Hounddog (2007) Movie Script

We have to stop or we'll chase of these snakes...
Follow me.
I told you.
Let me see.
You said I'd get a kiss...
No, You gotta show me first.
Charlie said you gave him a kiss for nothing
Charlie is a liar, he showed me his thing, he did.
I want my first kiss first.
No! You gotta show me first.
Maybe you won't give me my kiss then.
Sure, I will, come on, now show.
Stupid, you got to take 'em all the way off.
No, I won't.
Then I won't kiss you.
What's that from?
- That big old bruise you got there.
- Nothing.
- I got one.
- Where?
Right Here.
- My daddy did it.
- My daddy don't hit me.
Does so.
Does not, liar.
I'm going to kill my daddy one day.
Are not..
Am too. And I'll kill your daddy too, if you want.
No, I don't want.
- Where are you going?
- Home.
But about your kiss?
I don't want.
But I want to. I want to kiss you.
Who are you?
Now you stay out.
Where's my daddy?
He's in the can, he'll be out in a minute.
Who's the stranger lady?
We were waiting for you to watch Elvis.
Why don't you go on and make us some lemonade?
Grab your daddy a beer.
She your girlfriend?
Well, I guess yeah.
Yeah, she is.
Ain't no lemons.
Thank you.
Yeah, she's going to stay with me for a while.
What's your name?
My name is Ellen.
That's nice.
You could be like my mum and dad.
Lou and Ellen makes Lewellen, makes me.
You're my mom and dad.
Elvis is on.
Why don't you got to do some singing for us?
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog,
cryin' all the time.
You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time.
Well, You ain't never caught a rabbit,
and you ain't no friend of mine.
Well, they said you was high class.
Well, that was just a lie.
Well, they said you was high class.
Well, that was just a lie.
Well, you ain't never comin' 'round
and you ain't no friend of mine.
Stop playing that devil music.
You always listen to Elvis.
I listen to the lords music,
you can always listen to that.
You better stop that shaking, because
you get yourself into a lot of trouble.
I want that song sung at my funeral one day, girl.
You make sure of that for me.
I'm going down to my daddy's to
visit him with the stranger lady
No, ma'am, you're not.
Please, for a little while,
No, ma'am, you ain't going down to witness that evil.
Mind your daddy, just the thought is playing the devil,
It's like he did with my baby.
He wouldn't even got married after he got off over you
I had to drag him down to the church myself
Well.. help me clear the dishes and we'll...
come out here and have some ice cream on the swing.
Sorry babe, but you can't come in, okay?
Stay there.
What flavor you going to get today?
- Vanilla.
- Vanilla?
I always get vanilla,
I try the flavor and I always get vanilla.
Will you go get my shoes for me honey?
Why doesn't the momma toki sit on her own eggs?
It's too big, she'll break them,
she'll keep the nursemaid on till
they hatch, to keep warm.
What's that?
Carefree what, you stay in front of the
house, and I'll run out back and get the car.
Keep it... bring with my shoes.
Why cant you wait 'til we were gone?
Couldn't wait
What do you doing with it?
Why are you dragging it?
- going to bury him. Damn it. Just let me
get her to a store or something.
Missy, you gonna fall out of
that tree and bust your behind.
How many years I'm been telling you
there's more to singing than just Elvis?
When you going to sing some real "blues" girl?
- I can't sing "blues."
- Why not?
- I ain't black.
- You ain't?
- I ain't.
- I thought you were.
Hey, Elvis is a white boy singing black music.
So you are a white girl singing black music.
I just want you to know there is more to
fill all that emptiness working just Elvis.
I'm going to be a big star some day.
My daddy said so,
Yes, ma'am.
You just might..
But if you don't, you keep on singing,
keep on feeling the spirit
If your dreams gotta go underground for awhile..
Bury themselves deep in the earth, so they can survive,
you just keep feeling the spirit even in the dark
Guess what I heard.
