Hotel Limbo (2020) Movie Script

Diana Maxa.
Come in!
My condolences.
Why am I here?
My mother had no money...
Maybe not your
mother but an uncle in Canada.
You have two days
to claim the inheritance.
I recommend to fly to
Canada immediately
and book a meeting
with the bailiff.
In English - the-bai-li-ff.
I know my English.
Oh, that's even better.
The will.
Yes I am talkin' bout money
Got to have some money
I want money
Talkin' 'bout money
I need it so bad
Oh, it is confirmed.
Are you free?
To Monreau Bleau.
Mo bleau bleau?
I don't know that street.
Uh, It's not a street.
Take the other taxi.
There's no other taxi.
It's here.
Look, here.
What is this?
What's that language?
Oh who cares?
It's Czech. There!
Oh, Mont Tremblant!
Yes, I need to go to Pink
Lake at Beaver Valley, there.
The luggages, please?
Put it in the back.
What? Ugh.
Mo bleau bleau.
Your car is too small
for my luggages!
Can you-
There you go.
Put it there.
Montreau Bleau.
Mont Tremblant, madame.
That's what I said.
Mont Tremblant, madame.
Please go. Can you go?
Montreau Bleau.
Yes I'm talkin' 'bout money
Got to have some money
I want money
Talkin' 'bout money
I need you so bad
Money is the best thing
I ever had
It's been
half an hour.
Where is he?
I don't know.
Oh, oh, I know.
Maybe some of the local
restaurant owners
intoxicated him with
champagne and caviar,
and now he's asleep,
drunken, in his bedroom.
Isn't he some kind of culinary
star or something, no?
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, he has his own
cooking show, right?
My light.
He'll make me lose my light!
It's called "magic hour".
Everyone knows that.
That is why television
is in a deep crisis,
because of people like you.
What did I do?
Oh God.
Never mind, come on, let's go.
Take your things and-
he can do a voiceover.
Wait for me!
I think
it's there.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry, madame.
I can't go there.
I can't risk it.
There's no road.
What's there?
Pas de route,
there is no road, madame.
- I'm sorry.
- Why?
I am sorry. Because my car
can't go there.
No, no, no, no.
I hope you're
gonna like Canada!
Mrs. Maxa!
Welcome to the Pink Lake
at Beaver Valley.
Thank you for
booking with us.
I hope you'll enjoy your stay.
So how did you get here?
By plane.
I was sure you
would rent a car.
I don't need a car.
I will have a private
chauffeur soon anyways though.
Sooner the better.
It's a long weekend.
That sounds good.
No, it's Labor Day.
Everything is closed.
You can't even call for pizza.
Oh, I don't eat pizza.
It's not healthy.
That's not the point.
Um, look.
Look, all I have for you is
a welcome bottle of champagne
and some coffee for
tomorrow morning.
Thank you. That's
very kind of you.
I'll send somebody,
tomorrow morning,
to get you groceries,
how's that?
Thank you so much.
It's very nice of you.
Come out of your hiding spot.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Wait for me.
- Wait-
I need to be in the front.
Okay, wait for me.
-Oh! Oh!
- What, what?
Hyena, hyena.
- What?
- Hyena!
Oh my God!
Don't look back.
Oh my God.
Are you lost?
I have nothing for you.
Well, I have a cookie
from the plane.
You like it?
What's your name?
Is that your friend?
Are you lost?
controversial ban on pit bulls
would prohibit any new pit
bull-type dogs in the city.
Is it not in this
breed that it has
this aggressive behavior?
challenged the law,
saying it discriminates against
dogs that aren't dangerous.
We're not
slaughtering all the dogs.
I'm not saying that no pit
bull should exist period.
Between 300 to 700 dogs
could not be adopted
and would therefore have
to be euthanized.
And under the new Bylaw 108,
the master will have to submit
to criminal background checks
to prove that he has no
criminal record.
Unfortunately, for those
masters with a criminal record,
the pet will have to be
seized and euthanized,
and that is my judgment,
thank you.
You're such a fat hyena.
You have no chance.
You'll never make it.
Oh, Coco, let's check on you.
Hm, interesting.
I would have never thought so.
Too bad.
Blind and too old for adoption.
Euthanasia will be best.
Die, die, die and die.
Thank you.
Oh, that's very generous, Clara.
- Ha!
- Oh!
- You're stupid.
- No I'm not, you are.
- You are.
- You are.
- You're stupid.
- You are.
Mommy, she's sick.
- Oh no, oh my gosh.
