House in Time (2022) Movie Script

[soft dramatic music]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Dez
[Dez blowing]
Happy birthday to you
[Dez inhaling]
You know the rules.
[exhaling] Fine.
So do you have a place to
stay when you're released?
Not yet. [sighs]
What about your mother?
She called me today.
Well, that's not possible
because she doesn't
even know where I am.
She doesn't know
what state I live-
Well, she may not
know a lot of things.
She has early onset of dementia.
She'd like you to come
home and take care of her.
A family judge is
gonna need to know
that you can take care
of yourself and your son.
You're gonna need to show
proof that you have income
and a safe place where
you and your son can live.
If you get overwhelmed,
you can always give me a call.
When's my custody hearing?
May 19th.
Look, I think going back
home to where you grew up
might be a really
good way to deal with
all the pain you have.
I'm never going back there.
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[traffic whirring]
[door closes]
Grandma Elsie?
You're late. [sighs]
I know, I'm sorry.
It took me longer
than I thought.
You were supposed to
be here yesterday.
[keys jangling]
There's a key to the house.
And your mother
is asleep in bed.
You just need to
keep an eye on her.
Oh, by the way,
there's a nice boy that'll
deliver the groceries.
And you can stay
in your old room.
[luggage rolling]
Really, Grandma, you're just
gonna leave me like this?
If you have any
questions, just call me.
[sighs] It's good
to see you, dear.
But please, don't let me down.
[soft dramatic music]
[door opens and beeps]
[door closes]
[Dez exhales]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[door creaking]
[Dez sighing]
[Dez breathes uneasily]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[door creaks and closes]
[Dez sighing]
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[door opens]
[Dez sighing]
[tense music continues]
[Dez exhales]
[door sliding]
[door sliding]
[eerie music]
You're up.
[soft dramatic music]
Can't believe you're here.
You actually gonna
stay this time
or you just gonna
take off again?
I'll be living here for a while.
Yeah. That's what
you said last time.
Mom, how did you find me?
You told me.
You gave me your doctor's number
the last time you
came to see me.
No, I haven't seen you
for like 17 years, Mom.
No. You were here a year ago.
SIGHS: It's okay, mom.
I'm, I'm here now.
No, it's not okay.
You were here.
Please tell me you were here.
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[Dez groaning]
[Dez sighing]
[eerie music]
Mom, are you in there?
[eerie music continues]
- Ah, oh!
- Oh, Mom, my God!
- What are you doing?
- Mom.
What are you doing in my
house? Get outta my house.
It's all right, mom, it's
me. What are you doing?
Get outta my house!
Mom, my God!
I don't have any money.
Mom, it's me.
Get outta my house.
It's, it's your daughter.
I don't care.
Mom, Mom, it's me.
It's, it's your daughter.
Yeah, Dezzy, yeah.
Dez, Dez, what are you...
Mom, put down the knife.
[knife clacks]
Oh. What are you doing here?
I've, I've come to live
with you. Remember?
What are you talking about?
I'm living here with you.
You are?
Why didn't you
call me? Nevermind.
Nevermind. Yes, yes.
You can stay with me. [sighs]
Okay, all right. Hey, Mom.
Mom, I need to
ask you something.
Okay? Something
that's very important.
Where, where did you get this?
"Boulder Psychiatric Hospital"?
Honey, are you okay?
Yeah. No, I'm fine.
I'm just trying to figure
out where you got this.
So did, did a friend of
yours see me at the hospital,
send you this card
or did you hire someone
to find me?
[Rose scoffs]
No. Honey, what are
you talking about?
"Custody hearing."
- What?
- "May 19th."
No, no. That's not on that one.
[eerie music]
Um, I must have picked
up the wrong one.
Um, I'll be right back.
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
Did you change?
Nevermind. Can I
have that card back?
What card?
My doctor's card. The
card I just gave you.
My psychiatrist's card.
Oh, the one that you gave me
the last time you were here.
No, look. Yeah, oh, okay.
Yeah. Can I have it?
I think I left it
by the nightstand.
No, that's where I
just got it from.
Look, it, it's, it's
gotta be here somewhere.
