House of the Dead 2 (2005) Movie Script

...I want you to make sure
you're fully loaded and ready to go.
Tonight, you will encounter
steep resistance.
Not everyone will make it.
But for the ones that do...
...this will be a day long remembered.
Long remembered, sir.
And years after we're gone...
...history will remember
the name Delta Ti Gamma.
Sir, yes, sir.
Delta Ti Gamma, sir.
Okay, boys...
...lock and load.
Move out.
Come on, let's move out.
Let's go. Move it, move it.
You going to be mice or men?
Let's go, freshmen.
Red leader, this is Blue leader.
Code word is eminent.
Green leader, this is Red leader.
Civilian in sight.
Radio silent. I repeat, radio silent.
I have to get going.
Otherwise Guy
will get started without me.
Okay. See you tomorrow, Kira.
- Purple and Orange, I am on leader.
- We don't have Purple and Orange.
- Shut up.
- Make me.
Operation nearly compromised,
but we are a go.
Repeat, we are a go.
You have tried the rest,
now try the best.
Oh, gross.
Lager or light?
- Light.
- Well, then, don't stop.
Fill me up, soldier.
Oh, God.
Greg, this is so embarrassing.
Fuck you, you son of a bitch.
If I see those pictures on the Internet,
you're a dead man, Greg.
A dead man, you hear me?
Greg, you're such an asshole.
I saved myself for you.
I did not know that one of my
pledges was going to do this.
I promise. I promise that I am
going to severely chastise him.
That's what I am going to do.
Chastise him.
I am in.
Let me take a look at my artwork.
And to think they call this a hazing.
Not my best angle...
...but it will do.
I hate him. So stupid.
I hate Greg. I should have known.
Oh, my God.
My God, are you all right, Tracy?
I can't believe I hit you.
- Are you okay?
- I think so, professor.
Oh, I will be okay. Thanks.
Too bad.
You're very beautiful.
Sorry I have to do this to you...
...but if all goes well, you will be
up and at them in a few hours.
Good, no pulse.
Come on.
Come on.
Oh, shit. I don't believe it.
How could it have not worked?
It should have worked.
Motor functions, higher brain functions
should have all been restored.
This can't be. It's ridiculous.
I changed the sequence,
the base pairs.
It should work. It must work.
Even now, you hold the secrets
of eternal life within you.
And you hold onto them,
keeping me...
Alone in the dark.
I will never be able
to bring the dead back.
My institute, all gone. Vanished.
It's all a foolish dream.
I failed.
I am a complete and utter failure.
You can help me save the
earth from the hell.
Campus police, by Strug Dormitory.
Dispatch units.
Let's go. Let's move it.
So, what is it that you do, exactly,
Mr. Lancaster?
Come on, call me Jake, Alexandra.
Okay, Jake.
What is it exactly that you do?
I mean, when you're not charming
the pants off the ladies, that is.
I am a doctor.
A neurologist, actually.
I am surprised
you're still on the market.
Just haven't found the right girl.
What about you?
Your online profile doesn't say much.
And all I know now
is that you are beautiful...
...with a great personality.
Phillipe, I go on break.
Hey, buddy.
What is your problem?
You wanted filet mignon?
Get a job.
What is it, Jacques?
That son of a bitch bum
bite my finger.
Well, let me look at it.
Keep that on it, I will be right back.
The world has gone crazy, huh?
Nobody like French people.
This entire mission
was a waste of time.
We lost a lot of good men out there.
Sorry, sir. I thought we were
on to something this time.
You should take a look at this.
It's a new infection.
Is this first generation?
Could be. Based on the reported
outbreaks to date...
...we extrapolated the point of origin.
Get me Nightingale in here right away.
You got it.
I am sorry about your brother.
Me too.
Excuse me just a second.
Getting paged.
Could be the office calling.
Someone needs, you know,
brain work or something.
Be right back.
Yeah, she's totally hot, man.
Every time I go with fucking dates,
they're usually heifers.
This one is a fucking babe.
She's got a great rack, too.
I owe you bigtime.
If I bag her tonight,
I will call you in the a.m.
I told her I am a fucking neurologist.
She bought it hook, line and sinker.
What happened to you?
You all right, Phillipe?
Little problem in the kitchen.
Problem? Nothing serious, I hope.
No, just that...
The chef got bit.
- Bit?
