Housefull 3 (2016) Movie Script

Don't you date move!
You've the right to remain silent.
Don't you date move
oI else We will shoot you!
Hello, everyone.
How's everyone doing?
Hey Martin, having a Martini, huh?
Hi. How are you?
Good! Good! Good!
MaIgIet, keep serving
sausages to everyone.
Hey Hites...
- All ne.
- Is she your latest?
Call it the gIace of God.
Batook, my iend!
Looking at your success...
makes me Ieally happy.
Human beings should always he happy,
you know.
Because even Gautaufs...
'Gamh]1i1' (Serious).
I am the one Who's Ieally happy.
Because you didn't come alone...
...f0I the inaugulation
of GJS shippiugk new branch.
In fact, you hIought
your Wife and kids too.
I'll tell you Why I
hIought them heIe lateI.
First call your daughteIs.
Should I?
" Sataswati! "
So Maalaya, they are my GJS.
My LhIee cultuled jewels.
You've come foI the table, right?
Come foI the table meaning,
are you com-foI-tahle?
It's a liteIal translation.
You see, they grew up
in a English sunoundjng...
...hut sometimes their
Iudian-ness comes out...
wand the end Iesult is
a totally diffeIent translation.
So tell me. Maalaya.
You said call the gills.
Now they are heIe, so tell me.
Batookml Want my sons Harry,
Harsh and
...t0 marry your LhIee daughteIs.
I was thinking they can
have a Wedding in Turkey...
Maalaya, I am the only
aLheI on this planet...
...W].\0 doesn't Want his
daughteIs to get married.
I will neveI let my
daughteIs marry anyone. . .eveI!
Call it a muse, oI had luck.
I don't know.
But my family's been enduring
this ill-fate foI decades.
Within 3 years ofmarriage,
my patents split.
My darling Wife Halal...
mpassed-away aeI
delivering my ehildlen.
My eldest sisteI, Hausa.
HeI husband divoIced heI
Within 6 months of their marriage.
And my aunt Satla...
...suffeIed a hemonhage aeI
she Ieturned fIom heI honeymoon.
When things keep occurring ocn,
it's called a coincidence.
But if it keeps
Iepeating every time...
mthen it's an indication fIom God.
And a smart man can
undeIstaud an indication.
But Batook,
life without marriage and childlem.
This is the truth, uncle. Believe us.
We'Ie not making kids.
She's sayingmwee not kidding.
Oh my, God!
Marriage seems to he out of question.
How about a live-in Ielationship?
What did you say?
I heard that.
You bloody pervert!
My son Hulk meant to say...
Your son isn't hulk; he is Iascal!
And you...y0u'Ie not Maalaya
y0u'Ie a bloody scoundlel.
And you aren't Godhavri;
y0u'Ie a Ihino.
Live in Ielation? Get out! Get out!
Get out!
Please stop it.
- Get out!
Just g0.
And don't take the boat.
Swim all the Way hack.
'Joh down.
Calm down.
You LhIee are so smart.
You have neveI thought
about boys till date.
You LhIee are so naive.
Bottom line,
a person should always he straight.
Becausemeven Taatak Mama's glasses
are upside down.
Goodnight, papa!
Goodnightmso soon?
My daughteIs are so cultuled.
Jenny, everyone knows
you don't have a boyfriend.
TheIe are lot of gills heIe,
choose one.
SheIley. GIow up and go up!
GIow up.
I have a boyfriend.
His name is Teddy.
So come on, tell me right now...
"about your boyfriend.
- N0 Way.
If you don't,
I will tell your sisteIs.
Then listen.
He's a guy who is a little hit crazy.
"When I saw you, I Iealized sweetheart."
But his tongue s] and night.
"Love is crazy, sweetheart."
Jenny. Will you he my Wench?
I meamuwife!
Just like Michael SchumacheI...
...l\e Wants to he a no.1 cat IaceI.
And just this morning...
he got a golden chance.
The Indian IaceI has
hIoken the all time IecoId.
It's a S0 lap Iace.
And can you believe it, JennifeI?
He's been Iacing Lhlough
the track like a bullet.
RaceI no.
3 has now oveI taken IaceI. N0 Z.
And Wow! He has now taken
oveI the lead fIom the Indian IaceI.
Wait. What a Ieply.
Teddy has taken hack
the lead with full Lhlottle.
TheIe is no stopping this guy.
Teddy has almost
Ieached the nish line.
He can see it.
What happened, RogeI?
What's wIong with his cat?
I'm out of petrol?
...Lhe lead cat has come
to a scIeeching halt.
Just Z00 meteIs away
fIom the nishing line.
What do I do now?
Wow Teddy.
Y0u'Ie so stool?
Imean...y0u'Ie so cool.
And the WiuneI oft0day's Iaee,
ladies and gentlemen...
Is Steve Randall.
Well done.
Fantastic Iacing! Fantastic driving!
Si1...si1...si1...I came ISL
I nished ISL
Teddy, Teddy this was a cat Iace...
...not a running race.
Okay, heIe Igo.
Love you baby-boo. Yes I do.
I said it once, and I say it too.
I love you.
I Want all the details about your
sweetheart right now
otherwise your sisteIs
He's the Hzpple ofmy eyes.
- Huh?
He's the apple ofmy eyes.
What do you think
when you look at him?
Sometimes I
mthat he's the son of some rich dad.
I'm heIe to take your blessings.
You see, I am a huge fan.
I've an audition today.
IfI can get your blessings, Well...
How about a sele?
Just one?
But audition? Audition foI What?
He's a haIdcoIe IappeI.
Still ain't amazed?
Let me pick up the pace
Grab your popcorn... Ready... Go!
You'll see What I mean"
I he putting in the mosL.
NeveI meant to hIag"
and I neveI meant to hoasL.
OLheI IappeIs ouL.
I'm: turn 'e1:u into ghosts.
Ifyou didn't get the"
memo let me put in the posL.
Ifyou didn't get the"
memo I gotta let you know"
Everytime I Wanna spiL.
Man I'm neveI gain slow"
Everytime I gIah the"
mic Ijust neveI let it go"
Like I'm making love"
baby Ijust go and I go....
- Thank you.
What you just performed
was both extra... and ordinary!
'So What I heard about
the judge was right.
'He's taken a bribe.
So my judgment will he.
BefoIe you pass any
fuILheI judgment...
moan I performjust one small piece?
Enough of this multiplex...
mnow foI the single-scIeen item.
"Your moLheI-sisteI...
MotheI-sisteI. .. MotheI-sisteI. . ."
May your bones break"
your head break"
everyone should Ioh your dignity"
May you get mused with hugs,
the higgeI the hetteI...
May you get diilflllbii"
Y0u'Ie a dogs hIeed
so bite your own sel.
You got messed 111)..
so you got kicked"
that too so very haUL.
"Your moLheI-sisteI...
MotheI-sisteI. .. MotheI-sisteI. . ."
But I clearly understood
every little detail you said...
"about my sisteI to my moLheI!
You know Hindi?
I don't know about Blmvan...
...hut y0u'Ie the one who will
have to pay twice the penalty.
Y0u'Ie disqualied.
I'm ying!
Yeah, y0u'Ie ying.
SheIley, I am ying - By the Way,
you've a boyfriend, right?
HoW...]10W did you know?
Just took a chance.
Come on... spill, shoot.
Everything about your boyfriend.
- SheIley...
If you tell anyone about this,
I will kick your donkey.
- I will kick your ass.
His name is Sandy.
But that cIazy chap is
always busy with his lst love.
And I don't know Why...
He gets a kick out ofhis 'kick'.
Coachml don't need
to he a substitute anymoIe.
I am a good playeI.
Sandy, y0u'Ie right.
You deserve to he
permanent on the eld.
But not as an oIdjJmry playeI.
As a WateI-hoy!
But coach, he's too good.
- But, he's an Indian.
Indians are only
Worthy to he 0111 slaves.
Now get lost... Indian.
The coach has lost it.
"You don't deserve to he heIe..."
" Indian."
"You Indian."
"You Indian."
Get out of heIe."
"You Indian."
Now you listen you
White little Willies.
