Hotel Labamba (2023) Movie Script

(Theme sound)
(Indistinct commotion)
(In Pidgin)
What sort of question are asking me?
(In Yoruba)
What sort of problem is this?
What do you mean by "what did I do to her'?
(In Pidgin)
Did I eat her? Ahn-ahn...
Big-Berry is not going to kill
anybody for crying out loud, Ahn-ahn.
(In Pidgin)
Carol, you saw me.
(In Pidgin) Carol what? I didn't see you...
Please, I didn't see you or anything...
don't get me in trouble,
I don't know anything...
See... hey!(In Pidgin)How did this happen?
How am I supposed to know what happened?
I don't know nothing.
You don't know nothing?
See Black-berry confess now...
So that we can know what we are doing...
- (Carol in Pidgin) And that's it...
- Hey! (In Igbo) What is it?
(In Igbo) Look here Mister, instead
of putting the law in your hand...
just call the police and hand him over!
(All) yes! ( Indistinct chattering),
(Barman) Manager call the police period!
(In Pidgin) If you don't inform the
police about this, it will look like...
it will look like we
have something to hide.
- (Big berry) Don't call the police...
- Why shouldn't we call the police?
(In Pidgin) You are innocent right?
Then you won't be implicated.
- Ahn-ahn?
- We will call the police.
(In Pidgin) How am I supposed
to know what you are talking about?
What I mean is that, If you know you
didn't kill her, and your hand is clean...
- let us call the police.
- (Exclamations)
(Theme sound)
Look at this AC, write it down.
- We are going to procure another one.
- Yes sir.
- Thank you?
- Yes sir?
The Boss is calling...
Ozumba make arrangements,
Im coming to the hotel this Saturday...
This Saturday?
Hai, but sir all
the rooms are occupied now...
And so?
I made you the Manager, do your job okay?
There is no hotel Labamba,
I can't find any hotel Labamba...
Ive driven down this street twice
It's okay sir!
Don't worry everything will be ready, sir.
Thank you, sir!
- Any problem?
- Hai, boss is coming this Saturday.
Oh it's number twelve?
Oh, thank you very much
for coming to our hotel
- Welcome
- Oh you're welcome...
- I hope you had a nice time
- We had a beautiful time...
- Okay...
- I had a beautiful time...
- Alright bye-bye. That's right.
- You welcome...
My baby is the best in the
whole wide world... (Shrieks)
look at what he got
me guys, so much stuff...
Stick with me okay, alright. Let's see...
What's wrong with this girl?
Guys he loves his privacy
so I'm not gonna show you...
And you know what they say: "what
they do not know, they cannot destroy".
Thank you so much baby?
You are welcome Ella...(Chuckles)
They don't know shit.
How far?(Door shuts)
Is he there?
(In Pidgin) I'm seeing it on Instagram o...
Eh, (In Yoruba) Pretty girl (Giggles)
(theme song plays)
(In Pidgin)
What sort of name is "Blue-berry"?
(theme song plays)
Senator Mohammed...
No I just walked in.
Hi... Hi.
My presentation for tomorrow is ready okay?
Don't worry we will get
the contract tomorrow...
(In Yoruba)
(In Yoruba) Careful...
Senator Mohammed,(In Hausa)
Ill call you tomorrow
Thank you.
Good morning sir,
You are welcome to Hotel Labamba.
- Thank you
- How may I be of service today?
Em, can I see your forms please?
(Theme song)
(Loud music, indistinct chattering)
(In Pidgin)
Go and check if he's with them...
(In Pidgin)
Carol, you are wasting your time...
- Hmm, you are the one wasting your time...
- Oh, okay...
- You see that guy is my spec.
- Eh..
- Oh yes. He's my type...
- Hmm...
- Fine, rich, classy...
- Waoh, hei...
And when you hear his accent when
he speaks The English language...
(In Pidgin) Carol, were you not the one
that told me you don't like Muslim names?
Is Halil not a Muslim name?
Sister forget about that, I
was being childish then...
- Hmm...
- um...
- We are all one under the eyes of God.
- (In Arabic) Allah be praised!
- What has Christian boys done for me?
- Carol, Carol, I pity you.
(In Pidgin) The manager must
not hear of this, he is a customer...
(In Pidgin)
I don't understand.
- Is the manager my father?
- Ah, no.
- Does he eat bottles...
- No he does not...
- Will he marry me?
- Ah no...
(In Pidgin) If the manager talks to me
in a way I don't like, I'll quit the job...
(Singing) I'll just Follow my
rich boy to his house
Ah Carol, he has suddenly
become your boyfriend?
- Two seconds...
- Ah Carol, Carol,
(Singing) Caroline save your drama,
you don't need it in this (Indistinct)
- Carol...
- Look at this?
Rest because...
the boy is mine...
I'm feeling sorry for you, you
are close to being outside already...
- Go and check him
- Please give me chin-chin, Ill check him.
- I'll give you chin-chin
- Thank you.
- Go and check him,
- I'll check on him...
- Ill give you more when you get back.
- I'll check.
Wow, The boy is mine...
(In Yoruba)
Hello? Hello? Saido where are you?
Look just come, I have goods for you. Come.
Come now, don't be too long.
I said I have goods for you.
Yes, yes.
Thank you.
(Comical tone)
(singing in Arabic)
(Background music)
(In Pidgin) The kind of money
I lost to this last season...
I survived the loss by God's help.
(Loud music)
(indistinct chatter)
- (In Pidgin) What did I miss?
- You didn't miss anything...
Your boys are not
good footballers at all...
Don't worry, everything
is under control...
Bring me my usual...
(Indistinct football commentary)
Which flavour is in this Shisha...
- See, see wrong pass...
- Goal ball...
- (In Pidgin) Leave there..
- Come let me give you something.
- Pass to your neighbour, you cunt.
- Come on...
Just for the road for you,
just take it for the road...
(In Pidgin) And he will
receive salary after all this right?
(Indistinct football commentary)
I bet $5000 in the last match
when I was in Cyprus o...
Yeah but they lost,
hope you didn't bet today...
I put.
$7000 is what I bet
(Chuckles) This man
you want to lose money o
(Chuckling) No, no no my guy.
This man is a true red blood, respect.
My baby...
(In Pidgin)
Don't worry our boys won't disappoint us...
Goal! Goal! Goal!
Argh somebody better get
ready to lose money tonight.
- (Indistinct)
- Don't worry, you people should calm down.
Calm yourself down.
See with my lucky charm beside me today...
Impossible, this match
I'm going to win it.
Yeah but I've got my own lucky charm.
(Stutters) So, what will we single men do?
Single people like us, we eat...
You don't stress yourself
just put your hope in God.
(Halil chuckles)
that's it...
Drop it put it on the seven!
- Sergio give...
- (In pidgin) It has not ended
(tensed screams)
- It's a goal!
- Goal!
- I told you people...
- Goal!
- I told you people
- Nice one.
Let's kill them with money, I
told you you are my lucky charm...
His own lucky charm did not give
him money, you see what I'm saying?
- Berry spending...
- Berry...
(In Yoruba) God made it that way...
(Loud party music)
Ah, oh God.(Chuckles) Lummy...
Nothing is wrong with me.
Big berry!
Big-Berry money spray me.
(Loud music)
Scodi, Look at the life.
(Sighs) I can't deal
with this noise, I can't.
You picked the hotel...
- Blame me for trying to surprise you.
- I'm not blaming you babe...
I like the initiative...
But it's not allowing me do all the
things I want to, you know...
