Hotel Mumbai (2019) Movie Script

[cell phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[ringing continues]
[ringing continues]
[man on phone, in Punjabi]
You feel strong.
You feel calm.
There is no fear in your heart.
Look across at your brothers...
and see me in their eyes.
You are all like sons to me.
I am with you.
God is with you.
Paradise awaits you.
God is great.
[in English] Taxi!
[horns honking]
[in Hindi] VT station. Quickly.
[in Hindi] Cafe Lilopal, quick.
[in Hindi] Yes, Brother.
[in Punjabi] We're leaving now.
[in Hindi]
You know the Taj Hotel?
[music, chattering in distance]
[baby coos]
[baby cooing]
Okay, okay.
- [baby whining]
- Oh! Oh-yo!
- [baby fussing]
- Oh. Shh, shh, shh.
[fussing continues]
[in Hindi]
Your sister didn't come. Again.
She's at home with the flu.
How late are you?
Get some rest and
I'll see you in the morning.
[in English] Bye.
Bye, Bubu.
Baba, good-bye.
Bye! Bye.
It's okay my darling. It's okay.
Why are you crying?
Why are you crying?
[Brother on phone, in Punjabi]
Look around you, my brothers.
Look at all they've stolen...
From your fathers.
From your grandfathers.
Remember your training.
Don't draw
attention to yourselves.
Don't be late
to your destinations.
Timing is critical.
Start with the
train station first.
All other targets
within the next 30 minutes.
Remember, the whole
world will be watching.
[in English] More hot water.
Make it 48 degrees. Exactly 48.
- What is this?
- What?
Blue jumpsuit.
It's a boy. Blue! Blue!
Um, but Sanjay said it's a girl.
The baby in 440. Boy or girl?
Zahra Kashani.
Did she have a boy or girl?
- Boy.
- Girl.
Put one of each.
[men chattering]
Dilip. Dilip!
- Where am I tonight?
- Shamiana. Shamiana Restaurant.
Yeah, okay. Thank you very much.
I'll call. Bye.
Prahba, we have another
VIP guest on the way.
Mrs. Kashani's daughter's
arriving shortly.
Zahra Kashani.
She's just had a child
with an American.
- He's just sleepy.
- [Dilip] David Duncan.
- Hey, man, how far to the hotel?
- [Dilip] He's an architect.
- [driver] About two blocks, sir.
- Perfect. Thank you.
- I think it's, like, 45 minutes.
- [Zahra chuckles]
[Dilip] Their suite is ready,
so head to the main lobby and greet them.
They should be arriving
any minute now.
- Namaste.
- Namaste.
Congratulate them on the baby,
but do not mention the wedding.
[Prahba] They're not married?
[Dilip] They are,
but Zahra was already pregnant.
So the mother insisted
on a private ceremony.
No publicity.
[David] Oh, wow.
- Hello, how are you, Prahba?
- Namaste.
How splendid to have
you back with us again, Zahra.
- Thank you.
- Namaste.
And this is Sally, our nanny.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- Namaste.
- [baby fusses]
- Thank you so much. Namaste.
- And welcome. Namaste.
- Thank you.
- This is cool.
We hope you have a good stay.
Thank you. Thanks, Prahba.
And so, please,
if you'd follow me.
Everything that you ordered
has been placed,
but if you need anything else
please feel free to ask.
- [Dilip on headset] Prahba?
- Nisha's just taking them up now, sir.
[Dilip] Have you booked
their dinner reservations?
Yes, sir. 9:00 p.m.
at the Shamiana.
[Dilip] Just book a table
for them in all our restaurants.
If she changes her mind
and we don't have room,
her mother is gonna kill me.
[Prahba] Doing it now, sir.
This way.
Welcome back to the Taj.
- [David] Wow.
- We've drawn a bath just to your liking.
- Forty-eight degrees.
- Thank you, Jomon. That's too kind.
- Ah, look at that.
- [Zahra] Where's my little boy?
- Wanna go see Mum?
- Hello, my gorgeous boy. Yes.
- [baby cooing]
- Yes.
- Look at the champagne.
- Oh, my God. How cute is this?
I still think he's a bit warm.
- Oh, you think so?
- Yeah.
- Shh, little boy.
- [David] Hey, baby, where's the...
- Corner cupboard.
- [David] Corner cupboard.
Shall I call a doctor
just to be on the safe side?
Just to be on the safe side.
[Jomon] And your 9:00 p.m.
reservation at the Shamiana?
I don't know. What do you think?
- You wanna get room service?
- Oh, no. You two should go.
You could always just
nip back up when he gets here.
I'll keep your reservation.
And you come at your convenience, or not.
- As you wish.
- Thank you, Jomon.
- Let's go.
- [David mutters]
Come on, I'm gonna go change.
Let's go to dinner.
[Zahra] Naughty Daddy. Naughty.
- There's a whole other room back here.
- Oh, my gosh. What's going on?
- [chattering]
- [train tires screeching]
[in Punjabi] Ajmal?
- Ajmal, where are you?
- I'm in the toilet come quickly.
Coming! Coming!
- [woman screams]
- [rapid gunfire]
[in English] Hands.
Very good.
Turn around.
Okay, good. Very good.
Show me your socks.
Okay, relax.
You need a neat cut.
Not this stretching down.
- Good. Nice.
- [breathes deeply]
Relax. Good.
Is this a joke?
Forgive me, sir.
I... I lost my shoes.
They must've fallen from my bag.
Go home, Arjun.
Everyone else, let's move.
Sir. Sir, please.
Please what?
You look like a beggar.
Sir, please. I'll find some shoes.
I need this shift.
You need to leave.
Sir. Sir, please.
My wife's going to give birth
any day now.
There's an extra pair of shoes
in my room.
Under the desk.
Thank you, sir.
Hurry up!
- [grunts]
- [shoe squeaks]
[man on TV] Here in
India's wealthiest city...
five star
Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.
It's been home for over
a century to statesmen
and celebrities
from across the globe.
Experience for yourself
its otherworld luxury...
[woman on TV] Armed gunmen
have just attacked CST station,
Mumbai's main railway terminal,
gunning down more than
100 passengers and staff.
Security cameras captured images
of these two suspects
who fled the scene
firing at pedestrians...
[sirens wailing]
[in Punjabi] Behind the car!
We'll kill these fuckers.
All of them!
- [siren stops]
- [tires screech]
Let's go!
Kill the bastards!
Kill them all.
[police radio chatter]
[woman on TV, in English] The biggest
worry at this point in time is that...
there is a fear amongst the cops
who are still trying to figure out
the source of firing and if
a police car has been hijacked
- by the perpetrators of this gun battle.
