House of Versace (2013) Movie Script

You look great. Whose dress is that?
-It's Beautiful.
-This Is Versace.
The bigger. And when he would have
had sex all night.
as if he had slept meikeiss.
Angles! Salary Sinko Frida Kahlo?
Nothing is left to chance.
-Maria Whether the hem of the right length?
-Helmani Are always correct.
It's got to fly.
Fluttering sensuality!
-What Are you screaming for?
Fortunately for coming. Would taikojasi?
Come on.
-Gianni Uncle!
Sandals! You can not be serious.
-Do You know why I want to sandals
? -Ettei He would be so long?
I want to gaze rise from
cloth over the sea at his back.
-Siksik It is blue?
-Nascita Di Venere, The Birth of Venus.
A sea breeze with kisses him.
Allegra, search for your brother.
-She Does not live up cochlea.
-He Walks in sandals.
-He Must be self-confident.
-This Is my point of view.
-Armani Use sandals.
-His Dress are barren.
So put his wives and virgins.
-Rakastajattaret Use interest rates.
-No Rates!
-He Will kill you.
Helma hulmusi.
Like a blast from the
would have risen along the hem.
-Carissima Bella
. -Grazie.
Marco, bravo.
? -Harper's Bazaar was fascinated by the collection.
I got them to do the cover story.
Madonna promised to be
Versace face next year.
You are a clever little snake.
-Do Not ever take my place.
-I Do not, at least not in sandals.
Grazie. Hear all!
To my dear Giannillemme, Nero.
What would we do without you?
It you do not get to know.
Give more wine.
A delicious dinner,
a collection of beautiful and family.
I see in you parents.
Thank you, that you care about me.
-One Of need.
We would, of course,
that you see the future opera.
-Giannin Suits are ...
-Are you involved in the opera?
Must be nice to get payment
-Antonio Takes me jalisotteluun.
-That's Nice.
I bought four magazines.
Madonna, Penlope Cruz,
Sting subjects, and Diana was Versace.
-All Is thanks to my wife.
-Totta. You're the best in your work.
Children sleep. You need sleep
before tomorrow's presentation.
Donatella, I forgot to tell you something.
-You Should be treated morning's description.
-I Go presentation.
It's a horrible plot does not want me.
-iti, You promised.
-Don't Worry, go.
-Miljoona Just goes to waste.
-Not Sure.
I picture a presentation on the tape,
so you could watch it together.
What if we come to the draft?
Then let's go to lunch
and shopping.
-Kyk It?
-Of Course, cara mia.
You go, Daniel.
-Let's Uncle conjure costume in the morning.
-Buona Notte.
Go into the car, we will point.
Always just Allegra.
Such Gianni is.
As a child, he only saw Donatella.
You're no longer children,
and you take care of the company.
-Yes, He respects me.
-Huomioisit Children emotions better.
I'll talk to him.
His is the best to listen.
Gianni listens to himself.
-Where Are you going?
-You Should be sleeping.
The city is a major supplier.
Next weekend we go
alone to shop and eat.
My mother used the same tone.
He put lipstick
every morning before breakfast.
He said that every woman
should start the day like that.
-Is Too much?
My girl.
Then placed in shoes.
The right attitude and outfit makes
of anyone beautiful.
Think of Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette
and Josephine Bonaparte.
They were self-confident.
Lead, never follow.
Marie-Antoinette was beheaded.
-Ilke Gossip.
-silver Or black?
You have an eye for.
You could take pukijakseni.
Donatella, the car came.
Is not this But you're looking good?
-We Are late.
-Good Worth the wait.
. -Perfetto.
Honey, give a kiss.
Now sleep and pysykin bed.
See you in the morning.
Vanity Fair has always attached
Gianni is a genius. Sometimes his work
makes me speechless.
-Hakaneulapuku Was fabulous.
-lt's Talk about for years.
I've always liked that,
what Sophia Loren said.
The suit should have a barbed-wire fence:
protect, but to keep the view open.
-That You have not succumbed.
-Mehn We created a super model.
Such was not until we put
Naomi, Cindy and Linda on the stage.
-I Heard that was your idea.
-Our. We're like the same person.
-You Models You raised wages to the ceiling.
-Both Versace income.
Armani has not yet
Eduardo! Come stai?
This is Jennifer,
Vanity Fair best supplier.
This is Eduardo,
Italian most influential banker.
-You Flatter.
