House of Dolls (2023) Movie Script

(pensive music)
(music continues)
(waves splashing)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- Oh, three miles.
I'm out.
- Hey, you made it.
Good job.
- Yeah.
Ahead of best last time.
- Yeah ( laughs).
We keep building our
endurance, we'll be fine.
- Lemme check this.
I'm gonna take a quick
breather, you go on ahead.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, go ahead.
I'll catch up in no time.
- Yeah?
- Go for it.
(panting) Fuck!
(birds chirping)
Oh, no (groans)!
- Ah, people, the muscle.
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(Frank groaning)
What the hell happened?
(Frank yells)
Oh, no!
What am I supposed to do?
- Just call
a fucking ambulance.
- Well, how in the
fuck did this happen?
- I don't fuckin' know.
- God (panting)!
(line ringing)
- [Dispatcher] 911,
what's your emergency?
- Yes, hello, my husband
has a knife wound
and he's bleeding heavily.
- [Dispatcher] Okay,
what's your location?
- Rock Mountain Trail
on the east side.
- [Dispatcher] Can he move?
- Can you move at all?
- Oh, no!
No, I can't (groans).
Just help me tie this.
- I have two teams
on the way to you right now.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, we'll stay put.
Okay (panting).
(Frank groaning)
- Sandra, listen to me.
Listen to me close.
They're not gonna
make it here on time.
- Frank, what do you mean
we're not gonna make it?
- Sandra, listen!
Just keep applying pressure.
- There's someone
here watching us.
Someone threw this knife at me.
They're here, watching.
- What?
- When I say go
you run to the car
as fast as you can and
you get help, okay?
- No, I'm not gonna leave you.
- Sandra, listen, you have to!
You have to.
I can't protect you.
- (gasping) Okay, okay.
Run, run!
(suspenseful music)
(blood gushing)
(Frank groans)
(music continues)
(Sandra screaming)
(Sandra sobbing)
- Frank?
- Run!
(Frank groans)
(music intensifies)
Frank (sobbing)!
- Run!
- Frank, Frank!
Oh my God!
Oh my God (sobbing)!
(Sandra screams)
(dramatic music)
(Sandra screams)
(knife scrapes)
(Sandra screams)
(upbeat techno music)
(waves splashing)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(vocalizing continues)
(music intensifies)
Lies, what you gon' mean
What you gon' drop and see
Come, 'cause you don't mind
Takin' my fall with me
Hey, but you're too late
I'm goin' on the
mornin' waves
Duh, it's more fun
Have another drink on me
I love the thought of us
The fire that glows tonight
Seems like forgettin' rules
(shutter clicks)
- Got it.
- See, now that's gonna get
hundreds of likes in minutes.
Me, if I posted that, I'd
get like, solid eight.
- (chuckles) Okay, stop it.
- No, seriously.
Let me see that thing, huh?
Lemme see.
(chuckles) Oh, whoops.
Screensaver for sure.
- It's the perfect location.
I can't wait to call Amanda.
I think the book's
gonna look fantastic.
- Yeah.
It's gonna be amazing.
Seriously, you're already so
far along on your deadline too.
- Mm hm, yeah.
- See?
Focusing on yourself
really paid off.
- Don't make me feel guilty.
- Come on, I just really
enjoy our time together.
- I know, and you'll have me all
to yourself once
I'm back, I promise.
- Yeah.
It sucks my boss is
such an asshole, though.
- You didn't really give
him that much notice.
- What?
That's besides the point.
Hey, whose side are
you on again, huh?
- I'm on your side,
but it's fine.
This isn't really gonna be
the best reunion anyways, so.
- Look, I know things might
not have ended too well,
but this is like a new
chance to start over.
Come on, it's like a beautiful
thing meeting your family.
- I guess.
I guess I have a talent
for leaving people hanging.
- What?
You are an amazing published
author working on her oh,
fourth book for children,
which is soon to be a
major motion picture.
Get outta here.
I mean, starring yours
truly, of course.
- Oh, okay.
- Well, I mean, you know, maybe,
if the money's right
(throat clears).
- All right, I'll
keep that in my notes.
- Very sweet.
- can't believe
you're so expensive.
(Caleb laughs)
So we've met before, years ago,
and it just went so bad.
- Well, that was so long ago.
- Yeah.
Charlotte hasn't
learned that lesson.
She's still the same.
And also, if I'm being honest,
I kinda still feel the
same way about Dianna.
I feel like just certain
things you don't forgive.
- Yeah, but you know this is not
about you or your sisters even.
This is about your dad.
- I know you're right,
and I wish that
changed the way me
and my sisters feel
about each other.
Does not.
- Hey, come on.
Listen, you're gonna
go on this trip,
you're gonna see your sisters,
you're gonna face your demons,
and you're gonna be fine, okay?
(upbeat music)
(singer vocalizing)
- Okay, guys, that's a wrap.
Thank you so much
for coming out.
You all did so good.
There's food and
cocktails in the kitchen.
- Hey, hey, Charlotte,
so, there's this guy in
the bathroom, he's...
So, he's doin' coke and
he's really fucked up
and I'm just trying
to use the bathroom.
I don't really
know what's goin'-
- Okay, I'll handle it.
Can you gimme a refill?
- Yeah.
- Oh, what the fuck?
(woman moaning)
(man panting)
- What?
- I need to use the fucking
bathroom, that's what.
(woman moans)
- Use the other one, bitch.
- What the fuck is this?
What are...
Get the fuck out.
YB, who the fuck is
in this bathroom?
(Charlotte groans)
Yo, who the fuck is
in that bathroom?
- [YB] We havin' a good time.
- No, we're not
having a good time.
You have some coke head
fucking a hooker on my set.