- [siren wailing]
This is the biggest fear right
now in the minds of the police
because there was a point
where there... There came a gun...
- [gunfire]
- [crowd screaming]
[man on TV] Well, there you saw...
You saw a police van,
- [man wails]
- a police Toyota Qualis,
being driven...
and indiscriminate fire.
Sir, these are for the Sindhi
wedding in the Ocean Room.
The kimchis are for
the trade delegation in Wasabi.
The MPs are already at
the Harbour Bar, quite drunk.
More lemongrass, sir?
stop limping.
- Yeah, more lemongrass.
- Thank you.
What about the Russian?
Booked into the Shamiana, sir.
He has party later.
He wants help.
Okay. Everyone.
Everyone, listen in, please.
Come on.
Leave that. Come on.
Come here. Come here. Yes.
Okay. Come on. Come, hurry up.
[speaks in Hindi]
[in English] So...
we have another VIP guest
dining at the Shamiana tonight.
Vasili Gordetsky.
- Sir.
- [head chef] He can be difficult.
Mr. Gordetsky,
so nice to see you again.
[head chef] Whatever he says,
just smile, be polite,
be courteous.
Remember, always,
here at the Taj,
guest is God.
Under no circumstances you are
to recommend seafood to him.
- [indistinct]
- [head chef] He's allergic to it.
Never, ever serve him drink
in a glass.
Always a bottle.
And make sure that you open the
bottle in front of him, directly.
[in Russian]
I'll take the one...
with curly hair.
Yes, she's sexy.
The tall one.
What did he say?
Give him the phone.
[in English] The tall one.
She has big nipples or small nipples?
Good. Okay, send them both.
Who speaks like that?
After dinner, Mr. Gordetsky is
having a private party in his suite.
He will need a waiter.
Of course, there will be large tips.
Sir, Olga speaks Russian.
No. Never a female staff.
We can't have a repeat of last time.
- Sir, I would be honored to serve...
- No thank you, Arjun.
Sir, please,
I will ensure that...
You will ensure that you arrive
in the proper footwear.
Sanjay, you will serve at
the Russian's party tonight.
Go to Elia's and get two
bottles of Vernier Dejeune.
- [Sanjay] Wanjidon. Thank you, sir.
- What did you say?
"Wanjidon". What is "Wanjidon"?
It's Vernier Dejeune.
It is Vernier Dejeune. With V.
V. Ver...
- It's with V. Vernier Dejeune.
- V. Ver...
- Don't repeat V. Just say Vernier Dejeune.
- V...
Not V! Vernier Dejeune!
Vernier Dejeune.
It's a cognac.
Werdijan. Werdijan.
Thank you, sir. Werdijan.
[horns honking]
You won't believe the kind of
women he's got coming over tonight.
The Russian guy, yeah.
Ha. Aye, they're knockouts.
Ten out of ten, man.
- Come in... in an hour. Yeah.
- [car approaching]
- [tires screech]
- Oi!
[in Hindi]
Are you fucking blind?
You didn't see me coming?!
You didn't see?!
[Sanjay] Who drives like this?!
You can't see straight!
You jumped in front of my car!
So what, you'd run me over?!
[in English]
What are you looking at?
[in Hindi] What's your problem?!
[man, in English]
Check these dudes out.
- He's going off. Look.
- [argument continues]
They are going nuts.
Look at him.
Look at the little angry butler.
Look at him. [Laughs]
- Babe. Babe. Hi. Eddie.
- Check him out.
I'm putting money
on the little butler man.
- Taj.
- Taj.
- Let's go.
- Yes, let's go. All right.
Let's go.
We're going to the Taj.
- We're going to the Taj.
- We're going to the Taj.
Um, hang on. Let's go.
Uh, excuse me, sir.
- Namaste, mate.
- Namaste.
I think we've got
a little problem here
because, um, we...
we didn't order this pork thing.
[chuckles] No, no, no.
I don't think so.
Because if you just look here,
we didn't actually...
- [gunshot]
- [woman screams]
Fuck! Bree, get down!
[car alarm blaring]
[whimpering quietly]
[rapid gunfire]
[Eddie] This way.
Come on, come on! Go! Go! Run!
- Go, babe! Go!
- [explosion]
Come on, go! Come on!
Come on!
- Are you hurt?
- I don't know. I don't think so.
If I may, uh...
2003 was a very good year
for Bordeaux
due to the exceptional
heat wave that year.
Uh, the Chteau Latour, there...
Amazing depth, powerful yet silky,
dark fruit, seamless finish.
It's a very good wine.
- Hm. Yeah.
- That sounds nice.
You know what? Why don't you
just bring me a JD and Diet Coke.
- Really?
- Yeah.
And you know what? Bring us a
cheeseburger for old times' sake.
[Arjun] Chicken or fish, sir?
No. Just a regular burger. Beef.
Oh. They don't have beef here.
- Yeah. They got everything here.
- Honey, cows are sacred in India.
- I am so sorry. I completely spaced. Uh...
- It's okay.
Okay, so what do you recommend?
- The lamb kofta is popular with Americans.
- Hi, Sally.
Hey, Zahra.
No. I've just checked in with reception.
They said the doctor's still on their way.
[baby cooing]
No, no. He's more than fine.
Yeah, he had a big feed
and I just put him down.
Sure, I'll call you then.
But, really, we're all good.
Thank you, sir. And how would
you like to make the payment?
[man on phone, in Hindi] There's
been an attack. Is the hotel safe?!
Yes, of course.
So everything is okay there?
Yes, sir. All okay here.
[in English]
Good evening, Taj Palace Hotel.
Hi there.
Just checking about the doctor.
Okay. So, next trip,
I have an idea.
Let's go, just the two of us.
Yeah, I'd like that.
- [Eddie] Christ! Go!
- [panicked chattering]
Come on!
Come on! Go!
Please, please, open.
[all clamoring]
Door, man.
Just fucking open the door!
My girlfriend's...
This is my girl...
Can we get security, now?
Dilip, look.
[Bree] Eddie!
We've got a reservation, mate.
[Dilip] Let them in.
It's okay. Let them all in.
Bree, we're in.
Thank you. Thank you.
Bree, come on, babe. Come on.
Excuse me.
- [Bree] Eddie, let's go somewhere else.
- [Eddie] Lani, is it?
Ah. Wow, wow.
[in Punjabi]
Have you ever seen such a place?
It's just a hotel.
It looks like paradise.
[man coughs]
Let's unpack here.
A bit further back.
