Hotel Reserve (1944) Movie Script

Another drink before lunch, Skelton?
Major, anything to improve
Anglo-American relations.
I spent most of
my life in India.
Why did you do that?
I was enjoying it.
It bores me. You were singing it.
It's sentimental. Why not be
sentimental on our honeymoon?
Oh, yes, of course, our honeymoon.
You ought to know.
Come on.
I'll buy you champagne for lunch.
There's an article here
about the Australian Aborigines.
They catch their fish
with some kind of wooden harpoon.
There's nothing wrong
with my method.
YOU disturbed the fish.
This has got to stop.
Day after day, as soon as I am about
to catch a fish, you come by, paddling!
Hold it!
Thank you. That was perfect.
We're only too glad. Now perhaps
you'd take one of me by myself?
Sorry, that was my last film.
Mr Vadassy, will you be long?
I'm sorry, I couldn't miss those two.
It's my last film.
Yesterday, it was lizards
for your last film.
There must be something wrong with me.
No, you're not such a good model.
You can't stand still.
Because my hair gets in my eyes.
Why do you want hair?
It's usual.
I'm terribly sorry.
Forget it.
Let's go fishing this afternoon.
I'd love that.
Good. I must run to the village.
I left my negatives to be developed.
You'll miss lunch.
I'll hurry.
Is anything wrong, madame?
How many times have I told you
to decant one bottle at a time?
Now, don't let it happen again!
..Good morning. Madame. I'm glad my
guests are punctual for their meal.
You set a good example. Always
first to arrive. And last to leave.
..Morning, Major. Having fun?
Rather, dear lady.
Morning. ..Madame.
What have you been doing, M Duclos?
I've had a discussion on marine
biology with our fisherman friend.
He has a theory that the whale is not a
fish but a mammal. A mammal, I ask you!
You have so many interests, M Duclos.
Fools talk and wise men
listen, eh, M Vogel?
M Duclos needs a gag. Ssh!
Andre, he will hear you.
I don't care if he does. ..Albert!
Take this wine away. Champagne
and ice, quickly. Champagne?
You heard. ..Cru '28, isn't it?
..Bring a bottle at once.
Certainly, madame.
Ah, Miss...? Have you been fishing?
No, I'm going later with Mr Vadassy.
Monsieur, pleasant morning? Yes,
the Major and I discussed politics.
Politics? Yes, of
course we have.
I still don't understand
what a republican is.
Don't bother, Major, no-one does.
The same applies to the porpoise.
Everyone knows a porpoise is a fish.
No, they come inshore to breed.
And stay at the best hotels(!)
I'm serious. In subtropical waters,
the shallows are full of them. Impossible!
It's a biological fact.
I don't believe in facts.
Mankind is nature's
supreme achievement.
What have you done with your
young man, Miss Skelton?
Mr Vadassy?
He's not MY young man.
I never set eyes on him till yesterday.
My wife is a great matchmaker!
He has betrayed me for a lizard.
Her hair doesn't get in her eyes. Lizard?
He spent yesterday afternoon
taking her portrait.
He's gone for the photographs,
so he's late for lunch.
At the Hotel Reserve, one is never late
for lunch. I will speak to Mr Vadassy.
Anybody in?
Anybody in?
Yes, monsieur? That roll of film
I brought in, can I have it at once?
It's not ready yet.
Not ready?
But you said you'd have it this morning.
It shouldn't take all that time.
When will it be ready? It's not ready yet.
You haven't damaged the negative?
I wouldn't like anything
to happen to it. Oh, no, monsieur.
If you'd be good enough to
give me your name and address,
I'll send the boy with it.
No, I'll call again.
It's no trouble.
Your name and address, please.
Peter Vadassy. Hotel Reserve.
Hotel...Reserve... It shall
be sent round as soon as it's ready.
Monsieur Vadassy?
I must ask you to accompany me
to the police station. What for?
A slight passport formality.
My passport is at the hotel.
All my papers are in order.
I don't understand. You will.
Peter Vadassy? Yes.
Your identity card?
I left it at the hotel. Age? 32.
Profession? Medical student.
Scarcely a profession.
I teach languages.
You have a permit? Yes.
Give it to me. If it were necessary
to have a permit to bathe,
I might have it on me(!)
Don't be flippant!
Come in!
You're German.
No, Austrian.
Austrian? I don't carry my
passport everywhere either.
We have your passport here.
And all your other papers.
Have you any other professions besides the
two you mentioned? Or other nationalities?
This is absurd.
My father was Austrian.
My mother was French.
I left Austria before Hitler came in.
