Hotel California (2013) Movie Script

"In this, misty night!
En routes to different paths"
"Out of utterance of each word.
They find tender silence"
"Taking the flight of sorrows"
"Seeking the shelter of kindness"
"At a distance, across the sky"
"Night has bosom ed
cluster of stars,above"
"Love for lust, snapped
in between, like dreams"
"In a distant sight, they spring up
as forms, like ebbs in the water"
" In our minds, far off.In this, misty night!
Scattered in the mutuality"
"Longing to see
each other, in a glance"
"In search of a birds nest
in an unknown branch"
Movie Channel
Manju, don't forget to lock the gate.
Okay dear.
Just come here, is it a train
or something to get started?
Hubby! Had gone.
My God! I'm there now.
Don't come through the main gate,
neighbor's eyes, are on my gate.
Mustjum p, the back
side compound wall.
My dear Manju! You are
telling a cop to, jump the wall.
Since you are a cop, I'm telling
you to come, by jumping the wall.
What kind of excuse is this?
'No gain without pain'
Whatever may be, this
Chandu will enter your bed room,
sure your hubby is not there?
Just come buddy!
Needs a lot of practice! More to go!
"Eyes...And eyes meet each other.
Exchange love...My beloved"
Haven't you not gone?
I'm city police commissioner.
If you any complaints. You
can directly hand it, over to me.
Yea! I wanted to hand it
over, directly, that is why,
- and I took the car in reverse.
YOU SQn of awn
Don't beat me, uncle!
Bird flew out!
What are you doing?
I had stopped taking rum, because
of kidney stone, then started beer.
Now I'm urinating like anything!
The best option is to go
on with arrack! (Spirit)
Where is Brother Jimmy?
Not yet woken up.
Phone is switched off.
There is my big offer.
A film which is scheduled, to
release, on week after, the next.
- By superstar Prem Sagafis, Hotel
California. DVD is ready in Dubai.
Manaf at Karama will hand it
over to a person, till Cochin airport.
I will get some money out of it, if
we pull it out safely from the airport.
Do we not want to sell CD?
They will do that.
We only have to pull it out from
airport, only that is our risk.
I will be better off with this. I
had enough, with this flake CD.
The things at the airport, should
be made safe, by Brother Jimmy.
I will tell him, that, but
how much will I get?
Guys like you, why do you need
money? On a meagre deals like this.
This money is all,
peanut for you people.
Movie Channel
Mala Nambiar-Only decedent of a
high-heeled business family.
But somewhere down the line,
one will find, something missing...
Mam! Your pasta is ready.
Oh! Great!
I will be arriving there,
by the Push Pak airlines.
At 9: 30 AM.
I trust you.
Thank you, Mam. Bye.
Who are you, my beauty?
Who is brighter than, that the full
moon? On this full moon lit night.
Who are you, disposed with
such exotic smell of a flower?
I'm from the nearby
village.A herd's girl.
Nobody will tell that,
you are a beauty!
Abby Mathew-a real smug at
Bombay, in a single word, a filthy boor!
My time!
My lord! I have miles to go, far away!
I will not leave you
alone, at this night.
My son, I had never
seen you, as just a pimp.
You are my brother, friend
and also a safety guard for me.
That is why, I'm
repeating again and again,
it is not Swapna Devi, I adorn.
At seven o'clock serial.
But Swapnajoseph at seven thirty
serial. That is the girl, I told.
I know, sir, Swapna. She
is also favorite of my wife.
Then sir, will I get
mixed up, with all these.
The photo what you had
send, is that same one,
but still need to confirm.
Will I not get it buddy!
Eh? I will arrange, something
else, if don't get, the tickets.
How beautiful, she is?
Indeed, very much.
Frankly speaking, as you told,
I didn't want to deny that.
I really don't like her! Turn
off the TV and come for sleep.
I need to go to Kashmir, tomorrow.
Why is this conference at Kashmir?
Even, if it is in Kashmir or
Kaniayakumari...My love you are here!
Yes, I'm there.
Keep it out, I will take it.
Okay, sister.
Swapna! Will things happen?
I cannot be there, before he
reaches at the hotel. That not possible.
After all this waiting, I got a
movie, that too a Tamil one.
My Malayalam serial 'seductive
women' was watched by a...
Tamil director Linga Ratnam.
He called me from, Chennai that
means, it is God's blessing.
It is only a song sequence, at
morning at seven that is all.
But no one can tell
when it will be over,
- because director is
Linga Ratnam.
Who else, will give you
ten Iakhs, for a day?
That is the only reason,
why I agreed on this.
Which lady will be
interested to sleep?
With someone,
whom she doesn't know.
Will be a great disgust!
But out in vain. Will accept it.
On thinking about,
people along with you.
Just try. How is that Linga
Ratnam, will he loosen up?
Now, I have to do
that also, all my fate!
Don't spoil your mood, you be here
by ten o'clock, in the morning.
Nothing to lose! Accepted
the money, is it not?
Till forty years, I was writing
all the filth about Bombay's
-filmy men and politicians.
Making false stories, charge
corruption, writing illicit relationship
- news, which they
had not thought of.
A vicarious pleasure,
while harming all these people.
Completely pissed off,
on seeing their living style.
Whatever they want,
car, money, girls...
A beep here! Really gets
mad, while seeing all this.
Forsaking the sleep at
night, will write filthy and
- malicious stories against them.
First, I thought, reading all this,
they will be wounded over it.
Who cares!
I came to know that later only.
Until, my wife eloped with someone.
All the three children,
before me as a question mark.
Once, we get Shahi Pillai sir,
as our news channel head
we will give you, free re...
Shashi Pillai...I'm
going to change this name.
It will be stylish,
while writing in English.
But in Malayalam, it is a
wired name...Shashi Pillai.
But, I came to know, on
coming here. In Kerala 'Shashi'
- has got a comical connotation.
People at the
administration will call you sir.
Pay check as fixed by you, sir.
Shall we not come with a bomb?
Airport Jimmy!
Movie Channel
My Jimmy! When I see these girls,
it reminds me of, 'Neeli Thalia'
who used to bath me,
when I was young.
Whatever, that is here, is
it not, which belongs to you?
To tell the truth, this kind
of mixing, is for the first time.
I'm fond of dry rum,
today I'm starting this.
Son Jimmy you are my apostolic!
This is the right time to start.
We had our start, on a cocktail.
When I did a plunge here,
I got this treasure.
A smuggler, fraud, broker and more
than anything else...A pimp also.
I doubt, that this pimping, he
will glorify, to a decent profession.
What's wrong in that?
Yea! Exactly, what's wrong in that!
Oh! You!
Leave me free!
You know my family,'
my family, a big family.
It is hurting.
My God!
God! Save me, or
else these spice girls will...
Keep quiet you!
Why you talk like this?
Look at the way, he is lying?
You dumb! Forget it.
Our party, is not meant to
disintegrate, just because few men
-from Malapuram had associated.
Smell of Dubai money, will not out
smart, the smell of cardamom,
- tea leaves and of rubber.
Remember, one thing, if
we part, ministry will not fall.
I'm very sure on that, and
nothing will happen to me also.
Then why to worry about?
You people when stabbed from
behind, a big legacy will fall apart.
We Christian lobby
from east, will not stand for it.
You think about it and my boy!
You bang those Negro girls!
How adamant, is he...This, Koshy
sir? Let him eat the entire cake,
we have no regrets, but can't we
take the portion, that is left behind,
- at the bottom of the oven.
My God! Don't touch!
Tell them to remain idle!
Don't catch there! No...
Not on my central ministry!
Smile...In a pleasing mood.
Brothers, remove
those trousers also.
We are removing it.
Don't remove that!
Not as expected!
My family...Everything
will be lost! My fame! Jimmy sir...
Do you feel like,
dis-integ rating or integrating?
I'll kill you, you pig!
You jimmy! Has he had enough?
He will be tamed.
Then, who are items
coming from Bombay, tomorrow?
Russian or Lebanese.
One is Ukraine
and the other is, Iran cross.