-When We go to eat?
Mark your calendar,
Santo will also come.
Ciao, bello. Have fun.
-Haluaisin Expand the article.
-Look, When Gianni is free.
I do not want to write Giannista
but you.
The case must then be flattering.
Sexy man doing
sexy shoes.
Take your wife for a couple.
Mistresses will have to buy them.
Turn around.
Dancing, principessa.
When you use the beautiful clothes,
you awaken them to life.
You're a woman.
Called for respect and admiration.
I'm going to descriptions.
-Kuosi Is right for you.
-Onhan You all along?
After lunch,
we are buying a Picasso.
Santo kill you.
-What Benefit from work otherwise is?
-Sithn You do not know.
Yesterday was otherwise well.
-Vanity Fair wants to interview.
After -Matkani.
My interview.
-Fiksuja People.
You're brilliant.
-Voisinpa Come along.
-I Know.
Dance for us.
Well done. Correct great.
Hold on.
Underwear must be covered,
she looks like naked.
Unless you want to be naked.
That will be my collection.
Do the girls,
show me sexy.
Just like that.
Good idea to put your hand in the hips.
There's a way.
You have 20 messages.
Mary asks agreed ...
-... And you will meet Paul's restaurant.
-Could You ....
That's great. Watch out for your shoulder.
Hot stuff. In that way.
Show your leg. Admonish it.
You have a 18-cent-term interest rates.
That looks sexy.
Good sex.
-What Do you like?
-That's Great.
-Valmista Came.
-Thank You, you did a good job.
You bring light with you.
Your brother again ...
You met Giannini bad day.
He's a perfectionist.
He is a tyrant.
He appreciates only himself.
-Take This.
First woman on the street.
Just do not call a fine woman.
Take more.
That's fine.
Take it. Do you remember me always.
Girls, do you want champagne?
You did such a good job.
Would you also like, knsiks?
As usual say-
-when Versace opens the door,
opens another door.
Ciao. See you later.
-You Always have to talk about money?
-Vlill Have to consider costs.
If we earn 10 million,
you're wasting 20.
-I'm Tired of sermons.
-All Hear you.
-You Flew to Paris for special occasions.
-They Were important festivities.
Somebody they should be treated.
Good luck with the interview.
Lauren, this is my brother Gianni.
Lauren doing the interview.
-This Is a great honor.
-Pidmme Your program.
Correct your clothes.
Gianni and Donatella's what makes
Versace Versace?
Our mother was a wonderful seamstress.
He taught to respect art.
We love the actors,
musicians, painters ...
Self-expression is in our blood.
We love the weavers ...
-... Like love Picasso.
-Or Lenny Kravitz.
-How Cooperation works?
-I I want to make women beautiful.
Sometimes, Donatella says,
that does not produce pukisi plleen-
-or that the fabric feels like
just under the skin.
Naistenvaatesuunnittelijalla must
be trusted near a woman.
-I Owe much Donatella.
-Gianni Is a genius.
He could make a suit of refuse sacks,
and I'd miss anymore spike in interest rates.
He was not invalid as stiletto heels,
even if they do not fit the waste bag.
-We Want to have the last word.
-Vlittte Clear of each other.
-We Want to hear from you more.
-Thanks A lot.
Private Machine guess is
a celebrity.
How we could do, if you need your photo
would not have a journal?
I studied the trends
and create suhteita-
-In order you can spend your evening
-Who You think you are?
-20 Percent of the company.
-The Company does not exist, if only wasting.
-The Company exists thanks to me.
-I Am not hired servants. I ...
-setting up her own collection?
That has been heard before.
-I Have all the connections.
-Of Not then needed?
I also know
what it feels like to be a woman.
But artists you do not come.
I am the sun.
You're projecting onto me.
Really? You're tired gay!
If I do not help sinua-
-You would you Calabria opera
coolest costume designer.
-Hivy! Go!
-Don't Push.
Create your own chips.
So I will do. Your costs fell by root.
Always present your deaf,
when I'm talking about the IPO.
Your shoulders should be strong,
almost military.
Silhouette should be like
a Greek goddess.
Does the neckline?
-What Do I do in this company?
-Maybe Pleats is too much.
If you get listed,
, guests can boss me.
Number of subjects extravagance.
-You Are similar to Donatella.
-I Do not. After all, he set up his own brand.
-You Know that he does not base.
-Was Paul drunk?
Maria, that color looks
Spake yesterday.
