House of the Spirits, The (1993) Movie Script

Its good to be back.
Come. Papa.
It's good to be back.
Our memory is fragile.
A lifetime is very brief.
Things happens so fast we do not
have time to understand...
the relationship between events.
This is what my mother
wrote in her diaries...
in order to keep track of time.
What's wrong?
Do you want to lie down?
I miss Clara.
I think that Mama
is with us right now.
Come and lie down.
My mother always talked
about love as a miracle.
Since she was a child she wrote
everything in her diaries...
in order to see things in their
true dimension.
It's was the first time
she saw my father.
Even though my father
had come to propose...
to my mother's old sister, Rosa,
my mother knew she was
in love with him.
Dear, we can't hear
what we're saying.
So, Esteban as Rosa wants it too,
what's important to us,
is that Rosa should be happy.
I've decided that...
if I work hard every day.
I'm convinced that,
if I work hard every day,
then one day
I will be rich enough to.
Then one day,
I will be rich enough
to lead Rosa to the altar.
After 2 years, my father found
the gold to bring him back to Rosa.
Love had driven him deep into
the mine, but hard work...
and waiting only made
his longing greater.
Finally he succeeded...
and he would soon return
to lead Rosa to the altar.
People had come to celebrate
my grandfather's nomination...
as a candidate for the liberal party.
Although my grandparents tried...
to keep my mother's
supernatural power secret,
everyone knew about them.
People clandestinely came
to my mother for advice.
I just wanted to know if
Clara could tell me.
I've run up a great debt.
Being a politician,
It's a scandal.
I don't know what to do.
My family...
"Black Devil" will win on Sunday.
In the third race.
Well, I really must thank you.
I promise never to ask
for your help again. Thank you.
It's my fianc and l.
I'm so unhappy.
So I thought maybe
Clara could help.
Maybe give me a hint of how
to make him love me again.
Your fianc can't stand
the smell of lavender.
So if you stop smearing
yourself with lavender oil,
he might start
wanting you again.
What is it?
You should be ashamed of yourselves,
upsetting Clara like this.
Rosa, what is she saying?
She says there will soon
be a death in our family.
But it will happen by accident.
The Conservative Party has been
in power as long as I can remember.
There are the party of greed,
corruption, intolerance and old ideas.
We, the Liberal Party,
have to fight them.
Thank you, dear friends,
for your support.
Thank you.
You drink the toast.
The one who carves the pig.
That's tradition.
Come on!
There is enough poison in
that brandy to kill an ox.
just to be certain that's
what killed Rosa,
I'll have to do an autopsy.
I'll have to examine her.
Do you mean...
you must cut her up?
Clara, it's isn't your fault.
You can't provoke events...
You must sense them a little...
before they happen.
And Rosa had to die instead of me.
No, I don't need revenge.
Revenge doesn't do
anybody any good.
won't bring Rosa back.
Why did I get involved in politics
in this country?
It's nothing but murderers and bandits.
My mother was convinced that it
was her fault that Rosa has died.
She believe if she ever spoke again,
it could cause new accidents.
Tormented by grief and guilt,
she remained silent.
She decided not to utter
a word to anyone anymore.
Is it true, Clara?
Couldn't you have
waited for me, Rosa?
Why didn't you wait for me?
If I'd known you had
such a short time left,
I would have stolen the money
I needed to marry you.
I would've made you happy.
After my mother stopped speaking,
she lived in a world of her own,
wrapped in her fantasies.
A world where logic and physics
couldn't always...
be applied.
Surrounded by spirits of
the air and water and earth...
making it unnecessary for her
to utter a word for many years.
I'm not going back.
You have to work at something.
Her medicines are expensive.
I'm finished.
I'm finished.
You realize how many years I've been
taking care of my mother?
The path to Jesus is through
devotion and suffering.
That's what you taught me.
I'm leaving.
I hate this city.
Why don't you say
you hate this house?
It's that too.
I'd have liked to have been a man,
so I could leave too.
I'm glad I was never
born a woman.
I've bought an old farm with
the money from the mine.
We'll miss you.
Write if mother gets worse.
Hey there!
Would you carry me to
Tres Marias?
What's your name?
I'm the patron here now.
Anyone who doesn't like it
can leave.
