Hotel Soul Good (2018) Movie Script

Shit! She's here. Attention, all units!
Shit! Didn't she say 1 o'clock?
Is the suckling pig ready?
On the double!
Is the wedding dress in the suite?
Hello, Miss Foronia!
It's Veronica!
Do it again, moron!
Welcome, Miss Veronica!
Your suite is ready.
May I have your l.D. card for check in?
Thank you.
Shall we take your wedding dress
up to your suite?
I want to see the Ballroom first.
Oh my God!
She's heading for the Ballroom!
Hurry...You...where should this go?
Back to the kitchen?
What time did you show up for work?
09:00 sharp, Miss Chow.
09:00 is...
when you should be
in your uniform, at the door,
not when you come in to work.
Feel free to quit.
I'm sorry, Miss Chow.
Apologize to your parents,
not to me.
I doubt if they want you
to be a bellboy forever.
I came in at 8:30.
I told you all female staff must wear makeup.
You're not a woman?
Or you didn't understand?
I'm just the cleaning lady, Miss Katy.
Katy is for my friends.
Call me Miss Chow.
Miss Chow.
You put on the hotel uniform
you follow the hotel rules.
Yes, Miss Chow.
Where's your name tag?
I left it in the locker.
You think you're now part of management?
I wouldn't dare!
Is this your first day on the job?
No matter what happens, you must...
Those I spoke to, including you,
...are fired.
Give me a chance, Miss Chow!
If you can't meet my standards,
You crazy bitch!
What time did we come to work?
It's now after 2 in the morning...
Give me a chance?
Only an irresponsible person
would say crap like that!
I grew up with orphans at a home.
I knew then I must rely on myself.
Get good grades, graduate from the best school,
start from the bottom at a big firm,
work my way UP---
What I have today didn't come easy.
Katy, want to do lunch?
No thanks. I'm meeting someone.
Then we'll get going.
Why do people want to do lunch?
Ass-kissing hypocrites...
...badmouthing each other.
What a waste of time!
I didn't need anyone's help.
And I'm doing just fine on my own.
I told you no incense. Veronica has allergies.
Put in a humidifier and air freshener.
Don't make me remind you again! That's all!
Are you here to pick up the ring?
Or talk on the phone?
Let me just send this...
You don't work, you won't understand.
You must keep these people in line.
You're finally getting married.
It's a big deal for me.
When are you and Terry getting married?
Who wants to get married?
Look at that rock!
Want one? Drop a hint for Terry.
I can afford it.
Get off it!
The children's home will be demolished soon.
The Superintendent wants us back
for a gathering.
I'll add you to this page.
I said firebrick red, you painted scarlet red.
Redo it.
How many times does it take to get it right?
Never mind. I'll find it myself.
Who'd fall asleep at the copier?
Go see a doctor if you're sick.
I don't need to.
You'll scare off the customers
looking like that.
You said it's safer to do everything yourself.
That's because you hired a bunch of losers.
I won't need to if they can do their jobs.
Your Dad hired me to run this hotel.
It's just a job for me.
I know. Thank you.
Still working?
I'm waiting for you to have dinner.
Not tonight.
Take Michelle home. I still have work to do.
What's the matter with you?
I'm sick.
Be careful!
Thank you.
OK, I love you.
The event is tomorrow at 9.
I want all staff in the Ballroom by 6.
That's all.
Yes, Miss Katy.
The biggest cluster
of meteor showers in 20 years,
will be over the northeast of Kowloon.
There's a romantic saying about them
as the hope angels bring when they visit Earth.
Will you set aside your work
and enjoy this romantic moment
with your loved ones?
How long will you be?
I need to get across.
I said my car can't get through.
Can't you see I'm working on it?
Use the other side and be quiet!
I don't know if it's your bad luck or mine.
Definitely yours!
I see a dark cloud over your forehead.
That's none of your business.
You have the blessings of your ancestors.
That's why you can walk all over people.
You know your stuff.
Tell me more.
Let me read your palm.
You have a "water" life in the 5 Elements.
No affinity with your parents.
If others are shit out of luck,
you're N times worse.
Are you trying to scare me?
I have a cushy pad,
a fancy car and a boyfriend.
You're the one shit out of luck.
You bet!
Watch out!
Where did you learn
to drive like that, asshole?
You're so tough to kill you're a jinx on Yama.
By now you should have seen the meteor showers.
Are you with your loved ones right now?
See? I told you you're shit out of luck!
If I'm not alright, you're not alright.
Why are you so excited?
Congrats, Miss Chow!
Your operation went really well.
Though your heart stopped for 7 minutes,
thank God for Dr. Chan.
He saved you.
It was a miracle.
Don't mention it. It's my job to save lives.
To rescue a patient from danger
is my duty as a doctor.