Oh! I can't stand this!
The moment, they arrive from flight,
immediately bring them here.
Day after tomorrow
a big fish is coming!
Who is that?
I'll tell you.
Brother Yummy'.!
Why are you here?
A small deal, brother,
our actress Swapna...
For a business man in Bombay.
How much is she fetching?
Ten. But somehow
managed in eight.
My God! Eight Iakhs!
For how many, days?
There is no question
of days...Only one day time.
For a day time...What are you
saying? What is she? Big worth!
She is, that same
old Swapna, is it not?
Not always brother, once in a while,
when, some of the
Maddie's like these turn up!
Now, recent actresses
doesn't need all there.
Well educated,
from decent background
- and good income
from the profession.
Who will come?
But if we, get one with poverty and
hardships at home, we are lucky.
How much you will get?
Ten percentage brother. By
pleading and crying I will get one more.
Brother, can you associate me, in
your gang of foreign girls? Let me also...
First of all, spoil all this Malayalee
Then we will think about it.
Work hard and come
up in life, let God bless you!
Movie Channel
Is there any other country, where
such vast expansion is going on?
Don't, remind me, with the airport
incident? Hang the phone!
Uncle, we are leaving now.
What the hell did you
do there? At a night club in Noida.
It is a main news
in 'Delhi Times, Page Three'
I was just grooving
over a D .J. Night.
Son for you...This Yoo! This dude!
This Bro! Will not come to you!
You know why?
Basically you are a looser!
Why don't you try
other areas, theater plays,
- ritual dances and all, of local taste?
My God! Why on earth,
did I send him to Delhi?
Uncle! I'm taking that Land Rover.
The other car will be stationed here.
You take whatever you want,
my child, take this guy with you.
Why did I bore a child like this?
I don't know sir!
Honestly, I don't now sir.
Movie Channel
Why did the leaders eyes fill
with tears, on seeing Gandhiji?
Part of routine.
Is it actually Gandhiji?
Why not? Can't you see,
he is wearing a cap!
Bapuji, kindly
pardon these illiterates!
Tell me the matter Kamala?
What is that, you want
an urgent help from us?
I want to deliver a child!
My God!
That you have to do, all by yourself.
We cannot do anything on that.
Suffi, I'm serious.
I need a baby, but can't marry.
You mean, living relationship.
No need of males! I had enough.
Without is difficult.
I'm going for artificial insemination.
Artificial injection, if you do
that, will you have children?
It is not injection, it is insemination.
Like the one, done on cattle's.
Oh! Like the dogs
used to do, Is it not?
Is the dog, a cattle?
You buffalolls it not?
See, on a serious note, you are the
only, owner of all these wealth.
That too, including a publishing firm.
- And your kid is going
to be the sole inheritor.
So, you will not
accept any ordinary sperm,
we know why, you call us
here, is to break that surprise.
Now tell, who is the man?
Be prepared to blow
yourselves! Samadh Khan.
Who? That Samad,
who is in Thoppumpady!
The name Samad, is
not for gym instructors alone.
I'm taking about the
Sam ad,the Bollywood Bhasha!
Everything in
Bollywood has a market.
Right from the very hair
to nail! There is value.
The every part of Samad
Khan's body is precious.
If there is market, there is
value. if there is value, will fetch it.
Yes sir.
Hand it over, safely,
matter of Samad's children...
You know, star kids.
Ok, boss.
Oh! Our Hindi...But
how will you arrange his?
No need to arrangemhe is giving it.
What does that mean?
Last time, Sister Dianna told me,
when she came from London.
For a grandchild, of
a steel magnet over there,
- Samad Khan was the sperm donor.
For a whooping amount.
He is ready for a discount rate for
Indians. That is all being arranged.
By tomorrow's morning flight,
- Samad's body guard will
dispatch the item here.
Grand Mother don't
you have anything to tell,
- about her idiosyncrasy?
I fully support her.
Once you are well off financially,
- it is better for women,
to live without men.
There is no need, to be
under the crutches of someone,
-just to become a mother.
This is much better.
During my time, science was not
as advanced, as this. My bad luck.
Are you very particular,
you want this Hindi, actor?
Malayalee actors?
The actors over here,
are not that good enough.
My Lord! lfl knew
about this injection before,
- I would have never borne
the children of that moron!
Movie Channel
Sir...Sub collector is here.
Mam, thanks for coming.
Have you been waiting?
Just reached now.
What is that, you
wanted to see urgently?
Mam. Yesterday
morning, a mail came.
Tarun Singh Deol is coming to
Kerala. That too under cover.
The illicit money, related
to his father's 5G scam,
- to hide the money, along
with the help of a ruling minister.
This is the content of
the mail. Source is not clear.
But, from the nature of the message,
it is from the IB informant group.
As the collector is not in station, I
told madam to come over here.
Can you speak with
the Commissioner?
Why not. Please come.
Yes, mam.
This internet...isn't it a big ocean.
We are like small children,
- on the banks of that
ocean, collecting pebbles.
While collecting be careful, not to
cut yourselves with glass pieces.
Yesterday, what the mail
came, to your department ID, is...
just a glass piece of similar manner.
Some silly act of a notorious boy!
MyAnnu, I will detail you an
incident, which happened to me.
I got a mail, saying that...
world will come to an end
on 2012. On new-year day.
On God! My BP got shot up,
had chest pain, lose motion,
I was hospitalized also.
For what reason? In some Mayan
calendar, they said world will end.
SO ll ofkie-uwm.
Just because of reading his mail.
Sir I don't think it is a hoax like that?
All the tip-off, from IB and RAW,
- we are getting in a similar
fashion. When they are not sure.
It is this agencies, slender stand
mysteries, these kind of information's
- are passed to state police.
Sir...Of lately, Tarun singh is
gaining lot of national attention also.
- On the lB's radar, he
is on hot spot now.
Five thousand cores in 5G scam,
which his Father had possessed...
there is a rumor, and it is his
duty to launder that amount.
What An nu told is, logical,
but he told is nonsense.
Sir...What we both
told, is the same thing.
Is it? May be. But, it is the
manner, on how, you are saying.
That correctness, neatness,
beauty and all, is it not?
Sir...With out
Taru n sing h's knowledge,
- we are giving security
to him, right from airport.
A police patrol, on usual rounds
and our special branch officer...
on disguise. All the
movements of Tarun Singh...
Wait! One minute!
We will do everything of this
sort, but I have one doubt.
Who is this Tarun Singh?
I know...But things,
have to be clear is it not?
Sir...This is Tarun Singh. He has got
a close friend here, at Palarivattom.
One mister Rafeeque Ahammed.
They studied together.
He will be staying with
him, on a secret visit like this.
We had already given instructions
to tap Rafeeque's phone.
Yes sir.
There are different ways of wearing
a sari. She won't. Did you see that?
Yes I did. Sir,
These are personal
matters of everyone.
She must decide,
how to wear a sari.
That is right. We
must not look to that area.
Yes sir...Good heavens!
But how can I?
Me too.
Si f?
What is it?
Sir, you had not mentioned anything.
Why must I deny,
you give the protection,
- as you like, do as you wish to.
Ann u, take your seat.
No need sir.
Buddy! Why can't we
get rid of this terrorism,
- and think of something else?
If you are a terrorist, you
can at least have some cyanide.
Is that the one, we had yesterday?
That is salad.
Oh! Salad.
Why, all of a sudden,
an ill-feeling towards terrorism?
All these days, what did
you have, to make your bread?
You should have gratitude.
No, ill-feelings, but this risk.
For getting, biryani,
become party members.
We were once in
cinema, as junior artist.
Did we all, become
terrorist all of a sudden?
In the world history,
all the terrorists are born like this.
Nobody, became terrorist, by
reading Sarthe and Bert ell Russell.
Food is the basic problem for all.
Not that, when we
were Muslim, terrorists,
we had some money with us.
Even, without doing anything.
Fund used to come,
don't know from where.
Then, as the Muslims
in Kerala are educated,
- you were the one who told, it
will not work out on along run.