Those who stay,
won't lack food, but will
have to work good and hard.
We understand, Patron.
We have no place to go.
Push, push.
Look out! You'll break the wheel.
Come on. I'll count.
One, two, three!
Over the next 20 years,
my father built up Tres Marias
to be one of the most productive
haciendas in the country.
He worked hard from morning to night.
And was constantly in conflict with
his discontented workers.
They want me to pay them wages?
What is this?
I'm severe, but always fair.
In spite of the toil and conflict,
my father enjoyed the awareness that
everything he owned was the fruit
of his own hard work.
How much?
If you'd lend me some money instead?
You've got a nerve.
50 pesos, Patron.
You're the mightiest
and richest man in town.
I wouldn't ask anybody else.
Why so much?
A train ticket to town,
a red dress,
a pair of high-heeled shoes,
a bottle of perfume,
and a permanent.
I want to be rich and famous.
What if I never see you again?
We'll see each other again.
I know.
Trust me.
What's your name?
You've got a deal!
I like ambitious people.
- Will that be all?
- That will do.
Telegram for you, Patron.
Remember when we were children?
I used to cook for you,
get you off to school.
I could take care of you again.
I'll do what Mother asked me to do.
The could accept me
as a son-in-law once.
They can do it again.
She's not well.
Her sister Rosa was special.
At least she was healthy and normal.
But Clara is strange.
You'll never be happy with her.
You're jealous.
You've never been in love.
Nothing left for you but
a home for old spinsters.
She'll never be able to love you
the way you should be.
Clara is too strange.
You need a woman to
take care of you.
Somebody to worship and obey you.
That's enough, Ferula!
She spends her time in another world
since Rosa's death.
I know.
Not because she can't speak.
She just never wanted to.
I know.
As long as she can bear
healthy children.
Maybe we protected her too much.
It's not possible to give someone
too much affection.
Maybe I could meet her now?
Don't make any hasty decisions.
Meet her first. The we must also
consider Clara's wishes.
Don't you think?
You've come to ask me to marry you.
Don't be impertinent!
I want to know.
Let's not waste time!
I also like things
to be direct.
She said something!
That's why I came.
- She spoke!
- She said something!
She said something
You said something!
She spoke!
She speaks!
Thank you, Clara.
You've made me very happy.
Everything all right?
Good afternoon, Ferula.
Sorry I'm late.
I suddenly couldn't remember
if it was today.
I owe you an explanation for
asking you to come here.
I hope I haven't...
kept you here sitting long.
Not at all. I'm so glad
you could come.
I don't often come
to places like this.
In fact, I've never been here before.
I wanted to talk to you about...
You don't have to worry.
You're going to come and live
with me and Esteban.
We'll be just like sisters.
And our friendship will last
for the rest of our lives.
Don't worry about Esteban.
I'll talk to him.
We won't even tell him we met.
Will we?
Forgive me. I'm sorry.
I don't usually cry.
It's just, I'm not used to anyone
touching me. I'm sorry.
I'm not used to anyone
being nice to me.
No one has ever shown me
any tenderness.
Forgive me. It's just...
I'm so...
confused and...
Thank you,
dear Clara.
Dear sister Ferula.
Wilt thou,
Esteban Trueba,
take Clara del Valle,
to be your lawful wedded wife,
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
for richer or poorer,
till death do you part?
I will.
And wilt thou, Clara del Valle,
take Esteban Trueba,
to be your lawful wedded husband,
to have and to hold,
in sickness and in health,
for richer or poorer,
till death do you part?
I will.
Yes, I will.
It's so beautiful.
Oh, it's beautiful!
Welcome to Tres marias.
Remember my sister Ferula?
You must be tired.
I'll make you hot chocolate.
No, I'm not tired.
Was it a good trip?
She's not a child.
Don't treat her like one.
My dear Esteban!
Bless me, Father. I have sinned.
It's a week since my last confession.
I think I've committed
a terrible sin.
Of the flesh?
My flesh is withered,
but not my spirit.
The devil is tormenting me.
God's mercy is infinite.
You don't know the thoughts that run
through the mind of a lonely women.
A virgin who has never
been with a man.
Not for lack of opportunity,
but because God
sent my mother an illness and
I had to be her nurse.