- do to you. It's distracting me.
- (Kissing sounds) Okay...
- Urm...
- Okay, your knight to the rescue.
(Loud party music)
- Excuse me?
- Hey?
Please there's a lot of noise...
its very late and some
of us would like to sleep.
- Okay you mean the enjoyment, sorry the music?
- Yes
Oh em, it's rather
unfortunate sir, so sorry but...
I can't talk to him, he's also
a paying customer like you...
Okay so who can I talk to,
who can talk to him?
That would be the manager...
but he is not around.
Em, whats going on?
- Its Big-Berry.
- (Chuckles) Big-Berry.
Bro just go Ill handle it.
(Chuckling) You look like youd rather be
elsewhere. So just...
I'll talk to him okay?
- Nice
- Nice one...
(party music)
(Halil) Berry, Berry...
(In Pidgin)
Please can we reduce the volume?
( Big-berry) Deejay
bring the music down...
- Um, How far?
- I'm good...
What are you doing?
Let's go clubbing...
Let's go and pop some champagne.
Look I wish I could men,
but I have a presentation
this morning and
I have to get to it...
- (In Pidgin) Sure no problem...
- Big-berry.
- We are together
- My Gee.
- Scodi and guys, let's move to the club
- (Excited Exclamation)
- Baby, my baby, what is it?
- Baby I don't think I can go...
- I'm having headache
- Headache?
- (Indistinct)
- Ella if you are not going, I'm not going.
No baby, you can go. Go have fun,
I'll just stay back and take pain killers.
- You are sure you are going to be fine?
- Yes baby, Ill be fine.
- Go have fun.
- Oh, if you are not there nobody will...
(Loud music continues)
(In Pidgin)
(Chuckling) I've been seeing it...
But wait o babes, is
any of that money real?
- I take offense to that Laide
- (In Hausa) come on...
You know how we do it...
Fake stuff...
I was actually planning to
gift you some of the items,
but since you say
they are fake, no need.
Calm down, (In Pidgin)
you get angry easily...
But, really what does he
do though, all that spending?
- I don't know and I don't care..
- Ella!
- Lets talk later...
- Wait, wait.
(In Pidgin) Okay how about the
guy you wanted to introduce me to?
- I've changed my mind
- (In Pidgin) Sorry, you get pissed easily.
- Tell me about that Lawal guy
- Halil...
I think hes your kind of guy, you know...
If you are not busy pushing paper at
the office today, you should swing by.
(In Pidgin) That would have made
sense babes, I think it sounds great.
But, you know I have a pitch tomorrow I
mean, and that spells long night for me...
- (Scoffs) I tried o
- Where's you raspberry?
(Chuckling) Raspberry...(In
Pidgin) Please...
- I think he went to get me breakfast...
- Ella?
- Babe, let me call you back.
- (Indistinct)
- Baby awwn..
- Ehen...
(In Pidgin, Chuckling) I brought
you a breakfast fit for a queen...
- Aww baby...
- (In Pidgin) do you want to eat the food?
- Take it that way...
- Err sorry sir.
- (Ella giggles)
- Sorry sir...
- Aww...
- you'll like it...
- You are going to eat the breakfast
- Can you take me a picture please?
Take her a picture.
- Ehen put the... (Camera clicks)
- (waiter) Done now.
- Baby come, come. Come.
- Ah!
- You want him to capture us together?
- No baby...
This hungry girl are never going to
see your face, come we are showing you...
- We are not hiding my face?
- Yes we...
Baby come, put your head here like this.
- Like this?
- Yes
- (waiter) Okay
- (Chuckling) see where you put my head...
(In Pidgin) You are putting
my head under your armpit...
(Soft music)
- Sir Halil?
- Yeah hello?
I want to confirm what
you said last night...
If I order a ride now, it'll take me
straight to the ministry secretariat right?
Yes sir. You just type
in the name of the hotel...
then the name of the secretariat
and you are good to go sir.
- Okay, thank you Tope.
- You remember my name, Sir.
(Chuckles) Of course I do.
Just hold on one second...
- Okay sir
- Alright...
Thank you sir, good luck with your meeting
sir. You will get it in Jesus name...
(In Arabic) God willing, thank you so much.
- Thank you sir, thank you
- Yeah.
- Good morning sir...
- Morning...
- All the best today sir (Chuckles)...
- Thank you kindly okay.
- Waoh, sir, thank you so much
- It's fine
Ah, you shouldn't have...
(Phone ringing)
Hotel Labamba, how may I be of service...
- (Pearl indistinct comment)
- (Daniel) Yeah, I'm good.
- (Daniel Chuckles)
- (Pearl) Um-hmm...
- (Ella) Big-Berry...
- (Big-Berry) Ella... (Chuckles)
- I miss you babe
- I miss you too (Chuckles)...
That babe with Big-Berry looks familiar.
Thats erm, sexy Ella...
- Who's she, is she an actress?
- I dont know and I dont care.
- Why are you asking about her?
- No nothing, I'm just curious.
- Curious?
- Yeah...
I'm just curious babe...
- I'm just curious
- Hey, eyes over here...
- Yeah, just curious.
- You are talking about Ella...
You have me here, you are
talking about her (Daniel chuckles)
- Ah Sir you are back.
- I got the contract!
(Excited exclamation)
(Carol) Congrats!
- Yes!
- Ah sorry
- Congrats, so happy for you.
- Thank you...
Oh, sir your key...
- Tuesday!
- (In Pidgin) What is it?
Why are you calling my name like
you are the one that gave me the name, ,,
- What is it?
- (In Yoruba) Is this where you are?
That's good. You are here.
Have you called to inform your
relatives that you are going to jail?
- Jail?
- Ah, you are not aware of what happened?
What is it?
Blue-berry's girlfriend
is dead in his room.
- Eh? She's dead
- She's dead.
- What killed her?
- It's me, ask me again.
Hey...(Phone rings)
Baby, we need to go okay...
The police are going
to be here...
and they are going to investigate
what happened to that girl
- Yeah but we've done nothing wrong.
- Until they find a way to rope us in?
Daniel pack.
Stand up now, stand up I don't like this.
Look, I'm too pretty to go to jail.
Open the gate!
Open the gate!
(Car starts)
(Suspenseful tone)
- Where is your manager?
- It's not me o...
- I just asked you, where is your manager?
- (Stammers) He is here.
- Police?
- Is your friend.
Make sure nobody else comes in.
Carol did you?
Are you the one that called them?
We got a report about the death
that happened in your premises...
Who said so?
- Shekes?
- Who died?
It's the same boy we were
talking about his girlfriend.
- They said she's dead.
- What happened?
I don't know but let me go and find out...
Tuesday hello?
(In Pidgin)
What is happening, what's all these?
(In Pidgin)
How much is my money?
Look your money is 580 naira...
Who died in your family?
No one died in my family, an internet
fraudster's girl-friend just died.
Which girl, which internet
It's somewhere at my boyfriend's hotel...
There's a boy there,(claps)
he spends money lavishly
He has a lot of money...
- He is Ayiri's age mate...
- Oh
- Oh okay...
- All these girls though...
- Which hotel?
- You the hotel they call em...
"Hotel Labamba". That's
why my boyfriend works.
Hmm, okay...
- That's where the internet fraudster is.
- Internet fraudster, yes.
- Oh Hotel Labamba?
- Eh.
- I need water here o...
- (In Pidgin) excuse me please...
Ehen boss, don't be
angry, here is the water...
Hello Boss...