In another two days, I shall
become a French citizen.
I passed my final medical
examination three weeks ago.
Back in Paris, I shall be assistant
house surgeon at my hospital.
And your other activities?
I was only teaching to pay my way
through medical school.
It's always been my ambition
to be a surgeon and a Frenchman.
Teaching languages was my only means.
Your sentiments do you the greatest credit.
Thank you. ..Now, please, may I go?
You are a photographer? It's my
hobby. How many cameras do you have?
One. I can't see why... You're here
to answer questions, not to ask them!
You say you have one camera.
What make is it? Contax.
That IS my camera.
Were these photographs
taken by that camera?
Yes, those are mine. I took those
yesterday afternoon. The light was good.
Contax is an expensive make. How much
did you pay for it? 5,000 francs.
A lot of money
for a teacher of languages.
Photography is an
expensive hobby.
I saved to buy that camera, just
as I saved for this holiday.
It's the first one I've had in five
years. Calm down. I have my rights.
Your rights as what?
A stateless citizen?
A doctor without a practice?
A teacher of languages?
Perhaps as an amateur photographer?
Why pretend any longer, Vadassy?
I've got nothing
to pretend about.
You took these photographs?
I've said so.
Good. We will examine them together.
JUDGE: On the desk, here.
Take a look.
lizards...nothing but lizards.
Come on, Vadassy,
don't trouble to look surprised.
Curious lizards, eh, Vadassy?
I don't understand.
You know that is an excellent photograph
of the new fortifications
outside of Toulon.
I suppose you'll say
you've never been to Toulon.
Yes, I spent two hours
in Toulon yesterday.
But I left my camera in my
bag at the station. Strange.
But I was only there
a couple of hours.
Peter Vadassy,
you are charged with espionage,
with taking photographs calculated to
endanger the safety of the French Republic.
What's the charge? Espionage. That's why
the chief of naval intelligence is here.
Exactly. That's the way it goes.
That's the way it goes, my friend.
Sit down.
Thank you.
Why did you admit taking
those photographs?
I took all except the first ten.
How do you explain that?
The spool must've been changed. By
whom? I haven't the faintest idea.
My camera never left my suitcase
until I photographed the lizards.
Do you recognise this? Of course.
Examine it closely.
Do you find anything curious about it?
It's exactly as I left it at the hotel.
Then why does your insurance policy
give the the serial number as F2372?
But this isn't MY camera!
This is Z44738.
Why were my photographs
on that negative?
The Toulon exposures were made before
you photographed your stupid lizards.
The cameras were changed.
Then why do you keep me here?
You were in possession of photographs
calculated to endanger France.
You face a long term of
imprisonment, deportation
and your naturalisation
papers will not be granted.
France will lose an
undistinguished citizen
and the Third Reich will gain one.
This is grossly unjust.
You know I am innocent. Possibly.
Vadassy, there are ten guests
at the hotel and Madame Koche.
The guilty one has your camera -
a Contax identical to that.
It is impossible for us to arrest
the entire hotel and search everyone.
Inquiries must be made by someone
whose presence would arouse no suspicion.
I see what you mean.
Yes. It's a pity for both of us that
you're the only person who can help.
But, M... Beghin, is the name.
Michel Beghin.
But I've got to return
on Saturday to Paris.
You will remain at the hotel
till you're permitted to leave.
If you try to leave,
you'll be re-arrested,
you'll be deported straightaway
to Vienna
and your dossier will be handed
to the police there.
Get this into your head -
the quicker you find out
who took those photographs,
the better for you.
Don't try any tricks.
Don't write any letters.
If you do, imprisonment...
deportation and the Gestapo.
Here is a list I made out for you.
Your fellow guests. Take it!
M Vadassy, you are back!
Nothing serious, I hope.
The police were here before lunch.
Nothing serious.
Just a ridiculous mistake about my
passport. However, they apologised.
I apologise to you for having missed
lunch. You know what the police are.
They took a long time to clear
up such a small matter.
There was a delay in
getting through to Paris.
I thought the police had priority,
but you can never trust the telephone.
Anyway, I'm back now.
That's the main thing. Yes.
M Vadassy, when are you leaving?
We had agreed Saturday morning.
Oh, yes, the day after tomorrow.
The weather's so splendid,
I might stay on a day or two.
Oh, I'm afraid... If the police have
no objection and if you have a room.
I'll see what can be arranged.
Hello. Remember me?
Oh, yes, of course. The girl by the boat
you photographed this morning. Yes.
Where have you been all afternoon?
A date with a lizard, I suppose.