Who said that?
That Wasn't me.
I didn't say that.
I said it.
- What...
The aggIession fIom your depIession!
IfymfIe Sandy, then I ammSundi!
As long as Sandy's miseIahle,
Sundfs on cloud nine.
Ba-Ba Black Sheep have you any halls?
Yes, silmyes, silmthlee footballs.
One foI the coachmone foI his cIony...
...aud one foI the oLheI banana.
Get that idiot!
Sandy, now you die...
I am out ofheIe.
No! No!
- What happened?
Y0u'Ie suffering fIom
Split PeIsonality DisoIdeI.
It's a relatively Iate disoIdeI...
Sometimes due to depIession...
...oI nancial pIohlems,
a diffeIent personality...
...emeIges fIom inside.
A completely diffeIent
person comes out.
And in your case...
It's DlD.
- Dance India Dance?
Dissociative Identity DisoIdeI!
What's that?
Come, let's hang fIom outside.
- What?
Let's hang out.
AeI studying your case...
...I']l advice you to avoid Iudi.
...Lhe I-N- D -I- A- N woId.
When you heat this woId,
Slmdi will take your place.
Because all your life
you've been bullied...
mhecause ofyoul Iace and c0101.
You mean...
- I am sorry.
Just by hearing this single WoId...
How is this possible?
- It is possible, Sandy.
How do I explain it to you now?
My head is aching with pain.
Can you ask someone
to get me a black tea?
Just like you change into Slmdi
aeI hearing 'Lhat' WoId...
when he heats the woId 'hlack'...
Nurse! Nurse!
- White. White.
You called me black...
- I am saying White.
"He's auotheI black..."
Will I neveI get hetleI?
- Of coulse you will.
Sandy, things do change,
and you will oveIcome your depIession.
And who knows...
someday you'll have enough money...
...t0 own your own football club.
- DI. Patel!
DI. Gauga Patel!
Two minutes. Two minutes.
Remove his black shirt.
Catch him! Catch him!
WheIe will I get that kind of money?
You know, my illness,
this buy lget 1 ee thing... can he culed permanently.
If you help me.
And foI Lhatmwill you marry me?
We can go in foI a live-in
Ielationship, but. . .1101 marriage.
You Want to know?
- Yes, I Want to... What!
Then listen.
What? Broken marriages! Death!
AIe you 5111c?
- Yes, Teddy.
I am 100 peIcent 5111c.
- Yes, mzfam.
Stella, will you
please x this foI me?
But the money...
- SuIe mzfam
I mean, honey it's possible that...
What didn't happen...
I mean, What happened with otheIs...
...W0n't happen with us.
Look heIe, everyone got married.
Angelina-Bud Pitt.
Except foI one.
Every man dleams to he Wealthy some day.
- What?
I meau...d1eams ofa wife.
Marries heI.
And then...
Two sweet kids like these.
One like a single- seIeen type,
and oLheI multi-plex type.
Take a look at me once Sarah.
It's just right LheIe.
- Okay, thank you.
You know,
ifwe have two kids like these...
...d0 you know What We can say?
One, two, LhIee fOIIL.
0111 lives pillars stand
on these two hamhoos.
..wigedee Wigedee boom boom dhoom dhoom
dhada hhooom pac dhoopac dhoom pac.
Have some cold medicine.
Take a chill-pill.
But, Sarah.
You know that I always come
and visit these special kids.
So you also keep in touch with them.
That's the least We can do.
But marriagemkids?
Just forget it.
Finemthen forget me.
Because now... I will get married to... i]luess...and death.
- Sandy.
Can I say something Genelia?
Imean Jenny.
I always thought I'll
marry the one I love.
But since marriage
isn't possible, then...
Hold on, Teddy. Wait.
What's the point in stopping me now?
You know, Sarah.
I Wanted to start a family with you.
But if not you, then...
Silmhow are the snacks?
Not like my mummy, but okay.
The phone's linging.
It's a private numheI.
What happened?
I have a boyfriend!
This is all that was le to heat.
- Listen to me.
N0 one eveI listens to me.
I have no value in this house anymoIe.
Papa! Papa! Papa!
Papa! Please try and undeIstaud.
The one Whom I love, his looks are"
- Quiet!
A person should have hmins...
even Gujarat has a 'Su1at' city!
Get that?
This marriage Won't last.
It's had luck. It's a muse.
Even the maids in my house
couldn't escape this muse.
Look at them, all LhIee are Widows.
I Won't change my decision.
Papa, the maids are gone,
the maids are gone. - huh?
Let hygones he hygones!
- Right.
Papa, We'Ie not going
to he happy without them.
Papa, please let's take this chance.
Papa, let's he positive you know.
This hIoken marriage and death.
The reason is just so...
The Ieasolfs something else...
Something else?
- Yes.
Tell me...which aLheI in this World...
...Would.u't Want his
daughteIs to get married?
Then-is a reason.
It's a Ieally big reason.
But I can't tell you.
- No. Sorry.
- But...
I love you.
- Papa.
Hold on, papa.
This isn't fail.
- I think you should tell us.
I can't believe this.
You have to tell us,
otherwise We will get married.
These gills will
denitely get married.
'W]1at reason can I give them now?
'HOW do I stop this marriage?
'W]10 will help me?
"Pasta! "
Batook sit, y0u'Ie joking.
- Pasta...
Y0u'Ie my oldest customeI.
Pizza foI you.
We've known each oLheI foI years.
BIead foI you.
But that doesn't mean
that your Aakhri Pasta...
pretend to he your
family astlologeI Aakhri Aastha.
Pasta foI you.
And you...
I haven't made Lucy
madaufs hIeakfast yet.
How can I he Aakhri Aastha?
Pastamifs the question
of my daughu-ns lives.
Don't you Want to open many moIe...
mauchises ofAakhri
Pasta on London Rasta? - Yes.
Just like the McDonalds.
I will help you.
Just go meet my daughteIs
as Aakhri Aastha.
Mumhle some things in Hindi
along with ke astrology predictions...
"and stop these marriages,
that's all.
But just a minute,
I've auotheI idea.
What idea?
Come, come.
The 'mamma-mia idea.
- Mamma-mia?
Get your 3 daughteIs tubes-tied.
Ifthey can't become mamma,
they Won't get a husband.
Listen, Pasta!
You must do this job!
And I am notjoking!
"Pasta! "
"Pasta! "
You Wanted to know...
...W]1y I Wouldn't let
you LhIee get married.
This... is 0111 family astlologeI,
Aakhri Aastha.
Truth can he pIoved WIong.
But not his pIedictions.
"Pasta! "
"Pasta! "
The day Batook Panel's
daughteI Gauga Panel's husband...
...sets foot in this house, Batook will
immediately suffeI a heart-attack.
And he will die.
'Sets foot?
Y0u'Ie a joking!
"Pasta! "
The day Batook Panel's
daughteI Jamuna Panel's husband...
...sees him, Batook will immediately
suffeI a heart-attack.
And he will die.
See him?
The day Batook Panel's daughteI
Sataswati Panel's husband. ..
mspeaks to him, Batook will
immediately suffeI a heart-attack.
Speaks to him?
- Yes.
Batook Panel's fouILh daughteI...
- That's enough!
Then-is no one LheIe.
Understood? Understood!
Aastha sit,
now you only tell us a Way...
...W]1eIe We can nd such grooms foI
these gills. First woId, lst step"
FoIget it! FoIget it!
The question is about
my life and death.
So I'll die.
Papa... - I'll give up
my life foI your happiness.
Just a minute.
Patel... Open the third dJaWeI;
then-is a knife in it.
"Pasta! "
- Stop... - Please.
Let me die.
- What are you doing?
Leave it.
- WhaL.
Finally it's pIoven that...
mthat flbIS are
moIe valuable than love.
Love you.
- Y0u'Ie right, Aastha.
And anyway,
a person should have high values.
Because even Bheenfs little.
Chhota Bheem.
NeveI saw it?
FoIget it.
Come, Aastha,
I'll get you some hIeakfast.
I meamuof course.
What? As soon as I take my lst step
towards him, youI aLheI will die?
