Hotell (2013) Movie Script

No, but I like the red one.
Not all red... the one with the backrest.
That's the one.
I don't think that's too much.
It's nice.
We'll start with 10 to 15 pieces
and see how we go.
Give my regards to New York...'bye!
Excuse me.
- Hi!
- Hi.
- How are things?
- Really good. Everybody's here.
Pity about the rain.
We spent an hour trying to get
that horrible tent thing up.
- What did they say about the baby change
table? - There's a few weeks delivery.
But I think that's better.
The other one was a bit wide.
- What's the matter?
- Don't worry, it's alright.
But what is it?
What's up?
Hello... my wife's due to have
a caesarean in 2 weeks...
She's just woken up... in severe pain.
She's Erika Ramn.
It's not due at all.
- I don't know.
- Am I going to lose it or something?!
Come on now, we're there, darling!
- Come on, hold onto me.
- No, no, no!
Out you come...
just hang onto me!
- No, wait!
- Nearly there!
- I want to lie down!
- Just get inside!
See, we're almost there. Here we are.
Just through here.
Erika, can you try and lay back?
we have to take a scan of your stomach.
- I'm to have a caesarean.
- We have to do a CTG on the baby first.
If you can try to relax.
We'll just open a bit down there.
It hurts like hell!
It'll get better...
Concentrate on breathing.
- Oskar! Can...
- There you are!
Darling... it's all going to be fine!
Erika, try not to fight it.
Deep breath. That's the way.
- Calm down.
- Erika, Erika...
Your baby's heartbeat's a bit low.
What does that mean?
I'll see how much you opened up.
Am I having the caesar now, or...?
No, we have to see...
You have to have it.
- For Alexander. You need oxygen.
- You need to give birth now.
You are fully open and ready to give birth.
The baby's head has dropped down...
No, I won't have a normal birth!
Can't he just be taken out?
- We've booked it!
- But the baby is not well.
- I can have it done instead.
- The baby is not well!
- Here's the doctor. He'll check.
- I don't want to! I don't want to!
- I want my caesarean! - What are you
doing? We're to have a caesarean!
The baby has to come out now!
Darling, thins haven't worked out
as we thought.
There's been a change.
I'm to have a caesarean!
Tell them I won't have
a normal birth!
Erika, lift your legs!
Hold onto me.
It's okay, it's okay.
There, there. Push now.
Erika, Erika, calm down!
Calm down. We're nearly there.
Good. Just keep breathing like that.
Your son showed signs of asphyxia
during labor.
There is some risk that he will
develop a permanent brain injury.
But we're doing everything we can
to help him in every way possible.
- Does he have to have all those things?
- Yes, he needs them.
- For how long?
- Unfortunately, we can't say yet.
Somebody must know, for God's sake!
You must know what the tubes are for?
But not how long
he'll need them.
Can you...?
Are there any doctors around?
Someone who's responsible?
Responsible for this situation.
Just what the hell is wrong?!
I can manage... Leave off!
Excuse me, is there a doctor here?
Will you just keep your hands off me!
Are you the one responsible here?
Responsible for all that over there?
I want to know what the tubes are for...
and how long he'll be like that.
I can't answer that at this stage.
Aren't you the responsible doctor?
I'm sorry, we just don't know any more.
Just tell me what's happened!
Of course! We SHALL sit down and...
What do you mean "SHALL"?
Can't you just tell me?!
We take things calmly, one step at a time.
It doesn't help...
I'll just park the car.
- Erika.
- I can't!
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
You need to talk about what's happened.
G'day. You ordered a baby's change table
I can't even think.
I can't even feel anything.
I read in the paper last week about a woman
who could choose...
what she wanted to feel
in different situations.
She had something wrong, so she had
no real contact with her surroundings.
She described her inner self
as being like a... hotel.
A hotel?
So, every morning she'd...
She'd wake up in a different room...
And if that one didn't suit her,
she'd simply shift into another.
