Hotel Sinestra (2022) Movie Script

Grandad, wait!
The moon is red.
The moon is red, and full.
I have one chance, one wish.
The moon is red and full.
It's a red moon.
One wish. I can have one wish.
Grandad, what are you doing?
They just want to cure you
in this sanatorium.
Who are you?
Let's go back.
One wish. I can have one wish.
It's too late to play.
- Look, guys, the ski run.
- Awesome! Where's the hotel?
- A little further up. We're nearly there.
- Isn't it beautiful here?
Hello? Are we that far away
from the ski run?
Marnie, slow down.
These roads are narrow and slippery.
I'll do the driving, Marc.
No talking to the driver.
- But where are we going?
- To a very special place, Ava.
Isn't this gorgeous?
Guys, I haven't had phone reception for
half an hour. We're officially on holiday!
- Ava, when will you stop doing that?
- When you remove the child lock.
Can I have an echo?
Marc, get a grip.
Isn't that cool?
Ava, let's wait for each other.
Do I look like a pack mule?
Brilliant place, isn't it?
It used to be a sanatorium.
- A sanatorium?
- Yes, a place where...
sick, old, crazy people went
to get better.
They thought the waters here
worked miracles.
Not a bad place
to celebrate Christmas, right?
And an entire week without Wi-Fi!
No Wi-Fi?
- Good morning!
- Have you gone mad?
Look out, child.
Yes, I'm coming.
- You're Mr. Grunwald?
- That's right.
Look, there's a torchlight walk tomorrow.
But there is one condition:
no solitary adventures.
- Anything can happen in the mountains.
- Sure. I'm not a baby.
- Ava, your bag.
- Can you take it?
Her own room! I used to be happy
with a place in the tent.
Yes. Tomorrow night's torchlight
procession is not to be missed.
A full blood moon is very rare.
This will be the best Christmas
of my life!
Why do I have to join a class?
It's nice to make new friends.
Seriously, these are nerds.
- Why can't I ski on my own?
- Because you're still a child, Ava.
That's why.
Yes? Do I look dumb enough?
Hi, kids, ready to go?
- Ava, look out for each other.
- And do your best.
Stay with the group
and listen to the instructor.
Have fun!
Are we going to ski off-piste?
- I don't think he heard you.
- Does he even speak Dutch?
He's listening to music!
I should try that
when my parents talk to me.
Grown-ups can do what they like.
Kids can't do anything.
We are ordered to do stuff.
"Life is more than just having fun."
"Eat your veggies, son."
I can't have pets, because of my allergy.
- My parents really suck.
- All parents suck.
We have to listen all the time,
but no one listens to us.
Hey, you tanned meatball.
I'm sorry?
You're the brat-worst.
Nice one!
One, two, three, four.
Where's Ava?
Stefano. Hi!
- Ava!
- Out of the way!
Come on, guys!
Okay, kids, we'll ski down slowly.
Follow me and stay together.
Ava, that goes for you too!
I'm sorry?
I beg you, no antics for once.
I don't even know what that means.
A little squirrel!
Follow me.
- Dex!
- A squirrel!
Dex, stop.
Wait for me, little squirrel.
Dex, wait!
I've lost him.
And we've lost our group.
Why is there no signal here?
What kind of place is this?
The squirrel is sitting snugly
by the fire now.
Come. Let's go.
- Cold, eh, Ava?
- Yes. Look where you're going.
- Where are we?
- Good question.
Did you have problems
with your daughter?
- Did we have problems with Ava?
- No, no problems.
Stefano, look.
I found these two little stinkers
in the middle of nowhere.
- Mum! Dad!
- Dex!
- Where were you?
- Come here, sweetie.
- Ava!
- Sweetheart.
Where were you?
Don't ever scare us like that again.
Darling, where were you?
She is totally irresponsible!
She's been taking ridiculous risks
all day.
She only thinks of herself!
We're going inside. It's about time
you started behaving!
Ava, Ava, Ava.
The instructor said
you skied like a madman.
You can't always do as you please
and go all out without thinking.
Putting others at risk.
It's not fair.
Dex went after a squirrel.
You're staying in your room tonight.
- What about the torchlight walk?
- I'm sorry.
If you don't take responsibility,
we will have to.
Okay, I'll stay here.