In here?
[Rose scoffs]
It must be in the kitchen.
[trash rustling]
[drawer opens]
[items rustling]
Uh, that's right.
She doesn't drink
Hmm. Good.
[cap twisting]
Thank God for fermentation.
Yes. Thank God for it.
[eerie music]
[static buzzing]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
[child moaning]
[static buzzing]
[tense music]
[pages turning]
No, everything's great.
I just had a, a question
about the medications.
I was just curious if they
have any side effects?
Such as?
Um, like,
can they make you see things?
Dez, are you having
No. Nothing, nothing
like that, um...
Dez, what's going on? Are
you having any problems?
What if you were drinking
on your medication?
Alcohol? No.
You should absolutely not be
mixing alcohol with your meds.
Yeah. No, I, I wasn't.
I mean, like, what about
fermented grape juice?
Nevermind, nevermind.
It's nothing. Sorry, I'm just...
No, Dez. What's going on?
I can't help you if you
don't tell me what's wrong.
I think it, it's the house.
Childhood memories or something.
I'm like having flashbacks.
Well, that's completely
You're back home.
There's any number of
things that can trigger
repressed memories.
Um, just face them head on.
[birds chirping]
[Rose yawning]
[birds chirping]
I don't know why you wouldn't
let me make breakfast.
I used to make blueberry
pancakes with scrambled eggs
for you when you
were a little girl.
Well, I'm not a
little girl anymore.
I'll make some pancakes.
No, Mom, sit down.
I don't want any pancakes.
Look, I didn't come
here for pancakes.
It's a little too
late to be my mother.
The only reason why I'm
here is to get my son back.
You have a son?
What's his name?
[phone clacks]
[soft dramatic music]
Hmm. He has your eyes.
He's adorable.
Your father, he
would've been thrilled.
[phone scraping]
You know, your father's death
wasn't easy on me either.
Well it sure didn't
take long for you to start
bringing home replacements.
You don't understand.
I got sober a few
years after you left.
I straightened up my life.
Well that was a
few years too late
to do me any good now, isn't it?
[soft dramatic music continues]
[Rose sighing]
[utensils clinking]
[Dez inhaling]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[Dez inhaling]
[doorbell ringing]
Who is it?
It's Mrs. Lockard
with social services.
Um, just a second.
[Dez exhales]
[door beeping]
Um, are you Desiree Campbell?
Yes, I am.
[birds chirping]
Well, Dr. Riley contacted me,
so I'll be popping
by from time to time
to see how you're doing with,
ah, your mother and you.
I'll be logging weekly reports
on how you're taking
care of your mother
and the house.
I'm just doing some spring
cleaning and reorganizing.
By the end of the month,
I have to send a report
to the judge for
your custody hearing.
I also understand
you're drawing a salary
from your mother's account.
That, that's right.
[pen scratching]
[footsteps receding]
That's a bathroom,
and, and to the right,
that's my mom's room, but
she has her own bathroom.
And, um, this is my room.
Oh, um, it used to be my
room, now it's a guest room.
but now, now it's my room again.
And where's your
son's room gonna be?
He's gonna be right
here next to me. Yeah.
[breathes uneasily] But I have,
I haven't had a chance to
do anything yet with it.
You know, I, I just, um.
I, I just got here.
You know, so I haven't
had a, had a chance.
Do you really think
you're up for this?
After everything
you've been through?
[soft dramatic music]
[door closes]
[lock clicks]
[eerie music]
Great first impression. [sighs]
[Dez inhaling]
[utensils scraping]
Dez, why were you
in the hospital?
It was nothing.
I just needed a break.
I'm sorry I wasn't there
when you were growing up.
I was just trying to escape.
Yeah, ah, you know,
Dad would not have disappeared
on me when I needed him.
You don't know that.
Your dad was not perfect.
There are things about him
that you don't know about.
What is that supposed to mean?
It just means that you knew him
when you were a little girl,
and the only thing you remember
about me is how I was
like after he died.
Well, at least I remember.
I'm not the with dementia.
[soft dramatic music]
[utensils scraping]
[Dez sighing]
[eerie music]
Come on, Dez. It's just your
mind playing tricks on you.