She refuses to come to the hospital
to be with Alexander.
She says that this isn't her life
and she wants to exchange it.
That she wants to be somebody else.
I try to persuade her that
she mustnt think that way.
Is there something she might get involved
in, where the focus isn't purely on HER.
That's not the way we usually do it. That
would be more like a regular talk group...
with people with totally different
sorts of problems.
She could sit in and participate
in some other way.
Or I don't know how... but somehow.
Yes... I've got extended sick leave
'til spring.
The call it... "burnout".
She was on my back all day long, nagging
and screaming that things had to go faster.
On one occasion she lunged toward me
and I had a sort of panic attack.
But you have to look after yourself.
Stop and think.
Ann-Sofi, you took the bus here today.
Even though it was only 2 stops.
Then a whole lot of people got on
and it got so crowded.
But... I did it... two stops.
Much of what you have said here
is linked to "social shame".
Is that something you all have
concerns about?
Surely you can bring yourself
to hold him.
You could at least watch
while I hold him!
It's no problem for you to go in there...
But I can't understand why
you force me to come here.
Everything okay?
She still hasn't held him.
What's that to do with HIM?
Somebody hits me in the stomach. I fall
down on the floor and it's wet and cold.
So I huddle myself up... trying to protect my
body, my breasts, and my stomach, that way.
They say I'm the ugliest
in the whole school.
And they had this thing... this bottle...
...that they wanted to...
wanted to stick into me.
Then they say I have to open my legs.
So I do it.
It's cold and hard.
Afterwards, it bleeds a bit and I go out
into the playground again.
But nobody looks at me at all,
Since I don't have kids,
family or anything at all... all feels quite meaningless.
Including my life.
My problem is... the present... reality.
I hate reality!
How've you been today?
It's so goddamn hard trying to keep
this all together, all on my own.
So what would you like me to do?
Act as though everything's normal?
As if nothing happened?
I don't know. Maybe I'd like you to...
I don't know.
Could at least accept that it's all
for real, that it's here... and now.
- Accept it?
- Yes.
So what do you think
would happen then?
I don't know.
You are so goddamned naive!
What do you think will happen?
We bring Alexander home,
and everything's OK again?
With tubes and machines...
and a lot of schedules to follow!
And a lot of people running
around all over the place.
What the hell do you want us to do?
I'm sorry.
I can't do any better than this.
I AM sorry.
I'll go down to Copenhagen
and see Christopher over the holidays.
I've got to get away for a bit, and think.
The film is 90 minutes long
and I didn't think of Mum once.
So this movie made you want to repress
the memory of your mother?
You've got to think of something else
sometimes, don't you?
Definitely. I'm just trying to understand
what Rikard's getting at.
Even though Indians were tortured,
they didn't all get depressed about it.
It was just "back to work" harvesting
in the fields, or out hunting.
- Didn't they live in the jungle?
- Guatemala.
That was more fields.
They didn't have time to feel bad.
To get beaten to a pulp was nothing.
They stuck together. Children died...
natural disasters... war...
But they just kept going...
and I find that very inspiring.
I feel I might start thinking like that...
one day... if all goes well.
- That's very interesting.
- Yes.
I've thought that way, too, sometimes.
- Or something like it.
- In what way?
- What have you thought, Ann-Sofi?
- Well...
It would be great being someone else
for a while... Sometime.
If you could leave yourself...
or just take a holiday, you could say...
from everything you carry with you... see.
So what are you getting at
with those thoughts?
At being someone else...
anyone at all!
Perhaps a Mayan Indian, for example, or...
See things differently...
Just get to be someone else!
I get that, totally.
I don't get it at all.
Sounds like a simple case of repression.
Doesn't everybody think that at some stage?
Escape from reality?
- More so probably when we were kids.
- Sorry... I don't quite get it.
Thinking like someone else?
That doesn't happen.
I see that time is running out,
so we may wind up for today.