That sacrifice is recorded
in Heaven.
Even if I've sinned in
my thoughts, Father?
Well, it depends on your thoughts.
at night,
I can't sleep.
I feel as if I'm choking.
To calm down, I get up,
walk around the house.
I go to my sister-in-law's room
and put my ear to her door.
I tiptoe in and watch her
while she's sleeping.
I used to think she was
stupid and incompetent.
Now I know she's of another world.
Maybe her time on Earth is...
just a small part of her.
She might be...
closer to God than we are,
Father Antonio.
She looks like the Angel of Light.
I want to climb into her bed,
and feel...
the warmth of her skin,
and her gentle breathing.
Pray, my child.
Prayers help.
Wait, I'm not finished.
When my brother sometimes
sleeps with her,
it's even worse.
My prayers are useless.
I can't sleep.
I sweat. My whole body shakes.
Finally, I get up and walk
through the dark house.
I glide down the corridor,
very carefully, so the floor
won't squeak.
I listen to them,
through their bedroom door.
And once I even saw them,
because their door was ajar.
What I saw,
I can't tell you Father.
It's too big a sin.
It's not Clara's fault.
She's as innocent a child.
My brother lead her into it.
He desires more than her body.
He wants to own the most secret
thing she holds inside her.
He's eternally damned.
Only God can judge,
and damn, my child.
what were they doing?
You used to be a gifted narrator.
I couldn't see very well.
But what I sensed was incredible.
The trembling movements,
the abundance of juices,
The words whispered in her ear.
The strange secret smells.
A veritable miracle.
It's a little girl.
And her name will be Blanca.
Isn't she beautiful, Esteban?
I wish Mother could've seen this.
She would've been proud of you.
And to think...
a little girl.
I don't like the way
she walks around so much.
The doctor told her
to rest a lot.
He also said she shouldn't
sleep with you anymore.
He said it wasn't good for Clara
if you slept together.
He didn't say that to me.
I'm just telling you
what he said.
But I think he means...
you're too heavy for the baby,
or Clara's frail body.
I don't think it's good for Clara
with too much excitement.
You're interfering in matters
that don't concern you.
Good Morning.
Is kissing really necessary?
Oh, yes. It is.
Feel her kicking.
I think she wants to come out
and greet her grandparents.
They're coming today.
We must go for your bath.
Oh, yes.
That would feel good.
The doctor gave me almond oil,
to rub on your stomach.
To prevent the skin stretching.
I'm terribly sorry.
I told them to take the train,
but Papa insisted on driving in
that old car.
There's something else.
- It's terrible.
- Tell me.
Because of this violent
collision with the train,
your parents were hurled
from the car.
Your mother's head was
severed from her body.
And the terrible thing is...
But I know where it is!
- Stop this...
- I tell you...
I know where it is!
The police have looked everywhere.
I'm sorry, my wife's a little...
It's the pregnancy.
Sister Ferula, will you help me?
It's here.
It's here.
We're too far away from
the accident.
It's here. I know.
I tell you, it's here.
Could you do me a favour,
crawl in and hand me the head
you'll find in there?
And hurry up.
Hurry up, senor.
I think my time has come.
Hurry up, senor.
That's right. Relax.
- It's all right.
- Push.
Come on.
It's coming.
Welcome to the world,
little Blanca.
Hold it flat.
- Concentrate, Blanca.
- You're the champion.
You hit it back to Aunt Ferula!
Come on, Ferula, hit it harder.
Do you have to play in a hat?
We'll win this.
If you keep it on the court...
Keep it in here.
Don't hit it so far out!
Come on.
Stop fooling around.
You're supposed to teach
Clara the game.
I think we won, little one.
Blanca's the champion!
I wish Mother were alive,
so I could send you back to her.
Let's have a cool drink,
just the two of us.
Would you come play with me?
Please, could you play?
All right.
Who is that?
Get out of here.
We need money for food.
Then get out and earn some!
Get out!
Don't you remember me, Esteban?
Down by the river?
This is your son.
Look at him.
I named him after you.
What're you talking about?
Take this and get out!
Go on, take it!
If I see you on my property again,
I'll set the dogs on you.
You'll never get rid of us,
You'll never get rid of your son!