- Excuse me!
I need you all to
turn the music down.
- [YB] It's cool, man.
- No, that's not cool, bro.
That is some disrespectful shit.
I have label
representatives here.
What the fuck are you thinking?
- We're lookin' for T-Rock.
You know where he's at?
- Get the fuck off my set.
- Bitch, who is you talkin'
to like that?
(man speaking indistinctly)
(shots firing)
(crowd screaming)
(glass shatters)
(shots firing)
- Oh, shit!
(dramatic orchestral music)
(alcohol sloshing)
(Charlotte sniffling)
(fist knocking)
- Charlotte, what the
hell happened last night?
- That asshole YB Chedda
brought a fugitive to my shoot.
How the fuck was I
supposed to know?
- Do you know what kind of issue
this creates for
our label interests?
Do you really think
they're going to invest
in someone in shootouts?
- Relax, I got this.
- No, I don't think
you do, really.
We are way over budget.
Rennie's Pasta Garden
for everyone, really?
Bottles of Aces?
What is this?
- We just wanted everybody
to have a good time.
Like, what is the problem?
- Good time?
We are way over budget and only
half way through production.
- We need to talk
about this tomorrow.
You're really ruining
my vibe right now.
- I'm ruining your vibe?
You're ruining these
opportunities being
laid at your feet
like some privileged
little princess trying
so desperately hard to
be some kind of gangster.
Have you had your refill yet?
Look, you and I both
have one job to do,
and that's to make you a star.
And right now we are underwater.
And last time I checked,
no stars swim there.
They burn and drown there.
- Fine, I've got this.
I'll get it under control.
- Stay away from
trouble, please.
- Yeah, sure thing.
(mellow music)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
Something's haunting
It's always with me
In my shadows
I hear it scream
- [Justin] Hey, you've
reached Justin's phone.
I'm probably not here because
I'm wakin' and bakin'.
Leave a message.
(phone beeps)
Starin' back at me
Starin' back at me
Starin' back at me,
starin' back at me
- Hey girl, sorry.
I'm borrowing your hair
straightener, so don't mind me.
How was hanging out with Dennis?
- Not great.
He didn't take it well.
- Wait, you actually
broke up with him?
What happened?
I mean, when?
- I don't know.
We lost control
It only cost your soul
- [Roommate] Oh.
This is my pretend
(pensive music)
- Okay.
Thank you so much.
- Who was that?
- That was about my dad.
Apparently, he's
on his deathbed.
- Oh.
I'm sorry to hear that.
(music continues)
- I think I'm fine,
I just need a moment.
You know, I haven't seen him,
any of them in over 10 years.
- You know, I'm always
gonna be here for you.
I always will be.
You know, you don't have
to be so close off, Dianna.
- Yeah, well, that's what
works best for people like me.
You should know that by now.
- What is people like you?
- People who were born
with an extreme amount
of bad luck that follows
them around like a stench
you can smell before you
even walk into a room.
- Well, I happen to
light that stench,
and I get to smell it
every day (chuckles).
Come here.
- I'm just not ready
to see my sisters,
and I'm not ready to see him.
- I know.
Just remember, I am
always here for you, okay?
(gentle music)
(anticipatory music)
(waves crashing)
(music continues)
- Grandma?
- Oh, Dianna!
- [Dianna] It's been awhile.
- Oh, look how
beautiful you look.
Oh, it's so good to
see you again, finally.
Even during these circumstances.
- We really should have
seen each other more.
I'm sorry I haven't
visited much.
- It's okay.
And your sisters?
- I haven't seen them in years.
- (sighs) Well, I'm
sure it was difficult
to maintain contact,
especially with
your father being
the free soul that he was.
But he loved you all.
- He had a funny
way of showing it.
- I know he made decisions that
didn't sit well with people,
especially those he loved.
But I really do believe
that he followed his heart.
That he followed what he loved
and how can we
blame him for that?
Love makes you do crazy things.
(phone vibrating)
My phone, I have to get this.
I'll be right back.
- Sure.
- [Dianna] Hello, Charlie.
- No, babe, it's Charlotte.
Nice to see you.
- Is that alcohol
I smell somewhere?
- It's five o'clock
somewhere, love.
- I totally understand.
I'm so sorry.
- You have my father's eyes.
- Thank you.
You're very lovely yourself.
- I hate him.
And I hate you.
- I'm sorry you feel that way.
Thank you for your honesty.
It's good to know where I stand.
Have a good day.
- I always do.
Actually, you know what?
It's probably best
you stay away.
You've caused enough.
- [Dianna] (laughs) Hold on.
Stay away?
I've caused enough?
- Dianna, please get
ahold of yourself.
It's embarrassing.
- You know what?
Hold on.
Lest we all be reminded
that it was your decisions
that led us here.
I ain't takin' shit from
either of you two bitches.
I came here to bury my dad,
not deal with some
self-centered stuck up-
- Self-centered?
Fuck you.
- Dianna, Charlotte!
Lord Jesus, the filth you
spew from your mouths!
The last thing you should
be doing today is arguing.
- She started it.
Hi, Grandma.
- (throat clears) Ladies,
excuse me, but shall we move on?
- Indeed.
All right, from here on out,
we put all this behind
us and we move forward.
Where's Helen?
- She's still at the airport.
Can we just keep
this moving, please?
- (sighs) Lord Jesus.
Definitely from
your mother's side.
(pensive music)
- Hey, Dianna, it's me.
Look, I just wanted
to check up on you.
I just wanna reiterate that
I'm here for you, okay?
So, just call me
whenever you get this.
(Dennis sighs)
(mysterious music)
Hey, Roy?
It's time to go, man.
(metal clinks)
Roy, what are you
doin', fuckin' around?
