House (2008) Movie Script

and the light shines in the darkness and
the darkness has not seized.
Lisa, please forgive me.
Everything is good.
Are you really all that good for us?
Not for us.
Is it okay?
It is fine for me!
You can not murder me. .
I am your wife!
What if I take the card again?
Hey, go even slower!
We would now almost be.
You are lost.
No, I am never lost.
Ahh super...
Slow down!
Slow down!
Look, I'm busy!
What was that again?
You drove too fast,
he wanted you out of the window.
You are lucky that you have received no summons.
Can we please
just listen to the radio?
You do not want to listen to your wife's' greatest hits'?
Have not seen you wreck?
- No
What's the matter with you?
You drive like a madman
Could you pin not see it?
Take it still wants you!
Try not to tell me
I still should be.
Sorry officer, I saw this movement are not pawns.
I see your license.
I said I had to see your license, now!
Yes sir.
I hope nobody injured agent.
What is your name?
-Stephanie Singleton
Lift you up with him?
No we are married.
Where are you going?
You are on the wrong track
to Montgomery, then.
We had an appointment with the Mayor
Jack and lost on purpose
Actually, if you give us the quickest way back
to the highway could tell
I would greatly appreciate agent.
There is a quicker way... .
Were you not even Mrs Lachebek...
I tried to us a fine save.
This is our chance to save $ 400.
What do you think?
Is that the way back to the highway?
It said that, first left at the top of the hill.
Unless you really want to get our deal.
Let's go home then
Slow down!
Why not call you out
and cancel your session ok?
Great, no reception...
The band is leak...
and if the rear.
- Did we not reserve?
No, I do not have any two.
What have we become?
Looks like some scrap iron
a truck has been dropped.
I think not
we the only lucky.
No receipt?
Is anyone there?
Maybe the driver did get a tow truck.
I can not on the road map.
Maybe we get back
to walk to the agent.
In the rain?
Jack, we can not stay here!
Ok, you stay here and I should get help.
Don 't blame me if you wet?
Keep your mouth.
This is a bad idea, we had
never to leave the main road.
Can not you just stop whining?
I have a lot to have to shoot.
Oh yes, 50 dollars shared with a band and free beer.
I do not believe that we have come along.
Looks like a "bed and breakfast"
No cars.
That is weird.
We have only one phone.
Today's date.
Fortunately we are not the only one here.
Hey, are you in management?
Oh no no, we are only
looking for a phone.
You will Randy and Leslie are.
- Is a bus.
Hey I'm Jack Singleton?
How are you?
This is Stephanie, I mean...
-His dear wife.
So you have to check?
- It is raining outside fool,
who will come here on holiday?
This place is not bad
corn bread with his charms.
Randy buys motels.
I buy some spots,
for them to snap.
Jack has been on the road.
A few farm parts?
Are you on the BMW then?
Your lights are on.
Do you know who is the boss?
I have seen in anyone.
The staff will be gone, because there is none.
But check this out,
it looks like a museum.
The table is covered for 4.
View this chandelier agree.
It looks like the crystal eight.
Is not that where people
eventually die?
I think the generator is gone.
Come on Jack,
You girls stay here.
Look what happened.
Come on Jack.
Is it?
Not really...
Come on Jack
Here is one.
Did you hear that?
The sound of the house.
Help me want you.
Since there is a sting in the same.
You're quickly scared man.
What do you two like.
Jack is a writer. He publishes thrillers.
I am a singer.
Oh yeah?
I have heard one of your...
- Not yet.
I studied Psychology in Auburn.
Look what I found.
- My hero!
You better hurry.
Hello there!
Sorry Madam, there was nobody at the reception.
The name is Betty, just Betty.
And this is our site.
This is my son Pete.
And Stuart is below
fuses to check.
Ah look at that.
We are not so many guests
in this time of year.
It just rains too much.
Are you both put in the registry?
Yes Madam, that we are.
$ 20 per night.
Per person, low season rates.
Is there food?
We have enough to eat.
That you should clean
we are like pigs.
Food around the trough.
Why are you do not refresh?
A bathroom in the hallway, the other up.
Actually, we do not stay overnight.
We would just like to use
of your phone.
Our tires are puncture and we want to call a tow truck.
Tires leak?
Are you sure?
Assign this woman as the phone.
25 cents for local calls.
But I can say with certainty...
that there is no sleepwagens come here tonight.
You can you do better just to refresh.
You look clean enough.
Help me even in the kitchen sweetheart.
I do not bite.