(In Pidgin)
There's a case, big case.
It just happened.
Are you asking me? I'm sure.
I know what I'm saying.
The first officer at the crime
gets to handle the case...
(Clears throat)
Is there a place I could
speak to you privately Mr...?
- Ozumba, Ozumba Mbadiwe...
- Hmm.
- Hei...
- Detective Zizi of the SIU...
Err you know, I still dont understand
why you are here, officer.
Somebody died in your premises...
See, the young lady...
She died of natural causes.
In her room, ehn?
We had to break down the door.
Nobody killed her.
Why don't you let me be the judge of that.
Sir, em Big-Berry sir...
We can't find him.
- Eh?
- Who's that?
(Stammers) Err thats the young
man that lodged here with her
You have got to be kidding me.
- Anwara, stand guard.
- (Stammers) Officer it's, Hei!
(Yema) Hey...
(Big-Berry) You've got to take things easy.
- Excuse me, I'm not...
- (In Pidgin) Don't push me...
What's going on here?
Ma'am...(foot thuds)
(In Pidgin) Ma, I caught this man,
Trying to show off at the back...
- Excuse me...
- You do realise...
That manhandling an officer of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria is an offense right?
Chic, Big-Berry is never going to
manhandle Federal Republic of Nigeria...
She's the one rough handling me and trying
to use (In Yoruba) baton to pursue me.
(In Pidgin) He's looking down
on me because I'm a woman...
When I get to the police station, I
will show you the stuff I'm made of.
- (Manager) Hey...
- (Big-Berry) When you reach...
- Station?
- Station.
Yes Station!
Every single individual in this building
will be following us to the Station
You are all suspects and
you have to be interrogated.
(In Pidgin and Igbo) Hey, please no...
- We have a business to run.
- (Scoffs)
This hotel is closed!
(Indistinct conversations)
(Indistinct conversations)
(Honorable) I checked in this morning...
(Zizi) Alright I'll like to have
everyone's attention here please.
(Indistinct conversations)
(Yema Screams) Hey!
- (Honorable) This is very ridiculous...
- Hey!
(Yema in Pidgin) What did you say? (Daniel)
No sorry, (Pearl) You are yelling...
What did you say?
If I hear any noise, you are
going to the Police Station...
My boss wants to talk...
Great. Now that I have your attention...
Can I please have the
CCTV footage of this hotel?
Every single one of them.
- See they are not working...
- They... (Sigh)
So you mean to tell me that every single
CCTV camera in this hotel is not working?
(In Pidgin) Didn't I warn you?
You don't take advice.
Very well then...
We are going to shut down
this hotel down til further notice till...
- we are done with our investigation.
- (Indistinct conversations)
(Yema) Hey! (Honorable) I checked
in this morning! (indistinct protests)
- Objection! Hey!
- What is all this thing, eh?
- Hey!
- I've taken this thing since morning.
- (In Pidgin) Sir please sit down
- Why!
(In Pidgin) Sir sit down please!
I don't want to disrespect you.
- Excuse?
- Explain.
Officer sorry, Detective...
Can you not do you investigation
here?(In Igbo) please...
I will give you anything.
Before you continue,
let me let you know that...
I am not one of those
Detective that receive bribe...
No, no I wasn't going to...
No I wouldn't do that. No.
I was just saying I will give you anything
you need to hasten the investigation...
Eh, and also keep it out of
the press...(In Igbo) please...
- I need the case solved by Friday.
- Fri... (scoffs)
Friday? This Friday or next
Friday?(In Pidgin) Today is Wednesday.
Officer please eh?
If this case is not solved by Friday...
and the news gets out to
press that the girl died here...
I am doomed!
- Please, We have uninterrupted power...
- Who says we don't have that at our office
- Boss the generator is not working
- (All laughs)
Who is...
Do you want to go to jail?
No, nothing...
Uninterrupted power supply...
Twenty-four hours internet...
Okay, and anything you need, you name it.
Food, drinks, water...
If the word gets out and the media gets a
hold of this...
it would impede our investigation.
But as regards your other offer
which I'm not really impressed about...
- I'll let my boss know.
- (In Igbo) Thank you.
Until then, nobody
comes in nobody goes out.
- (Indistinct conversations)
- (Honorable) Eh?
(Theme tone)
(Camera clicks)
(Theme tone)
We need an ambulance.
Have Peter follow up for paperwork.
Okay ma.
- Now.
- Okay ma'am.
(Indistinct conversations)
(Zizi) Can I have our attention. (Daniel) You
can't have our attention, That's why we are here
Quiet, quiet!
Didn't you see the officer of the Federal
Republic of Nigeria in front of you?
(In Pidgin) Don't you have respect?
- Thank you Yema...
- Yes ma...
As you all know, someone
died in this premises...
Girl (Snaps fingers) we
didn't kill nobody - Hey!
(In Pidgin) Who asked you?
Do you want to go to jail?
I would need your co-operation
so that I can unravel the truth...
You are entitled to one phone call to
your lawyer or any family member of yours.
You are not allowed to divulge
any information whatsoever...
Where she died, how she died, when
she died cannot be told to the public.
After which, we will
collect all your phones...
- (Honorable In Igbo) Phone for what?
- (Indistinct protests by all)
- Hey! Hey quiet!
- (Honorable) I checked in this morning.
- Hey! Hey quiet!
- (Honorable) I checked in this morning.
- Hey?
- I am a business man, I'm a business man.
I checked in just this morning!
(Theme tone)
Good-day sir, you are
welcome to Hotel Labamba.
- (Suitcase thuds) How may I be of service?
- Thank you very much.
Em, my name is Right Honorable
Chuba Wilberforce Okadigbo...
- What an honor sir...
- Thank you.
May I interest you in our room packages...
Well unfortunately sir, you chose
a very wrong time to check in.
(Stutters) We are being
held here against our will
(In Pidgin)
Hey, are you not Nigerian?
If I hit you with this baton, your
head will scatter and you won't recover.
You will not speak to my husband like
that, don't you have a husband at home?
- You see that she's threatening bodily harm...
- Yes
She's threatening, this is police brutality.
I'm a lawyer, I know my rights...
Well need I remind you Mr Lawyer that...
according to the 1999 Constitution
of The Federal Republic of Nigeria,
I can detain a suspect for
forty-eight hours...
and have a judge sign off if I need to
extend the forty-eight hours.
Do you need to be reminded that?
- (Manager) Is it true?
- (Daniel) Yeah
That's what I thought.
What time is it Yema?
- 12 pm ma
- (Scoffs) looks like I have enough time
(In Igbo) hey manager what is
going on here, what is happening here?
(In pearl) You left us to die here!
(cook in Pidgin) I don't even understand...
- (Carol singing in Benin)
- My friend keep quiet there, I'm talking!
Keep quiet, ahn-ahn?
What is it?
- Ahn-ahn, what is it?
- (in Benin dialect) Oh God!
As I was saying (In Igbo) please...
- I have spoken to the detective eh,
- Ehen?
She said this thing will be over soon.
- Ehen?
- (In Igbo) please...
Food will be served soon eh...
there is also a rest-room over
there in case you want to ease your...
- So now, we are prisoners in this hotel?
- (Honorable in Igbo) Exactly.
- (Honorable in Igbo) Hey... Eh?
- I am going to shut down this hotel.
I am going to shut down.
- This is perilous time
- Yes
- (Honorable in Igbo) Peri... what?
- (Cook) -lious!
I want my money back now,
I want my full money refund.
(Daniel) what my phone? (Manager) Oh God.
