House on Haunted Hill (1959) Movie Script

The ghosts you is
moving tonight.
They are Restless, hungry.
Can I show up?
I Am Watson Pritchard.
In one minute I will show them
the bewitched only house... the world.
Since it was built ago
already one century, seven people,
including my brother,
they have been murdered in her.
From then on, I am
the owner of the house.
I only spent there one night,
and when they found me
in the morning... was almost dead.
I am Frederick Loren.
And I rented the house of the
bewitched hill... that my wife could
to give a party.
The party of the bewitched house.
He likes to entertain.
He/she will have eaten, drink and ghosts.
and perhaps some murders.
All companies are.
If anyone of you. he/she can
next 12 hours to happen,
in this house, I will give to each
one 10 thousand dollars.
Or to their heir in case
that they don't survive.
Ah, I see that they are arriving
the other companies.
i it was idea of my wife...
i that the companies came
in a funeral retinue.
i it is so ocurrente.
i Their sense of humor
it is so...
i ...original.
i after one night in the
he/she marries of the bewitched hill, /i
i Who does know?
i He is Schroeder he/she Rushes,
a pilot of tests.
i Without doubts a valiant man.
i But they don't believe that one can
to join anger if they pay him/her?
i AND I know that Lanz needs those
10.000 that I will give him/her.
i provided he/she has the one
value to spend the night.
i She is Ruth Bridgers.
i without a doubt they have read
their column in the newspapers.
i he/she Says that the reason that
he/she came to the party it is because he/she wants...
i write a special note
on ghosts.
i he/she Also needs the money with
desperation. It is betting.
i they Already knew Watson Pritchard.
i A man to the one that the house
it kills him of fear, but equally...
i it is willing to take a risk
their life once again.
i I wonder: Reason?
i He says that it is for money.
i This is Dr. David Trent.
A psychiatrist.
i he/she Says that my ghosts
they will help him with a work...
i that carries out on the hysteria.
i But they don't notice a small one
do I leave there of greed?
i around those
eyes and of the mouth?
i She is Nora Manning.
i TO her I chose it among the thousands
of people that work...
i for my, because her
he/she needs the 10 thousand dollars.
i it Maintains to an entire family.
Not it is beautiful?
i The party is beginning
and they have until the midnight, /i
i to find the...
And well, Where are all?
Not it is a greeting very
warm truth?
Only the ghosts of the house
they are happy of seeing us here.
Maybe none of us
is it known?
You. don't two know each other?
I fear myself that not even
I know their name.
I Am Nora Manning.
Schroeder Rush.
Fredrick Loren,
Is his friend?
I know about him, but never
I have known it.
I work in one
of their companies.
But I have never seen it.
Me neither, only
I received a call.
- You. does he/she know it?
- No.
Then you. it is the only one
here that yes?
I don't know it.
All the details on
the rent of the house...
...they were made by mail.
- Is it quite rich, truth?
- He/she has millions.
He/she already had 5 wives if not
I make a mistake.
Up to now they are 4, I believe.
A party of 50.000 dollars
only for 5 people.
And it is something expensive still for
a millionaire.
If he/she wanted to scare somebody
this it would be the ideal house.
Who closed the door?
It is made of solid steel.
Our companies already arrived
and fortunately alive.
Did you already put on makeup?
Powder and dirt for all sides
and there is hardly water.
- You could have cleaned it before.
- It is to create more ambient.
You already know lover
the ghosts are not meticulous...
It is a very sensual group,
but not very worthy of a party.
Not I will go to the party.
The Party Ghost was
does he/she devise your, do you remember?
Since I will find difficult 50.000 dollars...
...I want that the enjoyments.
The party was my idea until
that you made the invitations...
Reason strangers? Reason
not our friends?
Do we maybe have friends?
No. Your jealousies
they took charge of that.
He/she had a reason
for each guest.
He/she wanted to have a
very blended public.
From a psychiatrist
to a dactilgrafa.
And from a drunkard
to a jet pilot.