You did have a date with me to go
fishing. I'm sorry. Aren't you well?
I've got a headache. A touch of the
sun. I think I'll go and lie down.
Is there anything I can do? No.
Shall we see you for dinner?
Yes. I'll play you
billiards afterwards.
I'd love to. I'll look forward
to it. Now I'll go to my room.
'The quicker you find out who took
those photographs, the better for you.
'Don't try any tricks
and don't write any letters.
'If you do, imprisonment,
deportation, the Gestapo.'
He misses his lunch, now he misses
his dinner. I cannot understand it.
Everybody isn't like you, Walter.
..In Sweden last year,
he never stopped eating!
I didn't want to die
of cold and starvation.
They have very interesting
fish in northern waters.
I can well imagine it.
Harpooning whales all day! And
fighting Eskimos for FISH blubber.
For the last time,
a whale is NOT a fish.
Ladies and gentlemen, I appeal to...
Vadassy, good evening.
I beg your pardon, madame.
I'm afraid I'm late. Not at all.
Hello, there.
So, there you are!
Good evening.
Good evening.
Where have you been all day, monsieur?
We missed you.
I went down to the village and... it was
such a glorious day, I forgot the time.
I walked along the coast, over
the cliffs. Which way did you go?
Not very far. Well, quite a long
way. No, thank you, nothing to eat.
You're not eating anything,
M Vadassy?
No, I've got a headache.
A touch of the sun.
A touch of the sun?
You must be careful.
How about a drink, Vadassy?
..Albert, a glass for M Vadassy.
No, thanks. I'm perfectly all right.
I never drink champagne.
Nonsense! You look half-dead.
..Doesn't he, my pet?
M Vadassy looks charming.
But champagne is good for everyone.
Take it over, Albert.
I stick always to beer.
I can only drink it with sugar.
Vadassy, be a man.
..Odette, drink up.
We've only got one honeymoon.
Vadassy, you are not drinking
I'd rather not, if you don't mind.
Perhaps Herr Schimler would like my glass.
Herr Schimler? Yes. Take it over to him.
Sir, there is no Herr Schimler here.
He's sitting over there.
Oh, you mean M Heinberger?
Heinberger? Yes. It's M Heinberger.
I'm sorry. I'm...a bit confused.
Is your head really bad? I don't
think so. I'm perfectly all right.
Are you sure?
Perhaps I do feel a bit...queer.
Every minute is important. I'll
try again in the morning, Emil.
But I'm afraid it's useless.
You must keep trying for me.
I must know what has happened.
I must know what I have to do.
There's nothing you can do, Emil.
Haven't we done all we can?
Month after month of waiting and
planning, and now this has to happen.
Darling. There is so little time. Look,
I promise I'll try again in the morning.
You must.
There's nothing we can do tonight.
What was that? Wait. I'll see.
M Vadassy, is there anything wrong?
Nothing, madame. I couldn't sleep.
I came to look for a book.
I'm going back to my room.
I'm sorry I disturbed you.
Good night. Good night.
There we are, monsieur.
Coffee. Milk.
Croissant. Fresh this morning.
Good morning, Monsieur Vadassy.
You are down early.
Do you feel better today?
Yes, thank you. Oh, good.
Have you been here before? No, never.
A medical student doesn't
have much spare time.
My son-in-law is a
doctor in Zurich.
Show him the photographs, Liebchen.
..You're interested, M Vadassy? Yes.
This is my daughter.
And this is our grandson.
You wouldn't believe I was
a grandmother, would you?
He's such a dear, little boy. That's Ernst,
the doctor. And this is their house.
With the little dog. You know Switzerland?
No. Do you always take photographs?
Yes, I have an album
for each holiday.
Were these taken with a half-plate camera?
An Excelsior.
Have you any other cameras?
Oh, yes. I have always
been fond of photography.
Have you got them with you?
No, they're in Zurich.
You must visit us.
Yes, I'd like to.
What a glorious morning.
What a deuce of an appetite I've got!
What I wouldn't give
for an English breakfast!
I wonder if the chef could make
porridge? Vadassy, how are you?
I'm all right, thank you.
Had your breakfast already?
Excuse me.
Are you following me?
Unfortunately, yes.
I find it very fatiguing.
And this suit is very hot.
Why do you wear it?
Have you been to a funeral?
Four months ago, my mother.
She had stones. Sit down.
Thank you.
I would like to have a grenadine.
Waiter, grenadine for this gentleman.
And for you?
Nothing, thank you.
I'm going to telephone
M Beghin from that box.