You mean,
I'll look at him and he'll die?
You mean,
I'll speak to him and he'll die?
Hey misteI...I don't
have any loose change.
N0 begging heIe. Get lost.
Sandy, Wait!
He's the one Whom I love.
- Him?
YesteIday you gave me good news,
and not a had one, papa.
He takes his lst step,
and you get a heart-attack.
The one I lovemeau neveI take
a step even if he Wanted to.
And todaymyoul life, his life...
mhoth are in my life.
GIeetingS, P5P-
We are lovebirds.
But Why do you state like angry hilds?
We'Ie a couple.
A pail.
Tell papa about youlself.
Your hobbies. favorite place...
Favorite sporpfata-glidjng.
Favorite slippeIs. ..
Favorite f0od...PeaI!
Favorite bird. . Panel!
When I get feveI...
I take Paracetamol.
I always watchmPatamount lms.
I neveI talk in sentences...
only in patagmphs.
Then-is "feet" in every line,
but his feet only don't woIk.
- Papa.
I meau...what else is going on, son?
What's going on?
Everything else is going,
except foI me...
...W].\0 isn't going anyWheIe.
How will he do?
Papa, your heart will keep
heating ifhe doesn't Walk... he will have to do.
Did you have to settle foI him?
Teddy, stop.
PapamGIacy, this is the man I love.
Your son-in-law will see you,
and you will get a heart-attack.
Look at him, p001 guy can't see.
G0 on, Teddy. Meet papa.
Papamlove is blind.
But in my case,
the loveI is blind, papa.
Teddy, to your right.
- Papa's oveI LheIe, please go LheIe.
Yes, that's papa.
Papa, how are you?
Papa, Ihad a feeling...
...y0u will condom me.
- Huh!
I meamncondemn me.
Teddy, tell him about youlself.
Your likes, your dislikes.
- Yeah.
Myself Teddy.
My favorite c0101. ..
My iends call me 'Justice'.
Because Justice is blind, papa.
When I play cards,
I always play blind.
I was horn in the ICU.
And my hank I use is ICICI.
I sweat on my mothamnpapa.
Hold on.
WheIe did you nd him?
- Papa, We met on a blind date.
Open your eyes, dear.
Can't you see that he can't see?
But papa, he's Lhe reason I can now see
you foI Lhe Iest ofmy life. - - Who's he?
In all this shoW-aud-tell you
didn't see What you slmultfve seen.
And What you saw isn't Worth seeing.
Open your eyes and see foI youlself.
Who's that?
Who's coming now?
He's heIe.
Look, he's heIe.
Meet my love. Buuty.
Oh, Sarah.
Papa, you WeIe saying your
son-in-law will speak... - I get it.
The one you said I love you,
can't say it hack.
Love is cute.
In this case, the loveImis mute.
Tell us something about youlself.
My favorite song...
"speakmspeak "speak... MI. Bachchan."
"Listen. What say MI. Bachclmu?"
"speakmspeak "speak... MI. Bachchan."
- LheIe dance show going on?
"Listen. What say MI. Bachclmu?"
I am a CD playeI that's...
mwhose speakeImis blown.
My sweetymmy love...
Wow! SupeIh! GIeat.
All lines in this Ioute are amazing.
N0 I-phone.
N0 talk-time.
N0 balance.
- Come on, don't Worry.
Papa, think ofthc coincidence...
We sisteIs
hit the eye ofa hull.
We hit the hulls-eye.
Let's take a sele.
Come on, Teddy.
We'll all stay togetheI 110W
until We get married. - Wait, Wait.
"Sometime she blinks,
sometimes she winks."
"But all the time
links my eyes with heIs."
"Sometime he h inks,
sometimes he winks."
"But all the time
links my eyes with his."
"The moons showing attitude."
"Even the sun's ta king gibberish."
"In this awesome WeaLheI
give me a English kiss."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love..."
"I've a desire to die again."
"Because ofthe Way
my tonnentoI killed me."
"You came Walking on a velvet carpet."
"Then how did your feet get hull?"
"You pierced my heart with your eyes."
"My heart's totally
blossomed by love."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love..."
I'll have to test these LhIee Iats.
"Ifyou become my dear, like
a small baby I'll take care ofyou."
"When We'Ie in love, then
Why did your aLheI call the priest?"
"I've just one thing to say to you,
I sweat..."
"...y0u'Ie stuck to
me like chewing gum."
"Oh baby, have meIcy on 0111 love."
"You'Ie my hIead, and I am your jam."
"Ba ha Ba ha Black sheep,
have you any Wool?"
"My heart's lost in your lanes."
"Also Jack and Jill Went up the hill."
"Come on baby to the
garden of love and chill."
"You-Ia my Hfem"
"My heart heats foI you, baby."
"Now come make me your lady."
"You-Ia my Hfem"
"Just keep the fun owing."
"N0 stopping and no slowing."
"The moons showing attitude."
"Even the sun's ta king gibberish."
"In this awesome WeaLheI
give me a English kiss."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
What are you thinking, Teddy?
Come on, jump.
Don't Worry.
Can you see the WateI?
I mean heat the WateI.
It's lled with WateI. It's full.
It's full.
Lookmwarm WateI. Warm WateI.
Come on. I am right heIe.
Just jump, and We'll swim togeLheI.
- What?
- N, Palm, I can't jump today.
I am observing a fast today...
no-WateI fast.
I don't drink on this day,
and denitely not bathe.
Just jump,
papzfs doing the countdown.
To hell with the money.
He's denitely a 100 peIcent blind!
Get the vacuum!
Suck the ants fIom my pants!
Oh my, God!
- He Z00 peIcent can't Walk.
F01 5111c papzfs going
to test you as Well.
He Ieally can't Walk,
that's Why he passed the test.
Now you don't utleI
a single woId.
Not a single woId should
come out of your mouth, get it?
"Pasta! "
He cut me, LhIeW me
and he shoved up my...!
"Bloody love..."
Teddy, What are you doing heIe?
Don't Worry.
In this house, I am blind.
And I've convinced your papa as Well.
And you convinced me as Well...
mthat then-is no
such thing as astrology.
Nothing happened to papa.
Of course.
It's xed foI every person, you know.
- What?
Agh- 111mm papa's age.
Kids ofa gun?
- Son ofa gun!
By the Way, how's this top?
My sisteIs and my best iend Shilley
is getting married tomormw.
We all have to go togeLheI.
That's ue my JenifeI Lopez.
But hefoIe LhaLJmW
about We Ieheatse foI 0111 Wedding?
Teddy, stop it!
"I'm gonna start the ignition..."
"...0f your iJmeI emotions."
"F01 manual opeIation with mutual considemtion
foI pmduction of futule genemtion."
$1111.. Sandy, Teddy might heat you.
We'Ie all in one house.
You keep spoiling my mood.
Heymwhat happened?
What happened?
I don't undeIstaud how
those two Weildos got in this house?
Duh! Hellomthey both WeIe
aheady in this Housefull.
You enteIed lateI.
So you hetleI Watch out foI them.
But meanwhile, just keep Watching me.
Darling, undeI is ue,
but don't say stand.
Since I came in this house,
I've been only sitting.
It's been ages since I last stood up.
But tonight...
let's stone and I011, Sandy.
Stone, I011?
Let's Iock and I011.
Not on the lips?
- Not yet.
AeI We'Ie married.
Wow, Sandy.
You pIoved today
that you Ieally love me.
And you know the
best purl about you is?
Even though you live heIe, those Indian
values and cultule still exist in you.
My phone, hold on a second.
"I'll have to ailli
the Indians living in Kuwait."
"The Indians living i.n Kuwait... Indian."
He needs so much attention.
"London Bridge is illjng down...
illjng downmalljng down."
"Come, let's get this party started,
party started, party started."
I'll call you hack.
- Not SaudymSundi.
And now y0u'Ie going to he helpless...
mcause I am going to lock the dooI.
Jack... Lean on me!
No, Slmdi.
- Sandy! Sandy!
Yes, Sandy. Wait.
- Sandy! Sandy!
No, Slmdi.
- Sandy!
- Oh my, God.
When-is a towel?
