How She Caught A Killer (2023) Movie Script

[stan] dinner was... Great.
You outdid yourself.
[joyce] I'm glad you liked it.
[stan takes a deep breath,
exhales contentedly]
You sure you wanna
make the trek tonight?
Not many visitors
in the aids ward, dad.
I mean, imagine being alone
on maybe your last thanksgiving.
You're a good egg, joycie.
And hey...
Maybe I can find a nurse
to follow around,
Get a lay of the land
before school starts.
Now you're thinking.
I'd take you myself,
But I'm not exactly
in the right state.
All good. I'll hitch.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Love you, dad.
Love you, bug.
Headed to the hospital
a few miles south,
If it's not too much trouble?
[man] not at all.
Gotta love small towns, right?
Everyone's your neighbor.
I'm joyce.
How about you?
Wait. No, no, no.
[detective goodman]
what happened?
she was choked with something...
Uh... Zip-tie, maybe.
Breasts have been mutilated
with wire cutters
Or pliers.
Used tape to hold her down.
She was tortured... Detective.
How did she...
Hammer blows to the head.
I don't see a lot of tracks.
Maybe she was killed
somewhere else
And dumped here.
The poor thing.
Do we know who she is?
Yeah, a joyce peterson.
Heard she used to be
a working girl along route 60.
Risk of that kind of job,
I suppose.
Could've been hitchhiking, pete.
Everyone hitchhikes
in this town.
You gonna call the parents?
[goodman exhales heavily]
Her mom's been dead for a while.
I'll go talk to her dad.
Send me that report
as soon as you can, all right?
Hey, stan.
[deep breath]
Uh, I-I'm sorry.
It's, um, it's joyce.
[stan deflates]
[pants anxiously]
I'm sorry, stan, um...
She's dead.
We don't know
quite what happened...
[wracked gasp]
- ...But we, um...
[weeping uncontrollably]
- ...She was found down by the...
By the...
Creek over at...
[weeping deeply]
[breath shuddering]
I'm really sorry, stan.
We, uh...
[takes a steadying breath]
Find the bastard.
Find him, david.
[whistle tweets]
[police chief] 16 weeks
You've been training
to be a cop...
...Working yourselves
half to death.
16 weeks you've been training
To be a cop...
...And it's likely been
The toughest 16 weeks
of your lives,
But this...
This is just the beginning,
And I ain't gonna lie to you...
Ahead of you lies a tough road.
You will be challenged
Physically, emotionally.
You will be beaten down.
You will question
why are you doing this.
That's natural.
What I hope we've instilled
in you here today
Is that
when you're at your worst...
You will still
uphold your values,
Your integrity,
Your morality.
No matter what happens,
You act your damn best.
Welcome to the force.
Good work, you guys.
We did it!
[indistinct conversation]
[indistinct buzz and chatter]
There she is!
Don't you got more important
things to do, david?
I gotta size up my new blues.
So, here
for the free food, then?
Well, yeah, that's a big part
of it, of course, but, uh...
No, it's not every day
your secretary graduates
From the damn academy.
You don't got anyone
to celebrate with?
You know me.
Lone wolf.
Not even carol, huh?
It's been years.
I was hoping to say hello.
This job took her husband.
No way she's supporting it
taking her daughter, too.
He never shut up
about you, you know.
Your dad.
We'd be on a stakeout,
He'd regale me with tales
Of brave little linda
and the playground bully.
Yeah, well...
The old bastard was biased.
I'm just saying...
He would've been really proud
of you...
Annoyingly proud.
[chuckles softly]
And, uh...
He would've wanted you
to have this.
It's his 20-year service ring.
Just, um...
Try and make sure you don't get
too wrapped up in it, you know?
Make sure that there's always
something in your life
That's not being a cop.
If the suggestion is
I've gotta date more,
That is a hard no, detective.
I have retired
from the whole thing.
Okay, yeah.
I just wanted to say, uh,
welcome to the team, kid.
Come on. Cake's on me.
Oh... Okay.
[cork pops]
Miss you, dad.
[news anchor]
it's been over six months
Since 24-year-old joyce peterson
has been seen alive.
[reporter] these sex workers
usually hang out
On the corner of 6th and elm,
The diner and old truck stop
along route 60.
[reporter #2]...Another woman
had been reported missing.
[reporter #3] the working girls
along route 60
Keep disappearing.
[reporter #4]
law enforcement
Encourages anyone
with information
To come forward
And assist in solving
this heinous crime.
[reporter #5] as the search
for justice continues,
Our thoughts remain
with the family and loved ones
Of joyce peterson.
[reporter #6] despite
extensive investigations,
Authorities have hit
a roadblock.
[stan peterson] detective!
"no suspects
in the death of local girl."
No suspects.
It's been seven months, david.
Have a seat, stan.
Don't... no.
My daughter has been dead
for seven months...
I know, and I am very sorry.
We've been trying our best.
- "trying"?
- Yes.
If you were trying...
- You would be out there
talking to people. - We have been...
You would be out there,
every night,
Looking for joyce's killer.
What the hell are you doing?
We've interviewed
every boyfriend,
Every friend,
Every colleague.
We have followed every lead
to past exhaustion.
