' order!
Get the hell back to your rooms!
The bell has not rung yet, Daddy!
Smack him!
Boom, kaboom, pow!
You're the reason Alamelu became a prostitute, warden!
Stop it!
I'm weak hearted.
I might die.
- No way! No chance!
I will complain to the police.
I'll get you and your
parents arrested.
Apologies for the interruption.
Time for a short break!
- Are you a little girl?
You'll have it next time.
- Get lost.
Why did you stop?
Please don't.
- Throw in another slap!
Please! No!
- Keep it coming!
Looks like the devotees
have gotten enraged again.
Signs of a stampede for a glance of
their favourite Lord is very likely!
The buffalo will be
sacrificed any time now.
Tomorrow's paper's headlines will read--
Looks like God has vanished.
For cooperating and ensuring the success of
the protest without causing much trouble,
Frankfurt University Friends'
Association humbly thanks you all.
Let him die!
It's super fun to have
such programs every month.
We could've made him
sprint a couple more rounds.
Come on, guys!
I'll guzzle your blood!
Oh My lord, why are you here?
You're back already?!
The real game begins now.
Bloody hell!
Come night and you
start giving speeches.
That too in choppy English.
Calling an author as
the 'owner' of the book.
My foot!
Ay! It was I who planted the bomb!
Sir, it wasn't me.
Do as you please!
Who's talking?
The one born to a single father!
Dammit! Sir!
It's all a lie!
I've no clue what's happening!
Leave me alone.
What did I ever do to you guys?
One push and you'll fly.
Do you really want to mess with us?
Shall I push?
Shall I?
- Quit playing!
I won't push you, sir.
- I'm at the edge.
Why would I push you, sir?
I don't understand a thing.
Sir, I won't...
Dude, let them have their fun!
Anyhow, one or the other day,
everyone has to die of drinking.
I didn't push you, sir!
You guys killed me!
Looks like he suffered a cardiac
arrest even before he could crash land!
He's gone, man!
Kardi's gone.
Boys! Don't panic.
Stay calm.
Firstly, let's shift
the body to the room.
You were calling him
'Sir' all the while. Dammit!
You were calling him
'Sir' all the while.
Why are you referring
to him as a 'body' now?
Dude, such is life.
Only when one's alive do the
titles 'Sir, Brother, Master' apply.
Once you're dead,
you're merely a 'body'.
Pick up the body, guys.
Come on, man.
We should've smacked him some more, man
Dude, he would've died for sure.
Then we would've ended up in jail.
Dude, we're screwed.
What do we do now?
- Let's dispose the body.
How about we burn
the body on the terrace?
No matter where they see fire,
they'll prepare for a BBQ party.
What a stupid plan!
This won't work.
Let's chop-chop the body
into teensy-weensy pieces.
Let us then dump it in
the washing machine.
It will grrrrrrrrrind it!
Its not a grinder
to grrrrrrind it!
It's a damn washing machine!
You've become insane. Might be
some problem up there, get it tested.
Let's just chuck the body under a train.
It'll get crushed.
Nobody would suspect us.
How do we go outside the campus, sir?
How about some common sense, sir?
Even kids of today know
better than you. Dimwit!
Oy! You seem to have a
problem with every suggestion.
The world has gone digital but this
man's still living in the negative era.
Why don't we dump the
body in Venky's room?
Lower your voice.
What does the body
have to do with Venky?
The entire hostel despises the nerd.
If the body's found in his room, no matter how
much he refutes it, nobody will believe him.
But why would his
door be open this late?
One whiff of a foreign author's book,
he'll open the door like a hungry dog.
This plan's a dud too.
Act casual.
- My sixth sense is acting up.
Shut up and come!
Look what I've got for you.
- Open the door, Venky.
Open the door.
It's a foreign author's book.
First copy!
Man, how tall do you think Venky is?
Why do you ask?
- Is this one of his crazy experiments?
No matter how difficult life gets,
we shouldn't kill ourselves.
Did Venky open the door?
Venky committed suicide.
What do you mean?!
- May be in fear of suspension.
What a terrible day!
What the hell's happening?
- Poor guy. He was a nice fellow.
The entire hostel
despises the nerd.
You treacherous leech!
You should've been there.
His head had twisted completely.
This one's dead. So is that one.
Everybody die!
This might sound wrong to you.
Let's dump this body
in Venkat's room.
It will look like Venkat committed
suicide after killing the warden.
I can't think of another option.
Let's get away first.
We'll figure out the rest later.
Lift the body.
- Why?
Just lift the body.
I'll tell you.
Pick up the body first.
Lift him!
My god!
Nobody's out there.
To the lift.
Over there.
Your time is up!
Who the hell is he?
He's been around since then.
When a producer decides to fund your film,
he insists that his son be casted, right?
This is him.
Wait a minute!
Isn't the gate closed?
How did we get out then?
It's fine, boys; those details
are not considered.
Okay, when we got the body inside,
didn't anybody notice us?
Dude, this is a horror-thriller.
Logic has no place here.
Please focus.
But dude, where do I focus?
I can't see a thing.
Venky has become a Ghost!!!
Ay! Shut up!
Dude, this is not believable any more.
Dude, I'll have the
lines 'THE END' roll over.
It'll work.
Trust me!
Am I doing it, right?
I'll send this to all the
short film festivals out there.
Your names will be
featured in the end credits.
Your parents will be
overjoyed when they see it.
Boys, how was the story?
Are you done with the narration?
Thank god!
It sounded like a factory siren.
Bro, did you find a producer?
Not yet.
I'm searching for one.
If you do find one,
here's my message for him.
No matter how hard life gets,
never commit suicide.
Isn't it good?
Bugger off, man!
Your story is no different
from thousands of other films.
When does this ever
happen in a hostel?
Apparently, they kill the warden,
spot a ghost and it's head rotates.
Followed by light travel.
To top it all, Sandalwood Queen
Ramya will make a comeback in his film.
Have you seen the state of our hostel?
It's nine.
You're late! Get lost!
Not a single thing in
your story seems relatable.
He writes the story and
casts himself as the lead.
Sir has to be the lead in everything.
Chuck that! Do you even have a bit
of leadership skills in you?
This coward gets scared of
just a ball thrown at him.
He's your bomb-maker.
Cinema should mirror reality.
Your script has neither
story nor structure in it.
Who would even watch it?
Dude, I'm not making a documentary.
I'm making cinema.
Cinema demands a bit of exaggeration.
Clearly you've no common sense.
Leave it aside...
We've one day to go for the exams.
With 11 failed subjects
and two year-backs,
only you could've come
up with such a shitty idea.
Daddy! For the last four months,
he's been screwing us with this story.
Manja! Did I tell you
that we're shooting today?
Let's do this after the exams, boys.
Shut your trap and get lost.
Why do we need that misfortune?
It's been six months since I went home.
Do you think we're
like this friend of yours?
Came to stay for three days and
instead settled his bum for six months.
Quiet man!
Don't drag him into this.
They threw him out of the
house for being a movie freak
I'll send him home after the exams.
Dude, he's 31 and
still making short films.
Why would his parents support him?
Let him live with us.
I don't mind it.
But this moron stuffs his
camera in the face all the time.
Good morning, bro.
Bro, done with pure sequence?
- Shut your trap and leave!
This is how they shower in the hostel.
Nobody closes the door...
This is the hostel warden.
If he finds out I'm here,
he'll lose his...
No hosteller ever uses his own deodorant.
Neither will they spare somebody else's.
Hi, bro.
The girls hostel is
close to the boys hostel.
Yet I wonder what they...
- Sorry!
They protest against the mess food
but still gobble it up like pigs.
Hey! Stop following us.
Get lost!
Nobody can see a thing
when there's a power-cut.
Turn on the night-vision
and you'll see lunatics.
Slippers for 20 bucks a pair!
Chips, water bottles and buttermilk!
For sale!
Friends, can you see me?
Ajitha, you're not realising
how serious this could get.
If the warden finds him, you're finished.
Bro, I'm doing all this to
research about hostel life.
Dude, you can't even focus a shot.
I've no idea what you'll shoot.
I'm learning, bro.
- From where?
YouTube. Superb!
- It's not your fault.
It is your generation's fault.
Manja, pass me the charger.
The battery's at 2%.
My battery has only 2% left too.
It's showing 98%, dingbat!
I meant 2% to get fully charged.
This is not an exam to
score a 100 out of 100.
Ajith! Tomorrow you are
travelling back home by bus ort
Pass me the smoke.
- What about the shoot?
Nah man!
- Come on dude.
Stop being stingy. That same cigarette
is with you for 3 months, now.
Dude, this cigarette is for my self control.
I'm not smoking it.
I've noticed your 'self-control' at nights.
- Keep walking.
Dude, please tell me
what you think of the story.
Mate, the exam's tomorrow.
I must study.
7 hours to go.
Even if I finish an unit
every hour, I'll be done.
Damn you!
Manja! Manja! Manja!
Remember the medical-love story?
- Let me go.
What do you think of it?
I won't 'act' in it,
even if you make me the lead.
By some dumb luck, you may become a 'Doctor' too,
but damn sure you can't be a 'Director'.
Dude, tell him to turn off the camera.
Feels like the Bigg Boss' house.
I need to change.
Zoom in, bro.
- Tell him, Ajith.
Manja, massage my back, please?
- I'll stomp your chest!
These buggers study
only a day before the exam.
They'll kill time all day and come night...
Kashi bro?
What happened, bro?
The warden's gone.
What the hell are you saying?!
What's wrong?!
What happened, Ajith?
- What the heck happened?
Did somebody leak the question paper?
Move it, bro!
Why are we going here?
- To the warden's room?
Let me see.
What happened?
- What did you guys do?
What would we do?
We came to ask about the tea.
He'd dropped dead by then.
What are we supposed to do?
- Take a look, Ajith.
Dude, we checked already.
He is no more.
Damn dude!
Who knows what issues he had?!
He must be under
pressure from higher officials.
Must be some family issue.
What family? He had no
wife or kids to torture him.
Why the hell is this guy
shooting a dead man?
Dude, call the Principal first.
You call the ambulance.
You go tell the watchman.
Oh yeah!
Potha wanted tea.
Something is fishy.
This feels like deja vu.
Sir, we need an ambulance
for Tunga boys hostel.
Please send one soon.
- Ask Manja to return.
But why?
- Just get him, dude.
- How can you even eat in this situation?
Don't touch the body.
You'll leave your fingerprints.
My my!
What's with all the yelling?
Did someone die?
- Correct answer.
Check it out!
Why did he come?
- Sir.
Sir, the VIP is here.
Please get up.
What is this mess?!
We don't know anything.
They were here before us.
Oy! We didn't do anything.
We came to ask about the tea...
Shut up!
He's been going on about it.
The scoundrel's dead, eh?
You maniac. Stop laughing.
- Dude...
He would've written
a suicide note for sure.
Look for it.
- Yeah. Start looking.
Surely he would've mentioned
the principal's name in it. Let's look.
Looks like a conductor's bag.
Look under the pillow.
- Stinky underwear!
What is this?
- [ON PHONE] We don't need the ambulance.
We assumed it was a heart attack.
It's just gastritis.
He's back up.
Finding his letter has become
a sort of treasure hunt.
Dude, it's not here.
Can't find anything.
- Nothing here either.
How many pills does he pop?
Hey, Rana, check his inner pockets.
Are you sure he would've written a letter?
It's not here.
Dude, check the other pocket.
Check it yourself!
Moron made me ruin my t-shirt!
I'm not going
anywhere close to him.
Received the gift of
'toying with his tool'?
Are you bloody drunk?
- Dude!
The letter.
Why did you call me, Pacchi?
That too the warden's room?
Isn't uncle around?
Dude! You said you didn't get
even one chicken piece at lunch.
You really did get one.
You dimwit!
Don't look at the chicken.
Look at the letter!
He swallowed it.
The warden is dead.
What the hell did you do to the warden?
Thank god the letter
came out of his mouth.
If it was the other end...
- Horrible smell.
Hold it far away!
To the Principal,
Agni Vidya College, Tunga University.
From Ramesh Kumar,
Warden, Tunga Boys Hostel.
Subject: Reason for committing suicide.
Look! This guy has written a
suicide note also as a leave letter!
Dear Principal,
Derick, come to the main content.
I write this letter in deep sorrow.
I've seen things that they have done.
I've also gone through
major pain because of these...
First name: Chethan alias Potha.
- What did I do?
Mister, turn off the camera!
Turn it off, man!
Ajith, tell him to turn it off.
Let it get documented.
Otherwise they'll think
we killed him.