Stay here and enjoy your drink.
He told me to telephone him.
But it is my duty to come too.
But there isn't room for
two in a telephone box.
But you cannot bribe the honour of a
French policeman with a glass of grenadine.
All right, move your chair that way
and you'll be able to watch me.
Yes? Peter Vadassy.
Any news about the camera?
Not yet. Then why are you bothering
me? I've discovered something. What?
The German, Emil Schimler,
is calling himself Paul Heinberger.
I heard him talking to Madame Koche
last night. I think he's the spy.
Are you insane?
Well, I thought it might be a clue.
I didn't ask you to play detective.
I asked you to find out which
of the guests had cameras. Find out!
Miss Skelton,
come and have a look at this.
Over there.
What's the matter? It's Mr Asticot.
He looks as though he's drowning.
Give me those.
Who's drowning?
Take my binoculars.
He's been caught by an octopus.
It must be a shark.
Poor chap! Give me those.
It is a gigantic shark.
Oh, I say!
What's going on?
All is over.
What happened?
Is he drowning?
Eaten by a shark.
No, it's not a shark!
He's made a wonderful catch.
He's lost it.
No, he hasn't.
It's dragging him under.
He's got it!
It's a giant.
Have I missed something?
I should think you have.
Tremendous sport.
Over there.
That is a fish, isn't it?! Isn't it?
We ought to take a photograph.
I'll get my camera.
And I'll get my Excelsior.
Photograph - what for? If you'd
seen it, you wouldn't ask.
I can't see anything remarkable
about catching a fish.
Oh, Andre, it'd be fun
to have a picture.
All right.
Splendid, my friend.
An 80-pounder, by Jove!
Do you think I should hold the fish?
No, it's perfect as it is.
..Where's your camera, Mr Vadassy?
You're missing the
photograph of the season.
I forgot to get a new roll of film.
Just my luck. Today of all days!
Mr Vadassy, would
you please help me?
There must be something wrong here.
If you would straighten it...
There you are. How's that?
I still can't see a thing.
Have you dropped your mirror?
Have I dropped...?!
At last!
We're ready now. Hold it.
I'm so sorry.
Perhaps there's air in it.
M Asticot, just once more.
Walter, do it without the bulb.
Once more? No, Walter!
Bravo! Jolly good show.
Now, put this round here. I'm so glad
you took my advice about the harpoon.
I didn't. But you weren't paddling.
How are we going to cook it?
This is going to be stuffed!
I have a room at
home full of them.
In the old days, one just wore
ordinary riding... What?!
Who locked me in the writing room?
Are you perfectly sure of that? Yes!
My dear fellow, take it easy...
Old Buffy Davenport, similar case.
Found him crawling round
the compound one morning
on his hands and
knees, raving mad.
I know you all think I'm mad.
No, just take it easy. But I was locked in.
Well, it's a bit unlikely.
My dear Vadassy.
It's quite a natural mistake to make.
Perhaps you locked yourself in.
Difficult to do with the key on this side
of the door, eh, M Duclos? Point taken.
This calls for a snifter. One doesn't
catch an 80-pounder every day. Swell idea!
You need a drink, too. What will you have,
my friend? Brandy or champagne or what?
Nothing, thank you.
Come up to my room.
Let Odette fix you a cocktail.
No, thank you!
Thank you very much, not now.
I'm sorry.
Cheer up, my friend.
You'll soon feel better.
Where were you when it happened?
What happened? What do you mean?
You know what I mean.
I was locked in the writing room.
Were you?
I was sitting over here.
Where have you just come from?
May I ask the reason for
this interrogation? You hypocrite!
Sir, I have not the faintest
idea what you're talking about.
You sit here smiling,
and all the time...
I'm afraid, I'm rather upset.
Forgive me.
Don't go!
Do YOU think I'm mad?
Not at all. THEY all think I am.
They think? Let them think!
I'm sure you're as sane as I am.
Now, pull yourself together.
What do you say to a game of Russian
billiards? It will calm your nerves.
I'm no good at this game.
There's only one thing I am good at.
That is?
Photography. Fascinating hobby.
Have you a camera?
Will you please not speak while I
make this shot? It is difficult.
Have I a camera?
No, I have no camera. In fact, I can't
remember when I had one in my hands.
M Heinberger has kindly been giving
me lessons. He's a very apt pupil.
We had some difficulties at first,
but now we understand one another
perfectly, don't we, Vadassy?
You will always fail if you jab it.
I wasn't thinking. A fatal mistake.
Keep your eye on the ball.
Decide what to do.
Concentrate, then do it.