Am I getting a baby alarm too?
- Ava...
- Don't Ava me.
You treat me like a baby.
You know what? I'll celebrate Christmas
on my own here too...
so you won't have a little kid
nagging you.
Cheese fondue with real Swiss cheeses!
I taste Comt, blue cheese
and Appenzeller?
What's wrong with you? Sit down!
Sit down and eat your meal.
Did you know you can break a glass
by singing?
Riek! Stop that!
- Stop it, both of you.
- Eating and singing, that's all you know.
Why do things always
break around me?
Give it to me, dad.
Look. Fixed it.
You don't have vegan cheese?
Or plant-based cheese
or cheese substitute?
We may have goat's cheese.
Dex doesn't tolerate dairy products.
It's an all-round
allergic food sensitivity.
There's no walnut oil in it, is there?
- Dex!
- Pay attention!
- Watch out, his clothes.
- Give me a napkin.
- I haven't got a napkin.
- I have to clean his hand.
Aren't we being too hard on Ava?
Locking her up...
Locking her up?
This is a four-star hotel, not a prison.
Has your daughter persuaded
you to join the torchlight walk?
Everyone will take part.
We'll be there.
Our daughter is being disciplined,
not us.
I'm not going to pass up
this torchlight walk.
"The Val Sinestra well..."
"is known for its miraculous powers."
Fairy tales.
Wow. Awesome.
The hotel is empty, everyone's gone.
You've got 15 minutes. Don't go outside
and stay away from the well.
Okay, grandad Grunwald.
Fire officer Jonas present!
One, two, three, four,
Jonas now can play some more.
Five, six, seven, eight,
there's a red moon, don't be late.
Nine, fourteen, twenty-two,
the one you see is always you.
I'm going to put out all the fires.
Hi, Jonas.
Really! You look weirder than I do.
That's better.
Why aren't you at the torchlight walk?
Oh. It's a long story.
My parents have told me
to stay in the hotel.
Come on, take it.
- And you?
- What?
Why aren't you at the walk?
- And why are you in a suitcase?
- I'm also grounded.
What is it with parents?
It's almost as if they don't want me
to have a good time.
Yes, adults are just in the way.
Sometimes I'd like to be rid of them.
Really? Would you like to get rid
of them?
Yes. That would be nice.
Then you can do exactly as you please.
Yes. That.
No more disciplining, going to bed
on time, finishing your plate.
Your own boss at last!
Is that your dearest wish?
Yes, isn't it everyone's?
- Come, let's go outside.
- Outside? But...
I have something nice to show you.
Come, down here.
- You know your way around here.
- I've been coming here all my life.
How old are you? Eleven?
- Yes, but I have been for a long time.
- For a long time?
Are you related to this Grunwald,
the man at the reception?
This way.
Jonas, wait. Where are you going?
Wow. What is this?
This is the Val Sinestra well.
This well can work miracles.
So if you have any wishes...
And you believe that?
You want to have a good time,
don't you?
You know who keep
ruining things for us.
You just said so yourself.
You read that stupid book
of fairy tales too?
Just try your luck.
You can have one wish.
The red moon is full.
This is your chance.
Okay, whatever.
Gosh, I'm really impressed.
The miracle well of Val Sinestra.
I have to get back.
Wait for me!
My parents will kill me
if they find me gone.
How are things here?
I can understand your anger.
But I hope you can also understand
why we were angry with you.
We'll discuss it tomorrow.
Breakfast is at 8:30.
We'll come and wake you up.
Sleep tight.
Fairy tales.
"We'll come and wake you up, Ava."
Hello? Mummy?
What about breakfast?
Just tell me if you need a hand.
Are we late for breakfast too?
I'm not going to class
on an empty stomach.
Right, ski class.
What's keeping that fool
with his fairy train?
Where are mum and dad?
Mum, dad, wake up.
I'm not asking you again.
Alright. I did warn you.
I could just...
This would have worked too.
Okay, let's check all the rooms.
- Did it.
- Nice one.
- No one here.
- There's no one here.
Way to go.
- No one.
- No one?
- No.
- Where are they?
- No one here.
- Nobody.
- Empty.
- Nothing.
- No one here either.
- No one.
- I think they've gone skiing without us.
- Or are they hiding?
Where's Ava?
You gave me a fright, you fool!