I ran out of funds months ago.
- Yes, funds.
Funds, great.
- It's just, it's...
[exhales quietly]
...It ain't easy, right?
With her having been...
With her having been...
Go ahead, say it.
A whore?
You know I would never let that
affect the investigation,
But people around here,
they think...
Oh, shut the f...
- ...That ladies who are in
That line... no, no, no.
...They're putting
themselves in danger.
Now, I know that's wrong,
A-and it breaks my heart,
But there is nothing else
I can do.
You're useless.
You're all useless.
[snaps] if you're not gonna
find this monster,
Then I will!
Well, hey, uh,
thanks for the tour.
I've, you know, worked here
for the past four years,
But I appreciate
the refresher, officer pike.
You can call me devin, linda.
"officer murphy".
"officer pike".
[groans] oh, my god.
- [snickering]
Lighten up, linda.
So when do I get to actually,
you know, do something?
Well, at some point,
a senior officer
Will partner with you
and show you the ropes.
Okay, so when'll that be?
Here's the thing.
We're kind of short on officers
right now, to be honest.
Yes, I know.
That's half the reason
I quit being a secretary.
You busy?
You okay, boss?
You want a case.
Uh... Well, here you go.
That's larceny,
maybe grand larceny.
The address is right there.
Oh, my god, thank you.
Thank you.
[goodman] we're all counting
on you, murphy.
[woman] my property!
You are supposed to be...
Hey! There!
This okay for you?
Yes, it is.
There is a firm line
there, buddy.
Are you talking small claims?
You can go on the... on the...
Hey, there.
Hi. Hey, I'm officer murphy.
We got a call?
Yeah, finally.
I have been waiting three days!
Oh, sorry about that.
So what's the...
what's the nature of the crime?
Oh, I will tell you
the nature of the crime!
My dumbass neighbor
Has been stealin' my mail,
Is the nature of the crime.
It's grand larceny.
I know my rights.
My mail!
[roaring] it's my mailbox,
you son of a bitch!
Okay, let's all just calm down.
The damn mailman's
Bringing my mail to you,
And you've been taking it
without tellin' me, so yeah,
Sometimes, a man's gotta take
the law into his own hands.
"a man." [raspberries]
Are you a real cop
or a stripper?
Um... What's your name?
Well, that was a great call.
You still
got to fill out a report.
What's going on?
Couple found a body.
Prostitute, we think.
It's pretty brutal.
What's the location?
I'll meet you there.
Hey, pete.
Danielle parish.
Mother of two,
History of prostitution.
She was tortured.
Wire cutters, probably.
Killed with multiple
hammer blows to the head.
Not a lot of blood, considering.
Killed her somewhere else
and dumped her here?
What's all that?
[pete] fibers.
She's covered in 'em.
blue rug or carpet maybe?
Laying on it when he killed her.
See if you can get a match
to those tire tracks.
Looks like a...
A truck or van, maybe.
Damn it.
It's joyce peterson
all over again.
Cover her up, will you?
The press is here.
Hi, there.
you've reached carol murphy.
I'm not available. Please
leave a message after the beep.
[sighs] hi, mom.
Uh, I made
your lasagna recipe...
...But I-it maybe
doesn't look right.
There's something
going on with the noodles.
We interrupt
our regular broadcast for...
Oh, call you back.
- ...This urgent announcement
From the good falls
Police department's
detective goodman.
[goodman] I can assure you...
We've got
our best men on the case.
We will find this guy.
Our boys
won't let this town down.
I made you a lasagna.
Linda, I'm still busy.
I'm just being nice!
You're never "just being nice".
It's carol's recipe.
[grumbles] hmm.
What's with the noodles?
I don't...
I don't know.
I heard the news coverage
of the murder.
What do you think
happened to her?
I think
it's above your pay grade.
I'm being underused!
I was more helpful
as a secretary
Than I am as a cop.
Mail theft isn't
why I joined the force.
Hey, there. Um...
I'm neil carter, fbi.
Federal bureau of invest...
- yeah, yeah.
I'm aware of the fbi.
Detective david goodman.
This is my office.
You were the one
that made the report, right?
Oh, yeah. I made one
seven months ago, too,
But I never got any response.
Well, you have
our attention now.
Do you have more information?
Uh, m-murphy.
Back to your desk, please.
- out, murphy. Out.
Listen, I'm sorry about that,
but I've gotta ask...
How old are you
And how did you get
this internship?
Well, I'm 28 years old,
And I have a degree
in criminology.
- I'm an expert in surveillance,
And I...
I actually don't really care
about that,
What I want to know is,
Are you gonna help us
with our serial killer?
Well, t-that's the thing.
The fbi isn't ready
to classify it
As a serial killer...
But you've made a lot of calls,
Sent in a lot of letters,
And I-I think
My superiors
wanted me to come down
And tell you... you need to stop.
Now, they got me at the hotel
for a couple nights.
I can lend my expertise...
- look.
Both of these women
were strangled with wire.
They were bound by tape,
Hammer blows to the head.
They were dumped
within five miles of each other.
There was no sign of rape
with either one of them.
No rape?
That's weird.
Yes! Both of these crimes
Are extremely weird,
But "weird"
in exactly the same way.
