Hotel Inferno (2013) Movie Script

Affection. Did I wake you?
I'm sorry honey. I forgot about the time difference.
What time is it there?
Early. Too early.
I'm sorry honey. I'll call you later then.
No. You woke me up. Now he talks.
I was waiting for your call yesterday.
What happened?
Yes, I know, but I have not had time to call you.
You know how it is.
If ... work.
Your job is blonde or brunette?
Do not say that.
You know I would never cheat you.
Yes, yes.
Honey, I have to go. I'll call you in a few minutes, okay?
Agree, disagree.
- I love you. - Yes, yes.
We arrived. Pull over there.
- Keep the change. - Oh God! Thank you sir.
It is my money, dude.
- Hi. - Sir Zimosa?
- Yes sir. - It's a pleasure to meet you.
Mistrandia am Jorge, President of Lumen Company.
First I want to apologize for ...
... Get in touch with you so late.
The other day I spoke with my partner.
Unfortunately I could not serve you ...
... Due to prior commitments.
This time I prefer to speak directly with you ...
... And explain everything personally.
No problem. His collaborator was clear enough,
then this is definitely not a problem for me.
I enjoy your long journey?
Yes. They were 12 hour flight, but I'm used to traveling.
What about the hotel? Do staff suspected something from you?
- No. - Do you really believe ...
... You are regular customer?
Definitely yes. I do not think there to worry about.
Perfect. Very well then.
I see you wearing the glasses that we provided to you.
How are you feeling?
I feel great.
Honestly, I've never seen anything like this.
And you can see well? Is there a problem?
Are visual defects?
Basically I see some things cost techniques.
But I do not know what they mean. But everything is in order.
I can see through them like normal glasses.
It is important that you do not remove, for any reason.
We have to record everything and we have to be connected ...
... At all times during the mission.
So you really see through my eyes right now?
Yes. We see everything you see on our monitors.
Agreed. Basically, this is just a spy camera.
More or less.
For me, that's fine.
Not the first time that my clients ask me to record my work.
Oh, thanks for reminding me.
Given the nature of their work,
I kindly ask you not to talk about it.
People do not speak English there,
but it is better to prevent any problems.
When you ask embarrassing questions ...
... Please just answer "yes" or "no".
Yes sir.
Here I have your file.
I read that you were in Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.
You were discharged for insubordination, right?
Then I read about it in Bosnia. 1993-1995.
I guess I was no longer in the army here.
- It was mercenary. - Yes sir.
Then I see murderer for hire, from 2005 onwards.
Yes. Working for individuals and small organizations.
Criminal organizations, you mean.
- Not only that. - All right.
I am sending a photo of one of his previous targets.
Could you please confirm receipt?
Would I will send a photo?
Oh, excuse me.
These glasses are basically a small computer.
You will see the text appear.
Just press down on the left, in glasses,
to accept the file download.
- All right. - Wait one second.
Agreed. Already she has been sent. Please accept it.
Yes, I do not remember the date of this contract ...
... But I remember the client and the person in the photos.
Honestly, I'm not proud of this work,
but the client asked me something quite rare.
I think it was revenge for something.
Anyway, I'm a professional, and I completed my work.
We think he'll be perfect for this job.
We like the way you work.
I mean, photos, see you have talent.
Sir, would you I can ask a question now?
Does your organization is linked to the government?
No. Definitely not.
I mean, I've never seen anything how are you glasses, in the army,
or on the market.
So I can conclude that this is a prototype?
- Right? - Yes.
I mean, this kind of shit is expensive to manufacture.
Normally only related organizations ...
We collect funds every time we complete a mission.
And we have done many missions. That is all.
For the amount of money they're paying me,
it seems they are in this business since the Middle Ages.
More or less.
Very good. It's time to talk about his current mission.
I kindly ask you to speak from now on,
because the goals are next to your room.
As I explain my colleague,
We need two people to kill us.
A couple. A man and a woman.
They killed more than 150 people in the last five years.
The police and the FBI could not find them,
they did not know who was responsible for those deaths.
But we do know who they are and what they have done.
And how do you know?
The couple has sent us pictures of his victims.
This is just weird. Would you send pictures? Why?
They know our organization.
It's like we are challenging.
So, your agency hunt serial murderers?
Usually, no.
Well, this is not my business. Pardon me for asking, sir.
So, just want to kill those people.
They are in the room next to hers.
They do not know they will, and surely will surprise.