We can delete it later.
He has given all hostel students rotten
eggs to 'throw the walls' and rooms.
So bad smell 'coming hostel',
I give my pension money to clean.
No.2: Shreyas.
Kulkarni, right?
- Alias Praje.
Stolen the petrol from tank.
Done 'piss' for car tank.
'Ajith keeps cousin in room
and outsider in the hostel.'
He also thinks 'I not notice'.
I told you to get rid of this fatso.
Manjunath alias Manja.
'I purposefully... he not flush in the
bathroom making dirt smell in the hostel.'
Who kills himself for such things?
'He is stealing food from
hostel mess and also my room.'
He didn't mean me, guys.
Thank god.
Xavier's name is also here.
'Okay, my...'
Dude, just read the names.
- Okay.
Xavier, Deepak alias DC,
Rana, Prasanna...
- Leave it, man!
Pushparaj alias Jolla, Kashi...
It's okay, bro...
- Get lost!
Your name's not even here.
Then why did you
swallow the letter?
But why Abhi?
It's written right here.
ABHI - All in upper case!
'This bloody rascal...'
'Spreading rumours for everyone that I after
all a driver and not fight for my country.'
This 'hurted' me most.
This is the worst batch ever.
Oh, shit!
We're screwed, Praje!
We'll be in jail from tomorrow.
I should've studied in my hometown,
Vellore itself.
Dude, calm down.
Why are you panicking?
Hey, how can I be calm?
Instead of panicking, do you want
me to dance in front of the body?
Fine. Get everyone whose
name made it to the list.
Yeah. I will.
- Derick.
Ask Xavier to come here as well.
God, please take me soon,
elsewhere could I liberate myself of this sin!
Who the heck kills oneself
because someone pooped and peed?
So much for being in the army!
Look at him!
Looks like a West Indies cricketer!
Who saw him first?
- When we came here, he was already dead.
Should we inform the Principal?
- Quit acting and tell me!
We're still in your story, right?
What the hell are you saying, Abhi?
Everything is happening
just like you said.
Didn't we all kill the
warden together, in your story?
Bud, you're panicking
and blabbering nonsense.
You're right. In my story,
we killed him together.
But here, he's committed suicide.
How are they both related?
Dude, something is definitely fishy.
Dude, I swear on my dead mother.
This is purely coincidental.
Then why's everything happening
exactly how you narrated it?
Mom, how will you show your face to your friends?
- Check out Manja.
How will you show
your face to your friends?
He was a daredevil in my story.
But now?
He's shitting his pants.
In my story, Venkat committed suicide.
So? Wait!
- Abhi, where are you going?
Your name's in the letter too. Don't forget.
- Abhi!
Move away man!
- Run man! Go on!
You don't know about the Karnataka Police.
The hands of the law is mighty.
We shall meet in prison.
- Venky, wait! We're coming.
- Venky!
- Venky!
- Definitely, he might've committed suicide.
Everything is happening
exactly like in the story.
I'm already dying from guilt.
- What happens next in the story?
Will I make it alive in your story?
- Ajith!
Abhi, what happened?
- It's nothing, bro.
We came to ask for notes.
- Venky?
I'm sure his head might've been twisted back.
You are okay, right?
Thank God, your neck
and feet aren't twisted.
Dude, I'm fine!
What's wrong with you?
Dude, no matter how hard life gets.
Don't ever commit suicide.
Why are blabbering such nonsense
You must be stressed
out about tomorrow's exam.
Go have a smoke,
take three deep breaths and sleep.
Everyone's asking for you.
Who the hell's he with
the camera over there?
You are lucky to be alive.
Revise thrice and go sleep.
Xavier, why are you lighting a
candle when the light's already on?
Must be part of his tradition.
- Dude!
What is he doing?
Guys, Venky is alive.
- Lock the door.
Is today an auspicious day
for everyone to die together?
What is he up to?
- Who the hell knows?
O' Xavier!
He might resurrect after three days.
What do we do now?
We still have an option.
Ay! We have four options.
To chop, burn, bury and
chuck the body under a train.
None of these will work.
Why does it seem like you've mugged them?
You won't get it.
- Dude, what if we stage an accident?
Speak loudly.
What if we stage an accident?
- Claim insurance too! Dumb idea!
Good idea.
Exam's nine hours away.
Let's create an accident and study.
Dude, what are you even saying?
- Perfect idea.
Let's make it look like a
death from a road accident.
Nobody investigates
a hit and run case.
Why even consider these options?
Let's just tear the letter.
Our names will never come out.
A Lizard?
- It's from me.
Thanks to this letter,
this will be termed suicide.
Otherwise, we'll all be framed
for committing this murder.
Yeah, man.
- Ajith, how do we stage the accident?
It's simple, man.
Let's carry the body from the
fourth floor to the ground floor.
Let's put his body in his own car.
We'll crash it against a
tree and smash him dead.
Simple, right?
- Correct, man!
He's right.
Dude, Xavier!
Are you ill?
Why's he turning away?
Dude, say something.
He's fasting and praying today.
He won't speak today.
What a fine day to choose.
- A silent pact.
Guys! He's agreed.
Let's take the body!
Wait a minute!
Hold on.
Only these many of us
won't be able to do this job.
Let's invite the principal too.
Bugger off man!
Let's take help from the seniors.
- Why do we need them?
They finished their exams and
left for home. How will they help?
Look, if you get caught
with juniors, you can escape.
What if you get caught
with seniors?
No way.
- That's right.
Who are the seniors?
Those three guys upstairs.
- Wait!
Who in their right minds
would invite those potheads?
They'll mess up things in their high.
Dude, firstly, there name's
not even on the letter.
Is that it?
Let's write their names then.
Give me that!
What is it?
Their names?
- Echo.
What is the name
of the third guy?
- Whatever it is!
They're now involved too.
Get them!
Dude, this won't work.
Will fail miserably.
Didn't he say it won't work?
- He says it'll work!
It will work.
- Let's go now.
Listen to me!
Explain the plan in Hindi, please?
This bugger!
Dude, why are you at our backs?! All the time!
- Let him come!
Dude, lets not involve Genie.
I'm damn scared.
Who's Genie?
Have I seen him?
Nope. Nobody knows where they're
floating after getting high.
Shut up! They're not
as bad as you think.
Why is he called Genie?
He's always smoking
and enters amidst smoke.
He always helps the ones in need.
- Helps, my foot!
He only has free advice to offer.
Last month, he lectured
me on time for 1.5 hours.
One shouldn't waste time.
Time waits for none.
Time is precious.
After such a torturous lecture, as if a big celebrity,
he signed my book, mentioning the date as 2020.
That bigmouth doesn't
even know it's 2023 already.
Those three probably still think
that Jayasuriya's bat has a spring.
Is this the room?
These morons haven't even
mentioned where they've moved.
Look at the smoke over there!
Must be that room.
What a landmark!
Come on, BBC!
Right behind you.
Boss, this doesn't fit your description.
- Enter and discover it for yourself.
Should I bow down and enter?
- Shut up and come.
Mother, should I trust the government?
Ideal boy.
Come in... side the room.
The divine land, Goa.
Who is this sage?
What is he doing?
- Must be watching TV.
He's having an HD experience.
Look how nicely he's playing.
Sir, Genie?
Are you guys hungry?
Let me get you something.
How many times do I have to tell
you not to pee in the commode?
The poor plants are devoid of nutrition.
Come on in.
'Please pee free.'
What the heck are you saying?
- Ay!
Brother, we've a problem!
- Huh?!
Let's roll.
Who is this caricature?
Donning a hat and a jacket.
It's a long story.
Echo, let's not waste time.
Let's get the job done quickly.
Why do they call him, Echo?
He is Genie's handyman.
He's a yes-man to Genie.
Should've been named 'Delay' instead.
His reactions are delayed
by 2 seconds. Watch now.
- Sir!
- Nothing, sir.
- It's nothing, sir.
But these three guys
never made it to Ajith's story.
That bugger doesn't like them in real life.
So he's written them differently.
What's the third guy called?
- No clue.
I've been recording them since then,
yet they've not asked me a thing.
These potheads are
clueless about who we are.
Is this how potheads behave?
- What else did you expect?
Are they supposed to act
like lunatics? Dumbhead.
Hi bro!
Won't you guys salute your seniors?
Greetings, sir!
Where's the body?
Why are they looking up?
- It's there, sir.
Which branch is he from?
He is examining like a doctor.
I'm so sorry. He is no more.
- Yes, sir.
Abhi, show the letter to brother.
- Oh! So this is what you meant by delay.
Watch; he'll lick this
vomit-coated paper itself.
'Because of the students?'
Why is he looking like that?
Do you think of us as potheads?
Are you playing games with us?
What happened, sir?
What is this?
The letter's in blue ink and you moron
have added their names in black ink.
Where's his name?
Do you know the amount
of nuisance he's caused?
How can the warden die
without writing his name?
Oh, is that it?
Let me just write it.
What's the plan now?
We thought of staging an accident.
- Nah!
Why don't we stage an accident?
Superb idea!
Yes sir!
He is dead.
We only have
three hours of time.
The body should
be disposed by then.
But why?
- Else the body will turn into an alien.
Won't he turn into a ghost?
- Science doesn't believe that.
Let's go.
- Science, Maths, Chemistry!
Come here...
I had already warned these stoners
might ruin everything. Look at him.
Why's he caressing him like
he's applying bread on butter?
This is the plan!
- It's a great plan.
Nobody should know
that we were here.
Destroy all the evidence.
There's nothing that can
stop this plan from failing.
Dude, instead of destroying
the evidence, he is creating more.
They'll end up burning the warden too.
Are you upset?
Won't one get upset if
their beloved cat dies?
Dude, there should be no fingerprints here.
Wipe everything clean.
You collect everyone's phones.
I'll be planning outside.
I don't trust anybody.
Anybody can screw us.
I don't like stupid people.
- Damn you!
It'll be fine.
Your phone, ponytail.
What are they doing?
Your hairstyle is good, sir.
That's a nice vest.
- Big brother?
Why are you wearing the bag in the front?
I'll forget it if I wear
it backwards, darling.
Dude, I need my phone back at twelve.
Is that important now, moron?
Hope your phones are on silent.
- Yes, sir.
Mine is on vibration mode.
Let it be.
It'll be soothing.
Ajith, should we really
hand over the phone?
If my father calls,
please tell him I'm studying.
Shall I tell him four chapters
are done and one's remaining?
Do I look like a messenger
pigeon to you? Idiot!
Your phone?
Oh! Won't you give?
88... 89... 90... 90...
Who are you?
Ajith's friend.
I'm researching...
Who am I?
- Oh.
What's going on here?
I can't understand a thing.
But the juniors have
asked for your help, Genie.
Help them.
Help them confidently.
4... 3... 1... 2!
There's nothing down here.
There's no evidence in the room.
- My my my!
Check this out!
What did you find?
- Before the warden breathed his last...
He's lived his life to the fullest.
The world's drowning, but you're
focusing on your kinks, drooler!
Death has no mercy.
Lust has no eyes.
What's he doing?
- Who knows what more I'll find?
Don't make noise!
Shall I cover the body with a sheet?
Go, go, go!
Dude, what's happening out there?
I'm shit scared!
This is my first time.
You think we're grave diggers?
Shut your trap!
Dude, sir knows Karate!
He's closing the doors of all the rooms.
Somebody's locking the
doors to steal slippers.
Until now, only we knew.
Now the entire hostel will find out.
What do we do now?
- Hey! Stop!
Safeguard your footwear.
I'll only support you
if you follow my plan.
Otherwise, I'll walk away with the body.
Sorry, sir.
We won't repeat our mistake.
Please don't make us crap our pants.
Who the heck locked the door?
You don't want us to study, huh?
Sir, what do we do now?
Bring a beer bottle.
How about a plate of Egg-rice
and half-plate Kabab, sir?
Fill an empty bottle with water.
Venkat, I know this is your handiwork.
You're doing this so that
the entire batch won't study.
What's happening out there?
- We'll study right here.
We'll score ranks and show you.
Study hard, guys.
Published by Sanskar Publishers.
Puttaswamy Building, Kuvempunagar, Mysore.
Venkat, I'll prepare for
the next semester too!
Where the heck's the cap?
- Get him a cap!
Take it!
Lord of waters.
Please save us.
What if he finds out
that it's a Pepsi cap?
Dude, somebody has sent a gift.
Look if there's any
snacks following it.
It's a clickbait!
Didn't I tell you that
Sir would do something?
Who came out?
- It's the drunkard!
He never responds to the door knocks.
Look how the sound
of the bottle got him out.