We could use the fbi's help.
You've got me here
for a few days,
But we need three kills
to call it a serial killer.
I heard you got clean.
You shouldn't
believe everything you hear.
[chuckles] well, still,
we were rootin' for you.
Yeah, well, sorry to disappoint.
I'm heading up the road.
See you.
[sniffs deeply]
[engine idling]
Lonely night?
[door creaks and thuds]
I can help with that.
[tires squealing]
Where do they hang out?
The women?
Oh, spots along route 60...
Parking lots, truck stops,
Side of the road...
things like that.
you could send a girl in.
You know?
Go undercover...
Dress up like them,
hang out there,
See if she spots
anything suspicious.
We don't have anybody
trained to do that.
Another body. Tortured.
Like the others...
it's exactly the same.
[goodman] where?
Construction site.
First and elm.
Hey, goodman...
Not now, murphy!
Hey, send me in!
Send me in.
Like carter said... undercover.
You were eavesdropping.
You have no undercover training.
You barely have
regular training!
You've been here for a week!
Who else are you gonna get?
I'm sorry.
This is just absolutely
not going to happen.
- Goodman, I...
- Back to your desk! Now.
This is...
Christ. This is...
A serial killer.
That's three bodies.
I guess you're extending
your stay, huh?
Oh, my god.
It was a little charming
at first, linda,
But I'm getting
real tired of this.
If you won't follow orders...
- do you have any other leads?
I mean, anything at all?
What is the plan here?
Damn it, david!
Let me help them!
They all look just like me!
[carter] we can do it safely.
I can help.
It's not a bad idea.
It's the only idea.
This... Is awesome.
We're sending you out there
For as little time
as possible, all right?
You engage with these men.
The minute one of them
starts acting strange
Or matches the profile,
We're gonna run his tags.
We're gonna put
a surveillance team on him.
We're gonna get you
the hell out of there.
I like this black.
Think I should make it
permanent? [chuckles]
- It does look nice.
- [snaps] Focus up, here!
There are rules
you need to follow, okay?
Yeah, you know me...
I love rules.
[goodman] no, I mean it!
I mean it like I meant it
When I said things like this
to your dad.
You have to follow the rules.
I will, I promise.
rule number one...
Never go anywhere
without your gun.
We're hoping
that you're not gonna need it,
But you've gotta be ready.
We'll be nearby...
But not that close.
Rule number two...
You're gonna be wearing a wire.
[carter] so pump
these guys for information...
Their names, jobs,
Family lives, hobbies...
All of it can be useful.
And we'll be listening.
Keep them talking
for as long as possible.
You never know where
a lead might take us.
Don't you worry.
I'm a charmer.
try to get to know the women.
Girls like that,
they have secrets.
It's how they survive.
They might know
more than we think.
make girlfriends. Got it.
rule number three...
Never, ever get into
one of these vehicles.
So what, I just, like,
chat with them,
Pump 'em for information,
- And then what,
just turn 'em down? - Yup.
[dry chuckle]
sounds like my ex-girlfriend.
Who am I kidding?
Sounds like
all of my girlfriends.
[linda] Wait. What... what about
the new technology
You were talking about?
The, uh, what is it?
D... dna?
Don't I need to get close
in order to extract...
Whoa-whoa-whoa! You're not
"extracting" anything.
You're there to get leads,
not evidence.
[linda] aren't the girls
gonna get suspicious
If I'm there all the time,
But I'm never getting
into any cars?
[carter] once a night,
We'll have
one of our guys pick you up,
Drive you around for a while,
drop you back off.
Hey, baby.
How you doing?
Do I get to pick
the lucky bachelor?
You do not.
Okay, let's run it.
Yeah, well, we've already
"run it" 1,000 times.
So we run it a 1,001.
[linda sighs]
- what's your name?
Hey, tara.
I'm shelly.
You live around here?
Yeah, just up at 8th,
past corvell's.
Oh, sure!
You go to fairview?
Uh, no, actually,
I went to central.
Oh, my friend, dana, went there.
You know dana?
Dana gallagher?
Uh, I don't know.
Um, honestly,
I-I dropped out early, so...
Me too.
So what brings you our way?
I'm just trying
to make some cash.
A lotta other
parking lots around, too.
This one's all filled up.
Oh. Okay.
None of us like competition.
I don't mind competition.
I just don't like her.
We're looking
For a white male, 35 to 45,
Works construction
or something like it.
He's probably a big guy,
And he probably
drives a big car.
[goodman] and wherever
he takes these girls,
There's blue carpet.
All the girls have
blue carpet fibers
All over them.
Remember to stick to the plan.
Get it?
Got it.
Let's go get
this son of a bitch.
Hey, darlin'.
How's your night going?
How much?
Well, aren't you gonna
tell me your name first?
I said how much, bitch?
Okay, I'm going in.
What? What? No, no!
Give her a second before
you ruin the whole operation.
[linda] look, it depends on
what you're lookin' for.
I can do all sorts of things.
Are you chargin'
by the damn word,
Or are you gonna
get in the truck?
I don't know.
[snaps] get in the damn truck,
you stupid whore,
Before I get out...
- hey!
Get the hell outta here, red.
What'd you say to me?