Don't be in too great
a hurry or you will fail.
Your turn. M Vadassy is a novice.
One needs experience.
Yes, one must relax the muscles and
take it easy. You're trying too hard.
Oh! You see? You're back where you
started. Now you must begin again.
So, there you are!
What about that swim?
Are you winning a fortune
off Mr Heinberger?
No, Mr Heinberger's winning.
..Excuse me.
I've been wasting your time. Not at
all. Perhaps we'll play again later.
..I'll go and change. How long will
you be? Five minutes. Make it three.
All right.
A charming girl. Yes, and the man?
I don't know. Be careful, Emil.
I know what I am doing. Yes, but
sometimes I'm afraid. Don't worry.
I can look after myself. And him,
too, if necessary. Take care, Emil.
Come along, Peter! Time's up.
Don't move. I'll get a doctor.
You mustn't do that. Why on earth
not? Nobody must know about this.
Don't get excited.
What's been going on here?
I don't exactly remember.
Take it easy.
I must have fainted.
You don't have fits, do you?
No. From the look of the room,
you must've been thrashing round.
What really did happen? Nothing. It's
my sunstroke. I must have fainted.
First, you chewed up
everything except the carpet.
Then you fainted. You were
all right when I left you.
I know. It sounds a ridiculous
explanation. It IS ridiculous.
Why not come clean? I can't.
Not now, at any rate.
You must think I'm
completely mad.
A little. I can't understand
why you've got to be so mysterious.
Mary, I'd like to take you into my
confidence but...I simply can't.
OK, it's your affair.
There's no-one I'd rather tell if I
possibly could, but... But you can't.
The beautiful Romanian
spy has the papers
and the wicked agent has stolen
the secret photographs. Yes.
Mary, keep this to yourself. I don't
want anyone to know. All right.
Thank you. Whatever you do,
keep out of the sun.
Hello? Peter Vadassy. Oh, Vadassy.
Yes? Well, what is it? What is it?
I was knocked out in
my room just now.
Did you identify the man?
No, he attacked me from behind.
Your room was searched?
Two rolls of film are missing.
Anything else?
No, nothing.
Hello? Hello? Are you still there?
Don't fuss, but listen carefully.
Go back and tell Madame Koche
that your suitcase was forced open
and that several things
have been stolen.
A silver cigarette case, a diamond pin,
a gold watch chain
and the two rolls of film.
Make a scene. I want them all
at the hotel to know about it.
But do NOT ask for the police.
Do you understand? I can't do that.
Don't argue, but do as you're told.
Was your suitcase forced?
Then force it yourself before
you tell Madame Koche.
Is that clear? Yes, but I have
no cigarette case or a diamond pin.
Of course not. They've been stolen!
Get on with it!
Why did he come here to telephone?
There's a telephone in the hotel.
And who's the guy with him?
His keeper(!) Another drink?
Swell idea.
Waiter! Vermouth cassis and a whisky.
M Duclos!
M Duclos!
M Duclos!
I want to talk to you.
It's very important.
M Duclos, you're a
man of the world.
Can you give me advice on a
matter of some delicacy?
I am at your disposal.
I have experience of this.
But how...?
I am a man of the world. She's charming.
What are you talking about?
Miss Skelton.
It's nothing to do with her.
I've been robbed.
A burglary?! My suitcase has been
forced and my valuables taken.
Who could it be? The major?
Roux? Heinberger?
Maybe someone from the village.
You'll help me?
We must inform the police.
That would cause a scandal.
Yes. We want to keep it dark.
Naturally. But a few discreet
enquiries. I understand perfectly.
You can rely on me. I'll get
to the bottom of this for you.
You may trust me implicitly.
I do, M Duclos. I do.
M Duclos is coming.
Come here.
A most terrible thing has happened.
M Vadassy has been robbed
of valuable jewels.
Was there violence?
What are we going to do?
Wait. Meantime, not a word.
My watch!
We must go back to the hotel.
Have you heard the news? There's
been a burglary in the hotel.
M Vadassy has had everything stolen.
His diamond pin. His pearl studs. And
the watch presented to his father.
I'm amazed
Vadassy had such valuables.
I understand on the highest authority
he's travelling incognito.
Good Lord! Yes. So the utmost
secrecy must be observed.
Not a word of this must leak out.
Pardon my intrusion. But there's a
gang of crooks at large in the hotel.
They've stolen important papers
from M Vadassy. Secret documents.
It may lead
to international complications.
What's going on, Peter? When I left
you, you were completely down.
What's so funny?
Isn't Duclos marvellous?