Come on, man.
I'm hungry, I'm tired, and
I would like to go home.
Dude, stop playin'
games, all right?
Let's go.
(suspenseful music)
Fuck are you...
(dramatic music)
Holy shit!
(knife thuds)
(Dennis groaning)
(blood gushing)
(Roy gasping)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(metal clangs)
(blood gushing)
(Roy groaning)
(dramatic music)
(knife slicing)
(pensive music)
(blood gushing)
(shutter clicks)
(music continues)
(phone beeps)
- [Dianna] Hi, you've
reached Dianna Charles.
You know what to do.
(phone beeps)
- [Celine] He wants
you to collect
your inheritance
at this location,
but it needs to be the
three of you girls together.
This house, I've seen it
before a long time ago.
He worked on it for many years.
It was for your mother,
but he never finished it.
Your father wants you
to be a family again.
Those were his last wishes.
(phone beeps)
(monitor beeping)
- Hello.
- Dad, I'm here.
I came as soon as I could.
What are you doing here?
- Hi, Helen.
Nice to see you too.
- Did he call you first?
Did they call you first?
- Oh, don't worry, Helen.
I just walked through the door.
I haven't been here
for days rekindling
a relationship that never was
with a man on his deathbed.
- Okay, I didn't
mean it like that.
You're so dramatic.
- Just don't.
Why don't you just say
hi to your little sister?
- Hey, hey, bitches.
- Oh, God.
- Don't go calling
on God yet, girls.
Daddy's still alive and now
that I'm here, there's hope.
- [Nurse] Wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Okay ladies, please.
Really, who's the eldest?
- I like your line of
logic, Nurse Attendant lady.
Sisters, please exit so I can
have a moment with my dad.
It won't be long, I promise.
- I'm going for coffee.
- I need a drink.
- Enjoy your time
with your father.
(curtain rungs clattering)
(melancholy music)
(monitor beeping)
(music continues)
- I can't do this.
Fuck this, I'm out.
He's all yours, kids.
- Wait, did he say something?
You're not just gonna...
Shit, it's my turn.
(music continues)
- Daddy must be awake.
Those are definitely our
family's trademark exit tears.
- Go in there.
You were obviously his favorite.
- His favorite?
I'm just the only one
who accepted his gifts
of his guilt trips.
Those are not synonymous, okay?
- Okay, they're not
exclusive either.
- Well, obviously
something just happened.
Maybe we should
just wait a minute.
- You got no argument
for me on that one.
- Fuck.
(pensive music)
(voicemail beeps)
- Hey, can you stop
by the hospital?
I wanna speak with you about
a letter I received
in my office mailbox.
The weird thing about it is
it's an autopsy report
for Ms. Charles,
my half sister's
biological mother.
(voicemail beeps)
(pensive music)
Listen, something came up.
We're all meeting
at my dad's house.
There's something weird
about all of this.
I want you to look
into it while I'm away.
- Sure thing.
What's up?
- The medical examiner
at this facility,
if what that letter
says is true,
I think he would know it.
- And how long ago was this?
- 25 years almost.
- Wow.
He ain't gon' remember all that,
and if he does, he's
not gonna admit.
- If there's something
to it, he will.
- Dianna, this shit ends
here if it's nothin'.
Ain't gon' have me on
no wild goose chase.
- And if it's not?
- You gotta take this shit
to the proper authorities.
- I trust you.
I know you can make him break.
- I got your back, homie.
Lemme see what I can find.
Feelin' begins behind us
I'm singin' like
this was right
- Yo, it's a fucking doll house.
I thought your
dad wasn't so bad.
Where's the key?
- Oh, we can't even go in yet.
I've gotta wait on my evil
blood sisters to arrive.
It's I guess a
part of the rules.
I'm gonna call Alex
and he's gonna give me
his key to the lockbox.
So you're wastin' your love
Why you wastin' your time
(mellow music)
(music continues)
- Okay, who's calling Alex?
- [Charlotte] I've got
him on speed dial already
and he better fucking pick up.
- [Alex] Hey there, Charlotte.
Have all the Charles girls
made it in one piece?
- Bro, we're all here.
Now, what's the fucking code
so we can get this over with?
- [Alex] Well, yeah.
So here's the thing.
I don't know the code 100%.
I just know-
- What do you mean
you don't know the code, Alex?
- [Alex] One moment, I'm
lookin', I'm lookin'.
- (sighs) I am not
flown from Vegas, okay?
Down into the
crack ass of Malibu
to some weird twisted homage
of my childhood
for you to tell us
you don't even know the code.
Please, what is it?
- [Alex] Hold on, hold on.
Now, you know your dad wasn't
gonna make it that easy.
There are riddles and
clues to all this,
but I guarantee you
it's gonna bring
you ladies closer in the end.
- Okay, spill the fucking clue
so we can get it
in the house, Alex.
- It's your birthdays.
- My birthday?
- [Alex] No, all of you.
It's your birthdays.
- Okay.
- Well,
that can't be too hard.
Just put our birthdays in.
- [Charlotte] Anything else?
- [Alex] Nope, think that's it.
- Great, fuck off.
Okay ladies, let's please get
this wild 48 hours over with.
Although my sixth grade
journal may be very excited,
I am so fucking bored.
- [Helen] Get over
yourself, Charlotte.
- Believe it or not,
I'm actually looking forward
to getting to know you all.
- Yeah.
- Oo,
I think I'm like you, Dianna.
Oh yeah, oh.
47 shots
(mellow music)
(music continues)
(record slows)
- Yeah, man, the police
was just in here, man.
They fuckin' shot
my shit up, man.
Over some warrants, bro.
Over some warrants.