You heard me.
[thumps seat]
Damn whores!
[engine rumbles]
Welcome to route 60, tara.
Come on.
We're wasting our time.
We've been here a week.
Uh, tell me about that, uh...
Dna stuff again, will ya?
So, basically,
Dna is the individual
genetic makeup of a person...
[testily] I know what dna is.
You said you could use it
to match evidence to a person.
Well, we've gotten pretty good
At matching, say, blood
to the person it belongs to...
So if we find our guy,
And our guy has blood splatter
in his car,
We can analyze it and...
...And connect it to a victim?
Y... potentially, yeah,
But it hasn't
been used in court,
So that's why I'd probably
still rely on
Some good
old-fashioned evidence.
So you're useless?
That feels like you're trying
to take things out on me.
[goodman chuckles]
I-it's new technology,
So it may not
be useful in court.
Let me put that another way...
The dna thing
Might be useless.
Or... Very useful.
Could make our case.
[sighs] ah...
Wish it would.
For the, um, hand stuff.
Oh, yeah, of course.
Oh... It's everything I got.
Yeah. You did great.
Keep the change.
[linda] see you next time.
That's, what... One guy
in the last four hours?
Hey, I'm picky.
Wish I could afford the luxury
of being picky.
Hey, hon...
What happened to your eye?
I told you not to go home
with red.
I don't need a lesson, shelly.
Does he come around here often?
yeah, once or twice a month.
Lives in that broken-down farm
by corvell's burgers.
Wish it would
just burn down with him.
Have you talked to the police?
You think magnum p.I.'s gonna
show up to beat red's ass?
The police don't
give a damn about us.
That can't be true.
I know you only
been here a week,
But this ain't
really a good gig.
Some nights, you make money.
Some nights,
you get punched in the face.
Some nights,
You meet the wrong guy
and disappear...
Like danielle did.
And you know what?
Nobody cares but us.
So no,
I haven't told the police...
But they haven't asked, either.
[groaning wearily]
Nothing... Again.
[linda sighs]
Can't I just be honest
with them?
You should hear
the way they talk about us,
Like we're the enemy,
But if they knew
we were out there,
Keeping them safe...
This is undercover 101...
you can't reveal anything.
You tell them you're a cop,
and you spook 'em. Right?
They feel betrayed,
so they stop talking to you,
And they start
working other places,
And now we can't
keep tabs on them.
You're just putting them
in more danger.
Well... I am going home.
[exhales wearily]
Come on.
[clock ticking]
[shelly] I know
you only been here a week,
But this ain't really
a good gig.
Some nights, you make money.
Some nights,
you get punched in the face.
Some nights,
You meet the wrong guy
and disappear.
Nobody cares but us.
No, I haven't told the police.
I told you
not to go home with red.
Lives in that broken-down farm
by corvell's burgers.
[engine shuts off]
the hell are you?
[linda yelps] oh!
[red] get back here!
[winded, mutters to self]
what the...?
hey! Get the hell outta here!
Get outta here!
Oh, no, you don't!
Get back here!
I'm gonna kill you, bitch!
[door slams]
[engine starts]
[phone rings]
- David?
What time is it?
Um... I don't know. 4ish?
We gotta let people know there's
a serial killer out there.
Chief says no.
Regular folks...
They can't handle
knowing things like this.
They'd panic.
Still, we gotta warn them.
We have to.
Especially the girls.
Nah, he might get spooked.
He might leave town,
we'd never catch him.
These girls are out there...
Every night.
[sighing] for god's sakes,
We have to tell them
there's someone out there...
Hunting them.
Thank you.
I'm... Real glad
you quit being a secretary.
[line hangs up]
Four weeks on this case,
you look like a 10-year vet.
Hey, thanks.
You're gonna burn out
if you keep going like this.
We got a call this morning
from red hackley,
Saying a woman was
trespassing on his property.
[sharply] you know exactly
who "red hackley" is.
He's one of the guys
that tried to pick you up
On your first day
And gave one of the girls
a black eye.
Sounds like
a lot of the guys out there.
You go straight home
At the end of the night,
do you hear me?
I can't do that
when he's still out there!
[roars] if I hear
That you've done anything
like this again, you're done!
- ready?
- Where are we going?
You are going back to your desk.
[background chatter, indistinct]
[chairs scrape floor]
This is on us.
No, thanks.
Crystal, this is neil carter...
Do you know
who killed joyce yet?
How about danielle?
No. Um...
...He got another one.
Brenda o'connor.
You knew her, right?
Sure. We're whores.
We all know each other.
She's in my book club.
This is serious.
What else do you want me to say?
That she was a cokehead?
Fell behind on her bills?
A hooker drug addict?
No. W-we're trying to find...
No, you know what I think?
I think joyce died
Almost a year ago,
And you don't got a lead,
And now a couple more girls die,
And your bosses
want you to make a show
Of looking for the killer.
a dead hooker had it coming...
But a bunch of dead hookers?
Well, that'll get you
into some papers, right?
I've been working on this case
Since the very beginning,
I want you to know that.
We work on it every day.
He's the reason we got involved.
So you're just a bad detective?
We just want to know
if you've heard something...
I guess.