-Choose It yourself.
-I Hate it.
Allegra says they quarrel.
Are you talking about marriage
with my daughter?
Do not interfere with the marriage.
Paul will do everything for you.
He is also a good father.
You did not say that a good husband.
I hate this.
I wonder sleeve for two days.
-It's Perfect.
-You Deserve each other.
Sending it by Elizabeth Hurley.
We will provide costumes
more than we sell.
We get free publicity,
when julkimot used by Versace.
We pay atonement for tours and hotels.
Donatella know what to do.
Sometimes it's better when you tappelette.
Would come tomorrow's celebrations.
You would get to tell Allegri
me and his father.
You go. This stale gay
thrives pyjamassaan.
Nobody seems to Pyjamas
as good.
I could not live without you.
I'm not a moon.
I am a star, and you know it.
I just do not shine so well
as His Excellency Gianni.
Grazie. We had fun.
-Kvellnk A bit?
-Of Course. We will return soon.
This is nice.
I'll do a lot of tit-
-but your brother, and you
have you on my mind all the time.
You and Gianni are doing a lot of work.
Fashion is in our blood.
This is Versace. Visit buying,
so your husband will be satisfied.
Do I get to go
with Giannini and Antonio to Miami?
No, the school has been too much in between.
The numbers are good, and Giannini
that tourism is training.
After all we had to concentrate
on you and me.
-Totta, You and I are.
-That's Right, beauties.
Hajuvetemme sell crazy.
I've been thinking toiletries.
-Sovitaan Meeting.
-Soita Tomorrow.
So -Kyttte Madonna in the fall.
-He Is fantastic. Do you want to portray?
Only if you're in it.
Gold, gold, gold.
Where are you?
I miss those mornings.
I have to go.
Say that you are the second most important
with a man.
If it is only to be meaningful.
Visit asking me a cappuccino.
'Her brother muse Donatella
is the company's growing power.'
'His style is perfect
and honest than himself.'
She is a wise woman.
-Now He only will be proud of.
-Don't Start.
- 'Growing power', 'honest'
I'm tired of bickering.
He has a family.
Did not I?
-You Are, therefore, increasing the power.
Since -Syntymstni.
Then I can leave
Rome show on your hands.
-What I have done?
-Palaan Miami.
I thought that you enjoy other
mighty human company.
-Jttk Between the hard way the show?
-Hymyile, It is suitable ambition.
When you get back, I want to discuss
malleistani own.
Malleistasi? I am a designer.
I, Gianni Versace.
You're the only stylist.
Have fun in Miami.
Do not rehki too.
-Allegra Wants to join.
I am a mother, you're the only uncle.
15 JULY 1997
Very dramatic.
It looks good.
Maria, this is the scour deep,
if possible.
Audience must be surprised.
-On It is possible.
Good thank you.
-I Marco.
-I Got it.
Wait, here is Gianni.
-I Do not have time to talk.
-Use Marissaa and his attitude.
-How Chiffon Leah lands on the above?
-That's Fine.
-Joko Naomi came?
-As. Diana and Elton too.
Karen can not walk like a cow.
I live must be the power of the spirits.
Boots, no stiletto heels.
-Gianni, I know.
-Senti? Senti?
Also, W has to be a place
in the front row.
-What? I know what I'm doing.
Woman on the street must be like a warrior.
Enough already!
Play with your boyfriend.
Oh my God.
Gianni Versace
Versace muotisuunnittelija-
-ammuttiin Miami homes in the foreground.
Details are not known.
We can confirm that the hospital
he was pronounced dead.
You should not sit alone
here in the dark.
I grieve with you.
-Elmmme Center is gone.
-I Know.
Stupid moon.
-How It happens when the sun goes out?
-I Do not know.
It will be darkened.
Moon can not see without the sun.
Lucia aunt called.
He's coming tomorrow.
Good. We need him.
The elite met in the Duomo di Milanoon-
-Gianni Versace memorial ceremony.
Princess Diana, Elton John and Sting-
-surevat fashion designer
conjunction with the Versace family.
Thank you, Lucia.
What would we do without you?
-Where Antonio uncle is?
-We Are among the family.
He has a family.
Uncle Gianni would like him here.
Do not read it, Allegra.
-Now Is the time to go to bed.
-I Do not want.
You need to sleep.
It is difficult, but look,
that everything is in order.
-Come On, baby.