- What?
- Guess.
No, tell me.
- I heard Elvis is coming to town.
Elvis is coming to town?
I don't know, I think he's coming to Polar
edge that's all I heard that he's coming.
Lewellen, is someone there?
No, ma'am.
Okay, meet me on the bank tomorrow.
Can't day after?
- Okay, day after.
Your bath is ready, come on in, let me check for ticks.
- Who was that I hear?
- What?
You heard me. Aren't you talking to
someone. Who were you talking to?
Better not be anyone of those
boys want to do evil things with you.
No, ma'am.
Plenty of time for you to grow
up and do all kinds of evil,
but I just want you to be good, while you still can
Gotta long time before you need to be growing up.
Yes, ma'am.
Got lemons...
What you got there?
You know, those cars have been out there
as long as I can remember.
I don't know why your dad don't clean all empty things out
and just lets them collect there.
Just emptiness piling on emptiness,
Possibly gets his high on emptiness.
Want to come help make some lemonade?
Oh, No, not now, honey. Thank you.
No, it's for your face... it'll help.
I can't believe how big you are.
'Cause I'm in second grade.
How did you learn to make lemonade so good?
Where is he?
He's gone.
He's coming back?
He"ll come back!
What did you do to him?
You say something bad? Made him mad, and make him leave?
I'm sorry, honey.
No, you are a liar, my daddy wouldn't leave me.
He said, he was leaving you with me.
He did not.
He did not, you stupid, I hate you.
It's all your fault, my daddy wouldn't leave me.
He'll come back, you'll see, he will for me.
No, ma'am. It's me, Lewellen.
You want to come in here, with me?
- Yes, ma'am.
He'll be home soon...
I always feel it in my toes when he goes.
It's like I feel the rain coming.
You gonna stay?
Sing your Elvis for me, baby. Will you?
Will you take me with you when you leave?
Where's Vernon?
He's gone.
But I heard they weren't movin' till next week.
You the Wooden's Boy?
Yeah, how'd you know?
Vernon told me your face was.
I mean, I don't know.
Vernon told me you me you was takin' over.
Where are the empties?
By the screen door.
You know Elvis is comin' to town
I'm gonna sing for him.
Gotta go.
This ain't your car.
Hey, I said this ain't your car.
No, it's the lady out in front of my truck.
- So...
- So?
Lewellen, I'm sorry. I just
...I had some business
I had to tend to back at home.
Oh, I just had such busy, busy things to do.
I just forgot all about 'em, plumb forgot
Silly me.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't have
said that about your daddy,
that he said he was gonna leave you with me.
He didn't say that.
He'll come back, he always does.
Oh, I've known your daddy for a
long, long time. He's always comin' back.
I didn't just meet your daddy at some
local bar like I did this man towin' my car.
I've known him for a long time.
Oh, rescue me! Rescue me please!
I'm a sinner and a liar and sinner!
Please rescue me!
You know this kid?
You promised me you'd take me with you
Get away from the truck, kid.
Who was that?
I don't know.
You acted like you knew her.
Feeling the spirit in the dark?
I am thinking about snakes.
Oh snake medicine people are rare.
Their initiation... comes from giving and
living through many, many snake bites.
Makes them able to change all poisons.
Poison in the body, poison in the mind or
poison in the heart,
poison in the soul.
Turn them by some poison, which can
kill you, into something powerful and good.
This will fix you right up...
- She's singing Elvis.
She's something, ain't she?
- But she's singing it all wrong.
Oh no, missy, she's singing it all right.
But that's Elvis' song.
- No, maam.
- Is so.
Missy, that's Willie Mae Thornton
They call her"Big Mama" now, she hit
number one with "Hounddog" in 1953,
long before Elvis sang that song.
Come on.
You can't tell nobody I can't swim.
I won't.
You gotta promise.
I promise.
And you can't tell nobody you rescued me.
I won't.
