House of Rooms (2023) Movie Script

(water dripping)
(lights flickering on)
(mop sweeping)
(creepy ambient music)
Hello? Is there anyone there?
Hey? How did you get in here?
(echoing voices)
(body dragging)
(creepy music)
(echoing laughter)
(bluesy rock music)
Wait a minute!
Good morning. Morning Boss.
Morning? It's almost one o'clock.
Gosh Andy! You know you should
be on time. At least on a Monday
Thats the way I like it,
nice and warm, just like the reception.
What did you expect?
We're in one nonstop crisis here Andy
and you're unavailable all weekend!
Where the Hell have you been?
Vegas baby! Gambling, shows,
Getting shit-faced, card counting...
Whats was so important?
Last week's ratings totally crashed.
If this goes on, we will be cancelled.
Don't panic.
I cant afford to lose my job...
Hey boss.
I really need this job, please!
What happened to the final cut?
Dont panic?
My mum is gonna kill me, fuck!
She told me to get a proper job.
What are we gonna do?
We? Chill kids. Ive got it
all under control. Trust me.
There is nothing to chill
about Andy. For Christs sake,
Hes cancelling us. Were fucked!
So, if you don't have a
sensational idea for a new one,
MEYER the scheming
little slut will get our slot.
You laugh pal, Ive got your number.
Meissner wants to see you. ASAP.
I have had the best idea I've ever had!
Great, what is it about?
Find out soon enough.
This is hard to take...
And cancelling my show makes total sense.
I mean, The shows actually
okay. It's not the show.
Half a year ago wed excellent
ratings. You know that.
But - the ratings have dropped,
and we all know what that means.
. Bad ratings - No ads - No ads -
No money - No revenue - No show.
People lose interest in quiz shows
I understand that.
Personally, Im not a fan either.
But, you dont care about any off this,
because what you are after is ratings.
So, my guess what you want from me is
now a new, killer show, otherwise, Im out.
And that is just what I have.
This concept is going to
blow your socks off. Its...
I cant believe I came up
with this. Here me out...
Its a mash-up between a
Reality TV and Game Shows.
And here it is
in all its glory.
What we need is 5 or 6 candidates.
More. Eight is better.
At best, four men and four
women. Any age or social class.
And very important
every sexual orientation -
Gay, Straight, Lesbian,
Transgender, Bi-nonpolar
Paedophile... I mean literally everything.
Our viewers should be able to
identify with at least one person.
Because this is target
group-oriented television.
Take a construction worker, a
banker, a criminal, a lawyer, a doctor,
a gangbanger, why not a prostitute?
I'd also like an influencer in there -
Its good for the ratings. You can
see where I'm going with this - Right?
So we lock them all up in a freaky, spooky
After all this is a horror show -
What we need to find is an
old, cold, gloomy, scary place.
Musty cellars, dank
dungeons, the whole nine yards.
We monitor the candidates from
every angle possible, for the whole time.
Nothing can escape us.
Remote-controlled video cameras everywhere.
And I mean bedrooms,
bathrooms, even the toilets. Well
house the cameras in door
frames, cups, corners, you name it.
And we will be in our little
control room on location.
And now the plot twist.
This is a fight to survive,
not in real life, of course,
but our viewers will think so.
John de Mol said, 10 people
in a plane and 9 parachutes...
THAT is what we gonna
do, not for real, but staged.
- Isnt that crazy?
First-time on network TV.
No snuff dark-net stuff...
But it will feel like it. I mean
who wouldn't wanna watch that?
- AND we dont need to worry
about Public fucking Relations.
Now. We make their lives a living Hell.
Play off their fears, past experiences.
We will manipulate it
in every way possible.
We push the boundaries
of their capacity to cope.
We'll play one trick after the other until
the situation becomes
more and more critical,
not in a gory, splattering kind of way,
but in a mental, psychological
horror kind of way.
Whats the payoff, I hear you ask?
If they all survive they
get 250,000 dollars each.
Plus a superb MEISSNER
But if anyone drops out -
There final payoff is reduced.
Thats never been done before!
No thirteen questions and Double Jeopardy.
No sir!
We give our contestants
their own
(distant helicopter blades)
(upbeat electronic music)
250K. I can do this. Easy money.
But, you did hear it when the said we
lose 25K for each person that quits. Right?
So youd better sqeeze your
cheeks together or man up boy.