- She's vomiting.
Don't you dare
vomit in my car.
I just got this car cleaned.
Don't get it on my shoes,
You are allergic to dogs,
and now you're allergic to cats,
Is your name Zakki?
I'm Diana.
I'm so tired.
Oh, you're here.
You can sleep here.
That's a good idea.
Do you like it? Hi!
I have a great bedtime
story for you, listen.
My uncle's last will.
Last will because
he's like, yeah.
An inheritance of the property
owned by the deceased.
That's him.
And the deed of his death.
You have to claim the property
of the hotel Montreau Bleau.
On September 7th.
At 12 PM.
So tomorrow, I'll be
outrageously rich.
I think I had enough.
Good night.
Just sleep.
Good night.
Have a...
Oh, beautiful dreams.
Tomorrow's the day.
Monsieur Porteur, what
are you doing?
I'm trying to find
a place to put
the portrait of
Monsieur Bloomberg.
But it's all wrinkly.
Where did you find it?
I found it in the shed.
Ah, in the shed.
Why don't you put it in
the Presidential Suite?
But it's tradition
to display the portrait
of the owner when he visits.
Yes, but it's not 1990
anymore, so we can do away
with the tradition of hanging
the owner's portrait up.
So, put it in the
Presidential Suite.
Oh, uh, are you kidding?
That was supposed to be
my breakfast.
Oh my, oh.
Oh my God, go on.
No no no no no, come back!
Oh, it starts raining.
Come back!
You stay here.
Sit, don't move.
Come here, boy.
Come here, Zakki.
Good job.
Good job, Zakki.
Are you kidding me?
It's the long weekend,
I'm not doing it.
You can do it yourself.
Who was it?
She wanted me to bring food
for a client at the chalet.
So you go.
Frank, we're playing cards
here. We're having a good time.
When my daughter asks you
to go, it's necessary, you go!
It's crucial to keep the
cover going on.
And, please, put the chair back.
Thank you.
Oh my...
Oh, uh.
Now you're talking.
Let's go.
Oh, come on, it's not that far.
Five minutes, top.
This is so weird. We
should be there by now.
I'll check the map.
No no no no no no no, Coco,
come back, come back!
Zakki, Za--
No, Coco, no, come back.
Come here.
You two, I'm leaving.
I'm going away.
Oh come back!
Come on.
Oh, stop licking him!
Stop it!
Come on, come on, come on.
Oh, what should I do?
Mm, ah.
All right.
You're back.
You're back.
Am I in heaven?
Uh, I don't think so.
What's the emergency
number here?
In this continent.
The number?
You mean, you mean like 911?
Yes, 911.
911! That's it.
Oh, we're lucky. We have
the signal here.
Hi, hi, I have a kind of
emergency here.
Uh, oh.
A man was in a bike accident.
Yes. I...
I don't know his name.
We're in the middle of
Montreau Blanc.
I've pulled out his tongue.
Yeah, he wasn't breathing,
but he is stable now.
It's all right,
that's just my dog.
He's good.
Come on!
waking up, Doctor.
So, we didn't find any
documents on you.
Do you remember your name?
Do you remember your name?
Okay, yes, Doctor, he does.
You're lucky.
Dr. Prosserspraskal's
gonna pay you a visit
after the long weekend.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Did someone ask you
to intervene?
When the time comes, and
you remember your own name,
then you can participate, okay?
Where am I?
Traumatology, Hospital
St. Geraniums.
We specialize in concussions.
How did I get here?
You fell off your bicycle.
An unknown woman saved
you from certain death.
She held your tongue so
you couldn't swallow it.
Then she called the ambulance.
Wow, that's amazing.
Do we at least know her name?
What did I just tell you?
You concentrate on
your own name.
You know, you've been
here for 36 hours
and can't even remember
such basic information.
Don't worry, not you.
This is classic
retrograde amnesia.
It should last
maximum day or two.
You might even have your
short-term memory
back by this evening.
This one's basically
just pretending.
Has it too good here.
I'm not pretending.
I just don't remember.
And he cries just like
a little baby.
I will report you,
and you will be fired.
I'm coming back with
some medication.
It'll help you sleep
through the night.
I hate you.
What are you doing here?
Uh, boss I was just,
bringing back
the groceries.
- Bring back the groceries.
- I went to the chalet,
There was nobody there.
- Hi, Papa.
She was not at the chalet.
She was at the lake.
There was nobody there.
She was at the lake, stupido.
At the lake.
At the lake, stupido.