That is all because of my bad luck.
Many of whom, who
were terrorist, along with me.
Had grown like anything,
and are all in, high esteems.
I'm the only one, with
a bunch of donkeys like you.
There is only one person, who
survived in Kerala, out of terrorism.
Who is that?
Major Ravi sir!
Yes, indeed.All his movies based on
terrorism, are all super hit, is it not?
Then which religion
do we have to find?
This Hindu and Christians,
they don't adorn their religion,
- they are all self-centered.
Religion...Will this Buddhist
sect terrorism work out?
For that, where is the Buddha here?
Is this Buddha a Christian?
I don't think so.
Hey'. One area is vacant.
When you just brush it out!
It will be a marvelous one!
Which is that?
Tamil tigers. Like a phoenix
bird rising from the grave.
The media idiots like
this item, as ever.
Now, I'm going to give you
a very important information.
Yes sir!!
What is it?
Didn't you tell us to stand up?
Pity you!
Karan Singh Deol, silly boy who
snatched five thousand cores...
in 5G scam and
deposited in foreign banks.
His son is coming, Tarun Singh
Deol, yet another silly boy.
Some illicit cash transaction.
Whitening the money,
with the aid of minister Koshy.
In simple terms, money laundering.
We will nab him. No
much, only fifty cores.
You will fall down,
breaking your head.
Once we get that
money, we are settled.
Great! What a big
unrealized dream?
It will happen. We will do it.
Be positive.
Be positive.
AB Negative.
O Positive.
C positive.
Buddy are not feeling well?
Get lost you! Why did I
start terrorism with these men?
Your time buddy!
Movie Channel
Not because I
can't get other men on this,
Not because I
can't get other men on this,
- but because I can
get support of Jim my on this.
No police or anyone will do...
anything where he
hides the hatchet.
Everything will be safe,
what about the balance money?
Balance money, once you
hand over that DVD in my hand.
There is risk involved.
This Hotel California, Prem sir has
got great expectations on that.
Don't love Prem sir, to that extend?
Talking a lot, you international fraud.
My God! Why is he at this time?
After, the fasting,
hungry like anything.
I thought of having
some food from here.
Why not.
This is Shibu, Vodafones
marketing manager.
Don't leave him. A big producer,
crescentAbubakkar, next week
his movie is going to be realized.
Hotel California.
Co-brother! Did you have yourfood?
No. You go head, I will come now.
This co-brother means!
In your region, do you call,
your aunt's son, co-brother?
Is it, this hard to
bring a movies DVD?
That, one can easily bring
in a luggage from Dubai,
- on any one of the flights.
Why do you want to
build up as a big smuggling?
The client is scared,
when he told, I'm also scared.
Nothing will happen.
But still a safety measure.
If at all, they check our stuff, your
help only to release from there.
That is enough.
Don't you know the condition,
once caught in the thought of fear?
What is the use of
bringing the DVD of the movie?
- That is going to be
released here next week.
If you want to doom the movie, you
can upload it from Dubai or Bahrain.
Why taking this risk?
This is some other, play, othenlvise
will they put me and Manaf,
- by spending all this money.
Money...How much money?
Will get, to settle it out. Then we
can start that new shop also.
Foreign affairs means...You people
don't have any respect, is it so?
This heart is full of secrets.
Tarun Singh is coming.
That too on a secret mode.
On tomorrows Bom bay flight,
for what...Do you think?
A scam! To sabotage
the Cochin Metro project.
With a contract singed
with a minister over here,
- and the project will be sabotaged.
We citizens are fools. But brave
police men of Kerala will never...
allow that. Under full surveillance.
However, Tarun
singh comes, disguised,
- we will have an encounter attack.
Sir...Don't break the counter.
Is this a counter?
Our DVD is also
on the same Bombay flight.
Let him get lost man!
Bombay flight, is it not Dubai flight?
There is no straight
flight, for two days,
- some air traffic or
something like that.
You tell him, to put a
Burkki, on reaching Bombay.
From airport, he will
we sniffed by our men.
No way! I told you, not to
speak a single word about him.
My dear, he is only for a day.
Can't we adjust for one hour?
Rafeeque Ahamed- School mate of
Tarun Singh, traditionally rich...
as in looks, as well as in
character, a true moron.
You, won't listen and now,
have to adjust, for one hour,
whom I'm Ito adjust?
Am' I his mistress?
What do you think?
After all, we studied
together, is it not?
Tomorrow, if he
becomes a Prime Minister.
Who that idiot?
Becoming a Prime Minister.
Don't speak like that, Sullu.
If that filthy person
enters the house, no more talks.
Okay, then. Fine. As you wish.
Movie Channel
It is great fun, tapping other phone.
Really, we should
continue this process,
even if Kira Singh comes or not.
Sir, not Kira Singhfiarun Singh.
Didn't you understand
the, whole thing?
That is enough, no matter if it is
Kiran Singh or Korran Singh.
Did this moron sleep so early?
Tarun Singh Deol- Desperately, in
need of, converting the money...
snatched through 5G scam,
to a ministerial position...
a real manipulator by all means.
Are not coming tomorrow?
I'm coming, by 9 o' clock flight.
Send the car to the airport.
I will wear, a Burkka,
so that no one recognizes me.
Do you know, who you are?
This is not web cam adventure.
Is this not our Bombay?
We have got, lot
of our people here.
So, 'the other item'
is your upmost priority.
My driver will come to pick, you up.
He will have a play card,
with my name written on it.
Okay. Fine.
Except me...Everything is
happeningmFor others.
Is this not our Bombay?
We have got, lot of our people here.
I will wear, a Burkka, so
that no one recognizes me.
So, this Tarun
Singh Is he a Hindi, guy?
Is it? Really-a
Sir!! '
We are going to
fish out a big treasure.
I had a feeling like that, right
from the time I prayed at church.
To settle down this life,
something will arise from this sea.
Movie Channel
"Within the misty night"
"On moon lit night, paving the
cushion, with red flowered madder tree"
" Paisleys, painted on your eyes"
"Murmur, fluttering
around, when we unite"
"My beauty! My moon light!"
"Honey shrilled...l watched you, to
the fullest extent of my vision"
"Maiden sunlight, gloomed in gold,
why did it redden the dusk?"
"Why, at the time of dusk?
As the dark clouds lowered"
Movie Channel
"On a dusty paths, beside
me...bestowing the shadows"
"On a white streaked couch,
as my breath...will you not sleep?"
" Down the depths,
of chillingly cold cascade"
"Sprouting, the desires
down in your heart"
"Like a black beetle,
longing for petals of flowers"
" As the shyness
lingers on your silence"
"My beauty! My moon light"
"Honey shrilled...l watched you, to
the fullest extent of my vision"
"Why, at the time of dusk?
As the dark clouds lowered"
Movie Channel
My Rafeek, how many
times are you, watching this?
Even though, I had watched
lot of flake CD's, not a movie...
- which is about to be released.
This CD belongs to someone,
else, need to return it back.
- Only I know the hardships.
For securing this, from the studio...
at Dubai, where the
final mixing was undertaken.
Where is your bag?
Put it inside that bag.
What is this?
CD of Hotel California, is
kept inside 'Trivandrum lodge cover'
I will do one thing, will put Hotel
California CD, in the same cover...
of Hotel California, it will be
easier for cops to nab.
You don't get in to deeper issues,
hand over the CD to
the person, I mentioned.
Collect the money and payoff
your Father's hospital expenses.
Rafeek Kunju Mohammed - a
poor guy, hailing from Balusherry,
- to feed his fami-Iy, he is working as
We are doing injustice to him.
For you, to go home, five Iakh
rupees and a business class ticket.
Tell me, if you can't, not because
there are no people here, to do this.
Where is this...Mini hospital?
Okay, I will read it. Call
me when, the take is ready.
My Grace! It is Prem Sir! Hallo.
Mini...Prem here.
Prem sir!
Can you give it to Father?
He is in sound sleep, now.
I will call you, when he wakes up.
