Hour of the Gun (1967) Movie Script

They're leaving town.
Ike Clanton,
Andy Warshaw, Latigo...
Curly Bill Brocius.
Who's in the corral, Virg?
Billy Clanton.
And the McLowerys.
We've come to disarm you.
Raise your hands
over your heads!
Can't walk.
It's the shoulder.
- Doc?
- Yeah?
Did Virg deputize you?
I swore to something
he was muttering about.
Then wear the badge.
Virg, let me help you.
Here... here.
I'm all right, doc.
See to Virg.
- Doc, he's hit.
- It's just my leg.
Just stay still, Virg.
Well, arrest 'em.
I don't know if a county sheriff can
arrest a city marshal without a warrant.
We can take him if you can't.
We got enough guns
to settle the whole thing right here.
You're under arrest.
For what?
Not today, tomorrow, or ever.
You don't have jurisdiction
in the city of Tombstone.
If you did,
you couldn't make it stick.
We got enough men behind us
to make it stick.
Stillwell, if you so much as turn
your head toward those men,
you'll be laying in the horse manure
with your friends.
Wyatt, give me a hand here.
I'll get a warrant.
I'm serving you, Wyatt!
Your badge
won't help you this time.
Please accept my condolences,
Mr. Clanton.
We'll be ready in a moment.
You got the warrants now?
Ready for the judge's signature.
If you'd had the law in your hands,
Wyatt would've let you lock them up
out at the corral. I know him.
It was a stupid play
to try without it.
I didn't have the warrants
because I didn't think the Earps
would be alive to be served.
At least, that's what you told me.
Yeah, they're alive now.
But their hands are dirty.
And you all got to understand that.
That's what's going to get you
elected city marshal.
That is if the county doesn't let the Earps
slip through our fingers at the trial.
- You don't have to worry about it.
- I don't intend to.
Get this through your heads.
If this were back east,
I could make law the way they do.
But the best thing
I can do out here is buy it.
You get good value, don't you?
It's been working.
It works until the east gets here.
But if I'm not big enough to buck them
when they start to corner the ranges
and the railroads and the stockyards,
you boys are going to have to go back
to living on what the county pays you.
But meanwhile...
Meanwhile, if we don't
wanna get eaten up,
we're going to have to grow bigger
and faster than nature intended.
and hope their brothers don't continue
to be so lucky as they were this morning.
They won't.
One way or another.
We are ready now,
Mr. Clanton.
I hope you are satisfied,
Mr. Clanton.
I am.
Yay, though I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for thou art with me.
Thy rod and thy staff,
they comfort me...
Why did you give up practice
in dentistry and take up gambling?
What's the word they use?
I'll rule on that, Mr. Holiday.
You answer the question.
Was it because of your illness?
Or as your
growing reputation as a killer?
No. I found there was more gold
in people's pockets than in their mouths.
Does that satisfy you?
What was your reason
for volunteering your services
as a gunfighter to the Earp family?
I owed Wyatt Earp a favor.
You mean you killed a man you didn't
even know as a favor to another?
I killed a lot of men I didn't know
between 1861 and 1865.
Nobody said anything about it then.
War, Mr. Holliday.
Well, I never did
understand the difference.
How many men have you killed
as a civilian?
Oh, I don't know.
Somewhere between 18 and 25.
I presume they were all quarrels
over your gentlemanly honor.
No. Over money.
That's my profession.
Are you finished?
No. No, not quite.
Then you admit
that you accepted a deputy's badge
and used it as a cloak to cover
an act of homicide as a favor?
I accepted a deputy's badge
to uphold the law against lke Clanton
who was threatening it
with a gang of gunmen...
until he decided to pull out
and sacrifice his brother
to make the Earps look like baby killers
so they'd lose votes.
You're out of order, Mr. Holliday.
Just answer the question.
Did you not, as a fact,
accept a deputy's badge and...
- I don't need a badge to kill.
- Only the word of Wyatt Earp!
I'd go to hell and back
on the word of Wyatt Earp.
So would half the men in this room.
And you observed these impressions
of the gunfight from where, Mr. Clanton?
Fly's Photographic Gallery
across from the O.K. Corral.
I see.
With the court's permission.
Is Andrew Warshaw in the court?
Yeah. Right here.
Would you mind
standing up, Mr. Warshaw?
Is Andrew Warshaw
in your employ?
Yes, he is.
Is this the same Andrew Warshaw
who's wanted in Pecos County, Texas
on two counts of armed robbery
and three of murder?
I wouldn't know that.
In what capacity do you employ
Mr. Warshaw?
Scientific stock breeder.
