Housewife's Afternoon Delight (2010) Movie Script

Our new place is tiny and
way out in the suburbs.
So we really don't want
another baby.
Hand them over.
Are you sure ?
I hope you can get some
use out of them.
We'd better go.
We're still packing.
See you.
Thank you so much.
~ Danchlzuma - Hirusagari no joji ~
So they're moving out, too.
It's getting lonely here.
I think it's mean of them.
They know I had a miscarriage.
Maybe they're hoping you have
another baby.
Try to be positive.
Do you really think
we'll have another baby ?
I certainly do.
No sex ?
Not yet.
Why ?
I'm not wet yet.
That hurts.
SOY ! .
Are you okay ?
Let's just sleep.
I have work tomorrow.
I'm off to work.
Take care.
Mr Takahashi,
who lived in block No. 3
was found In his apartment
2 months after he died.
That was such a shock,
wasn't it ?
I know that preserving privacy
is important.
But we really need to support
each other.
The estate ls slowly losing
its residents.
We don't want another to die
such a lonely death.
So If we know anyone who's
living alone,
we should make efforts to
befriend them.
let's do that.
I have one more suggestion.
I appreciate how everyone
has been keeping things tidy.
Everything looks so much better.
Thank you very much.
But I still think we need to
brighten the area.
And Flowers are one way to
accomplish that.
Of course It will cost money
to buy Flowers.
But there are Flowerbeds available.
So I suggest we all plant Flowers
to brighten up the complex.
Excuse me,
which block are you in ?
I'm sorry to bother you.
But after you finish your meeting,
may I demonstrate our 'Eco Pure',
water purifiers ?
This ls for residents only.
You'll have to leave.
I'm very sorry.
A salesman ?
How inappropriate.
sorry to bother you.
I'm promoting our 'Eco Pure',
water filters.
May I have a moment of your time ?
I can ?
I can explain things from here.
Excuse me.
Just let me put this down.
The manual describes
the product.
It's our new release of
the Eco Pure type 3 model.
It operates In a completely different
way to the old technology.
These special plastic parts
transform the ions.
They remove almost all traces of
heavy metals.
Such as the copper and lead
normally found in tap water.
By the way,
do you use a water filter ?
You should have asked that first.
you're right.
We just bought one from
the local supermarket.
We don't need another one.
Would you consider changing to
a more efficient model ?
I really ...
We're promoting a special offer
for this new product.
You can use It for a full
week at no cost.
If you don't like It,
you just give it back.
Would you be interested ?
All right,
I'll try it.
Really ?
Shall I hook it up for you ?
Go ahead.
Excuse me.
This filter is just
a waste of time.
Really ?
Our filter uses high-grade
activated charcoal,
which removes all harmful elements
from the water supply.
I'll just run the tap while
it starts to activate.
May I have a glass ?
Try this.
How is it ?
Doesn't it taste different ?
It's far healthier.
You can drink It and use It
for cooking.
Some customers report that
the food tastes better.
Let me show you the different
It's quite simple.
Tap water.
Now the spray function.
And filtered water.
It's simple and efficient.
Now you try.
Tap water.
It's really simple.
do you like it ?
How much is it ?
You'll take one ?
I will.
Thank you so much.
That will be 6,240 yen.
Shall I leave it on ?
This is my first sale all week.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me.
Yes ?
I'm sorry.
But that water filter I
sold you isn't any good.
I lied.
I'm so sorry.
I'll take it back.
No need to.
I mean It.
Okay ?
You don't mind doing it here ?
Not at all.
Do it to me.
Put it in.
You're still working.
Sorry to delay you.
Business is slow anyway.
But I have no choice.
So soon ?
I'll be there within an hour.
I have to go back to the office.
No need.
I wanted to buy it.
Really ?
Thank you so much.
You're not serious enough.
You think you deserve better
than seeling water filters.
Maybe you're right.
You're so honest.
But I can't keep a salesman
who doesn't make any sales.
But I still have some stock left.
As I explained,
you must sell your quota.
Or buy any unsold stock.
I will pay you this month's wages.
Water is very important.