My God, Prem sir,
called me by name.
Movie Channel
Mother, I'm coming via, Bombay.
Last time, didn't you
come to Karippur, directly?
Mother, some problem
with the flight traffic.
I will alight at Nedubassery,
will come there.
Majeed will come to pick you up.
Not required, I got some job there,
must meet few people there.
After that I will reach there.
Tell Father also.
Deodar tree flowered,
in the valley of my mind.
I will miss you Sherilly.
I will also, my hubby.
What will you bring
for me, from Kashmir?
Kashmir'? Oh! Yea,
Kashmir...Well...From there,
I will bring Kashmir, dew drops!
Kashmir, dew drops!
This serial dialogues
are good, to hear on TV,
- but awful when hearing in real life.
I want Nepali, pearl set, then a
shawl and then, lots of apples.
Why do you, again
need apple, my love?
Shut up! Hubby,
talk like, human beings.
Okay, then, I will go and come.
Manaf, tell him to wear a burkka,
on the flight from Bombay to here.
Bukka? Will it create a fuss?
Jimmy will take care of it.
It is not, to make a fuss.
I can't get him, when I called.
Tell him, to shave
off that beard and mustache.
My dear country men.
Do you think, that
females are safe here?
Each and every one of the
Indian ladies are afraid to step,
- out of their homes.
Why is it?
Because, we don't look at them,
as our Mother's or sisters.
All of you gathered here,
they are not an individual,
But a part of society.
My beloved I'm coming.
Tarun Singh is coming to the
friend's house Rafeek Ahamed.
Hence the things are easier.
We will follow
Rafeek's Car from airport.
It is much easier, if we go
in front of Rafeek's house.
Why taking unnecessary troubles.
We must trouble ourselves. That is
why, it is so called 'kidnapping'
First watching, following,
attacking, and then kidnapping.
Bloody idiots! Just follow me.
There will be police at the airport,
which is where I got this information.
You are the one, Benny, delegated
to puncher the police vehicles by nails.
Putting the nail, that is all
cheap, not used now a days.
Then do one thing, get few
bombs and put it in your pocket.
You can throw at the jeeps.
Get lost you fool!
There is only, one weapon in this
world that doesn't cheat terrorist.
That is crooked nails!
What does that mean?
Crooked nails!
On which vehicle are we going?
There is only, one vehicle,
during this pilgrim season.
(Hymens sung in
praise of Lord Ayyappa)
That is enough,
all of you, terrorists get in.
Get in all of you.
Nothing sir. I'm going to
Swapna Madams room now.
Only to make more comfortable.
What more, to make comfortable?
She is going out, for the first time.
Is it?
She agreed, only
due to my compulsion.
Only one condition, When
I get inside the room,
it must be Swapna,
who welcomes me inside.
What kind of a person is he?
Movie Channel
Thank you Mam.
I'm in between, two foreigners.
I had own the lottery!
Hi. Hallo.
Not bad.
Is this yours?
No, I'm just carrying it.
Oh! Carrying it, what's in it?
It is semen!
You are kidding!
No. it is a very,
very expensive semen.
I think, I read about that,
in Hindu mythology!
This is not Hindu, this is Muslim!
Do they have that choice?
Of course, they do.
Of course what
was I thinking?
Oh! Man!
How rightly said, a person who
doesn't shit, on given a chance,
-will shit to his end.
Did you say something?
I said, when somebody
doesn't shit, it is shit everywhere.
Yea, shit happens,
don't worry, you will be alright.
Thank you, what is your name?
MonicamMonica Leevensky.
Monica Leevensky...
My Mother! It was her.
I had boarded, flight is about to take
off, will not the car come, for pick up?
I have send the driver,
does anyone recognize you?
Let it be here.
Movie Channel
Sorry, I forgot to put the Burkka!
Movie Channel
Hi Swapna! I'm Anil, where are you?
Yea! I had told him.
Don't tell like that,
Aby sir will come now.
It is my bread! Don't ruin it!
I have already told.
Somehow, adjust and come.
Buddy Shibu! I must
take leave by nine O' clock.
I have told the director.
I will tell, once again,
will that be enough.
Moment, when you kept the cheque
in the purse, I told, it will bounce.
Don't call me for silly
things. Cut the phone.
Just by giving seven
hundred and fifty rupees.
Time to make, two thousand rupees,
just thought, since it is a movie.
That too, in this Cochin!
When you drive an auto, till noon,
- you will get two thousand rupees.
If so, I would have driven an auto.
Will you not, free me by noon?
Okay, I will.
Really, will you get
two thousand rupees?
The flight had landed, let's move.
It's him. Yea Rashid! You
are going to get a cab, Okay.
The item has landed.
What was his name?
Okay, Rafeek, Is it so? Okay then.
Movie Channel
Sir...Anil here.
Anil...l had landed here.
Had she reached at the room?
Might have reached, by now.
Okay, I will reach
there, at the earliest.
Fine sir.
Mother, I had reached here.
Son, when did you reach?
Just now, I'm calling from the airport,
I will come home, on meeting them.
Okay Mother.
My God! Police!
Hallo. How are you?
Going on, not bad.
Are you heading to native?
To Cochin, for a business meet.
Oh! Fine.
What about your children?
Only one son.
Are they studying there?
No. Studying at the native place.
If I teach them here, I will be ruined.
Okay, all the best.
See you.
My God! Men are waiting, with
my name, written, for the first time.
Rafeek, please come sir.
What is happening?
Has come out, wearing a purdah,
there are lot of police, gathered here.
Have you set all the
crooked nail ready?
Everything is ready.
Here he goes out.
Are you Rafeek's men?Don't talk
much of Hindi, come with me.
Where is the play card?
Play card?
Drive fast.
Hallo, just follow that car, over there
Sir,Tarun Singh came out.
Let him.
Hey! Open!
Just open and enter man!
Suck! What kind of
a person did he send?
Sir...Shall we follow?
When you follow, he will come to
know that, he is being followed.
Sir... Car had left.
What did it go?
Yes sir.
Come on.
My Mother!
Can't he pick up the phone?
Okay, they are on the main road.
Get in, without wasting time. Fast!
That is the car, I told you.
Athing, I brought, it is in that car.
Just overtake.
Sir, how come, you
are fluent in Malayalam?
Just speed HP'-!
Movie Channel
Buddy, it is a white big car.
Looks like, it is Benz.
Okay, fine.
Take the bomb...You pilgrims.
Rafeek, I'm in the car.
I'll go there and after that,
I'll come to your place. Okay.
Nothing impossible man.
Okay. See you.
Listen, straight to Panampally Nagar.
House number 17,
West Fort Avenue.
Hey man! What is the use of telling
Hindi to me? Where is the CD?
What CD? Which CD?
Man...CD! The one, you brought.
Hey! Look straight and drive,
what do you think, you are?
Tell me.
Buddy, guy who came with the
CD, is speaking something in Hindi.
In Hindi?
Yea, in Hindi.Are you sure,
it is a male? With a Burkka.
Yes, male, he has worn a Burkka.
Why should the
male, wear a Bulkka?
Is the person changed?
You do one thing,
bring him here, nicely.
Okay, buddy.
I'll call you when required.
I'm on my way, okay.
Risking everything for you.
Okay, bye-
Movie Channel
Get down fast,
should talk, only Tamil.
Ok buddy.
Pull out that man! Fast!
Hey! Open the door.
Close your mouth, don't make noise.
Who are you?
Hey! Go!
Come get in!
Will kill you, don't make noise!
Leave m e.
Take the vehicle.
Come inside.
My box! Oh! My balls!
Jimmy, those girls
had not reached here.
They had just
alighted from the flight.
It will take one hour, to
reach there, from here.
Or else, you do one thing, take
that stuff and come here.
What that stuff?
Is it in Pakistan or what?
If they doesn't come
there, I will come there.
What is the use,
of you, coming here?
Son, as your Father and Grand
Father is buried in the grave.
I'm still young...Because of this
exercise, I'm doing, withoutfail.
Okay then.