What's all this about
you travelling incognito?
Did he really say that?
I don't understand. Explain.
Mary, I know this seems
insane, but I think
everything's going to be all right.
I'll take your word for it.
Don't be angry, Mary. I'm not angry.
I'll explain soon, I promise.
He's a genius.
Remember - I can't impress upon you
enough the importance of secrecy.
The peace of the world may depend on it.
I may be summoned to Geneva myself.
(I've already heard from
the Minister of the Interior...)
Excuse me, monsieur.
Yes, Albert?
Madame would be grateful if
you'd come to her office.
What's the matter now?
I'll be back in a minute.
Come in!
M Vadassy.
Come in, M Vadassy.
Sit down, monsieur.
I hope you have
some satisfactory news for me.
No, monsieur. None of the staff
could throw any light on the affair.
Most of them have been
with me for years
and I'm satisfied they're telling
me the truth. ..You may go.
This is really a case
for the police.
Do you think that's altogether advisable?
I have no intention of calling them.
I don't want any more scandal.
I asked you to say nothing until
I had gone into the matter.
You lost no time in doing
precisely the opposite.
I admit that I did discuss
the matter with M Duclos.
M Duclos! M Vadassy, I have now been in
the hotel business for a number of years.
I've met gentlemen
of your kind before.
You broke open the case yourself.
But this is absurd!
I assure you, madame... Please,
monsieur, there is nothing you can say.
You will leave my hotel tomorrow.
I do not wish the other guests to know why.
You will find some plausible excuse.
Here's your bill.
I cannot say that I hope to see you
again at the Hotel Reserve.
I'm afraid
you'll find nothing of value here.
I... Spare me your excuses.
Now, would you prefer to see
Madame Koche here? Or in her office?
I don't want to see her. I've taken
nothing. There is nothing to take.
Some valuables were stolen
from MY suitcase. I suspected you.
I happen to have discussed
your story with Madame Koche.
She tells me you're leaving.
Under protest. This is part of your
protest? Put it that way if you like.
However, I see that you are not
the thief. I can only apologise.
That will not do. It would be
as well that you stayed here
until we discuss this
with Madame Koche.
You can't charge me with anything.
My dear Vadassy, you are
already known to the police.
You came here with the
intention of stealing.
You can explain
yourself to the police.
Under what name are you going
to lodge your complaint?
Herr Heinberger?
Emil Schimler of Berlin?
Or Paul Czissar of Prague?
So, you're NOT a hotel sneak thief!
I told you I wasn't a thief.
No, you're a filthy, little spy!
Yes? You rang, monsieur?
It was a mistake.
That was a fortunate interruption for
you, my friend. I was going to kill you.
Perhaps we can talk sense.
I suppose you've never heard
of a man called Beghin? No.
You soon will. He's attached
to naval intelligence at Toulon.
Doesn't that suggest
anything to you?
I have a suspicion, Vadassy, that
we're talking at cross purposes.
Who are you? What do you want?
I want a piece of information.
What did you do with that camera? I
don't know what you're talking about.
Then I shall hand you over
for interrogation. You fool!
My reasons for using a different name
are nothing whatever to do with you.
The police know who I am
and so does Madame Koche.
You are trying to blackmail me into
giving information I don't possess.
Am I right?
More or less.
You've seen the passports.
I'll be frank with you.
I daren't let this
information get any further.
That's your affair.
Vadassy, in 1933, I was editor of the
Social Democrat newspaper in Berlin.
That year, German social democracy
died a bitter death.
I was arrested by the Nazis
and sent to a concentration camp.
They're not very pleasant places.
I spent two years in that camp.
I finally got my release on the condition
that I resigned my German citizenship.
I went to Paris to work in
an anti-Nazi underground movement.
I was to smuggle
anti-Nazi propaganda
between Prague and Berlin,
using the false passports.
The Gestapo found out my name.
They tried to kidnap me in Switzerland
and take me back to Germany.
Surely you're safe here?
When you are hunted,
you develop an extra sense.
I thought I had been identified.
I thought YOU might be the man.
I was wrong.
Now, what are you going to do?
If the police know who you are, what
does it matter what name you go by?
They have a hold on me.
My wife and child
are still in Germany.
I can trust you, Vadassy?
Of course you can.
Thank you, my friend.
What about your suspect?
Don't worry. I'll find him.
Where have you been? Any news?
What did you say?
Have they called in the police yet?
No. Why not?
It wasn't necessary.
Have they found the thief?
No. There was no thief.
I don't understand.
I found my things.