[Vasili, in Russian] The
girls are in my suite already?
Start without me,
and I'll be up after dinner.
[no audible dialogue]
[water running]
[in English] Sir,
I have no record of your booking.
Please, if we could just...
- Listen, would you please call our family?
- Sir.
[woman screams]
- [rapid gunfire]
- Lights. Switch off the lights.
- Down. Down. Everyone down. Down.
- [guests murmuring]
Please, under the tables.
Under the tables.
Down, down, please, please!
Please, down.
Down, down, sir, please.
- Who are they? They have machine guns.
- Sir, down. You must hide.
- [man] Where is security?
- [Arjun] Please, sir.
- [phone vibrating]
- [baby cooing]
- [both breathing shakily]
- [gunfire]
[mouthing] Go.
- [rapid gunfire]
- It's okay. It's okay.
Pick up, Sally.
[cell phone ringing]
[in Punjabi]
Phase one is complete, Brother.
We're moving upstairs.
[Brother] Well done,
you've done good work.
One thing...
Keep your phone on at all times.
I want to hear their
cries with my own ears.
These animals have no humanity,
Abdullah, remember this.
Yes Brother.
None of them
deserve Allah's mercy.
Yes Brother. God is great.
God is great.
[woman breathing shakily]
[in English] Hello?
- Sir, sir, this is the reception.
- [gunfire]
This is the reception.
There's a security issue here. No.
Please, don't leave your room, sir.
I'll be in touch, sir.
Yes, sir. Yeah.
Room service.
[Russian music
playing on stereo]
[woman screaming]
- [baby crying]
- Hey, hey. Shh, shh, shh.
- You're okay. Come on, Cameron.
- [phone vibrating]
- Hey, David.
- Sally, thank God. Where are you?
- Where's Cameron? Where's Cameron?
- Sorry, what?
- Where's Cameron?
- Where's Cameron?
- [knocking]
- The doctor's just here now.
Just a second.
Sorry, it keeps breaking up.
I can't quite hear you.
Don't answer the door.
- Sally!
- [knocking]
- [woman muttering]
- Oh, my God.
Zahra, this woman just...
Sally, what's happening?
- [Houssam speaking in hallway]
- [gunshot]
[Cameron fussing]
- [gunshot]
- Shh, shh, shh.
[rapid gunfire]
[breathing shakily]
- Shh, shh, shh.
- [Cameron whines]
[in Punjabi] Where is she?
She's here somewhere.
I saw her come in.
- [gunman] Houssam.
- Huh?
- [Cameron fusses]
- [gunman speaks Punjabi] Come out.
[banging on door]
- Come out.
- Imran.
[banging on door]
[metal clatters]
[muffled fussing]
[speaking in Farsi]
[sobbing quietly]
[muffled whine]
[in Punjabi] Houssam?
Houssam, come here!
Look at this.
Look, they have a
machine to flush their shit.
Even shitting is fun.
[Brother] Imran?
Hello, Brother.
Imran! What's happening?
I've just finished
killing another woman.
Well done.
Now listen...
I have to tell you something.
Yes, Brother?
Stand them up in
a doorway next time.
So when the bullet goes through
their heads, it goes outside.
You don't want it ricocheting
back into the room.
Okay, Brother. Okay.
There are a few
people gathered downstairs,
throw some grenades at them.
There's no harm in throwing
a few grenades, my brother.
[Brother] Yes! Yes!
[Imran] Yes, Brother.
We will give them a surprise.
[Brother] Throw some grenades.
[Imran] Okay, okay, Brother.
[Houssam] What did he say?
He said "Throw the grenades."
[Houssam] Yeah, we've got some.
Let's throw them.
[Cameron gurgles]
Shh, shh, shh.
[Cameron crying, muffled]
[phone vibrates]
[in English] What is happening?
Where's Cameron?
There were men with guns. Just boys.
They... They came in, but we hid.
- [David] They came into the room?
- [Zahra] Oh, my God. David.
[crying continues]
[sobbing] There was a woman that came
in and they... they just shot her...
Okay, okay. You stay right where you are.
I'm coming there.
- I'm coming right now.
- Hey!
Shut your fucking mouth.
- You'll get us all killed.
- [crying quietly]
Look at me.
I need you to stay right here.
I need you to be strong, okay?
I love you so much.
[Arjun] We need the police,
right now. Right now.
We've called you five times.
Please, send someone.
- Sir, please, please.
- My kid is upstairs.
Sir, sir, listen, listen.
Please, please, sir.
Do you have a family?
Yes, and I hope
to stay alive and see them.
- I'm going out that door.
- No, no, no, sir...
- I need to piss. I need to piss.
- You can't.
I need to pee.
Use this. Okay?
- You piss in this. I'm not an animal.
- No, madam. Please.
Please. No, madam. Please.
[cell phone ringing]
[ringing continues]
[Zahra gasps]
Madam, this way. Hurry.
[Abdullah speaking Punjabi]
[elevator dings]
[in Punjabi] Rashid!
Try this.
[Rashid] What is it?
[Imran] It's very tasty, try it.
[Rashid] You ate this?!
Go on, try it.
You moron!
This is pork, throw it away!
Spit! Spit! Spit!
Do you need water?
[Imran coughing]
Take it, take it.
May Allah forgive you.
You dumb-ass, they're vegetables.
Eat it.
Fucking asshole.
Why are you getting angry?
[Imran] Go away.
Imran, I was just kidding!
[Imran] Get fucked.
- We need to go upstairs!
- I'll go from the other end.
Imran, come back, buddy.
[cart rattles]
[breathes sharply]
- Sally.
- [elevator dings]
Oh, God.
Thank God you're here.
Thank God.
Where's Cameron? Where is he?
[Cameron coughs]
- Hey.
- [Cameron coos]
Hey. It's okay.
It's okay.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Who are these people?
What do they want with us?
Hey. Shh, shh.
Will you message Zahra for me?
Can you tell her
we made it okay?
[David] It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay. Shh.
It's gonna be okay.
[woman on TV]
Mumbai under siege.
Chaos has erupted
in India's financial capital
with multiple bombings
and reports of armed gunmen
rampaging though the city.
[in Hindi] Papa will come
home and we'll play together.
It's okay, Seva.
It's okay.
It's okay...
It's okay.
[woman on TV, in English] ...and
luxury hotels are all under attack.
Local police are simply
not trained or equipped
to deal with multiple military
grade attacks of this magnitude.
What you're seeing now is chaos
outside the celebrated Taj Hotel.
Terrorists have laid siege
to the landmark property,
with as many as 1,000 guests and
over 500 staff trapped inside.