Thats rude. Who the
hell do you think you are?
No really, my name is
Joe King. Nice to meet you.
Take it easy kid. Have
a laugh. Get it over with.
Did I tell you I was a clown?
Hey, who are you?
Doctor Emanuel Angel.
A Doctor?
Of Psychology.
Are you here to analyze us?
I can reassure you, I am not.
I'm interested in the
paranormal, the supernatural.
I'm a parapsychologist.
Like in ghostbusters?
Well, I can assure you, you
wont find any in this dump.
Guys, look what I found.
Hello, I'm VANESSA. Im 22 years
old and Im a dental assistant.
I want to be in the show because I
want to be an actress, or like a singer
maybe in a girl group. Definitely
something in show business and I think
this show really helps with that, yeah.
So, we are almost in business guys.
Told you I had a great idea.
Yes, you did. You superstar, you.
I can put you through now.
Lets get the party started.
Team work.
So, what brought you guys here?
Welcome candidates to the
spookiest 24 hours of your life.
Getting warmer.
Now you are hot.
Oh, hey, look.
What is it?
And now we have a means of communication.
You can keep in touch with
me via the Master Walkie-Talkie.
Now, let me introduce myself
- I am your GAME MASTER.
That sounds like someone spent too
much time playing with their Nintendo.
If you are smart and follow
all my instructions, then
you have a good chance of
winning that lovely money.
But first, Laura, please
hand out the equipment.
Food and drink can be found in
the fridge and a box at its side.
I will call you with
information and instructions.
Your first task will be sent shortly.
For now congratulations on
being selected and good luck -
You're going to need it.
When I hear that, I think off a kid
played with his dick and not his toys.
My name is JOE KING.
No, its no laughing
matter, thats my real name.
Did I tell you I was a clown?
Why do I want to be in the show?
Everybody scared off clowns.
So shall we open it.
I guess so.
Dear candidates, I would
like plant the seed of what kind
of place you are spending
the longest night of the year in.
This place has seen
axe murders, poisonings,
shootings, and all manner
of mayhem inside its walls.
And in recent years it
became a Torture Museum.
But it fell on hard times and
is now closed permanently.
The library has plenty of juicy
literature to browse through.
But dont stay there
too long, or you may find
yourself to be the
next victim of its evils
So, here is your first
task. LIN and VANESSA,
you are chosen to find
the fuel to keep you warm.
In the basement you will find all you need.
But be careful, it is
dark, cold and dangerous.
It is your job to get it.
Dont be too cheerful. They say this
place is really cursed. So be careful.
The temperature is dropping.
You two take a walkie and a flashlights.
Well keep the Master just in case.
Im good to go. You?
Sure. After all how hard is it going to be?
Good luck.
I hope they hurry up, otherwise
Im going to freeze my tits off.
Thats a picture I can live without.
(dark ambient music)
Its creepy, huh?
I tell you what a challenge is.
Its when you are stuck under an old
car when its fucking 15 below outside,
Now, thats a challenge!
Being stuck with a bunch off
strangers in a room? No problem.
I like fast cars and hot women.
I can definitely pimp your ride.
Hey Vanessa, hows it going?
What a time to quit smoking.
Hey, if you want, I can
come and give you one?
Not sure how to take that.
But thanks for the offer.
Just offering my services.
I need another beer.
Can you concentrate on send us the
right way rather than hitting on Vanessa.
Its cold, dark and Id like
to get wrapped up in bed.
Yeah, me too.
Ja, ok, so you take your first left -
and then when you
get to the hall, you take
your right and then you
should see some stairs.
You wait till it kicks
in and I start farting!
My biggest fears are bacteria, viruses,
fungi... just anything that effects
my health in a negative way.
Its horrible.
(door slam)
You alright?
Just about. There was some noises
I think I peed myself.
Was that good... Or was that good?
Every time. Unbelievable!
That was good. Now do better.
A case of beer if you impress me.
In fact, I have two cases on the
Asian chick being the first to quit.
I reckon shes tougher than the otherone.
Actually my money is on Marc. I
dont think he can deal with pressure.
Got yourself a bet.
What shall we do?
Theres a coffin. Nothing else,
except for sounds coming from it.
The clue has to be inside
the coffin. Go and check it out.
Copy that.
You go. Ill wait here.
Whats going on?
Theres a body in the coffin.
There is an envelope.
Youve got to get the envelope.
Its fake.