So let's give some thought to how
we can develop this idea.
- Is that OK with you, Rikard?
- Yes.
So we'll see each other in 2 weeks.
Goodbye for now.
Turn it over...
- I totally get what you were on about.
- Do you?
Seeing that I...
I've thought like that, too... like you.
Yes... to replace... everything.
What brings you to think that way.
I mean... how are things... for you?
I want to be somewhere else.
Somewhere where I... where I don't...
Where I can't relate to anything.
Where I can be who I want...
Like in a hotel room,
I've thought sometimes.
Can't you do that?
Go away for a bit.
Of course I can.
I just can't seem to think straight
when I'm alone.
Can't you take someone with you.
Everyone I know is too opinionated.
I'll come with you.
What's wrong? I've got no opinions
and I don't know you at all.
I wouldn't mind staying in a hotel.
- Isn't it awfully expensive?
- I can pay for it.
- And you're staying ONE night?
- That's right.
Here are your keys.
The lifts are there to the left.
The restaurant is straight ahead.
Breakfast is served between 7 and 10.
Everyone respects me.
Good. Go on.
I'm popular.
When I come to work in the morning,
EVERYBODY says good morning
to me, and the boss...
She winks at me. She says
"Ann-Sofi, nice to see you!".
Everyone asks what sort of a holiday
I had and I say it was great.
We talk about TV shows
and we talk about books.
Things like that. Things people do.
And we're going to the Caribbean.
A bunch of us at work are going
to the Caribbean... on vacation.
We all see each other after work as well...
that's why we're going.
Everything's great.
They all want to be with me.
That's it.
- Good.
- Thanks.
- Good.
- You're very brave.
I'm strong.
I'm as strong as a... Mayan Indian.
I'm strong and I have hair.
I'm not scared of anything.
Because I'm so strong.
And my mum...
She's there, but I don't think about her
the whole time.
Other people's pain hardens me,
and I am really fine.
Mum stays in the background,
but she likes me.
She looks me over when I'm leaving
and says:
"You're so handsome!
"You're so strong!"
It happens to people...
Get so stressed out
by their goddamn "nuclear family".
Making out they're happy, but
really walking around empty inside.
They want to fuck somebody else.
But they're not allowed to.
And that gets them obsessed.
In the end, all they want to do
is have sex with a stranger.
Someone like me.
God, I'm so stupid!
I took everything there was.
Still more!
- Really salty!
- Can I have a taste?
Then I'll even go to Val d'lsre...
in France.
With my mum and dad.
I've got the finest of ski equipment.
When we're on tour with the school
so... everyone's there...
And I get: "Fuckin' hell, man...
what a great zip-suit!"
- Everyone thinks it's...
- Hang on... wait!
- Are we going this?
- What?
Do you have to use notes?
That's totally irrelevant!
- They were just memory-joggers...
- I think it's great, Peter.
- It's cheating.
- No, you can say whatever you want.
Keep going, Peter. Ignore him.
It's blue... the zip-suit is blue.
I can... I can't.
- Sorry... I'm so big.
- I know how it is.
Yeah? How old?
- Nearly one.
- Nice! Your first?
He doesn't sleep much at night. You know
how it is when they're starting to walk.
Just loves to run full bore!
Unbelievable. My body's been taken over.
Then before you know it they're
running around like real little people.
Are you paying all the mini bar charges
on this card?
I can't do it.
Erika, I can't go.
I can't go either!
- Peter...
- Wait.
They're full here, but we can go
somewhere else.
- Where?
- I don't know. Anywhere.
We also need a credit card.
4 keys.
- Hi.
- Hi.
How... how was Copenhagen?
Whereabouts are you?
I'm on a course.
The discussion-group leader
though I should do this course.
Trauma-abatement course.
So I'm on it now.
- OK. How long's it for?
- A week.
- Possibly two... it depends.
- Is it any good?
Yes, it's really great... really great!
The leader... everything...