Mumbai has no Special
Forces units of its own,
meaning tactical units must be sent
in from New Delhi over 800 miles away.
They are hours away
at the very least.
And it is bedlam here
on the ground at the Taj.
[in Marathi] Get them back!
Hey, cameras back! Go back!
Cameras get back! Get them back!
Get them back now!
- [shutters clicking]
- [crowd murmuring]
I've got four men.
- Only four?
- Yes.
We have to do something.
Special Forces are hours away,
they're still in Delhi.
- Still in Delhi?!
- Yes.
And we have orders to
stand down until they arrive.
We have to do something...
The CCTV room is
on the second floor.
We'll go up there!
We'll see their positions!
We can't just wait here.
[Eddie] Help! Help me!
- [crowd exclaims]
- [thud]
[Eddie yells, groans]
[Eddie coughs, sobs]
My girlfriend. My girlfriend.
She's still in there.
Bree. Bree! Bree!
[rapid gunfire in distance]
[in Marathi]
If we just stand here...
there won't be anyone left.
Okay. Okay. CCTV room.
[clicking, murmuring continue]
[sirens, gunfire in distance]
There's still shooting
downstairs and in the east wing.
Safest would be
go up to the Chambers Lounge.
Yes, sixth floor.
Okay, Arjun.
Okay. Call me
if you hear anything.
Service stairs are all clear.
But our guests are trapped
all through the hotel.
I think we should try and gather
whoever we can...
and take them to the Chambers Lounge
and wait for the police to arrive.
Sir, Olga made it
through the back exit.
We can do the same.
Yes, but our guests can't.
Not all of them.
Sir, I have four kids at home.
I know, Dilip.
Nobody is forcing you to stay.
So, whoever wants to try
and make it out...
this is your time.
I'm sorry, sir.
Don't apologize.
Many of you have wives,
parents, families at home.
There is no shame in leaving.
I've been here 35 years.
This is my home.
- I'm staying too.
- I'm staying too.
- I'm with you, sir.
- I'm with you, sir.
[man] Me too.
Guest is God, sir.
Follow me.
[muffled explosion]
[Vasili, in English] Here.
Wrap that around your head.
So they know
you are one of them.
I'm not one of them.
Sir, madam.
I just spoke to my boss.
He says we should come
upstairs to the Chambers Club.
- We'll be safer there.
- Why?
You know something?
How many there are,
where they are?
I'm not sure, sir. But the Chambers, sir,
is the most secure place in the hotel...
I know what
the fucking Chambers is.
- Is the passage clear?
- Yes, sir.
We... We'll go via the service stairs.
We'll leave in a couple of minutes, okay?
[woman 1 on TV] Survivors speak of
gunmen dressed in western clothes,
- [cell phone vibrates]
- coolly and methodically
mowing down
commuters in cold blood.
[woman 2 on TV]
Bloodstains here.
These are the first pictures
of those bloodstains.
An unknown number of gunmen
now fully control the Taj Hotel.
And according to this witness,
are methodically executing hotel guests
floor by floor and room by room.
[man on TV] They had bombs.
There was a lot of smoke. And they...
[Sally] Shh. Dad, you need to calm down.
I'm fine.
[woman 1 on TV]
to fight urban warfare.
Well, I don't know what they're
saying, but I promise you, I'm okay.
No, I know. I'm safe
and I'm in the hotel room.
[man on TV] They wanted anyone
with British or American passports.
[Sally] Look, the police are here now, so
I'm sure we'll be out of here any minute.
- [siren wails]
- [whistle blowing]
The fourth floor.
No. They haven't come up here.
They won't.
I gotta go, Dad.
I'll call you
when we're out, okay?
[woman on TV] ...inclusion of
Chabad house, a Jewish center,
on the list of targets
adds credence to the view
that Muslim fundamentalists
are responsible.
The eight hostages at Chabad include
Jewish American rabbi, Gavriel Holtzberg,
and his wife Rivky
who is six months pregnant.
Wait here.
I'll signal if it's safe, okay?
[quietly] Come, come.
Come, come. Quiet.
[Arjun whispers]
Come, come.
[Arjun whispers]
Come, come.
[door locks]
[pounding on door]
Mr. Oberoi, sir. Are you there?
- [pounding on door]
- Sir.
Sir. Sir, it's me,
Arjun from Shamiana.
[metal clanks]
- [panting]
- Arjun.
Please come. Come, come.
Nothing to fear. Please come.
Yes. Please.
How are we feeling?
Yeah, everything's fine.
Everything is fine.
[Jomon] Please, please. This way.
Take a seat. We have water...
- Ma'am, I'm so sorry.
- Jomon.
I'm so sorry. Everything will be fine now.
You're totally safe.
Sit anywhere you like, okay?
No problem. Please, please.
[chef] Welcome, sir.
- I would like a cognac. Vernier Dejeune.
- Of course. Of course, sir.
Quickly, quickly, quickly.
Take a seat, sir.
Ladies and gentlemen.
May I have your attention, please?
Can you come closer?
Arjun, can you just help them?
Little further. I don't...
I don't want to speak loudly. Please.
Can you come closer, sir?
Sir, ma'am? Please.
Sir, you can...
Can you come forward, please? Thank you.
Ladies and gentlemen...
I am Hemant Oberoi,
head chef here at the Taj.
We are all terribly sorry for everything
you've had to endure here tonight.
But please be rest assured
the worst is behind us now.
The Chambers is an exclusive club.
Very difficult to access.
As you can see,
there are no internal windows
and every entrance
has been secured.
We will be safe here until
police comes and fetches us.
[man] When will that be?
- [woman] What's taking them so long?
- [Oberoi] Ma'am.
They're outside right now.
It's just a matter of time.
Yes, what's important
is that we remain calm and quiet
because we want our position
to remain a secret.
[man on TV] The situation inside the
hotel is becoming utterly desperate.
Footage just in of this man forced
to flee on a rope improvised...
Come on. We should get going.
Going? Where?
The staff's moving everybody up to the
Chambers Lounge on the sixth floor.
They said it'll be safer.
No way.
Sally. Come on.
You can go.
I'm not going anywhere.
David. There are men
with guns out there
that are just killing people
in the hallway.
- There's no way that I'm going out there.
- I know.
And Zahra's out there
and she's by herself.
[sobbing] They came in here.
They fucking shot her, David.
Like a fucking rabbit.
And if we move and if the baby wakes up,
- they're gonna shoot us too.
- Okay, okay. Okay.
[breathes shakily] I mean,
the cops are already outside.
Can't we just wait for them
to come and get us?