-Honey, Go to Aunt Lucia model.
-Tulen Give hyvnynsuukot.
-Now It's time to go.
-I I'll be right.
-Tulehan, Sweetheart.
-Tuletko You?
Panel. Need to call a couple of calls.
Things to do so much.
I do not know where to start.
So much was left without asking.
Do they know why?
Did he leave a message?
I see.
Thank you.
The murderer has been found.
I doubt Gianni knew him.
He killed himself
before the police arrive.
He was a serial killer.
He killed four before Giannia.
Children need to get the security guards.
Paparazzi following us.
Not so this may end.
Not like this can happen. Oh God.
Air time is six weeks.
-We Do not have time any.
Forced to make. People want to see
whether the end is here.
This is an important crossroads.
What's the plan?
Giannilla was a timetable for everything,
but it was in his head.
We could hire a Karl Lagerfeld.
We can not recruit
external designers.
The show gets an enormous amount of publicity.
Versace should be his mark.
You know best,
you would like Gianni.
Are you able to?
We understand if you can not.
I have to. I have to.
Was Daniel a lesson?
Did Allegra tanssikenkns?
Did they eat?
You're a real saint.
I do not like to wait.
-It Is too much fabric.
-Then It does not descend properly.
-Why Do you question me?
-I Know how Gianni work.
I, too, was there.
I'm not going to argue about this. Dec.
Send them a bottle of champagne.
Take care of the most urgent issues.
-This Has to be tight as the skin.
-No, It may be more stringent.
-Gianni ...
-He's Not here anymore!
-This Is not right.
-Gianni Would have given it to fly.
This does not work. I need someone else.
The group has supported me fully.
Back to work. We have a lot.
-They Are sleeping?
-Paulko Also? Good.
This is the case,
when you were 12 and you ran the clubs.
Oversaw all night long,
and I was worried.
We did not have any clubs.
I still have to do.
In the morning into buyers.
You have to eat and sleep.
Gianni would not want that uuvut.
He would be telling,
what he wants.
I gave Marco sacked.
He was Giannini aid from the beginning.
I take a shower
and then I'll go back.
I just wanted to see the kids,
even when they sleep.
I warm soup.
. -Honey! Hello.
I thought you should be sleeping.
'Today, 16 September 1996 '-
- 'I, Gianni Versace,
peruvian last will and testament.'
'I'll name my niece
Allagra Beck as the only perijkseni.'
'I'll leave Antonio D'Amicolle
- 'And the right to live
in any real estate.'
'I leave the art collection
sister's son Daniel Beck.'
Is not nothing for my family,
Donatella, or me?
He said he would leave the share of children.
-This Can not be true.
Is this what Gianni wanted?
I know what you're thinking.
Gianni loved me.
More than his family.
The company owns real estate.
You should obtain a lawyer.
We no longer need to talk about.
You could not take it,
that he loved me too.
-Why Do not you been with him?
-I Slept.
He applied for their leaves,
as he has a habit of. It was.
Do you think I wanted this?
-Olisinpa It was not me.
-Sit I hope.
Was this your idea?
Ask Lucialta. She knew.
You're lying! Stay away from my family.
-I Do not understand.
-Minut Has been named executor.
-What Does it mean?
-That You do not make decisions alone.
If you do not want to.
I do not want it! I do not want it ever.
I just want to Gianni's uncle.
Let him go.
It takes time.
-Tiesitk You?
-Tiesink What?
Would you do that later?
I have to do some work for him
after this period.
-No, You will not have to. Come on.
What about after that?
I would give everything to disappear, so
that Allegra will be left without heritage?
He either blame me
or ends up pomokseni.
I'm screwed.
Stop now.
-Why He hated me so?
-We Never understand this.
Me and my children love you.
It never changes.
The initials and signature.
There is still a signature.
-How Mark's primary exploration going?
Option is a lot.
Best of Valentino,
and one young guy from England.
Call her. We need someone to
a young, eye-catching and obey.
-What Do I do today?
-Oliver And Alyssa callipers.
They want the club.
How do I get through this day?
Do I have to beg?
You can not stand this pace.
You work twice the number
and grieve at the same time. Drugs do not help.
My head aches.
Could we to argue?
Children can not stand this.
Yes, I know it!
Take care of it. Take care of them.
I can not take any more.
Now try to rest in between.
. -Versacen Woman is sexy.
-Hyvnen Time.
-Now He is.