I honestly think it's really great for me.
Most important is to turn off cell phones
and computers, so there won't be...
anything ringing... so we lose the feeling.
I don't want to hear about any bad
things... No natural disasters, no wars.
Nothing nasty, I'll say.
No TV, no Facebook.
Don't we need some sort of structure?
So some sort of timetable.
I think we should explore the Mayan stuff
a bit further.
If that's what you want, then
you should do it. We can help you.
- Yes.
- OK.
- This must go back here.
- Then this has to go up there.
Wait or you'll hurt your neck.
- OK, try that.
- It's not going to work.
We'll try it between the feet.
It'd be better if you...
- Does that hurt a bit?
- Yes.
- Straight up, then we'll tie
them together. - Can we try it?
- Is this quite safe?
- Yes. I bet it hurts though.
- Sorry!
- Stop.
What is it? Why did you all stop?
You were yelling...
It must have been hurting.
But you can't just break off like that!
That was the whole point of it.
It's supposed to hurt. That's the point.
I'm only communicating my pain.
Sorry, then.
Once again... pull!
- I could tie you up if you like, Erika.
- What!?
- I could tie you up if you like.
- No, I don't fancy being tied up.
It's important to dare to face your pain.
How are things, Pernilla?
I have this ongoing anxiety.
I didn't sleep all night.
My life is shit. It's
difficult not to accept that.
It can't be all that bad?
It can be that bad!
Sorry, I can't control myself.
- Pernilla, is there anything we can do?
- I'm so goddamn lonely!
I hate my body, and I hate
that no one else likes it.
- You aren't alone.
- Yes I am. Totally alone!
You CAN get something
if you really want it.
Oh yes!
Is it just that you want to fuck?
That can be arranged.
- That's no problem.
- What?
Pick someone. Pick someone here.
- Here? You mean one of us?
- No. Point out someone and we'll fix it.
Can you do that? Point out someone?
Here in this room?
We helped you yesterday.
Now we're helping Pernilla today.
What age should he be? Type?
I want him to be married.
Hey... I think I've found someone.
- Whereabouts?
- He's sitting over there.
- With a blonde and two kids.
- The one in a red...
- I have to see how he looks.
- Is he married?
- I have a nose for such things.
- You have a nose for such things?
- I have a nose for such things.
- OK.
We need to move fast.
Excuse me.
I am responsible for entertainment
here at the hotel.
It's important for me that the children
have good time as well.
We have a new entertainment facility and it
would be helpful to us if you'd give it a try.
Forgive me, but are you responsible
for the broken blind in room 212?
We'll there's been a complaint
about a broken blind.
I wonder if you want to come
and identify it?
No we want the entertainment!
Go and see what this is about...
Then we'll take a look at
the entertainment thing. OK?
I wonder if you'd like to come
and fuck me in the toilet.
What happened?
OK, but it'll have to be quick. I can't
be away more than 10-15 minutes.
It's ecological.
Do you want to try it?
If you check in, I'll bring the stuff in.
- Can I help you, Erika?
- No, I'll be right with everything.
I've got 5 small children here.
Do you have any preference
for a boy or a girl?
- I want a girl.
- You get a girl. - You get a boy.
- What do I get?
- Maybe twins.
- He'll be called Jens.
- Here's a little boat for the boy.
This is so cute.
Thanks, Erika.
I can't believe how lucky I was.
There was a parents' co-op
right around the corner.
A lot of work, but it's so worth it. They
have their own chef. Breakfast and lunch.
And fresh bread in the mornings.
It's absolutely amazing.
It feels good. I'm starting to like...
get into it more.
Besides, you still wake up at 4
every morning. Not much sleep.
The routine I'll be easier once they start
in kindy.
Much easier than I thought.
It's a breeze.
You wash, bake buns and breastfeed.
Last week I was able to go to work.
He was cool as a cucumber under the table.
I was able to have a meeting.
No problem. You can combine
both that life and being a mum.
