House of Dust (2013) Movie Script

Please don't go.
Billy. No, please.
Billy, please don't...
Billy, please don't go.
Looks like you're
a little out of practice, Doc.
At least you did that for me.
Did you do that for me?
So what's he do
with the bodies, huh?
He save 'em?
He save 'em?
So he can go play
with 'em a little bit, huh?
You gonna play
with them in private?
Guess what, Mel.
You're next and I get to watch.
I wanna go outside! Please!
You volunteered, Melvin.
You said you would cooperate.
That's a good boy now.
Be still.
This is gonna make you
better, Melvin.
Oh, you hear that, Mel?
The doc's calling you crazy.
He's so depressed,
he wants to die.
I told him there was hope.
Why won't you let me
help you out, Doc, huh?
I could put that ice pick
into Melvin's skull like butter.
Wouldn't that be a sight?
You are helping me, Levius.
That's good.
You see?
You see how you're helping me?
That's good.
Well done, Levius.
No, no.
No, no. No.
Little Man.
Little Man, please.
Christ. Kevin, get rid of it.
Little Man.
Come on, come on.
Levius... Levius, please don't
let nobody hurt Little Man.
Please don't let nobody
hurt Little Man.
Quiet, now.
Shh, shh, shh.
Hey, Doc,
you're doing it wrong.
No. No!
You're not doing it right.
No! No!
He's not feeling any pain!
He's good.
Clean it up and bandage him.
How am I supposed
to feel their pain
if they don't even feel it?
You should have
let me help you, Doc.
You are helping me, Levius.
You are.
You'll help me
by putting down the drill.
That's right.
See how easy that is?
You're a good doctor.
Well done, Levius.
Well done.
Too late, Doc.
You feel it, Melvin?
I got a present for you.
Open the door!
Open the door!
Let me out!
Let me out of here!
In that room, he swore
that he'd find a way back.
They say he's still there
walking those long, dusty halls.
Up and down.
Back and forth.
Looking, waiting,
for anyone who dares
to go in there
so he can take his revenge.
Oh, and by the way,
he hates med students.
That's a good one, man.
You probably want
to put that out, though.
You're gonna get us all
thrown out of here
and then that
little ghost of yours
isn't gonna have
anyone to haunt.
I'm sure he'd go after Gabby.
She's hot.
Ugh. Shut up, Dylan.
You just made that up
to freak me out.
Maybe I did.
Maybe I didn't.
Here you go, dude.
Um, no, thanks.
I don't drink.
With a name like Kolt,
you don't even drink.
You're the perfect roommate,
you know that?
- I try.
- Oh, my God.
Hey, chill, Gabby, girl.
Women like manly men.
You know,
I don't think I have ever seen
molded underwear before.
Have you, Kolt?
That's an ink stain.
And how can you be so sure
they're mine anyway?
They're Kolt's.
So why are you so abusive?
You always push me
and kick my crap.
it's on the floor.
That's how I like it.
Mom, this is the part
where you guys drive off.
I know when to take my meds.
Mom, Dr. Thomas said
I'll be okay and I will be.
All right, I gotta go.
Okay, I love you.
You guys are gonna stay here
sall night, aren't you?
Will you leave
my stuff alone, woman?
You need some help.
Or I tell you how that crazy
ghost really murders people
with a hand drill and knives
and surgery scalpels and shit.
Blood smeared everywhere.
Uh, hi.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We were just telling
silly ghost stories.
This you?
Hey, we're roomies.
I'm Gabby.
Come in.
Come in.
I'm not kidding.
Now that they're offering
a psych major here,
all the crazies are showing up.
I love that you brought
I never leave home without him.
He's so adorable.
Won't you get in trouble
for having him here?
Are you joking?
Her parents donated heavily this year.
Which means the campus is mine.
And all the hot professors.
And sexy interns.
You guys are bad.
He likes you.
Good omen.
I know.
Look at that.
The fuck?
You mean weird.
No, I mean mysterious.
In a good way?
You're weird.
I try.
I can't talk right now, Mom.
Of course I have his number.
All right, I gotta go.