Oh, oh.
She did not show up?
I will try to reach her, mm-hm.
Thank you, thank you very
much, dear colleague.
You know it's
our last cookie, right?
Oh now you want it.
There you go.
It's all relative.
Tomorrow, we have to make it.
We know where it is now.
We can do it.
Good morning,
It's another lovely
Labor Day Weekend
in Mont Tremblant.
Today, we're happy to report
that a special guest
will be visiting our city.
Celebrity chef and travel
show host Tom Cook
is filming a new series in
Mont Tremblant.
Be on the lookout for
the GeoHunt host
as he interviews locals--
Where is he?
Why did you let her
bother you like that?
She's just a bully.
I didn't do anything wrong?
All I asked was how I
ended up here.
Did you hear that?
Take it out.
Put your finger on it,
and just slide it.
Hi, Bradley?
Of course.
Bradley, that's ,
that's me, yes, hi, I'm Bradley.
Ask who she is.
Who is this?
You're so silly.
It's Brigitte.
Ask how she is.
How are you?
I'm good, I'm good. And you?
I'm fine.
I was in an accident.
I fell off my bicycle.
But it's okay.
I'm at the hospital,
actually, but
they're taking really
good care of me, so...
I am good.
Oh no!
Well I hope you'll be fine.
Are we still on for
Monday evening?
This is my
daughter. Isn't she great?
I don't think so.
Fabio, this early
in the morning,
and she's taking care
of business.
Taking care of business?
That's what you call that?
Talking on the phone,
flirting with someone,
taking care of business?
Hey, Fabio, what's
wrong with you?
She's working,
- on the owner of Trinwest.
- Mm-hmm.
- Don't you know that?
- Right.
Ask her where she wants
you to meet her.
Where were we meeting
again, Monday evening?
You make me laugh.
At Mont Tremblant Hotel,
of course, where else?
Mont Tremblant Hotel.
I'm gonna go deliver
these groceries, Boss.
Go, go, it's better,
don't lose your time.
I guess I will see you
there Monday evening.
- Bye.
- Bye now.
Mont Tremblant.
Mont Tremblant.
Mont Tremblant.
Mont Tremblant.
I have some groceries for you.
Hi, I'm gonna
place your groceries
- just right here, okay?
- Finally, thank you,
- put it there on the table.
- Okay.
- All right. I'm heading out--
- No, no no no, come.
Uh, I need your help.
What do you need?
Can you drive me to
Mon- Montreau Bleau?
Montreau Blant, Bleau?
- Mont Tremblant?
- Yes, that's it.
Yeah, sure.
I'll meet you over here.
Well, I'm, uh, I'm kind
of naked here.
- Yeah I can see that.
- Can you bring me that thing?
- Yeah.
- Yes, this one.
I don't even know what this is.
Can you turn?
Don't, don't look.
Okay, well I gotta
look where I'm walking.
I'm not looking.
No, you're not turning.
I see you.
I can't see you.
I promise you.
I promise.
Okay, there you go.
Ma'am, your dogs
are in my car!
Oh, they are very clean dogs.
They're licking everything.
It's their way to say
hello to you.
They just lick to imprint,
to remember you by.
You know, as a matter of fact,
people who lick me do tend
to remember me.
Huh? Oh, I'll be right back.
Hurry up please.
Come on. Out!
Get out, guys.
Come on.
Come on, come on.
Look at that.
Thank you so
much for driving us.
Not a fan of the dogs.
Thanks for them anyway.
All these rules here
against dogs, I'll change them
because I'm the new owner
of the whole resort.
You're the new owner
of the resort?
You don't believe me?
There you go.
That's my name. This is me.
This changes everything.
- Yes.
- Yes!
Now you like me now?
No sorry, it has nothing
to do with you.
You must stop by tomorrow,
and I will treat you
like a VIP guest.
Yeah, sounds good.
At my expense.
So, it's a date?
Yes, hello, Brigitte?
Hi, yeah, so,
you have a date with the
owner of Trinwest, right?
Right, well I don't know where
you're getting your information
from, but I just dropped off
the real and authentic
owner of the resort.
Right, that girl.
I have a date with her tomorrow.
call security.
No no no, madame,
please, exit.
Who are you?
S'il vous plait, madame,
you must leave right now--
Oh, you're so fired.
I'm sorry, but dogs
of this size
are not allowed in our
This dumb rule is not
in force anymore.
I'm changing it.
I'm banning the ban.
And before you leave,
don't forget to return
your ugly uniform.