Bring them, here, quickly!
Don't be in such a hurry!
The proverb is, patience,
will do better than mutton soup.
Can't do anything, when one is...
Sir, that Swapna madam,
had informed earlier, that
she wants to leave by nine o'clock.
What the hell are you
saying, for the sake of her,
- do I need to pack up the unit?
That is not possible,
what does she think, of herself?
- Is she Aishwarya Rai?
She has got too much of ego.
Stick the plaster on his mouth!
Keep quiet!
I have put the plaster,
so now, you don't talk.
Don't show your, mettle, here!
Lord Ayyappa! Save us.
You don't sing!
Is everything correct?
Is everything correct?
This is not, to take it, to my home.
Okay, go!
Brother, Shibu, What is happening?
Sister, I don't think, he will allow, he
can very well do it, if he intends to.
Only a question of two hours, your
scene is scheduled, only after noon.
Thing is that, he has got some itchy
feeling, sister can't you just adjust.
Movie Channel
Who are you?
Where is Rafeek?
Just remove his black gown.
What are you doing? Just back off!
Leave me alone!
If we stand united,
no one can destroy us.
Countrymen! Unity is everything, we
got independence, because of unity.
This is our motto
Jai hind.
Who are you? What is happening?
Leave me! You
don't know, who I'm?
On tomorrows
Bombay flight... A scam!
- To sabotage the
Cochin Metro project.
The consequences, of this, will be
very, terrifying, you understand that!
Close that door!
Why are you closing the door'?
What are you
people going to do, on me?
Shot is ready, you
come, show bye and then go.
Don't look at the camera.
Then, shall we proceed?
Ready sir.
Sister, you had not
acted with Prem sir, is it?
His new movie, is going to be
released, Hotel California.
Wish, it might be a hit.
Last twelve flopped.
Long back, I was the
secretary, of his fans association.
What is your name?
Mine. Bavutty.
Initially, they told, they want only,
my auto, now I'm also acting.
Rashid, where are you?
Mam, I lost the bottle!
From me...What should I
say? It was stolen from, me.
Stole from you!
Oh! God.
How do I say it? Somebody
took it from me, and ran!
What? Somebody, took it and
ran...Is this some stuff to grub!
Rashid, don't bluff! Get, your ass
down here, and I will get it booked!
Madam, I'll tell, explain.
I say, you come!
What happened?
Somebody, stole that,
from the body guard.
My God! Fifty Lakhs...Dolby!
Who wants, this, most urgently?
Somebody, else like
her...Who are just nuts!
What is this? Why are
you, all looking at me?
Bavutty, how much will you fetch,
when you, drive for movies?
Almost...Nearing to,
say one hundred and fifty rupees.
I will give you, five thousand rupees,
can you drop me, to a place?
Is it after, noon?
No, now, please.
Have you, instructed
everything, to that lady?
Swapna, this is not serial,
this is movie. Do it properly.
Master ready.
Ready sir.
Roll camera.
Rolling sir.
Cut it!
What is this Madam?
How is it possible,
- if you do like this? Very bad.
Sir you are superb!
This is all bluffing, this is the tenth
take, now even if, it is okay or not,
I will just drive off!
But you should give
me, the money promised.
Okay, fine.
What the hell is happening here?
Hey! Stop her!
Son, Tarun Singh,
you along with your Father,
- had you not stolen
Five thousand crores?
We need a small share,
from it! Only...Fifty crores.
What is this?
Brother, you Hindi is rocking!
Poor dudes!
Is it not, Prem Sir's flex? Great!
Hallo, Anil here.
Yes, tell me, I can hear you.
He'll reach at the Hotel any moment.
I'm on my way now.
Sister, traffic is snarling.
I don't think, sister,
I can drop you on time.
Is there, any other way?
We had already, started, this route.
"I'm a hunter!"
Child! Tell me, where
have you reached?
Almost about to
reach, it's block here.
What? Haven't we received
the money? Shouldn't be late.
I will there, on time.
What time will you reach?
Don't you know the
Hotel and room number?
I know, Hotel fern...Room number...
Make it fast, okay.
Sister! Stop there.
Where are you fleeing?
Stop there!
Give me my money and go!
Stop there!
What is the matter?
Movie Channel
What do you think,
is inside this box?
Haven't you read
yesterday's news paper'?
It says, someone had
stolen precious gem from,
- a palace in Rajasthan.
More than that, astrologer,
had also predicted, a valuable,
- booty will come to me, at this age.
Why does this gem,
smell like a medicine?
This medicine is called, jealousy!
The Parvaty, in 'lady is aflame'
Sharadha Menon, In 'Mother,
-whom I love', nothing
of this is in my mind.
But, one and only 'seductive
women' in Kalliangattu Neeli.
My mind is absorbed in that.
Let me pinch myself,
just to check, whether, it is true.
Let me freshen myself.
How did it come, in my baggage?
'Trivandrum Lodge' it is said that, it
is not meant for families to watch.
But we are not a family,
- by the time you watch this,I
will just brush my teeth and come.
Shall I hug you?
Can I change my dress?
No...l want to see, like this.
You watch this.
Movie Channel
'Wet silky hanker chief...
My desires sublimed in that'
Hallo sir.
How long it is?
Sir, I called you,
to tell an urgent matter.
You can tell,
whatever, urgent matter.
Sir. Let me...
Our relation, is not meant,
for idle chats over the phone.
Not that sir. Here at Hotel Fern,
at room number 305,
- there is a flake CD
of Hotel California.
Which is scheduled
to release, next week.
What? Our Prem sir's movie?
Yes, sir.
I will expose this. You do,
one thing, you stay there.
Or, you escape from there.
I will reach there, now.
Sir...Never tell anyone,
that I'm the informer.
What are you saying? My
child! When you are hooked,
- I will face more
troubles than you.
Thank you.
Thank you. My kisses.
My heavens! Will this
be also recorded here?
Hiding is it not? Will
catch now!
Got you!
Prem Sagar...Can't these guys die?
Who is that at the door?
Is she really...Coming now?
Oh! I was a dream...Is it not?
Swam! My child!
Movie Channel
You flake stupid!
Don't take me.
Come here! You!
Bring him here!
Wait. Let me say. I will tell
everything, to everyone.
I'll tell.
First, let the main, channels
come, to the front. Which is this?
Murali Vision, stay at the back!
We have now witnessed, to
one of the largest, 'flake CD hunt'...
that ever occurred in Kerala.
To up root Malayalam film industry,
there is a wide extend of flake CD...
rackets operating
from countries like.
Czechoslovakia, Poland,
Pakistan, we had arrested,
- the head of this mafia racket.
I'm not a mafia don.
Then who are you?
Who is this?
Why are you, beating me like this?
We people, pledged our homes and
invested cores of money, on movies.
You, people want to see that in your
rooms and show it to people, is it not?
You dog!
Which CD? Who's CD?
We had captured him,
in an audacious manner.
Sir, do you believe, it is the rift
between you and super star...
Prem Sagal'? Behind this.
No. Super star Prem Sagafs
past twelve films are a flop.
He had expected
a lot on this movie.
My movie, Hotel California, was
supposed to give a hit, to his credits.
I don't think, he will do this.
Then the rift between us, that is
only, during the time of shooting.
Kindly, do not mix up the both.
I believe, it is a conspiracy, against
me and my movies, intended to...
destroy both, by the fellow members.
Cut it!
Will go for a close, of Prem sir.
Where is Prem Sir'?
Has he learned the dialogue?
That I don't know, he is sitting there.
Which is the next shot?
It is close.
Is it in the same place?
Not here, over there.
Prem sir.
I had been watching from morning,
your mind is not stationed here.
What happened?
Hey, nothing. Just your anxieties.
May be, because of
California's releasing tension?
Releasing tension for you...
Say that to some newer lads!
How long do I know you?
Tell me...What is the matter?
John! I feel...l must have
lived in a better manner.
Now, on looking back.
Under, lot of HMA
lights, lot of carjourneys,
- to nowhere, after
late night shooting.