(Honorable in Igbo) I hope you heard me...
I want my refund
(Pearl) You people want to
collect our phones (Honorable) Argh!
(Theme theme)
- Bartholomew Kamorudeen.
- Big-Berry
(Scoffs In Pidgin) Not only
Big-Berry, how about blackberry?
- Yema...
- Sorry Ma...
- Why did you kill your girlfriend?
- Ah?
(In Pidgin) It wasnt Big Berry.
It can't be Big-berry
Every boyfriend and husband's
mantra right after they do.
What's your girl friend's name?
(In Pidgin) What is hmm?
You've had sex with someone
but don't even know her name...
- You don't know her name but you have...
- Ahn-Ah?
Sorry ma...
- Did you know her family?
- Eh?
Ma, (In Pidgin) He doesn't know her
name, how will he know her family...
Isn't it someone that knows a person...
I'm really sorry this time.
I'm really sorry ma.
Sorry ma.
- See Baby...
- Excuse me?
Check her IG...
Check her IG, check her phone.
You understand, check her phone...
(ambivalent tone)
- But we did not find her phone...
- Shit man, Argh?
(In Pidgin) Thats not possible
Because you see Ella and her phone
are '5 and 6", they are always together.
So, Big Berry is not going to
kill anybody for any reason...
(In Pidgin) So, whoever killed
her must have taken her phone.
We should check her Instagram account.
Oh shit, my phone is
bad, let me use yours.
Let's check Facebook.
No, it can access Facebook...
Call the manager and tell
him we need a tab ASAP...
Did you really...
It can do fa...
- (In Pidgin) We need "Tab" here...
- Eh? Give it to me, give me the phone.
Please we need a "Tab" ASAP.
With internet.
(Theme tone)
(In Yoruba) My darling...
- (In Pidgin) Please, let me...
- You can't leave this room.
The command is that nobody should step
out of this door until my boss says so.
(In Pidgin) I understand
but please, let me...
Look, I've been admiring you while I
was sitting there. You are handsome.
Look if I undress, I have a lot in
here that is hidden by my work cloth...
Even my backside is well-endowed
, it just looks smaller inside my dress...
- Madam
- Yes?
- (In Pidgin) Are you sick?
- No I'm not, it's what we will do...
Eh, eh, please.
Don't get me in trouble...
(In Yoruba) I won't dare...(In
Pidgin) Let me go, what does it matter
- (In Igbo) Fish-bone Go and sit down.
- Why are you being like this?
- Go and sit down!
- (In Yoruba) this is a crazy person
(Sardonic laughter)
We found her sister...
Guess what, she has no idea who you are.
- Err...
- Fake boyfriend!
(In Pidgin) I'm not surprised.
Big-berry flew in all the way
from Cyprus to chill with my girl.
- Seven days ago.
- Um.
- Any known ailment?
- I'm not going to know ailment.
Was she sick?
(In Pidgin) She complained of a
headache on Monday night.
Baby I don't think I can go...
- I'm having headache
- Headache?
- (Indistinct)
- Ella if you are not going, I'm not going.
That's all.
That could have been it.
(Drops pen)
How long have you dated?
(In Pidgin) I met her two weeks ago on
IG and I came to chill with her.
- Or kill her?
- How can you say that?
Big Berry is not going to
kill anybody for any reason...
Boss, we need to ask him
what he does for a living...
When we checked his Instagram,
all we saw were expensive cars...
and these top designers'
jewelries he has on...
were all over his page.
What does he do for a living?
What work do you do?
My chic, like I've always told
you, my name is Big-Berry...
I'm not going to say more than that. I just
love to enjoy life, that's about it...
That's the only thing I can say.
Retrace your return and first
meeting with the deceased.
- (In Yoruba) What is this stress?
- Excuse me?
(In Yoruba) I just explained, I just told
you now that I don't like repeating myself.
It doesn't make sense that I
am repeating myself all the time.
(In Pidgin) It irritates me.
Okay, I told you my name is
Big-Berry, I'm a business man.
I'm a business man.
International business man
An international business man in
North Cyprus, do I look like a joke to you?
North Cyprus only grants
visas to tourist and visitors
Just visas.
You are all of a sudden an
international business man?
As a foreigner you have to be a major shareholder
before you can own a business there.
You think we don't know what all you
boys go to Malaysia and North Cyprus to do?
- Argh?
- You are the ones giving Nigeria a bad name
(In Pidgin)
A waste. You are a waste.
You think we don't know you take women panties
to steal their destinies for rituals?
Ritual, ritual, ritual...
- (In Yoruba) are you okay?
- Are you not a ritualist?
- What did you say?
- Excuse me?
You will not speak to an officer of
The Federal Republic of Nigeria like that!
- (In Yoruba) Let me tell her the truth...
- How dare you?
I told you something, I don't like
what you are doing...
I'm not going to sit down and allow
you people to label me a bad name.
My name is Big-Berry,
I'm not a bad person...
I work for my money...
I'm into Bitcoin and Cryptocurreny,
that's what I do for a living.
My name is Bartholomew Kamorudeen(In
Yoruba) the child of Olalomi.
Ahn-ahn. (In Yoruba) I trade with money
to create more money.
I'm into-I know money, I have money.
- I'm not a broke Nigga like you.
- Who is a broke Nigga?
- (In Pidgin) Your father is a broke Nigga!
- (In Yoruba) My father?
Yes, your mother and every
member of you family are broke Niggas
- Look at how she's clapping on me.
- (In Yoruba) I will hit you...
- (clapping) Your relatives are poor
- Yema! Yema!
- Yema! Yema! Hey!
- Look at her clapping on me!
- Sit down! sit down.
- (Yema Panting in anger)
- (Yema Panting in anger)
- (In Yoruba) Look at her all swollen...
(In Yoruba) Even sango wasn't this bad.
If you swell more than this, you will
burst. I don't know what you are carrying.
I'm sorry my chic...
I don't just like someone
talking to me anyhow
For the umpteenth time,
it's Detective Zizi to you.
I'm sorry Detective Zizi to you.
You said you werent
in the room last night.
Tuesday, open the gate, I'm going out...
Im going to go somewhere
now, open the gate.
No, big lie, Err...
(In Pidgin)
That boy was very angry that night.
He was just so angry.
Tuesday, open the gad-damn gate
(In Pidgin) Open the gad-damn
gate! Are yo mad or do you want to die?
I came to the door, I was knocking
and knocking and knocking...
She wouldn't open up the door...
Baby what's all this now, open up.
Big Berry said he was sorry.
I need to get my laptop.
Shit man, Ah?
Why is she not opening
the door now?(Scoffs)
So I went back to chill in
my ride till the morning...
(In Pidgin)
I didn't see that... No.
Big Berry paid for the room,
Big-Berry wants to enter the room.
Open the gad-damn door!
- (Claps) Where's this boy that's supposed to go and bring...
- Ella?
- Ehen, he's coming, sorry...
- (In Pidgin) Big-Berry don't be angry.
- Get lost!
- Go. We are sorry sir.
(In Yoruba) Rubbish.
You can imagine...
Somebody has been knocking o the door for
sometime now...
and you are not picking up the call
You are here sleeping anyhow.
What's that for?
Huh, what is happening?
What is happening?
What kind of sleep is this?
Shit man Ella?
(intense beat)
What is happening?
What is happening,
what kind of sleep is this?
Shit man!
Big-berry went back to
the room the next morning...
- and she was just there...
- (Stammering) what is "Big-Berry"...