That's all it is.
[static buzzing]
[Dez breathes uneasily]
It's just a memory.
Very vivid memory.
A waking dream.
[Young Dez moaning]
[eerie music continues]
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no. It's okay.
Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!
[breathes uneasily]
Dez. What's wrong?
A lady is in my room.
Oh, Dez.
She was watching me.
Oh, it's, it's all right.
She's in the closet.
Oh, it's all right, honey,
Was she in your dreams?
You're safe. Mommy's here.
Would you like me to
check your closet?
[clothes rustling]
[suspenseful music]
GASPS: Oh my God.
Looks like someone needs
to clean their closet.
There isn't anything in
there but a big mess.
There was a lady in there.
Well, she's not in there now.
You feel better?
Mm, mm-hmm.
Yeah? Okay.
[kisses] Goodnight.
[door sliding]
[static buzzing]
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
Goodnight, mom.
[switch clicks]
[doorbell ringing]
Oh God. Please don't be
social services. [sighs]
[door beeping]
Oh, are,
are these the groceries?
Earth to delivery guy.
Oh, ah, yeah.
You know, [chuckles] your mom
said you'd be coming back,
but I did not believe her.
Excuse me.
Dezzy. It's me, Devin.
Oh, from across the street?
You're a delivery guy?
Not really.
Ah, you mind if I
bring these in though?
Oh, yeah. Sorry, come on in.
So what do you do besides
deliver groceries?
Ah, ha-ha, I'm a
writer actually.
Yeah, not like how your dad was.
It's mostly, ah, like
technical manuals.
A lot of boring stuff.
But, ah, if you need anything
fixed around the house,
I'm the guy to call.
Well, it was good
seeing you again.
Ah, you too.
Ah, look, ah, if you're
here for a while,
maybe we can hang out.
That's nice, um,
but I'm really just trying
to focus on my mom right now.
I'll make sure you're
reimbursed for the groceries.
Oh, don't worry about it.
I better go check
on her, actually.
Well it was great seeing you.
[paper crinkling]
You were her favorite.
[items rustling]
That might actually work.
[eerie music]
It could work.
[breathes uneasily]
Here it goes.
[eerie music continues]
[eerie music continues]
Oh, come on.
What am I doing wrong?
CHUCKLES: What are you doing?
I'm trying on the prom dress
that you bought me
that I never wore or went to.
And your mystery doll?
Mystery doll?
You guys didn't get it for me?
No. I have no idea
where that came from.
[soft dramatic music]
[suspenseful music]
[crayon scratching]
[Young Dez gasps]
Sorry, no, no, no, no, no
no, no, no, oh, oh,
please don't be afraid.
I have your favorite doll.
It's just like the one you have.
I don't have a doll like that.
Oh yes you do.
This one's yours.
I can have it?
[bright music]
She's beautiful like you.
Who are you?
I'm a magic princess
from another time.
You are?
I could show you.
But don't be afraid. Okay?
It's like a magic trick.
[eerie music]
[static buzzing]
[bright music]
[bright music continues]
[bright music continues]
[bright music continues]
[bright music continues]
[bright music continues]
[bright music continues]
[markers scratching]
I'm gonna be a famous
artist when I grow up.
Are you sure?
I'm gonna go to art school.
And I'm gonna sell my paintings.
And I'm gonna get
married to my prince
and we're gonna
have a little girl.
How about a little boy?
Maybe a little boy
and a little girl.
What if when you're my age
you haven't done any of that?
Well then I'll just
keep trying, silly.
[Dez laughs]
Well, whatever you do,
just don't get distracted
and you know, stay in school
and don't get fixated on boys
and marry some loser.
Yes, Mommy?
What are you doing?
Playing with my new friend.
[marker scratching]
Where are you going?
Ah, I have to go.
Because adults can't see me.
[soft dramatic music]
Hello? Anyone here?
Hey. What are you doing here?
Um, [chuckles], is
there a ball tonight?
Oh! Um, yeah.
[Devin chuckles]
It's a little tight.
Oh no. It fits.
[both chuckle]
You seem different today.
Yeah, you know what?