Payback for yesterday.
All the adults are gone. And you know
where they are, you clown.
My suitcase wasn't locked this morning.
Your wish has come true!
It worked!
Are they really all gone?
Yes. Where are they?
Out of the way!
This is the best day of my entire life.
You don't understand
what's going on here, do you?
No. Do you?
All our parents are gone!
Yeah, duh. But where have they gone?
Who cares?
Obviously they had enough of us.
Is he new?
- He's got a big mouth for a new kid.
- He has.
All our parents are gone!
Vanished. Disappeared.
Wake up!
Can't you see how great this is?
If the adults are gone and
no one can boss us around...
Hotel Sinestra is ours!
We can do as we please!
Three, two, one...
Go, Ava!
Oh boy.
"Unended, the dream will turn
for the worse..."
"the wish will turn into..."
"a curse."
That's "Mr. Director".
Yeah, right.
This book. Have you read...
Your sundae, sir.
Everyone is partying.
And you are reading books.
The whipped cream.
My favourite.
You know who you remind me of?
Worrying, and clutching a book?
Of an adult.
You don't know how to have fun, Ava.
I don't?
Do you know what Ava just asked me?
"Joey, do you know
how to make popcorn?"
Such an insult!
Come on, popcorn, pop!
Shut up everyone,
the film's about to start!
Wicked film, Ava!
- Sit down!
- You're blocking the view.
Yeah, sit down.
Okay, this is pretty cool.
You do know how to play.
One, two, three, four,
Jonas now can play some more.
Five, six, seven, eight,
there's a red moon, don't be late.
Nine, fourteen, twenty-two,
the one you see is always you.
Four, five, six, seven,
Jonas, he has stayed eleven.
Who's there?
Dex, what are you doing?
Mum and dad are still gone.
I'm calling them.
This is weird. It's Christmas tomorrow.
If this is a joke,
it's been going on for too long.
Dex, come. Let's have breakfast.
They will come back, won't they,
I should hope so. Who else
is going to clean up this mess?
Good morning.
It's not a good morning.
Our parents are still gone.
We have to do everything ourselves.
Exactly. This is the best day
of my entire life.
Wasn't that yesterday?
Have you forgotten already?
At last we can eat anything we want and
you guys choose early-morning urine...
and stale cornflakes.
Come on, guys.
Come on! Dig in!
Guys, let's have breakfast together.
Guys, be quiet.
Mummy wants to say something.
I've got a better idea.
Joey, do you know
how to make pancakes?
Ava, stop insulting me.
We want food! We want food!
Okay, here we go:
30 eggs, 15 litres of milk...
12 kilos of flour, salt
and 10 packs of butter.
Asha, some kind of mixer.
And, Ava, the pan.
This is it?
Eat this one first.
I know a fun game.
It's called...
pancake frisbee!
- What's wrong with him?
- Yeah, he's really...
Watch out!
He is really childish!
No, Asha...
No! Jonas, don't waste all our food.
Ava, you're so boring!
- Jonas! Let go, you childish brat!
- You let go!
Jonas, this is dangerous!
- Wow, I'm luminous.
- Stop it!
Jonas, stop it.
Wow, awesome!
Dex, watch out!
Dex, buddy, are you still alive?
I saw birds in the tree.
It's even worse than I thought.
All the fuses have blown.
It's high voltage current,
so I need special fuses.
We're lost without those fuses.
The central heating
also needs electricity.
So do the fridges and freezers.
We could put the food out in the snow.
- How much have we got left?
- For two, maybe three days.
Quite a lot has been used.
Ava, where are you going?
Seriously, where are you?
Isn't it beautiful?
You can see the red moon
for three days and nights.
Then it's a very long wait
for the next one.
- Is this your room?
- Yes.
But you barged in anyway.
Why are you hidden behind a suitcase?
- Are you looking for something?
- Our parents.
You won't find them.
The well has made them...
Sure. And I spirited away
all the parents.
That's right. And once the red moon
has gone, it will be forever.
Fine. And you're a baby.
And babies believe in fairy tales...
and throw pancakes and laugh when
someone is hit by a Christmas tree.
But I'm not as childish as you are, Jonas.
You can be angry with me,
but you wished them away, Ava.
All the adults are gone,
and it was your doing.