Do you want me to
call security?
Please, if you wanna call
somebody, call the director.
I'm Maxa.
Diana Maxa.
I'm the owner of this.
- All this.
- I don't--
Did you bring the dogs?
Yes, I did.
Mm-hmm, why don't you
come this way?
Thank you very much.
You see?
Panic button.
Oh, and look around
for Bailiff of Justice.
I have an appointment with
him to take over my property.
Perhaps you can explain to
be how you can possibly be
the owner of this
publicly listed hotel.
Well, it's none of
your business.
But, I have the proof.
That would surprise me.
Ha, really?
Well the bailiff is waiting
for me since yesterday.
What can you do about it?
You know, if ownership
of this place had changed,
we'd have heard about it.
And Mister Bradley Bloomberg
is on his way over today.
He's the principal shareholder
in Trinwest, which is the
- actual owner of the hotel.
-Ha, ha ha.
- I don't think so.
- Oh, I do think so.
Oh, look who's here,
- the police.
- I'm the owner of this--
meet the police.
Ma'am, why don't we
talk about this outside?
You have no right to do this,
and I'm not leaving my property.
- Okay, let's go.
No, don't you dare
touch me like this.
I will sue you, and
you're fired, Mister.
And you're in big trouble.
Get her dogs.
Zakki, Coco, let's go.
- Bye-bye.
- I'm the owner of this.
I'm the owner of this property!
This is absolutely ridiculous.
I'm telling you, I'm the
owner of this,
and these people are
restraining me
from entering my own property.
I told you.
Take away the handcuffs.
Ow, ow, ow, please.
Oh my God.
And another one.
I told you.
This is an address
in the village.
You're at the resort.
There are two Hotels
Mont Tremblant?
Yes, madame.
One at the resort and the
other, in the village.
I see.
Can you take me there?
Uh, uh I'm not done.
What was that?
Oh I think it's the Bailiff.
Okay, let's just
be really quiet,
pretend she's not here,
and maybe she'll go away.
She's not gonna go away.
- You should go.
- Me? Why me?
Because you're black.
She needs to be nice to
black people.
Otherwise, you know,
she's a racist.
Hey, so what?
You're Asian, you go.
She might think I'm Native
American. That's worse.
Why do my people have to
do all the jobs
that your people are
too lazy to do?
Because life isn't fair,
and you're closest to the
edge of the bed.
Anybody here?
Oh, hi.
Nobody's here.
Well I can see you.
Listen, open the door.
Okay, the door's unlocked.
Uh, the doorknob is broken.
Guys, the doorknob is
broken again.
It is not cool to
obstruct the justice.
I have to deliver the
power of attorney.
-The owner has to be notified.
- Oh, the owner, I'm the owner.
- Oh, hi.
- Hi.
Well, this is your hotel.
Thank you.
The other one.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Who are you?
Come on we're almost there.
- Oh!
- We're just going to Canada.
you smuggling?
No no, we're refugees.
We have some bad hombres here,
and we're gonna get them out.
Scenes like
these have spiked
dramatically across
Canada in recent months.
Asylum seekers, mainly from
Africa and the Middle East,
have been crossing from
the US into Canada on foot.
Why didn't
you stay in the United States?
Because Donald Trump
don't want me to
stay in United States.
many are you guys?
Uh, it's just us.
We have one kid here.
So is this Canada?
Yes, this is Canadian grounds.
- We're in Canada?
- That's a positive.
Don't go too excited.
We'll be spending the night
at the police station,
all right?
We'll verify everybody
tomorrow morning.
Okay, take this.
I get the backseat.
There you go.
So, uh, what happens now?
Now? You wait.
For what?
For federal justice.
- Okay, yeah, sure.
- Great, sounds good.
That's cool.
I don't know.
Some people who have
crossed the border here,
they've waited for five years
and still haven't had a hearing.
Well I heard Lady
Justice was blind,
but I didn't know she
was slow as well, huh?
Dude, she's blind.
Of course she has to walk slow.
My God.
What's wrong with you?
Who are you?
Guests. In this hotel?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Now much did my
uncle charge you?
The old man?
Didn't he die five years ago?
He was your uncle?
Oh, so you owe me $60?
No, no, just 20.
I see three people.
Oh, but we share one bed, so.
But you live here
for five years.
So that means 365
times five.
That's, uh,
20 per day.
You owe me $40,000.
- Oh.
-Uh, um.
So, I lent you $20
for groceries yesterday.
We can start with that.
Can you please show me
around this mess?