Secluded inside the walls of, hotel
rooms, whose names I never knew.
Finished! That all! To remember.
More interested to know the report,
of other counter players movies, than,
- My own son's progress report.
I couldn't be a good husband,
good father...Not even a good son.
With my life, fortunes came to my
driver, makeup man, assistant and all.
Meera asked me recently...
you maintain me as
yourwife, still now.
Is it, out of the fear? That family
audiences may disparage against you.
I wanted to tell her, that is not the
concern. But I cannot categorically say.
I should have lived in
a better manner, John.
I could do that
But never did.
Brother deadly! Excellent subject.
Personal life of a celebrity, for the
first time on the silver screen!
Shall we hook this subject!
We'll tell that, Anoop
Menon, to write the script.
He can very well maneuver
on savvy subjects, like this.
Shall I tell this to Jalel, he
will give you the advance,
-or our Josmon will do it?
Get lost!
Movie Channel
Look here!
I'll not spare you...
Jimmy! Everything
ruined! CD was taken by cops.
I can't understand,
anything, CD was taken from a...
business magnet from Bombay.
Some sort of
confusion had happened.
Aren't you the one,
who went, to pick him up?
Then where is he? Eh? Who is this?
My heavens! Is he not him?
Hey, where is the CD man?
Which is that, CD,
which they had taken possession?
What are you, telling?
Are you playing like a dumb!
Don't con man!
I'm really busted here!
Hey, that is not him.
What, he is not whom? Same guy,
who came, to take the CD.
I got the picture of him. Move aside!
Look! Is he not the one?
Aren't you, the one?
Who had send this to me?
Look, Rafeek,
son of Kunja Ahammed!
Did you think, that
I can't recognize you?
When you shave and when
you apply paint, in your eyes.
What is this all about?
Is this Rafeek, anybody of yours?
What is this?
Anybody of yours?
Leave me!
Stuff something,
in that Ieadefs mouth.
Don't talk!
Hallo, Prem sir. Commissioner
Barath Chandran,
I had confiscated, your latest
movie CD, Hotel California...
in a daring manner.
Along with it, I had
nullified, a huge network.
My wife is a big fan of yours sir.
She longs, to live
with you, at least for day.
No, not that, but to
see you. DVD...l have it, with...
DVD, hey! Where is it?
Sir, is it not with you?
With me? How can I?
When that guy fled from the
hotel, everyone was after him.
My God! DVD! U TURN!
A huge flake CD hunt, again in
Kerala. A Malayalee, arrested.
Mummy! Papa on TV.
Movie Channel
Gone to Kashmir! For...This.
Hallo...Where to?
To give the sniff, to
the foreigner at 410.
Luckily, that worked well,
in a correct manner.
Where is this?
Oh! 305, is here, is it not?
Big movie stars, they
can stay in posh hotels,
- but difficult to give
our money, is it not?
Is this not locked?
Man, what an excellent room!
Can hear the music, from
Prem sir's movie, doesn't it?
I know only you...My space.
My world...There is no other
intrusion, which affects me.
You want to take him away, just try.
I'm not intruding in
to your, life or space.
Both of you, must leave
from this Hotel California,
- that is why, you are being called.
We will put a decent full stop to this!
Flake CD of California!
Wife, lover and concubine,
all out, just in a single wipe!
No doubt, why she ran like that!
Quite, bluntly speaking, I had
enough of both of yours body.
CD is, Trivandrum Lodge...
Movie is Hotel California.
No need. No one must come,
I will deal all by myself.
What is this! Open this man!
Sir, this way.
You also come with me.
Movie Channel
Hallo sir.
Look at my approach, towards all.
Even the auto drivers' respects.
Come! What a mass appeal!
Movie Channel
Buddy! One more phone!
Have you not, send the John,
along with his, other phone?
Had send him, long back.
Our police will track the mobile and
- they will crack lot of
fireworks at Shivakashi.
Is this your secret connection?
Forty seven missed
calls from a Kerala number.
Who is this?
Yea, I need to get the details
on a number. 9842066677.
Is it, some illicit connection?
I pray, it must be something like that.
Ten minutes.
Buddy are you still,
on a wheel chair now?
Slowly, patching up, I will call you.
Hey! Get the password from him!
Will you not, give that to,
brother? Give it to him.
I'll tell you.
Leave me!
Little Pussy!
Is this the one, brother?
Movie Channel
Listen to me, don't look at those!
This will create troubles,
for you, listen to me!
My God! What all blessings are
you going to shower on me?
You beard! What are you
saying? Say that in Hindi!
Linda Tharakkan. No: 17, West Fort
Avenue, Panam pilly Nagar, Is it so?
Correct, do you know her?
Is it a new number?
Yes, this day is, district
congregation, of new number.
Okay hubby, God Hess you.
Same to you.
Park the vehicle a side.
What is it?
I must urinate.
What is this?
When you want to
urinate, you will stop.
Is it because, we are telling that?
Please stop!
Tell him, man.
Stop! Or else I will urinate
on this ministefs son.
Don't scare me, by showing gun!
Okay I will stop.
Go and do it!
Fellow, forgot, it is a toy gun!
Keep a side the gun!
I'll carry this with me,
or else he might steal this.
Fool! Be careful, with that box!
I know, okay.
You also want to piss,
come and piss man!
Where are you going?
If you can piss,
why can't I have tea man?
Where are you taking this box?
The right guy, to lend, this
on guard. You will nibble this!
I'll have a tea and come.
Six Porottas, beef curry, one onion
fried cake...Really hungry, make it fast.
One ordinary tea.
Keep the gun over there...
On the vital spot!
I will also go for a pee and come.
My mother, police.
Have a tea, please come.
Police, look here.
Two tea!
Why taking this non vegetarian?
Coming back, from
a pilgrim tour, tired now.
What is inside this?
Coconuts for offering!
Coconuts, that too in this shape?
It is a Prasad! For children,
kept inside this, to get off ants!
What all new inventions?
Show this to me!
No one should touch on this.
Sir leave me.
Catch this!
It is a bomb!
I say, run!
Movie Channel
Lord Ayyappa, salutations to you!
You, pilgrim!
Get inside the vehicle.
Will drop you at Pampa.
The relationship started with Face
Book, initially with, some flirting...
the political connections you
both had, triggers your unification.
Then came the
trust on Tarun Singh,
- as he supported your
husband at Delhi.
First few jiggling photos, thereafter,
things culminated to, nude images
- and web cam stripping's.
The usual story,
But Linda hadn't known, that
it was all recorded by Tarun sir.
But I will never blame you, child,
because I know your hubby...
who is a number one,
impotent person.
Not only your hubby, but
also your Father in law.
Movie Channel
Truly speaking, Koshy sir,
is just like a brother to me.
Jim my, one of the kittens among
this, you had earlier supplied to me.
That was her sister!
Didn't I tell you, I will not accept
the one, from the same family?
Look, I'll not give money, for this.
Linda, we have met before.
I was the one who exchanged,
ten cores of your Father.
To diamonds and solitaire, then
transferred to Metro Co-operative Bank.
You don't have to sit
like this, all tensed up.
What will I gain out of this? By
watching your nude, snaps.
I know your Father, has got
enough money to purchase...
ten more men like Koshy sir.
I'll give you a clean deal. Once
I give you this IPAD, to you,
- give that box, which had gone
to Metro Co-Operative bank.
Where did you get, IPOD of Tarun?
It was lost and found
at Kadavantra junction.
Hallo...I'm a person
on straight work out.
There is no other copy
or print outs on this.
Give money, your
self-respect is guarded.
Then you don't have to be much
concerned about Tarun Singh,
- can find other Linda's
on that, when you scroll it.
My child, he is an international cock,
- then get ready, since it
is a Co-operative Bank,
we can take it,
without much trouble.
What you told is correct,
but it is a bomb in hand,
if you tell this to police or Prem sir,
you will be behind the bars.
They won't listen, when you say,
you are the president and all.
Do, one thing, call Jimmy,
he will solve it decently.