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
Sandy, fall asleep,
Slmdi will sleep too.
Good idea, good idea.
- Sleep.
'R0ck-a-hy baby..."
"Come to me my lady."
'R0ck-a-hy baby..."
"howl ofmi k!"
Help me!
Help me!
Am I a (100101?
I am the one having had luck.
One can't speak, one can't
see and the otheI one can't Walk.
Good morning, P5P-
What's so good about it?
Come on, Batook. Let's exercise.
Good morning, Sandy!
- Good morning!
- What?
Just now you WeIe playing,
and now y0u'Ie sitting.
This is leg-lines foI papa,
and not headlines.
Now you'll he feroze.
- FeIoze.
I mean exposed.
Now the Wealth will he
divided in only two parts.
What will tell papa?
That you'Ie a liar.
You WeIe playing football.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Yes, go tell him.
G0 tell him that a blind
man was seeing with his eyes.
G0 on.
Yes...I will tell him,
that I saw with my own...
Yes, go tell him.
You bloody rascal...
Got the Ihythm down paL.
Get ready!
About to hit the stage you raise"
Desi had hoi slmrpiu
in the IazoI blade"
Is the CD playeI on?
Got swag on lock"
Let em lmteIs hate"
Got em thinking like man he gIeaL.
Down paL.
Get ready!
About to hit the stage you raise"
Desi had hoi slmrpiu
in the IazoI blade"
Got swag on lock"
Let em lmteIs hate"
- Got em thinking like man he gIeaL.
You WeIe right.
Make em say"
Right now just shake, shake"
Right now just shake, shake"
Right now just shake, shake"
Now the Wealth will he divided in only
two parts. - Right now just shake, shake"
Come on, shoot that.
- Right now just shake, shake"
Kill em.
Who he the best on the mic"
BetleI tell em"
Right now just shake!
Kill em.
That. . .Was total cIap.
"Your moLheI-sisteI...
MotheI-sisteI. .. MotheI-sisteI. . ."
Now, listen to your favorite song.
"speak...spea.k...spea.k... MLBachchau."
"Listen. What say MI. Bachclmu?"
"speak...spea.k...spea.k... MLBachchau."
"Listen. What say MI. Bachclmu?"
"speak...spea.k...spea.k... MLBachchau."
"We shot everything Bachchan."
Now. . .y0u'Ie unmasked.
I mean papa...will come...
- And lst Watch...
...you1 single-scIeen
peIfonnauce on this multiplex thing.
speak...spea.k...spea.k... MLBachchau."
"Listen. What say MI. Bachclmu?"
What do you two think?
Only you two can shoot a video?
Maria, have you seen my phone?
I'm supposed to get an important call.
Has anyone seen my phone?
Have you seen my stick, papa?
Get lost. I am supposed
to get an important call.
F01 0111 own good, We must
divide the Wealth in LhIee shares.
And instead of ruining each otheI...
...We should look out foI each oLheI.
Who says money divides?
The gills money...
is going to make us rich.
"Expensive liueIs,
and those daugly earrings."
"The glittering skin..."
"wand the Way you sway
that Waist is priceless."
"Expensive liueIs,
and those daugly earrings."
"The glittering skin..."
"wand the Way you sway
that Waist is priceless."
"You make me skip a heat, sweetheart."
"You make me skip a heat, sweetheart."
"In this World..."
"You'Ie the richest gill in London,
"You'Ie the richest gill in UK,
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
"Handsome, dashing, smart
hoysmthey all Want to he my man."
"You'Ie the one who stole
the peace ofmy heart."
"When I walk, when I talk,
when I watch my sweetheart."
"TheIe's no one else,
as goIgeous like you."
"I've said yes,
now take me along darling."
"I've said yes,
now take me along darling."
"In this London..."
"You'Ie the richest guy in London,
"You'Ie the richest guy in UK,
"You'Ie the richest guy in the WoIld,
"Your fail cheeks,
your black tlesses."
"You look so sexy."
"Your goIgeous body..."
"Your goIgeous body, blows my mind."
"Your hot gule, blows my mind."
"Anyone you trap,
only God can save him."
"I've neveI seen anyone like you."
"Life is short,
let's say those sweet-nothings."
"Ifyou say it once,
I'll do anything foI you."
"This is your chance,
and also the ritual..."
"mhut Why you standing fat."
"Take me in your arms,
like a true prince."
"Hello to everyone fIom me,
"Hello to everyone fIom me,
"In this World..."
"You'Ie the richest gill in London,
"You'Ie the richest gill in UK,
"You'Ie the richest
gill in the WoIld, darling."
"You'Ie the richest, gill."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"You'Ie the richest, gill."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"You'Ie the richest, gill."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
Yes...d0n't Worry.
Your daughteIs Ganga, Jamuua,
Sataswati are absolutely ue.
Yes, yes the Wedding
date has been xed.
Ganga, Jamuua, Sataswati
are not your daughteIs? - No.
And if you Want to open
moIe auchises in London...
mthen you must keep this a secIet.
Okaymmy lips are sealed.
But then who is their fBLhBI?
U115 NagIe.
You mean Lhapihat...
- Yes, him.
Once upon a time
Mumhafs most eIce Don.
And I was his right-hand.
- You?
Since the time... he used
to rule the city ofMumhai.
What's this Shinde? You planned
my assassination?
Ruling the city ofMumhai...
and annihilating his enemies...
...Was BHK foI him.
BHK? - By le band's play.
His principles WeIe stmngeI
than his enemies intentions.
Ulja tlafcking minoI
gills is a very pIotahle business.
What do you say?
He was the GodfaLheI...
...hut an even hetleI aLheI
to his LhIee daughteIs.
Due to the pressure built
up by raids and seeIet opeIations,
...hy Maharashtra Police's the
UnderwoIld has come to a stand-still.
Even big and poweIful peIsonaJities...
mate eiLheI getting
arlested oI eeing.
'But just Lhenmone of Ulja
NagIe's enemies informed the police.
Come on!
Let my childlen g0!
Let my daughteIs g0!
No! no!
Patel... Leave Mumhai and go to London.
I've got some property out LheIe.
You've a clean IecoId.
You'll he the caIetakeI
of my childlen.
You give them your name.
Raise them and get them married.
And give my Wealth
to them and their husbands.
Did you get the hank papeIs?
But Patel. . .1:uy daughteIs. ..
mshould neveI know that
I am their Ieal aLheI.
MoLheI ofthe brownie cookies.
He's Rammaud y0u'Ie Lakhan.
- Papa-pia.
You took on the Iesponsihility
of such a big man.
But a thousand muses to the informeI...
mthat got Ulja caught.
He's a dog, he's a rascal... - Stop it.
How much are you going to abuse him?
You act like I am abusing you.
Y0u'Ie right.
I got Ulja NagIe caught.
But you WeIe his 'W0of...
his loyal aide.
A man should he a tlaitoI...
Even dogs are loyal.
All my life I've been lying.
I told my daughteIs that
marriages don't last in 0111 family.
Those pIedictions...also a lie.
The truth is...I always had
my eyes on Ulja NBgI6'S Wealth.
And that's Why I Want his LhIee gills... marry my LhIee sons,
and not someone else.
Your own sons? Who?
Same guys who WeIe Ieleased
fIom jail yesteIday.
My buys.
N0 one has the guts...
to stop us now.
N0 one has the guts...
to stop us now...until the Wedding.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I don't believe it.
This one woIdmludia...
- Don't say it.
~ Surly
I meau...when you heat this one woId,
you turn into Slmdi?
Is this a lifetime illness?
- Only fOIII days!
F0111 days lateI,
aeI We'Ie married...
...I will he culed.
I'll have m0ney...n0 depIession.
I've a huge tIeasuJe-chest
Waiting foI you...
...hut you LhIee are busy
stealing pennies and dimes.
Dadma tailofs son... going to stitch
clothes foI a living.
Clime nms in 0111 blood.
The main agenda is to stop
mthose blind, mute and crippled
guys fIom marrying the gills.
The easiest Way out of this pIohlem... that We take those
LhIee someplace and shoot them.
WondeIful. Shoot! MuJdeI!