It looks real.
Dont panic, ok.
They are messing with you.
Breath in.
Sweet Jesus.
Both off you. Breath deeply.
In, one, two. Out, one, two.
Bloody millennials.
Feel your centre.
It is all an, its just for the
show. When you feel able to.
Whtas in the envelope?
When you feel able to, read the message.
Its a fucking game. Its a fucking game.
Bunch of soppy millennials.
Fucking idiots. Get a life.
I am a feminist, I am a mom and I am
a leader for friday for future protests.
Cant stand them.
All these liberal left wing cooks.
That was great!
I liked it.
Lets keep the pressure up.
Keep the pressure up man!
I got to pee.
The task is completed. We
will provide you with heat.
Return to the safe room.
Lets get out.
Wait. Wait.
No wait.
Vanessa, is everything ok?
We are coming back.
What's happened?
A skeleton fell on Lin!
Did he get his leg over?
I have a curiosity.
I want to see if there are deeper,
something that lies beneath.
I cant, I cant.
Were okay, we did it.
No. No. We did it. No!
Did you here that?
Theres something out there.
You need to come and get
us. Lin is not in good shape.
Screw it. I am gonna get them.
I am coming with you.
Rico and Marc are coming for you.
But, thats a rule violation, right?
They have make it back on their own!
Sure. But the rules
state they can contradict
our instructions once and once only.
Seems dumb.
Actually, it was a good move.
I thought we wanted to get rid of them?
Not that quick. We want fear, lots of fear.
Still think its dumb.
Cut to SR4 and lets
pick it up in a wide-shot.
Do people create their fears or
are there forces that push them?
It all seemed so real.
It supposed to look real.
Perhaps -
It was a paranormal activity.
You can believe what you want.
But, paranormal phenomena
is scientifically proven!
Yes. But this is a Reality TV show.
Not a ghost hunt.
They Know you want to win the money.
They just dont want you to get it.
Whats the challenge for me?
Those who scoff at what they
do not know or understand.
He was good casting.
I love that esoteric stuff.
How about you guys?
Guess the Retalin isnt working then.
Oh boy.
Crap. We need to get a move on.
Come on. Lets play.
Lets play. Lets play.
Wakey, wakey. No rest for the wicked.
I hear you.
Now you are warm dear
candidates, it is time to move on.
Your next task is in the library.
There you can learn more about this
creepy old museum and find the next clue.
Candidates to perform the
said task: LIN and VANESSA.
Why me again?
I'm not going. Someone one else an go.
You freaked out. Thats why they chose you.
I dont care. Someone else can go.
Ill go.
Yeah. Me Too.
Be nice -
Candidates, this is the Game Master.
Lin and Vanessa, have been chosen.
You violated the rules once. This
will not be permitted a second time.
Decide quickly, the clock is ticking.
My kid was premature, so he is sick
sometimes and we need the money.
I dont want to be kicked out, but...
No, Im not doing it.
I don't give a fuck, Im not doing it.
Jesus Christ. Get a grip.
Youre pathetic.
Hey! Thats enough.
Or what do you gonna
do, mummy. Slap my legs?
Shut your mouth, you mean old bastard.
Fuck you, you two bit hippy.
Trying to protect your cubs.
You cant even protect of your own kid.
How dare you.
You really are an
uptight bitch, arent you?
This uptight hippy bitch needs her energy
earrings to clean her aura off your shit.
You need more then that bitch.
It's not going to be that bad.
You know what to expect.
Remember, its just a nasty game, ok?
Hes right.
I can't, I wont.
Of course you wont
I can see through you.
I know what you are.
Fuck you!
No, Fuck you!
Hey, I am out off here!
I am done.
Game over!
I am not gonna do it.
I want out.
Two cases of beer, please.
How did you know?
Years of experience.
People are so predictable.
LIN, you have made your decision.
Now you must leave.
The rest of you can
think about your losses.
Wow! Thats sure to help the ratings.
I wish youd reconsider.
I understand.
You should quit.
You ALL should quit.
This place... is possessed.
No, its not!
Shut up.
I really do wish you would stay.
Me too.
Oh come on -
Is this a love in or something?
Shes just fucked you all and
your treating her like baby.
Ive told you.
Yeah, yeah, whatever. I am going for a pee.
Deepak Chopra said, Awakening is not
changing oneself, its
releasing what you are not.
You have to do what is right for you.