Have you stopped playing?
Were you beating her?
Who are you?
My parents aren't in.
I know.
What do you want?
- To see your house.
- You're not allowed to be here.
Strangers aren't allowed
to walk in just like that.
I know.
Then leave.
I'll leave soon.
Come here.
- Come.
- Why?
I want to smell you.
You smell good.
It's bay rum.
My mother bathes me every morning.
What a nice dress you've got.
Sit with me so I can feel it.
My Aunt Ferula made it.
We have the same blood.
I don't understand you.
Your chocolate is ready.
I'd like to ask Pedro...
to stand up and tell us...
his story...
about the hens and the fox.
Once there was a henhouse,
and every night a fox
forced its way into it,
to steal eggs and
eat baby chickens.
This made the hens very angry.
People are glad for the way
you teach them.
Why can't you use your telepathic
abilities and tell me where they are?
I can't contact anyone who
doesn't want to be found.
If you hadn't started this school,
this wouldn't have happened.
He found them.
Segundo found them by the river.
Are they all right?
This is your fault!
I don't want to see your son
with Blanca again! Understood?
Understood, Patron.
I'll close the school and
send Blanca to boarding school!
No, you can't do that!
Yes, I can!
I won't watch
my daughter turn native.
It's my duty...
to provide her with a life among
people of her own class.
There's no need...
Shut up!
Don't interfere in
my family affairs.
School was over.
The only thing which made
boarding school bearable...
were the wonderful
summer vacations ahead of me.
- Congratulations on your exam.
- Such a long time.
We're very proud of you.
So, no more school.
I'm so glad you're home.
Your mother and I missed you.
Every year, Pedro and l
met secretly by the river.
Now that I'd graduated,
we could be together forever.
I missed you.
I thought I'd die at school.
I'm never going back.
From now on,
it's just you and me.
What is it?
You know,
it's not only you and me.
Yes, it is.
I don't care what
my family thinks.
I love you and you love me.
That's what's important.
They say you've started making
political speeches.
The peasants here
are suppressed by your father.
They're afraid of him.
They all hate him.
Promise me to be careful.
Nothing must ever happen to you.
I love you.
I love you.
I love you too.
Welcome, Mr. Trueba!
The Conservatives want
to make you a proposition.
- I'm not a politician.
- You're a powerful man.
A man of honour.
Just the kind of senator we need.
The country is changing.
Things aren't the way they were,
People are getting crazy ideas.
Peasants from your district...
and workers in the cities
talk about uniting.
If we don't make a stand now...
I'll think about it.
Do. You're a family man and
a family is worth protecting.
We must protect our values.
Who's that?
Count Jean de Satigny.
He hasn't been in this country long.
I understand he's very rich
but still a bachelor.
Maybe your daughter would enjoy
adding a coat of arms to her card.
Let me know what you decide
about the party.
Excuse me.
May I join you?
I've heard a great deal about you.
People say your hacienda is the most
beautiful property for miles.
And the most efficient, I've heard.
I hope to see it someday, to study
your methods. I admire...
You're welcome to...
Let's get out!
The earthquake!
Did you feel it here?
Did anything happen?
Everything's all right.
Clara asked me to lie beside her
till she fell asleep.
She was so terrified during
the earthquake. That's all it was.
It's over.
You've spoiled my
family life long enough.
I want you to leave
this house at once.
I never want to see you again,
and I forbid you to
see my wife,
For my daughter.
I'll send you money each month
through Father Antonio.
You'll have enough to live
decently while I live.
But if I ever catch you
bothering my family again,
I'll kill you.
I swear,
on the soul of our mother,
I'll kill you.
I curse you, Esteban.
You'll always be alone.
Your body and soul will shrink.
And you'll die afraid,
and with a guilty conscience.
Get out.
For Clara's sake,
I want you to know it's never been
the way you imagined between us.
I'd like to talk to you.
How could you do this?
How could you send her away?
No one is between us anymore.
She was never between us.
I love you.
I want to make you happy!
I want us to have a
happy family!
She's part of our family too.
She's your sister.
I don't care about Ferula.
I care about you and l.
Our love.
Show me you love me.
Show me I'm your husband.
Love me.
Love me.