A dog's tail will always stay crooked.
Try to undeIstaud
the important point heIe.
If your lentils gets spoiled,
your day is spoiled.
If your pickle gets spoiled,
the Whole year is spoiled.
- What What?
Shut up.
The main point heIe is
that your fkthefs still heIe.
Iwill nd a Way out ofthis.
Dad, you don't dig
a Well when then-is a le.
Try to undeIstaud 0111 point.
You've made a very simple plan.
But it's a suIe-shot plan.
A person should he simple.
Becausemeven VIP
is an underwear hnmd.
Did you get a woId
What he said? - Nah!
Buuty, you know Batook's dog...
I mean his daughteI.
- What cIap do you keep saying?
You know I've so many dleams
to fulll once I marry heI.
Isee...te]l me.
Once I get the money,
I'll sponsoI a cat foI myself...
wand become Grand
Prix's top Indian IaceI.
Even I'll use my money
to make a music album...
wand it will he the best
Indian album in the WoIld.
My songs will he played
in the Indian PIemieI League.
India PIo-Kahaddi League.
Now it will he an Indian Wedding.
What the!
Slmdi is hack!
I am going to Batook Patel.
To expose you, y0u...aud Sandy.
Stop me ifyou can.
I will expose you all!
We must stop him.
Come on.
- Come on.
I am coming, Batook!
- What are you doing?
If Slmdi can come out hearing Indian...
mthen maybe he can go
hack hearing Pakistani. - Yes.
- Itaqi.
- Kuwaiti.
- Nepali.
No country can stop Slmdi today.
Not countries, But now
these two states will stop Slmdi.
- And Maharashtra.
Catch him!
He's Ellen. Buuty, catch him.
Not me, catch him.
You 5111c did eat a lot.
Why you"
- Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- Why you!
You dog...
- Sorry, sorry...
Now then-is just one Way to stop him.
BIeak his legs foI Ieal.
You guys can't 1111.11 Slmdi.
Slmdi will 1111.11 himself.
Batook, WheIe are you?
Let's go, quickly-
Batook, look at my legs.
Papa, he's sitting down only.
Hickory, Dickory...and Dock.
Icau Walk...
wand this Iascalmcau talk.
Yes, cheating.
These cheateIs have
played hide and skiIL.
I mean hide and seek papa.
I am blind,
but couldn't you see it papa?
- Come blind one.
You think ifI catch the
hall you'll pIove I am not blind?
I am blind.
I am blind, papa.
Take that!
You think if I catch the brick
you'll pIove I am not blind.
I am blind.
I am blind, papa.
I am not blind.
He caught it.
- Yes.
I am not blind.
Open your eyes and
take a look, Batook.
We'Ie exposed.
ThIoW us out of the house.
You can even slap us with these hands...
Sandy, What did your Slmdi do?
OMG... What the?
You guys ruined papzfs Wax statue.
Good LoId.
How are you going to x this, Jenny?
What happened?
Congmtulations, guys.
It was a Wax statue.
And We LhoughLit was dad.
But seriously guys,
are you guys Walnuts?
- AIe you guys nuts?
The Whole hand is disguled.
We Want to gi this to
papa next Week on his hinhday.
Sorry. REE-HY 511?-
- Sorry.
Oh yes, Why don't We
go x your hIoken Wheelchair.
Yes. Let's go x that
hefoIe heI aLheI Ieturns.
Come, Buhhlyml mean, Buuty.
We'll he right hack.
Fix your fkthefs hand,
and We'll he right hack.
They don't undeIstaud.
- Hurry up.
It's not about the Wax...'s about 0111 feelings foI papa.
Y0u'Ie right Jenny.
WhateveI We are today,
it's only because of 0111 dad.
Yes, Slmq, I saw your missed call.
I was driving.
I Went to pee, and you sat down.
Iwas only checking
WheLheI it's woIking oI not.
N0 need to get angry.
It's so cute, isn't it.7...
I seemso you WeIe eyeing those two.
- Yeah, it's amazing.
Ogliug at gills fIom
behind the glasses.
So What are you doing tonight?
I don't know,
I was thinking to maybe go out.
Not 5111c, What about you?
Hey baby, let's go foI a ride.
- Oh my, God. Get offme.
Take it easy, guys.
Now like this gun,
you guys will RIP.
Rest. . .I.u. . Pieces!
Islftmthat Ulja NagIe?
Mumhafs Don?
But Wasn't he in jail?
Don't eveI think of doing
Lhis...i.u your Wildest dleams.
Hold it guys, hold it.
Please hold it.
I would appIeciate if you
guys had taken a slight effort... stop these goons.
We should use 0111 hands foI a cause,
not just applause.
Please leave, guys. Please.
Come on, come on.
Come on, let's leave.
And you LhIee.
You guys look like youI fIom India.
Thank God he didn't say Indian.
What did you say?
You LhIee should he ashamed.
Those goons WeIe
harassing those gills...
wand you LhIee WeIe simply Watching.
But We p001 guys are disabled.
I. . .
- Y0u'Ie crippled.
He's mute.
And...I am blind.
Get something to eat.
We'll split this in LhIee Ways.
- Give it to me.
Heymwhafs going on?
- Flies are bothering us.
- Flies.
What's NagIe doing in London?
If he's in London, that means
SOII160D6'S sulely going to die.
"Take some rice, and some
lentil and top it off with 01nd."
"One who haIhoIs no enmity,
is the happiest person on this earth..."
Any Time Money?
Today I'm going to heat you.
Ulja. Y0u'Ie in London?
When did you come out fIom jail,
Seeing my good hehavioI,
the government...
...patdoned the Iest ofmy sentence.
AeI getting Ieleased omjail...
...I thought of coming
heIe and surprising you.
And to see my daughteIs once.
Not like a aLheI, but as a stmngeI.
But just see them.
But Slmq called
hefoIe I could call you.
That arms dealeI fIom London.
He informed me...\at you're
getting my daughters married...
...t0 some guys who are not normal.
What did I say?
What did I say?
My daughteIs should neveI
know What teats are.
Didn't I say that?
Is that all you know?
- What do you mean?
What do you mean?
I had chosen LhIee
capable and normal boys.
That's Why I called you
to say then-is a Wedding at home.
But then I found out that...
...Lhe boys your daughteIs
love are not normal.
I tried explaining the gills.
I said "Please don't marry Teddy,
Blmty and Sandy".
But foI your daughteIs,
love is blind, love is mute...
wand love is crippled!
This is how I'm
Iewatded foI my loyalty?
Sorry, Patel. Sorry.
I am a aLheI aeI all.
But Patel, I must see What's
right and What's not foI my daughteIs.
Tell me...W]1eIe will I nd
those normal boys foI my daughteIs?
You Wi]l...I']l show you.
He's an expert in
transporting people upstairs.
He...satisces his hungeI
by feeding oLheIs.
And he...cleaus 250,000 shoes every day.
These are the LhIee boys.
And Ulja, I foIgot
to tell you one important detail.
All LhIee boys are orphans.
No, Patel, they are not orphans.
They are like KohiuooI diamonds.
What diamonds?
Human beings should
he like human beings.
Even a rice hnmd is called KohiuooI.
Patel, my daughteIs
will marry these LhIee boys only.
When are those LhIee
boys getting married?
You meaumWTF.
What the...
Wednesday. . .Thu1sday. . Friday!
We have LhIee days
to stop their marriage.
This looks stunning.
- Look at it, GIacy.
It's Ieally beautiful.
Isn't it?
Oh, look at that,
that's Ieally pIetty.
"You'Ie the richest
of all sweetheart."
"You'Ie the richest
of all sweetheart."
"You'Ie the richest
of all sweetheart."
"You'Ie the richest
of all sweetheart."
Gills, Why do We love these loseIs?
"You'Ie the richest
of all sweetheart."
- We'Ie so cIazy about them.
- Yeah.
"And I found lovemwhen I found you."
"Because I need you...
when I say I love you."
"And I found love..."
"Oh baby, please stay."
"I need youmwhen I say I love you."
Hello. Enough decoration foI the day.
It all looks beautiful.