- Yes.
- Of course.
Right this way.
- Yeah.
Let's go.
It is impossible,
that the resort has a new owner.
I have been on this
case forever,
and I found the main
shareholder online,
on this dating site,
Okay, Brigitte, so what?
Is that your big plan?
To find some guy on
the internet?
His name is Bradley Bloomberg,
and he's already here.
In Mont Tremblant.
He's agreed to see me.
That stupid girl of
yours doesn't even know
about the existence of Trinwest.
Wait, wait,
wait, Brigitte.
You don't need to
excuse yourself.
- Don't you get it?
- You understand?
And we're losing money,
big time, tell him, Dad.
We cannot control the pricing
of the construction
material in Tremblant.
Because Trinwest Syndicate,
it's an obstacle for us.
Don't you get it?
You want me to go bankrupt?
You know what you
have to do now?
You go date that girl,
if she is the owner.
And come back winner.
So go date that girl of yours.
And we will call you
Fabio, the Gigolo.
The gigolo, go, go, go.
- Go.
- Forward.
When I said I needed you
You said you would
always stay
It wasn't me who
changed but you
And now you've gone away
Don't you see that
now you've gone
And I'm left here on my own
That I have to follow you
And beg you to come home
You don't have to say
you love me
Just be close at hand
You don't have to
stay forever
I will understand
Believe me, believe me
I can't help but love you
But believe me, I'll
never tie you down
Left alone with
just a memory
Life seems dead
And so unreal
All that's left is
There's nothing left to feel
Miss Maxa!
- I'm not her.
- Yes you are
Miss Maxa.
- Oh, oh, oh.
- This is the second time.
And I'm not gonna
release you this time
with a simple warning.
These dogs have to
be on a leash.
And now we're obligated
to charge you
with an infraction for
disturbing the peace.
Also, there's a new bill, 108,
which means I'm gonna ask
you to get them both checked
for pit bull DNA testing.
You have 48 hours, otherwise
the dogs will be seized.
Is that clear?
Perfectly clear, sir.
Thank you.
48 hours, Miss Maxa.
You're lucky I didn't charge
you with resisting arrest.
Oh, ow.
That's it, get fat.
When this is done, I'm
gonna eat you.
The doorknob is still broken.
You're still in your pajamas?
It's gonna be okay.
This is like a pigsty.
How can you live like this?
We can, we can clean it up.
You don't even have a
decent uniform.
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Bock, bock, bock, move!
Like for what?
Uniform for what?
Do you hear that?
She's sewing, again.
Probably more uniforms.
But aren't these our uniforms?
Great, by the looks of it,
I'm getting an apron.
Now, I'll look like
even more of a cleaning lady.
It looks good on you, though.
You're right, it does.
Diana clearing throat]
Ribbon, not ribbon, ribbon,
not ribbon.
You don't understand.
I shoulda died that day.
But I know, I crossed over,
because I saw, thank you.
An angel.
How do you know she
was an angel?
Because she was the
most beautiful creature
I had ever seen.
And she had no idea
what 911 was.
But then, I saw this
demon dog.
But still.
She was a gorgeous,
gorgeous creature.
The demon dog?
Not the demon dog.
The angel.
You look amazing.
is this the
Hotel Mont tremblant?
Yep, this
is the place.
Thank you.
Here you go.
- Oh!
- Ho, ho.
I, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Do we know each other?
I ... don't think so.
- Careful.
- Our Diana.
is dating a police officer.
Also, I know the karate.
You do?
I watched some YouTube videos.
I actually can't
remember my last name.
Can I still rent a room here
if I don't know who I am?
Uh, if you pay, why not?
I'm actually supposed
to have a date tonight.
Could I reserve a table
for two at your restaurant?
We serve locally sourced
organic produce.
Menu du March, if you will.
Oh, of course.
But it's all very expensive.
He was actually a Joel
Robuchion apprentice.
So, you know.
Jol Robuchon.
Well, in that case, we'll do
the Menu Dgustatif,
s'il vous plait, chef.
Absolutely, sir.
Yeah, so, chop chop,
go to work.
I'll show you the room.
Yes, follow me.
What are you planning to do now?
Oh, uh, Jeff is actually a
trained chef.
- Oh, huh.
How did you end up here
like a hungry gardeners?
Oh, uh well...
We're legacy claimants.
We've been stuck here in limbo
for years.
We've been waiting
on our refugee status,
but the hearing keeps
on getting postponed.
This is a disaster.
Oh, no. It's fine.