(pensive music)
(door creaks)
Hey man, let me
hit you back, bro.
(singer vocalizing)
Hey, hey, we closed, bro.
Closed man, that means
go out the front door.
We just had a whole
shootin' up in here, man.
We are closed, bro.
We're closed.
Closed, man.
That means go out
the front door.
Hey man, do I know you?
Hey, you hear me talkin'
to you, don't you?
Come on, take your mask off.
This ain't Halloween, asshole.
(knife slices)
There ain't no
runnin' from me
This mother fucker stabbed me.
Yo, man!
This mother fucker
stabbed me, man.
The fuck, man?
Who the fuck are you, man?
Ain't no runnin' from me
There ain't no
runnin' from me
Yo, this mother fucker
stabbed me, dog.
Where's everybody at?
Yeah, you gon' run
till you're weak
One touch and you
know you gon' meet
You (indistinct), man.
Aw man, ain't no
runnin' from me
Aw, no, ain't no
runnin' from me
No runnin' from me
On horseman number three
You can run from
the west side
All the way to the east
but you can't run from me
Fuck you, man.
The devil will see you
indeed, beggin' you plea
Fuck you, mother fucker.
(dramatic music)
(blood gushing)
(spikes thudding)
(The Killer grunting)
(blood gushing)
(music continues)
- Dianna, what's your birthday?
- June 5th, '95.
- Sorry.
- The fuck?
Okay, let's try something else.
Let's go with the
youngest first.
Guilty pleasures always rule.
Then we'll go with me.
Then you Helen, the one who
started this family shit show.
- I hate you, Charlotte.
Okay, and then-
- (scoffs) Only
'cause you love me.
Just try it, it's gonna work.
- Okay, so then my birthday.
- Shit (coughs).
- Justin.
- Shut up Justin.
- Yeah, got it (coughing).
- Okay, it worked.
(Justin chortling)
- Can we go on now?
(soft orchestral music)
- (chuckles) It reminds me of-
- [Helen and Dianna] It
looks like the dollhouse-
- that Daddy got him
me when I was six.
- [Charlotte] I was four.
- Looks just like the same
one I got when I was three.
- This looks a lot like
my doll has when I was 12.
- I'm sorry, next.
- I mean, bat cave.
- I'm sorry, guys, but this
is actually pretty badass.
It's definitely creepy as
fuck, but it's so cool.
- Yeah, true that.
I'll throw some parties here.
- Okay, but I'm
just wondering why,
and when did he build this?
He wouldn't even pick
up our phone calls.
- Who caress?
Can we please just
find the money?
I really wanna get
the scavenger hunt on
and get back to my own life.
- Agreed.
How 'bout we all go pick a room,
get settled and meet back
here in say, 20 minutes?
- I'm with that.
- Yeah, that's fine.
- Huh, that's a good idea.
I'm gonna go find somethin'
to create a bong out of.
- What is he doing here?
He said nothing about buddies.
- It's supposed to be a
sisterly bonding weekend.
- Justin is here for
immoral support, okay?
If you really want me to
spend the next 48 hours
with the two of you and
for you to come out alive,
we're all gonna need him, okay?
- Charlie, ew.
- Hels, I'm not going
anywhere without my boy.
- So, does that mean I'm
gettin' some of that ass?
- Shut up, Justin.
You're here for immoral support.
- I hate him.
- I agree.
- [Helen] How have you been?
- About as good as can be
given the circumstances.
- Yeah, I mean,
I know, I get it.
It's weird.
- Oh, I apologize.
That was unintended, to
laugh in your face like that.
Excuse me.
- I mean, I know this
may seem awkward.
I just wanna apologize, again.
- You don't need to
say anything, you
already said enough.
- [Helen] Okay, I don't really
feel the sincerity there.
- Sincerity?
- Yeah.
I mean, I think for us to
get through this weekend,
we need to confront
this head on.
- Do you understand the
severity of what you did?
You accused me of stealing.
You spread rumors about
my mom throughout school.
You were just the textbook
high school mean girl
who's now trying to talk
about being sincere.
- Okay, I know flaws accepted.
Not tonight, but-
- That doesn't mean we have to,
or give you permission
to act like you did.
And to be honest, still do.
- Okay, I know it was rough
for you, but it's been years.
I'm trying to make
things better.
I mean, it's not
like I killed anybody
to deserve this much spite.
You can't blame
me for your life.
I said I'm sorry.
- (chuckles) Yeah,
sorry after the damage.
But even then,
you and Charlotte still
held everything against me
as if I was the
one in the wrong.
You blamed me for
our father leaving
and your mother, her suicide.
That is not my fault.
And to be honest, I forgive you,
but after this weekend, I
want nothing to do with you.
(gentle music)
(Charlotte gasps)
- Nice.
(music continues)
This is crazy.
- Hm.
A little cowboy hat.
All right.
(music continues)
(music continues)
I think I found somethin'!
It could be a clue.
Yeah, really.
You know what?
Actually not.
Nevermind, it's not a clue.
(reflective music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
This place deserves
the old Wilson wow.
(Charlotte sighs)
(gentle music)
(tongue clicking)
(pensive music)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(dramatic music)
(pensive music)
(vocalizing continues)
(anticipatory music)
(inmates chattering)
(music continues)
(suspenseful music)
(music continues)
(inmate growls)
- Oh, shit!
Mother fucker!
Oh, you lucky!
You do me dirty.
Your (indistinct)
for your dumb ass.
(inmates chattering)
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(upbeat music)
I had this dream
Where she's walkin'
in a new fashion
And the maitre d
sweetly asks her
Where she's goin' to all
alone, goin' to all alone
I've got some seeds
With the swimmers
and the lowlifes
Where the justice
won't be mine
But she's headed
there all alone
Headed there all alone
(eerie music)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
- George Charles, is
this your first clue?