I see.
Now, Andrew Warshaw
has been observed regularly
wearing a six-gun and
saddle holstering a Winchester carbine.
Are these normally considered
the tools of his profession?
Maybe he has
to force the stock to breed.
Mr. Holliday...
that will be all.
You can sit down now,
Mr. Warshaw.
Would William Brocius
please stand up?
Is William Brocius
in your employ?
Yes, he is.
Is this the same William Brocius
who is wanted variously
on eight counts of murder
in Kansas City, Missouri,
Abilene, Texas, Gallup, New Mexico
between the years 1878 and 1881?
I wouldn't know that, either.
In what capacity
do you employ him?
- I beg your pardon?
- Bookkeeper.
I see.
That'll be all, Mr. Brocius.
Now, is it a fact that you're
a heavy financial backer
of another one of your employees,
Pete Spence,
for the Tombstone City Marshal post
now held by Virgil Earp?
It is a fact.
That will be all.
When you heard the shooting,
why did you not go to the aid
of your brother and the McLowerys?
It's been so long since there's been
a gunfight in this county,
I could scarcely believe my ears.
When you did ascertain
that a gunfight was actually in progress,
what did you do?
Nothing. I was unarmed.
I find that my familiarity with weapons
is not an asset to me as a businessman.
It has been stated
that your employees...
the bookkeeper
and the cattle breeder...
were armed.
Why, Mr. Clanton?
I've been told that there's
a plot to assassinate me.
Because of my stand for freedom
of the range against the easterners.
In my opinion...
such was the purpose of
the marshal's attack on the O.K. Corral.
That is all.
Then you did have an animosity
toward the Clanton group
prior to October 26, 1881?
Everyone in town knows I did.
Oh, Marshal, you walked down
to that O.K. Corral
with your brothers and Doc Holliday
in a state of frustration,
with malice in your heart,
toward lke Clanton and his group.
I've said that. Repeating the question
won't make it any stronger.
That's all.
Just a moment, Your Honor.
I should like to reexamine the defendant.
Wyatt, did malice move you
against the Clanton group?
Would you tell the court what did?
The Clanton group was armed
and made threats
of death and violence against us.
It was our duty as sworn peace officers
to disarm and arrest them.
I would disarm and arrest
General Ulysses S. Grant
if he appeared on the streets of
Tombstone under those circumstances.
Wyatt, I told you
before you went down to the corral
that I had met with the Clanton group
and they agreed to leave town peaceably.
Bryan, you take bribes. You're a thief,
a liar, and a disgrace to your office.
I wouldn't take your word
if you swore to it on your mother's grave.
You'll live to regret that.
I want to recall Sheriff Bryan.
Now, Sheriff Bryan...
would you mind repeating under oath
the statement you just made?
I said I attempted
to stop the Earps and Holliday
as they marched down the street
toward the corral.
How did you go about that?
I told them that none of the men
at the corral were looking for trouble.
They had all agreed
to leave town immediately.
And what was their reply?
They ignored me.
And what did you do then?
I watched them.
I saw Billy Clanton and Frank McLowery
raise their hands above their heads...
and Tom McLowery threw back his coat
and lapel to show that he was unarmed!
And that's when the Earps
and Holliday opened fire!
- You swear this under oath?
- I do!
That they fired on the deceased
with their coats open
and their hands raised in the air!
That's all, Your Honor.
So we see that the prosecution has
introduced a substantial body of evidence
pointing to the guilt
of the defendants.
And much of this stands unrefuted
by the defense.
But in the last analysis,
the prosecution's case
turns on two points.
Whether in fact
the shooting was a crime,
and whether there was a motive.
As to the first point,
both the coroner's report and the
independent medical testimony indicate
that William Clanton's wrist
was penetrated from the outside
and that the bullet lodged
in his abdomen.
That is not the wound received
by a man with his hands in the air.
Tom McLowery's wounds were not
the sort that could be received
with his hands
on his lapels like that,
but rather with his hands
around a Winchester carbine
which he had recently extracted
from his horse's saddle holster.
The testimony of Sheriff Bryan
therefore stands refuted.
Therefore, since no crime
has been established...
or even a motive for one...
I find that the defendants
were fully justified in their actions,
and that these homicides occurred
in the discharge of their official duties.
The case of the prosecution
is therefore dismissed.
Court is adjourned.
Everybody rise.
Well, shooting from the front side
didn't work.
Next time, he'll try it from the back.
We'll get Clanton at the election.
Thanks, Horace.
See you at the polls.
Good night.
Harry... take this over to Doc
before you check out, will ya?
- Good night, Marshal.