- By a homeless man.
You can't go in there.
Alexandra, where you going?
What's going on?
You can't come back here.
Get away from him.
What was that thing?
What the hell happened to Jacques?
Hey, where you going?
Oh, I am sorry, Jake.
I am going to have to
take a rain check on dessert.
Bag me by breakfast?
Yeah, I don't think so, slick.
By the way,
what is it that you really do?
I am assistant manager... Blockbuster.
Yeah, that would have been
my second guess.
Thanks for a lovely evening.
That was our waiter.
What's wrong with him?
- He looks really bad.
- Food poisoning.
I wouldn't recommend eating
anything out of this kitchen.
We already did.
So, what do you
really do for a living?
I kill zombies.
...what were you
doing here, Nightingale?
What do you think?
Well, if I knew that,
I wouldn't be asking, now, would I?
If you must know, I was on a date.
You, on a date.
I don't believe it. How many times
I ask you out, you always said no.
- That's because you're a pig, Ellis.
- I am not a pig. Tom...
...was a pig.
He was killed last week.
At least I was the one to plant him.
God, Ellis...
I am so sorry.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything.
He went down fighting, both times.
He liked it that way.
We have all lost people we love.
Won't be the first
and certainly won't be the last.
I always thought
you had a thing for him.
Like hell I did.
- No offence.
- None taken.
So where are we off to?
Mobile unit, outside Sidell.
Setting up for a major op.
Casper will fill you in.
I am just supposed
to come fetch you.
More Hyper sapiens?
What do you think?
We have lost contact
with our forward recon patrols.
But before we did, they confirmed
a stage-one outbreak at a university campus.
Cuesta Verde, it's not far from here.
There could be survivors.
The truth is, we don't know yet.
But we do know, based on the analysis
of the vectoring of the disease... that it could be
our ground zero for infection.
- First generation?
- Won't know till you get us a sample.
You will go in with Special Forces,
find any survivors...
...and retrieve a blood sample
from the Hyper sapiens...
...before cruise missiles
destroy the entire area at 0700.
Now, as much as we'd like to keep a lid on
this, we won't be able to for much longer.
And I don't need to tell you what will happen
if 60 Minutes gets ahold of this story.
We don't need Special Forces
for this op, sir.
AMS can handle it alone.
AMS cannot handle it alone.
Says who?
- Says me, kiddo.
- That's sir to you, sergeant major.
I am taking you and your men
on this mission as a courtesy...
...not a obligation.
Get in my way, you won't just be
studying the dead, you will join them.
Understood, sir?
Gentlemen, this mission
is too important for dick-waving.
I resent that, colonel.
This is how it's going to work.
AMS will lead the science team.
But you're under the jurisdiction
of Special Forces.
Now, as you know,
AMS is an international organization.
They want this op under the strictest
U.S. Operational command.
These instructions came to me
directly from the secretary of defence.
From him, from the chief of staff.
To him from the president... instructed personally
by the vice president himself.
As such, I expect all of you... work and play well together.
Do your country proud.
Yeah, sure, whatever you say, boss.
Nightingale, you're in command
of the science team.
Sergeant Dalton will oversee
the Special Forces.
You and Ellis will answer to him.
Am I understood?
- Understood, sir.
- Understood, sir.
Sergeant Dalton?
Got you, Colonel.
Nightingale? Find the blood sample.
I want those things eradicated.
And why don't you get
cleaned up first. You look like shit.
I am so ready to get some
payback on these fuckers.
What about you, Braxton?
Long as my favourite uncle's
checks don't bounce...
...I go where Sam sends me.
All I know is, why couldn't
one of them be my ex-wife?
I mean, I would love permission
to shoot her in the fucking head.
Do we really need
all this shit? I mean, really?
Body armour makes my face look fat.
That would be affirmative, private.
What, so you have never seen a woman
in her underwear before, private?
Trust me, that's the last thing
you will be thinking about come morning.
Of course, this is assuming
that you make it till morning.
Which I got to say,
ain't looking very likely.
- Leave him alone.
- Whatever.
Just making conversation,
Ever get the feeling that those AMS
greenhorns don't like us very much?
Nobody likes you, Bart.
How did we end up babysitting
these stuck-up sons of bitches?
Hey, I will take
all the backup I can get.
From the GI Joes?
They're soldiers.
They're trained for combat.
Trained to fight other people.
