House of Last Things (2013) Movie Script

I tried selling the house, honey,
But the market's slow right now.
Yes, especially without
a "For Sale" sign.
Well, just think about it.
This ticket is for tomorrow, Alan.
Then think about it in first class.
I just got out.
I'm not ready for a foreign country.
I'll write something for the paper and
we'll hear a lot of fat, overpaid tenors
And get the hell out of this damn rain.
And people call me crazy.
You're not crazy.
She took care of Mitch and Mary's
house when they went on their cruise.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Kelly, come on in.
I'd like you to meet my wife, Sarah.
- Hi!
- Come on, it's okay.
- Hi.
- Why don't you show Kelly around, honey?
Nice to meet you.
Is this where I'll be sleeping?
I guess so.
You have such a beautiful house.
My husband reviews classical
music for the paper.
- Oh, I didn't know that.
- Pardon the mess.
The maid's been away a few months.
I love the color of this room.
My husband should show
you around the house.
That's good. Thanks for coming, Kelly.
Yeah, no problem. Have a great trip.
- Thank you. We'll see you soon.
- Okay.
So where'd you find her?
I told you, Mitch and Mary.
I'm sorry.
- I'm sorry.
- You're just tired.
We're both tired.
Come to Italy with me.
Who's there?
Jesse! Oh, my God, you creep!
God, I told you not to come around here.
What are you so worried about?
They're gone, aren't they?
Look what they want for this place.
Yeah, I know. It
doesn't have four wheels.
It's not your fucking trailer.
Maybe we should sell it for them.
Stop! My brother's going
to be here any minute.
- I only need a minute.
- Oh, I'm sure you do.
Oh! Shit!
Kelly! Look at this
place. Are you serious?
Are we gonna have some
sweet times here or what?
- What?
Where are you going?
- Nowhere.
Would you just come back in here please?
- Jesse!
- Oh, I'll get use to this.
- Don't do that.
- Oh, is this your place now?
You could at least take off your shoes.
Oh, I'll take off my shoes
When you take off your panties.
Come on, Jesse...
No, you can't stay here.
Your dumbass brother can, why can't I?
Don't call him that.
Hit me.
I gotta watch out for stuff,
You know.
I won't take nothing.
I swear to God. I won't,
I won't, I won't...
It's only a month.
You can visit.
Jesse, don't go.
You just asked me to go, Kelly.
You can't have it both fuckin' ways.
Lemme know when you're horny again.
Come inside, Tim.
Must belong to something in the house.
Closeout. He's closing the store
So he let me keep it. Neat, huh?
Did he pay you?
He will.
Greg's a nice guy.
He lets me sleep in
his bed and everything.
- You sleep in his bed?
- Yeah.
Huge fucker!
King size, comfort foam...
You just poke it and
it comes right back up
Like it had never been poked before.
- Like this?
- Hey. Stop.
- You want some more?
- Nah. It was amazing, Kelly.
Well then, I think it's time for bed.
What? Here?
Yeah, here.
You've been on your feet all day.
Uh, yeah, maybe.
Are you gonna stay here too?
Yeah, I'll be here too.
Hey! Stop it!
- Are you comfy?
- Uh, yeah.
Look at you,
That beautiful, brown thick hair.
I wish I'd had your dad.
That could be the worst wish ever, Kell.
I'll be right down the hall, okay?
You won't get in trouble
for this, will you?
Well, not unless you pee in their bed.
It's really quiet here.
Kinda nice for a change, isn't it?
Um, yeah...
Yeah, yeah, sure, it is.
Okay. Okay.
- Good night.
- Good night.
I'll be really quiet, Kell.
They won't even know I'm here.
Tim, is that you?
- What's the matter?
- Oh!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Do not do that again.
- I hate it when you do that.
- I'm sorry! Are you okay?
Tim. Tim...
Oh, my God!
What's wrong? You're soaking wet.
God, Sarah, doesn't it feel
good to be somewhere else?
A fresh start?
Maybe after I've had a bath.
You're soaking wet, what happened?
I saw, I saw something...
I saw something, something.
You had a bad dream.
Come on. I'll make you some breakfast.
Did you leave the water on?
Hey, they don't have anything
here for breakfast, Kelly.
This isn't working, Tim.
I'm calling Mom to come to pick you up.
Wait! What? No, she fucking hates me!