I love you.
First time away from home?
It's harder on them
than on us, you know?
Especially with nice girls.
What makes you think I'm nice?
Uh, here.
Let me help you.
Oh, no, that's okay.
Thanks. I got it.
You know,
when the world fills
with dark shadows,
just turn on the light.
My mom told me that.
So, look.
There's this party tonight
and I know my friends
would love you
and I think you
would like them.
So, you want to come with?
Uh, I don't know.
I kind of need to finish up...
Sit here alone and do nothing?
Yeah, no.
It's supposed to be fun.
Fun day!
Come on, I mean, it's your only
chance to party before classes start.
Never really been
to a party before.
never, ever?
Never, ever.
Well, you are just gonna
have the time of your life.
You mean, now?
Yeah. Yeah.
Come on.
Dylan's kind of cute.
What do you think?
How long have you known him?
Since orientation.
Are you making fun of me?
Because I can always tell
when people are mocking me.
It's just, like,
a talent I have.
Emma, ghosts
really freak me out.
- I'm homeless, though.
- Are you really?
What's up, babies?
This is Emma.
What's up, Emma?
This is my friend, Chase.
Nice to meet you.
Gabby talk your ear off yet?
I don't know about that.
Well, uh...
You positive?
You guys want to get another beer?
I could use another beer.
I'm okay.
All right.
You sure? You sure?
You don't want to come?
You're absolutely positive
you don't want to come?
You sure?
Yes, I'm sure.
You double sure?
You want another beer?
Yeah, give me something, dude.
All right.
You're not driving, right?
Not even.
Okay, cool. You?
You're done.
No more for you.
Thanks, man.
Why? Come on.
Got anything else in there?
Uh, hang on one second.
I'll be right back.
All right, man.
Where you from, dude?
I'm Kolt, Dylan's roommate.
So, how do you like it so far?
Camden... the people,
the atmosphere.
The sweet smell in the air.
It's nice.
You'll get used to it.
I mean,
there really are nice people
and not much really happens
around here, so...
What does Kolt think he's doing?
Woman #2:
Maybe he likes her.
He's lazy.
He goes after desperados,
the one nobody else wants.
Didn't you say he asked you out?
I said I was going
to ask him out.
I'd bang him.
Not after that.
Ew, gross.
Sloppy seconds.
- Ew!
- Let's do this!
Chug! Chug! Chug!
Dylan, what are you doing, man?
I... I'm gonna go
save him from himself.
Yeah, that's...
But I'll be right back.
Do you want a beer?
I'm okay.
Thank you.
Shirley Temple?
Thank you.
All right,
when I come back,
maybe you can
tell me your name,
Gabby's roommate.
What are you doing?
Look, I have to babysit
you every night.
Okay, no, no, no.
I'm through.
Can you feel me?
Get away from there.
Can't you read the sign?
It says "keep out."
Come on.
- Ow!
- Hey, hey.
What the hell's your problem, dude?
Take it easy, pal.
Hey, you guys need
to clear out of here.
It's a restricted area.
I don't want to see you
around here again.
Hey, Lieutenant Mom.
Are you kidding me?
Let's go.
Dylan, come on.
You're pathetic, dude.
Screw that fool.
Let's go back.
What? No, man.
Dylan, no.
You want to go deal
with that mall cop again?
Yo, what's up, guys?
How you doing?
Kolt, how you doing? Dylan.
How's it going, buddy?
We're gonna go break
into Redding right now.
Are you down?
That place is haunted.
You have to know that.
Yeah, that place is haunted as hell.
Screw that.
Let's go back, hey Dylan.
I want to see
if what they say is for real.
You want to talk to this guy?
Emma, five seconds. Dylan!
You okay with this?
Yeah. Ahem.
I'll protect you.
I brought this magical cape.
I'll put it around us
and we'll disappear.
I don't know.
Let's just go.
Let's just check it out.
What if he's back there?
The guy who just grabbed me.
The only thing
he's gonna do is eat you.
I brought hot sauce.
- Yeah.
- I don't... do you guys...
You scared? Scared?
This will be fine.