Helen, Charlotte, I think
I found the first clue!
(dramatic music)
- [Man] We need security
and medical staff
on the sixth floor immediately
to prepare for lockdown.
Be on the lookout for
missing high risk patient,
George Charles.
If anyone locates him,
please contact the nurses
station immediately.
(dramatic music)
(girl gasping)
(Lenny laughs)
- Can you move over?
- Sorry.
Hey, and I left a bottle down
there if you see it anywhere.
- No, that's enough
drinking, okay?
You need to drive me to work.
- Right.
All right, I'm gonna
take a piss really quick.
- What the fuck?
I'm gonna be late.
- Get over it.
- (sighs) What the fuck?
(door closes)
(phone chimes)
(girl exhales)
(keyboard keys clacking)
(text whooshing)
Lenny, what the fuck?
(suspenseful music)
Where the fuck is he?
(text whooshing)
(music continues)
(music stops)
(mysterious music)
(text chimes)
Where, where?
Where the fuck are you?
I'm gonna be so late.
(sighs) Fuck.
(text whooshing)
(music continues)
(phone chimes)
(Lenny gasping)
(blood gushing)
(girl screaming)
(dramatic music)
(rope creaking)
(girl screaming)
Oh my God (sobbing)!
(music intensifying)
(rope creaking)
(music continues)
(door slams)
(indistinct opera singing)
- So he left you the
first clue too, huh?
- There was no way
for him to even know
I would've chosen that room.
- Whatever.
- Don't start, Charlotte.
Let's just see what it says.
(singing continues)
(key thuds)
- "Secrets are the
keys to the mysteries
of the things seen and
unseen in our family."
And then he left a
note for each of us.
What does that mean?
What secrets?
- Okay, okay, let's
think this through.
Is that a key?
Let me see that.
This obviously leads
to a box somewhere.
Let's keep looking.
- Well, the key was in the
letter with the photo album.
Family Secrets.
All the memories of
family are kept...
- In the photo album.
Okay, so it's gotta be here.
- [Charlotte] So, what now?
- I mean, we do what it says.
- Charlie, what's good?
- Doin' well.
How 'bout yourself?
- I'm good.
I'm good.
I gotta ask you a question
that dates back awhile.
In 1995, you signed off on
a woman named Amber Charles.
- Yoink.
(anticipatory music)
Story time, kiddos.
- [Helen] Wow.
- [Charlotte] Look, is that
mom and dad in San Fran?
What year is that?
- [Helen] 'It's 86.
This must be their first trip.
(pensive music)
- Hell, I don't remember.
I've examined countless bodies.
(pensive music)
- Why don't you
take a look at that.
Collin, don't fuckin' lie to me.
And before shit gets worse,
you gotta make shit
better for yourself.
Now, you could call your lawyer,
stretch this shit
however you want.
- Okay, so here's my
baby pictures and...
- [Charlotte] Wait,
wait, wait a minute.
Pics but no dates?
- [Dianna] Okay, there
must be something missing.
Keep flipping.
Are we missing some pages?
- But you goin' down either way.
Confirm, and I'll let you go.
Did she have the
miscarriage or not?
(air whooshing)
- Oo, hold on.
How is mom pregnant
here, here, and here?
- [Charlotte] No, dildo.
She's not pregnant
here, here and here.
It's just here and here.
- Okay, first off,
don't call me anything
that gets next to
your nasty crotch.
Second, she's pregnant
here, here and here.
You think she was pregnant
for three years and
had a whale pregnancy?
- Oh my fucking God.
Wait, what are you
even saying, Helen?
- I don't know.
All I'm saying is
there's a kid here
and it's not me
and it's not you.
- Guys, the bigger question
is, where's the next clue?
- Okay, you know what?
To hell with these
clues and this game.
To hell with freakin'
dad and his blood money.
My mom, my mother
carried a secret
from her body to her grave,
and everyone in her
life was an accomplice.
I can't do this.
Good luck.
I'm out.
- [Justin] Whoa, whoa, Helen,
didn't you come here
for something better
than what your mom had, right?
- Yeah, I did.
But do any of us
think we are going
to feel better
spending a quarter
of that money to
absolve George Charles
of the shit he didn't
have the balls to face?
Know that if this
wasn't so fucking far,
I would be out tonight.
- Charlotte, we would
never feel comfortable
spending that money.
- Speak for yourself.
I am not easily shook by the
bullshit life throws, okay?
This is honestly just more
of the same fucking shit.
Why is Helen acting like this
is some epiphany of
our fucking lives?
It's literally just more
of the same bullshit, okay?
Can we please keep looking?
- If you say so.
- Here.
- Damn, family drama (exhales).
- Glad she's gone.
- If I'd known he'd done
some weird fucking overture
about the reason that I
write children's books
under an alias is because
I'm ashamed of who I am,
that I have no kids, no husband,
what kind of psycho fucking
babble bullshit is that?
- [Caleb] I think that maybe-
- Oh, and then you know my
younger sister, Charlotte,
after calling her a
lifelong drug addict,
he says that his
prized possession
is his backroom love
child that he conceived.
- [Caleb] All right,
maybe he just means that-
- I mean, writers from
the beginning of time
have been using pen
names, fucking aliases.
It's not a red
herring for my life.
- [Caleb] Red herring?
What Helen?
- Caleb, oh my God.
Red Herrings, William Cobbett.
He's the first
author to use them.
A red herring is a
person who is a murderer
that throws you off the trail.
It's a false fucking clue,
but my life as an author
is not a false fucking clue
to my personal life.
Fucking idiot.
I'll call you later.