It's only been six years.
I don't mean your situation.
I mean our cooking situation.
So, the first thing you
do is you dip it
in the lightest batter,
and then you fry it
to a shattering crisp.
Then, to make a nice
you lay down the chips
one at a time.
Mm-hmm, that's easy, no sweat.
One question, though.
What was everything you
said before one at a time?
This is my signature dish.
Okay, given the amount
of ingredients available,
I think that I am doing okay.
No, don't!
We don't have enough.
But we're hungry.
This is supposed to
feed two people,
and we barely have enough
for one serving.
No no no.
Do not ruin my masterpiece.
Come on.
Every great chef has one.
Paul Bocuse had his
pastry topped
truffle soup.
Alfredo had his fettuccini.
Nobu Masohita
had his miso glazed black cod.
Oh, and Ronald McDonald
had the Big Mac.
Well, yeah.
Mm, mm.
Great seasoning.
I can't work like
this, I can't. Nope
- Hey, there.
- Hi.
Oh, I found this little
guy in my room.
I don't know if he
belongs to you.
Yeah we love animals here.
We just leave them going
around like this.
Go go go.
So they're just
allowed to roam free?
Yeah, sure, it's just we
keep them like our guests.
What's the story with
this little guy?
How come he's all tied up then?
Well, that's a very
long story, and he knows.
And you don't wanna go there.
Well, if it's any consolation,
I wouldn't mind being
tied up by you either.
That was a bad joke.
No, it's okay.
Your hotel is lovely,
by the way.
It's very impressive.
Well I can't get any
credits for that.
I inherited it.
- Was it someone you were
close with, or?
Not really.
I've never met him.
But, uh, my mother
died recently,
and it was her brother, so
technically it was my uncle
and he's been dead for a
long time, so.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Thank you.
date will be
arriving soon, right?
Right, yes.
And it's getting late, so.
I have to go too.
I have a date too.
Oh you do?
Do you mind if I ask
what his name is?
Uh, I have no idea.
But he rent me a chalet.
My date didn't rent
me a chalet or anything,
but I do know her name.
It's Brigitte!
That's a very beautiful name.
Yes, it is.
- So, I've gotta go.
- Okay.
It's good to see you.
Table apart, please,
we're not together.
Thank you.
Good evening.
Hi there.
You look stunning.
Thank you. You look...
I'm very jealous of
the man who gets
to take you to dinner tonight.
Well, enjoy your company.
Right, you as well.
And thank you, for
I very much look forward
to sampling the menu dgustatif.
Yeah, well.
I better go.
Enjoy your evening.
You too.
Bow. Aperitif.
Would you like an aperitif?
No, thank you.
I am heavily medicated.
Every limbo boy and girl
All around the limbo world
Gonna do the limbo rock
All around the limbo clock
Jack be limbo, Jack be quick
Jack go under limbo stick
All around the limbo clock
Hey, let's do the limbo rock
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Is this the Hotel
Mont Tremblant?
Yes, yes, it is.
Do you have a reservation?
No, can I still come in?
Yes, yes, of course.
Hey let's do the limbo rock
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
Guys, the doorknob is
broken again.
So sorry.
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
Get yourself a limbo girl
All around the limbo block
Hey let's do the limbo rock
No, vous n'entrez pas.
Please leave it.
I can join my company by myself.
And bring some champagne.
Good evening.
Swipe it, swipe it.
I'm waiting for you.
I'm waiting for you too.
There's only one table
at this restaurant.
Where are you exactly?
I'm afraid we're not in
the same restaurant at all.
Are you in some private
section of your hotel?
I will, uh.
Ask her address.
What is your address?
Seven Sunnyside Crescent.
What's the address here?
25 Saddlebrook.
Is there somebody
there with you?
No, no no on, just, just me.
Tell her to wait.
You know what, Brigitte?
This is totally my fault,
I apologize.
If you could just wait there,
I will be there as
soon as I can.
Okay, I'll wait for you.
Okay, see you soon.
- I'll-
- Go.
So, what are you
serving today?
Uh, chef's menu dgustatif
Wonderful, any game or bison?
I will ask the kitchen
and get back to you
ASAP as possible.
Oh, would you like an aperitif.
No, I shouldn't. I'm
heavily medicated.
It's you.
It's me.
Over here.
- Oh.
- It's...
My date.
Your date.
I should probably...
It's good to see you.
Excellent service.
You must be a big deal.
Cheers everyone.
It's very good.
It's very...
Can you imagine?