God, save us from this drunkard.
I'll never drink the entire semester.
You and quitting booze?
Will this work, sir?
- Dumb drunkards!
Give them phenol in a
bottle and they'll still drink it.
Is he drinking that?
It's the water from
the rotten money plant.
I hadn't even cleaned it.
- His head!
Sir saved us!
Lift him up!
- Drag him inside.
Hold him!
Did we enroll in college to study
or to carry dead bodies?
Why are we parading him slowly?
It looks like he ate the
whole 'mess food' before dying.
Be quiet.
- Go faster!
Don't step on my foot.
- Shush!
What happened, dude?
- Some new guy.
He's not new.
He's a junior.
Should we make a vow again?
Shut up, Kashi.
Ay! You there!
Come here!
Why is he here?
- What's his problem now?
You think you can spot
a senior and walk away?
Is this necessary now?
- One!
- Yes, tell me?
He saw the body.
- Shut his mouth.
Come on boys!
Echo, everything is
going according to plan.
Should I roll one now?
Let's smoke a joint and join them again.
Genie sir!
Dude, I told you not to call those guys.
Look how they're screwing us.
Where is Genie?
They must be scouting down floors.
They'll come.
Here, have a smoke.
I don't want it.
- Come on.
- Check who it is.
Let him go.
I'll talk.
I'll handle this.
Turn on the tap.
Make it loud enough
that no one can hear him.
You guys killed him!
This is why I told you to keep recording.
Else, they'll all think we killed him.
We really didn't do anything.
He committed suicide,
blaming us all for it.
Brother, I can tell just by looking at
all your faces that you're the murderers.
Yeah! As if he's the
know-it-all Mahanand Guruji!
We don't know anything.
He was there before us.
Ay! Why are you
constantly blaming us?
We dropped in to ask
when we'll get our tea.
He'd dropped dead by then.
Brother, we've to
complain to the Principal.
Can't Brother, this has to be
complained to the principal.
Ay! Why? What?
- Rana!
What are you doing man?!
- Rana, let him go!
Even his traces and
fingerprints are all over the body.
He is now a prime suspect.
Not only the principal; you're free
to complain to the police now!
Add his name to the letter.
Superb, man!
What's your name, kid?
K. Darshan, brother.
Turn off the water.
Potha, write it in big letters.
Hey, Rana!
You're brilliant too.
Do you eat Pumpkins?
K. Darshan bro.
It'll be fine. Don't cry.
Who is this dimwit?
Calling both the juniors
and seniors as bro?
We have cleared this floor.
Help us to clear out your
boys in the next floor, Okay?
Don't go out with this face.
People will doubt you.
Okay, bro.
I'll create a WhatsApp group
and call all of you to my room.
Make sure you name the
group 'Murder Mystery'.
Let the world find
out and screw us.
Skip this moronic idea
and think of something else.
I know exactly what to do.
I'll do it.
This will certainly work.
Watch how the mongrels
will come out now!
Lord Anjaneya!
Please don't throw us
in prison for this.
Save us, Lord.
What the heck!
Haalkova, Shankarpali,
biscuits and chakkuli.
What the hell man!
You've stacked an entire Iyengar
bakery inside your cupboard.
Smell like it's been fried in ghee.
What is this fragrance!
The bakery's opened!
Was he hiding it all in the cupboard?
Dude, give me some!
- This is the best time.
They're behaving like zombies!
Do you have any
puffs or potato buns?
Who are those guys?
Looks like there's a problem.
Take a look, Ajith.
Move man!
- We'll wait in the bathroom.
Wait for me, Ajith!
Who is that?
Who the heck is causing a ruckus here?!
Why do turn up so
often to trouble me?
Don't you have better things to do?
What's your problem?
We can't let you inside. Leave!
The warden himself called
and invited us over.
Let us in!
- Won't the warden scold?
What the hell do they want?
- Move away!
These former students were passing
by and wanted to visit the hostel again.
What are you doing here? Go and study!
- Sir! Please!
We've exams tomorrow.
Please come back another day.
Which exam?
This one's a goner!
Why, sir?
- A goner!
We're plagued with problems
and these guys are making it worse.
If we're caught, we're screwed.
What do I do?
- Calm down.
Potha bro will take care of it
Oh shit!
Dude, look over there!
This seems like a never-ending torture?
- This is our chance.
It's the same old building.
- Gate's closed. How did they get in?
Careful, Nikki!
Thanks to our college
Thanks to our teenage
Hearty congrats for the hostel day
Sir, How did you get in?
Which year are you in?
Third year.
Graduate to the fourth year, you'll know.
For sure.
Who's this fatso recording us
as a sting operation?!
I'm researching for a hostel short film, sir.
For YouTube or Red Tube?
- YouTube, sir.
Oh! You're the sucker who goes,
"Like it, share it..."
Dude, you say it better.
"Do like, comment,
share, and then..."
"Ring the bell!
Go ding-dong-ding!"
Sir, careful.
There's a ditch.
Who do you think you're talking to?
I'll jump with my eyes closed.
This is our hostel, man!
Dude, our tunnel has remained
untouched ever since we left!
The century-old pickle jar laden
with old memories are all still here.
Dude, who's this new admission?
How are they all
reappearing like time travellers?
'Kanakana Kindi'
'Tirupathi Hundi'
I never knew such
a loophole existed.
I've got a pending job to finish.
If the warden finds out,
we'll be in trouble.
Keep walking, Drakshi [Grapes]
Bro, the stairs are still the same.
Off! On! Off!
Who painted over my Prema?!
Clearly, an eternal love story.
How could you leave me
alone and go to US, Preethi?!
The fourth pillar is Prema, you idiot.
Preethi and Prema are the same.
Come on, come on.
221 B.
The same old room.
- Sir, it wasn't me!
This has turned
into a charity hall.
My dear disciples!
Your Guru is here!
Nobody's waiting for me at home?
You ruined my life!
You scammed the three of us!
The same old door!
The same old bed!
The same old window!
Hey window!
The same old smell!
Did the body start to rot?
- Quiet.
Is this how you rag your juniors too?
Yes, sir.
We used to do it the same way too.
The same old cupboard!
Sir, that has our personal items!
- Shut your trap and walk away!
Please don't open it. You'll find
our stinky, unwashed underwear.
Move aside!
Open it!
- Please don't, sir.
Don't do it, sir.
What is this, sir?
Do you also prefer chloroform?
We used chloroform too!
- Same!
Take, you Kardi [Grizzly] moron!
R.I.P Rafiq.
You baby carrot moron!
You must die today.
You should've been here.
Who, sir?
Miss you, Rafiq.
Love you, Rafiq.
- Who the heck's Rafiq?
Come out of there!
Come out and die today!
Watch movies in the theatres, I say!
Dude, this is the future!
The 'OT'!
Shall we play Antakshari?
From Ma...
Maanikya Veena
Quiet, dude!
They've exams tomorrow!
They're tensed!
Ay! No tension!
'Four years. Pass or fail, all okay!'
Haven't we settled down?
- Yes, sir.
Haven't we settled down?
All set!
Die! The loafer's still chuckling!
Where's my bag of crackers?
The job's done!
- Let's go!
Mission success!
Are we walking away,
leaving all this evidence behind?
What should we do, sir?
- Die you morons!
Shoot 'em down!
Yippee-kay-yay kiddos!
Man, they got me with a head-shot!
Can't believe we're still
playing this in college!
I'm losing a lot of blood!
Come on! Let's check out
Prema's hostel pillars for my name.
I'd dropped my pen's cap here.
Did you see it?
When was that, sir?
In the year... 2005.
I don't know, sir.
Damn you!
Send me the film's link.
- Okay, sir.
May the force be with you.
Bro, can we come back to life now?
Why did you guys come here?
While the entire floor rushed
into K. Darshan's room for snacks...
Somehow this guy managed to spot us.
Why didn't you go, man?
Take out that underwear
from his mouth.
How would I know that there
was a bakery party happening?
Didn't the fragrance of
Iyengar bakery reach you?
My nose is blocked, bro!
To add to it, unmercifully,
you stuffed underwear into my mouth.
No wonder he didn't smell it.
Did you kill him, bro?
Dude, we know nothing.
These guys got there first.
We came to ask for tea...
- Shut up, dimwit!
She is a beautiful swing... A swing!
Let him die!
He should've died an even
more horrible death, scoundrel!
Why are you so pissed with him?
He would turn off the Wi-Fi at 10 P.M.
At 5 am, he would play the Suprabhata [MORNING PRAYER]
and dreadfully sing in chorus with it.
Who needs to suffer this?
Would anyone get angry
for such a silly reason?
This guy has committed
suicide for a silly reason.
Am I not allowed even to get angry?
What do we do now?
Bro, don't worry.
Let him peacefully rest here tonight.
We'll take care of him
tomorrow after exams.
Kindly arrange complimentary
breakfast for him in the morning.
I didn't meant that...
- Shut up guys!
Quit pondering and tell!
- Just spit it out man!
It's not yet time, Xavier.
I have another good idea, bro.
Shut up, dude.
Him and his never-ending lame ideas.
Aren't you the one who got on the
terrace during last freshers' party?
Dude, don't bring it up now.
I'm yet to regain the
dignity I lost on that night.
Dude, help us out this time.
We'll help you out later.
All we had was one trouble named 'warden'.
From what'll you help me now?
Please help us!
We've exams tomorrow.
Please, bro!
- It won't just happen on its own, bro!
Darling, don't worry about that.
We'll make the arrangements.
Actually, what did he do
at the freshers' party?
Follow us as soon as we get out.
What are you doing here?
Go over there!
Make way.
I want to watch too.
Why are you so desperate to watch him?
Is this all a 90ml neat
of XXX rum does for him?
Nobody's giving a damn about you.
Go further and start your act!
Open up and flow freely!
Go further.
Come on.
Open up further!
Open up... Wait!
What the hell!
I asked you to open up your heart.
He starts stripping at
the skip of a heartbeat.
He thinks he's Johnny Sins.
Let it be.
Must be a family tradition.
Not a single mole
all over your body.
Watch how I turn his
dance moves into an NFT.
Disgusting morons!
You guys dance to anyone stripping, eh?
Cover the body while you dance!
Bro, you weren't born in a hospital.
Damn sure you were born in a dance bar.
Dance on, buddy!
Dance on!
I should've joined dance classes.
Come on, guys.
- Move it, guys!
Guard the door man!
Desperate to dance in front of a dead body.
Potha, gently!
Why are you putting him down?
Lift him up!
Give us a break!
- Wait man!
Give us a fiver.
- Dude, Pacchi!
If anyone has a cigarette,
please give me.
You're panting,
yet you want a puff.
I'm tensed, dude.
Five minutes are over.
Get up! Pick up the body!
Two minutes!
Two minutes for what?!
You Madrasis
can't even lift a body!
Loading up heaps of rice,
you've all grown up a huge tummy!
You'll get it from us now!
- Ay! Punjabi!
What's with the Hindi abuses?
Do you Northies grill
bodies with your Chapathis?
Yeah man!
We are proud Madrasis.
We grew up on rice.
That's why we're special!
- Bugger off, man!
Who are you calling a Madrasi?
North isn't just about Punjab.
South isn't just about Madras.
What do you mean?
- We're from Karnataka.
Pure Kannadigas.
We're Karnataka Gowdas [caste], dude!
Relax dude.
- Hello?
Don't feed him wrong information.
Karnataka isn't just about Gowdas.
Lingayats! [caste]
We form the majority too.
- There it begins!
Do you expect us to watch in silence?
Rana, I am...
'A shepherd when I'm sitting.
A leopard when I decide to stand up.'
We also form Karnataka, dear.
What about you?
Mr. Praje!
You Gowdas beneath the Ghats
are short-tempered.
We're from above the Ghats.
We're patient people.
Well, are you also a
Gowda from the Ghats?
- 3A, is it?
Nah! I'm 3B.
Xavier, do you guys bury or burn?
There's a dead man here.
Have some seriousness, guys!
All it takes is a moment for you guys
to fight for the left and right marbles.
Sorry, man.
Xavier, check if everything's clear.
Won't you speak up for yourself?
When have you ever
bothered about our problems?
It'll be fine, dude.
Quit stomping!
Everyone wants to stomp us down!
- What did I do?
What is it, Beard Babu?
Speak up, man!
I've no clue about my caste, but we never
roam around with dead bodies, as in here.
Pick him up!
- Faster guys!
Here he comes.
Who is coming?
Spit it out man!
Carry him faster!
Why are you holding
the camera here as well?
The tension is
making me pee for real.
What's up?