Take care sweetie.
I cant believe she fell apart so quickly.
And because off her, we just lost 25k.
Have some compassion.
No. I agree with Laura. She
knew what she was getting into.
It doesnt matter now, does it?
Dear candidates, the game goes on.
Vanessa, you must complete the task alone.
The clock is ticking.
No way. I'm not going out there alone.
I'll do it, but not alone.
Or I will quit too. Your call.
We cant afford to lose
anyone else. Not that quickly.
What you going to do, boss?
Got it. Give a little, take a little.
Okay Vanessa. We wish to be kind.
You stay in the Safe Room. Marc,
Rico and Heather will complete the task.
However, you will be penalized as a group
and you will all forfeit 10,000
dollars from your potential winnings.
Come on.
Hey we could be 25K down.
Not just 10.000, so lets
just get on with it, ok?
Lets go.
Yes sir, big boy.
Well, I have about a million
followers, and hopefully
that numbers is gonna
spike through the roof!
Excuse me, is it ok if I can film this?
Is that? No...
Ok, sorry.
Shame on me.
I am Marc and I am on social media.
Back on course.
I thought candidates were
not allowed in the Control Room.
Hey there. Lets go.
Hey Rico. Stop.
Hang on.
Vanessa. We are lost. Can you help us out?
I think they are here.
Means, they have to cross through
here. And then through the main hall.
Are you sure?
I think you're right.
So you have to turn right,
and then go straight ahead -
into the main hall and go through it.
Ahm and then -
- turn to your left and then
there should be, I dont know -
- some clue or something?
Ok, copy that.
Well played. That was a great performance.
Even Bobby believed it.
AND if he didnt get it, Im
sure the audience wont either.
Sorry I couldnt stay longer.
But I have a shoot tomorrow
and its an early call.
See you soon.
(creepy music)
ANDY, is that you?
Enough of these stupid games.
If its you Andy - Not funny.
If its anyone else. Screw you!
Get a life.
Come on. Lets go!
Come here.
Is that...
Looks like it.
Smells like it.
And another thing.
It's still warm!
Oh My God.
So, is someone hurt, or
dead or is this another game?
I dont like this one bit.
Who does man?
Pull yourself together alright.
Or you want the whole nation
laughing at you when they broadcast this.
We should keep moving.
You cheated.
Thats not cheating, thats enhancement.
It is cheating.
I want my beer.
Its just like the Janitor in the coffin.
You could have at least told me about that.
Didnt put him in the coffin.
Dont look at me, not my job.
So, who did?
I dont know what game you little
boys think we are playing here -
But, we have a show to run, so -
No buts.
(ominous music)
Oh man!
So creepy in here.
Are you in?
What are we supposed to do
in here, play doctors and nurses?
Err, Heather, youre
not going to like this...
You have to sit in the
chair and be strapped in.
No way.
Then Marc and Rico
have to go to the library
and look for the next clue.
NO WAY? I am not...
You have to stay there
until they return or we forfeit.
Have you got that?\
This is some dumb shit.
I dont like this.
Why do you keep saying that?
Derr! Because I dont like it.
You think this is funny?
Its not.
I didn't think you would take
advantage of our fears like this.
You think this is okay... its NOT OKAY!
This is awesome. Zoom in.
I really like the way she
stares into the camera.
Totally. This is what the
people will dying to see.
We gonna win some
big-shot awards with this.
She has such sad eyes.
I dont know what to say.
Dont say anything.
Lets get on with it and get it over.
Well be as quick as we can.
Nothing is gonna happen.
It's all just for the show.
Ill fall asleep and you will be
back in the blink of an eye... Right?
Its not too tight?
Make it tight.
If I panic... Im gone.
Sorry. I dont want to do this.
Its done. Lets go.
Leave me a walkie. I
dont want to feel alone.
Do you believe in ghost stuff?
Most people don't
believe in the paranormal.
Especially intellectuals and academics.
I am a scientist and a psychologist,
and I've had many patients who
believe they have touched by ghosts,
spirits, and the afterlife.
I am obsession with finding the truth.
Is it fact or fiction?
Paranormal phenomena
is in its scientific infancy.
But, it deserves consideration and respect.
I'm studying to become a lawyer.
Everything I deal with is factbased.
Research is a combination of actualities
that combine to make a factual conclusion.
I think this is really interesting.
Can you hear me?
Copy that.