Other soldiers.
Not these things.
We're trained to fight, period.
And we have got you back.
Just make sure you got ours...
...and maybe we will all
get to grow old one day.
Or in your case, older.
She digs me.
Way to win friends
and influence people, Ellis.
I just don't think we need them.
That's all.
And I say we do.
What, you got
an inferiority complex now?
We started off as scientists,
researchers. Not soldiers.
Hey, speak for yourself.
I came from Secret Service...
...not Health and Human Resources
like you.
I was never a desk jockey.
I was always a fighter.
Not to mention a lover.
This war isn't about you, Ellis.
It's about us versus nature.
If nature wins, we're all fucked.
Keep giving speeches, Nightingale.
It's what you're good at.
Pride and truth, nothing to fear
but fear itself, that kind of thing.
Suits you. I kind of like it.
Gets me all hard and shit.
You just love the sound
of your own voice, don't you?
Pretty much, yeah.
Who's the new blood?
Rodriguez. Just transferred in.
Replacing Garza
as our demolition expert.
Well, I hope she lasts
longer than he did.
Because I would miss that ass.
I mean, when he got scragged,
it was no big loss, but her?
Now, that is a booty call
that I would not mind making.
You an asshole all the time, Bart?
Or do you take Sundays off
for good behaviour?
Hey, welcome to the team.
- I am Allison Henson.
- Private Rodriguez, lieutenant.
You know what?
Save lieutenant for parade ground.
In here, just call me Allison.
I am Maria.
Saw you talking to those AMS guys back there.
What were they saying?
Basically that we can't hack it.
What do you think?
- Can't wait to prove them wrong.
- Fuck them.
When it turns
into a shit-hit-the-fan situation...
...they will be hiding
behind our pantyhose...
...just like all the rest
of those fucking science types.
Science types?
That's what Bart calls
people who can read.
Come on, let's roll out.
Come on, come on, come on, ladies.
Come on, come on.
Hecht, Hill, you stay in the van
in case we run an Oxy-12 set.
Stay with the radio.
Everyone else, move out.
Come on, let's go, let's go.
So your men as good as they think,
sergeant major?
- That's right, kiddo.
- Ever fight these creatures?
They have been trained well.
So they have never been
in a firefight with these things.
They don't know what it's like to look
one in the eye and pull the trigger, do they?
What, are you kidding me?
My team's been to hell and back.
Bosnia, Afghanistan, Iraq.
You name it, we have been there.
So when a 6-year-old girl
dressed in her Sunday finest...
...comes at them to take a bite
like they're a Quarter Pounder...'re telling me
they're not going to hesitate?
They're going to pull the trigger,
do what needs to be done?
Like I said: Been there, done that.
Now, if you don't mind,
we got work to do.
I don't like this, Nightingale.
I don't like this one bit.
These gung-ho Rangers are
going to get us killed...
...or worse.
What are you saying, Ellis?
Watch my back.
That's all I am saying.
Are you scared?
Just rather not end up
like my brother.
Thought you of all people
might be able to appreciate that...
I think they're gone, don't you?
Probably moved on.
We're not going to find
any Hyper sapiens here, nope.
Too late.
Missed all the action.
It's too bad, because
I was hoping for a medal out of this.
You hard as woodpecker lips, huh?
Only medal you're getting
is a Purple Heart.
And it ain't going to be for bravery.
What the hell?
Hold on a second, sergeant major.
What are they doing?
DNA scanner.
Analyzes their blood.
I will get them plenty of blood
to analyze if they need it.
Third generation. Worthless.
Look at this.
What is it?
You ever seen teeth like that
on one of them?
No, I haven't.
Neither have I.
Could be they're mutating.
That's not good,
is it, Nightingale?
Move on out.
Come on, let's go.
Not afraid of the dark,
are you, newbie?
Not if you're close.
Oh, shit.
What the hell is that?
Nothing, sarge, don't worry about it.
It's just a scratch. It's all right.
It's a bite. You have been bitten.
No, it's not. I am all right.
It's nothing.
He's been bitten.
We will have to put that in a
tourniquet, soldier.
You have to do more than that.
Nakagawa's been injured. We need
to put his arm in a tourniquet, stat.
I am on it, sir.
Jesus, Dalton.
You can't put
a Band-Aid on infection.
He's a dead man walking,
he just doesn't know it yet.