All of you're here at the same time?
Come on, Raki.
Why don't you join us?
We'll add your name to the letter too.
What are you doing here?
To trim it short.
I need to meet my girlfriend
after the exam tomorrow.
I'm here to trim it all away.
Dude, you just peed.
At least, wash your hands.
Maintain some hygiene, man.
- Buzz off, dimwit!
What else, Ajith?
Prepared for the exam?
Clear all your backlogs, bro.
Or else I'll become your senior.
How many more years will
you be in this same hostel?
What is it?
You want to come inside?
Come in.
Join me.
Come on in, dude.
How long will he take?
- What is it, Ajitha?
Let's lock him up and escape.
Man, I'm shitting bricks!
Let me pee again.
Hope nobody catches us!
Are you done yet?
How much longer?
Ten more minutes.
I'll finish it.
You told me it's a single-take
five-minutes short film.
What's going on here?
Sorry, sir. Genie entered the
scene and ruined everything.
I swear none of
this was in my story.
I'll debar those three guys first!
Such stupid people they are!
They must be denied
citizenship in our country!
Those morons are adding their
own names in a suicide note.
What's the name of the third guy?
My silky wavy hair
Your lips are flaming red
Is he really trimming that here?
Careful when you guys lift me up.
My backbone's a bit weak.
Ajith, am I acting well?
Super, sir.
Tell me if it's not good enough.
I can do another take.
What say, Hyderabad?
You're performing extremely naturally.
Please maintain that, sir.
Finish it quickly!
Those poor students need to
study for their exam tomorrow.
Give me ten more minutes.
Sir, the monitor got switched!
Sorry dude!
Don't shout!
My father will come down!
At this wrecked studio of his,
if he finds out that I'm editing a short film
instead of a wedding film,
he'll die an angry death!
Man, couldn't you have told
me that the warden's alive?
Sorry, sir. I assumed you
would've seen all the footage.
Sorry man. I was editing
a wedding video last night.
Couldn't take a
look at the footage.
Don't take my words personally.
I swear nobody's going
to watch this movie!
Sir, please don't say that.
It's my first film.
Dude, you've got to experience
a couple of losses in the industry.
That's how we got started.
I'll bet people will walk
away in the interval.
Please do something in the edit, sir.
Yeah? Buy me a tea and a puff.
Let me think about it.
Sure, sir.
Let's go.
I never thought my life
would turn out like this.
My life was going so well.
Married to a good man.
We had two lovely children.
But tobacco changed it all.
Now this growing cancer
has to be cut from my face.
Nothing will be the same again.
Tobacco has ruined my life.
Khaini, Gutka, Tobacco,
Zarda and Pan Masala.
They will destroy your life.
- What is it?
I'd to talk to you about something.
Tell me.
I'm listening.
Me and the boys want to make a short film.
- What?
All of us boys want to make a short film.
Fine. Do it.
- I'm not done, sir.
- You're the main lead, sir.
So there's a new trick under the sleeve, eh?
You guys troubled me enough
during the last Ganesh Chaturthi.
I swear on my mother.
You're the main lead.
How can I be the
hero in this age?
Stop blabbering.
- I didn't mention anything about a hero.
I meant the main lead.
Why do you even
assume that I can act?
How can you call yourself a director?
I've seen 13 of the 13
reels you've uploaded.
In a town of rogues,
be the striking leopard
In a town of heroes,
be the victorious one
I'll throw flowers at him.
But I'll make sure it's still in the pot, sir.
See you.
We would use these
signals in the Army.
My last post has gotten 100 likes.
Ay! Who's that?
Extreme honesty will alienate a man.
See you.
See you.
Sir, you're such a natural performer!
It's unbelievable.
Wait! Has this gone 'virus' everywhere?
Nah! Nobody's seen it.
We'll be the first to show you
on-screen and make you 'virus'...
We'll do it.
What are you doing here at this hour, Ajith?
Who's this guy shooting with a camera?
Remember I mentioned a short-film?
Shall we shoot it now?
Get lost!
You've no time sense.
The boys have exam tomorrow.
Get lost!
Sir, see for yourself.
The boys are all stressed out.
A five minutes single-take
short film will relax everyone.
What am I playing?
You're playing yourself. A warden.
But with a small twist.
The warden's dead body. We move it...
- What?!
We move the wardens dead body...
- A dead body?
Get the hell up!
What respect will I have if I
play a corpse in my first film?
I'm done with your foolishness.
Why are you looking down
upon the role of a corpse?
Until now, three Oscars have been
awarded to actors playing a corpse.
I can't do it all of a sudden.
I need to prepare for it.
What prep do you need to play a corpse, sir?
Are the other actors ready?
Sir, the others won't be acting.
They won't even know that you're alive.
The natural expressions
and reactions they have upon
seeing your corpse,
will be the crux of the short film.
- Disperse!
Thank you, sir.
Man, capture a couple of
cinematic shots at the least.
It only seems hand-held all the while.
- I'll try, dude.
- Maintain continuity.
Come on, guys!
- Here he comes!
Are you guys still peeing?!
- Man's acting like he pulled off a feat.
Wielding the trimmer like a mace.
- I'll never enter this bathroom!
Give it here!
Bring that scoundrel first!
Xavier! Guard the damn gate.
Don't come here.
Let's go, sir.
Hold on a minute.
- They'll be here soon.
I've been holding in since then.
I'm diabetic.
Bring him soon!
Don't worry if his head breaks!
Ay! Turn over the baby.
Drag him to the side.
If we stay here,
hundred others will turn up.
Grizzly! You're troubling
us in your death too!
If he'd died at his home,
nobody would've given a damn about him.
And here he has multiple
people waiting to lift him up.
The Hubballi Express is passing by.
It's already 12:00.
7 hours is all we've for the exam.
- Is it 12 already?!
Oh, man!
I can finally talk!
- This 12th man was all we needed!
Join the circus.
Lead us Lord, in the way we should go.
What is he babbling, Derick?
I told you he had a silent pact until 12.
From now on, he'll start talking.
The warden has mentioned
this child's name in the note.
You guys killed the warden!
Get the hell up!
That chapter is finished.
Just because you didn't cry before,
should we start all over again?
It's 12:00.
Guard the gate!
Go on!
- Lift the body guy!
Guard the gate!
- It's already 12:00?
Please come here.
- You think I would forget?
What happened?
- It's September 20.
- It's time for his birthday bumps!
Dude! Do we really need this now?!
Dude! When my aunt died and I'd to take
the last bus, you kicked my bum for a party.
I took it silently when she died.
Now a random dirbag's dead.
You think we would care?
Hundreds of such come
and go throughout our lives.
But birthdays come only once a year.
So does our chance to kick your bum.
No, dude!
- Kick him, guys!
Take this!
I've a God's picture in my pursue.
You're kicking it.
Ouch! No!
I have a boil down there.
Sir, why are you adding
unrelated shots in between?
Dude, your movie is
filled with 500 odd-men.
Who will watch it?
In Kannada film for no reason a girl
should appear every now and then
That's the pleasure!
Let me do my work.
It's hurting me man.
Happy birthday to you
Big brother, where were you?
I was searching.
- We were right here.
What are you doing
after 12:00 here?
Genie's waiting downstairs.
- Birthday wishes.
My phone?
He was the one who took our phones.
Praje, are you done or want some more?
Hi, darling.
Hi, baby.
Daddy's beautiful daughters.
You're ten years old now.
When I was making this video,
you weren't born.
You've to see how I celebrated
your mummy's birthday the first time.
There's no guarantee if this will...
I really hope she...
Just a minute.
Your mum's here.
I know you're very strict.
Break the rule for 5 minutes.
Give me my phone.
I need to text my girl.
Then give me my phone for 5 minutes.
I need to text my girlfriend too.
You've a girlfriend?
- Why? Can't I?
She gets pissed off if I don't
send her 'Good night' texts.
Today's her birthday.
I'm done if I don't wish her.
Ah! Is her birthday today as well?
Does her name start with S?
- Yes.
- Suparna?
Why do you need her name?
- Suvarna?
- Why would she be his girlfriend?
Big mouth.
Are you the one leaking
hostel's secrets to her?
Shut up!
She's very close to me.
Who even sends 'Good night'
texts every night any more?
Shut your trap!
She's close to me as well.
She sends a 'Goodnight 3'
with a heart to me.
Does she add three
dots next to the heart?
- Smitha!
Oh! It's her!
- Smitha, dude!
The curly haired girl?
'Maggie' hairs!
Yellow Dio?
They're all equally smitten.
I doubted she was a digger!
Hey, don't you dare demean her!
Why does he have a lipstick in his pocket?
Why are you writing Smitha's name?
'Smitha. 3...'
- Write my name next to hers.
Digger, digger!
Smith's a gold-digger!
Don't talk ill about her!
- You'll have it from me!
Wipe it clean!
We're screwed if someone finds out.
All it took were three dots
to judge a girl's character.
This Jolla [smutty person] is a horrible man, sir.
They're faking it because
there's a camera here.
Else, they would've
badmouthed her even worse.
Who the hell are you talking about?
Hey, stop there! Does it mean she's in love
just because she sends a 'good night' text?
Will adding three dots
make her a gold-digger?
What a cheap mentality.
Move aside!
Sir, give me my phone.
I've to find out who's closer to her.
Stop being a child, dude.
Give me the phone, sir.
Why does your phone have his photo?
Sir, I'm asking for my phone.
Not yours.
Man, that's what I've been searching for.
The bag's been pick-pocketed.
Sir, one gets pick-pocket from the back.
But you were wearing
the bag in the front.
Someone called me.
I looked back and turned around,
to find the bag gone!
What the heck!
Manja! Thanks to your big brother,
my phone's gone.
He lost the bag of phones man!
Sir, it was a new phone!
I bought it on EMI.
I still had to pay 9 more instalments.
You don't have the phone any more.
No need to pay the EMI.
The body will start to rot.
Let's go!
Get lost, dude.
We're worried about our phones!
We've been robbed of our joy,
peace and now phones.
Man, my phone!
Bugger off man!
It's matter of life and death!
Get lost!
Quit wailing!
Yours is a dummy 10,000 bucks phone.
Mine's an iPhone.
It's not about the phone.
It's about the data in it.
Data? As if it was a
top-secret Google server!
All he had were Cougar Savitha's
stories and a couple of girls' photos.
Quit crying for that!
I'll send them later.
What's he saying?
- Damn you!
Man! What a pervert!
- Abhi, what is it?
I can't say it out loud.
Ask him yourself.
Big brother!
Shouldn't you've kept
the phones safely?
Look, how tensed everyone is.
I'm safe, right?
Let it be.
Where is the Boss?
- I'm searching for him too.
Carry on. Even God can
be found if one searches.
I won't spare God either.
Okay, sir.
Don't spare anyone.
What you have done
is very irresponsible, sir.
Things were better when
your mouth was shut.
Ask him to speak Kannada
and all he speaks is Hindi.
I'd downloaded 10
movies from Tamilrockerz...
Another man's here for a close shave.
Do you know how difficult
it is to open that website?
Guys! Another guest's incoming.
Welcome him.
Must be the police.
They must've found my phone.
I'm not staying here.
I'm running away.
Why are you blabbering crazy things?
- Maruti. Maruti is here!
Guys! Get him out!
Don't leave me, guys.
Hey honey!
Why are you late?
Why did you call me at this hour?
I'd to struggle to
get out of my home.
What is this?
- Here to celebrate your birthday.
But you already called me at
12 and wished me, right honey?
Whose coat is this?
- It's mine.
Seems a little big for you.
Look how I've turned up.
How did you get
inside the campus?
Told them I wanted to
study in the girls hostel.
But they didn't allow my vehicle.
They won't let us
boys out for a minute.
Look how helpful they are to girls.
Actually, I'd thought of
coming home and wishing you.
Campus security didn't let me get out.
- Bad habit!
Honey! How many times have
I told you not to use bad words?
Whose scrap car is this?
It's our warden's.
- Eww! Looks dirty.
Okay, I'll leave.
- Just a minute.
What's all this?
So cute!
It's so beautiful.
Did you do all this?
'Happy birthday, Smitha.'
Thanks, honey.
What did you write here?
- Will Smith.
Isn't that Raki's trimmer?
What a friendship!
- My foot!
It's mine.
He borrowed it for five
minutes and ruined it.
It's not working properly.
Raki told me that you've all been
in the bathroom since then.
My stomach is upset, Maruti.
Go there if your
stomach is upset.
What are you doing here?
Are you prepared for the exam?
I've been studying
for the last three days.
I swear I couldn't understand a thing.