She hates herself. I love you,
but you're driving me crazy again.
I'm not going!
How'd you get this number?
No, I don't need you
to do that. I can...
- I'm not going.
- No, I said I don't...
Uncle Jesse's here. Ho, ho, ho!
And he's got food for all y'all!
Hey, princess! I thought
you might be more fun
With some food in ya.
Cat food!
I don't know how that got in there.
You don't know?
You got any beer?
Where'd you get the
money for all of this?
Don't move.
Don't talk.
Don't piss in your panties.
Just hand over the food and walk away,
Like you don't know shit.
Oh, protect yourself.
My glasses, I must have
left them in the room.
Oh, I'll get them. I forgot my pills.
What's wrong?
I don't know. Fuck.
I can't see for shit right now.
I don't get it. They were fine before.
What you need, mister, is glasses.
Oh really? Yeah, like
Harry ass-wipe Potter?
No, seriously. What
are you, near-sighted
Or far-sighted?
I'm fuck-sighted.
- Waiter!
- Alan?
Are you all right?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
I said I'm fine.
So what's with this
sudden interest in wine?
Just bottles, Kell...
These crazy years
Spread all over the
place, and you know what?
We're the ones drinking 'em now.
All in one fucking night if we want to.
This year, that year,
before you know it,
They're all the same and nobody
knows the difference anymore.
That's dumb.
I know.
This shit's somethin' else.
Today, tomorrow, all squeezed
Into a colored fucking
glass making us so high
We don't know what the hell
day it is anymore. Yeah.
And nobody cares because you know why?
That's what happiness is.
Stupid about the past
And nuts about the future...
And nothing in between.
Yeah, nothing in between.
Kelly, baby...
I don't care what fucking time it is!
You wanna make some easy
money on a sweet T-Bird or not?
Then meet me where Scholls Ferry
Meets the highway.
And be there at 1:00, and bring cash.
Lots of cash.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!
What time is it?
Where'd you get this?
I got it from her closet.
She got it from Saks.
- How's your eyes?
- My eyes?
Here, put this on.
What the fuck is this?
- You want me to wear this guy's fucking shit?
- Yeah.
Do I look like I have
a dick in my mouth?
Come on, where are my jeans?
They're in the wash,
but you can put these on.
I'm serious, Kelly. I almost
got caught swiping those jeans.
Give me my jeans.
Quit, stop it!
You're such a dick.
Where'd you get the glasses?
What the fuck you looking at?
You went there to sell his car?
What is wrong with you, Jesse?
Nothing. The car's in
the garage, so be glad.
Be glad? You stole a fucking kid!
Why, why?
I don't know why!
- Kelly, fuck, okay, I'm outta here!
- No.
- You're not leaving me here with a stolen kid!
- Okay, it was dumb!
At least he's not screaming
in my fucking face like you!
Yeah, wait till you
hear his momma scream.
You need to take him back.
Oh, yeah, and be piss
poor my whole fucking life?
Fuck poor! We're smart,
We make this kid thing work for us.
- Work for us?
- Yeah.
For us?
Yeah, work for us.
Because you know what?
Somewhere out there the kid's got a mom.
Or he's got a dad who'll pay big bucks
To get him back, right?
Kelly, listen to me for a second!
Would you just listen to me?
Keep your fucking hands off me!
Okay. I'm sorry.
It's okay. I put him in the office.
He's with a cookie jar.
Come on, sweetie.
I know what I'm doing, Kelly.
Let's see if we can find a phone, okay?
Oh. No, no, no. Don't cry, don't cry.
We're going to find your parents, okay?
I promise.
I'm so sorry. We're going
to call your parents.
What... What's he doing here?
Go on.
Is he gonna stay here too?
Why don't you tell me your name?
- Mine's Mary.
- No, it's not.
Mine's Adam.
That's a really nice name.
It's from the Bible.
Do you read the Bible?
You know about the apple, don't you?
I love apples.
The one you have to pick to
know God's secret in the garden.
Well, is this where
you want me to sleep?
No. I want you to sleep where you live.
Where your parents live.
You see, Adam, my friend Larry,
I told him to go get my sister's
little boy from the store,
And he looks just like you.
So he thought you were
him. He got you instead.
Pretty funny mix-up, huh?
It's all really silly.
So, Adam, why don't you
tell me where you live
And we'll get this whole
thing straightened out?
Do you know your parents' number?