- Good night, Harry.
Hit me.
How much the baby weigh?
Too much.
Don't distract me.
Hit me again.
- Charley, I don't think that...
- Just give me the card, will ya?
If the population keeps growing
and you keep stopping in here
every time you deliver a baby,
you're gonna go broke.
I can't understand
why I never win.
You don't play very well.
Besides that, you never cheat.
Do you?
No, I'm too good.
I don't have to.
Well, if you weren't that good?
I'd cheat.
Well, I'll be damned.
I don't think
the correct word is "cheat," Charley.
What is that word? Just how much
is a player supposed to lose?
Well, now...
the house rules fix the percentage.
The regulars know the odds.
Doc's just trying to keep you
from giving us your money.
Checked the horses and the prisoners.
You're on duty.
Don't you think it's time
to go home, Charley?
I'll walk along with you.
Nope. I'm gonna stay
and do a little rule bending.
Good night.
Harry, wake up.
Harry, get out of bed.
I just got into bed.
There's someone breaking in
downstairs in the barbershop.
What can they steal
in the barbershop?
Harry, do you want me
to go downstairs?
Sure. You go. You go.
All right. All right.
- Marshal.
- Get my brother. Get my brother, please.
Morg, check the alley!
It's your brother, Marshal.
- Virgil, you all right?
- Couldn't see.
- Stick with us.
- I don't feel anything.
- Where'd the shots come from?
- Barbershop.
Out of the way, Wyatt.
Hold him up, will ya?
Harry, did you see anything?
No. Nothing. Nothing.
Harry, you're lying.
Who did you see?
It was dark.
Where was it dark, Harry?
Marshal... I got a boy and a wife.
So has Virgil.
I can't.
They'll kill me.
That won't help nothing.
Harry, you've got just as much to fear
from me as you have from Clanton.
Now, who was it?
It makes no difference
what you do to me.
I can't.
Unless you promise I don't have
to say this to anyone but you.
All right, Harry.
You've got my word.
You said "they."
And Spence.
And Warshaw.
All right, Harry.
Whereas six witnesses
for the defense have testified
that the accused, Peter Spence,
Andrew Warshaw, and William Brocius
were playing poker
at the Alhambra Saloon
at the time of the assault
on Marshal Earp's life,
and whereas Sheriff Bryan
has sworn
that his deputy, Frank Stilwell,
was on duty at the county jail...
...and since the city prosecutor has failed
to produce any evidence to the contrary
or any witnesses
to the actual assault
or to the number
or identity of assailants...
Mr. Fitch?
Therefore, the charges of feloniously
assaulting Marshal Virgil Earp
brought by the city of Tombstone
against these defendants are dismissed.
This court is adjourned.
Everybody rise.
Wyatt, he knew you had a witness.
He gave you every chance...
Let it go, Tom.
I'll be damned
if I understand a man
whose word to a waiter
is more important than his brother.
The law won't work
when part of it is ignored
because everyone is either
bought off or terrified.
Then I'll enforce the part
that does work.
Your brother will be
a cripple for life.
Who's gonna take his place
on the ballot, Wyatt?
I am.
I don't wanna hear
a word from you.
I'm just educating myself.
I've never been
on the right side of the law.
I want to see how much good
it does you when you are.
Andy Warshaw.
Andrew Warshaw.
Andrew Warshaw.
Anson Safford.
Anson Safford.
Anson Safford.
Fair amount.
Well, it should be over
by midnight.
I won, didn't I?
Yes, Morgan.
You did.
What'd he say?
When we were kids,
we used to argue about whether,
when you were dying,
your whole life
flashed in front of you or not.
He said,
"It ain't so, Wyatt."
There's two more bags
in the carriage.
What are you gonna do, Wyatt?
I'm taking them to Tucson to meet
the transcontinental train to California.
Virgil will bury Morgan
out there with my folks.
I don't mean that.
What about here?
What do you want us to do?
I'll take legal action
when I get back.
The runner-up takes office
in Tombstone.
We had to swear in Spence
as City Marshal this morning.
You're not gonna find
any legal action that's gonna stick.
We'll see.
We've gotten together $20,000
to post his reward money.
Thank you, Hansen.
All aboard!
You'll get a telegram from me
by the time you reach Tucson, Wyatt.
What are you doing here?
I'm crazy about trains.
Telegram for you, Mr. Earp.
Thank you.
"I've secured your appointment,
Federal Marshal,
"and authority you form posse.
"Arrest suspects Stilwell,
Spence, Brocius, and Warshaw.
"Warrants in mail.
Sorry, no public funds available.
Horace Solomon."