Nah man!
I'll fail.
I'm a failure in life.
I'm with these guys and...
- Why are you cribbing man?
Exams are a part and parcel of life.
Stop being a crybaby.
We grew up eating Iodine-free salt.
That's why.
- Dude, you'll let your tongue slip.
Sorry, dude.
I panicked.
What happened?
- Yes. Everyone's here.
Who is it?!
I'll bring them.
What is it?
Who was it?
Ankith's started his lessons.
If he's teaching,
you're guaranteed passing marks.
Let's go, guys!
- What do we do now?
Dude, you carry on.
We'll join you later.
We will either 'pass together'
or 'fail together'.
Let's go now!
- Okay.
Move it!
- Let's go.
Ankit has agreed to teach us all!
Dude, I've got more to pee.
Move it!
Let me at least wash my hands.
- Come on.
Go on.
Back off!
Screw this Punjabi!
- What?
You guys go.
I'll stay and manage.
Don't bring that trimmer
near my face. Disgusting!
Don't worry!
You leave.
Let me show you all how to lift a body.
Need any help, bro?
Move it!
You Hippo!
Watch! When accidents occur,
the blood supply to the brain's cut-off.
Similarly, when we cause the accident,
we need to break the warden's head.
Otherwise, when the police 'audit',
we'll get caught.
- Genie...
Why should we help the juniors?
What if we get caught?
Don't be selfish like drunkards, Echo.
- Look here.
Watch how scientifically they
disposed the body in this documentary.
If we follow this,
we'll earn the respects of our juniors.
Move it, dude!
Dude, he's peeing!
He's not dead.
Dude, a corpse can pee, shit... Oh shit!
A corpse can piss, fart and shit.
It's all natural!
Screw this!
I can't believe I'm stuck here
because of these morons.
Bloody corpse, pees and shits!
Idiot peed on me!
It's me, Nikki!
It's bleeding!
Just a minute.
I'll go get Ajith.
Let's go!
We'll stay for a while,
or else they may doubt us.
Ay! Are you getting it?
- Totally!
What are you understanding man?!
Ay! Who are you?
- Sorry, sir!
Get out!
Get out of my class!
Go, we'll come!
- Dude, who is he?
Just go man!
Is everybody studying?
- Guaranteed distinction.
Ajith, come on!
It represents the...
Yes, auntie. I recharged for 100.
- Where's he going?
I only got 30 bucks in data.
Warden's head is injured. It's bleeding.
- Oh, shit!
Don't be afraid.
It's almost done.
Man is made for difficulties.
- Pump out a little more.
I'll take it completely.
Two more minutes.
It's done.
What are you even doing?
Ay! Once the accident is staged,
he can't donate any body parts.
Let's donate his blood at the least.
Keep pumping.
This is the last time.
If you mess around again,
I won't even care that you're a senior.
Get lost!
So much for helping you.
How would you know
the value of blood?
There are only 2,000
tigers left in India.
Give me the kerchief!
- Tigers?!
What did the maniac say?
- Ajith!
What are you doing here?
What happened to him?
- Dude!
Rana dropped the body.
Let this bugger die!
All these days, he sucked our blood.
Look how he's bleeding now.
- Dude, where are the others?
Dude, Ankith is not letting anyone
out in the middle of the class.
This is the right time.
Let's shift the body.
Lift him.
Dude, the body just made some noise.
Dude, he's alive!
- Hey!
What happened?
- He's making noises. He's alive.
If a body can shit, pee, and fart,
can't it make some noise?
Why are you worried?
- Something's fishy here.
I'll go and bring them.
- Hey, DC!
What happened?
- What you're saying is true.
Warden is still alive.
- What are you saying?
Dude, I'm shooting a short film.
Warden is acting.
You loafer!
Why would you drag me into
this a day before the exam?
What stupid fantasies does that 'kardi' have?
Dude, please!
- Let me go, you liar!
Let DC go!
- Dude, listen to me!
All I wanted was to
make a 5-minute short film.
But Genie ruined everything.
To hell with you and Genie!
Why are you screwing us around?
Let go!
- Look here!
What is this?
- Tomorrow's question paper.
There's no way you'll pass the exam.
I'll give it to you an
hour before the exam.
You'll pass for sure.
Don't tell anyone.
- I now know everything.
They're all stuck behind a woman!
- Fine! Now tell me what to do.
Continue doing whatever
you were doing till now.
Is that all?
Watch my performance now.
Dude, please!
All this circus was to get natural
actions and reactions out of everyone.
Please don't overact.
It'll ruin my film.
Is that why there's a camera?
- Yes, bro.
Please act natural.
Your track is coming good.
Is the paper easy or tough?
Lift the body up.
What are you guys talking about since then?
Well, you could've told me right here.
He doesn't understand Kannada anyway.
Man, you guys don't tell me anything.
The warden was better than you.
At least, he wrote the
suicide letter in English.
What a douchebag!
Agonizing us in his
life and death alike.
Why are you scolding him?
Warden was a godlike man.
Why are you getting
all respectful suddenly?
Dignity of death.
Shouldn't we respect the deceased?
How about crown him and honour him?
Yes, Xavier?
What is it?
- The warden has not left us yet.
What are you saying?
His heart is not beating.
That's not what I meant.
Even after death...
The warden's soul is
roaming around the hostel.
Hey, shut up!
I'm already scared.
- No, man!
It must be true if Xavier says so.
Where's the soul?
- Come on, Derick!
You agree to everything he says.
Guys, let's go.
The floor downstairs is clear.
- Okay. Come on.
- Let's go.
Tea, tea, tea...
- Someone's here!
It's just the tea guy.
For a long time,
you were dying for tea, weren't you?
Look, it's here.
We're stuck here for half an hour.
You are acting as if you
don't drink if it's there.
I'll go to the warden's room
and bring the games room key.
Come on, Detective Xavier.
Lest the old ghosts rise up.
Where's DC?
Hold on!
Mr. Tea man!
Did you charge it?
- Two points done.
Do you have the backup battery?
- Yep.
You can drink if you want.
What is it now?
I'll peek for a moment.
Is this the Afghan war?
One small tiff and he
runs with the camera.
What misfortune!
What the hell is this watery tea?
Let's tell the warden and raise a cow.
Is this tea or hot water?
How does it look?
- Zero colour, taste, or energy!
Hey, Nikki, come here.
You shoot everything.
Shoot this too.
Let's show it to the warden.
Tea in trains tastes better than this.
Add coffee powder and it'll
taste better than this tea of yours.
Go get another tea.
Drink it if you want it,
or else, throw it out!
Telling me how to do my job, moron!
Is that even an abuse?
Come to our town,
we'll teach to abuse too.
First, you learn to study.
You guys study chemistry for physics exam.
Telling me better.
Drink it or buzz off!
Damn this moron!
- Ay! What's he saying!
Call the warden, dude.
Man, I'm calling.
He's not answering.
Open the door!
- Give me the phone! I will go FB live!
Ay! Nikki.
Get back here!
Hi, friends, I'm here live
today to hold a huge protest.
The tea in this hostel is so horrible that
any one who drinks it will die instantly!
That's why we need to protest.
Why are you guys here?
- Someone mentioned a protest.
Do you guys walk around with a candle?
Look friends!
Our revolution has already started.
The Principal must be
shaken witnessing our protest.
That is why we...
- There are barely 3 viewers watching.
They'll join!
Sir, shall I get you tea?
Sir, don't lose the continuity position.
You have to be lying down.
What the hell man?
Enough. Let's stop this.
- Sorry, sir.
They'll rat me out to the principal.
These guys are humiliating me,
merely for a cup of tea.
I need to go now and address that.
Five more minutes.
I'll be done.
What do they need a cup of tea for?
To guard the nation or fight for it?
They can barely
study for their exams.
Yet they want to protest over tea.
Let me deal with them!
- Sir, five more minutes.
Trusting this warden
will do us no good.
He said he'll fix tiles
across the hostel.
Never happened.
He claimed he'll change the room door.
That never happened.
He claimed we'll go
out on trips and tours.
We never went anywhere.
All the big-talk aside,
he can't even get us a decent cup of tea.
His life is incomplete.
So is his family.
Never has he fulfilled his promises.
What a loser!
Shame on him!
Come on.
How was it?
Did he settle down?
Thanks, bro.
Warden, sir?
- Be quiet, guys.
Warden, he's given us such terrible tea.
Open the door.
Ay! What is it, Basya?
- The drunkard's here.
Why are you shouting?
I need to speak to sir.
- But why?
I need to complain.
We get water when we ask for tea.
Get back to your room
swimming in the same water.
Warden's fully drunk and in deep sleep.
- Warden?
Don't disturb.
- Does the warden drink?
He is a bigger pivot than me.
Friends, he forces us to drink shitty tea
while himself passing out on heavy liquor.
Exactly why we need to protest again.
Ay! Stop it!
Don't shout.
We're drunks.
Not stoners.
I can hear very clearly.
Sir, look how he's talking to me.
Sir! Oh, my!
Superb man!
I dare. Whoever wants to get in
should stomp on my chest and move in.
Hey drunken monkey! You slept in reverse
after asking to step over the chest.
I love you!
Ay! Be quiet.
It'll disturb him.
Bro, they're here.
Baby-faced Krishna came to protest,
and got thrashed instead.
Dude, what happened?
- It's a great story. I'll tell you later.
Ay! What's wrong with you now?
Didn't I tell you earlier?
That the warden's ghost
is roaming around here?
Not this again!
Just shut up, dude!
- No guys...
Won't even let us have
a moment of peace.
Did you hear that?
Men turn into ghosts when dead.
Not a lady ghost.
When did I say that?
Who's conducting an orchestra at this hour?
Dude, I can hear that.
Guys, come with me.
Let's see what happens.
- I won't come.
Come on, guys.
- Let's go.
Do we really have to go?
Rafiq will be there.
Who's Rafiq?
Our late senior.
The fan-ghost.
- Oh.
Where is the sound coming from?
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit,
Dude, what's he saying?
O' omnipotent lord!
I command the evil spirit
to leave this place.
Drive this evil spirit away from here.
Please forgive all his sins.
Please forgive all his sins.
Let the evil spirit rest in peace.
Grant peace to this soul.
- Amen.
Come tomorrow.
O' fervent lover
pestering me to love you
The ghost has come today
instead of tomorrow.
Are you the one singing until now?
Dude, I have a problem since childhood.
When I speak,
I sound like a guy.
When I sing, I sound
a little like a girl.
What about when you do 'the act'?
Potha, write down his name.
It will be handy.
Adding names one after the other,
there is no space left in the letter.
I need to tell you something
- Let's move; this was a false alarm.
The warden wrote our names
and committed suicide.
Oh, God!
Sorry, sir.
I will turn on the fan while going.
Now tell me.
Where am I?
In the prison, eh?
I'm right inside my boyfriend's room.
You said I won't make it.
See where I am now.
Who's behind you?
Who else will it be?
Chicken Manja has been
behind me for four years.
Not him!
Somebody was behind you now.
Right behind you!
Looks like you're on a high
and seeing imaginary stuff.
You'll be back soon, right?
Give me five minutes, dude.
I'll go out, look for
the vehicle and return.
Shouldn't we plan how
to stage the accident?
Otherwise, our plan
will go down the drain.
Dude, the gate's closed.
How will you get out?
I'll manage.
Be careful with the body.
It's dark in there.
I need to turn on night vision.
My my my!
Your seniors were geniuses.
Like hell they are!
Didn't you see them?
Bloody drunkards!
All they have done
is such sneaky shit!
I don't know how
they're successful in lives.
Who knows how many
years they took to drill this?
Obavva's [historical figure] window.
Come come.
I'll smack you with her pestle.
Where is the warden's car?
Should've been around here.
Can't find it.
No dude!
Nothing is going as per my plan.
Abhi was right.
My film has no story or structure.
It feels like I'm shooting
random nonsensical footage.
No problem.
A good editor can fix all of this.
This isn't the story I wrote...
What's happening at the ladies hostel?
- What?
Who are those three men?
Are they our boys?
If the warden is not around for a day,
they'll barge into the ladies hostel.
Look how much fun they are having!
- Atom bomb, Lakshmi bomb...
Even though there is an exam tomorrow, they are
having a blast bursting crackers at each other.
Then there's our matron.
A witch!
Leave that;
a filthy incident has happened here.
Some boys from the boys hostel
barged in and stole our undergarments.
Shameless fellows!
Ay! The bike has no fuel!
I only had 60 bucks!
This bugger ate
Kababs for 30 bucks.
Couldn't you eat at your hotel?
You son-of-a-server!