(solemn orchestral music)
(dramatic music)
(porcelain shatters)
(knives clinking)
(Helen screaming)
(music continues)
Help, help!
(knife slicing)
(blood gushing)
(The Killer panting)
- (screams) What the fuck?
Oh my God, Helen!
Oh my God.
- Oh, shit!
- Justin, keep the
fuck down, all right?
We need to figure this out.
- [Justin] Figure it out?
She's fucking dead, Charlie.
We need to call the cops.
- [Charlotte] Okay,
okay, okay, okay,
so I know this is gonna
sound kinda crazy,
and maybe it is kinda crazy
but you've always known me
to be fucking crazy, Justin.
I really need this money, okay?
I'm in debt so bad and you know,
I really just wanna
get my life right.
I wanna go to rehab.
I need this money.
If I don't get it, I'm gonna
end up dead like Helen anyway.
- [Justin] She's
fucking dead, Charlie.
- Yeah, and I will be too.
- So what?
You want us to just wait here
while there's some deranged
fuck out there lookin' around
for 'em to come to us?
- They said that money
was in here, $300,000.
Do you wanna fucking
turn that away?
- [Dianna] Guys?
- We're busy.
- [Dianna] Yeah,
what's going on?
Why is this door closed?
- [Charlotte] Dianna.
- Jeez, what is
wrong with you guy...
(Dianna screams)
Helen, oh my God!
- No, no, no, no.
Fuck this, no, no, no.
Fuckin' Dianna's the killer.
This is fuckin'
- Shut up!
- horror movie 101.
- Quiet, quiet!
- Get the fuck out!
- Justin, stop! Get in here.
- Fuck, man.
- The clues, guys.
We don't have the clues.
- The what?
- The fucking clues, okay?
Look, if we don't
find these clues,
the cops, they're gonna
tape off everything,
they're gonna ravage everything.
We'll never find the locks
and we'll never have
that money, okay?
- This is our sister
Helen on the floor.
She's dead!
I don't get it, the clues?
- Just two hours, okay.
Two hours, we find the money,
and then we call the cops.
- What is wrong with you?
You're insane!
- Fuck you!
You're not gonna ruin this.
Since when do you
even give a shit?
She ruined your fuckin' life.
My dad ruined your life.
What about a little
payback, honey?
Two hours, that's
all I'm asking.
- Two hours, and that's for me
to find out what
the fuck happened
to your mother to make her
kill herself and that baby.
And you, you can
keep the money, okay?
I am so done with this.
The clues!
It's just so stupid.
Both of you guys are stupid.
- [Charlotte] Justin,
I think you just
earned yourself a cut.
Come on, let's find
these fucking clues.
- You're fucking insane.
- Yeah, we all know
that to be true,
but the money isn't
here somewhere
and I know we can
find the, so come on.
Please, Justin, just-
- This is sick.
(fist knocking)
(Dianna gasps)
- [Justin] Okay.
- What was that?
(crickets chirping)
- [Caleb] Hey.
- Oh, hi.
- [Caleb] I'm Caleb,
Helen's boyfriend.
It's kind of a surprise.
- She's...
It's Helen's boyfriend.
- What?
- Helen has a boyfriend?
- How the fuck am
I supposed to know?
We talked once a year.
- Okay, shh!
I'll go.
(Dianna exhales)
- It's her, she's
the fucking killer.
She's the fucking killer.
- What? No.
- She's the killer.
- Stop!
Get out of the door.
- Hi.
- Hey, sorry about
bangin' on the door.
I was ringin' the
bell, nobody answered.
I'm Caleb.
- [Dianna] Oh,
Helen's boyfriend.
- Yeah, Helen's
boyfriend, Caleb.
Nice to meet you.
- Oh, she actually just left.
- Weird, she just texted
me like 20 minutes ago.
- Not weird because she actually
just left 20 minutes ago, 10.
She just left 10 minutes ago.
Yeah, I'm sure she told you
all about the fight
between her and her sister.
Yeah, she said she got
super pissed about something
and that she was gonna go
stay at a hotel up in town.
You should give her a shout.
- All right, yeah, maybe
I will make that drive.
But if she doesn't
show up or answer,
maybe I'll just be back, okay?
- Okay.
Yeah, you do that
and nobody here
is moving an inch (chuckles).
(pensive music)
- That was close.
What the fuck?
- Okay, that took 10
minutes of your two hours,
so you better hurry
up before I change
my mind and call the
fucking cops now.
(dramatic music)
- [Dispatcher] All
units, we have reports
of an aggravated
assault at Mix Arcade.
The suspect is presumed the
missing hospital patient.
(dramatic music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music intensifies)
(rope creaking)
(music continues)
(soft melancholy music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Dianna inhales shakily)
(music continues)
(Dianna sniffling)
(phone ringing)
- Hey, Grandma.
- Dianna.
How's everything going?
- Everything is fine, I guess.
- You guess?
(chuckles) What does that mean?
- It's fine.
Everything is fine.
- Well, could you put Helen on?
I'd like to say hello.
- Helen is a little
preoccupied right now,
but as soon as I find her
I'll have her call you.
- All right.
Well, I fixed
dinner and I thought
it might be nice if
all of you came over.
Give us a chance to
all be together again.
- That's wonderful, Grandma.
As soon as we're done
here, we'll be right over.
- (sighs) Wonderful.
You know, I really do feel
this is your father's work,
getting us all closer
together again.
- (exhales deeply) That's
wonderful, Grandma.
Be right there.
- Lovely.
See you then.
- Okay, bye.
(Celine clapping)
(somber music)
- Even through this tragedy,
George managed to bring his
daughters back together.
I mean, I know it's
not gonna be easy,
but I truly believe that
the girls will realize
that they need each
other, and I need them.