It's gonna be fun.
Shh, guys.
Kolt, where... dude, where you going?
There's a door right here.
We just got busted right there, dude.
Come on.
- Come on! Rah!
- Walk this way.
If that door is open...
Yo, dude, give me some light.
Whoa, nice.
High creepiness.
What's this?
What's in here?
You're high, dude.
And you should be.
Full-impact haunted house shit.
Let's go.
All right, all right.
You guys, come on.
Stay close by.
- Come on, Gab. Whoo!
- They're coming to get you.
- They're waiting for you.
- Shh. Shut up.
Come here!
Paging Dr. Satan.
Dude, this place is sick!
Hey, get in.
Come on.
Where to, monsieur?
Welcome to the wing
of the clinically deranged.
Don't open those doors.
Don't open those doors, please.
We ask all passengers to please
remain seated during the ride
and keep your arms
inside the cart.
The patients are very hungry!
Hey, Kolt?
Ho, ho, ho.
Paging Dr. Asperger to the O.R.
Doctor, strap me in.
Scrubbing in, nurse.
I'm Nurse Ratched,
here to give you your daily meds.
Nurse, I think we have a stiff.
Oh, my Lord. Crank that voltage.
One more time
for good measure.
What's that?
What is that?
Whoa, it's an oven...
for people.
It's a crematorium.
Dylan, come on, man.
Come on, let's... let's...
Ew, dude.
There's, like, dust
and shit everywhere.
Dude, th-this is it, though!
Remember the whole story I was
telling you back at the pad, dude?
Like, all the crazies
that were here, dude?
Can you imagine?
Is this another one of your stories?
Remember me telling you
about all this?
Like, all the lobotomies,
like, imagine all the crazy shit
they did back in 1951.
Are you listening to this right now?
That's right, dude.
In your face. Unh, what?
Let's get out of here. No.
Hey, what's... what's all this?
What is this?
It was a rat.
Where'd the rat go?
Oh, dude.
Shit better not be hazmat.
Hazardous material.
Never heard of that?
Looks like it's some sort
of paint or something.
No, dude.
That's way too funky to be paint.
Hey, guys...
...where's Emma?
He's not real.
He's not real.
He's not real.
Yeah, I just got lost.
What are you doing?
What happened to you all?
Well, we found this crazy-ass
crematorium downstairs.
Dylan, we're leaving.
Actually, now.
Dude, let me see your light.
Whoa, what's in here?
It's like old medical files
in here or something.
Patient records.
Now, Dylan.
Okay, okay.
Let's go.
That was sick!
Are you okay?
Ring around the whatever.
This is what happens when
he doesn't take his medication.
Oh, man.
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down.
Your parents must be proud.
You are like a grade-A idiot.
I know. Come here.
No, wait, what? No!
Where are they going?
I don't know.
Look, just because
my friend's mentally challenged,
I don't want you
to hold that against me.
Not bad for the unofficial
last day of summer.
The next year, I'm gonna
take you to the morgue.
If you're lucky,
I'll take you to the Sizzler.
Thanks for walking me home.
I know it was a...
'Cause, yeah, it's far away.
I love that. Ahem.
I just wanted
to tell you that...
I... I think you're...
a beautiful person.
Like, really...
Good night.
Good night.
- Get off of me.
- Settle down.
Man #2: You're all right.
Settle down.
Get away from me.
Just calm down, calm down.
We just need you to relax.
Calm down. No, get off me. Mom!
Calm down.
Calm down.
Dad, you can't leave me here!
Get away from me!
What the fuck?!
You freak.
I'm... I'm sorry.
Dr. Thomas.
Oh, hi, it's Emma.
Look, I'm really sorry
to call you so late,
but, um, something's wrong.
I think...
I think my meds are off.
I keep, uh...
I keep seeing things again
and I keep hearing things
and there's whispering
and I don't know what to do.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
No, I'm okay.
Okay. Thank you.
Yes, good night.
Bad dreams?
The worst kind.
Shh, shh, shh.
You're gonna make me cry.
I'm sorry, I didn't...
I didn't mean to wake you.