Metro Co-Operative Bank-Kizattoor.
Tell me.
You decide whether, you want
to be, an owner, of a taxi car...
or Prem Sagafs kiss.
But if you, do not want the kiss, you
come with, that CD to the go-down.
Movie Channel
Don't think as, a token of gratitude.
But since you handed over the
cash, with no tussle, quite,
- sympathetically, I tell you.
If your Father in law creates any
mess, I have a medicine for that,
- I can chain him down,
just like a dog.
Then okay, let God
bless you, take the car.
"Oh! My dear child,
are you not, little moon light?"
"Or, are you not,
young lotus flower?"
"Is it not, like a flower,
filled with sweetness?"
"The sweetness, or the
brightness of the moon light"
From Bombay!
That box, from me!
What box? Which one?
I mean the bottle.
You know, the one, I lost.
Don't be scared, come in.
Hey, you! Look at the fellow,
who misplaced, your, that thing!
Rashid! It's you!'s you!
Twist in the story!
It's Rashid! That
Muslim boy, her old boyfriend.
Oh, yea! Her old love, at last, the
same old guy, came with the bottle!
Hallo, Jimmy sir!
Movie Channel
You can find the
full details, in it, right from...
Tarun sir landed at the airport.
To Linda Tarakkan, handing
over the gold blocks...
from Metro Co-Operative Bank.
Along with the clippings
of Singh, at your go-down.
But, the conversation between
you and Linda Tarakan...
at the residence,
audio is not that clear.
But still, you can hear that.
You don't intend to harm, do you?
I got tired of harming,
finally I had quit that option.
When you look at your Father,
there is a time, when you realize,
- this is not the kind of Father.
You must have possessed.
All the harming, was due to my
miss-calculations, during those days.
Now, I had realized, to coin
with...Mutual understanding!
Okay, then, what is the deal?
What is the price tag...For your silence?
Twenty percent,
of the total business,
- that is the mode of
operandi, followed by me, now.
Or, else, you will leak
this out and create trouble!
Is it necessary, to
give you twenty percent?
It is better, to make you silent!
Sir, you very well
know, it is a stupidity,
which is why you welcomed
me here, is it not?
The present, Jimmy
will never do that.
Earlier, if he were, old Sulfur
Jim my, he would have done it.
Who assassinated three
men, with clear evidence...
and easily came out from custody.
Airport Jimmy will not do it.
Your life is too precious for you.
Twenty percentage, is bit too high.
Look, not for, this one alone.
Whatever happens, on this
game, I fully guarantee.
That nothing will be leaked to media
and no investigations, will take place.
Don't bother yourselves,
with unnecessary burdens!
Don't create mess out of it.
Then, do not take out the
syndrome, as you people...
- are commonly disposed with 'the
behavior of common lizards'
I have three children. Who
are left behind by Mother!
Will that be enough for a trust?
Movie Channel
What is this?
Can't you hear?
It belongs to him.
When a person came to
disperse the waste. I told him,
- not to throw here, throw it far off.
You tell the truth!
In the name of God! With the
money, Mother gave it to me...
for paying electricity bill.
- I purchased, this black dress.
Without paying, she will
not let me inside the house.
This old man dragged me
in to this. Stupid old man!
Old man is your Father!
I had seen, your Father...
Indeed an old man, with grey!
I'm I responsible for that?
Yes, you are the one! Who
dragged us here, in to this!
I will beat you, when you come out!
Get lost!
You get lost!
Aren't you the chief?
No...I'm no chief.
Sir, he is the chief, hang
him, upside down!
Get lost!
I'll show you!
I will not spare you!
Look at his face, just like an old owl!
Stop it! I say stop it.
LTTE attacks, again making
its strong come back...
- that is what everyone
is curious about.
Kerala police reports, Tamil
tigers were disguised as pilgrims.
But, it had multiplied suspicion,
due to their manner of behavior.
Even though, it is said
that, they are Tamil tigers...
they fluently speak Malayalam.
Are you men LTTE?
LTTE...Your father!
It looks like a comedy to
me, is kidnapping so easy?
We have not done
kidnapping, he did it by himself.
Police and army is still in pursuit,
of searching Tarun Singh...
who was kidnapped by LTTE.
On findings from, previous history...
they are well known for, abduction,
robbery, murder attempts.
Jimmy! This will be all messed up!
Do you people have any confusion?
Shall, we both, join for a deal?
Deal? Are you giving back to us?
Snake will die, but the
stick will not break!
Snake will die, but the
stick will not break!
Ask him, what is his deal?
I can't talk to men, like this.
Brother, this LT...Is it a new gang? is a new cement company.
You seem to be a genuine
guy that is why I'm telling you.
Think well and take a decision
Listen carefully, what I'm
going, to tell you now.
Is it okay?
Shall we talk?
I want you, to shoot my murder.
Where are you son?
Mother, I will reach only by last bus.
I met a friend of mine, at the
airport, came with him to his house.
For getting some money.
How is Father'?
Father is alright, you come fast.
Okay, I will.
Jimmy look here...
He and his Father snapped five
thousand, crores, no doubt.
He is a guy, with a big plans!
I will tell you my observation,
we must bring that Rafeek
here, who is identical to him.
Then he must leave this country, in
the passport of Rafeek Ahammed.
All the political criminals and leaders
in this world create, an impostor.
Eddi Ameen, Saddam
Hussain, our Dawood.
What he says is, this Rafeek is
a clone, given by God to him.
He had almost, figured it out, that
you kidnapped him by mistake.
The moment, when we
decided to keep him, here.
I was sure, he will find us
a way, to get out of this.
What is the offer,
he is lending on us?
A big task, we'll have to put
a set and shoot a hostage video.
Enact, a play.
Play, what play?
As a captive, by Tamil terrorist...
we will have to shoot a video,
of Tarun Sigh, who is tired.
And we have to give this to
channels here. Till then, it is okay.
But I didn't understand
what he told after that.
I want you to shoot my murder.
What does that mean?
How much, will we fetch?
Hundred crave rupees'.!
If we have an account in
Dubai or in any African countries,
- he is ready to transfer, first
installment of, twenty five crores now.
When the first CD reaches
channel, again twenty five!
Next fifty crores, when he reaches
safely at, Saint Christopher Island.
Saint Christopher Island!
That is the place, where Father
and son had hid, the money.
Five thousand crores, scam money,
is exchanged to East Caribbean Dollar!
Hundred crave, ism: it a big amount'?
Indeed, a very, very big amount!
Then shall we not
build a bridge jointly?
That is why, I had joined with you.
But, somewhere, down the
mind, I have a fear factor.
Don't be scared! In Dubai,
I have an old account.
Brother, it is that Rafeek.
Where is he?
Near a booth, in Puthen Kurushu.
Tell him, not to call anyone, and tell
him to stay near that big church.
Go and bring him, here.
Movie Channel
Take this, hang it over there.
It is already hanged there.
What is all this? This red
curtain and all, is it a play or what?
On putting the Tiger set,
does it look bogus?
All the more over exaggerated.
Where did you get this, new dress?
I got this from a costume
designer, in movies.
Hey, is it worn by Muslim terrorist?
There is nothing like that,
on a particular pattern.
Look at him! Just like a terrorist!
Thank you! Shall we not stop this
smuggling and take up terrorism?
Will it work out!
It will work out, for sure.
Then, shall we start this?
Shoot, in a close range.
And unless, I finish, one
should be holding me.
Hey! Is he the person, who
decides everything here?
Jimmy, we will feel like, a
humorous situation here...
- but outside, things are serious.
Do you really, know,
who this Tarun Singh is?
Shall we not, release him
- somewhere and free ourselves
from this. Will it be better?
This is a big risk.
We are in it now, we have to face it.
Then in this gang, only one person
can be free, without much injuries.
That is you.
But...Will I allow that?
If we lose, we will lose together.
If we win, we will win together.
Hotel California is a famous song by
Eagles. There is a sentence in that.
You can always check out,
but you can never leave!
We are now, in that same situation.