One of the girls
Saw brenda get into a van
that night.
A van?
What color van?
Blue van.
Thank you, crystal.
Blue van...
That's very, very helpful.
You take care
of each out there, yeah?
[quickly] she was a mom.
A good mom.
Loved chinese food.
Real nice to everyone.
She wanted to get into fashion.
She was applying for schools.
Joyce was, too.
You know?
They all had plans,
just like regular people do.
Not... Dead bodies...
Real people with plans.
How long's
that guy been out there?
Who cares?
Uh, a few hours.
I think I've seen him before.
A few hours?
I'm gonna take a look.
Bring someone.
We're walking in doubles now.
No, I'm fine.
I'm just gonna check it out.
You got a knife?
No. I'm fine.
Hey, stop!
What're you, some kinda
superhero all of a sudden?
Are you gonna say something?
Let her go.
Come on.
[exhales nervously]
[quietly] flash twice
if you think this is a bad idea.
Yeah, me too.
[truck airhorn blares
in passing]
[yells] show me your hands!
Outside the window!
Over the door!
Get out!
Officer, put the gun down!
Put the gun down!
[snaps] hey, stan, what
the hell are you doing here?
He's been watching us
all night long!
Look at me.
I'm not familiar
With this particular part
of minnesota,
But is sitting in your car
a problem here?
It's not a crime. No.
Hey! Listen, friends.
I've sitting in that car
way, way too long.
We are all
gonna go to breakfast.
You drive my car.
I'll drive stan's truck.
We'll meet you there.
Let's go.
- Copy.
Shut up, stan.
Get in the car.
[background chatter, indistinct]
You know,
she was such a sweet girl.
I know everyone says that
about their daughters...
But joyce... [sob escapes]
...Honest to god,
she was an angel.
I'm so sorry.
And you know,
I've been waiting almost a year
for you to find him...
...And you haven't.
So I've been searching myself.
Doing what?
Drive up and down the route...
...Watching the girls,
Making sure everyone's safe,
I guess.
But they just keep dying.
[cries quietly]
[linda] hey.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We're on it now, okay?
We're on it now.
[sniffles] yeah.
Take care, mr. Peterson.
Goodnight, stan.
Well, I think it's time
we all call it a night.
No. No.
Linda, please.
- I'm going back out there.
You can come or not.
I'm not gonna
let her go on her own.
You two.
Looks like you got yourself
a regular.
I guess...
- your john.
Same guy.
Never mind.
I like you, tara,
So I'm just gonna trust my gut
with you...
But be safe out there!
[footsteps receding]
[carter] you think
that was her at red's?
Linda's dad, freddy,
was my partner.
Decades ago, we had this case...
A serial rapist
Breaking into women's houses
...Well, anyway...
We had a suspect.
Freddy figured he knew
it was him,
But we didn't have the evidence.
- Freddy got tired of waiting.
Started tailing the guy.
Didn't tell his boss...
Didn't tell me...
He just started doing it
in his off-hours.
Well, the chief found out,
told him to stop.
The very next night,
another girl gets assaulted.
Freddy went straight back
to tailing the guy.
The case kind of ate him up.
It, uh... He took weekends.
He took time off work
to follow this guy.
- One night,
The guy starts driving around
and around,
I mean...
Leading freddy all over town.
he stops at a red light...
Doesn't move.
Freddy was
getting out of the car
To go and see
what was going on...
And the guy looked right at him
And blew his own brains out.
The assaults stopped, though.
Freddy took it pretty hard.
He was a good partner,
but, um...
...He only lasted
a few more years.
Oh, gosh.
Linda was just a kid.
Carol, his wife...
You know, it was hard
on all of them.
But, anyway...
She's exactly freddy.
I'm a little insulted.
[clicks tongue]
Still got it.
What the hell?
Crystal said
it was a blue van, right?
How's it going?
[engine rumbles]
Flash twice if you can hear me.
This doesn't feel good.
I want her out of there.
Wait. Just wait.
[linda] I think he's spooked.
I'm gonna move further away
from the girls,
Someplace quieter,
see if I can reel him in.
[clicks lights twice]
[goodman] I don't like this.
Isn't this
what we've been waiting for?
Well, yeah.
That's why I don't like it.
I don't know.
Maybe he's not coming.
Oh, here he is.
[linda] I'm tara.
What's your name?
You been partying tonight,
or what?
Just a fight with my wife.
I'm sorry.
What do you do for a living?
Here we go.
[driver] are you a cop?
["tara" giggles]
[stops giggling]
Are you a cop?
Hey, turn on the interior light.
I wanna... I wanna
make sure we're alone.
["tara"] that's some real nice
blue carpet you got in here.
This is it!
We gotta go in.
No! No, no!
She knows what she's doing.
why don't you get in?
[static crackles]
I don't think so.
I'm... [click]
I'm just a little high.
Partied a little too much
tonight, so...
That's okay.
Come on.
Get in.
Another time.
[fibers ripping]
[snaps] are you playing
Games with me?
- [gasps] no!
[engine roars]
[breath shaking]
[brake engages]
That was him.
That was him!
So we'll run these to the lab,
See if they match the ones
we found on the other girls.
You can do that here?