No, no, shh.
I'm the one
that should be sorry.
I mean, I'm so sorry
we went into that place.
I mean, Dylan's a good guy,
but he can get carried away.
No, no.
I'm overreacting.
I... I always overreact.
Shh, come here.
Come here.
Here, sit down, okay?
Just catch your breath.
Be right back.
Let me just try something.
I think you'll really like it.
My mom used to brush my hair
when I'd have bad dreams
and couldn't sleep.
You should wear
your hair like this.
Kolt would like it.
You think?
He likes you.
A lot.
Nothing, I'm fine.
It's not Dylan's ghost, is it?
No. No, I'm just...
just jumpy from the dream.
It's okay.
Looks good.
I love it.
It's a perfect chance.
This could be you...
deviant sociopath
with clear lack of conscience.
Don't do homework in class.
He's done her already.
She's a lesbian.
Just because she attacked
you in the shower
doesn't mean she's gay.
It means she's a psycho,
like the film.
What, love?
you're, like, the most beautiful
girls in the world.
But personally,
I've never seen anything
so ugly as you three.
The guy with the dirty underwear
is a hero in disguise.
Those aren't my un...
hey, Kolt, tell her, please,
those aren't my underwear, dude.
What, is he still going on...
What stinky underwear?
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on.
Are you still going on about this?
No, she is, dude.
Dude, you know I'm commando.
Dude, I...
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Crazy girl gets
to diagnose herself now.
Won't that be fun?
You have an admirer, Emma.
Why is it that the anger management
types always go into law enforcement?
Same reason the insane
major in psych.
I don't like that guy.
Really? I couldn't tell.
Well, maybe he's like this guy.
A schizophrenic.
They call him the Night Stalker.
Total schizoid.
He saw and heard things
that weren't there.
He had ghosts.
Oh, my God. Stop it.
I'm serious.
They put him on meds
and he was fine. Look.
But it was too late.
He was on death row
for killing 13 people
that we know of.
Look, not all schizophrenics
are murderers.
All it takes is one.
You know, I read that ghosts
are made of energy.
Like, what if some people
actually can hear them
or, like, sense them
and then we call them crazy?
Like, what if their meds are actually
simmering out the supernatural voices?
Hmm? Hmm?
But I kind of made
that Redding House story up.
Not what you told me, bro.
Okay, some dude back home
told me about it.
- What else did he say?
- I... I told you.
They had some murders
here a long time ago
and they never found the killer
because he was a ghost.
Shut up.
What do you think
was going on in there, Gab?
Party? No.
Lobotomies of everyone
from crazies to axe murderers.
If you want to talk about
ghosts really being real,
Redding House probably
has thousands of them,
all pissed off with holes
in their heads.
What the hell?
Does it not look better?
Do you want a hug?
Uh, yeah, I guess.
Yeah, I gotta call my mom.
I'll see you later.
Damn it.
Look what you did.
Do not look at my ass, Kolt Hannaford.
No, wait, hey, hey.
Emma, wait up.
Hi there, Emma.
How do you know my name?
I have my ways.
I saw you and your friends leaving
the Redding House last night.
So, I told you guys not to go
in there and you didn't listen.
I can report you for almost
breaking my arm.
Redding House is no place for a
nice young lady such as yourself.
Bad things have happened there.
Thanks for the tip.
There's a match made in heaven.
No kidding.
Can you feel the pain?
can you feel the pain?
You're not real.
You're not real.
You're not real.
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What happened?
You okay?
I'm fine.
I just tripped.
What's going on?
Don't you knock?
Uh, the door was open,
so I just came in.
Do you guys want a beer?
I thought you didn't drink.
Um, this is for you.
Now's not a good time.
Oh, okay.
M-maybe I'll...
I'll come back later.
Come here.
Did I say something wrong?
It's her first time away from
home, so... she'll be fine.
Are you sure?
Yeah, yeah.
Are you okay?
Um, yeah.
Yeah, yes.
Okay, 'night.
Hey, Koltie.
Are those for me?
You should come by.
Tip a few back.
Maybe another time?
"Maybe another time"?