My hotel owner is very strict.
He smashed my head
because I once drank lime soda.
Tell me why should we fuel up your bike?
My father has stopped
giving me pocket money.
Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Happy birthday to you
You've decorated it so beautifully.
Four more years and
I'll build a house like this.
This will be the hall,
the kitchen, and the bathroom.
So, where are we sitting now?
In the bedroom.
Whose phone is that?
This is the warden's phone.
It's with me.
Where's his damn car?!
Nikki, let's stop it right here.
It'll only take a few minutes.
People will call this 'The worst
movie in the history of cinema'.
The entire college will
laugh their bums off!
What's happening there?
Slow down!
Bring it here guys!
Ninety Naga! Come soon!
Where the hell are you guys?
Come on.
What's with the celebrations?
They're bursting crackers.
Did the news of warden's
death make rounds?
Dude, Nikki!
What's happening here?
If you've got the balls, come forward!
Why the hell are you
bursting crackers?
We'll be in trouble
if warden wakes up.
Let the warden die!
The other branch guys have
destroyed GVK sir's photo.
Here goes the Celestial weapon!
Did everything have to happen today?
Here comes the eternal destroyer!
What else have you arranged for me?
Don't tell me you've
got a diamond ring.
Sneaky fellow!
This is the best birthday ever.
Why are you still recording?
To remember this night.
Screw Kashi, Prasanna, and Abhilash.
None of them have wished me.
Some best friends!
They must have forgotten
in the exam tension.
I won't eat like this.
Firstly, close the door
and turn off the camera.
I'm here all alone to face all of you.
If you've got the balls,
let your entire batch come at me.
Come on!
- You scamp!
You look like a smoked beedi.
I'll crush you!
Hold it!
Aren't you guys ashamed?
Why did you break our GVK sir's photo?
Dude, he might not have taught our branch,
but we respect him.
Why would we break it?
Then why are you scoundrels bursting crackers?
Did you see us get the crackers?
Stop picking a fight with our branch boys.
Fine, dude!
We're the poor ones. Happy?
How the heck is this about the poor?!
You're poor! You're also poor!
You're all poor rascals!
Here comes the 8th Mile - Eminem.
We toil day n' nite
We bathe in
our tears alrite'
We eat leftover
food for breakfast
We fix a torn slipper
with safety pins
We're the poor
GVK for life
He rules even in da after-life
Come at us running
You'll be left choking
Bugger filled the fuel for 500 bucks,
but calls himself poor.
In your face!
- What the hell does he mean?
I'm the OG BPL card holder!
Here's Eminem's brother - Minimum!
I'm a BPL card holder
I came in with a scholarship
We study under the street light
We sleep on the hard mat
We're the poor
It's us, the poor
You want the subsidised rice
But all you do is act pricey
You try wooing the girls
All you do is get on the knee and ask
Kiki, do you love me?
You loafer!
Why the heck didn't you guys catch me?
Look at how they held him!
Once I stomp you down your waist,
your wife will be intrigued on the first night...
Come with me!
"Honey! Whose slipper mark is that?"
What the heck are you doing there?!
- Body!
We were taking the body.
I heard some noise.
I came to check and
found them fighting.
Where are our guys?
- Behind that cloth.
Where is the body?
- In the dustbin.
Bro, I have another plan.
- What the hell is it?!
Wait right here!
There is no beat in the song.
What are you even dancing to?
I can make merry to
the sound of generators.
You think we would spare this?
Red wine!
You lunatic!
Bloody fool!
You sloshed vampire!
Bloody potheads!
We're so poor that we never
had a mirror at home growing up.
Tell me how I look.
You look like a crushed underwear.
Get lost!
Sir, it's me, Ajith.
Why are you crying?
Did the firecracker hurt you?
That man died four years ago.
Yet they're fighting because
his photo frame broke.
Look over there.
They're acting as if
their own father died.
It's not even been five
minutes since I died...
"Scoundrel's dead"
"The bugger tortured us!"
These are the abuses I get.
Which floor are we in?
- First floor, sir.
You guys dragged me along like a broken box,
all the way from the fourth floor.
Don't you have any mercy?
In the army, we respectfully cover our
enemies' bodies in flag and send them back.
You've thrown me in a dustbin.
My clothes are stained in blood.
Look at him.
He is looking as if his kingdom is burning.
Useless fellow.
I understood something.
- What is it, sir?
I haven't taken good care of you at all.
Sir, please don't think that.
If not for that, you wouldn't
have disrespected me like this.
Sir, if you can't,
let's stop it right now.
I'm done with this too!
Who the hell are you to stop this?!
I will do this!
I will complete this shoot!
Watch out for continuity.
- Surely, sir.
Warden's mother had called.
She was asking
what pills to take.
She sounded like she was ill.
Let's go tell the warden.
I'm done with this.
- Let's finish in ten minutes.
You're being very selfish.
What if it's a medical emergency?
Warden's bleeding from the head.
Five more minutes and I'll be done.
Where were you all this while, Ajith?
I looked for the car
but couldn't find it.
TD is here!
Won't you guys salute your seniors?
1... 2... 3...
Namaste, sir!
Who are we?
- We're the poor, sir!
Who are we?
- We're the poor, sir!
We're hostelites.
- Oh!
We should not fight.
We have a solution
for every problem.
This one?
- What is that?
They'll sniff anything for a high.
- An Inhalant!
Guys over here, turn there.
Wait! Guys on this side,
turn to the other side.
- The sides are confusing me.
Those on that side turn to this side.
Have you brushed your teeth?
No one in your branch does, eh?
Stand aside.
- Come closer.
Is he going to make us smooch?
Look into each others' eyes.
Look at each other with love.
He'll ask us to hug now.
Watch it.
Now the guys on the left,
slap the guys on the right.
Slap, I say!
Did you think of Grizzly
when you first woke up?
Now the guys on the right
slap the guys on the left.
Karma is a witch!
Problem solved.
- LHS = RHS. Problem solved.
What did Gandhiji say?
When someone slaps you...
You turn the other cheek, sir!
Why should we always be
the ones to turn the cheek?
We can slap back, right?
Man, now he's just puking shit from this mouth!
Your sayings must be in textbooks, sir.
Over there is a dead guy.
- He ratted us out.
We're going to jail!
- Let's wait and watch!
Over here is a man, who's alive.
- Oh!
Told you.
- Thank god.
Between life and death,
exists one letter.
He's mentioning the letter!
- The letter is...
Did he mean 'Tea'?
- Shut your trap!
Must be TD, guys.
T for time.
Time is very important
In 1998, I lost my watch.
I then went to someone
and asked for time.
He told me to shut my trap and leave.
That's when I decided to study well.
I wanted to grow up
and graduate college.
If we do, we can ask anyone what the time is.
They will definitely tell you.
Time is very precious.
- I can't take it any more.
Bro, I'll go and surrender.
I can't take this speech any more.
What is that moron doing?
What's your plan?
Buddy, the plan is set.
Aravind will sing according to plan.
These boys are dogs.
They'll run towards the voice.
We'll then take the body from here
to ground floor through stairs, okay?
Aravind, practice once.
Do it.
Who art thou my lover,
who pesters me to love?
Ay! Why do you sound like a donkey?!
Must be stage fear.
- Dude, the letter has my name.
You guys have got me by my throat!
I'm scared and getting conscious.
Instead, let me go far away and sing!
Fine! Sing out loud!
- Dude, I've got a veil. Want it?
Let's go tell Genie this plan.
If not, he'll ruin it
with his stupid ideas.
Let's go.
- Okay, come.
A mantra is now coming to me.
'Where there are
honourable women chilling...'
'There exists a cool democracy!'
Bugger's even got the mantra wrong!
He would've gotten smacked
at my temple for this.
If we value time,
value 'times' us.
What a great saying, sir!
'Where honourable women chill...'
Why are we all even fighting?
We're brothers from
'another mothers', guys.
Come on everyone!
Let's hug it out!
Someone hug me.
Otherwise he'll start with the sermon again!
I will never wear a watch again.
I'll study well.
I'll build an RCC house for my family.
I'll take care of my parents.
- Brother!
You've opened my eyes, sir!
Don't push me, you fatso!
Did you tell them properly?
- Don't worry. They will handle it.
Woah! A girl!
- He couldn't sing here.
Listen to him sing so well now.
Not bad!
Ajith, look over there.
Why is he running?
Come on guys!
Chase him!
Ajitha, hurry!
- Look over there!
Dammit dude!
Dude! Don't throw it!
Slow down!
Don't throw it!
Catch it, guys!
Don't worry, Derick.
I will cure you.
Man! My leg!
A lot more louder.
What the heck Aravind?! Was it you?
- Are you here listening to me?
I have a problem
since childhood.
I speak like a guy.
But I sing like a girl.
- Damn you!
Go sing at 'India's Most Intolerable'
Why are you killing us?
I came for a chick and
found this chopstick!
I'll be back in five minutes.
- Okay.
I'll manage.
- What's happening over there?
I've no clue!
He asked to sing and I'm singing.
Come back right away!
- Something's really wrong here.
Calm down, Derick.
Please calm down.
You will be fine.
Pee on it. It will heal.
- Shut up. Quit speaking nonsense.
In the name of the Holy Lord,
I pray to cure his pain
and bless him by forgiving all his sins.
You'll be fine.
- Amen.
What is he saying?
- Get lost, you moron!
Translate it for us, dude.
Come on slowly stretch.
O' Lord, please relieve his pain.
He's performing
evangelism like they do on TV.
Stretch it fully.
It's fine now. How about that?
That's it, Derick.
Show us.
Get up slowly.
What is this miracle?!
Now jump!
You'll be fine.
Try and run.
You will be fine. Run to the wall,
touch it and come back.
Dude, get the holy water.
I'll heal completely.
He is a divine soul indeed.
Guys, I'll go get the holy water.
He will be completely all right.
Xavier, the saviour!
My God!
Did he leave?!
My leg's hurting!
Did the magic last only for two minutes?
You scoundrel!
Why did you fake it as
if everything was fine?
His mother has asked me to
agree to everything he says.
Else, he'll eat my brains out!
I can't believe you.
My leg!
- Dude, Aravind!
It's better you take
him to your room.
Quit making that face
and take him with you.
Don't let that lunatic
Xavier enter the room.
Careful with the body.
- Don't call me a body!
It's all because of you.
Dude, why would you say that?
The warden's a godlike man.
I, DC, believe that the
warden's a godlike man.
Sucking up to a corpse!
Ugh! They're back.
Our plan has worked as expected.
We are now in the
final stage of execution.
We just have to...
- To hell with your sister!
We're in a mess because of you.
Ay! Don't talk about
taking his sister to hell.
He has one.
What did I say?
- Sorry, brother.
Son of a b...
Mot... Sist...
Are there no abuses that
don't objectify women?
Your grandma is a...
Slu... Bit... You tram...
Couga... Puss... Whor...
You dimwit!
Don't show me your face! Get lost
What kind of people are you?
We tried helping and you're scolding us.
Enough of your help.
The boys have learnt to abuse, Genie.
Don't feel sad.
Get out first!
- Echo, shall I tell you a story.
Just leave me alone, Genie.
Ajith, I just thought of an idea.
What if we turn off the power
and take the body outside?
As if we didn't know this idea!
The UPS comes on exactly
a minute after there's power cut.
A minute?
- Perfect!
We can clear the floor in a minute.
Nobody will see us.
Manja, go turn off the power first.
Pick this up!
If we'd done this in the 4th floor...
- We only have a minute.
The body would be out by now!
- Ready?
Come on, run. Faster.
- There is only one minute left.
Undertaker will be here with his torch.
- Go near the gate.
We can fool him.
- Where are they going?
Did you tell them about the hole?
- Oh, shit.
No dude.
This won't fit through the hole.
What do we do?
Let's try lifting it ourselves.
Come on!
Come on, faster.
Let's go.
Nikki, where are you?
Put the camera down and come here.
Help me lift the body.
Come soon.
Sir, there's no one here.
Will you help us lift the body?
What is this?
Why have you kept the camera here?
Hell no!
- Manja!
- Ghost!
Manja, there's no ghost here.
This is a short film.
The warden is acting for us.
He's not dead.
Dude, please don't shout.
How dare you play with my life?!
Dude, I have the exam question paper.
Yeah man.
Everything is sorted.
Is this all a short-film shoot?
What about Rafiq or
Taufiq, and those seniors?
I've no clue why that happened.
I only thought of shooting
a five-minute short film.
Your Big brother came
and spoiled everything.
You shouldn't told me.
I can't keep a secret.