[chuckles] well,
there's not a lot we can do,
But that, yeah...
That we can.
And if they match?
Well, if they match,
It means the girls
were in his van.
[exhales shakily]
[mindful breathing]
How are you doing?
That was... that was... That was
pretty intense back there.
It's strange.
You expect
someone like that to be,
I don't know, like...
I don't know, different somehow,
But he was just...
To be honest,
He seemed like half the guys
who come around the route,
You know?
Nothin' special about him...
Just another guy.
[sobbing and panicking]
[hyperventilating and sobbing]
"stanley andrew wilson."
41. 6'2".
182 pounds.
History of odd jobs.
Currently an electrician.
He applied to the police academy
And got rejected.
That, uh...
Says a lot about his competence.
[stops chuckling]
S-sorry. Uh...
Two kids... twin girls.
Some burglary a decade ago.
Other than that,
the record's clean.
[goodman] blue van,
Blue carpet interior,
All of the women found
Within a five-mile radius
of right here.
So that's him, yeah?
That's him.
That's our guy.
[dispatch radio crackles,
I knew it.
I frickin' knew.
- Shelly... - I knew there was more
to you hardly going home with anyone.
Crystal thought
you were a rich girl,
Rebelling against daddy,
but I knew.
Okay, shelly...
- you've been lying
To us this whole time?
No, no.
I am just trying to protect you.
Yeah, right!
So what, you gonna
make our lives harder
After all this is over?
- You gonna arrest us?
No, none of that.
None of that!
I can't go to jail again!
- Shelly, shelly...
I swear to you, I am just
trying to find this guy.
Is it red?
You and the girls,
You have to stay off the street.
You've been hangin' out
with us for weeks
And you're still not getting it.
We gotta...
...Eat and...
Yeah, I...
So get some help
and g-go to rehab.
Just please,
get off the streets.
If you can't, then at least...
Just stay away
for a couple of weeks, please.
I am begging you.
We almost got the guy.
We're so close.
Look. Look, look.
I-if you absolutely have to...
Just promise me
That you won't
get into any vans.
Anything more specific?
Stay off the streets.
I'm linda, by the way.
Can I give you a ride?
[police chief on radio]
we've got plenty of leads.
So if you're listening,
it's time to end this now.
Turn yourself in,
'cause if you don't,
We are coming for you.
[starts chuckling softly]
[carter] well, I-I guess
I'm just surprised.
Is that so?
Yeah. I mean...
Look, don't get me wrong.
I was touched.
But to call me over
any of your other friends...
Wait a minute.
Officer murphy,
You're not falling in love
with me, are you?
Well, I'm trying
very hard not to...
...And I'm very much succeeding,
so that's good.
[both laughing]
Honestly, I just can't
talk to my friends anymore.
Why not?
'cause I can't listen to them
talk about their babies,
And they can't listen to me
talk about murdered women.
Right, right, right.
And your mom?
Goodman mentioned her.
He tell you that story?
I mean, the assaults
did stop, though.
Yeah, he told me.
I don't know.
She hasn't returned
any of my calls
Since I joined the academy.
Says I'm being
stupid and selfish,
Like he was.
I don't think
you're selfish or stupid.
Oh, my god, carter.
Are you falling in love with me?
[deadpan] what?
This might be a problem.
[laughs harder]
cut it out.
[both laughing]
No, but I-I get it, though.
I, uh...
Yeah, I've avoided family life
myself, you know?
I think about coming home
with all this.
How do you do that to someone?
Yeah, well, my dad's way
of dealing with it
Was to just not tell
either of us about anything,
And that worked out great.
I'm really sorry, linda.
He was a cop in kentucky
before he came here.
That's what
really messed him up.
Moving here was a break.
See, that's...
That's why I'm not so sure
Being in the field
is for me, you know?
That's... that's too bad.
I do appreciate it, you know...
You calling me.
I was climbing the walls
of my hotel room, so...
Yeah, thanks.
Of course.
- I got it.
- No.
H-how about this...
I get this one,
And you get the one
once we catch this monster.
All right, deal.
All right.
Thank you.
well, there's good news...
The lab results came back.
The fibers match
the ones on the girls.
They do?
- Mm.
So we can arrest him?
Mm. It's not enough.
Fibers from his car
were all over them!
How is... how is that not enough?
Because they're hookers.
Not you, too.
They were in
a lot of people's cars.
They could've been with him
before they were killed.
If we don't have
the right kind of evidence
And we move too fast...
that's it.
Okay, what about
the dna, though?
It won't work on the fibers.
We need blood.
Okay, so what next?
I'm gonna tail him.
By yourself?
- You're what?
No, you're...
- what are you talking about?
That's the new plan.
That's what we're gonna...
- No, no, no.
This is
an all-hands-on-deck situation.
Our department is not the fbi.
We don't have the training.
They'll figure it out!
Look. It's time
For you to start trusting
the people you work with.
You're not gonna bring this guy
in on your own, okay?
We gotta work together on this.
Okay, we'll do it your way.
But if anyone gets hurt,
That's on you.
Great. Now please get the hell
out of my office.
[linda] how do you
kill a woman with a hammer
And then kiss your daughters
Hmph. I don't know.
He's sick.
