Hostile Border (2015) Movie Script

I love them.
I think you're going to love them.
I think it's going to change your
life the way it's changed mine.
They're really...
I'm excited to show you.
They are the best products I've ever used.
Credit card number is
Great. 53141666.
And this is more pastel-y
but I love them both.
Security code 609.
You know
it still looks good
but, like,
it could look better.
I'm sorry.
Can you try 603?
Social security?
You don't need that.
Okay, I'll hold.
And I was like, "You know what?
I'm worth it."
How's that sound?
Yes, we have
the new ones.
Yes, three?
Sure, we can do that.
She's not home
right now.
We have to go to the bank.
- These fucking Craigslisters.
- Everything's going to be there.
Yes, I know.
I'm gonna use the van for a little bit, okay?
See you later.
that's correct.
They haven't made
the last eight payments.
Can you put us last?
You will need to be current
on your payments
to start the modification
I'm sorry, but...
What do we need to come up
with to stay in the house?
In English, please.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry.
Um, to be current?
Twenty thousand.
Fuck, it's so loud.
Turn it down.
Claudia, turn it down.
Larry, let's head back.
We've got one more.
No, we're done.
It's already set up.
I thought that was you.
No, yeah, I remember.
You're, like, the last person
I expected to see here.
Well, how's life?
Good. It's really good.
I'm not pregnant,
I'm not married.
Are you in school or anything?
No, no, I'm not.
But I'm sure you...
Yeah, I am, it's...
Pretty tough. I'm really stressed
out about it but I figure, like,
all the work will pay off and...
You know,
it'll be worth it.
You should come
have a drink with me.
Catch up.
Hey, I'm going to be
right back, okay?
I have to go
to the bathroom.
She's not in the system.
Check with Immigration.
Now, because of your age and the
fact that you have no prior record,
the DA is willing
to give you probation
in exchange for
a guilty plea.
However, because you were in
custody while waiting to post bail,
they have placed an
immigration detainer on you.
After you plead guilty,
you will be handcuffed
and transported to an
immigration detention facility.
They'll hold you there a few days or
a few weeks until they process you.
And then you will be released back
into Mexico as a free citizen.
You'll never be allowed
back into the United States.
And if I don't
plead guilty?
Based upon the discovery
that I've seen,
they have an extremely
strong case against you.
Go now with probation,
or you can spend a couple of years
in jail and then be deported.
Those are the two options.
Are you in contact with
any relatives in Mexico?
Family? Friends?
Okay, well, I'll give you two a
couple of minutes by yourself.
It's not your fault.
It's my fault.
I brought you here.
I taught you that...
That you were special.
That you deserved the nicest things.
Mom, calm down.
I'll come back.
I'll get some money together
and I'll come back.
People do it all the time.
You think everything
is easy?
Can you wait, please?
don't take her yet.
You have to go
to your father's house.
I need to know
you will be safe.
Criminal gangs
consider you rich targets.
They will try to contact
phone numbers of your relatives
in the US for ransom.
Dial zero after making
calls on public phones
so previously dialed numbers
can't be accessed.
Think your fences
can keep me out?
Hey, girl! Keep moving.
Keep moving forward!
I'll be back.
Not to see you.
But I'm going to be over there
in Chicago in one week.
You want some minutes
to make a call?
You can use my cell phone.
I have minutes.
Do you need help?
Check this out.
Can you do me a favor?
This girl wants to
go to the south.
What's going on?
A checkpoint.
Where are you headed?
Just ahead, about 10,
15 kilometers.
What's the status here?
How many passengers
are with you?
Seven people.
Okay, good.
Have a good trip.
See you later.
Okay, thank you.
Sit down.
There are things to do.
Are you, or aren't you
a criminal?
There's no in between.
What's the matter with you?
She can't understand you,
She doesn't speak Spanish.
You can't stay
in the house all day.
What do you want me to do?
Well, be patient.
Try to understand her.
How long are we going
to let this go on?
As long as necessary.
Okay, whatever.
You speak English?
Yes, of course.
We're gonna go fix fences.
Coming with us.
How much?
Close to $10.
An hour?
A day.
I'll work with him.
That's very delicate.
Why don't you
help me with this?
Just cut it like this.
Be careful.
Put these on.
How many do we have left?
From here, four or five posts on this line,
and that's it.