- It can be done.
- You must be so happy about that, Erika.
- It's amazing.
- Truly amazing.
Hello mummy!
What? What are you doing now?
Mummy... I think it's
hard to learn to swim.
Couldn't you teach me to swim?
- I think it's scary, Mummy.
- Can't you swim?
You were doing it before.
Only my arms. My legs sink.
Of course I'll help you, if you can't swim.
Will you?
But you mustn't be afraid.
You can go out there, and I'll...
- I'll hang on to you the whole time.
- Do you promise?
Yes, I'll be there the whole time.
Nothing will happen to you.
- But I'm a bit scared.
- Don't be scared. There's no danger.
- We'll stay at the shallow end.
- I don't want to go where it's deep.
- We'll stay where it's shallow.
- Yes, I might drown.
- And sink like a stone.
- Don't be afraid.
Very good! Now, like we did on land.
As far out as possible, and together.
Close together with your hands. Straight
ahead. You'll be swimming on your own soon.
- I can let you go here.
- No, no, no... you can't let me go!
I held you the whole time
I didn't let you go.
It felt like you did.
No, I just said you were close
to being able to swim yourself.
I don't want to swim any more..
- Come on out! Ann-Sofi!
- We want to see you.
We want Ann-Sofi!
When do we want her? Now!
Ann-Sofi! Ann-Sofi!
- Get a look at her!
- God! You are cute!
- You are so goddamn cute!
- I'd die for legs like that!
Cutest in town! Cutest in town!
Cutest in town! Cutest in town!
I think that's the cutest and sexiest pair
I've ever seen.
In my whole goddamn fucking life!
So fucking perfect. All
this is fucking perfect!
- Is that nice, Ann-Sofi?
- Mmm.
So lift your arms.
Come on little head... Hi!
Off to beddy-byes?
- Comfy?
- Mmm.
So lift your feet.
You're like a cocoon!
- Hi.
- Hi, it's me.
How's it going?
Did you get my message?
What? No.
It felt as though
he heard me today.
I was singing to him and it felt as though
he was pressing closer into my arms.
We were told he couldn't hear.
Your problem is that you're
so fucking self-centred.
Are you coming?
Breakfast closes in fifteen minutes.
Does it? I'll just be a moment.
- Sleep well?
- Really well. Great pillows.
What the hell are you doing here?
Where were you last Saturday?
- I really have no idea what you're
talking about - Our squash game.
You've got the wrong person.
His name isn't Henke... it's Peter.
Lina said you were at a conference
in Antwerp over the holiday.
- Who's Lina?
- I don't know.
- Peter!
- Who's Lina? Peter!
- Peter, wait a minute!
- Did you lie to me, Peter?
- Wait!
- Stop!
- Wait there.
- Stop!
Tell us. Who's Lina?
Who's Lina? You've got to...
Come clean. Have you cheated?
I went to a psychologist.
He laughed, didn't take me seriously.
I needed to talk and I met you.
I fibbed a little bit here and there,
but I didn't lie from my heart.
I didn't mean to. Of course you hate me.
I can't help that.
- You lied to me!
- I know, but I didn't lie about...
- You lied to me! You lied to me!
- You gotta calm down!
- I didn't lie with my heart.
- Ann-Sofi, get off now.
I've been true to you. More than I've been
to anybody else. I'm sorry.
- I know you must hate me.
- Forgive me, Ann-Sofi. Can you forgive me?
Henke! What the fuck are you up to?
What am I to say about this?
- You must be sick in the head!
- Come on... go away... go!
Just stay there.
Scram... go away! Go...
You can't be here!
- You're crazy.
- Scram!
Henke! Get out of there.
You're going home.
Unfortunately we have two weddings
booked, so the restaurant is closed.
Do you have a conference room
that can be booked?
Yes. When would you like...?
- Right now, thanks.
- Yes, we can check if it's available.
- Good, you can take it.