We stay here really do not eat right.
- Okay.
Hey Pete, you might have a list of garages
or a phone for me?
This place makes me scared.
It's okay, we are not alone.
- Randy and Lesley?
He lult but what and it is curious.
Have you seen how they looked to us?
No it is not noticed me.
Well you are in its least noticed.
Hey Pete, are you sure this thing works?
There is no ringing in.
Sometimes he does it, sometimes not.
If he does...
you will regret it!
I tell you Jack,
there is something wrong with those people.
What are you talking about?
That old lady is ok.
Maybe a little crazy.
But we must stay here.
I do not understand how we are
verzeild have to get.
Oh so now is a flat band officially my fault.
You had to go through to Montgomery.
You would not!
Because you did not want!
-You know what...
I'm tired and I got hungry, ok?
I hate you Jack.
Ok, hate me.
You are really a temptation sweetheart, right?
Shall we then?
No thank you, I must watch my figure.
Do not mold!
You are as slim as an eel.
You better eat if you still melting away.
It looks good from it.
Here Stuart,
for the man of the house.
You are beautiful.
Thank you. Randy and I thought about
by the national forest travel...
What time do you...
- Are you married?
Not yet.
Jump your woman abuse
in one of our rooms?
Keep your own issues.
Sorry honey,
some people have no manners.
I would like her mama!
I know you want it.
He will be beaten,
that is the problem.
Hey dude, it is outside your reach,
stay away from her.
Let me give you some more ice.
I did not really thirsty.
The ice melts al
You are beautiful.
Can I marry you?
-I 've been busy.
She is caught, any way.
Thus it is enough.
You must first ask
before you leave the table.
They know it?
The accident!
How should they know of the accident?
- Because you told them!
I told them nothing!
- I go here.
Whether you come or not.
Have I said something wrong.
Come inside!
What is wrong?
What have you done?
What do you mean 'what have we done?
You have brought him.
Who brought?
- Still he is coming.
Who is there?
Hey, where are you doing?
You know who that is?
Give me the keys!
Close all doors off!
Who's there?
If he comes here...
Are we all as good as dead!
Stop, you try us
just fear to hunt, right?
He is on my porch!
Trying to enter.
What is that?
These articles...
It's about a missing couple.
Agent Laudale
and his wife were reported missing...
He will murder us.
Their car was found in a
abandoned farm on Highway 82
We were on Highway 82.
Is this the farm?
Is this the farm?
I think so.
Go back!
Come run!
Do you cut?
- No, it does so.
What are we to do?
Some call him the "Tin Man"
It is said that he was on the 'guilty' hunts.
She talks about us.
I say just what other people say.
There is something written.
Welcome to my house.
House rules:
Line 1: God came into my house and I killed him.
Rule 2: I will everyone who enters my house
murder with God as I did.
Rule 3: Give me 1 dead body before sunrise
and then I run rule 2.
It is ok Steph.
It will be a sick joke or something are you?
Sick joke?
He was not playing, he shot at us
Can he come over?
I told Stuart that the windows
up close to.
The attic is properly completed.
Where you keep your weapons?
Where you keep your weapons?
Stuart has a few shotguns,
in the basement.
Take me there!
Let me see where the basement!
Randy keep quiet!
As long as he is excluded, we can
maybe wait until it goes away.
We have an agent on the road.
Perhaps he sees our cars
and we find here.
I'm not going to 'maybe this' and
'if that' wait.
Where is the basement, old lady.
Jeff is right. We must not
If this is really a game,
can we better stick together.
You listen to them?
You would not even know
what they said about you.
Do you have more guns down there?
Yup, but I think we have
but necessary.
Yes but I get there too.
I said we needed one!
Calm down man!
Come back now!
Back now!
Go back there!
What are you doing man?
Hey calm down!
He will protect us.
What were the "Tin Man" this time?
A dead body, before sunrise.
Let this great man than address.
-Stop it, what are you doing do you think?
Watch him,
he's as scared as a weasel.
Stuart say that he should stop.
Stop again!
Because if you shoot one of them
you murder them all!
Let's do it in the refrigerator.
Not so fast yet.
You gotta be kidding me!
Come on inside you!
You too girl.
Why are you doing this?
We have done nothing.
You have difficulties.
As a dog fleas meedraagt.
The pile zieligste sinners
that I have ever seen.
You can not keep.
Oh we will get you well!
About two weeks or something.
I would actually have to pop off now, Randy'tje.
You're just a little girl!
You are nothing!
Randy get the ax!