I wanted to take over
and destroy this place.
I know some people that
can help you with that.
No, I just feel lonely.
Find somebody.
You'll feel less lonely, Diana.
I'm not stupid or
beautiful enough to do that.
Because as a woman, you
have to beautiful
to make a man fall for you.
Or you have to be stupid
to fall for him back.
Well Diana, for me, a relationship
is more about trust.
Would you say that
brunettes or blondes are
more trustworthy?
I'd say the most
trustworthy would be balds.
Well, you're being a
little silly.
I just feel so down.
I'm a complete failure.
Hey hey, listen.
Hold that thought.
I have something that
can help you with that.
Come with me.
Hi, can I get two black
Russians, please?
Thank you.
Ooh, ah!
Maybe I was stupid to keep
giving her second chances.
Come on, wake up.
Ooh, ooh.
You're such bullies, you two.
Tell me the taxi driver who
dropped me off, he was right.
I'm enjoying myself in Canada.
You have no idea.
So, I'm persona non grata here.
Evicted from this country.
There you go.
Oh, can you tell the
person who has Zakki
to put the harness strap on him?
Because he hates the collar.
What am I gonna do with Coco.
Well I can take her through
my carry-on. She's small.
I mean, she's perfect.
But Coco's not
even a pit bull.
She's just an annoying dog.
What are you doing here?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I can't remember.
You can't remember, or you
don't know, which one is it?
Oh God.
Stop it.
What are you doing?
Oh God.
Stop it, stop!
Stop it.
You killed him.
And I'll do it again if he
comes anywhere close to you.
I remember.
I'm Bradley
- You see?
I told you it was him.
Come on.
Hello, guys!
Guys, let me in, I,
I can't open the door.
Hey, guys, hello?
Hello, hey, hey.
Hey, listen to me, I need
to find Diana.
Do you know where she is?
Diana's not here, and
her dogs are gone too.
Yeah, one of them ran away
and the other one was
taken by a policewoman.
Oh, hey, you look much
better with your face on.
Bradley, is that you?
Hey, Buddy.
- Bradley.
- Hey.
Hey, listen to me.
I gotta find Diana. Do
you know where she went?
I don't know who Diana is.
But I know who I am.
I'm Tom Cook.
Man, that is great, but
listen, I gotta find Diana.
Tom, she's the one.
She's my angel.
So now we know who saved you.
And her name is Diana?
- Yeah.
- Aw, great.
Listen, this place is magic.
Last night, I ordered
off the menu of the chef.
And when I tasted the
chef's signature dish,
suddenly, I
remembered everything.
About my mission, about the
people that are still living
off of game hunting and
fishing in the wilderness.
Maybe you just need to eat
some chips or something
and all your memories'll
come back to you
like they came back to me!
Or you could try the chalet.
She was staying there
before she came here.
Yes, yes, thank you.
And Tom, congratulations,
man, I'm happy for ya.
By the way, I work
for GeoHunt TV.
I'm the host!
I'm the host!
Never heard of it.
It's a big deal.
It's a big show.
Leave me alone!
I'm illegal here.
Diana, please.
This is crazy.
Go away.
Let's talk about this.
Look, you're not alone,
okay, I'm here.
Just, just come back
to shore with me, okay?
We can talk about this, please.
Okay, listen.
Listen to me.
Okay they're gonna kill Zakki.
The policeman took
him to a shelter,
and they're gonna put him down
unless we do something.
Diana, Diana, listen.
I remember, I
remember everything.
You do?
And I remember you are
the one that helped me.
Yeah, well, what's
the point anyway?
The point is, I wanna
be the one to help you.
- Let's save him.
- Okay.
Where is Coco?
- Coco!
- Okay, woah, woah.
Madame, do you have any proof
that these dogs actually
belong to you?
Nobody can own
a living soul, right?
Look maybe there's some
way that Diana can prove
that the dogs are hers
without actually
having the paperwork with her.
Well, if they obey you.
Why don't you try
calling them over?
That's a good idea.
They don't listen to anybody.
They never did.
Coco, come here.
Coco, come here, come here.
Ooh, it's okay, hi.
Come on, Zakki.
Good job.
Well, there you go.
I guess we can get started on
that release paperwork then.
Special ownership permit,
requested documentation.
Microchip implanted, has
been sterilized.
City tag license.
Has had rabies shots,
a short leash.
Master has no criminal record.
But Miss Maxa does have a
criminal record.
No, it was just a,
it was just a-
Please don't.
For those with a criminal
record, the dog will be seized.