Sweet, huh?
This is one cool ransom
note. They're gonna love this.
He's asleep.
I think his dad's a
preacher or something.
Then he'll forgive us our sins.
Jesse, what have you done?
We're gonna be rich, Kelly.
You better get used to it.
Look, the longer this takes,
The more he's worth.
By tomorrow, his face
will be in every paper.
By the end of the week,
he'll be worth a million bucks
And we'll in Brazil or Cuba
or fuck, I don't know...
Somewhere with beaches and shit.
My God, you really believe that.
I know how to do this, Kelly.
You're pissed.
And you know why?
You know why?
'Cause you didn't think of it.
You didn't think of it either, Jesse.
Come on.
He's taking a nap, Kell.
Little boys like naps.
Big boys too.
This isn't happening, right?
I mean,
We're drunk or stoned
Or something.
And we're gonna wake up
And this is all going
To go back to normal, right?
I mean, this kid,
He's your cousin or something
And this is just
A fucked-up joke
To scare the shit out of me.
Say it, Jesse. Say it.
I'm not drunk.
The kid's not a joke.
And I'm gonna scare the shit out of you.
What's wrong?
You can't make love like that
If you're married.
She's been away a long time, Kelly.
And she's coming back.
Which I mean, you know, is fine.
I have a boyfriend
who actually adores me.
The fun is over, Alan.
It doesn't have to be.
What, are you gonna
move into the guestroom?
No, this room.
You picked the color.
She tried to kill herself, Kell.
She tried to kill herself?
She's depressed.
You like it?
Maybe I'm the one who
she should be killing.
Don't, don't say that.
Maybe next time...
I won't be there...
To help her.
Stop, I mean.
My God, look who's sick now.
God forbid I get a
little depressed sometime.
Italy, Kelly.
Strange language.
Strange medicine.
So, what? She's going to bite it in Rome
Because she can't order fries?
How'd she do it?
Jump out the window?
No, one aria doesn't make an opera.
Why don't you play this for us?
So did you do the room yourself?
You weren't there, Sarah.
I couldn't sell the
house the way it was.
Apparently you couldn't sell it
The way it looks now either.
So I just pulled up to
that house we talked about.
I'll get to the other one later.
But I'd say it's early '50s.
The lot's big enough for two houses,
Without all the stupid trees...
Okay I'll call you back when I'm inside.
Okay, bye-bye.
Hi, do you mind if I take a quick peek?
- Sure. Go on in.
- Great.
It's unlocked.
A very young house.
It was built in 1952.
Born in 1952.
And already so terribly depressed.
Depressed or unhinged.
Unhinged may be more
appropriate for a house,
Don't you think so, Mr. Dunne?
I'm Rose Pepper.
I've been with your wife
Since she first arrived
at Foster Clinic.
She asked me to see about the house.
You're looking for a house?
I'm looking for answers, Mr. Dunne.
When was the last time
you visited your wife?
It's been hard trying to write
my column and sell the house.
You've altered the house,
Changed its original
appearance in some way.
The door?
We had it put in when we built the deck.
A portal cut deeply into its side.
It must have hurt terribly.
Why did you come here?
What do you want from me?
Wasn't this neighborhood
built on an old golf course?
That must make you feel right at home.
I think you should go now.
What do you want from me?
She likes the color, your Kelly...
- Terracotta.
- The pink room.
You must've really hated it
The way it was.
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you okay?
You little son of a bitch!
I'll send you back to Mom for this!
And I'll tell her what
a little whore you are!
Yeah, and that you probably got that kid
From being a whore too!
My sister's a whore!
And his toys, what did
you do with all his toys?
They're toys, Sarah.
Someone should be playing with them.
Someone was.
I have something for you.
Christmases, birthdays...
Please, Sarah, I bought those toys too.
You paid for them.
But I bought them, all of them.
Do you need glasses?
I got some if you do.
Are there any toys?
- Every single one.
- He would have liked the piano
A lot more without all those toys.
"All those toys. "
He may have been an only
child, but he wasn't spoiled.
I never said he was spoiled.
No, he wasn't.
And he doesn't deserve
to be forgotten either.
Come out of there!
Is that you in there?
Tim! Come on out!
- The pictures?
- Oh, shit.
I guess you gave those away too?
Along with all his toys?
Of course not. Jesus.
They're there.
When you're ready again.
Oh, are you okay?