The room key is a master key ...
... And you can easily walk into any room of the hotel with her.
Now we have to show you ...
... A video of the murder they sent us,
for you to understand what kind of people will face.
We need a dark background for viewing.
You know ... The glasses do not play the videos properly,
by bright environment.
Can you please just close the curtains?
Yes sir.
This shit is just weird.
I say. I have seen very fucking things in my life, but I do not know ...
... This is different. There seem random killings.
This seems to be some kind of ritualistic murder.
I showed this video just to warn you, Mr. Zimosa.
In underestimate these personas.
They are dangerous, and somehow ...
... Are professionals like you.
It has to be silent, and kill them one at a time.
Noiselessly. And most importantly,
do not let them talk.
The mission will begin at ...
Man must take a shower, at that time,
then it should be easy for you, kill them separately.
- Yes sir. - Absolutely,
We do not want to use weapons.
We want to use the weapons that we provided to you.
- Yes sir. - They're in the closet,
near the entrance, to the left.
It is necessary to crush their skulls and extract their brains,
open their stomachs and removed the entrails.
It must be in that order, and we have to see everything.
It is also rare.
But you pay me enough to not ask questions.
Or have doubts.
Perfect, Mr. Zimosa. We will now disconnect.
Obviously, we will not talk to you during the mission.
But we will see everything.
Honey, I'm done. We can talk now.
Yes, I know. But I'm busy now.
Do you have something important to tell me?
Not only ...
I just wanted to talk to you.
I just saw something and wanted to know if you're okay.
You called me four minutes ago, of course I'm fine.
Yes. You're right.
What's going on? You're acting weird.
It's nothing.
It was a mistake to call. You alarmed without reason.
All is well.
I just saw something, and needed to call.
Did you see anything?
Something to do with your work, you mean.
What strange things ...
... Could have been a software engineer?
Strange A cable?
I just ... I ... I wanted to hear your voice.
Well, listen. I have to go, okay?
- I'll talk to you later. - Very well then.
I love you.
What the hell is this?
What ... what ... fuck?
Hey you!
I'm talking to you, Mistrandia.
How the hell do I connect to this shit?
Can you hear me?
Why use the same damn glasses?
I feel hot.
Oh, too hot.
I knew they would send someone like you ...
... To kill me and my girl.
I knew that would remove me from this,
sooner or later.
But I ...
I do not expect that to happen ...
... Today.
What the hell are you talking about?
Hey! I'm talking to you.
Look at me!
I was hired ...
... And my girl ...
... Exactly as they did ...
... With you.
Oh. Why were we not alone?
And we did a lot of work for them.
You will become ...
... Like us ...
... If you continue ...
... Working for them.
You will be asked to do ...
... Bad things.
Very bad.
Just so you can feed.
She feeds on pain.
She needs to be fed ...
... Continuously.
The more you feed ...
... You'll be more like us.
Fuck this. No weapons, right?
You better explain to me what the hell is going on!
Calm down, sir Zimosa.
I'll explain this later, okay? Now, relax.
And whatever I say.
Take out any open his skull and brain.
Then, open the stomach and draw off the entrails,
or there will be serious problems.
Fuck you, asshole! I'm done with this shit.
There are serial murderers. His men are just right?
You asked them to commit all those murders.
Who the fuck are you? Why he does it?
You will not understand now. Just do what I said.
I'll explain later.
What if I break the damn glasses, asshole,
and return to my country? That's what I'll do!
Do not do that.
Once you start to kill us, you can not return.
Want to know what's going on?
I can not explain everything, because you do not understand everything now.
I can only say that killed two of my men ...
... They were not more efficient.
It was necessary, and did a good job.
You replace them and be part of my team.
That is all.
Why we kill people? It is inevitable.
You can not understand now. You'll understand later.
Just trust me.
I assure you ...
... Consider this work as an honor,
as all my men.
If you only knew what we're doing here ...
Now, do what I said,
and everything will be fine.
Do not fuck with us, Zimosa!
You can not imagine how many idiots ...
... They have tried to do what it will do,
many, many years, even before you were born.
I warn you ...
... If it's not what I said,
she'll go there, because the ritual is incomplete.
And he begs God to his not being born.
If you wake up, it is very difficult to get to sleep again.
That will mean we will all be in big trouble.
All of us!
So I have to ask my men to solve shit.
And I assure you will not like my men.
You think it's the only murderer in this Hotel?