It makes up 10% of your body,
after all.
May I help you ?
I lost my job.
I can't afford to keep him.
He's your son, too.
You can have full custody.
Ho dare you say that now ?
You insisted on taking him
away from me.
I know we got divorced
because I was unfaithful.
Your husband got promoted,
right ?
You can afford to take him.
Don't be ridiculous.
That's totally impractical.
My new husband wants another baby,
you understand ?
Anyway, do your best.
You're all he has now.
let's go.
Come on.
Close your mouth when
you're eating.
Can't help It.
It tastes terrible.
So now you'll beat me ?
I'll go and get cigarettes.
Didn't you quit because
you can't afford it ?
but we just hired someone.
So many people are looking for
work these days.
I see.
Sorry for any bother.
Lady !
Please stop.
- Help !
- What's up ?
Please come with me.
What happened ?
This Idiot went and
wet her panties.
Help me.
let's go to my place.
I can't.
We're In a hurry.
Can she borrow yours ?
I don't carry spares.
You don't mind the ones
she's wearing ?
I beg you.
You've got a long shirt,
she can't go without panties.
I beg you.
Thank you.
You're very beautiful.
Whats going on ?
give that to me.
No way.
We can sell them,
you know.
She's got no money.
give that back.
What an idiot.
Don't even think about
telling the cops.
Understand ?
Come on.
She only had 1,000 yen.
How gullible is she ?
I'm coming.
SOY ! .
Hope I'm not interrupting.
I was just taking a shower.
I made some cream puffs.
I used to dream of getting married
and having children.
Baking cakes and cookies
for their birthdays.
of course.
I truly dreamed about that.
My father died of cancer
when I was 16.
So then It was just me
and my mother.
But she passed away two years ago.
Then I realized I was
too old to get married.
Now I'm In the middle of
Another cup ?
thank you.
Where are you from ?
Tokyo ?
I was born in Tochigi.
A small town near Utsunomiya City.
When did you come to Tokyo ?
I started working for a food
processor in Shinagawa
after I graduated from
high school.
Really ?
You met your husband there ?
I got married to a co-worker.
That's typical.
Typical, eh ?
I was born In this housing
Were you really ?
I was born,
raised and have spent all my life here.
I used to commute to
work from here, too.
I had a few boyfriends.
Nut no one ever took me
away from here.
I've been here since I was born.
I just never became anyone's wife.
Is your husband from Tochigi, too ?
he's from Gifu Prefecture.
That samurai drama 'Komya ga Tsuji'
is set there.
that's it.
So how are things
with your husband ?
Such a loving couple.
They say loving couples
don't really need children.
Excuse me.
You ?
Why are you here ?
For my water filter.
Yes, I'm hereto service
the water filter.
Those things soon break down.
Excuse me.
What a jerk.
So you bought one ?
We really needed one.
You should have said so,
I know all the tricks.
I'm sorry.
Why apologize ?
You're very pretty,
Are you thirsty, too ?
I'll get you something cold,
juice or milk ?
I'd prefer a beer.
we don't have beer.
- Don't like It ?
- Yes, I do.
I'll go and buy some.
I'll get It In return for
the cream puffs.
Really ?
Thank you.
Watch it.
What's wrong ?
That's him,
no mistake.
What do you mean ?
He always does that.
It's so annoying.
Can I fix something ?
I didn't realize.
It's okay.
I'll make something.
Don't worry,
I'll leave enough for your dinner.
How is it ?
You're a great cook.
It somehow tastes better when shared.
Eating by myself ls no fun,
after all.
Saito speaking.
Hello, dear.
I'll be late again tonight,
so eat first.
My husband's coming home
early tonight.
Really ?
That's great.
I'd better leave then.
Leave them.
I'll clean up after.
Really ?
Then I'll leave them here.
Excuse me.
Oh, I came here about
the Resident's Committee.
We'll do that next time.
A school excursion to
the National Parliament ?
Where will you have lunch ?
At Hibiya Park.
Hibiya Park ?
Sounds great.
I'll put it in the fridge.
Don't you miss your mother ?
We don't need any women.
it's you.