I was just being polite.
Okay, look, if you guys
need any help,
we're just right across
the hallway, so give us a shout.
Good night.
Good night.
Hey, little buddy.
Uh-oh, Koltie.
He doesn't like you.
I'm just moving in
on his territory is all.
Are you?
Hell, yeah.
Let's take shots.
Don't mind if I do.
Is that all you got?
Nothing like
a woman's ass to make
a man want to go
all night long.
Go for it.
What did you just say?
You want it
and I'm gonna give it to you.
How about a little backseat
bingo with daddy-o?
Get the fuck off of me!
I'm sorry.
I mean...
I don't even drink.
Obviously he can't
hold his liquor.
What are you looking at?
Knew I forgot something.
Hey, have you seen Allyson?
Cleanliness is next
to godliness.
You are so weird.
Hey, uh, have you seen Allyson?
What? Why?
She's been missing
since last night.
I haven't seen her.
Never mind.
No, no.
Hey, are you okay?
What is it, honey?
You're here.
Of course I'm here.
I was here all night.
You okay?
I was dreaming...
I was dreaming
and I can't remember...
It's all right.
It's just a dream. You're fine.
It's just a dream.
It doesn't matter.
No, 'cause I don't want
to do it again.
I don't want to do it again.
You can't do what?
What are you talking about?
Did something happen
with Dylan?
Don't touch me.
Don't. No.
I'm not touching you.
Please don't touch me, please.
I'm... I'm not
touching you, Gabby.
I need you to do
something for me.
You need to take care
of Little Man.
Wha... what do you...
who's Little Man?
He's my pet rat.
Your... your rat?
What color is your rat, Gabby?
he's white...
and soft...
and fluffy.
I love you, Little Man.
I love you so much.
I love you, Little Man.
So sweet and soft.
I love him.
Little Man...
What the hell are you doing?
Why won't you come out?
Oh, man.
I feel like I've been hit by a truck.
Spray, that's right.
That... spray.
The spray will get it out.
It's like removing a blood stain.
How long you been up?
I just can't get it clean.
Kolt, help me out, man.
We can do this.
Did you do this?
Oh, yeah, baby.
Open that curtain a little more.
Just a little bit more.
Come on!
Yeah, yeah.
You freaking loser!
Get out!
Hey, no, wait!
I thought it was the guys'.
Ring around the rosy
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes,
we all fall down!
I think you can
probably get a room here.
The old corporate rate.
Mint on the pillow.
Oh, my God, what time is it?
I can't believe no one woke me up.
That's amazing.
Well, I came looking for you.
Thank you.
That's sweet.
Can I...
can I ask you something?
You won't think I'm crazy?
Do you ever feel...
like you're drowning?
And when you look up
at the surface,
the only person
that's there to help you
is handing you a glass of water?
What are these?
Oh, it's nothing.
I just... I fell down last night.
I know you're lonely.
What are you talking about?
Where'd you get the scratches?
Wait, where are you going?
Where are you...
Stop. Stop.
What's wrong with you?
See you later.
What about her
high school friends?
We should check with, like,
the girls that she used to hang out with.
And it's weird
she would leave her purse.
Like, if she were going
to meet up with him,
she wouldn't have
left her purse.
Hey, guys.
Have you guys found Allyson yet?
No. We reported her missing.
But the police said
they couldn't do anything
'cause it hasn't been
24 hours yet.
Allyson would have
called us by now.
Um, where'd you see her last?
She was going to do laundry.
I killed her.
I killed her.
I gotta go.
For you, Emma.
For you, Emma.
No, no, no.
Just had this.
- Don't you know how to knock?
- No!
What the hell
is going on in here?
- Kolt, help me with this, Kolt.
- Dylan.
I'll get all this organized.
I'll get it.
If you help me do this...
Dylan, listen to me.
Dylan, ever since
we went into that house,
everything's changed.
You think?
It's haunted.
People were murdered.
You changed, Emma.
Emma, help me with this.
Where were you guys last night?
Where did you get
the scratches, Emma?
How do they feel?
They're gonna
love her at Redding.