I hope for your sake
that the other kids don't find out.
- Where are you going?
- To get help.
Whose help?
Okay, we're going to the village.
We'll be back tonight.
With your parents.
I'm coming too.
- You can't.
- Why not?
You're much too little.
Come on.
But I can't wait for you all the time.
And I can't wait for you
all the time.
Come on, guys.
I'm sure they're in the village.
Are you okay?
It's going well. Hang in there.
Here you are.
This is good, Joey.
Thanks. No one likes this cake more
than our dad.
Do you think mum and dad
are mad at me...
because I went after a squirrel
although I'm allergic?
What? No, you mustn't think like that.
Maybe they just needed a break.
It must be tough, being a parent.
- Always fixing things.
- Always worrying about us.
Yes, mum will do anything for us.
I always have to fix stuff for my dad.
He's totally clumsy.
My mum always used to do that.
Loving someone so much
must be tiring.
We're about here.
And the village is down there.
- So just keep left.
- And keep the river to our right.
Wait. What does it say there?
- Who can speak German?
- I can.
"To break, for good, the curse..."
"the giants must speak first."
- Giants?
- Giants?
"Unended, the dream will turn
for the worse..."
"the wish will turn into a curse."
What? What curse?
The two spells belong together.
I'll explain later.
We must hurry.
- Hey, look!
- There's the village!
- At last!
- Yes, the village!
It's at least another hour's walk.
I have an idea.
I'm not getting in that thing.
Ava, I'm not getting in that thing.
How do we brake this thing?
There's your answer. Heads down!
That was pretty awesome.
One more time!
- That might be tricky.
- Why?
- Ever seen anyone slide upwards?
- No, you're right.
I'm glad I had a light breakfast.
Are the adults hiding here too?
Anybody here?
Mummy! Daddy!
No adults.
Hello? Where are you?
You okay?
- Look, over by the church!
- Grown-ups. I can see them!
Yes. Grown-ups!
Let's go.
- Mum! Dad!
- Thank God.
Let's take shelter.
I've had enough of this.
Where is everyone?
I wished away all the adults.
I wished away all the adults...
at the Val Sinestra well,
the night you took the torchlight walk.
My wish has come true.
Ava, this is no time for joking.
I'm not joking.
It's the truth.
I didn't believe it myself,
but Jonas is right.
What does Jonas have to do with it?
Well, he took me to the well.
He persuaded me.
- So this is his fault?
- No, but...
- Why didn't you tell us?
- Yes, if you knew this all along...
- Why did we have to go look for them?
- And then you just partied...
as if nothing was wrong?
You all partied too.
You said our parents would be here, Ava.
Yes, we would return
with mum and dad!
You were also whining
about your parents.
You also loved life without grown-ups!
Have you seen our parents?
The whole world has been orphaned.
Because of me.
This well can work miracles.
Four, five, six, seven,
Jonas, he has stayed eleven.
This is the best day of my entire life.
He's frozen.
He's stuck in time.
Jonas is frozen in time.
He's forever eleven years old.
That's why he is so childish.
Yes. That's his curse.
So you think Jonas
has something to do with the well?
And with our curse.
You have to believe me.
I'm sure of it.
We have to break the curse of the well.
We have to find a way to turn it around.
I don't know about that...
I'm not celebrating Christmas
without my parents.
Exactly. Christmas is almost here
and it's a time of hope.
That's what our mum says.
Okay. I guess if our parents
can disappear...
There must be a way to get them back.
And not just for us.
Are you hungry?
I've found those fuses!
Power is back on.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I hope our parents will come back soon.
Yes. So do I.
Where's Dex?
Hi, guys.
Let's not tell the other kids
about this yet.
We'll keep secret what we've seen
in the village.
Exactly. Let's not spread panic.
At last. What kept you so long?
- Christmas presents!
- Take it easy.
Okay. We know that
you'd love to have an answer.
Well, we've got great news for you.
Our parents are on their way.
Yes. They were actually in the village.
Together we're going to throw
the hottest Christmas party ever!
In our own way. Let's go!
You are such liars!
I know your secret, Jonas.
I know your secret.
And it's much bigger.
You're frozen in time.
You will forever remain a child.
You can't get older than eleven.
I think it was something you wished for.
We're both stuck in a curse.
You are stuck in a curse.