All share the same thing:
They need the money.
Now we will see if they have
the value to be won it.
And to this flames a party?
It could be it.
Reason always faces that?
It ruins the champagne.
- Perhaps explode.
- Never him ago.
Can you guarantee it?
- Not it is amusing, Frederick.
- He/she would be a great holder.
Playboy murders his wife
with a cork of champagne.
- Do you want a little?
- No, thank you.
A swig would improve your humor.
My humor is very well, thank you.
And it is not poisoned.
It is good to know it.
He/she drinks a little, you will enjoy
more than the party.
We go.
Your trust is so moving.
And I won't go to the party.
Of all my wives, you are
the less obliging one.
But I still continue alive.
You would leave for a million
tax-free dollars?
Do you want everything, truth?
I deserve it.
Your jealousies are not free
of taxes.
And you are so possessive that
you return me madwoman.
If at some time a man
he/she had reasons to get divorced...
- But it could not prove them...
- The moment will already arrive.
- One day you will make an error.
- Does that believe?
If I live enough.
You remember how you had a good time
when you poisoned me?
Something that you had eaten,
the doctor said.
If, arsenic with ice.
You would make it again if can
to go out you with yours, truth?
Does reason think that affection?
There is something on you...
I heard that hung norir
it is very uncomfortable.
For if you planned to attempt it
Not leave that the ghosts
and the demons bother you, lover.
Affection, the only demon
in this house you are you.
Don't spend the night thinking
in how to come undone of me.
They will leave you wrinkles.
This is what she used with
my brother and my sister.
It cut them in pieces.
We find their pieces
for the whole house.
In the places
but unsuspected.
The strangest thing is that never
they found their heads.
The hands, the feet, things this way...
But any head.
The furious wife threatened to
their husband with a knife.
And in a hysteria outburst
he/she stabbed him and it could not stop.
I don't doubt it. To how many
Sr killed. Pritchard?
Only at two. To their husband
and to their sister.
Not there was nobody here.
So there are two heads
loose rotating somewhere around?
They can listen to them at night.
They whisper among them
and later they cry.
The host didn't still arrive.
They could serve me
something of drinking?
With pleasure, what does he/she want?
Good night.
I am their host,
Frederick Loren.
As none it is known.
Let us make it while we drink.
Sr. Loren.
I advise him/her that it cancels
this party now.
The ghosts you is already
moving and that is bad sign.
I apologize for my wife,
we will be united later.
- What does he/she want?
- Scottish with ice.
- Doctor?
- The same thing.
Before the party begins.
Let us review the details.
The landlords will leave
a midnight.
Leaving contained us until
that they return in the morning.
Once the door is
closed you cannot come out.
The grills of the window
they are worthy of a jail.
And the only door to the exterior
it seems a safe.
Not there is electricity.
Neither telephone.
The nearest neighbor
it is to Kilometers.
That is to say there is not
how to request help.
As in a casket.
Therefore, if some prefers
to leave before the party... will warn me before
of the midnight.
Undoubtedly if they leave,
I won't be able to them to pay anything.
To my they interest me their
reason for
Besides the burnisher company.
The ghosts, doctor.
I believe that all wonder
what they would make...
...if they saw a ghost.
And now my wife offers us
the possibility to know it.
Interesting. If the ghosts,
...they are only creations
of the hysteria... would mean that their party
it will be a success.
Sr. Pritchard promises us
genuine ghosts.
Now already they are seven.
Maybe more
before the dawn.
How amusing.
They have already murdered to
4 men in this house.
And 3 women.
He/she planned their party very well,
there are 4 men and 3 women.
There is a ghost
for each one.
Sr. Pritchard, reason
it doesn't show us the house...
...And let us see that it happens.
Do they come that stain?
It is blood.
A girl
it was murdered here.
What has killed her was not
human. Don't stop there!
What does he/she say?
Too much afternoon
they already marked it.
Not be ridiculous, the roof
maybe it drips.
It should be that. Who
would he/she want to harass me?