But I must remind you, Miss Chow
you had a concussion,
if you feel any discomfort,
headaches, nausea or illusions,
please tell the nurse.
We were unable to contact your family,
mind if you fill this out for us?
I have no family.
Please fill in your particulars.
We need to complete the registration.
Thank you.
Give me a smoke.
Why should I'.
Don't be so stingy.
You didn't give me any last time.
Give it here...
What's wrong with you? No smoking in here!
Are you talking to me?
Who else? You're the only one lighting up.
What's the matter with you?
I should be asking you that.
And you!
You're a nurse, why didn't you stop her?
I will complain about you.
Miss Chow, there you are!
The hospital would like to interview you
and make known to the world about your miracle.
Doctor, this woman is smoking.
Probably because of the concussion,
you're having illusions.
Let's go do the interview.
This is mad!
Hey...wait up!
Come on...No. 3...
Want one?
Be my guest.
Katy, today, next to the Coliseum,
I will sing you my declaration of love
Terry's Song
It's so sad being a retard.
Retarded and slightly perverted too.
Not to mention he's off key.
Calm down...
Stop playing with your phone.
That's none of your business.
Morning, Miss Chow!
Holy shit! Are you in heat?
You said we must put on makeup.
Didn't I fire you?
But Miss Chu said no.
Michelle, how many times do I have to tell you?
Ditch the losers.
You're too soft.
You'll pay for it eventually.
You're right,
I must be tough.
On behalf of the company, you are fired.
I hit my head, did you fry your brains?
What's this?
I'm firing you.
Please leave.
I don't think you know why your Dad hired me
to run this company.
I'm your PR, HR, Marketing and Accounting.
I took care of all that.
I slaved myself
for this company all these years.
If you fire me,
you'll go out of business.
Who the hell do you think you are?
Everyone contributed to the company's success.
You can't take all the credit.
Just like your Mom
might have given birth to you,
but your Dad made his contribution.
Getting something done
doesn't give you the right to be cocky.
You want to fire me?
I quit!
Terry, help me pack my things.
Do it yourself.
I forgot to tell you
Terry will be promoted. He'll be my assistant.
Take this with you.
Go before I start to cry.
Sorry, Miss Chow!
It's not too appropriate.
What do you mean?
I want to pack my things.
You have nothing in here.
Katy, you're no longer a staff member.
You're not entitled to use company property.
Leave your name tag and staff card.
Katy, I love you, marry me...
Katy, I love you...
Katy, I love you so much...
Katy, I love you to death...
My Katy...
Give me a hug...
Santos is riding No. 3 Miracle Star
straight down the tracks...
Pushing all the way to the Black Rock
Are you an illusion?
Or ghosts?
You need a body double?
Hurry up and kill me.
You can make it with no boyfriend and no job.
There's no need to kill yourself.
You won't kill me,
and you won't leave.
What do you want from me?
Now we're getting somewhere...
As aggrieved souls,
we can't run around at will.
If Ox-Head and Horse-Face find us,
we'll be eternally condemned.
It's tough being a ghost.
Worse than going to jail because of the rules.
So many things you can't do or say.
Or they'll charge you for revealing secrets
and you can kiss your reincarnation goodbye.
If you help make our wish come true,
we can be reincarnated after that.
I have hit rock bottom.
I can barely help myself. How can I help you?
You wish.
This is nowhere near rock bottom.
Help us find a "Yin" person
so we can possess his body
and make our wish come true.
A "Yin" person?
Wake up, asshole!
What the hell?
I want beer.
There's no need to grab my balls!
Get it yourself.
Well, Fatso?
What kind did your old man drink?
Who the hell knows? Just pick one.
You're his son, don't you care?
Do you know what is sex?
Sniff around until you know
which brand he liked.
You're the pervert.
You need a bra for your big boobs.
What do you want, lady?
Someone sent me here to look for someone lame.
Are you the eunuch?
I mean the "Yin" person?
First of all, I'm not lame.
Secondly, I'm neither a "Yin" person
nor a eunuch.
Obviously, I'm nothing of the kind.
But I know your kind.
You want sex to change your luck.
I'm not vulgar like you. Get lost!
You can rest assured,
even if sex can change my luck,
I won't bother you.
I have the Third Eye
and a few ghosts are onto me.
They sent me here.
You have the Third Eye?
What a coincidence!
I have the Third Ear.
Get lost if you're not here to buy something.
I am.
I want your body.
Are you crazy?
My body is not for sale.
I love my girlfriend.
You have a girlfriend?
She must be blind or crazy.
Do not insult my girlfriend.
Hey asshole! I think it's this one.
I'm in a fight.
Go to Hell!
What's with you?
You claim to have the Third Eye
and are looking to have sex.
It's people like you who screwed up Hong Kong.
Don't bully my son, mop head!