I feel different.
I can't explain it, but, um,
I think I'm happy.
[both chuckle]
Did something happen?
I found a boat.
A boat?
Just a small one.
[chuckles] Um, enough
that I could just get out
and I didn't have
to keep swimming.
I could finally just
relax and enjoy the sun.
Well I'm glad you
found that boat.
Yeah, me too. [chuckles]
Dezzy, dizzy Dezzy,
dizzy Dezzy, dizzy Dezzy,
dizzy Dezzy, dizzy Dezzy.
Devin, stop!
[Dez chuckles]
[Young Devin gasps]
Where did she come from?
She's the magic princess
I was telling you about.
See, I told you she was real.
I didn't see her do
anything magical.
She just appeared.
I didn't see her appear.
LAUGHS: And who's this?
This is Devin.
He's my best friend.
We're just friends.
Oh, I see.
Well, it's nice to
meet you, Devin.
Did you come to play?
I did. What are you guys doing?
We were just getting ready
to plan my birthday party.
It's in three more days!
LAUGHS: That's awesome.
My birthday is in
three days also.
How old are you gonna be?
[tense music]
What's wrong?
SWALLOWS: Sorry, um.
I have to go.
[soft dramatic music]
[Dez gasps and breathes heavily]
[Dez breathes uneasily]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[tense music]
Oh, Dez.
I wanna know how dad died.
[Rose breathes uneasily]
[tense music continues]
You're back.
Are you okay?
Look, I need a favor.
It's really important. Okay?
I need you to talk your
dad into missing his trip
before your birthday.
Because if he goes,
he's going to miss it.
He's not gonna make it on time.
Can you do that for me?
Okay, tell your dad that
the only present you want
for your birthday is for
him to be home with you.
But I want other presents too.
Well, yeah, of course, yeah.
No, you're gonna get
lots of presents,
but you can't tell
him about me, okay?
Now, if your dad stays home,
you're gonna get the best
birthday present ever.
I promise.
Dezzy, are you in bed?
Remember to tell him, okay?
[door sliding]
Ready for bed, Dezzy bear?
Did you brush your teeth?
Yes. I don't want you
to go on your trip.
Please don't go.
You staying home would be the
bestest birthday present ever.
Aw sweetie. Are you're
trying to melt Daddy's heart?
Well, you don't have
to worry about anything
'cause I won't
miss your birthday.
I'm only gonna be
gone for one day.
But what if you do miss it?
As much as it is in my control,
I will be here
for your birthday.
There's a lot of
people depending on me,
and I have to help
people to encourage them
to follow their dreams.
Speaking of dreams, you
need to get some sleep.
Goodnight, Dezzy.
Goodnight, Daddy.
[Abner kisses and sighs]
Dad! Dad!
[static buzzing]
[breathes uneasily] Dad.
[tense music]
[Dez breathes uneasily]
[door opens and creaks]
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[static buzzing]
[Dez breathes shakily]
[tense music]
[Dez sighing]
Oh, maybe it's in the cabinet.
[folders rustling]
"Miss Rainer
invites you to speak
at the Mentor Society Fund...
Mr. Campbell.
My name is Miss Rainer.
Hello, Mr. Campbell.
My name is Miss Rainer.
[breathes uneasily] My
name is Miss Rainer.
Hi. Nice to meet
you, Mr. Campbell.
Oh, that's, that's creepy.
Mr. Campbell. Hi, my
name is Miss Rainer.
There's, there's
been a terrible...
[lips puckering]
[lipstick clacking]
[eerie music]
[static buzzing]
[Dez exhales]
[Dez exhales]
[static buzzing]
[door creaking]
[Dez gasps softly]
Oh, I've scared
you. I'm so sorry.
My name's Miss Rainer
with the Mentor Society.
Oh, ah, I'm, Miss Rainer, ah,
what, what are you
doing in my home?
Oh, your, your wife let me in.
She did?
I see. And what
can I do for you?
Um, I, I, I happened
to be in the area
and, um, we just
found out this morning
that your speaking
engagement has been canceled,
so I thought I should probably
come and tell you in person.
It's, but that's tomorrow.