Whoa whoa, hold on, hold.
And euthanized.
- No, no, you can't do that.
- Hold on, it'll be fine.
Okay, just relax.
All right, look, let's
all just take a breath.
Okay, she may have a
criminal record, but I don't.
But you are not the owner.
Well, if he can prove
that the dogs listen to him,
then I don't see why
they can't be released
into his custody.
For this to work, you're
gonna have to step out.
Thank you.
It'll be fine. I promise.
It's useless.
They're the worst dogs
we've ever had here.
They won't listen to him.
Please, just give me a moment.
Zakki, come on.
Come on, come on guys.
Come on, come on.
Come here, there we go.
There we go, Sweetie.
Come here.
Oh, good boy, come here.
Come here, buddy.
Well, looks like he
passed the test.
Thank you.
Okay, guys, let's go.
Come on.
This way, it's okay.
Hi, Coco.
Oh my God, come here.
Come here, Zakki.
We made it.
You saved them.
Thank you.
I'm so grateful.
Can you keep them, please?
I mean.
If Brigitte is not against it.
Yeah, if that's what you want.
Please, yes.
So what are you gonna do now?
What about the hotel?
Well, I never wanted the
property in the first place.
For me, it's useless.
And I kind of having
a feeling that
it belongs to the
refugees anyway.
I can't do anything.
Um, I'm an illegal alien.
I'm a criminal.
I'm lost in limbo, oh my God.
Okay, look, Diana.
If you want me to keep the
dogs, I will keep the dogs.
It's the least I can do
after everything
they did for me, but,
if the last few days
have taught me anything,
it's that being with
you is all that I want.
Uh, but you have Brigitte.
No, no, I don't have Brigitte.
I never wanted Brigitte.
Look, in some small
way, me not remembering
has helped me see so clearly
what's right in front of me.
The most incredible,
beautiful woman I've ever met.
You're my angel.
That's what I want.
Look, I, I can't stop you
from leaving the hotel.
But I can ask you not
to leave me.
I won't leave you.
I had no idea.
So you remember?
The inhabitants of this
region are still living
off of hunting and
lining the traps.
The best venison, moose, duck
and even bear, yes, bear.
All that game is available
in this territory.
But perhaps the most
surprising table is vegetarian.
At the modest but
extravagant restaurant
of Hotel Mont Tremblant.
Thanks to this chef--
We changed the name
of the hotel.
Cut, cut.
What's happened? Why
are you interrupting me?
I told you to wait, and I
will invite you to speak.
It, it's just we changed
the name of the hotel.
It was getting too confusing.
Because there are two
Hotel Mont Tremblants.
Okay, so what's it called now?
Saddlebrook, the
Saddlebrook Hotel.
Saddlebrook, okay.
Ha, Saddlebrook.
The best venison, moose, deer
and even bear, yes, bear.
All that game is available
in this territory.
But, perhaps the most
surprising table is vegetarian
at the modest but
extravagant restaurant
of Hotel Saddlebrook.
Thanks to this chef.
Be sure to ask for the
signature vegetable dish.
The crispy, organic local
chips with thick tzatziki.
I'm Tom Cook, for GeoHunt TV.
- Hello.
- Hello, Diana?
This is
Diana Bloomberg.
Please leave a message.
Hello, this is your notary.
Dr. Monica Moesel.
I'm calling you with my
congratulations on your wedding.
I wish you wonderful journey
full of love and happiness.
Well, I hope you thought
about the prenup.
I'm here to serve you, and I
can set all the papers for you.
The prenuptial agreement is
set, since the oldest of times,
and I'm convinced
that it's a key
to the happy and
peaceful marriage.
Well all the best to you,
and my congratulations again.
Baby, you and me
Would be good together
I don't know what
you're waiting for
You didn't record?
- What?
- None of it?
I can't work under
these conditions anymore!
Okay, I don't even
have a trailer!
I have to make my own coffee!
What is this?
What is this?
You have one job!
You have one job,
press a button.
Press a button.
You need to fire her,
she never rolls.
She rolls like 90, it's
like 90% of the time.
Have a drink.
I'm outta here,
I'm leaving!
I'm not happy here.
I'm not happy.
No, I quit!
I quit!
I wanna make you mine
But I don't know
what to do, no
Giving you all the signs
But you don't
have a clue, no
I wanna make you mine
Can't keep my
eyes off you, no
Giving you all the signs
But you just pass me by
You dance right along
Dance right along
Oh oh oh, dance right along
Dance right along