Pressure was brought to bear
from high quarters. The jewels are safe?
Oh, yes. Anybody hurt?
Two gendarmes seriously wounded.
Who were the criminals?
I can't say now.
I must explain.
HILDA VOGEL: Was there a struggle? No.
Will the gendarmes recover?
Now, listen, please, just a minute.
I don't know what
this is all about.
There are NO criminals and none
of my property's been stolen.
I found my things under the bed.
They must have fallen down when
my room was cleaned. How amazing!
THUNDER CRASHES How did it happen that
the locks on the suitcase were broken?
And what about the two wounded gendarmes?
I don't get it. This is all ridiculous.
The only person I discussed this
with, in confidence, was M Duclos.
There was no talk about wounded
gendarmes or broken locks.
Herr Vogel, did you think
the locks had been forced?
No, I never said so.
Then, M Roux,
your imagination ran away with you.
What is all this nonsense? That
old fool made up the whole story.
Ladies, gentlemen, I am not in
the habit of betraying confidences.
You deny that you told all of us of the
theft? You said the locks were forced.
In confidence.
..You heard him, Odette. I did.
Well, he admits it.
In confidence, of course(!)
He invented the lot.
DUCLOS: This is unbearable.
I agree with you, it's unbearable
that we have to put up with you.
I resent your impertinence.
If you were a younger man, I'd strike you.
M Duclos is an old fool.
I beg your pardon?
I said - M Duclos is an old fool.
And you, sir, are a liar. Who stole
the things from Vadassy's room? You!
How else did you know the lock
on his suitcase was forced?
I denounce you liar and thief!
Andre! Hasn't this gone far enough?
Andre, please!
Come upstairs. All right!
I am sick to death of the lot of
you! You make me sick, all of you!
A pack of gossiping old women!
An extraordinary exhibition!
Quite insane, apparently.
A manic depressive.
I've met many similar cases.
I treated him rather well.
Don't you think you deserve a drink?
You're most kind.
Let's all go to the bar.
Of course, the thing
to do is remain calm.
The power of the human eye works wonders.
I've made a study...
So, you are just a
common or garden thief.
Mary, you don't understand.
I can't explain just now, but...
You said that before. I'm not interested.
It's clear now - I just made a mistake.
Can't you stop humming that tune?
It's getting on my nerves.
It pleases me.
Don't just stand there -
do something! Don't panic.
There's plenty of time.
If you hadn't bungled those photographs,
we could have gone yesterday.
It's no use going over that again.
It's just our luck that
he had a Contax, too.
How was I to know
they'd get mixed up?
Is the car ready? I'm not going
without those photographs.
Is the car ready?
SHUT UP! Of course it's ready.
What's the matter with you?
There's nothing the matter with me.
I know what I'm doing.
We can't go back to Berlin
empty-handed. Then do something!
Leave me alone!
Monsieur Vadassy.
Excuse me for intruding.
I came to see if you were all right.
Oh, of course we are. Come in.
..Good evening. Good evening.
Is that all you came about?
Well, no, I came to ask if you had
a roll of film you could lend me.
Isn't that extraordinary? I was just
saying to Odette that we've run out.
Well, I wouldn't be able to
use it till tomorrow anyway.
This is a nice camera.
You didn't use it today.
It was. We have no other camera.
I'm sorry the room is untidy, M Vadassy.
We were getting ready for the party.
For M Duclos's delightful party.
That scene in the hall
was partly my fault.
Oh, not a bit. It was foolish
of me to lose my temper.
A drink? Shall we leave Odette
to dress in peace? Why not?
M Vadassy, will you be staying here
long? Well, no. I'm leaving tomorrow.
That's strange, so are we.
How interesting. Well, shall we go?
Vadassy, I like you. I'm going
to put my cards on the table.
It's only fair to tell - and I want
to be fair - I hold all the trumps.
Two days ago, by accident, I made
use of a camera which was not my own.
Now, I took my own camera back, but
a very annoying thing has happened.
Ten negatives were missing.
For sentimental reasons, I would
like to have those negatives back.
I value them so highly, I'm willing
to pay 5,000 francs for them.
It's a high price to pay for ten negatives.
But you're a sentimentalist.
Yes. You're lucky to be able to pay
so much for your pleasures.
What do you mean?
Sentimentality seems to be an
expensive hobby, that's all.
Vadassy, I...
..I MUST have those ten negatives.
I'm offering you 500 francs each for them.
Supposing they're not for sale?
Listen, my friend, I'm not
playing parlour games!
If you won't sell those negatives,
there are other means of getting them.
Herr Heinberger.