I'm just sure George
is smiling down
and knowing everything is okay.
(fist knocking)
Oh, Melanie, I gotta go.
The girls are here.
Talk to you later.
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
That's weird.
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(sighs) What the...
(switch flicks)
(music intensifies)
(pensive music)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(vocalizing continues)
(Celine screaming)
(dramatic music)
(music continues)
(water splashing)
(music continues)
(knife clinking)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Celine screaming)
(knife thudding)
(dramatic music fades)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(eerie music)
(flick switches)
- What the fuck?
- Guys, please tell
me that was you.
- Justin, get over here.
- (gasps) I think I
just saw something.
- Justin, go check that out.
- You guys got it, I'm good.
- No!
Where is your knife?
- Got it.
- (sighs) Go!
- All right, you
guys stay behind me.
I got this, but don't
stay too far behind me.
- [Charlotte] Come on,
let's get this fucker.
- Okay.
Okay, just stay
behind me (exhales).
Here we go.
- Come on, Justin!
- Hey, guys (screaming)
- Oh, God!
- [Caleb] Fuck, you
fuckin' stabbed me!
- [Charlotte] What the
hell is he doing back here?
- [Dianna] It's
Helen's boyfriend.
- Oh!
(girls clamoring)
Oh, shit!
(dramatic music)
Fuck, fuck, oh
fuck, oh fuck, fuck.
Holy shit, you stabbed a guy.
Probably a flesh wound.
He'll walk away from it.
No, I'm goin' to fuckin' jail.
I need to get outta here.
Oh, hell no, that's a big drop.
- I don't know...
- Call Charlotte.
(line trilling)
(voicemail beeps)
Look, we gotta get
the fuck outta here.
I'm fucked.
Just get me the hell outta here.
You're not pickin' up.
I'm assuming you're saying
fuck me, "Fuck Justin!"
Well, guess what?
Fuck you, fuck your sisters,
fuck that guy I stabbed.
- God, what do I do?
Hang in there, hang in there.
- Fuck!
Okay, okay, okay.
(Justin exhaling)
I'm goin' to jail,
that's it (laughs).
I'm goin' to jail.
I gotta get out of here.
I gotta take a piss.
That's it, I gotta take a piss.
I gotta take a piss, that's it.
I just gotta take a piss.
God (sighs)!
(urine splashing)
(dramatic music)
What the fuck?
(Justin screaming)
(urine splashing)
(music continues)
- Hey, what's that noise?
(Justin screaming)
(urine splashing)
(music intensifying)
(music continues)
- Justin!
(The Killer panting)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
Justin, are you
jerking off in there?
(dramatic music)
(music continues)
No, Justin!
No, Justin!
- Hey!
Come on.
We gotta go.
- No, I'm not leaving him.
(dramatic music)
(Charlotte screams)
- Shit!
(dramatic music)
(girls screaming)
(music continues)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Caleb panting)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Caleb yells)
(dramatic music)
(blood gushing)
(Caleb groaning)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(Caleb screams)
(dramatic music)
(Caleb panting)
(Caleb groaning)
(music continues)
(Caleb yells)
(Caleb panting)
(music continues)
(pensive music)
(Dianna exhales)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(eerie exhaling)
(Dianna sobbing softly)
(music continues)
(suspenseful music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(water gurgling)
(dramatic music)
(music continues)
(flame hissing)
- I'm right here, mother fucker.
(water splashing)
(The Killer gasping)
(pan thudding)
(knife thuds)
(Charlotte gasps)
(ax thuds)
(The Killer grunting)
- [The Killer] Sweet
fuckin' dreams.
(Charlotte gasps)
(knife thudding)
(The Killer gasping)
(melancholy music)
(music continues)
(Caleb panting)
(saw whirring)
(dramatic music)
(music continues)
(whirring continues)
(music continues)
(whirring continues)
(Caleb screaming)
(The Killer grunting)
(dramatic music)
(pensive music)
- Dianna?
(music continues)
(eerie exhaling)
(music continues)
(anticipatory music)
(music continues)
(eerie exhaling)
(music continues)
(eerie vocalizing)
(knife clinks)
(Dianna gasping)
(suspenseful music)
(music continues)
(chair rolling)
(Dianna straining)
- Just do it, just
do it, just do it.
(Dianna whimpers)
(door creaks)
(Dianna exhales)
(suspenseful music)
(music stops)
- Dianna, Dianna, Dianna!
- Hey, we're gonna get
you out of here, okay?
- [Ramirez] Go!
- I'm not leaving you.
- [Ramirez] Go, go!
- I'm gonna come
back for you, okay?
- Go!
- I promise I'm
coming back for you.
(anticipatory music)
(dramatic music)
(Dianna screams)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(upbeat music)
(Dianna screaming)
(music continues)
(Dianna gasping)
(The Killer gasping)
(Dianna screaming)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
- Help me!
- What's wrong?
- Will you help me!
- Yeah.
What's wrong? Help me out.
- That man back there.
Call the police!
Call the police!
Hey, get back, you
can't be in here.
Get the fuck back, man.
You can't be here.
You can't-(knife thuds)
(Dianna whimpers)
(pensive music)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(knife thudding)
(hand banging)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(knife thudding)
(music continues)
(eerie music)
- Why are you doing this?
- Oh, Dianna.
You wanted this for a long time.
Don't act like you didn't
want the same thing.
You and I both wanted
the same thing.
- I don't know what
you're talking about!
- [The Killer] You wanted them
dead just as much as I did.
- I never wanted my family dead.
- Don't lie to me!
Yes, you did!
The way they shunned
you, shunned me?
You don't do that
to someone you love.
You don't throw them away!