You big bully...
Big bully...
I smell my Dad...
This is the kind I drink, brat.
What's taking you so long?
Come, give me a big hug.
Third Ear?
Be there at 12 tomorrow.
Crazy broad!
Loan them my body?
That'll hurt.
You said the ghosts want me?
I want proof.
I knew you'd say that.
Get to work!
Come on, don't waste my time. I'm leaving.
You expect me to believe that?
I brought my own gadget.
Let me talk to your ghosts.
Then I'll believe you.
Hocus pocus...
Eenie, meenie, minie, Moe...
You believe now?
I'm in.
I don't want money.
I have only one request.
My girlfriend Linda passed away 5 years ago.
It was my fault.
Find her with your Third Eye.
What a windbag!
Tell her for me...
I wish I'm big and strong like him.
Give me a big hug!
Pervert! Next!
My turn...
I'm a man!
What do you want?
I don't know yet.
You don't...but I do.
Now that I have his body,
I want to get something back.
Which is...
I want my I.D. card.
What's the l.D. card for? You're already dead.
You're so naive, kid.
You want erotic massage?
I'm not going.
Single bed or double?
Where's Fred?
One-eyed Jay, you traitor! Come out!
You'll scare off my customers, sir!
Out Of my way!
He stole my l.D. card
to borrow money from the loan sharks
and got me in deep shit.
I want it back or I'm not freaking leaving!
Then I'm calling the cops.
I'll burn you one.
Cops won't scare me off.
Let's see who the Royal
Hong Kong Police would believe.
The Hong Kong Police is no longer royal.
I'll go crazy if I don't get my l.D. back.
Come out, One-eyed Jay!
Who wants to see Jay?
It's me, Buck-toothed Fred.
Give it a rest. She won't listen to you.
Everyone claims to be Jay's friend.
Why should I believe you?
One-eyed Jay and I hacked our way
from Shek Tong Tsui to Ma Liu Shui.
It's me!
How dare you call him One-eyed Jay!
Don't hit me, hit him.
Shek Tong Tsui?
You can hit me but lay off the girl!
My pleasure!
Ditch the glove, am I sick?
Hit me on the temples
with the folded chair over there.
You want a folded chair?
I want to go home.
Brace yourself, it'll be over soon.
What's the racket?
Eva, why are you so worked up?
One-eyed Jay, It's been a while.
It's Buck-toothed Fred.
He's been long dead.
Indeed and he's back.
Eva, I told you not to get rough.
What day and age is this?
Boss, he broke your porcelain vase.
My family heirloom?
Throw him off the roof!
Yes, Boss!
Who are they throwing off the roof?
Buck-toothed Fred!
Forget your love, Jay and Fred don't have AIDS
We scare off gangs and survived Police raids
Buck-toothed Fred!?
"Whoring, gambling, drinking and smoking"
"trashing up the joints"
"Heaven knows I bully little kids"
"because my groin itches"
"and I scratch my balls"
"Who knows..."
Well, Fred?
What brings you up here?
You're rich and famous,
I'm nobody to you.
You're still pigheaded after all these years.
It's been over 2O years,
I'd be alive today
if you hadn't stolen my l.D. card.
I want you to tell me
am I not a brother to you?
This guesthouse is heavily in debt.
Half my money has gone into it.
I've been paying for it for over 2O years.
You think I enjoy this?
It's killing me.
Why? Because I treat you like a brother.
Did you?
Of course I did.
Did you?
Of course!
But you didn't treat me like a brother.
Of course I did! But you did not!
I did too. But you didn't...
You were like a brother to me.
We went through life and death
before we have this guesthouse.
Now you want to give it back?
What's the use?
Unless you burn it.
A loser like you owns half of this guesthouse?
You're a hotelier too.
Do you know how to tell a fit horse?
A fit horse has large, well-defined muscles,
and no fat.
But how to make a horse become a winner?
It must be willing to compete.
Do you understand?
Let me explain.
We're fellow hoteliers,
why don't you take over mine?
Do what you do best.
A hotel and a guesthouse are the same.
It's right down your alley.
You're likely to succeed.
We'll divvy up the profits, OK?
Linda, give me a kiss.
We suck on each other's lips.
Kiss me right here...
Not in your life.
Linda, I can't move!
I have decided to take over your guesthouse.
I will help you, but I also need your help.
It's not revenge.
I want to show them
even with a bunch of losers,
I can do a good job with this guesthouse.
What are you doing?
I promised Linda
whenever I think of her,
I'll make her a bow knot
which means we're always tied together.
Sorry, what were you saying?
Do a good job with the guesthouse.
I'm out of here.
Where are you going?
I quit. You're mad!
Offering my body to your friends
is already humiliating enough.
Run a guesthouse? No, thank you!
How bad can it be?