Do you hear? Love me!
Help me.
Tell me what I must do...
to let us have a happy life
as husband and wife.
Just give me some time.
Just give me some time.
Just give me some time,
You look good.
How did you find me, Patron?
I asked for the best place in town.
Now I can pay you back
the 50 pesos...
with interest.
I'd rather you owe me the favour.
Just wait a little.
Just show me...
a little tenderness.
Pretend to care for me.
That's all I need.
But I do care for you.
Very much.
Come here with me.
I feel so good with you.
It's like coming home.
You're the best, Esteban.
You're a strong man.
Very, very strong.
A man of the soil.
There's one thing I don't understand,
Monsieur Tassigny.
And that is...
what are you doing in our
barbaric country?
I'm in the fortunate position that
I don't have to work for a living.
Only pass the time.
But a wealthy life,
is boring.
You get restless.
My vineyards in Liechtenstein
and on the Riviera...
this country...
challenges me.
Yes, but "monsieur" Tassigny...
It's still very strange,
because I've done it again and
I can't find you in my cards.
Neither your family, nor your age,
where you're from.
Perhaps your cards...
can't see across the Atlantic.
For me?
Thank you.
It's beautiful.
500 tons...
a year in two croppings.
With our advantage over those
north of the Equator,
we can produce ripe fruit at
the time of year they cannot.
The will of God say we all have
a right to fight for Justice.
It isn't the will of God,
we wait for a reward in Heaven.
Jesus Christ was a revolutionary.
We have a right to demand wages.
Yes, of course!
We have a right to rest on Sundays.
We have a right to vote.
To be free.
That's enough!
Go back to work.
I said, go back to work!
T tell them to go back to work.
go back to work.
Come here.
You never teach your son not
to look his patron in the face?
Take your shirt off.
Tassigny joining us for dinner?
Count Satigny.
He's out studying the corn crop.
He has a great interest
in agriculture.
And in knowing how much you own.
I had to get rid of
Pedro Segundo today.
He's never to show his
face here again.
He was trying to turn the farmers
against me. Preaching revolution!
If not for his father,
I'd have shot him.
Good God!
I've spent my life trying...
to help these people.
I gave them everything.
And now this bastard talks to them
about their rights.
They need looking after.
They need justice, Papa,
not charity.
They're like children.
They need a strong hand.
You can't stop this world
from changing.
I can try.
I've decided to run as a
Conservative candidate for the Senate.
What do you think?
Politicians are just...
bandit and criminals.
Can't we close one of
the windows?
Ferula is dead.
But it's impossible!
I saw her 2 days ago and
she was perfectly well.
I know it's true.
Leave me alone with her.
If you only knew
how much we miss you,
Blanca and l.
We talk of you almost every day.
You'd be so proud of Blanca.
Esteban has sent her lover away,
but they meet secretly
by the river.
She is do brave,
and strong,
and true to her feelings.
I'll always remember you.
Till we meet again.
All of you!
You have a right to speak up
and make demands!
To stand up against
your oppressors!
The landowners depend you,
because you make the wheels spin.
You do the work.
You make it possible for them
to live in comfort!
You've a right to join unions!
That's why you should make demands,
form unions and organize!
If you stop working,
there will be no more patrons!
If I set eyes on you again,
I'll blow your brains out?
Do you hear?
Excuse me for...
I was...
I was down by the river
and I couldn't sleep.
I went for a walk by the river,
and I saw them.
I saw my future bride
lying naked.
Naked in the arms of...
Who? Tell me! Who was it?
Tell me!
That Indian.
The revolutionary.
I'll kill him!
I'll kill that bastard!
Where is he?
Tell me!
Where is he? Tell me where he is!
I'll kill him.
Where is he?
I'll never tell you!
I'll kill him!
You tell me where he is!
Open up these gates!
This is your fault!!
You brought her up without morals,
without religion or principles.
She has no idea who she is!
She's my daughter.
If she did this with someone from
a decent family, I'd understand.
But with that scumbag,
that sneaky...
son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill him!
I swear on my mother's soul
he'll wish he's never been...
Pedro's done nothing
you haven't done.
You've also slept with women
not of your own class.
But he did it for love,
and so did Blanca.
My angel.
Come on.