Batook sit, y0u'Ie going
to Wear this foI the Wedding.
Yes, Maria, it's ue.
I Won't let this Wedding happen!
Who is he?
Ulja! The don has come.
Don! Don! Don! Hide.
Dead foI 5111c.
- Who? Papa?
No, us.
- Why?
I am mute foI your papa,
but foI Ulja NagIe I am crippled!
I am crippled foI your papa,
but foI Ulja NagIe I am blind.
I am blind foI your papa,
but foI Ulja NagIe I am nude.
Y0u'Ie mute, how can you he nude?
Then you LhIee should stay
away fIom the lemolfs light. - yeah
Lemon's light?
What does your gill keep saying?
She's saying limelight.
Nimhu means ].ime, Roslmi means light.
What else?
But how?
Idea. CoveI your
faces the head strings.
Ulja, Uljamwhat are you doing heIe?
BefoIe I Went to jail,
I had loaned you some money.
You thought I'll
neveI get out ofjail?
HeIe y0u'Ie busy pIeparing
foI your daughteIs Weddings.
FoI the WoIld you are good
but foI me y0u'Ie a tmitoI.
Pay up...0I I Won't
let this Wedding happen.
- What?
How much does he owe?
One million, ve million...
l0 miJJionmSO million?
Papa will pay it hack.
With inteIest,
he owes me S0 billion.
Oh my, God!
Papa, that kind of money
one hormws foI the entile country...
wand not foI youlself.
I'll he out on the streets.
And We'll he at-hIoke.
I'm begging you,
don't tarnish my honoI.
Forgive me.
You guys beg him too.
- Yes...
Come quickly.
Help me.
Come on, quickly.
Everyone take their tulhan off.
Ulja .
- Say sorry.
Ulja, take pity on these mute,
crippled and blind guys.
He'll see 0111 faces.
- Hide your faces.
Look at their innocent faces.
Show him your faces.
Show it! Show it!
It's hard to make out Who's blind,
mute oI crippled.
AIelft you the same
guys I gave money to?
I'll foIgive you on one condition.
What condition?
You Want to marry Batook?
Not me...1:uy LhIee sons have
been Waiting to get married
to Batook's daughteIs.
Let me call my sons.
My LhIee tigeIs.
Rohau. Rishi. Rajeev.
Look straight blind one.
Papa... - Yes.
- Yes.
I was talking to Batook.
Say yes.
Say yes.
If We get married,
What about your heart attack?
What about your pIedictions?
I owe him S0 billion.
I'll have no futule if I don't pay up,
so What will I do with the pIedictions?
- Yes... - Yes.
I was talking to Ulja sit.
Say yes.
- Yes.
Can We adorn the lings right heIe?
Yes, with your blessings,
We can do it now?
Mistenncau We get some
time to Iepay the loan?
- Months.
That's a lot oftime.
- Cheating.
Sit... least give them
l0 days to Iepay the loan.
Please say yes, sit.
Please say yes, sit!
- Fine.
I'll give them a chance
to Iepay the loan.
But now... We'll stay with them.
PatelmfoI the next ten days,
your house is full.
Bloody dog.
Watch WheIe you fall.
hello Ulja .
Patel, I've been
Washed out hefoIe in life.
' 1mm" 1111165. gIapes...
I've Washed them hefoIe I ate them.
They'Ie all clean, right?
- Yes, of course.
A person should always he clean...
maven the movie is
named Dirty Pictule.
Vidya Balau' didn't see iL?
Patel, I was
This '50 billion plan
beneted you the most. Right?
Yeats lateI you nally
got your chance.
Patel, a dlop can't quench
the thirst ofthe ocean.
How can I quench this
l8 year old thirst in l0 days?
Batook, I hope these days go ASAP.
- As soon as possible?
As slow as possible. Slowly.
But Patel, WhateveI I Went Lhlough
is because ofthat one man.
The one who got me arlested.
The day I nd out
who that tmitoI is...
...l\e will D I E by my hands.
Full form?
- N0 full form.
He will die!
Come Ulja.
You said you Want to
keep an eye on them Z4/7.
So I called everyone.
We'll have diuneI togeLheI.
MaIgIet, get the rice.
Let me get that foI you.
- Y0u'Ie blind too, IememheI.
What happened?
Nothing, it was huIting.
If you don't mind me asking...
N0 offence, hutmhow did
this incident happen to you?
' I'm blind and mute.
What do I say now?
Once on the clock...
No! Guys, guys"-
I mean once upon a time.
Teddy was giving his pIactical
exams at the chemistry lab.
And by mistake...
some acid fell in his eyes.
It pained so much...
mthat he cried Ieally loud all day.
'I see...acid in his eyes...
that's Why he Went blind.
'I see...]1e lost his voice
because he cried out loud so much.
And What happened with you, Sandy?
Behind the long clock...
Guysmlong time hack.
He met with an accident...
mwhile clicking a
photo on a terlace.
'Went blind taking pictules?"
Became crippled taking pictules?"
Because... the p001 guy was holding
the cameIa backwards.
The cameIa ashed in his eyes...
wand he fell down fIom the terlace.
'I see...
'He Went blind because ofthe ash.
'He became crippled due
to lling fIom the terlace.
You guys told us about these two.
But What is Blmty's story?
Why don't you tell us, misteI?
OI will someone else tell us?
'S]1e will save me.
The clock stopped.
Hey guysmtime stopped.
When I got the news that some goon...
Some goon shot him with a knife.
I picked him up in a hospital...
and took him to the ambulance.
This cIazy gill is
going to get me killed.
But there... his aLheI got his moLheI.
But his moLheI didn't get his aLheI.
What nonsense are you saying?
Don't hide it.
Don't hide anything fIom them.
If you can't say it, then let me.
I'll tell them.
This happened when he was still...
in his mothefs Womb.
Like a cowboys lasso,
the umbilical choId...
mwmpped around his neck lst,
and then his legs.
And you all know What
happened with him next?
What makes me sad is that...
...y0u called us handicapped
guys at the dining table...
...aud Want to heat stories
about how We became handicapped!
If you Want to heat stories,
then I'll tell you one.
I had a iend, Ashok Fitnis.
P001 guy didn't have both arms,
both legs, one eye...
wand he had just one hobby.
To travel.
His family once took
him to Mahahaleshwat...
...i.u a plastic hag.
While showing him the valleys,
the hag toIe...
wand he fell in the valley.
And he was no moIe.
I'll tell you all moIe stories.
- Enough! Enough!
What kind of stories is he telling?
- Enough.
They are getting
very emotional.
How much salt are you going
to Lhlow on 0111 Wounds; - Please.
you've emptied the entile shakeI
aheady? - Come" Let's go gills
Pleasemlefs give them some space.
- Listenmlisten to my story.
We'Ie in deep trouble.
We've only l0 days...
- 9!
Now We must pay
S0 billion in 9 days.
And on top ofthis, that Rohau...
He was touching my sisteI-in-law
in all the wIong places.
I am very pauty about heI.
- What?
I mean senti about heI.
Shut up you two.
What can two cripples, two blind
and two mute guys do in this house?
Then-is a lot We can do.
I have a plan.
Who's out LheIe?
Ulja, you're still awake.
Both ofthem are coming.
Who's blind, Who's muIeiT...
Give me the cane.
He's crippled not me.
What's up?
What are you guys doing?
It's Uanrnastalni
(Indian Festival) i.n India.
And this is the only
Way We can celehIate it.
"Gopala below."
"Gopala in the middle."
"And Gopala on the top."
'TheIe's a commotion all oveI town."
"HeIe comes Krishna ofBrij..."
"minke care ofyoul pots."
" Goviuda! "
Guys- - -g1Y5- -'
Guys, please.
Please. . .guys.
Listen. . .
What's the plan?
Guys. Guys.
Guys, listen to me!
We've come up with a plan.
It will clear the debt...
wand get those LhIee villain
out of 0111 lives.
Jenny, tomormw is the St.
Patrick's BeeI Festival at Wemhley.
We'll call U1ja's boys
LheIe and get them dnmk.
And as soon as We get 0111 chance,
We'll reward them.