Hey, hey, hey.
What do you think you're doing, kiddo?
What do you think she's doing?
It's the right thing to do.
We can take care of our own.
Grab him.
Sarge, what are you doing?
No, sarge, no.
No, sarge, no.
Stand down, soldier.
- Stay still, hey.
- No, no.
Sorry, no choice, soldier.
I told you,
we take care of our own.
- No. No, no, don't.
- Sorry, doc.
Dalton to base.
We lost Nakagawa and Braxton in
a firefight with Hyper sapiens, over.
Copy that, Hill out.
Hill, I need you and Hecht down here
to police these bodies, stat.
Let's go, ladies.
Campus is right over the hill, let's go.
Get them all?
Maybe we got them all.
Not fucking likely.
All right, listen up. I want a full sweep
of the perimeter. There could be survivors.
All right, you guys, stay out of the shadows.
All right?
Keep in plain sight,
we're going to be fine.
Bart, you take Henson
and Rodriguez to the dormitories.
O'Connor and Griffin,
you on point with me.
Ellis and Nightingale,
do whatever the hell you want.
Just don't get yourselves killed.
It will mean lots of paperwork,
and I hate fucking paperwork.
All right, come on, let's go, guys.
What is it?
Looks like a fraternity ring.
Might be valuable.
You're joking, right?
Does it look like I am joking?
Well, I am sorry, darling...
...John can't come to
the phone right now.
He's dead.
Can you hear me now?
Come on, let's go.
What the hell is that smell?
They don't all use us
for bait, you know.
Sometimes they use us for dinner.
I can see that.
All protein and no carbs.
You don't have
the stomach for this, Rodriguez?
Must be something I ate.
You mean more like
something they ate.
Come on, now.
Take it like a man.
Leave her alone, Bart.
I can take care of myself, lieutenant.
Whatever you say, private.
You girls ready?
I think we took them all out.
We did it, man.
We did it.
O'Connor, kill that chatter.
Let's fan out.
All the buildings...
...connect through
the subterranean tunnels.
This entire university's
We don't need to
lock this place down.
We just need to find your Hyper sapien
and get the hell out of Dodge.
This certainly explains how the Hyper sapiens
have been getting around.
They have been following the same patterns,
habits that they had
while they were still alive.
Except with a much bigger appetite.
Man, I love books.
Anton Chekhov, Feodor Dostoyevsky,
Judy Blume.
You know what I was reading?
Insane is the new sexy.
Give it a rest, man.
Hey, do you name your weapon?
You should, because it's
your best friend out here.
- My weapon's name is Sophie. Sophie Stein.
- O'Connor. O'Connor, can it.
And my side arm's name
is Tough Love.
Enough, O'Connor. I got it.
Holy shit.
We got a survivor.
You don't know that.
Could be one of them.
...zombies don't read.
And they ain't hooked on phonics.
So give it a rest.
Hey, kid.
- He's got headphones on.
- Hey, kid, can you hear me?
Come on, kid, you're pissing me off.
O'Connor, this ain't my first rodeo...
...and zombies don't read.
Come on, kid.
Fucking zombie geek.
Son of a...
Sorry about the noise.
Let's move out, form on me.
Come on.
Let's go before them
bombs start dropping.
If I told her one time,
I told her a thousand times...
- Voices.
- Survivors.
So, like, we had sex that one time,
and after that...
...she only wanted to be friends.
I mean, she practically
threw herself at me.
Hello. Can you hear me in there?
Dude. It was a one-time thing.
Hey, you crummy teens... the fucking door.
You're about to have sex with...
We're coming in, stay down.
Three, two, one.
The problem, it sounds to me that
you were a little...
...underwhelming in the sack.
Oh, man, now I get...
...we will be joined by celebrities,
Clint Howard...
God, I can't believe
this is happening.
Oh, don't go all girly on me now.
Jesus Christ, it's like you two
haven't seen a dead body before.
What the hell are you doing, Bart?
Well, it seems that our
unfortunate friend here was named...
...Guy Woodhouse.
I guess he won't have to
worry about finals anymore.
Adios, Senor Woodhouse.
Well, lookie here.
I don't want this.
I am not giving it to you...
...I just want you to take a picture.
Picture of what?
Of me...
...and my new girlfriend.
Okay? Go ahead, we're ready.
Ready for what?
Take the picture.