Come on.
I'll never speak to you again.
We move to...
my parent's house in town.
We'll all miss you.
I shall miss you,
I'm leaving, Patron.
I don't want to be here
when you catch up with my son.
Have you found him?
Not yet, but we're still looking.
I want him myself. I'll offer a
reward, I don't care how much.
Why do you take it so personally?
It is personal!
I must warn you,
I know the laws of this country.
What are you doing? I'm eating!
I know where Pedro's hiding.
How do you know?
Will you give me the reward,
How do you know?
Everybody know where he's hiding,
except you.
Show me, so I know you're
not lying.
You'll give me the reward, Patron?
Take care of the horses.
Telegram for you, senor.
The reward.
Squealers don't get rewards.
You're marrying my daughter.
I mean what I say.
I had a telegram saying she was
pregnant, so you're marrying her.
But it's not me, it's that Indian,
that revolutionary.
What are you talking about?
Must be something you dreamt.
There's a misunderstanding.
I know what kind of man you are.
I'm not a fool.
So we're going to make a deal.
I'm offering you what you've
always been after. My money.
Just so my grandchild can bear
your idiotic name!
You understand?
- Where's your mother?
- She doesn't want to see you.
I found you a husband.
- A father for your bastard.
- I'm not getting married.
Yes, you are. You'll marry him.
I'm going to be a senator.
I don't want a bastard
in the family.
I thought we already had several.
I'm in love with someone else.
You should know
Pedro Segundo is dead.
I killed him.
So it would be best if you forget
about him right away.
Would you please ask
my husband and his friend...
to leave my house immediately?
Sir, I'm afraid I have
to ask you to leave the house.
God, how I hate Papa.
Don't cry my love.
Too many tears will hurt the baby...
and make her unhappy.
I could kill him.
You should never seek revenge,
it does no one any good.
Pedro is still alive.
How do you know?
I dreamed it.
You won't see him now
for a very long time...
because he has to hide.
He can't come out until
the world has changed.
I'm so...
proud of you
for not getting married.
Why did you marry Papa?
Because I love him.
Oh, I did.
I was fascinated by him.
He was strong...
and courageous.
He's just been fighting
all of his live.
But you must know...
nothing your Papa does
comes from malice.
He just has too much energy.
And still love him.
I do.
He is my life...
just like you are.
To uphold those values...
that all right-thinking
people embrace...
You don't want
to go to the hotel?
Would you rather
go home to Tres Marias?
No, just...
drive around for a while.
I'll tell you.
I'm sorry.
The door was open. I...
Forgive me.
Forgive me for...
everything I've done to you.
Forgive me for
what I've done to Blanca.
Forgive me, Clara.
I'd like to stay here
with you for a while...
if you don't mind.
I don't want to go back
to Tres Marias.
I miss you so.
I miss our family.
You don't have to talk.
Just let me stay here with you.
It occurred to me...
I'm a grandfather..
And I've never
seen my granddaughter.
Come on.
Blow them all out in one breath,
one big breath.
One candle left, Alba.
So you have a secret sweetheart.
Are you going to tell us who it is?
Tell Mummy.
It's, Grandpa!
Let's not make Grandma jealous.
Sit down and we'll eat the cake.
Have you heard the latest polls?
I wouldn't worry about them.
It's always like that.
I think we'll have
the best results ever.
Good for the Country.
We mustn't underestimate
the opposition.
I don't know how anyone can
take the opposition seriously.
Dreamers, romantics.
Eat up your cake, sweetheart.
When did the Left ever win
a democratic election?
Even a child could see...
that the Left are
the enemies of democracy.
Look at history.
When were revolutionaries
ever freely elected to power?
- It's so easy for you.
- I know what I'm saying.
I know what this country needs.
If it was up to you Papa,
nothing would ever change, nothing.
You see things only in black or white,
survival of the fittest.
- That's the law of nature.
- It's the law of the jungle.
You are so primitive.
Your world is so small,
so infinitely small.
Blanca, my dear,
you're a true Utopian.
That world doesnt exist.
Would you kindly ask my
husband to respect the fact...
it's my granddaughter's birthday?
I'm to ask you...
I'm sorry, Clara.
Would you ask my husband to make sure
our guests have something to drink?