He/she would say that any ghost
with self-esteem.
I hope he/she doesn't return.
Sr. Pritchard, you are a
true comedian.
And newly it begins.
What there is of the man that hurtled
to their wife in a vat of wine?
That was in the basement.
There was a murder in almost
any place of the house.
All this used to belong him/her
to a certain Norton.
Not he/she died here.
It was electrocuted later.
Sr. Norton experienced
a lot with the wine.
But their wife didn't like it.
So it filled a vat
with acid and it threw it inside.
He/she would have to be had
been submerged.
But the bones emerged.
It is something curious,
but none of the murders
of here they are ordinary.
Shots, stabs...
All have been
quite scatterbrained...
Violent and different.
Less bad than not
he/she fell inside.
Is there still there acid?
It destroys all that has,
hair or meat.
He/she only leaves the bones.
Go, yes that is dry
and powdery here.
Because there is a cure for
that arrives, we go.
How it got that
did they invite it to this party?
- No. Let them to be ahead.
-What he/she offered to you.?
Sr. Loren said that all
they would perceive 10 thousand dollars.
But he/she didn't say anything
on being contained?
To my he/she talked me on the phone.
But he/she didn't say anything on
to have to stay.
Won't he/she stay?
If I don't make it I will lose
10 thousand dollars.
I will also stay.
- 10 thousand dollars.
- It is this way.
Does he/she believe in ghosts?
I don't know it.
The doctor is right, one
he/she can autosugestionarse.
He/she has spent with the airplanes.
I saw things that were not there.
Or yes?
What will he/she make with the 10 thousand?
If we obtain them.
Does reason say "if we obtain" them?
He/she won't pay us if
do we stay?
Of course. For him 10 thousand
they are the same thing that cents...
...for us.
We had an accident
of automobile.
Now I am the only of the
family that he/she can work.
I never saw so many doors.
Does it drive to some side?
Please help me!
Rush fu!
And I saw a ghost!
A ghost? do they come?
Please come!
Did he/she say that fu Rushes?
To where you fu?
We will demolish it!
Be with key!
With key?
Is it well?
Anything that the money
it cannot cure.
I have hit me
the head.
The only way to be hit
the head here inside,
It would be against a wall.
Did that make not, or yes?
Better we blindfolded it.
I wonder: Reason
didn't they kill him?
The head was not hit,
they hit it.
Nora, when he/she entered,
did something say on a ghost?
- There was something.
- How was it?
It was dressing something black,
It arrived him/her until the floor.
Didn't he/she get scared?
That, Sr. Loren, is hysteria.
And then as explaining the
that it happened him/her to he/she Rushes?
That hysteria is also?
That should be revised
in one day or two.
Thank you, doctor.
Wait for me in the living room.
The ghosts you is
bringing near, Sr. Loren.
He/she really believes in their
ghosts mascots.
And before it finishes the
night, you. he/she will also make it.
- Do rush, does he/she want to drink something?
- No, thank you.
To my yes I would like it.
A Scotsman with ice.
Loren, seriously will pay him/her
to those that spend the night?
Clear, 10 thousand dollars.
Will there be a lot of bureaucracy, delays?
- Hurried, lover?
- To tell the truth, yes.
I am desperate.
Here you have lover.
Somebody or something was here
when I entered, but where?
And if the door was with
key, like it left?
You could have
seen a ghost.
But what was
with me, it was not it.
I don't know it, it was
very afraid.
To t also you
does it sound different?
One, two, three, four.
4 meters.
One, two.
I will hit the other wall.
When you listen to me,
you hit of this side.
i it Hits more below!
Oh, Rush!
I saw it again!
- From where did he/she come?
- Of here inside.
But if it had left of
here he/she had seen it.
Rush, he/she doesn't run,
only fleet.
Yes, but, Reason
didn't I see it?
You don't believe me!
How would it rot?
I am Annabelle Loren.
You. it should be Srta. Manning.
I know that this it is one
very unusual party...
...and I fear myself that boring.