No fucking way.
Fine. I will do it.
Don't you dare.
You know, I bet she was a looker
when she was alive.
I mean, she's not
too bad now, either.
I'd stick my dick in her but...
...I am afraid of
what would happen.
You're fucking disgusting.
You don't look fat, okay?
We really make a nice couple.
Don't you think?
Second generation.
Close, but no cigar.
- It doesn't mean anything.
- We will see.
I know it's not very scientific,
but I follow my nose...
...and my nose tells me
we're getting close.
You sure you could develop
a serum from this?
Well, not me.
I am just a grunt like you...
...but AMS has some pretty
brilliant minds working for them.
Like Nightingale here.
They believe if they get DNA
from a first-generation zombie...
...generation zero,
they can create an antibody.
That way we can stop playing catch-up and
actually end this plague once and for all.
It's not different from
whooping cough or smallpox.
Really, it's just a matter of
inoculating people against it.
If we're lucky, the zombie plague will
end up a footnote in the history books.
No worse than AIDS
or bubonic plague.
Yeah, if it's all
the same to you, Nightingale...
...I'd rather you not refer to Tom
as a footnote.
What's the bug up his ass?
He lost his brother
on a mission last week.
Yeah, well, we all lose people.
Yeah, but your people don't usually get back
up and take a bite out of you after they die.
Careful, you can infect yourself.
You sure as hell wouldn't
want that, would you?
No, we wouldn't.
...if I did have to eat anyone...
...I'd definitely pick you, kiddo.
Don't worry, if you die...
...I will be sure to shoot you
in the head before you get to.
That's too bad.
A tightass like you...
...probably enjoy being eaten by me.
Say cheese.
Don't you think we should continue
looking for survivors, sir?
But first, Lieutenant Henson, don't you
want your Kodak moment with them?
That's all right,
I think I will take a pass.
Well, it's your call, but...
...I got to tell you, I think you'd make
a mint with these things on eBay.
- I am wondering about something.
- What is it?
Well, it's just that if these two were locked
up in here and there's no sign of forced entry
how'd she get infected?
That's a good question.
And my answer to that is,
Who gives a fuck.
But if she didn't have contact
with another person, my worry is...
...could the infection
have gone airborne?
AMS said there's no sign of
this infection being spread airborne.
AMS has their heads
up their asses, okay?
That's why we do
their dirty work for them.
If they knew what they were doing,
they would have invented a vaccine by now...
...and they would have had
a full containment unit on this thing.
I am just saying...
- What is it?
- It's...
It's nothing. It's just a...
...mosquito bite, I think.
No way.
Oh, shit.
Sarge, I think I heard something.
Keep moving, soldier.
Sarge, somebody's up there.
Stow that shit and keep moving.
Sarge, somebody's up there.
Hey. Hey, wait up.
Hey, wait.
I know you're in here.
You don't have to be afraid.
I am coming to get you out.
It's going to be all right. Okay.
I am going to get you right out of here.
It's going to be okay.
I am going to get you home.
You will be all right.
It's going to be all over.
Oh, God...
What are we going to do?
We can't just leave him here.
We can't take him with us.
You got to take me to base camp.
He could turn at any time.
Maybe they found the zero sample.
You know, maybe they can...
What? Do what? Cure you?
- You know that's not going to happen.
- Maybe... can't be transmitted
by mosquitoes.
Maybe it was something else.
Maybe they were already infected
before they came into the room.
Can't take that chance, Bart.
What's this for?
You know what it's for.
Use it...
...soon as you start to feel
the change coming.
What, are you insane?
I am not going to fucking kill myself.
Then I will do it for you.
Put the gun down.
You got to take me with you.
You can't leave me here.
Listen, Bart...'re endangering
our entire mission.
We're wasting time.
I will give you each
a half a million dollars...
...if you take me with you.
That's $500,000 apiece.
What do you say, Rodriguez?
Pretty young thing like you.
You don't want to live your whole life...
...on the crap that Uncle Sam
doles out to grunts like us, do you?
Five hundred thousand bucks
can buy a lot of shit.
You could be living it up
Robin Leach-style.
Where you going to get
that kind of money?
Pharmaceutical company.
If we get the zero matter
to them, before AMS...
...they're going to pay us millions.
I mean, can you imagine what the
patent on this drug is going to be worth?
How much Goldman
is going to be willing to pay?