I'm sorry. It's so inconvenient.
Um, but we will reschedule.
Someone will be in touch.
Well, wait. Why,
why was it canceled?
The venue was double-booked.
Another company. Ah, you
know, so we just found out.
So it's a good thing I was here.
Well, thank you for
letting me know.
Ah, I, allow me to walk you out.
Right this way, Miss Rainer.
Um, actually,
I was hoping you could,
oh, this is embarrassing.
Ah, I was looking over there
and I had my favorite pen
and it fell behind this.
And I think it fell back there,
but I can't, I can't reach it.
Um, you think you can help me?
Of course. Allow me, ah.
So it's just back here?
Um, maybe, it probably
rolled underneath.
I'm still not
seeing it back here.
Oh, you know, I
found it. Thanks.
[static buzzing]
[eerie music]
Signs of dementia.
[tense music]
Hey, Mom, want some help?
I was wondering, when were
you diagnosed with dementia?
Months ago.
I had a, ah, anxiety attack.
I thought you came to see me,
but, ah, you never came back.
That was a year ago
in the kitchen, right?
And you attacked me with a knife
because you didn't
know who I was.
Mom, I don't think
you have dementia.
I think you were misdiagnosed.
I was doing some research
and apparently
anti-anxiety medication
can give dementia-like symptoms,
and I would not be surprised
if your current medications
are making it worse.
I think you should stop
taking those medications, Mom.
But I've been seeing things.
Well, what kind of things?
Well, once you,
you disappeared right when
you walked into your room.
And another time you just
appeared right through the door.
Yeah. That was real.
I know.
I can't explain it.
But I've been
traveling through time.
I did visit you a year ago.
I traveled through time.
I just didn't realize it yet.
And I'm really sorry
I didn't believe you.
[upbeat electronic music]
[doorbell ringing]
Come in.
[door beeping]
What's going on?
Oh yeah?
What are we celebrating?
I can't tell you.
Is that wine?
You think that's a smart idea
with your mom in the house?
Ah, she's asleep. Besides,
only this one bottle.
I'm gonna finish it
tonight. You want some?
wanna see something
that's gonna blow your mind?
[Dez laughing]
Okay, okay. Watch this.
Oh. It doesn't
always work. [laughs]
CHUCKLES: What is it that
I'm supposed to be seeing?
Huh. You wouldn't
believe me if I told you.
[both laughing]
Okay. I'm gonna go
check on your mom.
[both laughing]
[upbeat electronic
music continues]
[Dez humming]
[tense music]
[static buzzing]
[switch clicks]
Okay. Who the hell are you?
I know you're not Miss Rainer
and I definitely know you're
not with the Mentor Society.
I can explain. Okay?
I, I, I just have to
show you something first.
No. How do you keep
getting in my house?
My wife did not let you in here.
Ah, just let me get
through the door
and, and I can explain.
If you go on that
trip, you're gonna die.
Wait. Are you, are
you threatening me?
No. I just know.
Okay? I'm psychic.
I've come to warn you.
Look. I'm your daughter.
Serious. I'm serious.
[exhales] I'm Dez. I'm, I'm
all grown up from the future.
And I know it sounds crazy,
but I'm your Dezzy bear.
- I swear, you better not...
- No, I'm serious!
- ...have touched her!
- I'm serious!
- No, get out.
- No, Dad, I'm serious.
Look, look. You're gonna die.
You're gonna die if you
go on the trip, okay?
[Dez groaning]
Where, where did she...?
Check on me.
I can explain this,
this whole thing.
[eerie music]
This, this isn't the past.
[tense music]
[tense music continues]
[static buzzing]
[static buzzing]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
Waited for you.
Is this the future?
How far?
This many.
Save him.
Save, Dad?
Left note.
Here somewhere. Have to find.
[paper rustling]
Can't remember.
Must tell you first.
Here. It's here somewhere.
Where did I put it?
Where did I put it?
[papers rustling]
I, I have to go.
He's leaving in the morning.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
Must, must, left note.
No. Must stay.
I promise, I'm gonna save him.
You have to trust me.
[eerie music]
[soft dramatic music]
[Dez sighing]
Mm. Please work.