Why are you addressing yourself in
the third person as if you are not here...
Are you not Big-Berry?
You should say "I"
"I" went to the room.
I. I, I.
What is all this "Big-Berry", "Big-Berry".
Argh, what were you sorry for?
We had little squabble.
(stutters) Squabble?
- (In Yoruba) Misunderstanding.
- What?
- We had misunderstanding.
- Um hm?
Very, very big quarrel.
Very big, honestly I can't even deal.
(Comical tone)
- (Big-Berry) Ella, please please, please
- (Pearl) Oh
(Big-Berry) You are beginning
to get Big-Berry mad now...
- You are beginning to get me mad now...
- They are still quarreling?
- (Big-Berry) open the goddamn door...
- Why am I the one suffering this, why?
Baby what's all this now, open up.
Very serious. You know she
slapped Big berry and I was like wow.
(In Yoruba) Is this girl mad?
What's wrong with you?
- Ella?
- Don't you touch me like that!
You don't own me.
But your wife never told us that...
Well, you didn't ask...
Wait, do you think that he killed her?
Did he?
According to you, your husband
happens to be your alibi for that night.
Yeah, we went to the bar...
and it became a party, so we left.
Look, we love our privacy.
If there's anyone who doesn't
understand that word, it's Ella.
(drops pen)
So let me see this...
She invaded your privacy,
and then you unintentionally killed her.
No, I didn't kill her because of that.
Because of that?
So why did you kill her?
Talk to me, tell me more.
(stutters) I... I did not kill her...
I find that very hard to believe considering
we heard that there was a fight...
I run the restaurant during the day
and I was watching them that day.
- The busty lady
- Pearl?
- Hey can you stop please
- Hmm?
- Stop that.
- Hmm?
If you want some privacy,
you can go to your room.
Are you mad?
- Are you mad?
- No, no, no are you insane?
No, no no are you insane?
(Pearl) You must be moving mad, (Ella) You are
moving mad (Barman) She was so angry that day...
(Ella)You are crazy (Pearl) hold me before I
beat this girl (Barman) I thought it will...
(Pearl) I will beat you! (Ella)Oh my god, you are
crazy, (Barman) was going to be a girl fight
(Ella) I will beat your ass up!
(indistinct-Big-Berry)(Pearl) Shut your face!
- That was it.
- (In Pidgin) is that why you killed her?
And ran?
- Can you speak English please
- Am I not speaking English?
I am speaking English, I said
after you killed her, you ran.
- Run? No I didn't run.
- I'll tell you what happened...
You found out that your husband
was following her on social media...
DM-ing her and that pissed you off.
So you trailed her...
you found out she was going to be
lodged in this hotel...
and you decided to come here under the
guise of a vacation then you killed her.
Hell no...
Look, you dont know my baby.
I mean, my baby just met Ella when, Monday.
He doesn't even have an instagram page.
(Sardonic laughter)
(intense tone)...
- That's not my baby.
- Hmm?
That's not my baby.
You guys are police officers,
you should know people open..
Fake instagram pages
and put people's picture on it
Fraudsters, they do that.
That's not my baby.
Actually, Its my second account.
Its harmless, you know. I just go there...
Watch things...
Have you seen these instagram girls?
- I only go there to watch videos..
- And send DMs, have access to her.
She threatened to tell your
wife, then you killed her.
- No, she doesnt even know me.
- That got you mad, no?
No! Im don't like her like that.
I just go there watch
video, like and move on.
My wife wont be happy knowing
that I like and follow Ella and the others.
Um hm,(In Pidgin) but you
sent her a message, didn't you?
She thanked me for defending
her in the comment section...
So I sent her a DM, telling her
she's welcome, because she...
..she had disabled comments
on that particular post.
And then you met her
here, she turned you down
that upset you so much
and you decided to kill her.
My wife is with me like
literally every second.
- I only have eyes for her. I love my wife!
- (Sardonic laughter)
(In Pidgin) You love your wife yet
you are sliding into DMs
Eh? (Sardonic laughter)
Are you Okra that
draws...(Sardonic laughter)
- Yema.
- Sorry ma.
Look, pray that you marry a man like mine.
Because, even he wants any other girl,
any, it will not be that shameless Ella.
- Shameless?
- Yeah.
What? You need to see the
way she was twerking on Halil..
(Party music)
- Big-Berrys best friends?
- No.
Halil is not one of those touts.
- Touts?
- His friends...
They look like touts.
Yea, hoodlums actually.
Halil is a metro-man aww.
Halil is tall, dark, handsome.
Prince charming, he's...
Look if I was single and he no...
If I'm interested, I would say yes...
But I mean, I'm married so
and, I don't look at other men.
See let me tell you something...
My friends were going to
meet me up at the club...
They met me up at the
club and from there I came here alone.
So where are they now?
They are going to go to Ibadan,
theyll be back tomorrow morning.
Theyre taking the train
from Ibadan to Lagos.
Call them, and ask them to start coming...
Forget it...
I trust my Niggas, They
have no where else to go.
- They are going to come back themselves...
- Call them
Shit-man! you've got my phone with you.
Which one is your phone?
- You've got my phone with you.
- Which one is your phone?
- I Phone.
- Eh?
- Which one is your phone.
- That iPhone.
The iPhone, great.
- I think it's the gold one.
- Okay.
Dear Lord.
Mr. Halil checked out this morning.
And you did not deem
it fit to let me know?
(In Pidgin)
You didn't ask me.
Give me his full details.
(In Pidgin) That will be difficult, I have
to take permission from my manager.
(In Pidgin) When I use this baton
on people, they don't recover from it...
When I use this baton on you,
you will cross over! (Carol whimpers)
Answer my boss!
I'll cooperate.
Halil Omar.
There is no address here.
- Um?
- Eh?
Ah,(In Pidgin) even the
phone number is not complete
Where is the remaining number?
(Stammering in Pidgin)
How? How is it possible?
- He wrote it in my presence...
- He wrote it in your presence?
- I made sure...
- Did you check the numbers?
Did you check to see if it's complete?
(stutters) Ma?
Hey, it's not complete...
(Manager) Oh...
Okay, can I have a copy of his ID card?
- So whats your name baby?
- Oh, I'm Carol sir.
- Alright.
- Okay.
- Sir, I'll need your ID card please...
- Oh yeah, sure.
- Oh I think I left it in the cab, let me..
- Oh...
Let me call him quickly okay.
It's ringing...
Hes not picking.
So sorry sir.
Maybe you can try it again.
- Right?
- Um hm...
My goodness, he's switched off.
- Argh.
- I can't believe this.
First time in Lagos and this is happening.
- Hei...
- Luckily I carry cash around.
Is there a Shutter bank around here...
- Em, yes sir,
- Okay.
(Sucks teeth) Don't worry, Ill
just call my account manager...
and have him block my cards.
So what are your rates?
(In Pidgin) Manger please,
it is the devil's work, please.
Consider yourself fired!
- (Exclaims)
- Ehn-eh!
(Sighs) Any of the guests,
do you know if they know him?
Girl he was a classy man.
Skin like glass, eyes like the sun...
and those broad,
broad, broad shoulders...
- (Zizi clears throat)
- Oh I mean (Zizi clears throat)
Yesterday he em, he had a
party after he got the contract.
God bless him, very generous man.
Everyone liked him
I sure did.
I sure, sure did.
See, Big-Berry thinks he a cool dude.
- So do you have his number?
- Shit man!
Big-Berry didnt know he
was leaving for Port-Harcourt...