Good night. Good night.
Give me those negatives, Vadassy.
Give them to me!
Forgive me, monsieur. We are
looking for M Vadassy. Peter Vadassy.
This is M Vadassy.
Allow me to introduce you.
Peter Vadassy, you're under arrest.
I'm not the man you want.
Let me explain!
You can explain at the station.
What is the charge, my man?
That is not your concern, monsieur.
I am a citizen of the Republic.
I have a right to know.
The charge is one of espionage.
You've had a spy amongst you.
I knew it from the start!
He couldn't fool Duclos.
A spy! I knew he was fishy.
I said so all along.
Yes. The moment I saw him,
I said, "There's a dangerous spy."
He tried to bribe me this afternoon.
HILDA: I thought
he was a nice young man.
You know what to do. As instructed.
They'll make a run for it any time.
..Vadassy, glad you've come.
Is this another of your idiotic ideas?
I had my hands on the man!
I caught your spy! Don't fuss.
I'm busy. These are yours.
Why have I been re-arrested?
They'll be halfway to Berlin by now.
Look at those -
your naturalisation papers.
My natur...?
This means... You are
a citizen of the French Republic.
Don't let it go to your head.
Get away from there!
Get in!
You will follow the inspector.
Roux has taken the coast road to Toulon.
Just as I expected. ..Come along.
Get him an overcoat.
It'll be cold in the car.
Light me a cigarette.
Be careful, Andre!
I know the road.
It was a mistake to shoot him.
Thank you, darling.
Do up your coat. You'll catch cold.
Good. You know the road.
Roux's getting into Toulon now.
That's what we've been waiting for.
I think I told you that
we're not interested
in spies but in who
employed them.
We knew that Roux had
taken those photographs,
but we didn't know who
he was taking them to.
We want the others.
There's a big spy ring in Toulon.
Tonight, we're going to smash it.
Why didn't you take me
into your confidence?
The less you knew, the better.
I wanted Roux to leave.
You were the goat that
baited the tiger.
You've had an enjoyable game at my
expense. My profession isn't a game.
I used you
because I wanted to use you.
When you started playing detective
and had your camera stolen,
I would cheerfully
have seen you hang.
What are you looking round for?
Will they follow us to Toulon?
What for? They've got Vadassy.
No, thank you.
More fool you.
My wife makes an excellent pate.
Don't go up there. Why not go over
the border while there's still time?
What are you talking about?
I'm frightened. I love you, Andre.
And I please you a little, don't I?
Nice time to choose
for light conversation.
In there, sir. Number 23.
I thought they'd
pulled that place down years ago.
I was wondering what had become of you.
You have had a pleasant holiday?
You have the souvenirs
of your visit?
Were you followed? ANDRE!
I don't think so.
You don't think so?!
Beghin is no fool.
What a mess!
I'm going.
You're doing nothing of the sort!
..Is your car outside?
Put up your hands, all of you!
This is an unexpected pleasure.
I said all of you, Roux.
Surely this isn't necessary?
This is the gentleman you want.
May I introduce you?
The police, Graf Kurt von Rothenhan.
Von Rothenhan, the police.
Oh, and M Vadassy.
I was forgetting him.
I can show you everything.
That file there, inspector,
will interest you particularly.
I've been waiting for
this for a long time.
Drop your gun, Vadassy.
I haven't got a gun.
YOU haven't got a gun either
or you'd have shot me in the back.
You wouldn't have waited for me.
You're finished, Roux.
Stop. Stop one moment, please!
Don't let's be foolish, Vadassy.
You know I like you. I always did.
An hour ago, I offered you
5,000 francs for ten negatives.
Sell me ten minutes, Vadassy.
I'll pay you 50,000.
50,000 francs for ten minutes.
It's no good, Roux. You're finished.
You don't understand.
50,000 francs...
You don't hate me, Vadassy.
I don't hate you.
Then, don't do this to me, please.
You want money, don't you?
Lots of money.
That's all anyone wants. Take it.
Take it. 50,000.
50,000 francs for ten minutes only.
I beg you, Vadassy!
Please, take it! TAKE it!
Albert, what is this noise for?
How do you feel now? I feel as if
everything were just beginning.
Is that nice? Couldn't be nicer.
I'm afraid you're going to be
a success.
Dr Vadassy, the
great specialist.
The well-known lizard
fancier who can't swim!
I will beat you...
to the lighthouse and back?
You're getting above yourself.
They will be late for lunch.
It doesn't matter for once.
What does it matter?
Let them be happy while they can.
For a few summers.
There's so little time.