Sit down, sit down.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean...
I didn't mean to hit you like that.
Just make it stop. Please make it stop.
Make what stop?
Uh... Nothing.
I was just dreaming.
That's all.
Dreaming on the toilet?
I don't like dreams that make you cry.
Um, we're outta toilet paper.
That's no reason to cry.
We'll go find some,
Or I'll go buy some.
I wasn't crying.
You gotta be kidding me.
So where are they?
Where did you hide the pictures?
Anyway, I don't need pictures
To know what I had.
So where are they? Where
did you hide the pictures!
The doctor said it was
the right thing to do!
I know what you're thinking.
You're thinking they
let me out too soon!
No, Sarah, I didn't say that,
And don't put words in my mouth!
The fucking doctor's
20,000 miles away, Alan!
What's wrong?
Why are you stopping?
Here, Sarah. Take your pill.
There were 50 in this
thing when we left!
Jesse, don't...
Oh, this is...
This is really old. We
gotta dump this one out.
- We should go get a new one.
- Don't you think we should be listening
To the radio or something?
Why would we listen to the radio?
Because there's a boy... The boy!
Hello? Remember?
The boy. But you know what?
I already listened to the news
and it's 88 degrees in Vegas
And 90 in Tijuana.
Oh, my God, Jesse!
God in his goodness sent us grapes
To cheer both great and small.
Little fools will drink
too much, and great fools...
Not at all.
I can't believe you just said that.
- I'm sorry.
- No...
I always wanted to
chase a beautiful woman
Around an Italian vineyard.
Maybe someday you will.
Thank you, sweetie.
Alan, why are we here?
We've got every opera
on Earth back home.
We have 12 Toscas, 15 Carmens...
But only one Sarah.
I want to go home.
Sarah, you know that
doesn't make any sense.
There's nothing there.
But what if there is, Alan?
I don't understand it myself.
Okay, sure, if that's what you want.
I'll see about an earlier flight.
We still have to take
the car back to Bologna.
We have tickets for Tosca.
Yo! Hey! Look at all of this!
Hey, we could toilet
paper the neighbors.
What are you, 13?
Cut it out. You know he's got problems.
Come on, let's go. Let's go.
Put it in the bathroom where it belongs.
Tim, get in here.
You saw somethin' too,
Didn't you?
It's just...
Jesse's bad weed, that's what I saw.
Could you stop doing that
fucking thing with the mirrors?
It's really creepy.
If you don't like what
you see, don't look.
I know what I've seen, Kelly.
Ain't nothin' wrong with my eyes.
Jesse, can we go to bed now?
I'm feeling really strange.
Then go to bed.
Please get up, get up!
Come on.
Our top story this hour is
a missing Beaverton child.
A little girl, Juanita
Lopez, was last seen
Wearing a pink dress and sneakers.
It is thought she was last seen
in the playground just south of...
Get up!
- Wake up!
- Jesus, Kelly, it's 10:00.
- You fuckin' crazy?
- That kid,
There is nothing about him
in the news, Jesse. Nothing!
I checked.
Everywhere! TV, the
Internet, everywhere!
It's like he doesn't exist.
They didn't get my ransom note yet.
Who are you going to
send it to, Jesse, Santa?
- They're just confused. Thinking about it.
- About what?
Someone takes your
kid, you call the cops.
That's what you do, Jesse!
- What is there to think about?
- I don't know!
You know what? Maybe
they're not from around here.
They're foreigners or
something, or terrorists.
It should've been all
over the TV by now.
Something's wrong, and you know it!
Baby, they're probably
just thinking about a plan.
Yeah, right, a plan!
Something you haven't had
in your whole dumbass life!
- I got a plan.
- Fuck your plan, Jesse!
It's like nobody wants him.
They don't want him back.
That's stupid.
Come here. Come here.
Cover your eyes!
Cover your eyes!
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Hey, that kid wants
you to read him a story.
Can't you?
- What story?
- Kelly!
- I don't know.
- He's in the other room.
- Kelly!
- Okay.
Where the fuck is everybody?
"The giant sea monster
lashed and splashed,"
"And wrapped its slimy tentacles"
"Around the struggling sailors,"
"Crushing arms, legs, even
heads as it discarded them"
"Out to sea into a moonless night. "
Thank you. That's enough.
No, no! Let me go!
I don't want to live! Not like this!