Now, Dalton is in it with me,
and you two can be in it with us too.
There's going to be enough
to go around for everybody.
Private, what the hell are you doing?
- You can't be serious.
- Hell, yeah.
Have you looked at
your paycheque lately?
Sounds like a good deal to me.
Never underestimate
the power of human greed...
...Lieutenant Henson.
You didn't think I'd sell out our country
for this piece of shit, did you?
Should have known better.
Now, what are we
going to do with him, ma'am?
We're going to let him rot here
with the rest of them.
Where's Griffin?
He was right behind us.
Was. Not anymore.
Man, I told him to keep up.
Got to move...
Look at this.
They must have lured the zombies
into the cage...
...and got bitten in the process.
Shot themselves before they turned.
They can smell us.
This cage isn't going to
hold them forever.
We should get the hell out of here.
Remember, I give the orders.
Go ahead.
Order away.
This cage ain't going to
hold them forever.
Let's move out of here.
Let's get moving. Come on.
Ugly son of a bitch.
Sergeant major, get down.
I am okay, I am okay.
- No, you're not. You're infected.
- I am okay, I am okay.
He's turning.
No, I am not turning, I am fine.
Stand back. O'Connor.
- Stay back, sarge.
- Stand down.
I don't want to do this.
Oh, God...
...they got the sarge, man.
Not the sarge. They got the sarge...
Don't know why I am even bothering
with the gun.
It's not like he actually has
the balls to use it.
Sure you don't want
a picture with him?
If they can get the sarge,
they can get anybody.
Man was the best soldier
I have ever seen.
All right, we got to get the fuck
out of here.
Let's move.
We got to go back.
I don't want to be one of them, man.
We got to bug out.
Hey, we got the guns, they don't.
Look sharp.
So that's why they're evolving.
To chew through our armour.
- What do we do?
- Only thing we can do:
Run like hell.
Can't go back that way.
We will have to go around.
Base, this is Ellis, over.
Base, this is Ellis, over.
We need extraction, over.
Guess we're on our own.
This is not good.
No, it's not.
I have an idea.
There is a part two
to this plan, right?
Stay off the floor.
Not bad.
Don't ask me to do it again.
I will go get the radio.
Warn base about Dalton and Bart.
Hecht, you okay?
They came from out of nowhere.
So fast.
They destroyed the radio.
They're so fast.
So fast.
Don't open the door.
Have you been bitten?
I will wait.
Don't wait.
Much better.
But I can't see your nipples now.
You really are a pig,
aren't you, Ellis?
Well, maybe a little bit.
Hey, can I ask you something?
If it's not too personal or anything.
Yeah, sure. What is it?
Why do they call you Nightingale?
It's a long story.
Ah, come on.
Not likely I will make it to
the big finish anyhow and.....'s just always kind of bugged me.
I get it.
Goody two-shoes,
always helping people in need.
Real Florence Nightingale type.
All right. You ready?
Couple of years ago,
I was in the Peace Corps.
Right out of med school.
Working in Africa.
Small village, good people.
One day everybody started
getting sick.
Wasn't AIDS or anything.
Wasn't like anything
we'd ever seen before.
Blood coming out of every orifice.
We set up a medevac.
Tended to the dead and dying
as best we could.
I didn't eat, didn't even sleep, 24/7.
Team from NSA came in.
Wanted us to try a vaccine they created.
At that point, I would have done
anything to stop their suffering.
It did.
Then they woke up.
They weren't alive.
They were dead,
but they were still walking.
So I only had one choice.
I grabbed a machine gun
and I started firing.
Must have killed a hundred
of them, maybe more.
I lost count after a while.
I killed them all.
They were all dead.
The men, the women, children.
Want to know why they call me
That's when it started.
As a sick joke.
It stuck ever since.
Okay, then.
What do you say we get
the hell out of here?
Yeah, let's.
All right.
Map said this was the oldest building
on the campus.
GPS says it's the science building.
Sounds like a good place to start.
All right.
Where the hell are we?
My last mag.
- This must be the science lab.
- Yeah, you think?
You don't think these things have
learned to shoot, do you?
No, I sure as hell don't.
Hold your fire.
We're a medical-research team.
We're here to help.
Okay, right.
Well, unless they have learned
to talk too, I think we're in luck.
Alex, you're bleeding.
We don't have time for this.