Hey, I'll teach you how to swim, okay?
And how to dance like Elvis?
Yeah, and sing.
Can I come?
Yeah, we're goin' together.
No, I mean if Elvis takes you with him.
You gotta go, right?
Lewellen, can I come too?
Well you know I don't know if that will be okay...
or what, I don't if it will just be me.
Yeah I know... okay.
But you can ask Elvis when we see him.
Hi there Buddy, bring your girlfriend?
Let's see, ditch house for your girlfriend?
Bring me a six-pack, baby.
Hey Buddy.
- Hello, sir, how you doing?
- I'm good..
- Kinda hot out there, are you?
- Yes, sir.
Thanks, baby.
Well, I got you something.
What'd you get me? What'd
I get, what'd I get?
Let me see if I can find it.
Let's see, where'd I put it?
Baby, I can't seem to find it.
I just don't know where it is.
Lewellen? Lewellen?
Missy, I know you're hiding there.
This ain't no time for your hiding games.
Your daddy's been struck by lightning.
Your daddy's been struck.
By lightning?
By God.
Is he dead?
For your sins, was it.
No, ma'am.
You better run, boy.
We were doing nothing.
Is he dead? Is my daddy dead?
Maybe it was you who struck him down.
What were doing out in that shack,
while you daddy was out working the fields?
What were you doing, missy?
Can I go for an ice cream?
One scoop, you'll spoil your dinner.
Be home before dark.
Lewellen? Stay out of the tall grass.
Snakes are in the tall grass.
He's stupid now, right?
That's what my daddy says.
Well, he's not.
It is poisonous?
No, stupid.
Hold your arm out.
Come on, it won't hurt you, it feels good.
Wow... yeah.
Can I have it?
I gotta go.
Why? It ain't dark yet.
I gotta go.
Lightning struck...
first thing, it gives an awful thirst
You have to keep a close watch on him,
'Cause they'll try to drink the entire river.
I was in Pensacola
fishing with my brother,
we saw a man crazy with thirsty
He was drinking the ocean water like
it was whiskey, died from the salt.
Just gotta always be careful handling the dead snake.
Always use the stick.
Reflex action make the poison of a
snake bite even after he's dead.
Grammie says you must drink whiskey, if you're bit.
It gets right in the blood and kills the poison.
Always drink whiskey for a snake bite?
But only the celebrities
who are still alive make it known.
That whiskey will move that poison
so fast through your blood,
to your heart and knock you flat dead.
You think God will strike you down for your sins?
No, missy, I don't.
You think God will strike you
down for someone else's sins?
No, missy, I know he don't do that.
I'm a sinner.
Yes, we're all sinners.
Did you ever put the sinners here,
and they gotta be got rid of..
I think God put us all here,
I think he put every single one of us here.
My daddy's thirsty all the time.
You keep a close watch on him.
What's wrong, daddy?
I can't remember my name.
- Lou?
- Yeah..
And I am Lewellen,
you shared the first part of my name, you remember?
The first part of my name is you,
'Cause you're my daddy, remember?
What am I called Lou?
I forgot my name.
It's okay.
It's too hot...
I'll put it here in case you feel cold.
Don't you want to sleep in your bed tonight?
No, maam, I'll just sit up here.
Okay, call me if you need anything.
Can I have my lightning box, please?
Can I have one kiss, please?
Good night.
Why are you stealing my money?
Daddy needs more medicine.
I went and burrowed some this morning.
Take you daddy his medicine.
Yes, ma'am.
What is wrong with you?
You act like you're mad at me or something.
I'm not.
I ain't no money
I can't go see Elvis.
Get it from your dad, can't you?
He ain't got no money, either.
I can't go see Elvis.
Don't worry.
We'll get the money someways.
I'll get the money, I will, I promise!
Just don't cry no more, please?
Lewellen, please, don't cry.
Girl and boy!
Hey there, you girl and boy!
What were you doin' back there?