Okay, let's finish
what's left and then
we'll go to the other side
of the ranch.
You should use
better materials.
Something that lasts.
You're gonna start here
and you're gonna keep going.
The whole south fence
needs to be repaired.
Then you'll start
on the north side.
Keeps the cows in, people out.
Works just fine.
This sucks.
You should have
stayed in prison then.
Would have been
better than this.
Well, I can take you
back if you want.
Get on the horse and...
Let's do it.
Hold her head, please.
You wanna get kicked?
Stand there
if you wanna get kicked.
Claudia, take it.
You see plastic,
you pick it up.
Is this normal?
Yeah, it's the same problem,
over and over.
Animals are stubborn.
They only know
one way to be.
Even if it hurts them.
I don't wanna go inside
that house with him.
Well, he's your dad.
Thank you.
Hey, why is there
a checkpoint?
Is somebody smuggling
drugs, people?
No, not people.
The military uses it to control
whatever is passing through.
Do you know someone
who can help me get back?
Andres wouldn't like that.
I don't care
what Andres thinks.
Was that Andres?
It's no one.
Get to work.
I got something.
Stop! Stop!
You're an American?
You going for a jog
in the desert, bro?
Think he's
a good guy, right?
What's going on, Ricky?
Why show up like this?
Why don't you tell her
what's going on?
Nothing is going on.
Tell her who you work for.
In English.
Say it.
Say it.
I work for Ricky.
You can call me Rick.
You work for me?
That's not what I heard.
I heard you were working
for someone else.
Why would I wanna do that?
the truth is that
the Sergeant talked to me,
and, yeah, he offered me money
to give him information,
but you don't think I'd do something
like that? I'm not a traitor.
Ricky, you know I would
never do that, right?
But we're friends, right?
But you know the deal.
You mess with my stuff,
I have to kill you.
And I have to kill
la pocha here.
We're friends?
You're gonna tell Ricky
that you're gonna help him.
Just tell him that
you know the ranch.
I don't.
Well, learn it.
Listen to me.
Just help him get his stuff
from one side to the other.
Don't tell him, please.
Don't tell Andres.
I know my way
around the ranch.
I can make things
really easy for you.
I like American girls.
I'm gonna take care
of your truck.
Be in touch.
I gotta run.
Good afternoon, sir.
Good afternoon.
Nice day, no?
What brings you here,
I'm looking for Arturo.
Come here.
Where's Arturo?
I don't know.
He took your truck.
I don't know where he went.
You see?
He's not here.
Are you visiting?
She's only here
for a little bit.
Go inside.
Lita needs you.
You have a beautiful ranch.
A lot of land.
Must be hard to maintain.
To keep secure.
Here, we don't have
any problems with the ranch.
Excuse me. I have work to do.
Don't let them involve us
into their mess.
People are always
driving through my land
looking for a shortcut
to the main road.
It's always
been a problem.
If you see Arturo,
you send him to me.
Fucking reception, man.
Okay, Mom.
Tell her to try it.
Make her try it.
You're her father.
I've eaten a chili before.
This is my nephew.
That's not true.
You fixed the truck?
It's not done yet.
Come take a ride with me.
Got a meeting.
No, no, no, look,
shut up for a second.
This is what we're gonna do.
You're gonna go to his house.
You're gonna tell him to return the money
because we already agreed on a price.
Under no circumstances are we
giving him any more money, okay?
Fucking Mexicans.
Aren't you Mexican?
No, I'm not
fucking Mexican.
I'm just... I'm stationed
down here for a bit.
Too valuable for this
shithole anyway.
You know what I mean,
I came down here because things
used to be so fucking easy.
People just took
the world as it is.
They just took what you gave them,
no questions asked.
And now, that's all gone.
It's a fucking zoo.
If you could be anywhere else right now,
where would you be?
Would you be with me?
Or would I be alone?
I didn't bring my passport.
It's all right.
You don't need it.
Open the glove
Hand me those cards.
Relax. With the cards,
I come and go whenever I want.
Good evening, sir.
Where are you headed?
San Diego.
It's, um...
It's our anniversary.
Have a nice night.
Thank you.
Yeah, you could
make a run for it.
But then what?
I know about you, Claudia.
About all of it.
You wanna be some poor illegal
working shitty jobs?