Not he/she does want to refresh?
This is their room.
Depressing, truth?
I doubt that it happens a lot
time in him.
It will rain. The climate pefecto
for my husband's party.
Did reason come?
He/she said that he/she would give me
10 thousand dollars.
- Reason chose it to you.?
- I don't know it.
My supervisora came and he/she told me
that it had been invited.
He/she makes how much that knows
to my husband?
Tonight was the first time.
Reason you.?
How ago marauding alone?
It was in the basement with he/she Rushes.
Sr. Schroeder.
I decided to leave.
Don't make it again.
Not go anywhere alone.
Put on makeup if he/she wants. I will come
for you. in some minutes.
But me...
It is in danger.
All he are.
But of who?
For its well wait that
never discover it.
I Am Annabelle Loren.
Is something looking for?
Not exactly.
- You. is the doctor?
- No, I am Schroeder he/she Rushes.
- The pilot. Did he/she injure?
- Only a blow in the head.
- Which is my room?
- I believe that this.
Thank You, Sra. Loren.
Annabelle, Rush.
You. it was in the basement
with the youth.
- Was reason so bad?
- Was he?
And You. it doesn't seem of the type that
one is hitting the head.
What did it really happen, do Rush?
Well, Nora thought that she had seen
a ghost, but I didn't see anything.
Was it scared then?
And also angry.
I took him/her the hair.
I would not joke on him
that it happens here tonight.
He/she won't tell me that he/she takes
this seriously.
You. No?
I would only like to know
what it hit me.
If I need help,
can I count on you?
Yes, clear, I suppose that yes.
Look, reason doesn't tell me
what it is happening here.
About what is it this party?
This is not any party.
He is planning something.
- Their husband?
- God willing he/she knew what it is.
It should be quite big
if it will invest 50 thousand dollars.
He doesn't care money.
He/she has a reason to bring us
to this damned house.
Reason? He/she not even knows us.
Maybe be for that reason exactly
that they are here?
And reason believes that you
would it go out with his?
He believes that rich people
you goes out always with his.
For if he/she doesn't know it,
I am their fourth wife.
The first simply
it disappeared.
The other ones two died.
I don't want unrmeles.
He/she is telling me that him...
Their doctors say that they were
for heart attacks.
Two 20 year-old youths.
- And what is he able to make?
My husband loses the reason
for the jealousies.
In that moment he doesn't care
anything. Please take care.
Would it hurt it?
It would kill me if he/she could.
Annabelle, you are getting lost
the amusement.
To Nora Manning almost
the bush a chandelier.
To the pilot they hit him/her
the head.
- Is malherido?
- The psychiatrist blindfolded it.
Not you do want go to console him?
As the sheafs with almost all
the men. To your way.
You are so ingenious, Frederick.
Step the nights in candle,
wondering reason...
...I married you.
He/she would say that it was an error.
You didn't marry me.
I married you,
Fu something unpleasant,
but it was not an error.
Frederick, for last time,
I won't go to your party.
And for last time, it is not
my party, is yours.
And yes you will go.
- Not I will go.
- Dear list?
- No.
- Dear list?
Yes, damned you are.
You would love me so much
if it was poor?
No, you only want to be one
beautiful widow.
It is already almost hour of
to close the house.
Then your party
it will really begin...
I wonder: How will it finish?
- It lacks little for the midnight.
- It is well, at once under.
- Who is?
- Their host, Nora.
It lacks little for
the midnight.
We all will meet
in the living.
It is well, Sr. Loren,
at once I go.
They come with us.
They come with us, before
that it kills you.
Where this Nora?
Srta. Manning?
Not I want to stay here!
Nora, what did it happen?
He is Jonas Slydes
and their wife.
They have been the landlords
during many years.
Did he/she know that she is blind?
I won't stay here!
Doctor, seems that we have
a true case of hysteria.
I believe that it is only a little
dismayed, not hysterical.
Good night.
Hello, lover.
This is my wife.