Nikki, bring the others.
I'll convince him.
Go dude!
- Is this why your were researching?
Sir, I never abused you all this while.
Somebody was imitating my voice.
Echo, when I was young,
my parents died in an accident.
My brother had a stroke
after witnessing it.
My sister eloped with someone.
I started working in a hotel.
Mysuru herbs don't really
send one on a bad trip.
Hear me out completely.
I would spend all the money
I earned on weed and sweets.
I had no money for cigarettes.
I've faced such hardships.
This is nothing to me.
Want a puff?
Mysuru herbs.
Security bro! Security bro!
Happy birthday!
Look how the pivot drank a glass
full of blood and is puking it now.
Bro, what are you guys doing here?
Who is this?
- It's me, Nikki.
Nikki, the watchman is busy on a call.
When he comes here, we'll snoop in,
open the gate and get out.
Prepare some fish curry.
Let's eat together and watch a serial.
This is not the plan.
Ajith has a different plan.
Dude, does he think of us
as mobile numbers?
To change data plans every hour?
- Where do we go, fatso?
How many jolts a day
can this soul take after all?
Man, this looks like a scene
straight out of a bank robbery.
Shut the hell up.
- Just follow me. We'll go out.
Nikki, pull the body from inside.
- I've ruined my life following you.
The route is small.
Only two at a time.
Careful, sir.
Nobody can see me, right?
I never knew such a place
existed in our hostel.
What else is there?
Is there an oil well too?
- What?
I made a mistake.
Sorry, sir.
- What now?
Isn't the camera running?
Not that, sir.
Your phone...
- Did you sell it?
No, sir.
Your mother had called a few times.
I thought of telling you...
What is it?
She told me that
the doctor had called.
She was asking me whether to
take the white pill or the red pill.
She sounded unwell.
Man, my mother died 25 years ago.
A moron calls me everyday to ask whether
to make rice or chapathi for dinner.
Whether to turn on
the geyser or turn it off.
Whether to keep the
gate open or closed.
Whether to buy
veggies or chicken.
He tortures me with the
same set of questions.
Then why have you saved it
as 'Mother...' on your phone?
It's doesn't read Mother.
It is something else!
To hell with his mother!
Dude, the censor board will
go chop-chop on these bits!
Why didn't you check
his name on True caller?
His name's some Swami.
Let me get my hands on him...
There's no one in our hostel.
Damn them!
Let's go ahead.
Ay! Move away!
- Sorry, sir.
What is this place?
There are bottles and balloons.
I wonder who did what in here.
- Yeah?
I must tell you something.
I can't hold it in any more.
What is it?
Warden is not dead.
He is alive.
- What?
How do you know?
Ajith told me.
I cannot keep secrets.
That's why I told you.
Did he tell you too?
He told me too.
Then does everyone
know about it?
What's this?
It's British Airways.
- Say it in Hindi.
Dude, I can't teach you Kannada.
Let me learn Hindi instead.
'In the darkness of night,
take the light in your hand'
Where's the damn car?!
Scraped my knees,
crawling through the gape.
We're done once we put the body in
the car and stage the accident, right?
That's all I've planned to do.
Does sir have anything
else on his mind?
What's with the tone?
You guys are dragging
the warden's body in a sack.
Should we have paraded
it to the hostel instead?
It's an open campus.
What if we get caught?
Do whatever you want.
Finish this in five minutes.
What do you mean?
We'll be done in five minutes, right?
Do you play around
for another hour?
It might sound wrong to ask now.
We don't have a group
pic with the warden.
The warden called the
photographer twice to the hostel.
But none of us went.
At least now, let's take a
photograph for memory's sake.
That's not Taj Mahal.
It's a corpse.
We're done if the photo leaks.
He thinks it's a convocation.
He is shooting a video.
What damage could a photograph do?
Yes. I'd like to keep
that in my wallet.
I, DC, am proclaiming that I'll
make it my phone wallpaper.
Please ask him!
Ajith, come on,
let's take a picture.
Do we need this now, dunderhead?!
Have you lost it?
- Wait a minute.
What is it?
- Give me the phone.
- They want a group photograph.
Shut your trap and go!
Sir, smile.
Make a V formation...
- Life's fingering us already.
Capture it!
- Is this a hand or iron?
Bro, warden would look good in a suit.
Shall I go bring it?
Warden looks good no matter what he wears.
Click the picture.
- Just shoot it, man!
- Cheese!
Does anyone have
any leftover wishes?
You perverted fellow!
What are you doing?
I have never seen a
corpse up-close in life.
Drooler! I always assumed
you were desperate for girls.
Looks like you're into corpses too.
What the hell is wrong with you?
Every time warden delivered a speech,
he boasted about taking 3 bullets in his ass.
I'm looking for the bullet marks.
Show us too!
I can't even find a pimple mark.
I wonder what else
he bluffed about.
Cover it up.
- Ay!
Few more minutes and
you'll slit the body open.
Go and look for the car.
We'll wait here.
Careful man!
- You leave.
Mark Manja's words.
- Cover the back properly.
An insect might go in.
- Go with him. He's gone bonkers.
Go with him, dude!
Drooler bro! Wait for me!
- Damn! It's cold out here.
Where is the car?
Can you hold the camera for a moment?
I need to pee.
Give it here.
Handle it carefully.
Don't turn it off.
He is our cameraman Nikki.
Dear viewers, you're watching
a special episode tonight.
We're in search of a car.
In a few moments, that particular
car will meet with an accident.
For the first time ever,
even before a car meets with an accident...
We'll show you the car.
Maintain silence!
Come on! That car
behind the bush is the one!
The car you see by the bushes.
That's the one.
Let's make a Boomerang.
5... 6... 7... 8.
We just have to do it once.
It'll do the rest.
5... 6... 7... 8.
Dear viewers, this is the car
I was telling you about.
It is white and long.
Looks like someone's here.
- Who?
This rickety car already
seems to be damaged.
Why stage another accident?
Smear the cake on your face.
- But why?
Just do it. I'll tell you!
- Candle, light...
What wrong did I do? I won't.
- Was Xavier here?
What is this miracle?
Keshava, who is she?
My friend from school, bro.
Which school, dear?
You're still wearing shorts from school.
She's not a school girl.
She's my childhood friend.
The decoration's pretty grand.
Not to forget the 'S'.
- Bro!
What's happening?
Who are they?
Nikki, record everything on zoom.
Sorry, bro. I don't record
others' private moments.
Who cares if it's private or government?
Please leave us alone.
We don't need this.
Why are you doing this?
- Turn the camera here.
Honey, why are you so scared?
We're not doing anything wrong.
We're just eating cake.
Yo school girl!
Stick to mugging tables.
Dude, I beg you.
Stay quiet!
The warden's suit is here!
While we guys are
struggling to survive out there,
you're here with your
fancy suit and cake, eh?
Wait, I'll get the warden.
You can have the entire cake.
But don't tell anyone about
what's happening here.
Please manage, bro.
Which flavour?
Ay! Scoundrel!
A mole!
While three guys out
there are battling for you,
you're savouring cake
and having fun, is it?
What the hell?
Who are those three guys?
Aww! The poor school girl has no clue.
I've enough evidence.
Let me get the warden and the boys.
Dude, please!
We'll leave now.
Please listen to me.
Honey, why are you begging him so much?
Rekha has a photograph of his.
What photograph?
- Which photograph?
What is that photo?
Everybody seems to
be whispering about it.
It's nothing.
Ay! Don't tell anyone
about the photograph.
I won't tell anyone about
what happened here.
Fine. Come on, Smitha.
Let's go.
Not now.
All the boys are outside.
Leave after I tell you to.
- But dude...
Why are the boys outside?
How did you jump the gate?
How did you get out?
Leave after I tell you to.
Bombarding me with questions.
Dude, just a minute.
- Honey!
Did Praje's birthday go well?
Did he get what he deserved?
It was incredible.
There's lots to eat here.
There's nothing over there.
There is cake here.
And there's no cake.
What did he say?
- I got it.
Nikki, why are you running like that?
Do you want to tell them about it?
I'll get caught.
- No, bro.
If that photo goes viral,
you're the reason.
I'll break your camera.
Why would I?
It's your private matter.
Where's the body?
- We've covered it in the ditch.
You could've buried it too.
- Sure. I'll build a tomb over it.
Delete all the footage.
No point any more.
It's a waste of hard disk space.
- What's wrong?
We lost our phones.
Derick's broke his leg.
To top it all, these guys
want selfies with a corpse.
These guys...
- Ajith, it's 5:00 already. Is it done?
Ay! Don't act smart with me.
Shut up and hand me
the question paper. I'll go.
I doubt if you even have the paper.
Shut up.
I'll finish it.
You said five minutes
and took five hours.
You're the reason for it.
- What did I do?
Why'd you call those potheads?
That was never part of the plan.
That was just for fun!
- You dimwit!
Some guy is dancing naked.
Derick's leg is broken.
Warden's head is injured.
Is this fun to you?
You should've stopped when
the warden's head was injured.
Why did you continue recording?
Do you know why?
Because you have no clarity
what to do.
You don't even know
how to make a short film.
You are blindly
recording everything.
Like it's a wedding video.
Did you just hit me, you moron?
You dunderhead!
Stop right now!
So much for helping you.
- Stop, Ajitha!
I'll tell everyone!
- Go ahead!
- Go tell everyone!
Look, they are fighting!
I'll ruin everything for you now, scoundrel!
Take off your hand! Hey!
Why are you guys fighting
when there's a corpse around?
Get up!
Quit fighting like kids.
- Sorry, guys.
You're the ones fighting.
Why are you apologizing to us?
Everything happening
right now is a lie.
You mean your fight?
Let it go man.
Five more minutes, right?
Let's finish it and not talk about it.
I thought I'd do a five-minute
short film with the warden.
Watching him dead, your natural
reactions formed the crux of the film.
So, I met him this morning
and shared my plan.
Anyway we don't like each other.
I thought I'd use that
and convince you all.
But he called the three stoners
and ruined my plan.
What the heck are you saying?!
Nothing's making sense to me!
Warden didn't die with a note behind.
I wrote that letter.
That was my story.
What the heck!
- Why? Didn't you guys know?
We thought you all knew.
Who else knows that
the warden is not dead?
- Look over there.
My heart was in my mouth.
How could you be so selfish?
There were thoughts of suicide!
- You disgusting scoundrel!
Did you use to fulfil
your short-film whims?
How could you keep me in the dark?
Thank God the warden is not dead.
Nikki, couldn't you tell?
I touched him in inappropriate places.
Why did you agree?
He lured me with the question paper.
So, I agreed.
Who would have expected
him to turn so cheap?
What's happening here?
They made us look like dimwits!
The warden is not dead.
This is a short film.
The world is a stage
and we're all actors. Get lost!
You rascals!
Shit?! Fart?!
- Sorry, bro!
How dare you make
a fool out of me?!
I can't believe you did
this for a question paper.
You're a corrupt man.
Go and join the government office.
- Come be my peon.
Sir, I touched you inappropriately
just to make sure you're fine.
I'm not that kinda guy.
I'm a good guy.
Sir, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Sir, he's an idiot.
We know.
Shouldn't you have been in your senses?
- Dude!
Two more minutes.
We'll shoot the climax.
I'll kill you with one blow!
Just get lost!
Think he's a Spielberg shooting a film!
His face is disfigured, but
he wants to shoot the climax.
Get up, dude!
Everybody is leaving.
Please, dude.
Talk to them once or
our efforts will go in vain.
Let's shoot the climax.
Please talk to them.
Turn it off.
Bro, just stand for a minute.
Just leave, Nikki.
They will beat you up.
Go to Dharmasthala and pray to the God.
- Ajitha!
Acting like a corpse
isn't really a good omen.
Boss, please stop for a minute.
Listen to me.
What is it with him now?
People shoot movies
for years together.
All I'm asking is
for five minutes.
Are you even sure he
has the question paper?
Please do this for me.
- Moron! Get lost!
Allowing you in our room was a mistake.
Don't make it worse now.
It's almost time for the exam.
Is he asking us to shoot again?
I'll headbutt and kill you!
Just go!
Nikki, let it go.
- He's still shooting!
Wait a second!
Nobody has to do anything.
The warden just has to sit in the car.
'The End' will roll on the screen.
Else, everything we've
done will go waste.
I beg you, please, boss.
Brother, you're elder to us.
Don't do this.
Sir, the hostel is this way.
Sir, are you looking for your panche?
Where is he going?
- Sir!
Sir, where are you going?
Please come back.
- Boss, move.
Sorry, sir!
- Ajith, where is he going?