I told you once already.
Don't make me tell you again.
I'm, uh... I'm just doing
research for a paper.
Listen, there's a girl missing.
Do you want to be next?
No, look, there's a room in
there with old patient records.
I have to go in.
Look, if you just drop me off,
I can walk the rest of the way.
Don't let me catch
you in there again.
Okay. Go potty.
Go potty.
Be a good boy.
Good boy.
Wake up, Emma.
Emma, wake up.
The police are looking for you.
It's the middle of the night.
They found blood
in the laundry room.
They've been interviewing
everybody about Allyson.
All right.
Calm down.
It's okay.
I had to lie.
About... about what?
I couldn't tell them.
Tell them what?
Gabby, do you know
something about Allyson?
You know the dream I had?
I had a dream that I killed her.
I don't know, maybe I did.
I don't know. I can't remember.
Okay, calm down. Shh.
I don't know. I don't know.
Here. Here.
It's just a dream, okay?
It's just a dream.
Just calm down.
Mom, hey.
Hi. No, I'm fine.
just really good to hear
your voice, that's all.
Who told you that?
No, I mean, yeah.
The police are looking
for her, but...
no, Mom, I...
I'm not coming home.
Everything's fine.
I gotta... I gotta go.
Gabby, have some water.
It's just a dream, okay?
Feeling it?
Emma, meet me
in the RA's office.
The cops want to talk to you.
I gotta go.
It was...
Emma. Emma.
I can hear him, too.
I can hear him, too.
Oh, God, Emma.
Oh, my God...
No, no, no. It's okay.
Don't touch me.
Hey, hey, hey. Hey, it's okay.
Just hear me out.
All right.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I know everything, Emma.
Gabby told me
about your illness...
and I'm... I'm so sorry.
If I had known, I...
We're all here for you, Emma.
All of us.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I know you can feel me.
Emma, wait!
Emma, wait!
Let me in.
Let me in.
Come on, Emma. It's Billy.
Oh, my God!
Let me in. Emma.
Dylan, have you seen Gabby?
This place is a mess.
How do you live like this?
Dylan, have you seen Gabby?
- Dylan?
- Billy.
What'd you say your name was?
Billy, have you seen Gabby?
do you know where Gabby is?
She's with him.
Who is she with?
Billy, who is she with?
do you know where they are?
Dylan, you have to help me,
I can't... I can't
do this alone.
- You have to help me.
- She's with me.
And she's gonna feel
the pain for you, Emma.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, Dylan.
Looking for these?
I'm not real, remember?
I'm not real.
Well, guess what?!
Dust to dust, funk to funky.
We all know Emma's just a junky.
You're next.
What did you do with Kolt?
Oh, he's around here somewhere.
Don't do it, man.
Levius, Levius, Levius.
He's a bad man.
He's a bad man.
Billy, you son of a bitch!
I know this is you, Billy!
Wait, wait.
No, no, no, no.
No, no! Gabby!
Gabby, get up!
Get up! Get up! What is it?
What? What's going...
Help! Please help us! Please!
Come on. Come on!
Dylan! Emma!
What are you doing? No!
It's Kolt in there.
Oh, my God.
Get her out.
Come on. Gabby. Gabby.
Come on.
I got her.
It's okay. Hey, come on.
Gabby. Gabby, wake up.
Dylan. Dylan.
Dylan. Dylan.
What the fuck?
Oh, shit, shit.
Hey, man.
Come on. What?
Okay. Okay.
What the fuck?
It's okay, buddy.
Dude, my side.
It's okay.
What the fuck, dude?
- It's okay.
- Shit. Shit.
What the fuck just happened?
It's okay, man. It's okay.
Where are we?
I know.
Come on, let's go.
We gotta get out of here.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Hang in there, buddy.
Hang in there. Watch the goods.
Okay. It's okay.
Oh, my God, dude.
It's okay.
I got you. I got you.
Did you stab me, dude?
But we are gonna need to talk
about your new style.
Watch it. Easy, easy, easy.
Ring around the rosy
Pocket full of posies
Ashes, ashes
We all fall down!