They are our companies.
i Ruth Bridgers.
i Dr. Trent.
i they Already know Watson
i Nora Manning and...
i He is Schroeder he/she Rushes.
Take out me of here!
And that there are of the 10 thousand?
I don't care it.
He/she wants to kill me.
Who does want to kill you?
Sr. Loren.
Their attention please.
I believe that all remember
the agreement that we made.
On spending the whole night.
10 thousand dollars each one.
If some of you. he/she doesn't survive.
The 50 thousand dollars will be distributed
among the remaining ones.
If the one that dies is me...
They will receive the money to
inclination of my testament.
When the landlords close
with key the door,
We all will be forced to
to stay until the morning.
If some decided not to stay...
he/she will retire with those
caretakers now.
Then they won't be able to change
of opinion...
because there won't be
it forms of leaving.
- Not I want to stay!
- It awaits.
It is not still midnight.
Who did authorize them to leave?
They never retire before
of the midnight.
This time yes they made it.
He/she will ask them if
they wanted to stay or not...
but seemingly
the landlords already decided for you.
Now all are contained.
But I don't want to stay.
I sit down it dear but now
it is already too much afternoon.
Affection, you have not had a good time
already with this stupid game?
Get them one cars
and it lets them to leave.
But before, pay them.
This is your party,
remember it.
Although my wife believes
that I can make until...
the impossible thing, we all will should
to remain in this house...
up to eight in the morning.
But we have some gifts
of the party for you...
in these small caskets.
It was idea of my wife.
I find it something dangerous.
I suppose that all already
they know how to use them.
but in the event of not being this way...
They should only lower the hammer
with their thumb and...
to press the trigger.
As they come, they are loaded.
These won't serve against those
dead, only the alive ones.
We go, take it.
Sra. Bridgers.
- And here yours, affection is,
- I don't need it.
It was your idea.
Who knows, maybe want
to use it with me...
before it finishes the night.
Throw these weapons,
they won't serve them as anything.
I agree
with Pritchard in that.
But not for the same reason.
Dr. Trent...
Not do approve our gifts?
Let Us Suppose that Nora
he/she had had a he/she arms...
when it confused the lady
it blinds with a ghost.
Not I believe that nobody more he/she walks
somewhere around in the darkness.
Not I believe that we walk for
there to the shots, you. yes?
Who does know?. The fear provokes
strange acts in people.
Sr. Pritchard, you. he/she said that its
brother-in-law killed a man and...
to a woman here, and
did it quarter them?
He/she said that they had found
the hands and the feet...
But never their heads.
He/she wants to see one of
those heads?
They want to see it you.?
Then follow me!
Affection, I don't need it.
Notice my valise.
We go, notice.
But it was there inside!.
The head of a woman!
Nora, I believe that it is
a little perturbed.
Does he/she want a tranquilizer?
Leave! Leave all!
Leave and leave me alone!
Leave once and for all!
He/she believes that it is well
to leave it alone?
He/she had preferred that
he/she took the sedative one.
What does it suppose that he/she will have seen?
They are more and more close.
Doc look, I believe that somebody
he/she should stay with her.
They could surround it with
a million people...
If they want it they will take it to him...
And if he/she is right?
It is too drunk
to make sense.
Not I am so sure.
I will already return with you.
He/she believes that it would serve as something
if you. did he/she speak with her?
He/she believes that there was one
head in their valise?
I don't know it.
Something like that to my me
it would take out of frame.
It could stay here in
case that he/she needs help?
It is well. I will be in
my room. Call me.
Thank you.
It is for sure only
are there seven people in the house?
except for for the ghosts.
Not I believe in the ghosts
neither in scaring women.
In the case of Nora,
it was already too far.
Maybe it was surpassed.
What he/she suggests that
do make, doctor?
Don't scare her more!
What does he/she know on this?
They took it to him. Inside
a while will belong one to them.
Where is Nora?
Where is it?
Too much afternoon.
It is too much afternoon.
He/she will never find it
Pritchard, if he/she knows where
be, better tells it to me now!