There are other people who work for me. Many more.
That place is mine! One of the many places that I have.
Yes, there are common customers, public employees,
but that's just on the surface.
My men were ready to intervene, when I go into that room.
They are waiting in their private rooms ...
... Just in case something ...
- ... Go wrong. - Fuck.
And it seems that things are going badly.
Go to hell!
You will never survive there.
And even if it gets out of my men,
Never survive to it!
It's going to be hell.
Fuck. What the fuck?
Hey, man. You came into my room!
You you could not go, so I came in.
I'm just a customer.
- Then you should go from here. - I just lost it.
You do not have to call security.
I'll just go back to my room.
Right? You can finish painting the walls.
It's okay?
Or whatever it is you're doing here.
To hell! okay okay.
Thank you.
So I can just go, right?
Is there another way out?
Fuck. Fuck. Shit!
Oh shit!
Son of a bitch.
Piece of shit.
Fuck this shit!
No, no, no!
No, no. Please!
Fuck this shit.
Fuck this shit!
Oh, vamos!
Fuck this shit.
Fuck. Die demon!
Oh fuck! Oh fuck!
Fuck. Fuck!
Oh no. No, fuck you.
No ... Fuck.
Oh no!
What the fuck?
All right! All right!
All right! All right!
Oh fuck!
Oh shit!
Come on.
Oh fuck!
Oh shit!
I bet you're wondering:
Why bastards plastic cover everything?
As I said, this hotel is just a front ...
... For our real organization.
At the same time, we want real guests ...
... They know what we actually do here.
We do not want to paint the walls and furniture with their blood,
when my men to do her pieces.
You have no idea how hard it is ...
... Remove the bloodstains of furniture.
And most importantly:
I do not think red would fit well with the decor.
Va a arruinar el "Feng Shui".
I'm surprised he's still alive.
And I am surprised how stupid it is.
It is located in one of the secret areas of the hotel.
It is where my people live. It is your personal space on them.
Hidden surface and people.
I know it's not as great as the standard rooms ...
... But that's where they live.
Of course, everyone is looking for him ...
... In the hotel, so that area is empty,
but if you were, you would be quiet anyway.
Perhaps there is someone still there, waiting for you.
Oh shit!
Do you see that?
I bet you're seeing a small hidden camera.
I just hope that the resolution is high enough ...
... To have seen your brain get away.
I thank you.
She will calm down for a few minutes as a result.
Thanks, of heart.
What the hell are you talking about?
I just killed one of his men,
sick bastard. He does not care?
Hey, Mr. Zimosa, we need to calm pain,
but she wants yours.
My men just need to capture ...
... And produce enough pain to calm her.
Who is this "it"? Whose talking about?
Are you doing all this shit for "her"?
Is a woman? Is your bitch?
Poor idiot. You are not able to understand.
And I really have no words to waste with you.
But if it survives back to my men,
I promise I'll explain the situation.
Does that sound right to you?
His sarcasm is not even funny.
You just put gasoline on the fire.
Because I catch you. You can bet on it.
And when caught, I will pay ...
... Every time I tried to annoy me, asshole.
Poor deluded. You think I'm there?
I'm not even in the country, wretched idiot.
How can you imagine taking a plane and catch?
When you find it, I'll kill ten times, asshole.
What does there?
Are you trying to escape, poor fool?
That door can only be opened by my men.
Then, in a few minutes, you will be surrounded.
Really? Just his men can open this door?
What? Does the idiot has found the solution?
ROOM 1006
I'm pretty sure that this map will not help much,
and my men know every corridor of this Hotel.
Each of the rooms, every little secret passage.
But please, have fun trying to find a way out of there.
Wow! You discovered another secret area.
I'm impressed.
It really is a very good scout Boy Scout.
I give the Medal of Snoopy.
He's crazy!
He is just playing cat and mouse with me.
Do you really think that I will really listen to you?
No! I know it's so stupid, he was convinced that even ...
... That what you said ...
... It's true. But it is so far from the truth,
that you can not even imagine.
Did my men seem normal to you?
Have you ever seen someone with this disease in your life?
Even an idiot like you should have some doubts ...
... In this point.
What are you talking about?
What am I talking about?
That's the price of feed.
As my first man tried to explain to his deluded phrases.
When the feeds, year after year,
the bodies begin to get sick.
The brain starts to swell. Pus begins to occur.
The skin starts to burn, and the language begins to dry.
The glands then rot. The organs stop functioning.