He doesn't name Clanton.
Not enough evidence
to get a warrant against Clanton.
Well, you got the first gun
for your posse.
You hear the part
about no funds available?
I hear the Chamber of Commerce
has put up $20,000 reward money.
For arrest and conviction.
Not dead or alive.
Not your style, Doc.
For that kind of money,
I can be as law-abiding as, uh...
...you are.
- Hi, Sherm.
- Wyatt.
Thanks for meeting us.
I'm very sorry about Morgan.
Yeah. You know Doc Holliday.
Sherman McMasters.
You were the arresting officer when
I shot Long Nose Ernie here in '74.
That's right.
Good to see ya.
I got a tip, and figured it mightn't wait,
so I came out to meet you.
You can talk in front of me.
We just went in business together.
Clanton sent Frank Stilwell
and two of his gun hands into Tucson.
I think he means to make
a clean sweep of the Earps.
Where do you think it'll come?
There's no telling.
If I were you,
I'd get my family off to California,
take this train back to Tombstone.
I wish you'd sign on, Sherm.
I would, Wyatt,
but I can't afford it.
You know they only pay
$53 a month in Tucson?
With a family, that keeps me
on the edge all the time.
I'll match that out of my own pocket,
plus a half...
and you get a crack
at the $20,000 reward.
You'll take this train
back to Tombstone?
I'll get my gear.
Stilwell's had time
to get to Tucson.
Take care of your family.
All aboard!
you're under arrest.
Drop the shotgun.
Now the gun belt.
Before you start steaming, lke,
Tucson has issued a homicide warrant
for Earp for Stilwell's murder.
We'll serve it in Tombstone.
What happened to the two hands
you sent with him?
- Earp nailed the first one.
- And the other?
- He, uh...
- Yes?
He left.
If I gave you a posse
of 25 men...
you think you might be able
to find Earp and maybe even arrest him?
I can handle it, Mr. Clanton.
This is local law
against federal law.
It's gotten too big for us.
They'll send troops here
if anything happens to Earp.
Sit down, Roy.
Advice like that
I can get cheaper than you come.
Bryan, after you organize your posse,
I want you to put 20 men under Spence
as Deputy City Marshals.
Put Latigo in charge.
Solomon, Clum, and the rest of them are
bound to organize a vigilante committee.
I want them disarmed
and out of the way.
Okay, Mr. Clanton.
Ike? Bryan and Latigo
don't have to handle that.
I can take care of it.
It's my job.
You won't even be here.
You're going to disappear.
How do you mean disappear?
I'm the city marshal now.
I can stand up to Earp.
You're a joke.
Earp would drop you and a dozen
like you quicker than he did Stilwell.
Brocius, you like to drink.
Go to Texas
and booze yourself into silence.
I've been to Texas, Mr. Clanton.
If you want me to go, I'll go, but I can
find a spot right here in the ranch,
stay there real quiet,
and just not go no place.
The city marshal
can't just disappear.
Business trip.
That'll take money.
You've had all the money you're going
to get out of me. Find it somewhere else.
I can't go, lke.
The talking's over, Spence.
What do you think you're doing?
Marshal Spence heard some
of you people been wearing guns.
We have orders to find out.
Whose orders?
Marshal Spence.
We're his deputies.
Where is the marshal?
I wanna talk to him.
- He's out of town.
- Why?
Business trip.
May I have your firearms?
I challenge your authority.
John. John.
That's not gonna
get us anywhere now.
After all, they are the law.
You're just playing
into their hands.
He's right, John.
I'll let you know
when you can pick up your irons.
You won't have it that long.
I'll leave these gentlemen to you.
I can't stand pillars of society
when I'm not taking their money.
Here's your posse authorization.
I'm glad to see you.
Gentlemen, this is
Sherman McMasters from Tucson.
Anson Safford.
Now, what do they want?
They've got what they wanted.
Our guns.
Spence's men
ordered us disarmed.
Where is Spence?
Out of town.
On business.
Well, it's Spence's duty
just as it was Virgil's to disarm you.
You're not defending Spence?!
Just the law.
What were you doing
wearing a gun, John?
That mob of Clanton's
armed to the teeth.
I want to arm a hundred men,
organize a vigilante's committee,
back you,
take this town away from Clanton!
They're legally elected.
Till they step out of line, neither you
nor I have a right to touch them.
If we do...
you said it in court...
you've got anarchy.
All right.
What do you think we should do?
Just sit tight.
Clanton's got a murder warrant
out on you for Stilwell's death.
Bryan's got a posse together
to serve it.
Let him.
He hasn't got a case.
You can get it kicked out
of court, can't you?