Big-Berry was going to
take his number today...
Alright em...
Social media, em, pictures? Anything.
Big-Berry does not have it...
Oh dear, okay.(Audible exhale)
- I don't have it.
- Noted
He left?
But I thought he went for a meeting.
Honestly, Halil is so sweet...
Charming, down to earth just like my baby.
I think Big-Berry needs etiquette
classes from him because. Hes too crass!
- Argh, I can't deal.
- Okay em...
Do you please have his phone number, social
media accounts or maybe pictures with him?
I forgot to take a selfie...
Yeah and I enjoyed
hanging with him. Great guy!
Yesterdays party after he
got the deal, was great fun.
So that means you have his number and
his social media handles and his picture?
(In Igbo)
I have suffered...
Light skinned police officer...
How am I supposed to know this Halima
when I just checked in this morning!
(In Igbo) Questioning me about Halil...
Get away from me...
Boss you know this girl liked posting
a lot of picture on her instagram page...
Let's find her phone and we
may see Halil's pictures on it...
she may have post it form
there to her Instagram page...
(Indistinct chattering)
(Yema) Move!
- The phone of the deceased is missing.
- Then go find it, that is your job
(In Pidgin)"Big burst",
who is talking to you?
Ella's phone is missing and
we will find it.
We will look for it.
You understand...
(Phone ringing)
(In Pidgin) Ha, we have caught the person.
It's settled, the phone is ringing...
- Sssh
- Can't you hear it?
- Kausara, is that not your phone?
- (In Yoruba) are you cursed?
What sort of talk is that?
You know I've been warning you.
- We were all told to hand over our phones
- I have dropped it.
- You didn't drop it.
- Ssh, shut up!
(Phone ringing)
- Mind yourself, I am telling you...
- Hey!
- Rise.
- Me?
- Was the phone not ringing on you?
- (Carol) Kausara can't kill anyone.
- Stop saying that, the phone is on her.
- It's not Kausara
Step aside.
Is the phone not ringing on you?
- Boss?
- It's not me...
- Hey!
- (Carol) Ahn-ahn...
- (Exclaims)
- (Carol) My mother!
Please wait, I was just seeking a
means of livelihood please forgive me...
Wait I will bring it,
Ah (In Yoruba) Saido has killed me.
Bring it out now.
Saido has destroyed me.
I Beg you, I will bring it.
I was just seeking a
means of livelihood
- Bring it out!
- I will bring it.
(In Pidgin and Yoruba) I swear
with God Almighty, I didn't kill her.
- I don't even know where it is
- Oh No
I didn't kill her, I only
took the phone...
(Collective shocked exclamation)
(Big-Berry) Oh God!
Shit man!
Chic, that is Ella's phone
that we have been looking for.
Shit man
- (Honorable In Igbo) She has messed up
- (Cook in Igbo) Thief.
- Yema?
- Yes ma...
- Take it
- (In Yoruba) She said you should take it.
Boss there's virus on the phone,
she brought it out from her panties...
(Singing in Arabic and Yoruba)
(In Yoruba) They didn't
even forget anything...
(In Pidgin and Yoruba)
It seems he forgot something...
Wow, this is iPhone 13.
Where's Saido.
The goods are here.
(Singing in Arabic)
(singing in Yoruba)
God you are great...
So, you are saying the
victim was not in the room?
(Crying)Not at all...
it was dollar bills that I took
from Big-Berry's room not the phone...
(In Pidgin and Yoruba) I took
the phone from Mr Halil's room.
(Audible exhale)
No picture, no phone
number, no CCTV footage,
No cameras on the street,
houses around here, nothing!
How am I supposed
to find this Halil guy?
Men, sometimes being a
detective in this country is just...
You know when I was in Arts
class, I was the best student.
I can draw the Halil guy.
- Huh?
- (In Pidgin) I can draw Halil...
I was best in my Art class...
I can draw him for you...
Skin like milk...
Definitely dark skinned, yeah.
100% dark skin.
He's Chocolatey like you.
(In Igbo)
He has full Afro hair...
(In Pidgin) He has dread locks...
Big dreamy eyes.
Small eyes like Chinese.
Face like Brad Pitt...
Oval shaped and a square jaw.
Big-Berry is not going to check
another Nigga out, not possible...
Kissable lips.
Kissable lips.
(In Pidgin) It's a mans lips now.
(In Pidgin)
Do you like it?
(Laughing) I told you, when I was
in school I was the best in Arts class.
Look at is dreadlocks and
that's his dreamy eyes...
I told you, This Artwork, I'm good at it.
We have seen Halil...
That's Halil...
(Drops book)
(Door creaks)
- (In Pidgin) What is this...
- ( Zizi screams)
She is going insane because of this case.
She has lost it
Didn't I do the best I could?
I did.
This one she has not called...
she probably busy doing
some unmentionable things...
(In Pidgin) Let me call her...(Exhales)
Let me send her a voice note
(voice recording tone)
Uche has been calling me since o...
Like this I've run out of lies.
(sucks teeth)
You and I know this Raspberry
guy is only using you for good time,
Dont throw something good away.
Contentment is key!
(In Pidgin) I'm here...
Call me when you finish your doings.
(Theme tone)..
(Birds chirping)
(Door closes)
Tell Anwaram and Lukman to man the gate...
alongside with the security
man who knows the men expected.
Nobody comes in, nobody goes out. If anybody
comes, there are no rooms whatsoever...
I'm off to the hospital,
do you understand me?
( bag thuds and lock clicks)
Wake up!
(Door slams)
(fast tone)
(In Pidgin) Come out o! Five
minutes or else police station straight!
(Theme tone)
She had sex eight hours before she died.
You wont believe the cause of her death.
- Try me...
- Asphyxiation
Asphyxiation... But I didn't notice any type
of trauma on her body when I examined her.
I'm thinking suffocation...
I noticed some small erm, red sploshes
in her eyes, her face, her lungs...
Then there was mucus
and foam in her airway...
Em, I need to see the body...
You I can't let you into the morgue.
You know I'm the O.C of this
investigation and I need to see her so...
It's just normal protocol
just to know what I'm doing...
- Okay
- Great em...
While you are at it, I need to find a
way to unlock this phone immediately...
- Let's go to the lab.
- Certainty.
As the lead Detective,
yes, you landed the case...
but you should have reported it.
You took officers without
proper documentation..
- That is...
- Sir, I apologize sir...
However, I can assure we
have a lead on this case...
- I still dont think you are ready.
- Sir I'm very ready, I can assure you
I'll get you something by end of day.
I promise sir...
I just have one more
suspect I need to track down...
Sir (stutters) I took all their phones,
each and everyone of them.
Well the case is out there already...
we need to close fast.
- I want Ade to...
- Sir no.
Please I can do this sir, I promise you.
Please let me do this...
- Ozioma?
- Sir.
I understand that my father
was a disgrace to the unit..
But you took a chance on me even
when nobody believed I could be here.
- I do you no favors.
- Then let me earn this sir, please.
Let me replace Yema...
Sir, Id rather work with
Yema than anyone else.
- 24 hours
- Noted sir
(In Pidgin) Okay, just
move, move, move, arrived!
(In Pidgin) look at them!
Look at my guys! Look at Lummy!
Look at Scodi!
You are under arrest.
Move it, you are under arrest.
Move it.
(Intense music)
Does anybody here still
have their phone on them?
- (In Igbo) No
- We dropped our phones there
Alright then, since we
all want to be smart...