I don't want to live.
I don't wanna live like this.
I've been looking all
over the place for you.
Are you okay?
- Oh, my God, you're freezing.
- You're alive.
I thought something happened to you.
- Are you on something?
- No.
I'm done with that shit.
Okay. Oh, my God.
Come on, come on.
No, no!
We should clean it first.
It's dirty.
Jesse, come here!
You want me to eat it or hit it?
It's a golf ball.
I know what it is.
Why'd you stick it in there?
I didn't stick it in there!
It was there!
Adam, you saw, tell him.
Oh, my God.
- Adam, what happened?
- Nothing!
It goes away.
You won't forget me too, will you?
No! No, of course not.
People forget things
that they don't like.
I like you.
And I'm right here.
The grass, it needs mowing.
He hurt himself.
He's bleeding.
And it's our fault, Jesse.
They're gonna make it our fault.
We have to do something.
You worry too much.
This is serious, Jesse!
We have to do something!
Jesus, I have to do something!
I know!
A weenie roast.
"A weenie roast"?
Yeah. You know, with hot dogs
And buns and soda pop and music.
- A picnic?
- Yeah.
I mean, that sound like
a great plan, Jesse!
That's just gonna fix everything!
Come on, Kelly, the kid's gotta eat.
You want him to tell his
folks we didn't feed him?
I think he'd really dig it.
And where are we gonna get the cash
For this picnic, Jesse?
You're the shoplifter.
Uh-uh. No, not anymore.
Verdi, Stiffelio.
I can't say I'm familiar, Jesse.
Yeah, well...
One decent aria
Doesn't make an opera.
Oh, my God.
How did you know that was there?
How'd you know that was in there?
Well, I mean, we can't keep that.
Oh, and ice cream and torches,
like in Hawaii, you know?
Oh, my God, Jesse, that's awful.
My old man was a total loser.
AIDS in the pen and croaked.
All for a stupid Camaro.
And you?
You stole a kid.
- What's up with that?
- Oh, come on, Kelly,
Can't you chill out for five minutes?
I mean, look at this.
Isn't this kinda totally, totally...
The way it should be?
How can it be perfect?
His parents aren't here.
They're here.
I mean we're doing a
pretty good job of it,
Don't you think?
Two beginners?
Did you really think that scumbag
Was gonna marry you?
- What?
- You know.
The one that owns all this,
This barbecue, the bed you fucked on.
Hey, it's okay.
Tim told me everything.
God damn it!
What the fuck is your problem?
How can you be so fucking stupid?
I hate you! I fucking hate you!
Kelly, come on.
I don't care!
'Cause it's me you really like, right?
Damn it!
Help me.
Help me!
Help me!
Kelly, come back.
You locked us out.
How am I supposed to get ice
if you lock everybody out?
She killed herself!
She tried to kill herself!
The house, it told me.
Kelly, do you think this
house is haunted or something?
You got everybody scared
to death on empty bellies.
Come on, Kelly, calm down.
You're not gonna ruin our
first real picnic, are you?
- No, you don't understand.
- I understand enough.
No, you don't!
You're sorry for what happened
With guy who owns the bed.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Stick with me.
I'll teach you how to think.
Are you okay?
No, I'm not okay!
I'm not okay. I'm not okay!
It's just remembering.
The house, like we do.
Things it wants to forget but can't.
I'll make you something.
Something hot, maybe some tea.
And I'll put on some Mozart.
How's that sound?
No, we have to leave here, Jesse.
That's nuts.
We belong here.
No we don't! Jesse, we don't.
Sure we do.
I mean,
You can't go anywhere like this.
Can you?
Can you?
You want tea or soup?
I got minestrone and I got chowder.
What's all this about?
You running out on me?
Oh, Jesus.
Why would you do that?
Why would you do that?
I love you.
Don't you know that?
There's never been anyone else, Kelly.
Only you.
- What are you looking for?
- Nothing!
Alan, give me the keys, you're drunk.
God in his goodness sent us grapes,
Both great and small.
Little fools who drink too much.
And big fools not at all.
- What, you don't like me granddaddy's poem?
- Yeah, it's great.
What's wrong? What's wrong?
- Will you help me to the bathroom?
- Yeah.
What the hell?
I, I didn't do it.
- Tim.
- I didn't do it.
I know, but you're going to clean it up
For me anyway, right?