You won't be alive
long enough to get to court.
Do you know that for a fact?
The way I see it, if Clanton actually
wants you arrested and taken to jail,
these deputies could do it
easily right now.
I don't see 'em moving.
I know it's against your principles
to run away from the law,
but under the circumstances, my advice
to you right now is... start movin'.
I think you're right, Horace.
Don't think I don't appreciate
your offer, John.
Sherm, the situation
has changed here.
Bryan's got his posse on my tail.
Clum feels they're
gonna try to kill me.
They'll have to catch up
with us first.
That's what I mean.
You got a wife and children.
I had 'em when I started.
There's a water station about 20 miles
up the line. We'll drop off there.
You get us outfitted
and meet us there.
I'll meet you there, too.
I'm gonna raise a posse for you...
not the kind you'd come up with...
...but it'll be a posse.
Damnit, I hate to see you
make a wrong move here.
Let me organize the vigilante's committee.
Just say the word.
No. But thank you, John.
You sure got cheated
on that table.
I know you can draw before I can raise
this up. Go on! Get it over with!
I got no such thing
in mind, Jack.
I wasn't duckin' out on you, Doc.
I know I owe you 800.
I just been saving up, that's all.
Sure. What would I want
with a lousy $6.50 anyway?
You see, the thing is...
I'm in the hole for another thousand
with Bill Rayner.
So there wouldn't be much point
in shootin' a bankrupt.
That's it. You'd just be gettin'
yourself a lot of trouble with Bill.
He'd be sore as hell at you
if you was to kill me
and me still owin' him all that money.
Supposin' we go
for a little walk?
I'd sooner you give it
to me right here.
Put that thing away.
That's for the drinks
and the table.
Raise your right hand.
Do you solemnly swear to enforce
the laws of the United States of America
and the territory of Arizona to the best
of your abilities, so help you God?
Well, you must be
out of your mind.
- Say, "I do."
- I do.
You are now
a Deputy Federal Marshal.
I am?
There's $15,000
reward money in this.
Spence, Brocius, and Warshaw.
Dead or alive?
Arrest and conviction.
The way you handle a gun,
you're lucky that's the way it is.
- When do I start?
- Right now.
All right, you men.
Off the wagons. Off the wagons!
Get your tools.
Let's go! Let's move out!
Pick it up! Pick it up!
All right, you men.
Let's go. Let's go.
All right, let's get the lead out.
Let's move!
All right, let's get it in there!
Pretty dangerous fellas
you got here.
Might scorch you
with one of them headlamps.
Hello, Doc.
A gunslinger like you
bullying miners.
You oughta be ashamed
of yourself.
I have to make a living.
You don't have to make it
busting mining strikes.
That's what they pay me for.
I just can't make it
as a hired gun in the west anymore.
Ike Clanton's hirin' guns right now.
I wouldn't raise a finger
against the Earps.
That's what I
wanna talk to you about.
- Wyatt staked you, didn't he?
- After I got outta jail.
- So? He still staked ya.
- He sent me to jail!
- You still owe him a favor.
- I did him a favor.
I didn't hire my gun to Clanton.
No, you just used it
to push poor miners around.
Well... you don't expect me
to work, do ya?
Raise your right hand.
What for?
I'm gettin' up a posse.
- Against Clanton?
- That's right.
Why should I?
That's a foolish question.
And there's $15,000
reward money in it.
Do you solemnly swear to uphold
the laws of the United States of America
and the territory of Arizona to the best
of your abilities, so help you God?
- I do.
- You are now a Deputy Federal Marshal.
Follow me.
Texas Jack Vermillion,
this is Turkey Creek Johnson.
How'd he sucker you?
Well, you see,
I owed him this $800.
You sure they're hiding
over at Clanton's ranch?
Only one way to find out.
It's right over them mountains,
ain't it?
Maybe Wyatt isn't headed
for Clanton's ranch at all.
Maybe he's just trying
to put a lot of rough ground
between that posse of Bryan and us.
Is that possible, Wyatt?
If that's so, we oughta move outta here
before we get squeezed in the middle.
I think the boys are trying to tell you
it'd be a lot safer
if we headed away
from Clanton's place.
- Nobody said that.
- Then stop thinking about it!
You know who they were?
It was Pete.
Pete Spence.
How many were there?
And where's your shotgun rider?
If we can get him across the river,
maybe we can get some help.
Forget it.
Mine payroll.
Why? This isn't
Spence's kind of play.
No, it sure ain't.
It's traveling money.
I got a feeling we'll find Spence
down around Guatemala.
I want you boys to stay here
and watch for Bryan's posse.