[Sally sighs]
[officer shouts]
- [gasping]
- [Vam, muffled] Kanu!
[muffled rapid gunfire]
[muffled] Kanu!
[muffled] Kanu!
[Kanu groans]
[woman on TV] It's been a night and
a morning of gun battles in Mumbai.
Perhaps never before has a city been
attacked in a coordinated yet random
and completely mindless manner.
There have been hours and hours
of indiscriminate terror
on the streets of Mumbai
and we still don't seem to be
at the end of it.
Let's get you the big headlines
from Mumbai.
At least 78 people are dead
and nearly 200 injured
in a series of attacks
in south Mumbai.
Three five-star hotels,
a petrol pump in Colaba,
the CST station, the Cama
Hospital, all come under attack.
Mumbai's majestic Taj Hotel
is still burning
while gun battles continue between
security forces and terrorists.
[whispered murmuring]
Would you like a drink?
How much longer, Mr. Savanth?
You're the chief of police.
What's going on?
[Savanth on phone]
The head of our terror squad
was gunned down
in his car tonight, Mr. Oberoi.
And Special Forces
are yet to leave Delhi.
Still in Delhi?
Then send somebody from here.
Use the police force for God's sake.
We sent in a local squad an hour ago
but we haven't heard a word since.
[Mrs. Kashani on phone, in Farsi]
God is watching over you my child.
Close your eyes,
let's pray together.
[in Farsi] Prayers?
What good have prayers
ever done us, Mother?
[Mrs. Kashani] What can I say?
I'm worried about you.
[in English] I'm sorry.
I just wanna be home.
[Mrs. Kashani, in Farsi]
I love you. I'll pray for you.
[in Farsi] I'll call you.
Okay, my dear.
[in English]
Who were you speaking with?
Who were you talking to
on the phone?
None of your business.
[gasps] She's one of them.
- What are you trying to say?
- You're talking that language.
Are you calling me a terrorist?
- What are you trying to say? Just say it.
- Why won't you answer?
Why won't you tell me
who you were...
She's with me.
- I need you to tell me. She's one...
- Hey. Shut your mouth.
Shut up. Walk away.
Your behavior is disgraceful.
- Go fuck yourself. Walk away.
- Shh. Shh.
Madam, come. Come.
It's okay, sir. It's okay.
[woman] I saw her.
With everything going on,
that's what she tells me?
- You're okay?
- No, seriously.
Don't worry. She's total bitch.
Come, come.
Look at that face.
She's not been fucked
for ten years.
- Hey.
- Thank you.
Is crazy situation
but we just have to wait.
We'll be fine.
Arjun. Arjun.
[Arjun] Sorry.
- Yes, sir.
- See the English woman over there?
At the food station?
She's worried about your beard.
- My beard.
- Uh-huh.
Also your turban.
Hang back in the kitchen
for a little bit, huh?
Good boy.
[Arjun] Madam.
[stammers] I'd like
to show you something.
This is my family.
This is my... This is my child.
Here's Seva.
That's my wife and her quite...
quite awful sister.
This is my... This is my pagri.
To us Sikhs it is...
it is sacred.
It's a... It's a symbol
of honor and courage.
Since I was a small boy,
I've never gone outside without it.
To do so would...
It would bring shame to my family.
while we are in this hotel,
you are my guest.
And I am your staff.
So, if it would make you feel
comfortable, I will take it off.
Would you like that?
I'm just scared.
We all are.
to get through this, we must...
must stick together.
Yes. Indeed.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- I'll bring you some water. Okay?
- Hello?
- [woman on phone] Hello.
- Mrs. Watson.
- Yes, yes?
- This is Lani from the hotel reception.
- Yes.
Ma'am, the rescue team
is on your floor.
- They are?
- Yeah.
- They're on their way, ma'am.
- Thank God.
Yes, yes. I can hear them.
Alex. Alex, let them in.
[doorbell rings]
[Abdullah, in Punjabi] Call 409.
Hurry up and call 409!
- [gunshot]
- [body thuds]
Call 409.
Call 409!
- [whispered murmuring]
- [woman wailing]
- [Prahba] Sir.
- [knocking]
- Sir.
- [knocking]
Sir, open the door.
Hey. What are you doing?
- [Prahba] Sir, open.
- Don't open that door. What, you're crazy?
- You're going to get us killed.
- Quiet.
[woman panting]
Mr. Oberoi, sir. It's Prahba.
- It could be a trap.
- I know what I'm doing, sir.
[door unlocking]
Oh, my God, Prahba.
- [woman sobs]
- It's not my blood. Come.
- [woman groans]
- [Oberoi] Shh.
Arjun, attention!
It's okay.
Come, come. Please, come.
[groaning continues]
- Please, please.
- [groans loudly]
[man] Be quiet.
- [gasping]
- Madam, it's okay. It's okay.
- It's okay.
- [sobs]
- Is there a doctor here, please?
- It's okay.
- A doctor or a nurse?
- I'm an ophthalmologist.
- Please come.
- I'm not sure if there's much I can do,
- but I can try.
- It's okay.
I... I need to see the wound.
[man] Hey, be quiet!
We need to tape this hole shut and
then we make a sling for her arm.
- Elastoplast, Sellotape...
- First aid box. [Speaks in Hindi]
- Come. Hold this. Hold tight here.
- [groans]
It's not good.
I think she's bleeding
into her chest cavity.
There's no way to save her
without getting her to a hospital.
- I'll take her.
- Too risky.
If she stays, she'll die.
[Bree groaning, panting]
Sir, please let me take her.
We go down the back stairs and
straight out the service exit.
Arjun, if they find you,
they find us.
But if I make it,
we'll have a way out.
- [Bree screams]
- [woman] Shh.
We can't just let her die here.
Call me when you get out.
It's okay.
Madam? Madam? Madam?
I'm going to get you
out of here, okay?
But there are some stairs.
Do you think you can stand?
Yes? Okay. Come on.
Slowly. Come on.
- That's it.
- [moans]
- [Oberoi] Ma'am, you will be fine.
- Okay.
You'll be fine.
Arjun is with you. Don't worry.
Everybody please settle down.
Everything will be fine.
[Cameron coos]
[breathes deeply]
[Cameron fusses]
[Bree groans]
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay, madam.
It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
[door closes]
[Vam, in Hindi] Hands up.
Keep your hands up.
[in English] Staff, staff.
Hotel staff. Please, please...
[in Hindi] Who are you?
[in Hindi]
Please, I have a family!
He's clean.
We're police.
This area is not safe, go back.
CCTV room, where is it?!
Where is the CCTV room?