We had an agreement.
Which you didn't keep.
You didn't help me find Linda.
I'm barely alive because of you
and I'll soon be dead like Linda.
You and your friends are perverts.
We must possess his body in order to help you.
We need a guy to do the heavy lifting.
Just take over his body
and never leave.
Then he'll die.
He's better off dead.
What does that mean?
It means I'm leaving.
I was going to help you open your Third Eye.
Miss Chow, I overreacted.
You and your friends are like family to me.
You and your guesthouse can count on me.
I'll work for you.
Linda, we'll soon meet again.
It's simple to open the Third Eye.
It happens on the brink of death.
Folks at home, please don't do this.
Let me tell you,
one popular way to do it is by suffocation.
Instant cerebral hypoxia
and the plastic bag is reusable.
What the hell?
Come on...
If you can't suffocate him, give him pills.
This sleeping pill is for elephants.
The recommended dosage is one pill,
not the whole bottle.
What now?
Here we go!
Let me tie another bow knot for Linda.
I'm afraid I may not have another chance.
Do it down there.
We're pressed for time.
What? I'm not ready...
My personal favorite is by hanging.
It'll definitely work this time.
I hear something...he fell down!
Well? Does it work?
Let me give you a hand.
Stop! It's open.
You should have told me. How would I know?
Kid, in front of Guan Yu
I'm giving you the guesthouse.
Don't worry, Uncle Jay! I'll run it well.
To the right...eyes front! Attention!
You're going a funeral?
Hotel etiquette.
Starting today, I'm Miss Chow to you.
These are your name tags
and titles.
I'm Buck-toothed Fred.
Me and my pal One-eyed Jay
started this guesthouse.
I'm Yan, I was a lounge singer.
I ran the lounge all by myself.
I'm Uncle Bill.
I was gifted in cooking.
I'm Jason Cheung.
As a member of this establishment,
you must stick to my rules.
Are you quite done?
No smoking indoors.
No bananas until you finished dinner.
I'm cleaning.
Don't pick your nose
and study the racing journal.
Then I'll just study the journal.
Pay attention to your appearance.
Women must wear makeup,
men must comb your hair.
Cut it.
Hey...not up here, not down there!
Linda gave me this haircut,
no one can touch it.
Linda is the love of my life, 5 years ago...
My job is to hang out.
Don't come to me if you need anything.
Come to me if you don't like our food.
Running this guesthouse is a piece of cake.
No matter what happens, you!
Is that clear?
Your smile is too phony.
Welcome (Japanese)
Welcome to "Be4 I Die"
Who ordered take out?
Sorry, I did.
Let's break for lunch.
Let's dig in (Japanese)
Mr. Chan! It's Katy.
I left the company, I'm...
Welcome! Let me get that.
Be careful with it!
Welcome to "Be4 I Die"
I'll check you in.
Here's $250. Count it.
Sorry, our rates have gone up.
A double room on the weekend is now $500.
Where's Jay?
He only charged me $250.
I can give you a single room.
Single or double, I don't care.
I told you Jay only charged me $250.
I must have Room 511.
It's just one night.
We have rules.
If she pays $250 today
and $200 tomorrow, how can I run the business?
You have no other business.
Come on, gorgeous! You want 511?
Please follow me.
Don't be mad. We'll fire her soon.
She's retarded.
Automatic doors are temperamental.
I'll switch back to manual mode.
Let me turn it off.
Here's your key.
Let me know if you need anything.
A bottle of Zhuyeqing and 2 glasses.
Right away!
Remember this, Honey?
There were trees outside...
She's talking to herself.
Is she nuts?
I'll go take a look.
Today is September 8, 2017.
Our wedding anniversary, remember?
On our 25th anniversary
we climbed in here from a tree... have sex.
I bit your sponge cake,
you sucked on my Zhuyeqing.
Remember that, Honey?
Hong Kong is not the same anymore.
There used to be trees outside.
We could see the stars from here.
And airplanes would fly by.
She's a sentimentalist.
Everything has changed now.
Shouldn't we do something?
Leave that to me.
A toast to our first customer. Cheers!
Thanks to you the guesthouse is doing well.
Thank you for your hard work.
What is so worth celebrating?
You were studying the racing journal.
You two spied on Granny.
They were being helpful.
What's wrong with doing her a favor?
And where were you?
Where was I?
That's right. Where were you?
You chose to ignore my rules.
Never mind your stupid rules.
Stop pretending your guesthouse
is The Peninsula.
I'm running this guesthouse,
you must follow my rules.
She'll run The Peninsula to the ground.
If you don't like my rules, you can get lost.
You want to fire me? Take a good look.
I'm the only human around here.
You only count as half.
Who'll clean the toilet?
Who'll do the heavy lifting?
You'll have no one to boss around.