And if he does show?
Hold 'em off if you can.
If you can't, lead 'em off downriver.
Where will you be?
If you have to cut out, I'll meet you
at Marshal Kiergan's place in Contention.
Wyatt, Sherm asked,
"Where will you be?"
I'm gonna play a long shot.
No handier than Spence is.
He won't try to horse back
over those mountains.
He'll be at Algodones
waiting for the eastbound stage.
All right. I'll go with you.
I want you to stay here
and handle the posse.
Spencer's bound to have some men
with him. He wouldn't pull this alone.
I don't expect too much trouble.
Then what are
these two bodies doing here?
How come Wyatt don't just admit
he wants Spence for himself,
same as I would
if he killed my brother?
He wants Spence
because the law says to get him.
Then do me a favor, will ya, Doc?
As long as he's got no personal
feeling about it one way or the other,
why don't you just talk him into
taking the rest of them alive?
I could really use that reward money.
Doc, you got any idea how to cut out
Bryan and his whole posse?
The time has come to have one.
Hello, Spence.
Waiting for the stage?
Yeah. I'm going on a trip east...
on business.
Two men killed
on the Naco stage this morning.
The driver, shotgun rider.
Mine payroll was taken.
- Mine payroll?
- Yeah.
When'd that happen?
Oh... half hour,
45 minutes ago.
From the looks of the tracks,
there was three or four men involved.
I'm traveling alone.
You don't think I had anything
to do with that?
Traveling alone, are you?
Yeah, just, uh...
Just taking a trip east on business.
Both those men got it
in the back with a shotgun.
The same way my brothers
Virgil and Morgan got it.
Wyatt, I know how you feel
about your brothers, but...
You know how it feels
to look down the side of a shotgun...
...at a man's back?
Wyatt, don't try
to hang that on me.
There's a federal warrant
for your arrest, Vince.
I was acquitted in court once,
I'll be acquitted again.
- I had nothing to do with it.
- You had nothing to do with that stage?
I see you boys made it all right.
Where's Marshal Kiergan?
Charlie said
he'd be back this evening.
- Did you find Spence?
- He's dead.
Obviously no chance
for a formal arrest.
That's right.
Well, now, that leaves
$10,000 on the table.
That's right, Doc.
Keeps this up,
we'll all lose money on the deal.
Mine payroll?
Yeah. Sherm,
you'd better take charge of this.
Probably a little short. Spence said
he was traveling alone when I found him.
What next?
Now we'll just stay here until we figure
Bryan's posse's moved on.
Well, you've already
had a busy day.
Hey, Charlie!
Come 'ere.
Crack another bottle, will ya?
He says there ain't any more.
How do you know
what he's sayin'?
'Cause I told him
not to buy any more.
Here's the money you gave him.
A bottle in a bag,
a bottle for now, and a shot glass.
Yes, sir.
What can I do for you, sir?
- You know Bill Brocius?
- He was here up till an hour ago.
Any idea where he went?
Yeah. Across the street
to the Desert Queen.
He was making the rounds.
Just make sure you're not so free
giving out information about me.
I don't even know
who you are, sir.
Very sloppy riding, Brocius.
I remember seeing
something like this in the circus...
...once when I was a child.
They lifted up the canvas,
and there they were...
Any of you gentlemen...
want not to be statues?
He's drunk, Holliday.
So am I.
Now, let me see.
Oh, yes.
By authority vested in me
by the government of the United States
and the territory of Arizona...
you, Curly Bill Brocius...
First unhook your gun belt.
You did that deliberately.
What are you so sore about?
You got Brocius, didn't you?
That's what you wanted.
Killing Brocius
is gonna lead Bryan right to us.
We can't move by surprise now.
You fixed that, Doc.
Well, everybody has
their bad luck.
I cough when I drink.
You come up
against sneaky people...
who get you
to help them commit suicide.
Get your horse, Doc.
Look what's comin'.
Play dead.
Get your gear
and a horse, Warshaw.
You're under arrest.
For what?
Get his horse.
Put a blanket roll on it.
But for why?
For felonious assault
and murder...
...to Virgil and Morgan Earp.
I didn't do either of those.
You were seen.
Well, I swear to you
I didn't do 'em.
What did you do?
I only watched
to see that no one came.
From the barbershop?
Around the corner
from your brother Virgil only.
I wasn't in the barbershop
with the guns.
What did you do
when Morgan was shot?
Again, I only watched.
In the alley
behind the billiard parlor.
Why'd you watch?
Well... to see that the men
with the guns were left alone.
Clanton pay you for that?
Well, sure.
He always pays me.