Meaning Rajeev, Rohau and Rishi...
You all have got to sleep with them.
I mean seduce them.
Listen to me.
- N0 Way.
It's Ieally simple...
Why did you slap me?
Y0u'Ie always hitting me.
Listen to me!
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Everyone dnmk today..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Switch off the lights... tom,
dick and harry."
"Steal this moment,
don't think you silly."
"Every part ofyoul
body's going to Iock..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"I am a bottle ofwine..."
" . . .Lhat's completely intoxicating."
"All the guys Want a piece ofme."
"I am cutie-cutie..."
"And a little naughty."
"You and me have a gIeat chemistry."
"You'Ie divine baby."
"Always hitting on me, baby."
"I feel so ue, ue, ue."
"Let's dance like Govinda..."
"Let's dance like Govinda..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Let's dance like Govinda..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Everyone dnmk today..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Don't stop me."
"I Want to dance."
"Put up your hand,
the music's playing loud."
"I am going to dance all night."
"Don't stop me."
"I Want to dance."
"Put up your hand,
the music's playing loud."
"I am going to dance all night."
"The place is houseful..."
"...DJ Iaise the sound."
"Sway that Waist all you like."
"Let's shake that Waist..."
"Let's shake that Waist..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Let's shake that Waist..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"Switch off the lights... tom,
dick and harry."
"Steal this moment,
don't think you silly."
"Every part ofyoul
body's going to Iock..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
"We'Ie going to dance all night..."
"mwith 0111 feet in the ail."
Would you guys like
something to drink? No?
MaIgIet, get me some kokum juice.
We found some good boys.
- Didn't I tell you so?
Guys, next monsoon...
...you1 sisteI-in-law will he mom soon.
What? You too?
You mean, last night...
- With GIacy.
Even I do the right
things in the dark.
Do you know how?
- How?
Like this!
But how do you know?
Because last night you LhIee...
mslept with these LhIee.
AeI you got dnmk.
And this calls formPapa! Ulja!
Ganga! Jamuua! Sataswati!
Papa. . .si.I. ..
Last night your LhIee
sons slept with the housemaids.
No, no, we...we...didn't Want
to sleep with them.
They Wanted to sleep with us.
And that too hefoIe the Wedding papa!
So these are the guys
you WeIe advocating foI.
Batook sit, now We Want justice!
Compensation oI Iape charges!
My advice is that you su-su on them.
I meaumsue them twice.
Once foI rape,
and once foI compensation.
Sue-sue! my advice...
and give them S000... - Billion.
so billion!
Have you lost it?
First ask foI your S0 billion.
- Oh yes.
First give me my S0 billion.
Let's sit down and make a deal.
N0 need to point...
'He's mute, how can he...
I did.
Should I say it again?
Let's sit down and make a deal;
no need to point.
Mimicry artist.
'Ol\, Sandy said it.
'H0ld 0n...Saudy's blind.
'HOW did he see his ngeI TheIe WeIe two of them.
One spoke and the oLheI saw.
Come hack to the S0 billion.
How did the mute guy speak?
I did. I did.
I said come hack to
the topic ofSO billion.
It's Ieally simple, Ulja.
- Did you see?
I am blind.
Do I have to explain?
Now listen carefully, Ulja.
You have to take S0 billion fIom him.
And you've to compensate
S0 billion to the gills...
mhecause ofyoul sons
misadventules last night.
So papa will tnmsfeI
it in the maids accounts.
So consideIed that settled.
He'll pay them.
End of the matleI, right?
- Who said that?
All We know is We don't
love your sons, We love them.
Now then-is going to he two Weddings.
Filst, my sons will marry the maids.
And Batook's daughteIs
will marry these p001 chaps.
- Put me down, put me down!
Sarah, now tell us
Why you hIought us heIe?
Iknow, the gills
are getting despeIate.
Even two days are too much foI them.
They Want to get married today, right?
Guys...We'Ie not getting married.
Today We Want to confess
something in 011111011.
I think you should come with us.
What confession?
I think it's an old affail.
What are you saying?
- 100 peIcent, come on.
- Come.
G0d...We'Ie going to he starting
a new life fIom tomormw.
We'Ie going to he getting married.
But this morning...something happened...
mwith Sarah's special kids,
heI, Jenny, me.
All 3 ofus Ieally got disturbed.
Then-is one boy, Simon.
He has a problem with his leg.
Some boys teased him.
They made fun of
him because of his leg.
Made fun ofhim.
The moment I asked them,
those boys started lying.
That We didn't imitate him.
I made them Iealize that
they WeIe completely WIong.
They WeIe not only mocking
Simon foI being handicapped...
...hut also lying.
And Lhenmwhen Sarah told us,
What happened with heI...
...We LhIee Iealized that We've
been doing the same thing with papa.
We've been pretending too.
We've been lying to papa as Well.
And that is Why We'Ie
all heIe to confess.
God, We Ieally love each otheI...
...hut We've committed a very big sin.
I don't know WheLheI
You'll foIgive us oI not.
He will foIgive you my childlen.
Because WhateveI you have done,
you've done it foI one reason.
And that is love. Real love.
So He will foIgive you.
It Would've been wIong
ifyou had done these things...
...f0I gIeed.
F01 money.
OI foI oLheI woIldly desires.
But you did it foI true love.
God will bless you my childlen.
"My mind's heIe,
but my heart's somewheIe else."
"Everything is fail,
in love and Wat."
"My emotions are shaken up."
"Like a hauamfs been peeled."
"My emotions are shaken up."
"Like a hauamfs been peeled."
"Love has shaken up up."
"It was so ke..."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"Now it seems divine."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"It was so ke..."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"Now it seems divine."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
Hey, pass the hall.
What's wIong with you?
- Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!
"Love is such a scoundlel."
"Makes you sweat."
"Makes your life difcult."
"Makes your life difcult."
"From heaven I've been
pushed to hell." - Open. Open.
"From heaven I've
been pushed to hell."
"We played the game oflove."
OP P. lmrry 11p in LheIe.
I can't control it.
"It was so ke..."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"Now it seems divine."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"It was so ke..."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
"Now it seems divine."
"My love. . .1:uy love."
Let's go and tell
the gills the truth.
That till date
We did everything foI money.
And that We actually love them.
Come on.
Jenny just messaged me.
She called us at the Wax factory.
Jenny lovingly made some
Wax statue foI me.
And the LhIee gills are coming LheIe.
So let's go LheIe.
We'll tell them everything clearly.
Come on.
Oh God, What a place.
Jackie Chan.
Your Renaldo.
Your statue looks so Ieal.
Who's that with his legs in the ail?
That's TigeI ShIoff.
What nonsense do you keep saying?
Must admit you LhIee
played Ieally Well...
By pretending to he blind,
mute and crippled.
Rajeev, the Ieal fun begins now...
...W]1en We heat these
normal guys to death.
He can single-haudedly
deal with all ofyou.
Ladies and Gentlemen, to my right...
"Alveighing 188 pounds.
And to my le, standing 6 feet tall.
The hIaWleI,
the kickeImLhe foothalleI...
The junkyatrfs junk.
I mean the playeI of all playeIs.
And he's going to...
"Your moLheI-sisteI...
MotheI-sisteI. .. MotheI-sisteI. . ."
All you guys will get heat up.
Sandy will slap you all so hard.
With backward legs,
you all will Ieach Khaudalsfs hills.
"Your moLheI-sisteI...
MotheI-sisteI. .. MotheI-sisteI. . ."
Let's sit.
Do you have some snacks?
What's wIong with this Indian?
No, no, no, he said Iudica.
- He said Indiana Jones.
He said Indonesia.
- He said Indigo.
G11y5guys...I am okay.
Thank God,
but he didn't say Indian.
You dog!
Now you two will get beaten up.
No, I Won't let my iends die.
I am gonna let you two die.
Save us.
Save us.
He's huIting himself.
Keep saying Indian"
Save me.
Slmdi, stop.
Slmdi is going to knock you out.
Slmdi will ling your hell.
Save me.
N0 Slmdi, foI my sake.
You dog.
"Let me go home...
"Let me go home...
One minute.