Raising the hem of yet
and added to the satin lining.
This is your vision?
You do not have time to fix it.
-You Do not a thing of the past?
-Tulin To say goodbye to people.
-Annoitko Sacked Marco
? -Yhteisest Agreement.
-You Do not have waited a little while?
-We Had to start from scratch.
However, you are compared Gianniin.
Good luck.
After the show, all the better.
We can go on vacation.
-Maybe Somewhere on the beach.
-Sounds Like fun.
-What's Wrong?
-Princess Diana. There have been crash.
Kolari should be investigated.
At this point, we only know
that Princess DIANA
-has died in a car crash in Paris.
The report has been confirmed by ...
Contrary-he was at the funeral.
-Why Would all die?
-Oh, Honey.
I do not know. No worries.
Keith wants to know
what asulla you decide to act.
Spacecraft instincts.
-It Tells you to ask Giannilta.
Corset. There is, after all, silk.
Would you take this?
-All Were there.
-Up To Armani. They applaud.
They came because Giannini.
The sad thing. Versace has collapsed.
How many years have you continue this?
He has been dead for three.
Paparazzi were waiting Allegraa.
One of them poured Lucia.
You heard me. Is that all?
-Palkkaan A new security guard.
-No, He do not want it.
-What Should I do?
-Juoda And intoxicate yourself tainnoksiin.
You're not a saint.
Neiman's has not made orders,
and Santo is my case.
You're the only woman,
which I loved.
It Donatella, I married, is gone.
I will go. I leave with you.
Alright. I'm moving to New York.
Children need a break.
-Puhuitko Them already?
-You Have not been there.
We arrange the schedule.
They suffer, especially Allegra.
Can you see it?
We need to stop quarreling.
Are you doing your homework?
-Puhu Me.
-There Is nothing to say.
-You Remember, even speak.
-Now Mouth closed.
-Jttk Perinntt
? -llttvsti Said.
Do you know what it is disgusting?
Soon you can give me fired.
I do not want to. I do not want this.
-What Do you want then?
-terminal Off.
Off the paparazzi and gossip trust.
Away from you.
You know what I want.
That things would be as before.
You can go to your father by.
I do not prevent.
I'll be in New York.
We will then match.
It would be nice.
We keep our girls' day.
We're going to dinner
and we're having fun.
I love you both.
-Muistakaa Call.
-See You, Aunt Lucia.
-Minulle Will miss.
-Yeah Us.
-Pitk Fun!
You've always been so defiant
and so sure.
I'm trying to take care of you.
I just can not anymore.
Do not bother.
You're not produce better,
but running just behind the ghost.
Gianni's gone,
but you're still here.
Came up with what you want to say.
Extract it of its models,
so all the women want them.
The actual wisdom.
Complete Lucia.
Friendship. Mother.
You know everything.
Also, all the secrets.
What do you mean?
It has to be slit.
It has to be in black,
orange and yellow.
-Are You sure?
'Versace Sales of collapse.
Looking for a view.'
Sales have fallen 60 per cent
. -September 11 killed Luxury sales.
As a designer
would be valid Prada.
-You Only know how to count money.
-Laskettavaa Is less.
'Donatella looks
boiled lobster night.'
You're a joke.
Gianni did not recognize you.
What is the brother love.
You do not understand what I have.
Maybe not, but Christopher Bailey
Burberry lifted to the top.
What have you done?
Destroyed heritage.
We have been the end of the options.
We have lost johtajakuntamme
and the face of bankruptcy.
-Sinhn It you're a banker.
-You Have to stop wasting!
I had to fire three,
that you would get that bracelet.
Things have to change.
This is silly. I do not get blue.
And what is this?
Not even a whore should be this.
-Tuotahan You wanted.
-Don't Argue.
Santoko this is on the back?
Are you trying to sabotage me?
What do you want?
You gonna button the autumn collection?
No one anything,
and talk behind my back.
-I Do not come because of it.
I'm leaving.
I got a place to Bergdorf.
-You Get a promotion.
-I Do not want your money.
-What Then?
-Pois A sinking ship.
Of course.
All the jumping overboard.
The reason for all other.
I've watched,
how you destroy yourself and the company.
It sees you and your labors.
You need to get me
to look good.
I'm not a magician.
And no one will get you to listen.
I adore you, but I can not.
Take this. Retirement jvillehn
given the gold watch.
I just resign.
After me
it feels like to retire upon.