I work here for Clanton.
What'd he pay?
Oh, hell.
If I told you that...
What'd he pay?
He paid...
...$50 to me.
Before or after?
Clanton ain't so free
with his money.
A man's life... $50.
I'm gonna give you a chance
to make another $50.
I don't want such a chance.
My men'll stay back.
I'm gonna count,
"One, two, three."
You can draw on two,
I'll wait till three.
If you get me,
my boys won't bother you.
Who knows?
Maybe Clanton'll pay you
another $50.
Wyatt, he can plug you.
He's too scared.
For God's sake, Wyatt,
you got men watching you.
He's gonna draw first.
I don't wanna shoot anybody.
I didn't shoot.
I only watched.
to see my brother shot.
One. Two. Three.
Take him back to his boss.
Well, it's the end of the line.
Sorry about the reward money.
You don't hear
any complaints, do ya?
I owe you money.
You don't have call
to talk to us like that, Wyatt.
I'm sorry, Sherman.
I wanna thank you boys.
Boy, you sure gave him a chance.
I'd just blown his head off
as he lay in bed.
You better have one.
- I don't need it.
- Oh, yes, you do.
You need it to make this morning
stay down, just like I do.
God... when I think back...
Five minutes after we left
the OK Corral,
I wanted to say,
"Get Clanton, Wyatt.
Get him before he gets you."
But I didn't.
You don't...
speak that way to Wyatt Earp.
You got too much respect for him.
Then Virgil got it...
and then Morgan...
And I watched you keep your word
to that waiter back in Tombstone.
You thought it was your honor that
stopped you from making him testify,
but it wasn't.
You couldn't get a conviction
in a Federal court or a local one,
and you never intended to try!
You just didn't wanna be
cheated out of this!
And those aren't warrants
you got there.
Those are hunting licenses...
Stilwell, Spence...
That was a pretty good shot
you made at Brocius. God!
That's when I hooked it all together.
And now Warshaw,
and then you're gonna get Clanton.
You're gonna kill Clanton
just like I would,
and you don't need
a warrant for that.
So go on.
Go on, have one.
If you're gonna kill like me,
you might as well drink like me!
That's all right.
This stops.
I'm taking you to Colorado.
Sorry to spoil your party.
- Mr. Clanton...
- Don't tell me. I've heard it.
Bryan, Earp and the rest of that crowd
will be heading for Colorado by now.
that does it, then.
Doesn't it?
I mean, he can't operate
from Colorado.
I expect you to be waiting
at the border for him.
Might be a little tough to do, lke.
Your posse outnumbers Earp's
five to one. What are you worried about?
I thought having him out of the way
was all you needed.
I need Wyatt Earp dead and cold,
and nothing seems to get that for me.
I've been doing
the best I can, lke!
Well, then get back to it!
If you don't get Earp at the border
before he moves into Colorado,
I want you to get to the governor
for papers to extradite him!
Where will you be?
I'll get back to you
when I need you.
Something you wanna say?
Good morning, Mr. Earp.
Welcome to Denver.
Thank you.
I put you in the room
next door to your friends.
Thank you.
Has Bryan got to the governor?
Have I been extradited? What?
Bryan's finished.
Who managed that?
Well, Bryan and Clanton
had over a hundred men between them.
Clanton left town...
...and we bought
the rest of the men off.
You bribed them?
I wouldn't put it that way,
but if you want to... yes.
Where is Clanton?
Doing what?
I should judge
stealing cattle, Wyatt.
What part of Mexico is he in?
Somewhere out of Nogales.
Wyatt, we want you
back in Tombstone.
We've got an appointment for you
as Chief U.S. Marshal.
We're growing, Wyatt.
And you can grow with us.
Grow to what?
Adjutant-General of the territory.
That would make you
chief law enforcement officer in Arizona...
and that could be
just the beginning for you.
Do I have to give you
a yes or no right now?
Well, we can't stall the answer
to Washington for too long.
I'll have to give you
my answer later, gentlemen.
Thanks for the drink.
We'll hear from you?
I said you would.
Once again.
How am I?
If you put pipes on those lungs,
you could play a hymn. Terrible.
But I've been following your orders...
rest, fresh air, fresh eggs...
Go on.
You know, you don't have
to get well to please me.
I'm used to people dying on me.
So am I!
Don't laugh too hard.
Those lung scars won't stand it.
My friend,
if you don't give up drinking,
you'll go like that.
I'll say this for you...
you got one hell of a bedside manner.
Put him back in the icebox.
That's terrible stuff.
I wouldn't drink that
if I were you.
It's cold out here.