That, or he just hates women.
Very good, very good!
You ever been
on a stakeout before?
Not really, no.
You followed anyone before?
You are a real fbi agent,
though, right?
'cause goodman and I
have this bet going
That your gun is rubber.
Well, don't look at me.
I bet that it was real, so...
[both chuckling]
My goodness.
You and goodman.
Oh. Oh, he's going.
[tires squeal]
[carter] whoa... Whoa!
[linda] what is he doing?
If I had to guess,
he's drinking.
[door shuts]
[door thuds]
[door bangs]
If he gets within a foot
of a woman,
I swear to god...
Don't do anything until I say.
[linda] oh, my god.
are you kidding me?
[indistinct chatter]
I'm gonna vomit.
[carter] let's get outta here.
Carter here.
Murphy and I have been
at it all day.
Easter bunny's in bed
for the rest of the night.
[beep, squelch]
[goodman] go home.
I'm sending backup.
[engine starts]
[door thuds]
[engine starts]
Wanna buy a girl a drink?
Sorry. My wife would kill me
If she knew
I was talkin' to a hooker.
Oh, but she wouldn't mind you
Being in a bar by yourself
at midnight?
I got a six-pack,
if you wanna drink.
We can...
Hang in my van.
But it'll cost you.
Not shelly.
Check the body for fibers.
I'll break it to linda.
[linda] do I know her?
Oh... Damn it.
God, I told her not to...
Damn it, shelly.
Oh, my god.
When did he get to her?
They're saying they figure
The time of death
was 2 to 3 a.M.
So, right after we left?
You said you were gonna
send someone after...
You were gonna send someone.
[goodman] they got there
45 minutes later.
You said he was asleep.
We have to arrest him.
We have to do it.
We have to do it now.
This has to stop.
We can't.
We don't have a case.
You gotta...
you gotta be kidding me!
he's right, linda.
We need to gather more evidence.
[goodman] go home, linda.
Take the day off.
That's an order.
Linda, go.
What are we doing?
What are we doing?
What the hell are we doing here?
Her death is on us.
We did this.
[goodman] for a lot of you,
what we're about to do...
...might be pretty new.
This is a quiet place.
We're used to picking up drunks
and breaking up fights.
We're not exactly
used to doing surveillance.
But thanks to officer murphy's
quick thinking
And those blue fibers
That she was able to gather
from wilson's van,
We got a judge
to approve a warrant
For us to bug that van...
Which is great,
Except that...
We've never done that before.
But that's okay.
You're all here
Because I trust you,
'cause you're good at your jobs.
Ahem, let's
listen up to the fbi...
And... And let's go
get that scumbag.
All right.
Key for this operation
is speed, style, and grace.
We discovered
an unpaid traffic violation
On wilson.
We'll use that to bring him in.
[siren wails]
Sir, step out
of the vehicle, please?
This is ridiculous.
[carter] we can only keep him
at the station for so long.
Okay, we want to be in and out...
Ten minutes, boys, ten minutes.
Yeah, get it right up
under that steering wheel.
You got it. Perfect.
Done. Come on.
Then, we wait
and pray it all worked.
[wilson, grumbling on wire]
stupid morons.
Waste of my time.
linda, what's he doing now?
He's just going into a bar.
I'll radio when he leaves.
[carter] copy.
I'm going to get a bagel.
[background music plays]
Sorry. Excuse me.
Can I get a beer?
Do I know you from somewhere?
I don't think so.
You look familiar.
Um, no.
You left your purse on the bar.
- Oh...
- I know you.
[door creaks]
[turns faucet on]
[shuts water off]
Goodman? Carter?
Goodman here.
What's up?
I made a mistake.
Damn it, I made a...
I followed him into the bar.
Linda, you weren't supposed to...
No lectures, please!
I wanted to make sure
he didn't...
He's driving really weird.
He's... oh, geez!
[tires squeal]
[linda whimpers anxiously]
get to the house.
[engine rumbles]
[brake engages,
engine shuts off]
You okay?
What's he doing?
oh, hello there, detectives.
It's nice
to finally meet you all.
I saw the girl...
The one
that's been following me.
She seems really nice.
[sirens wailing]
Mrs. Wilson?
I'm detective goodman.
We're executing a warrant.
Go on, then.
[exhales deeply]
We found something.
Take a look.
Is that enough blood for you,
mr. Dna?
It's a very new technology.
I-I keep telling them.
[dr. Mills]
we have enough blood
To potentially match it
to one of the victims,
But it's going to take time.
- How much time before...
- Weeks, probably.
And, again...
We don't know
if it's admissible in court.
I-it's been used in two other
criminal cases in the country,
But not as
a sole piece of evidence.
If-if it's our only proof...
What about
the women's underwear?
It's all circumstantial.
He had blood in his car!
So maybe he pays
for this woman on route 60,
And they have sex
in the back of the van,
A-and maybe she's on her period.
Oh, you can't keep
blaming everything
On the fact that
these women were prostitutes.
- It's not enough to convict!
- B-but it'll help.
If we get a match,
it'll go a long way.
Great. Okay. So now what?
We keep following him...
But out in the open now.
I mean, we have a man on him
every minute of every day.
We don't let him
out of our sight.