Sir, you've witnessed everything.
Please don't be quiet.
Say something. Please, sir.
Nothing was under my control.
Please understand.
Please forgive me, sir.
Come on, Ajith.
He might take the car to the hostel.
What's he doing?
Dude, I think he's ready to act.
Sir, the accident has already taken place.
We'll be watching from a distance.
It rains heavily.
Don't come out until I shout "Cut".
Okay, sir?
I'm going, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Sorry, sir.
Action, sir!
What happened? Who's that?
- Nikki!
Why are you even recording all of this?
The boys are messing with us.
Let's record it for safety.
Who is this guy?
Should I wake him up?
He's our warden. We're in
his car and I'm wearing his suit.
If he finds out you're here,
he'll throw us out of the campus.
Something has definitely gone wrong, honey!
Will they agree to act?
- Let's not ask.
He's still recording. Shameless!
- Here's the question paper.
You guys go on.
I'll finish the shoot and come.
Check the paper.
- Sorry, guys.
This is tomorrow's paper for sure.
- Dude, they're asking for algorithms!
Nikki, let's try a slow motion shot.
Just a minute.
- Tell us what to do now.
Tell us soon.
Bro, the accident has already taken place.
It will rain heavily.
You just have to watch.
I will roll 'The End' on the shot.
Should we wait till it rains now?
I have setup artificial
rain for the shoot.
What else do you have in place?
I can't get wet in the rain.
I will catch a cold.
It's okay, bro.
You can stand a bit away.
How do you want us to act?
Look at the warden like you're
seeing him for the last time.
Okay, right?
What should we do?
Get sad, guys.
Be sad, man.
Guys, this is the last time
you'll see the warden.
Get a little more upset.
More sad, man.
I can't cry.
- Stare at the light.
You'll tear up.
That's why I said I won't make them act.
How much longer?
This is how shoots go, baby!
Today's kids get tiny cameras and keep
shooting the same thing constantly.
The days of film
camera were different!
A call sheet would
last as planned.
They were always punctual.
How much longer until you get home?
Nikki, nobody knows
that Smitha's there, right?
I really feel like crying.
Block us all!
What is it?
There's a nice twist in the climax.
Ajith, is this okay?
It'll do.
Hello, brother.
Come near the old building.
It'll cost extra.
- Fine. I'll pay you.
- Come soon.
These kids will believe anything.
Oy! Location shift!
Please come back to us, sir.
Who are they?
Who do you mean?
What happened?
Wait a minute...
- Don't. They'll see you.
Why is he sleeping here?
Look how they've
abandoned the body.
Bloody idiots!
This is what happens when
you don't do your job right.
If anyone sees this,
we'll be caught.
What do we do now?
What if we make the body disappear?
- Nope.
The body and the vehicle,
both must disappear.
How do we do that?
Let me think.
Shall I roll one?
- Yeah.
Are these guys insane?
Ay! Listen!
Don't over do it.
Control it!
Please come back to us, Ramesh sir.
Should I push him down the hill?
Should I throw him
under the train?
What if I dig a ditch?
That requires time.
We don't have time.
We need a quick way out.
- Yeah?
- Yeah?
Shall we burn the body?
I can't believe you're gone, sir!
Shall I get kerosene?
Won't the car have petrol inside?
You are a genius, Genie.
Sir is not dead.
He'll come back to us, Potha.
- Potha!
What's up with you?
- Don't overact. Stay calm.
You're elder to us.
You should be consoling us.
How can you cry your soul out?
Why are these disgusting
fellows drinking petrol?
They will do anything for a high.
They would even lick the lime walls.
Won't it have algae?
They find it very tasty.
- What?!
Man, the exotic taste of petrol!
- Pour it!
Throw it, man!
These lunatics are putting up an act.
It doesn't look like an act to me.
Hey! They're really pouring petrol.
Stay calm.
- This is not an act.
The warden is not in his room,
nor is he answering calls.
You guys have done
something to the warden.
I really don't know anything.
Let me go.
Are you carrying booze?!
Are you guys
drinking in the hostel?
Don't speak ill of it.
Derick's leg was hurt.
I'm taking this to cure his leg.
Let me go, man!
My holy water's spilling.
Is the setup in place?
All set for you my dear!
Not you, darling.
I'll turn it on.
Check it.
Will the water flow if
you utter the words, 'ON'?
Once the rains pour,
it'll be a deluge out there!
Turn it on!
Lord of Fire!
Help us.
Hey! Genie!
What the hell are you doing?
- Oh no! Fire!
You turned my best birthday
into my worst birthday!
- Sorry, honey!
It's really burning.
Let's get out of here!
Smear the cake on your face.
Everybody will see.
Sir, let's go!
Sir! No!
Brother, if we run out of water.
We won't find it anywhere. Please!
Ajith, you only mentioned rain.
There's fire too!
Oy! That wasn't planned!
The car really is on fire!
What are Kashi, Prasanna,
and Abhilash doing?
Wasn't the fire a
part of your setup?
Happy journey.
You morons!
- Do you know how expensive petrol is?
Can't believe they're extinguishing it.
- Sir! Please come out!
There's still some cake left!
- Loafer! Get out!
Bloody coward!
Isn't that Smitha?
Happy birthday, Smitha!
- Wait! Don't leave me!
- Who is he?
Screw them!
Put the fire out!
Is there water anywhere here?
Dude, go look!
The motor is near the gate!
We won't get water anywhere nearby.
Throw it, guys!
Hold on a second, guys.
Turn it on!
- Rain!
Shake the pipe!
Wait a minute, brother!
Please, just a minute.
Turn it on, boy.
Is that all your power is?
For heavens sake!
Turn it on!
Ajith, the door is jammed!
I can't open it.
Please get out of there!
- Who are these guys?
Dancing around the
fire like the Na'vi people!
Break open the door!
- Smash it harder!
Looks like he has inhaled smoke and died.
Sir, please come out!
Sir! Please!
Quit staring!
Help him out.
Moron! Quit praying
and put the fire out!
Sir! Please come out!
- The panche's on fire!
Where's the damn rain?!
Turn it on!
- How many times do I tell you?
My holy water's spilling out.
Let me go!
What's going on here?
Who are you guys?
- Are you a junior artist?
Don't go over there!
You'll end up in the frame!
The director will scold you.
A junior?
I'm the senior here!
Senior security guard - Undertaker!
Move it, man!
Oh, God!
I spilt all of my holy water!
Oh, God!
What shall I do now?
Sorry, Derick!
- Yo, man! Don't cry!
It was only a little water.
I have a whole tanker.
I'll give you as much as you want.
Shut up, sir.
Don't talk ill about my holy water.
You don't know its power.
Sir, the power's back on.
Put it out!
Boy, come on now.
Who is this guy?
Come on.
Son, come here!
Here, keep the water flowing.
Hey, junior artist!
You talk too much for
the 300 bucks you're paid.
Please come out!
I've been calling you the whole time,
why didn't you come?
You told me not to come out
until you called for a 'Cut'.
Is everything done?
Warden lives
because of my holy water!
- Wait for me.
I'm coming too!
- Miracle!
Warden survived
because of my holy water.
Looks like the boys
are new to film shoots.
They're very excited!
Did you see the power of my gun?
Let it be.
Now this is what you
call method acting!
Another loafer joins the gang.
The Jungle King!
Don't swear!
Kids will learn too.
Damn you!
- Honey!
- Potha, the paper!
Look at your miracle!
- Sir, what happened?
Oh no!
Sorry, guys!
I'm behind all of this.
It's okay, bro.
Even if we'd the question paper,
it's not like we would've passed.
Cinema is just another excuse.
Come on, bro.
I really thought he died!
Ajitha, what the hell happened here?!
What happened?
Ajitha, stop!
Ajith, what happened here?
Just like you said.
It was a miracle!
'The y-end!'
A film edited by Bunty Gowda.
It's nice!
Damn nice!
If my father checks out
this version of the edit,
he'll probably hand
this studio over to me.
Sir, there's two more
minutes of footage left
Dude, what is even left after this?!
The warden came out of the fire already.
The audience will definitely lose patience.
Are you guys done?
Give me two more minutes, sir.
I'm constantly getting
calls from the police station.
Sir, that camera guy's been
with me since yesterday.
It's okay.
He's our guy.
The hostel needs to be painted.
Call the painter.
The boys need to be served
good food in the canteen from now.
Otherwise, let's cancel his contract.
Don't close the gate at 9:00.
Close it at 10:00 from now on.
Why at 10:00?
Just do as I say.
Don't fight much with the boys.
All right?
Send coffee to my room.
- Okay, sir.
What happened, sir?
Sir, your leg looks severely wounded.
What happened to the warden?!
Why isn't he talking?
It's a ghost!
A ghost!
Warden's a ghost!
- Shall I get first aid?
Sir, do you even realise
what's happening here?
This is the best stuff
I've smoked in my life.
I had a wish.
That the three of us should
have the same dream.
It finally came true last night.
Warden was dead.
We burnt his body in his own car.
My my my!
Isn't it, Swami?
Yeah, Genie.
- Is he the Swami?
Thanks for the dream!
Please let tomorrow's dream be
about weed getting legalised in India
What did you guys
do to the warden?
He's gone bonkers!
I'll complain to the principal.
Are they studying hard just
to remind us that we didn't?
What is this?
This was my original plan.
I was simply gonna send the warden
down in this if not for those three idiots.
Manja, you'd have passed for sure too.
Is this supposed to be service lift?
To ferry the warden up and down?
If you'd used this,
it would be the end of the warden.
Derick, I'm sorry!
Derick is here!
It's okay, dude!
That grizzly is still alive!
The best thing about this is the
amount of trouble we gave him.
These memories will
last our entire lifetime.
Lift him!
You killed the warden!
- He's still alive!
Keep an eye on continuity.
- Sir!
Man, he's peeing!
He's not dead.
You don't just look for the
letter in the warden's room.
Cheers, boys!
- Cheers!
Remember the incessant calls the
warden kept getting from a 'Mother...'?
Do you know who that was?
- Who?
- His name's Swami?!
It doesn't read 'Mother'.
It reads something else.
Yeah, Genie!
All I'm getting is a
single tick on her chat.
I can't even see her display picture.
She's blocked me, dude!
Isn't that Smitha?
- Happy birthday, Smitha!
You guys sit like this.
I'll shoot a Shawshank
Redemption like
slow-motion shot and
add the text 'THE END'.
No need for any Shashank
Reddy shots. Come here.
He's our cameraman, Nikki.
Please shoot a couple
of cinematic shots.
Ay Nikki! Get lost!
- Bro!
Why are you following us everywhere?
I'll break your camera!
- Go!
I beg you!
Please, boss!
- Cheers!
The Principal committed suicide.
- Why?
Someone has leaked
today's exam's question paper!
The exam has been cancelled!
The exam's cancelled!
What are you studying for?
Manja, I'll bet Ajitha
is involved in this!
I'll travel from home.
I'm moving out of this hostel.
What else did you do?
Just spit the truth!
- Dude, I know nothing.
Let's go down and check.
Yo, boys!
- Get lost, moron!
Ajith, shall I come too?
- Quiet, bro!
I'll headbutt and kill you!
Everything is happening
because of this camera! Buzz off!
Madam, the shot is okay.
Such is the life of heroines!
Pack up, guys.
Ramesh, get the car!
What did you do to the Principal?
Where did those three seniors go?
How did that girl
sneak into your hostel?
Where did your phones go?
They're in the deleted footage.
We'll add them in the sequel.
Nonsense! What's the
point of a sequel for this?
The senior officer is waiting.
If I let you be,
you'll shoot the sequel here.
Sir, if there was a twist in the end,
it would be nice.
Shall I add a clip of Bhoothakola?
- Please do!
God appearing in the
climax is in trend now.
You want God, don't you?
There you go.
For the first time ever,
a Kannada cinema poster is
being released at 18,000 ft
in this freezing cold.
Looks like a memory card, doesn't it?
What's the movie's name?
Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddaare.
- Huh?
Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddaare.
Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddaare.
A memory card, eh?
These youngsters together have made a film.
I wish success to both
the youngsters and the film.
Okay. All the best.
Is it done?
Cut it.
Come here, kid.
Was this elaborate act
necessary to release a poster?
What's the title again?
Hostel Hudugaru Bekagiddaare.
The worst movie ever
made in the history of cinema.
Looks like the tag line will come true.
Quit wasting time and
do something useful.
Sir, the camera's still rolling.
Get it edited out!
Any way, like I mentioned.
The director and cast have made a good film.
May the movie succeed!
All the best!
This will suck!