(Dianna whimpers)
Although, looking at Helen
and Charlotte's lives,
perhaps they did do us a favor.
I don't know.
What do you think, Dianna?
- [Dianna] Fuck you!
- Dianna?
- No!
Fuck you!
- [The Killer]
What do you think?
(pensive music)
(Dianna whimpers)
- Who are you?
(singer vocalizing)
- Dianna, don't you
recognize your own?
(dramatic music)
- You're my brother.
That was you?
You brought us here?
- Charlotte and her
diva singing career
was quite entertaining.
But it was Helen who my favorite
most pathetic story of all.
A children's author
with no children?
No children?
And you, an agent at CPS.
(pensive music)
What a cute career choice for
the child of a homewrecker.
- (sobs) Why?
- Well, beauty can't erase
these scars, or the pain.
- There was never
any money was there?
- Well, monetary
gain is the best bait
to lure out such greedy
fucks like y'all.
Don't worry, though.
I have something very
special just for you.
- You sent us the letter.
Mrs. Charles death
wasn't a suicide was it?
- Normally I'd say I'd
ask Granny dearest,
but that last dip in the
pool left her in pieces.
- Oh (sobs).
- Don't you dare cry.
She was just a guilty.
Especially about your mother.
- [Dianna] What do
you know about my mom?
- Oh, same as all
the other secrets.
(finger snapping)
Buried underneath
the house of dolls.
- You're lying!
(Dianna gasping)
- Ah.
What a dysfunctional
bunch we are.
Dysfunctional, but not uncommon.
- Hey, round two mother fucker!
(dramatic music)
(knife thuds)
(Dianna groans)
(air whooshing)
(dramatic music)
(metal clanging)
- (groans) Ramirez!
No, Ramirez, I'm coming!
No, I'm coming, Ramirez!
(ax thuds)
(Dianna groaning)
(music continues)
(ax thuds)
(Dianna grunts)
(The Killer groans)
(gentle music)
Come on, hurry.
Let's get out.
(music continues)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(siren wailing)
(Dianna whimpering)
(music continues)
- Yo, on my day off?
- What the fuck is that?
What's that?
(knife slicing)
(upbeat music)
(singer vocalizing)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music continues)
(music fades)
(mellow hip hop music)
There ain't no
runnin' from me
Yeah, I come
Yo, where I'm
from 1,100 degrees
Tell 'em she comin' with me
I heard you
runnin' the street
Run, run, run, we
keep run, run, run
But there ain't
no runnin' from me
There ain't no
runnin' from me
No, skeleton under the sheet
All the black, get
you done in your sleep
Run laps, they
can run all week
Mother, yeah, you
gon' run till you weep
One touch and you
know you gon' meet
God's plan knock
you off of your feet
Aw man, ain't no
runnin' from me
No, no, ain't no
runnin' from me
No runnin' from me
On horseman number three
You could run
from the west side
All the way to the east
but you can't run from me
You did a devilish deed
The devil gon'
see you indeed
Beggin', you plea
You could ask
God on your knees
But it's set and
your fate is with me
And I know who you are
Know what you done
I know all these niggas
against you to one
Mornin' star, yeah,
you gon' see the sun
Demon time, yeah, you
know where I'm from
You know where I'm from
Your momma's
screamin', Lord, please
Everybody wanna go to heaven
Everybody can't pay the fee
No, ain't no fuckin' with me
No choice, ain't
no runnin' from me
Rolls Royce, get
you done in your V
Dad fuck who he wanted to be
Bed time 'cause
he wanted to sleep
Red line till
that bitch is on E
You know I'ma pull
up wherever you be
Like, wherever you be
There ain't no
runnin' from me
Yeah, I come, yo, where
I'm from 1,100 degrees
Tell 'em she comin' with me
I heard you
runnin' the street
Run, run, run,
we keep run, run
But there ain't
no runnin' from me
There ain't no
runnin' from me
No, skeleton
under this sheet
All black, get you
done in your sleep
Run laps, nigger
run for a week
Mother, yeah, you
gon' run till you weep
One touch and you
know you gon' meet
God's plan knock
you off of your feet
Aw, man, ain't no
runnin' from me
No, no, ain't no
runnin' from me
No runnin' from me
Meet me at the controls
Split through my mouth
And a gun on my lap every
time that I cross roads
Beam head 'em
from across roads
Do say, got a dark toast
Tell the thunder
this dark cloak
Walk slow through dark smoke
And I got that
for who want toke
I got one quote
You come in, you
bought it yourself
Fuck your opinions,
I can't even listen
You dumb and you
proud of yourself
I hope you proud
of your health
I rock (indistinct)
I'm proud of these bitches
I don't have a
problem myself
I pop lotta stuff in my blow
Where the fuck would you go
Silence only when you
get touched, nigga
How the fuck did you know
I got a box form
And I deliver
In the rain or the snow
They know my body
wherever I go
Like, wherever I go
There ain't no
runnin' from me
Yeah, I come
Yo, where I'm
from 1,100 degrees
Tell 'em she comin' with me
I heard you
runnin' the street
Run, run, run,
we keep run, run
But ain't no runnin' from me
There ain't no
runnin' from me
No, skeleton
under this sheet
All black, get you
done in your sleep
Run laps, nigga run all week
Mother, yeah, you
gon' run till you weep
One touch and you
know you gon' meet
God's plan knock
you off of your feet
Aw, man, ain't no
runnin' from me
No, no, ain't no
runnin' from me
Ain't no runnin' from me
No way, no fuckin' with me
No choice, ain't
no runnin' from me
Rolls Royce, get
you done in your V
Dad fucked who
he wanted to be
Bed time 'cause
he wanted to sleep
Red light till
that bitch is on E
(music fades)