He/she left!, He/she left with them!
And there is not anything that he/she can
to make in this respect.
Lower it!
It is dead, Sr. Loren.
Their he/she engages it hung.
Rush! Nora!
Rush, please hide.
- What does it happen you?
- Hide!
It was about killing me.
It was about strangling me,
And it put me in a room.
And later he/she left
and he/she left me.
He/she thought that it was
dead and he/she left.
Sr. Loren.
Are you sure of that?
I don't know it. It was dark,
but it should have been him.
Somebody has seen you
since he/she left you?
I heard people in that room, but
I passed of long. Nobody saw me.
Sra. Loren is dead.
Loren says that he/she committed suicide.
But I believe that
somebody killed her.
I am for sure he/she thinks
the same thing that me.
If. I believe that yes.
Reunmonos all
and let us decide what to make.
- The living?
- It is well. In one minute.
I should lower.
Contain you here and don't leave that
nobody finds out that you are here.
If he/she believes that you are dead
he/she won't come here.
I will return neither well he/she can.
You will be well.
And if it is necessary...
use it.
So beautiful,
so greedy,
so cold.
- What is he/she making here?
- Stop, maybe him...
Is reason here?
- Not I want them to take it to him.
- It is drunk.
- They will make it if I don't watch over her.
- Be drunk!.
Let us go, Pritchard admit!
Is reason here?
- I am the only one that understands.
- Does he/she understand what?
That their wife is no longer there,
they were already united.
Pritchard, I already got tired of
their chatter of ghosts.
Leave of here and don't return!
Where the such one is...?
Not I want to bother it because
I don't believe that this concerns him/her.
He/she is right.
Sr. Loren, Not is some form
of already abandoning this house?
No. None.
We could try to force
our exit?
The only door to the exterior
it is made of steel.
The grills are embedded
in solid stone.
We should stay.
I don't fear their ghosts,
Sr. Pritchard.
But I am afraid.
When we came here
some hours ago,
The only thing that we shared was
the prize of 10 thousand dollars.
Now we share something more.
The death of Sra. Loren.
Up to now, to somebody almost
it kills him a chandelier.
Another received a mysterious blow.
There is one that is the one
embroider of the hysteria.
And another is dead.
Were accidents maybe?
And we should stay here
six hours more?
6 hours?
And 6 people.
- It is time more than enough.
- Who will continue?
How will it happen?
Allow me to ask him/her
something doctor.
You. it was the first in finding
to my dead wife.
Vi something on that which
could you have ascended?
- And later to jump?
- No.
Some of you?
Not there was anything.
Then how it arrived there?
- So high,
- Exactly, Sr. Loren, How?
Not it could have been gone up
until there.
Not it could have fallen
of the ceiling.
He/she believes that their wife
did he/she commit suicide?
They murdered it.
It was some of you.
Or you, Mister Loren.
To kill somebody you
he/she should have a reason.
None of us
he/she knew their wife.
Only You. he/she had reasons
to murder it.
That I handcuff he/she didn't want some
time to kill their wife?
That I handcuff he/she has not had
a thousand opportunities...
of making it in such a way
that it would be never suspicious?
Not I am so idiotic of
to hang my wife...
of the ceiling
with a rope.
The fact is that you...
or one of us murdered
to Mrs. Loren.
- And it is matter of the police.
- And how do we warn to the police?
It is what I am saying.
Not we can until the morning.
What began as
a stupid party...
of an eccentric, now
it involves us in a murder.
In something he/she is right Pritchard.
If one is planning another
murder, let us stop it now.
- Another murder?
- Reason not?
Maybe somebody too much vi?
Reason a millionaire us
he/she would want to give 10 thousand dollars...
only to spend one night
in a dismal house?
To see ghosts and
to enjoy a party?
- No.
- Did it already finish their trial, doctor?
And which is the verdict?
Guilty of murder?
This doesn't condemn anybody.
Somebody killed Sra. Loren,
that already knows it.
One of us is guilty and
the innocent rest. Of agreement.