I'm living my dream.
Forever eleven?
That's a nightmare.
- We have to undo it.
- No!
I know it can be done.
"To break, for good, the curse,
the giants must speak first."
Who are the giants? Help me.
She only thinks of herself...
but now that she's in trouble,
she suddenly needs the others.
We want our parents back,
just like the kids in the village...
and probably all over the world.
We need our parents.
No, I don't want any adults around.
They turn our life into a prison.
- They don't...
- They did for me! What do you know?
I'm not going back into my suitcase.
Never ever!
What about your family?
Don't you miss them?
I'm going to play.
Your family, Jonas.
Where do you belong?
A tiny key.
What do you see, Ava?
I was wrong, Jonas.
A world without adults
isn't that bad, is it?
I was wrong about you.
You can get older than eleven.
In fact...
you already have been.
Who is this?
This is you, Jonas.
Is this me?
You didn't make your wish as a child,
but as an old man.
Hey, grandad.
You didn't remain a child...
as you've always believed.
But you became a child again.
And Grunwald isn't your grandad.
You are his grandad.
Look, the new tree-topper.
This will be the prettiest
Christmas tree ever.
I wish I could show it to mum and dad.
Ava is working on it.
You've had a whole life, Jonas.
You've celebrated 80 Christmases
with family and friends.
Now it's our turn.
So if you know anything about the well
and the curse, you've got to tell me.
I was ill. I had dementia.
I was turning into a child.
Might as well be a real one.
Come on, Jonas.
We're going to fix this.
We're going to break both our curses.
Do it for us.
For all the children.
It's too late to play.
Tag, you're it!
Enjoy the red moon, it's nearly gone.
Then you will never see
your parents again.
- Where's Ava?
- She left.
Let's eat. I'm hungry.
She left?
It's dark and it's snowing.
I can't help it. She's gone.
Why would Ava leave?
- Maybe she went to that well.
- Where is that thing?
Let me know if you find her. Soon we'll
have all the time in the world together.
- He's locked it.
- Brat!
Up here!
An echo...
"The giants must speak..."
The mountains are the giants!
Can I have an echo?
- What's she doing?
- She's gone mad.
- She's coming down.
- We must help her.
Yes, come on, together!
Out of the way.
- Are you okay?
- You okay, Ava?
The giants are the mountains
around the hotel.
"The giants must speak."
- They echo!
- That's so clever.
"Unended, the dream will turn
for the worse..."
"the wish will turn into a curse."
"To break, for good, the curse
the giants must speak first."
- We need an echo.
- Maybe we can wish out loud.
- Yes, so our wish is echoed.
- Maybe we can sing it.
- Riek...
- No, really.
- All of us together.
- Yes.
She's right.
We have to sing it in unison.
Follow me, and make the mountains
sing with us.
Grandad, wait.
It's not loud enough.
It's not loud enough.
- What if...
- It's not working, okay?
Of course it's not working.
It's never too late to play.
What was that? Did it work?
Did it work, Ava?
Still no one.
If those losers do turn up again...
I swear...
Joey! Do we really have to
call you to breakfast?
I never thought I'd see the day.
Mummy! Daddy!
- She can't be far.
- How can you be so sure?
Sweetheart, there you are!
- I told you, Ava doesn't do dumb things.
- Where were you?
- Breakfast?
- Yes.
- Here you are. A wunderbar pancake.
- Thank you.
A crpe.
Delicious, Joey.
- And the cake is yet to come.
- That lovely cake of yours.
More pancakes. More.
Oh, sweetie...
Christmas Day already.
Time flies when you're on holiday.
I'm sorry.
Come on, dad,
I can't fix everything for you.
- She was flirting with you.
- With me?
There's something different about you.
There is, but...
- Did you change his hair?
- No.
Pancakes. Who wants more pancakes?
Pancakes, anyone?
- What's the matter?
- Nothing.
- Merry Christmas, darling.
- Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas.
Ava, what did we teach you
about leaving the table?
Marc, she's not a baby anymore.
Thank you, Jonas.
Of course he was far too old
for these toys.
I won't ever see him again, will I?
he found all his memories again.
Also of you.
Thank you. I've been looking for this.
Okay, kids.
Maybe today we'll ski a black run.
Are we ready?
Yes, Mr. Stefano.
Follow me.