You're cold-blooded and uncaring,
no wonder you have no friends.
You brought it upon yourself.
Didn't your parents teach you anything?
So I had no parents,
what about it?
Spare me your self-pity.
Tell that to someone who cares.
You may not have any family,
but nobody owes you anything
or should take crap from you.
Get out! Now!
I can clean the toilet.
It's my business if I have no friends.
Don't clean the toilet dressed like that.
No smoking indoors.
Sorry, old habits die hard.
You'll get lung cancer.
So? I'm already dead.
Only the living is afraid to die.
Still mad?
Jason Cheung is such a scumbag.
He acts and talks like such a Romeo.
So what if I have no one to love?
I'm cold-blooded and loathsome? So what?
Don't think like that.
Take this toilet for example,
it stinks but everyone needs it.
You can't be worse than a toilet.
You're at least an urinal.
Did someone kill you because of your big mouth?
Let's not bring that up.
Don't want to scare you.
Am I really loathsome?
Yes, but it's OK.
I was loathsome too and had few friends.
Do you miss anyone?
Of course!
But we have a lot of rules down there.
If you miss the living
or the living misses you,
you can't be reincarnated. You must let go.
You used my body to eat and drink
and make me clean up.
Being a ghost isn't everything.
I thought you left.
You won't get rid of me so easily.
You may look like a guy, but you're not.
This place is too big
for a girl to run it alone.
Who puked all over here?
I'll be here all night to clean this up.
Are you OK?
I'm sorry.
Who said I'm not gentle?
I have to puke.
Wait! Hold that thought...
I promise I won't run off.
Unlike my parents,
unlike Linda,
who left me without any warning.
I love you...
Get me a towel!
You need a room?
I need a favor.
How can I help you?
I can't be reincarnated.
Our boutique hotel is called "Be4 I Die",
it's for the living before they die.
I'm sorry you're unable to reincarnate,
but I can't help you. Thank you.
I'm Linda.
The Linda with big eyes,
high nose and oval face
who's sweet and gentle like water?
Jason Cheung, that son of a bitch
is always calling my name.
That's why I can't be reincarnated.
I thought you were his girlfriend.
Don't remind me.
Ever since we broke up,
he kept bugging me by
showing up at my salon for a haircut.
So I told him to grow it out.
But he wouldn't leave me alone
even after I'm dead!
He burnt me this dress.
Did he ask me if I even like it?
I want a new life.
Have a heart. Ask him to let me go.
If the fever didn't kill you,
keep taking your meds.
How come you're not wearing
your funeral clothes?
I'm saving them for your funeral.
Try to look like
a woman once in a while, it suits you.
Get back to work if you're not dead yet.
The Granny in 511 didn't check out.
Knock on her door.
Hey, come in here!
She's dead!
All over the internet is news about
this 2-star guesthouse called "Be4 I Die".
Yesterday, an innocent Granny
checked into Room 511 and was found dead.
As we walk in, we see a white slipper,
and flowers for worshipping in the toilet.
The whole place is creepy and scary.
We found 3 censers in the lobby,
probably used to chase away the evil spirits.
To see if the place is truly haunted,
we came out during the wee hours
to take a stroll down the corridor
of the haunted floor.
I asked the cleaning lady
who has been here for 3O years.
Can you express your opinion...
Who knows?
Rumor has it that this place is haunted.
I don't understand.
Will this affect your business?
Not at all. We have no business.
Don't make up stories.
Someone is dead, but the place is not haunted.
There are no ghosts?
You have seen enough. Stop it!
I'm not seeing things.
See? Told you a good deed will be rewarded.
Maybe Granny returned the favor.
Hurry up and clean up the room.
Hey, get to work!
I'm talking to you!
Yeah! Housekeeping...
Your room is ready.
It's totally haunted.
It's spooky because someone died.
A couple checked in a few days ago,
the next morning...
Here we are!
Come again. Bye!
It's OK.
Please follow me.
Great! It's really haunted.
See? The staff is very thoughtful. That's me.
No, that's me.
Get off it! You're more man than a man.
Thoughtful? You?
Which part of me looks like a man?
Enjoy your stay.
Try a bit harder.
It's very exhausting.
If you work hard today,
you get the day off tomorrow.
I can't...let's take a break.
When I was still singing,
I used to come here and jog.
There were planes...big and noisy.
I missed them now that they're gone.
I was very little
when they had planes around here.
The Superintendent said
I hit my head when I was little.
I don't remember much from back then.
You look weird jogging in that outfit.
It's a limited edition, it's not weird.
Tell me about your unfulfilled wish.
I want someone I love to be happy.
Your boyfriend?
Men are not to be trusted.
You can only count on yourself.
That's too tiring.
Yes, but I'm used to it.
Like you, I counted on no one but myself.