I am Dr. Alexandra Morgan, AMS.
This is Lieutenant Ellis.
Lonny, Lonny Evans.
This is my girlfriend, Sarah.
Yeah, where'd you get
the firepower, kids?
Campus cop.
He gave it to us right before he,
you know, bought the farm.
How long you guys
been down here?
I don't know.
Couple days, maybe? Like a week.
We have been living off these chocolate
PowerBars since it started.
Since what started?
Those things,
are they still out there?
I am afraid they are.
Where are we, exactly?
It's... It's one of the
university research labs.
Lonny and I were teaching assistants
for Professor Curien...
...when it all went down.
When what went down?
They don't know.
The infection.
This is where it all started.
The first zombie was created here.
He created a DNA sequencer that
scanned the human genome and... genetically reassembled
the chromosomes... a person's molecular makeup
in order to create mitosis...
Whoa, whoa, sweetie.
You're going a little over my head.
The professor was trying to
bring back the dead.
They found out he was
stealing corpses...
...for his experiments from
the hospital morgue.
When they stopped that, he...
He just continued with
his experiments.
Okay. But where did the sequencer
come from?
The professor's son, Rudy,
and his girlfriend...
...came back here a few months ago,
but she was different somehow.
Changed. She killed his son,
but Curien kept her chained up here...
...convinced her blood held the key
to eternal life.
I just thought he was a pervert.
Where's Rudy, professor?
Doctor Curien, please,
you have to help me.
So that's it.
Generation zero.
The first Hyper sapien.
Of course.
The Isla del Muerte incident.
They were both taken into custody
by AMS...
...but showed no signs of infection,
so they were released.
Now, who are you people,
and where the hell is Rudy?
Let me see if I have this right.
There was a crazy German priest.
- Spanish.
- Spanish priest.
He impaled you through the heart,
killing you.
And your boyfriend Rudy brought you
back to life with an immortality serum.
That's the stupidest thing
I have ever heard.
Why don't you tell me what
really happened.
I don't get it, man.
What's the big deal?
The big deal is, if we can get
a sample of her blood...
...we might just be able to synthesize
an antidote for the infection.
I can open the door.
You get it?
- Yep.
- Sweetheart...
...I could kiss you right now.
Time for tongue acrobatics later.
Right now, we got what we came for.
Let's get out of here.
Oh, shit.
Sarah, behind you.
Sometimes a mind
isn't a terrible thing to waste.
The missiles are on their way, Ellis.
How the fuck are we going to
get out of here?
We're trapped.
We better figure out something,
or this is going to become...
...our permanent residence in about
14 minutes and 20 seconds.
Help. Help me.
- I am almost out.
- Me too.
- We did not come this far to fail now.
- Drop dead.
Ellis, take the vial.
Grab this. Hold on.
I see the van.
Come on.
- No.
- God.
We have to go back.
What are you, crazy?
We had a zero sample, but I lost it.
Cruise missiles are going to level this
entire area in less than 10 minutes.
We don't have time.
Even if we did, there's too many of them.
I don't care.
We have to try.
I can't allow it.
And with the rest of the team dead,
I am sorry. I am in charge.
Well, I am not leaving without
what we came here for.
Are you absolutely sure that's
the right material you had?
We're sure.
If our radio hadn't been destroyed,
we would be able to call off the air strike
but we have lost all communication with HQ.
Look, every minute we waste talking
about it is a minute we lose.
If we're going to go back, we go now.
Back, back into the lab we get the zero sample,
and that way, all of this hasn't been for nothing.
Let me ask you a question,
You got a brother?
All right, boys and girls.
It's the fourth quarter.
Down by 21...
...and the clock is ticking.
Okay, Knute Rockne.
On me. Let's go.
We got to move.
Well, we found the gym.
Nice shooting, lieutenant.
Don't tell me we made a wrong turn.
I am making this up
as I go along, Alex.
If you have got a better idea,
I am all ears.
Door's not going to hold forever, guys.
Not to mention we're running out of time.
Look at this.
We can't open the grate
from this side.
What do we do?
We improvise.
I bet it'd be easier to open that grate
from the other side.
I am sure you could.
But getting to the other side
is the reaI trick, now, isn't it?
Here's what I suggest.
We go out that door,
down around the stairs to the right...
...up to the hallway.
That should take me to the corridor
leading to the science building...