"Let me go home...
"Let me go home... - What are you doing?
"Let me go home...
"Let me go home...
Now y0u'Ie dead, Sandy.
I am saved. I am saved. I saved.
No! - "I beloved,
can't live without you."
AIe you okay?
Come. - "I beloved,
can't live without you."
Now this has become personal.
What's this message?
Those LhIee are normal?
AIe you mad?
Who is it?'s me, your daddy.
Let's get out ofheIe...
wand go tell Ulja NagIe that
these LhIee are not handicapped.
WOW...Wax statues of
you LhIee as Well. SupeIh.
You made Ulja NagIe
your sons dad only foI Wealth.
Now We'll go tell Ulja.
And Ulja NagIe will
come heIe and take your pee!
Imeaumhe will settle his scoIe.
Hold onmifyou squeal on us,
We'Ie dead.
But ifwe expose you,
you LhIee are dead too.
So the deal guys
can marry Ulja Nagn-fs daughteIs...
...hut We Want equal
shares in his Wealth.
Batook Patel,
I Want every penny accounted foI.
Ham's the calculatoI.
S0...Lhe Wealfs Worth S0 billion.
Divided into 7 shares.
That comes to...
Around 7 billion each.
Divide by s.
- Why s?
Then-is two ofme.
- Huh!
Slmdi and Sandy.
What nonsense...
- Should I call Ulja?
Divide by s.
So that's...
S0 divide by 8...
6 billion peI head.
One minute.
I'm a chef foI the WoIld,
but actually...
...I am an undeIcoveI FBI agent.
I'm joking!
I Ieceived a message
that y0u'Ie all heIe.
Now I Want equal share in the money.
S0 billion divide by 9.
That means...
S billion each.
Hey, one minute.
l0, ll, l2...
Divide by 12.
4 billion each.
Hey...d0n't divide by l2,
divide by 15.
We have your sons babies in 0111 Womb.
- Rascals, you learned to ride a hike,
but not to Wear a helmet.
Batook, congmtulations.
You've become a gIaudfkLheI.
WhateveI! l3, 14, 1S.
3 billion each!
I Worked so hard foI 1S years,
only to get 3 billion...
Sorry, MI. Rajnikant.
Did you heat?
Do you Want a share too?
Slyeak 11P-
Oh...MI. Ohama. You heard it too.
Do you Want a share as Well?
And What are you looking at?
You got your share!
Ulja. Your statue.
What are you looking at?
We'Ie splitting your money only.
You always keep saying BJK...ATM...etc...
I saw Sataswatfs picture
on Blmty's laptop.
And While Watching it...
"Listen What say MI. Bachchan."
"speak. . speak. . speak."
I called Batook to tell
the truth about you LhIee.
It was out of Ieach,
so I called on the oice landliue.
'But your orphan plan was a op.
'I am your aLheI, get it.
'I got Ulja NagIe arlested. You guys
have no idea What all I have done.
Every dog is loyal.
But my own trustworthy
chap turned out to he a dog.
I messaged all of
you using a sowate.
Because I Want to give.
Death Sentence to everyone.
Who Wants to die lst?
- Me! I Want to die ISL
I am leaving.
Ulja, don't shoot me to pieces.
Kill them.
No, n0...]1i1u.
- Beat them.
No! Shoot them!
- Shoot these huggeIs.
My lst name means last so,
I'll he at the end ofthe ].ine.
It was the question of 0111 babies,
foIgive us.
Ulja NagIe, ifyou kill us...
-Then 0111 aLheI will he an orphan!
Kill 0111 dad.
Ulja NagIe...Lhe dooI of
your heart should always he big...
mhecause even computeIs have Windows.
Delhi Agni
Skirt blouse...
Dhokla Khakm .
Hunku Pakhle
IVS Ulja NagIe!
Then you only talk.
You see, sit...
...W]1eIeveI I stand,
the line ends LheIe only.
Okay bye!
NagIe sit, don't shoot me.
If you shoot me,
you'll he sentenced to life.
And you'll also he hanged.
Because then-is two ofme. Two.
Sandy, Sundimtwo.
- Shut up!
Full form.
N0 full form. All will die.
WheIe is everyone hiding?
This Waymthis Way.
Lookalike! Lookalike! Lookalike!
When-is Ulj a?
- Why you!
Ronaldds clothes?
What are you doing?
It's me; your hIotheI.
Look, look, look.
Look, lookmwile, wile.
Hey! Hey!
Slow. .slow.
What happened?
We didn't get the
Wealth because of you.
And... now you Won't get
the gills love because ofus.
Got it.
You dog!
Shaved it in, but don't twist it.
Don't twist it!
- Sandy.
What did you guys do?
- Why did you guys do this foI us?
That day in the chulch...
you LhIee confessed in flout of God .
Today We Want to confess too.
- What?
Actually, all LhIee of
us suffeI fIom split personalities.
First it was foI money,
but now it's foI love.
- Yes.
011, Bunty.
I love you.
- What?
I mean sisteI-in-law. . .sisteI-in-law. ..
Everyone go to their gill.
Sataswati. Sataswati. Sataswati.
I love you, my darling.
I love you.
I love you.
- I love you.
And listen, foIgive this man too.
Because Batook isn't your aLheI,
Ulja NagIe is.
- Yes.
He's your aLheI.
- Papa.
Don't Worry, daddy.
You served time foI your climes right?
Papa. . .W]1ateveI
you WeIe foI the World...
...hut foI us,
you will always he 0111 aLheI.
And We'Ie all proud of you.
We'Ie so proud of you, daddy.
Me too. Love you my babies.
- We'Ie nally togeLheI.
Don't do it.
- Give me the gun.
All done. . nally done.
A]l's Well that ends Well.
- Yes.
And papa,
We Want to have an Indian Wedding.
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"Bloody love..."
That's enough.
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
Buuty, stop leaning on me.
Wowmshoot, muJdeI...
I foIgot.
WheIe are you going?
- Help me, help me.
- Wait ,wait.
A goon came with a knife...s]1h...s]1h...
"You look so sexy."
"Your goIgeous body..."
"Your goIgeous body, blows my mind."
"Your hot gule, blows my mind."
"Anyone you trap,
only God can save him."
"I've neveI seen anyone
like you." - Let go ofthe button.
"Expensive liueIs,
and those daugly earrings."
"The glittering skin..."
"wand the Way you sway
that Waist is priceless."
Hey! I'm dead. - "Expensive liueIs,
and those daugly earrings."
"The glittering skin..."
"wand the Way you sway
that Waist is priceless."
That day I...
- What?
Waitmifs my dialogue.
Sit, the cameIa isn't Iolliug.
And yes...
The camemmau Went on a lunch-hank.
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
Come on, son.
This looks had at this age.
You Want to marry Batook?
WheIe did you g0?
Slap me again quickly-
You always leave hefoIe.
Okay, sorry it's my mistake.
Why you... perfect.
My panes are very tighl.
Akshay, get out soon...
oI I Won't give you your cheque.
'R0ck-a-hy baby...
'R0ck-a-hy baby...
Milk howls.
Who am I now?
I foIgot.
Who am I now?
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"Housefull LhIee."
"Ifyou become my dear, like
a small baby I'll take care ofyou."
"When We'Ie in love, then
Why did your aLheI call the priest?"
"I've just one thing to say to you,
I sweat..."
"...y0u'Ie stuck to
me like chewing gum."
"Oh baby, have meIcy on 0111 love."
"You'Ie my hIead, and I am your jam."
"Life is short,
let's say those sweet-nothings."
"Ifyou say it once,
I'll do anything foI you."
"This is your chance,
and also the ritual..."
"mhut Why you standing fat."
"Take me in your arms,
like a true prince."
"The moons showing attitude."
"Even the sun's ta king gibberish."
"In this awesome WeaLheI
give me a English kiss."
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
"Bloody love..."
"Bloody love... FIom today
love will he like a pIayeI."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"Housefull LhIee."
"Bloody love..."
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
"Bloody love..."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."
"Bloody love..."
"You'Ie the richest gill in the WoIld,
"Bloody love..."
"You'Ie the richest, darling."