When I couldn't take it anymore,
I'd come out here to jog.
I would tell myself
I must keep going and never give up.
Sometimes I wonder
if I were dead like you,
will anyone miss me?
I'm sure.
Tell I look like a woman?
I'll race you.
Win or lose is not important.
Just enjoy the process.
Only a loser would say that.
God loves the world. I'd like a clean room. want a single?
Single or double, I don't mind.
Father, a double is $500, a single is $250.
Single is fine.
L.D. card?
What are you looking at, Father?
Hi, brother. I'm looking at her clean soul.
But I'm suddenly very tired.
Good. Your clean room is ready.
Please follow me.
Thank you.
This way, Father.
Watch your step and don't trip.
I'm here in a creepy and spooky
guesthouse called "Be4 I Die".
The girl at the front desk is Katy Chow.
Those long legs and pretty face...
does she have a boyfriend?
What are you mumbling about?
I'm not.
For sure?
Good. Get some rest in your room.
OK, good night.
That guy is really perverted.
He won't leave a 'guy"
like Katy alone. Fix him.
I died a horrible death!
Happy birthday!
"Happy birthday to you..."
"Happy birthday to Katy..."
"Happy birthday to you..."
Look into the camera.
That clown left this behind. Smile!
Don't look so glum on your birthday.
Let me capture this happy moment.
Thank you.
How do you know it's my birthday?
You left your wallet lying around.
It's really sad if you lose your l.D. card.
Hurry up, blow the candles.
Don't ruin my cake!
Make a wish!
Let's eat!
While it's hot...
This one is better...
A cockroach!
Over there, Uncle Bill!
Over there!
I'll get it...over there!
So pretty!
I celebrated your birthday.
Now you should return a favor.
Today is your birthday as well as Linda's.
We used to come here.
I want to reminisce a little.
Don't worry.
I'm just here for the mood.
I won't touch you.
Just like the film "All For the Winner",
be the mole under Sandra Ng's armpit.
Are you hungry?
Order something, Linda.
How about lobster, Linda? It's in season.
Stop playing with the phone.
As a mole, you're not very professional.
Of course not.
I didn't expect to be a mole.
Lay off the phone for a minute.
When I had dinner with Linda,
she never had anything to say to me.
But she'd look at me and we'd have eye contact,
which means we exchanged our souls.
You probably have never tried it.
No wonder your life is so dry.
Can you see?
I can only see your chin,
not them.
They're giggling away in a fancy restaurant.
Something is going on between them.
Point to them.
It's all black! Did you put me in your pocket?
Take a picture, Bill!
Do you ever wonder
why you still can't see Linda
with your Third Eye?
Maybe she didn't want to see you.
Linda was a nice girl.
She wouldn't do that to me.
Someone like you would only think of that.
Someone like me?
Big eyes, high nose, oval face,
long legs and pretty...
I must be mad to say that.
Birthday dinner, no phone and eye contact?
Your friends? Hi, I'm Jason.
Katy, long time no see.
We have the same birthday.
Is this a birthday dinner?
You too?
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday, baby!
Happy birthday!
It's their birthday too!
Happy birthday!
Birthday for everyone?
Is today your birthday too?
No, it's tomorrow.
Happy birthday!
So many birthdays, we must be very happy.
Katy, how's your guesthouse?
Working hard?
That's none of your business.
You need higher EQ.
Is he your new boyfriend?
He's quite cute.
A Chow Chow suits you.
She's not good enough for me,
you dead bitch!
Watch it! My girlfriend is not dead.
Let's go.
What a cocky bitch!
I'll teach her a lesson.
What are you doing here?
Are you following us?
Of course not.
We came here for dinner.
Baby, this bottle of Chateau Puy-Bardens
is especially for you.
Please open this.
I have another surprise for you.
What is it?
Be patient.
You'll soon find out.
What's this?
What do you mean by this?
Fancy slipper for a fancy man.
I've been looking all over for you.
Someone complained
you stole a slipper from a granny.
Take the slipper and come with us.
The ghost is about to turn...
I'll tell you
when it'll drop his tongue. Wait...
I'm not Batman.
You two come with me now.
Why do you dress like Batman?
That's Helene Star.
I put my money on you back then.
You have yet to win a race for me.
Did you see?
She shut the hell up when I called her a bitch.
Thank God for Uncle Bill.
I must thank him properly.
I'll burn them something.
How do you do this?
Let me show you.
Hold this. Wrap it around...
pull...and there you have it.
I'm glad you were here
for my birthday. Thank you.
Thank you.
No one celebrated my birthday with me,
so I particularly enjoy
celebrating someone else's.
My life may be the pits,
I want others to be happy.
You keep busy celebrating
other people's birthdays?
You bet.
Aren't you happy to see people make a wish?
I have made up my mind.