What's gotten into you, Tim?
But I didn't! I didn't do it!
It's okay.
Tim, I want you to clean this up.
I didn't do it!
Clean it up.
I just need a minute.
It's okay. Shh.
I've seen you before,
in all the mirrors!
My grandmother lost
her wedding ring once.
She lost it digging for potatoes.
Who are you?
She found it again, the ring,
25 years later
On her anniversary.
It was in a potato she
baked for my grandfather.
So you see, my dear,
It's going to be all right.
That must have made her very happy.
Oh, yes.
And you're going to be very happy too.
Now you just drink this,
until it's all gone.
A wedding ring.
A wedding ring?
Come on, Kelly, drink.
I'm here. I'm listening. Come on.
It tastes funny.
It's okay, shh.
Hey, I can't find Adam.
- He's hiding again.
- Give me that.
Give me the damn club!
What time is our flight tomorrow?
Come on, Sarah.
You weren't really serious
about all that, were you?
- You didn't change our flight?
- God, Sarah, we're in Italy.
Why would I want to leave?
You lied to me, Alan.
You probably lie to me about everything.
Would you shut up about the past?
I'll have to open up another bottle.
So, what, tee off's at 3:00 then?
No, no, I can make it.
Yeah, sure. I think I've even
got my clubs in the trunk.
How can anyone care
more about a stupid game
Than their own son?
I went back, for Christ's sake.
After 18 holes of golf!
Come out, come out, wherever you are!
Where are you?
Alan, honey, I think
I need some Daddy help finding our son.
He's too good at this.
Sarah! Sarah!
- What happened? What's wrong?
- I don't know!
I was in the garage.
I think he fell out of the tree!
Oh, my baby! His heart's
not beating, Alan!
He's not breathing! Do something!
It was an accident, Sarah.
How was I supposed to know he
was in the goddamn apple tree?
Hiding again, from you!
- What are you talking about?
- What you're talking about.
Who thinks that when
they're lining up a shot?
He was supposed to be with you!
Not out there in front
of my goddamn golf club!
You're in the wrong lane.
Oh, God.
You killed him!
You killed my son! You...
I killed him.
Yeah, Sarah.
I cornered him in the fucking tree
And shot him in the head
with a.32 caliber golf ball!
Is that what you want to hear?
Come on, pull over and let me drive!
You're in the wrong lane!
I said you're in the wrong lane!
Come on, pull over and let me drive!
Where's my violin?
I can't find my violin.
Did you hear something?
Come here.
You have to chop down the apple tree!
Please, sir, you have to
chop down the apple tree,
Before it's too late.
It's a pretty big tree, Adam.
And then how would we make apple pie?
But, sir. It's a bad tree.
Like the one in the Bible.
"Sir"? Nobody calls me sir!
Then what do you want me to call you?
You can call me dad.
How do you feel?
Better. A lot better.
I have something for you.
You put it on a chain!
So you don't lose it again.
Oh, Adam.
What's wrong?
I must look pretty bad, huh?
It's all my fault.
No, no.
Just because I look
like I've seen a ghost,
Doesn't mean it's your fault.
Besides, I feel wonderful now.
Oh, my God!
I haven't seen this since...
Aren't you going to put it on?
Well, sure. You wanna help me?
My neck has been getting
very crowded lately.
We can pretend like it's the first time.
It is.
I don't know you anymore.
Can I ask you something?
Sure, Tim.
What's up?
Are you studying to be
a faggot or something?
You know actually, Timothy,
You can learn a lot about
life by studying opera.
I can suggest a few really fun
ones to start with if you like.
Maybe The Magic Flute
By Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
What's wrong with you, Jesse?
You know, by your age
he'd already composed
Three operas and 15 great symphonies.
You know.
Hey, maybe you can teach
me how to drive your car?
Spilling fossil fuel
into the atmosphere,
That's more important than Mozart, Tim?
I don't think so.
Well, fuck! It's just sitting there.
You know, Tim,
I think you need to
work on your vocabulary
Start thinking about what you want to do
With the rest of your life.
Tim, come see what I made.
Come on, let's kiss and
make up over hot apple pie.
I don't know who it belongs to,
That's why I'm calling you.
I made it from our very own apple tree!
- Come on,
Tim... - Uh-huh.
Well, if it is stolen, I'm
calling the right place, aren't I?
Tim? Tim?
No! No! No! No!