I'd like to let you know that we are going
to be here longer than we envisaged...
Because the news
of her death is out there.
- No, how did that happen?
- (In Igbo) What?
(Exclaims) Oh no!
Hm, guess what?
(In Pidgin) The woman in
ward three has given birth?
Hmm, No.
Then what...
- Why are you so grumpy?
- Look, If you were assigned to Dr. Osho...
- you wont be asking that question.
- Ah, Dr. Osho, (In Igbo) it's a pity
- Anyways, whats the gist?
- Ehen...,
Remember that girl we were
watching her "Snap" two days ago?
- The girl with the money man
- (Claps) Exactly...
they brought her in today, dead.
Hm, I'm as shocked as you are.
(In Pidgin) I arranged
the space in the morgue
Are you kidding?
- (In Pidgin) Look I have leaked the news
- Why?
Who sent you?
(Stutters) Why...
Why will you do that?
- Where are the boys
- They are with Big-Berry.
Ma, the Waiter the Barman and the Busty
lady said they want to speak with you.
Alright get the friends
first then you bring them.
Okay ma...
(In Pidgin)Do you think
your friend killed her?
- Eh?
- Do you think your friend killed her?
(In Pidgin) It's not possible...
(Chuckles)Officer it's not possible...
Big-Berry can get any girl her wants.
Any girl.
(In Pidgin) Kill because of a girl?
A girl?
(Scoffs, sucks teeth)
- But they quarreled one time at the party.
- (In Pidgin) About what?
Something he asked
her to do that she refused.
- What?
- (Scoffs)
I want to whisper into your ear...
(In Pidgin) Did she say she can't hear you?
You want to bite her ear.
If you bite my Boss' ear, Ill
take this thing and scatter...
(Ominous tone)
(Zizi exhale audibly)
- I just wanted Ella to leak my ass...
- (Zizi and Yema gasps)
(Ominous tone)
- Blood of Habakkuk!
- This is no concern of Habakkuk.
There's nothing wrong with Big-Berry
trying to try something new with my girl
That's all I'm trying to do...
A relationship that is six day old?
Just six days relationship.
I'm going to experiment, there's nothing wrong
with me trying to experiment new things.
(In Pidgin) Are you
going to do that for me?
You people can not do that for me?
Oh my God...
(Sobbing) Ella is really dead.
. I told her. I told her,
but she wouldn't listen!
You told her what?
I told her that this long
throat of hers will take...
But I didn't think it was
going to lead to death.
I wish I had visited when she wanted to
introduce me to that em, Halau, halal...
- Halil?
- Halil, yes.
So they invited you for...
Ella kept gushing about how
I and Halil were a perfect fit...
- But I wasn't interested.
- (In Pidgin) Why were you not interested?
- (In Pidgin) Why were you not interest...
- I don't understand.
(In Pidgin) Sorry ma but wait...
Why were you not interested?
She's our friend.
Are you both not in the
same line of business?
You are both sex workers so if she has
a job for you, you should be interested...
- Yema...
- I beg your pardon
Ma'am I'd have to apologise
of my colleague, Yema!
Sorry ma, sorry...
(Melancholic tone)
Look, I saw Sir Halil the handsome one
and Ella last night.
They were talking...
At the bar, I served them drinks...
They left together...
She was wearing this dress...
- Hey?
- Hey...
- So, this is her Instagram page
- Um-hmm...
I get all my clothes from her,
just tell her you are from me...
and she will attend to you nicely...
- Alright thank you
- You are welcome...
- Apparently that was Halils room.
- So why didn't you say something?
I don't know. I didn't remember.
(Kisses lips) But now that I do, Im upset.
What are you upset about?
I spent all my money trying to go
on this vacation with my husband
And she had to die and just
spoil everything!
That bitch!
Well I'm very sure the dead girl is
sorry for inconveniencing you the living.
Apology accepted.
Argh, it's really hot here.
My friend was angry that she was shaking
a buttocks and twerking for the guy...
(Party music)
Ella, Ella...
- Uh...
- What is the meaning of this rubbish...
You saw me on the seat
and you are doing this in front of me...
(In Yoruba) Is this girl mad?
Ella is something wrong with you?
- Eh!
- Don't touch me, you don't own me!
Did you just slap me?
(In Yoruba) Has this girl gone mad?
Ahn-ahn?(In Yoruba) What is the meaning...
Halil is a good person to be honest,
but my friend was just irritated...
(In Pidgin) If I was the one
that won that type of contract...
Id want a lady for the night too...
One thing surprised me...
That Carol babe...
(Ominous tone)
Eh, he rejected me and so, even though...
(In Pidgin) He said all
ladies are not the same...
That, he only does babes on recommendation.
As correct guys, we tried to...
- (In Pidgin) She is busy
- (In Pidgin) What about Tricia...
Tricia has gone to Dubai
with one of her rich clients...
I'm still waiting for Oluchi and Sandra
to respond, I've been chatting them up.
- She's calling back..
- Is she calling you?
Baby, how are you?
I'm fine.
Did you see the message I sent you?
Good. Okay, no problem, I'll talk to you.
- You see?
- I told you we don't play around.
She said I should give you
her number so you can call her...
But, you dont know how much she...?
- How much? I don't negotiate..
- You will have to do it yourself...
She might give you a huge amount.
Take... (Chuckling)
- (Lummy) You will know how to... Sharp.
- (Halil) Right?
- Just tell her you are from Scodi
- Scodi the Lion! (Chuckles)
(Scodi) But she didn't show up.
Hold on...
That means... She has his number!
(Snaps fingers) Call her now.
My phone is with you, not with me.
- Which one is your phone?
- The blue one.
- Yema, blue..
- Blue?
(Phone thuds)
- Alright
- (Knocking)
Do you mind?
Someone is at the door...
- Who? Who is that?
- It's the Manager.
(Door creaks)
Thank you.
- Yes can I help you?
- Officer, sorry Detective...
Em, the Hotel has been
offline for two days now...
(In Igbo) Please, I don't want my
boss to suspect anything.
I am sure he has tried to
call me, if he hasnt already...
- (In Igbo) Okay, please?
- Alright thats fine.
(Heaves) Thank you eh...(In Igbo) Thank you
(Door creaks)
Leave the way...
Ehen? Bad person.
Bad person, this life.(In
Pidgin) Life is not fair.
Ehen, (In Pidgin) Just a little
mistake and he already fired me.
Your friend today can be
your enemy tomorrow...
(In Pidgin) Now that they need someone
to put up a show on social media...
Guess who they turned to, the same Carol.
If I wanted to be mean...
Anyway I'll just do it for the Hotel...
So that I don't appear to be mean...
Ehen, Ill just make a video post
saying the hotel is still working...
We are available, nobody died here...
No that's too much.
That's German accent, I used it last week.
I'll use my American accent...
Welcome to Hotel...
Labamba eh!
- That's Mr Halil...
- Ehn?
He's here.
- Hm, (Suck teeth) thank you
- (Scoffs)
(In French) But it doesn't make sense.
I've been offshore for
the past three month.
I just came back on Tuesday.
My company can confirm this.
Ring a bell?
(In French) I've seen him somewhere...
but I cant place my finger on it.
For your sake, please try.
(Tense tone)
I think I'll need to access my
friends Facebook page, for a picture.
(Tense tone)
(In French) There it is!
It was my birthday.
Ariel brought this guy to my house.
Call this Ariel person...
Hold on, what are you going to tell him?
Ariel my friend.(In French) What is your...
Ariel my brother...