I couldn't do that.
But if that's
what you want,
then go.
I'm not
going to stop you.
Or you could
help me out a little bit.
Do a few runs.
Make some easy,
easy money.
And then
I'll bring you back.
Think it over.
Go grab a cup of coffee
or something.
Need to have a chat
with my dudes here.
You just come and go
as you please?
I still haven't
heard from Arturo.
There's some food
if you did not eat.
You want some more?
No, thanks, Mom.
You mind if I come out
with you today?
What did she say?
People are sneaking in.
Stealing it for food.
It all has to go or
they'll keep coming.
If they're hungry,
why don't you let them have it?
'Cause the cows
are hungry, too.
Okay, hold it up higher.
Away from your body.
Wait. Wait. Wait.
When I was a boy,
I used to love
setting things on fire.
My father asked me to
weed his garden,
and I burned it all.
I didn't mean
to burn it all.
Ready to roll, pocha?
Keep doing what you're doing.
You know your way around.
Just make sure my stuff
gets across the ranch.
What's the matter?
Don't you trust me?
Where's our truck?
We'll drop it off.
Don't worry.
My dudes are cool.
Don't think about it.
Just get them through, fast and easy.
Yeah, I got it.
Lita and I,
we committed ourselves to this place.
They said that the land
was too rocky.
That I would always be at its
mercy and I would make no money.
But I'm still here.
Everything from the outside
can ruin you.
If you let it.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Hands on the wheel.
Turn off the car.
Come on.
Get out.
Search it.
Get out.
Let her go.
Your father know
where you are?
Does he know
who you're with?
I was in town,
and he offered me a ride.
Bring back the truck.
They sent me here
to stop this.
Ricky's truck is clean.
Let him go.
It wasn't always this way.
Some places, maybe.
But here, things were
always contained.
I can help you.
Ready to roll, pocha?
Whatever you were paying Arturo,
it's not enough.
You want a raise already?
This is Arturo's phone.
Why do you have it?
Andres, come!
I've given the Sergeant permission
to run patrols on our land.
Nice truck!
This is my truck.
Now, I need you to tell me
everything, right now.
And don't lie to me.
This is my whole life.
Don't you see that?
I could lose everything.
He's dead.
I told you she never should
have come to stay with us.
Andres, no.
Everything out of her mouth
is garbage.
If she doesn't know
how to be good,
then it's your job
to teach her.
Arturo wanted more.
There are people who struggle and
people who get what they want.
I want more.
Is this what more
looks like to you?
You know what that means?
Yeah, I know what it means.
It means you're a fraud.
Fruit is either
ripe or rotten.
Not both.
You can stay,
tell the truth.
Or you take this truck
and you go.
Pocha? What's up?
How about that truck?
Do you like it?
Where are you?
Tell me you need me.
Tell me you need me.
Say it.
Say it.
Say it.
Say it.
Tell me you need me.
I need to get out of here.
We're almost done.
No, I need to get
out of here tonight.
Everything is set up
for tomorrow.
What changed?
Just one more run.
And then we'll move on.
And tomorrow
you'll take me across?
Anywhere you want to go.
Good evening.
You can pass.
It's not time for you to go.
There are still things
you need to learn here.
You understand me, don't you?
Stay here with us.
Sometimes when you love someone,
you have to forgive them.
Even when you don't want to.
You will lose her again.
I tried, Mom.
Some things can't be fixed.
There are only
two types of people.
Those who care about others.
And those who only
care about themselves.
Which one are you?
He's here.
Stay in the truck.
There's a change.
A change?
What do you mean, a change?
Don't fuck with us.
There's a change because
there's a change, okay.
Come out.
We need to talk.
Don't leave yet.
Count the suitcases!
Where's Andres?
He went to look for you.
Who else is with you?
No one.
I told you,
my family has nothing to do with this.
Turn around!
Turn around.
He set me up.
Shut up.
Good men died
because of you.
I didn't know about the others...
Put them in the truck.
Put them in the truck.
This is gonna end up
bad for you.
All of you
will be arrested.
You and your whole family.
You should have
listened to me.
It didn't have to be
so messy.
This area is under
military control.
We will open fire.
what are you doing?
I did this to her.
There's a suitcase in the
back with some money in it.
It's for my mother.
Please take it to her.
I'm not going with you.