CCTV room? Tell me!
Tell me!
[door closes]
[Vam shouts]
[Kanu] Go, go!
[Vam] Move. Move. Move.
[Imran, in Punjabi]
Hang on, Brother. I'll check.
Seems Chinese.
Could be Japanese.
But she's dressed
like an American.
[Brother] Good, we want Americans.
But alive next time.
We need rich hostages.
Important hostages.
No passport, no wallet. Nothing.
Check her bra.
Put your hand in
her bra and check there.
No, I'm so sorry Brother...
I can't touch her there.
[Brother] She's an infidel.
It's not a sin.
Imran, check now.
[Brother] Imran?
- [Cameron whines]
- Go, go, go.
[Sally] David.
Open the door. Open the door.
[in Punjabi] Get Up! Up!
Hands up! Hands up!
Hands up! Hands up!
Turn around! Turn that way!
Turn that way!
Hurry up!
I've got a white boy.
Chinese girl's boyfriend.
[Brother, in Punjabi] Well done, Imran.
Take him to the suite.
And find more hostages.
Important looking hostages.
[Imran] This way, this way!
Inshallah, Brother.
Are you deaf, asshole?
I'll fuck you up!
[Cameron fusses]
[Imran's voice fades]
[Cameron fusses]
[Cameron crying]
[Imran] Right! Right!
You don't understand
left and right?!
Yes, I'm here. Open the door.
[in Hindi] Stay quiet.
[in Punjabi]
This way, this is the room.
[cell phone beeps]
[line ringing]
- [Vam in Marathi] They're just boys.
- [man on phone] Hello?
- Hello sir.
- Yes, Patel?
We've reached the CCTV room.
There's only two of us left.
Send more men.
[man] I can't,
there's too many VIPs inside.
We've got orders to
wait for Special Forces.
- [in English] Okay, sir.
- [phone clicks]
[in Hindi] Where is this room?
- [in English] The front lobby here.
- Uh-huh.
Western entrance hall
or Ocean Room.
There's still
some of the good stuff left.
Single malt.
Twenty years old.
What the hell was that?
[Abdullah, in Hindi] Colaba Police.
Open up.
Stay here. Stay down.
[man on phone] It's chaos out here, sir.
We're doing all we can.
Have you sent the men in?
- I'm sorry, what men?
- The rescue squad.
Yes, Mr. Oberoi.
We sent in a squad hours ago.
But most were killed.
[Abdullah] Mohit Singh.
Colaba Police, open up.
Have you sent any Mohit Singh
as part of the squad?
[in Hindi]
We are here to save you.
[in Hindi] There's another one!
Main lobby.
[in English] Shit.
[in Hindi] There's the Chambers
Lounge, there are many people there.
[man] Yes, Mr. Oberoi.
Mohit Singh was part of the squad.
- We lost contact hours ago.
- Okay.
- We thought he was dead.
- Okay, thank you.
[keys jangling]
- [phone vibrates]
- Arjun, I cannot...
Don't open the door.
That's them!
[all gasp, quietly murmur]
[woman screams]
- Sir?
- [slams phone]
[in Hindi]
Open up, motherfuckers.
- Move!
- [all screaming]
Out, out!
[in Hindi]
How many people are in there?!
At least fifty,
could be more by now.
Fifty people?
[shouting in Punjabi]
[all clamoring]
[in Marathi]
How many bullets do you have?
[in Punjabi] Open up!
Open up, fuckers!
None of you will be spared!
[in Hindi] Stay here
and lock the door, okay?
Thank you.
Shh, shh, shh. Quiet, quiet.
Down, down, down.
Down. Down, down.
Open up, motherfuckers!
[Abdullah continues shouting]
[in Marathi]
It's just one guy. Get ready.
[in Punjabi] Abdullah?
Abdullah? What is it?
[in Marathi] There's two more!
[Abdullah, in Punjabi] There are
people in there. I heard noises.
[in Marathi]
We've got to shoot them.
Kill them all.
No, no, no.
[Imran screams]
[gunmen chattering]
- [Houssam] They have gone this side.
- [Abdullah] Houssam, be careful.
Are they behind us?!
I don't know.
- [woman whimpers]
- [Oberoi] Shh, shh, shh.
No, no.
- Hey, hey. It's okay.
- [sniffles]
It's okay.
Doctor? We need a medic please.
[explosion in distance]
[woman on TV] That was an explosion.
There's lots of firing inside the hotel.
Here they come.
They're coming down the steps of the Taj.
We're right here at the Taj
where this action is unfolding.
[Imran] Hey, Houssam...
Do you believe the Bull will
give the money to our families?
- [knocks]
- [sighs]
Imran, we're in
service of Allah...
Nothing else matters.
[Abdullah] The Bull says we
need more hostages, let's go.
[Houssam] His leg is hurt,
it's hard for him to walk.
[Rashid] What happened?
[Abdullah] It's just a scratch.
Houssam, you go too.
[Houssam] Take care.
Keep an eye on
the American, okay?
Alright, good.
[man on phone] Hello?
Father! Father, it's Imran.
Imran? Thank God. Thank God.
Jamilla, it's your brother.
How's your
training going, Imran?
Training is going well, Father.
Father, I called to say...
Father I love you so much,
I love you all so much...
We all love you very much.
Your mother misses you a lot.
You're making us
all proud, my son.
Father, I wanted to ask, did
they give you the money yet?
[father] No, not yet my child.
No money yet.
But don't worry, these
are very noble men of Allah.
Very good people.
[Imran] Father,
make sure you get the money from them.
They swore it on the Holy Quran.
Father, give my love
to Jamilla and Mother.
- Father.
- Imran?
- Father... Father... Father.
- Imran, are you there? Imran?
- Imran?
- [sobbing]
[Arjun grunts]
[breathes deeply]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[Zahra, thinking]
"My darling David.
As I write this letter,
I'm hoping you'll never have to read it.
That I get the chance to tell
you these words in person.
You said to me
when we first met,
'If you're feeling scared,
just jump.
- You might fall, but you might just fly.'"
- [no audible dialogue]
"And you were right."
And we did.
I don't know what kind of crazy
kismet made our worlds collide.
But if we worked, it was because of
you and your patience with my family.
Your belief in us made me
feel as if anything is possible.
Even now.
Even in this nightmare.
I know you'll raise our son
to be the man that you are.
Please remind Cameron every day
how much I love him.
And how much I love his father.
Stop it. Stop it, Miss Kashani.
Miss Kashani, please stop. Stop.
- Open it.
- Please, come and sit here. Please.
I have to be with my family.
Open the door.