Would you like
a little cognac liquor?
Blanca, liqueur?
Cognac, please.
I'll see who it is.
- Who are you?
- I want to see Senator Trueba.
The Senator is busy.
Are you Blanca?
Yes, I am.
Haven't I see somewhere before?
Who are you?
I'm a relative of the Senator.
Wait here.
Excuse me.
What all this about you
being a relative of mine?
Don't you remember me...
What do you want?
Hurry up, I have visitors.
I want to join the army and
I need money for my education.
You should've stayed in the country.
You still owe me that reward.
Yes, I know.
I'll call the Military Academy
in the morning.
I know the people there.
They'll give you a scholarship.
Get out.
Don't bother me again.
It seems people voted
differently this time.
Have the Conservatives lost?
Not at all!
We shall win.
The country shall win.
I believe in people's common sense.
The tide seems
to have turned against you.
We are the defenders
of your democracy.
We'll win again.
Papa, you stubborn old fool!
Let's just wait for the results.
Then we can celebrate.
I think...
we now have the final results.
While we are waiting
for the results...
They are still counting...
the last votes.
The opposition, the People's Front,
has won an overwhelming victory.
We won! We won!
Mama, we won!
After being in power for generations,
the Conservatives have lost,
rejected by voters.
This is a sensational
for the Peoples Front.
People once called subversives,
revolutionaries, enemies of the state,
are openly celebrating tonight.
Just a moment.
Who is it?
Where are you?
Alba, this is a very good
friend of mine.
Say hello nicely.
Let's sit down.
Want to come with me?
All right.
These are my old angels wings,
my mother made for me.
Take around here.
There's no food, no clothes, shoes,
no spare parts, nothing.
You're a bad loser.
You know who's behind the strikes.
Everybody knows. It's sabotage.
They're taking Tres Marias.
Everything I've worked for,
they'll give it away...
to the people.
- My property!
- We'll be all right.
Something must be done.
- Back to the solution to our problems.
- You don't understand.
More police, more mad generals.
Why do you say they're
mad generals?
They just care about their country,
same as I do.
They want to put order back.
I think I need to lie down
in my calm,
blue sea of silk.
Are you very ill, Grandma?
I think I'm beginning
to leave this world, my love.
But you mustn't be afraid
of death, Alba.
Dying is just a change,
like being born.
You know I've always been in touch
with the spirits on the other side.
And when I get there,
I'll be in touch with you,
and all the others.
Dou you understand?
Please, give these to your mother.
They'll help her...
reclaim the past.
Maybe they'll...
help her...
to see...
the relationship between
events more clearly.
And some day she may need these...
for something other...
than adornment.
Tell Grandpa...
Tell Grandpa I promise I will...
come back and fetch him.
What's that?
Grandmother's dead.
It's hard to survey the situation.
Events are developing rapidly.
The new democratically-elected
government is under attack.
Armed units are under the command
of officers sympathetic to the coup.
Rumor says the Conservative Party
stands behind the coup.
And will take control after
the military brings order.
The country is now controlled
by the armed forces.
To the country!
Let's go!
Let's go! Come on!
You cover the back.
We'll stay here.
What's going on?
We'd like to see your daughter.
My daughter?
She's suspected of subversive acts.
We have an arrest warrant.
Are you mad?
It's a mistake!
Let me see the warrant.
Everything will be all right.
I'll be back soon.
Come with me.
This is a mistake.
I'm Senator Trueba.
Don't you recognize me?
For God's sake!
Shut up!
In my own house!
Just shut up!
You old fool!
Your daughter is going with
Pedro Segundo, a revolutionary!
My father is a very old man.
May I have a moment
alone with him,
to say goodbye?
Papa, listen to me.
Pedro's here.
He's in the cellar.
If they find him, they'll kill him.
Do you understand?
These men are dangerous.
They can kill me,
the can kill you.
They can kill all of us.
You know what love is like.
I love Pedro the way
you loved Mama.
He's my entire life.
And he's Alba's father.
You have influential friends.
Help him if you can.
Help him get out of the country.
Don't make your grandchild
Do you hear me? I beg you...
Let Alba keep her father.
She needs him.
She needs him.
They won't touch you.
Don't be afraid, my love.