Hurry up.
It's really not nice in here.
Shhh... its ok.
Calm down ok, just -
Breath, and everything
Its gonna be alright.
Thank you.
I peed so much I could have written
my name in the snow about a 100 times.
Fuck you.
Fucking waste off fucking time this.
So why are you reading the cards now?
These cards can answer almost any question.
You just have to know how
to interpret them correctly.
It is also important that you
concentrate as you lay the card.
It is possible to assume that,
the cards will give you an answer.
You have to interpret it.
The cards are a medium
to the spirit world -
Would you like to ask a question them?
Err, I dont know what to ask.
Hmm, yeah. I do.
How do you get away with that shit?
Anything that pertains to the here and now.
Will I win the money?
It doesnt work like that.
You must not ask questions
about wealth and possessions.
The spirits don't like it!
You have to ask the right question.
Suit yourself. I am going in here.
Well, this isnt a library.
What is it?
I dont know. Its some kind of old room.
Well, take a look around and
see if you can find something.
Copy that chief.
Thats interesting.
(frightening sting)
Its just a sheet.
Just a trick.
More funny games? Hmm?
Hah! I told you it wouldn't work.
Too much of a cliche.
I like cliches.
So what? We can edit it out.
It was great the way the kid squealed.
Ok, so what I then like to know is,
what is so important in the library?
Woah. Thats bad, right?
Not necessarily.
It means they might
not find what they expect.
Ive found something...
...A roll of film.
Its got some kind off label that says -
Berserker Project.
Ok, I am coming.
Yeah, I will be right there.
Wait a minute.
A film reel?
I thought you said we
were just shooting digital?
That means, you made
me waste a lot of time.
You could have said you were
making a film with someone else.
Plus if you didnt want my input,
you could have at least told me.
Its not fair.
And its not raining.
Jeezus! Get a grip you too.
This is my show.
Dont speak to us like that.
I have stood by you through thick and thin.
I have covered your ass, more
times than I can remember.
Listen, if it wasnt for me,
you chumps wouldnt have jobs.
Ok. Im the creator, I am
the alpha, so shut the fuck up!
Is that what you think of us?
I've been with the station for 5 years now,
and no one has ever spoken to me like that.
Well, maybe you should get out more.
I dont need you.
Go and cry in a safe space
for all I care. This is my...
Your show.
Go on,
Go on, live out your ego trip
and I so hope you choke on it.
I am really...
Shut the fuck up.
Zoom in on the roll of film.
What am I going to play this on?
Bingo. Thats it.
Thank god I ate my weetabix this morning.
Heather. I am coming back, ok?
Im coming.
Can you get -
Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Hello. Is there someone?
Can you help untie me?
I want to go home.
The contract said I can go home anytime.
I want to go home.
I want to...
What's wrong?
No idea.
I thin the camera died.
Fix it, now!
I'm trying. Im trying.
But there's nothing.
Get on one off the
cameras in the corridors.
Find the others. Stay with them.
Yeah, I am trying.
Do it!
What is this thing?
What do we do?
Probably made in China, or something.
Should we go to her?
Stop. I think you should stay
here. I think it would be best.
Is there someone?
Where is Heather?
That is what wed like to know that too.
What are you guys doing here? Arent
you supposed to be in the safe room.
Well, Heather wanted
out and we came to help.
That was our job.
I know. But she was panicking. When
radio contact broke, we decided to get her.
Well, that doesnt answer the question...
Where is she?
At least theres some good news...
Theres no blood.
You dont get away with this so easily pal.
Where the Hell am I?
Eeny, meeny, miny...
This has gone too far.
Show or no show, this
will cost you your
job. You arrogant ass...
Where is Heather. Is she really okay?
Maybe this is part of the game.
What about the blood?
What blood?
There was a pool of blood in the Main Hall.
I may have a theory about that.
Where you going?
Gonna go and do some Voodoo shit?
You sir, have a bad attitude.
But, as a point of reference,
there is something I want to verify.
Can I come?
Thank you.
Too many auras might
disturb the spirits off the dead.
Is it just me, or is
that guy flat out crazy?
What do you want me
to do? Stay with the doc?
No stay with the safe room.
Got it. The docs another
one of your actors.
You know, I just wish you would
let me know whats going on.
I mean what happened to the Eco-Mum?
Why didnt you tell me about that stunt...
Whats the challenge for me?
Being nice.