Steph, Go!
You can not escape.
You are as good as dead!
There are guns below. Come on.
I get you do.
We must not forget the girls.
First guns, then the girls.
Come on!
Did you hear that?
They try to escape.
Let's go.
This freaks worship the devil.
- Oh god, it's black art.
Find something for them to break.
No reflection.
Yes it is a magic mirror.
There is something wrong with this place.
I go back for Steph.
Watch out for that fool with his rifle.
Randy them coming!
Are you gonna let him?
The door to the southern corridor is open.
Go look.
I'm home
Let me see who you are.
Eat your cake in honey.
I bought especially for you.
You're a sweet girl.
It is our little secret.
There's more.
Busy Jack.
Busy busy Jack.
Papa do you want me to go skating?
Sorry honey, daddy is just as busy.
Mama is with you.
Please, Daddy, Mommy is always busy.
Stop typing.
It is her turn.
Daddy, please?
Steph, Melissa wants to go outside,
you take her?
One moment.
Mama to the call.
Oh I know...
I know
kill her. She Melissa die </ i>
Sorry, I'll hurt you.
My name is Jack.
What is your name?
Hello Susan.
It goes well with Melissa.
What did you say?
You called it right?
Nothing wrong.
Will it be a fuse.
He is.
He likes the dark.
The Tin Man.
We must keep moving or he will find us.
Come on.
How are you down here... .
- Ssst, he is close.
Randy, I do what you have learned.
That is he.
Randy, look son, there is he.
Come on, shoot him.
Stupid jerk you are. You shoot as
a little girl.
What is wrong with you boy?
I do what you have learned.
Come on now.
Enough now!
Where are you!
You forget the game boy.
I forget nothing.
You lose your father made.
Listen to me, Jack will murder you if
you do not make first hand.
The shots came from there. Come on.
We can not go back.
Susan, you can trust me ok?
Come on.
Find your mother's pies are not good?
Do you like my room nice?
I got it specially for you.
Exactly as I thought you would find fun.
I do not like him Pete.
Sorry Pete.
Do you like me?
Euhm Well, I know you do not really Pete.
I mean...
I had an uncle named Pete.
But I no longer talk with him.
I want to marry you.
You know I do not agree.
Sorry Pete.
You, Stuart and Betty are all family?
Ma has ever killed a man.
Just like you did.
Temptation is the greatest sin of all.
People talk over so they do what you want.
In their beds to sleep!
I use my life, you pig!
I know what you've done to me
and I am stronger for that.
I'm glad you're dead,
I had you should already have been murder.
Wait, did you hear that?
Jack! Beware.
You'll get lost, or worse.
Jack, that road leads to him.
Wil you tempted?
Leave me alone.
Say it.
Say that you are guilty.
Jack, you do not have much time.
Say it.
You are so beautiful.
You are a temptation.
Say it.
Finish him off please!
What happens to us?
Jack, they know things about me.
Who is that?
I found her when they are clogged.
What if one of them?
No, she is not.
She hid for them.
Jack, Betty was also OK first.
Do you think I am poor Jack?
No, I do not think Susan.
Watch out!
I see you've found her.
The schreeuwerd!
Do they know the way out.
Leave her alone!
Go away!
Two hours to dawn Randy.
Where is Susan?
Sorry that I have killed him.
It is good.
Thank you.
We better go find the others.
Jack will murder you
unless you kill him earlier.
Where are you Randy?
Now you are nothing more hey!
You were right. They really know things about us.
I saw my daughter drown while
Stephanie was on the phone.
Jack, you two have had yet therapy right?
Yes more than enough. But the
has not been resolved.
Is it?
I fell through the roof.
I thought I was dead.
I saw Melissa.
Who is Melissa?
My daughter.
She is dead.
She is not alone.
I love Stuart shot.
We need him
do not worry more to do.
Where is Jack?
The coward has run away.
Hey, I know that door that is a way out.
Give me 1 dead body before sunrise
and I rule 2, </ i>.
I'm already in the therapist since my 13th.
Maybe they us
file managed to get?
There must be a rational explanation for this.
You've seen what looks like her head was.
There is not much to Neels ratio.
This place is as hot as what.
That is because we in the boiler room.
Randy, open the door!
Open the door man!
Learn to do this!
Open the door man!
Give him his jacket back, stupid bitch.
What is wrong with you man?
You saw us!
Looks like you've found a gun.
Everything we now have
do is get here, right?
No. I already have a way out.
A dead body before sunrise.
What is wrong?