My Allegri.
Wonderful, when you are at home.
Can you stay until your birthday?
-She Was so beautiful and endearing.
-lt's Been seven years.
The question still live.
Been murdered Diana,
because he was waiting for Dodin children?
-Hemmetin Conspiracy theories. Valetta!
-iti, Calm down.
Paparazzi him killed.
They do not leave anyone alone!
Lying Pigs!
That's the blue dress.
I remember it. We gave it to him
after her divorce.
He loved it. He said
it wearing dance throughout the evening.
-Look. No, let be.
-What Happened?
Stop it! Everything is fine.
I had an accident.
Do not touch anything!
That's enough, Donatella.
I have been asked to step aside.
Replace me will be Giancarlo di Risio.
Who cares creditors?
You do not understand and you do not care.
The company has been in my whole life.
-It Is not my fault.
-No, Of course not.
Every morning, a seven-year time
-I opened silmni-
-And did not know,
I'm not as good as he.
Then I come to work,
and he haunts here.
He teases me and laughing at me.
Hates me, because I try.
All is not to do with you.
I also lost my brother.
You owe us 120 million,
which you do not have.
Company lost 97 million.
-We Have two new contracts.
-We Want to payment of real estate.
-Ette Can take our homes.
-In Addition, you owe me five million.
Earrings are not workflow.
And the New York apartment
interior decoration.
You also have the property in art.
The alternative is bankruptcy.
You sit there like a vulture.
May I speak directly?
I have been asked for a new leader.
Without changes in the company collapse.
You had to be very brief
I manage my own
and the share of Allegra.
A leash is best not to be
a diamond decorated.
70 percent scratch is zero.
There is only our name.
I am a Versace!
I do not agree with those worthy of criticism.
Before they gave us everything.
Honey, what are you doing here?
If I do this,
I need help.
I hired a counselor.
I'll soon share of management.
-Mr Di Risio.
-A Welcome, Allegra.
Do you know him?
You always told me to lead.
-Why Did not you tell me?
He asked for my help.
We neither need your permission.
He hates this area,
but everything is in his hands.
-He Can not stand.
-He's Stronger than you.
I incentive for you.
I'm your biggest fan.
Giannini died, I knew
that would to rise to the occasion.
Mostly because of yourself,
because you wanted it.
Do you realize how much happens
to realize he was wrong?
Go away. Go away!
Hope something, honey.
-That's Great.
Now you're officially my boss.
What now?
We love you,
but we can not keep track of self-destruction.
We never know when you get angry.
We are afraid all the time.
What is this is
? -You Assistance.
Are you on their side?
I trusted you, and now you turn
my children against me.
-He Has only taken care of you.
-Yes, Probably, guilt.
He knew Testament
did not say anything.
It happened after the dispute.
He was angry, as so many times.
I did not think that he would do so.
What are the benefits you are?
You'd be dead Giannini included.
Straighten up, or do us a favor
and stop yourself.
You have to choose.
Either you live alone and in self-pity
or you start from the beginning.
Surrounded by loving people.
Aircraft will bring you a treat.
-Who Is it paid?
-And If I refuse?
-Then We cut Our relationship with you.
Mother, do not force us to go
to other's funeral.
Thank you.
-I Hate this.
-Don't Then not a good girl.
What do you want?
-Lhte Study.
Enter your company di Rision the lead.
Find your place in the world.
-Yes, I'm going to do.
-Lhdetk You?
I should not be here,
when he returns.
Go to her.
Tell me what you feel.
-You Look great.
I had a hard miss you. Come on.
What's new? Tell me everything.
The school has gone well.
I've been playing football.
That's great.
What about the girls?
-Va Bene.
I decided to apply to study
here in the USA.
-It's Great.
Di Risio keep me up to date.
I was going to tell you earlier,
but you did not want to meet.
I would have liked to meet you,
but I could not.
-Hpesin. I've been a bad mother.
-No, It is not true.
-We Are cleaned retrace your steps.
-Hey, He tries.
It's okay, honey.
This is not your goal.
I have betrayed you.
Now it's a new day.
I stopped drinking.
I do not use drugs anymore.
I no longer controlled nights.
I gave up all that.
I'm going to be the mother that you deserve.
I can not ask you
to trust me.
I hope that you trust.
-Kaunista Lipstick.
-Nin Woman should start the day.
Oh, dear.
I love you both so much.
I'm here now.