- Where is it?
- At the end on the left.
- Come on.
Yes... I have a wife, 2 kids
and a dachshund.
We live in a house, or rather...
a townhouse.
And we have a country place on land.
So you haven't been bullied
at all then, or...?
No. I had a happy childhood. Or nothing
special, you could say, perhaps.
I didn't feel good.
I always suffered anxiety, like all of you.
The fact that I wasn't bullied,
or tortured by my mother
doesn't mean I was happy.
All that I've felt about you
has been genuine.
I love you, Ann-Sofi.
- I love you.
- No!
- My beloved!
- Get off me!
If you forgive me, I promise
to leave everything for you.
I promise.
This is Lina. Hello?
- Hi, this is Henke.
- Hi, darling. How are things?
- Fine.
- I've been a bit worried.
You forgot to cancel your squash game
with Robert last Saturday.
I left messages for you but you
never rang back. How come?
- I'm not in Antwerp.
- What?
I'm not in Antwerp.
I'm not at a conference.
Uh? Where are you then?
I've met somebody else.
I've met someone else and I want a divorce.
What are you on about? How long has...?
I don't get it! What are you up to?
- I'm sorry, Lina.
- Henrik!
I'm sorry, forgive me.
- I've got some photocopies here I thought you might interest you.
- Here's one with Jesus on the cross. Here's a Indian being tormented
Here they're burning each other up...
but I don't think we'll get into that.
Here, Erika.
Here's a map, too.
This where the Mayan Indians lived.
It won't do to escape any pain you
might have. You can't do that.
But we've got an advantage in here. We can
create our own pain, and face up to it.
In here we can overcome that pain.
That's what this is all about.
Daring to take that pain... in here...
to our team... and work with that.
By learning to win over physical pain,
we'll be able to win over psychic pain.
As you can see, I've purchased
a few bits and pieces.
There are many ways they can be used.
I liked the whip.
But that doesn't mean it'll work for you.
The wire brush... What... how...?
You can take that. That can really hurt.
Best to follow your first impulse.
In my experience anyway.
There's no particular way of doing it.
Everyone can just do what they want.
In these pictures here...
Sure... we can do a group exercise as well.
But I thought we'd start off with Erika.
You can get started and we'll support you
and help you... through this.
Whatever you choose.
We'll see where we end up. It's free play.
This seems to be something you've invented
to gratify your own perversions.
Why do you have to drag US into it?
But we all agreed to this.
It's not my perversion...
Your "thing" then. We can tie you up again.
You like whips? We'll whip you.
Erika, we must dare to face our pain.
Try it.
You can try... don't be a coward.
You have to...
Don't forget there's a wedding tonight.
A whisky, please.
When I woke up on the beach
completely naked...
I realised it was "time to grow up."
So then I moved home
and I've been slogging away since.
Here I am just talking about myself.
Who are you?
Who am I?
I'm an interior designer.
Nothing more?
- "More" what? Shall I...?
- "More" whatever you like.
Talk about anything you like.
I had a son recently
who was injured at birth.
So I became depressed. I escaped
with my discussion group to get a break.
A break from myself.
No, I must go...
I think I should... go.
I must... go home.
- Are you sure?
- It's alright.
So we sold the townhouse, the country
house, the dachshund, and moved to L.A.
Then it wasn't long before I met Jon.
Of course you get homesick sometimes.
But not that often, actually.
- Jon, which Jon?
- Bon Jovi. We're well connected.
As soon as we got into the studio,
it all started happening... full bore.
- Are you in music, too?
- Heavens no!
I've done some modelling, but the
industry's very shallow in LA.
Our friend from LA was on the same plane,
so she also lost her luggage.
- This is all I have to wear.
- Have you heard anything about the bags?
- Have you seen Rikard anywhere?
- He went off a while ago.
- I think he's in the dining-room.
- Which is...?
- There. Free drinks for another hour.
- OK, thanks.
Sorry if I upset you.