I saw you. You were stealin'.
Do you confess to me that you were stealin'?
- Yes..
- Maam.
Yes, maam.
My grandmother and my grandfather said that
while I'm here stayin' with them,
I am not to play with you.
But I've decided I will play with you.
My name is Gwendolyn
but you may call me Grasshopper.
What can you do?
She can do Elvis.
- Show me.
My God... Elvis, Elvis.
My God! My God!
Daddy, guess what....
guess what! I saw Elvis
and he blew a kiss just for me!
Daddy, I saw Elvis!
You left me alone.
You said you'd be back.
I am back.
Well, you said you'd be right back,
and you didn't come right back.
I thought you were gone.
I'm sorry.
You won't leave me, will you?
Promise you'll stay with me for always.
Promise you won't leave me again.
I promise.
It's late for my medicine.
I love you, Elvis.
Guess what!
- What?
- I saw Elvis.
Did not.
Did! And he blew me a kiss!
You're a liar.
I am not.
Am not, you stupid!
Well, can you meet me on the bank?
No, I can't.
I gotta finish this for Grammie.
Just for a little?
No, I can't. I gotta do this.
What is this?
Makin' jelly.
How about tomorrow?
Well, I don't know.
I gotta get ready for Elvis.
My Grammie's comin'. You better scoot.
I cannot believe, I forgot the sugar.
How's it coming? Let me see.
Just in time, it's ready.
Oh, Good girl.
- Hey!
- Hey!
- What you doing?
- Nothing.
Can you come now to the bank?
- No.
I'll show you something.
No, I can't.
How come?
Got my ticket, yet?
Not yet,
may be, I promise.
Go home.
- Can I come with you?
- Go home, Buddy...
And I did see Elvis too.
Can you do my hair like yours?
- You're late, missy.
- Sorry.
What in God's name have you have on?
It's a dress.
Don't 'smart alec' me missy I see it is a dress,
- Where did you get it?
- I like your hair-do.
- Grasshopper.
- What?
You know Ellen I like your hair.
- Grasshopper, she's a girl.
Whose girl?
You sure. I sure do.
Mr. and Mrs. Chamber's granddaughter.
.. she's visiting them for the summer.
I like your hair like that, Lewellen, I really do.
I like it a lot.
Did you steal it?
No, ma'am.
Well I better not hear tomorrow that,
that girl is missing her dress!
You understand?
She give it to me.
Well, you sit down and eat your dinner then.
Remember you going to help me,
I have the jelly the church, for the bake sale on Sunday.
I sure do like your hair.
It's neat.
Sit on my lap.
Because it feels so good.
You should get up now.
Something different?
Got to guess.
Oh, no, daddy. What did you do?
I cut my bangs.
Why did you do that?
Because I wanted to be cool like you.
Do you like it?
Why don't you like it?
Yeah, I like it.
- Hey
- Hey
Here's what I got your ticket.
You got it?
- Yeah.
- My God, I can't believe you got it.
- Yeah.
- How do you get it?
A friend of mine, but you got to meet me at the bank
because I gotta go get them because he still got them.
Okay, I have to finish this for
my grandmother, but I will meet you.
What's you in such a hurry for?
Come on in here, out of the rain.
Can't.I gotta get my Elvis ticket,
I got a ticket for Elvis.
Hurry up.
Buddy I'm coming.
Oh my God, you scared me!
What are you doing here?
I told him to meet us here.
He wants to see you do your Elvis dance.
I told him you'd do your Elvis dance for him.
Oh. Well, do you have my ticket?
You have to do your Elvis dance first.
That was the deal.
He said he'd get the tickets if you did your Elvis dance.
Do the one you did that mornin'.
Hound dog?
- Okay.
That's the deal.
Then I get my ticket?
No stupid, you have to take it all the way off.
Can I have my ticket now?
I have a feeling about you.
Please can I have my ticket now?
- Yeah
- Please.