See, when I got my makeup
on Im a happy-chappie.
When I take it off...
I am a nightmare.
I know no-one gives a shit anymore.
But, has anyone seen Joe lately?
Come to think of it... No.
I havent.
When was the last time anyone saw him?
I dont care.
I hope he fell down some
stairs and broken his neck.
Have you noticed something.
In the beginning there were eight of us.
Now - There is only four.
Yeah. Lin quit,
The doc just walked out the door.
So whats your point?
No one has died.
Yeah, can you prove that?
There is no psychopathic
killer running around.
This aint a teen splatter film.
This is a poxy gameshow.
Yeah, what about Joe?
Joe is a mole!
Alright, its your
typical TV reality bullshit!
You get a whole bunch off
candidates, all together...
in one room with a bunch off cameras,
and you fuck with them.
Its TV.
Its short sighted television.
And I really hope they
pay out at the end man.
Im playing, I am staying
and they re paying!
Well, that explains things
quite nicely, doesnt it?
Hows it going?
Yeah, nearly done, ok!
Look, does anyone fancy fixing up
some popcorn and drinks, maybe?
Then we can all play big
happy home cinema family.
(dark ambient music)
(intense electro music)
(film projector clacking)
Oh Man. that was the best thing.
Are you serious?
You guys believe that?
That was awesome.
It looked so real.
8 mm or was it 16?
And the make-up on the wounds... Wow!
When did you shoot it?
Where are the candidates
audition documents?
I dont know. Rita had them.
I was thinking... Shouldnt
Rita have come back by now.
Where's my cell phone?
Whats going...
Fuck it!
Why not.
Jesus. Joe, what are you doing here?
I have come for a laugh.
What are my fears?
I dont have any.
I am a clown.
I didnt book you - Shit.
Your is being forwarded to an automatic...
I dont get it.
Why did they put in so
many planted actors or
moles or whatever
the fuck they are call it.
To heighten the fear factor, to make
sure something is always happening.
Right now, Id happily settle for a
large portion of nothing happening.
Who cares. Its all bull.
As long as we get our dough,
everything else is irrelevant.
Obviously, there is something going on.
For the win.
Its open.
Is everything alright?
(suspenseful music)
I mean, the so called Games Master
hasnt been in touch with any new tasks.
Fuck it. I cant wait any longer.
Hey! Whats going on?
Its been more then an
hour since the last message.
Fuck you!
Youre wasting your time.
Arent you curious to know whats going on?
I dont know. Maybe they changed the angle.
Maybe they got bored and fell asleep.
Realistically, all we can do is wait.
Im game for that.
Im in no hurry to go
out in the dark again.
Oh my god. Guys, whats going on?
I dont know. Its not funnny
I swear. Is someone coming in?
What now?!
Come here!
Wakey wakey.
Rise and shine.
Its time to get up.
Its morning time.
How are you doing doc?
I have been better.
I cant... I can't feel anything.
Why can't I feel anything?
Because... Ive anesthetized your spine.
Which will help with the pain.
Please, help me,
I think I can do that.
What is that?
This is a serum that will
prolong your miserable little life.
I bet you wish you could
have me as a patient.
I mean, think about it.
Wouldnt that make a great session?
Dont you think?
No, I can see it in your eyes.
You think I have parental issues.
Or something like that.
I am sorry to disappoint you doctor.
I just have a need.
Thats all I can tell you.
You knew something was wrong
and you did nothing about it?
Yeah. Im sorry.
You are sorry?
Ok, we are gonna call the
police now. You got a cell, right?
Yeah. I got a cell phone.
But it wont do you any good...
Theres no signal in here
the walls are too thick.
Look, then we go outside.
The doors are locked - Not by me.
By who?
I dont know... The madman
or whoever is fucking with us...
We are trapped in here. Theres no way out.
This shit just gets better.
If I'm going to die at least
tell me why you're doing this?
You and your associates are
part of the Berserker Project!
What is that?
It is a pet program that I am researching.
A weapon that allows
mortally wounded soldiers
to fight long after they should have died.
I mean, there will always been war.
I have pre orders from
all around the globe.
Think of the implications.
Think of the possibilities.
I mean... this... gonna make me a fortune.
Youre insane!
I am a businessman.
Working in a controversial industry.
And playing with the labrats along the way.
See you shortly.
This is still part of the show, right?
Youre just, youre just
fucking with us, right?