[Dez breathes uneasily]
[Dez groaning]
[Dez exhales]
[static buzzing]
[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[computer clacking]
Hey, Dad, Dad!
[case clicking]
[mug clacks]
[suspenseful music]
[luggage rolling]
[door beeping]
No! Daddy!
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[static buzzing]
You're my daughter.
You're still here.
I wanted to say goodbye
to my little girl,
but she's still
asleep. [exhales]
[sighs] So supposed to believe
you're my daughter
from the future?
[static buzzing]
Ah, where, where
did your arm go?
It's still there in the future.
My, my present.
It's like a doorway
through time.
Okay. You got my attention.
But this doesn't prove
that you're my daughter.
What about this?
And the necklace?
Yeah, um. It's the
last gift you gave me.
It's actually, it's, it's
in the den right now.
Giving it to you
for your birthday.
Dad, I don't know
how to tell you this,
but I grew up without you.
You cannot go on this trip.
I don't know how it happened,
I just know I had
my birthday party.
And then the next day,
everything changed.
You made it.
Yeah, lucky. It
doesn't always work.
When I was little,
I never really knew
what you did for a living.
Inspirational motivational
speaker and author.
Right. Right.
You wanna see a picture of him?
Yeah, absolutely.
He's, he's two?
He's a good looking
boy. What's his name?
Abner, Abner Jr.
I'm, I'm a grandpa.
Yeah, you are. You're grandpa.
[both chuckling]
And what about his father?
He's a pilot.
It's great because
we can fly for free
and travel all over the world.
[soft dramatic music continues]
And that's it.
And, and look, these
are all different apps
of how people communicate
with each other.
Yeah, it's the future.
Wow, that's amazing.
Mom? Mom, she's great.
Yeah, she's my best
friend and, ah,
she's always there for me.
And after I graduated
high school,
I, ah, went to art
school in California.
You did? That's, that's amazing.
You followed your dreams.
I even have my own art
studio in my house.
I mean, our house. [chuckles]
And I've had a few exhibits,
sold a few paintings.
Not like famous or anything,
but, you know, I'm doing well.
CHUCKLES: Well, look at my
little girl, the artist.
Just, just so proud of you.
Oh, that reminds me.
See that back there?
You just painted that.
It was of your imaginary friend.
Oh, I completely forgot.
I had an imaginary friend.
I'm my own imaginary friend.
Daddy, that's, that's me.
[Dez chuckles]
[door creaking]
Sounds like you
have a great life,
but even if it's not great,
you have time to change it.
You just have to hold onto
hope and move forward in faith.
I'm, I'm just
afraid that if I go,
something bad's gonna happen.
I will be fine.
We did it.
You didn't, you're
still here. [chuckles]
Can I please just stay,
just a little longer?
Mm-hmm. [sniffs] Yeah.
[eerie music]
[static buzzing]
Where have you been?
[Dez chuckles]
I was with my dad.
Your dad? Your dad's dead.
Not anymore. We changed it.
What are you talking about?
You're supposed to be
taking care of your mother.
She was alone all day and night.
She could have wandered
off. She could hurt herself.
I was right there.
I was in the den.
You're supposed to be
taking care of your mom.
Devin. It's okay.
No, it's not okay.
She's not sick. She
doesn't have dementia.
They just thought
that she had it.
But I visited her a year ago.
I just didn't realize it
because I was
traveling through time.
Dez, stop it. Please, stop it.
You are not traveling
through time.
This is not good
for your mother.
She's starting to believe you.
If they find out that you've
taken her off her meds,
this could mess
everything up for you.
No it won't. She
doesn't have dementia.
Yes, she does. She's
been diagnosed.
I don't know what's
going on with you.
You're saying that time
travel's not possible?
I'm not having
this conversation.
I have proof.
I took a picture with him.
[hands rustling]
[soft dramatic music]
My phone.
[footsteps receding]
Oh! [sighing]
[tense music]
Uh! [exhaling]
It's still here.
[drawer opens and closes]
[Dez blowing]
Come on.