Gangrene spreads.
Then, the tumors grow in the heart decaying
and death comes soon.
Many of them have even already face.
But still pouring,
with passion and dedication.
Hayo absurd to think that these poor sick ...
... They are more efficient than you.
All that good health is wasted without purpose.
He deserves to die, just for that.
It's a crazy son of a bitch.
And I do not understand a word he says.
Do not worry, you will understand, if he survives a little longer.
What the fuck?
OUTPU Here's them!
Fuck this shit.
Vamos! Oh, come on!
Oh, no, no, no!
Vamos! Vamos!
Fuck this shit!
Fuck this shit.
See? Have you seen what he did?
That sound! That's the sound it makes when she's angry.
When a creature of them is angry, it means only one thing:
Problems. A fucking mountain of problems!
And all this only because I did not hear me.
Who are you?
I told him who I am.
My name is Jorge Mistrandia.
Who is in reality be damned?
What are you doing here? What the fuck is that?
I am a collector.
For generations, my family have been collecting things ...
... In a world in which human consciousness has ceased to exist.
A world where people like you ...
... Describe with stupid words ...
... Like unspeakable, suffered, demonic, as another dimension.
And stupid shit like that.
There were times when the line between the two worlds,
ours and theirs, was dim.
Humans can feel the ...
... Presence across more clearly.
The time that people like you would define as the "dark".
But somehow, those times are more enlightened.
The pain and fear keep those closed doors.
The more pain we have here, the more they stay calm in his world.
It's like a balance. No pain here,
They are forced to enter.
It's a pretty simple concept.
Just imagine a lake, where the waters begin to fade.
The fish will try to jump out.
Jump out is not a solution. It's just an inevitable reaction.
The pain will never cease to exist in this world.
But it can decrease, sometimes.
And when that happens, some of them can pass through.
Some creatures should remain in their world, to survive.
Others may live in both worlds.
They enter and exit through those doors.
"She" is one of those. One of many.
It is quite common in the world.
But it is rare here.
My family has captured many years in Italy,
as they did with many other different creatures,
in several other countries, in many different years.
But to keep it here, in this world, no problems,
We must meet certain requirements.
With a double dose.
If you adopt a cat, you need to give a good meal,
and a house warm, if you want your happiness, right?
In fact, she is sleeping or something similar.
Sleeping since 480.
Just consider that during the Middle Ages,
My family often propagate the plague in Europe ...
... To satisfy their need for pain and suffering.
It really is a huge banquet for her, is not it sir?
So I like to call:
Propagator of the plague.
I find it hilarious.
When taking the place of my parents, I did something similar,
a cleaner and less visible form, so to speak.
In a modern way.
With these glasses can be recorded pain.
Innocent suffering frozen into digital data ...
... And transmitted to it.
It is pure pain is like feeding a cat ...
... With canned food.
But it works, because it is straightforward and nothing is wasted.
Therefore, we need not extend the plague again.
Yes, feed has its contradictions.
Consume glasses.
You see, many of my men are not in good health.
Ironically, the result is similar to the symptoms of the plague.
But it is necessary and they accept the risk, for the cause.
Everything is balanced to ensure that it continues sleeping,
in all its beauty.
Are you killing innocent people to maintain that balance?
Is that what you're doing?
Do you think that's an excuse to do this monstrosity?
You do not understand a word, idiot.
I'm not trying to save the world. The pain in this world is ...
... That can not be destroyed.
That balance is indestructible.
No one can change for better or worse.
I love my children. I want my collection.
They belonged to my family for centuries.
They are my trophies!
But there are rules I must follow to keep quiet here.
And if you do not want to be killed by it,
I have to create a small ...
... Extra balance of pain to feed, that's all.
So you're not a villain to save the world ...
... You have to do something bad, but inevitable.
It does nothing but feed their pets.
It's just that other rich bastard ...
... With a love sick.
With or without another world, with or without monsters ...
... Nothing special. Just another idiot.
You do not understand. They have much to teach.
If you show all the knowledge we get from them,
his little brain would melt like butter.
"Fuck." That's the same stupid answer ...
... He gave me, before all this started.
He was about to reveal a new world.
And your answer is "fuck"?
He does not realize that his idiocy,
Have you broken your sleep cycle?
He is awake only because it did not proceed with these murders.
My men try to produce the required pain ...
... To keep sleeping again.
But did his best to evitrnoslo ...
... And he is now hungry.