I know it's hard, but
police are very near now.
No one's coming.
We've been here six hours.
Six hours for what?
No one's coming for us.
My baby's out there.
Please open the door.
[woman] She's right.
Open the door.
I want to go.
- Me too.
- Please, please.
We cannot evacuate everyone
without being detected.
[Vasili] It's not everyone.
There are six people.
That's all.
We're going. Open the door.
Sir, if they hear us going,
we will all die.
They know we are here.
If they come back, we all die.
If they bomb the building, we die.
If we leave, maybe we die.
We take our chances.
Open the fucking door.
[keys jangle]
Very well, sir.
- We'll be praying for you, sir.
- Yeah, fuck your prayers.
That's what started this shit.
Let's go.
Hey. This is stupid.
- Come. Let's go.
- I'm getting my baby.
[rapid gunfire]
[Rashid] Hey!
[in Punjabi] Go that way.
Go that way!
Go that way!
Go back!
[Vasili] It's okay.
They won't kill us.
They want us alive. It's okay.
[Rashid, in Punjabi] Hey!
Shut up and move.
Rashid, what's going on?
I got two more, Brother.
High rollers.
Good. Put them with the others.
Later, you'll line
them up by the windows.
And blow their brains out
for all the cameras below.
[door opens]
[Rashid speaks Punjabi]
- [Rashid, in Punjabi]
- [Abdullah mutters]
[Rashid] Go!
[Abdullah] Get down!
[both repeating orders]
Get down!
Stop! Get down!
Get down!
[Abdullah, Rashid shouting]
Tie him up.
[whispers] Where's Cameron?
- [David whispers] You don't know me.
- [Vasili groaning]
Hands behind your back.
[yells in pain]
[Abdullah] Whoah. Gently, gently.
Just her hands...
[breathing shakily]
She look local?
- [in English] Indian? Huh?
- [whimpers, sniffles]
[man] Animals.
[muffled crying]
No, no! No!
[both laughing]
[crowd clamoring]
[man on TV] These images
taken around 4:00 a.m.
show the moment security forces
and angry citizens
confronted the two gunmen,
beating them with sticks.
The gunmen had earlier hijacked
a police van
and are thought to have been
behind the CST station attack.
Both men suffered multiple bullet
wounds from which one died.
While the other,
Ajmal Kasab, is now in custody.
[officer, in Hindi]
Who is Brother Bull?
[in Hindi] You can do
whatever you want to me.
I don't know.
Brother Bull...
what did he ask you to do?
He said...
"You are Muslims."
"The infidels defraud you."
"They left you in poverty."
"They left you behind,
as they went ahead."
"Do Jihad."
"Go and do Jihad."
[Rashid singing in Punjabi]
[woman on TV] At the moment, there are
still terrorists at loose in Mumbai.
The military seemed to have
worked out that they are...
[explosion on TV]
[in Hindi] Call him again.
[singing continues]
[singing continues]
What was your plan?
Where were you going next?
We were going to die.
[singing continues]
His phone is off.
[singing continues]
[Abdullah, in Punjabi] Houssam and
I were just outside. We're here now.
Yes, we already lit the fire.
[door locks]
Okay, I'll ask.
What's your name?
What's your name?
What? What's your name?
Tell me! Speak!
- [Abdullah] What's your name?
- [in Russian] I don't understand.
[Abdullah] What, asshole? What?
[Brother] Abdullah...
[Abdullah] Yes?
[Brother] Ask him in English.
Ask him. "What is your name?"
- [Brother, in English] What...
- [in English] What...
- is...
- is...
- your...
- your...
- name?
- Name?
[in Punjabi] Tell him.
[in English] I am nobody.
I am salesman. My name is Peter.
I'm nobody.
[Abdullah, in Punjabi] Asshole.
I'm sorry Brother, I don't
understand. It's a long name.
That's alright, Abdullah. Check
his pockets, check his wallet.
Check everywhere,
you will find something.
Okay, Brother.
Hold this.
Check his pockets.
[Vasili groans]
What's all this?
Yes sir, this is Houssam.
[Brother] Yes Houssam?
[Houssam] We found his
wallet and passport.
[Brother] Send me a photo of it.
Just a second.
[Brother] Good,
we will run a check on him.
Sending it now.
[in Russian] Don't touch it.
[breathing heavily]
Fuck off!
Fucking peasants.
- [Abdullah muttering]
- [Vasili groaning]
You dog!
Spit on me!
Spit on me!
Just try, you dog!
Spit on me!
Spit on me!
You, stay down!
- [groaning]
- [gunmen shouting]
Heads down! Heads down!
- [Brother] Houssam?
- [Houssam] Yes?
What's that noise,
what's happening?
Abdullah, he's gone mad!
He broke the Russian's ribs!
- Put the Russian on.
- Okay, Okay.
- Hey! Hey!
- [Vasili grunts]
Speak to him.
[Brother, in English]
Vasili Gordetsky?
[in English] You know who I am.
- Vasili Gordetsky?
- What?
The president and co-founder
of NV Capital.
Former officer
in Soviet Special Forces.
So fucking what?
You want money? Hmm?
I can get you money.
Your money
will not save you here.
You will die for what you did
in Afghanistan.
Oh, for God's sake.
[laughs, wheezes]
You know what
I did in Afghanistan?
I fucked your mother!
I fuck your sister,
you prick! I fu...
[Brother, in Punjabi]
Put Abdullah on.
Yes Brother?
What are you doing?!
He spat in my face, Okay?
Abdullah, calm down.
This is not the
time to get angry.
These people are
not important anymore.
CNN just showed that Special
Forces have landed in Mumbai.
You should be clear-headed
about what to do next.
- Understand?
- Yeah...
- Yes, Brother!
- Yes! Yes, Brother Bull.
It's time.
From Mumbai to Washington,
let them hear their screams...
as we've heard
our Muslim brothers scream.
God is great, Brother.
Brother is saying, it's time.
[in Arabic] All praise to Allah!
[in Punjabi]
Imran, you stay here.
Keep an eye on them.
If anyone moves...
Anyone moves,
you shoot them. Okay?
[Vasili groans]
[Imran] Stay down!
Stay down!
[door closes]
Don't you understand?!
Get down or I'll shoot you!
Please. Oh, no.
[Abdullah] Brother says we must
light every corner of the hotel.
- [all clamoring]
- Stop! Stop! Please, please! Stop!
I work here.
Please go down this way.
Sir, please, they'll shoot you. Sir.
They'll shoot you. Please. This way.
Follow me. Follow me. Please.
Follow me, sir. Please, follow me.
Please follow me.