I do not know what is going on,
but I'm not.
Randy, do not listen to him.
He is trying to lice.
Put the gun away Randy!
-Shoot him!
Randy put that gun away!
Shoot him Randy!
Wait, Jack is that you?
No, it is not Stephanie!
Can you not see that?
If you really are,
look at your hand!
He smokes at all!
Look, he's just like Betty,
Stuart and Pete!
No that's impossible.
This may not be true.
Steph, this is not real.
Ask me something.
Ask me about the cabin.
I remember the hut.
And Melissa, I remember Melissa.
Remember that we are skating
bought for her birthday?
Melissa is here.
I saw her!
They punish me!
I saw her Jack!
That's because you've killed her, Steph.
You've killed our daughter!
-Shut up!
You would have to murder her Jack!
No, I never can.
Randy Kill them!
Kill them both!
Evil leaking black smoke, right?
No, no, no Randy!
Do not listen to him!
He is lying!
Look, I can prove that I really am.
That proves it!
Randy Kill them!
He also leaking smoke!
-Kill them both!
They both smoke!
Shoot them Randy!
They try to provide me lice.
This is impossible!
Shoot them!
You put both!
Randy put that gun away!
I killed you both!
He put you out!
He makes murderers of you all!
He used the house to you!
Steph, this is Susan.
He is coming!
Come on.
We gotta get outta here!
Otherwise something terrible happens.
Listen to me!
Hey, who's there?
I'm a cop!
The police!
Come on!
Get us out of here before they murder us!
You go to hell!
Get out of here!
Who was that?
The door is closed!
How are you received?
I came through the garage.
Over here!
Come on!
Jack, I've already seen this truck.
In that accident!
Steph hurry!
Open the door!
We got him!
Take care Randy!
We have 'Tin man' murdered.
He still moves.
Is it girls?
He is chained!
Why is he chained?
The agent of the wall!
The missing woman!
Agent Lawdale.
He shot at you!
You were on the bridge with Betty and Stuart!
Who are you?
Go back inside!
God came to my house and I killed him.
I will murder anyone
my house was.
As I have killed God.
Give me one dead body
before sunrise and you can go.
You certainly do now...
If I can just to Montgomery
was run.
A session with the therapist relationship
had not been so bad.
There is nothing Mr. Pig leukt you find.
Let me go please.
You are alone with him for the money!
You are here as at home as they do!
All as guilty as sin itself.
This house is a manifestation of your own eyes!
You are all sinners!
Are you willing to do what is necessary...
your soul to get here?
Three minutes before sunrise.
A dead body.
Lawdale played your game,
and you let him not go!
Mrs Lawdale survived
two minutes after sunrise.
Not make the same mistake!
Play the game!
He is a liar!
He breaks his own rules.
You do not listen to him.
was not invited!
Trust me!
Do not listen to her.
You listen to me!
What light?
There is no light!
What light are you talking about?
Susan What light?
What light!
Leave her alone!
This is my house!
I am the one who he wants!
Kill her!
Get her!
Kill her!
Kill her!
Kill the girl.
You do not listen to him.
He free from threats!
Have you in you, Randy?
No Randy.
Do it!
listen to me!
I know you me
Melissa's death is bad.
I find myself...
Steph, that is not over!
Listen to me, I've seen how it happened.
If anyone should die for Melissa's death,
let it be me.
It is good.
-Kill the girl, Randy!
It is the only way!
You need her murder.
Kill her!
I'm just...
Stay away from me!
Do not touch me!
Someone must die!
You're right!
You go to hell.
You both!
Now I am killing you.
Go ahead!
Who are you!
I am not Melissa!
But she is safe.
And she loves you.
Do not invited!
This is my house!
Light destroys the Darkness!
The Light!
She is gone.
You can not retrieve it!
Now you are on.
Come on!
Do not look back!
Hey agent!
Hey this was not here first.
Agent, since there is a house...
It seems that the Mustang a flat tire
and then got past the BMW schuurde.
You have your lights still on!
When he kantelde.
Wait, that's not what happened!
The door could not open.
This is the sad part.
I do not think we are the only one with bad luck.
The occupants were probably
still alive when the gas exploded.
That is just bad.
We have identified the driver.
A businessman from Tuscalusa.
Do what hotels just outside Birmingham.
The girl was his girlfriend.
We have two bodies here.
Jack look!
Stay away from her!
We were in a house.
A spooky house.
I know, but we are not affected.
She has saved us.
She said...
She said that Melissa was safe.
And that they keep us!
I love you!