I will celebrate my son's birthday every year.
Our home doesn't need to be big.
The baby bed will be over here.
Next to it, I'll put in a swing,
which we can get on together. Catch...
Get out of the rain. Come here!
Don't be so reserved.
What? Want to play soccer with Daddy?
No problem! We'll go to Barcelona.
Pass it to me...back to you...shoot!
Goal! Yeah!
Your son pooped all over. Change him.
No...he wants to ride a space shuttle.
NASA right? My buddy.
Come, let's go to outer space.
Ready? 5...4...3...2...
Seat belt, Honey!
The penalty is $480.
Lift off!
We're blasting through the atmosphere...
Look, you're my friend,
I celebrate your birthday,
you celebrate my birthday.
This time I drink,
next time you drink.
Go to sleep.
This is for you.
Linda, right? How could you be so cruel?
Look at him. He's a mess because of you.
Why won't you see him?
So what if you're a ghost
and want to reincarnate?
Come out, Linda Kwok! Show yourself!
There you are! What the hell is this?
You won't see him or reincarnate.
What do you want?
If you don't love him, tell him.
Can't you see he's crazy about you?
Then what?
At least tell him and square things away.
Then what?
He chose to remember me
by giving up on himself.
That's not love.
Like this dress and the punk look,
we're a mismatch.
I don't love him.
We should both move on.
If he won't let go, I can't reincarnate.
I want my freedom and he should...
Happy birthday, Linda!
Whatever is not meant to be is not meant to be.
What's best for him is to help him accept it.
May God have mercy on you.
This outfit...
It was a costume,
but since I went to the guesthouse,
I became a believer.
Miss Chu, after a thorough investigation,
I believe Katy Chow is nurturing ghosts
and is surrounded by them.
This copy is in cloud storage.
You're quite professional.
Thank you.
I also checked the Deed of Mutual Covenant.
A guesthouse is not allowed in the building.
But nobody checked so nobody reported them.
So Katy broke the law?
That won't do.
Can't let Katy go astray. You get my drift?
I do.
Hello, I'd like to report
an unlicensed guesthouse.
How is that possible?
The Deed doesn't allow short-term lease.
Call One-eyed Jay. Find out what's going on.
Where are the ghosts?
Have they disappeared?
Hello? Where are you, Buck-toothed Fred?
Hello, Uncle Jay?
It's Eva. Jay is in hospice care.
He had chemo and
radiotherapy for his lung cancer,
but the cancer cells have spread.
He's always such a kidder,
but the joke is on him this time.
And what a joke it is.
No, Eva...
This one?
Yes, move it over there. Yes...
Thanks for coming.
Uncle Jay!
Thanks for coming.
You need not bring anything.
I'll fetch you some water.
Have a seat.
How's business?
Not bad.
My life will be over soon.
If I get to choose again,
I probably would have done the same.
I used to love hanging out with the guys.
Now at the end the line,
she's the only one left.
That's good enough for me.
Look, fellows.
You better not lie to me.
Is it fun down there?
Uncle Jay!
Hey, faster than you can blink,
I'm already dead!
Please tell my wife...l love her.
Let's go, you're my last case on this shift.
Take it easy. You're ruining our image.
Mr. Jay, check in is this way.
Remember to tell my wife. See you around.
I will. Take care!
You too.
Boss, you're finally dead!
We set up everything down there.
We've been waiting for you.
Great! Let's go. What are we waiting for?
Uncle Jay!
I need a favor.
Can you help me look for Buck-toothed Fred?
Tell them
I'm waiting for them at the guesthouse.
OK! Let's roll!
Brother Jay!
See you later...
"Children's Home Farewell Gathering"
The banners and the balloons,
you need to hang those up too.
The balloons on the left are too high.
Lower them...
That's it. Go get more balloons over there.
Miss Lo!
Long time no see! How are you?
Not too bad.
I remember I used to lie down right here
to watch the meteor showers.
You were always day dreaming, silly.
For as long as I've been here,
we can barely see the stars,
let alone meteor showers.
They're tearing down this place soon.
I'm glad you're all coming back to visit.
By the way...
I have something for you. Follow me.
It's a mess, everything went into boxes.
I remember seeing a box with your name on it.
Let me see where it is...
Here it is.
Thanks, Miss Lo.
See if it's yours.
Let me check if there's more.
Let Daddy take you to see meteor showers.
Daddy is busy. We can't go today.
Liar! I don't ever want to see you again.
Tell me about your unfulfilled wish.
I want someone I love to be happy.
We're dead if we don't run away.
But where can we go?
A loser like you owns half of this guesthouse?
I'd be alive today
if you hadn't stolen my l.D. card.
The doll has a name?
Is this for Katy?
It's so pretty...thanks, Grandpa!
Do you remember your name?