No. Sorry! This is not part of a
show - There is no more show.
This is for real, a real nightmare.
Coked up piece of shit.
Stop, stop, you're killing him.
That's not a solution.
So, Mr Big TV Director, hmm...
What do we do now?
Why dont you turn the cameras back
on and try find him, and the others.
Great idea.
But the electricity is gone.
How do we turn the power back on?
Voila. Now you can operate them.
Im not a technician.
But I can try. I can try.
Hey big boy.
Whats up?
Stop calling me that.
Hey I really would not
mind if you hurry up.
Sit tight and watch our back.
We are in.
Now you can just switch from
one camera to another, right.
Yeah. But we have over 80 cameras and
two monitors. Its going to take a while.
Then youd better get on it!
(creepy music)
Oh my god.
Sick bastard.
Hey look. There is someone moving.
Oh, he knows we are watching him now.
Let him come.! I'll finish him!
Enlarge the image. Zoom
out fast. Stay with him.
Crap. I lost him!
Shit. He's definitely on his way here now.
What do we do now?
Ahm, I say we set a trap for him.
Like what?
So, you and Marc, you
hide somewhere close by.
Andy stays here and he is the bait.
As soon as he enters, you strike
and take the son of-a-bitch out.
Im not sure I like that idea.
Shut up. Lets do it.
And what about us?
We go and rescue the survivors.
We're safer there, than in here.
And Andy can stay in touch
with us through the walkie.
Come on lets go now.
Lets go. Come on. Lets go.
(keyboard clicking)
Marc to Andy.
Have you found him yet?
Negative. I am still searching.
Ok. Copy that.
When I get my hands on him.
I am gonna rip his head off
and shit down his goddam neck,
Oh, you are sick.
(knife stabbing)
(footsteps running)
(suspenseful music)
Andy, can you hear me?
Did you hear that too?
Any can you hear me? This is
Laura. Did you hear that too?
Yeah. I can hear you.
He is not answering.
He got him.
Andy can you hear me?
He is coming for us! He is coming.
Marc and Rico are dead.
Oh no, oh no. Battery is almost out.
Ok, I can probably only say
this once. So listen carefully, ok.
Whatever you do lock the door.
If you find him, tell us immediately.
Ill leave the walkie
on receive. Hopefully
the battery will last a
couple more minutes.
We have got to get out of here Andy, ok..
Lets try to meet at the main entrance.
And whatever you do...
Dont for get your cellphone!
(ambient music)
Oh Shit.
My god. I thought no one is coming.
Please. You ok?
Come on. Help me.
Lets get out. Move. Move.
No. No!
Run. Run.
(intense music)
Come on fast. Tie your arm off.
Quick, find some material.
Its Andy. Let me in.
Quick. Quick.
Its Andy. Let me in. Quick. Quick.
Please. Please.
I dont want to die.
No, no.
Laura. Laura.
Where is he?
I dont know.
Howre you hold up?
Not great. But at least the
anesthetic hasn't worn off...
We need to get him to the hospital.
They wont not let us.
What do you mean?
The spirits of the dead.
We have to avenge them.
We have to get out off here. Quick come on.
No, no no.
Its a dead end!
What do we do now?
I have a plan.
You remember what I
said about the anesthetic?
Stay here.
Thats got to hurt!
Were did he go? Come on. Get up.
(intense electro music)
You bastard.
Your gonna pay for what youve done.
Alright. We can't get you...
...But they will!
(creepy voices)
What was that?
Come on. Let's go.
So Andy ends up being our lovable hero.
Role credits and good night.
What do you think? Huh?
I love it!
When can you start?
Already done.
(upbeat music)
How did it go?
Please God, have I got a job?
Oh Shit.
Just kidding numb nuts,
Tomorrow we are in preproduction.
Lets prep the new show baby!
Every time.
I dont know how you
do it. But good for you.
Looks painful.
Yeah it is. Now that the
anesthetic has worn off.
Yeah. Really hurts.
That can take days.
Yeah. Weeks even. Yeah.
Ah hey. Hi.
I was waiting for you. Thanks.
This should be it, and
I need a confirmation.
Hey babe.
Whats the matter?
Slow down, slow down. Whats the matter?
Babe, babe, I cant hear you.
(scared moaning)
Let me out.
Help. Help!
I told you, I wanted a Killer show.
And now... are going to be the star.
(upbeat electronic music)