And angry.
If you do not find the solution, I will be forced to destroy the structure.
False Hotel. Including her.
She is one of the best articles of my precious collection.
And I do not want to lose.
It belongs to my family since 400 AD
And I can not erase 1600 years of efforts ...
... Because of his idiocy.
Let him suffer. Suffer so much, so she fed.
She goes to sleep again and everything will return ...
Oh shit!
- Honey? - Are you?
What did you do to your voice? You were Sleeping?
Just I wanted you to know that I will take a few days.
Well! What great news.
Sorry, honey. Really I wanted to be there. Now.
What are you talking about? Just shut up, please.
I get upset when you make fun of me.
You act like you're sad, and that's just ridiculous.
I bet you're on a beach, under the sun,
while I am here, I am waiting like a fool.
- Honey, please do not hang up. - Yes, yes. See you when you get back.
I just wanted to say ... I just wanted to say ...
I love you.
Well, if one still believes in these false gods ...
... Your people invention,
you better start to pray to them now,
because it is about to arrive.
Already he broke the first barrier,
and he is now running down the halls.
Right under your feet.
No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no!
Help me ... Help me ...
Very good.
She can not be killed.
And I need him alive.
Wait a second ... what's this? Deja vu?
I've seen in that position, Mr. Zimosa.
And I told you're about to torture him to death, right?
So what's happening?
I'm sick of your shit, Mistrandia.
And I said that's not funny.
So if you want to kill me, go ahead.
Kill me, or do what you want.
I survive again. And I'll find him,
no matter where you are.
This is not an easy task, Mr. Zimosa.
I will change the mood around here.
I do not like his arrogant tone.
It is not what we need.
He does not like at all.
He's walking through the halls.
Can you hear it?
She can not enter because the door sealed,
in a way that hurts.
And that puts even more angry.
He wants more pain.
Now she is like a heroin addict ...
... Looking for a dose.
She needs! And he wants you,
because you, he has awakened.
She can feel it.
There is a kind of connection between you and her, now,
and never let you go.
But I want to serve you well ...
... As my parents did for centuries.
Medieval style.
Rusty metal, rotting wood.
All ingredients remembers well.
Do you know why the church tortured people in the Middle Ages?
Well, I think you can understand that now.
You see, we teach many things today.
I'll kill you, Mistrandia.
No matter how many minions have.
And no matter how many demons called.
Nothing will protect you.
But they never protected me, Zimosa.
They just want the pain.
That's why I do not like that ...
... Continue to act as a super man there.
And if you keep acting the way he is acting,
it will be so furious,
that door can not contain it,
and I do not want to lose my last man and most precious, Gomorrah.
How is your girlfriend, Zimosa?
By her voice, she seems like a very nice girl.
For his voice, I bet it's blonde, right?
I'll take the silence as a "yes."
Green, eyes US ...
But his father was Russian, right?
By his voice, I can also feel that she lives at home,
Calle Madison, 1408, Chicago.
That's right?
How the hell you know that?
Poor idiot.
Using Smartphone there was not a very smart move.
What was that, ironically, said yesterday morning?
"You have collected the money from the Middle Ages?"
Yes, we did, sir Zimosa.
You can not even imagine how many things ...
... And the type of technology that I can costearme.
It's something your head idiot can not even imagine.
Anyway ...
As I said, I have many buildings.
Unfortunately, I have one in the shitty town called Chicago.
So, my men will be there ...
... In about five minutes.
Say goodbye to your girlfriend, Zimosa.
But we will send you a video of it, do not worry.
A video while drowning in his own blood.
Do not touch. Not even think about touching it.
What? Are you afraid now?
Come on, Zimosa, make feel her fear.
It sniff.
Let's slaughter his girlfriend.
Come on.
I'll kill you, Mistrandia!
Even if I die, I'll kill him.
I do not know how, but I'll kill you!
I'm going to kill shit!
That's damn funny.
It is very funny, sir Zimosa.
Gomorrah, please proceed.
Honey? Did I wake you?
Sorry honey. I do not want to bother.
Do not worry it's alright. You are here?
I landed yesterday. But I could not call you.
it's okay. Do not worry.
The important thing is you're okay.
Are you okay?
Yes. Thanks for asking.
Are you going to work now?
Yes ... I have to go now.
Good. Will you call me later?
I want to talk to you. I feel alone here.
- Thanks. - Honey?
- Yes? - I love you.
I love you too.