Give me a big hug!
Watch out!
...keep going and never give up.
Uncle Bill! Yan! Where are you?
Can you help me find them?
They're my family.
Why didn't I recognize them?
I can't find them.
Don't worry, my great Aunt can help you.
Great Aunt!
You only show up when you need help.
Yes, this is a big deal.
Oh, it's you!
I knew this is going to happen
the last time we met.
Because of this you can see your family again.
There's a reason for everything.
I only want to see my family.
Humans and ghosts are different
and we follow different rules.
It's their karma.
What karma?
It's dangerous out there for wandering ghosts.
And you made such a hoopla over the guesthouse.
Ox-Head and Horse-Face have them now,
bound for eternal damnation.
You must have a way.
Quit your act. Get on with it.
Of course I do. Start begging.
I beg you...
You and I have affinity.
Very well.
Welcome, the Guardians of the Underworld...
Can you speed it up?
We're a bit pressed for time.
I opened the path for you.
The rest is up to you.
Get going!
Is this a joke?
All we see is smoke and nothing else.
Where is she?
Mr. Ox, Mr. Horse!
What do you want? We're off duty.
Exactly! It's our happy hour.
Let's go...
Wait...l see.
Just a little something...
Did you nab three wandering ghosts just now?
Which three? We do that all the time.
I don't remember.
I just woke up.
Let's go...
Wait! I know...
Here...a little something...
I do recall...give me the specifics.
An adorable old man
and a guy in a red leather jacket,
a weird but kind Uncle type.
The woman had long hair
and was wearing a purple outfit.
An old man?
A fat guy?
The woman had long hair?
And she's dead?
They all look the same down there.
What a waste of time! Let's go...
Wait...l understand.
I do remember, but what's the use?
Humans have no say in what happens to ghosts.
Please let them go.
Please help us out. They're family.
Everyone has family.
Even we have family.
We can't...It's hard.
Let's go...
Hey assholes, you took my money,
cut the bullshit!
Why didn't you call me?
Don't bully my friends.
Jay, friends or no friends, we have rules.
We're in uniform
and under this headgear, we're civil servants.
We have a big responsibility. No way.
Is that OK now?
We're family from now on.
Take that and I know what to do.
Tell me what you need. He'll burn you anything.
Don't worry, I own a papier-mache shop.
What do you mean by this?
We're civil servants of the Underworld.
We cannot disrupt the order
over such petty perks.
We must uphold the law.
Unless you give us $50M.
Hey! It's not the money,
it's a matter of principle.
Give us $100M and
we'll sort things out for you.
Plus a Shunji lwai box set.
Throw in the Game of Thrones, the new season.
Is that all? You got it.
We can bend the law sometimes.
We'll help you out.
After we receive everything,
we'll give them 24 hours.
But you know they must be reincarnated,
or they'll face eternal damnation.
Not so loud or you'll wake her up.
Just the three of us?
Go wake her up.
No gambling chips?
How can we start?
We can get started.
No...she's up!
Come on, let's play...
Am I dreaming?
No! This is for real.
I have the itch...this is unbearable. Come on!
We'll use chips for now and pay you later.
Cantonese or Shanghainese?
What are the rules?
How many rounds?
At least 8 rounds!
Pay for all and use the "Jokers".
Throw the dice.
No cheating!
Why didn't you tell me?
We left you when you were little.
And you bumped your head.
We weren't sure you'd remember us. Pong!
We came back to make up for lost time.
It's OK as long as we're happy. Draw!
I still owe you something.
An apology. I'm sorry.
Game! You're paying for everyone.
We didn't do our jobs as parents
and celebrate the important dates with you.
Even if nobody likes you,
it's OK, you'll always have us. We're family.
Hey...remember what you said?
No matter what happens,
you must smile!
Come on, next game. Shuffle!
I wrote down the recipes.
I left them in your underwear drawer.
You can follow them
and cook for yourself and Jason.
I finally have a big hug! Good girl!
I'll get the chicken...
Good girl!
And Mom!
Let's dig in!
Come on...
It's all piled up...
Don't mind it or it'll get cocky.
I want to enjoy this meal.
Leave it, it'll go away.
Let's eat!
Meteor showers! So pretty!
Then you'll need an umbrella.
Meteor showers is not exactly rain.
5...6...7...8...can you count?
You'll do it.
So pretty!
Over there...
Be4 I Die, hello! I'm sorry,
we only do long-term leasing
of at least a month.
This month? Let me check.
American breakfast, enjoy!
Coffee? Sure!
Your Mom's name is Amy Wong?
Yes, how is she doing?
Did she get the stuff I sent her?
She's in a better place now.
She'll continue to watch over
you and your family.
She wants you to go on living.
she said
not to give Bowie too much pressure.
Grandma will always love her.
Is this OK?