I'll send for blankets and a wheelchair.
I'd like you to try it for a while.
Don't ask for sympathy from me.
You're doing this to yourself.
Come on, you didn't come all the way
out here to get on my back.
Solomon and a few of the others
were back at the hotel when I got there.
I have to go back to Tombstone.
They extradited you?
No. They want me
to be Chief U.S. Marshal.
Are they gonna give you enough
manpower to operate against Bryan?
Bryan is finished.
And Clanton?
He's high-tailed it for Mexico.
How'd they swing all this?
They bought their men off.
You approve?
It's done.
If it's so easy,
why didn't they do it before?
Too expensive.
That's what I like
about your friends... idealists.
Are you gonna take
the marshal's appointment?
You know, this could lead to me being
the Adjutant-General of the territory.
I wouldn't leave you for anything less
than that. I figured you'd understand.
I do. I understand. You're a bigger rat
than I thought you were.
You gonna be all right here?
Yeah, except for
a slight dying spell.
I'll see you at Tombstone.
Hey... listen,
I wanna give this to the doctor.
Oh, no. Here.
Give it to me.
Amazing thing... modern life.
I'm going south to Nogales,
you're going west to Tombstone,
and we're both on the same train.
Train fare was $18.65.
I'm keeping the rest
for expenses.
I believed you were going
back to Tombstone.
I did... for about five seconds.
Then it popped into my head...
Still Clanton, isn't it?
Lay off it, Doc.
You let me have it once...
that's enough.
We don't have
the only law in the world.
They've got law in Mexico.
I'm going to the federales,
and if Clanton is operating
down there, I'll bring him back.
The next stop,
you use your expense money.
Buy a return ticket
and go take care of yourself.
No, thank you.
Buenos dias.
Hello, Latigo.
- He said that...
- Yeah. I know what he said, captain.
Just in case he didn't tell you,
they have tried
to arrest us before.
Yeah, but never for stealing
Mexican government cattle before.
Whose cattle?
- Whose cattle?
- Clanton.
And you...
Who hired you
to drive these cattle?
Go get your warrant.
- Lieutenant.
- Senor.
- Hello.
- Hello, Captain.
Sit down, please.
The purpose of my
sending for you is unfortunate.
Well, let's have it.
The two witnesses we took
with the cattle this morning
are dead one hour ago...
of guns through the bars of the jail.
Those who shot
escaped into the night.
And Clanton?
We will bring him in to be questioned
as we will find those who killed,
but you understand for Clanton there could
be no arrest under the circumstances.
Yeah, I understand.
Without the two witnesses,
there could be no trial.
Thank you, Captain.
I tried to notify you
of this immediately
because perhaps you're now
in some danger.
Thanks for your kindness.
- Doc?
- Yeah?
You were right
about Warshaw and the others.
Now you can be right
about Clanton.
Clanton's different, Wyatt.
Warshaw was in anger.
But you're planning this one
without the law.
You're throwing away
all the years you lived by the rules.
I don't care
about the rules anymore.
I'm not that much of a hypocrite.
The whole thing's hypocrisy.
The rules they've tacked on say
unless you're wearin' that badge
or a soldier's uniform, you can't kill.
But they're the only rules there are.
And they're more important
to you than you think.
Play it that way, Wyatt...
...or you'll destroy yourself.
I know you.
You can't live like me.
Virg played it by the rules.
He's crippled for life.
Morgan... dead.
I can't let Clanton
get away with that.
I know where to find him...
I'm gonna find him.
Go back to the hotel.
Take care of yourself.
No, thanks.
You got some kind of plan?
I have.
You wanna tell me about it?
We take whoever gets
in our way.
You call that a plan?
You got a better one?
Good morning.
Too bad I'm not feeling better.
Too bad you don't listen
to your doctor.
I should've listened
to my mother in Baltimore.
When we were down
with the federales...
...when I said about your
not being able to go back, I...
Well, that was talk.
But I have to know something.
Are you going back to Tombstone?
Don't lie to me this time.
I'm going back.
That's what I had to know.
Hey, do me a favor,
will you?
Sure, Doc.
Get outta here.
Go on. Don't hang around.
All right, Doc.
So long.
So long, now.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll be in touch with you.
You'll be in Denver or Tombstone?
I'm not gonna be
in either place, Charles.
When he...
where will you be?
I don't know, but I'm not
gonna be in this part of the country.
Well, Clum told me you got
the appointment... U.S. Marshal.
I'm not gonna accept it, Charles.
I'm through with the law.
I wanna thank you
for coming up here.
So long, Charley.
God! That's terrible.
Where do you get that stuff?