Come on. [blowing]
[tense music continues]
[Dez blowing]
[phone clattering]
Dez, if your dad's alive,
where is he?
I didn't tell you the truth
about how your father died.
You lied.
You were, you were eight.
I, I didn't want you to know.
Know what, Mom?
Your father died in the house.
He always had heart problems
ever since he was younger
and he had a heart
attack and he wasn't able
to get to his pills in time.
Where in the house
did this happen?
In the den on your birthday.
That's today.
I didn't want you to know,
Dez, I didn't wanna
ruin your birthdays
for the rest of your life.
What time does this happen?
Paramedics said he died
10:00 AM in the morning,
but I don't know
how long he was...
[Dez breathes heavily]
Uh! [breathes uneasily]
Oh, come on!
[suspenseful music]
[Dez laughs nervously]
Oh, come on.
[Dez whimpering]
[pounds hand]
[breathes heavily]
Come on. [whimpers]
Work, please.
[suspenseful music continues]
Please, please, please,
please! Come on!
And God, God does
watch us in our lives.
God grants us the serenity
to accept the things
we cannot change and the courage
to change the things we can.
And the wisdom to
know the difference.
[tense music]
[Dez whimpering]
Has to work.
Hi, Dez.
Just came over to check to
see how everything's going.
Everything's fine, Miss Lockard,
but I really don't
have time for this.
- Ooh.
- I'm gonna have to insist.
Look, you don't
understand, okay?
My friend is having
an emergency.
- I need to help them.
- What's the problem?
We can help.
[Dez breathes uneasily]
I just...
I just need to get my phone.
Where's your phone?
I'll get it for you.
[suspenseful music]
Hey! Let go of me, let go of me!
Just relax. You're
going to hurt yourself.
Please, please don't. Devin.
Devin, please tell them.
You did this?
Called them?
I was worried about you.
No, no! Leave her alone!
It's okay. I'll go.
I don't think it's
necessary to take her away.
It's okay. It's okay.
I'll, I'll go to the hospital.
It's okay, mom. It's okay.
It's okay.
[Dez grunting]
[glass shattering]
No! No!
No, no, no!
No, no, oh, God!
No, no!
Dez, stop this!
No, Dad!
[Ben grunting]
[suspenseful music continues]
Dad, where are your pills?
GROANING: They're in bathroom.
Help! Somebody, help, Mom!
Somebody help us!
[Abner gasping]
Daddy, Daddy! Call, call to Mom.
GROANING: Ro, Ro, [coughs] Rose.
R-Rose. Rose. [groaning]
Daddy, where's the phone?
I left it on, in
the living room.
Dad, I need you to crawl.
Come on. We're
gonna crawl to it.
Come on, come on, come on!
[Abner groaning]
Come on, Dad.
Oh, I can't! I can't!
I tried. It's okay.
Hey, I'm just, glad you're here.
I get to see you one more time.
Please don't leave me again!
I need you! Please!
I'm so sorry you, you had
to grow up without me.
It's been such a beautiful
gift just to see you
and the beautiful woman
you've grown to be.
No, Daddy.
I lied to you.
I'm not who you think I am.
I know who you are.
You're my daughter. [cries]
[somber music]
I made so many mistakes.
Daddy, I screwed up my life.
You're life's not over.
You're not dead.
It's not, you can't change
your past. [groaning]
But you can choose how
to move forward with it.
It's what you do with it
now. That's what matters.
I believe in you, Dezzy Bear.
CRIES: I'm gonna find a way
to come back and save you.
Oh, no, just, please let me go.
Live your life. [gasping]
Promise me that.
I love you, Dezzy.
SOBBING: I love you.
I love you.
Daddy, wake up.
Daddy, please wake up.
Please, come on.
Da-Daddy, please. I need you.
Daddy, please wake up. [sobbing]
[somber music continues]
[Dez whimpering]
You did all you can do, Dez.
This is all your fault.
If you had just
told me the truth,
[sighs] I could have saved him.
Dez, you don't mean that.
Oh, this is your fault too.
If you wouldn't have
told those people
to come and lock me away,
I would've saved him in time.
I didn't know.
How could I have possibly known
that you were telling the truth?
It's my fault again.