Yes I'm on shore.
Remember your friend
you brought to my house?
Yeah, during my birthday party?
Yeah James, James.
You said he was into
import and export business...
I think I have a business
proposal he will be interested in...
Can I have his number?
Okay, thank you,
(In French) My friend...
We have to meet up okay?
He says, the number is in his other phone.
Hes just a few minutes
away from his house.
So let me get this straight...
So, your Sim-card goes
missing and you never noticed.
I have a Sim for every network.
You know network in this
country is so unpredictable...
I keep the Sim-cards on my dresser.
The guys spent...
They spent the night in my place.
And he took one and you
never noticed, not one time?
I don't even use this number anymore..
So I couldn't have
noticed when it got missing.
(Phone dings)
Oh, he just sent it.
(Pen clatters on notebook)
(Clears throat)
(Tense tone)
Yeah, I just sent you an info.
Is there a way you help me
access BVN to get an address?
Good, I'll be waiting pleas
- (Anwara) Mr Halil please take a seat.
- (Cook) Eh?
(Manager in Igbo) Halil what?
(Honorable in igbo) Is this the Halil?
(Pearl) Sorry what? (Daniel) Halil?
(waiter) What's happening?
(Carol) Ahn-ahn? (Pearl) my god!
- (In French) Good evening everyone...
- (In igbo) He's speaking french
(Lummy) Bonsoir?
(Police siren blares)
Freeze! (Police siren blares)
James, you are under arrest.
Now listen to me and
listen very carefully...
I'll say this one time and one time only.
I am very tired, I've had a very long day.
Matter of fact, I've had a very
long unwanted experience...
trying to close this case.
You are not going to stress me.
I have zero tolerance
for you and your bullshit.
And you don't want
none of this heat built up inside of me...
So when I speak and ask you a
question, you answer immediately.
Do we understand each other?
- Won't you say yes?!
- Yes!
- Who is your mate? You say "yes ma"!
- Yes ma.
You have seen the video, do you
still want to talk to your lawyer?
- Look I can explain...
- We are listening, explain.
- I'm only talking to her
- Hey, do you want to kill her too?
- I didnt kill anybody!
- (In Pidgin) Really...
The way you said it,
I really can see you can't hurt a fly.
- Boss...
- Yes Yema.
- Allow me take care of him.
- Knock yourself out.
- What, no wait please wait!
- No!
Wait please, I'll talk.
(Door creaks)
- Hey?
- Hey.
Do you have pain killers?
Let me check.
(closes door)
Err, so on a scale of zero
to ten, how bad is the plan?
- Six?
- A Six. Maybe you need sleep then.
I tried.
Do you anything about head massages?
I dont think your boyfriend
would be happy that you are in my room.
Besides, how did you get the room number?
Its a small hotel.
I saw you walk in.
- And for my boyfriend...
- Umm?
(Kisses lips) I don't think
he'd have any problem
with you taking care
of his sick girl friend.
- Really?
- He likes you.
You've not said a word to
me all evening and now you are here.
- Do you want me to leave?
- Oh no.
I mean what kind of gentleman would I be if
I let a gorgeous woman like yourself leave?
- May I join you?
- Sure...
- So Halil?
- Um hm?
- What do you do?
- Lot's of things really.
Sometimes Gas, sometimes Oil,
sometimes Real Estate.
- Interesting.
- Hmm.
- I heard you talk about a meeting?
- Oh yeah, I'm expecting something...
I'm expecting something "hooge"
- I like something "hooge" yes I do.
- Look at you, you like "hooge"
And how "hooge" do you like it?
- So you slept with her?
- No.
Look, Im no saint but I didn't.
She left few minutes
after that and that was it.
Wrong answer.
People testified to seeing
both of you leave your party together...
I dont recall.
I mean other people were there.
Help him recall Yema.
No wait, There were other people there.
- I need you to recall
- Wait please.
I'll talk.
- Rise!
- Yeah.
(Background party music)
So, what has a guy got
to do to cheer you up?
I saw the squabble...
- Will that cheer you up?
- It is expensive.
Nothing is too expensive
for a beautiful woman like you.
- Your account or the vendors?
- Mine.
I checked her phone and I didn't
see any transactions whatsoever.
No text messages, nothing.
You sent me 1.5 million?
I just hope your boyfriend wont
mind that you know, another man sent that?
- This was unexpected.
- Umhm...
(Phone keypads clicking)
So, what will a woman do to show her
appreciation to a gentleman like you?
(Kisses lips)
We could spend the evening together...
I mean, better than we did last time.
That is if your boyfriend wont mind?
- That one?
- Um-hmm...
He's fucking up.
Who knows, if you play your cards right...
You might just replace him.
My room?
- Mine.
- Hmm.
(Whimsical tone)
Get this off.
- Do you have condoms?
- Fuck you don't have condoms?
I don't have condoms, can I get?
(Both moaning)
- I have to get the condoms
- Well yeah be fast please.
Can't wait!(heaves)
(Whimsical tone)
Oh my phone...
- Thank you
- (indistinct response)
This message was from the other night...
Who is this Baba-Owo and what
material were you telling him was ready?
- Boss?
- Yes Yema?
- You like brain meat pepper-soup?
- Delicious.
Just please wait. I'm talking, I'm talking!
I'm going to...
Next time you waste our time
and I stand up, Ill break your head!
(stutters) The material
was the bed-sheet!
Was the bed-sheet
I have the condoms!(door shuts)
- What are you doing?
- Wait it's not...
(In Hausa) It is... is one of those...
(In Pidgin) You want to use me for rituals?
- Calm down!
- (shouting) He's a Ritualist!
(Ella choking)
- Stop, If you calm down, I'll explain...
- (stifled scream)
Just calm down.
Are you calm now, eh?
Are you calm?
(Panting) See, this thing eh, is just one
of those em...
What do you call them, Ella?
Ella, Ella?
No stop, this thing,(In
Hausa) it is just...
(Ominous tone)
Mr Halil. Argh James...
Judging from your statement of account
youre not broke.
- Why money ritual?
- Eh Boss...
He's not doing any real
business, that's just cover up.
His real job is money ritual.
Is that not so?
- Is that not so?
- Answer her!
- I want to talk to my lawyer
- (Chuckles)
- Would you look at that. Yema?
- Boss?
Let's read him his Miranda rights shall we?
(Ominous tone)
Don't worry, everything he going to be
sorted. We are going to get out of here.
We've been asked the same questions
and we've maintained that we don't know.
(Clears throat)
Hello everyone.
I want to say .thank you for
your cooperation, well most of you.
Some of you... (Deep sigh)
It is 3:45 PM and you are free to go.
(Indistinct muttering)
(Seats scraps floor)
Please know what you are doing, don't
take a phone that does not belong to you.
Take your phone..
- Scodi, let's get going...
- (Carol sings in Benin) Thank you God
You saved my job and my family.
Thank you very much, eh.
If you ever need a free hotel room anytime,
just give me a call.
(Scoffs) I only did my job,
there'll be no need for that.
Eh, Boss I can use your own.
I'll take your one year, take my one year.
Making two years.
I can use it...
- Goodbye Mr Manager
- Thank you very much. Thank you eh.
- (In Pidgin) I'll come next week
- It's okay
- Ill come.
- That's alright.
Proud of you Ozioma, really proud of you.
Thank you very much sir...
Em sir with your permission, Id
like for us to work on another case...
with Yema.
Oh, okay...
(Papers rustling)
(phone keypad clicking)
(SHOWA by MID3 )