It's okay.
I just don't know how I'll manage
to shut out my feelings.
No, I never said that.
I never said you should
shut your feelings out.
So what did you say?
You have to face up to your feelings.
You must learn to cope with your feelings.
- Who are you?
- I'm...
A person, a sort of male person.
You look like an ape.
It's boring here.
I think the wedding's super-boring.
I know. It is.
Want to see my Indians?
Do you have Indians?
- Whereabouts?
- In my room. Mayan Indians.
You have Mayan Indians in your room?
But they're nice Indians.
Yes. One of the biggest misunderstandings
in modern history...
That the Indians fought all the time.
They were quite nice, as...
- What's your name? - Max.
- As Max says.
What's your name?
- Rikard.
- Do you want to come to my room?
We're sitting here, and he's having dinner.
- No.
- Bring the Indians down here.
No... come to my room...
Please! Please! Please!
Maybe we could... just for a bit.
Is this it?
Quick... quick!
Where are they?
You got nice stuff, eh?
A wolf..and here's mummy Indian.
Wow! Check out these great Indians!
- That's a tepee isn't it?
- No, it's a mountain.
Look at this! You attack me,
I defend myself with horses.
OK, it's war then.
Give him a death-blow!
He ended up on his stomach.
"Hi, how are you going?"
"I'm going to spit fire on you."
Sometimes it's hard to know
who's done what.
I heard what you did.
Whether it's his music or mine.
- Excuse me... have you seen Max?
- No.
- Hey, baby. How's it all going?
- Where's our son got to?
Haven't a clue.
I thought he was with you.
He must be around somewhere.
I've no idea.
- Won't you come with me?
- Alright!
She is really cute, Dad,
but it's my wedding day for fuck's sake!
- Did you fuck Dad?
- What the hell...?
- Have you fucked my Dad?
- No, I have not.
Okay... fine...
- Now the shampoo...
- No!
- And balsam.
- You too.
- There's cream in my hair.
- Do you get it all out?
- This is horrible.
- Sorry, it was a little too hot.
- I'm getting it in my eyes.
- It hurts my eyes too.
Wait, wait! Towel!
Come on... calm down.
He's crazy!
I'm glad I decided not to join you in the
bath. Don't just sit there laughing.
My colleague saw a man, a woman
and a little boy walking up the stairs.
- What's that... yes!
- No, Rikard. Stop it now.
There are chemicals in the pens.
There's a paper you can draw on.
Little rascal... eh?
- Draw your picture here.
- That's no fun!
- It's scary!
- Yes, it's scary!
I'll do his stomach.
How's that! There... and there...
and there...
- What the hell are you doing?
- This is our room!
- Get up.
- What? Ouch!
I want you out of here.
We haven't done anything.
We were just playing...
- Grab onto him!
- What "grab"?
We just played a bit with Max's toys.
What's the harm in that?
Get down... wait... stay there.
This has been a big misunderstanding.
We met Max in reception.
He wanted to show us his Indians.
- Don't touch me!
- You hit me?
So hit me... come on... hit me!
Are you hitting me too? He just
stood there. He's not helping you.
You're just being unpleasant.
Knock it off now.
- So hit me!
- I don't want to!
Oh, come on now!
Damn, what are you doing?
You! Could say it to
Kerstin, do you think?
- Say what?
- That you haven't fucked Dad.
I've got some of this.
Fucking expensive.
Don't start crying.
Hit me instead.
What's your favourite?
Don't you dare tell him?
Are you deaf?
At least show you're a man!
Can you just cut it out?
I can't cope with this!
It's alright.
We'd best check out, eh?
It's alright! Alright.
What the hell are you doing?
You need to persuade her. Come on.
What's your problem...?
Come on now, you fucking whore!
Let me go! Let me go!
Help! Help me!
I'm going now.
Good luck.
- Look after yourself, OK?
- Yes.
[Women's Hospital - Maternity Ward]