I'll see the Minister.
Everything is a mistake.
Don't be afraid!
Keep your hands still!
Come on.
You, hold up there!
Where are you going?
Where are you taking her?
Good evening, Blanca.
We'd like you to tell us...
where your lover is.
I want to go to the toilet.
It'd be wise to cooperate.
I want to go to the toilet.
Stop there.
- Show your papers.
- Trueba, for the Minister.
Very well, carry on.
You there!
What? Leave me alone!
Get out of the way!
- Stand clear!
- I'm Senator Trueba!
I demand to see the Minister.
Sit down!
Now! Sit down!
You can go in.
Why was my daughter
arrested last night?
Answer me!
Where is my daughter?
Let me have your car keys.
Congress is shut down and your
congressional privileges impounded.
You're all out of your minds.
Who do you think established
contact with your generals,
Who forged the link with
the Americans,
whose money and reputation...
guaranteed you weapons?
Do you know who I am?
And then you arrest my daughter...
and want to confiscate my car.
Let me see the Minister.
Deal with me.
I must see the Minister!
There is no Minister!
You deal with me now.
You want to find your daughter?
Fill in the forms.
You and your friends still
have economic power.
But we run the country.
give me the car keys.
Who are you?
You'd better start talking to me.
I know your voice.
Who are you?
I want to use the toilet.
Start talking, you hear me?
- I've nothing to tell you, bastard!
- Talk to me now.
I've nothing to tell you, you bastard!
Who are you?
You want to know who I am?
You want to know who I am?
You smell good.
Can you imagine?
We have the same blood
in our veins.
There's nobody.
I can't find anybody who...
or will...
help me find my daughter.
You're an important
person now, Transito.
You know everybody.
They all come here.
For old time's sake,
help me find my daughter.
I still owe you a favour, Patron.
This man cannot judge what is good
for himself or for others.
You should eat something.
This man will desecrate the past
of our beloved people.
Erode our proud traditions.
Like mites and parasites,
these evil forces...
Will Mummy be back soon?
How could I be so wrong?
How could I be so wrong?
This is Esteban Trueba.
I'd like to speak to the Ambassador.
No, not well, John.
How can one feel well these days?
It's terrible what's happening.
I feel...
personally ashamed.
I feel everything is my fault.
But I didn't call for sympathy.
I need your help.
For old time's sake.
I realize what I'm about
to ask is beyond...
what diplomacy permits.
And it's dangerous.
Very dangerous.
But there's someone
I need to help.
I've come to take you out of here.
Because you're not safe here.
Go to hell!
Please, come with me.
Senator Trueba
to see the Ambassador.
Your papers?
Search the trunk!
Please, step out of the car.
We must search it.
Get out of the car!
Stay where you are,
you old civilist fool.
It's clean.
You can open it. Open the gate!
She doesn't respond anymore.
You must not wish for death,
my child.
That's not what's important.
Death will come no matter what.
You must fight to live...
for life is a miracle.
And Alba needs you.
She's waiting for you.
Who's this?
You did?
Thank you, Transito.
Remember the curfew.
Don't move till sunrise.
What have they done to you, my child?
I thought I'd never see you again.
I thought I'd die
alone and miserable,
Like Ferula said.
Is Pedro...?
He's waiting for you in Canada.
Let's hope he's a better father
than I was.
You did your best.
I was once very angry with you.
I even hated you.
You know about that.
While I was in prison,
I thought only of revenge,
not on you,
but I was obsessed by
thoughts of revenge.
I would avenge all those
who should be avenged.
But now I'm not so sure
of my hatred.
I've begun to realize
there must be...
a relationship between events,
like Mama always said.
It's good to be back.
What is it?
I miss Clara.
Come on. Come and lie down.
Thank you, Blanca dear.
That's better now.
Go now, Blanca.
Go to Alba.
My dearest.
My angel.
My mother wrote everything down
to keep track of time.
What she wrote in her diaries
has helped me overcome my terrors.
And today I ask myself
if I want to contribute...
to the endless story of
hatred, blood and revenge.
But I can 't find a reason
for that anymore.
To me, life is...
my daughter,
the light,
the day,
this very moment,
the memories,
the future.
To me, life itself has become
the most important thing.