So, uh, thank you very much,
dr. Mills.
Please let us know
when you find something out.
I'll see you out.
[goodman] sit back down.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I shouldn't...
Did you talk to him in the bar?
Yes. Yes, but...
- oh, goddamn it!
What the hell did you think
that was gonna accomplish?
You not only
put yourself in danger...
You put everybody in that bar
in danger,
And you put our whole case
in jeopardy.
Listen to me carefully now.
You go off-book one more time,
And you're done...
And I don't mean
you're just off the case.
I mean,
you're done working here.
Do I make myself clear?
[groggy grunt]
Morning, officer.
Can I offer you a cup of coffee?
[devin] hey, officer murphy,
can I get you a cup of coffee?
You all right?
Hey, hey.
Hey, what's going on?
Devin, uh...
Can you take this
over to carter, please?
You've done everything
you can do.
You've done more than I ever did
In 40 years of policing.
So, um...
...I'm gonna
take you off the case.
- Temporarily.
[firmly] - No.
- Temporarily. - No.
I need you to go home.
Linda, I need you to take break.
I need you to sleep.
[sob escapes]
I-I can... I can do it.
- [sobbing] I can...
Please... Linda.
Please go home.
I promise you
that it's gonna be over soon.
We're gonna get him.
[door bangs shut]
[engine rumbles]
Good morning, hon.
Thank you.
[laughs] it's a match!
- What?
The dna came back.
It's a match to shelly.
Ha! Son of a bitch!
[linda, on radio]
Linda, you're supposed
to be resting.
[linda] listen to me.
I just saw wilson
pick up crystal...
One of the girls...
he's in a different car.
That's impossible.
Devin's at his house right now.
Well, it's wilson.
He's in a different car.
It's gray and silver.
I'm following it.
I need you
to make sure it's him.
I'm not blind.
It's him.
Where are you?
[radio crackles]
He just turned off
at apple village,
Going into the back roads.
Follow at a safe distance.
Carter and I are on the way.
Do not engage.
Linda, do not engage!
[sirens wailing]
[crystal] no!
[crystal screaming]
[screaming intensifies]
Let me go! Let me go!
Don't do this!
Put your weapon down!
Hands in the air, right now!
Damn it!
Help is coming!
[panting] what?
What? Oh...
[siren wailing]
[twig snaps]
[both grunting, crying out]
[wilson chuckles softly]
So we meet again.
You're one of those hookers,
And... You're a cop.
A literal hooker
with a heart of gold.
That's funny.
[sirens wailing]
[door thuds]
She's not here!
Damn it, linda!
Why did you kill them?
They were good people.
Why did you kill those women?
I didn't want to kill them.
That wasn't the point at all.
I like the way
that they screamed...
Every one of 'em
a little bit differently,
Like broken little birds.
Them dying was the worst part.
I would've spent weeks
with them,
If I could.
[he growls and grunts]
No, no!
[gasping, crying out]
- [raging]
You bitch.
[wheezes and gasps]
- I was so nice to you.
[linda gasping for breath]
That's okay.
At least we still get to have
some fun together.
- [screaming]
[wilson gasps]
[linda grunts]
[blow lands]
- [cries out]
[wheezing intensely]
[yells] stay down!
Stay down!
Do it.
I've killed so many women.
I killed them slowly.
I hurt 'em...
Until they died.
[linda whimpers]
[wilson pants]
If you don't kill me...
[louder]...I am going to do it
again and again
And again and...!
- Shut up! Shut up!
Kill me!
[linda fights a sob]
It's what god would want,
all right?
Yeah, yeah. Justice.
Justice for those women, right?
Right? Right?
So kill me for those girls.
You want to do it.
Do it, do it.
[roaring] kill me!
You dumb whore!
Kill me!
[gunshot fires in distance]
- linda!
[gun firing]
- linda!
There's a girl in the van!
Go get her, now!
[cuffs clinking]
You got the son of a bitch.
You finally got him.
Come on, let's go.
[linda whimpers]
You okay? Linda.
Come on, I got you.
I got you.
Take your time.
Take your time.
We got you.
You'll be okay.
[marker squeaking]
Sorry to interrupt.
Oh, stan!
- Mr. Peterson!
Thought you might be hungry.
I, uh...
Just want to say thank you.
Thanks, linda.
So what do we got here?
- What you got here?
Just wait a second, all right?
- Hang on a second. He's in charge.
- Cheese! - He's in charge.
[linda] what's this one?
- Hey.
So I, uh, I heard
You're finally getting yourself
a new partner.
Oh, is that what you heard?
Well, I figured
it was about time.
Yeah, definitely.
Good luck finding someone
as good as my dad, though.
Oh, I have.
[snickers] who?
[pointedly] mm.
If you're interested.
Can I think about it?
Of course.
I know it's been hard,
but, uh...
You got him.
Hey, david?
Thank you.
For everything.
Hey, you too.
So... I'm leaving.
And I don't want you
begging me to stay.
- I've got business in virginia.
Bye, carter.
Come here.
And if you're interested,
There's a place for you
in the bureau.
No field work,
but you'd still be helping out.
Yep. Think about it.
[chuckles in disbelief]
Bye, murphy.