Will you take them upstairs?
I'd have a heart attack!
Hey honey!
I got scared.
Welcome home.
Is that supposed to be me?
It is wonderful.
-Where Are Santo and Lucia?
-They Did not consider joining appropriate.
-Haetaan Plates.
-I Will raise this.
You look good.
-Lihoin A little bit, but I feel good.
You look beautiful.
Rehabilitation was certainly difficult.
It was, but it was
a surprisingly inspiring.
What about the dress code?
Interest rates was more difficult to give up
the cocaine.
-Toivottavasti Santo forgive.
-There Are already adopted.
He loves you
and is proud of you.
Let's eat cake.
This is a pigsty.
What do think and buyers have?
-It Will be cleaned in a week.
-Heti Or cleaning the house itself.
I'm trying to imagine clean up the mess.
It does not then negotiate.
Lower use better costumes.
You can not represent us looking like that.
I'll do you a favor.
Unsold products
1,5 million.
If kirjaisitte them a loss,
we could start over.
-If You agree to ...
-I'm a short leash.
Mean there are diamonds.
As I am sure you have heard,
I liked a few months off.
Being absent I talked to
the right of women co-
-lt's what they want.
Versace began Giannista.
As with any sign,
we need to regenerate.
This collection is a contemporary women.
The October show is smaller
and just finished clothes.
What about evening dresses
? -Donatellan Strategy was brilliant.
Screenings are private,
and customers pay their journey.
I make clothes that your wife wants
and your daughter wants to borrow.
of course I will always care.
Are you involved in?
All depends on the spectacle.
You need orders.
Now would be a need for agents.
It was a joke!
Is the madness over?
Of course not. I was crazy, seeing
even before the drugs.
-And shouting, they are out of stock.
I want each of you tietvn-
-that I'm sorry.
I appreciate the fact
that you're here now.
I would like to replace you all,
if only you will give.
This collection is a modern woman.
He must be strong, seksiks-
-itsevarma and beautiful.
She can do anything.
We can do it,
but I need all of you.
-Valmista Be ...
-six week.
I have never been so bare.
Fortunately, we know how to dress you up.
? -Tuosta Should get the punishment.
-All Right violation.
-Kerron Allegri, that you came.
-Olisin Sent the driver.
-Allegra Sent. We see juonimme.
Did you get my letter?
-No, I was wrong.
You could not tell Testament,
because you were betrayed by Giannini.
We rely on you the most.
-I Do not want to hurt you.
-I Know.
I know that you love me.
I knew it all the time.
-Where Are your bags?
-Asun Hotel.
It does not happen. Are you crazy?
Your home is here.
-Sit Except I do not want to waste.
-You Really are changed.
I'm glad that you're here.
This works. I'd like to try
peach gabardiinia.
It might work.
-This Is the eighth company.
-Don't Worry, it will not become yellow.
I do not worry at all, they are beautiful.
Why am I
asked to come back?
-Since Your name is by the door.
If this range is not great,
I will step aside.
This is not a copy of it,
what I think I want to Giannini.
This is my my collection.
If it does not work,
I do not have any more to give.
Let's do it then success.
I'll get the fabric.
Who is studying an actor?
Teen kandini presentation
and my thesis pretense.
There is much more to it.
We have a lot of work to do.
-You Warm clothes ...
-I'll take care of it myself.
I hope it fits.
Where is he lingers? Lucia!
-Katsopas You!
-You're Beautiful.
-Tein It for you.
-Full Surgery.
Practical, but sexy.
This above it seems to me ...
the most powerful!
From that comes the wild.
They still gasping for breath.
-Is That the seam straight
? -seams Are always straight.
Grazie. Bellissima.
There are Vogue,
Glamour, InStyle, all.
Why are you so surprised
and nervous?
The music then you have to be
really hard.
Is everything ready?
Where is the Allegra?
The collection seems to you.
Gianni would be proud of you.
You have built something beautiful
to his foundations.
I am thinking of him so much
before the show.
We talked about just before the shooting.
I screamed and hung up on me because I
. Then he died.
-Why Did you tell about it now?
-Tunnen Myself guilty.
He was not shot,
because you cried for him.
That's the way you loved.
The three of us we had something wonderful time.
All are located. If for once,
not let them wait.
On your marks. Show your sexy.
A lot of attitude.
Walk suitable speed.
After all, the music loud?
BACK splendor of
He still did not
wear sandals