I'm sorry.
Are you so eager to sell me
a filter ?
I can do it for cost price.
I need to sell my stock.
I can buy one from you.
Why don't you come in ?
I'm alone.
No, thank you.
I'll come back.
Seiko speaking.
It's me.
We've got a big problem with
one of our contracts.
Sorry, but I won't make It
home tonight.
Will you be okay ?
I'll deal with It somehow.
This way.
Wait a minute.
I'll put out the bedding.
Such soft breasts.
I hated seeing them grow.
It was like I was changing
into something strange.
All the teachers and boys
were ogling my breasts.
Maybe because it started
just after my father died.
I didn't want to become
an adult.
I felt so isolated.
My mother was rarely at home
because of work.
I had a stepfather, but he wasn't
my own father after all.
He was kind, though.
You're an adult down here.
- Show me.
- No.
- Why not ?
- I'm embarrassed.
Come on,
just a peek.
I just had a miscarriage.
I wonder If I really didn't
want it.
I was annoyed when a neighbour
gave me their baby goods.
But I can't throw them away.
You can't ?
I haven't asked your name yet.
Tell me.
It means 'pure scent'.
What about you ?
It means 'philosophy and peace'.
So you're Teppei ?
A cute name.
Isn't it,
Sayaka ?
I'm hungry.
Let's eat.
Do you really want to
throw these away ?
I wonder If I liked them
when I was a baby.
I don't remember anything.
The happiest times ever.
We can keep going because
we forget the happiest times.
So we're fated to forget things.
Maybe you're right.
I have no job.
This is good.
Now it's my turn.
Once more.
Like a baby.
You need a bib.
You do, too.
Is 'rt ?
It's bitter,
It's good.
Feels good ?
I'm ticklish.
I'm sorry.
So sorry.
Give me a blow job.
Little boys don't get
a hard on.
That's okay.
I'm sorry.
I'll stop.
Hold me.
Good girl.
I'll make you beautiful.
Off with your diaper.
you're so wet.
Dripping wet.
So juicy.
I'm embarrassed.
You look as if you're angry.
I want you.
Are you awake ?
It's dawn.
My husband will be back.
I want to stay like this forever.
I must go home before
my boy wakes up.
Your son ?
Welcome home.
I'm back.
You're up early.
I'm totally exhausted.
Are you hung ? !
Do you want breakfast ?
Or sleep ?
I haven't had anything all night.
So I'll eat first, then sleep.
I'll fix breakfast right away.
I took the day off today.
The bath is ready.
That's great.
Excuse me,
are you Sayaka's husband ?
I'm Maekawa, your neighbour.
I know your wife well.
How do you do.
Look ...
Excuse me.
I was wondering whether I should
tell you this.
Since we're neighbours and all,
I really should tell you.
It's about your wife.
We need to talk.
My husband took a day off,
he'll be back soon.
Can we meet sometime later on ?
I'll be waiting outside.
Do you want tomato sauce
or herbs ?
I'd prefer the herbs.
I'm thinking about quitting
my job.
My company has no future.
Maybe go back to my hometown
and take up fanning.
Times are tough, maybe country
life is a better option.
My parents want to move back
to the country.
They hate city life.
They don't like living
with my brother.
But they're too old to live
by themselves.
My brother has no Intention
of ever farming.
I'm their only option.
We still have a lot of land.
I know how to manage
the business.
And there are other options,
not just farming.
We can do anything,
if we try.
I can't ...
This apartment is subsidized.
If I quit now,
we'll have to move out anyway.
And I've had enough of
this tiny little box.
Country living is so spacious.
I betrayed you.
I know.
but I already knew.
I was going to quit,
but I bought cigarettes anyway.
Why ?
I'm not good enough for you ?
Look at me !
I never imagined you'd betray me.
Why did you ?
How come ?
I wanted to sleep with him,
so I did.
I'm an immoral woman.
You did nothing wrong.
It's not your fault.
I'll go out.
Where are you going ?
To meet him ?
Shopping, so I can cook
your mother's stew.
TAKAO Sakiko
MIURA Masaki
ENDO Masashi
Directed by