...which should theoretically put me...
...right outside that grate.
Are you crazy?
What about
all the Hyper sapiens out there?
I have got an idea about that too.
Give me your knife.
It's like the gels we used to use
to train attack dogs.
They will think I am one of them.
That way I will go up
and open the grate.
Are you crazy?
Yeah, he's crazy, all right.
What are you doing?
I can't take any weapons.
They smell gunpowder.
Just because
it's your turn to have an idea...
...doesn't mean you can't wait
for a good one.
Keep it.
It's your lucky knife.
I know.
Just make sure you bring it back.
Okay, Steven?
What the fuck was I thinking?
Dumbest move
I ever saw anybody make.
Hell of a soldier.
Not too hard on the eyes, either.
Hope he makes it back OK.
I wouldn't mind asking him out.
That is, unless you.....
This door's going to give, Alex.
In a few minutes, we're going to have
some very unwelcome guests for supper.
If you're going to do this, Ellis,
you better do it now.
That's good.
Where the hell's Ellis?
Ellis ain't coming.
Don't be so sure.
Short, controlled bursts.
Conserve your ammo.
You will need it.
Alex, Henson,
get your asses out here.
Alex, come on.
Come on.
The lab's just around the corner.
We can still make it.
Get the damn sample.
How much time do we have left
till the missiles hit?
Minutes. Maybe less.
Got it. Let's go.
Come on, Henson.
We will carry you the rest of the way.
I am not going anywhere,
you know that.
- Maybe we can...
- What?
Reverse the disease?
Come on.
I know it's over.
Just do me a favour
and get that blood... people who can do
some good with it, okay?
Make sure no one else
has to end up like me.
Make me that promise.
Yeah, of course.
You-- You got to move.
Come on,
I got like a minute of life left.
You think I want to spend it
looking at your ugly mugs?
Hey, Ellis.
Yeah, Henson.
I got a sister.
I will see you around, soldier.
You won't.
There's no time to go back.
One last stand?
Why not.
Get the hell out of here.
That's an order.
Whoa, hold your fire.
Where's the rest of the team?
I am the rest of the team.
I am not infected.
Things didn't go as well as planned,
but I got a sample.
Are you serious?
Give it to me.
I said, give it to me.
What's wrong with you, lieutenant?
What's wrong with me?
You know what it's like
to cut off your own hand?
Watching the tendons snap...
...the marrow of the bone...
...the pain.
The horrible, excruciating agony.
And the blood, wow.
Watching it pump out of your body...
...and pour across the floor.
Wondering when it will be
that you will lose consciousness...
...and if you will ever wake up again.
But I knew I had to do something,
you know...
...otherwise I'd end up dead.
Dead like them.
You were bit.
By a mosquito.
Not enough blood...
...for it to happen
as quickly as by a human bite.
But, you know,
it would have happened eventually...
...if I hadn't...
...done something.
Listen, Bart.
There are more missiles coming.
It's okay.
You just give me the sample.
I have called base.
I have taken care of the missiles.
Listen, give me the sample.
All right, soldier.
Now, let's get you and that sample...
...back to AMS and see
if we can't get you some help.
Sorry, Charlie.
I know you went to hell and back
to get this...
...but I can't let you get in my way.
There is millions of dollars
at stake for me.
Millions of dollars?
Bart, there are millions,
maybe billions of lives at stake here.
You and I
are going to take that sample...
...and we're going to head back to AMS
and we're going to do it now.
I don't think so.
Didn't want you hogging
all the glory for yourself.
We got to get out of here. Now.
Is it all right?
Ellis, the blood sample.
Is it intact?
Can we go back?
It's over.
It's over.
Let's get out of here.
Another victim.
It looks like they're spreading.
They didn't get a piece of you,
did they?
Before the missile strike?
I don't know.
You know what to do if it turns
out the answer is yes, right?
We don't know, do we?
So we wait.
And see.
You should just shoot me now.
You shouldn't take the chance.
Get in.
If I don't get a chance to...
To say...
I know.
So you think the blast contained it?
Stopped the infection?
So it's just going to go on and on.
We will just have to wait and see.
Let's just do that.
The city has been overrun.
Attempts to stop the undead
have been ineffective.
The vice president has ordered
a quarantine of the city...
...from his undisclosed location
as attempts continue... stem the spread of the disease.
We hope to have more details
as they develop.