I was mad at him.
I would've went into
the den earlier.
I would've saw him laying there.
It was the day
before your birthday,
and he was in the den all
day with the door locked.
He didn't come to
bed till really late.
He said he was working.
And one time,
the door was open.
He was with another woman.
[suspenseful music]
And they were holding
each other tightly,
in my own house.
And I confronted him
and all he could say was, "It's
not what you think it is."
That he couldn't explain,
that I should trust him.
That he wasn't cheating on me.
My God, Mom.
Dad was not having an affair.
That woman was me.
[suspenseful music continues]
[static buzzing]
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Dez
Happy birthday to you
[guests cheering]
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[door closes]
She's about to
take it out on you.
CRIES: I'm sorry, Dezzy.
Don't call me that!
Only my daddy called me that.
Get outta here! I hate you!
Go home! Go home!
[chair bangs]
[Dez gasps]
Hey, it's okay.
Hey, she didn't mean that. Okay?
You're her best friend.
It's okay.
You're magic. You can
bring back my dad.
I tried to save him.
You, you have to. [whimpering]
I don't think I can.
I want my daddy back. [cries]
I know.
Dez, I don't think we're
meant to change the past.
No matter how bad it was.
It just felt like there
had to have been a reason.
Maybe it was to spend
more time with your dad,
create more memories that
you didn't have before.
[static buzzing]
[eerie music]
[static buzzing]
I found it!
I found it!
I found it!
I found it.
It's too late.
He already died, you
should have shown me this
the first time.
I tried.
[hands pounding]
I couldn't find it.
After this time, it,
never again, it doesn't happen.
Are you saying this
is the last time
I travel through time?
No more after this.
Well then it's, it's over.
It's too late. We failed.
There's still time.
Still save him.
I don't understand.
What are you saying?
You, not me.
Different than me.
Better than me.
In 10 years, my past self,
is going to show up and I
can tell her how to save Dad.
You really think
that's gonna work?
I wrote this date down.
I knew that I'd have one
last shot to come here
and convince you to do
things differently this time.
I'm gonna tell my past
self how to save him.
And that's not what happens.
Look at her. Look at you.
You become obsessed with
trying to change the past.
This is what you become.
No. I'm gonna do
things differently.
That's what you told
me 10 years ago.
I'm not her. I'm gonna be ready.
Ask her what happens to
your mom, your son, even.
[suspenseful music]
Your mom's put in a home.
And you don't get your son back.
He grows up not even
knowing who you are.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
The only way that you
can make that not happen
is if you let go of the past.
What about you?
You're trying to change things.
You're trying to
change the past. Hmm?
Yeah, you're right.
But then I let you go
because you told me to.
You're married.
I'm happy for you.
Goodbye, Dez.
[dramatic music]
[dramatic music continues]
What time is it?
It's time to go.
Look. You hanging
around here is pathetic.
Okay? We're never
going to be together.
[pen scratching]
[messages dinging]
[note rustling]
DEZ: This time it's
gonna be different.
In 10 years, my
past self shows up.
I'm gonna be ready.
And I'm gonna tell
her how to save Dad.
[phone beeping]
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
ABNER: Sounds like
you have a great life.
But even if it's not great,
you have time to change it.
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[Dez breathes uneasily]
God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things
I cannot change,
the courage to change
the things I can,
and the wisdom to
know the difference.
[soft dramatic music continues]
[pen scratching]
"Dez, you'll never
read this letter,
but that's okay because
you're the one that wrote it.
We can't change our past,
but we don't have to let
it destroy us either.
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
I just wanna say that
I'm happy and grateful
that my daughter's back
home for her 45th birthday.
How about a toast
[guests chuckling]
to my beautiful wife,
who just sold her
first painting.
We are all so proud of you.
I can't wait to see
what our future holds.
That's right!
Thank you.
It's been a long road
and nothing worthwhile is easy.
[bright music]
But as my father always said,
"Never give up hope and
move forward in faith."
[laughs] Cheers, everybody.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, dear Dez
Happy birthday to you
[all blowing]
[bright music continues]
[soft dramatic music]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]
[soft dramatic music continues]