Movie Channel
The scientific box, obtained from
Tamil Tigers, is an eye opener...
to the national security.
land my battalion had vanquished
them, in an audacious manner.
He is the chief of this
gang. Let them all see.
The vile in this container, is used to
bring a more deadly virus than AIDS.
On closer examination, semen
traces had been found.
The preliminary investigation...
is that the virus can kill millions
of people in this country.
While absconding from police...
the box fell off from the
hands of Tamil militants.
- And fell in to a curry vessel,
in a nearby eateries.
Where is that Rafeek?
He said he is hungry,
having his biryani over there.
Are YOU ready?
Why not?
Okay, put the knife!
Placed it.
My compatriotsmthey had kidnapped
me, they are the terrorists...
I'll not stay with them.
You don't worry. I'll come back.
My farmer brothers,
don't worry. Jai hind.
Remove the knife. Move back.
Is it okay?
He can act in movies, if he wants.
I'm thinking, whetherl
can delete, this whole day,
- whatever that had
happened so far.
I feel like.
Sir...if God had destined, to
put a person, in front of him,
- who is identical to him.
Then, why should we
fight against that God.
Are you sure, that
our faces are not 'm it.
Go and check and
make a CD out of it.
Movie Channel
Your amount is transferred,
please check for yourselves.
Are you okay?
First of all, send my kidnapping
CD to channels.
After that, shoot a
video on my murder.
That footage will be only
released, once we reach abroad.
On reaching there, I'll send
you the balance amount.
You must kill this Rafeek.
For my guarantee.
Like that, you will also become
my partner in this crime.
Think on all different angles.
I need your surety.
There should be no
evidence, left behind.
My approach and beliefs
on religion, will not be wash off.
By watching a movie at the
theater, on reciting a poem,
-or on lighting a
lamp for inauguration.
It is the faith, every Muslim,
possess, on dutiful prayers, to God.
Cut it.
Movie Channel
In which sacred book, is it written
violence, is the path of Muslims?
In which, country, does it tell...
to chop off the hands
and the legs of enemies.
When, a small minority, takes up the
arms here, the whole country is...
suspicious about the true
hearted Muslim patriotism.
In the name of religion, millions of
lives, of innocent and indigent men
- are on carnage here. Only
when you, realize. That,
- their life cannot be given back by
any avatars or preacher, only then.
Mine and yours defamed name,
will be denounced from here.
Though, he is not from our religion,
just see how he debates for our religion.
No doubt, he became a super star.
Sir, is it okay, I doubt, had
missed dialogues in between.
Now we will for a mid.
Okay, will take the mid.
Arrange that crowd.
Are you waiting here? Didn't you tell,
you want to go by five o'clock?
Hey, release him by five.
Movie Channel
Brother, what are all your plans?
Keep quit, you misplaced that CD.
Because of me, didn't it
create lot of troubles for you?
All due to my bad time,
I kept that CD in his bag.
Who is that guy, who looks like me?
Sir, I don't want this.
This is not, for, the
CD you brought here.
- But for, not to reveal it to anyone.
Let be there.
Then, one more thing, brother Prem.
You can call me brother Prem.
I like to take a photo, with you.
So what.
Call that still photographer here.
Can I take, one hugging you?
Whatever you like, hugging or kissing.
My God!
I'm the secretary of
your fans association.
Is that so, that is why,
you are very familiar to me.
On your poster, I had my photos too.
Is it?
What was your name?
In the name of Bavutty.
Jimmy CD is ready.
Put this, in the letter box, near
that channel at the bye pass.
You don't do this.
Tell someone to put it.
Do I need to cover my face?
No, need. If required
pour some acid!
All the more, it looks like a comedy.
This is my son's toy. He'll kill me,
if I go home, without this.
You keep it, is it not an atom bomb?
Then what?
Must make call to channel,
from a Colombo number.
Telling the channel, that the
hostage video of Tarun Singh...
shot by us from a Tamil Nadu
hide out, is in their letter box.
Tarun Singh had been
kidnapped to a village at Pollachi.
We have men at Colombo.
We will call.
Movie Channel
Put this, in the channels, box.
Put man, my child, wait man!
Only a small favor.
Give man.
Why can't you give?
Because I have this
helmet on, that is why.
Can't you remove that?
This lock is struck in my beard!
Give, boy!
Sir, tea.
No need to open it.
Hotel California!
Flake CD!
Take this, careful with the crow!
Okay sir.
You also come.
Hey you!
Don't run, you will fall, ran!
My child, you don't know me.
Lot ofGoonda men, had been
squeezed with this hands.
I'll never allow, anyone to grow.
Even you, I will not allow.
Give it to me, don't show off might.
Uncle, you give it, time for my tuition.
Thank you, good boy.
Go my b0)!-
Hallo, brother.
This is CD hunt, be careful!
We play this, in this channel
and make sure and take it.
No need. That will be leaked.
We will play, this in
the nearby houses.
Buy, two lenses, as
the same color of his...
- and that awkward
kurtha for Rafeek.
Where will we hide this Rafeek?
Till the other one comes out.
No hiding and all, kill him!
What are you saying?
If I become sulfur Jimmy,
once more, I can live happily.
Very good, since you told, to check.
This is some, old Hindi movie.
I would have been ashamed,
if I had called that Prem sir.
Break this CD now!
What is this? You just look like me.
Then your, that thing will be
also, just like me, is it not?
My is very famous
in Delhi. My Dad's also.
But I don't know,
when my Father came to Kama.
You are very precious, from now
on, you are Tarun Singh Deol.
Remove the shirt.
Remove it fast.
I will slap you!
Turn it on!
Movie Channel
Prem Sir, just like taking the heart
out, that too, own brother-in-laws movie.
If caught, even if, it was
for your Father to see.
What all troubles, that too, your
admirer brought it back to you...
God is with you.
Father, never used to
leave, any of my movies,
first day, he will take
the ticket and see.
Even if my fifty movies had flopped,
or when I become field out,
for him, I'm still a super star.
Even the docs, don't know,
how long he will be there.
Before that, just thought, I must
make my Father watch this.
Because of an ego clash
with your, brother in law...
couldn't make it, for a DVD.
Sorry, it created a
lot of stress for you.
Okay, let me visit
my Father, that DVD.
Mother, I want to see my Mother.
Leave me, Mother.
Please, save me!
Kill him!
Don't kill me.
What are doing?
Kill him!
Movie Channel
This is the movie of yours which
is going to be released, is it not?
Yes. Hotel California.
That means, this is a flake CD.
My son, watching
flake CD, is it not a crime?
Yes, it is a crime, a big offense.
Is it, the light of the bus?
No Mother.
I will bring Brother here,
you go and sleep.
Why is not picking up the mobile?
May be out of charge. You come.
Brother will be there, in the last bus.
What happened
Mother? At this time?
Is Rafeek not in this bus?
This is the last bus,
he will come only, tomorrow.
Mother! Brother is here.
My son! My God! Rafeek!
Movie Channel
With this brain! When he is alive,
that will be always a threat to us.
If the things are cleansed,
on killing a person,
- is it necessarily, be a
Malayalee boy!
Daughter, did you eat anything?
Dad, you have it,
I don't want anything.
I have kept something there.
Movie Channel
Can't hide, must kill!
I want jack fruit m um my!
When, son and
daughter demands it,
- she will immediately,
put it on my lap.
Why, did I think of making kids?
What is that?
Fruit is not ripe.
Think, lucky, you got children.
A new injection is introduced,
from now on, no need of males.
- For women to get pregnant.
Oh! Is it so, when?
Last week.
What beautiful rituals!
Is this how you cut a jack fruit?
Jail, is not the end of life.
If government tries to
bring anything against me.
That will be a dead lock. But I'm
confident that I can go out.
- With the help of seasoned
criminals like you.
We are not only ordinary
criminals, we are terrorists also.
We are with you
always, for anything!
Movie Channel
Sister, good morning.
Good morning.
Madam, new producer had come.
He wants to meet you.
Where is he?
Will not leave you.