- Come on.
- I just want my ticket.Please.
- Sing.
- No.
Help me, please.
Sings yer Elvis.
Let's go, you drive the truck.
- No, I don't want to.
- Come on!
I got your lightning box.
Got these men coming down from New York, Florida.
Say, brother Ronny why do you
preach against Rock n Roll music?
Well, the first reason I preach against it, is
because of this right here the word of God.
- Amen
- Amen.. I believe this music...
is 100% responsible for the delinquency
of our youth today.
And the reason I believe that, 'cause
I know what it feels like when you sing.
I know what it feels like when you listen to it,
I know the evil thoughts and desires that come over..
You when you get swept away in the beat.
And you ask an average young person,
what it is they like this music so much they
are going to tell you one thing.
Didn't I tell you, it's the beat.
It's the beat, it's the beat.
It's the beat!
And we are a music loving church here,
we sing our hymns of praise
each and every week to the Lord
The Bible says, make a joyful noise unto the Lord,
but there is nothing joyful
about this rock n roll music, because...
Thank you very much, thanks for coming.
May God bless you.
- I don't feel good.
- What's the matter with you? Are you sick?
- Yes, maam.
- Lewellen, there's your boyfriend.
- Can I go home now.
In a few minutes,
I gotta check on my jelly.
I'm going for a barf.
- You're, now just calm youself.
I'll be right back.
Buddy, Buddy.
Who you friend?
This is the Grasshopper.
Buddy's taking me to see Elvis tonight.
You are? Oh, you heard that, Lewellen?
They gonna go see Elvis.
Do your Elvis for us, Lewellen?
- You can come and have ice cream with us, if you like.
- Yes, ma'am.
Come on.
Okay, bye, bye, Buddy.
Bye, bye, Grasshopper.
Grasshopper bye, I like your name.
We're gonna have some of Grammie' jelly.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello, Buddy.
- Thank you.
- Bye, Grasshopper.
Bye Buddy.
Bye ma'am.
Bye, Buddy.
- Hey, guys.
- Hello, Buddy.
Get into, guys.
Come on.
I will show you how it's done.
- Oh, Buddy.
- Get away from me.
- I cannot find the Lewellen.
- Where will you think you going?
I ain't seen her.
Go on, cowboy.
Don't do that.
You dance just like your girl.
You are so stupid.
- You are so stupid.
I don't like these things?
- You are so stupid.
- I can't stand it.
- You are so stupid.
- I can't stand it anymore.
- You are so stupid.
- I can't stand it anymore.
- You are so stupid.
- I can't stand it anymore.
My daughter is dead.
I told you, if you ever set
foot on this property again, I'll kill you.
What do you want?
- I want to care of Lewellen.
Lewellen is fine.
But I want to take her with me.
You can't her with you, she's mine.
You said she's yours, her daddy thinks she's his..
- And you think she's yours?
- No, I don't.
I don't think she's anybodys.
Only person she belongs to, is herself.
Oh, that's hard for you to talk, you sinner.
I loved him.
You sinned, with your own sister's husband.
You made him marry her.
- He got her pregnant.
But he loved me, mom.
I was the one, he loved.
So what was he doing sleeping with your sister?
It was just once, one time and he didn't even mean it.
Lewellen should have been mine, and you know it.
Because I was the one that he loved.
He never loved you.
You wanted him too.
That's why you still keeping him around.
Go on, shoot me, mom.
Go on.
I need someone to care of...
You can't even take care of yourself..
She needs a mamma.
I am her mamma.
I need you...
Mama, please.
I need you...
I told you.
My daughter is dead.
Did you get the ticket?
Why not?
Don't want it.
Come here, hold on to this colt, while I fix the record.
What's that?
That's a mighty ugly you got there.
You better care of that.
Mama always told me not...
walk in the tall grass.
Keep it cool, boy.
I remember those late nights.
And I'll be up on your mama's lap.