What we should make during
next six hours...
it is to protect us...
one of the other one.
- He/she really believes...?
- I don't believe anything.
I only know that I will go
to my room.
And if somebody is about entering
I will shoot against him...
...or her.
And if we all stay in
our own rooms...
we will be sure.
Because the innocent one won't have
reasons to abandon their room,
and the culprit will admit
their blame if him or her him ago.
And we all have weapons.
Are all of agreement?
jala tonight it already finished.
Rooms? Weapons?
They won't serve us as anything.
They didn't still finish
with us...
For what reason to wish us
a good night?
Good night.
Good night, doctor
i Nora, I am I, Rush.
Are you well?
All are in their rooms,
and they blocked the door.
Rush, I was thinking.
It was so dark there below.
Maybe it was not Sr. Loren.
For sure it was him. It tried
of killing you and it killed their wife.
- How are you so sure?
- She tried to warn me.
He/she requested me help.
The doctor believes that he will attempt
to kill one of us.
It should have an exit
and I will find it...
to bring to the police
before he kills us.
I will go with you.
If he/she discovers that you are alive...
No, Nora, you are surer here
that in any other side.
Now he/she locks
and don't make noise.
If I find an exit
I will come to look for you.
A blame admission, doctor?
Undoubtedly not. Or there is somebody
more in this house...
or somebody abandoned their room.
Did something listen?
- Music of an organ.
- That and somebody walking.
Does his have?
You. revise below and
I will revise here up.
Reason not together?
Maybe the life of somebody
it depends on some minutes.
Reason to lose the time?
We already almost finish affection.
Each detail was perfect.
- What is it happening?
- We have achieved it.
The perfect crime.
It is beautiful.
Did she already kill him?
Even not.
But he/she will make it.
Take off this harness
to hang me.
Reason delays so much
that woman? What time is it?
At the beginning I didn't achieve that Nora
it was protected with a he/she arms.
After your appearance
in the window...
..everything came out as we plan it.
You were wonderful.
The final touch to take it
to the total hysteria.
All our planning
it will be worthwhile.
Where is Nora now?
- That it is happening?
- He/she goes in route to the basement.
He/she is so afraid that
it will shoot to any thing.
- And Frederick?
- Also in route to the basement.
David, you are for sure
will none suspect of us?
Of what?
That a hysterical one him
do shoot for accident to somebody?
Who would suspect that
do we plan this way it?
That we push it to make it?
- What is there of my husband?
Only a joke of one
party of ghosts.
We will say that he/she was a puppet.
I only played you.
- And the landlords?
- Not they knew that they made.
What is there with Nora?
Your you know that he/she is not a fool.
Believe me affection, all that that
we drift it is working.
Nora is sure that Frederick
he/she murdered you.
He/she believed that that of the basement
he/she was Frederick, not me.
And now Nora is almost
outside of yes for the fear.
The heads, the music
and your ahorcamiento.
When Frederick enters there,
it will shoot him/her.
It is delaying a lot.
David, you should be there.
When you listen the shot
it goes down to the basement.
Nora! No!
i finally you got everything.
i All that I have,
even my life.
i But you won't live
to enjoy it.
i they Come with me murderess,
they come with me.
Good night, doctor.
Good night, Annabelle.
The crime that you/they drifted
it was really perfect.
Only the victim is alive
and the murderers not.
They should have known when
they began their macabre game...
...that I was also playing.
It should have some way
of entering there!
It is exactly here,
in some side.
I shot Sr. Loren!
It is in the cellar.
- Is it alive?
- I don't believe it.
It is him!
Be alive!
You didn't shoot anybody,
my lover.
I loaded your weapon
with salvos.
Now I can count all...
...that Trent and my wife
they planned to kill me.
They failed.
Trent tried to hurtle
to the vat.
And my wife tripped
and he/she fell inside.
I will undergo the justice... that they decide if I am
guilty or innocent.
Now they are 9.
there will be more, many more.
Now they come for my.
And then they will come for you.