[all shout in Arabic]
[mutters in Hindi]
[Arjun] Come.
[Cameron crying]
[Sally] Shh, shh.
[Cameron crying in distance]
[whispered murmuring]
- [Arjun] Sir.
- [knocking]
Sir, open the door.
Sir. Sir, it's Arjun.
It's Arjun. Open the door.
Oh, my God.
Please come. Please come this way.
Come, come, come.
This way, sir.
- [chattering]
- Please come, ma'am. Yes, ma'am.
Come. Come. It's okay.
Please come.
- Zahra? Zahra?
- [Cameron crying]
[Oberoi] Please don't worry.
Sorry, sir. There was nowhere else to go.
They set fire to the hotel.
It's a baby.
What do you want me to do?
[whispers] Sally has Cameron.
They're in a utility closet
next to room 415.
[Zahra wails]
[Zahra whimpering]
Be quiet, or I'll shoot you!
[all clamoring]
- Please listen. Please listen.
- [man] Shut that baby up.
- They're going to get us killed, Oberoi.
- Please listen, sir.
The central part of the hotel
is burning.
- Security forces will not be here in time.
- [all murmur worriedly]
We must leave by the safety stairs
and out through the kitchens.
They'll find us,
then shoot us and kill us.
Sir, the hotel is burning.
This is our only choice.
And everybody trusted you.
- Please keep... Sir, please keep quiet.
- We're not safe anymore.
Sir. So, please switch off
your mobile phones
and be as quiet as possible.
If we are together,
we'll be fine.
- [all clamoring]
- Mobile phones off, please.
Switch off your mobile phones
and keep quiet.
Mobile phones off.
Mobile phones off.
Sir. Sir!
[woman on TV]
The fighting is still going on.
Let's speak to Pranav Sahni
who is on the ground at the Taj.
We have one of the trapped
guests on the line,
RX Capital's Mr. Vijay Goswami.
Good to hear from you, sir.
Listen to me. Nobody knows
what's going on here, okay?
We're in the Chambers Lounge, north wing.
There are many important people here...
- What are you doing?
- We have a serious problem here.
- We need help immediately.
- [phone shatters]
What are you doing?
I was trying to get help!
- They'll find our location.
- You're supposed to be on my side! Hey!
[woman on TV] We've just been
informed of a daring escape
now underway at the Taj.
With reports of up to 100 guests
breaking out of the exclusive
Chambers Lounge
located deep inside
the burning hotel.
Get to the Chambers lounge!
A lot of people are escaping!
Sisterfuckers, sons of pigs.
Hurry, go now!
Yes, Brother! Yes!
Go upstairs!
People are escaping!
[cell phone ringing]
Yes, Brother.
Yes, understood. I'm going now.
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello Brother.
- Imran.
Many people are escaping
from the Chambers Lounge.
Get to the Chambers
Lounge, right now.
Chamber Lounge...
Okay, what about the hostages?
Kill them all.
Okay, Brother.
[man] No! Please, sir, no.
- I have kids that need me.
- [woman crying]
[woman muttering]
No, please!
No, please don't!
- [growling]
- [Imran screaming]
[Zahra sobbing]
[Imran screaming]
[coughing, choking]
I love you, Z...
[in Arabic]
There is no God but Allah...
Allah the kind,
Allah the gentle...
[in Punjabi] Hey witch!
How do you know this verse?!
[in Arabic]
There is no God but Allah...
- [Imran speaks in Punjabi]
- [Zahra continues in Arabic]
Shut up... Shut up...
Shut up.
Shut up or I'll shoot you!
[Zahra continues]
How do you know this verse?!
How do you know it?!
Shut up! Shut up!
[continues in Arabic]
[Imran] Shut up!
Shut up or I'll shoot you!
I will shoot you!
I'll shoot you,
I'll shoot you...
[Brother] Imran, talk to me.
Is it done?
Have you killed them?
[Imran] No Brother...
One of them is Muslim.
One of them is Muslim.
It's okay if he's Muslim.
Finish him off.
[continues in Arabic]
[Brother] Focus on your mission.
Finish him off.
It's a woman, she's performing
Salah. She's performing Salah!
Eyes down! Eyes down!
Shoot her, Imran. Shoot her!
God willing this is also a
good deed. Just shoot her.
Imran, shoot her!
- [breathing heavily]
- [continues in Arabic]
Close your eyes! I'll kill you!
I'll kill you! Close your eyes!
Eyes down!
Eyes down!
[in English] David.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry.
I'm sorry, sir.
[metal clanking]
Please come.
- Come.
- [Cameron fusses]
Shh, shh. Hey, darling.
[Houssam] It's blocked.
Let's go further up.
This is it. This is it.
[Houssam] Abdullah!
Get back. I'll teach them...
- [explosion]
- [screaming]
Go! Go!
[Houssam speaks in Punjabi]
[all screaming]
Move! Move!
[screaming continues]
Go! Go! Move! Come on!
Go! Go!
[radio chatter]
- Rashid, get back!
- They've gone this way!
[screaming continues]
[all shout in Arabic]
[radio chatter]
- [radio chatter]
- [indistinct]
[all screaming]
- Sir!
- [gunfire]
Sir. Please.
Sir, please go! Go. Please go!
Sir! Come, come! Run!
[shouting in Hindi]
[screaming, gunfire continue]
[in English] Run!
Run! Run!
[gunfire continues]
[soldier] Move!
Move! Go!
Go! Move!
[radio chatter]
[chattering in distance]
[coughing continues]
[glass shatters]
Thank you.
- [chattering continues]
- [no audible dialogue]
Up, up.
Okay, ma'am. Okay.
[soldier, in Hindi] Stop.
Stop, or we'll shoot you!
[Brother, in Punjabi]
Allah awaits you.
For Allah's sake,
you must not retreat.
- [panting]
- [gunfire continues]
[Abdullah] Houssam?!
Give me a magazine!
I'm out. I'm out.
[gunfire continues]
[Brother] Be brave, my lions.
The whole world is watching you.
Allah awaits you in paradise.
Keep your phones on...
so the whole
world can hear you roar.
[in Arabic] All glory to Allah!
God is great!
- [Cameron coos]
- [Zahra in distance] Sally?
[Zahra] Sally?
[Zahra] Sally?
- Sally!
- Zahra!
- Sally!
- Zahra!
- Oh, my...
- [sobbing]
Thank you.
Thank you, Sally. Thank you.
[soft music playing]
[music continues]
[man] One, two, three!
- [cheering]
- [applause]
One, two, three!
One, two, three!
[music fades]
[music playing]