She was so big and soft and warm.
Hold me there.. like there and
there'll be a big fire blazing
with you and Lucy and Willie May..
And we all would play,
It was so beautiful, I just had to cry,
I was feeling so safe there in your mamma's arms.
And when we was all finished singing
mamma will carry you across the field
and slip into the kitchen door and put you in your bed...
Without waking your mamma.
Oh, your mamma was good.
She was so good.
God, I miss her.
I do miss her.
Why don't you take Lewellen?
- I can't...
- You could.
Her eyes are too big, it makes me scared.
Looking in the mirror.
Oh, no I feel I up....
I can't breathe sometimes, I feel I get
all choked up, when I'm near her.
Maybe you, finally be putting your arms
all round yourself the way your mamma never could.
- Mammas.
- Mammas.
Why won't you say nothing?
Why can not I talk?
is that my baby improves
please, dear Lord.
Not to let die.
I do not know what I did.
I can not stand.
Please, Lord,
- Sing.
- No.
- Sing.
- No.
You hear? Not provide.
- Think you dance too?
- I like Elvis.
Do not drink anything.
I smoke a cigarette.
I think she will die.
What do you say?
- And if she tell?
- It will not.
And you begin to speak during sleep?
You can do this...
Stop worry about.
- She could die and it is our fault...
- It is not my fault if she dies.
- Did you meteste the inside.
- No more.
What is supposed meter? A man is
supposed to come inside a woman.
You have a dark spirit in you.
A spirit that tries to wake you.
Want to sleep a little more.
Hide it.
We kid.
Go inside.
Vai is well.
I'll be with you soon.
What do you want?
I want you to come in and sing with me.
I don't feel good.
I know, missie,
I know.
I wanna go home.
Just come in and sing one song with me first.
Leave me alone.
I ain't goin' to.
I really don't want to!
What you gonna do with that hole?
When what you love is stolen and
ripped away from you, there's a hole there.
- What you going to do with it?
- Shut up.
You got to fill all those empty hollow places.
You gotta fill 'em when they turn mean.
They turn mean and eat you alive.
You're just a nigger, you know?
Just a nigger.
So are you, missie.
No, I ain't.
So are you, No, I ain't.
Oh yes, you are
You're lettin' 'em make you one.
It's the way people treat you that makes you a nigger.
The way people put you on down
call you names and spit on you
messing with you. People trying to make you hate yourself,
taking away from you all the things you love the most.
You gonna let 'em do that to you? Huh?
I ain't sayin' life ain't hard. It is.
But you can't let 'em win.
- Leave me alone.
You can't let them...
I hate you...
I hate you...
- Leave me alone you can't let...
...without your spirit
- Leave me alone, I hate you.
Leave me alone.
Get up. Get up.
I can't shake no more.
You don't have to shake.
If you stand still you can reach deeper into the sound.
I can't sing.
Is hiding in the dark Lewellen.
Stand still and reach down deep.
Stand still.
Stand very, very still.
There it is.
The Rattler got powerful medicine..
If you make good when your done...
the spirits fly free
and the ghosts don't chase after you
if you don't
the spirits slither after you and drive you mad.
Gotta always somehow make good of what can pause in you
For you to shake.
Look at you.
I love you.
What you got there?
You know, I'm thinking...
I got a fenced-in backyard now,
in this new place I moved in,
It would be great for a puppy.
But you'd have come too.
'Cause I could not take of it all by myself, you know?
And you can do it.
And he needs you.
I just couldn't breathe, Lewellen.
I couldn't breathe.
I was scared, you know?
I feel I can breathe now.
I got a room made up for you.
And a record player?
- Yeah, I do
I do.. got a player.
Just get in here, come on
I gotta check and see.
I just can't say you can't.. no?
I'll wait right here.
I'll be waiting right here for you.
Did I get it?
I Got it.
Yes, maam.
I love you.
Yes, maam.